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Basa Bill Writers Daclara for Dinolatien
of Wert era Leacus.
! Evfil f O'Nell Betas; Defseel hj
Meet I a at Omaha Ike Caetlllea
Brtkra Will Eittr Iowa
Capital la Asserleaa.
Blnce coins; to Des Molnea Papa Bill
Rourk has bn mora or Iwi badgered
by tha reporter for tha newspapera, but
for once In hie life Papa Bill baa managed
to keep hla mouth ahut under pressure.
Ha haa gone on record lo the extant of
saying that he would not attempt to fore
rant tha outcome of the league meeting
to ba held on Saturday. One of tha
aerluea, the enterprising youth who wrltea
for tha Register-Leader, puta a lot of pro
fanity Into the mouth of tha Omaha mag
nate, and Mr. Q. 8. Cake, who wrltea for
the Capital, over hla own name, dellTera
himself of the following:,
Tt will be fairly and squarely put up to
the magnates and managera of the Western
leagijn In Omaha nest Saturday by the
Cantillons, and through Mike Cantlllnn,
that If the Rourke-Holm-Carney com
bination want to depose President O'Nell
and succed in doing so, and take the man
agement of the league over to themselves,
they can do so at tha almost certain risk
of disruntlna tha leaarue. It la not thought
that these men will ba so foolish. They
have alwaya been given credit for better
business sense, and none know so well as
they that any action caustna tha seoaration
of tha league from Ds Moines would give
the league a body blow Trotn which It
would not recover this season. What bet
ter Indication could there be of this than
the fact that yesterday blue Monday 4.UU0
people attended the game?
The Cantillons have taken a decisive
stand and If Saturday's meeting In Omaha
results In President O'Nell being ousted
most any old thing la likely to happen.
On tha fare of It It la an Improbable prop
osition. The Cantlllon-Teheau faction con
trol tha board of dlrectora of the Western
league and should the other faction act
against O'Nell it will have to be regarded
a "snap Judgment."
Rourke Is off on a bad tack. You have
but to talk to tha man five minutes to be
come convinced that hla policy la one of
rula or ruin. In forcing tha CantlUon-Te-
Deau interests to resort to injunction pro
ceedlnga in Omaha to prevent tha first
meeting railed of tha league magnates lie
firmly believes that ha haa scored a great
There la no gainsaying the fact that ha
may win out with the help of Holmea and
Carney. Belea aa yet is an unknown ouin.
tity In the fight. Belea haa only committed
mmseir so far aa to aay that better um
pire! and better discipline must be had In
the league. This looks as though he might
isaa me tnurke end of tha muddle. Thl
would leu. j enough teama to swing i
league such as it would be.
It is quite safe to say that If Mike Can
tlllon had not Jumped out from the open
ing of the season and played winning ball
mis irouDie would never nave happened
All tha fire la concentrated against him
for at thla time he haa ahown that he
has every other team In the league backed
clear off the board.
Word came out of Milwaukee several
days ago from Joe Cantlllon for the Des
Moines club to fight to the limit for Its
"rights," and by "rights" it Is meant that
President O'Neill shall not have the tin.
ware tied to him by tha combination aforesaid.
In event that the league should break up
and tnat lHs Moines should become an
outcast which Is not probable the fans
ran rest assured that they will oroflt by
the change. It can be stated upon author
ity that Dee Moines neit year would be
In the clsss where, Judging, from present
plaVlng .strength. lt belongs In the Amer
ican association. The team today Is faster
than the second division of the association
rtd no team haa anything on It when It
comes to acquiring- 'players to- meet the
demand. Tebrau has two teams in the
American association, why not the Can
tlllrmeT There are any number of con
siderations fsvArtn. flie flij.ti.-s Prlnol.
i pally there Is the matter of attendance.
ies moines in tne American association
vrould be a pa y Ing proposl tion' a II a round.
Last jctr when Kansas City put up with
the Mutts "of" and 400 people was the' reg
ular week-day attendance. Yesterday Des
Moines turned out It Is unquestion
ably the best base ball town of Its else In
tha I'nited States, and with all that could
ha brought to It by the Cantillons It has
every right to shake the smaller company
It now la In. Since the regime of the
Cantillons where has .Milwaukee turned
for for as good men as ever went on ita
team? To Des Molnea.
America a Jockey Rides Mpleadld Raee
nn Spearnslat.
LONDON, May . Spearmint won the
Derby stakes of ft.600 sovereigns for entire
colta and fillies foaled In li3, about one
mile and a half, at Kpsom today.
' Imgdale a Plcton was second and the
duke of Westminster's Troutbeck waa
third. The winner ia owned by Sir Tatton
H.vkea. Twenty-two horses started.
Derby day aa a national Institution shows
no signs of decaying. Old stagers who have
traveled over the dusty roads from London
to Kpsom annually for decades, today de
clared they never before had seen such a
rush, while the railways, although they ran
scores of specials, were unable to accom
modate tha Epsom-bound people. Ideal
weather helped to swell tha holiday crowds
and the contrasts and cosmopolitanism of
throngs composing the road-borne traffic
were aa marked aa ever. The Park Lane
millionaire and the coatermooger exchanged
badinage aa tha four-horse coaches and
costly motor cara Jostled the costers' bar
rows and tradesmen's carts flowing In a
continuous stream toward the race course.
The general din waa terrific. To the in
harmonious walla of tha bugles, cornets.
haros. - violins and mouthorgans waa added
the rattle and throb of motors and the
blasts of their horns Incessantly aoundlng
In futile endeavors to gel the costers to
draw their donkeya on one aide so aa to
ajlow the automobiles to hurry on to their
goal. The motor butwes, seen on the road
for the first time, carried full complements.
Kins Edward and a party of friends
raiue down by special train In time for
the lirst race. Ambassador tteea waa an-
ther earlv arrlavl.
The crowd at the course was believed to
he a record, and tha various elands and
enclosures were filled with prominent
Maher. the American locker, rode Soear
mint. 1 he great race of the day presented
a perplexing problem and the experta found
themselves at a loss to select tne probable
winner with twenty-two runnera (tne larg
est held since Volodyovskl. five yeara ago.
won the great prlxe for the late William
C Whitnay). 'a dosen of which were
euuailv landed by their respective stables.
i. ere had not been such an open derby
lor years. I'niU yesterday Mr. Purefoy s
Lally held ilrst place in the betting,, but
yesterday evening Lally waa dethroned in
vtr 01 Koearnilnt. Thla morning Lally
lesumed first place In the betting and
started a favorite at t to 1 against.
It took some llnio to gel the horses
aligned, but lliey finally were sent off to
a good start. 'jroutbecR jumped to me
front and led to the nine post, when
PKion assumed command, but gave way
again to Troutbeck on descending the hliL
A Quarter of a mile from home Picton
coma on with a rush and again assumed
tne lead. DUl shortly afterward Mahrr,
riding a splendid race on Spearmint, dial
le.nged the lender, gradually drew ud level.
forged ahead and won by a length. Plcton
Jlnlsning second, Troutbeck third and
liadium fourth. Two lengths separated
sevonu ana inira norsea. ajarun, ytmeri
can. rode Troutbok.
. The Iwttlng: htiearmlnt,' . to 1; Ptoton,
) ia a on. ana iroutnecK, a to 1 on
This waa Maher's third derby. His pre
vious wins were on nocasana ana Cicero.
