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A Poetical Inspiration
with Practical Advice:
St. j i Mrs. Black to Mrs. Whlto,
I really doo't know where I'm at;
My woodwork it la sure a fright,
.And 'thol scrub from morn till night,
T cannot ffet it to look bright.
Now YOUR house looks to neat and clean,
It make me feel just cross and mean.
Oh! says Mrs. White, 'tis very plain,
As it's no secret I'll explain;
My labors I doa't have to shirk,
As "Old Dutch Cleanser" does my work
THERE'S naught in it to injure the hands,
Win. L. Harris.
Sold by all
MinnesoUm Take Last Game from Omaha
After Some Good Work.
Othtrwlie Ronrk'i Coin. Dolan.
Carter el. al., Ootplay lin'i
Kraaadada from the Major
The Halnts made it even at Vinton street
park by winning the second and lait game
of the series from Pa's Colts In a con
tent which was well pluyed and full of
interesting features. They won because
they hit the ball a little harder than did
the locals and turned their hits into runs.
The Saints presented their full strength
yesterday and at that did not have any
the better of the ex-champions except in
hitting. None of the Oniaha team showed
well In that branch of the game except
Bassey, who made three hits out of thtc
tlmea up and then retired In favor of Fen
Ion. Bassey returned Marcsn's fly to Marx
to catch Fadden who was trying to score
The R5. Government
is Back of .
Ililler s
Old Standard
and vouches for Its
It la bottled In bond
every bottle baa the
government atamp.
if it
1308 Farnam St.,
BUler'i Wliikit$, full quart
80c, $1.00, $1.16
Clean Medical methods
jCR medical practice la large
we deal with our patients, we never promise them more
than we perform. Our business and professional methods
are clean. While we are naturally ambitious to rescue aa
many men aa possible from the ravages of dlsesso, yet if
they enrage our services we want
and square basis, with mutual confidence and respect between physi
cian and patient. Our specialty and modes of treatment are more
fully commented upon below and are well worth the careful perusal of
all in need of medical attention.
This well known, reliable and lone established Institution ia con
ducted aolely for the cure of Male Pelvic Diseases. Moderate charges,
fair dealing, faithful service and speedy cures are responsible for Its Im
mense practice.
Our offices are equipped with the most modem and scientific me
chanical devices for the treatment of men.
By the latest and best methods we cure to remain cured Xervo
Vltal Debility, Blood Polaon, all Skin Diseases, Sores and Ulcers.
8wollen Glands, Varicose or Knotted Veins, Piles. Rupture, Kidney and
Bladder .Diseases and all diseases and weaknesses of men due to in
heritance, exhaustion or the result of specific diseasea.
Consultation free, confidential and lnvitd. Office hours, a. m.
to p. m.; Sundays, 9 to IS noon.
Northwestern Medical & Surgical Institute
.Northwest Cor. Uth and Farnam Sls Omaha.lNtb.
on the throw. The ball went a trifle high
or the score would have been tied.
The Saints made one run In the first and
Omaha tied. Carter started off by beating
a bunt, waa sacrificed to second by Howard
and came home on Dumpy's double. Bas
sey led off with a single in the sixth and
went to third on Welch's single and scored
on Dolnn's grounder to third. The play
was peculiar in that the old war horses
of the Saints- infield seemed to prefer
making a double play and let Bassey score
than to hold Bassey on third and make
one out at first. The Judgment of the play
In questioned.
Kight hlta were made off McNeeley In
six Innings and two hits off Koukallk In
three Innings.
The score:
. ,, AH. it. H. PO. A. B.
peler. If 4 18X00
V heeler. 3b 4 0 0 1 3 0
Van Sant, cf 3 0 it 1 1 0
Frisk, rf 4 0 0 1 0 0
Pierce, lb 4 11 jr. 0 1
Padden, 2b 4 12 2 4 0
Marcan, ss 4 o 1 1 4 i
Pugtlcn, c 4 0 2 4 1 0
8lugle. p 2 ti 0 U -J 0
Parkin, p r. 1 0 II 1 0 0
1'rill 1 0 10 0 0
10 27 15 3 I
H. PO.
1 2
Carter, rf
Howard, lb..
