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il-- T'
. . i
.UcKeen Motor far anil Suburban
OMAHA, April 13.-To the Editor of The
nee: The Bee's urtlelc on thn MeKeen
motor and Vice President Mohler's policy
and plan to develop suburban business
along the Union Pacific lines wua correct.
Mud the importance of tho matter to
Omaha could not be easily overstated.
Mr. Mohler himself Is authority for The
life's statement. As to Seymour Park's
interest in the matter, Mr. Mohler'a atten
tion was called to It in a conversation I
hud with him a month or so ago, and It so
fur arrested his attention as to lead to In
quiry about It. The subject passed from
my mind until Mr. McEathron, my own en
gineer, told me that the Vnion Pacific en
gineers hud run three lines to the southern
end of Seymour lake from t lie Lano cut
oft, a distance of one and one-half miles.
Knowing that Mr. Mohler (or having heard,
rather.) was In search of a loeatlon for
Mi-Keen car shops outside the city. In an
informal way I suggested to him a location
on a few acres of land on the extreme
southern point of the Seymour Park prop
erly. These acres are remote from and are
In no way connected with the high slopes,
forests and glens of Seymour Park proper,
which is to be I, eld exclusively for the fu
ture summer homes ind permanent homes
of the people of Omaha und Sooth Omaha
who may desire them.
Commercial Club Commissioner Goei to
Washington on Freieht Rates.
tannic to Secure Redress from Rail
road a, Hriort Is Made to the In
state' t nmmerce tommlaalon
Records at the Capital.
Commissioner K. J. McVann of thK'om-
mercial club left lust night for Wash
ington, where he will-examine the records
of the Interstate Commerce commission for
Information needed by the club In Its en
deavor to secure a reduction of rates from
Omaha to South Dakota poinU. The rail
roads have refused to allow the club to
see the tariffs on freight from Floux City
to South Dakota existing prlcr to Wi,
when the rates were lowered for Sioux City
nd were left unchanged for Omaha. This
makes necessary a trip to Washington.
Mr. McVann expects to return April 21.
"Everybody connected with the Com
mercial club knows tho Milwaukee has
promised to adjust the freight rates to the
north to the entire satisfaction of the Com
mercial club." said a prominent official
of the Milwaukee road. "A big change In
rates cannot be brought aliout on a
moment's notice and many points along
the line of a big system have to be con
sidered. Our general freight agent and our
third vice president were In Omaha some
time ago and both promised this should be
done ajid the road is now at work on a
rew tariff. The grain rates to Omaha from
South Dakota will also be taken care of."
What McVann lias to Say.
Relative to this statement of tho railroad
man. Mr. McVann said:
"We have received no tariff showing
that cither the Milwaukee or the North
western has reduced the rates from Omaha
to Sioux City to the basis In effect Decem
ber S, l'.)fi. nor have we received any direct
answer from them to the effect that the
reduction would be made. This Is the
principal point of controversy between the
Commercial club and the Milwaukee road.
"As to the rates to South Dakota points.
the refusal of the Milwaukee and the
Northwestern railroads to furnish the club
essential Information necessitates the club
going to the expense and trouble of send
ing me to Washington to obtain the in
formation. Both these roads changed the
rate materially In 19(13 from Chicago, St.
Paul and Sioux City to nearly all points In
South Dakota, and as a matter of right
and justice they should have made the
same changes In the rates from Omaha to
the same points. Instead, they ignored us
and left our rates so high to many points
that they actually exceed the rate to and
from Sioux City. Omaha merchants can
ship to Sioux City and reship to a large
number of points in South Dakota cheaper
than they can ship direct from Omaha to
South Dakota.
Spirit of the Milwaukee.
"As to the promises mado by the Milwau
kee, we first took the matter before the
officials of tha; road In September, 1906, and
their manner of handling It has been char
acteriaed ever since by the most unfriendly
spirit. It has been within their power to
make, within any one month, the coirec
Hons we require. Instead of doing this,
they have either ignored our requests alto-
gether or have put us off with Insincere
and garbled statements. In view of these
facts. It Is not surprising that the mer
chants of Omaha want to see the tariffs
embodying these changes, instead of hear
ing promises to Issue these tariffs at some
Indefinite date.
