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words "In its Judgment" and tstrlklng out
tha words "fairly remunerative" 'a,nd tthat
relating to the number of Judges authorised
to' bear an application for Interlocutory
or preliminary , injunction. . It was deter
mined originally that the' Bacon amend
ment should be adopted. This would pro
vide for a hearing before two Judges. Later
if waa' decided to apply the expediting act
passed to facilitate action under the Sher
man anti-trust act. to hearings on applica
tion for such preliminary decrees or orders.
Th action of the conference was agreed
to 'today by senator leaders representing all
of the disputant "factions. ' '
Proposition to Mop Railroads from
Mining: Coal ( antes Wrangle.
WA8UINOTON, May g.-Aslde from a
few minutes devoted to the reception of
the Allison amendments to the railroad rate
bill and a. hulf hour given to routine busi
ness, the senate devoted '.ts entire session
today to the Ineffectual consideration of
the Elklns umeuduiont prohibiting common
carrier from engaging In mining coal or
In the production of other commodities in
competition with shippers, and adjourned at
& P, m. In a state of great confusion as to
the exact subject before It. The disorder
was due to the fact .that a number of
substitutes for amendments to the original
amendment were offered, During the day
the senate decided the heretofore disputed
point that under the agreement the chair
can-entertain motion to lay on the table.
It refused by a vole of 29 to 4V to lay the
l'.lklns provision on the table.
Thevamendmnt and the various modill-
catlons will therefore be In order when the
ate. bill la taken up tomorrow.
Discussion of the Elklns amendment to
the railroad rale billv was resumed lit tha
senate today. This amendment proposes
to prevent Interstate carriers from owning
and operating coal mines or dealing In
commodities which they transport.
Senator McCumber offered a substitute
for the Klklns amendment, which he
claimed to be simpler while accomplishing
tha same purpose.
Senator Dryden opposed the I-'lklns provi
sion, saying that if It should be accepted
without fixing a time -, for It to go ' Into
effect, every household in the country
would ba injuriously affected by It. Ha
said It would take time to adjust the coal
industry to the provision. Senator Teller
also criticised the provision, saying that
cungress had no ' authority to prohibit
railroad companies from mining or pro
ducing, other, article., Congress must, ha
said, content itself with regulating com
Om taint
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- -.!: '
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merce, not In attempting to control pro
duction. ' "
Senator Dick-also objected to the Elkina
amendment, saying that it affected So
many Interests -that It was In itself quite
aa important as the question of rate mak
ing. Senator Klklns defended the provision,
saying that the railroads should be held
to doing business for which they were In
corporated, and that It had been prepared
to meet a generally recognised evil.
He had not proceeded far whan hla-at-tention
waa called to the fact that he
had spoken yesterday on the provision and
he was taken off the floor, notwithstand
ing he declared that he "must speak to
The legal aspects of the amendment re
ceived the attention of Senator Knox.
Senator Mcliurin offered a substitute for
the Klklns provision and Senator Elklns
found In It a basis for the continuance of
his speech, begun earlier In the day, on the,
main proposition. He said that under pres
ent conditions small operators cannot afford
to mine coal In competition with the rail
roads and that his own state was espe
cially affected by the evil. He referred to
Ihe newspaper report that the Baltimore &
Ohio railroad had ' retired from ita coat
business and commended the course as
wise. Senator Dolllver suggested that tha
amendments be disagreed lo with the under
standing that before, adjournment, the seri
ate pass an Independent msaaure covering
the question of railroad ownership of In
duatiies. Senator Overman put the suggestion of
'Mr. Dolllver in the shape of a motion pro
viding that all pending provisions covering
the subject of the Etlklns amendment be
referred to the committee on interstate
commerce with instructions to bring in a
bill covering the subject.. Senator Daniel
opposed the Overman motion and Senator
Simmons supported his colleague's motion,
saying that the adoption of the Elklns
amendment would have th .effect of de
stroying both the railroad inX the lumber
business in his state.-
"If 11 should take the committee aa lung
lo report on this questkai ' 44, It ; took to
report on the original proposition the people
might well lose heart on tha subject," said
Senator Bailey In opposing ihe motion.