Tha Jockey, who la a great favorite la
Kntrland. revolved an ovation on returning
lo tne scais.
Business college. The score at the end
of the ninth Inn'ng stood 10 to 6 In favor
ot Kearney.
Bergemaster Wins the 2fl.0OO Bel-
seat Stakes from The tteall.
NEW YORK. May JO. Before one of
the largest crowds ever seen on an eastern
rece track. Harry Payne w nitney a Burgo
master, at the tiruhloltlve odds of two to
five, esslly won the $24,000 Belmont stakes
at Belmont park today, defeating John
K. Madden s The Quail by a length and A
half, with W. Harry Brown'e Accounisni
third. The mile and three furlonga was
run in the fast time of 1:20, and st n.j
stsge of the race was the favorite threat
ened. The dsy waa Ideal for racing and
between 4S.0(ll and 60.000 persona wern
present. The Whitney entry. Burgomaster
and Pegasus were always favorne. Open
ing at 1 to I, they were pounneo aown to
to t. Accountant was neaviiy piayeu
or the place, rinsing at to 10. Ooxl
nd Plenty landed the $1,000 Whltwy
memorial steeplechase. Results:
first race, tour inn one-nan luriunns.
straight: Monfort won. Jaunty aecond,
Oreeno third. Time: 0:52 .
Second the Crotona handicap, six
furlongs, main course: Aeronaut won,
Tiptoe second, Oxford third. Time:
Third race, the Amateur handicap. tn'Ia:
Cricket won, Colossal second, Racine
2d third. Time: 1:43.
Fourth race, the Whitney Memorial
steeplechase, about two and one-half
mllea: Oood and Plenty won. Ben Crockett
aecond, Delcanta third. Time: t:37.
Fifth race, the Belmont stakes, izn.uuu,
mile and three furlongs, Belmont course:
Burgomsster (Lyne 2 to 6) won, i ne
Quail (126. Radtke IS to 1) aecond. Ac
countant (118. Martin, i to 1 ( third.
Time: 2:20.
Sixth race, mile: Tommy Waddell won.
Cedarstrome aerond. Vino third. Tinw;
CINCINNATL O.. May 10. -Results al
First race. Inaugural dash, five and one-
half furlongs: Robin Hood won, John En-
?llsh second, Tocolow third. lime:
Second race, four and one-half furlongs:
Iavelta won, Delia Thorpe aecond, Mattli
Mack third. Time: 0:k5.
Third race, six furlongs: Matador wen.
Windshield second. Presentation third.
Time: 1:14.
Fourth race. Decoration day handicap,
mile and sixteenth: Princess Orna won,
Mcllvaln aecond. Coruscate third. Time:
Fifth race, four and one-half furlongs:
Seven Befls won, Alvlse second,- Jay Swift
third. Time 1:41.
Sixth rare, mile: Dudley won. Care-v
aecond. Flortsel third. Time 1:41 V.
Seventh race, alx furlongs: Oambrlnu
won. Free Booter second, Roscoe third.
Time: 1:13.
TORONTO, Mar 30. Results:
First race. 4H furlongs: Ollmmer won,
Haf Caste second, Kelyln third. Time:
Second race, SV4 furlongs: Bert Oxra
won. Columbta Girl second, Monte Carlo
third. Time: 1:07.
Third race, 1.00 miles: Dishabille won.
New Mown Hay aecond. The Don third.
Time: 1:46H.
Fourth race. H4 miles: Inferno won.
little Scout aecond, Fort Hunter third.
Time: 2:06.
Fifth race, 24 miles, steeplechese:
Dunseverrick won. Enghurst second
Time: 6:34. (Only two finished.)
Sixth race, mile: Miss Hawley won;
Kings Guinea aecond, Frank Somera thtrd.
Time: 1:42H-
Bo QaoUbIa Chans in Values for Cattle
of Any tini
t Make Aay Teat af Valeee
Kew Over Hearter Lower
Tkaa High Tins.
I i in i its t m
i m i it i a flu
1 14 i m its t
l is m i ,. i'
I t rt t i l
I .., hi t rs ' t. . in us
I Ill 111 1 . ITS H
t i ox i, i 4 m
1 o t N I n 4 u
1 I'M I 71 I :i 4 M
1. Ml III 1 7i I JO
I id t 71 4 M ID
...... 10 II " 4M
l me 4 o ii , M7 4
4 NT 4 on 17 75S 4 4
MS"1?00: cows snd heifers. Il.73fN.TS;
Blockers snd feeders. S3 0i I IV
HtHS Heceipts. 8 044 head; market IH
So higher: lixht, tN.lufi.40; med'utn and
heavv. S ) 10.
SHEEP AND tMRS-Recelpts. l.Jflt
hesd; market weak.
Slock In Sight.
Receipts of live stock at the six prln-
HOOS Hogs were higher thli morning.
South Omaha
Sioux City ..
Kansas (1tv
orninn, . . ,
but Just how much higher would depend Jos'Pn
upon Ihe hour yesterosr witn whun I f,j.
comnarlann michi he made If coinnare I i - uiiago
with yesterday -morning the market was
over lISc higher, hut if compared with
yesterday's close only a Sc advance could
he flaured out. - Perhana the, best way
to put It would be to call today's market
4 (A)
13, Ml
Hmv Sheetv
no.-fi n.ia
13.1VO S.tro
S.044 1 S
22.0H1 in.ono
M.ZT0 34.930
Receipts weie:
Omciai Monday
umciai 'luemiay
Olnciai Wednesday.
IK, HI 4
Three days this week..
Same daya iaat week.,
bame two weeks ago
Same three weeks,iM0
Same lour weeks ago. .li, il
Same days Isst year. . . .lft.iXi
The following table shows tbe receipts u(
cattle, hogs and sueep at atoutn umaha
tor tne year lo date, compared wltn last
year: iwia. 1S. Inc.
cattle 4ou.Mi S44.1SI4 Wi.nm
Hogs L14Uls l.w4 lJ.isi
Hneep iii.MH 4i,i
The following wui snow tne prices paid
for the dirterent sinus ut cauie un me
aoutu Oniana marael.
Uood to cnolce corn-ted ateers S4 . so. 60
n'air to choice corn-ted ateers toa4.
summon lo lair corn-led steers.... s
uood to cnoice cows and heitera.. 4.uum4.iei
rair tu good cows and neilJi .iam4-im
common u lair cowa and tieilnra.. s.tAMg.vs
u4i to cuolve aiouKeia at leeuera. 4.u.m
fair lo guuu stucaeraand leedeia. uex.w
Coiiiiioi lu lair aiocaers s wu4.uu
Bulla, ataga, etc .1uU4.2
Veal calves S.tMuw.W
'lne following tabie anuws me evtg
price of noga at bouln uniaua lor ma
evtrai oa, wltu voinpariaona;
I'stiia Hons HneeD nigner tnan tne average m.-
jm74 tias JLjE ' yesterday. When the trade was once
" j rs ! etsrted it was fairly active at the advance
" i'J'l VTm I noted and 100 or more cara changed hands
i before 10 o'clock in the morning. Aft r
ouxi ine more urgent oraers were mien n
ltj so4 t 'ow'ed up somewhat and the later market
b'ui was not an s-nod.
it win oe noieu inn tne Krrm kik wuih
of all the hogs sold at SS.37 H 8.40, .is
against S.27 iff tl.SO yeaterday. Uool
hogs today sold ss high as S .45, the too
yesterday being SS.40. Today's advn-,
leaves the market only 10c lower than It
was at the extreme high point of the yea-,
April IS. when the average of all the
sales was a fraction higher than $fl.J1.
