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Seter! General Iden Considered but Oora
mittea it not yet Determined. 1 ,
Crime Parpose la Incorporate t em
Mor of Ileadreel Tkeasead Dol
lars Capita) e tloll
The proposition of the Omaha Commercial
club (or the organise 'on of a stock com
pany to srure new Irwustrle for the city,
has aroused considerable.' distfusstoh among
the business men. Numerous luiitilloni
have heen made to the sjie-lal committee
appointed In the matter, conststlns; of I. W.
Carpvniei, J. E. Uaum and Z. T. Llndioy,
though aa yet no man haa had detailed
plan to offer. The committee haa had two
meeting and ts working out a, schema
which will be presented, to the executive
committee of the club In the near future.
It la the love to Incorporate a company
f not Jess than $100,000 capital stock.
divided Into l.ono shares of $100 each, to be
aubscrlbed by business men who wish to see
the elty grew. The money would be used to
tart email Industiiee, which. In the judg
ment of the directors, haa good money niak
Ing possibilities after onre placed on their
feet. The company could furnish sites for
new factories, taking stock In the business
In exchange for the site., and could erect
hulldlnge to lease to the new concerns. The
payment for the stock In the company Is
a matter which has called out many ue
aestlons. Some say pay. each down; others
say pay 10 per cent ; quarterly; other . !
per cent annually, and still , others think
It best to call for payments as the money
Is needed for new concerns.
What Other t itles Are Uolee.
In case he should be called on for In
formation as to what other towns are doing
In this line. Commissioner K. J. MeVann
of the Commercial club haa collected some
data, showing plana carried out and pro
(jected. Bcranton, Pa., with a population of
102,009, haa organised a company with a
capital stock of $600,000, and several months
ro had already $130,000 subscribed. Bu
lierlor. Wis., with S1.000 people, has a com
pany with ITS, OOU capital stock, 20 per cent
to be called for any one year, and to lie
used either aa loans or to buy stock In
new concerns. A company In Duluth, where
li.l.OOO people live, has $100,000 capital stock.
2d per cent of which Is paid In cawh each
year. Dayton, O., with a population only
about two-thirds that of Omaha, proposes
to go In for $500,000. Haverhill, Mass., pro.
poses to form a building association to
erect modern factory- buildings. Marlon,
Ind., a town of less than 30,000 peopl. has
raised $100,000 to secure factories. Nash
vllle, Tenn., a city of 81.000, plans for stock
subscriptions of $300 each from 30 men,
to be called for 10 per cent at a time when
a new industry can be got.
Joplin, Mo., haa K.ono people. Ijist fall a
stock company was organised with $200,000
, capital in ,4,000 shares, to be paid at the
rate of $1 a month on each share.
Kewanee, til., has 10.000 inhabitants. A
proposition Is under way to lay out acreage
property In l!ie edge of the city and sell
398 lots at $17fi each, the proceeds to be
tired in subsidizing new Industries.
Land Platted at Per. lad
The Oakdale . Improvement association,
. Peru, Ind.. platted land and got a belt line
through It. Through the Commercial club
7(10 Iota have been sold at $275 cash each
and the money wilt be used to locate fae
tnrle. Peru has J0.O00 people.
. The fijiVjiigll".''!!!.) Improvement
ciHtion line been Incorporated by ten men,
with n cip'inl Ktcrk or Jl'jo.ono. Land to the
extent rf ?ri mv ln teii syndicated
and tilicd p il,1
New Qi.1ri.tir .1 irv 11 r trims hustle to
oiganice a r-imiwny hijcIi us H proposed
In Omaha. The plan provide for a capital
stock of $.').WJ,"j0n In :,Ono xliarea of $100
each, not more than 20 per cent to be as-
" sessed against the subscriptions to stock
In any one year, assessments to be pro
' rated as Investments are made and ordered
by the board of governors. .
The Kansas City Star last September
said: j
Coffeyvllie. Kan., haa a Commercial club
which in the last three years haa dis
bursed more than $W,000 for new !n-
' dustries. Has It paid? In that cltv there Is
unlv one answer, and that la "Yes." The
town has grown from UK) in March, 1902.
to 15.000 nw. The mark set for 1916 is
', and that figure "will be reached be
fore then tf the present rate of progress
The Coffeyvllie Commercial club bought
land at acreace wires, subdivided it Into
lots and had It annexed to the city. It
then used the lottery plan and sold the
lots, the first addition coins for Ii25 and
the second for $175 per lot. The profit on
the two sales made a Ng fund for the
club to' work on. Factories having been
brought in and the workmen having built
houses near them, the lots are worth more
than when the club sold them.
