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Tut, a 8acrifio and a Binrl Brinci in tha
Winning; Scot.
la the Field Tne 7 Had mm On" Day,
Old Reliable GoadlnaT Marine
Tin Errore Charged la
Against Him.
SIOUX CITT, June . H' lone elngle
In the eighth Inning, scoring Weed, who
had been passed to first and sacrificed to
second, won the game for Sioux City today.
At time the fielding was brilliant, espe
cially on the part of the Packers, which
enabled them to win. The Omaliana out hit
them throughout the game. Bcore:
AD. R. H. PO. A.
Campbell, If.
Nobllt, ft
Bauer, lb
Weed. 2b
Tate, rf
Newton, ss...
Frost, 3b ....
Hees, c
Jarrott, p....
Totals ....
0 10 0
0 0 10
1 1 1
115 3
0 0 11
0 0 4 6
0 113
1.26 2
110 2
4 7 27 17
....... 3
n !
AB. R.
H. PO. A.
3 4 3
0 0
2 0
1 3
1 0
Earned runs: Sioux City, 1: Omaha, 2.
Two-bane hit: Dolan. Double plays: frost
to Weed; Weed to Newton to Bauer. First
base (in errors: Newton (21, Dolan, Car
ter. Rassey. lyft on bases: Sioux City,
: Omnha, 7. Stolen bases: Bauer, Bender.
Sacrifice hits: Tate, Welch (2, Dolan.
First base on halls: On Jarrott, 2; off
Koukallk,' . Struck out: By Jarrott, 8; by
Kenkslik. 4. Time: 1:14. Umpire: Davis.
Attendance: 1,800.
ttlmmel a Passle,
Pl'EBlX), Colo., June 1. Btlmmel was
practically unhitlahlp In today's (fame snd
won his game by a score of 8 to 2. Engle,
who waa on the slab for Everett's men,
proved easy for the local team, especially
In the first Inning. After that he tightened
up, but the damage had been done. Btlm
mel was1 sent to the firing line for the
Indians and pitched great ball, allowing
Ihe visitors but three hit. Five hundred
enthusiastic fan were out to welcome the
Indians home and watched them take the
scalp from the Grizzlies. Score:
AB. R.
Cook If 8 1
Meoilvray cf 8 1
Hlnigart, 2b 6 1
Meyers, lb 4 0
Mclchlor, rf 3 1
M'irrlntin, 3b 3 1
Fluke, ss 4 3
Meswltt. c 4 1
Stlmmrl, p 4 0
Totals 35 8
Pender, 2b (
drier. If 3 1
Rsssey, rf 4 2
Welch, cf 2
Dolsn. lb 3 0
Ktinkle, as 4 0
I'erring, 3b 4 0
Oondlng. t 4 0
Koukallk, p 3 0
Totals 32 3
Ploux City 0 0 0
Omaha 0 0 0
H. PO. A. to.
2 2 0.0
110 0
1 4 3 2
0 12 1 1
13 0 0
0 0 0 1
2 8.7 0
5,2 2 0
2 0 2 0
14 27 18 i
It. PO. A. E.
0 10 0
12 0 0
1 10 0 1
0 2 0 0
0 4 2 0
0 3 2 1
0 0 10
3 24 IS 3
i 1 0 0 0 -t
0 0 0 0 0-2
AB. R.
McHale. cf....
T. Smith, 2b...
Randall, rf....
Russell, lb
Tteridlck, 8b...
Helden, If
J. Smith, .as...
Welgartlt, c...
Engle, p
Total 32 2
Pueblo 8 0 10
Denver 0 0 0 2
Stolen bases: Cook (2), Messltt. Two
base lilt: Messltt. Three-base hits: Cook,
Russell: Home run: Melchlor, Messltt.
Sacrifice hit: McOllvray. Bases on balls:
Off Btlmmel. 2; off Engle, 2. Struck out:
By Btlmmel, 3: by Engle, 2. Hit by pitched
ball: Engle. Double plays: Fiske, Shugart
and Meyers; J. Smith and Russell; T.
Smith, J. Smith and Russell. Left, on
bases: Pueblo, 7; Denver, 8. Time: 1:40.
Umpire: Keefe. Attendance: 800.
Lincoln Ilnnipa Leaders.
DES MOINES, la., June l.-The cham-
Flons took an off day yesterday and with
lsch, a new pitcher, trying out for the
first time, Lincoln won by a score, of 11
to 1. Eyler pitched a stellar game for
Lincoln and was given great support
throughout. Lincoln hit Dlach almost at
will. At the end of the second Inning
Holmes ran in at Umpire Fuller. Fuller
promptly ordered him to the bench and
Holmes, grabbing a bat, started for Fuller.
Flllman took tha bat away from him.
Holmes secured another, but Zlnran and
others took it away and led him from the
field. He waa fined 310. The score:
AB. R. H. PO.
Flllman, ss ..
Holmes. If ..
Cook, If
Uulllln, 8b ..
Ketchum, cf
Thomas, lb
t'olUns, rf ...
Bnrton, 2b...,
Zlnran, e ....
Eyler, p .....
Total ....
4 3 18
43 14 18 27 1
AB. R. HPO. A.
Caffyn. If 8 1 - 1 3 0
O'Leary, 3b 4 0 13 2
Welday, cf 4 0 1 8 0
Dexter, lb 4 0 0 7 0
Towne, p 4 0 3 7 2
Hogreiver, rf 4 0.1 0 1
Andreas, ss 3 0,2 1 2
Magoon, 2b 3 0 0 8 - t
Dlsch, p 3 0 0 0 2
Total 82 1 I 37 11 T
Lincoln ...,1 4 0 2 0 4 1 8 014
Dea Moines 1 0 0 000800 1
Stolen baaes: Ketchum, Collin (2). Bar
ton, O'Leary. Two-base hits: Holmes,
Ketchum Double plays: Flllman, Barton
to Thomas; Ketchum to Thomas; Barton
to Thomas. Bases on balls: Off Eyler, 1;
off Dlsch, 4. Hit by pitched ball: By
Disch, 1. .Struck out: By Disch, 7. At
tendance: 1,100. Time: 1:66. Umpire:
landing- . of tha Teases.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
rs Moines 28 20 3 .714
Omaha 27 14 11 .596
Sioux City 2 18 13 .563
Denver 80 14 18 .47
IJncoln 28 13 18 .4C4
Pueblo 28 8 22 y .214
Game today: Omaha at Bloux City, Lin
coin at De Koines, Denver at Pueblo.
' Araaaas Ileal Cndahys.
