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Mme. Yale'
Hair Ironic
Sells on Merit, not on Sensa
tional Advertising.
. - A Hair InTljrorafor .Tuet what
IU name Implies. It supplies
nourishment, the elements of
growttt, wnlcbv when absorbed by
the hair, strengthens and beauti
fies It in the nvne way that sap
glorifies 'the ' foliage of a treo.'
Event l-where ' the. follicles are
seem In sly dead. If the scalp la
managed dally, wlh Mme. Yale's
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be produced; It - has honestly
earned Its title of "the treat hair
grower." It stimulates the most
turned 'growth and makes the
hair tcanclflcently healthy and
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provide themselves with a trailing
mantle of hair womau's natural
raiment, her birthright.
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application usually stops hair fall
- in g-jf-,A' nursery - requisite; no
mother should neglect to use It
for her boys and girls; when the
hal? lsv made-strong In childhood
it'- wrnains' proof against disease
and rotains Its vigor and youthful
nss" through Ufa. . .'
'.A.ii.t J" '.!- ." ' . . :
Jim".. Yale's Hair Tonic la a
colorless, fragrant, delightful hair
dreeslng; neither sticky, gritty nor
greasy; makes the hair soft, fluffy
.and flossy. Contains no artificial
coloring; would not soli the whltr
est tlttf restores" original 'c6M"
by invigorating the scalp and re-",
establishing normal circulation
-and. proffer . distribution of the
live coloring matter. Beautiful
hair redeems the plainest counten
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-Now lu three slroe; prices, $1.00,
60c and 15c. -
Our special prices, 23c, 45c, 80c
Eev. Baloh Pleads for Recognition of th
Livbc as Well as tha .Dead.
Earlr Mnralfiv Ble Rain the
Interior DrroratlaiK and Far- '
labia of the Rika'
Clab Roont,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Nrb., May 30. (Special.)
Rev. W. M. ftalch. pastor of Trinity
Methodist church, delivered the Memorial
Day address this afternoon at the Audi
torium before a large audience. Three
hundred and forty-three grave were dec
oratrd In the forenoon at the cemettrle.
In closing: Rev. Balch said:
A nation's gratitude Is hut a paltry
thing. Indeed, ur.leta It shall cherish the
living veteran an generously, as It praises
the dead. The veterans who have gath
ered here todny are but a little handful,
few and feeble. The men who marched
from Atlanta to the sea could hardly walk
to the cemetery this morning. But think!
when, next Memorial Pav comes 'round
some who are with us today will lie under
the aod; the heroes who answer our greet
ings today will return no sign when we
strew the flowers on their graves next May.
O, better to give the flowers Into the liv
ing hands, better he greeting while still
they can hear us. better the kindness and
service of today than to wait for the mys
tery that may chance tomorrow! Friends,
I always lift my hat when I see the brunxe
button. My father wore It In his day, and
earlier he wore the blue; and all who wear
It are as my father In my honor and grat
itude, for unto them I owe my country and
all my privilege and pride In being a citi
zen of this undivided republic.
And yet the dead are not dead, but liv
ing spirits all around us. In the Ufa of
the republic they live. In the Influence of
their deeds they live. In the memory of
the graceful million they live. And by the
grace of God. the splrlu of the Just made
perfect, close to the tree of life, beyond the
smiUng and the weeping, shall live for
ever mora. '
Fire la F.lka' Clab.
Fire broke out In the Elks" club room at
1318 O street early this morning and the
damage la eatlmated at $4,000, fully In
sured. ' "
The Are started about S o'clock this morn
ing. No pne was In the place at the time,
and the cause of the blaze remain a
mystery. From appeawwjees It started In
a light shaft which opens at the roof In
skylight. When -the department reached
the scene flames Were leaping from this
skylight more than ten feet into the alrfc
Consuming a light partition between the
reception room and the parlors, the flames
communicated to hangings In the latter
apartment and spread throughout the, room.
It was a desperate battle between the
firemen and the flames, with the former
winning out, though not until the Interior
of the elegant rooms had been charred
and the expensive furniture ruined.
