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crewe escaped by Jumping from their en-glnea.
Another Deep Cut of Prices
Suits, Jackets and Skirts
For Saturday, April 28
In order to clean out all spring merchandise and
make room for our magnificent showing of wash and
Silk Suits for summer.
Other stores can afford to wait for their price on
Suits and carry them over, as they have the floor space,
but we cannot, as being an exclusive establishment, the
public expects of us a clean stock each and every sea
son, - and furthermore, we have only limited space to
show our merchandise and we need room in order to
place on display all the latest creations in summer wear
ing apparel.
This we will do next week, consequently, tomorow
(Saturday), we will offer Suits at such LOW PRICES
that will sell every Spring Suit we have in stock.
A FEW $50.00 SUITS- jjj
A FEW $45.00 SUITS-(Coral)
for ,
A FEW $35.00 SUITS-r (Coral)
One WitDAM Heard Friday Koniintc and
Prosecution Announce! End.
A FEW $15.00 SUITS-
COVERT JACKETS-$15.00 and $20.00-
now. . I
SKIRTS All colors and styles $8.00 and
$10.00 now '.
now ; JJ'J
S. Fredrick
& CO.
r Authorities on Style
The Hew Cloak Shop 1517 Farnam Street
Matters May
Referee 01
Be Sabsaltted a the
1 Testlmeay Wit-
tka Stat.
Oratorical (ntil at Belle-rwe.
BELLEVUE. Neb.. April 17.--(Special. )-
Laat erenlng at I o'clock. In the First
Presbyterian church, occurred the decla
mation con teat between the freshman and
sophomore classes of oratory. There wera
eight chosen contestants. Mr. Hembltn.
'0, took first place with Henry's "Liberty."
Mlsa Tolles carried off second honors for
the sophomores. Unusual interest was
taken In the contest and clasa spirit was
high. The freshmen are exultant over
their victory, while the sophomores . take
their defeat gracefully.
(From a Staff Correspondent.) .
LINCOLN. April 77. (Special.) After J.
W. Holmqulst had testified In the (rain
case thla morning Attorney General Brown
for the state rested. Counsel for the de-
Beatrle Refna-eea Arrive
BEA TRICK, Neb., April I7.-Bpec.lal Tel
egram.) Quy Ltddtoott and Mr. and Mrs.
Leslie Mum ford, refugees of the San Fran-
phra itliuuiter. reached home tAnls-ht fmm
fendants asked for time in wnicn to consult h wnicn plape th .niv, tmm
and leclde whether to introauoe any exi- th. tod. Ther lost evervthln. the
dence, and this was granted. Should the the great fire and were glad to
defendants aeclue not to introduce evidence egcap, wlth their nv. They nare many
the cae will oe arguea on tne eviaence in. thrln, stories to tell concernlnsr the aw
This hearing has been devoted to the ques- fu, deBtructlon wrought by the earthquake
tlon 01 reoaiee, wnue mere is aireaay """land fire.
fore the coust considerable evidence to
substantiate the attorney general's allega- .rnlverslty Maslelaas Please,
tlon of a conspiracy. CENTRAL CITY, Neb., April tf.MSpecial
Mr. Holmqulst testified that he had not Telegram.) The University Olea and Man
received any money for loading grain onto dolln cluba have come and gone, but In tha
cars, but ha understood a terminal charge I short time they wera here they gave tha
paid In Chicago. . I beat entertainment Central City has ever
I have terminal elevators," ha said, "and had the pleasure of listening to. Despite
If I get any fee for loading cars or If I am the heavy rain a 80 house assembled to
paid a higher price for grain because of an hear tha Cornhuskers and there wera none
elevator fee, I have been unconacloua of but went away with the satisfaction that
the fact" they had never got ao muoh for their money
The attorney general started out to es- beor.
tabllsh that favored shippers received a I
rebate In the nature of a charge paid for
loading cars, and that other shippers did
not receive thts fee. A number of hla wit
nesses this morning who do not own term-1
Inal elevators testified they received no fee
Bltvea Not, Killed.
DAKOTA C1TT, Neb.. April (Special.)