Senator Overman then withdrew his mo
tion lo refer the mutter back to the com
mlttee, saying he had only offered It be
cause of Senator Dolllver'a suggestion and
not to cause delay. ...
Senator Dryden offered an amendment
extending for five years tha time in which
the provision shall go into, effect and spoke
In support of It, saying that the. utmost
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trance 'Hill.
conservatism was' rterVssari' In considering
such Important questions. He thought it
would be impossible for the Independent op
erators to supply the coal necessary to mtef
the demands of the public.
"It that Is true," said Mr. Bailey, 'the
extent of railroad manipulation is greater
than. I had supposed."
"What the senator from Texas needs is
more cars," -responded' Mr. Dryden.
"Not of the kind we have now," retorted
Mr. Bailey. . ' "
At this Juncture there' was much con
fusion among senators as to the question
before the senate and H rose to such a
height that after remarking that "we are
all balled up," Senator Tillman moved to
lay the pending amendments and all amend
ments on the table.
The question as to whether Mr. Tillman's
motion waa In -order was then submitted
to the senate and the first roll -call of the
day was taken.
After the roll call hud begun the chair
stated that the vote was On the question of
his authority to entertain a motion to lay
on the table under the- unanimous agree
ment. The question waa decided in' the
affirmative, 51 to 29. The vote was then
taken on Mr. Tillman motion to lay on
the table, which was lost, a to 19. Senator
Hale then moved un executive session, ex
pressing the opinion that the senate could
do no more towards disentangling the knot
Into which it had gotten itself by postpon
ing further consideration until tomorrow.
He yielded long enough, however, to per
mit Senator Tillman to offer a substitute
for the Elkina amendment. .
sion and adjourjied shortly afterwards.
ni ii.
Pnrrhase of Claims and inokrles
Powder Dlavnaaed at l,rngts.
WASHINGTON. May S The house of
representatives devoted the day to tho
naval appropriation bill and accomplished
the reading for amendment of the first
fifteen pages. During this time several
topics incident te the measure were dis
cussed, including the difficulty of obtain
ing enlisted men in the navy, the locution
of tha naval training station on the great
lakes, the cost of smokeless powder and
Anally the unnecessary expenditure cf
$100,000 a year for chains for ships. This
laat matter was under consideration when
the house adjourned.
Representatives Loud of Michigan an)
Orosvenor of Ohio offered amendments
providing that the purchaae of audi sup
plies as chains, anchors, cordage, etc.,
shall hereafter be by tha competlve b'd
process. Representative Rlxey of VI
giula was , unsuccessful In getting an
amendment through limiting to to cen'j
a pound the amount which may be ex
?nded for smokeless powder. He stated
tha, the price now paid was K0 cent a
(.Gund, but the Inquiry made by tha naval
committee showed that It actually cost
but SS cents to manufacture the powder.
The army appropriation bill was sent to
conference with all the senate amend
ments disagreed to.
A bill waa passed allowing the bridg
ing of the Missouri river at Kansas City.
The house adjourned at o'clock.
Three Teara far Defaulter.
BEEMER. Neb.. Msy I (Special Tele
gram.) Charles Meade appeared before
Judge. Graves today and pleaded guilty of
being defaulter to the Reenter State bank
to the amount of S3.S00. He was sentenced
by the Judge to three yeara In the state
Sraalor Marge a HI.
WASHINGTON. May S. The senate com
mittee on Isthmian canals adjourned today,
pending the recovery from his Indisposition
of Seuatur. M.'-rgii. . . ,
Mr. BowatT'i AnnonnoetDent RaoiTd
with F?or in Oitj and State.
Irrreoaella l.le A nils I, erf hy Tom
Rlnrkhara Mill Try to Work a
t omblnf with Saunders
for Uoiernor.
