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CI J f m w r . ah.
t v caDueri 100 aucn lor v union, aiiowwc
I Bat Four Hiti.
Six ThniMn4 Pans Tor Oat la
See Pa's (nil Redeem Tha
selves r Walloping; Hf
Willie's ( aba.
For running too fast Saturday at Vinton
lirri it l l in-niri wan f-v ukia puiiunj
afternoon before the banner crowd of the
season. A.OijO. Omaha won In a (anie full
of fast plays by the score of 7 to . Every
L kind of play on the bill wa dished out for
The delectation of the lair1 crowd, with
fant fielding and ome not ko fait, with
good pitching and some not so good and
with food Mick work and xome work that
lld not work.
Bandera waa In the box for Onutha and
he waa in complete control of the situa
tion at all atitgs. holding the heavv hitters
down to four little hita, one of which was
a two-bagger by Randall In the ninth in
ning, but It did him no good, although he
succeeded in reaching third. Sandera had
everything a pitcher needed Sunday and
"at of all waa perfect control. paasinr
but one, by the grace of the otherwise ex
cellent umpire. Fans who aaw fmplre
Davla yesterday for the first time, mar
vtileU at the name of 8lals, but for their
edification It might be well to any that he
got that mime several years ago when, he
was about loo pounds lighter.
Paige started to oblige for Young Hill
Everett, who sat on the bench with the
Mint hat. In the second Inning, however,
Bill was seen to remove his hut. and start
toward Mr. Paige, but It was with no In
tention ol Inflicting bodily harm. He simply
wanted to send him to the stable to make
room for Bpll Ball F.ngle, who arrived too
late to be of any use to the mountaineers,
for the 'battle was already lost. Pnlge did
everything but hit a man In the first inning,
being hit for a double and' triple, walked
n man and threw the hall wild.
Oniahu did not wait on any formalities,
but went rlaht after the goods from" the
first drop of the hat. After Denver had been
clanked Howard, who has been nursing
a l.'harleyhorse for a week, stepped to the
plate and hit for a clean double to right.
Tarter followed him with another In the
same direction on which he reached third.
Hassey popped out and while pitching four
wide ones to Welch, Mr. Paige threw one
so wide that Carter trotted home. A neat
uouble ended the inning.
One, , two, three was all ' there was for
Denver In . the second, while Omaha did
some more scoring. Mr. Paige presented
Purring and Oondlng with bases, when
Kverett thought ho hart displayed his fine
figure long enough and railed him In.
Bandera hit an easy one to the pitcher on
which Petting was caught at third and
Howard singled. Carter went out on a
ground ball to first on which Oondlng
cored and Bassey hit for three, scoring
Sandera. and Howard.
Pol an made the next run for Omaha In
the fifth Inning when, after beating out a
nbnnt, to first, he made he circuit of the
bases on the wild throw of Engle to
catch him at first. The next run came in
the sixth Inning, when Gonding doubled
and came home on Sandera' three-sacker.
That was all the scoring (lone by Omaha
but then It was thought to be enough or
more could have been made.
Denver hod the fans on the anxious seat
In the fourth Inning, when six Mountaineers
faced Warflcld Sanders. The first man
up singled over Sanders' head and the
fourth slid the satrte tt.d the" nfYM Was given
a base on on" of DoWn' a errors, but Za
ltisky ended the agony by flying out to
Hownrd. '
8everal of the Omaha players covered
themselves with glory and made up a lit
tle for the poor fielding which has been
done for the last week. Perrlng scooped
one of the hard ones and started a double
on a ball which looked like a hit. Bassey
got a hard one and Carter forgot his game
knee long enough to spoil a base hit and
help make a double play. Sandera worked
hla quick return on an old pal when he
caught Old Sport McHale napping. Kroell
waa not so easily fooled and got a safe
one on a quick return.
The umt teams will play this afternoon
before the achool children of the city
schools. It will not be ladles' day.
The score:
AB. R. H. PO. A. K.
Howard, 2h
Carter, rf ..
Bassey, If ..
Welch, cf ..
Dolan, lb ...
Bunkle, ss .
Perrlng, 3b .
Oondlng, c .
Sanders, p .
Totals ...
I 1 t 1 1
.. 4
.. 3
33 1
AB. R.
n. ro. a.
McHale, cf
T. Smith. 2b
Randall. If .
Belden. rf ..
Keddick. 3b
Kroell. sa ..
Kalusky. lb
0 4 0
i t
l l
. Paige, p
Logic, p
o ..
. Totals
Two-base hits:
....32 0 4 24
...! 8 0 0 1 1 0 0 7
...0 0000000 0-0
Howard, Gonding. Ran-
dull. Three-base
hlts: Carter , Bassey,
Handera. Wild pitch: Paige. Base on
balls: Off Sandera, 1; off Paige, I; oft
Engle, 3. Struck out: By Sander, (; by
r.ngie, a. ieii on oaaea: umana, ; uen
ver. (. Double plays: Carter to Dolan
Perrlng. Howard to Dolan; Kroall, Smith
.to Zalusky. Stolen banea: Perrlng, Oond
lng, Carter. Sacrifice hlta: Dolan. Sand
ers. Attendance: e.0Ui. Time: l;Se. Cm
pi re: Davis.
I.laeala I.aaea aa Errors.
DES MOINES. la. May 30 Costly and
Inexcuwable errors upon the part of Lincoln
players gave Ilea Moines several runs and
the game here this afternoon before
crowd ot over .OtiO people. Miller pitched
a sieauy game ana was given perfect sup
port by the champions. Kuaar nltched well
but waa given no support and his mistakes
were cosity. core;
AH. H. H. PO.
Caff vn. If ,
rUhlpke. :tb...
Welday. cf...
Dexter, lb....
Tow ne, r
Hogieiver, if
Andreas, sa..
Maarocn. 3b...
M tiler, p
Totals ...
31 i
A B. R.
11. PO.
3 3
A. E
Fill man, as...
Holmes. If...
Quillln. 3b
Ketrhum, cf..
Thomas, lb....
Colhna. rf
t'arton, 2b
K.vgers. c
Rugar. p
32 1
24 II
Out for Interfering with batted ball.
Des Moines 2 1 I 0 u '
Lincoln V 0 t 1 u 0 o-l
Stolen baaea: Andreas (2). Dexter. Ma
goon (3. Two-base hits: Thomas. Fillman
Three-base hit: Quillln. Double ptaya
Magoon. Antltvas to later. Haas on
la.ll. OfT Miller. 1: off Rugar. 3. Hit by
ned ball. Miner, l. strut out: Hy
Miner, 4: by Hugar. i. nine: 1:4a. empire
f uller. Attendance. .io.
Hoax Mar Kerlaaale.
SIOCX C1TT. May 8loux City t(Jk a
lira. to. lay and played a hue game, sioux
city wat the niuia fortunate in serurtug
tuntl blu. Weed, outied oS lb batting
honor, hi two In lea bringing In Sioux
City's three runs. Score:
A B. R. H. O. A. E I
Campbell. If t 1 I t o I
Nohlit. cf 3 ' o ft it o '
Bauer, lb ,2 ( tl 11 i) l '
Weed, ib 3 O 7 3 2 0
THte, rf 4 I) . O 2 1 0
Newton, ss 4 tl 2 1 It II
Frost, Jb 4 0 it 1 I 0
Freese. c 4 0 0 4 J II
Corbet t, p 2 1 1 o ft v
Totals 24, 3 27 14 1
AB. R. II t). A. K.
Cook, If 2 it 2.1 It it
McUllvray, cf 4 n o 1 0 n ;
Shugart. 2b 4 1 1 2 3
Kllsworth, Sb 4 it 1 it 1 ol
Melclilor, rf 4 It 1 it 1 n j
Meyer, lb J 0.1 In u it .
Flske, ss I a 0 1 S 0 j
Mcssltl, c 4 1 2 It it 1
Miner, p 4 0 I it 2
Totsls 32 2 24 10 II
Sioux City 0 it 1 0 2 I) 0 3
Pueblo it 0 1 O it 1 n 0 02
Two-base hits: Campbell, Cook. Shugart.
Meyer. Messltt. Sacrifice lilts: Cook. Camp
bell. Stolen liases: Campbell. Newton, Klls
worth, Messltt. Cook. l.cft on bases: Pu
eblo, 6; Sioux City. s. ,tases on balls: Off
Cnrbett, 3; off Miner, . Struck out: By
Miner, 8; by Corhett, 3. Time: 2:oo. Umpire:
Keefe. Attendance: 2.2KI.
Standing; ot the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
IT 12 5 .711
Ill jit il'.i
Id II 7 till
IT 9 s .5:9
17 7 l't 412
17 2 IS UK
Denver at Omaha. Pueblo
Des Moines
Sioux Ctly
B;ti i
dames today
Pueblo '
at Sioux City.
