Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 29, 1906, Page 9, Image 9

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Office, ! Ptari
Dsvls Mill drug.
Jtbckert eells carpets.
Ed Rogers' Tony Faust bier.
Plumbing and .nesting. Bin by & Bon.
Woodring-Bchmldt, undertakers. Tel. 33.
Dra. Woodbury, dentists. 20 Pearl street.
Flour 1. Kj a sack at the Olcn Avenue
( Sro erjr.
Plamonda aa an Investment. TMk ta
l-effert about It.
1 MM-lnv K...l.rn T II.
,1 nest Monday. Enroll then.
See Illcka for a nobby ault. fine grey
plaids, Imported suitings. Price Just right.
New shipment of beautiful fancy frame
Just 'received. C. K. Alexander, B way.
For Imported wtnes. liquora and cham
pagne, I Roeenteld company, ills Main Su
Six per cent mortgagee un real estate
for sale. Abaoluie security. Cllflon
V alkcr Co.
Tomatoea 19 cenla a can at the Glen Ave
nue Grocery.
Don't fall to attund Mia. M. Ife!iYcr's
nillllriery opening, Friday and Saturday,
March at.
M t Margaret Kuntx Was granted a di
vorce In the dlKtrlct court yesterday from
August Kunta.
Hre bur blue flame oil stove; absolutely
safe; no odor. h'Hddock-Hnmlsehy Jlard
ware company.
A special meeting of F.xcclslnr Masonic
lodge wIJ be held tnla evening for work In
the flrat degree.
If you waut your fir Insurance tu In
aura have Cllf ton-Walkr Co. write it in
reliable companies.
Children don t cry for the castor nil that
we make tasteless, tail they take It with
out a grimace. Clark lmg Co.
The only up-to-dalo shoe repulr shop In
the Pity. Shoes half soled While you wall,
.be. Bargcnt a Family hhoe Blore.
Fresh aalted almonds, aaited peanuts,
Hwiss milk caramels. Purity Candy Kitchen,
44 West Broadway. O. c. ilrown.
Don't forget that Iaater la very near
and E. 8. iilcks can niaKe you a una auit
at the right price in up-to-date atyle.
Japanese 'teapots, iic; Japanese cupa and
saucers, luc. tail and see tiiem. fow on
display In our window , W. A. Maurer.
fence posts at tiottom prh-ts. it you are
In need ol fencing material of any klnu,
we have It at boltom prices. C. Hater.
quire a Annla, money to loan; uli on
hand, no delay; city ana farn. property fur
aaia on easy terms ot payment, cniico, iut
Pearl atreeu
Look here, don't waste jour time hunt
ing some place eite. Borwick has the licit
wall puper In the city. Price rlgnt. HI
.Main et. Tel sua.
We have the finest line of sample monu
ment to select trojn In the west. Bneciy
Lane Marbio and Granite Works, ill
Kaat Jdroaatvay, Council KiutTs, la.
A snap for soraeboay, a Joo ice wagon
lor liiu. We haveuseu 11 only four moniiia,
la practically new. Brldenstein & amita,
coal and wood, 14th Ave. and bth at.
Missouri oak dry vorawood. Ml a cord;
sheiibara. hickory, 7; Arkansas anihracile.
Via" per toil ivaa than Jmrd-coal. Wiiluun
Weieii. 1 Isorih Main bt. Telepiionu La.
Do not sell your old Iron, copper, braes
and old rubbers before you see u. Wa pay
'J per tort" for No. 1 machin"ry Iron, coun
cil Miuffa Junk House, J. Kattleman, pro
prietor. StB boutn Alain. Tel. boo.
Fire Chief Nicholson hna completed hla
annual report.' The loss for tne twelve
moll t lis was 12,:. " me department re
sponded to 1X6 alarms, which In the greatest
number In the history of the department,
yfet Z. -tv Undue y of-Omaha brought ault In
' he district court here yesterday against
11. B. Undue y to recover l,(0S7.t on prom
issory notes and asked attachment on tne
grounds of nonreaidenco of the defendant.
Rev. VV. R. Coventry of Hlair, Neb., will
lecture this evening at the Union Christian
church, .Broadway and Thlrly-tlfth street,
on "Tbft.Ljand ot the Bky Pilot, the Great
Canadian Northwest." 't he lecturo will be
In the ault brought by Cora B. Richards
and husband to restrain Mrs. Trephagen
from. ousting ttvm.lixun the Garner tauilly
homestead tarm In Garner township Judge
Whoeler yesterday ordered that the Injunc
tion Issue on the plaintiffs furnishing a
bond In - the -sum of f l.imo.