The annuiiiiceineiU of Mt Bosewater's
seniitorial candidacy has been received
with great favor not only In Omaha, but
all over the state. In Omaha sufficient ex
pressions have been' heard to warrant the
assertion that the Washington hall meet
ing Wednesday night will be largely at
tended by lcpicsentatlve people who. have
been with Mr. Rosewater and many who
have been against jjilm In previous political
fights are outspoken In saying the time is
ripe for republicans, to get, together and
support him on the one giound that he is
best qualified, for the jdace and could ac
complish more than anyone else In the
position after he got to. .Washington. One
of his friends said: ,
"Did you . nollcr in the. press dispatches
from Rome how Mr. Rosewaler has been
making himself fait In the postal congress
In which he represents the United States?
He Is a man who does thing. If he were
sent to the senate bo would be heard com
there." .... ,
. arhenie of Hie eyer-Qulls.
The little crowd ot Irreconcilable "antls"
still counts -uii putting up opposition to
Mr.- Rosewatec st all haxardj. Tha chief
spokesman of this crowd is Tom Black
burn, with R. B. Howell and. Harry Brome
as hi" lieutenant. Brome, was down tn
Lincoln. laat-week and to-people down there
anticipated Mr. .lllakburn In his schema
for a VI I mi delegation, under the. guise of a
compromise to trade the senatorship off
In the Interests of Charley Saunderstor
governor. The plan, as .explained, is to
have the. senatorship forced -to the baek
Hrpunrl. while -a delegation Is put up for
Saunders, for governor, to vote tor senator
for some uunaDud Douglas county man
who develops the most strength In the
convention. The scheme was put up to
John L. Webster, but be turned It down.
"I Would Hfce to In; senator," said Mr,
Webster, "and the only way for . me to
get the endorscmout of the state conven
tion Is to. have a delegation tlia Is for
mo and not for" Anyone else. It Would be
folly to go Into the convention with a dele
gation tied up. to another candidate for
n other offlce.-.or without knowing that
It was for me until th.e convention actually
took a ballot. The local situation has been
changing so rapidly that I am not sure
Just what I shall do, but I will have some
plans formulated, before long."
Wattles Still Mnm.
G. W, Wattles, who has been mentioned
as a possible candidate for senator, still re
fuses to say whether lie will or will not
get into, the race. He left Sunday for New
York, Baying .he would 'know definitely
when he returned, In about a week, the pre
sumption . being, that be intends to confer
in the Interval -with the "moneyed men In
the east who are Interested In the. big and
little corporations! tUlng business, in Ne
braska Aa to Senator i Millard's candidacy, his
followers are alsb. somewhat in the dark.
The senator Jed, them to believe that he
would make a public" statement before thli
time as to his intentions, saying whether
he would make an'iifflve canvass or remain
simply fri a passlre mood. .Something from
him' Is looked for almost any day.
(Continued from First Page.)
ment ,(h4 government has. flung down A
new provocation to. the people by the issue
of the fundamental .law and by depriving
their Vlght to revjse It. The ruling bu
reaucracy reaumes, Ifs ancient power, and
I'arllament. the", center of the people's
houses, ts shorn of 'the rights solemnly con
ferred upon it by rhe. manifesto of October
SO. The part of the people's liberty and
the members of Parliament see in this act
an open and- flagrant violation of the peo
ple's rights and announce that no bu
reaucratic government can stop the peo
ples representatives- from accomplishing
their duty.. .
When the reading of the resolution was
finished there rose a storm of criea of "too
weak." .M- Roditcheff appealed to the mem
bers of the convention not to lose their
heads. Hii appeal 'carried, thf day and the
convention adopted the resolution by a
standing vote.
The constitutional democrats' convention
concluded .at 4 p clock this evening, after
Prof. Miluknff had- delivered a speech.
during which he congratulated the party
on , having disappointed ita" enemies, . who
predicted a split. He believed the ideas
for which the party stood were constantly
growing fn the eoilntry, while on the con
trary the extreme, revolutionary organisa
tions were passing through a crisis. While
the struggle might be prolonged, the pro
fessor declared amid applause, victory was
certain in the end,
Hlurk Handred Meets.