Des Moines at Lincoln.
I.K At.l f.
hlcago Heals ( ksaisliiia Before
Kecord-Breakliia (nmil.
CHICAGO. May 20. Before a record
breakina crowd al National Ijeaaue nark
today me leaders defeated the Champions
In their first clash or the season, uind-
gren pltchel a suerb game, being bit hard
in only one inning anil receiving perfect
support, whrle Ames was batted freely in
four Innings, and his backing was rather
ragged. Mounted police were kept busy
forcing the vaxt crowd back and ground
rules were made which nil owed but two
bases for everything hit into the crowd.
Score :
R.H.II A t. R.H. O A K
Slafl. (1 4 2 1 I Hrranalian. rf 5 1 1 0 I
Sharkard, If, 4 i 2 ii ii Bronne. rt...4 1 0 0 II
Si-hulls, rf... I III OM'Uann. lb. 4 1110
chin. a. lb... 4 1 0 u, If....! 111b
Stelnlrldt. lb 4 1 1 1 liahlrn. aa .. 4 0 t 1 0
Tinker, . ... 5 1 4 S 0 fp.vlln. St. . . S 114
L'vira. lb S 2 I I lllllxrt. -b. . 1 1 1 I ii
Klln r 1 I I 0 0 Honersian. rl I 7 1 I
Lua4(ran. p. I 0 1 OArnna p 0 0 2 0
V.arahall ...1 0 0 8 1)
Tolala 34 14 27 14
Tolala 14 7 24 1 4
Batted for Ames in ninth.
Chicago 0 0 J 0 S 1 0 2 1
New l'ork 0 0 3 0 0 tl 0 0 14
Left on buses: Chicago, 7; New York,
6. Two-base lilts: tilagle (21. Sheckard,
Schuie, Steinfeldt, Tinker, McOann, Bower
man. Sacrifice hits: Schulle (2), tiling.
Stolen bases: Schulte, Steinfeldt, Evers.
Merles, Devlin. Gilbert. Struck out: By
Lundgren. 6: bv Ames. A. Paased ball:
Bowerman. First base on balla: Off Lund
gren, 2; off Ames, 5. Hit with ball: Dev
lin. Time: 2Mb. L'mplrea: O'Day and
ilrooklyai Plays Indifferently.
CINCINNATI. May 20. Brooklyn played
an indifferent game against Cincinnati this
afternoon. Welmer was lilt hard at Mines,
although the visitors never locked danger
ous after the first Inning. Manager Don
ovan and Captain Casey of the Brooklyns
were put off the field In the first innlnif
for disputing decisions. Hugglns retired In
the sixth because of a slight injury to his
ankle. Score:
B H O A i B.H.O A E.
Hu(ina. 2k.. 4 1 I 2 Caaar. lb.... 1 110 0
Utbart, lb... I 12 1 0 Hummal. ah.. I 0 110
Ha.-rr. lb ... 4 t I 1 0 Batch, If 4 0 1 !l (I
Kallay, If.... 4 0 0 0 0 Mil'arthy. If. 4 1 I 0 0
S.ytnour, cf . 4 4 2 4 o Jordan, lb ... 4 3 4 1 0
Dalrhantr, lb 4 1 1 1 0 Malonar. rf..t 2 3 1 4
Odw.ll. rf....4 i 1 , Bersen. r. . S 111
(onoran, aa.. 6 1 S 4 1 A in ma. t-Ib 4 2 0 1 1
K blel, c I 1 1 0 Lrwla. aa 3 1 3 t
Weimar, p... 1 l 4 3 4Sanlon, p S 0 ft 2 0
Tolala 34 14 27 11 1 Totala 17 11 24 10 1
Cincinnati 2 0 1 3 J l l l
Brooklyn 1 (1000020ft 3
Earned runs: Cincinnati. 3: Brnnklvn. 3
Two-base hits: Burry, Delehanty, Maloney.
Sacrifice hlta: Schlel . (2J. Ba,tcl. Stolen
bas4s: Barry, Kelley. Delehanty, Odwell.
jjouoie piays: Maloney to Jordan, struck
out: By Welmer. 7: by Scanlnn. 3. Bases
on balls: Off Welmer, 4; off Bcanlon, .
Hit by pitched baH: By Bcanlon. 1. Wild
pitch: Bcanlon. 1. Passed ball: Schlel. i.
Time 3:00. l'mplrea: Carpenter and Conway.
Phillies Wis Mngglna- Males.
ST. LOl'lS. Mo.. May 30. Philadelphia
defeated St. Louis this afternoon in - a
slugging match, t to 3. Some heavy hitting
In the fifth was what brought victory, four
runs being totalled then. Score:
B.H.O.A.g. fl H O A g.
Oradr. c I t 4 V Ward. 3b 4 I 4 I
Bennett, 2b.. i 10 5 0 Olaaaon, lb.. 4 4 1(4
Shannon. If.. 1 4 14 0 Courtnay. rf.. 4 2 V 0
flmoot, rf I 111) il MlM, if.... 4 114 4
aWkl.y. lb.. 4 I II 0 lTllua. rf I 4 14 4
Arndt. 3b I 1 1 i 4 Branafleld, lb I 1 11 4 4
Hlmaa, CI....4 1 tl Loolin, as.... 4 I 1 I 4
MrBrlda, aa..4 1 1 4 Dootn, c 4 1 I 1 0
MrKarland. p.l 4 l 0 Luah, p 4 14 14
Raub. o 1131
Hoslakoat'r, p t 4 1 4 Totals 14 13 37 U 1
Totals. 14 M1"l
St. Louis 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 03
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 4 0 1 0 06
Earned runs: Bt. Louis. 2: Philadelphia.
5. Two-base hits: Bennett, Ward, Lush,
Arndt. Three-base hits: MrBride. Ward.
Doolin, Magee. Sacrifice hit: Titus Double
play: Bennett to McBride to Beckiey.
Stolen banes: Arndt, Courtney. Hit by
pitched ball: By Luah, Smoot. Wild pitch.
Lusn. first Dase on balls: OfT McFarland.
1; off Lush, 3: off Hoelskoetler. 3. Struck
out: By McFarland, 3; by Lush, 7; bv
tj i-i,..-... a . v... . a. r i -
I; Philadelphia, 7. Innings pitched: By
Mcranana. t; Dy iioeisKoetter. 4. Hits:
Off McFarland, ; off Hoelskoetter, 3. Time:
i:4t. i nipire: finiaiie.
ttaasHas t the Teaaas.
Played. Won. Lost.
Chicago 3ii -J, 10
New vork .- si zo
Pittsburg 2 14
Philadelphia 33 13
Bt. Louis 31 14
Cincinnati 34 14
Boston 31 12
Brooklyn 32
Games today: Brooklyn at
Nw York at Chicago, Philadelphia at St.
Louis, Moaton at riuaDurg.
COLl'MBl 8, O. May 20-Columbus de
feated Indianapolis today In a heavy bat
ting game. . The locals clinched the game
In the seventh with two baaea on balls, an
error, a single, a double and triple, which
netted five runs, score:
CO Wat HI a
B H OA g
PK'karing, cf. 4 4
Wnil.r, lb.. 4 I
IDunleaty, rf.
4J ( arr. as...
Parry. If
4C Caxr. lb..
4 Ruthiab, rf..
4 Jamaa. lb ...
4 Kahoa. a
kalis, lb...
I ummri, p
4 4 4 4
Coulter, It... 4 4
Klbm. lb.... I 1
frttl. Ib I t
ttulavllt. sa. 4 4
Briai-a, rf 4 0
kras. c I 1
Robanailla. p I 1
Totala 14 1114 II 4 Tolala 44 14 14 11
Kelley out for Kahoe's Interference.
Columbus 0 0 1 e 1 1 I 0 -l
Indianapolis 0 10 0 12 10 06
Stolen baaea: Wrigley, Kelley. Sacrifice
hits: Robertallle, Rothherg. Bases on balls
Oft Robertallle. 3; off Summers. X Two
base hits: Pickering, Kihm, Ryan. Three
base hits: Hulswitt, Dunleavy, James,
lnulile plajs: Bruce to Kihm. Hit by
pitched ball: Dunleavy. Struck out: By
Robertallle. S Wild pitch: Robertallle.
Time: 1:80. I'mplre: Sullivan.
toloaela Shot Ont.
TOLEDO. May 30. Toledo took the second
of the series from Louisville by the ecore
wf 2 to o. Suthoff was effective with men
on bastrs, and while lxiulavlllo secured
eight hits and aeven bases on balls, they
came when they did no damage. Score:
H O A E B H O A S.