Hrtssey, If....
Fenlon, If....
Welch, cf....
TVdsn. lb
Hunkle, ss...
Ferrtng. 3b...
Marx, c
Kreese, c
McNeeley, p.
Koukallk, p..
. 0
Totals .....32 2 i 27 IS , 1
Drill batted for Single In the seventh.
St. Paul 1 0 0 1 o 1-0 0 03
Omaha 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 02
Two-base, .hits: Bnssey, Oelor, Padden.
Hstses in halls: By McNeeley, 1; bv Single.
1. Hit by pitched ball: Uy Parkin. 1.
Struck out: Uy McNeeley, 1; by Slaglc. 2;
by Parkin. 1. Double plays: Bassey and
Howard: Van Sant ami Migden: Marcan.
Paddn and Pierce. Sacrifice hits: Howard,
Wheeler. Stolen base: Bassey, Frisk.
XI me of game: 1:25. I'mpire: Gundiug.
t tendance: 230.
Chicago Americana "Win from Packers
by "core of It to R.
6IOI X CITY. Ia., April lO.-Slou City
Inst to the Chicago American league team
in a poor exhibition of base ball today,
linker only pitched a part of the sixth, but
succeeded in forcing three Chicago men
across the plate. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.K.O.AE.
Oreen. rf t i X 0 Rau.r. rr I I e o n
Vinson. If i 5 10 lfollln. If ... 4 i 1 1 0
Hirt. c 4 1 7 1 SNoblltt, cf... 3 I 4 0 0
AndriM, M. . B I 1 3 2 WeM. 3b S 2 1 s 0
Dondnn, 3b.. I 3 0 1 fic.rn.v, lb... 4 S S 0
Clark, lb 4 2 1 i Krn.t, :b 4 1.0 I
Fnnll, lb.. 4 3 10 l XHrfmnan. 3b. . 4 S3 t 0
Weld.y. cf... 3 t 1 0 OO'Nelll, t 4 310
Thnmvann, p. 2 S 0 I 1 Keerler, p.... 3 0 n 0 0
Patterson, p. 2 S 1 1 SJackxin. p... 1 0 fl 1
Hak.r. p 0 ft 0
Tetkll 92 13 37 1 4'Newlnn ,...1 1 0 0
Cheney .... 1 0 0 0
ToUl, 33 1! 27 ft 1
natted for Jackson In ninth.
"Batted fur Reeder in fifth.
Chicago 1 0 0 1 0 6 0 0 411
Sioux City ..' 0 3 0 2 0 0 0 0 0-6
Karned runs: Chicago, 5. Two-base hits:
Vinson, Hart, Clark, Fennel!. Weed, New
ton. Double pluy: Patterson. Hart and
Pennell. First base on errors: Chicago, 1;
Sioux City, 4. I-ft on bases: Chicago, 9;
Sioux City. 14. Stolen base: Bauer. Sacri
fice hit: Collins. Bases on halls: Off Baker,
4: off Reeder, 3; off Thompson. I: off Pat
terson, 1. Hit by pitched bsll: By Baker,
2: by Thompson. 1. Struck out: By Reeder,
6; by Jackson. 1; by Thompson, I; by Pat
terson, 2. Innings pitched: Thompson', four;
Patterson, five; Reeder. four; Jackson,
because of the manner in which
them to do so upon an honest, fair
four: Bsker, one. Time: 2:0. Umpire:
French Player Loses Chaare of Wis.
ulnar Aay of the fllsT Prises.
