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Abstract Msde bj Attorney Gom from Tut
ef Snprem Oonrt'tDoctiiou,
ader SfTfo Separate rraaosltloa
at th Deelslaa I,
rererevi,, WfcnWIn )
Raaet Import.
The only ropy of .the; fmiaou decision of
th United .tals.'euptcma court bearing
upon the question of lte recognition of dl-
.put:. uDiina, in. states other than the
domicile of matrimony; and declaring the
am Illegal ban boen received by United
States District Attorney Charles A. Oos.
Attorney! are keenly Interested In It. Mr.
Oom has been at om palm to formulate
n abstract of the' decision, which la: '
Case of Haddock- against Haddock. The
derision Involved the clause of the federal
constitution which says that 'full faith
end credit shall be given In each alate to
ihe public acts, records nd judicial pro
ceedings of every other state." The ques
tion arose In divorce suit brought In 1
by the wire, a resident of the state of New
nrk and In the courts of New Tork, where
personal service waa had on the husband,
who was a resident of Connecticut. The
husband pleaded that he had In ven ob
tained In a court In Connecticut a divorce
a hlch waa conclusive and waa a bar against
the suit of the wife. The object and result
of the suit of the wife were to secure a.
separation and alimony. On the trial thi
New York court refused to receive In vl
rtenea the husband's divorce srnreedlngg
had In sjeimeetlcat and granted the wife'a
It appear that the partlea wera married
In New Tork In 186; that the wife waa
then and remained a resident of New Tork;
that after the marriage the partlea never
lived togetnat, and that hortly thereafter
the husband, without Justifiable cause,
abandoned the wife.
The supreme court affirmed the decision
of the New Tork courta In these words In
"Without questioning the power of the
state of Connecticut to enforce within Its
own borders the decree of divorce which Is
here In Issue and without Intimating a
doubt aa to the power of the state of New
lork to glv a decree of that character,
rendered In Connecticut, within the bor
dere of the state of New Tork and aa to
Its own clUsena, such fltcaoy as it may be
entitled to In view of the public policy of
that state, we hold that the decree of the
court of Connecticut . rendered under the
circumstances i stated was not entitled to
obligatory enforcement In the state of New
Y,ork b,7 virtue of the full faith and credit
8evea Mai Propasltloaa.
The following DrODOsltlons are faJrlv itt.
nuclble from the arguments, tbe princi
ples discussed and the cases referred to by
t the court:
1. That no state Is bound by th full
faith and credit clause of the constitution
of the United States to recognise a divorce
granted In another state where con
structive service (by publication), waa ob
tained on the defendant, who Is a non
resident. 2. That the divorce, however, secured
by such constructive service la enforceable
and valid In the atat where aecured.
In different atatea and the defendant la
personally .served within the Jurisdiction
of the suit or enters his appearance, the
decree may be enforced In any state.
4. That where both husband and wife
are domiciled In the same state there ex
ists Jurisdiction In such state, for good
cause, to enter a decree ot divorce which
will be entitled to enforcement In another
i. That where the domicile of th hus
band la., in a particular atat and that
state is also the domicile of matrimony,
the court of such atat having Jurisdiction
over the husband may. In virtue of th
duty of th wife to be at the matrimonial
domicile, disregard an Unjustifiable ab
sence therefrom and -treat the wife aa
having her domicile In the atata of th
matrimonial domloll for th - purpos of
th dissolution of the marriage, and a a
result have power' to render a Judgment
dissolving the marriage which will be
binding upon both parties and be entitled
to recognition In all other atatea by virtue
of the full fKh and credit clause.-
-. ''That, -aleer ' Where th domioll -of
matrimony was In a particular state, and
the husband abandona hla wife and goes
Into another state In order to avoid bis
marital obligations, such other state to
which tb husband haa wrongfully fled
does not. In the nature of things, become
a new domicile of matrimony, and, there
fore. Is not to be treated aa the actual
or constructive domicile of the wife: hence,
the place where th wife waa domiciled
when so abandoned constitutes her legal
domicile until a new actual domicile b
bv her elsewhere acquired.
