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    ttie omatta daily hee: Saturday, 'afril 2s. ioog.
Republican Candidate Oiren Ovation at
Washington BalL
Hunt ( Reeebllcans 1m Preaent am
alea far Clemm, Hoint Gerera
nent for the People I
Bronchi Oat.
the opposition nml the audience seemed fi
understand it fully. f
Hwettoe Proid of he Party. ;
"To Swedish-American ears the orS
'democrat' has no' pleasant sound," said
Mr. Anderson In opening the meeting. "We
stand by our colors and are not ashamed of
them. This Is a republican meeting and
was so announced. In order to get some of
our nationality to attend a democratic
meeting held Inst night was billed as an
Independent' meeting, and the dodge worked
to some small extent. We are proud of our
party's nominee for mayor of Omaha and
we will elect him."
John J. Ryder told how he hnd been a
Hennlnga man before the primaries, but
Swedish-American voters turned out In
large number to the republican meeting
la Washington hall last night, where they
heard strong speeches setting forth reasons
why the republican municipal ticket should
be supported. E. A. Benson, John J. Ryder,
Chairman A. W. Jefferls of the republican
city committee, II. C. Brome and F. E.
Anderson, editor of the Omaha Postern, who
presided, were the speakers. The full Scan
dinavian Singing society, under the leader
ship of Otto Wolf, rendered a veritable
high class concert during the evening, which
was much appreciated. .
When Mr. Benson entered the hall to
tnake a short address he was given an
ovation that put to shame all stories of his
inability to enthuse the voters. The crowd
took every advantage to endorse the man
and what he stands for and every auditor
stayed until the last. The speeches were
logical and convincing and pounded steadily
along the lines of civic decency and pa
triotism. Every speaker did his best to im-ler liberal city administration.
Clear up the tangled woor or laise issues kVahliA-a. lis la runnlna- on a nl.tfnrm
Jield together by the fabricated warp oft rica to lieep the saloons closed Sun-
done more to corrupt municipalities than
any other thing of its kind. It Is paying
money to defeat us because It wants to sell
Its product to you for more than It Is
worth. If I am mayor I will never sign
a contract for gas costing more than tl
per 1.000 cublo feet, and not even for as
high a pries as that If the contract Is to
run a long period of years.
"The money .of the local breweries Is
flowing Into a slush fund to help to defeat
our ticket. As I said before, I have noth
ing against the saloon when It obeys the
law, but In a fight between the snloon
and the home I am for the home for all
time. The breweries are fighting us be
cause they want to violate the law. They
are creating false Issues to help them to
do It.
"My opponent charges me with lacking
backbone. I have only this to say. I am
62 years old, was born In Louisa county,
Iowa, and I have enough backbone to let
anyone who wants to go over my life and
record and see every bit of it. I am will
ing to let the Investigators go back to the
year I was born and finish with the pres.
ent day. I have not bent my backbone
to get some of the campaign contributions
that Jim Dahltnan has. I have not enough
backbone to go around and look my fel
low citizens in the face and tell them that
I will false my right hand and swear to
do Bol'cyiing that I will not do."
if . j Jlrome the "I,H."
Mr, ff!rme discussed municipal govern
meat 'Jn si general way and declared that
tha hbl i'ijof the red light district are
unfil(noim i their surport of the demo
crip Ho'tryrfLlty candidate. He then called
av"niw '"'V1 zaci mat me ua is on
""i elected must take an oath to
'aw. i, "I do not know that Jim
)nds'to keep this pledge, but
rlho people of the red light
?ight he did they would not
yV" said he. "I want to say
regardless of bis platform or
t whether Jim Dahlman wants
the saloons will be kent closed
As I as long as even a single man
Is cuthrTi lined to have It that way, for he
has the-lnw on his side." . .
Jefferls a the Iaaaea.