The report circulated that A. H. Bllven,
wife and two daughters had met their
death In the San Francisco earthquake
for loading cars even though they owned wa today contradicted by Mrs. Bliven'a
elevntors at towns where there Is competl
tlon In transportation. The evidence was
along the same lines aa Introduced yester
James S. Ewart of Lincoln testified that
his company owned seventeen elevators
along the line of the Burlington and that
the road did not allow him a cent for load
daughter, Mrs. S. A. Bridenbaugh, receiv
ing word that they were safe and well.
Heavy Hal a at Beatrice.
BEATRICE. Neb., April 27.-(8peclal Tel
e gram.) A cloudburst visited this section
thla afternoon, flooding tha streets and
causing small streams to overflow their
hinVl fnnal it A ra hi Ji hall a rrnn r.K V. &
. .1 TT. .1 V,. .M u.v. ...w
tne pumisnea larin rates, ai iinaicoii, no
Partly Cloady and Warmer la Wast-
trs Nebraska Ttar Showars '
aad Coaler la East Fertloa.
"WASHINGTON, April . Forecast - of
tha weather for Baturday and Sunday:
For Nebraska Partly cloudy and warmer
In western; showers and cooler In eastern
portion Saturday. Sunday, probably fair.
For Iowa Showers and cooler Saturday;
Sunday, fair.
For .South Dakota Showers Saturday;
Sunday, fair.
For Kansas Partly cloudy Saturd
warmer In western portion; Sunday, fair.
For Missouri Showers Baturday, cooler
In east and south portions; Sunday, fair.
For Colorada Fair Saturday, warmer In
east and south portions; Sunday, local
For Wyoming Fair Saturday except
showers In tha northwest portion, warmer
. In tha southeast portion; Sunday, local
For Montana Rain and cooler Saturday;
Sunday, fair.
Local Record.
OMAHA. April 27. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
1 the corresponding day of the last three
years: 190. 1906. 1904. IM.
Maximum temperature ., 7J 73 67 68
Minimum temperature ... 60 49 38 . 55
Mean temperature , til 61 t2 61
Precipitation (. 2 T .00 T
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1,
and comparisons with tha last two years:
Normal temperature (6
Kxcess for the day M 6
Total excess since March 1 ....127
Normal precipitation .12 Inch
Kxcess for the day .17 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1.-... 8. "8 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 JA Inch
Deficiency for cor. period In 1906.. .16 Inch
Kxcess for cor. period in 1DU4 26 inch
Mistrial la Casa of Maa Aeensed of
'' Perjury la Chaaabcrlala
TECUMSEH, Neb., April 27. (Special Tel
egram.) Altar being out since Wednesday
afternoon, at 1:30 the Jury tn tha casa of
the State of Nebraska against W. R. Bar
ton, on perjury charge in the district court
here, returned at noon today without a ver
dict and waa dismissed by Judge J. B.
Raper. .
Pay Money, bat Got Ho Jobs.
FREMONT. NeU, April 27. (Special.)
Twelve colored men who claimed to have
been victimized by the Union PaclSo Rail
road and Employment agency of Omaha,
applied for lodging at the police station
last night. They had cards showing that
they had been hired by the agency to coma
to Fremont to work on a paving contract.
Foreman Jackson, who is looking after the
Fifth street paving, refused to take them
aa he already had all tha men he wanted.
The cards called for wages of S3 per day,
while Contractor Ford la paying; common
labor only J1.7B. Tha men stated they paid
tha agency H each and wera also out their
car fare to Fremont. They started out to
rustle up other Jobs and several succeeded.
Contractor Ford has had all tha men needed
and hla foreman emphatically denies that
ha authorised tha agency to aend him men.
Id, the Burlington waa in competition
with the St. Joseph t Grand Island.
E. N. Mitchell of Lincoln, an officer In
the Jones Grain company, said his com
pany owned no terminal elevators and re
ceived no fee for loading cars for shipment.
Crowell Gets the Loading; Fee,
C. C. Crowell of Omaha testified ha re
ceived 14 cents for loading cars from his
terminals. He said this chsrge of ISi cents
went directly or Indirectly to the producer.
The charge is only paid once and it it ia
not paid at Omaha it la paid at Chicago
or wherever the grain la shipped. He was
positive that no one got any advantage
because of this transfer charge.