Cansall. rf... I 4 14 karwla. rf . . I I 4 4 4
laanoat. as... I I 4 1 1 ilatlmaa. U.I I 144
Nm. If I V 1 I J Sullivan, lb. 4 4 II I 4
Juda. rf. 4 4 114 Braakaar. Is I I I 4 4
kruaaar lb.. I 114 1 Siavall. i-f ...I Ilia
Kaaaa. lb. ... I 4 11 4 u4rt. Ib. 4 I 4 I 4
I'laika, lb... I 4 S QmaUa. aa.. 4 4 114
lat'4, a 'I 4 4 I I Sbaw. c I 1 4 J 4
Siltug. p .... 4 I 1 0 rillult. . .4 4 I 4
Totala 14 Jt I Totala M t 14 II "i
Sullivan out. bunting lhir4 strike, foul;
Elliott out. interfering with batted ball.
Toledo i e e e e e e i
Louisville m e e e e a o
Two-basa lilt: 'Kerwtn. Bass an balls: Off
Elliott, 3; off Suthoff. 7. Struck out: By
Elliott, : by Suthnff, t. Left on bases:
Toledo. 1. loinavllle, 14. Dotibla piav:
K ruegej- ana) I'laria, Passed ball: Shaw.
ivUa 144. iUiluiab, Demont, Judge.
Sscrlfloe hit: Cannell. Time; 1.30. Cmpire:
Mlnnrnnolls Wist la First.
ST. PAUL. May Ju Four errors and three
hits gave Minneapolis five runs In the first
Inning todsv. which waa enough to win the
game. Parkins wss hit hard In the first
two Innings and retired In favor of Coy.
who dlil much better. The gams was played
in a drtssllng rain, but was witnessed hy
the largest crowd that ever saw a league
game In St. Paul. Score:
B H O A E. I H O A R
Oner. If J I ! SPafla rf ...I 1 0
Si,n. lb... 4 I la 0 Sullivan, rf . I tin
Varzanitt. if. 4 i u fl Hart, lb I 1 I 0
rr.k. rf 4 ! I (i Oram rr, Ib 4 1 1
Wheeler. 1 . 4 I I 0 (I Orahant. If... I
Partilm. fb . 4 1 I Oyler. as 1
Mi.naa ... 10 11 3 shannon. ... 4 Ills
Itrltl. 4 n 1 1 (i Pni. fb 4 I t l 0
kiklrif s ... n 1 I Thi mil. p... 4 I 4
for. t Illiti
p.lri 1 4 4 0 0 Tolala .41 1IM 11 I
Tolaln. . . . .-14 10 !J IS I
Van.anrtt out. lilt by baited ball.
-naueo ior Msrcan in mum.
' t ... ., .. n t A n IV A
Minneapolis 5 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0-
Three-base hits: Sugden. VanZandt, Shan
non. Hits: Off Parkins. K lit one and one
thlrd Innings; off Coy. a In seven and two
tliirrts Innings. Base on balls: (iff Thomas,
1. Left on bases: Minneapolis. 7; Bt. Paul.
4. Struck out: Bv Thomas. ; by Coy, 1.
Double play: Thomas. Oyler and Hart.
Time: 1:43. empires: Owens and Kg an.
ICsit Time far Milwaukee.
M II. WA 1' K EK. May . Mllwaukes
bunched their lilts off Olmstesd today and
won an easy victory b- a score of 7 to 3.
The feature of the game wss the batting
of Burke. Score:
R H (I A K. B H 11 A K.
5"hl""'; ?'
0 W aldrnn. If . . 4
I Orran. rl 2
l' " Parrlne. . . 4 1
0 0 Hill, rf 4 1
1 l aaaaily. rf . 4 i
2 0 ttonoliue. 2b. 1 i.
it U Whllnev, lb. 4
il 0 Rurk. lb 4 4
1 li Sullivan. i.4 0
2 I) tllmstead. p i 1
I 1
I o 1
I 1 li
I I- ii
0 J 0
1 t 1
0 S II lb. 4 o
lark .lb I 1
Bi villa, i . .. I t
Hamplilll If 4 0
14 I'hmney. ef 4 1
M 'f'nrm'k. lb. 4 1
I'unia. s I ii
in 1 27 I 1 Tolala
34 I 24 10 2
0 0 4 It 1 1 1 0 -7
Kansas City n 0 0 0 0 I) It 0 33
Two-base lilts: Burke (2t. Green, Se
ville i2t, Perrlne. Cassady. Home run:
Burke. Stolen bases: McChesney, Robinson.
Clarke (2t. Bases on ltalls: OfT Olmstead. S.
Hit by pitched ball: Bv Curtis. 1. Struck
out: Bv Curtis. 3: by Olmstead. ii. Double
plavs: Hill and Sullivan: Robinson. Bate
nian and McCornitck. Sacrifice hits: Curtis.
Beville. Left on bases: Milwaukee, h; Kan
sas City, 5. I'mplre: Kane. Time: 1:4V
(an4llta of (he Teams.,
Played. Won Lst Pet.
Toledo 2 1 1' .143
Milwaukee 25 15 "10
Columbus 32 17 15 .Ml
Minneapolis 3n 15 15 .:"
St. Paul :'. 14 11 .4fi7
Louisville IS 13 IS .44
Kansas City 31 14 17 .4M
Indianapolis 3n 12 13 .
Games toilay: liOitlsvllle at Toledo. Kan
sas City at Milwaukee. St. Paul at Minne
apolis. Columbus at Indianapolis.
Omaha Peerless Win from Brewers at
oath Omaha.
The Lee-Olass-Andreesen team Journeyed
to South Omaha yesterday and trimmed
the B. .letter's up to the tune of in to 4.
The hardware men scored two in tne nrsi
innlna- on a two-sacker by Bradford and
singles by l-awlor and Roben. The Brew
ers failed to stay the onslaught and the
hardware apostles kept up the rest work
until the last man was out In the ninth
Inning. The Brewers played a fast uphill
game, but were tumble io overcome me
lead the Glass boys had tip to the fourth
inning. For the Lee-Olass-Andreesens.
Mlnicua pitched good Dan nesioes geiung
two hits. lead the hardware men
at the atlck. getting three safe ones, while
Bradford carried off the fielding honors,
accepting eleven chances without a wabble
besides landing on the norsenide tor two
two-sarkers. Kennedy, an old Lee-Glaes-Andreesen
nlaver. was the shining star for
the Brewers, accepting eight chances, with
two hits. The score:
AB. R. II. O. A. E.
Bradford. 2b 3 4 2 7 4 0
Lawlor. 3b 5 2 3 3 4 1
Tonneman, lb 5 0 0 4 0 1
Roben. cf 4 0 1 11 0 0
Mullen, ss 5 0 0 5 (I 1
Gibson. If 4 11110
Mlnlcus. p 4 12 12 0
Clair, c 5 11 7 2 1
Dunn, rf b 1 1 0 o o
4(1 10
AB. R. Ii
' 12
Van Cleve, rf
... 4
... 6
... &
... 5
... b
... I
... 3
... 4
... 3
B. Collier, p ..
Kennedy, 3b ..
McMahon, ss '
Clark, If
Broadheck, 2h
Fin ley. c
M. Collier, cf
Williams, lb
...1 0 1
3 0 0 0 0 410
B. Jetter'i
... .0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 4
Lee-Qlnss-Andreesen's, 3;
Two-base hita: Bradford
Earned runs:
B. Jetters, 2.
(2), Uibson, M. Collier. Home run: Claire.
Bases on balls: Off Mlnicua. 4: off 'oinr
6. Struck out: By Mlnicua. 7: bv H.
Collier. 3. Double Dlava: Bradford tn Mot-
Jen; McMahon, Broad beck to Williams.
Stolen bases: Clark, Dunn. Time: 1:30.
Umpire: Sullivan.
Havelork Beats laiw Sehool.
HAVEIXX'K. Neb.. Mav 20 iSnectal K
close- and Interesting game of ball was
played here today between the Lincoln Law
lenooi and tlavelock, resulting In a vic
tory for Havelock bv a score nf 10 to
The features of the game were two home
runa by Martin and one by Shuman and
the battery work of the home team. Score:
B H O A S. B.H.O.A.E.
grhiatn. g..4 1 4 a Howard, lb.. 4 4 111
K. W4, c.l I IT 1 Parry, sa 4 4110
Ma'ramllh. lb 4 I 4 OChaaa. p I l l )
lltuman, 2b.. 4 111 1 Hvillar. cf....4 414
Oraas. Ik I 111 1 srhmlts, lb.. 4 I 11 4 4
Rano. cf 4 4 4 1 Spavay, If ... . ( 1 J 1 o
Marwa. If.... I 1 4 Laim. r a a a i a
Vandr(onl, rf 4 1 4 4 0 Bagl.y. Jb... 4 4 I I 0
a. wood, aa. 4 1114 Harnaon, rf. t 4 4
Totals 4! 11 17 11 t Totsla 41 M II "
Havelock 00032300 210
Lincoln Law School 00032001 39
Home runs: Martin (2), Shuman. Two
baae hita: Schleffle, E. Wood, Chaae. First
base on balls: Off Schiafrle, 4; off Chase
3. Struck out: By Schleffle. 13; by Chase!
ft, Time: 1:46. I'mplre: Tucker.
