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Best i". West
Fhe Omaha
Qrovth of the Wand in Material Prosperity
Duriutc the Tear.
loeomnlationi Chow Steady Increase in
. Thrift Amonc People.
loternment Asked For Bubsidj Similar
to That GWen Sotitland.
Diphtheria Communicated la aeheol
hy Menne mt Lead Penella Used
tn Com molt by the In
fant Claseeo.
'DUBLIN- June 2. (Special Cablegram
f The Bee.)-At the laet meeting
f ,the . council . of t the Dublin In
dustrial Development association W.
I. Branagan. the nwrrta ry. Informed
he oouncll that he had a communication
fi-om William Hayden, who has been com
missioned by Mr. Hegarty of Boston to
form a comany for the establishment of
a hoot faotorv on American lines In
Dublin Mr. Hayden Informed him that
he . had already aecured aubatantlnl sup
port 'from' many.' people,, and -.he had not
.he least doubt ,thnt It would be sucoeas
Tul. The oouncll expressed tha opinion
mil Dm hone that the lnduatry. when
Marted,.' would be successful.
In a return just. Issued by tha Depart
ment ef Agriculture and Technical In
itructton for, .Ireland aome Intereatirg sta-
tlatlca conce.rnlrtg, banking and rallwaya
n Ireland are given.
According to this the deposits and eaah
Salaneea In the Joint stock banka at the
lose of December. 19r, etood at 1227,000.000
is compared with $230,000,000 for the corre-anondlna-
Derlod In the year 1904. The
amount of ..depoalta and caah balances,
which are compared by half yeara, ahow
an Increaae In December over the figures
In June.
IinHU la navlas Deioal.
On December SI Uat the estimated bal
anc In tha Poatoffloe Savings bank in
Ireland amounted ta $60,000,009 as compared
with Mf.O00.000 In 1H. The accumulation
ef .depoalta In tha Poatoffloe Savings bank
ahow a steady Increaae In each half year.
In each year alnca 18M there haa been
an Increaae. and the balance In savlnga
banks on December' SI, 1M6, was nearly
""treble the amount to the credit of de
positors at the cloaa of the year 1886, the
first year for which statistics are given
Tha total of tha balances in the aavtnga
banka la tha highest amount of which there
Is a record. The number of depositors haa
more, than trebled In the course of twenty
years. . ..' : i . i -s . . . .
Tha atatlatlra of tha agricultural credit
eoclatlea In Ireland for the year 180 show
, that theae societies then numbered J00, of
which; 190 ware returned aa working as
compared returned as working la
IM. Tha. membership of the credit so
cietle In 1904 reached tha number of 11.257
aa compared with. 7.MT In- December, 1S03.
Tha weekly . railway. traffic returns show
that tha total recelpta for the fifty-two
weeka of 1905 amounted to $19,750,000, - a
deoreaae of per cent as compared with
tha amount received In the preceding year.
Rabalar Flehertes.
At a meeting recently held at tha Cork
County 'Council an Important resolution
was passed on the motion of Mr. O'Neill
and directed' to' be aent to tha chief sec
retery. The resolution demanded a ape
cial flsherlee department, and for Irish fish
the same right to a distinctive government
brand that had already been accorded to
Scotland. Timothy Bheehy seconded the
resorutton and pointed to the very apeclal
advantages offered to Scotland and tha
'consequent enormous development of the
deep sea rlsherles.1- "They would find out."
he said, "that for the apaca of twenty
one yeara. after tha establishment of tha
Scotch Fishery board, the government
subsidised the fisheries of that, country
to tha extent of nearly $8,000,000. with tha
result that While the Scotch fisheries era-
ployed ''at the. present time about 140,000
people, the Irish fishery lnduatry gave em
ployment to only M.OOO, Many a deserted
district along tha Irish seaboard would be
alive with an Industrious population of if the same fair play and assist
anue waa meted out by-the government to
thlt flsherlee." .,,.
Leadpeactls Spread Disease.
A very curious question came up at tha
Merionethshire education committee at
the County halt, Bala, recently. It con
cerned' a' caae of all red infection through
tha use 'of leadpenclla, in the Festlnlog
district. . It appeared that a communica
tion had been received from tha clerk of
the Teat tnlog Urban district oouncll on-
closing a copy of their medical officer's
report, in, which, .It. wag recommended, in
order to check tha prevalence of diph
theria ,) that district that tha use of
metal-bandied penclle should be resorted
to Instead of lead pencils. Tha report
contained tha following passages: "Tlys
following are; tbe moat important facta
as bearing dlreotly ut-un lite cause of the
disease (dlehthei) (1) band trays and
wooden pencils are be.lng ustxt In the In
fant's department of tha Festlnlog schools;
' 41) these are used exclusively In tlio
babies' class rooms; 1$) tha woodan pen
cils and lead pencils used in tha school
bear undoubted marke of teeth; (4)
though the majority rasea are not from
the infanta' school, yet tha three fatal
casea were children from thta department;
(t) tha thre fs'.ai casea were front the
bMes olaaa of the Infants' aohool; t)
sand traya and wooden pencila were ax. I
elusive? liked In the babies' class of tha
Infant's school; (7) tha last fatal case,
(a boy yeara of age) waa In the school
on tha BOth of tha month, and ha died ou
tha 6ih froia heart failure as a oomplloa
tioaef Malignant form of diphtheria; i)
this little boy In all probability attendd
suhool on tha 3th. he at tha time Buffer
ing from diphtheria,
It la worth noting, also, that tka medi
cal officer reuommended that tha whole
evhool shoulil be fumigated and thor
oughly dial of acted, aud tha walla and
desks cleaned, ami that the oouaty educa
tion commlttaa "soould hava the aad
trays and wooden peaclls removed." The,
medical officer also thought that there,
were too many maps said diagrams, plates
and aapera, "left permanently an the wall,
allowing disease germa to propagate,"
Art rwtrwa!e4 la Belfast.