"Well," interrupted Referee Pemberton,
If no one geta any advantage why don't
the railroads cut out tha charge alto
gather T"
"Well tha railroads would then rear
range their tariff ratea and would charge
higher rates'
Whil afreot wnuM It have an ths stats 1 crops.
one of the attorneys for the defendants,
"It would wipe out the terminals and
materially Injure Nebraska, aa tha eur
rounding atatea get the transfer' fee,
'But the fact is" Interrupted Attorney
General Brown, "the other atatea don't
get thla transfer fee."
"The railroads pay thla fee and tha
farmers get the benefit of It," said Crowell.
Well suppose tha farmer Ioada a car
of grain with hla scoop shoveL" aaked
Judge Sullivan, "and it la ahipped to Chi
cago, does tha railroad company pay 1,
centa a hundred for doing thatT"
'The money la paid to tha man who buys
tha rain In Chicago," answered Crowell.
He gets paid then for unloading his
own grain into his own elevator, from the
railroad car. Is that It 7"
"Yes air," answered Crowell. "The rail.
roads pay for handling tha grain.
"Do you know of any railroad that pays
the shipper or the buyers for loading any
other commodity except grain." asked
Judge Sullivan. 1
Rala Helps Oat.
WAYNE, Neb., April 17. (Special Tele
gram.) A fine rain la falling thla even
ing and vegetation la making rapid strides.
Hews of Nebraska.
PAPILLION One hundred and flftv dol-
lara was rained in Pa pillion yesterday for
the Ban Francisco sufferers.
SEWARD On account of the rise in the
price of corn, farmers are hauling great
quantities of this grain to the elevators.
PLATTSMOUTH H. K. Dunbar, who
formerly conducted the Hotel Riley In this
city, has leased the Eno hotel In Fremont
and will take possession May L
PLATTSMOUTH Rev. A. F. Ploeta de
parted today for his new home In Lexing
ton. Neb., where he becomes pastor of the
First German Presbyterian church.
BEATRICE Judae J. A. Calllsnn. for tha
last eighteen years police judge of this
city, is critically 111 of heart trouble and
rheumatism and his recovery is doubtful.
GIBBON A One rain Is falling here thts
morning. Small grain and grass are boom
ing. The ground is In fine condition and
farmers are well pMeaaed with prospect for
at T P. M.
Reports froaa Statloas
Station and State
of Weather.
Bismarck, cloudy
Cheyenne, part cloudy
Chicago, part cloudy .,
Davenport, part cloud
Denver, part cloudy ..
Havre, clear ...........
Helena, cloudy ........
Huron, cloudy ,
Kansas City, raining -.
North Platte, raining
Omaha, cloudy
Rapid City, cloudy ....
HU lxuis, clear
St. Paul, clear
Salt Lake City, clear
Valentine, cloudy ....
WUilaton, cloudy .....
T indicates trace of precipitation.
L A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Temp. Max. Ratn
I p. m. Temp. fall.
U 63 .00
46 .00
48 M .00
y .. "i " .00
4s M .16
,... 14 68 .00
, 63-68 .00
60 60 T
68 ft! .62
.... 44 44 .46
63 73 .29
66 f8 .00
74 80 T
70 73 .00
60 64 .00
..... 60 60 .01
60 62 .00
Womaa Iajarea la Ranaway.
WATNE, Neb., April 27. (Special Tele
gram.) Mrs. D. Meyer, who resides four
miles southeast of here, met with a serious
accident while on her way to Wayne. Just
south of the city, in crossing a bridge over
the Logan creek, the team became
frightened at Iron and ateel material near
by for a new bridge to be erected, and,
turning around, auddonly ran away, throw
ing Mrs. Meyera from tha buggy with tha
result that she sustained a fracture of tha
right arm and a severe cut In the face.
Her feet caught In the lines and she waa
dragged aome distance. Dra. Blair and
Wlghtman were at once summoned. It la
thought she will recover.
Heavy Rala at Oeaeva.
GENEVA, Neb.. April IT. (Special Tel
egram.) Tha heaviest rain of tha aeaaon
fell thla afternoon, two Inches in less
than thirty minutes. Some hall fell but
did little damage. Fruit trees are In
full bloom and may have been Injured.
Gnhm concert ticket sale opens today.