The club, yesterday awarded a contract
for a new $41,000 building, to be erected at
the corner of Thirteenth and P streets.
agreement anrnn the clan graduates as to
tn how they should be gowned. Three of
the girl graduates appeared on the stage
decked In their new graduating dresses ami
carried out their part of the program,
maintaining they were not notified to
adopt the cap and gown until after their
graduating gowns had been prepared. Much
speculation Is Indulged in as to the out
come, as one member of the board has a
daughter among the rfntl caps and gown
element, and refuses to sign the diploma
of the opposite side.
nana - jiepartment.
- Mme. ' Yale may be consulted by
nail . free 1 of .charge. Twenty-seven
fears at practice and experience In
trmittng - the human hair and scalp,
combined- with natnrnl adaptability
end acUmUftc study, has given thle
wonderful woman complete mastery
of the capillary structure.
Jlrne. Yale's Books Are Free
Mm. Tale' book on th subject of
Health and Beauty and the Human Hair
Fill be mailed free upon request. . .
Address. MME! M. TALK, . .
ij j .M filth Avenue., New Tork CUy.
7 1 lXXSk
- I
U 1
rr v -
"li I lli'iJ
Band Serenades Two Who Wli li
Damaare Salt.
TECUMSEH. Neb., May 30. (Special
Telegram.) P. S. Jonea and C. II. Dennl
of Tecumseh were made defendant In a
$0,000 damage suit for false imprisonment.
brought by A. Staples Cody of Midland,
Mich., and the case came up In the United
States court In Omaha the first of the
week and Judge Munger took It out of
the hands of the jury, and dismissed the
defendants. It all grew out of the failure
of the Chamberlain banking house of this
city. .After the bank failed Cody came
to Tecnmseh and had In his possession pa'
prrs which were supposed te be the prop
erty of th failed Institution. He was ac
cused with trying to dispose of them, and
pending a hearing here was placed In Jail,
The district court acquitted Cody and as
Jones and Dennis had caused his arrest the
damage suit followed.
This afternoon a party of 600 frttnds
of Messrs. Jones and Dennis, headed by
the Tecumseh Military band, called at
the Dennis home, where the gentlemen
were serenaded. Colonel TV. O. Swan, In
behalf of the friends, made a few remarks
and Mr. Jones responded. He said that
himself and Mr. Dennis had only done
their duty in the matter and had acted just
as they would again under similar clrcum
stances. After the music the friends of
the gentlemen offered congratulations on
the outcome of the trial.
Moat of the Hoars la Thirty-Three Cara
Are Killed.
MI N DEN, Neb., May 30. (Special Tele
gram.) The Kansas City and Omaha train
No. 14. which goes past here at .7 o'clock
In the morning, was wrecked four miles
east of Nalman this morning. Thirty-three
cars of stock and one of grain went into
the ditch. No one was hurt. It happend
at Sand Creek bridge. Most all of the hogs
were killed, cause unknown. The road Is
blocked. '
nwwWm . vmm mmm mam
urn Wurl fwsitlM. TT THUM.
..Tbt.M KnlM-Cnwr C,.
Kansas' City
a e
Thla masnlficenr hotel ha MO beau
tiful room and la located at 11th and
MKi rwU la the shopping district.
Only hair, a block froai the fLmory.
bird. Thayer dry good store; nr ail
Ui theaters.
a-v - M fHvaat aatfea,
trbfH law t M taa B tmA Cmi4 lukl
Vaier la l7 KMat,A (ancrtlc CU. PtrsKl
Csunc. Ok l-'VM aa4 TaM t'Mc i
bar tar kn CakJ, U-m II bi b4 Upward.
Baraa fka.
" Tleserratlon may be made by tala
gratb at our espanaa.
r. A. BK.NSON. Maaaaer.
niplomaa Are Withheld.
CREIQHTON. Neb.. May 30. (Special.
A rather unique state of affair exist here
a - a result of the just past graduating
exercise of the Crelghton High school
Seven members accepted the honors, but
none of them have a diploma properly
Executed and signed by the school board.
Some time ago the board decided, and made
It a provision of the regular laws, that
the graduates should appear dressed In
student cap and gown on the night of the
exercises, thereby saving the annual oio.
Emlesnl Dcctjri Pnlu Its InjridiBrti.
We refer to that hnon to weak, iiervon.
suffering women known as Dr. Pierre's
Favorite Prescription.
