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Office, 10 rerl
Omaha Man Seeks to Taks Poswiision of Hii
' . Geven-Yaar-Old 8on.
i ...
Mother Taken the C hlld Away, Seieney
IHanppears an 4 Pollre Take Ball
' the station, Where lie
tilvos Ball.
1 1 K. Hii II or OniahA mid Murk Bweney
s nil' Mr. RaJI-Sweney-Ball, who are domi
ciled on North First street In Council
Bluff, cam Into the spotlight again last
.night after having avoided public attention
for- a few month. Rail itarted the trouble
l( fvffifnit by attempting to gain poa
""'HKion bf his 7-year-old eon.
. Hince tbe Nebraska court net aside the
illvnree obtained bv Mrs. Hall, which was
nffer aha. had married Swoney In this city,
Bull asserted that the mother had no right
..hi the exclusive possession of the child.
'I. at evening ha came to thla aide of the
rlvrnr Tnt the purpose of securing the child
If possible'. Learning that Mrs. Ball had
left, the-boiiMo where she I living on North
rirat street to make some purchases on
Bros.dwav. he followed and found her rrmu
in -out of a drug store near the corner of
l'HUf streeti He tried to take the child
I'rvm her, while Mrs. Ball fought to retain
hold of him. A big crowd collected and It
wait only a few minutes until Sweney ap
pealed .upon the Scene armed with a ball
l't- Ball bad taken the precaution to arm
himself with a heavy, walking stick. - ao
honors" were about even except that Sweney
it a fir go .sixed and powerful man, while
"lull la aomnwhat diminutive in stafbre
inrt not built on the llnea of a prise fighter.
TUv, crowd expected to see a mortal com
bat between the .two men, who atood glar
ing at 'One another, while Mrs. Ball seised
"..opportunity to make tracks, taking the
fhlld with her. There waa no combat, how
ever, A ' patrolman happened along and
gonieono telephoned to police headquarters,
and thla- brought -the patrol wagon on a
hurry run.' When Bweney spied the officer
he made tracks for the tall timber, but
Hall stood his ground and waa consequently
taken to police headquarters, where he de-
pi-aiteu aw in caen ror nis appearance In
I ol lot. court this morning on a charge of
liinUnblng the peace.
Halt,-It-Is -said, declared his Intention of
niMirliig possession of his son, and It is
iiK'-i.v.ifi.e. courts will be appealed to.
Marriage Licenses.
(.Tvt'Juteg 'to wed: were Issued yesterday to
t lie -fujlo wing: '-,' -'..'
' Name and Residence. Age.
Charles Ti Olaeford, Council Bluffs 26
Ktrinta Hemmermelster, Council Bluffs.. 22
RU hard Evans, Council Bluffs 3
Jef'Sle Oades, Council Bluff.,... -. 37
' Xoer Telephone Service Today.
'i'lie -Council Bluff a Independent Telephone
company will Inaugurate its local service
today. j.. From hfty to " one hundred tele
phones . vOL connected up aa a start
and If the service I. . found satisfactory
other connections wijl be completed at a
:tV- T
Tearinc: the
KJ , '
Babel out of a
Gordon Hal
takes none of
its Quality
but it does
.take away the
lhat comes
from knowing
yon have the
best. '
Gordon Hats
" - S3.oo
...I MiMMMtajpil I mull IMWJWI Ml
A sjon-alcehoUc irieaklnal bee."
ertge, combining tb food
extract of malted (pro-digatted)
Barley ana the bittrf tonic -
. sence of Importo Hops in th
ttiovt polauble form.
e When judged by the Jury of
expert at Lewi and CUrk Cen
tannisl Exposition at Portland,
Ore., 1905, ITOJtZ MALT
IXTRACT wst given High
Award sod Gold Medal for por
ky and sxceUcnc. Order a caw
(t docbettlet). A4
""a - -at 1. .e r
Comp&srsla Cenerala
Ttf ) f fj Oaunfbrswaf
miftmilm rWW.crw awef JTx
tmmn mi
(euratcW Im dTjaoW mm
Nmw York Part ey, Day
J.4 FKOVatUCBV aeweat of fast leviathane,
Waring passenger elevator, roof cale.'aad many
iw her ioaovaitona. Fleet of modera, gigantic
TwiB-ocrew aad rtxpirss ateamers; naval orn
errs' aMo-of-war dwcipitue. Company s vests
baled trains Havre-ran. hours.
