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    THE OMAHA DAILY BEE: Pit 10 AY, MAY 4. 1006.
.Tlttri Dwt'H 1.
tm rrTt
These are not simply Irish in name, but are the real imported article, ami not only that,
but the bet of the imported the real Mc Bride Dimities. These Dimities have been popular
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ttpeelal-'. Deposits Received. , j
The canimereta) banks belonging to the
Clearinghouse: association' have arranged
to open for new Qr ."special" business.
The grraige'riemt la to receive all deposits
that customer muj'- des(r to make on
new account. 'The, depositors may check
nut thee new balances without restriction
or limit. The plan for new or special busi
;. was adopted In Oakland and other
i.urts of Alameda county and so success
nil was It In Its-operation that the banks
have now resumed regular business and,
a re receiving more money than they are
paying Out. . The aavlnga banks are most
anxious to resume business, but they are
unwilling to Jeopardise .' the ' Interests of
their depositors by opening their vaults a
moment before It Is quite safe to do so,
the contents of several vaults (nut savings
banks) prematurely opened having been de
stroyed. A large 'proportion, if not a majority,
of the business men,, who were thanking
their lucky star during the big conflagra
tion that their valuables were Inclosed In
fireproof vaults, have wakened to a des
perate realisation of 'the'"' unquestionable
force of the San Francisco fire. Within
the past Seventy-two hours' there have
been 576 safes and vaults opened In the
district east of Powell and north of Mar
ket street and is not more 'than -AO per
cent of these Instances were the contents
found Ir.tact. la 'many owee a pile of
ashes represented several thousand .of
dollars worth of accounts.
tiff rP ' Employe.
Th City government yesierday began the'
wuik or pnyltw oik 'April' salaries to Its -employe..
The sum of' f-W.Sno 'was 'trans
ferred to the - Western ' National bank,
whf te yesterday the member of th police
force received the money due them. In
this way IKVOCO was added to th cur
rency in circulation. ' -.
While ft la difficult to ghe exact figure
as to joca' land Tntmranctf 'In' connection
villi the fire wh.lrh haa devastated such
a large portion of San I raflclaco, close
cellmate have been compiled; which how
mat the actual property loss to the city
is close to $350,000,000, '-
Trolley car wlllbe operated on Market
street today, ' between the ferry and
Valencia street, and a little later a far
west a CastrO.
Auditor Horton lias filed hi estimate
of the receipt and expenditures of the
city for the coming fiscal year, lie figures
that the latter' will amount to a total of
$8.48,400.' r
The estimate la made on an assessed
valuation, of $600,000,000. The receipts
are figured t the-rate of $1 on $600,000,
000, or $6,000,600, and $ J. 2 2 8, 4 00 from
other sources, making a tax rate, Willi
7 cent for the parka, of $1.07. The fire,
however, haa reduced the- value of assessa
ble properly and the expense will be
'greater than th auditor estimates, so that
it I stated that the taxes will be nearly
12.60 ou each $100 of valuation.
Th water company; haa been authorized
to deliver. water to every laundry In the
vlty, provided the chimney have been In
spected. 'J Eight 'or nine laundries will be
opened within two or three day and till
V.wlll bring mora relief to the city. Two
.or three laundries have. already been
opened for the yse of the hospital ser
vice. r .The local Japanese have undertaken sys
tematically the care of Jananes refugee.
Out of the 10,000 Japanese affected by the
earthquake and fire approximately 6,000
have been aent to the interior. Of the
remaining 6,000 about $.000 are at the
varloua relief campa In San Francisco, and
,000 at Oakland. The Japanese govern-
ment has wired a contribution of IJS.Oou.
NEW YORK, May 8- An Important omls
' slon was made In the transmission of a dis
patch from London last night, giving the
text of the Joint dispatoh cent to Oakland,
Cal., yesterday aa a result of the meetings
of representative of several British com
panlea interested In th Ban Francisco dis
aster. The message should have read:
l"nde,r any circumstances the British
office 'will only pay th losses for which
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they are legally liable, since to go beyond
their contracts would le Illegal. They can
not recognise any liability for damage by
earthquake where no fire ensued, nor for
damage by lire to fallen or partly fallen
buildings, nor for damages to buildings
pulled down or destroyed by order of the
Han Francisco authorities.
ew lork Players lo Appear from
Morning I ntll Midnight.