Dr. John Fyfeone of the Editorial Bud
f Th Eclectic) MtnicaL Ravrtw says
of Unicorn root lUehmfna HcnVwl which
Is one of the chief Ingredients of toe "Fa
vorite Prescription" :
A remedy which Inrarta'.ily seta ss a uter
In lnrtorator mtke for normal ae
tlrlty of the entire reproductive system.
Be continues la Helonlaa we have a medica
ment which ntor fully answers the a bore
pnrsoaes thnn etiy trfhtr drug with valrA im
acmMtnled. In the treatment of dlae&aee pe
Dm I-arta rf.i - l.tM a ttar.
An Old and Well-Tried Remedy.
bubtan UMMKorovor K1ITY VPAhKhr UILtlONSJ
pf MOT H K HM f or thrtr CH ILVh Kli WHILE Tl:E,T H-
CHTLD, Hi)FTithi
MAHHRtlA Sold br
th world. Be sura and ask for
lwatait Caau a JtetO.
btOl'MH. Al.
WISD COLIi. and la th bawl retuedr for
MAHKHtiA Sold br I)riirlu in arery part of
Does Not Burn or Explode
KilW the Egg - Too. . See the Point?
"GREEN POISON" is easily applied
wlti brush or feather. A 25-cent bot
tle of . "GREEN POISON" from your
druggist will kill million bugs.
Is .especially valuable during the
umoner season, when outdoor occu
pations and sports are most in order.
yield to it, and it 1$ -particularly
agreeable when ' used , in the batb
efter violent exercise, '
rrartlrallr Ktt Towa rar Trlaatc
a aoldler Dead.
TTICA. Neb.. May 0.-(Speclal Tele-ram.l
Decoration day wa observed In this city
today. John F. Purlnton delivered an elo
quent address to a large audience at Fra
ternal hall. The Orand Army of 'he Re
public marched to the cemetery, where
graves were decorated with appropriate
ceremony. Business houses were all deco
rated and were, closed during; the afternoon.
BEATRICE, Neb., May 0. -(Special Tele
gram. ) Decoration day was fittingly ob
served In Beatrice. At 10:J0 a. m. the Orand
Army of the Republic, Women's Relief
corps, Fpanlsh-Amerloan War Veterans,
University cadets and other civic organisa
tions, headed by the. cadet and Beatrice
bands, marched to the Beatrice cemetery
where brief exercises were held and de
tails sent out to decorate the graves of the
deceased soldiers. In the afternoon nn
Interesting program was rendered at the
Chautauqua grounds, where Harmon Broer
of Lincoln delivered the address of the
day. The exercises closed with a drill by
the University cadets and a concert by the
radet bond of forty pieces. There was a
large attendance.
WAYNE, Neb., May 30.-Bpeclal. Tele
gram.) Decoration day dawned bright and
beautiful and despite the heavy rainfall of
the day before, by 2 o'clock the mud had
dried up and hundreds of people were In
the city. At a o'clock a. m. the school
children marched to the cemetery In a
body and decorated the gravea. At 1:30
. an Immense audience assembled In
the opera house, where H. H. Wilson of
Lincoln delivered an eloquent address. At
the conclusion of the program the pro
cession, headed by the Nebraska Normal
college cadets In uniform, flower girls,
Grand Army post and cltisen tn carriages
proceeded to the cemetery, where the
graves of departed veterans were strewn
with flowers and the, usual Orand Army
of the Republlo ceremonies performed. The
business houses and public buildings were
prettily decorated for the occasion.
WEST POINT, Neb., May 5. (8peclnl.V-
West Point and southern Cuming county
gathered today to again pay tribute to the
memory of the soldier dead. An Imposing
parade proceeded to the cemetery, headed
by the school children of the clfy and the
West Point cadet band. Civic societies,
fraternal lodges, Bona and Daughters of
Veterans, and the Duetsche Landwehr
Vereln, an organisation of the veterans of
the Franco-Prussian war, joined In the
procession, which was also accompanied by
the mayor, city council and the various
municipal officers. Hon. Jacob Fawcett of
Omaha delivered the address of the day.
LEIGH, Neb., May J0.-4Speclal. This
morning Is bright and clear after a hard
rain late yesterday. The local posts, Orand
Army of the Republic, are observing
Memorial day in an appropriate manner.