Same laaa of the popularity of the loaa
llecttan of modern pictures la Belfast
nay be gaihiMl frona the fact that tha
athiaiUoa was visited by lt,a04 parauoa
ea rvurtJs F4fa.)
. a "
Troubles to Multiply During Seat
Quarter Ostarr and The
Comes the Knd.
LONDON. June i. (Special Cablegram to
The Bee.) Terrible predictions concerning
what will hspr n to this poor old earth
during the next twenty-five year are brln
made at the Congress of Prophets at
Exeter hall. .
The prophets of disaster were In Httenr--nce
at a "prophetic and second advent
.on fere nee. "and while they differed some.
what in details, they all agreed that f "
end of the world Is at hand. Thev .N"&
not nulte sure whether the final fit "
' '
will come 'oil May Z, 193. or A JsJ
hut they axe nuite sure ths
rtatea will prove to be the
mere can De no ao. ,cft
has nearlv outlived Its " the
prophets declared. The ' and earth
quakes which hsve afnlrted"'lt recently are
proof positive, and all that is required to
fulfill the prophecies Is , the coming of
Anti-Christ, who Is somewhat unkindly
Identified with Napoleon.
The chancelleries of Europe will no
doubt be Interested to learn that an entire
readjustment of the political divisions of
the weatorn world Is coming. Between
now snd 1!09 the twenty-two states into
which the original territory of the Roman
empire Is now divided will be renrganlxed
In ten . allied kingdoms, and then Anti
Christ, or Napoleon, will arise. Hi- will
make his first political npperrance as kins:
of 8yr!a, bu In im he will attack and
conquer France, and then he will extend
his rule over the rest of the ten kingdom.
There will be 10.000,000 Christians in the
world at this time, the prophets declare,
but evidently they will not all be equally
deserving of favor, for In 192 or 1926, 144,0
of them win be translated to heaven, while
the other 9,8M,000 will be transported to a
desert near Mount Sinai, where they will
have to wait three and one-half yeara.
Kev. Mr. Baxter presented a glowing pic
ture of the delights of life In the desert
of Sinai. ' .
"It will be a atrange congregation, In
which there will be no distinction of rank,'"
he said. "Food and water will be brought
by angelic hands, and the time will be
spent in reading the Bible, hearing ser
mons and attending prayer meetings. 14
will be a good time for the nonsweated
workers, who will look upon It as a pleas
ant picnic and an enjoyable holiday. At
the end 'of the three and one-half yenrs
the pious will be translated to heaven, as
the 144,000 were before them.
Everywhere else Anti-Christ will have
full away. In all the cities and towns of
England his image will be placed In the
principal squares and the soldiers and po
lice will bring all the Inhabitants mcn
women and children before it. Those who
refuse to worship the Napoleonic Caesar
will be taken to a scaffold and have their
heads cut off. Those who accept tho wor
ship of fhe Image will be branded on their
foreheads and right hands with 466, which
Napoleon's names, singly or conjointly, will
contain as the total of the numerical value
of their letters In the Greek language."
Warklncraea Carry Baa a era Renlad
Z .laaT Him Hla Metro '
R4lra) Days,
LONDON, . June . 1 (Bpeolal Cablegram
to Tha Bee.) The daya when John Buma
waa a labor agitator instead of a cabinet
minister are constantly and continually re
turning to plague him. . For Instance the
participants in the '.'West End March of
the Workless," 1,000 in number, displayed
these banners:
. "Work or riot one qr the other."
"Slaves are fed, free men starve,"
"The workless poor die, trie Idle rich
feast." ,
"Liberals and tories alike neglect the
'The freedom of the working clssses Is
sis very or starvation."
'Work, starve, or steal which is it to
"Hsb John Burns no answer?"
"Which? Works, bresd, or disorder?"
Passing through Regent street, the as
sorted bands played, and the demonstrate
sang "The Starving Poor of Old Eng
land," which is known as the "National
Anthem" of John Burns, because the
president of the local government board
made It popular during tha dock strike
riots. The stirring refrain la!
The poor, the poor, the taxea have to
The Door are starving every day.
