Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 08, 1906, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 3, Image 15

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Tonne Woman in Destitute Oircnmit&ncM
U' Left' by Btaee-Bick Husband.' '
Authorities Who Find Her with tt
Qanrtrr trnffsillas; wltk
Penary File Complaint
Asjalnst Mas.
An unusually pathetlo case of destitution
and alleged wife abandonment cams to the
attention of Deputy County Attorney Bhot
well In the police court Saturday morning,
when Mr. Bhotwell filed with the police
Jude-e a complaint against William J.
Woolever of 1HI North Nineteenth street,
charring the man with having wilfully
deserted his wife, k-montha-old baby boy
and X-year-old daughter. Thla offense now
carries a penitentiary sentence. A war
rant far the roan's arrest was given to
Court Sergeant Whelan Saturday morn
ing, but as yet the authorities have been
unable to locate Woolever. A diligent
search la to be made for him, as it was.
reported the case was a most distressing
Woolever Is 80 years of age. A fascina
tion for stage life Is said to have caused
his downfall and the present plight of his
sick wife, nursing Infant and little daugh
ter. Mrs. Woolever said her husband left
Omaha two weeks ago last Monday to Join
a cheap stork theatrical company' organ
ized tn Omaha under the name of the Na
tional Stock company. The organisation
went to pieces In eastern Iowa after hav
ing been out ten days. Woolever and his
companions . were strsnded. Woolever
came home to his wife and family last
Sunday morning, but finding his wife In
no pleasant frame of mind Immediately
left In a tantrum and did not return, the
wlfo stated.
Woman Does House Work.
"I have but 26 cents left for the support
d myself and two helpless Infants. I am
In poor health myself, but have been doing
day work when I could," said the wife
Saturday morr.lng as she picked up her
nursing babe and went forth to earn a
little money at general house work. The
little girl is being cared for by sympathetic
friends in Omaha.
Mrs. Woolever's rent at her present ad
dress was due last Thursday and the land
lord said Saturday morning he would be
as lenient as possible with the unfortunate
Woman, but he feels he must have his
rent. The -woman has been bereft of all
her personal effects, the said her hus
band pawned a' lot of their household
goods and her only set of knives and forks
for 12.60 Just before he left, nearly three
weeks ago. Since that time she has been
trying to get $2.60 together to redeem the
goods, but has been unable to succeed. A
landlord at Seventeenth and Grace streets
Is now holding some ot - the Woolever
effects for rent.
Married Three Years Ago.
The Woolevers were married three years
ago at Long Pine, Neb., and came to
Omaha about eighteen months ago. The
husband Is said to have worked at odd
Jobs during most of his residence here, but
neglected his family when he became Im
bued with the Idea' he Was cut out for a
tags career. Mrs. Woolever la now 25
years of age.
The mother says she loves her two little
children "as dearly as life Itself and will
cling to them to the bitter end," although
the way looks dark Just now. There was
a deep touch of pathos when the woman
shewed Attorney Shotwell Saturday morn
ing the laat 26. cents ' she had, but there
was a little rainbow of hope for her when
he spoke of her Infant offspring.
The Bennett Company and V. W. C. A.
Unquestionably the most novel and dar
ing of plana yet propounded by Omaha's
publlolrttodmerihanta for, behoof of
the Toung Women's Christian association,
falls to the credit of Mr. J. E. Baum of
the Bennett company. The advertising col
umns of The Bee give the plan sufficient
detail. The Bennett store pioneer of "the
new retail center",-eeems. assured of the
blue ribbon 4 the way of merchant help
to the Young Women's Christian associa
tion. The plan Is most generous and lib
eral and Its success Is no less ardently
hoped for by the management of the Ben
nett company than It Is by the hustling
workers of the Young Women's Christian
association. Commencing Monday a. m.
and continuing until Saturday evening,
close of the $126,000 raising effort, the Ben
nett company will give twenty per cent of
their increase In sales, the increase to be
tabulated against total sales for the entire
tore during Easter week a year ago. With
the extraordinary growth of the retail
business which has blest Omaha since last
Easter, the stimulus that persistent in
telligent -retail . advertising has brought
about for all merchants In all lines of mer
chandising. It la, of course, conceded that
the. Bennett company store sales will
naturally be ahead of the corresponding
week of last year A per oentage of such an
Increase ordinarily would mean a goodly
sum. for any caase or object, but when
the public-spirited and generous hearted
ettlaons of this hustling metropolitan city
are appealed to In this way for aid for so
metropolitan a cause as the Young Wo
men's Christian association, building fund.
It Is a foregone conclusion that twenty
cents on the dollar of Increased sales
pledged by this enterprising firm, must
mean the most handsome donation of Its
kind yet produced.