NEW YORK. May 3. The progmm of the
monster benefit for the San Francisco suf
ferers to be given at the Metropolitan opera
house tomorrow was completed last night.
There are forty-five numbera on the bill
and In order that all may appear the per
formance will be continued from 11 a. in.
until midnight. Jacob II. SchlVf. treasurer
of the Red Cross and mayors' Ban
Francisco relief funds, reports that since
the last public, acknowledgement the com
bined amount of the two funds has reached
For the relief of the artists of San Fran
cisco there will be a sale of contributed
paintings and art work at the American
Institute on May 7 and 8, under the au
spices of the California artlsta' relief com
mittee of this city.
The Vassar Students' Aid society, New
York City branch, will give a benefit en
tertainment for the relief of the San Fran
cisco members of the Faclflc coast branch
of this society at the Hotel Astor Saturday
Mine. Eames has volunteered to sing at
the benefit concert the German club
women of New Y'ork are to give In Car
negie hall Monday night. Other artlsta will
be . Maud. Powell, the violinist; Raffol
Joseffy, pianist, and David Blspham, bari
tone. Victor Herbert will direct an or
cheatra of eixty-five.
The Joint application bureau, which is
supported by the charity organization so
ciety, took oare yesterday of about fifty
persons who came In from Sun Francisco
as refugees. These persons have been dis
tributed around in lodging houses and a
few were taken care of by private fam
ilies. Their railroad fare across, the con
tinent had been paid In ' the west. The
bureau ' expects to got employment for
them. Other arrlvala are expected.
Companies Will I'ay Liberally, hat
Will Enforce' Their Contraeta,
NEW YORK, May J. The Tribune today
saya that representative of both foreign
and American fire Insurance companies
who were In the city yesterday discussed
united action to effect a compromise In
the adjustment of loaae by the 8an Fran
cisco fire. The discussion waa largely upon
the question as to the attitude the ad
justers of companies should be Instructed
lo take In regard to disputed questions.
The great companies express a strong pur
pose to be not only Just, but generous In
eases of doubt with the victims of the
San Francisco fire, but they all evidently
feel what was expressed by the president
of a large American company, who said
"The adjuster for this company will not
lie allowed to waive the condition of Its
policies nor change restrictions of it char
ter. We have no more right to pay a loss
occasioned by' earthquake than we have to
pay a loss of life. W are not an earth
quake Insurance company nor' a life, In
surance company." . ', .,
Because of exemption from loss toy earth
quake damage," well Informed Insurance
men estimated yesterday that' the com
panies would ultimately pay from 60 to 75
per cent of the aggregate amount of risk.
Loss of Hartford C ompaalee.
HARTFORD. Conn., May S. The esti
mated net losses of the Hartford Insurance
companies In the San Francisco- fires
are a follows:
Aetna $ 1.700.000
Hartford Fire 6,760.000
National Fire l.oOO.Oo i
Orient 700.000
Fhoenix 1.500.00(1
Scottish Union and National. . . 1.000. 000
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Chief Executive TelU Why He Befusei
Offers of Foreign Donations.
Ksprrsse Thanks for sympathy of
World for Kan Francisco and
State Position of the
WASHINGTON, May 3 .A special mes
r,;n was sent to congress by President
Hcosevelt In which he explained "the atti
tude of this government regarding thj
offer, of contributions to the Ban Fran
cisco fire and earthquake sufferers from
foreign countries. He saya that where
the contributions were madu to thia gov
ernment he did not feel warranted in ac
cepting them, but where they were inail
to the cltisens' relief committee no action
waa or could he taken In regard to tliem.
The message Indicates that thf' govern
ments of the civilized world promptly re
sponded in messages -of sympathy- anl
rnany of them with contributions or offers
of contributions.