NEW YORK. April in. Three games have
been decided In the world's championship
elghteen-lnch balk line, two In. billiard
tournament which Is In progress at the
Madison Squsre Garden Concert ball.
l.outii Cure of Paris hss lost two games
and his prospects for winning any of the
first three prises are not very bright. Two
games were plaved today. In the first of
which Oeorge Sutton, formerly of Chi
cago, defeated Albeit O. Cutler of Rnston
by 500 to 220. Sutton made the highest
runs of the tournament so far, his top
figures being US snd H
In the second game George Slosson of
this city defeated Iuis Cure, the French
expert, by the score of 500 to 861. Slos
enn's high run was 107. but he ran out
the game In twenty-three tnnnlngn. making
the high Individual avers ge of 21 17-23.
Cure led from the first to the eleventh
Inning, but Slosson passed him In the
twelfth. The Parisian again assumed the
lead with a fine run of W in the fourteenth
Inning, but had to relinquish It when Slos
son gathered the spheres for 107 points In
his seventeenth turn at the table. Other
runs of 73 and 35 and an unfinished run of
00 gave the local miin the game. Three
and four-cushion caroms and open nurse
shots were the features of Slosson's play,
while the Frenchman excelled In line nurs
ing and draw shots for position.
Tomorrow afternoon Jacob Schaefer of
Chicago will meet Ora Mornlngstar and
In the later game Willie Hoppe, the world's
champion elghteen-lnch balk line, one In,
expert, will cross cues with Albert Q.
Cutler of Boston.
Have Gea with I'alvcrsHr aad
Asrrtcaltaral College.
LINCOLN, April 10 (Special Telegram.)
A week's invasion of the Sunflower slats
by the bane ball team of Nebraska univer
sity is to begin tomorrow. The Cornhusk
ers are to open at Manhattan in a contest
with the Kansas Agricultural college team.
Two games have been booked with Kan
sas university on Thursday and Friday,
April 12 and IS, to be followed by a game
with the Fort Riley soldiers on April II,
and one with St. Marys' college at St.
Marvs on April 16.
The pitching staff, which Includes Cap
tain Mone, Dort and NiWaon. Is the team's
chief element of strength. Morse is one
of the few college pitchers who has gained
mastery . of the spit ball and his success
haa already induced severnl league man
agers to make him tempting offers, but If
he breaks Into league company he has de
cided to cast his fortune with Manager
Ducky Holmes of the Lincoln Western
lea guers.
Boane and I'alvcralty lo Try Ont the
ew Roles.
, CRFTE. Neb.. April 10. (Special Tele
gram.) Coach Fuhrer returned from Lin
coln today, having made arrangements
with Manager Morrison of the State uni
versity for a game of foot ball to be played
at Lincoln April 2T. This game will be
plaved under the new rules, and besides
giving contesting teams a fairly accurate
knowledge of the new rules with which
to begin the work of the coming season, it
will demonstrate to the colleges and uni
versities throughout the country what the
game of foot ball will really be In 1!K.
Dome's pVospects of acquitting Itself cred
itably in the coming contest are favorable,
as Day. Sprees. Wildhaber, Perry. Mnresh.
Hurd, (Sravhlll and Dowse of last year's
team sre In school and will be in tne
itame. Dr. Lees and 8. L. Mains will act
as officials and a thorough test will he made
of the ten-yard rules and rorwara pass.
The Kmg Parks closed their season's
bowling last night by winning three games
from the Armours and piling up a total
close to 2,900. This puts them In third
pla-e. "City Champ" Clay made good and
rolled the high total for the night with 24.
Charlev French had the best single game
with 9.
' 1. '1. . Total.
Clay 1!2 21.1 124
French 2fi 17: 1V oM
Zimmerman 20.". 19K :VW fiOS
Walens 14 177 184 ,VC
Bengele 1 19 212 670
Totals U 971 952 970 2,893
, 1. 8. 3. Total.
Neale 249 ITS K1 64
Tonneman 17 -IV 63
Ojerds l&l 160 Lo 11S
Hartley 172 17 1:44 4So
Sprague 1U6 1H6 178 619
Totals 923 851 819 2,622
Lincoln Beats the Indiana.