The advance yesterday and today leeve
the market lf'ic higher than It wag at
the close of last week.
Representative sales:
New Pole Vault Repsril,
NEW YORK. May 30. A new world's rec
ord at pole vaulting was established today
by A C. Gilbert of rale, at the Decora
tlon Day track and held athletic games
or The irlen-Amerlcan Athletic club at
Celtic park. Long Island City. Gilbert
cleared the bar at 12 feet S Inches, the
best previous record being that of Norman
Dole or Oakland, cai., wno cleared 12 feet
. m n .a i i . i . a ,mj
A M-lw inciies April o, i?o.
Oelf at Field Clab.
Golf players at the Field club had to con.
tent themselves with playing round robins
and speclnl matches, as the golf committee
had failed to arrange for regular-handicap
event.' No records were kept of the
different matches between nalra and fours
The play Saturday will be the second round
for the president a cup. , . ,.
Riley Captains Track Tea as.
IOWA CITY. May Srt.-(Stecial Telegram.)
William Riley of Burlington, winner of
the mile run at the state meet, waa elected
captain of. the university track tee;m for
next year,- .i ne, MawKeye . athletes will
leave ror t.Tiic.igo Friday.
King Edward's ehtry.
made pool allowing.
Nulll Scundus
Governor Steele
Fromlaent Hla
est tke Paael.
a ad
M ..
At.. Ss. re.
..iti in i si
. 1TJ
. l
Date, 190. IS. lA. ji. tlSOi. lul 1.
May U... 2 i 16 S4i T ll t l 21
naa in... i A( 4 sl k I vi a bS a m
aiay n... ki1! s ia tvi U a ia, u M
May is... Mi lui I li I a ''4 a U
iy is... -i a w 4 4i 4 7 U! - I s i
may s i4, 4a J U i JS
iiaay t 2oi i M 'i Ui a U 00
iuay u... M I i li if mi ii
uy M... m i a ak Yi U I ti a m a vi
aiay iuii a in 4 1 M oi a 04
iy 4S...I u io, a i vti " I a i ; w
May 2... ( X t 1 i SH 6 ll f S I w
May 21...1 i a In 4 4n s hi i v
May 2s.. .j 2uHl I i 72) 'i Ui t W
May 0 li i wi 4 ' "
May W... 6 1 4 63, 0 kl '( 1 l
Sunday. .
Tha following abowa the number of cars
of atockera anu feedera ampped to tha coun
try and their points of destination:
CATTLE. tare.
Comeras Bros., rieono, d. D., MIL ..u
W. it. Wyani, laoor, ia., v
J. A. Tayior, Emerson, ia., w J
ivd Eno, O'neiil. web., '. n,. .............. -
W. 1.. iatta. ioiran. la. 1. J I
f. kin. LtMurn. la.. M. O
C. C Jackson, ivarlham, la., Ii. 1 1
A. D. Morrill. Evarts, S. D., MU '
ki. l-'lury, ivandoipn, ia., M. u
The ofltclal number of cars of stock
brought in today by eacn road waa:
Cattle. Hogs, btiecp. Hse a.
C , M. St St. P
Miasourl Pacific
u. f. oystem U
C. at N. W., east
C. at N. W., west 12
C, St. P., M. at O....
C., B. V . east s
C, B. A Q., west.... 26
C.. k. i. at
C, K. I. at P., west.. 24
Illinois Central 4
Ciucago U. western.. 2
Total recelDts ..121
Th rilsnnaitlon of the day'e receipta waa
aa followe, each buyer purcnaslng tne num-
tter ot nead indicaiea: t
came. nogs, ouci-f.
40 4 M
... 4 1
... 4 It
1M 111'
4 174
fc I ITV,
... 4 7"4j
40 I 17
no I nv,
... I I7V
... S I7H
ro I r?n
0 I 37 U
.901 1C4 I 17 '4j
.'.Ml '
4 ....
40 '
... ..
SO 1 ..
U . . 1
ii . I ,1
t I
.. ..
Ik 1 "a
B0. ...
44. ...
T4 ...
71 rt 110 I 40
7 . ...... 141 10 I 40
til 10 I 40
4 140 40 4
71 114 140 4 4
71 . .-.
11 ..
44 . ..
1 T7...
Omaha Packing Co..,
bwiit and Company...
cuoahy racking Co....
Armour fc Co.;
Vansant ac co
Hill at Son
Hamilton A Rothschild.
tkingan Co
J. is. Root Co..........
B. at 8
Other buyers
6 :
.X.2& s,t2
1. ao
2, tn
Tkree-I l.eagae.
BLTK5MINQTON. Ill' May SO.-Blooming-
tnn-Decalur morning game postponed; wet
PF.oKIA. III.. May SO. Peoria-Sprlngfield
game pol Hmel : wet grounds.
ROCK ISLAND, la.. May SO. Scott out
pitched Baker and Hock Island won a well
played ganie this morning. Score: Rock
ieland, 2: DaVenport. 1.
'' Varsity Defeats Asaee.
AMES. la.. May 30. Special Telegram. v-
tn 1. , l v nlMVeti saiiia her ln,l.w ih. '
fclate I nlverslty of Iowa defeated Ames bv
tlie score of S lo I. Score: K H E.
Iowa 1 I 0 10 0 I 4 i
Ames 0 etSIS
Batteries: Iowa, Kent and Kirk; Ames,
Riley and Cottoa.
An additional panel of fifty United States
petit Juror a haa been drawn by District
Clerk R. C. Hoyt and Jury Commissioner
Tllden for the current term of the federal
courts, to take the places of thoae excused
and relieved for various causes. Thla new
list of Jurors Is ordered to report at S 30
a. m., Monday. June 4. '
Omaha la represented on the pew' panel
by N. P. Dodge, Jr., real estate dealer; J
A. Davla, cigar dealer. 2408 Chlcaao street
T. Colllna Havens, coal dealer: Q. N.
Hicks, president of the Hicks Real Estate
company; I. 8. Leavltt, retired merchant.
482S Cass street; W. L. Master-man. tea and
coffee merchant, SIS South Eleventh afreet
Victor White, coal merchant. South Omaha
la represented by John F. Shulti, carpen
ter, .Twenty-second and F atreeta: R. B.
Jervls. 128 South Twenty-eighth street, and
A. L. Lott, bookkeeper, Twenty-second and
H streets. Anion others on the panel Is
former Lieutenant Governor Calvin T.
Steels of Falrbury.
The full panel la aa follows:
John Dwork. merchant. Comstork;
Thomaa Clemena, farmer, Wllber; Allie
Clark, Inaurance, Craig; E. T. Corbln.
gardener, Grand . Island; F. L. Brunlng.
grain merchant, Bolvtdere; E. E. Burr,
farmer. Guide Rock; Fred J. Bell, photo
grapher, Ord; Fred De Weber, grocer, Ar
lington; J. A. Davis, cigar dealer, 24US Chi
cago etreet, Omaha: Lew M. Davla, mer
chant. Tecumaeh; Lucien Dean, farmer,
Pauline; N. P. Dodge, Jr.. real estate, 1714
Fa mam street. Omaha; Jacob E. Evans,
merchant, Comstock; Jacob Ehlera. farmer,
Gretna; Joseph Graham, merchant, Avoca:
L. F. Grimes, farmer. Sterling; O. M.
uooo, pank cashier, Peru; F. J. Hahn.
farmer. Stromsburg; T. Colllna Havens,
coal dealer, 1647 Howard street. Gmalia ; G.
