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    the omaiia daily bee: Sunday, Aran, i, i9or.
New England
Mutual Life
Insurance Co.
auditor of rrm.ic accounts
LINCOLN. Feb. 1. 190rt.
New KnKland Mutual Life Insurpnce Co. of
Boston, In the state of Massachusetts, hns
complied with the Insurance law of this
state applicable to such companies and l
therefore authorized to continue the busi
ness of life Insurance In this state for the
current year ending January 31st, 1WJ.
Summary of report filed for the year
ending- December 31st, innr:
Premiums $ 5.74S.51H.1K
All other sources i,H:;&2.3$
How They Size Up the Present Situation in
Their Line of Talk.
Total $ 7.491.17
Paid policy holders... 3. ST", 230. 54 ,
All other payments.. 1.4K7.0J6.47
I 6.7,277.01
Admitted Assets
Net reserve S35.893.S98.45
Net policy claims 22R.oiitt.39
All other liabilities.... 480.666.11 31,00.270.95
Capital stock paid up 4,10J,4:O.BO j
(Surplus beyond cap
ital stock and other '
liabilities 4.Ki2.4ar.0O
Witness my hand and the seal of the
Auditor of Public Accounts the day and
year first above written.
E. M. SEA RLE, Jr., '
(Seal) Auditor of Public Accounts.
General Agent
Certificate of Publication.
1 LINCOLN, Feb. l.,1i.
Union CentraJ Life Insurance Company of
Cincinnati, In the state of Ohio, has com
piled with the insurance law of this state,
applicable to such companies, and Ih there
fore authorized to continue the business of
life Insurance In this state for the current
year ending January 31st. 1907.
Summary of report tiled for the year end
ing December 31st. 1906:
Tremiums $ S.22S.533.84
All other sources.... ' 2,792.221.90
Paid policy holders.. $ 3.397,168.85
All other payments.. 1,966,355.10
Admitted assets
Net reserve $40,436,928.00
Net policy claims... 126,676.00
All other liabilities..
Capital stock paid up
Surplus beyond capi
tal stock and other
S 5.363.511.95
718.197.87 $41,281,801.37
8.129.496.47 9,229,496.47
Total $49,611,297.84
Witness my hand and the seal of the
Auditor of Public Accounts the day and
year nrst above written.
E. M. SEA RLE, Jr.,
(Seal.) Auditor of Public Accounts,
Eighty per cent of this company'a assets
are Invested In farm mortgages, MORE
atlng stocks nor bonds.
This General Agency was established In
1S82, and we have more' than $4,200,000 IN
We have several good openlpgs for the
right agents, and we Invite correspondence.
J. M. Edmiston
5c OSNS,
General Agents.
Real Estate, Loans
and Fire Insurance
. Certificate oi Publication.
, LINCOLN, Feb. 1. 1908.
Commonwealth Insurance Co.. of New
York, In the state of New York, has com
plied with the Insurance law of this state,
applicable to such companies, and Is there
fore authorised to continue the business of
Fire and Lightning Insurance In this stale
" for the current year ending January 31st,
1907. ,
Witness my hand and seal of the Auditor
of Public Accounts, the day and year first
above written.
E. M. SEA RLE. Jr.,
(Seal.) Auditor of Public Accounts.
S03 First National BinX BIJj j
ReaJ Estate
Fire Insurance
Etata of Nebraska, Office of Auditor of
Public Accounts.
Lincoln, Fob." 1. 1906.
It Is hereby certified that the Pelican
Assurance Company of New York, in the
state of New York, has complied with the
Insurance law of this state, applicable to
such companies, and Is therefore author
ised to continue the business of file and
lightning Insurance In this state for the
current year, outing January 31st, 1!I7.
Witness tvv h.nd and the seul of the
Auditor of Public Accounts the day and
yeur lirst above written.
K. M. 8EARLE. JR.,
(Seal 1 Auditor of Public Accounts.
JOHN I. PlEjlCli. Deputy.
