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Preparatory 1o our taking stock next month we are going to
dean out our entire line ol ladies spring suits at three prices:
This will Include Butt that sold for S4n.flo to $45.00 In every color and
black mill vp In Pony, Eton or Rolero styles, with long- or short
sleeves. Positively no spring suit In our establishment Is withheld from
this sale. - ,
Onr Covert and Black Jackets some of which Bold ffr Clfl
for aa ranch as 128, will go at -. $J )U
CRAVENETTE COATS We hare the largest assortment In the
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All bur fine new Bilk Eton and Bhlrt Waist Bults all up-to-date crea
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Watch the Tapers tomorrow.
S. Fredrick Berger & Co.
The New Cloak Shop.
nzzi nzzz
1 C
Receives Bo Enoouraeement for Proposal of
Commission to Yiait China.
Bo Maay Tatars Ahead af feasors
Delegation Decides Not to Paah
It Daring; the Present
v Besaloa.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, May 24.-8peclal Tele
gram.) Congressman Pollard today had an
Interview with the president and Secretary
Root In relation to the suggestion made
by the chancellor and faculty of the Univer
sity of Nebraska that a commission be sent
to China for the purpose of studying the
situation and directing: the current of
Chinese thought so as to bring to the United
States a much larger number of their stu
dents than now come to this country. Both
the president and Secretary Root expressed
themselves In favor of a morn liberal inter
pretation of the Chinese exclusion act, but
did not look upon the commission Idea with
any great favor. Later Mr. Pollard Inter
viewed the chairman of the foreign relations
committee and learned that a bill Is now
In preparation, and which would shortly be
reported out of committee, removing many
1 i r i ii m nnnnxinui rarura Ar tna .vaiii. n.
act as relates to students, merchants and
travelers, but keeping rigidly to the exclu
sion of coolie labor.
Jndlclal Division Bill Dead.
The judicial division bill is dead for this
session of congress. There are so many
and more vital things pending In which
the Nebraska delegation is Interested that
it has been practically decided to allow the
bill to rest in the Judiciary committee of
thg house until, the shoft session.
- KJttrrdge Does Sot Give I p.
.Senator Klttredge returned to Washing
ton today from South Dakota, Some things
political have been happening In South Da
kota In which the senator. Representatives
Martin and Burke have had a hand, as
well as Senator Gamble. Senator Klttredge
et al.. on the face of returns that reached
Washington, were badly defeated. The sup
porters of Senator Gamble seem to have
carried practically everything they went
after. Senator Klttredge said today that
his sdvlees received from the field of bat
tle as to the county conventions held Tues
day Indicate a mixed condition of affairs
Bee our schedules to
cities: .
Detroit ,..21 hour
Buffalo 27 hours
Syracuse 30 hours
Albany. 33 hours
New York....... 37 hours
Boston 44 hours
mil WW dJ
maij in
. The Illinois Central's fast "Chicago Limited" train
leaves Omaha at 6:00 p. m. Fast day train at 8:00 a. m.
Union depot connections in Chicago for nearly all prin
cipal points.
Steamship tickets to all European and Asiatic points.
Cafe car service.
' Tickets and information at City Ticket Office, 1402
Farnani St, Omaha.
1 c
MAY 26
on Style.
i cz: c
and results are In doubt. On the other
hand representatives of Senator Gamble
have dispatches from the state which Indi
cate that Gamble has K4 delegates abso
lutely certain to vote for him. It requires
6R6 to control the convention and the Gam
ble people contend, allowing for a fair
average of contests, that they have the
Klttredge folks beaten to a standstill.
Minor Matters at Capital.
The senate committee on military affairs
today made a favorable report on the bill
granting Charles H. Cornell the right to
abut a dam across the Niobrara river on the
Kort Niobrara military reservation and to
construct and operate an electric railroad
line and telegraph and telephone line
across the reservation. This bill passed the
house May 7, and with a favorable report
from the senate committee it will certainly
become a law before the close of the pres
ent session. "
Senator Burkett today Introduced bills
Increasing the pensions of Harvey Gamble
and William J. Wells to 130.