A mass meeting of "Pluck . Hundreds"
held yesterday, Under the presidency of M
Dubrovln, poured oil on the flames by ex
ertion of an oatUfroin all present to the
effect that If Parliament Is found to con
sist of "traitors" they will offer their lives
to protect the. autocracy.
No better evidence of the feverish haste
of the government; to strengthen Its de
fenses at all points before the assembling
of Parliament could be given than the fact
that twelve columns of the Official Mes
senger today are devciied lo ukasses and
Tbe emperor Has" yielded to the demand
of the Russian people of the Baltic prov
inces and Poland, of which, no elections
have been held, by granting two seats in
Parliament to each. They will be selected
from the purely Russian Inhabitants. Thir
teen members sre also assigned to Central
Asia. Samarkand. Rusnian Turkestan and
Syn-Dsrya. Asiatic Russia, with the re
striction that they elect one Cossack, six
for the Ussurl, South Siberia, and Trans
Balkallan provinces and one for Yakutsk,
East Siberia.
"mmmjm. . . 1- ... . i:,,.b.
' MOSCOW, May . In addition to the ac
cusation against Maxim Oorky of engaging
lrf a pjlitlcal propaganda the procurator
has charged him with participation In the
December uprising here end it is rumored
that his extradition from the Vnlted States
will be asked for.
The Gost has been confiscated and pro
hlbited from publishing pictures taken by
how WELL you ---el 10 day after
quitting C0FFE ind using
Few are entirely frea from It,
It mar develop so slowly as to cause liftla If
any disturbance daring the whole period of
It roar then produce dyspepsia, catarrh,
and marked tendency to consumption, before
manifesting Itself In much, cataneoul amp
tion or glandular swelling.
It 1 best to be snre thst you are quit fraa
from It, and yon can rely on
Hood's Sarsaparilla
to rid yon ot It radically and permanently.
Aecept BO substitute, but Insist on harlng
Hood's. Liquid or tablets, 100 Doses tt.
an American photographer showing the life
led In prison by Mile. 8pliilrinnovo, who
killed Police Chief Limhenoffsky at Tani
boff. She was sentenced to be hanged, but
her sentence was commuted to twenty
years' Imprisonment after she hud locn
most brutally treated by Cossack officers,
one of whom was assassinated for so iloinc.
(Continued from First page.)
$2.500. wo appropriated for the relief of San
Francisco, $J,4i6.sro has been expended, or
centracts have txi-n made which will con
sume this sum. The expenditures are di
vided among various departments as fol
lows; WuartermaKter's depul tinent, $1.741.tr4;
subsistence department. $:r2tt.4:; medical
department. $;i4.5.'!9; signal corps. $15,000;
mileage. $14,!6.
Estimates were given of the cost of re
turning troops from San Francisco lo the
stations where they ate on duty, and the
letter also gives transportation charges on
all supplies and estimates for replacing
supplies taken from army posts for use in
Secretary Taft's letter concludes with the
following recommendations:
General flrecly has requested that
oou in the hands of the chief quartermas
ter and chief commissary at San Francisco
be expended for the purchaae of further
supplies. I have authorized 'his expendi
ture on the statement by General Greely
that of the quartermaster's supplies al
ready sent to Sun Francisco more than
$:i0.tiO will not be used, but may be re
turned to the general stores iff the army.
It Is quite probable, however, from General
Orecly's statements that a larger sum will
be needed 111 San Francisco for the purpose
of continuing the purchase of supplies, and
therefore recommend that congress be
applied tn to make an additional appropria
tion of IViO.OiiO for the hImivc purposes.
I am advised that under General Funston
and tinder General Greely money has been
expended for the employmnt of labor nec
essary in- the distribution of supplies and
In putting the tents and other shelter Inter
condition for use. In sanitation of the con
centrated camps of the sufferers. I there
fore ask that the resolution shall authorise
payment for these pervices.
Entertaining an F.neniy.