The Armours defeated the Cudahys In
a hotly contested gam at Duffy' park
veaterdav afternoon. Donahue was hit for
two two-baggers and a home) run, after
which he. held the Cudahys safe, while
Smith blew up In the seventh, allowing
Bpltaen a two-Dagger, followed oy Hnana
han's and Driscoll's singles which, with
Carey error, gave the Armour the game,
The score:
B.H.O. A E. II H 0 A I.
Bokasr. v.... 1.0 T I I a. rarer. Ib. I I I I
M, M.hoo. Ib. I 0
I I iCun'iluBt. as. I I
Tonavaaan. lb I 1
!Una, rf... 1 1
Skaaanaa, as. I 1
ltnaralL. cf... I I
MlllMt. Ib ... I 0
Kasllah. If... I I
Dooahtia, p .. I 0
14 1 Smith, p I
I 4Pow.ll. lb.... I
lit Mcaubos. tf. I
14 0 Bunk.r. Ib. .. I
I I I r Caray. rf., I
1. I I Ctuauh, i I t I
t I 0 McMillan, If. I 1 t 0
Totals 12 4 II t 1 Totals ,11 I M II
Armours . 0 1 0 0 0 23
Cudahys 0 0 1 0 1 0 02
Earned runs: Cudahys, 2; Armours, 2.
Two-base hits: Spltsen, Carey, McMillan
Home run: t avanaugn. Stolen bases
Armours 2; Cudahys, 1. Bases on balls:
off Donahue, 1; off Smith, 3 Struck out
By Donahue, 3: by Smith. 7. Time: I:.
L'.itpire: alurpny.
Gaaaa at Field dab.
The Omaha Field club base ball team will
play thin ufternoon at the Field ctitb
grounds with tha Carpenter Paper company
team for opponents. Game will be called
at 3 with this lineup:
Field Club.
Irf urphy
Carpenter Pper Co.
..Catch 1. Setter
.... First .
. .. Second
.... Short .
.... Third .
Ift ...
.... Center
..C. Smith
..F. Smith
Kearney Bnnana Sehoyler.
8CHUYI.FR. Neb., June l.-(Specla Tele
irum Kearney fBt bunch defeated
5chukr today by the score of i lo 3,
chuyter being outplayed by Kearney
throughout the game. Kearney plays at
Fremont Saturday. Bcore: R. II. E.
Kearnev 2 0 0 0 3 2 2 0 113 I
flchuyler 00000001 1 2 4
Struck out: Py Howard. T: by Ptlltt. 7.
Batteries: Howard and Zahiskl: Stilts. Ruff
and Wilson. Time: 1:35. Umpire: Corblt.
Toledo ghats Oat Colombn la a Fast
TOLEDO, June 1. Camnlts and Roh
ertallle pitched great ball, but Toledo
bunched hits on Kobertaille In the sixth
and with Wrlgley's error scored two runs.
B.H.O. A E. B H O A B.
ctsnell, rf... I 0
0 rlraerlnt. rf. 4 1 1
Wrlsler. tb. . 4 1 1 4 1
Coulter. If.... 14 10 4
t Kllim. lb 4 4
1 4 Hlnrhman. rfl t 1 I B
1 Krlel, 9b I 0 0 1 II
4 1 Hitlaarltt, as.. 14 114
4 Rmn. e 3 (' 4 4 0
0 Rnbertallle, p I 0 0 I 4
- Total 31 4 24 13 1
Nsnre, cf..... 0 0 0
S Clarke, If.. 0 I
Pemont, M. .. I f
JiMe, rf I t 1
Krueger, lb. . t 1 8
Knahe, tb I
W. riarse, 10 1 11
Abbott, c t t
f'amnlti. ... I
Totala 24 4 17 JJ t
Toledo 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2
Columbus 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hits: Krueger. VVrlaley. Sacri
fice hits: Kruegei, Frlel, XV. Clarke.
Stolen base: Abbott. Struck out: By
Camnltz. 7: by Robertalllc, 1. Buses on
balls: off Camnltz, 1; of Robertaille, 2,
Time: 1:40. Umpire: Sullivan.
Brewers Baach Hits.
MILWAUKEE, June 1. Opportune lilt
ting and loose fielding by St. Paul gave
Milwaukee an easy victory today by a
score of 7 to 2. Curtis was Invincible until
tha eighth. The feature of the game wns
the fielding and batting of Danny Green.
B.H.O A.E. B H O A K.
Robtneen. as. i 0 1 S 0 Celer. If 14 10 1
Oreen, rf 4 I I 4 4 sufdaa, Ik... 4 4 11 1 1
Clark, lb 14 4
Bataman. Ib.. 4 t 11
Hemphill, of. 4 1 f
i 4 VenZsndt. cf. 4 t 0 t
4 1 Fries, rf 4 4 1 J
4 4 Rm-k'nelri. aa 1 1 1 1
0 4 Pailtlen. 2b... 4 1 4 I 4
4 t Wheeler, lb.. 4 114 1
4 Drill, c 4 0 1 1 1
t 4 Cor, P 4 i 1 1 4
Roth. e I
aTOheenejr, If 4
McOorm'k, Ib 4
Curtis, p 4
1 I
1 4
1 1
0 4
Totals 31 T 17 14 1 Totals t. U II 4
Milwaukee 8 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 7
St. Paul 0- 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1-2
Two-base hit: Hemphill. Three-base hit:
Coy. Stolen base: Green, Roth, MeChes
ney. Rases on balls: Off Curtis. 2; off Cov,
. Hit by pitched ball: By Curtis. 1; by
Coy, 1. Struck out: By Curtis, t. Double
play: McCormlck, Robinson to Batcman.
Sacrifice hits: Clark, Roth. Left on bases:
Milwaukee, 10; St. Paul, 7. Time: 1:40.
Umpire: Owens.
Parkers Defeat Millers.
KANSAS CITY, June 1. Swann won the
game today with a clean single In the fifth
which scored two men. Minneapolis played
ragged ball. Score:
KAN8AR crrr. Minneapolis.
B.H.O. A.E. B.H.O. A.E.