LA bhL 1 AUNU. Sat y. May Ulh, 10 A. M.
LA ttAVOlB May It
LA I )H RAISE juri,
' Or'Ki'lAL Extra departures. Use of sn
tlie swamer at cbaap second claaa rate.
Fur plaua, reservation and full InttMuia
Uun Call on. telephone, or write to
Harry E. Moor, ItJOl Fat-nam Street
lxul N'eeoe, caro First National Bank
1. B. IVeynolda, isoa Jarnajn Street
W. G. Davidson, lAia Fa mini Street
ti. E. Abbott. ITJd Farnam Street,
Ageata Ivr Otoaaa
St. Tel. "-.
rapid a rate as possible. Bo fsr abott 2V)
telephones have been installed, but not
half of these as yet have been connected
with the switchboard at the central ex
change. The company, however, experts
to have In a short time 1,200 or l.Jno tele
phones installed and connected.
Fall t Prove He
Prlaonera to Escape.
The case of the Btate of Iowa against
Charles, alias "Dutch," Btevenson, whose
trial on the charge of aaalstlng prisoners
to escape from the county Jail last March,
was begun yesterday morning In the dis
trict court, was dismissed. Judge Wheeler
at the close of th evidence for the prose
cution sustaining the motion of counsel
for the defendant to lake 11 from the Jury
and direct an acquittal for Btevenson.
The result of the case was due to the
fact that the state failed to show , that
any of the other prisoners in the county Jail
hud attempted on this' particular ocraslun
to break out.
On the occasion of the alleged attempted
Jail delivery Jailer Gallup discovered that
the padlock on the door leading from the
inner to the outer corridor had been sawed
oft and that one of the burs of an out
side window had been partially sawed
through. Investigation developed the fact
thut the saw had been conetriicted from
the steel spring taken from the sole of one
of Stevenson'a shoes. Incarcerated In the
same corridor with Stevenson at the time
were James Arthur, since convicted of sim
plicity In the attempt to blow the safe of
the Treynor bank: Arthur Levi, awaiting
trial under a joint indictment with Pat
Crowe on the charge of holding up and
robbing the crews of two motor cars, and
Charles Lloyd, who has since pleaded guilty
to stealing several garments from a Broad
way pawnbroker and was sentenced to six
months In the county jail, but is now en
joying freedom under an appeal bond.
Btevenson has already served three peni
tentiary sentences, but they were not all
of sufficient character to Indict him under
the habitual criminal act. The authorities
had hoped, however, lhat the charge of as
sisting prisoners to escape from the county
jail would have been sufficient to send .him
Dacg to tne penitentiary ror a long term 1
and are much diaappelnted over the out
come of the trial yesterday. There are
atill two Indictments against him for the
theft of clothing from two Broadway pawn
brokers, but as John Fosdlck and Charlea
Lloyd, indicted Jointly with him, escaped
with Jail arntences, It now looks aa if
Btevenson would get off with a similar sen
tence. -
It la understood that Stevenson waa will
ing to plead guilty to thecbrsm wbjeh
he was lndloted with Fosdlck una Lloyd,
but wanted to await the determination of
the other charge before doing so.
Hchools t'loae lai Coaactl BlaaT
In a few weeks, giving your children an
opportunity during vacation to ' study
mualu and accomplish perhaps more In a
few months than any other time In the
year. The A. Hospe company at S3 South
Main street. Council Bluffs, ha a large
stock of the very best and most celebrated
makes of high grade pianos, In all, th
lateat and moat .artistic designed cases,
such aa burl walnut, Circassian walnut,
quartersawed gulden and mission oaka and
fancy 'mahogany woodsy, and sell tben'v on
easy payments at fits, $180.' tau. and
up. The earn s piano, are sold' by . other
dealere at S2S0, S27S. $300 and $380.
Mr. Fresh, th well known pastel artist
who la now working hv the W. 8. Hewet
aon' Wall Paper and Art store, will do
some work In black and white during th
evening of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
The beautiful pictures made In the last
few days, marine views! landscapes,, fruit
and mountain scenery, will be oh sale..- An
opportunity to all to aee and purchaaa
good pictures reasonable. W. 8. Hewetson'a
Wall Paper Store, MaaonliTfniplt, Council
Investigate our cheap land proposltioa In
astern Colorado, $S per acre for railing all
kinds of crops; good soil; beat of water;
delightful climate. Excursions first and
third Tueadaya of each month. Mend! for
printed matter, F. C. Loug, 1H Mala
street, Council Bluff, la.