Barney McCormlck and Joseph Sutton,
arrested In Omaha and brougnt to this
city on suspicion of having stolen a large
quantity of copper wire, nave been re
leased. The county authorities concluded
they had not ' a auftlclentiy strong rasa
against the men to warrant holding them.
Tell your roof trouble to Spencer. Ha
the man that can tlx your spouting and do
your sheet metal work, and do It right,
and, what's more, he will guarantee to do
it right. lie will give you the beat figures
and beat attention, whether the Job la
great or small. Call him up. Telephone 690.
lot Went Broadway.
James Boggs was given ten days In po.
line court yesterday morning for being
drunk.' lie may be thankful that the motora
on tha Omaha line carry powerful head
lights. He went to sleep on the track late
Tuesday night at Avenue A and Fourteenth
street. The motorman saw Uogga in time
i stop his car and prevent running over
him. .-.:
The will of the late John W. Crossland
was opened and read yesterday In the of
fice of the clerk of the district court by the
special administrator. Liocal relatives are
not remembered in the will and the estate
goes to relatives outside of Council Bluffs.
I. W. Otis la named aa executor and he is
.directed to dispose of the real estate and
divide (be money as directed In the will.
I have the most complete atock of
high grade ahotgun shells In the city,
and at the lowest prices.
Wooden decoys, per doaen, I30U; No.
t Acme canvas decoya, per 0aeu,
14. Si; wrt have alnKle-barrel shotguns
for tt 7a; Brownlna automatic shol
gun, hainnieiless shotgun. tU.H)
and up. 1 have double-barrel shotguns
for t 6': Winchester repealing
rifle, is.vo:
1 also have good bargains In second
hand ahotguna and rifles, all In good
condition. Everybody is welcome to
come In and Inspect my stock.
X'S West . Broadway. Tel. Ftili
la ' now open for business under
new niaiuigement. Everything is
neat and clean, obliging waiters
and good cook.
Ever) thing good to eat Is our
'VlU of fare.
We want your trade for your
fiatiouage He will give you 1 1
k-si we can find to eat Jit popular
' prices.
I.EtiAl, KUTItUg
Sealed propoaals will be received t the
nfrlce ut Ihu county clerk at O'Neill. Na
luakka. aiid at the offlie of the county clerk
al bulte, Nebrabku, until 12 o'clock, noon,
u April T, 1J1. lor the construction ot a
budge, five hundred and forty reel long,
i nolo or less, with sixteen-foot roadway,
across the Niobrara river, between Holt and
Hoyd counties, Nebraska, at or near a point
hiioaii aa Parshall's crossing. In township
tlm ty-thre, ranae thirteen. West of tlio
slxlh princli! meridian. t
MldJers will be required to furnish their
own plana and speciflcationa. All bida to be
abated and .marked, "Pioposala for hrldge."
The Board of Supervisors reserves the right
to reject any or all bids.
Dated February 1$, liMi
W. P. P1M Alt.
- County Clerk. Holt Oounty. Nebraska
) A.NTKll-ii well-appearing young man
a !iu understand the dry goods buslne.s
uihJ wlio can do simple interior and win-
!.. dr-coraiing; WttKea $15 a e-k. Friend
Clothing Co.. KlieixL Neb. B M112 Hi
W.ANTEIs-Ttuert men of good ieisonI ap
pe4i din-. ; outside position, si.-adv fin.
"mfu.ent. C '. Adams Co.. IM li- -id
fcu a Jim
Bu Tel. 43.
Make Up One Blate for Offices in Their Gift
and Then Wipe it Out.
W. F. fa p. to Be ll ( lerk anil lap.
tain Holirrl Jones to Be Chief of
Fire Department Mayor
Appoints Poller.
Republican councllmeu-elect and other
party leaders held a caucus Tuesday at
which the council appointments were de
cided upon and the policy of the republican
majority in the city council practically
Later In the day a second caucus of Ihe
couiicilmcn was held and the result of the
lirst one overturned. The slate us Dually
agreed upon Is as follows:
City Clerk W. F. Sapp.
Chlet of Fire Department Robert W.
Jones, captain No. 1 hook and bidder com
pany. ''
City Electrician James G. Bradley.
Street Supervisor George Rockwell.
Sidewalk Insector Jim Peterson.
Custodian of City Hall William Larson.
Poll Tax Collector D. J. Whitlaker.
Poundmaster Charles Burke.