Perrine, aa..,4 III 1 Pa via. cf s 1000
' "Mr, if... a lit OSnlllvan, rf.. lit
Waldron, rf..l I I 1 t Hart, lb t 1 I
lattery, lb.. 4 1 11 0 0Ormlnfr. Ib I 4 I I
Hill, cf 4 lit 0 Graham. If... 4 104
Phrla. Ib I 1 1 Oyler, as I 1 1 I
Burks, lb.... I 1 4 I 0 Shannon, e... I Oil
Sullivan, e... 1 0 4 4 t Pox. 2b 4 Oil
Swans, p 4 3 4 I 0 Canwsl'dar. si 0 1 1
uenrins, p
110 1
oteie s 11 at is i
Totals 14 2S 13 4
Slattery out on attempt to bunt third
Kansas City 2 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 6
Minneapolis , 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 13
Earned runs: Kansas City, 4; Minneapolis,
Three-base hit: Hill. Two-hase hits:
Graham, Oyler, Davis, Phvle, Waldron,
Gehrlng. Bases on balls: Off Swann, 3: off
Cadwallader, 3; off Gehrlng, 8. Struck out:
By Swann, 3; by Cadwallader, 2; by Gehrlng,
1. Left on bases: Kansas Cltv, 10; Minne
apolis, . Double plays: Cadwallader to
Shannon to Hart; Waldron to Sullivan.
t'asscd Ball: Bull van. Hits: Off Cadwalla
der, 10 in five Innings; off Gehrlng, 1 in
three innings. Stolen bases: Perrlne, Cas
sady, Burke, Bulllvan (2), Hart. Sacrifice,
hit: Sullivan. Time: 1:60. Umpire: Egan.
Game Postponed.
At Louisville Indianapolis Louisvlilo
gum e postponed; wet grounds.
Standing- of the Team.
Played. Won. Lost,
Toledo 3 25
olumbus 45 28
Milwaukee ? 19
Kansas City 41 21
St. Paul .18 13
Minneapolis 89 18
Louisville 39 IK
Indianapolis ....41 15
Games today: Columbus at Toledo. -In
dianapolis at Louisville, St. Paul at Mil
waukee, Minneapolis at Kansas City.
On Rellarloas Field.
These games will be clayed bv the
Church and Sunday School Athletic league
first Methodist Episcopal against Lowe
Avenue Presbyterian at Fortieth and Burt.
Castellar Street Presbyterian acrainst
Olivette Baptist at Twenty-second and Elm
Central United Preahvterlan aeralnat St.
Mary's Avenue Congregational at Dundee.
Westminster cresDyterian against cur
ton Hill Presbyterian at Park avenue; be
tween Poppleton and Woolworth.
Seward Street Methodist Episcopal
against Walnut Hill Methodist Episcopal
at Twenty-second and Paul street.
The home team must provide an umpire.
Sunday schools wishing membership In
league will please notify E. H. Packard
or A. W. Miller. Telephone Harney 3406.
Iowa Lcifso nesnlts.
MARSHALLTOWN. Ia.. June 1. (Special
Telegram.) Following are the results In, the
lo wa league:
Burlington, t; Ottumwa, 7.
Boone, 2; Marshalltown, 1.
Fort Dodge, 8; Waterloo, 0.
Oskalooaa, 7; Keokuk, 5.
Games la ThreeI Lraiaf,
At Peoria, 111. Decatur, I; Peoria, 0
At Rock Island. III. Rock Island, 17;
Dubuque, 8.
At Blooming-ton. in. Bioomington. 8:
Springfield, 7.
At Cedar Rapids Davenport, 14; Cedar
Rapid, 8.
Clark Janlers Win.
The W. G. Clark Co. Juniors took the
second game from the Excelsiors by a
score of I to 1 Batteries: Fltsgerald and
Muaselman; Gurman and Roberta.
Wicker Traded for Overall.
CINCINNATI. June 1. The Chicago Na
tional league club tonight traded Robert
wicker for urviiie overall, a pitcner ot
the Cincinnati club.
One Nebraska City Man, H
Make Law Score.
NEBRASKA CITT. Neb.. June 1. (Special
Telegram.) A golf team comprising six
members or the omana neia ciuo defeated
the Overland Country club on the volt
link this afternoon. In the match play
the visitors made eleven points and the
home team seven. In medal play the fol
lowing score were made:
Overland A. J. Smith, 88; W. S. Cornuctt,
84; G. J. neausang, i; a. h Wilson, 100;
Otto Schneider, k; H. D. Wilson, 100.
Field Club H. C. Townsend. 88: O. P.
Boyer, 87; J. B. Porter, ; Judge Shields,
W: J. B. Clarke. 96: H. W. Howell. M.
W, 8. Cornuctt defeated Boyer one up
and broke the course record. Eighteen
hole were played and Cornuctt made the
long course of nine holes In forty-three,
which 1 uuar.
The following scores wera bowled last
night in the Dally New handicap tourna
ment. Frush failed to reach Horiara'a total.
leaving Huntington now the only man with
any possible chance of winning the New
iropny. , ,
Ht'n Tnt
Pickering 318 226 187 3o8 ISO 1,02! IS 1 087
Frush .. .Iwi 147 301 1S 172 bt 16 84
Totals ..401 372 388 368 362 1,891 go 1,321
i-nannier m 134 lit 160 189 834 2 64
Ujeroe ....lau m sus 192 IS 978 0 ;g
Total ..871 328 873 63 Sa8 1.812 X 1,833
Why suffer 1'rora tills painful malady? One
application of Chamberlain' Pain Balm
will relieve the pain and make rest and
sl.ep loaalbl. Many cure have been ef
fected by It continued use. Try It and be
convinced. Price, 35 cents; largo .stse, 50
SIS. OO to Boston and Itemrn. SIS.lto,
plus II 00. from Chicago, via. Nickel Plai
Road. May 31 to June 3. laclualve; also
via New York City at excursion rates.
Return limit of July 11 by oxtetuloo of
ticket. Folder, rata and all !U?orma
Uoa furnished ky applying to J,ua Y.
Calahan. general agent, Room 398, 113
Adam s treat, Chicago.
WATCH i.U rrenser, loth and Dud stt
Philadelphia Nationals Usable to Find
Wiltae and Art Bhut Oat
Snarstlehy and Ryrhle Tonehed In
tar Tea Staples and On
Doable, Which Nat tlx
PHILADELPHIA, June 1. Inability to
hit Wiltae gave New York an easy victory
today over Philadelphia. The Visitor had
no trouble In finding the home team'
pitchei. Score:
B H.O A t.
