Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 10, 1906, HALF TONE SECTION, Page 7, Image 19

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I Western Leaeue Matmatei Satisfied with
President C'SeiL
Aasletv of Tebeaa mm Caatllloa te
Get Hoi ef the Valaable Omaha,
Fraaehlse Too Apparent
t Preseat,
Let's reason this thing a little.
The magnates of the 'Western learns
have decided that Norris O'Nell la a good
enough president for the league. , They
profess to believe that If he will attend
business a little closer, that the affairs
of the league will be administered suc
cessfully, and that each team will get all
that Is coming to It. This being the de
cision of the managers. It must satisfy the
public, for the magnates own the league.
All the public can ask Is that the ball
games be played fairly, without rowdyism.
and that competent umpires be secured,
Poor umpiring Is the bane of ball play
ing, for nothing discourages a loyal bug
tike bad Judgment on the part of tbe man
whose decisions make or mar a game. As
to the private business of the league, the
public la not concerned with that.
In regard to the attitude of W. A.
Rourke owner of the Omaha team and
storm center of the late row he has ac
cepted the decision of his business part.
ners and has .said not a word concerning
the outcome of the meeting, or, rather,
conference In Omaha last Saturday. The
papers throughout the circuit, except In
Omaha, have all had expressions from the
ether magnates, some of them favorable,
some unfavorable, to Mr. Rourke, but he
has kept his own counsel, and will wait.
The other members of the league are
Cognisant of the facts he presented. If
they are content, he must acquiesce.
That's all there Is to that It Is pleasant
to recall some things In this connection.
thoua-h. all connected with the Western
Tlrst, Rourka Is the only owner now
connected with the Western league who
was with It when It started In 1900. Esch
of the others has found Interests else
where and allowed the Western to drift.
Rourke alone has been loyal to It all the
time. In 1902. when Tebeau, HlckeV, I-n-
lion and Beall were framing up the deal to
disrupt the Western and establish the
American association, Rourke was offered
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I Each Cap- f
fat aale
.i.n by ail Snurviata.
franchise tor One ha In tbe new lesgua
Had he gone into the deal the Western
league would have been over with then
and there. At thl time Rourke stood
With Packard of Denver. Van Brunt of St.
Joseph and Bumi of Colorao Springs. It
turns out that Packard was simply repre
senting Tetieau. mil 1M tint nmrn thl.
team or franchise. At no time has Rourke.
publicly or privately, advocated the drop-
ping of the Colorado teams. Two years
ago, when every team that went west lost
money on the trip. Rourke demanded that
change be made that would give him.
it least his expenses for going to Denver
and Colorado Springs. When Burns laid
down at Colorado Springs last season.
Rourke and Mike Cantlllon made the ar
rangements for the tram at Pueblo. All
these things sre known to the men in
onnneotlon with base bait.
In the recent trouble Mr. Rourke did not
say he would break up the Western league;
he did say that he would close his gates
and disband his team before he would per
mit on his grounds another such exhibition
aa was furnished by Cantlllon and Doyle,
aver which the trouble started, and he did
say he would withdraw from the league
unless some relief from the conditions com
plained of was furnished. The Omaha fran
chise In the Western league Is worth all of
$15,000, and Rourke Is not foolish enough
to throw this away Just to gratify a bit of
pique or personal spite. He Is a bsse ball
man solely, and knows that he must be In
a well orgsnlzed, properly governed league
to. prosper. It Is unfair to him to hold him
responsible for statements made by news
paper correspondents. Since the meeting of
the magnates here last Saturday he has
positively refused to say a word for publi
cation, and all statements sent out as
coming from him are manufactured. He Is
satisfied to abide by the will of the ma
jority of the Western league owners, who
are his business partners and associates.
What he wants Is good play and proper
conduct on the field.