Captain Perry Garst, U. S. N., who was
In command of the battleship Rhode Island
when it ran aground off York, Va., some
days ago and who is to be court-martialed,
is a brother of State Senator Warren
Garst of Carroll county, Iowa, who Is a
candidate for lieutenant governor on the
Cummins ticket.
Congressman Norrls was today notified
that the following pensions had been
granted: Adam 8llger, Wilson, (12 Increase
from March 21 last; Augusta E. Gano, El
wood, IS from April 8, 1891, and accrued
pension of her husband; Emma C. Taylor,
Curtis, $8 from March t, 1896, and her hus
band's accrued pension. .
Congressman Pollard today secured a
pension of 18 from Sarah E. McDay of Au
burn. Postal Matters.
Postmasters appointed: Nebraska Eagle,
Cass county, George W. Peterson, vice W.
H. Gardner, resigned. Iowa Elkhart, Polk
county. Ralph A. Clark, vice J. H.. Woods,
resigned;.. Lehigh. , Webster county,,, Josuua
A. Beem, vice Ada R. . Kellogg, resigned;
Minerva, Marshall county, Albert D. Mc
Cormack. vice Thomas Nichols, resigned.
Wyoming Thornton, Weston county. Hut
tie G. Brooks, vice L. M. Bailey, resigned.
Rural carriers appointed: Nebraska Ra
venna, route No. 1, Willis O. Hutchinson,
carrier; Susan E. Hutchinson, substitute.
Iowa Bedford, route No. . Ora E. Wertx,
carrier; Ralph S. McKee. substitute. South
Dakota Tyndall. route No. 2, Emll G. Koe
nlg. carrler; John Koenlg, substitute.
Termaovn Defease Rests.
NEW TORK. May 24 -The defense of
Josephine Terranova rested Its case today.
Saucers and Spoons Free
With Each Order
Come In and get one of our llttlo
barrels of Ice creams, put it in
your pocket and take It along with
you to eat later in your office. It Is
packed so that It will keep hard for
two hours. Each barrel contains
three flavors of Ice cream and i
supply you free little paper saucers
and tin spoons, so that It will be
convenient for you to serve.
Quart slse (sufficient for eight
persons) 40e
Pint size sufficient for four
persons) .80e
rkaae Douglas 711. 1JM Faraasi SL
some of the principal eastern
Indianapolis 21 hours
Cincinnati!...... 24 hours
Pittsburg 26 hours
Philadelphia.... 35 hours
Baltimore. ......36 hours
"Washington 33 hours
District Passtjijer Agest j
1 i"198
Judirs Cornish Holds Law IsTalid aa
Improper Use of Police Power,
Law Provides Inebriates Mast Hot Be
toadned with Insane, Wall It
Appears Complainant
Had Been.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, May 24. (8peclal.) The dipso
maniac law got a whack from Judge Cor
nish of the district court this afternoon
when he ordered the release of LeRoy
Craig from the asylum, Craig having been
adjudged an Inebriate. He sought release
by habeas corpus proceedings, and In his
opinion Judge Cornish said:
In the matter of the application of Le
roy Craig for writ of habeas corpus the
court Is of the opinion that the demurrer
In this case to the application must be
overruled for the reason: First, that the
law providing for the commitment of dip
somaniacs to the asylum provides that
they shall be confined in a separate ward.
The petition which upon demurrer Is ad
mitted to be true alleges that the appli
cant Is not confined In a separate ward,
but Is confined to a ward in which Insane
patients are kept. It is also alleged that
It Is proposed to continue to so confine
him, and that the state Is unable at the
present time to provide lor otner connne
ment of such persons. If this varlatloa
from the law Is prejudicial to the rights
of the applicant, then It seems to the
court that his petition makes a cas1. We
believe such confinement does constitute
substantial injury. These persons are sup
pose! to be already weakened by the use
of drinks or drugs and their confinement
with insane patients is dangerous to their
natural health, end at least until the legis
lature shall see fit to so confine them
their complaint In this particular ought to
be held good. Another reason why the court
is of the opinion that this law is bsd Is
that It does not seem to come under the
general rule permitting police regulations
In this, that It does not confine itself to
those cases where the person's conduct
Is assumed to have become a menace to
the peace, safety, health or morals of
society. The court is of the opinion that
for such a law to be constitutional it must
be so limited in Its application.