-His Mind Aeett Ceasssltttag
What Is the use of dying by your own
hand and of your own wish for the purpose
of piquing somebody when that body refuses
to be piqued and tells ' you to go ahead
and dieT This reflection la probably, ac
cording to the police, what saved Ed Oil
more, Sixteenth and Orand avenue: from
going to aleep forever from eelf-admtn-latered
laudanum, on a pile of aawdust at
the Jensen Ice houses on Orand avenue.
The finding of Ollmore lying prone and
motionless, by John Johnson, 14 North
Seventeenth street, and a companion, was
the cause of , the hurried departure of
Police Surgeon Wills from the station to
the scene late Thursday afternoon. In
pocket of the man's coat Wills found an
empty bottle of laudanum, but he could
not find any sigh of the contents having
reached the Inside of the man. Seeing
himself In the hands of a physician OH
more gave tip playing dead man and before
long the police were In possession of the
reasons for his peculiar act. They are:
Ollmore married a daugTrter of O. H.
Schlotfleld, 4219 Sherman avenue, recently.
but did not get along well with his wife
and at last she left him to go and live with
Thomas Murray, Sixteenth and Port
streets. The deserted husband went to
the house Thursday . to secure his wife
and met Murray, an old man of nearly 60
years, for the first time. Ollmore is
young man, but when a hand-to-hand con
flict ensued between the two he found the
aged protector of the wife too much for
him and he was obliged to depart, leav
ing his run-away wife behind and with
sundry Ignominious bruises about the face.
Finding a show of force had worked
against him he now tried the opposite
tack and threatened to commit suicide.
But bis words met only with laughter and
he was told to go ahead and kill himself.
This showed plainly he would be the only
loser by such action, but nevertheless, he
went to a drug store at 28 UT Sherman
avenue and secured the laudanum. Then
he made his way to the icehouses and lay
down. Possibly he took a smalt portion
of the poison, but most of it was poured
out on the ground. Ollmore was dressed
In a soldier's, kahkt uniform. Me said he
had just enlixted and the blue had not yet
been Issued to him. He was placed under
art est and locked up.
Fint Exhibition of Whit Wtrom at Andi
torium Prorei Popular Affair.
1 "
Oaliil-'Uws People Are .Not Italy
l.aoltlaa-, bat Arc Bating, mm4
F. very !, Therefore,
Is Happy.
the benk until litigation resulting from the"
transaction Is concluded.
Reaalt t t'esfereare lasting Several
Haare at V. W. C. A. Head-
j Prepa
Cure Forjhe Blues
Health Filly Restored and the Jey -
Life Regained.
When a cheerful, brave, light-hearteii
woman ta suddenly plunged Into that
perfection of misery, the BLUES, it la
' a sad picture. It la usually this way 1
ha haa been feeling "out of aorta"
I pdike Lwiuber ss)d Coal Company
Will Establish riant er
West Dedee Street.
The Updike Lumber and Coal company
Is to open a plant In Omaha for the dis
tribution of wholesale and retail lumber
and coal. This plant is to be on the Beit
line. Just north' of Dodge street, -and W. J.
Miller, with O. A. Hoagland for ten years.
Is to be the manager. The Arm will spend
fio.uoo In buildings on the land which has
been bought, half a block wide and two
blocks long, and will immediately put in
a SlOO.ouO stock of lumber and coal.
The Updike Lumber and Coal company
is a different corporation from the T'pdlke
Grain company,' although it haa practically
the same stockholders. The lumber com
pany has twentyhree plants in the state
from1 which lumber and coat are retailed
and these will be supplied from the Omaha
The Belt line was built about twenty
years ago to accommodate just such con
cerns as the new lumber company, as It
has direct connections with all roads lead
ing Into Omaha.
