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Iinaooial 8tUmnU Show (her Sis Mil
lion Gain in Yearly Deposit.
lejereae I Mara Tfcaa Tnlr Per
Out aad ladlratea Ueaeral Ad.
. viaeesseat la All Llaea
t Redness ( state.
Deposits ef Omaha national banks:
Msrch It, I!' - $.017.48.0l
April , 19fi ,.766.7
Ixisne and discounts:
March It, 1
April , lt
.1 t.m.m.n
.IU.eSi.t75 19
I l..S".41
Statement of the Omaha national banka
Issued for the close of business April at
the chII of the comptroller of the currency
how the encouruglng Increase of W.191,32().7B
Iri deposits vct those Of March 14, 7905,
when tho corresponding call of last year
aa Issued. This I more than 3) per cent
Increase. It I an unprecedented Rain,
and It Importance ran only bo resllseoNby
compering It with the approximate fain of
2.M,Ang fr March 14, 1, over March .
1!fM. For the year ths loans and discounts
Inc reaped $4,M,9t 41.
In making a tompsrlsou with the state
ment of January . Ifcti, an increase la
Mown In deposits of J43.S4S.f7 and an In
riesse In loans mkI discounts of $1, 4M.23. 47.
"The showing over the 1WK statements la
on that ought to niahe everybody feel
good," raid William E. Rhodes, asalatant
cashier of the United States National
hank, '"for It Is an Index of the prosperity
of Omaha and Nebraska, and In fact of all
the territory which la tributary In a trsde.
and financial way to Omaha. The gain
over the January statement IS Just aa con
clusive. It Is naturally not aa large an In
crease of deposits as Is usual In the fall,
for then the money Is being piled up tn
the banks, while now It has not aa yet
come hack after having been withdrawn
.In the winter by the country banka to move
the crops. The gain In loana Indicates a
healthy condition of business."
Total deposits are not an Indication of
local conditions, for their volume fluctuates
widely aa the country banka need money.
The condition- of Omaha's business is
' shown more clearly by the Individual de
posits, which were spproxlmately $1S,71S.iX
at the rail of March 14, IMS, and l,43,0cn
st the call of April 6, IX.
Cemaarlsea of Calls.
Table showing comparison of csll of
April , 11, "with the corresponding csll
of 108, March 14, and with the call of
January- 2J, 190H:
Men. 14, . April I, 'OS. Jsn. 2, "ni.
J-'IrSt t I.3W.M.H7 10. 4), 123 9! tl0, .04
Omaha ... 7.9M4.UO 9ttit.W7.7J 9.387.479 93
V. B 1,2(U.?4.M M77.tta.4it l.844.ia M
Merchanta B.7A6.9M 44 4.7t,143.S t.JW.MlSI
Nebraska. 1,M,4;$.M 1.T42.7M.60 1.117,027.49
Totals ,.tr9.017.445.01.t.16.M.7.7 t34.77M20.29
First 4.7S.H7.1 MM.0nt.9S t 6.128.1T8 M
Omaha ... I.1M.PJ6.K MK9.644 41 5.W7.7M.OO
1". fl 6.4f,321.0 H.0M(.Z7 B,fS.S2.0S
Merchants 3.479.015.M l.r,321. ,2.946.S4
Nebraska. 70t.5M.l3 to8,172.17 tSS.tOd.Sa
Totals . .$1S, 41475.39 2J,t44,44.71 Cl.7Hl.214.i4
Klrst t 3.A04.27S t 4.144 117.74 4.74s, 41i
Omaha ... 2.fM.Bll.l7 3.49,991.9t M49.917.77
1". B 1.774.7411.70 3.XW.OM47 I.0X).(t.94
Merchants 1.5!1.1U.74 l,,s. l,K.S44.ftl
Nebraska. stf.2Z7.4fl 780,897.71 924.875 M
Tuts Is tM,09.S39 70 13,S63,60.43
, 9.SS7.&AM lll.M7.HnO.27 tll.M0.131.BS
. 8,t,.lt 11.60.S22.18 n.lSO.fKs.ttl
. ..j 8.7X7.746.21 9.429.291. 1
1'lrst .
r. h
Merchants "4.47.li7.9S i.4KS.246.U 6.2.HM
.Nebraska. 2,139.iWfi.SS 2,236,6Wt.97 Z,ao4,4tt.7S
- Totals t4.64n.US.M t40.U7,7S.0
. No figures are given for 1905 for the
T'nlte.l states National, for the reason
that It did hot exlat. In Us present Iden
tity, at tho time of the March call. It
Was organised in May by the consolidation
if the United States National. Union Na
tional and Corrmerclal Nations!.
