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Butler and Bock Couitiel Chow Larger
Talnaiion of Property.
Jmm Hjleosaa. Recently Removed to
rattle, Reported Almost Km.
Ilrely Recovered frees Rhee
aiatle Attack.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. June 18 (Bpeelal.) Butler and
Rock counties have made the returna of
assessment to the State Board of Aasess
nient and each shows an Increase over the
assessment of 1916. In the former county a
portion of the Increase li due to the In
crease la the assessment of the t'nlon Pa
cific railroad, while In the latter county
the Increase Is on the property other than
that of the railroads. But?r county re
turna an assessment fit 15,780,701 against
one of $5.734.64,1 made In 19C5. In Rock
county property Is assessed at a total of
8l.40.0 against $78,370.71 returned last
year. Real estate In both cuunties Is re
turned practically at the same figures as
last year. Following Is a comparison of
several of the Items this yesr with last
Horses, average t
$ 16.68
Mules, average
at tie. average
Sheep, average
Hogs, average
Railroad property.... Wl
lnd, per acre
Lots, average
3. 57
748 ol)
Total assessments.... 16. 734,4.W
Increase In assessment, $46,007.
v ,' i 190b.
1 U
Horses, average I .
Mules, average..
Cattle, average.
Sheep, average.
Hogs, avers..
l.nd, per acre.
.60 -1.00
- 190
Total aseessmente..$ 687,370.71 I 691.4U0.W
Lincoln ta Receive Bryan.
At a meeting held today the directors of
the Lincoln Commercial club decided to co
operate with the city officials In making
the welcome of WlllUm J. Bryan one of
the biggest events "ever pulled off ln the
city! Secretary Whltten. lafter the meeting
called upon Mayor Brown and assured him
the club , would take part In the reception.
The railroads will be asked to make a re
duced rate Into the city and people from
all over the state, will be Invited to come
t Lincoln on that occasion. A mass meet
ing of the business men will be held at the
Commercial club rooms next Monday at
noon, at which time committees will be
appointed. A cablegram was sent - Mr.
Bryan today asking him to accept no Ne
braska Invitations until he hear from Lin
coln, "''-
ftapreme Cosrt Convenes.
Chief Justice Sedgewlck and Judge Barnes
of the supreme court and all of the supreme
court commissioners reached the city this
morning for consultation prior to holding
a regular Session of the court until Septem
' her, and: many . Important opinions likely
wKlr pe handed down, among them being
that of the Hoys! Highlander case In which
tl.e right of the county assessor to assess
the reserve fund of -a fraternal order Is
Cs issue. The Bartley bond case also Is
boutdue.;aieent la Norfolk Case.
Ttiel Slate Board of Public Lands apd
tfluildlnsa will meet Thursday afternoon to
listen to the arguments on the testimony
Introduced at the hearing of the charges
agslnet Superintendent Alden and Assistant
Superintendent NichulsVn-of the Norfolk In
fsflwjp..rhei tmDnyu"teken -
been transcribed and la now In the hands
of the members of the board. Six days
after the arguments are concluded the
mtote require the report of the board
must ha ",t 4-he hands of the governor, who
Is ti e Judge In the mstter.
Jsdse Holromk Recoveries;.
Puv.d Ewlng. formerly county Judge of
Meirlck county, but now a practicing law
yer of Seattle, Wesh.. called upon Deputy
Attorney General Thompson this morning
'while visiting Lincoln friend. Mr. Ewlng
said he saw Judge Hplcomb recently In
Seattle and hla health Is improving rapidly
and .nearly atl tracea of his rheumatism
had left him.' When Judge Holcomb left
Lincoln ha waa In bad shape, and It was
. Ihe opinion of his friends he would never
fully recover. Mr. Ewlng said a large num
ber of desirable eHlsens of Ban Frsnclsco
had removed to Seattle since the earth-
If Helpe "Women to Win and Bold
Galea's Admiration, Reepect and Lot .