"We think we have a good location for
a retail lumber yard, as we, are right In
the center of the big residence district
which Is working to the suburbs," said
Mr. Miller.
for tome time; head haa ached an
back also ; haa slept poorly, been quits
nervous, and nearly, fainted once or
twioe; head dixsy, and heart beats very
fast; then that bearing-dawn feeling,
and during; ber periods the ia exceed
injrly . despondent. Nothing pleaaea
her. Her doctor aaya : " Cheer up.: you
have dyspepaia; you will be all right
But aha doesn't get " all right," and
hope vanishes) then come the brood
ing, morbid, melancholy, everlasting
Don't wait until your sufferings have
iri ven you to despair, with your nervea
1 shattered and your 00 u rape rone,
but take Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vege
table Compound. See what it did for
Mrt. Roe Adams, sY10 12th Street,
Louisville. Ky., niece of the late tSen
eral Eoger Hanson, C.8.A. She writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkbam:
" I cannot tell you with pea and ink what
I.vdia E. Piukham's Vegetable Cwipound
hu done for ma. J suffered With fmnaje
troubWe, extreme lassitude, 'taa blues,'
nerrouanens and that all jr one feeling. I was
a.ivUed to try Lvdia K. PinkUeiu'a Vegetable
( mnpound, and it not only cured my female
deranenixat, but it has restored Die to pert et
IwoJth and snwngth. Tba buoyancy of any
vounger davs has returned, and I do not tub
ier any longer with deepondenor. as I did be
fore. 1 1-on.ider Lydia E. Puikhaxo'i Vege
table Compound a boon to sick and suffer uig
women." '
If yen have aeote derangement of
the female ergaalam write Mrs.
Hakhaan, lyan, Mas., for ed vice.
Joseph W. Pewell. from Family of
Soldiers, rosisti His Warfare
to gataa's Hosts.
Joseph W. Powell of Buffalo, N. Y., who
Is to handle the dedication of tho South
Tenth Street Methodist Episcopal church
Sunday, has reached Omaha and la the
guest of Dr. S. H. Smith. Iu23 South Tenth
street. Mr. Powell la national organiser
of the St. Paul Brotherhood, which now
numbers about -to.we in the United States
Last Sunday he organised a chapter of
the Brotherhood at Anderson, Ind., 166 men
meeting aa charter members. The object
of the fraternity Is the mutual Improve
ment of members by religious, social
physical and literary culture and to pro
mote the spirit and practice of Christltn
brotherhood. Mr. Powell cornea of a fam
ily of soldiers. Ills father received a
medal from Queen Victoria for bravery,
and King Edward VII. has lately knighted
his cousin. Oeneral Baden Powell for spe
cial service during the Boer wsr in Africa,
hut he himself seems to be doing all his
fighting against his Satanic majesty and
seems to be a general In church work.
Omaha's first automobile show la an as
sured success. This much is made certain
by the attendance for the initial day and
by the enthusiasm of all who go to view
the show. A few people were expected
from eut ot the city, but they havo boon
coming In droves and numerous sales are
being made to out-of-down parties. This
new Impetus to the auto dealers was not
anticipated and they are correspondingly
Alt conceivable sorts . of machines are
shown, some fresh from the shops and some
showing the condition after years of wear.
George Bogcrs' machine, which' he has
driven around the streets of this city,
Council Bluffs and South Omaha tor the
last four years. Is shown with the expense
account for repairs. This exhibit Is made
by the automobile men to show how much
cheaper It ia to run an automobile for busi
ness than to keep a horse, or two horses,
aa would have been required to cover the
mileage which Mr. Rogers has made with
his machine.
Men Have Prod act.
The exhibit which attracts the most at
tention is the new home product of the
Karbach company. This machine is strictly
a home-made affair and la a beauty. It
is a heavy truck with sn elghteen-horse
power engine on a low gear, which will be
able to haul a load up any of the hills of
the city. Several Omaha firms are figuring
on his machine with a view of putting It
on the streets, as a machine of this char
acter would be worth considerable for an
advertisement, while the novelty lasts.
Everything Is automobile at the show.
even the decorations consisting of minia
ture automobiles strung around the arena.
Each dealer has all his available men at
the show to expound the virtues of the
various makes and each, of course, has
"the best machine made." Many of the
new machines which have been ordered for
this year by Omaha owners have arrived
and are on exhibition. The semi-limousine,
which belongs to Emll Brandels, and the
similar auto beside It with a different top
and which cost more money, belonging to
Louis Nash, attract considerable attention
as ' thev, are both finished up about as
line as the builder's art can contrive.