Text of lese. "
' The text of the-'message is In part as
To the Senate and tho limine of Repre
sentatives: 'Immediately alter the disaster
at Ban Francisco jiutny .oflers of jissistaoce
in the shape of comritmt inns ' were tcn
uerccf by foreign individual, corporations,
governments and municipalities. '1 tu Cana
dian government, with an. Instant gener
osity peculiarly, pleasant as R proof of the
close and frirnuly ties which knit us to
our nriKhoors of the north, ottered to pass
a resolution appropriating flin.ooii ft"' ll,e
relief of the' Surterers by rarinnuaKe and
fire. With a generosity equally inarktd
and equally appreciated the. Kepuhliu of
Mexico, our nearest neighbor to the south,
voted to appropriate v'.""u. and the IVe
rubUq of tiiileu,la nnwl In appropriate
tlKi.OOO for the s..iiie purpose, , Th- empress
uf China, in addition to snding money
t",e.Hed -rot 'the -'.Chinese who .urrervi
in Ban Francisco, offered lo send more
I ban double as much to be L.jid for the
inhabitants generally. Trie gov
ernment Immediately wanted lo send
across, the. ocean one of its beautifully
equipped, hospital ships to be used in any
way for the sufferers and also offered LXA
Uta) yen to the relief committee,' in addition
to JOo.000 yen Bent by Japanese subjects.
The government of far-distant New Zea
land voted J'JB.iX'O. The government of
Martinique vold 1,000 francs; the munic
ipality of F.dmunton, Canada, $1,000. Many
municipalities, corporations hikI Individ
uals In F.ngland, Germany. France, Japan,
Cuba and other countries Immediately
proffered aid.
Tl.ankfol for Aid.
- Where these proffers of -aid are made
to the government relief committees, or
ganized to deal with the distress In San
Francisco, I have no official action to tako
concerning them. Where they .were ten
dered to me in my official capacity, I did
not feel warranted tu accepting them. But
1 am certain I give utterance to the feel
ings of all our countrymen when I ex
press my very lively appreciation of the
warm-hearted generosity and eagerness to
help us in the time of our affliction shown
by the governments, the municipalities, the
corporations and the individuals mentioned
above. We are very grateful to them nnd
we are deeply grateful for the way In
which they showed. In such practical fash
ion, the growth of the spirit of brother
hood among the nations.
The message here gives a list of almost
every country- on the globe which sent
messages of sympathy,- and continues:
Appropriate expressions of gratitude to
all these friends have been returned by
the State department or by myself, -but
It seems to. me that the real depth of
grateful feeling awakened In our peoplt
by all these- evidences of genuine sym
pathy and friendship should he expreshed
also by formal action- of the auprenu
legislative power of the nation. -
1 recommend , the passugo by. congress
of an appropriate resolution to that end.
The White, House. May a. 1908.
Measure Mill Be Submitted to Con
gyres After Approval by la
trrrsled Persona.
WASHINGTON, May 3.-II la understood
the third and Anal draft of the bill to
codify the copyright laws -of the , United
Steles Is practically completed and will be
submitted, to congresa by the copyright
commission In about ten days.
Binca the conference held some weeks
ago in the library, of congress a complete
rediaft of the proposed laws has been
made. This has been submitted to repre
sentatives of all the Interests present and
met their approVal. The bill, however, la to
receive careful attention at the hands of
the senate and house committees on pat
enta and extended hearlnga will be heard.
Those interested In the measure are anx
ious to get action at the present aesslon of
congress, but In view of the press of busi
ness and the desire fur thoroughness on
the. part of the committees some doubt I
expressed regarding Immediate action.
C. II. till mure.
C. II. lillmore, for isix years traveling
SHlesmaii for the Ribbel Wooden ware and
Fapcr compauy, died Thursday morning at
tit. Joseph' hospital, after a long siege of
complicated ailment. Mr. Gllmore lived
nearly thirty years lu Council Bluffs. He
was M year of age ajid Is survived by a
wife, who resides at --tl North Seventeenth
street. The funeral will be at : o'clock
Friday afternoon .from the Cole McKay
undertaking ' parlors, . Burial, at Forest
I .aw n cemetery. . ' ,
. -. Mrauo tMaokamlth laop,
CHICAGO- Uy 3.-Fhe. in Hie black
KiiiiiUshop Of'itue tlliiKtia. dieel company's
plant au flouUi Chlcugu.'todMy Caused a
loss of fcyWA 'A numlicr ' ia!u'!t: die
ud ui'-Utis Mttc destroyed
Koto Vremja' Printi Porportsd Eoster of
the Goremjkin Miniitrjr.