Bhrlners Called to Lincoln.
Bcsostris temple of the Nobles of the
Mystic Shrine will meet in Lincoln May .
A program has been Issued and Is being
mailed to the nobles, of whom there are
800 In this Jurisdiction. There are two
temDlce in Nebraska, one for the South
Platte Jurisdiction and the other for the
North Platte Jurisdiction.
Falls and Breaks Leg.
Walt Dawson, county clerk In this county,
broke his left leg below the knee yesterday
afternoon and Is now at his home with
good prospects of staying there some weeks,
as he weighs over 200 pounds. Dawson
was talking to some friends while standing
at the edge of a sidewalk and stepped
backward and fell. His leg was twisted
under htm.
Doing of State Officials.
Secretary of Slate Galusha has gone to
Grand Island o attend a meeting of tne
finance committee of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen lodge, which will be held
at that place this evening.
Attorney General Norris Brown will speak
at Rosalind tomorrow night, at Albion
Monday night, Wlsner Wednesday, Bloom
ing-ton May 81 and at Kenesaw Friday.
With the exception of the Wlsner speech
graduating exercises is the occasion.
Land Commissioner Eaton is making out
registered notices for all lease contracts
which are six mo.itha In arrears or which
will be six months in arrears July 1. On
that date the notices will be mailed out
ar unless paid the lend will be leased
again. The notices of the sale contracts
dellnauent were mailed out April 1. The
number this year Is greatly reduced from
former years. Showing the state Is enjoy
ing a great deal more prosperity than In
former years.
Auditor Searle Is Shown.
State Auditor Searle has been shown.
For some months the auditor and Deputy
Auditor Cook have doubted the existence
of grey wolves in Nebraska, especially In
the thickly Inhabited portions of the state
Today the auditor received by express
from the coufity clerk of Johnson county
a real live grey wolf a few months old
With the wolf came a message that the
county clerk had the scalp of another,
much older, and that he sent this one on
alive to. show the auditor that It was
really a grey wolf.
Hew Corporations.
The Nebraska City Commercial club filed
Its articles of Incorporation with the secre.
tary of state this morning. The business
of the new club will be to advance the
interests of Nebraska City. The Incorpora
tors are John W. Etenhart, F. J. Homeyer,
R. O. Marnell, W. L. Wilson and William
The Farmers' Business association of
Beaver City has Incorporated to do a gen
eral business In grain and live stock, with
a capital stock of $5,000. The incorporators
re W. C. Kinsman. C. W. Downing and
The Vulcan Chemical company of Omaha
has Incorporated to sell certain chemical
combinations and starts out with a capital
stock of $100,0u0. The Incorporators are
H. E. Hursh, A. E. English and J. F.
Under the name of the James P. Con
nolly compsny, a corporation has been or
ganlsed In Omaha to sell at wholesale
and retal I men's and boys' furnishing
goods. The -capita I stock Is 126,000 and the
incorporators are James P. Connolly, P. A.
Connolly and William P. Arnold!.
A telephone company has organised at
Chambers, Holt county, with av capital
stock of 112,000. The officers are: J. M
Jackman, president; J. R. Relts, vice presl
dent; W. H. Graver, secretary; Robert
McClannahan, treasurer.
Holiness Csnsnettlsg.
The Nebraska State Holiness association
will hold Its thirty-fifth annual camp
meeting at Epworth Lake park, Lincoln,
June It to 2t, Inclusive. President George
I. Wright, Nebraska City, president, and
W. H. Prescott, 1817 M street, Lincoln.
secretary, have Issued the following an
The association has secured the services
of three of the best camp-meeting leaders
In the United States, Rev. H. C. Morrison
of Louisville, Ky.; Rev. C. B. Allen of
Denver, Colo., and Rev. E. F. Miller o
Chicago, lead-r.ln song. Every meeting
held by this association has been a meet
tng of great spiritual power, but every
thing points to the best meeting this year
ever held. Epworth Lake park Is beaut!
ful and attractive, sanitary conditions are
the very beat of board and lodging ac
cemmodations will be 1rst class and very
reasonable In price. Free admission
grounds. Ground rents free to all who
will bring their own tents. Tents
preachers half price.