I now haro my lioe bicycle on th floor,
ranging In price from $26 to $tx.' Sell on
monthly payment. Old wbeela taken In
trade on new one. All kinds of bloyclea
repaired. 'Phone Red-1167. 8. M. William
son, 17 S, Main.
If you prefer quairtj U auaaUty and
absolute aattafaotlon to yourself, get
Schmidt' photos. Alwaya guaranteed to
pleas. 'Phona 867; u( Broadway.
Porch and lawn furniture. D. W. kl)er,
H South Main. !
For Mad Plea.
A garden of Children's colored dreaws,- auc
to $3.(0. Not delicate flower dreaae. but
sturdy things, almple and easy to launder;
Just what ovary child needs to play In. Just
ak the John Beno company. '
The beat-dreased men In the ' United
Btatea wear Hart. Schaffner aV Marx clotbea
because they're hand-tailored, all wool and
posses all tha distinctive point of the
real exclusive cuatom tailor's product.
We've many new patfeme in aingle' and
double breasted atylea of thla famous maae
of aulta to ahow you. Th John Beno com
pany. Charlea T. Officer la agent for fire Insur
ance companiea. that will pay their San
Francisco losses and have from four to all
millions of dollars aaseta left. It la tha
best plan to Insure In strong companies. '
1. 1
Parties having houaea for rent or sale,
list them with Clifton-Walker Co. (or aulct
action. Recent aales have great ly reduoed
eur Uat and we" have customers waiting tvt
A man buying hla hat from the John
Beoo company has so many atylea for at
leotlon that be can alwaya be auited. Knox,
16; Stetson. $1(0; Beacon. $3; Bosa, $160;
Ueno Special. $
Summer acfaool Western Iowa collage,
May, June, July, August. New class on
Monday. ,
K. T. Plumbing Co. Tal. $60. Night, Lett
Mlaeoaeeotloa of geksol Law,
There appear to bo some misunderstand
ing as to the provisions of th new law re
garding teachers' certtnuetes and the
county superintendent received the follow
ing ooinmuuloaUon from Hon. John r.
Biggs, stale superintendent of public In
slructtunt A dispatch uurpoi ting to come from Des
Moines, Is being given wide circulation by
iiuneroua lucai papers In varlwus parts of
the stale. According le thla ul( the
new law fur tile ofcrtiflealWn uf teariiara
owing to an error In eti-rosrtig. makes the
examination for second snd third grade
cvrtiflcaies the same as thai for first, grade
The law clearly auhoriiea the issuing of
nrst second and third grade and pril
ertlflraiea and in rase of scarcity of teach
ers, uf certificates.
Section t kDeclMes tlia suKiecis 1 i.,iret
Tor first grade cerf IMrstes. hut it Is left to
the Kdttratinnsl Board of Examiners to de
termine the subjects to be require1!! for
other grades of certificates. Canilldates for
second snd third grade certiorates will
examined In the same subjects as hereto
fore required fur those certificates.
The requirements and full Information
concerning exemlns lions under thla law
will be In the hands of tne county suaer.
Intendents after September 1. 1
l-arge trend Oat at Meettnga at
Atnca mm eoln.
Deeming It absolutely necessary to give
his voice a much-needed rest If he In
tended speaking In Council Bluffs this
evening, Governor Cummins was unable
to keep his dates at Neola and Avoca yes
terday, much to the disappointment of his
friends In both places. In his stead Judge
8. F. Proutyand W. K. Odel) of Dos
Moines addressed the gatherings at Ncola
and Avoca.
The opera house al Neola was well tilled
and the town had the appearance of a hol
iday. It waa elaborately decorated, as
was the opera housw. Al Avooa Newman's
Juvenile band gave a street, concert before
the meeting and .the opera house was
packed to. Its rapacity, many having to
stand. ! 1
Robert ,W. Wal'ace, who, attended both
meetings, stated on his return last night
that Judge Prouty had assured him that
Oovernor Cummin would be In Council
Bluffs todtiy.