Official Announcement ef the An
pnlntmrnt May Aul Re Mailt
I ntll After Parliament
ST. PETERSBURG, May 4. 3:30 a. m
The Novoe Vremya, whkh under the new
regime assumes Its old .relations with the
government, prints today what purport
to be an authoritative -statement .-of the
Qoremykln ministry,, coupled with a atnlr
ment that, as has been prsoUcted by the
Associated Press, the official announcement
may not be given. out before the convoca
tion of the national Parliament.
The ministry, which -presents several un
expected names. Is exjvnotod lo find far
less favor with the -llbera-i party In the
popular bramh of ,the government than
the Wlttr -administration.- The object In
postponing the announcement f tho new
ministry . Is not hard, to. fathom. Father
Igatler was sejected as procurator, Instead
of M. Shainsky-Shankaton-. and M. Helti
sky, an nrch . reactionary .and notorious
aide tu the. late Mlulstet, of the Interior
Flehve, as minister at agriculture, v These
two names alone are enough to put the
ministry under eternal ban with the lib
erals. The additional, namea arc tloremykin,
who, like Count Wllte. is to la premier
without portfolio: Slolypin Ualltiin. min
ister of Instruction; M Kodovosoff, minis
ter of finance; Itvnlsky. oreign minister;
Rukloff, a former aide to the Grand Duke
Alexander Michelovltch- minister . of trade
and Industry; Scwaneliach, former minis
ter of agriculture, controller; Nemachleff.
who during his tenure of. office has kept
his fingers out of fHilltlca. and Blrllef.
Rodlger and Fredericks, who are not re
sponsible to the minister, retain their pot't
lolios. Recording to the Nov.oe Vremya.
. The Novoe Vrpmya gives . the cabinet
not over a month of life.
Comment of Press.
The Straua (Country) says: "The pass
ing of Witte, with whom Parliament could
not work, opens the door to a possible
rspproachmunt of the representatives of
the people."
The Nasha Bhlsn (OurTlme). while yery
suspicious, thinks It premature lo imagine
that Witte' departiire'ls a declaration of
war against Parliament. It says: "The
government, never "bold, has always been
given to procrastination. With honeyed
words it seemed to postpone a declaration
of open hostilities as long; as possible."
The Slovo regards th downfall of tho
Wltte ministry a the natural sequence
of the unanimous .protest of the press
against the drafting of fundamental laws.
"But Wltte is trying lo gtv& it the aspect
of uelng due to his own refusal to follow
the policy '" of DurnQvo." aay the. Blovo,
Id order.' to prove-tliat he lias always been
the renl protector of ' liberalism agatnat
reaction which he lblhks,ls the Imperative
duty of. the. gaverujrierit. He proved that
he did not want to-ajttarrel with Parliament
by Inviting the" representatives of the
majority in Parliament to form a ministry,
or, if not that, he meant to form a merely
temporary .cabinet,, understanding that It,
wouM give way laterl -. . .' ,
PornoTd'a chem.
The scheme latehd sMd put tn operation
by Dnrnoytf to-ilWol -as many of the
peasant ,me,mbetj!, .q , parliament as possl
biv as .soon- fclmy.sajiil've In St, Peters
burg has i-ora,e,,t,'gfletTr. Jt transpire that
Kora.ieff and- .other srWret agent had for
weeks been traveling In Russia trying to
org-.tiiae a govern instil 'peasant party and
to eecure . the adherence of the members
elect to Parlfamenf for whom lodgings In
government buildings at cheap prices had
been arranged by Durnovo and secret In
structions WT-e sent ;.o the provincial
goverribf to -1 -duce f. peasant member to
occupy these lodgings! The plot wa ex.
posed hi several provinces and aroused
pxcltment among the peasanta and protests
from eighteen governors. Nevertheless, It
was partially successful. About forty
members-elect were already occupying gov
ernment lodgings yesterday. However,
they became auspicious at the cheap ac
commodation, 4 he exclusion of radicals and
the activity of Yerogln, a member-elect
fr6m' Grodno province, In" trying to form
a dls'inct peasant party in Parliament.