Woman's greatest git t U tha power to
lnplr admiration, respect, and love.
There ia a beauty in health which la
more attractive to men than mere regu
larity of feature.
To be a successful wife, to retain lha
love and admiration of her' husband,
should be a woman's constant study.
At the first indication of ill-health.
painful or irrefrular periods, head
. ache or backache, secure Lydia E.
Pinkhara'e Vegetable Compound and
- be pin lta use. t '
. Mrs. Cha. F.Jrown, Vice-Preaiden
; Mothers' Club, tl Cedar Terrace, Hot
' Springs, Ark., writes:
.Dear Mrs. Plnkham- -
"Tor nine years I dragged turoegh a miser.,
able existence, suffering with Innammatios)
'.and femaie weakness and wqrn out with
-pain and weariness. 1 one day noticed a state
ment by a womaa suffering as I was, but who
bad been cured by Lydia E. Hnkkuun'e Veg
etable Compound, and 1 deteruuned to try it.
Lt the end of three months I w as a different
woman. Every one remarked about It, and
my husband fell la love with me all over
eain. LvdU E. I1nkhams Vegetable Conv
' pouud built up my entire systMn, eured the
trouble, and I felt like a Bow woman. I am
ure it will make- every suffering sromaa
auong, well and nappy, as It has me.
Women who are troubled with pain
ful or lrrejrular periods, backache,
bloating' (or flatulence), displacements,
jnfiamniation or ulceration, ihafbear-lnsr-down
" feeling, dizziness falntneaa.
Indigestion, or nervous prostration
mar be restored to perfect healxt
and strength by taking Lydia .
PuLaiiAua a Vegetable CetujjMMuul,
(Arj. Chas.FBronn )
l"ke and the population of the town was
Increasing rapidly.
Capital Briefs. v
Governor IMrkey wss In Council Bluffs
today attending to some private business
In connection with the recent purchase of
a farm over In Iowa. Tomorrow the gov
ernor will go to Randolph, where he de
livers an addrs at a meeting of old set
tlers and soldiers.
Iand Commissioner F.tnn will go to Per
kins county tomorrow to auction soma
lesse Isrfd. and Deputy Bhlveley will go
to Frontier county to review some ap
praisements of school lands. .
Aeeaeed of Meallea Three Steers
Valaea at KlatilyHT Dollars.
SIDNEY, Neb.. June 18-(Sneclal Tele
gram.) Mrs. Mary Ingraham and her two
sons, Dan and Tsd, were bound over to the
district court today, charged with stealing
three 1-year-old steers, valued at 1X5, the
property of Henry Heard. Mrs. Ingraham
rurnlshed the requisite tl.SftO ball, but the
boys were unshle to get bonds and Sheriff
McDanlel Incarcerated them In the county
Jail. Mrs. Tngraham's ranch Is near Bay
ard, fifty miles northwest of here, and she
Is known as the "Csttle Queen" of western
Nebraska. She was represented by Hamer
at Hamer at preliminary examination
Jfewa of Kebraska.
BEATRICE Rainfall estimated St two
Inches fell Sunday night and it la still raln-
1 Ing.
WTMORE It Is rumored that the Bur
lington shop and office forces are to be re
duced here soon.
OAKLAND Ollie 8 Sanson won the piano
In the Independent's contest Bsturdny over
Msble Bwanson by about 1000 votes.
WOOD RIVER The Woodmen lodges of
this county sre organising a county log
rolling association and propose giving sn
annual picnic.
WEST POINT County Judge Louis De
wald united In marriage yesterday at his
office in West Point Miss Bertha Blelke and
John Btuckers.
WOOD RIVER The biggest crop of cher
ries ever known to central Nebraska Is be
ing picked. The trees are simply loaded
down with the fruit.