Rack of all this Is the all-pervading hand
of the American league. Rourke Is get-
lng to be too big a figure In the base ball
world to satisfy some of the men who are
directing the destinies of the game. If he
were Identified with the Comtskey crowd,
things would be all right. But he Isn't.
He Is allied with the National league, and
has been at all times. He was close to
James A. Hart, and Is now close to Chsrlns
W. Murphy In Chicago. His communica
tions with the American league magnates
have always been friendly, but never con
fidential. The American association Is di
vided Into two camps, and Rourke Is In
sympathy with one of them. This happens
to be Bryce-Watklns-Grlllo. Over against
this trio stands Tebeau-Lennon-Havenor.
Comtskey Is interested with the Cantlllons,
and this brings the connection Just a little
more plainly Into view. Teblau cannot
afford to let Rourke get the upper hand In
Wetsern league affairs, for this will weaken
the control of the league by outsiders.
Tebeau and Cantlllon, and through these
Comlskey, now dominate the Western.
Rourke Is a minority member. They do
not want him In base ball, but he owns
the franchise In tha best town in the West,
era, and one of the best towns In tha
country. If they oan drive htm out of base
ball, a franchise worth anywhere up to
$15,000 will fall Into their hands. The rest
ta naV T f Vnil want I bnnw knw ..
Just recall tha fact thai ! lV when h.
was sure that tha Western league was
broken up, because he waa helping to
rreck It, Goorg Tebeau assisted Billy
Hulen In selling to Tommy Burns the
franchise for Colorado Springs, wcelrlng
14.200. and Burn. dM-t t . .. t I
to show for his monev. . What -m,M t."
beau, Cantlllon and Comlskey do if they
had tha Omaha franchise to dispose of?
Norris O'Neil says he has a man In view
to take the Omaha club any time Rourka
rives It uo. Thar, nnfh.n- t.w. h..
been offered a fine price a number of time.
by Omaha parties, end any time he wants
to sell but there are at least three men
In Omaha who will take the franchise off
his hands. No wander thi. I
to drive Papa Bill out of Omaha It la a i nevr braved the lon" ocan voyage to con
little the best thin in th- h... k.ii tMt wlUl English exhibitors in London,
Just at present. It's well to keep these
things In mind when w...
league affairs.
. . I
The yachtmen at Lake Manawa have
been a little slow this spring In getting
started with their racing and warming-up
events, because of tha changes In the boat
noose, which have required considerable
time and attention from the members.
Rivalry, as of yore, exists aa to who are
tha best sailors, and this will have to ba
threshed out before the races come off.
The changes at the club house have made
a great hit with the members, who now
have vastly better accommodations and
more room of all kinds. Several new cot
tages have been built at the lake this
spring. One of these belonging to Gould
Diets, was a little beauty until the cyclone
carried it away. Mr. Diets had
ins Dimgaiow at tne lumbermen s con
vention In Omaha last fall and had It re
built at Manawa and a couple ot carloads
of lumber added. The wind struck It and
all that remained was a klndllnc oile.
Mr. Diets was not to be dismayed, so he
has built larger and better than before
and now has a splendid plaoe for the en
tertatnment of his friends when he spins
from Omaha In hla apeady auto. 'Fishing
at Manawa haa also been good. Just as at
Cut-off, and many splendid strings of
crapples have been caught.
umana stanas right in line for soma run-
ntig meets and a little pushing on tha part
I of local nromoters could brlnn th...
about. The California tracks sr.
and betting has almost killed the game at
- ....
I 1 j 01. aajuii, me opening
la ripe for a meet in this oity. Plenty of
horses could ba had and the Interest is
here, the track Is available and all that
Is lacking Is some one to promote the
deal. Successful meets have bean nulled
off In this city and more can be If they
are promoted In the right way. The trot-
ting horse men hsva about given up the
Idea of doing anything In that line be
cause tha ownera refuse to give a lease
for more than one year, and they aay It
would not pay to fix up the grand atand
and barns for one sesson.