Inqalry lata Asylans Death.
Coroner Graham will hold an Inquest
over the remains of Mrs. Julia Maseey
tomorrow afternoon.
Mrs. Masse y died in the Lincoln asylum
two months ago, since which time there
have been many ugly rumors concerning
her death. Coroner Graham was out of
town at the time and no inquest was held
though It was reported her nose had been
; broken and her skull cracked back of one
1 eye. ,The woman waa 101 years old and
. It was given out she died of senility.
i Since Dr Greene asked for an tnvsstlga
. . l. . i- A. ... a . j j
1 Ce'0aax Graham concluded to bold aa In
quest to inquire Into the death of Mrs.
Mesne?. A Jury was empaneled tonight.
Fartaer of Seeretory Shaw Dell vers
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. May 4.-(Speelal.)
The members of Group I of the Nebraska
Bankers' association met In annual con
vention In this city yesterday, showed great
Interest In a well selected pro gram of
papers and discussions, elected officers for
the ensuing year and enjoyed a fine banquet
t the Koehler last night.
The district Is comprised of the counties
of Dawson (north of the Platte), Merrick.
Hamilton, Howard. Hall. Greeley, Wheeler,
Garfield, Valley, Custer. Sherman, Buffalo,
Loup, Blaine, Sheridan, (south townships),
Lincoln (north of the Platte). Thomas,
Logan, McPherson, Hooker, Grant. Box
Butte, Scott's Bluff, Banner, Kimball,
Cheyenne, Deuel and Keith. About fifty
members were present.
Among the addresses were: "The Needs of
Western Nebraska Banks," by Warrick of
Alliance; "The State Bankers' Association,"
by Mr. L. B. Howey of Beatrice; an ad
dress by the secretary of the state banking,
board, Hon. E. Royee of Lincoln, and "The
Banker and the 'Public," by Mr. Carl
Kuehne, business associate of Secretary
Shaw, of Denlson, Iowa. The banquet was
one of the finest ever participated In by
the group. The following officers were
selected for the ensuing year: S. K. War
rick, ' Alliance, president; John A- Miller,
Kearney, vice president; C. A. Robinson,
Shelton, secretary-tressurer.
A. B. Cody Soes for Twenty Thoasaad
Dollars Damasjrea.
TBCUM8EH. Neb., May 24 (Special
Telegram.) An Important caae to Johnson
county people will be taken up In the
federal court In Omaha tomorrow. It Is
wherein A. S. Cody of Midland, Mich.,
brings suit for damages. In the sum of
120,000 against P. 8. Jones and C. H. Dennis
of Tecumeeh.
Cody came to Tecumseh after the failure
of the Chamberlain bank of thl. plare with
papers In his possession which had been
the property of the Institution. He was
accused cf endeavoring to sell them and
was apprehended at the request of Jones
and Dennis, heavy losers In the bank fail
ure. He was given a bearing n the county
court and bound over for trial in the res
trict court. Pending the preliminary and
the furnishing of bonds he was incarcer
ated In the county Jail. The district court
cqultled him, and he now brings suit for
false Imprisonment. Cody asserted he
bought the papers of Chamberlain. A
dosen witnesses will go to Omaha from
this city tomorrow.
Tries to Start Fire la Stove with
NORFOLK. Neb., May 24. (Special Tele
gram.) With every square Inch of her
flesh cooked by fire that caught her cloth
ng as the result of an explosion of kerosene
with which she tried to kindle a fire, the
little 11-year-old daughter of William Nix
Is suffering torture untold tonight, and
will die. Every stitch of her clothing waa
burned from her excepting her stockings,
garters and shoes. Her hair was burned
from her head. The fire ' set her home
afire, but this was quenched.
Son Flarhts for Estate.
NIOBRARA, Neb.. May 24. (Special.)