They starve and die on the king's high
The starving poor of Old England.
traage Caase of Many Wrecks
Vfshlac Vassals la North
LIVERPOOL, June 1 (Special Cablegram
to The Bee.) Many fishing vessels have
been wrecked In recent times because of
Inexplicable errors of tha compass. This
fact haa Induced the underwriters of fish
ing vessels sailing from Grimsby to make
an Investigation, which haa led to tha dls
covery that the knives commonly used
by fishermen are a positive danger to nav
Strong knives are needed in the fisher
Iran's work, and a style of large clasp
knife that has been specially treated In
forging la on aale at all ports and
highly popular with Ushermen. It haa been
dlsoovered that thla knife possesses mag
nettc properties so powerful that in the
pockot of the man at the wheel It
deflect the needle two or three points
Orders are now being Issued forbidding
anyone to enter the brtd-e. houae with
knife in his possession.
Tammy Aeklas Dtiaklag Less Tkt
la Yeara Gaae
LONDON. June I. (Special Cablegram
to The Bee.) At the annual meeting of
the Royal Army Temperance association
held at tbe I'nlted Service Institution under
the presidency of the Duke of Connaugh
the statement that sobriety is lncreasin
in tbe anry was made.
The secretary of the association, of
which, the king la a patron, declared (hat
they now had SU branches, with a total
Uienibershlp of T.. of which U.SSt art
in India. Of the remaining 22,7tK no fewer
fewer than l,Si were total attstalners.
The Duke of Connaught said that In
i rent years the association hsd nothing
to complain af in their treatment by the
War office. It had been recognised thst
the ssch Istlon played an Important part
m raining the morale of the British soldier,
and in prepsrtng him for whatever em
ployment he nilsht obtain in after Ute,
European Situation as Viewed by the Wise
Ones Early in Summer.
Late Premier of Russia Accuse 1 of Earing
Diplomatic Ambitions.
- uinooire rur roruruuru
rwun wynnir-a
aieer' Course a Blind Trail With Many
Turns in It.
Kltehea Cabinet at Berlin Has In
done the Work of lean and
Lesvei Germany la Pe
culiar Position.
PARIS, June 2. (Special Cablegram
to The Bee.) Curious reports come
from St. Petersburg. One of these
reports is to to the effect thst it
Is Count Wilte's ambition to be sent to
Paris as ambassador and aucceaaor of M.
de Nelldoff. This would undoubtedly
cause very great embarrassment In Paris.
Count Wltte is notoriously pro-German In
his sympathies, and only looks to France
as a source of supply for the Ruaaian
finances. As he has been prime minister and
may be so again, the French government
could not go to the point of declaring him j
persona non grata. At the same time he
would be leas able to give pro-German di
rection to Russian policy than he would be
If still prime minister of Russia In dally
communication with the cxar.
Another report la that the count was
treated so handsomely at the time of the
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, peace con
ference that he la anxious to go to Wash
ington aa ambassador. Indeed it begins to
appear as though Madame 'Rumor has ac
credited Count Wltte to almost every court
n the world except that of Japan.
Germany and the Mohammedans,
One thing that in making the French
government anxious Is the unrest among
the native population In Its African col
onies. ' Though little lias transpired In the
press there Is reason to believe that both
In Tunis and Algeria there la a certain
ferment among the Mohammedan popula
tion. This is due ' to the Increuse of tha
Kslser's prestige as the "protector of
Islam." For years the Turks have looked
to him to support them in the councils of
Europe, and since his Tangier adventure
thla has spread to Morocco, Tripoli, Al
geria and Tunis. Officially, of course, this
s denied by the WIlhelmHtrasse. but tha
German emissaries who spread this legend
are not all officially in touch with tha gov
ernment. " Every German doing business
In theae countries (and their name ' is
legion) -Is Industriously fostering the be
lief thst in trouble with 'Europe (In the
present Instance, France , and England)
they can count on the kaiser's support.
The Information recently ..received from
Berlin ..Increases .the res ret that Prince
Btlelow Haa taken ill. as It looks Ilka as if
alnca hie temporary and enforced retire
ment from clfflce, the police alone were the
masters of German policy, both home and
foreign.. To the onward observer the trend
of German policy for the last four years
seems so simple that ' the. French are
tempted to seek some hidden explanation
for it, because If there are no unexplained
motives, the kaiser seems to be playing va
banqua to an extent that seems incredible
, Glimpse .at German Poller.
Five years ag"o the balance of power In
Europe was as nearly perfect aa possible.
On one side was the triple alliance of Ger
many, Austria and Italy, and on the other
dual alliance of France and Russia. Great
Britain might by throwing lta-weight on
either aide have played the role of arbiter
of Europe. Then came the Transvaal war.
which awakened in Germany. the idea that
England was a brasen figure with feet of
clay. That eeerued to Wllhelmstraasa to
eliminate the moat dangerous factor. When
therefore, Russia showed an Inclination to
plunge Into tha . far eastern adventure.