Russell & IHcKitrick
433. 43 and 434 Ramge Building.
Falnre nf laaaraaec Is Kail !
Promise Hrrmar of the Sab
slant la I Koaadatloa I poa
Which II Heats.
John Dale of the Aetna Life: "For lefclti
mate life underwriting the prospect was
never brighter. The searching Investiga
tion of the methods and practices of several
of the Urge life insurance companies by
what is known as tho Armstrong committee
and the wide publicity of their findings
will not only result In placing the said
conaanlcs In a more favorable light before
the insuring public, but the principle of life
insurance will hereafter be better under
stood and appreciated as a result of said
Investigation. No one questions the solv
ency of those companies, no Intelligent
policy holder will think of lapsing his policy,
rnd If this be true of the companies In
vestigated, then surely the score or more
of companies against whom no breadth of
suspicion has rested notwithstanding the
whole business has been in the limelight
for moaths will continue to do business as
before with this advantage an enlightened
The assembling of the legislatures of the
several states will doubtless result In the
enactment of laws controlling the com
panies and placing additional safeguards
around this business that touches the most
sacred Interests of a majority of American
homes. No company honestly and .Intelli
gently managed need fear the fullest In
vestigation, and let us hope that life In
surance companies whereever located, east
or west, will continue to conserve the sacred
Interests Intrusted to their care and ever
prove worthy the confidence reposed In
11. A. Cameron, manager of the Insurance
department of the R. G. Peters company.
said: "We heard considerable about the
union and there Is a great deal to all this
talk. Every poor company is a nonunion
company, yet many good companies are
without the union. Besides these reliable
companies, there are many others, stock,
mutual and Lloyds competing for business
upon any basis they can secure It. As they
bear no share of the expense Incurred by
the" union companies for classification, sur
veys. Inspections, ratings and other mat
ters essential to the proper conduct of the
business, they nevertheless derive many of
the benefits as do the union company. As
they share none of this cost, they are In a
position to sell and do sell their policies at
less cost, and Induce many people to be
lieve they are the cause of keeping down
the Insurance rates. Instead of this being
true, If the costs of classification, surveys.
Inspections and ratings were shared equally
by all companies, the rates would be less
than they now are."
Oerdon W. Noble, general agent. New
England Mutual. Life Insurance company.
"Life Insurance Is as necessary as ever,
mora necessary In fact. The best asset a
man can leave his family Is a policy In a
good company. ,
"The present revelation! and scandals In
New York may deter aome men from
making this provision, but this should not
be tha result. Tha real question for the
prospective buyer la now and should have
been In the past.,
' 'Does the company operate under wise
and wholesomelawsT'
v 'Has It throughout Its history shown a
disposition to comply with those laws
fully and without evaslonT'
" 'Do the results to patrons Indicate man
agement of ability and Integrity? In
other words has this Institution character?'
"A company may present a bewildering
array of figures, It may have as directors
men known the world over, and It may
offer a policy with so many 'features' that
there is no room for 'hair,' and still be aa
'sounding brass and tinkling cymbal." Mere
nretenses will no longer satisfy. The
worthy companies (and there are many)
will get more business an better busl
ness than ever. They fear no legislation
In the Interest oft. the policy holder. The
business has expanded so wonderfully that
It was not surprising that evils crept In,
Now, companies must line up for In
spection. Some will pass the most careful
Inspection, some must brace, the cripples
must retire and a few new recruits may be
received from the hord of new companies
not coming forward. When the sifting
process Is over, I think that the real life
companies will occupy higher position In
the estimation of the peopleMhan ever.
Alfred C. Kennedy: "The many new build
Ings In process of erection and In prospect
assure the Insurance fraternity of an In
press In business during the present year.