M F. Harrington of O'Neill was In town
yesterday obtaining evidence in an 1m
portant case growing out of a will left
by the late William Lamont, who willc-I
to his eldest son, Frank, 620 acres of
land adjoining town, and leaving no pro
vision for his son Scott, whom he dli
owned, claiming . illegitimacy, Lamont
came here in lSBVifronv-Pennsylvanla,
and waa an eccentric. - His wife was an
educated Womanof domestic tastes. She
m as popular among the early settlers and
bore a good name at the time of her
residence. Lamont became enraged by
Jealousy and she left him In 1860 or 1881
for the old Pennsylvania home, taking
the two children. She offered to return
on the promise of better treatment, but
being refused she remained away and
procured a divorce, about 18T9. Frank
Lamont died in Pennsylvania a few weeks
ago and now Ms brother, Scott, brings
action for his share of the. estate.
Commencement at Kearney Normal
KEARNET, Neb., May 24. (Speclal.)-
The first commencement exercises of the
State Normal school at Kearney will begin
May 27, continuing to May 29. Sunday the
baccalaureate sermon will be preached at
10 a. m. by Rev. Luther P. Ludden at the
opera house. Monday .there will be a
general reception at 8 p. m. at the normal
chapel and Tuesday at the opera house
the commencement exercises will end. Gov
ernor Mickey will deliver an address, fol
lowed by Dr. E. A. Ross, The diplomas
will be presented by Dr. Ludden, president
of the board.
Swedish Methodist Conference.
SARONVILLE, Neb.. May 24. (Speclal.)-
The district meeting for the Swedish Meth
odist church for Nebraska held Its first
meeting at 10 o'clock this morning. Most
of the ministers were present, while a few
arrived today. The congregation gave thetn
a reception last night at the church. Rev,
C. O. Sherman and A. Aspegren welcomed
the visiting pastors an Rev. C. J. Mell
berg, presiding elder for Nebraska, re
sponded. Refreshments were served in the
class room later.
Opening; Hew Stoa Qnarry.
LOUI8VILLE, Neb., May 24. (Special.)
A company has been formed here known
as the Louisville Stone company, with
Tom E. Parmele, president and George
H. Wood secretary and treasurer. The
Missouri Pacific Railway company will
put in a switch to the quarry within tho
next ten days. These are send quarries
and the company will put In machinery
to dress the stone in any shape or stxi
Farmer Commits Snlcldo. .
HATES CENTER. Neb., May 24. (Spe
clal Telegram.) Ells Davis, an old res)
dent of Hsyes county, committed suicide
last night by shooting at his home In High
Ridge precinct. He sent the coroner word
by telephone. Coroner Dambach and
Sheriff Detty went out this morning to In
vestlgate and found a clear case of suicide
with no Inquest necessary.
Reeestlon to Commander Mason
MINDEN. Neb., May 24. (Special.) The
members of Grand Army post No. 91 and
the women of the post gave a reception in
honor of John R- Mason, who was recently
elected department commander ot the
Grand Army for Nebraska. There was
large crowd In attendance. Members of
the poet gave short talks. Refreshments
were served at 11 o'clock and all went homo
saying they had a pleasant time.
Mlekey Speaks at Chantaaana.
OTTAWA, Kan.. May 24. (Special.)
Governor Mickey of Nebraska has accepted
the Invitation of the assembly board to
deliver the address on Grand Army day at
the Chautauqua assembly here on June 21.
He was to have been here on "governors"
day last year to Join the governors from
Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kaasaa,
but waa unable to bo present.
Boy It U led by Llahtalaar.
AIN8 WORTH. Neb.. May 14. (8peclal
Telegram.) Yesterday afternoon the S-year-old
son of W . Cornish waa killed
by lightning about five miles south of
Hews of Nebraska.
BEATRICE Frank Fethoud was severely
Injured yeeterday by being kicked on the
leg by a horse.
FAPILLION The recent rains have put
everything in fine condition. The straw
berry crop will be lmmenae.
MINDEN The Mlnden Commercial club
at the meettng Tuest'.ay evening appointed
committee on extending the water mains
on several streets.
BEEMER A aood. snaklna rain fell here
this afternoon. Farmers are all through
filantlng corn and moisture was beginning
o le needed to start growth.
BEEMER .The nuoils of the Beemer
High school will give a comic entertain
ment In the opera house Fridav evening of
thla week, entitled. "The Old Maid s Club."