Germany rendered It possible by the kaiser
giving the caar, at Welsbaden in IKS, his
promise that he would take no advantage
in . Europe of the fact that Russia had
withdrawn lta troops from the German
frontier. All through tha war Russia had
the actlva .support of Germany. Herr
Bellln of tha Hamburg-American Una and
Dr. Wiegand of the. North German Lloyd
company put the whole of the resources of
these two moat powerful corporations at
the disposal of tha Russian governnie-
Anyone who knows the footing of abso
lute intimacy on which these two gentle
men, particularly Herr Ballin, stand with
the kaiser, ia aware that thla waa the
direct order of tha kaiser. If the govern'
ment had frowned on tha affair, the North
German Lloyd would not have dared to
sell a ship to Russia, nor could the Ham
burg-American irne hava coaled Rojestven
sky's fleet.
Eur far tha Germans.
Germany's policy- waa clear. If Russia
"won out" in tha far east It waa bound
to Germany by a debt of gratitude for
services rendered; if, on the other hand.
it ' waa , defeated, . tha debt waa all the
greater and Germany had a possible enemy
the less. This is what the English mean
when they say to "run with the hare and
part with the hounds," a some what difficult
operation. Tha curious thing waa that
Russia's natural allx, Franca, waa help
leas. The Anglo-Japanese alllanoe simply
tied Its hands.
Every t hi Dg want according to German
ideas, exoept one thing, and that was the
rapprochement - between England and
France. Count Buelow had counted on the
rival alliances to bring about antagonism
He did not reckon on the fact that, aa
neither power could afford to oppose the
other, they would infallibly come together.
The Anglo-French convention came like
bombshell on tha German Foreign office.
It was only after Mukden that Franca got
its lesson, and everybody knows that It
lost nothing en tha keeping.
. It wus at this point that Germany
mistakes began, ant tUase have two ex
planatlona. The first is the kaiser's ten
dency to pass over his constitutional ad
vlaera and listen to all points of Irrespon
sible advice. Herr von Holsteln. Dr. von
Luoanus, General Von Hulaen Haeaeler,
Count von Eulenburg snd all the persons
of his Immediate entourage have his ear
quite aa much aa and even more than the
imperial chancellor and the secretary of
state for foreign affairs. The former, un
fortunately, convinced htm that ha had
only to rol fills eyes and knit his brews
and France would drop what they de
scribed a only a flirtation with England.
Thekiiser lltened to them, snd the Tan
gier vIMt wss the reeult.
Tha result was the absolute contrary of
tCwiUnutd on Fourth Page.
Commission Formulates a Plan
Whieh Separation Is F.aally
PARIS. June 2 iSpeclal Cublegram to
The Bee.) Paris like tendon Is having Its
divorce agitation. After resolving that j
love should be made legally compulsory ,
in wedlock, the unofficial marriage reform
commission, which has been carrying on
Its labors for a long time past, lins now ,
come to the vast subject of divorce. Above J
all, it has sfflrmeil perfect equality between
the sexes as regunls the dissolution ns
well as the contracting of marriage. ;
French law, like English law. Is hardef
on wives than on husbands, and miscon
duct alone, without aggravating circum
stances, Is a sufficient ground for divorce
when committed by the woman, but not
'hen committed by the man. However,
the radical reform proposed Is divorce for
ln-ompatibllty, not merely by mutual
consent, but on the petition of either of
the parties. French law does not as
does that of England refuse divorce when
both hushanl and wife sre convicted of
misconduct; that Is to say, In esses when
divorce Is most needed. But It vetoes
divorce by mutual consent. The latter
ihould, according to the reform commis
sion, be allowed with the least possible
hindrance of formality, on the principle,
that love, being legally compulsory .In
wedlock, the married state should be
severed when both parties agree that
they love one snother no more.
On the same principle either party should
be able to obtain divorce, even without
the conaent of the other. If love has
cooled on one side and not on the other.
the commission pities, the constant one.
but dowl not feei jtnd tn compelling
trie nckie nair to go on Dearing an irk
some yoke. However. In such cases,
divorce would not be made easy. It would
be compulsory for the parties to go on
living together for two years after the
first petition of one of them, which
would have to be renewed every six
months during that time, as a warranty
that the petitioner was quite sure of his
or her feelings, snd not acting on a
whim. Among the grounds sufficient for
Immediate divorce the commission would
Include habitual drunkenness and some
Prof. Mattenrrl F.xatntns Vesuvius to
Determine Chances Wrought
la Crater.
ROME, June 2. (Special
of Vesu-
to The Bee.) An ascent
ius ' just made by Prof.