Clarke Colt is considerably disappointed
that the new machine ordered by Oeneral
Cowlu has not arrived for the show. The
big machine belonging to Bert Bradford
Is not on exhibition, because of no agency
In the city. .
o Fall Ureas Affair.
Manager Gltlan says a mistaken impres
sion has gone forth that the people are
expected to wear full dress at this show,
but this ia wrong. XThe show Is given for
the public and people can wear any attire
which suits their convenience. The success
is such that the show next year is bound
to be a hummer and all manufacturers will
be more anxious to get In on the ground
Kotes of the Shove.
Among the most striking of the new fes-
tures added to tne snow rnureoay mgnt
was the six-cylinder FrnnKiin. The powe.11
Bacon company had this big machine ex
pressed from Syracuse In order to get it
here in time, for the show. It .landed in
Omaha last, night and . was immediately
taken to the Auditorium. It is tlie nrst six
cylinder car ever brought Into this terri
torv and aroused considerable interest, ai
prominent engineers predict that the six
cylinder motor will be practically the one
universally ustd in the large high class
touring cars. It is claimed for this car
that in comfort, smoothness of running,
luxuriousness of finish and appointments
it is not surpassed by any car built. This
six-cylinder car represents the highest de
velopment of Franklin principles. emtody
ing power with strength ana light-weight
flexible construction.
The White steamer exhibit consisted, of
an Imperial Victoria with full leather ex
tension top and a, model F,
owned respectively by L. C. Nash arid Emll
Brandels. They attracted constooraoie la
vnrubla attention.
The Cadillac exhibited was devoted solely
to slncle cylinder cars. It included a run
about, a runabout with convertible body
and a ugnt touring car.
Good Word! for t'hsnkerlaia'i Coagh
People everywhere take ' pleasure In tes
tifying to the good qualities of Chamber-
lalu's Cough Remedy. Mrs. Edward Phil
Hps of Barclay, Md., writes: "I wish to tell
you that I can recommend Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. My tittle girl, Catharine,
who Is 2 years old, has been taking this
remedy whenever she has had a cotd since
she was I months old. About a month ago
I contracted -a dreadful cold myself, but
took Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was
soon as well as ever. Recently when my
husband was buying a bottle of this remedy
a man stopped up and said, 'Mr. Phillip
Is that a good medicine? and my husband
replied, 'It can't be beat
Legal Flaht la Which Milton Huaers
Cstate Compaoy Takes
A Controversy over the possession 0f
some tots In Florence haa found Its way
into diatrict court by the securing of a
restraining order from Judge Day Thurs
day morning by Irving Allison. Milton
Rogers ..Entate company and the Florence
company against Jasper Smith. The plain
tiffs assert they were the owners of lots
I te IS, block of the village, and sold
them to Allison under a warranty deed.
April I lie had some engineers start to
work locating a place f-r a house be In
tends building. Ttw defendant. It is as
serted, claimed some rights to the prop
erty, drove the engineers off and Imme
diately began to build a wire fence around
the place. The order restrains the defend
ant from interfering with the property in
sny w" until the hearing Is had 01 the
application for an injunction.
Teeth Street Bridge Is to He
l.ragtheaed la sleapoaae
to retltloa.
Richard Carle is one of the Comedians of
whom It may truly be said, "He never dls
appoints," and as the author of his own
plays he ta able always to aecure the very
best of results with rrgard to himself. His
"Mayor of Tokio-' haa never been seen in
Omaha, but the praises that have been
ahowered on the piece Jy the eastern critics
warrants the belief that Its performances
at the Boyd theater on Sunday and Mon
day evenings will be witnessed by capacity
houses. n
Chauncey Oleott is coming next week for
his annual engagement at the Boyd, offer
Ing his newest play. "Edmund Burke."
"8owing the Wind" is making a deeper
Impression en the public than any play the
Woodward Stock company ha yet pro
duced at the Burwood. The run has three
more performances. Including the matinee
on Saturday. "Dr. Pill" Is In preparation
for next week.
A number of bulivs men of ttmaha
gathered at a dinner at th Central Young
Women's Chrlit!s.rt association rooms at
:3o o'clock last night fur the purpose of
talking ever wrtji the members of the
building committee for the new association
structure the matter ot joining hands with
the Women during the closing days of the
fund-raising campaign. The feature of the
evening was the speech of Miss Mary 8.
Dunn of Chicago, national secretary of
the association, in charge of building ope
ration throughout tho country, who ts In
the city to assist In the local struggle.