PAPII.LION J. Kellev was killed by
lightning yesterday near Forest City,
Parpy county. He was ;3 years old and
CMne from Geneva, Neb. No Inquest
waa held.
BEATRICE The Beatrice Dally Courier
the name of a new democratic paper
which will make Its appearance here this
week. Ed Roberts, an Omaha printer. Is
to tie edltor-ln-chlef.
BEATRICE Walt Mason, who recently
received word from Washington that his
monthly magaxtne had been renised ad
mittance to the malls, was yesterduy noti
fied by Postmaster Hollingworth that the
fflcials at Washington had reconsidered
he matter and admitted his patter as a
egal publication.
BEATRICE Charaed with kssaultlnc
Mrs. Arthur Woelke and her sister, Mrs.
Llzsie Rcharton, Henry Rodgera, a barber,
no William Tombly, a painter, were nnc-i
6 and costs each In police court today.
LEIGH This section was visited by
heavy rains yesterday and last night. The
first rain fell at noon yeaterday and rained
at Intervals during the afternoon and
night. Sufficient moisture fell for all pres
ent needs.
COLUMBUS It has been the custom In
his city for the churches each Memorial
Sunday to send an Invitation to the Grund
Army of the Republic post. This year
Bauer post No. 9 will meet In the afternoon
at the Methodist church.
OAKLAND Andrew Osterbera son of Mr.
and Mrs. John 8. Anderson, south of Oak-
and, waa married at noon Wednesday to
Miss Anna Johnson, oldest dauahter of Mr.
and Mrs. A. G. Johnson, at their home. Just
east of town, Rev. Sandahl of the Lutheran
church of this city performing the cere
mony. BEATRICE Farmers In Gere county
have finished planting corn, and In some
Melds the grain is coming up with the ap-
earance oi a good stand. v neat and oats
ook fine, but farmers reDort that a aood
soakjng rain would be beneficial to crops
of all kinds, aa the ground Is becoming
very dry.
OAKLAND At the reaular meetinc of
Oakland chapter No. 91 Ancient Free and
Accepted Masons, Wednesday evening the
following officers were elected for the en
suing year: A. C. Holmuuist, W. M. ;
Charles P. Lang. 8. V.; Clyde C. Neumann,
i. w.; v. L fried, secretary; A. l. cuu,
res surer.
BEATRlCE-'-Fiiday will be observed as
'Patriotic Day" In the public schools of
Beatrice. The civil war veterans chosen
to deliver patriotic addresses st the differ
ent schools on that day are: W. N. Whlt-
lock. H. A. ijl aelle, colonel w. o. Tiuon,
O. carnahan. D. H. Dorn. J. H. cralg.
George Little and J. W. Jackson.
FREMONT The Standard Oil company
la going to have some opposition in this
vicinity. The National oil company, an
Ohio independent concern, has bought
some property in Cloverly addition near
the brewery, where it proposes to ereot
tanks and a warehouse and do a Jobbing
business. The Standard has previously
had a monopoly of the oil traoe of this
section. .
r.BAND ISLAND At a regular ad
journed session the Board of Education
deliberated over the plans of several
architects for the construction of the new
high School building, and F. A. Menmnge.
w riven the contract. The commlttoo
on buildings recommended, in a report.
that the price or tne Dunning, inciunin?
heating and plumbing, be fixed at $60,000,
thla giving tne Doara me nmimimn
810,000 of the bond Issue for furniture
and fixtures.
FREMONT There was a severe thun
derstorm accompanied by heavy rain here
yesterday afternoon, oeiween i ana J
o'clock. Lightning struck the chimney of
H. J. Lees hardware store, throwing It
down and shaking up some of the peoplo
Inside. Some damage was also done to
Jarmin's confectionery store next door.
Lightning also struck the telephone wires
and C G. Fletcher, a Bell company line
man, who waa on a Dole at the corner
of Sixth street and Nye avenue, sustained
a severe shock, paralysing nis legs.. n
will i.tohably recover the use of them.
BROKEN BOW The commencement ex
ercises of the high school last night at the
opera house were of unusual Interest and
will long ne rememnerea dv mnse wno ex
tended. Following is the program: Over
ture by orchestra; Invocation, Rev. Mr.