W. F. Sapp, who headed the republican
ticket. Is to be compensated for his defeat
at the polls by receiving the appointment
of city clerk. No decision, however, was
reached as to the deputy city clerk. The
city clerk, theoretically, has the naming of
hla deputy, but It is no secret that the
councllmen have a good deal to say us to
tho appointment. Mr. Sapp, It Is under
stood, is anxious to retain E. R. Bowman,
the present deputy, but H. A. Balrd, D. J.
Whltaker and T. L. Hall are applicants fur
the position.
The first caucus favored John L. Temple
ton for chief of the fire department. Two
years ago Templeton had to step down and
out to make way for Charles M. Nicholson,
the democratic appointee, and many repub
licans now feel that it would only be fall
to Templeton to reinstate him.
The caucus decided on replacing City Elec
trician Atkins with a republican and It la
understood that ihe position will be offered
to Ed Carr, electrician for the motor com
pany, but it was not known yesterday
whether Mr. Carr would accept the place
or not. James G. Bradley, who held the
position for a numlwr of years, but was re
moved to make way for Mr. Alklns, Is an
applicant for the appointment.
Theodore Gull tar waa slated for street
commissioner, but he yesterday stated that
ho did not want the Job and would decline
the appointment, Joha Halle, formerly trus
tee tor Kane township, was to be rewarded
with the appointment of sidewalk Inspector,
while John Taylor was to be offered the
appointment of poundmaster.
William Larson. Janitor at the North
Eighth Street school, was the choice for
custodian of the city hall, the salary of
which is STiD per annum.
The appointment of the members of the
police force la one of the perquisites of the
mayor's office and It la understood that at
the caucus Tuesday night It wna decided
to respect the mayor's prerogative and not
Interfere with his appointments. The -chief
and members of the police force will be
named next Monday night by Maynf
Macrae, while the chief of the fire depart
ment and other appointees will be elected
by ballot by the eight members of the city
council, six of'whom are republicans.
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The
Bee March 38 by the Title Guaranty and
Trust company of Council Bluffs:
Heirs of August Gromann to H. Men
del, wHi (wli 4 and e se'4 and seU
ne4 s-77-41. w d tlO.tltl
Katherlne Gromann. guardian, to H.
Mendel. wVi sw4 4 and e',4 se and
se'i neVi 5-77-41. gnd d 2,0X3
II. Mendel to Feid Floerschinger,
nw'j swVi 8-77-41, w d 2,400
G. M. Cuppy and wife to Juat Peter
Nelson. eV4 ne'.i and cty ne4
2S-77-39. w d 9.U00
G. M. Cuppy and wife to Jens C.
Miller, se't nwVi and wl wH ne4
36-77-Hi. w d 6.4(10
Rachel R. James and husband to Rob
ert Bounfleld, lots 13. 14. IS and lti.
block x. Central Subdlv. Council
Bluffs, w d 1,00
J. B. Blake to Robert Bousfleld. lots
and 10. block X, Central Subdiv.
Council Bluffs, w d Hi
Charles R. Hanuan and wife to Soren
Myrtue, lot ai, Auditor's Subdlv. of
part k4 nei 25-76-44. w d 901)
Thomas H. Cleland and wife to Susan
Riniter. part lot 5. block 2. Curtis
Ramsey's ad. Council Bluffs, w d 800
Caroline Cook to Jens C. Jensen,
lots 4. 6, , 7. 8, and 10. block K,
Bayllss' Third ad, Council Bluffs,
' d 360
Heirs of William Siedentopf to Rob- '
ert Roustield. lots 8, 8 and 10, block
36, Central Subdiv. Council Bluffs,
n c d
Johanna Schulta to Christian Busch,
nwVi 27-74-42, q c d 1
County Treasurer to J. P. Oreen
shlelds, part ne4 and part nw4 ne'4
34 and part sw' nwVi 36-7K-44. t d.. 1
County Treasurer to J. p. Green
shields, elfc se 27-7l-44, td
County Treasurer to J. P. Green
shielda, eeV, nei, 27-7H-44, t d J
County Treasurer to J. P. Green
shields, lot 14. block 112: lot 4. block
IM, and lot 8, block 182, Crescent
City, t d
County Treasurer to j. P. Green
shields, lot 2. block 3, Steele 4
Woods' Subdlv. Council BlufTs, t d' 1
County Treasurer to J. P. Green
shieldH, lots 1 and 8. blea k 26, Cres
cent City, t d j
Total, eighteei transfers.. 33,wa
Do not overlook that "Van Brunt" carries
a fine, high grade line of harness, especially
made for this trade. Anyone buying a Van
Brunt vehicle will be entitled to a sneciul
preposition on a set of harness. Investigate
this, will you?