Crawford Win Two (ianii.
A large crowd watched the Frank Craw
fords win a double-header Sunday at Twen
tieth and Missouri avenue, South Omaha,
the flrat game from the Dream City team
by the score of to 5 McMahon pitched
fine ball, allowing the Dream Cltya but five
hlta and striking out eight. Milled, whose
home on the team la shortstop, caught both
The second game waa won from the fast
Lakealdea of Omaha by the score of I to 3.
Sandera, a new recruit for the Crawford,
pitched, striking out eleven and allowing
but Ova hits.
The Crawforda will play a double-header
next Sunday at Twentieth and Missouri
avenue. South Omaha.
Battertea for first game: Crawforda, Mc
Mahon and Mlllett: Dream City. Powers.
Ryan and Shea. Second game: Crawforda.
Banders and Milieu; Lakesldes, Olsen and
Crown laslsts on Saaalay Ball.
8HELBV. O, May Jo.-When Conatable
Buck and hla deputy, Will Harris, walked
out on ihe diamond here today armed with
warranta on lahalf of the law and Order
league to arrest the players of the Mans
field and Sharon baae ball teams of the
Ohio-Pennsylvania league. 2.1ml spectators
swarmed out upon the field and surrounded
the officers, who were beaten and cuffed
and Jeered by the excited crowd. The offi
cers escaped under police protection. Jus
tice Sattey, who issued the warrants, was
sitting in a buggy in the grounds and 1 lie
vehicle was surrounded and tlie wheels re
moved by the crowd which, however, of
fered no violence to the justice. The ball
players had been previously fined by Mayor
Bkitea an aggregate ot $100 for violation of
the Sunday laws.
Diamonds Defeat Postafflce.
In a fast game of ball at Forty-fourth
and Howard the Dlamonda defeated tlie
Poatoftlce team hy tlie score of 12 to .
The fielding as well aa the baiting of the
West Omaha lads were the features. The
battery work of Wlualow and McNeil was
also very good. Score: R.H.E
Diamonds 0 1 2 2 0 3 ( 0 II i.' 1
Postufflce 10010300 454
Batteries: Diamonds, Wlnslow and Mc
Neil; Poetuftlce, Dot an and Camp. I'm
plre: Elton.
I aaerwoosl Wlaa la lath.
t'NDERWOOD. la.. May 20 (Special Tel
egram, t in a wen played and eensailunal
ball game here today ietween the I nder
wood Indians and the Coronas of Omaha.
I tiderwiHK won hy a score of 7 to S. The
cot in the ninth inning stood i to 7. with
I nilerwood to liat. The first two men up
ware out, the next mi safe, wiumut turn
ram to hat. making a three-bagger. Tall
man next made a two-bagger, winning the
Haas Raa Wlsi (iaate.
FRKMONT. Neb May In. Special Tele
gram I Fremont defeated Schuyler this
afternoon in a rinse and well played game.
Cook's pitching was a surprise. Cupple
pulled down a high one In the center flehl
and Shew won the game with a home run
In the ninth. Snore: - R.H K.
Fremont 0 II II I M f, II 12 1 1
Schuyler il 0 n 0 1 it II H 01 I
Batteries: Prlmley. Conk and Shea; Stultx
and Wilson.
Hall Player Mas Lea Brokea.
ARAPAHOE, Neb.. May 20 (Special Tel
egram. In a well played game of bfc'.l the
Cambridge High school nine defeated Arap
ahoe hy the following score: R U.K.
Cambridge 0 il it 2 0 2 1 1 o 1 li 3
Arapahoe o it 0 3 V o it 1 14 5 4
Batteries: Kalley and (Juler: F.nlnw mid
Carroll. Miitnick of the Cambridge nine,
playing second base, had one of the bones
In his leg fractured above the ankle by an
Arapahoe player. It was purely accidental.
Karllaat Defeala Manilla.
KARL1NG. la.. May 3". i Special Tele
gram. I Earling defeated the semi-professional
team from Manilla today by a score
of 1 to (l. Schleler's grest work in the box.
coupled with the sensational fielding of his
temnniates, enabled the Iocs! to shut out
that fast aggregation from Manilla. Bat
teries: Keeling. Sehleler and Kuschenbeig;
Manilla. Miller ami Sltauser. Time: l ift.
I'mplre: Cjiilnli. Attendance: 3iki.
Mela Heat ( itnllaealali.
The Metx team defeated tile Continentals
at the' letter's grounds by the score of
13 to 1 Sunday. The game wss marked
by snappy teHniwork on the part of the
Metz team anil the loose llelding of the
Continentals. The game terminated in the
eighth inning in a dispute and the Metx
team withdrew from the field Batteries:
Metx. Wendliaiisen and Dlggert; Continen
tals, Mi Andrews and Murphy.
Kelly Welsh o I'nasle.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. May Ufl.-iSpe-clal
Telegram.! Kearney found Kelly
Welsh with ease after the fifth Inning,
while the locals could do little with Vlse
brad. Score: R. II. E.
Kearney It it it 0 II 2 1 3 2 S 1 2
Grand Island.. 1 il 0 n 0 0 o 01 6 2
Battel les: Kearney. Welshrad and '.
luski; Grand Ihland. Welsh and Townseml.
eliraakana Win la Kaaaaa.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Mav 2. (Special. I The
Blue Valley ball team of De Witt Saturday
in a snappy game by a score of 3 to 2.
NJnlther alHa aenre,! until the lAat liulf i,f
the eighth when the Blue Valleys made
three runs. Ellis' scores came In the
l..,l n U U A li..,. .......a-.
he last
d w it-
nesed the came.
Iowa l.eaaae Heanlla.
MARSH A LLTO W N. la.. May 2n.-(8pe
rU, I rl',.lAa..u.,. 1 l.lrtll. .-mrlt, a- a ca U.a kuaolla
In the Iowa league:
Burlington, 2; Marshalltow n, 1. uen in
nings. I
Osksloosa. ii; Fort Dodge, 1.
utminwa. a; rioone. j.
2; Waterloo, 2; called at fifth
( enter Street Jnnlora Win.
Tlie Center Streel Juniors defeated tint
Dorcas Stars Sunday by a score of 7 to
Batteries. Hollander. Vanous and Jorgen-
son; c. Morrlss and Iiartus.
The Center Street Juniors would like in
hear from any team in tlie city between the
ages of 14 and 16 years. Address Harry
Hollander. 1!ki3 South Thirteenth, or tele -
phone 6353.
Invlnclblea Heal Maaaras.
The Invlnclblea defeated the Nlsaarsa at
Thirteenth and I atreeta Sliindse afternoon
In a poorly played game bv the score of
11 to in. Pitchers for both sides pitched
good ball, Russell striking out fifteen and
Krebs thirteen, but the men behind them
seemed to have an off day. Batteries: In
vlnclblea. Krebs and Kranda; Niagaras,
Russell and Kennedy. -
Armour Trams Meet This Evening;.
A game will be plHyed at 6 o'clock tills
evening al Jetter's park between two
teams from Armour's packing house, the
Very Best ahd the Stars. Th batteries for
the Stars will be Donahue and Bnhner
and for the Very Best's, Hinkle and Smith.
A good game Is expected. The Stars bo
long to the Packer'a league.
Independents Defeat Silver Kales.
The Independents defeated the Silver
Eagles by the score of 13 to 7. The feature
of the game waa th batting of the Inde
pendents. ," .
Batteries Independent's? Prtesmnn and
Grossman; Silver Eagles. Thore and White.
Three-I t.engne.
At Springfield Springfield 0. Cedar Rap-
Ids I.
At Decatur Dwcatur S, Rock Island 4.
Withdrawing of gyaoaby and Artfal
Leaves Event Open.
NEW YORK. May 20. The racing scenes
shift tomorrow from the Belmont track to
Oravesend for tomorrow is Brooklyn hand
icap day. Thousands will Journey Coney
Island ward, for no matter the sixe or
quality of the entry list the Brooklyn In
variably furnishes a good contest. This
year it la an open event, for many of the
greatest racers, including Bysonby and Art
ful, have been declared nut and of the
eighteen that remain there Is little to
choose among at least half that number.
The withdrawal of Harry Payne Whltney'a
great mare Artful at almost the last mo
ment has proven a decided disappointment
to race goer and Iticidently has had a
marked effect on the betting. Artful waa
highly favored In the winter bonks and
Merry Irk, Dandelion and one or two
others "will have to carry the money of
those who wish to hedge- sa well as that
of the thousands who will do their first
betting after they reach the track.