Investigate the changes made In
the crater and on the summit by the
recent eruption reveals some Interesting
facts. Cook's funicular railway, with its
station at the summit, has completely dls-
ppeaxed. the very rails and telegraph
poles being destroyed, only a few yards
of the rails remaining, but all "twisted
and wrinkled. The cone haa now a diame
ter of about 1,600 metres.- There Is no
more -eruption of lava and (.hat of smoke
has almost ceased, but from time , to time
sulphurous gas arises. .The great' portion
of file cone which had fallen Is still warm,
so that . the persons visiting and walking
on- it hava to keep constantly moving
"it elr shoes get badly burnt. Mattucci
was desirous of measuring the diameter
f the crater, tut the Impetuous wind and
the puffs of arhes prevented him from
placing tha measuring apparatus aa It waa
necessary. A brigadier of carbineers, to
whom a rope was tied, one end of which
was held by his companions, ascended tha
edge of the crater, but he could only get
a glimpse of this extinct caldron, for tha
rise of sulphurous gases rendered it neces
sary for him to descend quickly. He saw,
however, that inside the cone preserves
its funnel-like shape, but that it la very
much enlarged. Matteuccl calculates that
the height of Vesuvius has been lowered
by 66$ feet during the eruption. That has
been caused by the fall of the cone or
sides of the crater. Such changes ss
these a lowering and elevstlon of the
summit hava scoompanied the greater
eruptions of this volcano.
European Governments Ready to
Talc t'p Shares According to
Algrertraa Treaty,
MADRID, June 2. (Special Cablegram to
The Bee.) The Spanish government has
been officially informed that the European
governments who were represented at the
Algeciras conference are willing to muko
arrangements with their respective na
ttonal banks and bunkers to take up the
share assigned to each high contracting
power In tha Moroccan State -bank under
the Algeciras convention. The Bunk of
Spain has agreed to cover the Spanish
share in the Moroccan State bank, this
having been considered by the government
and ; the board of the Bank of Spain to
be the most advisable course with a view
to prevent even a part of the share from
falling Into the hands of other foreign
shareholders likely to be eager to exercise
influence in the Stata bank and in tha
finances of Morocco. A Spanish auditor,
or censor, according to the phraseology of
the Algeciras conference, wilt soon be ap
pointed by the Bank of Spain on the same
conditions as the audltora to be selected
by the Banka of England, France and
Germaa Workman Beat ta Prison for
Throwing; Obloquy ou Great
BERLIN, June !. (Special Cable
gram to The Bee.) A Journey
man mason named Baumgartner haa
been sentenced to three months' Im
prisonment for throwing obloquy on ths
name of Mart.h Luther and the doctrines
with which the reformer Is associated.
Playing with Luther's name, he called him
a "luder," or abominable person. The ex
traordinary sentence Is Interesting, in that
it waa passed by a Catholic court on tha
Tare Months for Less Majeate
CaaaertlaB with tha Kaiser's
BERLIN, June 2. (Special Cable
gram to Tha Bee.) At Poaea
the editor of the Polish Journal
Pohraku has been sentenced to three
months' imprisonment on the charge of
Wise majeste. Tha charge rose out of a
poem which tha editor published. In which
tha archbishop of Gnesen waa denounced
for ordering tha church bells ta be rung
en tha oocaakm at Ua luiaar'a recent visit
to Poaea. .- -
Conference Report on Bate Bill is Presented
by Mr. Tillman.
8enate Bill and Amended Bill Are Ordered
Printed for Comparison.
Provisions of Measure as Amended by the
Conference Committee.
Supplies to He Parr based la t silted
Mates t aless President teems
Friers t treasonable or
WASHINGTON. June 2-The senate to
day received the conference report on the
railroad rate and statehood bills and
heard the announcement of the result of
the deliberations of the committee on priv
ileges and elections In the case of Senator
Snioot. In the case of Senator Smoot,
Senator Burrows, who made the statement
as chairman of the committee, asUel that
a day be fixed for the consideration of the
subject, but objection was made because
the ntflclal report wus not ready for con
sideration and on that account the further
consideration of the subject was post
poned. There was no discussion of either
the statehood or the rate question.
The consideration of the joint resolution
prescribing a policy In the purchase of
Panama canal supplies consumed the major
part of the session, and It ended by the
adoption of the resolution by practically
a party vote.
The democrats sought In msny forms.
but in vain, to secure the. adoption of an
amendment that would commit congress
against the protective system. The only
amendment adopted was one suggested by
Mr. Pettus providing that bids shall be
from the lowest responsible bidders.
After passing a large number of private
pension bills the senate adjourned until
Fevr Chances In Rate Bill.
In practically all essential details the
conferees on the railroad rate bill agreed
to the measure as It was passed by the
senate. The report was signed at about
4 p. m. and almost Immediately presented
to both houses. It shows that the senate
receded from six amendments, two of
which merely change the numbers of sec
tions, while twanty-elRht of Its amendments-
were retained verbatim, and the re
maining seventeen were redrsfted and re
tained under different phraseology.
Senator Tillman, ohairfnan of the senate
conferees, gave notice that he will urge
prompt action in the senate. ' It Is safe
to say the report will be acted' upon by
the house with the utmost dispatch.
The disposition of the amendments, in
the, order In which, thejt appftarln. tha bill
follows: The first ainendmm.l to the bill
is that making pipe lines common carriers.