N. Hicks, resl estate. 361S Harney .street.
Omaha; W. K. Hopkins, farmer, Crete; D.
R. Hopklna, grain dealer, Crete; J. 8.
Johnson, merchant. Colfax; R. B. Jarvta,
X ' South Twenty-flfih aireet. South
Omaha; P. X- Larson farmer, Clarka; L B.
Leavltt, retired merchant, . 4LS Cass street.
Omaha; A. L. Lott. bookkeeper, Twenty,
second and H streets. South Omsha; W. L.
Masterman. 'lea and coffee merchant, SIS
South . Eleventh atreet. Omaha; John YV.
McPherson. miller. Surprise; Robert J.
Mills. farmer, Wectervllle: Joseph
Meyers, retired farmer, Hastings; W. T.
S. Nellgh, real estate. West Point; H. G.
Porter, auctioneer, Geneva; Charlea Peter
son, grain dealer. Tekamah; Harry Rows,
lumber dealer, Imperial; John Rae. retired
farmer, York; Ears E. Shults. Implement
dealer. aenesaw; Samuel A. Snider, bank
cashier, Osceola; Emerson A. " Smith,
teacher, Loup City; Christ Bchinstock.
stockman, West Point; John F. Shuita.
carpenter. Twenty-second snd F streets.
South Omaha; C. F. Steele, merchant. Fair
bury; Joseph Taylor, farmer, Benedict;
John J. Tlnney, hardware merchant, P1U
ger; L. M. I'rson. traveling salesman, Bea
trice; O. W. Verley, merchant, Clysaes; W.
H. Watson, telephone manager, Bancroft;
Victor White, coal merchant, Omaha:
Henry Wulf, farmer, Avoea; W. H. Wood
ruff, teacher. Stanton. -
Flahlas; aad Casaplag Rates ta Madl
aoa lake, Watervllle a ad Elyslaa,
Miss., Via Chirac Ureal
' ' - - Westerw.
For part lea of ten or more, one fare a:id
one-third for the round trip, good for teu
daya. Ticketa on aale dally until Sep
tember SO. For further Information, apply
to H. H. Churchill. O. A.. 1612 Farnam St.
CATTLE: Receipta of cattle thla mortv
Ing were amau or a Weaneaday, ..
nu ety-eight cars being reported in.
The market was in Just about the aim
condition as It waa yeeteroay ana oil i u
fore, there having been no malaria, change
in ihe situation as regarus imwI
this week. The demand did not appear
to be very urgent and buyera were not
particularly anxloua tor auppllea. Still
lliere was a lair demand ana they wouid
take the cattle if they could get them at
ateady pricea, but there waa no appearance
of strength or activity. The w nolo mar
ket might be summed up aa alow at aoout
ateady pricea, with heavier cattle. If any
thing, a little weaker. 1
There were very few cowa or heifers n
eight the proportion of that kind of cattle
among receipta being light. The market
did not show very much change, being
generally quoted as steady, but ihe trade
was If anything, a little more active
than waa the case with beef ateera.
There were no atockera or feedera bar
ring a few odds and ends in the yards
and nothing upon which to base an eati
mate of values. It would be safe, how
ever, to call the market unchanged.
Representative sales:
. Barllagtoa kaaarea Time.
Effective June 4. Train No. 7, the Fast
Mall, will leave Omaha for Lincoln at I
p. m. Instead of 3:15 p. m.
Nereaal loaee with
KEARNEY, Neb. May SB.-ySpecial )-
i us i-orouu team piayea ins last game on
1U schedule last Friday with Giu4 Island
Llverpoel Urate Market.
nominal; futures steady; July. s A; Sep
tember, as Sd; December, is 6Sd.
XRN Spot, firm: American mixed, new.
4a 7d; American mixed, old. 4a td; futures
ateady; July, 4a V1. September, 4a 4d.
agar and alelasees.
' NEW ORLEANS," "May SO.-SrfSAR-Quirt:'
open kstila. i-enirif ugai. 4-U'J J-16o;
yeilowt. "i,'g3c, seconds. J'c.
Ka At. Pr. Me. . A. Tt.
. .401 4 10 10, ..1111 4 a
I, 704 4 11 tl 1061 4 40
I not 4 to 1 1204 4 a)
l 144 4 7 . .1111 4 M
I 1000 4 10 1..., ,..13I 4 10,
II 1011 4 U ll4 4 M
i 110 4 It i i... Ill 4 40
. Kl 4 40 M 1T 4 It
......lU 4 40 II -..Hit 4 U
i ivn 4 40 II IUI 4 to
I HI IIS 11 ...lilt 4 St
IN IK) ft-..., IH 4 SO
4' 10l 4 10 11M 4 SO
10 IO.14 4 M 9 l4l 4 10
ll! lilt 4 40 tl Ill 4 M .
I 11M 4 40 M I 4 M
1 I7S 4 4 ! 1171 4 H ,
II 100 4 - t 1411 IH
41 1171 4 44 It 1107 4 W
M K l It 1H4 4 H
IT 1141 4 TO t IM 4 14
II Ml 4 70 11 1U1 I 40
I 10 4 74 4 Hit I 44
1 1114 4 TO 14 1440 4 OS
11 1064 4 fo un I at
H 1141 4 Tt M UOt I 11
11 UK 4 71 M Hit I 1
II 171 4 Tl I lilt I II
It 1IW4 4 71 t .....Hit 111
II 11 4 74 4 1170 I It
11 llMT 4 71 It 1U4 4 14
II 1041 4 Tt 1 1!M I 10
77 I'M 4 71 41 HOT I 14
14 Ulk 4 W
COWS. . ,
I ions 1 s l , ...loot t ta
i i S it i ion t at
f f 40 44 Ml t Tl
t d ID 1 11U Tt
1 t t 1 1040 1 Tt
1 tiO t 10 1... UK I Ti
Hi IM 4 1064 t 14
1 t:0 t SO It W IN
Ml I 70 t ITS I tt
1 1110 I Tt 4 1004 I tt
1 W I Tl 4 1"1T 4 M
t Kl 171 t .loot I St
1 140 t M 4 HIT 4 00
M M IH I lit 4 00
1 to I 00 1 11W 4 IS
1 170 S 00 1 1040 4 it
l MO I 04 I 1M4 4 11
II Tit I 00 t 171 4 It
10W I 00 1 1110 I to
1. M In t 110 4 it
1 1080 t 40 II IIH 4 It
l 100 t 40 4 liI 4 tt
I tt I 44 t lilt 4 M
II 114 I 44 11 110 t U
1 1070 I tt 1 11M I 40
I lout I to l line 4 is
4 I 10 1 11 10 4 M
1 TM 1 t T ITl 4 It
1 4M t to It XT 4 tt
I M0 I 00 4 771 4 St
1 4u S Ot t T0 4 it
1 140 I 1 1140 4 40
1 44 1 40 1 104 i Jt
4 41 I to I lotO I 71
1 410 4 It
1 17M t 10 1 141 M
1 1H0 I tt I law as
l Io0 I W 1 1U0 14
I MO I 00 1 )4 4
1 HI IH 1 11M IS
l mo 1 1 i iw i M
1- 1U0 I 40 1 7l M
1 170 I 44 I mi i ot
1 lout t 44 1 IMS 4
l I H 1 11M o
1 1U0 I ti 1 IM0 4 00
1 tw I to 1 lies 4 t
1 to i tt i , im t at
1 M S to j to I Tt
I tit t 71 I IM 111
1 7 4 ot i ,.. ut t at
1 M t IT 14 4 oe
1 t 4 It 1..., 114 4 00
4 lot 4 it . I .... M IN
I no t 7 1, let t oa
1 lit I 0 I Iw IN
I j; t at
t 17
10 t !7V
v. t 17,
... t 1T
40 t t?H
40 I I7V4
... t 17V
....IM 100 t 17 1,
....111 ltft t I7V4
111 M 4 17V
....Ml 140 t 171
... f4 ... t S7V
....ter at t stv
...!! 10 I 17V
tit 110 . t 17V
....ttt 140 4 17V
....UT ... i t7H
..:.i;t ... t i7v
... m to t nit 10 I 17V i It..