The tennla men of the oity have been
quite active during the last week, and a
team haa been chosen to go to Sioux City
for an Intercity match between the teams
of Omaha and that town. All of tho
courts have been put to the best of use
during the last week, .especially at the
Field club, where more players are using
the game of tennis as a recreation and
exercise tnan ever net ore. The seven
courts are kept in perfect condition, which
makes It a pleasure for the experts to
work at the game.' The date of the city
championship haa not been set, although
It will come before the Middle West, which
will be two weeks earlier than last year.
The committee is already in receipt of
letters from players of note saying they
will be present.
Golfers at the Field and Country clubs
are all keyed up over the approach of the
time fur the Transmlssissippi tournament.
which will be held on the Field club links
June iO-JS, Inclusive. More men and women
are playing at both these clubs thsn ever
before, and the players are all more expert
than at this time last yaar. Each club
nas its trmca, iron woom much will be
expected at the coming meet. Bpragu
Abbott, the scratch man and handicapper
at the Country dub, la looted upon by his
clubmates a about tbe fastest flayer la
the went. The Field club has an applicant
for championship honors In Mike Thomas,
ho has been going some this spring, hav
ing tied the beet course reeord. amsttur or
professional. lArge numbers will enter
from both clubs to help the good cause
along, ar.d some fast and pretty golf may
be looked for.
The anglers were out in force last week.
From early morn until after the curfew
rang those Who "love to steal a while
away" hied themselves to the banks of
Cut Off lake and fished and fished. Al
though the old world has new Inventions,
new theories advanced every day, new
ideaa In this, that and the other thing,
fishing Is Just about the same today as
It was In tha so-called "good old days"
before the rate bill went to the senate
and before voting machines were intro
duced. Fishing Just means fishing. Man's
Ingenluty hss not devised anything which
will successfully take the place of getting
spade and going out and digging bait-
that Is, nothing "quite so good." Then
to Just amble along to the lake with a
sack of "smokln', " and sit down and Just
fish and fish and fish! The song says that
"fishing depends on the kind of bait," and
that la true In most Instances. The fisher
men of Omaha have king desired some of
the comforts which go along with fishing,
and to that end have Joined the Omaha
Rod and Gun club, which will soon be
ensconsed In Its new club house. Memorial
day saw the old lake lined with anglers
trying for the finny beauties with which
the lake Is well stocked. Since the con
viction of some of the poachers the seiners
seem to have stopped operations at tne
lake, and Omaha, by the aid of the fish
commissioner, will soon have as good fish
ing as any community.
Tha Nash party, consisting of F. A.
Nash, W. W. and E. M. Morsman, Caspor
E Tost, C W. Lyman and Sandy Grls-
wold, returned Wednesday from a ten
days' wrestle with the musklcs of north
ern Wisconsin. Mr. Nash made the big
gest catch of the trip, but he failed to
land the beauty, which must have weighed
over thirty pounds. He broke the rod
and smashed the boat and got awajf.
Numerous muscallonge, black bass and
wall-eyed pike were hooked and a general
good time was had by all the party.
Another party consisting of Ed. Palmer,
Fred Schamel, Charles Dyball and Mr.
Barlght returned from a short outing at
Lake Washington. Luck was with this
bunch aa far as fish were concerned, but
not with Barlght, who mode two enor
mous holes In tbe lake by falling In
twice. Local fishermen are pleased with
the announcement made by General Man
ager Smith of the Omaha & Council Bluffs
Street Railway company that hereafter,
during the summer months, the cars will
be run every half hour to Courtland beach.