The Brooklyn should be run under favor
able conditions, as the weather promises
fair and tlie track Is fast. The stake la
$20,000 and among those that will face the
starter are two former Brooklyn winners.
The Picket, who captured the great stake
two yeara ago from such horses aa Irish and Dermis, and Delhi, who finished In
front of a good field In 1V But neither
of these thoroughbreds is looked upon with
much favor for this running. Tonight tlie
popular choice la between Merry Ijirk and
Dandelion, becauae both have accomplished
something In actual racing this year.
Merry lark on his nrst appearance won
Ihe Excelsior handicap at a mile and a
sixteenth from Hoseben, Ormonde's Right,
Eigenia Birch, Colonial Ulrl In 1.4TV, with
10U pounda up. Dandelion waa beaten only
a neck by the better seasoned Grapple In
the Metropolitan at Belmont park ami a
day or two later captured an overnight
handicap at a tntie ana a aixteentn in t :.
carrvlna 119 pounds
.The distance is neiievea to De too rar ror
Roseben. who, however. In bis last two
races had come bark to form. He will
be lia-rrtlv weighted If he runs tomorrow.
which makes considerable difference. Go
Between will have some followers. He is
same and has run two good racea this sea
son, Proper, oxrora. ttisnay ana aodcii
have all in times past proved their right
to consideration and it Is not outside the
limit of consistency that any one of them
will be In the money when the wire la
The entries and probable Jockeys are as
Horse and Jockey.
Delhi (H. Cochran)
Proper (L. Williams)
The Picket (T. Burns)
Roseben (Lynet
Ixitd of the Vale ij. Jones i....
Blandy (W. Davis)
Knight Errant (Martin)
Oo Between (Shawl
Adbell (Radkei
Red Knight t Mi Daniel)
Dandelion (O'Neill
Tokalon (Bedelll
Merry I-ark (Miller)
Oxford (Hlldebrand)
Garnish (Wlshardi
Goldsmith (J. Heunessy)
Securltv (Feleht)
Oliver Cromwell (Garner)
Araitahoe Shooters Victors.
ARAPHOE. Neb.. May ) (Special Tele
grain. Eleven members of the Holbrook
Gun club met a like number of Arapboe
shooters In a target match of twenty-five
targets and were refeaied by a score of
Il to 178 out of 271. The high aune for
Araphue weie Boehner 2t. Saline 23. McGee
23. Tanner 22. Dm 31. Allen 21. Bellamy 21.
Mi Keiitia 2ii Holbrnok. Stalcup Z3. tlie
others b"luw 20. The Holbrook shooter
had not been accustomed to the fast, low
targets thrown, hence their low score.
Kansas ( III Urala and Provisions.
Mav. 7lVc; July. 761c; September. 74sV
Cash: No. 3 bard, 40 914c; No. 3. 779
Sic; No. 4. 714J ic; No. 2 red, 11 47 J He
No t. Static: No. 4. 72947c.
CORN May, 45Tc; July. 44c: Sep
tember. 44Ssc: cash. No. 2 mixed. 4c
No. 3. 47c. No. 3 white, 44llc; No.
I, 4ic
OATS No t w hite. SI ' 0 34c; No.
mixed. S3fe6S4c.
HAY Steady: choice timothy, U.OnaJlJie
choice prairie, U.(xt) 11.40.
rat Cattle Higher for the Week with
Feeders Lower.
Sheer aaal l.aaaba Have Beea llooal
Kellers Ai? the Week, nllk Prices
Decidedly Higher Thaa
Oat Week A get.
13, 19IK.
Receipts were:
Official Monday ...
(ittlclal Tuesday
Official Wednesday
Official Thu.-sday
Official Friday
Official Saturday ...
Cattle, hogs. Sheep.
.. 4,521 1.7 3.2,9
3H j
This week
Last week
Week before ....
Three eeks ago.
Four weeks am
41. X"
Same Week last year.
The followina table alum a the recelnls of I
... 4.n;i
... 3.iwi
... 3,363
... 2-2
... 2K1
...Hi, 434
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha ijit .'6: gi od to choice vearllnga, 7i'uii ,2Ti: tested In local opetatoi s The cash market
for the year lu date, compared Willi lasi I fir to good yearlings." H.So'ci.ri.75: good to '" ' lower, and oflettngs. to arrive, im
jest': last. VM. Inc. 1 choice wetliei s! Ti.7n'ati im; fair lo good w el li- Incri asing dally. Country houses were the
Cs'tle 3-.l'22 31.ti 52.5S.1frs. tS.HIfi 75; koihI to choice ewes. I'i.uO best selieta. Rep,.i ts from the Illinois Cen-
Hogs I,W4).13 tf..7 llli.173 I Hifi 75: fair lo good ewes. S4.7a4ifi.5ii. bucks, trill railway show tliat from thirty cats
H'cep ti!4.,Vlu tUI4.i43 tl',M7 I S4.2.Vti 4.71. , loadcil Ma hi, the number has Increased
CATTLE (JL'OTCriONS i '" " '""'"v. This should give some Indi-
The following will show the" prices paid j fHlf.0 I.l, K. STIM K 41 IHkKT ';!t1 "my ,,r ' r""
H?.liiihT.J,'!!""'"t J"'1'" of " the . . I 'I'lie fat inontlis In oats were s-endv. Art
South Omaha market: tattle, sheep and l.nniba Mend -Hogs M,.,s over night showed s-iowets wera
V. choice corn-fed steers ti.lofcv ... Weak. unite general throughout the dry sections.
Fa r to choice corn-fed steers 4 m"g6.lM 1 ..... , ! hut no medulla t ion Is slu.n.i on tne morn-
. " " ,..:,.,ra": "r" - I
Mill' lo good cows ami bcie i: 3.2n'i4.2n
- .,,,.,vc vuna nnu ii-.-iii-ii..,. . . u ! m
l ommtui to fair cows and heifers.. 2.(ktb3.2t
Oood to choice Blockers feeders. 4 Ou'4.75
l-alr to good stockers and feeders. 3.4iu4.0O
ominoii to fair stockers 3.io3.4ii
tulls, stags, etc 2.5O'(i4.i0
eal calves 3.U-JM.00
Tlie following table shows Hie average
price of hogs at booth Omaha lor tlie laMt
several days, with comparisons:
I 19i. 1906. 114. slUOS. ,ltU2.1S01. 100.
4 21V.: t 251 4 69, 761 I I 4 f 21
I 6 15 6 So 4 Ki: 72 iK t 22
6 2S 4 tW 4 Mi 6 M, CS
I e 15 I 4 fcl (3, 6 Mi 6 70) 5 Ii
I 2i 5 n; j t.4 7 OH 5 64; S II
I e :0V4j I 15 4 K 6 S3 7 07 I I 13
I 24tal & IB 4 Ml I 7 IIS 4 fill 4 IS
May lu
M"y 11-.- ',) b 27 4 4I 541 6Giil
May 12...I 6 30'4 5 2K 4 C2 47 : 6 99 a 19
' May 1.1..
20 4 (W 0 42! I i 4 M
( 3m 4 671 4 17 1 7 13 3 71, i 17
S 5 15; I 84 7 11 i Ml 5 21
t 2 i 5 'JO 4 ffl 6 35 7 07. a 49 5 23
I May 14..
:vlaV 15..
i May 16.
I .' I if'
33i 6 28) 4 63, 7 12j 5 72 1 B 20
IS. .
Si 0 J 4 021 27! ' 15 74 i 5 11
May !)..
j S 20! 4 47 32 7 12 5 11
I 5 26 ! 4 52; o 27, j t 74 5 11
May 1...
j 'Sunday.
Cattle. Hogs.
Omulia $2.W"i5.75 Pi-Wit 6.47',4
Chicago 1.7.V&(i.2n 5. 30-a6.E5
Kansas City Z.VaS.SO 5.4oH.40
St. Ixtuls Z.msuii.Od 5.7.Vti.5n
Sioux City .25'p.Sfi
1 he official number of cars of stock
brought Intoday by each road whs:
Cat tie. Hogs. Sh'p.H'r's.
('.. M A St.
, Wabash
I'. P. System
C. & N. W., east.
C. A N. W.. west.
C. St. P. M. & O....
; C- B. & Q., east..
i ' R- & W , west
it-., R. 1. A P.. east...
C R. I. P., west..
Illinois Central
Chicago Gt. West
Total receipts .:.. 18
The disposition of the day's receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing the
number of head indicated:
Cat tie. Hogs. Sheep.
May 4.
May 6.
May i.
May 7.
j May 8.
i May I.
. .. 1.800
. 64 l,iis )
2.7M 1
. 1 l,7t ...