.Members at Department Climb In
When They Read Hadaoa'a
Toaehlnn Appeal.
A temperance cruiutde Is on In the police
department. While. It la no aecret that
several of the patrolmen, detectives and
officers of the force Jiave been total ab
stainere for years, others are now falling
In line and are shunning the golden elixir
0- life.
' The upshot of the present agitation
among the ranks wss caused by a little
heart-to-heart note written by Patrolman
Hudson to th younger members of the
force In particular and all hia comrades In
general. The note read:
i Intemperance cuts down youth tn Its
vigor, msnhood In-lts strength and old age
in Its weskness. It bereaves the doting
mother extinguishes affection, bllghta con
fidence and brings mourning age to Its
grave. Hudson.
Patrolman .Hudson's note wss left on
Captain Moetyrt'a desk and was read to
the three shifts of patrolmen, aa well aa
to the aquad of detectives.
"There Is no question thst the best men
on the force are those who do not drink,"
stated Chief of Polloe Donahue. "While I
Headquarters for Tea.
Y. W. C A. Specials.
pound OC
; And thirty Oreen Trading Sumps.
Splendid quality Oolong jq
pound 49C
r And thirty Oreen Trading tamps. .
Kins drinking Tea
ICnclieli rlreakfast-notind 40C
And thirty (Jreeo Trading Stamps.
Kxtra vsluee Gunpowder in
pound 4oC
And thirty Oreen Trading Stamps.
Tea Sittings
pound package
Kennett's Breakfast Coffee AQn
I pound ran tut
And thirty Oreen Trading Stamps.
Ooldan fee a one Coffee 26C
And tweuty Oreea Trading Slam pa.
Number Three Java and iaucha 'JK.rt
Coffee poand a,Ofc
And twenty Oreen Trading Btampa.
AT cxar.
Chlrkaoe, Rabhtta,
to, au seen
Baater Caody Ecga apodal price.
U for lo 76 for
ready to bloom each only ...
California Lemons
duson ...... ........
Ontoa Bts
tfr quart .,.
o a
Thousand Writ to Mra. pinkham, Lynn,
Mnt, and Rsoalve Valuable Advice
Absolutely Confidential aad Free
There ran be do more terrible ordeal
to a delldate, sensitive, refined woman
than to be obliged to answer certain,
qaeationa in regard to her private ills,
ffn when those questions re nuked
by her family physician, nod many
continue to gaffer rather than submit
to examinations which ao many physi
cians propose in order to intelligently
treat the disease; and this is the rea
son why ao many physicians fall to
cure female disease.
This is also the reason why thousands
noon thousands of Women are corre
sponding with Mrs Pinkham, daughter-in-law
of Lydia E. Pinkham. at Lynn,
Mass. To her they ran confide every
detail of their illness, and from her
great knowledge, obtained from years
of experience in treating female ills,
Mrs. Pinkham can advise sick women
more wisely than the local phvsiclan.
Read how Mrs. Pinkham helped Mrs.T.
C.Willsdsen of ManDitJg'.Ia. he writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
" I can truly say that you have ssvsd my
Ufa, and I cannot express my gratitude in
words. Before I wrote to you -telling yon
how I felt, I had doctored for over two rears
steady, and spent lots of money In medicine
besides, but it all failed to do me any good. I
had female trouble and would dailyhave faint
ing spells, backache, bearing-down pains, and
my monthly periods were very irregular and
finally ceased. I wrote to you for your ad
vice and rwlved a letter fall of lnctructioua
tust what to do, and also commenced to take
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
and I have been restored to perfect health.