BEATRICE The Plckrell ball team de
feated the Ellis nine at Ellis yesterday by
a score of 0 to 2. The same teama play at
Plckrell next Ssturdsy.
WICST POT VT William Charlea Mohr
and Miss Myrtle Eunice Hughes were mar-
rird at the home of the bride a momer in
Tekamah on Thursday.
BEATRICE Oliver Frlti was arrested on
the charge of violating the city dray ordi
nance. He pleaded not gAtlty and his case
was set for hearing on June 30.
GENEVA Rev. Mr. Smith of Crete con
ducted services In Trinity' Episcopal
church yesterday and will have charge
every other Sunday hereafter.
BEATRICE Henry von Steen. In diving
from a spring board Into the rlvor, broke
three ribs yesterday by the board breaking
ana nis isiung across tne supports.
WAHOO The assessed valuation of
Saunders county, as returned by the county
Measurer, amounts to over Il,o71,uo. This
Is an increase of over l3o,6S3 over the as
seesment for 1905.
WY MORE Police Judse Crawford lias
had placed In the city Jail yard a few tons
of large hint rocks. As long as the va
hold out tne city will operate a private
stone crusher.
PLATTSMOUTH-Will H. Clementa re
ports that the Missouri river at tnls point
has risen l.t feet within the last forty
eight hours and is still rising. l"he Platte
river is aiso on us annual June boom.
WYMORE The Bell Teleohrm. comnanv
haa a force of men at work setting
poles In the alleys, preparatory to rebuild
ing the system Here, it will be strictly a
cable plant. The contemplated Improve
ments will cost close to (6,000.
BEATRICE Robert Klose and wife, who
have been spending the past year In Europe,
have returned home. Just before leaving
Bremen. Germany, Mr. Klose was taken
sick and was obliged to undergo an ope.a
tion for appendicitis before, sailing for
WYMORE Battery A of the state guard
haa received a supply of new blankets and
tents to replace tnose sent to San Fian
clftco. They are taking In new recruits to
have a full enlistment when . they go to
Fort Riley In. August to the national ma
neuvers. BEATRICE! Miss Isabella .:herrtll, ' 'a
daughter of -the late 'Thomas Sherrill, a
pioneer resident of Gage county, died at her
home Ave miles northeast of Beatrice, after
an illness of three yesrs of tuberculosis.
She Is survived by her mother, three broth
ers and three sisters,
WOOD RIVER Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Ir
win of the Presbyterlsn church are expected
home from California soon, where they
have been for the past winter and spring.
Rev. Barrett of Indiana, - who has hud
charge of the church during their absence,
will return this week, i
BEATRICE-The returns of the deputy
assessors show a considerable increase in
valuations In Gage county over laat year.
The total number of schedules In the coun
ty In 1906 was .3S9, and ,41 this year. The
total valuation Inst year was 17. 876,8.11. This
year It Is IS.707.SS7. an Increase of S32,ti9B.
PLATTSMOL'TH The Burlington Kail
road company haa recently spent thousands
of dollars In rlpiaplng the east bank of
the Missouri river, opposite this city, and
the officials of the company have little fenr
of damage by overflow end ths washing
awsy of the bottom lands during ths "June
rise.' ...
WEST POINT-Mrs. Miller of West Point,
who Is the oldest womsn In Cuming county,
being over M years of age, sustained a
severe accident yeaterday by losing her
balance and falling, breaking her arm.
Some .months sgo she broke her lower
limb, which makes this accident doubly
H A RTIJCCJTON County Treasurer Henry
Hoese, L. F. Hoese. C. M. Olsen and Will
Pohle returned today from a two days' fish
ing trip to the Missouri river near St. Hel
ena. They caught over 700 pounds of nsn,
among which wss one catfish that whn
put on the scales here weighed seventy
three and one-half pounds.