Don't ei.tertain a chronic, running sore or
Wound. Cure it with Bucklen's Arnica
Balve. 25 cents; guaranteed. Sold by Sher
man & McConnell Drug Co.
Panel of Twenty-Two Members Drawn
to Work vn Pome Inter
esting; Cases.
The federal grand Jury for the May term
of the Vnlted States courts was formally
empaneled at 3:30 Tuesday morning and
given Its instructions by Judge Munger.
This panel consists of twenty-two members.
Omaha is represented on the Jury by
Charles Lang, a-motorman In the employ
of the Street Railway company. South
Omaha Is represented by John D. Bennett,
a carpenter, living at Twenty-first, and
H streets. Following Is the completa list
of the grand jurors, with their residences
and occupations:
A. H. Albers, land agent, Keemer; I'red
Bartel, capitalist, Avoca; John D. Bennett,
carpenter. Twenty-first and H streets.
South Omaha; Jurvis M. Bolen, farmer,
Ulysses; SV. S. Bordner, lumber dealer,
Stanton; Charles Lang, motorman, Omaha;
George Lehmkuhl. retired farmer, Wisner;
14. T. Lef twich, no occupation givt n, St.
Paul; John G, O'Connell, Implement dealer,
Tecumaeh; Peter Remheimer, farmer. Ris
ing City; Peter R. Johnson, merchant.
Genoa; L. W. Kedfern, farmer, Peru; Guy
W. Seoord, insurance agent, Clay Center;
Albert B. Weldman. pump dealer. McCool
Junction; John Weis, retired farmer. Ce
dar Rapids; A. Zlmnieren, farmer, Avoca;
John K. Cram, live stock dealer, Rurwell;
George W. Coulter, engineer, Wymore;
Thomas J. Dickson, occupation not given,
Panama; Isaac L. Fluke, insurance, Lin
coln; J. H. Sutton, farmer, Fremont; Alvis
Dannecker, farmer, Kulo.
Z. T. Leftwich of St. Paul was chosen
foreman of the jury and David Miller was
appointed bailiff In clTarge of the Jury.
The first cases to be considered will be
several pension cases worked up by Special
Pension Examiner Morrow. These will
occupy all of Tuesday, and Wednesday will
be given over to the investigation of a
number of postoftlce cases of minor Im
portance. The cattle and land fencing cases are
scheduled for commencement Thursday.
W. Ernest King of Chadron and Miss Nel
lie M. Eastman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
William W. Eastman, 2602. Seward street,
were married Tuesday noon at the home of
the bride's parents. The wedding was a
quiet home affair, only immediate relatives
being present. Rev. E. R. Curry, pastor of
Calvary Baptist church, officiated. After
the ceremony a dinner was served and at
3;30 the bride and groom left for their new
home at Chadron, where Mr. King Is route
agent for the American Express company.
The bride was dressed In green silk.
trimmed with white. Mrs. Rose Brown of
Buffalo. N. Y., the groom's grandmother.
witnessed the ceremony. Mr. King's mother
and brother live on Templeton street.
LONDON, May t. Miss Adalade Ran
dolph and Hon. Lionel Lambert, second son
of the late earl of Cavan, heir presumptive
to the title, were married today lit Trinity
church, Sloan square. The American am
bassador. Whltelaw Reld, Mrs. Reld and
Miss Reld. the staff of the American em
bassy, J. Plerpont Morgan and the earl of
Cavan were among thosa present. The
bride is the stepdaughter of the late WU,
llam C. Whitney.
M. R. Collins.
SJDNEf. la.. May 8. (Special. -M. R.
Calkins, a farmer living near Sidney, died
of consumption yesterday knd was burled
today by the Odd Fellows and Knights of
Pythias. He was a little past 80 years ot
age and leaves a wife and three children.
Ranrh Foreman Mtealug.
SHERIDAN, Wyo.. May (Spe-inl.)