Had it not been for you I would have been
In my grave to-day. n
Mountains of proof establish the fact
that no medicine in the world equals
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound for restoring- women's health.
have nothing to say about a man who can
take one drink and stop at that, yet It
cannot be gainsaid that the man who takes
one drink will take the second some time
and the third some other time. I only
hope all my men would abxtaln totally
from Intoxicating drink. In this day and
age there Is a great demand for men who
at all times have clear brains and their
wits about them, and the police department
Is no exception to the rule."
Chicago to Sew York Over Mght.
Leaves Chicago 1: 10 p. m. Arrives New
Tork (Grand Central Station) 9:30 next
morning. Warren J. Lynch, Pass. Traffic
Manager, Chicago.
Aanoaaeemeata of the Theaters.
Commencing next Sunday matinee at the
Krug theater as a special attraction, .Nat
M. Wills, the well known comedian, In "The
Duke of Duluth," which'. Is an operatic
farce, written and atagnd under the per
sonal direction of the author. George H.
Broadhurat, who haa become widely known
through hla successful farces, "Why Smith
Left Home," 'The Wrong Mr Wright,"
etc. Mr. Wills made a pronounced success
last season in "A Son of Rest" and was
for many years an Idol In vaudeville. This
new vehicle Is said to flt Mr. Wills' talenta
Chauncey Olcott will be seen at a mat
inee and evening performance at the Boyd
theater today, presenting his season's suc
cess. "Edmund Burke." This will end the
activity of the Boyd for the current week,
but next week will usher in another sea
son of splendid entertainment at the thea
ter, beginning with Channlng Pollock's hit,
"The Little Grey Lady," which Is being
produced under the direction of Mr. James
K. Hackett.
The Burwood is seeing large attendance
this week, "Dr. Bill" proving an immense
hit. The members of the Woodward Stock
company have a special aptitude for this
class of play and are making the piece go
with a snap. The next matinee will be on
Thursday afternoon.
At the Orpheum this week full houses are
the rule. The bill on haa a number of
comedy features that create genuine en
thusiasm, and the four Piccolo midgeta
seem to rapture everybody. These tiny
men are very remarkable performers, that
which they accomplish being almost beyond
belief. As acrobats they are the peers of
the leading headllnera and show themselves
to be versatile with other accomplishments.
Children and women easily become fas
cinated with them, and there Is an unusu
ally big demand for seats for the Thurs
day matinee.
The Typewriter ladaatry.
Business at the Remington Standard
Typewriter factories in this village haa
been advancing during the present year
by leaps and bounds.
The January record in shipments broke
all previous figures fur thst month and
was Immediately followed In February by
shipments exceeding anything In Ihe com
pany's history. The demands for type
writers are coming in both from domestic
and foreign a lurces. England. France and
Germany being particularly heavy buyers.
The March huslnens ahows no abatement
and last week the factory sent out close
to 1.700 machines, exceeding all previous
hipping records.
For the last seven months overtime hss
been necessary at the I lln plant to meet
the demands for new models. Trie stste
of the typewriter Industry Is a very sure
Index ot general business conditions and
everything points to 190 as the banner
yeaef of the premier writing machine which
outworks, outwears and outlives sll others.
Illoit News, March 13,
t Uaod Word for Omaha.
The Omaha National bank is sending
to Ita correspondents a neatly printed state
ment of Its condition on April C
This statement shows not only tba satis
factory condition of the bank, but Is also
unique In that there la absolutely nothing
on the rover to Indicate that it Is Issued
by the Omaha National batik or that It is
a bank statement.
They are availing theniHelrea of the op
portunity, too frequently ignored by Omaha
business houses, to tell their correspondents
of Omaha's prosperity.
A few figures are given relating to ths
volume of Omaha s buatness and these fig
ures. It la sate to aay. would surprise a
large proportion ot the cltlsens of Omaha.
The practice of advertising Omaha at ever)'
.opportunity cannot be commended too
strongly, and the Omaha National bank is
to be congratulated on its presvnt method
of issuing its statement.