The meeting at Neola was presided over
by Colonel W. R Remington and the mewl
ing at Avoca by Mayor Fletcher,
Roosevelt Republican Club Meeting;.
The Roosevelt republican club of Potta
wattamie county will meet Friday even
ing at the county court house. Btate
Senator C. O. Saunders, Hon. Spencer
Smith ami Attorney Frank Slilnn of Car
son are on the program for addresses.
Wal McFadden's drum corps has been en
gaged to furnish the music.
At the former meeting of the. Club it
was announced that only those who had
and were willing to sign the membership
rolls would he permitted . to attend this
session. Those signing the membership
roll subscribe to the tollowlng platform:
We, the undersigned, for the purpose of
becoming members of the Roosevelt Re
publican club of Pottawattamie county,
Iowa, organized on the 1st day of May,
1B08, in the Interest of true republicanism
and party harmony, hereto subscribe our
We hope by this organisation to protnot
cause or true repuniicanism in
hlgheat and broadest aense.
we furthermore declare ourselves a
unalterably opposed to the Incorporation
of untried and questionable theories Into
the established policy of the party, by
individuals .and cliques, whose purpose,
In the promotion of such . doctrines, I
for personal glory rather than for the
common good of. all.
And -we believe that thertime has not
yet come when the safety of the republi
can partv of Iowa depends upon the re
tention of the office of governor by any
man. however great, beyond a second
Hero la gesnethloK Good.
Mexican red-hot chlckert tamalee, 16 to H
cents a can; Mexican' red-hot Chile con
carne, IS to ffi centa a can; chlla powder,' 1$
to SO centa a can. John Olson,. Tel. 11J, 7
West Broadway
"In the springtime" everybody cleans
house; housekeepers are , always on th
lookout tor soma agent, to leaaen thla
arduoua duty. "Old Dutch cleanaer chase
dirt." For a free demonstration see Mo
Atee'a ahow windowa. .
Whan'' In need of lumber, brick, cement,
plaster,' lima, sand, rubberoid and Amasoa
roofing, In fact-any thfng lnbtlMlng -ma-v
terlal, , go to' Oeorge A. Hoagtand, 734 9.
Main St., wharo quality and - prlees ar
right, : " ;"'; ,";:: : ,'' '
If you don't read this you will lose your
digestion. Read It and then call your
grocer and order a sack uf Bit A . flour,
thq kind that pleases.
Folding and reclining gocarti.
ler, 103 South Main.
D. W. Kel-
More white shirtwaists at 60c..' . To
buy the stuff Itself would cost about
46c. Today get the waiata neatly made at
60c The John Beno company. . .
"When Their Highneesea the Babies
Take the Air" Since babies practically
live outdoora theae days, their little dresses
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ment of neat little white dreaaea, ready
for Inspection, at the John Beno company.
This Title Guaranty and Trust company,
abstracters of tltlsa. Booka atd back to
136$. Books are all up to date. Work ' ac
curately and promtly don at" lowest
prices. Office opposite court bouse, 236 Pearl
street. Council Bluffs, la.
Neapolitan Ice cream, 30c a
Muccl, the tc cream man. Tel.
Stillman's Freckle Cream removes your
freckle or money refunded. Bold by
Graves, 106 Pearl street. ...
Wall paper? Wall paper! Wall paper!
Burwick, ai South' Main street, can suit
you the best of any man In town in wall
paper. Tel. 6K3. Call hlm'up.
Quick Meal gasoline stoves. The new
process. They never explode. See them
operated. Bwalne ft Mauer, 336-83$ B'way.
Heal Kstate Tramefers.
Theae transfers were reported to The Bee
May, by the Title Guaranty and Tru( Co.,
of Council Bluffs:
Elsie M.- Hansen and husband to
. Oeorge E. Williamson, part of lota 1
and I In block 14 In -Mill Addition to
Council Bluffs la $3,200
Louise G. Troutman and husband to
Samuel E. Whaley, e. 60 feet of lot 1
In block 1$ In Baylies first addition to
Council Bluffs, la., w. d 1,760
Two tranafera," total '. $4,360
lee la Soareo.
Prices going up on lee; the prospects are
that they are liable to double this summer,
but If you get an Ieo Berk refrigerator
at Keller-Faxnsworta Fur., Co. you will
eut your loe bill In two and thus aav 60
per cent on your loe expense.