BEATRICB-The little town of Jansen
haa arranged for a big celebration on the
Fourth of July. Tha speakers for the oc
casion will be Hon. Peter Jansen. John
Heasty and Frank U Rain. The Plymouth
band will furnish the music, and there will
be ball games and outdoor sports, besides
a great display ot nreworas in tne evening.
BEATRICE The police raided the Davis
hotel and Davis block at midnight last
night and arrested Arthur Wilson nnd
Eileen Bartow in the former and Clarence
L'ave and Genlveve St. Clair In the latter.
I each couple occupying apartments together.
In police court tnis morning vtuson ana
the two women were fined $9.80 each and
Cave, being an old offender, drew $31.80.
COI.V'MBrS The members and congre
gation of the First Presbyterian church of
Columbus, sfter listening to two fine ser
mons from Rev. W. H. Lytle of Bellevue,
' Kan., yesterday, had a large and enthu
I aiuatic meeting lest evening and voted to
I extend a call to Rev. Mr. Lytle to become
I their settled pastor. The church has been
! without a aettled pastor for several
I months.
H ARTINOTON Hartingtcn lodge, Inde-
r indent Order of Odd Felluwa, observed
unday. June 17. as memorial day, und the
lodge marched In a body to the public ceme
tery, where the beautiful and Impressive
ritualistic services of the order were held.
After the services at the cemetery the lodge
attended church In a body, where a memo
rial sermon was preached by the Rev.
eheppard of Coleridge. i
GENEVA The body of Walter Anderson. !
a young man who wae accidentally
drowned In Uncoln on Saturday, was
brougnt to the home of County Attorney
Waring today, where the funeral services
will be held tomorrow, the Interment being
In the Fairmont cemetery. Walter was
taken by Mr. and Mrs. Waring when but
a small boy and had since made his home
with them until ot late.
"l vdd '
BLR WELL The Independent Order of
elloas toage neia Its memorial serv-
yeeterday at tne Methodist cnurch.
The largest congregation ever assembled
nere in one ouiioing we ureeeni. i rie
address was delivered by Chaplain J. P.
Waldron. Mualo waa fumialied by the
Burwell band and by a select Quartet. A
committee was sent to the cemetery, whore
the regular eorvlcee were conducted.
BRAINARDA picnic waa held here yes
terday by the local Bohemian society Z.
C. B. J. Lodges from Prague. Unwood.
Able and Bruno, accompanied by brass
bauds, arrived hare on a special Fremont,
t Ik horn Missouri Valley train. About 11
o'clock a procession was formed in town
snd marc hed to the picnic grounds, where
P""lng. music and amusements of vsrlous
kinds were held. Frank J. Sadllk of Wilbur
being the apeaker. The attraction of the
afternoon was a ball game between the
Seward and Brainard nines, which reaulted
In a score of 1 to 0 In favor of Rrai.iarrf.
The game waa hotly contested front start
to nnian. Batteries: eeward. Darling and
Lynch; Brainard, Kavalee brothera.
DIAMONDS-Fienaer, Ula and Deoae sla
Bain Burt Sunday Right and Continues
v Thronr,n ths Day Monday.
Reports Indicate Drr Weather Ha
Done Little Da ma ere, Oats Betas
the Only- teas Which Had
atfrred to say Eateat.
FALIS CITT. Neb., June l..-Spedal.)-The
first rain which haa visited this sec
tion of the country for six weeks fell Isst
night. The extreme drouth and the hot
winds, have seriously affected the corn.
Wheat la In good condltlcn. This rain
will save most of the small fruit, which
has been suffering for moisture.
UTICA. Neb., June 18.-Bpeclal.) The
lor.g continued drouth In this part of the
country haa at last been broken, "as It
commenced to tain yesterday afternoon
and continued raining all night Sunday
evening. The rain waa gentle throughout
the entire night and all day today, about
two Inches having fallen so far. The rain
comes Just in time to save the crops. Tha
farmers are extremely happy now, aa a
good crop is assured them.