from t In the morning until 9 In the even
ing. These cars will leave Sixteenth and
Locust streets on tha half hour and re
turning will leave the beach on the quar
ter. This service Is considered wholly
adequate by the fleshermen, aa it is a
simple matter to time the going and
coming to the half hour. Tha work of
remodeling the club house Is complete
and work was begun on tha new boat
house Friday, When these Improvements
are complete the Omaha Rod and Gun
club will have a splendid home, easily ac
"ftto U heart lt
An International horse ahow to be held In
the Olympic building, London, during the
latter part of May or the first week in June
"c V 7, . fX'
hlbltors are expected from America, Eng-
land- Canada. France. Spain. Italy. Holland,
Bei'Um' rmttn nTd possibly Russia
and t.C"ni,It wU,.be th firt
TTv ' ilnd heM nd th6 ,roraoter
?' th prolect nuln ot auccesa,
uPn rar occasions British exhibltpre have
entries to the National Horse Show
T " , ,1 . ,?,d HaIey ot Wltowall. Wal-
Iur"'"rB- wno" moneys last year
wor many ribbons, but Americans have
lne ProPemon to hold, an International
nor" now n "naon waa made to the
T7" 1 1 .. V. II 1. T r 1 . , .
ant Secretary James T. Hyde of the Na
tional Horse Show association, and a deal
of correspondence has followed. Frederick
Euron, secretary of tha Eng-llah Hackney
Horse society, the leading equine aseocla'
tlon in England, took up the proposition and
enlisted tha aid and support of men of
prominence, who held a meeting in London
recently and formed a committee to arrange
all the details of the proposed exhibition,
It was expected that Mr. Hyde would at
tend the meeting, but ha was unable to do
so. Mr. Euron represented the National
Horse Show association of America. Among
those whose names have been mentioned as
likely to send entries are Alfred Gwynne
Vanderbllt of Oakland Farm, Newport, R.
I.; Reginald Vanderbllt of Sandy Point
Farm, South Portsmouth, L. I.; James
Hobart Moore of Chicago, Eben T. Jordan
of Plymouth Hackney stud. Forge Farm
Chlltonvllle. Mass.; Mrs. John Gerken, J,
Campbell Thompson, Jay F. Carlisle, Judge
William H. Moore and Harry Payne Whit
ney of New Tork; A. J. Caasatt. E. T
Stotesbury and Mitchell Harrison, Chestnut
Hill Stock Farm, Philadelphia.
In a match recently played In Hampden
park, Glasgow, between England and Scot
land under "seccer" rules the attendance
reached the enormous total of 103.000
f puunng uuu me grounas at tne
rat of 1-6W minute. Two hundred police
men were on duty, but the Vast assembly
aa orderly as a quaker meeting. In
th nmvl match for the English association
run In Dv,lnh.m 1 jAr. !,... u. .
I j , imcu orcr
ton (Liverpool) and Newcastle United,
nearly 80,000 spectators were present. About
0,0u0 went by special trains from the north
Everton won by 1 goal to 0. As a sldellgh
on this match It was noted how the Crystal
palace .caterers provided for the crowd
They had 70,000 slices of bread. S0.0W) pats
01 butter, 1,X0 sandwich loaves of eight
pounas ea-n, i,aw nve pound loaves, 10,000
buns, 30.000 scones, 8,000 pork pies, 860 gal
Ions ot milk, 100 rumps of beef, seventy
five loins Of muttons, l2,ouO pounds o
potatoes, 2&0 fowls and 100 barrels of beer,
Large as the crowd was, It lucked SO.Otv o
tne -gate- taaen at tbe final game, in
it win not take a very clever seer to
predict that the foot ball next fall will
be modelled on the example set by the bl
eastern colleges. Although it was sal
at the meeting of the American Intercol
leglate Foot Ball Rules committee at the
Murray Hill hotel recently that such was
not the aim, such statement may be taken
with a grain of salt, for If one reads
between the lines It Is easy to see that
such will probably be the case. Not only
is this quite sure to prove true, but Walter
Camp probably will also be as much In
predominance of the grldron situation a
In former years. Tne basis for the In
ference lies in the fact that out of all th
subdivisions of the country New Englajid
was ths only section to report progress 1
the reform movement, and a section was
formed to be definitely termed the Middle
Atlantic Sectional committee. On this com
i mil tee will be Prof. J. B. Fine of Princeton.