It was stricken oi.' and Included. In the
amendment making express companies
common carriers, sleeping car companies
having' been eliminated so that the amend
ment now reada:
The term "common carrier" aa used in
this act shall include express companies
and all persons or corporations engaged In
me transportation-' or ou by pipe lines, or
paruy Dy pipe lines and partly by rail
mad. or partly by pipe lines and partly by
Pass Amendment Redrafted.
The next amendment ia that prohibiting
passes. It was entirely redrafted, made
much more stringent, all excepted classes
being eliminated and either to Issue or re-
relve free transportation was made a mis
demeanor. The amendment Is aa follows:
No carrier subject to the provisions of
this act phail, after January 1, 1907, directly
or Indirectly Issue or give any Interstate
free ticket, fre pass or free transportation
for passage. Any rarlert lolstlng this pro
vision shall be deemed guilty of a misde
meanor and shall upon conviction thereof
be punished by a fine of not exceeding $l,j0,
and any person who uses, solicits or accepts
for himself or for another, any such inter
state free ticket, free pass or free trans
portation, shall be deemed guilty of a mis
demeanor, and upon conviction thereof
shall be subject to a like penalty. .
The Elklns' commodity amendment was
retained practically In tha form originally
agreed upon and the provisions Inserted
later regulating timber and the manufac
tured products thereof were stricken out.
As agreed to the amendment provides that
after May 1, I, it shall be unlawful for
any common carrier to transport any article
or commodity, manufactured, mined or pro
duced by It, or produced under its author
ity or which It may own when whole or
In purt, or In which it may have an Inter
est, direct or Indlrectf except such articles
or commodities aa may be necessary and
intended for Its own use In the conduct of
Its own bualnesa
The requirement that common carrlera
shall, upon application of any shipper, con
struct and operate switch connections with
private side tracks or branch lines of
railroads. This provision waa offered in
tha senate, but waa not adopted, and the
statement was made today that It would
be objected to when the conference report
reaches the senate.
"Jim Craw Provision Gaes Oat.
The senate receded from the "Jim Crow"
amendment, which declared that equally
good service and accommodations should be
given to all persona paylnb the same com
pensation for interstate transportation of
passengers. The provision was stricken
The several senate amendments (twenty
In number) relating to the application of.
schedules of rates and charges of all kinds,
were agreed to and the provision relating
to joint rates waa added the following:
No joint rate over the through rate baa
bran established the several carriers in
such through rata shall rile, prtnt aud keep
pen to public Inspection, as aforesaid, the
separately established rates, fares aud
chaxges applied tn the thruugh transporta
tion. Ths original penal sections of the Inter
state commerce law, which were repealed
by the Elklna law and placed In the bill
by the arnate, were retained. Tbe secaU
amendment, however. Was arondd by strik
ing out to words: "Knowingly and wil
fullyy" In ths provision relating to offer
ing or accepting rebates, concessions or
discriminations. The conferena also elim
inated the proviso which declared that the
penalties should not apply to rebates or
considerations received prior to the paa
sage and approval ol thla art.
All of tha aenate amendments to section
4. which is the rate-making section, ware
retained. Among theae are several relat
ing ta tha Alllsoa compromise. The meet
important latitudes the striking- out at the
wards "in Its judgment and the words
"and fairly i-eraaneralrre." The
BswvuUea wwe sue air, sol presrttitae' tha4
(OuittmjsaV ea
Forecast for Nebraska Fair In orh.
Showers In tenth Pertlon Sunday.
Monday Fair.
FW SFC1 lOWI-welTe rsaes.
1 Revival of Industries of Ireland.
Paris rolltleul Gossips Busy.
Sennte Mas a Hnay pay.
Mrtlrna Wlots Qnletlnar Dews,
it Cirri-, n Protest American Meats.
hiss and Queen Attend Ball Fight.
.1 Sens from All Turfs ef tebrste.
4 Methane Heurs from Mexlran Biol.
Triplet! Objects to F.splonase.
5 Urnorrili Knur nu U. M. Hitchcock
dr tittle's Injuries Finally Fatal.
Pfist Week la Omaha Society.
T Wain Draws a Life Sentence.
H Cantlllon Still Bess of Leaarae.
f Sporting Errata of the Day.
10 Pioneer Telearephers of Omaha.
Bridal Costumes of Spanish Hoeen.
Condition of Omaha's Trade.
11 Council muffs and Iowa Xeivs.
12 Sunday Services at the Churches.
EUITOHIAI. SKt TIO F.larht Panes.
2 Kdltorlnl.
3 Timely Talks About Beat Estate.
First History of City of flmahn.
Birth and Growth of South Ousalin.
4 Went Alls.
A Want" Ads.
H Want Ads.
7 Financial aud Commercial.
HAI.F-TOXE tECTIor Fight Paves.
1 Bryan's Experience In India.
Kdnard Koerwater on .Modern
Palmer's Memorial nay Address.
3 Amonsi the Tiara and Flayers.
Mna(c and Musical Matters.
4 Military Mass on Memorial Day.
In the Field ef Electricity.
Memorial Day Kxerclaes at Han
aro m Park.
5 Poleless Streets of Omnba.
Orchards and Farms of Wash-
fl Woman. Her Ways and Her World.