If You Want to Travel
, don't go in an Ox Cart but go
In a Pullman.
If You Want to Buy a GOOD
Don't go to a Hardware Store.
We are Sole Agents for DUNLAPS and JOHN B.
Successor to
C. II. Frederick Co.
If this ehnrs-e waa cut out." InterruDted E1LA A iuvj-a large numner or ureea
if this charge waa cut out, tnterrupteo UDorel., pa,se1 through the city last even
ing en route to Valley to work on the
main line of tha Union Pacific aa section
nana a
KUBHVILLB-THl weather here is verv
favorable for good crops, and most of the
email grain is in. Prospects never looked
Detter. ihe weather Is fine and everyone
is ousy.
TEKAMAH The relatives and friends of
Roy W. Hinsdale were very much relieved
yesterday when they received a telegram
from him at San Francisco saylnar ha waa
an ngm.
BEATRICE W. S3. Debler Of Omaha has
been appointed chief clerk in the office of
District Foreman Llnahaa of the Union
Pacific at this Dolnt. to succeed Georae
r oster, reaignea. .
TEKAMAH C Selvert. a red SO. died at
the home of his daughter. Mrs. John Peck.
in Arizona precinct. Tne xunerai will be
held at the house today. Interment In
Xekamah cemetery.
HUMBOLDT Mr. Herman Stuthelt and
Miss Katie Bodman were united in mar
riage at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon at
tne ivutneraa cnurcn northweat 01 the city,
tne pastor omciating.
PLATTSMOUTH The emDloves m the
local Burlington blacksmith and carpenter
shops are only working eight hours a day
this week and those In the brass foundry
The witness did not know, but Attorney are taking a temporary layoff.
Hall broke In to say that It waa hla Ira
prebsion the railroads always paid for
loading the curs.
The witness then endeavored to make
It plain that when bids were made by
eastern firms for the grain, tha blda were
always made with the elevation charges in
view. If the buyer waa to get the fee he
maintained tha aeller waa paid a higher
SEWARD The 2-vear-old child of V.
Springer, near Seward, caught her hand
in tne cogs or the cream separator Batur
day and the hand was horribly mashed.
in Done 01 tne nuaaie nnger was broken
BEATRICE A good soaking rain, ac
companied by heavy thunder and lightning,
visited this section at an early hour thia
morning, rne moisture was needed sadlv
and will be of great benefit to growing
PLATTSMOUTH V. I Strickland of
price ror me grain. Geneva, a graduate of the t7nlv.vlv nf
George 8. Hayes of Lincoln testified that I Nebraska, will be the DrinciDal of the
his company had no terminal elevator Plattsmouth High school neat year, to suc
.rM riM ot r.,iv. . t,..f.P f caed Mlsa Olive Cass, who has held that
" - . - 1 mm it ton ror tn vna.rg.
Berce CaadldAte far Ooveriar. I WACO Waco went Ucni and for the
In an.edltorlai published in th. Inde- P"1 'TZ ?2lot"
penaeni mis wee a 11 is statea ueorge w. meeting of the town board a license
Berge will be a candidate for governor I granted and Waco, for the first time in
H th .,. ,K. i. many years, will have a saloon.
. 1 BEATRICB-Testerday at 10:30 o'clock at
. iuir:K 11 uu uuiu ui juu vi aivurney th. German Lutheran church, ten miles
general will not work. The editorial tells I northwest of Beatrice, Rev. C. Bronner
of the work done by Mr. Berge durin the 0j(ncll"'n ao'emnised the marriage of
Tha guesta numbered about 160, and after
the ceremony at the church the mariiace
waa celebrated at tne Drioee noma with
last campaign and calls attention to the
vote ha received as an evidence of tha de
sire of the people to endorse tha principles
which he advocated.
Agrrlealtaral College Comaaeaeemeat.
Tha fourth annual commencement ax-
erctaee of the .State Agricultural college
was held tonight in Memorial hall with a
splendid crowd In attendance. The address
waa delivered by K. L. Butterfleld of the
Rhode Island Agricultural college.
rony students ars candidates for cer
tificates Mark Tolles Ankeny, William
Does Hot Cosao If One's Ifervoas lys
tons Is Wall rod.