Rrowna, rr... 4 I ti OThoinan, rf... 4 0 114
Mi-limn, lb., t Old IQIeaioti. lb... t 1110
Maria. If I J 4 0 OCmrtuy, Sb. I 0 I 0 d
Hah k n, as.... I 1 I 1 0 Matte, If I tilt
Derlln, lb.... I i 0 1 O TItua. rf 1 0 1 I V
llll hart. 2b... I 1 I 4 OBrantBcla. lb I 0 I 1 u
Htranc, if ... I log 0 Doolln. as.... 3 all
Marshall. tf .J 0 10 0 Itooln, c I 1110
Hnwerman, c. 4 1 I 0 Onychia, p 0 0 0 0 0
Wlltas, 4 0 4 0 Puijslaby, p.. 2 0 1 1
: aWaid 1 0 t 0 0
Totals 12 1'. 1 10 0
Totala : I II II 1
Batted for Duggleby In ninth. .
New York 22000002 08
Philadelphia 0 .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0
Stolen base: Devlin.' Two-base lilt:
Bowerman. Double plays: Titus to Bratis
tleld, Wlltse to Gilbert to McOann. Struck
out: By Duggleby, 1; by Wiltae, 7. First
base on balls: Off Rychle, 1; off Duggleby,
8. Hit: .Off Rychle in one and one-third
innings, 6; off Duggleby In seven and two
thirds innings, S. Wild pitch: Duggleby.
Time: 1:30. Umpire; Klem.
Brooklyn Shnt Ont Boston.
BROOKLYN, June 1. Brooklyn again
shut out Boston at Washington 'park this
afternoon, winning by a score of 6 to 0.
Donovan nine played perfectly In the
field and Strlckletl's pitching at all stages
had the tal lenders worried. Score:
B.H.O. A.E. 1 B.H.O. A.E.
raaejr, Ib I 0 I 7 it Brldirsll. ss..4 I I
DBtidirall. ss.. 4
Balih, If 4 110 (1 Tanner, lb... I 0 10
Lumlar, rf...C I I 0 0 Dolan. rf 4 1 t
(j Tanner, lb... 8
0 Dolan. rf 4
1) Hnwit-d, If... 4
4 Brain, Ib I
4 Haifa, cf 8
Ostrohsl, lb... t
u Naatlham, e.. I
0 Llndaman, p. 1
Jordan, lb.... 4 I II 1
M.I. may, cf.. 4 1 I 0
Bargcn, c... 4 I 1 C
Alfrman, Ib. I 0 1 3
Lcwla, aa 4 10 1
Strlcklett. p.. I 4 1 4
Wither-up, p
-joiaia 41 iv si 17 0
Totala M 4 24 II 4
Brooklyn 10310000 -B
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Sacrifice hits: Tenney, Lumley, Alper
man (X). Stolen bases: Casey, Lumley (2),
Jordan (2). Double play: Strobel to Ten
ney. Left on bases: Boston, 4; Brooklyn,
8. First base on balls: Oft Wltherup, 1.
Btruck out: By BtrlcKlett, 1. Hits: Off
Llndaman in three Innings, 8; off Wltherup
In five Innings, 4. Wild pitch: Llndaman.
Time: 1:23. Umpires: Carpenter and
I'lttabura- Wins In lh,
PITTSBURG, June 1. Pittsburg won to
day's game by scoring a run In the sixth
inning on singles by Nealon, Sheehan and
Phelps, St. Louis Raving tied the score in
Its half of the inning. Thompson was
taken off the rubber after the third Inning
and Brown was substituted. Score:
B.H.O. A.E. B.H.O.A.G.
Maier, If
Oanlar, rf...
Laach. cf....
Wanner, ss. .
Naalon, lb..
Klu-hey. 2b..
Bheehan, 3b
Phelpa, r....
4 110 ORtnnatt, 2b.. I 0 4 1 0
I 4
1 1
1 0
1 2
1 0
0 0 Shannon. If.. 1
0 0 Hoslak'tor, If 1
1 0 Smoot, cf I
0 0 Borklty, lb.. 4
1 OAmttt. Ib 4
7 0 Marshall, rf.. 4
0 1 Oradr, a I
1 0 MoBrlda, ss. . I
Leifield, p
4 0
Thompson, p. 1
Totals 11 II rf 12 1 Brown, p I
Totals tt I 14 14 0
.. 0 1 3 0 1 1 0 0 -5
.. 00000400 04
Grady, McBride. Sacri
Stolen baaes: Sheehan.
St. Louis
Two-base hits:
flee hit: liitcney.
PIicIds. Double dIhvs: Smoot to Bennett,
Grady to Arndt. First base on balls: Off
Brown, -2. Hit by pitched ball: Bennett.
Struck out: By Leitleld, 2; by Thompson,
1; li. Brown, 9. Left on base: Pitts
burg, G; St. Louis, 2,. Hits: Off Thompson
In three Innings, 7; off Brown In five in
klings, 6. Time; 1:30. Umpire: Conway.
- Uam Postponed. ,
At Cincinnati Chlcago-ClnoinnaU
postponed; wet grounds.
Standing: of the Teaaaa.
Played. Won. Lost.
Chicago 44 29 15
New Ifork , 42 27 15
Pittsburg . 40 25 15
Philadelphia : 45 26 19
St. Louis 43 W 13
.it to
Cincinnati 44 17
Brooklyn i i "
Boston 42 12 80
Games today: Boston at Brooklyn,' New
York at Philadelphia, Chicago at Cincinnati,
St. Loul at Pittsburg. ,
Boston nnd Washington Break Even
in Double-Header.
BOSTON, June 1. Washington won the
rt nf two (airiri here today by a score
of 4 to 0, while Boston took the second by
a score of U to 8. Patten pitched masterly
ball In the. earlier game ana- nis support
whs perfect. Ralph Glase, the former
Dartmouth foot ball and base ball star,
pitched the second game for Boston and
was nor. compeuea 10 e&eri nimseii, ss ins
local players piled up an overwhelming
lead In the first Inning on a combination
of hits and error. He weakened toward
the end, however, and Young wa put In
to make the game absolutely safe. Score,
first game:
B.H.O. A.E. B.H.O. A.I.
Alllier, aa.... 4 111 0 Parent, ss.... I 1110
Senator, lb...! 0 4 I OBtahl. cf 4 0 I t 4
Croaa. Ib I 0 1 I 0 Orlmahaw. lb I 14 1 0
Anderson, If.. 4 114 Oielbach. If.... 4 I t 0 0
Hickman, lb. 4 1 10 1 0 Godwin, Ib... 4 0 14
Jones, cf 14 1 4 Ferris, Ib t 1 1 I t
Stanley, rf... I 111 a Freeman. rf.. 1 0 1 0
Klttredfe, C..1 1 4 1 4 Peterson, 0... I 1 I I 4
Pattaa, p I 0 1 4 0 Hsrrla, p I 0 t 4 0
Totals I 4 IT II 0 Totals II 7 17 11 0
Washington 0 0110010 14
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hit: Alttzer. Three-base hits:
Parent, Peterson. Home run: Hickman.