Yerogln formerly was a provincial govern
ment official and when "a. comrade dis
played sign of resentment at his diction
Yerogln revealed the whole plot by an
nouncing that he had been selected to
watch the peasants and that If they were
Insuborlnate they .would be expelled from
St. Petersburg. Thereupon the peasanta
broke out Into open rebellion and .vacated
the government lodgings. ,
Resignation Kot Accepted.
Much mystification ha ben aroused by
the fact "that Emperor Nicholas has not
yet In .definite wbrfls ' accepted Count
Witte's resignation' a premier. It aeems
that Wltte received a letter from the-' em
peror thanking him' for his sealous and
able aervlces In. the past and , Wltte ac
cepted this In connection with hi prof
fered resignation and,.the report of M.
Goremykln' appointment to the premier
ship as .being equivalent to his dismissal.
The delay In the appearance 0f a re
script accepting Wltte; resignation Is giv
ing cause for Comment and the theory
Is advanced that the emperor 1 still hesi
tating, tn view of the general- expression
of opinion In regard to M. Goremykln, to
discard the ato premier. At the same time
It Is known positively that Interior Minister
Durnovo resignation ha been tendered.
(Continued from First Page.)
thrown Into prison for criticising the s p
polntment of a receiver for the Atlantic
& North Carolina railway by judge Purnell.
Mr. Tillman said he could review instances
fn his own state of acts of tyranny and In
decency, but the judge committing them
Is dead and ha settled his account else
where. The', senator said he also knew
some case in Georgia; but that he would
take up the case of Circuit Judge Pardee
In enjoining the Florida Railroad com
mission from instituting suit to compel
the lulsrllle at Nashville railroad to re
duce it fare from 4 to 3 cents a mile.
He charged thai Pardee ought to be im
peached for his course. If impeachment
proceedings were brought to the senate.
Mr. Tillman predicted that there would
not be votes enough to Impeach, although
the judge waa proved' guilty of violating
his oath of offlc.
Mr. Tillman next paid hi reapecta tu
the case of Judge Charles Swayne of
Florida, whom the aenate refused last ses
sion to Impeach.
Mr. Tillman , then closed with an apology,
explaining that th situation wus such a
to require the administering of "some
physic." He would not allow the Judge
to "roam up and down the land, doing
whatever the - railroad want and refusing
to grant relief to the people "
truest lua by ' Baron.
Mc- Uuct.ji 4 cald that same Judgf that
i,.uld iu .an lniei loeutoty. rtcciee must hi
lU r.iul p;is .iiram suv i ae Ijcf.He ll and
a'.'U nlial leineJy lliA if lUvr eie
so many Judge guilty of reprehensible
Mr. Tillman replied that he would depend
upon the supreme roui-t.
Mr. Bailey also replied that In case a
temporary Injunction waa granted In a
given case It would be held up Indefi
nitely, whereaa It would be expedited If
there should he no Injunction. These dec
larations led to a controversy over the
right of appeal In Injunction cases In which
Messrs. Baltey. Spooner, Bacon and Cul
berson participated.
Mr. Bacon nskod Mr. Tillman If he did
not believe It proper to call the attention
of the country to the dereliction of Judges,
aa there Waa no way of punishing them ex
cept by Impeachment.
Mr. Bacon responded that the senate had
no right to originate charges and that for
It to do so waa to usurp the power of the
house, and In n measure disqualify sen
ators from conducting Impeachment pro
ceedings. He admitted that he had voted
for the Impeachment of Judge Swayne and
aald that he was sorry Swayne had not
been found guilty.
Mr. Tillman declared that he had not In
tended to censure the entire Judiciary, but
contended that so long as there mere such
men as Mccormick. Pardee and Swayne on
the bench the criticism of Individual mem
ber of the Judiciary was Justified.
Teller Praises Jadlrlari.
Mr. Teller praised the Judiciary of the
United States a the most exemplary known
to the history of the World, but he had
known of many Individuals who had de
parted from the high standard of the great
body. He announced himself as favorable
to the rate bill as it passed the house with
the addition of the Bailey amendment. In
cluding the provision for a court review.
Mr. Bailey opposed Mr. Racon's . conten
tion that the Judiciary should not be criti
cised on the floor of the senate.
Mr. Foraker made an argument for a
court review.