Right here It may be well to offer a Utile
advice to the man who has Insurance to
buy. Not all Insurance Is equally good and
In event, of loss you want the best. Look
up the companies you Intend placing your
insurance with, ascertain that they have
ample capital to provide for an emergency
that the management Is conservative and
up-to-date and that the risks are selected
and statter.d oyer a wide territory. Lastly,
be are of mutuals and cheap cut-rate com
W. O. Wigton. Equitable Endowment
company: "The people of the state are be
coming more and more of the opinion that
life Insurance for Nebraskans by Nebraska
life insurance companies is a good business
proportion. Insurers examine the policy
conditions more than formerly and realise
thut a company that maintains the legal
reserve la safe and sure to carry out Its
policies. Policy conditions being equul, the
homo company Is given the preference,
The need and demand for life and invest
merit Insurance Is Just as great as ever
The gain in per cent of insurance carried
by the Insurers nf this state in the stai
companies 1 considerable. It Is a good
thing that the policy holders take a greater
Interest In Insurance and the natural re
suit Is patronage of the home companies,
where they have voice and Influence In the
conduct of the business. I can only speak
from my personal experience In the office
and In the field, but would say that the life
Insurance business In Nebraska was never
better than at the present time.'"
Iuqalry froat a Pleased Reader,
J. R. Wells, assistant manager bondln
department. Btennan, Love Co.: "Th
amount of surety bonds In force continues
to Increase steadily In Omaha an
throughout the state, the practice of usin
personal bonds falling more and more Into
disuse. The foundation of new companies
and the competition of old ones is forcln
the premiums down in individual value,
but the additional business putsthe total
amount ahead of past records. The suret
bond differs in its nature from an lnaur
ance policy because the principal
primarily liable. Losses are recovered from
hli i whenever possible. These and other
circumstances enable a lower rate th
Is customary with Insurance."
P. F. Zlmmer. state agent of the United
Mutuel Hail Insurance association of Lin
coin, says: "Growing crops to the farmer
are what stocks of merchandise on the
shelf are to a merchant; they are his
stork la trade, which he must turn Into
profits In order to meet his obligations,
and, while the merchant stands about ten
chances In a thoussnd of losing his mer
chandise by fire, the records show that
the farmer stands about forty chances of
losing his growing crops, by hall. The
United" Mutual Hall Insurance association
of Lincoln has during the past seven years
sustained losses to the amount of $37 per
$1,000. of Insurance carried. This Is cer
tainly the largest risk nf any class of In
surance carried In Nebraska, and every
farmer depending on his growing crops to
meet his obligations should carry hail in
surance. The losses during the season of
1906 were heavier than tn any previous
year on record, It being about $50 per $1,000
of Insurance carried."
If given the opportunity of talking to all
Omaha people who carry fire. Insurance. C.
W. Hicks, secretary of the German Mu
tual Fire Insurance company, would say:
"We have not a word to say against
eastern companies; they are good; but, be
fore you patronise them, ought you not
first to give the home companies what
they can take care of? Other cities are
doing this; why not Omaha? Not long
since a city solicitor of one of our home
companies 'called on one of our prominent
retail merchants and asked him for a
policy. The merchant said: 'No, I don't
want a policy in any home company.'
Stop and think of It! This Yuan Is no
doubt a member of the Commercial club
and Is shouting "Patronise home Instltu-
lons; help build up Omaha." Is this right?
this Just? Is this the way to build no
Omaha? It takes, united effort to build up
targe city. It should be the pride of
,-ery well thinking citizen to patronize
11 worthy home Institutions. All of these
ome fire Insurance companies are worthy
Institutions. They renreseat capital, they
represent labor, they patronize our mer
chants, they patronize our banks, their
money Is all kept In Omaha and Ne
braska. Being Omaha companies. In the
event of fire, they are on the ground
quickly and take pride in giving honest
nd equitable adjustments.
"The managers and employes of all these
ve Omaha fire Insuranne' companies are
with you In helping to build up a Greater
Omaha. Their money and Influence Is
ever ready to help all worthy home lnstl-
utlons. We are all believers In reciproc
ity. Patronize your home fire Insurance
companies; thereby help to build up
worthy home Institutions and a Greater
D. M. Martin of Harris. Martin Co.:
The protection afforded the general pub
lic by Insurance companies Is multiform.