I John Minds of Pennsylvania, F. H. Lyle of
Cornell and James A. Babbitt of Haver
1 lord, acting secretary, it may be noticed
I that a Tale representative is lacking, but
I Walter Camp haa already been eninonri
I te meet with every sewtlonal eouunittee la
the country to aid in the interpretation
f the various points thst will come up.
Tbe legislators at the Murray Hill con
ference, after a long discussion, made sev-
ral amendments to the report and finally
Jcpted It unanimously In -the form of
recommendations for the final organisa
tion work of the middle Atlantic sectional
committee. The meeting adjourned after
the submitting of lists of officials by the
various representatives for consideration.
Managers or representatives were present
from Cornell, Tale, Princeton, Syracuse,
Union, New Tork university, Rutgers and
West Point, the principal Institutions of
New Tork and New Jersey. The College
of the City cf New Tork promised to
send a representative, but failed, and no
word was received from Columbia. The
following recommendations were adopted:
That a list of officials be adopted by the
middle Atlantic sectional committee, in
conjunction with suggestions of the varl-
u colleges concerned, which is to be an
fflcial list, end from which, with Its sub
sequent additions, all games officials, ex
cept linesmen and timekeepers, shall be se
That the names on the official list, ex
cept In canes of well known and already
accredited officials, shall be those of col
lege men and endorsed by the manager, a
ideuuy representative and an alumnus or
that Institution, and that thesA shall be
ublect to final endorsement bv the cen-
ral board.
The appointment of officials shall ba
made by the middle Atlantic sectional
committee. For all major games each in-
tltutlon shall furnish, prior to October 1
nnually, a list of officials chosen for the
official list, any one of whom it -will ao
cept. For minor games each Institution
hall have the right to make SDDolnt-
ments from the official list by agreement
with the Institution to be competed
That the reoresentatlves of the varlmis
Institutions, meeting by invitation of tha
sectional committee, endorse the plan In
general ana outlined oy sum committee,
tending towards the appointment of an
officially accredited board of officials and
tne naming of an impartial atioolntment
committee for the various games, and we
neretiy express our connaence in the work
of tho committee and desire to co-operate
to such an end.
That the committee encourafrf the wn.
tlment to officiate for more reasonable
Subscriptions to the fund to send the
Wisconsin crews to the Poughkeepsie re
gatta have not been coming In as rap
Idly as desired and the management Is
adopting strenuous methods to raise the
required sum. A field meet waa held
which netted the crews 1200, and the first
outdoor swimming races that have evor
been held at Wisconsin were centestcd In
Lake Mendota on June I for the benefit
of the oarsmen. The work of collecting
the $1 athletic tax has been put In the
hands of a committee of twenty-five.
Bill Bradley of the Cleveland Nationals,
one of the greatest third basemen In the
world, says that the third sack proposi
tion is one of the hardest In the business
and that only heady players may aspire
to the distinction of being able to hold
down the Job with good results. Here Is
what the great Bradley has to say on the
It Is no soft snaD to rjlav third base.
There Is no doubt that it is one of tha
most Important positions on the diamond,
but when a man becomes acquainted with
it the proposition Is different. I contend
that In playlns" third a man must keen a.
close tab on the hitters as do the catchers.
It is necessary to know Just what batsmen
can bunt and be able to anticipate by a
bitter's movements whether he is aolne- to
mi nara or lane a cnance at beating out
a uunu xnira Dasemen nave been fooled
time and again. A hitter will make an at
tempt tp bunt and when the thlrd-saoker
has been drawn in will bolt away for dear
life down the left foul line. It's eight
chances out of ten that the -third baseman
is out of position to stop the ball. Any
way, the speed with which It has been hit
renders It sood for a s Initio or two base..