Sacrifice hits: Patten, Klttredge, Cross.
Stolen bases: Altiier, Jones. Double plays:
Bchainy to Hickman: Klttredge to Schaltly:
r erris to fallen. First base on balls; Off
Harris, 3; Patten, 1. Struck out: By Pat.
ten, 3; by Harris, 4. Time: 1:35. Umpire;
Connor and Hurst,
bcore, second game:
B.H.O. AS. B.H.O. A.E.
Parent, ss.... I 114 1, as ... I 114 1
8lJil. cf I I i 4 4Bcnaifly. tb.. I 1 4
Unmabaw, lb t 1 4 t 0 t'roea. Ib I 0 I
Freeman, rf.. 4 111 OWllllame, Ib. 1 1 If... I 110 0 Anderson, If.. I I
1 I
2 0
0 0
(lodwln. lb... I 10 1 1 Hickman, lb. 4
Perrla. lb.... I 14 1 1 Jones. cl.....
Armbruatsr, si 1 I 4 IStanler. rf... I
Ulaia, p I I I 0 1 Harden, c ... 4
4 11
Touns, p 00 osadhea, p.... I
Smith, p..
. .11 II 27 IV 4 Kitaoa ..
4 0 0
Tots Is II I 24 li I
Batted for Budhoft In the second.
Boston 9 0 1.0 0 0 2 0 -!!
Washington 3 0 0 0 0 8 0 a
Two-base hits: Glaxe (2), Freeman, Giim-
ahaw. Three-base hits: Bellamy, Ander
son. Sacrlilce hit: Hayden. Stolen bases:
Altlser, Anderson, Stanley, Selbach, Good
win, f reeman, nits: on sudhofl, 7 In
one Inning; off Smith, 6 In seven Innings;
on uiase, in eignt innings, uoubie plays
Schalfly to Hickman to Hayden; Schaitly
lo Altlser; Parent to Ferris; Ferris to
Grlmshaw. First base on balls: Off Bud.
hoff, 2; off Smith, 8; off Glase, 8. Hit by
pitched ball. Williams. Struck out: By
Glase. 8; by Smith, 2. Passed ball: Arm-
brusler. Wild pitch: Budhoff. Time: 1:56.
Umpires: Hurst and Connor.
Ten Straight tor New York.
NEW YORK, June 1. The New York
Americans ran away from Phlladelpnli
winning tneir tenin utraigni game and
Jumping into first place today. Hard hit
ting by the home team and poor fteiluing
by cne visitors comuinea to make 11 an
easy victory. Score) :
B.H.O. A.E. B.H.O. A.E
Keeler. rf e 0 I 0 a Hsrtaal. If... I 1 v 1
t'.lberfeld. aa.. Ill
Chase, lb I I 11
Laporle, lb. .. I I 1
Wllllaou. lb. I 1 1
Conroy, If . ... 4 5 1
Hoffman, cf . . 4 1 4
Kleluow, ... 4 0 I
I 4 c roaa, ss I 0 I I
I 4 Daeia, lb 4 4 1 1 II
0 1 Arret) aler, cf 4 1 4 4
1 1 Seybold, rf... 4 I 4 u
0 0 Murphr. tb... 4 4 1 1 I
0 4 Knight, lb.... 4 1111
0 0 Putters, e 4 1 4 1 1
1 C oak ley. p... 1 0 4 4 1
atroulkars ,. 1 4 0 4 4
Oieauro. p. ... 4 4 4
Totala 11 10 17 11
Tsui I T 14 11 1
Batted for Coakley in the ninth.
New York 56 41 2 0 1 0 3 0 10
Phliadt-lphia 0 0091l-i
First base on errors: New York. 3; Phil
adelphia. 3. Left on bases: New York, 3;
Philadelphia. 2. Btruck out: By Chesbro.
4, by Coakley, I. Three-base hits: Wil
liams. Conroy, Hansel. '1 wo-baae hits:
K 1 bet f eld. cteUold. Knlglit. Macrlnto hies:
Chase, Cross. Stolen buses: Coaroy. HoS
auan. Double pas; Croats lo Knight;
Croat to Davl f2). Umpire: O'Loughlln.
Tlma; 1:40.
St. Lonla Wine front Detroit.
ST. LOUIS. Mo.. June l.-St. Louis cele
brated It return home from the most suc
cessful eastern trip In Its history by de
feating Detroit, 4 to 1. Score:
B H O A C. B.H.O. A E.
Stone. If 4 1
Ci.Hi. cf I
Hemphill, c(. 4 1
Llnd.ay. lb. . I
Ot rawford. rf.. 4
0 Mclnlrre. If.. 4
Jones, lb
O-Prion, lb..
Nllea. rf
Hartsell, Ib.
Wallace, as.
O'Connor, e.
Jacobean, p.
0 ("oughlln. Ib. 4
1 Lowe, lb 3
1 O'Lrarr. aa... 4
1 4 Payne, c I
I 0 DosoTsn, p i
Totala 32 I 27 12 1 Totala 21 t 24 12 I
St. Louis 00000310 4
1 troll 1 0 0 0 u 0 0 0 I
Karned run: St. Louis. Two-base hits:
O'Leary, Hnrtzell, Lindsay, 8tone, Hemp
hill. Stolen bases: Jones, Hartzell, Wal
lace, O Connor. Hit bv pitcher: By Dono
van, Niles. First bane on balls: Off
Jucobittm, 2; off Donovan, 2. Struck out:
By Jacobsen, 4; by Donovan, 2. Left on
bases: Hi. IaiuIs. 7; Detroit, b. Time: 1:30.
Umpires: Connolly nnd Evans.
Cleveland Hats Ont Victory.
CHICAGO June l-llard hitting by Cleve
land, coupled with H pair of errors by the
local Americans, gave the visitors today's
game. 3 to 2. Score:
B.H.O. A.E.
B.H.O. A.E.
Kl'ik. rf
Bay. cf
Turner, aa
Lajele, 2b...
fioeaman, lb.
Jackeon, If..
Hrailler. lb.
Bemia, e
4 14 0 2Hahn
0 1
1 It
OJonee, cf..,,
dlanell, lb...,
OPnnohue, lb
1 OO'Nell. rf..,
OHart, c
0 ORohe. lb...,
tTannehlll. as. 4
VAItrock, p.... I
Hhoedee, p
. . 'DaTla
Totals 14 8 27 I
11 7 27 17 I
Batted for Altrock In ninth.