I must ten you how food changed my
condition. "Seven years ago I had a aun
stroke and was confined to bed 1 months,
I was in bad condition to resist the shock
James Armstrong, Warren Holder Blanch- at tha time, as my nervous system had been
poisoned from chronlo constipation. My
ard. Frank C. Boyd, Otto Henry Brock-
man, cart Alexander wroderun, Arba
Daniel Colvln, Roy Klden CottiiU Ollln
Lotls Davis, Ralph Ward Dawson, Howard
Walter Douglas. -Robert .Theodore Erlck-
son. Otis Bikes Field. Floyd Frederick For
ward. John James Gibb. James Irwin
Grant, Glenn Andrew Harvery, Thomas
Patrick Hoye, David Wesley Jacobs. Mulr
Tease Jenkins, Fred Hayward Matteaon,
Floyd Joseph Meuham, James A. Gurtleld
Mlddleton, Paul Amos Nickey, Ullch Ted-
rett, Frederick Ferdinand Peterson Plato
Pickens. George Lyon Porter, Georre Syl
vester Prentice, James A. Held, Frank J.
Klst. Carl Fred Sjorgren, Clayton Newton
son Btrawn. Herman Christian Stein. Wit- People that they could do nothing for me,
nerves wera ahattered by the stroke, kidney
trouble followed, and my 'Stomach became
so weak that everything I ate, particularly
everything containing starch, seemed to
to turn at onoa to gaa In my atomach.
causing palpitation of tha heart and aink-
Ing spells from pressure on that organ.
My head waa packed In rubber Ice
bags constantly for five months to reduce
the temperature which sometimes ran aa
high aa 108. Tha doctora frankly told my
lie Detlef Stelck, John VanBosktrk. Wil
liam Rlghter Wood. Lee Andrew Young.
Six students ars candidates for commis
sions Otto Henry Brockman. Carl Alex
ander Broderick, Otis Hikes Field, Floyd
Frederick Forward, Jisaies A. Garfield
Middleton, George Sylvester Prentice.
Mickey Talks at Kaasaa City.
Governor Mickey returned this morning
from Kansas City, where be addressed the
Knife and Fork club last night, The
governor apoke on the "Demands of the
Hour." He waa met at tha station by a
committee from the club and taken to the
Coatea house, where a luncheon was given,
at which covers wera , laid for twenty.
Mayor Beardsley was among those present.
The governor reported a delightful trip
and a cordial reception.
Governor Mickey received thla morning
from Clatouia for tha relief of the
San Francisco sufferers and from the cltl-l
sens of II alia ra an additional KK.
Trala Goes Tkr..(k Oooa twite,
BEATRICE. Neb., April 27. (Special Tel
egram. Burlington freight No. Ct, east-
bound, ran into an open switch in the west
end of the yards at Wymore last night,
wrecking seven cars loaded with grain
which stood on the sidetrack, and reducing
tha ewltrh angina to scrap iron. Tha train
waa running about twenty miles an hour
when tha accident occurred acd. lbs anginal "Tha Road to WallviUe." U pkss.
to be prepared for my death at any mo
"While In thla condition, helpless and
hopeless, a friend one day called , my
attention to an advertisement of Grape,
Nuts food, which he had found. In a
magazine, and advised me to try It.
did so, and the effect was salutary from
the beginning. I found that I could
digest Grape-Nuts and cream without
distress, and my improvement tha very
first week I used It was so encouraging
that I pre silted, steadily growing better.
till at last I was entirely recovered
nerves, heart, stomach, all resumed their
normal tone, the poison symptoms en
tlrely disappeared, and I gained IS lba,
This was mora than a years ago. I waa
soon enable to take up my regular
duties. 1 need not aay that I Continue
to aat Grape-Nuts food, and that It la an
Important part of each meal to all of us.
It has made of my eleven year old aon
who before waa a nervoue alckly child,
as rosy, robust and healthy a boy as you
would care to eee, and haa relieved my
other children from itomach and bowel
troubles. it,.u which they formerly
suffered. Name given by Postum Co,
Battle Craeg. Mich.