....ttt 110 t !7V 14..
....I2t 100 I 17V . to. i
111 IM t 17V1 71..,
160 ' 240 t 17V II. .
....12 10 I 17V w
....110 ... t S7V
....tit ... 4 17V
....tat 140 4 17 VI
....IH N t 17 V
1S4 to I 17V
107 B0 4 1TV4
lit ... I 17 u.
171 110 I 37 V ' 71
.....141 .... 17V '' I
...114 140 4 17 V
1 ... 4 17 V
ltt ... 140
144 100 4 tt
tit 40 t 4
...114 140 4 44
....Ut 10 t 40
... IM 40 I 40
......124 120 t 44
lit ... 140
' 76..
A-. Bh. Pr.
. .IM K t 40
4l 40 I 40
. JTO 100 4 44
..7I ... t 40
... I 10
. . . t 41
to t 40
40 t 40
SO 4 40
M 4 40
... 4 40
... t 40
at 4 to
10 I 40
n im
SO l40
... I 40
... 4 40
ItO 4 40
... 4 40
111 110 4 40
...1C4 100 4 40
...Ut 140 I 40
...111 140 4 40
...190 140 I 40
...111 tl lit
...lit ... 140
...141 1?0 I 40
...171 ton I 40
...104 140 t 40
...tin 130 t 40
ftl tt t 40
.... 4 40
... I 40
110 I 40
10 I 40
, S40
..... lit
40 4 40
... 4 10
10 t 40
. . . lit
10 4 40
... 4 40
10 t 40
10 4 44
... 4 40
40 4 40
M I 40
40 4 40
40 4 40
144 4 40
lit 120 t 40
121 40 4 40
114 ... I 40
IH ... 4 40
154 140 4 40
tlO 40 4 40
21 110 4 40
.211 140 t 40
lit 140 t 40
0 t 40
40 t 4I
... 142V
10 I 41V
40 I 41V
40 t 41V
40 I 41V
40 4 44
... S 44
Forelan Flnnarlal.
IiONDON. Mar SiV Money was sca'cer to
day and the demand wis Inoreased by 70
payment for tsmi.ntiO-of Jnpnnese exechca'ier
bonds. Discounts were steady. Trading
on the stock exchange wns dull snd busi
ness was restricted, owing to ihe New York
and Jewish holidays, and the absence of
members at the Epsom race. Console
were maintained and home rails started an
upward movement on good Investment pur
chases. Amerlrsna. In the absence of tha
lead of New York, were Inclined to dull
ness. Trices opened st over rarity and
after moderate transactions and alight
changes closed steady. The specula,'.ve
position was reduced during the arcoun',
owing to the transfer of a portion of It to
the continent. Foreigners generally were
steady. Russians hardened. Japanese Im
perial s of iw4 were quoted at lur
BERLIN. May SO Trading on ths bourse
today waa dull.
PARIS. Mnv 30 Prices on the bmtrse to
ds v were firm throuehotit on the report of
better news from R'ila Russian Imperial
4s were nuoted at SI 0 a"nd Rius'an bonds
of 1H04 at 4t0.00.
Cotton Market.
Ppot.. closed sales, 1.10 bales; low ordinary.
i'c. nominal; ordinary. ic, nominal: good
ordinary. S 11-lfic; low middling. luc; mid
dling. llHc: good middling, DV; middling
fair, izc, nominal; fair, lZ'Sc. nominal. Re
ceipts. S.Srt) hales; stnek. 115.538 bales.
quiet; prices $ points lower; Amer.rnn mid
dling fair, 55d: good middling, titld; mid
dling. s.OSd ; low middling. 5ld: good
ordinary. 5.7.W; ordinary, &.Md. The Sulea
of the day were s.iirtrt hales, of which l.W
were for eoeculatlon and exnort and In.
eluded 7,70 American. Recelp;s, 4,W bales,
including iv American.
19. SO
1... H - tO 40 1 410 to I to
6HEEP There waa ' An nueattnn about
11 oeing a nouoay in the big aheep barn
mis morning. uniy . nve cars were re
ported In and they wre decidedly trashy,
mure noi oeing a aingie car or goo-i
stock, either aheep or lamba on sale. In
other words there was not enough of any
thing on sale to really make a test of
values. Two cara here brought prices
that looked about ateady and tnat ia the
moat that can be said about It. The feel
ing waa full and .aa a -matter of course
there could be no .great life or activity
worked up 0Y1 five-wars of common stuff.
Lambs of pretty-cnt '' quality, but
grassy, sold at B,1.
It Is safe to say that the lamb market
ia S5S6c lower than the extreme high
point of tha year. . There have not been
enough aheep here to really teat the market.
Quotations on droned stock: flood to
choice - western lambs, IS.26(84J.eO; fair to
food lamba, S-00(o.2; cull lamba, St.SOjj
SS; good to choice yearlings, 15.766 4 00;
fair to good yearlings, 15.6wsj6.7o; good to
oholce wethers, $6.7V3S.tlO; fair to good
wethers, S6.oOffi6.7S; good to choice ewea,
S6.S035.76; fa! rto good awes, K7ovT6.60;
bucka. S4. 364.75.
Representative aalea:
IS cult ewea
1OT western ewea ..
1S4 weatern ewes .,
SS western lambs
SS western lambs
m western lambs
. M
. 88
. 77
. 74
. 81
. 81
2 60
4 GO
6 00
6 10
Beat Cattle Tern Centa Higher, Others
Weak Hoars Higher.
Ui.OuO head; market for beat, 10c higher;
othera, weak; common to. prime ateera, 14.00
.; cowa, S4.2sH7&; heifers, S3-7666.10;
bulls. 13.2664.26; rlvaa, S2.76427.W; atockera
and feedera, S2.764i4.ha. ,
HOGS Receipts. 22,000 head: market, 6tf
10c higher; choice , to prima heavy,'st
S.67H: medium to good heavy, S.60cbj.&6;
butcher weights, Sti.62H4iii.67H; good to
choice heavy mixed, S6.aui74i.Eo; packing,
SH.0Oj.62H. ' , , .
8HEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 18.000
head; market, ateady to strong; aheep, 16-00
04.26; yearlings. S6,ls2l6.36; shorn Iambs,
u.26?.66. . ,
New York Livestock Market.