Mr. Dolllver contended that a court re
view provision in the pending bill would
be mere surplusage and Mr. Foraker urged
that the omission of such a provision had
been due to the desire to Save shippers th
expense of two trials.
Consideration of the army appropriation
hill was then resumed and after further
amendment it was passed. Adjournment
took place at 6:56 p. ni.
Mr, Fobs Kaplalna the Men so re . a ad
Tariff Debate la Reanmed.
WASHINGTON, May J.-The naval appro
priation bill which carries nearly $li0.
UW.OOO for the naval establishment was
taken up by the house today.
Diyond the explanation of the bill by Mr.
Foss of Illinois, chairman of the com
mittee of naval affairs, and In the running
tire of questions which his presentation
called forth, there was little Interest shown
In the esrltfr part of the debate that en
sued. -
Toward the close of the day, however, a
colloquy occurred among Mr. Bates of
Pennsylvania. Mr. Williams of Mississippi,
Mr. Clark of Missouri and Mr. Payne of
New York, over certain statement made
by Mr. Bates Jn relation to the price of
steel rails.-
The discussion took place on a wide tar
iff range, s forerunner of still further
tariff discussion as the session nenrs Its
elbae.. The speskers today, except Mr.
Foss,. Mr. Meyer of Louisiana and Mr.
Knowland of California discussed no fea
ture of the bill, contenting themselves under
the latitude furnished by "general debate"
with discussing subjects In which they have
a particular and personal interest. It Is
expected that general debate will run to
morrow, the bill being taken up by sec
tions on Saturday. "
Former Consul Ueneral Denies All
Charges Made Against Him.
WASHINGTON, D. C. May 3. The house
committee on foreign affairs today listened
to a statement by former Consul General
at Canton, China, Mi Wade In reply to the
charges made against him by Third As
sistant Secretary of State Pierce. Affida
vits were presented by Mr. McWade to
show the unreliable and criminal charac
ter of ihoBe who instigated the charges.
The hearing was behind closed doors.
At' the outset Mr. McWade was given ten
minutes, but his time waa extended to
nearly two hours, and when he had con
cluded membera of the committee con
gratulated him on the showing he had
Mr. McWade made charges of a sensa
tional nature againat Assistant Secretary
of State Pelrce. . It la considered quit
probable that congress may take up the
matter of these charges at later date.
The only statement of record made by
McWade Is a letter addreaeed to the com
mittee. Thia letter was dated April X.
1908, by McWade and is. In part, as fol
lows: A little over six months ago 11. H. L.
Pelrce assured, me that I waa removed
because the president wanted my place
and for no other reason. I now learn
through the perslHtent industry of some
anonymous person, the nature of the
charge preferred against me by H. H.
D. Pelrce, and I solemnly declare them lo
be false in every essential particular. 1
also solemnly declare that they are made
by men who had been charged before me
with various offenses, from murder down,
and that these men formed a criminal con
spiracy against me to have me removed
because my continuance In office meant
the absolute compulsory abandonment of
their criminal practlcea within my Juris
diction. I solemnly declare that not a reputable
man or firm. American or foreign, resident
and doing business within my Jurisdiction
ever utted a single word or complaint
againat me or my administration, a fact
which H. H. r. Pelrce could easily have
ascertained, although he waa only forty
eight hours In Canton, and did not devote
two houra of that time to any Investigation
whatever. He quotes a certain firm as
complaining against me and gives that
firm a bill of health for high business
character, etc. A little Investigation would
have shown that that Arm desired my re
moval because I waa largely instrumental
In showing up how it had robbed the
American railway, and I had stopped Ita
doing so most effectively. I do not In any
way, directly or Indirectly, question Hie
high right and privilege of the president
to remove me from the position Of consul
general to which I waa promoted for "con
spicuous excellence."
In the name of Justice. I reiterate the
demand that I cabled from Canton. China,
on the dale of the receipt of the wire re
moving me from office. I demand a
thorough and exhaustive investigation at
the hands of your honorable committee,
when the truth will be fully eatbllhed,
Or aa much so aa is possible after the lapse
of two yeara of Buffering and persecution.
Coal lnd Iw for Alaska.