"LINCOLN. April 10. "Ducky" Holmes'
Bryanltes walloped Green's Nebraska In
diana in easy fashion. Both teams played
a clean fielding game and the Issue waa
fairly In doubt until the eighth Inning,
when the leaguers bunched four hits and
clinched the game. Cominkey's White Sox
open a three-game series tomorrow. The
Lincoln 2000010306 9 1
Ilndians 0000000202 II
Batteries: McCormlck. Eyler and Zlnran;
Tobey, I'ncas and Tobash.
Hlsrh Scores la Trap Tournament.
KANSAS CITY. April 10. High and close
scores marked the first twelve events of
the sixth tournament of the Missouri and
Kansas League of Trap Shooters here.
The highest run without a miss waa made
by George K. Msckle, an amateur of Sram
mon. Kan., with a straight run of ino. Wil
liam Veach. an amateur of Falls City, Neb.,
made a score of 196 out of a possible 2no.
Charles O. Spenoer, a professional of St.
louis, broke 191 out of a possible 200.
The tournament will continue through to
morrow. . ew York Nationals Win.
NF.W YORK, April 10. Score: R.H.E.
New York Nationals 11 18 0
Providence Easterns 0 2 2
i si. Loots Amerlcaas Wla.
ST. LOUIS, April 10. Score: R.H.E.
St. Louis Amerloans 7 12 1
St. Louis Nationals I 13 1
gportlnsr Brevities.
The Colts were able to win from the
best team which has come along this year.
It is said Pitcher Kane of the Phillies Is
the only Jewish player In the old league.
His right name is Cohen and he Is a south
paw. The Boston Nationals should get a good
start this spring, aa . announcement is
made that but one day's practice was lost
at Jacksonville, Fla., because of inclement
Pa Is mitt enthusiastic over Perrine.
He Is not only a corking good fielder, but
Pa says he will make a regular hitter
out of htm. as he stands up to the plate
In nice form and walks right Into the ball.
The bleachers smiled aloud Monday when
old Joe Sugden and Lick Padden tried to
head off a double steal by Howard and
Welch. They played it Just right to let
Howard score and Welch reach second.
There were days when these two might
have pulled the play off.
But for the names of Beckley and Grady,
the St. IxjuIs Nationals would be
uttrerognlxable. It looks as if some Kan
sas cyclone had gotten off Its beat and
struck at Expoaltion park. Quite a change
also has taken place in the Browns.
Four of the old team may be seen at
Vinton street lot with St. Paul.
Plana are now incubating for a game
of football this spring between the t'nl
verslty of Nebraska team and the team
from Doane. The management of the
Cornhuskers and Doane are trying to ar
range a gams for Lincoln for May 4. to
give the new rules a tryout this spring,
so the teams will know how to begin
in the fall and all will not be new.
The New York Giants are letting out s
belch because the pennant for winning the
world's series last fall will have inscribed
upon It "Championa of the World, luo."
In all league racea the pennant boars the
date of the year it ,'s to hang over the
ball park. Ist year the pennant hung
over Pas lot and bore the Inscription
"19ij6," although won the year before. It
looks like the Giants claim waa valid.
George Clark, who during the winter
ha a been I. Ik lit police reporter on an
Omaha paper, leaves Wednesday for Lynn,
Mass.. having a contract lo catch for
that team in the New England league.
Clark has been going to the front aa a
catcher and hitter during the last two
J tars and has made quite a reputation,
n 1901 he caught for the Portland, Ore.,
team, and In h4 waa with Des Mulnes and
In 19ufc was with Les Moines, but Towne
was so big and strong and able to do all
the work, Clark waa farmed out lo Fort
Lodge, and assisted very materially In se
curing for that team tbs hl& position
it held in the league.
A tenant whlcn is quickly dlsposseaed by
Pr. Klng'a Discovery, is a Cough or Cold,
M cents aad H-00. For sale by Sbsrmaa 4s
McConnsU Pure Ca,
Reconnta of Primary Ballot Bhow Some-thino-
that Looki Like Fraud.
Two Preclacta of Recoad aad Tot Ii
Foarth Wards Dlclose Doctored
Retarns, bat yo Candidate
Will Wla ar Them.