Judge W. N. Henslle of Columbus will
make the address.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., May 90.-(Speclftl.)
Memorial day was duly observed In this
city today. The Orand Army of the Re
public was assisted In the Meeoratlon serv
ices by the Ancient Order of United Work
men, Degree of Honor, Eagles, Modern
Woodmen of America and other societies.
Headed by, the band, they' formed on Main
street, this forenoon and marched to the
cemetery, and after a short service th
graves of the departed were decorated.
Colonel H. C. McMaken was marshal of the
day. The Grand Army of the Republlo
memorial services were held In the Parmele
theater this sfternoon. Judge 8. M. Chap
man made the opening remarks. Colonel
T. J. Majors delivered the address.
LYONS, Neb., May 80. (Special Tele
gramsDecoration day at this place proved
to be a beautiful one and the program for
the day was held In the open air. where
Judge A. I Sutton, speaker of the day.
delivered a very able address to a large and
appreciative audience, after which the civil
war veterans led the way to the Iyons
cemetery where the usual ceremonies were
held, followed by the decoration of the
graves. The Lyons band ave an open air
concert In the evening which was appre
ciatea by all.
TEKAMAH, Neb.. May S0.-(8peclal.)-Decoration
day waa observed here today
In the annual appropriate manner, the bua-
Iness house being closed most of the after
noon. In the morning a large crowd went
iu me cemetery 10 aecorate the graves
and In the afternoon Rev. Dayhoff adressed
a large gathering at the park.
SIDNEY. Neb.. May .-(Speclnl Tele
gram.) Flags were flying from every bus
iness block and residence today in token of
Memorial day and hundreds of people drove
In from the country to witness the cere
monies. The Grand Army of the Republic,
headed by the Sidney brass band, led the
procession to the graves of the departed
heroes. Sons of Veterans, Woman's Re
lief corps, school children and all the clvlo
societies participated. The Tobln opera
house was crowded this afternoon, where
Indoor exercises were held. Rev. A. S. Cor
Dett being the orator of the day. The day
was thoroughly an Idea one.
AURORA, Neb., May SO (Special Tele
gram.) About 3,000 people were In attend
ance at Memorial day exercises held In
the court house square today. A splendid
muuumeni in nunur 01 me soifllers was
dedicated by appropriate ceremonies. Those
who delivered addresses were Hon. E. J.
Halner, Hon, T. B. Johnson and Judge
George F. Washburn.
BRAINARD. Neb., May 30. (Special Tele
gram.) Decoration day was fittingly ob
served here at 10 a. m. A large Droceaalon
was formed at the opera house snd
headed by th Brainard band, marched to
the cemetery, where the grave of the old
oldler and other were decorated.. A large
audience gathered at the opera, house to
listen to an addree by Ray M. Harris of
David City and J. T. McKnlght of Lincoln
NORTH PLATTE. Neb., May 30.-(Bpe
clal.) The weather for Memorial day never
has been better than today, though It ha
been rainy and cloudy and cold for several
days paat. A large number of the cltl
sens of this city drove to the beautiful
National cemetery, about twenty-two miles
east of here. Fort McPherson, where serv
ices appropriate to the day were held
Attorney J. J. Halllgan and County Judge
W. C. Elder made the principal addresses
of the day. The citizens of the country
for miles about and of the neighboring
villages drove In almost Innumerable rigs
to attend the services. Many from here
went on the early morning train to Max
well and drove fiom there. In the city
here the veterans of th civil war, the
Bpanlah-Amerlcan war, member of th
Woman' Relief corps. Ladle of the Grand
Army of the Republic and Bona of Vet
eran met at the Knight of Pythlaa hall
and proceeded In conveyance to the ceme
tery, where the grave of soldiers were dec
owed. At 2 p. m. a program was ren
dered at th opera house, where an ad
dreas was delivered by Judge J. S. ifoag
land and music rendered by the school I
chlldrea, as well as other selections.
HUMBOLDT. Neb., May 30. (Special.)