New vegetables, nice, tender lettuce,
onions, parsley and carrots. They ure all
fresh, . Just brought Into market. j,,!in
Olson "3-741 Weat Broadway.
Sunday School Workers Unatiaet.
A meeting of the executive committee, of
the tiumluy School Workers' union was
held yesteiday for the purpose f piuklng
arrangements for a conference and banquet
to be held Monday evening, April . Rev.
O. u. Smith of the First Congregational
church and Rev. W. B. Clemmer of the
First Christian church were apixjimed
a committee on program and Dr. N. J.
CUtracoaaacHK ccaaTaasisas
S cent each 3lorcut
tUkm Ctnu mmd iumk Stmt. I
Rl. e and Prof. 8. 1.. Thomas a committee
ot, publication.
At this conference plana for the enter
tainment of the State Sunday School as
sociation.' which will meet In Council
Bluffs June 19 to M, will be discussed. A
chorua choir of frv voices Is to be organ
ised for the state meeting and the local
union contemplates having a May musical
featlval on some date in the latter part of
that month. To Rev. Mr. Clemmer has
been assigned the task nf securing a
competent conductor for the. choir.
Both Front anal Bark Doors of Kaloona
to Cla.e.
Council BlulTse Is to be a dry town on
Sundays from this out. Mayor Macrae
yesterday garve orders that all saloons had
to close on the Sabbath. This order the
mayor explained applied to all of the hotels
In the city. The order, he stated, was to
be iigldly enforced and no side door or
back cntruncc business would be tolerated.
All saloon will be required on Sunday to
have all blinds orawn tip and screen doors
open, so that .the Interiors seen
from the street.
This order from ihe mayorcreated con
siderable surprise, coming as it does but a
few days after election. Mayor Macrae
said that he had bad the enforcing of Sun
day closing under consideration for some
time, but refrained from issuing It before
election, as he feared his action would not
lie considered sincere.
ro Bale.
New dwelling near new High schooi, $2,
Number of new dwellings for sale.
Beautiful lot on Glen avenue, fl.iuo.
Insure your house and furniture with me.
Tel. , Clias. T. Officer, US Broadway.
2u per cent discount on our pianos this
week only, before stock-taking. The finest
line 'of high and medium grade pianos.
Bourlcius Piano House, 335 Broadway,
Council Bluffs.' Ia., where the organ stands
upon the building.
Investigate our cheap land proposition In
eastern Colorado, IS per acre for raising all
kinds of crops; good soil; beat of water;
delightful climate. Excursions first and
third Tuesdays of each month. Send for
printed matter. F. C. Lougee, U'4 Main
street. Council Bluffs, la.
Geo. A. Hoagland has Just received a car
load of the famous Amaeon Ruhhoe rsn-
i and will make you very attractive prices
' on large or small quantities. Now Is tha
time to get your roofs In shape befora tha
heavy spring rains.
Tha Title Guaranty and Trust company,
abstracters of titles. Books date hurt,
j 1853. Books are all up to date. Work ac
curately ana promptly done at lowest
prices. Office opposite court house, 138 Pearl
street. Council Bluffs, Ia.
Wuick Meal gasoline stoves. Don't fail to
see them before you buy. Swalne A Mauer,
336-338 Broadway.
Looks Like Iaoendlary Fire.
Fire of supposed Incendiary origin did
considerable damage to the cottage resi
dence of Emmet E. Daniewood, 23 Avenue
A, about 3 o'clock yesterday morning.
Oscar Henderson, night foreman at the
street railway car barns, noticed the flames
snd with other employes of the motor com
pany ran to the house with several fire
extinguishers. Hose company . No. J re
sponded to the alurni. but the men from
the car barn had ihe blase extinguished
before its arrival.
Investigation showed that the fire had
started in five different places In the house,
nd. It la said, there were indications of
kerosene having been spilled about the
house. The firemen on kicking In the back
door of the house found a five-gallon can
of coal oil. The interior of the house and
furniture were badly damaged by the flames
and smoke.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniewood are visiting in
Shenandoah, la., with relatives, but It
was said yesterday that a man had been
occupying one of the rooms at night during
their absence.
. Kitchen tabtneta.
A large ahlpment of kitchen cabineta Jusl
put on aale. Our cabinets are of the better
make, combine new features not shown in
other makes. Many .styles up from 13.75.