Miaa Dunn has had experience In many
cities of the United States during the last
fifteen years and Is thoroughly acquainted
with all methods of procedure. She re
counted several instances of close cam
paigns and the rlan used in eih. She
said nowhere before h.ive the women at
tempted to do the entire work alone as
here In Omaha, and for Hint reason the
eyes of workers In every city tn the coun
try are on Omaha to note the outcome of
their efforts.
Remarks were mad" by almost every
person present, among whom were C. M.
Wilhelm. II. A. Beaton. H. D. Neely, XV.
F. Smith. G. M. Hitchcock. Charles S.
Sherman, J. C. Wharton. C. M. Robinson,
Nathan Merriam, C. 8. Hayward, Charles
E. McOrew and J. E. Bauin. The delib
erations and talks were continued until
after 9:3 the result being a, committee
consisting of J. E. Baum, chairman; J. C.
Wharton, C. M. Wilhelm, C. S. McOrew
and Robert Cowell, was appointed to co
operate with the chairman of the building
committee and secretary of the associa
tion to appoint a committee of thirty busi
ness men to advise and assist the women
during the rest of the campaign. This
committee will be named without delay, as
It was the opinion of all that male effort
Is necessary to assist in the speedy con
summation of the work.
The team work afforded the feature of
the Toung Women's Christian association
building campaign Thursday, their 'Subscrip
tion up to noon having raised their total
considerably over their original goal $10,000.
Several teams have changed places on the
list and if their results continue In propor
tion gs they nave so far their final result
will easily reach $15,000.
Interested friends from out of town, or
those who are out of the city temporarily,
continue to be heard from. Mr. and Mrs.
John A. Dempster, who are wintering in
San Antonio, Tex., telegraphed $50 to the
building fund Thursday morning.
The French Dry Cleaning works, 190$ Far-
nam street, has offered 8$ per cent of its
proceeds from April I to 14 to the building
fund. Something over $400 was realised
from the Orchard-Wllhelm percentage
given last week and the women are urged
to co-operate with the merchants In this
plan of helping the work along.
Colors and Captains. Amount.
Dark Hue, Miss Halite Hood. ...,...$
a 111.. Vtek UlrmM ' rm at
rMj, jvi inn j-j mi ,
Pink, MIm BeBHift Chambers....... 1
If I a.iateiot T .tn ' 1
re the Boys for Easter
; Spring Styles in New Clothes for Doys
Our clothing department Jevotetl to the task of dressing hoys in style, is ready to prepare th
boys for Knster. With the newest spring modes that 'have been brought out. "NVe would bo
nuieh pleaded to have the person who puts up the money for the boy's clothes to come along
with the boys and insjieet the newest ideas. We have made it a point
to have our clothes for boys built young. This thing of putting models
for old frames on young folks is ridiculous the boy will grow old
fast enough without pushing him along. That, next to our low prices
is the secret of our big business in boys' clothes.
With our help your boy can he dressed hetter than ever before
CONFIRMATION SUITS-Knee Panta $2.50 to $S. Lone Pante $3 to $14.
Otlt 2.03 HOYS' SUITS HAVK XO KQl'AL, 2.9.T In aelectlnR our spring as
sortment for bovg. we laid ptirtlcular stress on our 12.95 assortments. W'c claim a
H Jftit '.' e4
Orange, Miss Susan Pax ton..
violet, miss uiara Aay
Frown, Miss Ora Johnson
Yellow. Mrs. C. E. Perkins
Green, Miss Mary Larson
Ught blue. Miss Neuie'Crandall.
Lavender, Mrs. May IL Finley..
Total m.trn.w
The Ooal. $1S,OUO-' ---Entries to Date
Donors. Ami. Total. .- Dors, Amt. Total.
2 $1U,OOU l-v.wo , 1$10,000 $10,000.00
10,00 i-T'-4...',
10,000 n.-',.
5.0MO "'$
Small sums..
mall suras 1,741.00
Teams 11,077.10
1 0(0 00
6,100. 00
Tesale Phillips Arrested for Stabbing;
Charles Wattch Wednesday
. Sight.
Teaale rhillips, $12 Capitol avenue, was
arrested Thursday afternoon and locked up
at the police station charged with having
stabbed Charles Wattch at Fourteenth
street and Cspitol avenue, Wednesday
evening. Wattch was taken to the station
early Thursday morning by Patrolman F.