While the contesting candidates will not
be given the victory, the contest over re
publican primary returns threatens to de
velop Into a court inquiry of charges of
Evidence that republican ballots from the
First and Third precints of the Second
ward and the Second and Fourth precincts
of the Fourth ward were tampered with
some time between being cast and Tuesday
morning was discovered yesterday by the
board of primary election canvassers. Ap
proximately, twenty ballots in the three
first named districts were found to bear
erasures and markings for other candi
dates. All the changes were heavily In
favor of Elbourn snd slightly In favor vf
Broatch, two of ths three candidates who
Instluted contests. After consulting with
City Attorneys Breen and Herdman, Mayor
Zlmman and Tresuref Fink, constituting a
majority of the board, ordered the poll
book returns accepted because the ballots
had been tampered with and changed, and
the board was unable to ascertain the fscts
by reason of this condition.
Klboorn Exocpts to Ruling.
City Clerk Elbourn took sn exception to
this ruling. He did not set upon matters
affecting the recount of the votes for the
nomination to the office of which he as
pired city clerk. He admitted that ths
ballots In the two precincts had been .al
tered and that no doubt existed of It. The
erasures were plain and unmistakable.
Byron G. Burhank, who Is acting as coun
sel for S. K. Greenleaf, the apparent win
ner of the clerkship nomination by a
plurality of 157 votes, pointed out that the
changed ballots In the First of the Second
showed the crosses opposite the names
of Hennlngs and Broatch different from
the others on the same ballots.
With the exception of these two precincts
the ballots recounted checked approxi
mately correct with ths poll book returns,
neither Broatch nor Elbourn gaining more
than a dosen vote In the first four wards
counted; the First, Second. Third and
Fourth. In the four tampered districts El
bourn gained ninoty-nlne votes over Green
leaf and Broatch thirty-six over Hennlngs,
nearly all of them being accounted for by
the erasures and substitutions. In the First
precinct of the First ward and the Second
of the Second snd the Fifth of the Second,
the recount showed the returns to be cor
rect. The reports of fraud which City
Clerk Elbourn says led him to desire a re
count involved these districts. The Second
of the Second is Councllmsn Hoye's district
and it gave him great satisfaction when
It checked out absolutely eoirect.
Little "hakenp of Votes.
In the Second of the First, where no
tampering wss discovered, Broatch gained
four votes snd Hennlngs lost three and
Elbourn gained eight and Greenleaf lost
one. t
Because of the prima facie evidence of
fraudulent efforts Increasing the votes of
Elbourn and Broatch It Is thought probable
an official Investigation will be made to
find out who is culpable.. The proceedings
may be before the grand Jury or may be
brought upon complaints to be filed with
the county attprnftl-.!
The recount of tbe republican, votes on
the offices of mayor' and city clerk began
st o'clock after a written opinion had
been filed by City Attorney Breen to the
effect thst It was the duty of the board
to proceed without, requiring the filing of
affidavits specifying where errors were be
lieved to exist In the original count.
The fact that the demand for a recount
of the mayoralty ballots wss filed by W.
J. Broatch merely settles the question of
whether he or A. H. Hennlngs ran second
to Benson and that much money had been
wagered by well known gamblers and
sporting men at odds of three to one that
Broatch would finish better than third has
Injected a flavor Into the proceedings that
Is not liked by city officials. They say It
makes a thorough - Investigation of the
tampering all the more necessary.
City Clerk Elbourn was custodlsn of the
ballot boxes and ballots since they were
delivered to him on the night of the, pri
mary election and the morning following,
a week ago.
Mayor Zlmman endeavored to require the
production of specifications snd evidence of
fraud or error before undertaking the re
count, but was overruled.
Breea'a Official Statement.
In his opinion City Attorney Breen says:
1 may be permitted to express the con
viction that this section of the primary law
should be amended at the very next legisla
ture so aa to provide that the party candi
date calling for a recount should be obliged
to give a bond conditioned for the payment
of a reasonable pay per diem to the board
of canvassers and such clerical help as the
board might find It necessary to appoint to
recount the ballots.