WASHINGTON, May 3. The senate com
mittee on public land ha decided not to
report th house bill to authorise assignee
of coal land location to make entry under
coal land laws to 1.230 acres of coal lands
In Alaska. Th measure applies to a so
da Hon of eight or more person. In lieu
of thl Mil th committee decided lo rec
ommend th passage of a bill which would
apply th coal land law . of the United
Btatea to Alaska. This would permit as
sociations to make entries of not more
thn w acres.
new Trad Murk Treaty.
WASHINGTON. May I. A trad maik
treaty between the United Stale and Rou
mania ha been ordered favorably leported
by. th senate commit...' on foreign rela
tlun. ...
Sowtharn Methodist Meet. .
BIRMINGHAM. -Ala. May 3 The fif
teenth (tusdrieunial meeting of the general
conference of tire Methodist Episcopal
' church, south, began here today, wlih
: shorn delegates amt visilois. Church
i offlcei and ol tiers present.
.... . .- ., ,-.
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Effort to Be-Establish Sovereignty in Man
churia Not Pleasine to Powers.
First Manifestation of Power Affects
trilled States f'onaalate In Ter
ritory Recently Idvacaated
. by Warring? Forces.
.!!? lf r s-iia,( u ' I.-..,
WASHINGTON," May J.-Cnhla is abaurt
Ing It dignity and rights as to the province
of Manchuria, wrested from Russian control
as a result of the war, in a manner that la
not entirely agreeable to all of the powers.
The first manifestation of this falls upon
th Vnlted States. Partly to sustain the
Chinese claim to sovereignty over the prov
ince and also to secure the open door as
agninst either of the parties to the great
combat, the State depurtmcnt, early In the
quarrel, took steps to establish consulates
at Antung, Tatung-kow, Mukden and Dalny.
During the progress of the war and whll
the country Has In military occupancy It
wa not possible to actually open offices at
theae places. 'But as soon as Japan and
Russia were willing to withdraw thuir
troops, It was, of course', assumed that
there would be ho further difficulty experi
enced In Installing the American consul.
Now, however,' It appears that China Is
Interposing obstacles, supposed at first to
be grounded upon a desire to merely as
sert Itself and gratify Its vanity, but at
last found to have a much more substantial
basis. In fact, the Chinese government.
It la understood. Is now determined to make
a stand against any extension of foreign
land holding in China and finds the oppor
tunity to make the laaue In connection with
the establishment of foreign consulate In
Forelga Settlement Barred.
In Shanghai, Tien TSln, Canton and Mon
golia, there are-what are known a foreign
settlement, wherein tha consulate are
located and the. ground title in many
cases right hi the head of foreign govern
ment or In cltisen of foreign countries.
These settlement have - always been ab
nnxlou to the Chinese and they have de
termined to prevent the' extension of the
holdings. Thence In the ca of the Man
churlan consulates, while the Chinese gov
ernment Is willing that these great trade
agencies should be established, It wishes to
permit this existence only on condition that
the necessary lands for the foreign occu
pants of the town shall remain In the own
ership of the Chines government and that
foreigner bev permitted to llv thereupon
only under thirty-year lessee. Th plan
I regarded with, disapproval in aom quar
ter, because the great appreciation In value
of the lands under foreign occupancy and
Improvement would probably make' It Im
possible for th original lesseea to renew
their leaaea on any term within their
power to meet, but the Chinese government
has already inaugrated thia new policy of
foreign exclusion In 'th Important city f
Chinan Fu, by prohibiting th connection
of foreigner with the electric lighting and
trolley systems or In connexion with any of
the public Utilities and the same principle
i being applied o the construction of rail
roads, so that unlesa there Is an alignment
of the powers against the Chinese asser
tion aa to th Manchurian consulates, the
end of foreign land holding In China I be
lieved to b at hand.
Three Rall4la. mt LaNatte r.nStr
Wwrka Destroyed aad Trro
Nea Killed.
LOUISIANA. Mo.. May 3.-The machine
house, guncoibou bouse and dry to ton
house of the l.imotte powder works, si lu
sted two miles from Antrum n. Mo., blew
up today. Charles Bernard of Sllvrrton
and Henry Puis of Aahburn were" killed
Slid several were Injured. The sliovk Kas
felt and Ihe report heard at Louisiana,
twelve m If distant.
tartllBST Krldenre
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Pretty yirla-Funny Comedians-A' R.-a.
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