NEW YORK. May SO.e-BBEVES-Re-ceipta,
1.S7J head: .market for su-ers. very
dull and k)c lower; tat bulls, easier; bo
logna bulls, easier; medium and common,
steady; steers, S4.Mft6.9U; tops, S6.7U; bulls,
S3.3ots4.SO; few extra, 4.&4oO, cows. Si 10
4S.u. Liverpool and iondoa rabies quoted
live cattle lower at UtilZo per lb.,
dressed . weight; exports, l.Koli, quarters of
beef none estimated for tomorrow.
CALVES Receipts. $.61 head; market for
veaia, siow ann zdc inner; otitterniliks,
easier!- veals, St.5lM 71; -few extra, 17.00;
culls, $4 00; buttermilks. 4.(IW4 26; dressed
calves, slow; city dressed veala, 7Vkil0to
per lb.; country dressed, tHTiSK-.
nous rieceipis, i.siu nead; market.
steady to Arm; state and Pennsylvania
hogs. SS864706; few choice light. 17. la
BHEfcir ANU UAMllii KecelDts. .5S
head; market, steady to firm; lambs, Sue
higher: yearlings, firm; others, steadv:
sheep, S4.0O66 fiO; no choice here; lambs,
7.W(j.0v; yearlings, ff.2Viti7.2.
St. lAtmtm Live Stork Market.
BT. LOUIS. May SO. CATTLE Recelnta.
4.6tiO hesd, Including S.170 Texuns; market
for natives, steady; Texans, strong; native
shipping snd export steers, S44(a86;
dressed beef and butcher steers, S3 6;
steers under l.uuO lbs., SS26H.4: shockers
and feeders, SiomtMIO; cows and heifers.
li.0tiSe.oii; canners, II 501i,26: bulla, ti.ioii
4.1HK, calves, J.(; Texas and Indian
ateers, H.txt.aO; cowa and helfera. ti.imt
S.W. .
IIOOB Receipts. S.600 hrad: market. B3
10c higher; plga and lights. Sf.HoMl.4.-:
packers, St.i6i(.46; butchers and best heavy,
BHEEP ANU UAMU8 Receipta 2.600
head; market, strong; native muttons. S3 U)
4j.(j0: lambs, Su.OtilOO; culls and bucks,; Blockers. SS. 76434.10,.
Keaaas City Live Stock Market.
oelpia, S,tu head, including I. Mm aoutherna;
market steady; cnolce export and dressed
beef steers. S3 S.te6.': fair to good. U.Ihti
S26; western fed steers, S3.76vya.26: s'.ockers
and feeders, SS Zbtri i southern steers. Si 60
6-4 : nstive cows,; native h-lf-ra
53 2S6 2o; bulls. S3.t-l.i&; calves. S3 2.VftS26.
HtXWJ Receipts. 13,0u0 head; market
steady to 6c higher; top. In. 60: bulk ot sales
54 SU&4J 45; hesvy, tJi'i 60; packers, t&-tQ
4.40; plga and lights, 15 m( is.
SHEEP AND I-AMHrf Recelnta. 1 400
head; market ateady; native Lambs. Stt
7.46; fed aheep and yearlings, S6.0t6.2A;
western ffd yearlings. Si. 0ti.2o; western fed
sheep, S6.iuwa.u; Blockers and feeders. S3 60
Sleas City live Stark Market.
SIOUX CITY. May SO (Special Tele
gram.) CATTLE Receipts. 100 head;
market strong; beeves, tlOO&t.SO; cows,
bulls and mixed, 1 4)084. 60; Blockers an1
feeders. SS.26tf4.26; calvea aud yearling.
SS 00O4 16.
HOOi Receipts. 1.800 head; market tO
loo higher; selling. tO.26fet.40; bulk of
aalea. t 12 H 4 16.
St Jeeeph Live Steek Market.
ceipta, ,Uu bead; market steady; natives,
Walter B. Smith to Chicago at North
western Hallway company, south W
feet lot 8. east feet lot I, In block
7; north H of the south 4 of lot 4.
south lot 6, west 44 feet of lot 7,
west H of lot , all In block 40....
Walter tt. Smith to Chicago North
western Hallway company, s uth 80
feet lot 1, block 7
Charlotte Wilde, et al., to Chicago
Northwestern Railway company, lot
8, block 40
Elizabeth H. Chnulon and wife to
Chicago Sl Northwestern Railway
company, west S feet lot t, block 5.
Ida Mlllus to Cnarlotte Wilde, lot
S, block 40
Brower E. McCague and wife to Chi
cago A Northwestern Hallway com-'
pany, west 44 feet of lot 2, In
block 60
Saran La Wontia and George La
Wontla to Watalia K. Gardiner, the
north 1 and 1-10 feet of lot S, in
block 2, EoreBt Hill
Henry Keeker, et al., to Louis Ber
ger, south tt of lot IS, block . 1.
in Campbell's addition
John Puull to Henry Recher, south
tt of lot IS. block 1, Campbell's add.
Walter il. binith and wife to Chicago
A Northwestern Hallway company,
west tt of lot 2, east tt of lot S. mid
dle tt of lot 0, block 7; east tt of
lot 2, in block 40; lot 3, block us....
Wilton C. Peters and wife to Union
Pacific Railroad company, lota s. t,
10. 11. 12. In block 16
Augustus E. Thomas to Chrlsto
Moutalbaus, tract commencing at
northwest corner of Kountaa's add. tL01
Anna M. Jeffrlea, executrix, to Kran-
cla Semon, Iota 13 and 14, in diock
S, Potter A Cobb'e add S
Jane McDonald et al. to Ned F.
Rlcpart, north SO feet lot 11. block
129 J.0
Frederick Krause and wife to Albert .
Krause, lot 2, block 20, in Omaha
View extension '' 3
John Teufel and wife to Charles W. ;.
Oifrturf, wtt of lot 7. block 10, in
Isaac'a A Seidell's add. . . ..
Helen Amanda Conway and Husband
to Louis Nielsen, .lot 24. piorg to.
1st add to Corrlgan Place
Winona Savings Hank of Minnesota
to John Holht, middle tt ot iota i
and 2. block 3, Walnut Hill add...
The Germantown Dispensary and
Hospital to Howard W. Harvey,
west 22 feet in width of the esi.
44 feet, width of the north 82 feet
In depth of lot 1, block 21 ttt
Elisabeth M.-Shalan to F. D. Par
mer Co.. aouth 62 feet of lot II.
block 102
Albert W. Johnaon and wife to Har
vey Muaaer, lots 26 and it, block
2, Pullman P. ace
J. J. Rvan to Harvey Muaser, lot
13, block 8. Logan Place
Anna Corrlgsn to ""-vey Mussr.
lots 7. 8. 16, It and IT, In block t,
Logan Place
J. J. Ryan to Harvey Musser. lots
10. 11 and 12, block S, Logan
J. J. Ryan to Omaha. Lincoln oV
Beatrice Railway company, tract
block 22, Second add to Corrlgan
Cheeley D. Layton and wife to
Omaha Lincoln A Beatrice Rail
way company, tract west of
block 4, Pullman Place
August Miller and wife to Harvey
Musser, lots 1. 2, 8, 4. 6. . 7, 8,
, in block 8. Pullman Place
Elisabeth Armstrong et al to
Omaha, Lincoln Beatrice Ball
way compsny, tract about 100
feet In width extending northeast
erly and southeasterly across the
south tt of the north tt of the
south tt of northwest tt of the
southwest tt of 8-14-18, aouth tt
of the south tt of the northwest
tt of the southwest tt of 8-14-13
The President and Directors of the
Insurance Company of North,
America to Howard W. Harvey,
all of the west 22 feet in width of
the north 82 feet In depth of lot
1. block 214 tt
Edward 8. Buckley and wife to
Howard W. Harvey, east 22 lest
In width of the north 82 feet In
depth of lot 1. block 214 tt
Margaret H. Spellmao to Hugh Mc
Caffrey, lots IS and 14, In block
2. subdivision of John I. Redlck'a
Cltv of Omaha to Lacey J. ratter-
aon, tract block 1, Boulevard Ter
race Charlea J. Adams to Margaret H.