T. That an analysis of th case In mil
I-."?' Tr ,n "'" conclusively dem-
. . V n" n, oi otvoi-e are
obtained with jurisdiction of the plaintiff
alone, they are not entitled or allowed to
J enforced In another stste by virtue
? V. . fu" f""n "edit cteiiee of th
federal constitution, but that such eprt
fleer of divorce re given such limited
recognition aa they rectlv by state comity
instead. .
Maar Tneatrleal Kelks Jala la a Ilea-
A i
eit Metlaee at tb Or abeam
Thi Afterwaaa.
Indications are that th Orpheutn the
tr will be filled this afternoon, when the
matinee performance, for the benefit of the
Ban Francisco relief fund Is given. A more
attractive program waa never offered In
Omaha. Not. only does the object of the
performsnce appeal to public Interest, b-jt
the quality of the program Is such as ought
to make It doubly attractive. To begin
with Mis Crosman and Mr. Putnam will
be dpwn for a seen from "Mary, Man,
Quite Contrary," probably one from th
second act. Thi Is unusual In Itself. Then
the layman brother will sing and the
sestet from 'The Rustler1' company la to
sing. The Burwood folks will be on hand
and will contribute something out of the
ordinary.. Miss Ward la to do an Irish
specialty and Mr. and Mrs. Bchofleld will
contribute a sketch. The Orpheura will
add It share and other actors and ac
tresses will find a way to amuse the peo
ple. Each la a . willing performer In the
cause of eriarlty.
Eva Lang Is to sell flowers and she will
be assisted by some of the younger mem
bers of th society circle. Eddie Monaghan
will b bead usher and will have Albert
Morrison a his chief assistant. Carl Bel
ter will auction a box of California cher
ries, th first received, and expects to
realise quit a sum of money from this
source. "Doc" Breed of th Krug I to be
stage manager for the afternoon and will
put In his time In keeping the stage oc
cupied. The sale of tickets Is already large
but Treasurer Byrne says h doesn't car
If he has to count twice aa much money,
so long as It goes to help San Francisco.
J. A. Roger a Charged with Pasalast
Bogaa Pratt for Fifty
J. A. Rogers, who was arrested Wednes
day at Crescent City, la., by Deputy Sheriff
Canning of Pottawattamie county, is
wanted In Omaha on a charg ot forgery.
Th complaint against' Roger was filed In
th pollc court last week by Deputy
County Attorney Foster on information
furnished by the Nebraska Electrical com
pany. Rogers Waa. charged With passing
a draft for fGO made In favor of Bllaa E.
Guthrie, whose nam Rogers is said to
have endorsed on the hack of the docu
ment. Th Omaha police received a tip
Wednesday that Rogers waa at Crescent
City and Detective Donohoe was about to
start for the man when the authorities
received advice . that Sheriff Canning ar
rested Rogers on various charges filed in
Mills and Pottawattamie counties.
Saeeeaefel Strlk
against lung trouble can be engineered by
Dr. King' New Diacovery for Coughs,
Colds and Weak Lungs, too and H.00. For
ale by Sherman Y McConnell Drug Co.
Mr. and Mrs. : Oahm and Hans Albert
farewell concert, Boyd theater, Monday,
April SO. Box office sal opens tomorrow
morning. Tickets, tl, TSo and Mo.
DIAMONDS Ftenser. - nth and Dodge.