One never knows what Is going to happen,
and he ought to be prepared for any kind
of a loss. 8o there are many kinds of In
surance to meet the needs of the many.
Here are a few kinds of Insurance which
can be secured at home by Omaha people:
Fire, life, safe, rent, theft, credit, patent.
marine, tornado, accident, burglary, sprink
ler, lightning, plate glass, transportation,
tourists baggage, bank and messenger rob
bery, tailors' and furniture flqaters, physi
cians' and druggists' liability, travelers'
samples, fidelity, official, guaranteed attor
neys' Insurance, contracfT Judicial and court
bonds, teams, health, postal, elevator, casu
alty, fly-wheel, leaseholds, automobile, con
tingent, steam boiler, landlords' liability.
use and occupancy, employer's liability.
workmen"! collective, liquor dealer's license.
general liability, hold-up Insurance, ac
counts, plumbing and water leakage."
ration ha sard Is reduced to the minimum,
on account of our wide streets. Tho
situation is Improving, and I do not look
forward to any Increase In fire rates here.
Then there Is a tendency to take out long
term Insurance up to the five years Jrmlt.
instead of a few years ago of taking out
one and three year polices. The rate Is
decreased proportionately by the long term
and the Increasing percentage of the in
surance taken out."
C. L. Smith, city manager Nebraska Mer
cantile Mutual -Insurance company:
"We are writing a third more In
surance than last years, and the
outlook Is very encoiv-aglng. There
have been fewer fire losses and our patrons
are carrying from 40 to 50 per cent more
insurance than formerly. Neighborhood
confidence Is also being materially In
creased. I mean by that that Insurance
buyers are having more confidence In their
adjacent neighbors, and while hls may
hnfve a tendency to diminish the amount of
Insurance because of the decreasing liabil
ity from fire through the oare and caution
of these neighbors, there Is not a noticeable
diminution In the general amount of buol
ness done. Merchants are Increasing their
lines of stock, and hence there occurs a
corresponding Increase tn the purchaaeof
Insurance. I have not noticed any partic
ular tendency to Increase the life of the
policy, even though Insurance Is given at a
less rate for a long term. Our company
Is a home concern and we feel much en
couraged1 by the steady Increase of pat
ronage given us."
l"f. 8. Curtis, western agent of the Hart
ford Steam Boiler Insurance company:
"Steam boiler Insurance In the United
States dates back to 1866,' the Idea having
originated In England some years before,
The Hartford company was the first one,
and It was organized in 1866 -at Hartford,
Conn. It started In as small way, but soon
its business spread to every section of the
country where boilers were used to any
extent, and now It writes insurance In every
city In the United States. The business
Is handled from general agencies, as Is the
case with fire insurance, and there are
branches In all the principal cities.
'There are now about eight concerns of
like nature, which do business all over
the country, and several more who handle
boiler Insurance in a local way. One peculi
arity of boiler Insurance, as contrasted
with fire. Is that none of the European
companies work in this country, and none
of tha American firms work across the
"The principal feature, and In fact the
strong point of boiler Insurance, Is the
fact that boilers are Inspected every four
months. It la deemed better to pay out
money for inspection than for losses by
explosion, and It is true that only 10 per
cent of the premluma received go to pay
J. B. Conylngham, secretary of the Re-
tall Merchants' Mutual Insurance com
pany: "The spirit of the times points to
organisation In all things, and it has
breathed op the retail merchants along
with men of other crafts and business.
They realise that fire Insurance, which is
necessary, Is an element of expense which
can be curtailed by a pooling of mutual
Interests, and so they organize mutual In
surance companies, which reduces their
cost of protection, and at tha same time
affords them better protection. Nebraska
has eight village and city mutuals, with
out assessments, carrying over $15,000,000 In
risks on limited liability policies, and 166
farmers' assessment mutuals, carrying up
wards of 130,000,000 l$n risks.