STELLA. Neb.. June 18 (Bpeclal.)-The
long drouth waa broken at 10 o'clock yea
terday evening by a two-Inch rain which
fell, during the night, followed by a half
Inch rain thta firenoon. It will be of Im
mense valtle to the country in general and
will be of great help to everything. The
prospect for a bumper wheat crop Is flat
tering and wheat will be ready to harvest
by the first of next week. Corn Is looking
fine and did not seem to be hurt any by
the dry weather. Oats are heading out
almost too short to bind, but this rain may
cause them to grow a little yet.
LIN WOOD, Neb., June .It. (Special.)
After a "three weeks' drouth a rain fell here
last night and this morning of about one
and one-half Inches., This will help all
growing grain and the pastured The early
oats will not make over half-a crop. They
have headed out at about ten inches In
hefrht. .
Oats Only Grata Injared.
LEIGH, Neb., June 18. (Speclal.)-The
fong dry spell was broken here yesterday
by a magnificent rain. It began raining at
5 o'clock ' In the afternoon and continued
at Intervals and furnishing about all the
moisture that the ground could absorb. A
few miles north of here quite a hailstorm
la reported, but not of sufficient magnitude
to do serious damage. It wss the first
rain for twenty-four days and the ground
was becoming very dry. The oats had be
gun to suffer, but corn, which Is the prin
cipal crop, is looking fine.
PLATT8MOUTH. Neb., June ll-(Spe-clal.)
A much needed and long looked for
rain visited this vicinity Sundsy night and
Monday. Fully three Inches of water fell,
which was highly appreciated by al!.
FREMONT. Neb.. June 18.-Speclal.)-The
dry weather ended last night with a rain
which haa continued all day today. The
total precipitation is over two Inches. The
mercury yesterday afternoon reached 96
and when the storm reached here, at t
o'clock, dropped 20 degrees in a few min
utes. The rain was badlv ne,i.i v
crop except oats had suffered much from
lack of moisture.
WEST POINT. Neb., June lt.-(Special )
The Intensely dry weather of the laat three
weeks, which threatened to cause serious
damage 'to growing crops, .came to an end
Sunday afternoon. . Rain fell In torrents for
four hours, and at intervala throughout
the night, throroughly soaking the parched
earth. Corn was standing the dry weather
well, but the grass, amall grains, potatoes
and gardens showed., the. effects of the
drouth to a marked degree.- Many upland
pastures throughout the county have dried
up completely, but will be greatly revived
by this rain. Nearly two Inchea of rain
fell during the night. Th cherry crop Is
the most abundant In history, the trees
being literally loaded with the fruit. Ap
plea promise well and small fruits are
abundant. '
AH Croats Boom In a.
STANTON. Neb.. June 18. (Special.) A
heavy rain fell here yesterday afternoon,
and at noon today It Is still raining slightly.
Farmers are elated. There had been no rain
here for almost three weeks, and while noth
ing waa suffering, the rain came very timely
for amall grain, which Is looking well.
Corn Is generally a good atand and is grow
ing raeldly.
GENEVA. Neb.. June 18-(Speclal.)-After
tne hottest aay ot tne season, yesterday, tne
mercury reaching 97 degrees, a rain earned
up from the northweat In the afternoon
and continued to descend umetly part of
the night and commenced again thta morn
ing, until about an inch of water has fallen;
It waa needed badly, the oats being past
help, but nothing else suffering seriously
aa yet.
COLUMBUS. Neb., June It. (Speclal.)
A glorious rain has been descending for
the last twenty-four hours, snd people
generally are rejoicing, for all kinds of
crops are assured.
HABKINS, Neb.. June 18. (Special.)
This section got a very much-needed rain
A INS WORTH, , Neb.. June 18. (Special
Telegram.) The dry spell Is now broken
and tha farmers are rejoicing. Last night
at 11 o'clock rain commenced to fall and It
has continued until I p. m. today, and the
ground Is In fine shape. The amall grain
la hurt, but thia will help it out.