. t
. l 8.302 553
8wift and Company..
nils hy Packing Co
Armour ft Co
Swift ft Co.. Kansas Cit:
Other buyers
riTTi.? Rinta of eattla this week
have been quite liberal, the) total footln
up about 1 9,000 head, which was not
finite- so heavy as last week but about
the same as tne previous ween.
figures, however, show a little gain as
compared with a year ago. The market
hn hn wail aiinnlled everv day until
today, when there was comparatively
little on sale, as usual on rmoiunf.
a, olnta have constated VerV largely Of
ci rn-fed steers with only a sprinkling of
other kinds of cattle. Considering the
larare runa the market has oeen in aru-
tr.arkahly satisfactory condition. This
has been due apparently to tne vi a"""
buvlng demand, which haa been sufficient
to 'absorb the receipts without weakening
nrtcea tn fact, the market has been
elt'jer steady or stronger every day, there
being an advance of ewivf quoieu on
Wednesday, so that at the. close of the
week It Is safe to call the general market
10915c higher than one weea ago. as
would naturally be expected this late tn
the season the quality of the cattle com
ing has averaged quite good, ao that a very
considerable proportion of the receipts
each day haa changed hands at prices
ranging better than So. 00. The high price
of the week was $5.60, which we paid
on Monday.
L'owi and neuera lonowen siun aim
beef steers, the market being in a very
satisfactory condition each day of the
week and at the close they are also quoted
10915c higher.
The atocker and feeder trade has been
Inclined to drag all the week. Farmers
have been apparently too busy to come In
and the market has sagged from lack of
buying support. Fortunately ror tne sen-
Ini Infaraata Ihe fresh rOCSlDtS Of that
kind of cattle have been light, but still not
enough to prevent the market from gfoV
uaily easing on, ao mat n ii avv
16c lower tnan a weea nao.
HOGS The hog market this morning
waa In very lair conaition, ootn as regarun
upply and demand, but there was an
easing off In values all along the line.
The market at this point, however, auf-
fnrit laaa tnan aoma otners. oeina oiuy
Ur lower. This meana that the big bulk
of all the hogs sold at $6.35, as against
$6.37 7i yesteraay. 1 nere was a sprinaiina
of sales at $4 30 and $6.40 with a top at
$6 45. The trade was active at prevailing
prices, so that everything In sight was
cleaned up In very good season In the
As will be noted from the table of re
ceipts the arrivals this week foot up about
the same aa last week and aa a year ago.
It being Just about a normal run for this
point. The market for the week, as a
whole, has been very satisfactory to sell
ers. The week started out with slightly
stronger prices, eaaing on a trine on
Tueariav and Wednesday, but made ui
for It on Thursday and Friday. After
allowina for the slightly lower prices to
day the market la Sc higher than the
close of last week and only ISc under
the high point of the year.
Representative saiea
Na A. Sa. Ft Ss- A. Ik. Pr.
14 147 i:o 4 10 70 Ml IM 4 14
M 164 . . 4 44 74 U4 ... 41
S3 131 ... IMS 74 Ml 14 4 44
71 114 140 4 , 74 HI 140 I Hi
71 114 IOH 4 11V, 41 M 44 4 44
74 Ml 4 4 4S 44 170 ... 4 44
74 110 0 4 44 14 izt 44 4 14
74 tS IH la 44 Ml 44 4 14
71 171 ... 4 74 1)4 ... 4 14
54. 144 40 4 44 71 144 ... I 5
41 114 120 4 W 44 144 ... 4 44
( i ... 4 14 44 264 III 4 14
47 144 120 4 to 41 Sis 124 4 14
7 !0 40 4 40 !l ... Ill
71 141 40 4 44 71 10 10 U
14 Jt.1 110 4 IS 41 !4A IS 11
41 It' IN I 14 44 217 . . 4 IS
71 114 ... 4 44 74 114 144 4 In
44 441 ... I II 74 Ml 140 4 34
M 114 ... 4 15 74 Ill IX) 4 44
44 Ml . . I If, 47 M7 ... It
44 147 110 I 71 117 . . Ill
40 400 4 111 U 114 144 III
44 161 140 4 44 44 6I ... 4 44
14 im 14il 4 16 44 Ill 110 4 44
74 414 Ji Ik 141 10 144
71 114 0 4 W 44 Kl IN 4 44
74 4 44 4 44 74 404 14 4 44
74 114 140 I 44 40 l 144 4 44
7 M4 IM 111 74 1S4 ... 4 44
14 1.'l 40 4 44 41 I 44 4 M
41 tl4 40 4 46 76 Ill 114 I II
71 137 140 4 16 17 144 40 4 44
71 tlS 140 4 14 44 14 110 4 11s,
44 til ... 4 16 4 164 144 4 471,
74 lul 44 4 44 77 J01 . . 4 17
74 114 ISO 4 46 71 Ill 144 4 II
44 14 144 4 44 74 114 ... 4 IT,
74 21 ... 4 ii 40 176 ... 4 IH,
II VI ... I 14 41 Ill ... I I74
44 1l 14 4 r. 7a 141 . . I 47.
71 4ul k 1 4 74 171 144 4 17',
44 lit 4 4 10 til ... irt,
41 K7 ... 4 44 71 117 4 17-a
K. Ill 10 I 16 17 IT
4 i4 144 4 Kk 44 14 19 I 17
I 141 ... 4 44 II 14 ... I 17 s
44 461 ... I 14 71 44 ... 4 It1
74 81 ... I 14 41 HI 40 4 I'Na
44 4 4 r 4 44 41 4t 444
IS H 40 4 44 K 40 4 4
44 Ft N 14 41 I'l 4 4 44
14 tti4 H I II 44 44 4w 4 4o
74 Ill I Ml I 16 41 Ill ... I i,
44 HI 14 4 44
SHEEP Receipts of sheep this morning
loog quite rormidahle on paper for a Hatur
day, AfteaD fresn cars beir.g reported la.
thrmrj,hr'etVrT''nn'ofTerrd filT'sale 'so i.IT !
there waa really not enough offered for sale
to make a test of the maiket.
The receipt of sheep this week have hi t n
It will he borne In mind, however, that the
light run la due naturally to caues which
weie pointed out some time sgo. It Is
beiye:,:a:ooed and "11 rea' areo I
be expected from now on until the opening I
of the range season The maiket this wetk
lias been in very satisfactoty condition as j
visaed from a seller's standpoint, prices
uuttng tne first Hair or the week Having
gradually tended upaanl. It will be liorna
I'l mind, however, that the receipts at this .
f'olnt have consisted almost entirely of
amhs and that it Is the latiebs ali'ch have :
sltown tlie most ailsance In prices. The
best lambs received tuts week sold on
Thursday at IK. 75. whereas Hie tnme stuff1
limiialit tft "n tti.. i,i v tuiiM m-Mi.k t.'wes also I
showed similar gains, so Dial the mat ket i
waa quoted 259i.itc higher for the aeek. I
e Thursday the market has not shown
1 nuile aa mini, lif.. ami adltliv all lioucll i
n l,. ,,t !,..., i... i o, ..,.i..', !,,. !
,.-. . . .. i.... 1
r,,,.l innln is :.-.,i: jfi oil lmli 14 fi'l I
TS I-?," 1;, .
,, ,1 . .. . , ,
St.lOtl li.211; cows and heifers, fl.ioll
(..10; stockers and feeders $2.0J 5.0n
calves. StU04f6.4().
HOU'S Receipts 11.01)0 head: estimated:''1
for Mondav. an. 000 head: maiket wi'ak,
mixed and butchers, Sll.30 'a " : good
heavy. S 151 6.55; tough heavy. SH 20il'
130, light. SH.3041 6 5.' ; bulk of sales,
fti.45ti .52H: plg. Si.XOfj .30.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 2.000
! lieid; market steady: sheep. (S 6U14 6.20;
yearlings, S3 604 6.40; lambs, li jOili..
Kansaa I lly Live Slock Market.
ine iunin oi 1 1 ir- I rvi! Ill . ilia J in. - 1 1 mi V . .
something to do with the market not being .seems probable, i.l lew oT the deficiency in
quite so brisk, hut la that as it, I nioistuic under norma! so lat this month.
Thursdav was untitles! lonablv the best day t get-enuis pi cc tplt atlon :s getting lo be
Of the week ' A netessltx :u a ivhhI ninny mi-i tlnns Aside
Quotations on wooled stock: tlood to f """ crop new s. t hct e as' lilt le to Influence
choke lambs, Ih'1i7.:'i: fair to good lambs. ! "" maiket. W eather conditions will be a
H MI'S" OH i "IK fector In making prices next week.