As the law now stands it Is an Invitation
to mischievous and even frivolous attempts
to recount. When one considers that even
the very lowest In numerical strength of
the more than 100 candidates on the repub
lican ballot at the recent primary might
file an affidavit and compel the board of
canvassers to enter upon a recount, the
possibilities of mischief and of a detaining
of the final returns until after the election
day becomes apparent. The history of re
counts In contests in this city and county
does not Justify the belief that the result
on the face of the returns will be changed
by a dozen votes.
I am afraid that the tiresome and vast
work of recounting more than l.nrio votes
has not been fully appreciated by those
asking for a recount, but as already Indi
cated under the law they are entitled to
it, and It is your duty to proceed.
Another point raised yesterday afternoon
was whether or not a member of the can
vassing board, who is himself asking for a
recount, is competent to sit and vote on
contest questions arising on the recount.
I reluctantly hold that he must be accorded
that privilege as a member of the board,
and of even voting upon the questions in
volving a recount of the ballots concerning
his own candidacy If he insists upon the
right, for the law provides no way of sub
stituting another member of the board in
his stead, and as the board Is composed of
but three members it would leave but two
to decide any controverted ' question, and
they might disagree. Moreover, aa already
stated, the law seems to contemplate that
this board, composed of the mayor, city
clerk and city treasurer, shall make the
recount and decide in all cases without ex
ception. Jaaa-e Gives Way to Vail.
The tie vote between Junge and Vail,
socialist candidates for council in the
Fourth ward, was solved by Junge with
drawing in favor of Vail. This eliminated
a recount to settle the matter.
The canvassing board Tuesday, morning
adopted a resolution to exclude accepting
any more demands for recounts. It was
argued that recalcitrant candidates might
prolong the sitting of the board until
election day if they were so disposed and
measures not taken to stop them.
The recount waa completed up to the
Third precinct of ths Fifth ward last night
and is expected to be finished today.
Xew Society of Talent.
The Studio club, composed of newspaper
men, artists musicians and actors, was
organized Monday evening st room 4.
1'nion block, where the organlzstion will
hsve Its headquarters. The following of
ficers were elected: F. M. Greenleaf. pres
ident; K. M. Jones, secretsry: Harry Wil
kinson, treasurer: board of governors A.
C. Reed. H. E. Newbranch, Robert Cus
caden, John Tonne Davtes and Bennett
B. Deaey. The membership is limited to
thirty. Muskalts, banquets and snout
functions, largely of a Bohemian charac
ter, are on the tanls Among the members
are: William R. l.lghtnn. a writer of na
tional repute; Cecil Owens of the Wood
ward Stock company, Ioane Powell, artist
and Slgmund I.andbcrg. pianist.
Campbell System of Farming: Fx
plotted hy Foaader of Colo,
ales Hear Halaler.
C. F. Fay, founder of Fay's rolonles snd
a leading advocate of the Campbell dry
farming system. Is In the city and Is full of
Information concerning the system which
Is destined to transform the deserts of the
west Into fertile fields. Mr. Fay has several
sections of land near Hnlgler. Neb., which
Is Just this side of the Colorado line on the
Burlington, and he Is engaged In raising
mules and cattle.
"The Campbell system is very simple,
says he; "It consists of plowing the land to
a good depth and then harrowing thor
oughly until there is a layer of dry sandy
dust on the surface. This is a shield to the
soil underneath, which carries the moisture,
and the grain Is fed with moisture from
below by a sort of capillary attraction. The
moisture In this desert soil is destructive
to fence posts. I have bought the best ce
ment mixer obtainable and will convert the
town of Halgler Into a cement town. I have
located 165 people on this once desert and
not a man who stayed until his crop was
harvested failed to make money.
- "All ths desert land In that section soon
will be growing corn, alfalfa and sugar
beets. AH the ranchers and farmers have
telephones, using the top wire of the barb
wire fences for means of transmission.