A Boston insurance expert says a com
pany Is on an absolutely safe basis If Its
annual Income equals In amount the face
of four average policies. The Nebraska
laws, which are the best In the work as
regards mutual Insurance, make any other
condition absolutely .out of the question."
Irving G. Barlght. supreme president.
Royal Achates: JThe principal question
now bothering the home fraternal Insur-
nee companies Is that of taxation of the
reserve funds. However, fraternal Insur
ance was never In better shape than It is
at this time. We. are all profiting by .past
experiences. With most of the fraternal
the sick and accident benefits have been
weeded out and the companies are on a
much better basis. With the elimination
of the special benefits and adhering to the
straight Insurance feature a fair rate for
Insurance contracts Is obtained and the
companies are better able to take cafe of
the risks. I look for a great progress In
fraternal Insurance for the comirig two
years than ever before. Where a few
years ago there was little or no reserve
funds In many of the companies, they now
all have a big surplus. Fraternal orders
cannot do everything or promise every
thing, but they can and are now doing a
clean, legitimate business on sound busi
ness principles, more so than ever before."
B rower E. McCague. manager Insur
ance department, McCague Investment
company: "The Insurance hituatton Is In
a most encouraging shape Just now. I
refer particularly to fire Insurance. Buyers
of insurance are now seeking Insurance at
90 and 100 per cent of the full values of
their properties, and are taking, out more
Insurance, where formerly fhe tendency
mas only TS or SO per cent of 'the valuation.
Of course the tnore Insurance taken out
the better the rate. Then wa have had , no
large fires here In Omaha recently. Then
an advantage that Insurance buyers have
here Is that that there is no charges made
for deficient water pressure or overhead
wiring, aa la stuns dlki txid Lb coafisg-
Ge.rvln Bros.: "The Insurance sltua
tlon is very perceptibly Improving' in
Omaha. The conditions are the most
favorable along Insurance lines ever
known in the city. Merchants are insur
ing to within fully 80 per cent of their
stocks, and buildings to within 75 per cent
of their full value. Owing to the tremen
dous building impulse In Omaha "within
the last two years the Insurance business
has correspondingly Increased. The In
crease In the Insurance of dwellings Is
also very noticeable. While we do not do
a very extensive Insurance business, as
we are engaged more extensively along
other lines, we feci the big lmpulse"tf in
surance Improvement. Insurance naturally
grows with the expansion of the city. The
Omaha rates are fair and reasonable and
we look for a big Increase In every line of
business during the coming season, both
In real estate and fire Insurance." ,'
F. H. Drake, local manager Fidelity
Mutual Life Insurance company: "Tho
recent Insurance agitations In the east
have not materially hurt the Insurance
business In the west. It has had the
effect of giving people stronger confidence
In the stability of the life Insurance com
panies. Business Is Increasing very rap
Idly with us, far beyond our expectations
in fact. Never In my observation have I
noticed so great a number of men seeking
old line Insurance. They realize the per
manency of the old lines and the steady
and inflexibility of the rates. They "(now
Just what they have to pay and when to
pay It. The dividend features are also
very alluring. Our company Is offering a
very attractive Inducement in the self
paying plan when the Insured party be-
comes disabled from accident or sickness
from paying his premiums. Many of the
other companies are offering excellent in
ducements to policy . holders in various
forms and buyers of life Insurance are
beginning to realize that the safest and
surest Insurance Is with the old line com
panies, as well as really the cheapest and
A. J. Harvey, secretary HMropolltan
Mutual Bond and Surety Co.:, "We feel
that we are doing a very good business for
4-year-olds. Our company, you know. Is a
Nebraska enterprise and was -established
only fouryears ago, and we are now enter
ing on our fifth year. Our business has
been very good. There Is a growing In
clination on the part of employers to bond
their employes, such as have the handling
of funds and accounts with surety com
panies. A surety bond Is much more sat
isfactory than a personal bond, both for
the party soliciting the bond and the party
exacting the bond. A personal bond may
be good today, but tomorrow It may be
worthless. It is not so with a surety bond,
It Is good at all times. With fourteen other
fidelity and surety companies doing busi
ness in Omaha, besides our company, we
feel that we are doing fairly well. Being
an Omaha concern, we would, of course,
feel pleased to have a JfUle more Omaha
patronage. But. then, we are not kicking."