Spellman. lota 13 and 14. block
2. subdivision of John I. Redlck'a
O. W. A. Putnam Cramer et al to
Ijort M. Payne, lota 1. 2, 2. 4 and t,
block 5, Windsor Terrace
Frank W. Carmlchael and wife to I.
K. Snyder, lot . block 11. In Hal
cvon Heights sdd
Sablna 8. Wukelev st all to Ellsa A.
Withnell. lots 11 and 12. block II,
Ixiwe'a add
Henry N. Chrlsteneen and wife to Q.
n. Adama, lot 8, block 11, Omtha
Howard W. Harvey td Emlle M. F.
LefUng, nfO feet lot 1. block IHS.... 12,600
William Rees to Margaret Green,
lot 6. Johnson's add 12.50.
Mary Ann Mlbhlll to Elisabeth tran
sfer, lot 4. block IS. Walnut Hill
Sir James Reckltt and wife et al to
William Rees. lot 6, Johnson's add..
Albert W. Johnson and wife to John
W. Klossner, wlO feet lot 4. e30 feet
lot 6, In block 7, Dupont Place
Ellen Belle Slabaugh et al to Victor
R. McLucas. eSo feet of lot 24 and
the wlO feet of lot 26, In block 10, In
Brlggs' Place
Charles Wood and wife to Omaha.
Lincoln A Beatrice Railway com
pany, tract about 100 feet In width,
extending northeasterly and south
easterly across the att of the ntt
of the sVfc of ns4 of the swtt "r
S-14-1S: sV4 of the sV of the nwtt
of the swi of 8-14-13
Axil Peter Anderson and wife to Har
vey Musser. lota 1, 1 and 8. block 2,
Pull mi n Place
Cheslev D. Iiyton and wife o Har
vey Musser. all of lota 21, 22 and R,
block Pullman Place
James J. Wear and wife to Omaha,
Uncoln A Beatrice Railway com
pany trart. block 22, Second add. to
Corrlgan Place
James L Agnew to Harvev Muaaer.
im feet of the ntt of block 11. Sec
ond add. to Corrtaan Place
H. Monroe Rushing and wife to
. Omaha. Lincoln A Beatrice Ra'lwsy
company, tract ntt of the nV of the
att of the nw of the isv, of t-14-11.
Interurhan lAnd rnmpenv to Omaha.
Uncoln A Restrire Railway com
pany, across nett see. 13-14-12
Albert W. Johnson and wife to Har
vev V'saer, lot J7. In block 2. Pull,
man Pis re
Mare-aret C Wear lo Omsha. Lincoln
A Beatrlee, Railway romnsny. trsrt
arrss stt of block 21, Second add.
to Corrlgan Place
Condition of Trade 4enlailons n
Staple sat Faaey rrodaee.
L'tXSB -Ree.lpts, liberal; fresh stock, rase
Count. 15c
LIVE Pni'LTRT Hens, lor; roosters
kJ7o; turkeys, lfre: ducks, lie; tpcung enk-k-ens,
1 1 .wins tier doten.
BITTER Parting stock. 13c: choice to
fancy dairy, lc: creamery. iltfJIHc
H AT Prices quoted by omstis peed com-
pmy: No. 1 upland, 110.60; medium, .W.
coarse, ft . Rye strsw, S SO.
BRAN Pe- toti. S17M
TOMATOES riortua, per crate ot 31 lb.
I f t A IA
WAX BEAN 8 Per box of about tt Ibe..
tl 60.
STRLVO BEANS Per box of about ?l
lbs.. I.'. 60.
Pet dot. bunches, 4Sc.
LEAP LET fl CE HothCise. per dos.
heads, ?0c
CL CUMBERS Hothouse, per do., l.ST :
Texas, per bu. box, II. 7i
ONIONS Texas, In -r.i'B. white. 11.75:
yellow. SI TS.
RADISH KS Per dnx. finches. 2X
.CABBAGE Californ-a. 2-kc per lb.
CELERY Florida. tl.iX pet dui.
POTATOES-Home grown, p r bu.. SoO
0c; South Dakota, per bu., st7Sr; Colo
rado, ber bu.. Sl-00.
NAVY BEAN ji-Per bu.. 11 Si; No. 2, S1.71.
LIMA BEANS Per lh.. tttc.
DATES Per box of So-tb pkgs . SI CO;
Hallowe'en, In To-lb boxes, per big, c.
Buyers, per lb.. 4c; walnut stulTid, 1-lb.
pk:s. tiuo per dos.; 8-lb boxes. 11.00.
ORANGES California, extra fs,nry
navels, large sixes, t4.2Stj6.00; Mediter
ranean aweeta, all alsea, l 1044.00.
LEMONS Limonleia, x,i i -alley, 240
alxe, 14.00; 800 to 340 alie, t-7t.
K1QS California, per iv-io. oarton, 763
e; Imported Smyrna, three-crown, Uo
six-crown. 13c.
BANANAS Per medium - sited bunch.
tl.76fe2.6: Jumbos, 11 5KBS.ot.
GRAPE KRCIT-Callfornla. per bo. S4 W.
PINEAPPLES Sixes 14. SO and St,
APPLES Vtgh, B'n Davis, tS 00 per bu.
bcx; New York Russets. S6.60 per bbl.
CHERRIES California, 82.00 per 8-lb.
BEEF Cl-T8-No. 1 ribs, 11c; No. X ribs,
Sttc; No. S ribs, 7Vc, No. 1 loin. l4Vc; No. 2
loin, 12ttc No. 8 loin. Uttc; No. i chuck.
bVc; No. 2 chuck, lkc; No. 8 chuck, lei No.
1 round, 8c; No. I round, TVc; No. I round.
Vtt I No. 1 plata, Sc; No. 2 plate, 3c; No.
2 plata, 2ttc
CIDER Per Keg, Si 76, per bbl., S6.76.
HONEY New, 24 lbs., 11.50.
CHEEBB Swiss, now, lto; Wlsoontln,
brick, 12c; Wisconsin llmberger, Uo; twins,
latt'-; Young Amsriuaha, Uo.
NUTB-Walnuts, No 1, soft shells, new
crop, per lb., littc; hard shells, par lb.,
lStt. Pecana, large, per lb.. 14c; email,
per lb., 12c. Peanuts, par lb Sttc; rossied,
per lb., 8c. Chill walnuts, per lb.. UWilSttc.
Almonds, soft ehalla, per lb., 17c: hard
hells, per lb., 16c. Cocoanuta, 84 per aach
of 100.