Cash or credit. Keller Farnsworth Furni
ture company.
We save you from 30 to (LOO on a piano.
How.? By asking at the start the lowest
price It can be sold at, with all commissions
eliminated.' Decide on the piano you want,
the plain or rich ornamentation, and the
price named Is the bedrock figures. That's
wh;- a child can buy as well as a man at
A. Hospe Co's.. 33 South Main street. Coun
cil Bluffs.
The big house of Schmoller A Mueller
Piano company are showing some of the
most excellent pianos and are selling them
at an unheard of monthly payments of $3
per month; $300 pianos for J186. Three
months free music lessons with each piano
sold. Phone SOS. 502 Broadway, Council
Bluffs, la. y
Take Thlna. Kmmy.
Get all the comfort you can. Let us aeil
you a nice rocker, a luxurious couch or
reclining chair; they will add to your com
torts. Wc have them In great variety and
it the moat moderate prices. Peterson &
Schoening Co., Council Bluffs.
A Is the leading letttr of the ulphubet
and likewise the first letter In Adam.
This ia not strange when you uiideratand
it. nor ia It atrange that Big A Hour, made
in your home mill, leads them all. Cse
no other.
If you prefer quality t quantity and
absolute aatlafactlon to youreelf, get
Schmidt's nhnlna A ' .
--. - .j m suaranieea te
please. 'Phon 857. 4ot Broadway.
2o lba. best granulated cane augar for !
Glen Avenue Grocery.
N. I. Plumbing Co. lei. o. Night ,
Graven,' It Peail street, carry tha finest
line of switches in the city. Call and see
Do you waul good steak, mutton chops
or pork chops, cooked Just the way you
want it. and plenty of nice vegetables and
a good cup of coffee with the best of cream?
If you do Just get your meals al the Vienna
Parties having houses for rant or aale
list them with Clifton-Walker Co. for quick
action. Recent sales have greatly reduced
our Hat and we have customers waiting fur
Mora Uronnal for Keheol Hons.
In anticipation of the probable neceaaitv
of building an udditiou to tha Thirty-second
street school, the Board of Education
lias arranged to purchaae three lots sou:h
of the building. The lots ure tho property
of Mrs. Kate Shaw and they have been
offered to the board for lTS. The board ia
also negotiating Tor the purchase of a lot
in the southwest corner of the block from
A. C. Keller. When these purchases are
consummated the school district will om a
th enlUe iiM block fronting wu Thlliy-
second street between Avenues B and C.
An alley at present cuts this strip of ground
In two and as aoonas the board acquires
title to. the four lots It will tetltiot te
city council to vacate the alley, which runs
east and west,.' and In return the board
will deed to the city auftlclent ground for
an alley running north and south. For
the present the lots will be used for a play
ground, but the rapidly Increasing popula
tion In the weat end, the board realises,
will In the neat future tiecesspatc the erect
ing of an addition to this school house.
For a nlem. n1e.
I will offer the Ave-roomed hous? and lot
at )646 Avenue A for one week at tsao. New
house; city water. Easy terms. No better
Investment In Council Bluffs. Make a fine
home. Wallace Benjamin, room L First Na
tional bank. I write fire Insurance. Office
'phone, 2fJ; residence, 'phone. Black 1444.
"In' Hie springtime" everybody cleans
house, and McAtee is offering the house
keepers of this city the most efficient and
most economical clenner ever placed on the
market, vis., "KLEANSALL." Cleans
everything, Injures nothing. Try It and be
convinced. ,
See the Stockert Carpel Co. before you
buy anything hi rugs, largo or Small slses.
Carpets with beautiful new patterns, stair
pads and mattings. They have the finest
stock of Chinese and Japunese cocoa mat
ting in the city. Don't worry about the
price; they will make that right.
The difference In our goods and the
cheaper kind Is so great that we pride our
selves in saying that we sell cheaper, con
sidering the quality of our goods. We want
you td see our new line of gocarts, side
boards, bookcases, buffets, dinner seta,
parlor lamps and our new line of house
furnishings. D. W. Keller. 103 South Main.
Swanson Music company, new location,
407 Broadway, We sell pianos In our reg
ular businesslike way. No new schemes;
no certificate. Prloes right; goods re
liable. Terms, from 85 to flO per month.
We have splendid storage room for pianos.
Will not need to be boxed. Tuning and
repairing a specialty.