Quotations: on ellned sunk: Omul tel Corn held ipiUc steady within a narrow
i,..i,.. u.,..r l.r,,!,. t,: :-. i, i laiiiie. tin the distant iiiotii Its. The in flu -
.. ........ .a ...i ni.iuiiinoii v-siiniMicn nviiua iil mintr-
K.ANSAS Cin. May 19. ( AITLE teuis Mond.iy at ulioul 11.2iHI.iKi0 buslieia.
Receipts. 1.300 head. Including 300 soutu- fl(lHinsi k'.hjo tniO husliela last week and It,
ems; market unchanged, choice export , i,u,,. n,y vear.
and dressed beef st-ers, 5.2fi ti 5 0 ; fair, i.10, Rei-o.-il'-llerald : "Corn plant-
lo aoou. ii.ttrn n.-.i: western ieo sit-r-is.
$3.759 5.25: stockers anil feeders, $3. 00'u
4.B0; southern steers, S:i.60(tl .2,i; soutu
ern cowl, $2.501 4 20; native cows, $2,501
4 00; native heifers. S3.f l.2!: mills
S3 009 4. 25: calves. $3 iiov 6 00. Receipts
for the week. 34.300 head.
HOGS Receipts, 4.0(10 head; mark, t
steady; top, 4
DtilK or sales, .--i -jut i
6.40; heavy, $6.30fi 6.45; packets, $6.70-.
6.40: pigs and light. $5.uti'd H.32 Vs. Re-
ceipts Tor the week. (i.'ito Head.
elpts for the week. 66.:
SHEEP AND LAM f!H Receipts. 0.5 1 )
head market ateadv: lumhs SA 004I'
sheen and yearlings. $0,009 6.25; western I
clipped yearlings, Ift.nOlir 6.25; western
clipped ' sheep, $0.009 6.10; stockers an l
feeders, $3.509 5.00. Receipts for the
week. 12.300 head.
ew York Live Mock, Market.
ceipts. 5!4 head. Maiket feeling nominally
I steady; dressed beef rather slow at 7'iilic
per Ib. for natives sides; no later cahles.
Exports, 1,515 beeves and 7.('S0 quarters of
CALVES Receipts none and no trading.
Market feeling nominally steady; city
dressed veals steady at "V"'01!'; country
dtessetl In slight supplv and slow at s99c.
SHEEP AND LAMBS -Receipts. 4J6 head
Market for sheep, steady: for la in lis, slow
and 10915c lower: two cars unsold; choice
western wethers sold al 6.ii'a6.26 per PK)
lbs.: clipped lambs. $6.A04i7.1o; no spring
lambs offered; dressed muttons, slow al
KHc per Ib.i dressed lambs, slow nt IKa
15c; dressed spring lambs, steady st $3.0trii
4 .50 per carcass.
HOGS Receipts. 4.041 head. Maiket feel
ing nominally steady.
SI. I.oala Live Stork Market.
ST. LOl'IS, Mo.. May IS. CATTLE Re
ceipts 500 head, including ) Texans; mar
ket steady: native shipping and export
steers, $fi.()04i8.oii; dressed beef anil butcher
steers. $4.ufl5.10: steers under l.onO pounds.
$3.fr4.5(i; stockers antl feeders, $2.4n-r4 n:
ows and helfrs. l2.notin.iHi: canners. st .fsfa
40: hulls. $3.(4194.00; calves. S3.i4ift.26;
Texas and Indian steers, $3.0"94.75; cows
and .heifers, $2.00rM.0O.
HOGS Receipts 2.5"" head; market weak:
pigs and lights. $5 75ff 6. (a ; packers. Sfl.l'Wi
6.50: butchers and best heavy, $6 4Cri 5o.
SHEEP AND LAMBS" Receipts. 7nl
hsad: market strong: native muttons $4 on
9600; lambs. $5.IVKn8.nfi: culls and bucks,
$4.00(65.75; stockers, $4 0094.25.
St. Joseph l ive Stork Market.
Recelnts. 2X2 head: market steady; natives.
$4.5Oli4.fi0; cows and heifers, $1.7S94.!i;
stockers and feders. wmnnno.
HOGS Receipts 494 head: market
steady: lights. S4.2M6 274; medium heavy.
$6309645: plg. $4.TT.9n.nn; bulk or sales,
$6 S2j9 37H.
SHEEP" AND LAMBS Receipts. 11
head; maiket steady; clipped lambs. $6.75.
Slant. City Lire Stork Market.
BIOl'X CITY. May 19 (Special Tele
gram.) CATTLE Receipts, 400 head; mar
ket steady; beeves. $4.0095.30; cows, bulls
and mixed, $3.0094.30; stockers and feeders,
$4 25e4 0; calves and yearlings, $4.0n94.30.
HOUB Receipts. &.o"i head; market
steady, selling at $6.2&i?3.35; bulk of sales.
.2748J 329.
Slock la Slarkt.
Receipts of live stock at tlie six prin
cipal western markets yesterday:
uattie. Hogs. Mieep.
South Omaha
Sioux City . . .
. 400
. 282
. 500
, 400
Kansas city .
St. Joseph . . .
St. Louis
.3.113 3(,075 12,230
PhllaHelphla Prottnce Market.
Unchanged; western creamery, 20 20 Vac;
western nearby prints, 23c.
KUUil juiet ; nearby rresn, i7"o l
mark : western fresh, 17Vic at mark.
CHEESE inrhana-en: iew lork fu
creams, fancy, 9 910c; choice, 9V4c;
fair to good, itmiic.
Cotton Market.
closed quiet; middling uplands, 11.95c; mid
dling gulf. U'.avc: sales. vu bales.
BT. LOCIS. Mo.. May 19. COTTON
Quiet; middling. 11 7-ltc; sales. 129 bales
receipts. K bales; shipments, 282 balej
stock. 33.(5 bales.
quiet; prices 7 points lower: American mld-
anng reir, s.eta: goon minniing. nun
dllng. Lisa tow middling, e.iua goon or
dlnary, t $4d; ordinary, 5.S4d. The sales of
the day were 7,000 bales, of which 5uo hales
were for speculation and export and In
cluded 5,800 bales American. Receipts, none.
Coffee Market
ket for futures opened steady at un
changed prlcea to a decline of five points
In response io lower r rem u cables ami
continued Indifference In tlie Braiillan
markets. Business was very qujet it
first, but there waa considerable coffee
for sale during the later trailing, mostly
for long account, and the market firmed
barely steady, at a net decline of 59 10
nolnts. Sales for tlie day were reported
" a tia reft l.,li,HI X.,l.. u . , ,a r.:
Ol o.liiv ,, ,a. 41. u 1, a, aui,,, mi a.i'.'u
4.45c; September, 6.6595c; Octohhr,
4 70c; December. (.859 90c; January.
7c; March, 7.059 7.10c; apol, steady, 77tc.
Metal Market.
metal markets were quiet in the absence
of cabiea and prlcea were generally un
changed: spot tin is quoted at $43 50
44 50; lske copper, $18.759 19.00; electro
lytic. x$ 1 3. $7 V, 9 1 $ 76 ; (Sating, tls 26(.(
18 S7SX Lead ranges from $5.75 to $.).
according to delivery. Spelter quiet, $5.90
9 4 00; Iron unchanged. y
ST. LOl'IS. May 1 9. M ETAL8 Lead
firm; $5.95; spelter dull. $5. SO.
Liverpool Urala and Provisions.
nominal; futures, quiet; May, nominal;
July, 4o 7V,d. Septemlier. Sa id.
T-'ORN Spot, firm; American mixed, new,
4a 4d; American mixed, old, 4a vd; fu
tures, quiet; July, 4a id: September. 4a 4'i.
Peoria Market.
PEORIA. III.. May 19 CORN Lower;
No. $ yellow, 49c; No. I. 4V,c; No. 4.
47c; no grade. $634IVC.
OATS Strong; No. 3 white, Sskc; No.
4 white, SSo.
WHISKY On the basis of $1 29.
llalntb 4irala Market.
DULUTH, May 19.WHF.AT To arrive
and on track. No. 1 uorthtrn, lt'c; No.
1 northern. 82 We; May, 44c, July. $4c;
September. Sic
OATS 1 arrive, so track and May,
(,R j ) PR())I CV. M RRET
UWDLVI.. JinillVUl
n.if cm uP After
FfatureleM EeMIOIl.
' '
l ittle In Inflaeaee Market. Oalstde of
t top rn-l nrit Mead) for Dis
tant Months, nllh Xarrovr
Ita n a e Mum r rs l.eneral.
OMAHA. M.iy 1". IV
Win-tit Unixhcil uliiiut i-jc siioiigcr aller .
session nl lislit ttade. wiiu fr. uuenl fluciua-
in c. i tie crop news on ine wnoie
latner nuiUMi. llh a gteat many points
latlnllig mote l(. pious It,
miming 111011 copious lams are iicccaij.