ST. PAl'L, Neb., June 18 (Speclal.)-The
dry spell of the last three weeks waa
broken yesterday afternoon by a fine
shower of raip, accompanied by thunder
and lightning and some hall. - Aa far as
heard the hail haa not done much damage.
but the rain, amounting to .61, Inch, waa
hailed with delight.
Little eLate al ehawka.
NEHAWKA, , Neb., June 18.-(8peeil.)
An Inch of rain fell last night, which will
dc Of great nenent to corn, and Insures a
good winter wheat crop. This Is the first
good rain since the first' of April. Many
pastures are entirely dead and many
meadows are not worth mowing. Soma oat
fields are past redemption, but a few may
make a light crop. The strawberry crop
was an entire failure on account of the
drouth, and raspberries are being forced
to ripen two weeks before their time,
which makes them hard, amall and worth
less. Ths cherry crop is very good, snd
people have been gathering them for a
week. They should not have been ripe be
fore the Bth, but the dry westher has
forced all crops 'to an unusually early
WAHOO, Neb.. June 18. (Special V-A
steady rain has been falling In Saunders
county since last evening at I o'clock. This
morning two Inches of rain had fallen.
This rain came Just in time and will
bring the wheat crop out all right and most of the oats, which were com
mencing to head with scarcely any straw.
BATTLE CREEK. Neb.. June lt.-(Spe-clal.l
There had been no rain here since
Msy until yeaterday, when rain began
falling at about I o'clock. Since then one
Inch haa fallen and it is still raining. Tha
rain waa badly needed, though no serious
damage had been dona All crops are re
ported In excellent condition.
CREIOHTON. Neb.. June UWSpacIa!.)
Thla section of tha country waa thoroughly
soaked today by about two Inches of rain.
After a protracted dry speU of nearly two
weeka today's ryn came at a very op
portune time. Corn haa never been better,
and all small fraln will conUuae well from
R To brand a
pi purity means to
kaf .
Then it is
wood pulp.
Ask for the Brewery Bottling.
Common beer is sometimes substituted for Schlitz.
To aioid being imposed upon, see that the cork or crown is branded
noV on. Farmers, generally are Jubilant'
over today's downpoun, v
BRAINARD, Neb., June 18. (Special.)
The long dry spell was broken here last :
night. About S o'.clock a beautiful rain j
aet In, continuing all night, and it la still
raining this morning. This will assure a
fair crop of small grain, as far as moisture
la concerned.
OAKLAND. Neb.. June 18. (Special. ) A
much needed rain has been falling In this
locality since. Sunday evening, benefiting
small grain and corn, as well as fruit..
Cora Joat In Time.
WTMORE. Neb., June 18.-(Speclal.) It
commenced raining here last evening at 8
and la still at it. Yesterday at all the
churches rain was prayed for. The mois
ture Is of Inestimable value to the grain
and fruit. A few days more of dry weather
would have killed most of the grain.
HARVARD. Neb., June 18. (Special.)
Following seteral days of continuous wind
that at tlmea reached a high rate, a thun
derstorm came on yesterday about 6 p. m..
changing to a slow rain, which continued
through the night, giving a rainfall of 1.1
inches. No damage has been reported and
the storm seems to have been timely- in all
respects and of. great benefit to all kinds of
WOOD RIVER. Neb.. June 18.-(SpeclaI.)
-The rain yesterday afternoon proved very
helpful to the growing crops, although no
damage had been done during the dry
weather. Corn and small grain are look
ing fine and the farmers are rejoicing. The
llrat cutting of alfalfa haa been made, and
the second crop Is coming on. nicely. The
sugar beets are making rapid progress.
Wheat harvest will soon commence and
the farmers are buying twine.