Mitchell; solo, .'.f.a Sullivan; salutatory.
Faith Gutterson; "Step ny Htep. r;va
Miller; violin solo, Thomas Btuckey; "A
Squandered Inheritance," Hazel Norcutt;
"Opportunity,'1 Elenor Richardson; "Para
sites," Lynn Sullivan; selection by glee
club; "Vim." Guy Armstrong; "Evolution,
Hazel Jewett; "Shepherdess of Domreniy,
Edna Russom; duet, Mesdames Btuckey
and Taylor; "Future of the Graduate.
Iris Dewey; valedictory, tttiemont rigman:
orchestra; presentation of diploma by
President J. R. Dean; class song; benedic
tion by Rev. Mr. Levack.
COLUMBUS Judge James G. Reeder Is
making an effort to clean up the docket
In this term of the district court, nnd
the present gait is sure to accomplish
It. Among the most Important cases was
one by Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson against
James Nevlls and August Steffen. She
stked for $5,000 on the ground that Mr.
Nelson was filled up with booze at tho
bar of the defendant, started for horn.'
fell in a basement of a new building and
had his Jaw fractured and otherwise badly
Injured. The Jury brought In a verdict
of $260. Another case of the same kind,
only In this the man lost his life, was
Mrs. Joseph Ravage against several saloon
eDers of Humphrey. Tne usual amount
is asked for. but it was settled outside
of court by mutual agreement, the de
fendants paying $800 damages.
Gone Crnsy.
Many people have gone orazy from dy
spepsia, constipation, etc. Dr. King's New
Life Pills cure; 26c. Guaranteed. For sale
by Sherman A McConnell Drug Co,
dominations by President.
WASHINGTON, May 24. The president
today sent the following nominations to the
senate: v
Postmasters Illinois: W. E. Ludlow,
Griggsvtlle; 8. B. Roach, Mason City. Iowa:
F. G. Atherlone, usatte. Kansas: Louisa
Kerns, Oakley; C. M. Hlgley. Cawker City;
Laura Goodfellow, Fort Leaven worth; R.
A. Marks. Oberlln. New Mexico: P. A. F.
Walter. Santa Fe. South Dakota: G. B.
Craft. Belle Fourche. Texas: . H. A. Griffin,
Sterling Silver Frenzer. 15th and Dodge.
Traction Mntoal Insnrnnee.
DAVTON. O., May 24. Electric traction
men of Ohio and Indiana, In meeting here,
will form an Insurance company to take
care of their properties, as they claim the
regular Insurance companies charge too
high rates on electric properties.
The 20th Century
Sanitary Carpet
There la bo other floor covering
UkeCREX. Wore sanitary thaa
earpet mora durable thaa mat
ting. CREI is d oat-proof and
grerm-proof made in all widths
and a variety of colors. Water
caanol to jura CREI,
CAITI05H Avoid Imitations
be anra yon grot CREI.
BoM oatrnar Corset am
New York W. P"'- Mim.
Jobbers in Omaha: Orchard,
WUfcelaa Carpet Coaaaaay.
. an" ii ' ' 1 " " ' i
Ippepf m
W- ss
: v yg
if :rH m
t .k -J l w
MR. D.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
Is the best cure for Indigestion, dyspepsia, flatulency, nervousness snd every form of
stomach trouble. It Is an absolutely pure, gentle and Invigorating stimulant and tonic,
builds up the nerve tissues, tones up the heart, gives power to the bra n, strength and
elasticity to the muscles and richness to the blood. It brings Into action all the vital
forces. It makes digestion perfect and enables you to get from the food you eat the
nourishment It contains. It Is Invaluable for overworked men. delicate womm j and
sickly children. It strengthens the system. Is a promoter of good health and longevity,
makes the old young and keeps the young strong. i ..
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey contains no
fusel oil snd Is the only whiskey recognized
by the Government as a medicine. This Is
a guarantee.
CAUTIOX There in but one ltiffy'a.