Three complete catalogues of sheet music
at loe each at Bourlciua Piano house, 336
Broadway, where tb organ atanda upon
the building. '
Ptaa raras.
Two hundred-scro farm flv miles from
Missuurt Vslley. deed tmprovemonts and
A kln cf B mry i joy Ferwr:
T. Folia OouroucTa Oreontal
rom or Magical gsoowtlflor.
. sad tka Tl.mmi t,
I f'r. t4 a
' mm uiKtwi,
1 ti m uu
m m karaiiMS v
I rnrmy aui.
atl W uiitor
. tn. u A.
ai sa u a
Ur at tb .
ft . im Um.
anade Cr' m las ImsI CmfkTJ U
VlllW tlirW. VMktm Sir lTtri
orchard. Cheap at $7! per acre. Wallace
Benjamin,' room' I. I First National bank
building. Office telephone 109.
Clarke soda.
Davis sells drugs. ,.'. '; "
Btockert aell carpets.
Ed Rogers' Tony Faat beer.
riumbing ac.d heating, Blxby Son.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. Xs
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. Thone 7.
Dlsmonds as an Investment. Talk to
Iertert about it.
Price and Ice-saving refrigerator at' D.
W. Keller's, lt'J South Main.
Plain Ice. cream, 26c a brick. I. Muocl,
The Ice t ream Man. Tel. H.
The besl material, wood wheelbarrows,
only KM. Peterson Pchoenlng.
For Imported wines, liquors and cham
pagne. L. Rosenfeld company. BIB Main Ut.
bummer school Western lows college.
May. June, July, 'Auirust. New classes on
Wanted-All K. O. T. M's to bring their
shoes for repair to tirls Loseth at U
Main street.
Richard Evans snd Je.le Undes, both
of this city, were married yesterday by
Justice Gardiner. .
Hundreos of picture mouldings from
which to order frames at Alrxanucr's Art
atore, 3:13 B'way. ......
Six per cent mortgages on teal estate
for sale. Absolute ,, security. Cllttonv
Walker company. 1
If you want your Are Insurance to iu
aure have Clifton-Walker Co. write It In
rellahlo companies.
Moving vans s.ul wagons; stoves stored.
Nesblti a Transfer and. Storage. Tel.
Office 331 West Broadway.
Commencing this week the offices In the
countv court house will be closed Satur
days at noon during the summer month.
For sale. Will sacrifice on tny fln
piano. Payments If desired. Con be seen
it Bchmcller Muellers, 602 Broadway,
Council Bluffs, la.
Protection against gat ling soaked. Our
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LostIn Omaha, May 4, a brown and
white English Pointer; lVfc years old; qinte
large. Reward offered by I. Muccl, -i
B'way, Council Bluffs, la. Tel. 3W.
We have the finest line of sample monu
ments to select from' iir the west. Hheely
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Eaat Broadway, Council Bluffs, la.
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frigerator at Paddock at Handyschey e.
Theie Is no refrigerator made that will
produce aa satistaotory results .as the Her
lick. ,
We have a large bunch of carpet, linoleum
and mattlna remnants that we will sell at
' any price to get rid of them. All good
1 ..... ., lUm nut .f our WH
11UCK. UUl VV . -T-
Btockert Carpet Co. . . ..
F. G. Schoenlngs, a farmer living near
Treynor, paid 15 and cost In Justice Field's
court yesterday tor Mhooting a wild duck
out of season. The information was filed
by County Attorney Hess.
Juxtlce H. H. Field celebrated bin lt
birthday. Despite his age, he enjoys good
I health and attends dally to ins uutics as
justice or tne peac-. n imn u,,
dent of Council bluffs for fifty years.
The love of good things to eal, home
cooked, and plenty of-vhem, is what every
body is looktng tor. Patronize the Vienna
restaurant, 414 W. Broadway, and you will
got all th good things, to eat you want.
Mrs. Harry Nicholson and daughter ar
rived yesterday from Salt Lake City on a
visit to Mrs. Nicholson's, mother, Mrs. C.
Warner of Fourth avenue, and Mr. Nlchol
aon'a parents, Mr. and ;Mra. C. M. Nichol
son. - . . 'i. .' - .