Cleveland 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 03
Chicago 01000100 02
Left on base: Chicago, 7; Cleveland, 6.
Two-base hits: Flick, Lejole (2), Turner.
Sacrifice hits: Bay, Kossman, Isbell.
Stolen base: Donohue. Double pley: Alt
rock to lsbell. Struck out: By Hhoades,
8. First base on balls: Off Khoades, 2.
Wild pitch: Rhoades. Time: 1:28. Um
pire: Sheridan.
Standing of the Tram.
Played. Won. Lost.
New York .,
Cleveland ...
St. Louis ..,
Detroit ,
Cuinee. tnrlav Detroit at St. Louts. Cleve
land at Chicago, Phlledalphla at New York,
Washington at Boston.
Attorney Make Coaster Charge of
Frand and Conspiracy.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., June l.-Judge
William K. Townsend, In the United States
circuit court today denied the motion of
the Memphis Trotting association for an
Injunction against the National Trotting
association to restrain it from holding a
meeting to hear the famous Major Delmar
I.ou Dillon case, Involving the alleged drug
King of the mare In the gold cup race at
Memphis In the fall of ino4. The decision,
rendered at the close of rather stormy argu
ments by counsel for the Memphis apsocla
tion and the national body, Is a victory for
the National association, which whs ac
cused of conspiracy and treachery by At
torney James Meagher of Chicago for the
Memphis association In a closing argument.
Colonel P. P. Johnston of the Natlotinl
association, who came here from Kentucky
to be present at the hearing, tonight said
that the date of the meeting of the associa
tion to pass upon the case wa not fixed.
He added that he hoped the matter would
be settled before the trotting season open.
The meeting of the National, association
was originally called for May 28 In Lexing
ton. Ky., but the Memphis association se
cured a restraining order resulting In to
day' decision. A replevin ult in connec
tion WKh the gold cup is now penning
New York. Frand J. Kearful of New
York represented the Memphis Trotting
association. Mr. Kearful made the opening
argument, declaring, that E. E. Smathere,
owner of Major Delmar, had conspired with
Spear ,the driver of Lou Dillon, and Trainer
Baunder for drugging the mare and enld
that the Memphis association had evidence
in the shape of statements from Spear and
Baunder to this effect. He declared that
Becretarv W. H. Oooher of the National
association had, with the knowledge of the
president of the association, gone bon:
tne country securing witnesses 10 tesiiry
in the Lexington hearing, under alleged
threats that If the testimony w not given
as the secretary directed expulsion from
the National association would follow.
Secretary Oooher. according to the state
ments of the counsel, also Instructed these
witnesses to go to the office of John J
Adams. Mr. Bmather s attorney, and to
submit to an examination by him. Affi
davits to this effect were submitted. Lewi
Sperry of Hartford, for the National asso
ciation, asked that the petition of the
plaintiff be denied on Jurisdictional ground,
stating that the Memphis Trotting associa
tion was not a member of the National
association, for It failure to be reinstated
according to the rules of the association.
The allegation mat Mr. smatners was a
party to the alleged drugging of Lou pillon
was denied.
Mr. Adams denied that an agreement nnd
been made between him and the trotting
association to examine witnesses sent to
him by Secretary Gooher.
Mr. Meagher in his argument earn thnt
the power of the National association had
been used to benefit Mr. Smather and de
clared that the crime which had been
perpetrated by the latter was a grosss a
one as was ever known In any snorting
event. He declared that he would follow
the cup In every state In the union, no
matter how many attempt to prevent him
were made. 1
Judge Townsend In summing up the case.
said that the bill had been filed to prevent
the defendant from holding a meeting of
the board 01 review or control of the Na
tional association and the holding of such
a meeting would cause, It was claimed, an
Irreparable loss to the plaintiff, but he said
there wa nothing to support the belief that
tne expeciea nnatng by the board would
have any weight In the replevin suit In
New York which was for a title, while any
action by the board of review In relation to
the drugging of Lou Dillon would be on an
entirely different question.
Flip Flap Win the Clareaaont Hnndl
enp nt Belmont Park.
NEW YORK, June l.-Flip Flap, split
favorite at 11 to 6, won the Claremont
handicap, six and a half furlongs, at Bel
mont park today, equalling the world's rec
ord of 1:18, neld Jointly by Martinmas
and Mine Ola. Ztnenap set a terrible pace
to the stretch, where Dolly Spanker took
command. He appeared to be a winner,
but Radtke, on Flip Flap, gradually closed
and won by a nose. Cairngorm, making
his first appearance of the year In the last
race, tied the track record for one mile
and a sixteenth, 1:46. Three favorite won.
First race, seven furlongs: Samson won,
Yalagal second. Old Faithful third. Time:
Second race, four and a half furlongs
straight: Mxican Silver won, J. Cove sec
ond, Gresno third. Time: 0:62H-
Third race, seven furlongs: I-urabee won,
Belmer second, Woolwich third. Time:
1:254. . ,
Fourth race, the Claremont handicap, six
and a half furlong: Flip Flap won, Dolly
Sparker second, Oxford third. Time:
Fifth race, mile: Ginette won. King Cole
secona. iua intra, lime: i:s
Sixth race, mile and a sixteenth: Cairn
gorm won. Pretension secord, Had News
mua lime: 1:4b.
CINCINNATI, June 1. Result at La-
First race, six furlongs: Lidwlna won,
Oak Grove second, Trlsauce third. Time:
Second race, seven furlongs: Oolden Min
eral won, 8elf Reliant second. Bitter
Brown third. Time: 1:284.
Third race, seven furlongs: CareW won.
Zinda second. Matador third. Time: 1:2'.
Fourth race, mile: Colonel Jim Douglus
won. Cotton Town second, Belllndle.11 third
ji me: i:;tuvi.
Fifth race.
Dainly won.
third. Time:
four and a half furlongs:
Bitter Miss second, Levla
six ftirloiiKH: Follies Her-
Sixth race.
geres won Nonle Lucille second. Intense
tnira. lime: 1:14.
Seventh ruce, mile: She Englishman
won. Careless second, lole third. Time:
Foot Ball Hales for Big Nine.
CHICAGO. June 1. Members of the fac
ulty foot ball committee of the "hlg
Nine" colleges met here today and after
a prolonged dim ukhioii adopted the foot
ball rulea of the rule committee for
the coining year. The (Juestlun of summer
base ball also came up for tllacusslon. It
was beld by some of Hi members that the
committee should be conservative and al
low the game to be played during vaca
tion time. No definite action was taken,
but a resolution was passed In which the
various athletic bodies were Instructed to
Inquire thoroughly Into the proposed change
of the present rule and advise the con
ference U.ard as soon a possible of (he
conclusion arilv-d at.