Charles Decker, foreman for the Hysham
Cattle company, has been missing for
nearly a week, and It is feared thai he
has been either shot or drowned. He started
in. pursuit of Louis Heitke, line rider for
the company, who had stolen a horse, and
since that time has not been seen or heard
of. Heitke wus arrested at the Crow
agency, but denies all knowledge ot the
missing man. Decker's horse, saddled ami
bridled, was found, but no trace of him has
been discovered.
fur Indian Missions.
CHICAGO. May . Methodist churches
have been appealed to Lo raise IX-V'-ti to
nard christianising ludia.
' Tlio'SHvings hanks in Xehraskn liavo llio nlpotion
of a carefully rovin'tl stato law. Their, invi stnivnt
are most stringently restricted, their hicHum! eare-
fully pianletl hy the state officials. '
The City Savings Hank is under the direct con
trol of the State Hanking Hoard ami inlets all its
requirements. Safe and sound ami pays 4 per cent
interest on deposits.
Oldest and largest and strongest savings bank .
in Nebraska.
1610 and Douglas Sts.
The Only Place
Considering nrices. quality, beauty anil variety to selei t ti,.in lliere is only one
place In Omaha to buy a OO-OAKT that place. Is at our fai tory. Competition ef other
dealers Is out of the question when you consult our own Interests In buying n Go -Cart
Wl Mill THUS We make every curt We si ll, its' well ii.t all other warm
Heather goods made of reed or rattan. ;
Our skilled workmen will make you anything you want lo order iu re.ed --.Do m il.
ter what it Is
OTJARAKT1I1! THEM We warrant everything we make We "re llere tn
repair or repine any broken pari, free of cost, of any cart ytai buy of us.
Ours la th only factory of Its kind In the west and the only on ia America that
alia ita entire output to tha psopls direct. W do not sill to othtr dtalsn. Va. ,
aara yon their profits. . - -
LATEST FATTEB1TS. ENDLESS TAKIETT (ur dlsnbiy room . worth n vleij
If vou are Inter-'Sted in getting u Go-Cart or any ar(l le ot reed furniture, or if yon
wish anything mad- according to your own Idea. We can rnnke It Our Vrlia ao
Just half charged bv other dealers and the good la tter and mi-e sutsl.nlmlly mait- .
,1312 Howard SMrvrt. Oninlin. 4.-. -
i 1
Ak-Sar-En FestiTities to Be Greater Than
Ever This Year.
Twn Daylight Demonstrations and
the Grand Mailt Display Are on
the Program vlth Other
-' Thlnas.
Samson mid his chief lieutenants waded
through a vast amount of business at the
regular meeting at the Omaha club Tues
day night.. The Board of Governors lot
the fall festivities have decided to give
amusement teniures upon a irn. vir.
than wawy.UVW la-tore attempted for the
Ak-fnTfRefr Celebration.
The contract for the .appearance of the
Knabenshue airship for ten duys was ap
proved and signed. This is a real dirigible
ship which will float all over the carnival
grounds and city during the afternoons and
evenings, propelled by its own power and
defying all the natural laws which would
attempt to puM it down. The Knabenshue
airship Is u success and the governors have
secured It at a great expense as the feature
attraction of th show. No charge can be
made for this, for It will travel all over
the city In sigbt. of. all.
A committee-.front the Do.uglas , County
Agricultural society, waited upon tb gov
ernors' to arrange-for holdtnf-'the Dougla
count'y'fair at the same. me aa In former
seasons. .This matter .was referred to the
amusement committee with power to act.
Ready for Initiations.
The ritual committee reported several
new methoda of torture which had been
devised for the unwary which will all be
Installed and 'ready for operation on the
opening night for Initiation, whjch is set
for June 4. Hustling committees Will be
put out early wnd new members will lie re
ceived early, no more can be on hand to
help handle tiie lat-e comers,
A change of program for the parades was
decided upon. Two daylight parades will be
given and the usual electric parade, larger
and grander than anything ever attempted.