Articles of incorportflion of the Conti
nental Furniture and Carpet company were
filed yeaterday for record. The Incorpor
ators are J. Rosenfeld, .Julius Vngar and
Julius Rosenfeld. The" tpltul stock is
laced at $3rt.0li0. That company will do
uslness In Council Bluffs. '
An automobile, the property of T. Stuart
White, In transit from'Atptu Barbara, CM.,
to Grand Rapids. Alti.4ii.JtHe tiojiie.of Mr.
White, waa badly damaged by fire In the
yards of the Illinois (fcWrtml Tuesday even
ing.' -Spontaneous combustion is thought to
have started the blase in the car.
Van Brunt'a" ,fpift!4lon for selling
vehicles, honeat work uud unexcelled finish,
stylish and original lii'deslgn.-.has never
been questioned,, that Is the resason he has
auch an enormoua trde. , It a not luck
or accident that gave;' these results, but;
is the product of haro and conscientious
effort. ' , .;, ,, (l, , , .'.
We are the only 'concern In the city pre
pared to take up. clean, Tefll - and relity
your carpeta, thereby relieving you of tha
most dreaded Job in connection with house
cleaning. Charges moderate. Absolute
satisfaction guaranteed. C B. Carpet Clean
ing and Rug Mfg. Co. Phone 610. 34 N.
Main atreet.
The hearing of Willie Thomas, the youth
charged with stealing and selling a bicycle,
waa continued In the Juvenile division of
the district court yesterday to enable De
tective Callaghun to investigate tha truth
of the boy'a story that he purchased the
machine from another boy, whose name he
did not know.
C. Btorta, said to be a farm hand In 8llvr
Creek township, reported that he had been
robbed of a watch and $16 in cash. Two.
men giving the names of George Riley end
James Ralph, were arrested on ausplcjon,
but later Investigation led. the police . to
believe they had nothing to do with the
alleged robbery.
Judd Butler, the' Monona county horse
trader, made his third appearance In police
court yesterday morning for fighting and
being drunk. Mre. Oeorge Stubba. th 17-year-old
wlf of a fellow horse trader, was
th principal witness against Butler. Butler
admitted that his battered up apiearance
was due to the beating Mra. Stubba had
given him Tuesday night. The further
hearing was continued until today and Mrs.
Btubba held In $20 bonds-aa a witness.
Tie Another Hoy te Tree la Cemetery
and Leave Illas.
BHICNANDOAH, . Ia May $. (Special
Telegram.) Sunday, night three boys, Hans
Nelson, Edgar Skaggs ar.d Albert Nelson
played a prank on Ballard Garey, which
landed two of the perpetrators In jail and
the third waa only discharged on account
of hla extreme youth.: Carey,' who la only
14 or 1$ years of age, escorted a girl home
from church and angered the other boye
and while he waa on hla way home thev
caught him and compelled him to accom
pany them to the cemetery, where they
tied htm to a tree. It was .several houra
before young Carey could, free himself and
he reached, home In a badly frightened and
nervous condition, in Justice court her
today Han Nelson Was given thirty day
In jail, Edgar Skaggs twenty daya and Al
bert Nelson waa released on, account of
his youth. ,
Mlaaonrt Valley Trackera.
MISSOURI VALLEY. Ia.. May . (spa
claL) Missouri Valley's school board has
chosen the following teachera . for tha
coming, year: High school, J. II. Bev
erldge, superintendent; g. M. Wallace,
principal; Flora M. Koch, Latin and Oer
man; Creanor Lister, science; Minnie
Petraihek, mathematics; c. B. Tredway.J
manual training, tnr. ncnoat, eignttl
grade. Third ward, Edith Redman,
Angle Middleton, Marie . Lege, - ttthelyn
Evans, Thersa Gepson, ' Haute Swan,
Matie Farguhas and Alice BrandrifT.
First ward, Isabel Orrts, Mrs. Chambers,
Mra. Wilson. Ella Quiet, Altcs Walter ami
Mlsa Shurta.
C'annlne I nable to Conee.
NEOLA. Ia., May . -(Special Telegram.)
Governor Cummins was to have ad
dressed the cttlaena. of tjils place this after
noon, but waa prevented by illness from
filling hi engagement. Judge Prouty and
Mr. Odell of ! Moines filled the engage-.
tnent. The town had been (ally decorated
In honor of the governor and the business
places .were closed ta give al) an opportun
ity to hear blm and . the people were con
alderably disappointed because of his In
ability to be present. .
aaorous Coughs. Colds, Boro Throat
are quickly cured by Dr. King's New Dis
covery, tee snd II SO; guaranteed, gold by
herruaa di McConnell Drug eomnenv.