E. 8. Weatherley of the American Credit
Indemnity company: "Credit Insurance,
which originated over a -century ago in
England, had not been written to any ex
tent In the United States until about fifteen
years ago, but the necessity and value of
It has been so thoroughly demonstrated
that the larger and more progressiva Insti
tutions In the United States have adopted
It, and the volume of business written Is
Increasing more rapidly than any other
form, aa It Is realized as being one of the
essentials tn the conduct of a business. A
great many merchants seem to feel that
fire Insurance Is a necessity and credit In
surance a luxury; little do they realize that
actual losses through lnvolvency during
the last ten yeara will exceed fire losses by
over $340,000,000. It seems Incredible, but
true, and still they hesitate.'
y hesitate."
- BY 1
'ifi Nil
Vs..J ii , r.... . r 'nii w
"The Leading Fire Insurance Company of America.'
Cash Capital $ 4,000,000
' Total Assets ' ". 16.815.0Q0
Surplus as to Policy Holders .11,036,010
Losses Paid in 87 Years Over 102,847,800
Comprising Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming,
Now Mexico and Oklahoma and Indian Territories.
W. H. WYMAN, General Agent
W. P. HARTFORD, Assistant General Agent
Telephone 529
OHIO KNOX, Ajent, Council Bluffs
1802 Farnam Street, Om&.K&.
T. J. O'NEIL, Agent South Omaha,
The National Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Certificate of Publication.
Btata of Nebraska, Office of Auditor of
Public Accounts.
Lincoln, Feb. 1st, 1900.
It is herebly certified, that tha National
Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Omaha; in
the state of Nebraska, has complied with,
the Insurance law of this state, applicable
to such companies and Is therefore author
ized to continue the business of fire, f.glit
ning and tornado Insurance In this state
for the current year ending January 31st,
Witness my hand and the aeal of the
Auditor of Public Accounts, the day and
year) first above written.
E. M. BEARLE, Jr.,
(Seal .Auditor of Publlo Accounts.
JOHN t,. PIERCE, Deputy.
of this city, having its home office in "the McCague Building, la
one of the growing strong business enterprises of Omaha.
It combines in its makeup the two essential features the
people want:
FIRST Such experience in management and financial re
sources as makes its business satisfactorily conducted with per
fect assurance that all losses and obligations will be paid.
SECOND The modern feature of permitting the policy
holder to share In the profits of the company. A law was passed
taking effect April, 1905, which permitted the establishment of
a guaranty fund to which over $200,000.00 has beon subscribed
and largely paid In.
The statutes and by-laws of the company also provide that
no one has any liability 'for premiums or otherwise except up
to the board rate.
The company collects down the full premium; and rebates
profits at theend of the life of the policy. And under this new
system its business has enlarged many times over durlag tha
last few months until it is. now writing one of the largest
business in the west. t
A credit to Omaha and Nebraska and the west.
J. L. MABIE, Secretary.
J. A. Woodman, McCague Block The
Insurance situation Is excellent and pros
pects are good for business this year.
Rates are much lower, particularly for resi
dency properties. There Is a good call for
tornado Insurance. Business properties In
surance is Increasing with the growth of
the business districts. There is also a good
demand for accident Insurance.
H. V. Neely Life Insurance Is somewhat
unsettled aa a result of the action of the
New York legislature. New business Is In
creasing and the condition is generally
good and we are hoping for a good business
during the present year.
Hutchlnson-Bollard Company The Insur
ance prospects for tha coming year are far
better than last year. The better prospect
for all lines of fire insurance Is owing to
the great Increase of new buildings In this
city. A noticeable Improvement la also
manifest In dwelling Insurance, and insur
ance buyers are generally taking out larger
risks and insuring nearer to full values.