Vatrottes Will Gather in Omaha for
Business Bess ion Today.
All Clnbs to Be Represented nnd m
' Reorgnnlsatloa on n Bnalnea
The Western league base ball meeting will
be held here today, according to agreement
and Indications are the magnates will all
be present. Nothing has been heard from
Cantlllon. Rourke came from Sioux City
last night and Duncan and Holmes will
arrive In the morning. O'Neil has given
out an Interview that he will come accom
panied by Mr. Burke of the Denver learn
and a representative from Pueblo.
v nni win De oone at tne meeting Is a
matter which the mugnates will have to
decide,, but one thing is certain and that
Is that Rourke, Duncan and Holmes snd
probably Pueblo will Insist on the removal
of O'Neil and a reorganisation of the league
upon business principles. League matters
have been run most loosely by the Joko
president, who ha never been qualified for
the office and did not make an accounting
of the business for last year.
O'Nell's threat to call a meeting at Pueblo
doe not seem to have been carried out to
this time, for he has evidently seen the
handwriting on the wall.
In an Interview at Denver "President?'
O'Neill said he would pay no attention to
the agreement of the owners, but would
call a meeting on his own account for
Pueblo some time between June 8 and 8,
when Dc Moines will be In Denver and
Sioux City In Pueblo.
Telegrams gent to Others.
Telegrams were sent to Zlnk at Pueblo
and Burke at Denver, signed by Rourke.
Duncan and Holmes, asking these men It
they Intended to attend tho meeting as
per agreement. 8hou1d the answer b eva
sive or in the negative another telegram
will follow, stating that Omaha, Slonx City
and Lincoln will withdraw from the West
ern league unless the meeting which Can
tlllon proposed is held.
Rourke has stated unequivocally that mi
les there 1 a change in the presei.t man
agement of the league Omaha will with
draw. Sioux City has already suffered In
attendance from the disgraceful scenes in
cident to the visit of the Des Molne team
to that town. Duncan ha said he atnnds
with Rourko and the Omaha meeting will
have to be beld or Sioux City will quit, and
Holmes has made the same statement.
The agreement plainly say the clubs
will hold the meeting, provided O'Neill
does not call for a meeting on or before
that time. He has Jumped to Pueblo and
Denver In hope of turning those people
in his favor, but from the statements made
by Zink on his visit here a week ago his
mission will be fruitless.
Sane View of nn Outsider.
The sporting new In un editorial on the
situation say:
The Western league expire by limitation
this year and those interested In It should
see to it that its future is not Imperiled by
mismanagement during the current season.
It franchise are valuuole. but every plant
In the circuit will depreciate If It patron
are not given good, ciean ball. The revolt
against rowdyism extends throughout the
country and the magnate or manager who
resorts to 'rowdyism and Intimidation, la
bringing about his base ball burial. The
Cantillon are base ball experts. Their
team won the Western league pennant In
1906 and Is the leader In this race. M. E.
Cantillon, who 1 In control of the De
Moines club, is charged with disorder con
duct during games In every city which his
team naa visited. UUier club-owners assert
that the president of the league has failed
to execute the law of the organization and
the rule of the game for the repression of
rowdyism. Rourke of Omaha, took the Intla
tlve by writing to hi associates a circular
letter, setting forth condition and Inviting
their co-operation In putting the organ
isation on a law-and-order basis. All
responded and assembled at Omaha on Sat
urday to carry out this commendable pur
pose. Cantillon concluded that his Interests
were menaced ana sougnt protection irom
the courts. The row should go no further.
If O'Neill is unlit for the position, to which
he was elected, he should be deposed and
Vice President Myrlck should act aa
executive for the rest of the term, aa the
constitution provide. If Cantillon ha
been guilty or rowayism, as cnargea, ne
should be reproved end required to change
his methods and contorm to the laws of
has ball. If Dovle. or any other player.
captain or manager of the Western league,
defies umpires and Insult spectators, he
should be fined and suspended and If
ordinary penalties are Inadequate, he
nouia De piacea on me inriisiuio unw. 1
welfare of the Western league demands
the repression of rowdyism without regard
to the cost of club or consequences to
player, but with a conscientious, coura
geous and competent executive, drastic
measure will not be necessary. The Woet
ern league has been badly governed be
cause It ha a poor executive. The remedy
Is hi removal and the enforcement of dls.
cipline on the diamond for the balance of
the season by his exofflclo ucoewor, Vice
President Mjrlck.
What Myrlck Say.
Vic Preldent Myrlck, who Is spoken of
for the presidency of the Western league,
said Friday he had received no advice as
to whether the tnagnates would com s
per agreement. He aid the lgned agree
ment waa intended to mean that these own
ers would meet If Mr. O'Neil did not call
for a meeting In the meanwhile and that
the statement that Mr. O'Neil would call a
meeting St some future date should In no
way affect the meeting In Omaha. As to
the matter of his accepting the presidency
If offered to him, Mr. Myrlck Said he did
not think hi busine would permit him
giving it the time which should be devoted
to the office. He is the head of the Capital
City Construction company, which ha the
contract for building the M. B. Smith build
ing, as well aa several others, and Is a very
busy man.
Joke President of Western Will
Oraanis New Team In Omnhn.
DF.NVER, June 1. President O'Neil of
the Western league announced In an Inter
k.n n.tev that it the owners of the
rw.h. Hinux Cltv and Lincoln clubs
should withdraw from the league or at
tempt to drop Denver and Pueblo from the
circuit, they would forfeit their franchises
and the three esstern clubs would remain
In the league under new management.
President O'Neil. R. R- Burke, president
of the Lenver club, and a representative
of the Pueblo club left for Omaha totley
to attend the adjourned meeting of the
league tomorrow.
Before hi departure President O Neil
mmA '
"I understand that Michael Cantillon of
Des Moines will try to stop the meeting
tomorrow by Injunction proceeding.
Should the meeting go ahead and I should
be ousted from the office of president I will
Institute suit for personal damages. Bhould
any club be damaged by the action of
Rourke. Duncan and Holmes, that club',
manager will have the prlviUge of redress
throush the courts.
"I will go ahead with my business ac
cording to the rules of the league, and If
any club fails to appear to fulfill It
schedule that club will be fined n dsy,
as the rules provide for. K tne managers
balk I will call out the captains and the
club, because they are hired through me.