TABLE ROCK, Neb., June 18 (Spe
cial.) The welcome rain came last night,
commencing between and 10 o'clock and
It rained gently the most of the night,
and thla morning the rain guage showed
couple of Inches. Little wind accompanied
the rain. About this morning it com
menced to fall again and another inch has
fallen and It still Is coming down gently
at thla writing. As it had been nearly two
weeks since there was any moisture what
ever, things were suffering and the people
were greatly discouraged.
FVLLERTON. Neb.. June 18. An Inch
of needed rain fell here last night, which
Insures a line wheat crop In this county.
All crops are looking fine. Corn and oats
are aomewhat Vackward for this time of
the year. v
HART1NGTON, Neb.. June 18.-(SpeclaI.)
A general rain all over this part of the
stale did an Immense amount of good to
crops last night and today. At this place
the rainfall up to noon Monday was 1.71
Inches, and the ground took up the water
almost as fast ss t fell. Farmers who had
begun to get somewhat discouraged over
the prevailing dry .weather are all happy
Sheriff Heads -otT Mob.
NORFOLK. Neb.. June 18 (Bpeclal.)-An
excited crowd of his neighbors were re
ported to be forming to attack Patrick
O Gormen, a farmer living six miles west
of Norfolk, because of various ugly rumors
that had been set afloat regarding the dis
appearance of 4ils 14-yesr-old son, James.
County Attorney Koenlgstelng and Bherlft
Clements went to the home and investi
gated.' It is their opinion that the boy was
not Injured, but that he ran away from
home. The crowd quieted down. Jlmmie
disappeared eight weeks ago. .His f ether
aaya ha struck him twice that day snd
haa not seen him since.
Terk Boy Grades tea.
YORK, Neb.. June l$.-(8peclal.)-Walter
J. Ryan, son of A. J. Ryan of York. Neh.,
who received the bachelor of arte degree
at Oberlln college In 180. will graduate
with the class of civil engineers at Cor.
sell June U. and has accepted a lucrative
o jj
brewing. That
Schhtz beer ,16 brewed
cleanliness, and cooled in
aged for
at SVfl a d t M
position wtth'the'Vorthern Pacific Railroad
company at Spokane, Wash.
Men Held at Nebraska City for Burs;
lary Saw Way to Liberty.
NEBRASKA CITY, . June 18. (SpecKl
Telegram.) George Crockett and Robert
Fleming, negroes held In the county Jail
on the charge of burglary, made their
escape last night by sawing the. hinges
off their cell doors.
The saw had been smuggled Into the
Jail by friends of the prisoners and given
to Crockett, who sawed his wsy into
the corridor and then liberated Fleming
by sawing his door open. The prisoners
had easy access to freedom and their
escape was not discovered until this morn
ing. .
The men were charged with robbing
Goldbe'rg's clothing store. They had been
captured several weeks ago at Pacific
Junction, la., and were wearing part of
the ttolen goods at that time.
Stlckaey of Great Western Makes
Important fhaeare la Grain
Effective June 23 the Chicago Great
Western will reduce grain ratea from
Omaha to Chicago, Minneapolis and Mis
sissippi river points 14 cents per 100 below
the present schedule. This information was
contained In a telegram received yesterday
afternoon by H. H. Churchill, general
agent of the road, from the general freight
agent. ' The amount of the reduction Is the
amount of the elevation charge, and the
change In the rates will, in effect, be the
elimination of this charge, placing the rate
on a flat, open basis.
President Stlrkney of the Great Western
will speak before the Commercial club at
noon today and is expected to discuss the
change in rates.
"Pure," but actual
' double the cost
in absolute
filtered air.
avoid causing
months to
filtered through
bottle is sterilized.
That is why
Schlitz . is
for its
I wa u kec
laerease In Assessed Valuation of
Fsraisi and Harney Real
Estate I'npopalar.