"It is the purpose of the Individual ship
pers who have been forced to pay the ex
tortlonate advance from Omaha to Sioux
City since December 8 to take the neces
sary legal steps to recover the amounts
so extorted. I have Information to the ef
feet that the Milwaukee railroad In partlc
ular has been making refunds to some
shippers on South Dakota business where
the published tariff exceeded the sum of
the locals through Sioux City. This la ill
ret evidence that their own officials re
gurd their position In this matter as un
tenable, and this evidence will be used
with effect at the proper time."
li an, laiiau in ii i i ia n,i n
,.n!t .-.i. - -'--'--rif''' "--
! 1 a
1 Chicago.
Dining Car Service
Steams blp Tickets to All Points.
Street, Omaha, Neb.
Illuh I'reaaiire Ilnya.
Men and women alike have to work In
cessantly with brain and hand to hold their
own nowadays. Never were the demands
of business, the wants of the family, the
requirements of society, mure numerous.
The first effect of the praiseworthy effort
to keep up with all these things Is com
monly seen In a weakened or debilitated
condition of the nervous system, which re
sults In dyspepsia, defective nutrition of
both body and brain, and In extreme cases
In complete nervous prostration. It Is
clearly seen that what Is needed Is what
will sustain the system, give vigor and tone
to the nerves and keep the digestive and
.Bsimllatlve functions healthy and active.
From personal knowledge we can recom
mend Hood's Sursaparllla for this purpose.
It acts on all the vital organs, builds up
the whole system and fits men and women
for these high-pressure days.
Mortality Statiallcs.
The following births and deaths have
been reported to the Board of Health dur
Ing the twenty-four hours ending at noon
Friday :
Births Rudolph Koch, 1XJU Martha, girl;
Krhart Corneet, 2404 Bouth Twenty-fourth,
boy; Rmory Wagner, li9 Grace, boy.
Deaths K. W. Foster, J14 South Four
teenth, 39; Fred Council. IVS, South Thir
teenth, months; Mary A. iiradahaw, 419
boutn Twentieth, .
Xegro Retracts statement Unrri
Were Indifferent and Says
They Did Their Best.
"I want to withdraw what I said about
my attorneys." said Harrison Clark, the
negro convicted of the murder of Edward
Flury. Friday morning. "I believe now
they did all they could have done for mo
and I am satisfied I was mistaken before
After the trial closed Clark gave vent
to some bitter remarks about his lawyers,
Hugh Myers and E. R. Ieigh, because
they did not follow his advtce in some
minor details In relation to the conduct
of the case.
"I have talked to several people about it
and I see the jury decided It did every
thing it could have done for me. It can't
be that everybody else thinks that, and
I think the other way, without me being
wrong. I'm sorry I said what I did, be
cause it hurts their reputation, and I don't
want to injure anybody. They are going to
continue in charge of the case and will
carry It up to the supreme court and fight
it there."
Clark gave vent to the remarks about
his attorneys to reporters Thursday morn
ing, but later sent word he wunted to
make a new statement. The motion for a
new trial was filed Friday by his attor-
r7n mm Ann wunntn.
or-' . Cv auJaS. I Cm Bif lor ilur
kii,liiii d!.cbri.UimiwU"i,
p -' M4 J Irrllatioas or ultilk
Fa.f MtMMrWH. of ! Bibrouo.
''V. fololoM, ad Bui unit'
ttUiOi.irtlC. fal or oluoui.
CHUn,ir'5 al4 toy ".
He, 4. j or ooiit la rrr,
. jft' 1 . ro.i4. tuf
W",! l M. HI 1 hollln tl 7.
'Jucular wsl
CHICMCaTCn-aj isioi
v .! aa tJy S.aal.a.
a t int 111-1 fcl. H r.Nt.UH
l UK. u fcala MMrite ak m -4
ar cr a
T1 tf Kaaaaraao UiiiIm, mm 4 lama.
I (K Umu; Oa, 1 Iiimml m 4. la
I rf a. rtrrt.'.i.n, TallaaUla
h BIW fr I ,ll,HtM tmttm ra
V ' "a UmM. IMiaoiu M
' ' aUOi( al. a r t a Ui C
aaa-j a ra. MaOUeaa aaa ttLlLA, ttZ
Because It's the Richest, This Is the
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the world.