Two Gifts of 0ns Thousand Dollar and
Lester Ones An Hade.
fleaatlnaa for Ralldlan Are Cemlag
from aa Far oal aa Mexico
aail West as Call-forala.
Two tl.uou-subscrlptions from Mrs. W. W.
Marsh and "A Friend," $200 from General
John C. Cowln, $50 from A. C. Turner, a
former secretary of the local Toung Men's
Christian association and now atatloned In
Mexico, snd three smaller subscriptions
from former Omaha girls now living In
California were among the encouraging
contributions to the Toung Women's Chris
tian sssoclation building fund Tuesday.
And besides these were several others,
ranging from 1100 to 11 So, the donors to be
announced later.
The teams have redoubled their efforts
which have resulted In some change on
the tenm list. Miss Crandall's lesm has
moved tip from the foot and Miss Hood's
team, still st the head, has raised over
The sirrn whistle thst promised to an
nounce every additional 11,000 Is still out of
use, but it is hoped It will be In working
order by the middle of the week.
The women of the First Presbyterian
church are making elaborate preparations
to serve a hot SO-ccnt dinner Friday from
11:80 to 1: In the church parlors at Sev
enteenth and Dodge st rents and are dill
gently spreading the fact among the bual
neaa men and women who take the noon
meal down town tfiat the proceeds are to
go to the Young Women's Christian asso
Colors and Captains
Dark blue. Mallie Hood
Ited. Edith Baker
Oreen. Mary lareon
Orange, 8u.on I'nxson
Pink. Bessie Chambers
Vlolnt, Clsra Ady
Brown, Or Johnson
Yellow, Mrs. C. E. Perkins
Light blue. Nellie Crsndall
Lavender, May H. Flnley
... t (.103 10
.... 1.413 80
.... 1.S40.2S
.... 1.518 25
.... 1.4S0.HU
.... 1.177. 25
.... 93 on
.... &4.54
Total Sls,93.9&
The Ooal, 12T,V0 Entries to Date
Donors. Amt. Total. Dnrs. Amt. Tntsl.
2 lio.oon jt,ooi lio.ono.oo
4 B.0OJ 2O.00O 6.000
10 1.000 10,000 1,000 J.000.00
2o 50 10.000 (no 4.000.00
i 250 5.000 10.... 3M J.M0 00
25 am 5.000 lo.... ao 2.00000
f 100 ao.000 $9.... 100 3.900.00
20) 60 10011 fit.... o 2.90. 00
S) 25 5. OK) lot).... 25 2.500.00
Smnll sums.. S.ono HmsJl sums. 2,108. 09
Teams 16.000 Teams 13,936. 95
Total $126,000 Total .$48,Ktt.95
The above diagram shows 1
the goal of $125,000 April 10.
plan to resch
Members from Their Respective Pre
rlnrts, with the amber of
Votes Each Casts.
Following is the new republican city
committee, according to the official lists
given out at the city clerk's office. Accord
log to the Dodge law, each committeeman
casta one vote for every fifty republican
votes or major fraction cast for the head
of the ticket at the last general election
In his preMnct. Figured on Judge Letton'a
vote last fsll the committeemen will have
the strength Individually as given In the
last column.
District. Vote,
t irst w uiittin Mahoney
Second It. L. Lo lines ;.:
Third John Mathlesen
Fourth J. LObeck
First Joe Kowalewskl
Second C. F. Hopper
Third Charles Oakley
Fourth Thomas Collopy 3
riri.i t . . ifanunauer
First George Wicks
Second Robert H. Johnson
Third G. Crow
Fourth R. H. Johnson "
Fifth P. Mangsn
First G. R. Young
Second J. V. Boyle
Thlrd-C. W. Brltt ;.' "
Fourth W. C. Chlssell
Fifth W. A. Foster
First A. 11. Donersen
peruna vyrua r.. vtsison
Thlrd-B. W. Christie
Fourth T. J. Wiley
Fifth B. J. Stone
rirst-C. H. Baxter
Second E. Savoy
Third E. Dowllng
Fourth C. L. Hart
First Fred Nleison
Second Kd. L. Bradley
Third William R. Burnes
Fourth M. Langdnn
First August Johnson
Seoond P. Jesse..