Chairman Jefferls said It was Incon
ceivable to him that government by the
people meant an appeal to the baser In
stincts, but on 'he contrary It was founded
that Inasmuch as Benson had won In a upon the heart and mind and conscience
clean, fair fight he consldiTPd it his dutymnd, the aspiration of humanity to rise,
to support him. This lie felt lie could do j Ho spoke fit the need of Omaha's good
consistently, as he could the whole ticket, repute abroad and told of the fight among
because of the character of the men on it the brewers to control the retail liquor
and the principles they represent, lie 1- business In the city, which he said was
nounced the democrats for attfinptinK t responsible for the city's somewhat dam
Inject the prohibition Issue In the campaign uRi'd reputation abroad. The enactment
when It had no place In 11. nnd pointed out ! nf the Slocumb law at the recuest of the
that no chargrs hud been niaile that Mr.
Benson was unfair. d firm live or In any
way of an undesirable ch:irarter.
Dahlmnn and Ills Plnlforni.
"Furthermore, I want to say." said Mr.
Ryder, "that I have no use for a candi
date with his headlight on behind. Long
before the primaries Mr. Benson announced
exactly where he stood on questions of
local government. Mr. Dahlman said
nothing until after he was nominated and
then accepted a platform made for him
by a few of the democratic brethren gath
ered somewhere for that purpose.
"What can any republican hope to gain
by bolting the tlcketT It came direct from
the people. There is no question about
the fitness, the honesty and the stability
of every man on it. The Idea that Mr.
Benson would try to do something that
the city does not want is preposterous.
He U heavily interested here and the city
Is fully as dear to him as it Is to any
other citizen, lie cares Just as much for
Its prosperity, progress and happiness as
you or I. It is men like Mr. Benson who
re brave enough to express their beliefs
and principles that are being endorsed and
elected by the republicans all over the
False Iaaaea Raised.
Mr. Benson devoted some attention to
calling to mind that the opposition had
waged a campaign In which It has at
tempted to raise false Issues. Speaking of
the fight for good government he said:
. "If you lose this time, I am afraid that
we have lost for a long time to come. Cities
of our class the country over are house
cleaning Hnd . coming out from under the
shadow and atmosphere of graft. If It
should go out through the country that
Omuha has taken a backward step It would
be a most injurious thing to the city.
It would mean that Omaha would become
the spittoon of a hundred cities that have
cleaned up and made graft and crime un
profitable in them.
Corporations and Breweri Allied.
"Besides thu criminal element, which Is
opposing me, are other well recognized
forces. One of these Is the gas company,
with Its bead In Philadelphia and Its tail
In Omaha, lashing our citizens. It Is one
of the most corrupt Institutions of It kind
Jn the United States, and on that has
brewers was recited and the power of the
law explained in Its efficacy so long as a
few citizens wanted It enforced. Like the
other speakers, Mr: Jefferls said that Sun
day closing is not a real issue In the pend
ing campaign at all, but one forced In to
create prejudice in the voters against the
republican mayoralty candidate. He
showed how Roosevelt, Folk, Weaver and
other admired public men had won their
spurs and mounted the rostrum of public
approval by enforcing the law, placing them
alongside of Mr. Benson in his desire tq
give the city a clean, economical and busi
nesslike administration.
Benson and Sanday Base Ball.
E. A. Benson met a rather Interrogating
crowd when he talked last night at
Twenty-seventh and Cuming streets. Sev
eral were anxious to know how Mr, Benson
stood on certain questions and he readily
told them. One boy who had Just passed
the age of 21, in accordance with Mr.
Benson's request for questions on any
point where his hearer did not know his
attitude, called out, "How about Sunday
base ballT" i
"My friend, I have no Intention of put
ting a stop to Sunday base ball," was the
answer. "I was a boy once and I have a
base ball finger."
"How about the lid?" asked another man.
"The lid Is on," said Mr. Benson. "Mr.
Dahlman did not put It on, and I did not
put It on; Mr. Dahlman cannot take It
off and I cannot take It oft." '
In answer to a question as to whether
he would treat the saloon In the parks
Just as he treated the saloon downtown,
Mr. Benson answered that everybody would
get the same treatment.
He said he favored cheaper gas, the en
couragement of the Juvenile court and the
establishment of more parks and play
grounds. Meeting la the Fifth Ward.