Th local Grand Army poat observed Dec.
orttloo day with a program at lb Cliy
culler to womoo It It seldom that a rae Is
seen wblch doe not pnweot some Indlcatlna
fjr this remedial arenf Ir. Fyfa further
says: "Tb following are among the leading
Indications for llIonl (Unicorn root). I'aln
or aching In tb back, with lsumrrhiai
atonic (weak) condition of tb reprcductlre
orfan of women, montal depreavlon and Ir
ritability, associate with chronic diseases of
tb recrodurllre organs of women, constant
aeacation of heat In the region of the kid
mr; tneoorrhagla (flooding), due to a weak
ened condition of tne reproductive crstemt
airifVrrhata (auppreased or absent monthly
period K arising from or accompanying an
abnormal condition of the digestive onran
and nMn1c (thin blood) habit; dragging
ensktlon In the extreme kiwer part of tha
If mora or lee of the above symptom
are present, do Invalid woman can do
DRiter man tans ur. fere s r avorita
Preacrlptlon, one of tha leading Ingredi
ents of which Is Unicorn root, or Ilslonia.
and the medical properties of which li ;
Boost faithfully represents.
Of Oolden Seal root, another prominent
Ingredient of "Favorite Prescript Ion
Prof. Flnley Elllngwood. M. 1)., of Ben
nett Medical College, Chicago, says:
It Is an Important remedy In disorders of
tbe womb. In all catarrhal condition
and general enfeeblement, it I useful."
Prof. John M. Scudder, M. D., late at
Cincinnati, says of Oolden Seal root :
"In relation to Its general effect on th
System, (Are to no awMr4n in yut about trlrfrh
Var to tueh general tnianwntfy of opinion. It
t tifltccrsaily regarded a th tunic uwful la
41 debilitated state.
Prof. Bartholow, M. D.. of Jefferson
Medical College, says of Golden Seal :
" Valuable In uterine hemorrhage, anennr
rhagla (flooding) and congestive dyawienor
reoes (painful menstruation)."
. Dr. Pierce's Favarite Prescription farts
fully reprraenta all the above named In
gredients and cures the dlseatea for which.
lhy are recommended.
primaries and th fourteen delegate to
the republican convention selected at that
time were unanimously Instructed for
The Hall county convention has been
called for June 2, at which time the republi
cans of the county expect to place Mr.
Rouse before the republicans of the stata
In his candidacy for th nomination for
governor by the republican party.
M-rrkawt Qntta Business. '
WEST POINT. Neb.. May 30 (Special
Telegram.) August Klelne. one of the old
est and best known merchants of West
Point, has closed out his business here. A
meeting of his creditors was held this
morning and matters were amicably ar
ranged without resort to logs! procedure.
His entire assets were turned over to his
creditors in full settlement of all claims.
William Steufer of the West Point National
bank and C. May of Fremont nre acting
as trustees and will dispose of the stock
at once.
Ord Delesatlon to Convention.
ORD. Neb.. May 30. 8peclal.)-Mr. Wall
has selected the following delegation to the
state convention: W. McNutt, A. M. Rob
bing E. J. Clemend. A. R. Honald. Ord;
E. J. Babcock. Walter Rood, North Loup;
Dr. Bartoc, M. L. Fries, Arcadia.
Orchard & Wilhelm
park thla morning, music being rendered
by the Dawson band, and an address by
George A. Lee of this city. In the after
noon the post marched to the cemetery,
escorted by a band of school children, and
decorated the graves of their departed
comrades. The rain of Tuesday night
stopped the work on the farm and the .
Ity was full of visitors from all sec
tions of the country.
TECUMSEH, Neb.. May 30.-(Speclal.)
Rev. J. T. Roberts of , Table Rock was
the orator here today, the exercises being
held at the opera house In the morning.
A splendid program was carried out. In
the afternoon the local Grand Army of
the (Republic and Woman's Relief corps,
together with the school children, formed
column down town, headed by the band.
and followed by citizens, which proceeded
to the Tecumseh cemetery where the graves
of the dead were decorated.
TABLE ROCK. May 30.-(Speclal.) The
nnual Decoration day rain came last night
and was very welcome, a there had been
no rain for a couple of weeks and It was
very dry. It measured a, little more than
an Inch. A large crowd assembled at the
opera house at 2 p. m, for Decoration day
exercises. The address . was by Hon.
George M. Collins.
MADISON, Neb., May 30.-Memorlal day
was observed here today with services at
the opera house. Hon. W. W. Young de
livered an eloquent address, which was
implemented by an appropriate literary
and music program. .Senator William V.