"Now, if Rourke or any of the ethers
want to throw up his franchise, there are
people looking for these f raiiclilws.
"I have understood that a Denver mun
will gladly take the Omaha frnnchlKe.
loftua is looking for a franchise in the
Western league, I am told, and annt'if
man told me toduy that he would put a
Western league club in Sioux City If he
prisalbly oouid. so I do not believe that the
Western league Is going to break up. There
would be loo great a loss to the men that
broke It, and If the president of an associa
tion Is not to run the organisations, who
Keystone Wine the Oak).
EPSOM. Kngland, June 1. The rare for
the Oak (takes of 4.000 sovereign for 3-year-old
Allies, one mite and a half, was
won today by Keystone11. Gold Rioch was
At the leant hinnU1o price good clot lies ran lie wild fur
iLasti all
illc Variety laft to aalaet from,
our regular $19.60 and
$22.50 Suits, J
sold up to $45.00, ovory
atylo, eolor and quality.
' 1 frf r'AMl
second and Snow Glory third. Twelv
horse started.
The winner of the Oaks was riaaen Dy
Maher, the American Jockey.
Michigan I Expected to Win First
Place In Contest.
rnirfiO. June 1. The Intercollegiate
track meet, the goal for which every col
lege athlete of prominence in tne west tiu
been training since the opening of the
season, will be decided on Shepard field,
Northwestern university, tomorrow. More
athletes have entered to contest In the
various events than at any former meet of
this organization. Besides the "Big Nine"
colleges which form the organlaatlon, ten
of the smaller colleges will be represented
by their star athletes tomorrow and their
work may result In some surprises.
The University of Michigan is belleven
to have the best chance of capturing first
honors.' The best Judges of track athletes
figure that the men from Ann Arbor will
run up a total of at least 43 points. The
University of Chicago, University of Wis
consin and the University of Illinois will
be the contenders for second place. Chi
cago' chances for finishing In this posi
tion are conceded to De tne nest.
The nrellmlnary heats In the 440-yard run
and the weeding out of the pole vaulters
were decided today. The 440-yara run wa
divided Into three heats. Results:
First heat: waller or. Wisconsin won,
Barker of Chicago second and Revoke,
Iowa, third. Time: 0:6S.
Rocond heat: Goodwin. Michigan, won:
Merlam, Chicago, second; Mueller, Wiscon
sin, third. Time: 0:62.
Third heat: Taylor, Chicago, won; mae-
out, Wlrtconsln. second; Mangreni, Minne
sota, third. Time: 0:62Vi.
The Qualifying mark In the pole vault waa
set at ten feet six inches. Those who suc
ceeded in clearing the bar at this height
were: lddlngs and Mennenerry, i;nicago;
Grear and Norrls, Illinois; Samse, Indi
i!aVl .efctt issn ill
t t
r a
r i
Do You Lack Vitality and Energy?
Borne men are classed as lacr. shiftless, unreliable, careless; they lack atnbl-
tlon, energy and courage and are disheartened, who really can't help being
tired, worn-out and a miserable failure. Muny of these men are In falling
health, unable to determine the nature of their ailments, and tholr condition
baffles their physician, too. They never know the happiness of being Infiltrated
with the vim. vigor and energy possessed by healthy men, and which Is so
essential to achieve a marked success In life. The sufferer may eat well, sleep
well and possibly never complain, hut an unaccountable languor clings to him
which he cannot shake off, robbing him of all ambition for business or pleasure.
Nervo-Sexual Debility will account for this condition In a large majority of
rases. Men who llnd that the condtlon we have described corresponds with
the condition of their own health, should consult the eminent specialists of the
State Medical Institute without unnecessary delay. Come to our office and:
w will make a thorough, searching and scientific examination of your ail
ments, and examination that will disclose your true physical condition, without
a knowledge cf which vou are groping In the dark, and without a thorough un
derstanding of which no physician or specialist should treat you.
Don't allow disease or weakness to take away all the pleasure of living.
Ufe Is beautiful when you possess perfect health. You should' not beoonie
discouraged and lose your grip on life beruse Inferior ur.d unreliable treat- -ment
has failed to benefit you. Our special treatment for this clsss of troubles,
which is varied ar.d mod' fled to meet lite requirements of each Individual case,
Is a safe cure, to which hundred of cured men owe their sturdy health and
happy condition In life.
W cure safely and thoroughly :
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilif), Rectal.
Kidney and Urinary, Diseases,
and all diseases and weaknesses of men, due te excesses, self.aeu Of tfco sn)t
of sped do or private diseases.
1303 Farnam St, Bet. 13th and 11th Ss., Omaha, Nt.
. Ofl I
R$7l Weather l44V
h-Um Shown 1 &
:fr;hA Saturday I V
Built oxtra lights with quarter
or half linings, of apoelal sum
mar fabriea, In Bluo Sorgo,
Homo Spun, Cray Sorgo, and
a big variety of Mixtures, Ideal
aummer garmenta, coat from
$10 tos18
ana; Haggard, Drake; BIckel, Iowa State,
and Parka, Oberlin.
The entry of Tldd of Missouri wa
thrown out by the managing committee
today because his name whs omitted from
the original entry list sent In . by Mis
souri. QtilRley, the quarter niiler of the Uni
versity of Chicago, was also barred from
participation In thev meet on the ground
that his entry had not been received within
the proper time limit.
porting Mrevltle.
Brhipke has hurt his finger and will be
out or the game for a week.
Washington was able to beat the Collins
team with Stall! out of the game In soared
of new players.
The second game for the president's cup
will be played on the golf links at the
Field club Saturday.
Lincoln and Sioux City are standing pa
on the proposition of having clean ball
In thla league or none at all.
The Chicago White Sox are languishing
way down In the second division and
Commy doe not know what to do to boost
them up.
Both the Boston team are tall-endors
and the Beaneater fans have their choice
between two evils. Kach has lost twenty
nine game so far this season.
The Browns took another game from the
Cleveland sluggers and now the Bt.
Ixiuisans are In fourth place. Stone's per
sistent slugging has been an Incentive to
his team mate.
Noah Henllne, whose magic 'work as a
ball player Omaha saw something of once
upon a tin.e. has fulled to make good with
Bloomlngton in the Three-I league and
has drawn his release.
Chance and his Cubs opened Thursday'a
gsme with the Reds with six runs In the
first Inning. That's enough to take the
ginger out of any team, but old Clncl was
live enough to get two runs Just before
the curtain fell.
, ... IIIJ t III Ijl I ' "