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nctly as repre
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and the same
price to every
body. Goods
marked in
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Tte SiiiificiK of
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i " ......
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strapped model. "We are showing all
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9-gore skirt, many colors, YA
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and ,
. . i 1 nlliiiratlntll ft
neys. It tnaaes me uuu.
error in the instructions and the admission
nlgr, chargtes the county
attorney with making improper statements
before the Jury.
Due to Rapid KUe In Wheat, I.oeal
Market Goea t'p Twenty
Centa a Barrel.
Tiniir on the Omaha market has ad
vanced 20 centa a barrel, or 10 cents a
hundred. In the last few days, due to tne
rapid advance In the price of wheat. The
AVpshhurn-Crosby company's Omaha office
la quoting flour at $2.26 a barrel. a
against $2.15 the nrFt of the week. The
commodity Is & cents a hundred higher
than at any time since last Octoher.
"The advance In wheat," said Manager
Brown of the Washburn-Crosby company,
"is due to the Improved export demand
and to the government report of Wednes
day, showing a much lower percentage in
the condition of the winter wheat crop
thai was expected by the trade.
"The price of flour from now on will de
pend largely on the weather. If It Is very
favorable for the crop, the chance are
flour will be lower, though I do not look
for any decline until the middle of May
at the earliest. Today it Is cold and wet
in the aouthwest. and if such conditions
continue . long, flour will be again ma
terially advanced."
Headquarters Located on Harney
and Jefferia Takes Charere.
Consumption la a Germ Disease. How
Can It Start with a Coldt
This la a reasonable question and one that
must arise to the mind of almost every
one when the claim la made that consump
tion starts with a cold. The cold simply
prepares the system for the reception and
development of germs of that disease, that
would not otherwise have found lodgement
It la the same with diphtheria, scarlet fever
and measles. They are most likely to be
contracted when the child has a cold.
That l why a cold should never be neg
lected. The lunger It hangs on the greater
tha danger. As a quick cure for colds
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy can always
be relied upon. lis remarkable cures have
won for it a world wide refutation and
an Immense sale. It is pleasant and sate
to take.
Advisory and Executive Bodies An
nounced Include All Varieties ot
Local Republican I'oll-tiflana.
The republican munhipal campaign Is
under way under a full head of steam.
Headquarters have been located In com
modious rooms at 14D8-10 Harney street,
furniture and telephones put In, big signs
strung in front, and Chairman Jeffuris
tak.-n up his abode there, surrounded 'ry
lieutenants from all the factions at va
riance before the primary.
The quarters are those recently vacated
by the Omaha Crockery company, are on
the ground floor and permit of a large
room for general' and committee meetings
and of private offices. Lithographs of
Benson and other republican candidates
have been distributed with a free hand.
The telephone number Is Douglas 4799. The
executive and advisory committees have
been appointed and a campaign of thor
ough organization and hard, persistent ef
fort Is being mapped nut.
Chairman Jofferis was forced to give up
the tent Idea because the vacant corner
at Sixteenth and Harney streets could not
be secured. This was the only avallablx
and centrally located vacant lot down
town. The deal was thereupon closed Im
mediately for the rooms on Harney, near
Fourteenth street.
The advisory committee, which will act
with the chairman and executive commit
tee. Is the same as agreed upon by tho
candidates, and consists of Roltert Cowell,
A. H. Burnett. Thomas Hollister, James
Allan and W. A. Baunders.
ame Executive Committee.
The new executive committee, announced
by Chairman Jefferis Friday morning, is
made up as follows: First ward, J. J.
Lohnrs; Second wurd, Charles Oakley;
Third ward. George Crow; Fourth ward,
C. R. Young; Fifth ward, B. W. Christie;
Sixth ward, Charles L. Hart; Seventh
ward, E. 8. Bradley; Eighth ward. W. M.
McKay; Ninth ward, F. J. Norton; Tenth
ward, A. C. Kugel; Eleventh ward. C. E.
Herring; Twelfth ward, Sum Walkup.