The Benson meeting at Sixteenth and
Locust streets last night was largely at
tended. Addresses were made by N. C.
Pratt. Tom Hoillster, John J. Ryder, M. T.
Murphy, W. W. Mace and others, of
whom Hoillster, Ryder and Murphy had
worked for the Equil Rights candidates
before the primaries. N. C. Pratt said:
"The chairman and treasurer of the re
publican city committee have mad and
si ' mmt "LeA'" J?
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published a sworn affidavit to the effect
that the committee has not received any
money from the corporations. Why do
not the democrats make a like affidavit T
On what capability does Dahlman lay his
claim to office? Hd says he was once
secretary of the State Board of Transporta
tion. If he was agaiast the railroads then,
why Is It he Is with them now? If he was
against the people then, why should he
expect them to vote for him now?"
Mr. Murphy . was sure the democratic
rooster would be relegated to the back
yard on May 1. Mr. Hoillster and Mr.
Rydor made It clear why tne interests or
the city demanded a mayor who had lived
in the city and helped build It up. ,
The other speakers at the meetlrur were
Rbert II. Johnson, C. W. Rogers, A. W.
Parker, C. L. Hayward, candidate for the
city council and A. W. Jeffries, chairman
of the city republican committee. AH spoke
of thj great achievements of the republi
can party and as the loyal friend of the
colored race and each counselled the neces
sity of voting the straight republican ticket
next Tuesday.
Meet I as- at OatholT Hall aa Entfca
' alaatle Gathering.
Rev. J. A. Williams of the African Meth
odist. Episcopal church presided at a largely
attended meeting of colored republicans
at OsthofTs hall on North Sixteenth street
Friday evening. The first speaker was
John P. Breen, republican candidate for
city attorney, who dwelt upon the im
portance of the campaign and the necessity
of electing the entire republican ticket a
a rebuke to the democratic scheme of
carrying the city and county as a pre
liminary to the fall elections, which meant
the election of a democratic congressman
and a United States senator.
"Mr. Benson," he said, "i not a 'Jim
but a man of the highest personal char
acter, who would be capable at all times
to represent the city both aa a business
man and In events of importance where
character and dignity were essential In giv
ing credit and dignity to the city."
Candidate Frank Crawford and Leroy
Lucas from the Eleventh and Fifth ward,
respectively, for the city council, both coun
selled the election of the entire republican
E. A. Benson was the next speaker and
his entrance Into the hall was greeted
with a veritable ovation. Hi address waa
very brief, but at the outset he said:
"Colored citizen of the Third ward, one
of the very flrat thing I will do when I
am elected mayor will be to emancipate
you from the galling slavery now Imposed
upon you as citizen. That slavery Shall
cease when I am mayor. You can go down
there and tell Tom Dennison what Is com
ing. I believe that you are entitled to the
same privilege and beautiful surrounding
a are your whit brethren, and that there
should be playgrounds In that district for
your children rather, than the miserable
tumble down shacks that disgrace that part
of the city. In aspiring to the office I do
so that I may do something for the city
of my home and my love. I am 52 years old
today and have always borne my own name,
and I defy any man to point to one dis
honorable act I have committed from baby
hood to this day. I have got backbone
enough to let every man know my history
since April 27, 1854, when I first came into
life In my old Iowa home."
Mr. Benson was asked if It 'was true
that he refused to rent any of his proper
ties to colored people. He replied: "That
question Is suggestive of the many Ilea
that have been told of me. I will say that
I do not rent houses to colored peojlle,
nor to sny other people. I do not do any
rental business at all. My traducers have
evidently got me mixed up with the rental
firm of Benson and Myers, but I do not
even know that they have refused to rent
properties to colored people."
A resolution was unanimously adopted
endorsing the candidacy of Mr. Benson
and giving assurances that the colored peo
ple of Omaha would support htm on Tues
day, next, as well aa the entire republican
Following a hort talk by Mr. Anderson,
candidate for the city council, Victor B.