When you are ready to move or clean
house, call up 'phone 510 arid let our wagon
call for your carpels and rugs. They will
be cleaned thoroughly and absolutely at a
small cost. Council Bluffs Carpet Cleaning
and Rug Mfg. Co., 84 North Main.
Jensen 4 Nicholson, 23 West Broadway,
contract for painting. They use pure white
lead and linseed oil. Now Is the time to
let them do the work, before the rush
commences. Tou can get your work done
right If you let them do It
For Sale Southern Alberta land for sale
from 86.50 to 17.60 per acre. Tho next ex
curalon ia April 3. Come and get some be
fore it Is all gone. D. T. Kerr. 546 Broad
way. 'Phone 417.
We have 320 acres choice Nebraska laud.
Price until April 1. 831 mr acre. Can ex
change for Council Bluffs residence prop
erty. Cllf ton-Walker Co.
Spring term Western Iowa college opens
next Monday, -Enroll then.
Egg or green gage plums, 2 cans for 23c.
Glen Avenue Grocery. ; .
larrlne l.leenaes.'
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday to
the following: ' J" ;f
1 Name and Residence! T' 1 ' v Age
Charles Herman Goodner, Council Bluffs. 20
Stella Watson. Council "Bluffs.-. is
Edward Blusher, Council Rltiffs
Grace Headley, Council Bluffs..; jg
Charles Reynolds,' Council Rltiffs "is
Leona M. Benner, Council Bluffs 23
Waterloo and Cedi Falls M offer from
the Overflow.
WATERLOO, la., March IW.-The water
In the Cedar river rose over eleven feet
last night and early today broke the weat
le und flooded the business district of
V cj'loo. . Hundreds of families we're
rendered homeless. Rock Island tracks
were washed out for half a mile and all
railroads are tied up. Cedar Falls reports
a similar disaster and J00 ramiles there
were driven from their homes. Bridges
and dams were also wiped out. At 7
o'clock, the waters came to a standstill
and danger for the present is believed to
WEBSTER CITY, la.. March 28.-(Spe-cial
Telegram.) Boone river Is on a ram
page and out of Its banks. Bottoms are
flooded and residents of the east side and
the flats are preparing to move. The water
Is up to their doors, but has remained sta
tionary today. Indications,- however, .are
for rain and a further rise. Danger to the
Northwestern tracks ia imminent should
the water go higher.
ATLANTIC, Ia.. March 28.-(8pecial.)
The creeks and streams In this vicinity are
all out of banks and covering the bottoms
like great lakes as the result of the frost
coming out of the ground and the" heav
rains of the past few days. Rural carriers
are experiencing difficulty in making their
rounds. For two days traffic from the
euat has been cut off by the rise In
Troubleaome creek and the business of
the town has suffered from the condition
of the roads.
Uautaar Case Mettled.
SIDNEY, la.. March 28.-Speclal. i-The
case of Owen Cavanaugh, who brought
suit for JJO.OOO damages against Henry
Parkison and nine other prominent citi
zens of Perclval, was assigned for this
morning In .tho district court here, but
was settled between the parties. The
terms of settlement have not been made
public. Cavanaugh was shot by Parkison
something over a year ago and the former
alleged In his petition that the other de
fendants at that time maltreated him.
The shooting grew out of offensive re
marks made by Cavanaugh concerning
Parklson'a wife.
What Pure Feed
Laws Will Mean
Tlu-y Will I'roUHt the I'coi.k- .lgaju.t
Adulteration and ubwtltution
Every sane, wholesome-minded person
should welcome adequate, equitable pure
food laws, a ii,l should lend his every effort
to the passage and enforcement of such
pure food laws as will make adulteration
and Injurious substitution impossible
111 tbeae days of adulterated foods and
food products such a food as is known
to be pure and wholesome s Indeed wel
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lected barley this acting upon the starch
turns It into ma 1 1 ore or malt auaar
pronounced by physlclana and f.Kxl experts
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A4aK- ita. Now lu teuts.
Senate Passe Bill for Investigation as it
Cornea Orer from House.
A..M.o.t M.a ta.t Aapropria.
Hons Already Made More Than lts
pose of tatoaat ta He llalaerf
by Tax Levy.
(Eroiii a Staff Cnrrespondriii.l
1ES MOINES. Match 2S. (Speclal.)-lli
the senate today the Insurance Investiga
tion bill waa passed by a vote of 42 to I
with practically no amendment. A report
of the appropriations committee cut down
the appropriation from Iio.ono to IT.SuO, but
this was voted down. The bill thai passed
Is a substitute for ihe Warren hill, though
It emobdles some of the provisions of the
Molslterry resolution. It charges the com
mission, which shall Consist of two sen
ators nnd three representatives, with the
duty of Investigating the question of In
surance, the methods and relations of com
panies and if the commission detms best
it has the power lo summon witnesses and
examine theiu under oath and to call for
books and papers and enforce .Its orders.