The date of: the -night parade has been
changed to Wednesday night for several
reasons, the- principal .of which Is that the
change will give two full days In which to
flt up the den for the ball after the floats
are takeu iut for Ihe parade. The daylight
parades will be held Tuesday and Thursday
afternoon. -The parade Tuesday will be
an Industrial pageant and Gould Diets,
chairman of the parade committee, stands
sponnbr for. the statement that li will
eclipse anything ever undertaken In Omaha.
The Thursday afternoon parade will be a
comio automobile parade, the possibilities
of which are enormous, but which have not
been thorouglily worked -out.
The amusement committee Is in communi
cation with one of the largest carnival
companies In the east and If this contract
Is closed the attractions and ahow will be
of a higher order and nione attractive than
any which Samson has ever asked the peo-
Two Piece Suits To
Order $23
"Onlv a millionsre can afford to wear"
a misfit ult." Cnlckgo News.
Every young man needs the distinc
tion or a MaeCariby-Wilsun made-fot-you
suit. Eery young man is aided by
the faet that every Mac f'arthv-Wllson
fact that every Maot'artliy-W llson
niade-for-him suit emphasises his In
dividuality aiat reflects his person-
We U venture -wager that any
young man. who will put in a made-to-measure
suit cut from our 1475 Cola
ton Block Kffuct Woitd will reap
much more than the mice. $io ft). In th
dividends declared by his increacd
impressive appearance.
A MaoCarthy-Wllson inade-for-you
Suit helps you in your business.
We a. Special Sale of
Coat art J Pants, Two Piece
Suits to Measure for $23.
'Phone Doug J. Sot-M S. P.ih t.
H duor Iw l'u ticket uffRs,
eypo-a'HraHH ILl 'ill'l
pie to patronize. No stone Is tovhe left
unturned by the present Board of Governors
to give the visitors a royal time and flenl
of amusement. " . . ..
Battleship I nlnjnred-
WASHINGTON, . May 8. The battleship.
Rhode Islatil. lilch rait aground Satur
day, Is now lying off Torktown uninjured
Monday, May 14, to ;
Saturday, May 19
t p.
Britt - Nelson
i...t .
Prize Fight
ss nt.i ft I . . .
breaiesi Moving nciure anow
:; Ever Produced in ths, ,..
. . -, "... r ' . , - .
Battling Kelson '
This famous prize fight exact
ly re-prod itccd in tvprv detail tf)'
the final knock-out. , .
Come and bring1 your family;
. .' -. "
Keserved seat sale hegiiia 'Sat
urday liioniinjr;, May'-liitlv at .y
o'clock at the 'Auditorium.
. . , ....... . . .-,-:
Prices, 35c and 50c; box seats
-Phone Douglas i4M. . - . -
Last liig Week of Season.
Tonight. Thinmtitv-and Waturthir.
Haverniaiiii a I Juris, , Tiu rs- iiiid JBn's,
Madeline Wiuthrop & V"o , Fiedo til.
Three Armstrongs; 1 ie- MiiTi ft . lra ' u;
Kemp "An Pearl, ' Mielt'a Liogs . sitd i4
Kiiiodroma. ; .
ITIeea Ha'. 25o. k "' '
BURWOOD ' etVcli !SA
Till? woouwtiiit iin h rtmp.oV
Matinees Thursday and Saturday -j
Monday Night, Mas -3. " o'.Htrl l' rfui it(
a nee Souvenir I'holo ilui. Hill , V
PrteeaN, glils, Sund.iy M4tlte. 1't.
Xo. Tued.ry. Thursday; Satuiduj- Mtl
liei s,. Hki, Ac . i . ' i i i
Next WM.k TI. HUe uf .KM.n.oiti..'
krug theater .....mfk
j MATINKi-: 'ruli.tV.v -'in-. i'jiNKillT rf1
sii'NivY 'ioi.i:h. in
' "' THlRJiAY :':
Wksg X uig b Uood . V M. . Mfi
T- ' rj.j.jr jv-y i --!-. . ,
- j
y j!
l j: ' xll s
W-v ;e .-,
Sf- 'v. , i . , , :m