Tin' Kaiixiis l ilt Stat, in icU wma a luiae
.iii ii. n hh a in,- K iln. m,pi i,ii, ami il
enoes weie laiaelv laarlsli. but were con-
lug'-, map -Indications are for dear. ol
weather. The cash maiket was dull at V
iie lower.
iTlmary wheat receipts were Jtil.OOO buan-
,' shipments lTJ.m.i bushels, t 5Ln'.
, ' . tai . . ."u""""
ship. netits of -I". i"io bushelh. Corn receipts
wytc 43;:.iaiO btisiiels and shipment 2Ri.i
bushels, against tecclpls last year of 1S2.04)
liusheht and shipments of 390 XI bushels.
I'learancea were XSum bushels wheat, 23.943
barrels (lour, aii.ouo bushels corn and 5l,inie
bushels tints.
Liverpool closed '4d lower on wheat and
lid lower on corn.
KiMomhull estimates world s wneat snip-
througii the largest producing states to
nlKlil. The soil everywhere has been In
the best possible condition t" receive the
Hi'Hlu and the wen I her has been such as to
jr,., ),, lh orenariitlon for planting
Seeding of o.its was held back later thuti
-al)H bv unfavorable weather Just at the
rl.iti,.Ml tltop. It is fortunate for the com
grower that the usual Mnv ralna have
heen delayed at least two weeks later thiitt
usual. Farmers will welcome them now.
Coiidlilon of Trade and Quotations on
Staple and Fancy Prosee,
EfldS Receipts, liberal; fresh stock, case
count. Ijc.
LIVE I'Ol'I.TR V Hens, 10Sc; roosters.
S'i(7c; turkeys, 15c; ducks, lie; spring ehlck
rns, $l.iHVtt5 (m per dox.
HI TTER Packing stock. l'iHc; choice to
fancv (litirv, 15c; creamery. 21921'V.
MAY Prices ouoted by (una ha Feed cotn
pany: No. 1 upland. $10.50; medium. $9 50;
course. $!on. Rve straw, $ti.50.
ItRAN Per ton. SI7 .51.
TOMATOES-Florlda. per crate of 30 lbs.,
net. S3 on.
WAX HEANS per box of about 2 lbs.,
$.1 no.
8TRINO HEANS-Per box of about 15
lbs., net. $1 .(H).
Louisiana, per (I07.. hunches, t'c.
HEAD LETTICF Home grown, per dox.
head, i'.ihuoc.
LEAF LETTUCE Hothouse, per dox.
heads. 3."ic.
CrcVMHERK Hothouse, per dot.. 7$c
ONIONS Colorado, yellow and red. 1
per lb : Texas, In crates, while, $1.75: yel
low. $1.25.
MUSHROOMS Hothouse, per lh.. 5fWC.
RADISHES Per dox. bunches, 25c.
CARRAOE-Callfornln. 2i93c per lb.
CELERY-FloililUa $1 00 per dox.
POTATOES Home grown, per bu., ou-ft
; South Dakota, per bu., 65c; Colorado,
per Int., 80c.
NAVY HEANS-Per bu., $185; No. 2, $
UMA HEANS -Per lit, 5'fcc
DATES Per Ihix of 30-lb. pkgs . $2.0u;
Hallowe'en, tn T(Mb. boxes, per box. 5C.7 Ssy
er per lb., tc: walnut stuffed, l-ll. pkgs,
$2,110 per ibis. ; 8-lh. boxes. $1.00.
ORANGES California, exirs fancy Red-,
land large sixes. $3 5nf3.: Mediterranean
sweets, all sizes. $3.50414.00; ?anry navels,
LEMiiXS-Llmniiters. exiia fancy, tk)
slue. $T,.(; ,KK) to 300 size, $5 .'i.
FIdS California. ler I"- in. canon,
Sac; Imported Smyrna, three-crown. 11c;
six-crown, 13c.
HANANAS-I'er medtiini siiea Duncn, i.i
i?T2 : Jttnibiis, 12. 50413. 00.
OHAl'E (Kl 1 1 uatiiornia, per ik, ..
1'lNEAI'l'LES Sizes 24, 30 and 38, $5.0ii;
size 42. $3.50.
rltl lis.
SPPI.F.S Utah. Ben Davis. $2 per bu.
ox; Wlnesaps, $2.50 per bu. box; other var
ieties. $2.U:lu2.&o per ou. new iora apptea
and Rusaets. $5.50 per bbl.
STRAW BERRIES Arkansas ana Mis
souri. SI 75. .
CHERRIES California, xz.isj per B-10. oox.
BEEF CUTS No. t rths, 12c; No. 1 ribs,
lieV-; No. 3 ribs, HVic; No. 1 loins, 15c: No.
2 loins, 12c; No. 3 loins, 11c; No. 1 chuck,
514c; No. 2 chuck, ,V,4c; No. $ chuck, c;
No. 1 round. Sc; No. 2 round. 7ic; No. 3
round. 7',c; Nol plate, 3c; No. 2 plate, $c;
No. $ plate, 2tyc.
CIDER Per keg. $3.75; per bbl., $8.71,
HONEY New, per 24 lbs., $3.50.
CH EES E Swiss, new. 16c; Wisconsin
brick. 12c; Wisconsin llmberger, 13c; twins,
13Vic; Young Americans, lie.
NUTS Walnuts. No. 1. soft shells, new
crop, per lb., lotyc; hard shells, per lb.,
13Vc. Pecars, large, per lb., 14c; small,
per lb, 12c. Peanuts, per lb., Vac; roasted,
per lb.. 8c. Chili walnuts, per lb., U13V4o.
Almonds, soft shells, per lb., 17c; hard
shells, per lb., 15c. Coeoanuts, $4 per sack
of lei.
FRESH FISH Trout. 11c; halibut, 11c;
pickeral, dressed, 7c: white bass, lie: auu
fish. Cc; perch, skinned and dressed, 8c;
pike. 9$jl0c; ledsnapper. 11c; salmon, 13c;
crappies, lie; eels, lKc; black bass.
whiteflsh, 10912c; frog legs, per dos., 3:.c;
lobsters, green. 15c; boiled lobsters, 4.'e;
blueflsh, l.'ic; herring, 5c; Spanish mack
erel. Hie; haddock, 1"c: shrimp, SI per gsl.;
smelts. 12c; cod. 12c: bullheads. 12c; catfish,
lac; roe shad. 75c; flounders, 11c.
green hides, 9c; No. 2. 8c; No. 1 salted, lie;
No. 2. 10c; bull hides. 7i9!V; dry hides,
124430c; horse hides, large, $3; small, $2;
sheep pells, each, 50c9l 25. Tallow. No. 1,
41c; No. 2. ic; rough, IVic
6UGAR Otuiiulated can.. In bbls., $4. 98;
granulated cane, lu sacka, $4.91; granulated
beet. In sacks. $4 .81.
SYRUP In barrels, 24c per gal.; In cases,
ti 10-11). cans, tl.'io: cases. 11 6-lb. cam, $2.80;
cases. 24 2H-lb. cans, $190.
COFFEE-Roasted: No. 3.5. 2T4jc per lb ;
No. ). AiV,c per lb.; No. 25. lSo per lb.
No. 20. Ki'jo per lb.; No. 21. 1-Hc per lb.
CURED FISH Family whiteflsh. per H
bid., lm) lbs., l5n; Norwav mackerel, per
I. hi.. 2") Ilia., bloaters. $40 00; No. 1, $28 00;
No. 2. S2B (i0: No. 3. $.1100; Irish, No. 2. $U Oo;
I herring, lu bbls., 2flo lbs each. Norway. 4k.
$13.10; Norway
:k. in. on; iioiianu. mixed,
411 rac llollond hi 11 Ins. In keas. milkers
IX.. .
sue: kt ks, mixed. 70c.
CANNED f( )( I iS Corn, standard west
ern. 5.9'a', Maine, $1.13. Tomatoes. S-lh.
cang. $1.25'(ll.50, 2-ll , sVtW t. Pineapples.
gruted. 2-H).. SJ.o5'n2 .30: sliced. $1.9uKj2.W.
liallon apples, fancy, $3 90; California apri
cots, $1.4c'(2 On; peara, $1.7f91fj0; peaches,
fancy. $1.7;,92.i; II. C. peaches, $2 ooigj e.
Alaska salmon, red. $1.25; fancy Chinook.
F., $2 10; fancv soi keve. F.. $195; sardines.
4 ml, $2.50; s; mustard, S'-'5n'(S 10. Sweet
po'aloes, $1.157 1 25; sstier kraut. $100;
pumpkins. 80c(S1 .00; wax beans. 2-lb., 75it
;0c; lima beans. 2-lh , 75C4J31 35; spinach.
II. .t: cheat) peas, 2-lb. :. extra, 7tfnc;
fancy, $13091.7$.