Allen Introduced the apeaker. The day
was an Ideal one. and the audience num
bered - over 500 people,,. The exercises, of
the day were In charge of- the soldiers of
the Spanish-American war.
ARAPAHOE. Neb., May 30.-(Speclal Tel
egram.) Under the auspices of Garrett
post. Grand Army of the Republic, Decora-
Ion day was loyally observed In Arapahoe
and the graves of thirty-eight veterans of
the civil war decorated with flowers by
their surviving comrades In the presence
of 2,600 people. The Decoration day pro
gram was held In the park after decorating
the graves. Rev. J. B. Miller of Edison
delivering the oration. The business men
closed their stores during the exercises In
the park. The Arapahoe band furnished
Event Celebrated Taesday in a Fit
ting Manner.
COLUMBUS, Neb.. May 80. (Special.)
On the 2th day of May, 1856, Columbus
was staked out and the first house bull:.
It was of logs, covered with grass. It
was right and proper that Columbus should
celebrate the event, though It was not on
very elaborate scale. There were no
longwinded speeches, but heart to heart
talks of those the oldest In our midst, and
these who knew whereof they spoke. Business-
houses were decorated, fl3gs thrown to
the breexes and a royal time enjoyed by
those gathered together, and so the fiftieth
anniversary of the first settlement of one
of the most beautiful cities of the plain
was celebrated. -
Child Drown In Water Tank.
TEKAMAH. May 30.-(8peelal.) The little
5-year-old daughter of James Jacobaon, a
farmer living six miles northwest of here.
waa drowned In a water tank this after
noon: the tank containing less than eleven
Inches of water. The father, with his two
sons. were, shelling corn within fifty feet
of where the little one was drowned. They
hsd been working but a few minutes when
they noticed the little girl had gone and
went Immediately In search of her, finding
her dead In the tank.
Roaar Carrie Hall f oont .
GRAND ISLAND. Neb., May 30. (Spe
cial.) Boosters for Hon. George L. Rouse
were busy throughout Hall county Satur
day, May 26, on which day all precincts
outside of Grsnd Island held republican
Xew of Nebraska.
ST. PAUI.r A fine rain, accompanied by
thunder and lightning, fell here this after
noon, the precipitation umounttng to 1.73
inrnf s.
TEKAMAH At an adjourned meeting of
the city council last night applications for
license to operste a pool room here were
rejected e-y a unanimous vote.
' BEATRICE The board of directors of
the Beatrice Driving association held a
meeting lust night and decided to hold
matinee races here on June 6.
NORTH PLATTE Monday morning of
this week Mr. O. E. Garrison and Miss
Rose McGovern were united In marriage
at the Catholic church by Rev. 8. F. Car
roll. NORTH PLATTE The thirteenth an
nual convention of the Christian Endeavor
for the eleventh district will be held at
Sutherland. Neb., June 6 and 6, when a pre
pared program will be rendered.
BEATRICE Farmers In thla section of
the state are feeling Jubilant over the fine
rain thiit visited tills locality yesterday.
The rainfall Is estimated at an Inch, and It
will practically Insure the wheat crop,
DANNEBROO C. C. Hanson left on last
evening's train for Europe. He Intends to
visit old friends and relatives In Denmark
and Germany and may also visit Rome.
He Intends gone about four months.
EDGAR Th. Edgar High school's nine
teenth annual commencement began last
evening In the opera house. Two evenings
will be occupied by the exercises, the first
last evening and the last Thursday even
ing. May 31.
TEKAMAH Ed Morrow, a farmer living
about twelve miles north of this place, lost
three of his fingers In a corn sheller yes
terday. Mr. Morrow was putting the belt
on the sheller and accidentally got his
hand In the cog wheel.
BEATRICE Beatrice lodge No. 136. An
cient Order of United Workmen, held an
open meeting last nlglU, which was
largely attended by members of the order
and the Degree of Honor. A musical pro
gram was rendered, after which a banquet
was held.
NORTH PLATTE The steel girders have
been laid on the Union Pacific new steel
bridge across the North Platte river east
of this city and the deck Is now being
placed In position. It la estimated that
the bridge will be entirely completed in
about two weeks.