Third W. W. Msre
Fourth W. M. McKay
First J. M. McDowell
Second Charles E. Wilson
Third Frank C. Best ,
Fouth Frank J. Norton
Fifth Harry Cowduroy
First Albert V. Kugel
Second J. Ford
Third M. J. Lynch.
Fourth William G. Neckel
Fifth Ben Reinsscrleber
First Csrl E. Herring
Second C. G. McDonald
Third L. D. Spalding
Fourth W. A. Houston
First Sam Walkitp
Second Charlea A. Thompson
Third Ben S. Anderson
Fourth C. A. Mangan ,
Street Railway I nlon Petitions Sea
ators and Keaaedy Sot to Alter
Uw Escladlag Chinese.
At the meeting of the Street Rallwa
Employes union Tuesday a resolution
passed condemning any tampering with the
Chinese exclusion act as It now exists.
copy of this resolution waa sent to Sena
tors Millard and Burkett and to Congress
msn Kennedy:
By the sssociation herein named I am
Instructed to forward to you the following
Whereas, There ia now pending in the
congress of the United Slates houxe bill
12,3. otherwise known si the Foster bill,
which proposes to modify the present
Chinese exclusion set snd to open our doors
to the impoi tstion ot 1 ninsmen, which
means In the end not only the lowering
of our standard of wage, but the degrad
ing of our civilisation.
Therefore, on the part of Division 29g of
Amslgsmsted Association of Street and
Electric Rallm-ay Employee of America of
the city of Omaha we hereby request you
aa our representative In congress to oppose
any such measure and to insist upon the
maintenance of the present Chinese ex
clusion act and the stii.'t carrying out of
the same by the government of the United
Stales. Reepectf tillv submitted.
C. F. MICHtl-KEN. SeCreUry,
P. J. LEM1IAN. Presidant.
Bay Vaar Kaater Gifts
At Whltmore'e Art Galleries, 1517 Dodge
street. Wednesday. Thursday and Friday
of this week. 30 per cent of sales for the
benefit of the Toung Women's Christian
Mea lajared by Aatasaahlle.
CHICAGO. April lo.-Two laborers. Fred
erick 8 hueta and John Neuel were rua
down today by an automobile while cross
ing Michigan avenue at Peck court and
susiaiued injuries that may yrot fatal.
everal Important Testa of the tw
neeketed Before the Fed
eral t'oart.
The trial docket of the United States
district court for the Msy term will In
clude a large number Indian liquor cases.
In which Indictments will be tried for in
troducing liquor onto the Indian reserva
tions, providing the United Ststes supreme
court will deny the application tor a writ
of habeas corpus lu the James Lincoln
In this esse the question of concurrent
jurisdiction arises between the federal and
atate courts. Lincoln wss indicted for tak
ing liquor onto the Indian reservation, and
It is held by the government that this is
In violation of the guardianship and trus
teeship laws of the government aa bearing
upon the raae of the Indians. The attor
neys for Lincoln hold the opposite view,
and bsse their contention upon the Brewer
decision, which gives to Indian allottees
of lands the lights of any other cltlaon
and the right to exercise the common
functions of a cltisen, including the right
to absorb as much liquor as he can hold,
as welt as to absorb It at any point he may
feel disposed, be It on sn Indian reserva
tion or otherwise.'
Lincoln was tried and convicted under
the Indictment charging him with Intro
ducing liquor onto the reservation, and .in
appeal at once was taken to the United
States surpreme court for a writ of habere
corpus, and the hearing on this application
will be held April 19. at Washington, the
interests of the government being looked
after by the Department of Justice, and
those of the Indian by Thomss L. 81ns n.
Upon the decision of the supreme court In
this case will hinge the disposition of the
several cases now pending In the United
Ststes district court at Omaha, either for
trial ot dismissal.