Oppose Primary Low. s
When Senator Crossley sought today to
get his second primary bill made a spn-lal
order for tomorrow at 10 o'clock Lambert,
Garst and Smith all objected And in
stating his objections Smith of Mitchell lei
It lie known that he did not think much
of the primary bill thatklt Is sought to have
considered.' The nuestlon was put to a
vote and carried, 22 to 17. The debate today
disclosed that the Cummins wen, who
stand champions of the prUnary principle,
will oppose this bill on the ground that
it la an abandonment of the primary
principle and seeks to force the conven
tion upon thirty-nine counties which have
a voluntary primary.
What the Senate Did.
The senate today passed the Jamison
resolution to appoint a sifting committee.
passed a resolution offered hy Maytag lim
iting each senator In debate to ten minutes,
indefinitely postponed the bill to Increase
the custodian's salary. Indefinitely post
poned the bill to regulate trust companies
nnd confer on state and savings banks the
authority to act aa trustees, indefinitely
postponed the bill to increase the compen
sation of assessors, passed the Hanna house
Mil amending tho code as to levying
counly road funds, passed the law restrict
ing the importation of nursery stock,
pussed the bill limiting to 5 per cent or
moneys collected the salaries of township
clerks, passed the law to facilitate the con
solidation of county schools by permitting
the consolidation of part of the territory
of one or more township In one or more
counties, pussed appropriation bills for the
relief of Andrew Ness and W. J. Mo
Ahren. N
Appropriations Kxrerd Panda.
In arguing against the appropriation of
10,000 for the Insurance Investigation and
for the limiting of the expenditures for
that purpose to $7,500 Senator Garst stated
today that it had been informally decided
by the appropriations committees of the
two houses to limit the appropriations tills
year to 1750,000, though the closest figuring
would not under the 3-mlll levy give the
state more than 12S,O0O for appropriations.
Kill Two-Cent rare.
The house disposed of the 2-ccnt fsre bill
again today. It was pending on a minority
and majority report, favorable and unfav
orable. There was some discussion. Mr.
Sankey read a statement as to the reasons
for the passage of the bill. Mr. Lundt
talked In favor of the bill and showed by
figures hs had compiled that the railroads
can afford to reduce passenger rates. Mr.
Meredith Insisted In general terms that tho
bill was fair and that if the railroads
would cut off free passes they could re
dues fares. He declared his belief that the
time Is not far distant when the state will
have the J-cent fare. Wise and Fruddon
opposed the bill and presented the figures
'which were given before the committee In
relation to the cost of passenger service
snd the net loss to the companies. The
vote to substitute the minority report fav
oring the bill was 40 to 5T. and then the bill
was Indefinitely postponed.
The bill to provide for disposal of Mis
souri river beds was passed.
Board of Ilraenta Bill.
The special order of the bill to create
a board of regents for the government of
the State university and other state educa
tional Institutions was called up and Mr.
Wright made the opening speech In favor
of the bill. He talked moat of the day,
traversing the ground which had been cov
ered In the senate and presenting u strong
argument in favor of consolidation of the
Hamilton Acrepta Position.
John T. Hamilton of Cedar Rapids has
been tendered the position on the board of
control made vacant by the death of Judge
L. O. Klnne and this afternoon acceptance
of the position was received from Mr.
Hamilton at tho governor's office. Mr.
Hamilton ia a banker and farmer and Is
61 years old, having been born In Henry
county. 111. He was at one time mayor of
Cedar Rapids, and at another time con
gressman. He Is a lifelong democrat.
Roads Almost Impassable.
SIDNEY. Ia.. March IX. Special.) The
roads were seldom If ever In a worse con
dition than at present. Since (he melting
of the recent heavy snows the mud Is so
deep that It Is almost impossible to haul
even an empty wagon without a four
horse team. The Riv-erton-Sldney stage
uses four horses, something never known
before. The streams are overflowing. The
Nishnabotna has burst through the dam
into the new channel where the Rankin
dredge boat la at work and haa flooded
the lauds heretofore protected by the
dikes. The roads are under water and im
passable. Hant Daiwaae laa oa Trial.