Murphy with a deep knife wound tn the
upper left breast. His explanation) that
a strange man on passing him oh the
street had reached out with a knife and
stabbed him without provocation was not
believed by the police. Sergeant Hayes
and Officer Murphy went out to investigate
and secured evidence that Wattch had been
stabbed by the Phillips woman. The glory
stated the man and woman were oa their
way to a dance at Osthofr hall when
Wattch drew a knife ' and attempted to
strike his companion with it. She, how
ever, threw up her hand, hitting him In
the face, and knocked the knife to the
walk. "Immediately, It Is said, she picked
up the weapon and stabbed Wattch In the
breast. The woman could not be found
during the night, but was located during
the afternoon by Detective Maloney.
Wattch is progressing satisfactorily and
It Is not thought the wound will prove
serious. Police Surgeon Willis attended
to the Injuries and the mun was dptulm.-d
by the police. .
Rev. M. Keller Beeoanee Assistant to
Another Xebraakan la Cleve
land's Blgr Illsh harrh.
U-M-iiil Manager Mbhlur of tli I'uion
Pauinc has promised a committee of job
bers gad shippers that the approach to
the Tenth street viaduct from t'qiou sta
tion will be lengthened to make the hauling
of heavier loads- possible. A petitlun Was
presented to Mr. MohW signed by over
if) bualneaj men whose teams have ooca
sion to Uae this approach, asking that this
be done, and Mr. Mohler suld It would be
done aa soon as certain plan which he is
considering fur improvement at the sta
tion are completed
Passengers east from ChVngo to Fort
Wayne. Findlay. Fostorla, Cleveland. Erie,
Buffalo, New Tork City. Boston and all
point east, will consult their Interests
nd And advantage. In selecting the Nickel
Plate road east from Chicago. Three
through trains are run daily, with through
gy roaches to New Tork City, and modera
Pullman sleeping care to destination.
Rates always the lowest, and ne excess
fares are charged on any train, for any
part of the Journey. Modern dining car
service, with Individual club meala, rang
ing In price from $6 cents to $1; also meala
a la cart. Ask for tickets via the Nickel
Plate road. Chicago depot. LaaaJie aa4
Van Buren streets, the onlr atiin. i.
A Chicago on the F.levated Loop. Chicago
' city ticket office. Ill Adams street. De-
tatled information may be secured by ad
dressing John T. Calahan. general agent.
No. 11$ Adam street, room 206, Chicago.
The Very Rev. Theobald Kalamaju, pastor
of, the Catholic church at Columbus, Neb.,
who haa been transferred to the church
at Cleveland, passed through Omaha Mon
day evening, going east on the Milwaukee
He will become pastor of St. Stanislaus
parlhh, the largest Polish parlnh In Ohio,
with l.iUO families and 1.200 children at
tending scb vol. His assistant will be Rev.
M. Kcltar of the polish church at Twenty-
fourth and Bancroft streets, Omaha, Rev.
Vaclav Skryeckt of 8uerior, Wis.', will
come to the chinch in this city.
I.lttcatt Over tnd. t
Walter !. Demlng haa secured an order
from Judge Kennedy restraining the United
Siaies National haxlf from returning to J
fcarl Luak and Charles Coesuni, executora
Of the estate of Richard K. Lusk, deeds
to lour quarter section of land in Kit
Carson county, Colorado. Demtug declares
he bought an option on the property from
an accrceited agent of the defendant, but
when h went Ui nay do an his niuney at
tlia tNitik it refused to turn tha geeds over
to him. He ask that lti das be held at
Card el laanks.
wish to express our sincere thanks
to our friends and neighbors and to I. O. O.
K. Lodge No. M. and Royal Highlanders
Dundee Castle No. 11. of Sutton, Neb., for
the kindness and sympathy shown u.1 and
for the beautiful floral offerings sent-us in
our late bereavement.
great deal of thin line, nnd when you nee tho wonderful assortment of
Norfolk suits, with Knickerbocker trousers, doublo breasted, single
breasleds, and the grand army of cute, little novelty stilts for the young
er boys made of materials thnt look best and weitr best yoit'll find
assortments very "choosy" si . . . , t
259 f
Nebraska lodge No. 1 Ancient Free and
Aurepted Masons will avsemhle at K':J
p. m. Friday, April t. to escort the body
of our late Rt. W. Hro. K. H. Clark to
Calhoun for burial.