Verdict at Aeeldeatal Deitk,
A-coroner's Jury returned a verdict yes
terday afternoon that Edward 1. Croft,
Union Pacific switchman, waa accidentally
killed Tuesday evening at Twentieth street
and the railroad tracka. Croft waa caught
In a frog between the two tracka and lost
his right leg and hand. He died the next
morning at St.. Joseph's hospital. , Th
funeral service Was held this morning at
St. Phllomeba's cathedral. Burial at Uoly
Bepulcher cemetery.
iii niLs's j iMe v
MAM xjJUn knrvws his business
l IIITIM swaw m - i
mrtlrprs who know theirs.
You can dress as suits you best in
Kirschbaum clothes not too much
or too Millie. The styles last longer
because they are not too extreme: just
right for flic man who wants to look
well withoitcarring a chip on his
shoulder. mmm . , .
Ask for Kirschbaum Clothes
(Warranted). Good stores everywhere,
$12 tO $30. (look for lcb0
Wear the Eastern Styles.
For S&la la Om&h by
Berg-Svansoxi Company x
Attorns General's Attack on Lumbermen
Cnarced u Political Fit.
nia Firm la aated aa Oa Defead-
aat a ad la Mat, H. Assert,
a Member at the As
soelatl.a. '
"This sgllatiou sgalnst the Nebraska
Lumber Dealers' association Is nothing but
bunc. I am not ready to say ' pcsltlvely
that Norrls Frown Is not sincere, for It
may be that he Is, but It looks very much
as though his attack on the lumber men Is
for political effect. As a play to the people
It will be of great value to him If the case
can be dragged out in the courts until
after th. next senatorial campaign, as no
doubt It can."
Such were the sentiments expressed by
V. C. Bradford, president of the Bradford
Kennedy Lumber company, when asked
concerning the action of Attorney General
Norrls Brown In securing from Judge Let-
ton of the supreme court a temporary re
straining order against the members ot th
aasoclatlon to prevent them from combin
ing lo control prices and to prevent the
officers from burning th records. Th
Brsdford-Kennedy company I named
among the defendants.
lfat Member ef Associativa.
"I say this from an unbiased standpoint,"
continued Mr. Bradford. "I am net with
the association or with Norrls Brown. Al
though this firm is one of the defendant
In th case, according to the dally press,
It Is not a member of the association. Sev
eral other firms mentioned In th petition
are not members. This Arm and the others
are mentioned In the records and the cir
culars of the association aa 'honorary mem
bers.' What constitutes honorary member
ship I do not know, unless It la that every
firm which advertises la the association's
circulars Is placed on the list by way of
Courtesy. It Is certain the association has
arbitrarily and without authority used the
names of numerous dealers as honorary
members. If the list of defendants as given
In The Bee Is correct, Norrls Brown has
simply taken the names of members and
honorary members of the association.
Many dealers, among whom are th Diets
Lumber company and the Updike Lumber
and Coal company, are marked In the cir
cular of th association as nonmembers,
and they ar not named In the petition.
IfotKlag bat Rot.
"It Is nothing but rot. There Is no
lumber trust and nothing that approaches
a control of prices, unless perhapa agree
ment have been made In aome towna
between local dealers. We ar ex
periencing cut-throat competition with
members of th association and non
members alike. For instance, at Auburn
and Ogalalla, th competition Is so fierce
that business cannot b done at a profit.
At th latter place, we do not name th
price at which our agent can sell lumber.
W tU him what it cost and 1st him do
th best be can. William Paxton wanted
to build a church for Ogalalla and asked
ma ta ouote hlra srlces. I told him I
would give him 160 for th church If
n wouia Duy in lumucr iruin m vmvr
"Originally the object of the aasoclatlon
was to prevent the big wholesaler from
selling to small jobbers in Omaha and
South Omaha, who sold direct to th con
sumer out In the state. The association
threatened to boycott wholesalers who
supplied goods to such dealer.
'Since the members have come to realise
that they cannot get any results along
this line, they have made no attempt to
control trad In any way. They com
to th meetings of the association be
cause they afford a good time in Omaha
or Lincoln once a year. - They meet royal
good fellows, they are the guests of the
wholesalers, and they have a bully time.