Half of the success of a capable third
baseman lies In the study ot Miters. I
can't tell how to field, for natural ability
covers this only. A player must have a
stroDg arm and be fast on his feet. Time
and again a third baseman is forced to
neia a Dunt with his throwing arm and
shoot it to first at the same time in order
to get It there ahead of the runner. It
la also a good point to watch the base run
ners closely. Block the runner at your bag
whenever there is an opportunity, for if
you lose the play at your sack the runner
is generally sure to score later, it is easier
to get home from third than from second.
Tou must keep your brains working all the
umg wnen you piay iniro.
Test of American Nerve
A couple of our American tourists were
making a hurried tour through India, and
darkness had overtaken them in the forest
before they could get home. They ' both
knew of a little hut not far away in which
they could get shelter.
On retiring, the younger of the two met
drew the blanket not over his whole body,
but across his lower limbs. He was awak
ened la the night and noticed that the
blanket on the lower part of his legs felt
strangely heavy. He noticed a peculiar
smell, like the odor of raw potatoes, which
the cobra gives out. It was a cobra, sure
He watched very closely, not moving a
muscle. The object slowly rose to view
between him and the door and from the
blanket across his ankles.
Dne glance was enough; it was a partlc
ularly ugly specimen of the cobra, the most
dreaded serpent of all India. A bite from
this reptile la the death warrant of the
victim as assuredly as If he were smitten
by a bolt from heaven. Our friend wo!l
knew that the least movement would have
brought the fangs Into some part of b!s
Something must be done. He dared not
call his frfcnd for fear the sound would
Irritate the snake. He would have to map
age the snake himself.
Ail at once a strange Idea struck him. Ho
had heard tha serpent charmers of India
and had witnessed the wonderful manner
in which they governed the serpents by
their monotonous reed music Could he
not do something in this UneT
So faintly that his voice scarcely broke
the oppressive stillness, he began a lo
bumming which at first was like the soft
music of the wind harps.
The head of the serpent began to sway
from side to side and back and forth, as
tnouun tne noise irritated him.
i no nrst encouragement was when he
perceived that the cobra In its rude way
was swinging Its head In accord with the
swing of the humming sounds. The music
was producing Its effect and It was "keep
lng time.
As the music continued the snake slowly
crept away from hira to the door. It did
not leave the hut, but. coiling and uncoil
lng, raising and lowerlna- Its heml
showed thai It was pleased by the low,
monotonous music which came from be
tween the Hps of the boy whose eyes were
fixed on his strange visitor.
The young man began moving his right
hand toward his hip pocket. The snake of
fcred no objection, seemingly now wholly
occupied with hla enjoyment of the strange
With bis revolver clasped tightly In hi
hand he pointed with an arm as rigid as
iron at the hooded head and held it thu
until ne couia make sure of his aim. He
continued humming and the head gently
uudulatcd In time, the snake colling and
uncoiling in curious fashion, once going so
near the door that the boy waa auro h
meant to leave. But nc, when near th
door lie moved back again until ho reached
the same spot on the blanket he was occu
pylng when discovered, where he paused a
moment and reared bis he. id higher than
before. '
At that instant the young man fired.
Five reports rang out In quick si cession
and the mischief was to pay.,
The boy then stepped to the door a.'d
shuddered as he gased at tbe limp, ropellk
saasa caicage inter Ovean.
:olf TOUltNEY at field club
reparations for Tranimississippi Annual
Event Are Made.
Secretary Leavill Receives Many
Uaroarattns Letters from dabs
Belonging to the Association
Csseerslas Toaraey.
The prises have arrived and are being
n graved for the Transmlssissippi Golf
association tournament, which will be held
t the Field club grounds June 20, 21, 22 and
3. This is the sixth annual tournament
alnce the formation of this association
and bids fair to be the banner In thl
history of the institution. Secretary
Leavltt Is receiving most favorable letters
from all qu arte is and he is authority for the
statement that the attendance will be the
iargaat ever.