T Weekly Grist of Sporting; Gossip.
1 Buster Brown In sin Indian Play.
2 Tale ef Trasredy of. fjloorty Creek.
3 Fuds and Fancies for the Women.
4 Sambo Makes Rome Funny olscs. j
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5 a. m .
6 a. m.
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St a. in.
9 a. m .
10 a. m .
11 a. in .
12 m.. . .
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4 p. m
ft p. m
, H p. m
T p. m
Knights of Columbus Arrive at Sietv
Haven In Large .umbers
for Convention.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., June 2. The ad
vance guard of the great throng of
Knights, of Columbus, numbering into the
thousands, will attend tha national con
vention in this city next week, arriving
here today, and many others are expected
here tomorrow. The presence In this city
for almost the entire week of this large
body 'included srong "which - will "be ev
eral leaders in the Catholic church
throughout the' ecu n try, will make nota
ble what otherwise promises to be one
of . the most imposing ceremonies seen
here for a number of years. Among. those
wTio sre expected to attend the convention
are Cardinal Gibbons and United ' Statea
Senator John M. Gearln of Oregon. Par
ticular interest centers In the dedication
of the new national headquarters of the
order next Wednesday. Other Important
matters to be taken up will be tha elec
tion of officers and the selection of the
meeting place for the next annual conven
tion. Invitations hava been received to
meet in Detroit, Mich., and Jamestown,
Va., and many favor the latter place, it
la said, on account of the exposition.
C. J. Smyth Is the only Omaha man at
the convention. T. J. Hahoney was a dele
gate, but could not go nnd his alternate,
Attorney McGuIre of Lincoln, went.
Five Hundred German Baptists In
Wreck and Many af Them
SPRINGFIELD, 111., June . A broken
rail today derailed three coaches of a
special, train bearing 100 Dunkards en
route from Cedar Rapids and other polnta
In Iowa to this city to attend the conven
tion of German Baptists or Dunkards.
The accident occurred on the Chicago,
Peoria ft St. Louis railroad at Forest
City. 111. No person was killed, but a
number were Injured. They were brought
to the 6prlnrteld hospital, this city.
PKORIA, 111., June 2. A special train
over the Chicago, Peoria A St. Louis rail
read bearing Iowa German Baptists to
Springfield, ran over a defective frog at
Forest City, derailing the engine, bag
gage car and three coaches. The cars
crashed into a freight train en a siding,
tearing out the aides of the three pas
senger ceaches. Six were injured. The
company physicians say none la Injured
Waaswerth's Substitute for Be-rerMce
Beef Inspection Amend
ment Beady.
WASHINGTON, June 2. --The Wadswerth
substitute for the Severidge beef inspection
amendment to the agrlru IturwJ appropria
tion bill has been completed and printed for
the Information of the house committee
on agriculture. I'nttl the substitute haa
been submitted to the committee Wednes
day It will not be made public. The substi
tute la said to follow tbe lines of ths Bsv
eridge amendment with tha vital exception
that tt places the cost of Inspection upon
the government. Ct aim provides a court
review of the administration of the Inapee
tlon and restricts the jurisdiction of tha
secretary of agriculture in the power to
make regulations given farm in the Bever
idge amendment.
tares WU1 Allow Sla
in C'aee of Baa'itesaleB
W AJ5 HTNTTID .V, June 2. The senate eoni
mfttee on Judiciary today recommended an
approprwttun of fO.0u0 fur tbe compensa
tion of a special master in the exsa of tha
United States against Oeorge B. Adams,
charged with embesalemeut from ths
United Bttttea assay offiue at fteatUe. The
purpose la M asertaln the loss to each
depositor and determine the maimer of
settlement tt ia believed that the toinl
of tha embeaslemsnt is about (loo.noo snd
that A4nma baa nrarperty new ia the cus
tody of tha CnUasV ftutu as to whisk vaill
canejsr tnavl
Qniet Follow! Night of criooV Riotis at
Cananea, Mexico.
Arrital of Governor with Bi? Posse Friebt
ens Trouble Makers.
Only Two Americans and Eleven Mexicans
Are Killed.
Says Disturbance Was Started by
Socialist l)amee Confined
to Lumber Aard.
DOl'GUAS, A.Ix., June :. A later dis
patch to the International American from
Naco, Arlx., conveys the Information thrt
United States Consul CSalhraith at Cananea,
has addressed h message to President
Roosevelt urging the necessity for federal
troops at Cannnea. Consul Galbralth, It la
said, Informed the president that all the
Americans In Cananea are In great dantcer,
and suggested that it was "time for quick
action." NACO, Arlx., June A telephone mes
sage wss received from Csnanea at t iO
a. m. today, reporting that peace has been
restored there. After the arrival of ih.
nngers last night many uf the rlncleadviaW.
In the riot yesterday ran to the
ing mountain and no further ' serious
trouble occurred sfter their llight.