Walker addressed the meeting. He said:
"No colored man can possibly find any
reason for votng for Jim Dahlman. I
heard him say at Washington hall not
long ago that when he was elected mayor
he was going to give one half of the city
appointments to the colored people. There
are 1ST appointment to give out from the
rlty hall, which 'would mean eighty-four
appointment to the colored race. Do you or
any sane man believe that he will give
one solitary, appointment to a colred man?
A Texas democrat (s not that kind of a
democrat. About the only colored men
who will vote for Jim Dahlman are the
densely Ignorant or a few smart alecka."
Saturday Voter Have Their Laat
Cksac ta Reflates1 to1
Registration day today.
The real proportion of men who are for
Benson was brought out by the move of
the .real estate dealers, who had 10,000 tags
announcing that the wearer was for Benson
printed. These little cards showing that
the wearer was not afraid to show where
be stood attracted much attention and
awakened ,bo little enthusiasm.
Inasmuch as the council Ma been con
ceded to the republican talk has devel
oped among the councllmen to be about
who shall be selected from their number
to preside over the body. The Fontenelles
who insist on keeping all honors In tholr
own club are for C. S. Hayward, but both
W. W. Bingham and Mayor Zlmman are
also mentioned as being the only prospec
tive councllmen with previous experience.
Mayor Zlmman, it 1 said, would not much
care whether he went back on the floor of
the council again, believing he would do
better and more effective work there than
wielding the gavel.
club says: "Rumor have reached me that
a ticket ha been put out, purporting to
be the ticket of the Equal Right club, ojAj
which the names of some democrats ajgvTj
pear. I wish to denounce any such ticket
as spurious. "The Equal Rights club has
put out no ticket, and will put out none.
If It did it would be the straight repub
lican ticket, for the club has endorsed the
nominees of the party from first to last"
"Qua, If you had done It a month ago
you would be the republican candidate
for mayor today," said a politician the
other day. He was talking to City Treas
urer Hennlngs1 and waa referring to the
clean-shaven face of the latter. A few
days ago the treasurer had his Roose
veltlan mustache clipped oft and now hla
friends are telling him he looks more
like an Irishman than a Dutchman and
calling him "0,Hennlngs." The mustache
followed the way of a beard that the
treasurer used to wear several years ago
and which often got him tangled up in
the minds of people with JShn Becaa
Ryan, a former local newspaper
Just how Jim Dahlman and ex-Sheriff
Power succeeded In breaking 1I rules and
precedents at the Union Pacific freight
house this week by rolling a half-barrel
of beer among the truckers and loaders
probably will belong to the unwritten his
tory of the campaign. This Is what hap
pened, however, but Dahlman was not
able to get very close to the truckers
as most of them are Italians so he let the
beer try to speak for them. t
Betting on the result of the local elec
tion Tuesday has taken a spurt during the
last few days and the Dahlman backer
have found plenty of Benson money wait
ing to be posted on even terms. Several
$1,000 bets of this character have been
posted. The gambling fraternity Is still
trying to bull the market by offering odds
on Dahlman, but the sums named are so
large as to preclude the possibility of
A number of the memDer of the Omaha
Real Estate exchange met at lunch Fri
day In the Commercial club room to dis
cuss plans for furthering the candidacy
of E. A. Benson. Arrangements were made
In detail for certain work which the real
estate men have laid out for themselves
Saturday and Monday, and assignment
were made for quty In various parts of the
city. Every man at the meeting wore one
of the, red letter tags, "I Am for Benson
and Good Government." The campaign of
the opposition wss characterised as one
of bluff, and the World-Herald mentioned
a taking an attitude which says. "We
will make all the noise we can, we will
make all the bluff we can, and scare the
voter Into Una In the midst of the
hubbub." George N. Hick, though a dem
ocrat, was present and promised to do
what he could toward the election of Mr.
A meeting will be held Saturday noon In
tha lunch room at the Commercial club.
Preeldent John Lewi of the Equal Right
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No Session Last Nlaht.
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no night session of the criminal court was
held last night. Judge Sutton announced
the morning session would begin at 8:30
and a session would be held Saturday
night If necessary In order that the case
might go to the jury before Sunday.
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