FP.ESH FISH Trout. He; halibut. 11c;
pickerel, dressed, 7c; white baaa. Ho; sun
fish, 8c- perch, skinned and dressed, 8c;
pike, 410c; redsnapper. Ho; salmon, 13c;
orapplea, tc; eels, lc; black bass, 2ro;
whitetlslt, 10912c; frog legs, per dos., 66c;
lobsters, grsen, 16c; boiled lobsters, 42c;
bluefish, 16c: herring, 6c; Spanish mack
erel, 18c; haddock, 10c; shrimp, SI per gal.;
smelts, izc; coo, i-'c: nunnraos, J2c; eatnah,
15c; roe shad, "5c; flounders. He.
green hides, Sc; No. 2, 8c; No. 1 sslted. Ho;
No. 2. lc: bull hlds. 717Sr:
U'tift'c; horse hlbs. larie, J.t;
dry hld4.
small, St.
sheep pelts, each, (.niill.w. Tallow. No. J,
",t'. No. 2. aie. rr.tiKtt, I'tjc.
SI'GAft tlrnnulated i-atie. I i hhls.. tl i.;
granulated ''an". In sat-Us. fist;: granulated
be-t. In sacks. St !
SYHl P In barrels. Jtc er ."tl! In fuses,
4 10-lh. runs, SI 0. caSes. 11 HU. cans, t.' .So;
caes. .'4 2tt-lh. cars. 81.9(1.
('(IHTF.K-Roasied, No W, f3s per lb ;
No. Sc. ;ttc per lb.; No. IA lnvc pr lb.;
No. -o, l"t,c rer lb.: No. 21. 1JW per lb
CIRKU FISH-Family whlteflsh, per V
lib!., pm lha., 4 H: Not ajr mackerel r"
bbl.. KO lbs., bloaters. 1100: No. I. S 0",
No. 2. tSW; No. 3. 820 : lr:sh. No. 2. IKS.O":
herring. In hbls., a ii.r ear)..' Norwaj. 4k,'
SlilOO; Ntirway. fk. Ill 00, Holland, ndxert.
811. 60; Holland herring. Ih kegs, milkers,
kesa. mixrd, "flo.
CANNED IH toDS Corn, stsndsrd west
ern, 5rlV; Maine, ft IS. Tomatm-s, 8-th.
cans, 11 Jf-ejl 50; 2-lb.. S;vc0Sl.W. I'lneapples,
grated, I-lb. 2.u-Ctt. sliced. lo.i2.
Gallon apples fancv. S.1S0-. Callforula aprl.
cots. 1.4fvfinr; peafS. tl Trff? SO; neache.
f.tney, 1.7H2 40; II. C. pewchea, tVHir 50.
Alaska salmon, red. ll.Z: fancy Cliiiiook,
I F.. SM0: fancy aorheve. F . 11 !5; sardines,
, tt oil, 31.50: mustard. t2.KH3 10. Sweet
potatoes. Jr.l-f?l.: miisr . kraut, 81 noj
pumpkins, socfiSl.tW. wax bnns. 2-lb. 7fj
JOc; lima besns. 2-lh., 7tc4TfSI.U: spinnch.
Sl.SS; cheap peas, 2-lb., 80c; extra, "iiiiWc;
fancy, tl.85tll.7a.
On r'4
Baltimore a Ohio
Csssiliss Pteias
rhss. Ohls
Chlrsfo Ot W
C. . M. OF
O. R. O
4a pM
to lsl M
do M pf4
Illlnsis rernrsl ...
LsulsTtlts Nsih.
M . K. T
141 v
London Closing; fttorka,
LONDON. May SO. Closing quotation on
the Stock exchange were:
Consols, money 11-11 N. Y. rehtrsl....
as srreunt ......... so Nnrfnls 4s w
n'V to tin -.
tlH Ontarln W...,.
1ia v rnntvlvnla
Ill Hsnt Ml Dei ....
114 g4ln
tnv to 1st sM
UVi 4s Id pfi
St. P ITA Smithsrs Railway
. 17S 4o pld
. 44 V ' Soot here Psrlfte .
. to il'nlos rsrltlr
. 41 I do pro
. tr-itV. s. aiesi
. 7V-sl to pM
.Itsv Wsbasa
ttiv ; to pit .
. ttl.
.. 4T
.. 41 '
.. tS
..l"S ,
. . rH
,. ta
.. 41
n i
tOv '.
. .. t
nulet. lid per ounce.
MONEY attat per cent.
The rate of discount In the op-tn 'mariot
for short bills Is Stt per cent; for three
months' bills, SHftS -l6 per cent. ...
W will allow Intertst on fund '
deposited awaitlns Investments.
We Own and Offer $100,000.00
First Mortgage 5 Gold Bonds
Will Be Sold to Net the Investor 7 Per Cent
In Denominations of $50, $100, $500 nnd $1,000
The INTERURBAN ia a link In a Chain of railway that connect the city of Cleve-',
land with Columbus, Bprlnrfleld, Dayton, Cincinnati and Indianapolis.
The right-of-way la private, ths Company bavins; scoured, DEEDS in fee elmale. -;
. Principal (and Interest parable semi-annually) at the office of tha CLEVELAND..
TRUST COMPANT. This road la bonded at 813,600 a mile, which la leaa than any
other railroad In the United States. . t
The terminal point of thla Un are Marion and Gallon, two of tha beat inland
cities In the atat of Ohio. Tha population along tha Un I orer 1.000 per mile, from,
which the earning power a compared with other line In thl atat will pay divi
dend of more than double the amount of the Interest on the bond. . '
Buettner & Company,
Free Press Building, Milwaukee, Wis.
- - 6e our iciedulee to corn of the principal eaitern
Detroit ...21 howre
BnffaJo. . i ...... 27 hour
SjTtnitw.'...... .30 houri
Albany. ........ 83 hours
New York 37 hour
Boston .44 houn
Indianapolis . .... 21 hours
Cineinnatti. . . . .24 hours
Pittsburg. ....... 26 hours
Philadelphia. ... 85 hours .
Baltimore.... ...86 hours
Washington 88 hours
The Illinois Central's fast "Chicago Limited" train
leaves Omaha at 6:00 p. m. Fast day train at 8:00 a. m.
Union depot connections in Chicago for nearly all prin
cipal points.
Steamship tickets to all European and Asiatio points.
Cafe car service..
Tickets and information at City TUktt' Ofice, 1402
Farsajn St., Omaha.
' SAIItm R03TR, , ; ;y ' t,
t. 1;
Everyday from Jun 1 toStptmb4sr li, wy low
round trip rata will b la tfftct orr th jOrwt - ( j
Northers Rtvllwgy to V
attl. Portland, lvrHo, Vanoouvor, tpokan
' - and Montana. ..,
tS0--Purt Sound Polnta ' .", ',"'"
SS7.S0 Wenatchaa s ,
f SS Bpokana, Tha "Kootaaal", Farnla. B. C.
I) 50 Great Tall. Helen. Butt, Anaconda. Kalltpell,
Balton (Laka McDonald). Lethbrldfe.
Pinal Raturn Limit Oot. 31-Llaaral 6to0-Oyra '
latjklr farther ol P. I. Whitney, t. T. M4 Si. Paul, Mian.
oa Xettrvet O. N. Ky. Agent.
1 ' .
Ask ths fBt for atllnc date of tha MlaneeoU-' and
"Dakota. beettM ta japes ana v-sma.
TV's.- (
I ' w ' " Z j.-v m Ci-ttU
- iw'iawi.raiiiiwiiii i i n