The decision of the County Board of
Equalization to raise the valuation of real
estate on Farnam and Harney streets in
the uptown district has brought out a flood
of protests from property owners. A gen
eral hearing will be held this morning at
which the protests will be listened to snd
property owners will have an opportunity
to give their reasons' why the valuations
should not be increased. IV is understood
the legality of such action will be ques
tioned by lawyers Interested In property
affected. The beard Is acting under ad
vice from the county attorney that it has
power to. increase valuations where they
, appear to be lower than other propetty
similarly situated.
One of the protests comes from M. I
Learned, representing the lots at Twen
tieth and Farnan. streets, which the board
proposes to raise from 860,000 to $70,000.
The board has boosted the valuation of
:he J, L. Brandels it Sons real estate at
Sixteenth and Douglas streets, upon which
the old Young Men's Christian association
building stood, from IHS.ono to $130,000.
Paxton & Gallagher, he McCord-Brady
company and Allen Bros., three wholesale
grocery firms whose personal valuations
were placed at $350,000 each by the as
sessor, appeared before the board yester
day afternoon to protest against the In
crease. J. I Brandels lc Sons, whose per
aonal property w9! placed at $37i,0(i0, and
Hayden Bros., whose property was valued
at $400,000 by the assessor, are also pro
testing. The board did not take action In
either case, but will Lake them up again
If you have anything to trade sdvertls.
It In the For Excnangq column of The
Bee Want Ad page.
food to work on is food to live on.
A man works to live. He must live
to work.
docs both better on
Uneeda Biscuit
the soda cracker that contains in the
most properly, balanced proportions a
greater amount of nutriment than any
food made from flour.
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m wi
Phone 918
Schilti brewing Co.
So. 9th St., Omah.
Fair Today and Tomorrow . la Ne
braska and Soath Daketai
Showers la Iowa Today.
VJ '
WASHINGTON, June 18.-Forecast of ths
weather for Tuesday and Wednesdsy:
For Nebraska, South Dakota , and Kan
sas Fair Tuesday and Wednesdsy.
For Iowa Showers and cooler Tuesday;
Wednesday fall.
r or Luiurauu, yuining ana woniaiiB"
Fair Tuesday and Wednesday1. ,
Loeal Record.' i
OMAHA. June 18. Ofhelsl record of tem
perature and precipitation, compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
years: 1906. 16. lfM. lo
Maximum temperature... 9 80 M M
Minimum temperature... 80 $4 68 W
Mean temperature 64 . 77 74 77
Precipitation 2 6 .00 .00 T
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal st Omaha since March 1,
and comparison with the last two years:
Normal temperature. ........ v ;
Deficiency for the day M
Total dcflrlc-ney since March 1 r.. 14
Normal precipitation ............ : 20 Inch
Excess for the day t. 36 inches
'Precipltstlon since March 1 .10. K Inchea
Deficiency since March 1 1.79 Inches
Deficiency for for. period,- IMS.. $.82 Inchea
Deficiency for cor. period, 18H... 1.28 Inches
Reports front Stations at ,7 P. .31.
Station and State - Temp. Max. RaJn-
iiinmarcK, clear. ss-
t'heyenne, partly cloudy.... 7
Chicago, clear -.... . 66 '
Davenport, cloudy ft
i Denver, clear 72
Havre, cloudy U
Hlena, clear l 62
Huron, cloudy : fig
Kansas City, partly cloudy. 66
North Platte, clesr 74
Omaha, cloudy 61
Rapid City, clear 68
8t. Louis, cloudy 71
St. Paul, cloudy To
Salt Lake City, clear 7
Valentine, clear 70
Wllliston. clesr 66 '
n .an
72 , .an
"88 . .a
' M .on
7 .90
' . .m
72 T
T8 , ,01
' .00
e .14
7 . .00
86 .l
80 .ng
( .on
'i'. , .
70 .
"T" Indicates trace of nr-f n.aLn. ' .
U A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.'
ci-rSfer-lfel is?