Crelgh ft Baldrigel The insurance agita
tion In New York is not hurting the fire
Insurance companies. Our business Is
much better than last year, and we are
looking for still larger business before the
close of the year. The Increase Is owing
to the number of new buildings being
erected In the city and numerous other, but chiefly to the general business
Klbourn & Gibson The Insurance busi
ness has been exceptionally good with us.
As a rule the business Is encouraging and
we are looking for an Increased business
this year. Business Is much better with
us than last year.
Charles E. Ady, National Life I am
heartily In favor of most of the recom
mendations of tha Armstrong eommlttoa
to the New York legislature. However. I
am not at this time prepared to express an
opinion. None of us know what tha out
come will be, but I ua h?eXul that all
wui end eii.
The (HQefropol.ftan
ond and Surety
- of Omaha
Will Bond Youy
LlncoIh Nebraska
Fab. 1. 10.
It Is hereby certified that tha Metropol
itan Mutual Bond and Surety Company
of Omaha, In the State of Nebraska, has
compiled with tha Insurance Law of this
State, applicable to such Companies and
is therefore authorized to continue tha
business of Fidelity and Surety Insurance
tn this State for the current year ending
January 81st. 1907.
Witness my hand and tha aeal of tha
Auditor of Public Accounts the day and
year first above written.
Auditor of Public Accounts
nearly all kinds of
Our business compared with the Kebraska business of
Fourteen other companies writing bonds in this state shows
that during the past four years The Metropolitan ranks Fifth
In Premium Receipts while Its losses have not been One-Fourth
the amount incurred by any other company doing as large a
volume of business. This shows conservative management for
this Nebraska Company which merits your patronage.
We Solicit and Appreciate Your Favors
A. R. HARVEY, Secretary
Telephone, Douglas 552
Office, 425426 N. Y. Life Bid.
Omaha, Nebraska
W. R. H O M A N
LINCOLN, Feb. 1,
the Transatlantic Fire Insurance Co.
of Hamburg, In the Stale of Ger
many, lias complied with the Insur
ance law of this state applicable to
such companies and Is therefore au
thorized to continue the business of
fire and lightning insurance in this
state for the current year ending
Junuary Ust. 1907. '
Witness my hand and the seal of the
Auditor of Public Accounts the day
and year first above written.
Auditor of Public Account.
LINCOLN, Feb. 1. Jl6.'
the Herman National Insurance Co.
of Chicago, In the State of Illinois,
has compiled with the Insurance law
of this state applicable to such com
panies and is therefore authorized to
continue the bustneHs of fire and
lightning Insurance in this state for
the current year ending Junuary 31st,
Witness my hand and the seal of tho
Auditor of Public Accounts the day
and year first above written.
E. M. SKA HI. E. JR.,
Auditor of Public Accounts.
ReaJ Estate, Rentals, Loans, Fire,
Tornado jj Plate Glass Insurance
Phone Douglas 664 H . 1517 Farnam Street
LINCOLN. Feb. 1. 19"6.
National Life Insurance Company, of Mont
pelier, in the state of Vermont, has com
plied with the Insurance law of tills state,
applicable to such companies, and is there
fore authorized to continue the business of
life Insurance In this state for the current
year ending January Slst, 19u7.
Summary of report filed for the yesr end
ing Lecember Slst, 1906:
Premluma t 6.WS.3U 1
All other sources .... 1.4.H3,3i8 04
:.8!, 147.81
t 7,441,6ja.J
Paid policy holders..! l.Mt Ul 81
All other payments..
Total f 4.41M17.27
Admitted assets 134.51S.S&.41
Net reserve ...139,097, 158 M
Net policy claims 77,638 d
All other liabilities... 130.697.S4u.S3
Surplus beyond
capital stork and
other liabilities S.81MS6.M S,ll.l M
Total S34.tlS.S3ii 41
Witness my hand and aeal of the Auditor
of Public Accounts, tha day and year first
above written. '
(Seal.) Auditor of public Accounia.