'AH the meetings of the association are
open to the public. If there were any
such combination aa mentioned, I think
we. In th same business, outside of th
association, would be the first to know
Law aad Order Usgst t Freveat
Illegal )ta;lstratloa aad Prose
cat. OsT.Bd.ra.
The Law and Order league has deter
mined to prevent any Illegal registration
of voters on Saturday and has Issued this
call for volunteers to aid in the work:
To Friends of Oood Government: It has
come to our attention that a desperate
effort will be put forth by the Interesta
opposed to Mr. Benson and good govern
ment to register on Saturday a great nuni
ber of Imported voters from Council Bluffs,
Boutti umana ana construction camps.
Owing to the fact that th time is so short
between the registration on Haturaay and
the election, which occura on Tueadsy, It
will b a most difficult task to check up
fraudulent registration so as to prevent
lm Dotted voters from votinc on election
day. The Benson committee has put forth
every erron in its power witn tne limited
means at ita command to check up, dis
cover and cause th arreat cf person who
attempt to register or vot IltcgRlly, but
there should b a company of good cltlsens
in every precinct In th city who will
volunteer to take charge of half a dosen
blocks m the neighborhood ot their homes
to see that no illegal vote I registered
from such district. Much volunteers should
work In the precincts where they reside
all day Saturday and all day Tuesday. On
Saturday they should watch th registra
tion and sea that every man who offers
himself for registration has lived at th
place he gives aa hla residence for th.
proper length of time to entitle him to
vote, and if any man should offer himself
for registration from a vacant lot or from
some house where ha doea not live, then
th. name and address ot such man should
be reported to the Law and Order leaxue.
wh. will see to It that a complaint la
filed and a warrant Isaued for th. arrest
of such person.
On election day the, volunteer worker
hould be on hand to guard against the
voting of any man who la not legally en
titled to vote, and If any such Illegal voter
ahould present himself b should b at one
placed under arrest.
For the purpose of carrying Into effect
the above plan meetings will be held on
Friday evening, April 27, In each of the
Those who will volunteer for the above
work should report to
C. A. MANOl'M. Secretary.
10 South Thirteenth street. 'Phone Doug
las lh.
Graad taad aad Bleacher Will B.
Filled at Y. W. C. A. Beaeat
When Manager Edith Baker aeuds tit
umpire Into th. diamond Saturday to call
play at Vinton Street park between th
professionals and the Originals th boxes
and grand, stand will be well filled with
th elite of th city, who will turn out to
help In thi way to swell tb Toung
Women' Christian association building
All receipt of tickets sold around town
go to the fund and one-half of the receipts
taken at the box office at the gate. Mlsa
Bakor was captain of on of th team
which was engaged in raising money for
th aasoclatlon building fund and ber whole
team, assisted by many ot the young
women of th aasoclatlon, has been work
ing hard all week in selling tickets. Th
result haa been moat encouraging.
Pa I chafing a little over th defeat of
hla team at th hand of tb Union Pa
cific ahop tram Monday and bis men have
Instructions 19 go right afr th Lee-
Glsss-Andreeeen team. This team hsa a
bad habit of winning a gam from Pa
esch spring, snd Fred Bradford, manager,
says the custom will be observed this year.
Neither side will went to lose with the
thousands of the best pop'e of the town
looking on snd each will have a frame up
of strong rooters.
Pa haa not announced who will pitch for
him, but probably will send In Dodge, the
new crsck from Chicago. The game will
be called at 3 JO.
Health CAmmlssloaer U( ot gab
aaeaaed aa Wltaesa la H ear
lag ef Bennett Case.
Th Inquest held Thursday morning Into
the death of Mrs. Msry Jane Bennett, the
old woman who fell from a second-story
window at 71 North Sixteenth street Inst
Tuesday morning, resulted In a verdict of
accidental death. '
One witness said he saw the woman sit
ting In the window about 5:30 a. m. and
directed his wife's attention to the fact.