Turkish Authorities Compelled to Relinquish
Vessel Taken by Theni.
( BBSJBJBJB-Bn, ' 7 l
Rear Admiral Prince lent of Rat.
trnbera Joins the Fleet of.
(ireet Rrltaln Wklrk
Threatens Turkey.
CONSTANTINOPLE, May $. Tlio arbi
tral y detention of the German sailing
ship Odysseus by the Turkish authorities
recently, threatened friction between Tur
key and another Europeon power, but the
energetic action of the German ambeesa
dor, Baron von Blcbersteln, quickly solved
the difficulty.
The Odyesseus was dlxchargtng Its
cargo at Chihuklu when It was boarded
by the authorities and removed to Kavak
where It was anchored beneath the bat
teries, the Turks falsely claiming that
the vessel had explosives on board.
The Ambassador protested urgently but j
unavailing, whereupon h took a few
sailors from the German man guard ship
Doreley, boarded the Odysseus, hoisted th
diplomatic, flag and took the ship from
under the guns of Kakak to its dock st
Chihuklu, where a watch was kept over It
while It completed the discharge of Its
cargo. On returning to the embassy thi
ambassador, found a, state councillor
awaiting with apologies and explanations.
Frequent conferencea have been hld
during the lust few days between member
of the cabinet In connection with tha
Anglo-Turkish dispute. The general opin
ion Is that the Turkish troops will evacu
ate Tabah before the British ultimatum
Prluce l.oala Joins Fleet.
ATHENS, May . The British fleet, con-
aiatlng of twenty-one warship, Is lying
at Piraeus with steam up. It will be
further augmented today by the arrival
of the second cruiser squadron commanded
by Rear Admiral Prince Louis of Batten-
berg, which In November last was in
American waters.
ew Hotel at Maulla.
MANILA, May S.-H. B. Dunbar, a hotel
keeper, owing to the flattering prospects
for business, is erecting a hotel building
to cost $500,000.
plrlted Contest Over Presidency of
SIOUX CITY, Ia.. May . After a spir
ited contest here thla afternoon, B. P.
Jackson of Cedar Itapida wus elected
president of the Io'a Retail Grocers'
association over A. M. Hough of Newton,
who was a candidate for re-election. Other
officers were elected as follows: Ira B.
Thomas of Ies Moines, secretary ; W, A.
Scruby of Des Moines, treasurer; execu
tive committee, A. M. Hough, Newton;
W. H. Ahlbrecht of Tama; James Leslie)
of Clinton; W. Balkemu.' Sioux Center;
F. L. Spencer of Alden; C. T. Wilson of
Stoux City.
The name of the organisation waa
changed to the State Retail Merchanta'
Firemen Expert a Big Tiiue.
SHENANDOAH, Ia., May 9. (Special
Telegram.) Shenandoah la making great
preparations for the firemen's tournament,
which la to be held here July 4 and t. It
la the annual tournament of the Southwest
Iowa Firemen' association. Local parties
hav raised $4,600 to be given In purses to
the winners of the varloug. contests , and
companiea aro-tsxpectsd from all the prom
inent places n thla part of th. state. It
la also the Intention to secure an exhibi
tion by the Hale fire fighters of Kansas
City and companies of the 'Kanfcaa ' City
department are expected to be here.
. LlaTbtlngr Plant Changes Hands. ,
SHENANDOAH, la.. May . (Special
Telegram.) John A. Mastera of El Reno,
Ok I., haa purchased a controlling tntereat
In the electric light plant here and took
possession today. The plant will be moved
from Its present location and the capacity
doubled, pew machinery being substituted
fur that now in use.