In order to top the effort with unqualified
success the Bennett company, throwing
Itself heart and soul Into the project, has
gone to a very considerable expense ad
vertising the same. Every Bennett wagon
on the streets will be an ad for the Young
Women's Christian association sign
painters and carpenters Incidentally profit
therefrom newspaper space will be con
sumed to a greater extent than any pre
vious Easter week ever witnessed. Ex
traordinary buying Inducements will
characterise every department of Omaha's
metropolitan store; every clerk and sales
person has been personally appealed to to
have his or her heart open for the Young
Women's Christian association building
fund cause. The gods have been suppli
cated to honor ths event with propitious
weather in short, nothing has been left
undone that could be done to swell the
money bag for the Young Women's Chris
tian association. The Bennett company
back their effert with the guarantee of
11.000. It's up to the buying public of this
etty and surrounding territory to double
thta donatio! by making every purchase
for person, home, family or for friends at
Bennett'a this Easter week. So will each
have a direct personal share In this best
of good works and own to that peculiar
personal satisfaction of knowing that he
or she contributed something no matter
how little to a meritorious cause.
Experienced Seamstresses Wasted.
In cloak alteration department Apply at
once.1 J. L. Brandela A 8ons.
Removal Not lee.
The Bchmoller A Mueller Piano company
hav moved to their new store, 1311 and
1113 Faroam street. Formal opening will
be announced later.
Vote In all the wards for Ooodley P.
Brurkw. demorratio nominee fur -ooiincM-man.
Fifth ward.
The annual meeting of the Young Wo
men's Christian association will be held
Monday evening at I o'clock In the asso
ciation rooms In the Paxton block. Tin
regular order of business will be postponed
and the time devoted to discussion of mat
ters pertaining to the new building anl
the campaign. It Is hoped to make this
occasion a building rally and members
and Interested friends are Invited to at
tend. The membership secretary has an
nounced an enrollment of 1,990 members,
the largest In the history of the associa
tion. Two thousand members has been the
goal for three years and It Is hoped to
reach this number before the close ot tho
campaign. A large membership will be of
great help to the association and Its work
and many women can help by taking a 1
membership that may be unable to make a
subscription to the building fund.
By permission of Governor Johnson, the
old state capitol building will be used for
state headquarters for the St. Paul bien
nial. This insures ample provision for
meeting places for state delegations and
will be welcome news to club women. Con
cerning it the Federation Bulletin says:
The use of thirty-nine rooms has been
granted. These vary in slxe from a seat
ing capacity of three hundred to small
rooms seating fifteen and will be assigned
to the states according to their number of
delegates and also according to the use to
which the room will be put. It Is expected
that some of the states will have exhibits
of work done by their women and such
exhibits will be placed In the state's head
quarters. This Is an especial Interest of
Mrs. Coonley-Ward's. She Is giving It her
particular attention, and, In her Interest In
furthering the plans for securing wider
notice for women's work, which may be
come a means of livelihood if a market
can be obtained, she has given up a pro
jected trip to Europe. The beautiful weav
ing done by the mountaineers of the south
ern states will be displayed and probably
there will also be a dlxplay of some of the
work done by Porto Rican women, whose
sales are said to have reached already
Educational and literary exhibits will be
made by New York, Colorado, MUsouri,
Massachusetts and New Jersey. Mrs. Hugh
Harr Smith, sub-chairman of Household
Economics and Mrs. Walter McNab Mil
ler, chairman of the Pure Food committee,
are both planning Interesting exhlbttR. Mrs.
Lydla Phillips Wllliums, chairman of For
estry, will have space on the first floor for
a fine exhibit.
The women of the Relief Corps of Acker
and Garfield Posts, Q. A. R., have perma
nent quarters In the old capitol and will
maintain a lunch room and tea room dur
ing the convention.
In the Federation Bulletin Mrs. Helen
Guthrie Miller, chairman of the pure food
committee of the General Federation1 of
Women's clubs, says:
One of the features of the pure food
exhibit at St. Paul Is to be a section de
voted to meat and market Inspection. This
will show results of women's endeavor In
this field and prove most Instructive and
suggestive to all visitors looking for work
crying to be done. Rev. Caroline Bartlett
Crane of Michigan and Mrs. Sarah A.
Evans of Oregon will (rive their expert
assistance In making this sectlton one of
the most valuable In the exhibit. As
everyone knows, the pure food bill has
paused the- senate, but the united efforts
of the women are still needed, as strenu
ous work Is being done to alter Its provi
sions, so as to make It, If possible, In
nocuous. It would be wise If each club
would send letters to the congressmen
In Its district, reminding them that the
united womanhood of the country Is behind
this measure and will never give It up
until It becomes a law. Mr. Wiles, In a
recent letter, speaks In warm terms of the
work already done, saying, In part: "The
women of this country through organized
effort. In my opinion, ran secure any good
thing they demand. Their work In behalf
of pure food legislation, both In the states
and in the, national congress, has been
wonderfully effective."