Pure Malt Whiskey. Sold in waled
bottles only; never in bulk. Insist
on having the Knuine and refuse in
jurious substitutes and imitations,
which are cheap only in name. Look
for the "Old Chemist" trade-mark on
the label and be sure the seal over the
cork Is unbroken. Druggist and
grocers, or direct, $1 a bottle.
Doctor's advice and medical booklet
free. Duffy Malt Whiskey Company,
Rot-heater, X. Y.
Pacific Coast and Return
DESTINATIONS: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland,
Seattle and Tacoma. - w"v v .
VIA SHASTA ROUTE, one way, $73.50.
DATES OF SALE: Daily after June lstj return limit,
October 31st.
ROUTES: The usual direct routes to and from the coast.
For instance, to California via Denver; scenic Colorado,
Salt Lake City; to Portland and Puget Sound via Burlington-Northern
Pacific direct Northwest line through
Montana and Washington.
AXIOM: No tour of the Coast is complete unless it include
the Puget Sound country.
TRAIN SERVICE: Daily. Standard Sleepers through to
San Francisco via Denver, scenic Colorado and Salt Lake.
Daily through tourist sleeping car service, same route.
Personally conducted, tourist, sleeper excursion ,frora
Omaha Thursdays and Fridays to Los Angeles Tia Coast
, Line, also Tuesdays and Saturdays to Los Angeles via
Salt Lake Line. Two daily through trains, carrying all
classes of equipment, between the Missouri River and
Write or call for special folders descriptive of summer
rates, routes and train service for Pacific Coast tours. Give
me an outline ofyour proposed tour and let me advise you
how best to make it at the least cost.
j. n. Remolds. C.
i.--.iiLjt:f.;Bi,x',,L iMi. JLmmMi-L gL-ga
' . .r',i-nf.-,'ltcv '.... W' 4 ie-M-'S -"j
4. Our treatment is known the world over, and has proved
its merits in over 350,000 cases.
5. We give value received, and that is the reason we are' at
the head in our specialty.
6. The only Keeley Institute in the state of Nebraska is
located in Omaha:
Bead for our frea booklet "Facts About the Keeley Cure."
Take laraey street car ire at either aVpoL OMAHA, NTS.
a tlttt l. W,
Is n Innovation. Uniaue snd original.
All posed cooking. Sea food ot all varieties specialty.'
Our combination Breakfasts are a popular feature.
The German Rathskeller
is Broadway's greatest attraction for special food dishes snd popular music
400 rooms. 100 baths. Rates for rooms 11.60 and upward; II 00 ul
upward with bath. Parlor, bedroom and bath 13.00. 4.00 and 5.00 per
day; parlor, two bedrooms snd bath, $5.00, $6.00 snd $8 00 per day. $1.09
xtra where two persons occupy single room.
Write for Booklet. ...
Mr. D. M. Hammond of Wheel
ing, W. Va., a Victim of Dys
pepsia and Indigestion for
Years, Could Not Eat a Meal
Without Suffering Severe
Pains. He is, Today, Healthy
and Strong, Thanks to Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey, and to
Use His Own Words, 4,Today
I Am Well and Strong and I
Can Now Enjoy My Meals."
He writes: "I feel It hiv duty to thank
vou for the good Duffy's Pure Malt
w hiskey has done me. 1 was afflicted with
dvapeps'la and Indigestion for years, never
eating a meal without suffering after IL
About six years ago a friend of mine ad
vised me to trv Duffy's. 1 bought a bottle
and commenced taking a little of It after
each meal. Today l am well and strong,
and I can now enjoy my meals."
P. A.: 1502 Firnam St.. Omaha. Keb.
1. Drunkenness, Opium,
Morphine, Cocaine and
other drug addictions are
diseased conditions. ,
2. Therefore, scientific
medical treatment is nec
essary. 3. In c.-ie of sickness,
none but the best should
be accepted.
Herald Square, New York.
Completely renovated and refnra
Th largest and most" attractive
has been newly opened up. ,
Special Inducements to COMMER
CIAL MEN with samples. Thirty large'
and well lighted 8AMPLU ROOM 3.'
with or without bath. Forty large
front mill with narlor. two pearooma
snd private bath, suitable for families'
or parties traveling together.
The Old English .
Grill Room