MADISON There Is a movement on foot
to organise a stock company In Madison
for the purpose of publishing a German
weekly- newspaper. The German popula
tion In Madison and adjoining territory
Is considerable and would well support
such a publication.
TEKAMAH-A scrap betwen the eighth
grade and the seniors occurred on the
streets here yesterday and after dragging
each other In the mud for about twenty
minutes the former succeeded In recovering
their class colors from the seniors, who
had "awlped them.
BEATRICE At a special meeting of the
city council last night an electric light.
heat and power plant ordinance was read
for the first time. Another ordinance for
establishing gaa companies and. regulating
tne manufacture and sale ot the same was
read for t:ie first time.
HUMBOLDT A fine rain of two Inches
visited this section Igst evening and will
prove of great benefit to the crops, which
were beginning to suffer considerably. A
strong wind and a vivid electrical display
accompanied the storm, hut no serious
damage la reported In this vicinity.
HUMBOLDT In snlte of a steady down
pour of rain Tuesday evening the opera
house wae well filled, the occasion being
the twenty-first annual commencement ex
ercise of the Humboldt High school. The
class this year was the smallest for a long;
time, there being but three members.
MADISON Under the direction of Prof.
Deremus, the superintendent of the Madi
son schools, members of the eleventh grade
rendered a play at the opera house lat
-night entitled "A Modern Merchant of
Venice." The house was filled and the
performance waa very much appreciated.
PUATTSMOUTH The priests and mem
bers of the two Catholic churches St.
John's and the Holy Rosary marched to
he cemetery this forenoon snd the cross
.eeently erected was dedicated. Solemn
nigh mass was celebrated. Father Brad
ey spoke In English and Father Hancek In
' BEATRICE Articles of Incorporation
were filed yesterday In the county clerk's
office by the Hong Farmers' Elevator com
pany. The capltul stock Is placed at $5,000
and the Incorporators are fifteen of the
prominent farmers and stock raisers of the
Hoag vicinity. The company expects to
begin work on Its new 20,000-bushel capacity
elevator In a few days. .
DANNEBROO-The little village pf Dan
rcbsog la making great preparations for
celebrating the 6th of June. This Is Den.
mark's national holiday, and aa there are
large settlements of Danes In different
parts of Howard county, there usually Is
a great crowd here on that day. In the
last few years It Is getting to be popular
that all attend the celebration, no matter
to what nationality they belong.
WEST POINT Continuous heavy ralna,
with abnormally cold weather, have pre
vailed throughout this section for the last
three day, changing this morning to clear.
Dractng weatner. in temperature Is grad
ually rising. All vegetation la thriving,
eorn especially showing a strong, healthy
stand. Grass and small grains are excep
tionally strong and rank. The recent cold
wave did no damage whatever to garden
produce or to fruit trees.
SIDNEY A rousing meeting was held to
night at the court houae to take steps for
a big Fourth of July celebration. Various
committees were appointed and prospects
nre that Sidney will have the greateHt
Fourth ever held here. The prospects fur
large crops are very favorable and this
added much to the encouragement of the
vast audience which tilled the court bouse.
It Is proposed to have several horse races
and a ball game as the principle attrac
tions, and at night a dance- and a fine
dixplay of fireworks. ,
Carpet Co.
4H-I6.I8 South Sixteenth Street.
Entire line of best quality Tapestry Brussels reduced
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new spring patterns that have not before been offered less
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Entire line of 85c Tapestry Brussels, reduced to,
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Entire line of best Velvet Carpets, this means every piece
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Second Floor Granite Art Squares Sanitary Chamber
2Vsx3 yards, each $1.95 j'
3x3 yards, each $2.95 '
3x4 yards, each. $4.90
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Linseed Oil and Cork, will not crack, per 7ft
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The Story of
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Mass., and
Rate Through New York City, $33.75.
Tickets on sale May 31st to June 9th.
Good returning until June 18th, with privilege of ex
tension until July 15th.
Stop-overs allowed at Detroit, Buffalo, Niagara Falls
and New York City.
, Fast train leaves Omaha at: 6:00 p. m., arriving in
Chicago at 7:30 a. m., connecting with all eastbound
Tickets and further information at City Ticket Office,
1402 Farnam street, Omaha.
District Passenger Agent.
W11AT you timo .! uANT
monoy If you
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