Constroetloa at This End Will Re.
gin at Once. Says Peter
E. Her.
'Work will be begun on the Omahs, Lin
coln r Beatrice rs 11 toad at thl end at
once end all the forces of the road will
be utilised in building from this end,"
said P. E. Her at his office Tuesday morn
ing. "Mr. Hurd Is now letting contracts
for the grading and It Is planned to work
from this end as fast as possible. We
have ten and a half miles already built
from the other end and will concentrate
our forces at this end. so aa to be com
pleted as far as Dream City, at least, by
July L
Mr. Robinson of Akron, O., one of the
financial backers of the road, has been
In the city for some time end hns asked
the street railway company for terms for
the use of the tracks of that company from
some point to the center of the city. Mr,
Robinson has ssid these terms were astls-
factory, but Is not yet In a position to sign
a contract.
Thla company bought considerable land
west of South Omaha for rlght-of-wny
purposes, but the exact route of the road
has never been announced. The company
which In to build the amusement enterprise
at Dream City on the site of Surpy Mills
hss spent considerable lime and money In
promoting that scheme, but little has, been
heard of It of late.
L.IMIO t-eiiowa I'reve tiood aa Their
Word aad Berasteln's Plan
Works Well.
Probation Officer .Bernstein Tuesday
afternoon started hia fifth charge to be
placed In the Industrial school at Kear
ney on his Journey to that Institution
alone and unguarded.. The officer started
the plan of sending the boys to the homo
on their promise to go there, at the same
time saving money to the county and pro
ducing good effects upon the boy and his
future companions at the home. The four
who have gone to Kearney in this wiiy
reached there In exactly the same manner
as though they had been accompanied by
officers. The fifth boy to be tried on his
honor Is Wesley Collins, aged 9 years.
Again Ex-Mayor Seeks to Recover
Thirty Thoosend Dollars from
I My for Iajarlea.
The third trial of tho ):).ijoo damage suit
brought by former Mayor George P. Be mis
against the city growing out of his Injury
by a falling bill board waa begun yester
day before Judge Estelle. At the Mrst trial
the Jury waa unable lo agree after being
out twenty-six hours. The second trial re
sulted In a verdict of $8,k42 for the plaintiff,
but a motion of the defendant for a new
trial was allowed. N
t'oasantptloa ta a Gersa Disease,
Caa It Start with a Coldf
This Is a reasonable question and one that
must arise to the mind ot almost every
one when the els I in Is made that consump
tion starts with a cold. The cold simply
prepares the system for the reception ami
development of germs of that disease, thai
would not otherwise have found lodgement
It Is the same with diphtheria, scarlet fever
and measles. They are most likely to be
contracted when the child has a cold.
That la why a cold should never be neg
lected. The longer It hsngs on the greater
the danger. As a uulck cure for colds
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy can always
be relied upon. Its remarkable cures have
won for It a world wide reputation and
an Immense sale. It Is plessant and safe
to take.
Mortality Statistics.
The following births snd deaths have
been reported to the Board of Health dur
ing the twenty-four hours ending at noon
Births Alien M. Robinson, '.in South
Thirty. sixth, boy; Harry Mentxer. 2n30
Spring, boy; Bam Ieer. H51S North Twentv
mird. girl; Anton Gross, L'tiS South Seven
teenth, boy; Lee Dertch, 1X27 South Twenty
fifth avenue, boy.
Leaths Augusta Lewis, tot North Nine
teenth. i; Charles Fred Thailand, Ixa
Angeles, Cal., Carl Wassmund. Four
teenth and lAcust, I'; Thomas Molitor,
Fortieth and Poppleton avenue. So.
Ha a
form a
Make! sole lend caIly and outwear any ortLnary mike.
TKe Touriat u aa comfortable aa the old-faskloned cloth
.hoe, yet aa atyllalt aa tk klgh priced Paria model.
Jt feela right; lookt right; weare right; costs hut $3.00
( ' Soli y tks Vast sUalsrs svery-wksrs.
WORTH $4.00.
15tk Street
kt Farmm.
Opening of New Building. Qivu Omaha
rinert Piano House in west,
Well Known Msssfsetsrer
His Views on Saeeees
Kchmoller A Marller
After a lapse of nearly a year, during
which their beautiful piano house has been
in the course ot erection, the Schmoller &
Mueller Piano company Is again at their
old address, 1311-1.113 Farnam street.