The first ward meeting will be held to
night by the Fifth Ward Republican club
In McKenna's hall at Sixteenth and
streets. Robert Cowell, Mayoralty Candi
date Benson and most of the other can
didates will make addresses. It Is expected
the club will ratify the primary selections.
Six Hundred
Thousand Dollara (
City Panda Turned Over
to Hob Fink.
transfer' of over $600,000 of ctty
In the local national hanka from
City Treasurer A. It. Hennlngs to County
Treasurer R. O. Fink Friday was done
by the actual handling and counting of
the cash in the vaults of the big Instltu
tions. The two treasurers decided It
would be a good thing to handle the ox
change In this way. Hennlngs first
checked against the amounts In favor of
Fink and then the two. anrompanled by
-Comptroller Lobeck, visited the banks.
The demand for an actual exhibition of
the cash met with a prompt and courte
ous response. The three officers were con
ducted Into the vaults and the amounts,
ranging from $120,000 down were counted
out before their eyes In gold, greenbacks,
silver and to the last copper. Incidentally
they were shown millions of Uncle Sam's
money piled high In tha vaults. They
came away impressed with the Idea that
the Omaha banks were all right. No
advance information was given that
demand would be made for an actual
hlhllion of the city funds on deposit.
Mr. Hennlngs moved his personal effects
out of his old office at the city hail
The leave of absence of Captain Ivers
V. Leonard, Eleventh Infantry, Fort Rus
sell, has Oft-n extended twenty days.
Chief Clerk P. Harms, at headquarters.
Department of the Missouri, has suffi
ciently recovered (rum his recent illness
to be able to resume his duties.
Civil Fervice Clerk William A. Whltson,
at army headquarters, has bet-n relieved
from duty at Omaha and Is ordered to
proceed to San Francisco, from whence he
win sail to Manila lor clerical (Junes in
the ofil'-e of the commanding general of
the Division of the Philippines.
The following enlisted men have leen
ordered honorably discharged from the
army by dii'tcliun of the War department:
Corporal Richard Piper. Company D.
Eighteenth infantry; Private John llarun
d 1, Second battel y. held artillery. Private
John E. Khody. Company I. Eighteenth
infantry; Seigeanl Jeorg T. H. Mee,
Troop K, Eleventh cavalry.
First Ueutvnant J. K. Abbott, formerly
of the Sixth cavalry, has been transferred
from the cavaliy branch of the service o
the Slgual corps. li-uu-nunt Abbott ar
rived In Omaha Kriduy morning, having
b-n directed to report to the commanding
officer at Fort Omaha for duty at that
post with the Signal corps detachment.
Brigadier General T. J. Wlnt. accom
panied by his aide-de-camp. Lieutenant C
C. Allen, will Uave Saturday for St. Inn
on business connected wuh the Northern
Military division. April IS. General Wlnt
will leave for the east on twenty days'
leave of absence. Colonel E. 8. Godfrey,
in command at Fort Hiley, will asminio
command of the Depart merit of the Mis
souri daring General Wlnt s absence on
The following general court-martial sen
tences have been approved by the com
manding general of the Iiepartnient of he
Missouri: Private Alien L I'llman, Eigh
teenth company, coast artillery. Fort
Iavenworth. for desartlon, dishonorable
discharge and one years Imprisonment;
Private Charley Smith, One Hundred and
Eighth company, coast artillery, Fort Kua
aell, for deaerlion, dishonorable discharge
and one car's imprisonment.
wmmwA A.
Acts Beneficially-
(ids truly a.s a Laxative.
Syrup of Figs appeals to the cultured and the.
well-informed and to the healthy, because its
component parts are simple and wholesome
and because it acts without disturbing the
natural functions, as it is wholly free from
every objectionable quality or substance. In
the process of manufacturing figs are used, as
they are pleasant to the taste, but the medici
nal virtues of Syrup of Figs are obtained from
an excellent combination of plants known to
be medicinally laxative and to act most bene
ficially. To get its beneficial effects buy
the genuine manufactured by the
ouiaville, Kva
- TT . t 1
awv rrci0(.i. AewYork.1.Y.
For tats by an lulls f BruKfisU, la orifinjj tacUfet saiy, seailBg tbt tall
same ot tas Company.
i i. r . i , i Mini