There's a reason. Read the little book.
if ' LilIiwA
Copyright 1904
P. Kuppenheimee A CO,
Correct and Seasonable
. Clothes
Men's Spring Suits
Single and double breasted, fine grayj wor
steds, tweeds, cheviots, cassimeres, blue
serges and black C I A 4 C Z C
thibets..............vpIU 10
Men's Spring Rain Coats
remarkable variety, in all styles and ma-
..'...$10 to $25
Fancy Worsted Trousers
In new gray stripes, sewn with silk, all sizes
29 to 50 waist and 29 to 37 lengths spe-
.!rir.d........ .$3. and $5
Boys' Spring Styles
Boys' Knee Pants c PA i CIA
Suits-age 3 to 17.vpI.aU 10 $IU
Fine grade Youths' College and Varsity Suits
ages 15 to 20 decidedly new and smart
$5, $7.50, $10 to $18
Correct Hats for. Men
Fresh shipment of tho
Berg-Swanson special
soft and stiff hats just
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colors are gray, pearl,
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are the best hats in the
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Underwear, a garment 25c to $5.00
Spring Neckwear. ; 25c to $1.50
I Spring Half Hose, a pair 10c to $2.00
a sumptuous dinner and a general good?
SEWARD While driving over his wheat
field, Sunday, Joseph Silvers found a little.
half-clad, shivering coiia. ne iwa u
..hknr1. horn and It waa found to be
the child of people three and a half miles
away, who were away, ioo vmm
badly chilled.
HUMBOLDT Mrs. B. R. Gist of this city
has received word from her parents. Judge
and Mrs. K. A, Tucker of Los Angeles, to
the effect that their eon. Dr. George
Tucker, who waa thought to bo a victim of
tho Ban Francisco aisasier, uau mvi
home safely.
PUITTS MOUTH The base Dan enthusi
asts of tills county met in L num. ana
formed a league with the following offlcera:
President, Ora Copes oi Avoca; Kcrtuij,
C. L,. Graves of Union. Arrangements are
now being mane tor some goou same, w
Cass county.
TuOTTMHErH The remains of Mrs. Kaipn
Varney, who died at a hospital in Lincoln
Wednesday, reached Tecumseh this after
noon and wera taken to Mount Zlon church,
northeast of here, where the funeral was
held at I O oioca, oonauciea vj nvr. r.
Smith of Sterling.
BEATRICE The marriage of Mr. Sher
man Van Nesa of thla city and Miss Mar
tha Peterson of Fairbury was solemnised
at the bride a home at r airoury veuiie
oay afternoon. The young couple will
make their home on a farm nve nuies
northeast of the city.
bhwarD-Articles of incorporation nave
been filed for tho forming of the Farmers'
Elevator company OI ee, ixeo., wus
county. The authorised capital sicca oi
said corporation Is $,000, in shares of 130
each, to be subscribed and paid aa required
by the board of directors.
RF. A TRICE Charles Franca Miller aieo
yesterday morning at the noma of his
mother, Mrs. Dr. Boswell, in this city
after a lingering Illness of tuberculosis.
aged 27 years. The funeral was held this
afternoon at s.iu, ana imeuueub we iu
Evergreen Home cemetery.
TORK Benedict, the first town norm,
filled one-half a car with flour, potatoes
and provisions and today the car is tn
xora ana oeing miea uy me wi mur
mlttee with dry goods, clothing, groceries.
potatoes and drugs. Ths car will be sent
over the Burlington to ban Francisco.
Mrfom, In tho death of Mra Ruth
Ann Smith- south York county loses a
nloneer settler and one who was lovea
and respected by all. The funeral ser
vices were neia ei me Lumuin cnurc.i
In McCool and tha remalna taken to
Pleasant Ridge cemetery southeast of
McCool Junction.
GIBBON The Odd Fellows celebrated
their eighty-sixth anniversary here last
night with a nice program. Music was
furnished by the Gibbon Mandolin club,
assisted by other home talent. Cream and
cake were served afterward. A large
crowd was in attendance despite the
threatening weather.
BEATRICE. Beatrice Central Labor
union held a largely attended meeting last
evening, at which plans were made to fur
ther the work along union lines tn Bea
trice. An investigation shows that there
are MA union men employed in this city.
Two new union organisations are soon to
be perfected in Beatrice.