The Lincoln Country club has been ad
mitted lo membership In the association
and an invitation has been extended to
the Nebraska City Country club to Join,
with the probability of Its accepting.
Walter Fairbanks of Denver, who has
ust returned from a European trip, is
president of the association and was run
ner up last year, lie Has sent word that
he and D. B. Ellis will head a large dele
gation from Denver at the Omaha tourna
ment. Colonel O. S. McGrew, vice president of
the association and president of tho Glen
Echo club of St. Louis, will be present
with a large delegation from that city.
Harold P. Bend of St. Paul and C. T.
Jaffray of Minneapolis have chartered a
car tor the delegations from those two
cities and they write the Twin cities will
be well "represented.
C W. Higglns, editor of the Golfers'
Magazine, haa written that it will be im
possible for him to be present during the
tournament, but he will be in in time for
the finish on the last day. Des Moines
representatives will be numerous and will
be headed by Warren Dickinson, winner
of the championship last year.
Xjoeal Arrangements Complete.
While the affairs of the tournament are
In the hands of Hayward G. Leavltt as
seoretary and the directors of the Trans
mlsslppl the Omaha Field club Is making
every preparation for the handling of the
large number which will be present. The
courts are being put In the best possible
shape and should be fine at tbe time of
the tournament, week after next
Below is given the. complete program
for the four days of play. Tbe rules of the
United States Golf association will govern
all play:
8:90 A. M. First half qualifying round at
medal play for Transmlaslsaipul amateur
champlunsiilp, eighteen holes.
i: f. M. seuona nan quauiyinar reuno
at medal play tor Transmlssissippi amateur
cnamplonsnip, eighteen holes thirty-six
holes in all tmrty-two to quaury.
Prise for the lowest medal score.
The Dlavers making the sixteen next low.
est scores in the qualifying round will
compete for tne directors prise.
The nlaver. mnkltir the sixteen next low
est scores in the qualifying round will
compete for the secretary's prize.
9:00 A. M. First round Transmlssissippi
mateur championship, eighteen holes,
match play.
The sixteen losers In this round to com
pete for the consolation prise.
10:30 A. M. First round for directors'
prize, eighteen holes, match play.
11:80 A. M. First round for secretary's
prize, eighteen holes, match play.
2:00 P. M. Second round Transmlssissippi
amateur championshis, eighteen holes.
match play. .
g:00 P. M. First round for consolation
prise, eighteen holes, match play.
The sixteen players defeated in the first
round for the championship to compete for
the consolation prize.
9:00 A. M. Third round Transmlssissippi
amateur championship, eiguieen nuica,
match play. ,
:3u A. M. Second round for consolation
prize, eighteen holes, match play.
t:to A. M. Second round for directors
prize, eighteen holes, match play.
10:00 A. M. Second round for secretary S
prize, eighteen noies, maicn piay.
10 30 A. M. First round at match play
against Bogey for the club cnamplonsnip
of the Transmlssissippi Golf association,
eighteen holes. ,
'rn ma nf four and onlr one team from
each club to compete. The club of the win
ning team to have tne cusiouy oi mr
Brock. Olympic cup ior n
member to receive a bronze meaai, mo
names and scores of the winning team to be
Inscribed thereon.
I SO P. M. Semi-final round Transmls
sissippi amateur championship, eighteen
boles, mates piay.
i if. p m Rnmt-nnal round for consola
tion prize, eighteen holes, match Play.
2 00 P. M. Semi-final round for direc
tor's prise, eighteen holes, match play.
2:15 P. M. Seml-rlnal round for secretary a
prize, eighteen holes, match play.
Scores in ma "tmimi . - - :
final rounds above to count, If desired.
In team play against Bogey lor the Brock
cup. , . , .
aaalnst Bogey for the club ohamplonship
and custody of the Brock cup. eighteen
SATURDAY. JUNE 23, lsuo.