Nebraska, and especially Omaha, should
be Justly proud of this firm for, although
It Is one of the oldest, having been estab
lished since 1S69, It Is the inhst progressive
and hss done more for Omaha In a musical
way and contributed more to the progress
of the city then most other Arms. Their
elegant new building being a long last ex
ample of this latter statement.
Aadltorlani a Featare.
The building stands on a lot 44x102 snd
is five stories in height, being constructed
ot brown pressed brick snd the interior
finished in the most pleasing style. All the
tntrlor woodwork Is of hard wood, stained
green and highly polished, giving a very
elaborate effect. There are two elcvaiorj,
one freight and one passenger. Two snow
windows face Farnam street, esch lart
enough ; to accommodate half a dosei,
pianos. The general salesroom occupies the
entire first floor while the second floor la
devoted to an auditorium, wherein' music j
tearhera may have an opportunity to give
recitals. This feature Is a novelty In the
piano business and a great advantage to
pupils, no other piano house in the. west
devoting this amount of space for the
benefit of the public:
The third floor Is divided' Into music
parlors, elegantly' arranged, In which trio
choicest makes of pianos, which this com
pany represents are displayed.
On the next floor parlors sro provided.
In which the Aeollsn and Pianola are
displayed and patrons may try their per
forated music rolls here before making a
purchase. The top floor will be the factory
rooms, In which will be manufsctureel
their own make of piano for sale at this
Omaha store, and also their branches In
South Omaha, Council Bluffs, Sioux City
and Lincoln.
The entire building Is so well lighted
that stock msy be shown as well tn the
evening aa during the day.
Kamoaa Maaafaetarer Talks.
Mr. J. V". Steger, the manufacturer ot
the famous Steger piano, passed through
Omaha Tuesdsy and stopped to see Mr.
Schmoller and his building. In speaking
of the latter he pronounced It the most
complete and largest Institution of its kind
In the entire west and was emphatic In his
statement that Omaha people should be
proud of this Institution.
Mr. Steger said: "I knew Billy Schmoller
when we were both boys In Southern Ger
msny. I left Schmoller In Berlin when 1
was 17 yeara of age and came to America,
eventually drifting to Chicago. Having a
practical education in the piano line I en
gaged in the piano business and today
am one of the biggest manufacturers ot
pianos and ship my product to all parts
of the world and have In my employ 2,900
people. A number of yeara ago I founded
Steger, 111., now a prosperous town ot
several thousand inhabitants. What Mr.
Schmoller has accomplished by honest
methods and a good business head you
11 know, but It Isn't generally known that
he came to this country a total stranger
with but a few rente In his pockets."
Short Loral Stories.
The Burlington refrigerator department
will hold a meeting at Linroln Wednesday.
The Southwest Improvement club will
hold a special meeting Wednesday night at
the club room. Twenty-fourth and Leaven
worth streets.
gpleadld Reeord.
Dr. King's New Life Fills have made a
splendid reeord by curing hesdache. bilious
ness constipation, etc. 26c. Try. For sale
bb Sherman A McConnell Drug Co.
BIRTH8TONK8 Kdholm, lth It Harney.
The following marriage licenses have been
Name and Address. Age
Charles Wli ktrom, Oakland 31
Ida Martin, Omaha ' lit
layer between the inner ana
eole, especially prepared to
sort of cushion or the foot.
Now Comes the
Boys' Turn for
New Clothes.
Most Indulgent fathers and mothers Ml out the UHIe felloes In the
fsmtly with new toss, "so fhey will be fresh snd clean, nest slid shapely
n Easter Sunday. That's why our Imys' clothing floor Is thronged
these closing dsys of Lent.
$2.S 111 VS HOYS' SI ITS AYOIt Til f I. .
This much tslll ft vour buy out with a hnndsomtt Norfolk or double
breasted suit, with Knickerbocker or regulnr trousers, mndo of strict''
all wool blue serges, cheviots and cussltnrres sixes ffom 4 to 1. These
suits are worth $4.00 tf OR
They are spoclal-at i
' Thousands of hoys will be confirmed next Sttndiiy Parents who ae
seeking for their children's garments. I hut nrp fur removed from ths
commonplace, will be deeply Interested in n line of lilahly tailored conlli
inn t Ion suits single snd double brcsstecl. with vest styles In sersr's, clny
worsteds, unfinished wu steds thihets-something to plcrtse every !oy
whoe tsste Is well developed and delight the parents, too.