DAKOTA CITY Henry W. Wood of this
place has sold to Henry Ley, a banker of
Wayne, Neb,, a live-acre tract of land
along the south shore of Crystal like, lying
Just west of the Pmnerty boatyard, upon
which Mr. Lay will erect a summer oottaxe,
work to be commenced immediately. Ibe
purchase price was (100 per acre.
TECUMSEH The will case of Frederick
Broderlck is now being tried. Mr. Broder
ick waa a bachelor and for years made Ills
home in the Craney family in this county.
When be died he willed his property, valued
at from S3.0uu to S5,0uu, to Margaret Craney,
who was not a relative. John Tlerney of
Otoe county, a nephew, la endeavoring to
break the wilL
TECUMSEH Contractor E. M. Atter
berry of Tecumseh has secured the con
tract for the erection of a tourists' hotel
for the Burlington at Toluca. Mont., the
Jt'notlon point from the main Una to Cody,
Wyo. Tha building will be frame and will
be commodious, having twenty rooms or
mora Mr. Atterberry and men will Leave
$100 Reward in Gold
To any person that can substantiate that we do' not
make, ourselves, every Go-Cart that we sell or offer for
sale nt our' store. This Is to compel tho truth from
some of the big department stores, that have falsified to
thfir trade about us, in their claims that we purchase
from eastern factories tha Carta we sell so cheap. It la
a mean way they take to beat us out of salos that are
legitimately ours. They cannot comnete with um anv
other way. We ao not selj meat, nor coai, uor doming, nor naraware, nor wet goods,
groceries, dry goods etc., etc.
We sell but the one line Baby Carriages and Reed Furniture and every artiola
that we sell we make ourselves.
We are entitled to the trade on these goods for these specific ressnns:
First We sell Go-Carts and every other article at from 20 per cent to 60 per cent.
cheaper than can be sold for elsewhere in Omaha.
Second Every article offered for sale Is better made and ot better material than
Is offered elnewhere.
Third We guarantee every artlele we Bell, repairing or furnishing anew any broken
or disordered part that may occur within a year of the purchxae ot the
Fourth We are the only factory making these goods In the west and the only fac
tory In America which Bells Its entire output directly to the people. We do
no Jobbing business. Our skilled workmen are all Omaha people and liy
in Omaha. ,
Does this not entitle us to Omaha trade?
If you want to see the latest, the greatest variety and the best and cheapest
In Go-Carts or other' Reed or Rattan Furniture come and see us first.
I Til EN 510.50.
V mym Until May lit
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in Mil i
By the Old Reliable DR. SEARLES 0 SE ARILS
Established in Omaha for IS years. The many tho.
ands of cases cured by us makes ua the most expert,
enced Specialists In the West. In all diseases and all.
mems of men. We know Just what will our you-,
and curs quickly. ,
We make no misleading ar falsa statements, or offer
you cheap, worthless treatment. Our reputation and
name are too favorably known, ervery case we treat,
our reputation is at stake. Your health, life and hap.
plness Is too serious a matter to place in ths hands of
a "NAMELEHH" DOCTOR Honest doctors of ability
can eftect for everyone a life-long CURgJ for Weak,
Nervous Men, Varicocele troubles. Nervous Debility,
Blood Poison, Prostatic troubles. Kidney, Bladder.
WASTING WKAKNE&S, Hydrocele. Chronlo Die,
eass. Contracted Diseases, Stsmaoh and Skin Disease.
FFIfTrT examination and consultation. Writ fug
s itUU Bymptem Blank tor home treatment.
14th and Douftta 5traU. Oaaba Nebraaks
a VfeM ..t
We ar specialist for disease of me a aad
men only. Th moat atnbbora aad compltot4
case yield quickly to our scientific treatment.
OUR FEE 07.50
Remember our charge ar reaacmabl and
In reach of any worklngman. The beat la nana
too good for any maa who 1 a aufferer from any
of these dlaeaaea below mentioned, to which w
hav devoted xclualTelT th beat year of our
We cure Karroo Debility, Enlarged Vein.
Rapture, Bore and Blood Poteon. Swollen
Glands Kidney, Bladder and Rectal Dlaeaaea,
and all dlaeaaea of men, du to lahaiitano, x
haustion or th raaolt of specific diaeaaa.
Established B-4 Years.
Northwest Corner 1 8th
and FaruMo,
Entrance on 18 th Street.