All brethren Invited lo the tepipie, and
thoae who ran are united to go to Calhoun.
be te ew 1'srk um the ihlgh.
Double track scenic hlglmay. Connects
at Buffalo or Niagara Falls with all Unas
from the weet.
Write pasaenger department, Ihlgh Val-
mi mm
Sunday, April 8th
On Sunday, April 8, The Bee will issue & Real Estate and
Farm edition that w;.ll be invaluable to anyone interested in real
estate, whether as buyer or seller.
This edition will contain a larger list of hoines, vacant lots,
business property, acreage and farm lands than ever before pub
lished by any newspaper in this vicinity.
Special Articles
and reviews of the Real Estate situation in
South Omaha,
Council Bluffs,
Also on Farms in Nebraska and Iowa.
will appear in this edition, written by prominent authorities oa
these subjects.
No pains have been spared to gather a complete list of prop
erty for sale in this vicinity and the edition will be eagerly
watched for by every prospective purchaser. Don't fail to let it
contain your list of properties.
CHANGE, or a house for rent, this edition will be of. great value
to 'you',"! -
Call Douglas 238 and an advertising man will call and get
your ad.
Trro Veller C'ltlaena Bar t'ltr ReatrU-t
Moderw-l p-to-lte Till
ing of "oil.
i -
Dissaiixhed with city life, Fred Curtis and
J. Burke are trying to move their farms
outside the corporation limits of Valley by
judicial proceas. Each owns forty acres of
farm land, which is included althln the vil
lage limits. Thy derlare the village ordi
nances interfere with modern up-to-dato
farming in that they limit the amount of
fertilizer which may be used and precrlbe
regulation regarding the distance between
hay and st&aw stacks, which are burden
some to a farmer. A their property 1 not
platted and is used -wholly for agricultural
purposes, th"' auk . the ordinance includ
ing their property In the corporation he al
tered so as to put them outside the limits.
Their case is being heard by Judge Day.
Paalc Aierted. .
In ease of constipation, perltonltir. etc.,
panic Is averted by curing yourself with
Dr. King' New Life rills, tic. For sale
by Sherman tc McC'onnell Drug Co.
DIAMONDS Edho.m. Uth and Harney.
Marrlege Merasea.
The" following marriHgc liocnHes havo
been issued:
Name and Residence. . Agi
Emery E. Hoyle, Mlssuurl Vallev, la..,
I.ydla B. Hhultg, Schuyler. Neb
Peter M. Cochrane. Omaha 4:'
iMia J. Caldwell, Omaha
Kverett Brown, Omaha i5
Kunlce Wright, Omaha .'7
San Francisco or Log Angelen. Tickets oa
nale Aprtl 25th to May 5th, 1906.
for the Round Trip
To accommodate delegates
aurt others to Meeting of the Myntlc
Shrine this remarkably low round-trin
rale to Ixa Angelea hag been granted by the
Be sure your tickets read over this line.
Inquire at
City Ticket Office, 1324 Fariium tit.
'I'lione Ikugla8-S34.
to 1 hl fabric that doean't shine
a Twilight Gray Saxony that we
ordered last full and that has just
reached m.
This fabric will wear like a
lilece of cowhide. Ita press-retaining
and shaiie-retatning qual
ities are simply remarkable.
We'll make our No. til 12 Guu
Club Plaid Baxony very exclu
sive made to your meatnire in
lt)tf style for to $45 per suit.
'I'hune Duutclus lyH. t-s 8. 1Ui Bl.
Nxt dtior to Wabuxh Ticket 'tftce.
Sulls lo Order Wl tv
ley R. R . m Mouth Clark St., Chicago. III. j High class tailoring at vopuUr ink
$18.00 PER MONTH
This id conveniently located next to the ele
vator, bo that the office is a particularly desir
able one. Offices are wcarce these days, bo if you
want it, don't wait till after the other fellow haa
snapped it up.
Is the best known office location in Omaha. Every
body knows that The Bej Building is tiu best
"office neighborhood" in townaiid you ire
known by the company yon keef. The prii in
cludes heatelectric light, water and janitor service.
Apply for offices to
R. W. linker, Supt.
Room 418
C.C. Hose writer, Sec'y
Corner 17th and Farnam.