.a - imi half final round Trans
mlssissippi amateur championship, U holes,
n'45ha. ml-Flnal round for consolation
prize. Is holes, match play.
10 a. m. final round for directors prize,
1 holes, match play.
101 a. m. rinai rounu iur i
prize, 18 holes, match play.
2 p m.-Second half final round Trans
mlEslssljipl amateur championship, 18 holes,
mTheh PTransmlsstsBippl Golf association
championship gold medal will be glvon to
the winner, and sliver medal to the runner
up In the championship, In addition to an
other prize to each.
The two defeated semi-finalists In the
championship will receive Transmlssissippi
Golf association bronze medals.
Any amateur player la eligible from a
club of which he Is a member In good
standing, provided said club is duly elected
a member of the association prior to the
closing of the entries for this tournament.
All entries must be made through the
secretary of the player's club and accom
panied by the entrance fee.
The entrance foe Is U for each con
testant In tlie TransmlsaiBslnpi amateur
championship, and 15 for each team in the
club championship for the J. E. Brock Cup.
All entries must be made as above to
the secretary. Mr. Heyward G. leavltt, at
213 South Thirteenth street, Omaha, Neb.,
and must tie forwarded so as to reach him
not later than Saturday. June 18, on which
day the entries' will close.
The pairing and time of starting of each
pair In the qualifying round will be an
nounced In the Omaha morning papers on
the opening day of the tournament. All
contestants must be at the first tee ready
to start promptly at the scheduled time.
The members of the Transmlssissippi
Golf association, most of whom will be
represented at Omaha at the tournament,
are: Country club of Wichita, Wichita,
Kan.; Holdrege Country club, Holdrege,
Neb.; Hastings Country club, Hastings,
Neb.; St. Louis Field club, St. Louis; St.
Louis Country club. St. Louts: Omaha
Field club. Omaha; Omaha Country club,
Omaha; St. Joseph Country club, St. Jo
seph, Mo.; Country club. Salt Lake City,
Denver Country club, Denver; Dubuque
Golf club, Dubuque, la.; Clinton Golf club,
Clinton, la.; Cedar Rapids Golf club. Cedar
Rapids, la.; Burlington Oolf club, Bur
lington, la.; Kansas City Country club,
Kansas City, Mo.; Town and Gown Oolf
club, Colorado Bpiings, Colo.; Glen Echo
Country club, St. Louis; Golf and Country
club, Dea Moines, la.; Evanston Golf club,
Kansas City, Mo ; Mlnlkahda club, Minne
apolis; Town and Country club, St Paul;
Keokuk Country club, Keokuk, la.; Rock
Island Arsenal Oolf club. Rock Island, 111. ;
Minnehaha Country club, Sioux Falls, 8.
D. ; Bryn Mawr Golf club. Minneapolis;
LmmUi Country club, Lincoln, Neb,
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Roflex Diseases
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treat Its relies complica
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V A R ICOOe I, H, the weak,
nsss arising from It dls
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Hence, all resulting Ills anl
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give rise to thsm, disap
pear completely end for
ever with the turs ef the
main malady,
Afflicted Men
Come to us. If responsible
you may settle wnen cur4
or In monthly or weekly
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charge for private eounseL
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te hold for our promlae. All
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- Vital
to- be re
compounded under our per.
senal supervision and guar
antesd to be fresh and abso
lutely pure. No esses ao
cepted through correspond
ence. One personal Inter,
view at office absolutely re
quired before treatment
commences, physlolans hav
ing stubborn oases to treat
are oordially Invited tft
confer with ua Our office
hours are from a m. to 9
p. m.; Sundays, from te L
sailing dates ef the "Minnesota" and
span ana tnioa.
w.,Jj Ktt5 9li u.yu m. slCIles a searles
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Nervous Man. Varicocele troubles, Nervous tebllit7.
Blood Poison, Prostatle troublaa. Ktdnav m. ''
DISEASES, Hydrocele. Chrenio Disasieia;
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