Another witness declared he saw the
woman up at I o'clock In the morning
washing dishes. The general evidence
tended to show that the woman went to
sleep In a chair at tbe rear of th building
and fell through a low window, struck a
clothe line and turned over before reach
ing th ground. Member ot her family
said they did not realise the seriousness
of the wounds for some time after th
woman was carried upstairs.
Th inquest brought out the facts that
Dr. 8. B. McDUrmld reached the patient
at 1:30 o'clock Tuesday morning, having
been summoned on what he wa led to be
lieve was an ordinary case; then, accord
ing to Ms testimony at th inquest, he
turned th case over to City Physician
Ralph at 10 a. m. Dr. McDlarmld'a con
nection with th case consisted of admin
istering strychnia to the woman and mak
ing a cursory examination of the wounds.
He said ho tried to get the patient Into a
charity ward of some hospital and offered
his services It the woman waa sent to a
hospital. But just why the case was not
treated as a city emergency one, as soon as
he discovered the seriousness bf-the In
juries, waa neither explained nor asked.
Dr. MacDiarmld said the woman's rela
tives declined to allow the patient taken
to the county hospital. The doctor said
he did what he believed to be his full duty
In the case and waa handicapped by the
patient herself, who was obstinate, the
squalid quarters and the general lack of
Interest manifested by Mrs. Bennett's
The chief feature of the Inquest was the
evidence that City Physician Ralph was
given th caa by Dr. MacDiarmld at 10
o'clock In the rooming and it waa well ntnh
1:10 in the afternoon when one of Dr.
Ralph's representatives, Pollc Surgeon
Morsman, reached the woman. Without
sending aid to the woman Immediately Dr.
Ralph tried to get the county physician.
Police Surgeon Morsman testified the first
knowledge he had of the case was nearly
1 o'clock while at a restaurant.
City Physician Ralph was not summoned
to appear at the inquest. '
Mis Helslaar Blag "Hello, Ceatral,
Give Me Hearea," aad Dlea la
Few Seconds,
' ,. t
A strange clrcumstanca In connection,
with the death of Miss Anna Helslng, killed
while driving across a railroad track last
Sunday evening at Florence; was brought
to light yesterday afternoon at the cor
oner's Inquest into the death ot the young
woman.- Miss Marie Cornlia; one of Mist
Helsing's companions, tejfttfled that at the
time the train struck the carriage Miss
Helslng wss singing "Hello, Central, Give
Me Heaven." In a few seconds after that
the woman was dead. The witness ex
plained that the young people were In the
beat of spirits and had no knowledge of
their nearness to a railroad track until
the terrible crash came upon them.
The jury returned a verdict that the
young woman came to her death from to
cldental causes and that no blame waa at
tached to anyone of the train crew of
Northwestern freight No. 2.
Ernest Stalnhower. who was driving at
the time of the accident, is recovering from
his Injuries. He Is at the Wise Memorial
hospital. Wesley Hobson and Miss Corn
lla ar both out and quit recovered from
the experience. Miss Helslng was burled
at Wahoo Wednesday afternoon.
Rheamatlam Make Life Miserable.
A happy home Is th most valuable pos
session that la within the reach of mankind,
but you cannot enjoy Its comforts If yo i
are suffering from rheumatism. Tou throw
aside business cares when you enter your
home and you can be relieved from those
rheumatic pains also by -applying Cham
berlain's Pain Balm. One application will
glv you relief and its continued use for a
short time will brine about a permanent
cure. ' ,......
Lat Day to File Katlcea.
In view of the assembling of the May
term of the federal courta Monday May 7,
the announcement Is made from the office
ot th United States circuit clerk 4 hat Fri
day will be th last day for filing notices
for trial for the term. Thus far but thirty
six cases have been filed in the circuit court,
of which eleven are equity and twenty-five
law cases.