Therefore, let us not weary In well-doing,
but continue steadfastly at work until we
have attained the end ao greatly desired
a federal law.
At the annua meeting of the current
topics department of the Woman's club,
Mrs. W. H. Wilbur waa elected honorary
leader, Mrs. L. J. , Healey active leader,
Mesdamea N. H. Adams, C W. Hayes,
Remington, W. A. Chains, C. T. Boudenot,
W. J. Fawcett and J. A. Kaly associate
leaders and Mrs. E. Oehrte secretary and
treasurer. Mrs. Healey will represent the
department on the directory.
Mr. C. C. Belden will be the speaker be
fore the domestlo science department
Thursday morning, his subject to be "Shop
ping." All club members are invited to at
tend. The current topics department will pre
sent the program at the open meeting of
the "Woman's club Monday afternoon. There
will be a violin solo by Miss Olive Car
penter, a humorous talk by Mr. Carl
Belter, a vocai solo by Miss Irene Lydell
and a talk by Mrs. C. R. Glover on a re
cent trip to Cuba,
The department of physical culture and
expression will hold Its election of officers
Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock.
Dr. Cochran of Burlington, la., will de
liver a lecture lit the audience room of the
public library Monday evening at 8 o'clock,
his subject to be "The Force and Effect of
Thought" The lecture will be free and Is
offered especially for club women and
. i
Miss Mary Carey Thomas, president of
Bryn Mawr college, made the statement
recently that there are m the United
States about 2.000,000 less women than men
and that the women already constitute
considerably over one-third of the entire
student body and are steadily gaining on
the men. 8he predicted that In another
generation one-half of the college-bred
people of the country will be women.
Repatriated Irish Exile Te.ka of His
Experience la Prisons of
GLASGOW, April T.-(8peclal Cablegram
to The Bee.) Mr. Jeremiah O'Donovan
Rosea la lecturing In Scotland at the pres
ent time and hla lectures are being largely
attended. His first lecture in Glasgow was
upon the subject of "Ireland Forty Years
Ago," under the auspices of Branch Erie
Oge of the Sinn Fein league. Mr. O'Du no
van Rossa, In his address, salu that many
of the friends that he made in Glasgow
forty years ago he found were dead, while
many others were living in America. They
went over to Ireland In '66 and '67 to fltiht,
and, although there was no fight then, they
bad the same spirit still, and he must say
that this spirit had been kept up mainly by
Irishmen, who had spent some of their
youthful days in either England or Scot
land. In alluding to two addresses which
had been presented to him by two organi
sations In Tyrone, one of which was the
Land league, which expects to get the free
dom of Ireland by parliamentary means,
Mr. Rossa said: "I hope they may get it.''
He expressed a preference for the othe- ad
dress, which began "We, the unronqucred
hearts of the planters and owners of this
part of Ireland," and said that these senti
ments were the sentiments of the Irish race
the world over.
The lecturer dealt chiefly with his prUon
experiences and the poetry he bad composed
while undergoing incarceration. He read an
extract from a book which he had obtained
from the library of an Atlantic liner, In
which he was described as a "liar and bru
tal ruffian and most intractable person,
who refused to submit to prison discipline."
The writer went on to say that "If ever
there waa a man who shunned the truth he
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was O'Donovan Rossa," the passage wind
ing up with "at last he sunk Into the ob
scurity from which he should never have
emerged." Mr. Rossa said that this book
could be found In most of the Carnegie
libraries and that It had been placed there
by the government.
Emperor of Germany Shows Modi
Interest la Prosjresa of Aerial
BERLIN, April 7. (Special Cablegram to
The Bee.) The reports that the German
emperor has turned his attention to aerlsl
navigation are undoubtedly true. The
kaiser la said to have been stimulated to
action bythe announcement that the FYench
government had adopted a navigable air
ship Invented by M. Julllet. a French engi
neer, for use In war by the French army.
The emperor Is said to have stated his con
victions upon the subject to his military
advisers In the strongest and most em
phatlp fashion. During his conversation
with his advisers reference was made to the
plans -t the French government In connec
tion with the experiments of the Wright
bruthers of Dayton, O.. also the experi
ments now being made by Wellman In
planning for a trip to the north pole In
the Interest of the Chicago Record-HeraM.
On account of the large sums which he
has already obtained from the Reichstag
for his army and naval programs the
kaiser openly declared that he did not feel
like again asking for appropriations, espe
cially In a Held so experimental as aerial
navigation. He therefore appealed tO) the
patriotism of four Jewish millionaires who
are prominent in the commercial life of
Berlin. Without hesitation they subscribed
$200,000 to form a company to carry out
the experiments necessary to ascertain
which type of airship is most suitable for
military purposes.
Good Words for Chamberlain's Coach
People everywhere take pleasure in tes
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she was 1 months old. About a month ago
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took Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was
soon as well as ever. Recently when my
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