Governor Yssbel of Sonora, arrived here
this morning at 7:30 o'clock with a posse
from Bl.tbee and other points ntimbetintf
r.i.o wen srmen men. i noy were im-
""'''' '"" '"'"a
counted by the governor s adjutant gen-
bo accompanied him.
PJ., PAMtl. rev .Tuns A nr-l ,-
telegram received from Cananea says thit
Americans are now in control of the town
and many Mexicans have left. One hun
dred rifles and a quantity of ammunition
were shipped from here today to Colon. I
Orecne at Naco and will be taken to
Cananea If they can be gotten over tha
Iteport from President Urecwe.
NEW YORK, June .'.-George S r.ob
bins, secretary of the. Greene Consu.idi.ted
Copper company, today received the fol
lowing telegram from W. C. Greene, presi
dent of that company, from Cananea, Mrx,;
Furnaces and mines all closed down to
dsy on account ot rioting among the Mexi
cans. Authorities giving us every protec
tion posmhie, asnlsted by the employea of
the company. The Mesa lumber yard
burned and Metcalf and brother allied de
fending profierty. Kieven Mexicans killed
during oisturhsnce and nu.nher wounded
not known. No other Americans killed.
Governor of Ktinora, wltn troops, win ar
rive in the morning. We hsve the situs-.
non wen in nana, emeiung ana conce.ii
trstion nlant uninlm-ed 'I rouble lnolte'
by socialistic orgamututn that has berjl
fnrft-.eri hrt hv- nth. InAnl tent irnt4 11
liks government. rxpeci plants to tx" run
ning full capacity tomorrow. 11 Is be a,
lKuglas snd Naco have sent M0 volun
teers to aid in preserving order.
W. C. GRKtCNK. Prasldent
Mr. Bobbins said that tha Mesa lumber
! yard waa one of the smallest of the yards
and was located several miles from the
main plant. The financial loaa, he said,
was not large.
Dlas Orders Oat Troens.
EL PASO, Tex., June 2. President Diss
has ordered all troops at Nogales and
Hermosillo to rroceed to Cananea.
Order wss restored there soon sfter the
arrival today of the American volunteers,
who were permitted by Governor Isabel
to cross the huur.dsry.
Messages from Ualbrulth.
WASHINGTON, June J.-The following
telegrsm was received st the War depart
ment from the headquarters of the South
western division;
DENVER, June 2-Mllltary Secretary,
Washington: Following telegrsm. Fort
Huuchuca. last night: "Repeat telegrams
Just received. Nat. Arts.: 'A general In
surrection at Cananea; Mexicans ag.iluxt
Americana and all others. Several Amer
icans killed; governor at Sonora at Nogales
tonight on the way here. We must have
protection. Can you render Itninodiate as
sistance? W. J. Galbralth, 1'niied Statea
v "Second dispatch, same place: 'My life,
ss well as the lives of American cltisens.
In Jeopardy. A number of Americans were
killed. I am I'nlted Stales consul; must
be protected. Send troops by Naco imme
diately, w. J. Galbrsith. Consul.'
"Major Watts, with his. souadron. leaves
for Naco tomorrow, daylight. Hurry or
ders; will render sll possible saslstanre;
obrervlng law.
"Commsndlng Southwestern Division Head
quarters. "DAVES.
"Military Secretary, In Absence of Depart
ment Commander."
Consul Asks Aid.
WASHINGTON. June 2-The State de
partment has recrtved a most urgent tele
graphic appeal for help from Amerlcaa
Consul Gaibrafth at Cananea, Mex.. in
which the consul says: "Aid from United
Statea absolutely essential"
The State department bat also received
direct application from the governor of the
state of Sonora, Mexico, for help from tha
American side, a most extraordinary occur
rence. The direct sppesl was tbe subject
of hasty consultations today between tha
secretary of state, the chief of stsff, Briga
dier General Bell, snd the law officer af
the'Wsr department insomuch as the ques
tion af the right of the i'nlted Statea te
send troops into a friendly stats Is la
Present Reepoase Is Made.
Meanwhile the officers of the general stS
are making ready to- execute any orders
that may be Issued as the result of Secre
tary Root's decision. Four troops of cav
alry" are at Fort Huacbucs, Just north of
ths International boundary In Ariaons, and.
the staff officers assume that by bard rid
ing this fmce rould reach Csnanea withig
a half day aflsr it receives orders. Com
muuleatlon is about to be opened a lta
Major General Baldwin, commanding tha
southwestern division, st his headquarters
in Oklahoma City, and he in turn will give
the necessary Instructions In case It Is de-clj-d
to use American troops to Brigadier
Ueneral Constance Williams at the head
quarters of the Department of Colorado la
Tbe official dispatches upon which the
State and War departments are expected
to set s.e ss follows:
"NACO, Aria., June 1 Beirretaiy of State,
Washington: Shi.i1 asulMtaui-e 1:iittird:ately
to Cananeu, Sonora, Mi-i. American t Hi
lars are being murdered a tul property
dynamited and we must hate help. Send
answur to Na o
Another dlspatnh from the aaane official,
saUa Is consular agent aa tlranau. aua te-