J. L. Braadel Jt Ion Parehaaa Eatlre
tack af Hat aad Flawers from
H. flamaels, Broadway If. Y.
Right at th height of the millinery season
Brandeia announce this wonderful aale.
This Immense stock comprises the highest
clan pattern hats, trimmed and untrimmed
hata and all kinds of new flowers.
All the patterns and models that II. Sam
ules sold at 15 to 3), In t lots, at $2.60, $6
and $10. '
AU the untrimmed shapes that II. Sam
uels sold at 60c to fl, at lOo and Oc.
All their high cost flowers. In 2 lots, at
100 and 26c.
Sale begins Saturday, April 28.
Boston Store.
Very Law Rate Taesday.
Every Tuesday, balance of the year, th
Chicago Great Western railroad will sell
homeseekers' tickets to Minnesota, North
Dakota and Canadian northwest at about
half rate; to other territory first and third
Tuesdays. Write H. H. Churchill. G. A..
1613 Fat nam street. Stat number in party
and when going.
Caa. la Federal Caart.
Marlon C. Cunningham, a administrator
of the estste of Adolph B. Irsen, ha
brought suit In the United -States circuit
court for S6.000 damages against the Mis
souri Pacific Railway company and the
Merriam it Holmtiuisi Grain company for
the death of Larsen, which occurred No
vember . 16. while h. waa in the employ
of the grain company. The caae Is trans
ferred from the dlxtrict court of Douglas
Marrlaga Lleeaees.
The following martage licenses have
been Issued:
John T lioman. Cass county 3
Laura Cuoper, Caa county II
DIAMONDS Edholm, lth and Harney.
An EjteordliiaFy Waist ak
and Continues
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than hall
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S3 and $4.00
Waists Friday
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.15th Street
it Far nam
15th Street
at Farnam
Pflaim Klof Yoyc
yinmBTraeir Toyir
Balldlag Parasite,
The city baa Issued permits to J.
Rector lor a t2,M fiatue dwelling
.'..."...To California Very low ,and popular round trip rates; from Oraa1ia';$ 50,'' 'direct"
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Omaha, Neb.
Twenty-svsnth and Cass streets; A. Pras-
nowKkl, 12.600 frame dwelling at 22 fvmth
Twenty-fourth; Nels Hansen, $8no frame
dwelling at Nineteenth and Castellar
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points east, will conault tbelr Interests
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Plata road east frogj Chicago. Three
through trains ar run daily, with through
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Pullman sleeping cars to destination.
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part ot th Journey. Modern dining car
service, with Individual club meals, rang
ing In price from 36 cents to Jl; also meals
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Chicago on th Elevated Loop. Chicago
city ticket office, Ul Adams street. I.
tailed information may be secured by ad
dressing John T. Oalahan, general agent.
No. US Adams street, room iOs, Chicago,
Homeseekers' Biesrslssi
v Via th
To points in Minnesota, North and South
F. A. NASH, Oen'l. western agent
1624 Farnam street, Omaha, Nab.
Netlra, Oasts Maslelaas.
A special meeting will be held at the head
quarters Friday at a. m. to arrange for
a if petition of the annual concert and ball
for the benefit of the San Francisco sufferers.
Ga ta w Vark aa th I.ealgk.
!oiible track scenic highway. Connects
st Buffalo or Niugara Falls with all lim-s
from the west.
Wrrte paaaenger department, Lehigh Val
ley R. R, U South Clark St., Chicago, 111.
There dLid Baxk
Calif Of ai'i
J t
From Omaha and
Kansas City.
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East generally.
J Mystic Shriners
Four special excursions
.from Kansas City May
All the War
Ask for
Ticket rood on Califor- 1 2, 3, by Way Of Grand Shrlner folder,
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A ine room with' vault, heat,
light, water, janitor service, in
a fire proof building .for $18.00.