This costs us but 60 cents per month and
we spend our evenings and Sundays talking
to our neighbors."
Mr. Fay had photographs to bear out his
statements that corn grew to the extent of
twenty-five to thirty bushels to the acre,
oats twenty-five to forty bushels and alfalfa
was cut three times, a ton to each cutting.
An Outrage.
It's an outrage to let your skin suffer
without help, when burned or wounded.
Use Bucklen's Arnica Salve. 26 cents. For
sale by Sherman & McConncll Drug Co.
Cloady In Nebraska Today, Showers
In West Portion Shotvers iu
East Portion Tomorrow.
WASHINGTON. April 10. Forecast of
the weather for Wednesday and Thursday:
For Nebraska Cloudy Wednesday, show,
ers in west portion; Thursday, fair in west,
showers in east portion.
For Iowa and Missouri Fair, warmer
Wednesday; Thursday, showers.
For Kansas Fair Wednesday, warmer in
north portion, showers and cooler at night
or Thursday.
For South Dakota Wednesday, showers
at night or Thursday.
For Colorado and Wyoming Showers
Wednesday; Thursday fair, warmer.
Local Record.
OMAHA. April ID. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
me corresponding aay ot tne last thr
yea rs :
1!XI6. 1905. 1904. VM.
Maximum tempersture.
63 48 68 82
40 42 36 57
62 45 47 70
.00 .on .00 .12
Minimum temperature
Mean temperature
Precipitation ,
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1,
and comparison with the last two years:
Normal temperature
Excess for the day
Total deficiency since March 1.
Normal precipitation
Deficiency for the day
Total rainfall since March 1....
Excess since March 1
Deficiency for cor. period. 19f5.
Excess for cor. period, 19iM....
Reports from Stations at
.10 inch
.10 Inch
3.91 inches
.54 Inch
1.47 Inches
.06 Inch
7 P.
fall, .oo
Station and Stats Temp. Max.
of Weather. 7 p. m. Temp.
Bismarck, clear 60 62
Cheyenne, cloudy 52 r.4
Chicago, cloudy 44 48
Davenport, pt. cloudy 50 54
Denver, cloudy 62 64
Havre, pt. cloudy 56 ,"H
Helena, cloudy 52 54
Huron, clear 62 64
Kansas City, clear 64 6X
North Plntte, cloudy 61
Omsha. cloudy 60 63
Rapid City, clear 52 60
Saint Louis, clear 64
Saint Paul, clear 52 54
Salt Lake City, cloudy 52 56
Valentine, partly cloudy 5X 52
Wllllston. clear 56 58
"T Indicates trace of precipitation.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
For Tonsiliti
To California Very low and popular round trip rates; from Omaha $50, direct
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-r J,9sT-jr
Irfnn.cst Kstnlillshctl, Most Successful ami Hr-lloMe HHH-lalixla, cut Med
ical Diplomas, Licenses and Newspaper Itecords Show.
Some men contract disease by being
lt,1lur.t lltltm-u nn,i I,
fl and suffer for the shortcomings of
uieir piircniN anil nrag tnemseivcs
through a life of decreptltude. because
they irre trying to conceal the seri
ous errors committed, ij'rength enn
no more proceed from weakness thnn
pure water from a polluted fountain.
A lifetime of suffering often results
from neglecting the first symptoms of
disease. It is not so much of a ca
lamity that h man contracts diseases
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ment for their cure or he has
experimented with too many FREK
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Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
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Kidney and Urinary Diseases,
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r i i i
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sat do It rkner, bitter snd iilr thaa any ether separator af
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aiib erniDsTftDC will skim twice at doss.
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last twleeaslona-uunv other hand cream separator m(ie
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malLpostpald. Address. . ,
Plan Klmrj
ymifuii!? Tour
If so. come to us privately and tell us
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make a thorough and scientific ex
iiminntlon of your ailments. An exam
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iTOR L . . 1
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gar, "lend ms your
receive by return mail
cream separator cata
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