Proaty speaks for Camailai,
cial.) Judge Prouty of Des Molne apok
at the New opera hoyse Monday nlg'it
In place of Governor Cummins, who was
unable to be preaeht.' He waa Intro
duced by J. B. Lyon. A large audience
was In attendance. ' ' -
"Get well
Fat sclidou Bouillon,
Heat Jellies sai itmiyth- tS
calar Inralal Ddkadet aotUsr equals
tit orlfhjxl
T7.i.. c rt.i
H"iiWlILf9lSB!nis'1 n'r"r
... zG
eTTV'Jar-'' m a
and other. Southwestern territory. $25 from Chicago, $20 from St Louis and Kansas City,
$22.50 from Omaha to nearly all points in Texas. Low rates from other points and to points
in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Indian Territory and New Mexico. Tickets en
sale May 1 and .15, and June 5 and 19, good returning trom Texas points 30 days from
date of sale; from other territory, 21 days from date of sale.
3 You can see more of the great Southwest by a tour over Rock bland-Frisco lines
than in any other way. Genial climates, rich soils and a wider range in crops and markets
than is offered by any other section. t , 1
3 Take a look at the new Gulf Coast country, as it costs no more to go through to the
Rio Grande River and the Gulf. . .
(f Write me to-day (or booklets and any information you need about the Southwest
Use this coupon, mailing it to Chicago or St Louis, whichever is nearest you. y
Bona IM.
Governor A.
J . .''
Si f' "
Will nddrt8 the Republicans,
New Hi fa i ei.
Uvciybody Invlied to attend.
pure. The.qritical orrjeal through which the expectant mother matt
past, however, is so fraught with dread, pain, suffering and danger,
that the very thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror.
There is np necessity for the reproduction of life to be either paioful
or dangerous. The use of Mother Friend so prepares the system for
the coming event that it is safely passed without asy danger. This
creat and wonderful
appucucxici unit Y.anu I fill
has carried thousands Li JLi V
of women through
the trying crisis without suffering.
Bene for frM book oonlalntng infornjatloe
of prioeles value to ail expectant mother.
The Brsdfleld Reaalator Cs.. Atlanta, 6a.
MAY 15, 190G
JUNE S, 1006 r
JUNE 19,1906 -
I will paraonally conduct the above honiaasekai' excursions,
leaving Omaha on above named dates, for the purpose of assist
. Ing homeseekers to locate and file claims on sections of free Kln-
kald lands under the homestead law. I will have with me, for each
"excursion, township plats showing the, location b ectkn,' township
and range of all the available homestead lands in those localities.
v TRAIN SERVICE Trains for Thedford and Whitman leave
Omaha at 11:10 p. m.; for Lakeside at 4:10 p. m.
ItATK -Very low round trip homeseekers' excursion rates
will be in effect on the above dates to those destinations. . :
1004 Farnam
uwdLSilll L
Lm wltmmm- airi.tiiiUatW
67 n 7
r S-
lafsrsMtiaa wastes essst Wstonri, Arkansas, Kan, OUeaeau,
Ionian Territory, Now Mexico, Tssa.
'. (na ii an rear oim of Sum or Tonun)
JOHN SUASTIAN, resonator Traffic Meatier,
Itac liiliai Tilns Una.
U ka, Itstha. CkuXACO. tne t2S . SUf..
B. Cummins
. '
of Council Bluff thla evening t th
No woman haeel
ne$ can b com plots
without children ; tt
it her tutor to 1ot
, want then
much so
to lov th
bgaotiful sai
For Further Information, call or write
HoineKeekfrV Information, Bureau, '.
y the ld IrUakle DR, S&UUXS 4 SfABXES
Established in Omaha for II rear, the nanr- ttaoa
sands ef eaaea cured by u maa us ttk most oserl
enced Specialist In the west, la all dlaneaos aid aU
ments of man. W know Just what wiU mtr yo
and our quickly. s . . ,
W max do mlalaadlng or false tats me at or offof
you cheap, worthlesa treatment. - Our rovnoa ana
nam are too favorably known- every ease wo trnat,
our reputation is at stake. Tour health, life eag hap
piness Is toe serious a matter to place In tbe hand of
a arAJCXX.Be SOOTOsV." Honest doetors of oMitty
use their OWsT sTAsta UK XB Vtmmm& Vo
can effect for everyone a life-long Ciik tnt Weas.
Nervou Men, Varicocele troubles, ttervous Xbtlity,
Rlood Poison, Prostatic troubles, JCldaoy, Biladdsa,
4aM, nyurttHj v promt visas
Diseaaa. Stomaob and rata. Disease.
C7 Examination and ConsultoUoo. Write fog
a Symntom Blank far Hons TrasAnunX
DgUi foots Oamsik Bo
ft. UHJsJ.