Knot Pants Hulls $2..KI to $I..M. Iiig Pants Suits $1 lo 914.
in 11 , , F -assasss"
Mystic Shrincrs'
Excursion to
One fare i'or tho round trip to Los Annies or San
' Francisco. $.")0.0() from Omalia.
Tickets will bo ou salo
April 25 to May 5, inclusive.
Final limit July 31, l!0(i.
Choice of routes stop-overs both Koing and return
ing. Via Xew Mexico Southern Route, lowest alti
tudes; via Colorado Scenic Route, Nature's wonders
every mile.
Slight additional cost via Portland iu one direction.
Lay your plans for a California trip with the Shrlners. Our
illuatratpd. "Goldon State" book and "Across the Continent"
folder will be of Interest.
1323 Farnam Street
Special Homeseekers3 Excursions
" TiiPcrl'ive W ,7,h Ma 1t and 15th
I UGbUdyS June 5th and 19th, July 3rd and 17th.
Via tha
One Fare Plus $2 for the Round Trip
STOP-OVERS will be allowed within Transit Limit of 15 days going,
after reaching first HomeReekers' point rnronte, and returning within
Transit Limit of SI days.
To those who are not satisfied with present condition and who are
seeking new locations, this will afford an excellent opportunity for
Investigating localltieg In the West and Boutliweat.
For Farther Information, Maps, Folders, Etc., Address,
T. F. GODFREY, Passenger and Ticket Agent, Omaha, Neb.
H. 0. T0WN3END, Gen. Pass, and T'k't Agt, St. Louis, Mo.
the: right road
St. Paul and Minneapolis
"Great Waatorn Limited" leaving Omaha Union Station
at 8:30 p. m., arriving St. Paul 7:20, Minneapolis 8:00 the next
mornlnf, is equipped with Puliman Drawing Room Sleeping Car,
Club Car and Free Heclining Chair Car. Electric lighted
throughout, including reading lamps in berths. Polite service
from all employes.
Another train leaves Omaha at 7:45 a. m., arrives St. Paul
7:38 p. m., Minneapolis 8:10 p. m.
CITY TICKET OFriCM. i6i farnam St ft.
D. A. Sampson, two ) ttalea Agsul. Oinaoa.
asm CMICHIIlin Ikvl.'H
Pennyroyal pills
rilll'ttKsVEh's K.
iH-puty fctate Veterinarian, I'ood In.
spertor and City Veterinarian.
Offlie and Infirmary ib and Mason Sta
Ossaka, tea. Tel. ti.
rgrc u mw.m r, ve mium . 4
' n " 1 .k J..r. IrfkM
a t sarM asiiaM mi Uu
fjT tlta. i , , 0.asiM. f 1 4. Is
. Jy PMf. r.Hirvi.rh m
D M " BJU tmr LIUa.a law , r
' Imrm MU. I.i1m.miw 4 kf
M III I Sfj. !... tmmrm. fMiLa, g
15th Street
at Farmm.
D. P. A.
Omaha, Nebr.
Iron Mountain
to Certain Points in the
Work for
Ths opportunity Is anow offered to
sny contract' r with' ten or more
teims ami grading outfit to make soma
ni'niey on the nw line of the
RAILWAY between r I bit It 12 snd
KAI'lD CITY, H. D. Tha work haa
been going un continuously sines last
November snd Ihe results prove thst
I. lie Is a chance fur men of xperleuce
to do a g:eutiT amount of work In a
thnrt time tlii.ii is often presented.
Settlers are locking into the coun
try by the hundreds and it is well
known thst If settlers nnd the situa
tion attractive it is a g''d place for a
railroad contractor. There Is work
here for sll kinds of outfits In pieces
to suit and at e.-itlractory prices. If
ou l'Hk after It ahlle on the market.
Write to
Rapid City, . O.