LOGAN, la., March 2f.. fSpeclul.) At the
district court the sensational $lo,i60 dam
age suit of Mrs. Daisy M. Hunt against
George W, Egnn is on trial. Yesterday
was taken up In drawing a Jury and this
morning trial b. gan by examining the
plulutlff and her witness. Attorney Emmet
Tlnley of Council Bluffs Is acting for the
defense and V. A. Turner of Acuta for
the prosecution.
itaartermaaler General Haa Design
ttklck Attrarta Attention of Pro
ale at War Department.
WASHINGTON, March .-t"nUer di
rection of Quartermaster General Hum
phrey of the anny, models have been pre
pared of the United States transport Sher
man, and they are attracting much atten- 1
tion at the War department. The models j
are about fifteen feet long and shorn- ,not
only thu exterior of the ship, but also tiie
Interior. One model represents the trans
port cut In halves and shows the relative
positions of uuarters for soldiere, the pas
sengers' rooms, coal bunkers, freight com
partments and machinery roomx.
With great detail the exterior bus lven
worked out In such '.uauner that nothing is
left to the Imagination. Kvnt the beds
for the men are reproduce.) m a small
trilniatuie barrels and boats. 1
All of this can he avoided,
however, by the use of Mother's Friend before baby cornea, as thia
reat liniment always prepares the body for the strain upon it, and
preserves the symmetry of her form. Mother' Friend overcomes all the
danger of child-birth, and carries the expectant mother safely through
this critical period without pain. It is woman's greatest blessing.
Thousands gratefully tell of the benefit and relief derived from the
use of thia wonderful
book, telling all about
thia liniment, wi
Tki Bridfle'd Regilator
1 'ly IT I) 'ill r iT I
Jap Rose
aa. (TaAAB lUSIl
An exquisite production. No skill can
make a soap less harmful or more delicate.
It beautifies the complexion, keeps the
hands soft and white, imparts a constant
bloom of freshness to the skin.
Government Introduces Measure Desieuod to
Offset Taff Vale Decision.
Proposed -Law ot Nnllafnctwry o
Labor Members and Many Liberals
' I ntonlata Jnbllant Over
I net lea I Mistake.
IvONDUX, March IS. Tno ttadc disputes
bill, which is a direct outcome of the Taff
Vale decision, which held that trades union
funds are liable for the Illegal acts of In
dividual members ot a union, was Intro
duced In the House of Co, unions today by
the attorney general. Sir J. Lawson Wal
ton. In explaining the features of the
measure he said that the recent court de
risions had seriously curtailed the useful
ness of trades unions. Their undoubted
rights of - peaceful persuasion had been
cut down to the point of extinction und
funds contributed to provide agnlnxt sick
ness and luck of employment hud been held
liable to meet claims based on the repudi
ated acts of unauthorized official.
The present bill provides thut no act of
a trades union shall be held to be unlawful
If surh act Is lawful when committed by
an Individual. It sets forth In express
terms the right of peaceful picketing, which
the attorney general do.iared was an es
sential part of the right to strike and de
fines the law of agency as applied to trades
union funds for any act unless It la per
fectly clear that . the act was authorized
by th governing body of tho union.
In regard to the deman for the com
plete Immunity of trades union funds from
attack the attorney general declared that
he did not think It right to create a special
privilege for th proletariat. If the hill
did not fulfil the expectations of the trades
union, the government At least hud done
Its best to solve the thorny problem.
Labor Members Object.
This statement, which closed the, attor
ney general's speech, was greeted with
shouts of "no", from the benches occupied
by the labor party members of parliament.
It speedily became evident that the gov
ernment's measure wus not at all to the
liking of the labor members, who before Us
Introduction their opopsitinu to
anything short of complete immunity for
union funds. In their opposition to the
bill the labor members are supported by the
Irish and many ministerial members and
u I: less the government measure Is extended
so as to give union funds complete Im
munity from claims for damages arising
from strikes the lubor members will test
the opinion of the house with a bill which
they have, prepared. Tho Irish will HHk
to have the bill extended to include Irish
farmers and others who ure oieii to unfair
treatment. ,
The trades dispute bill, which was reud
for the tlrtt time today, will be fought
on Ita second reading in committee.
BUI Pleases ftobody.
What is considered to be a tactical n. in
take on the part of the government on
coming Into serious conflict not only with
the lubor party, but a large majority of its
liberal supporters over the introduction
of the trui"s dispute lull In the House of
Commons yesterday, is avowedly doc to
differences of opinion among the minlstera
Dr- Graves
Toolli Powder
there are combined the ele
ments of safety and pleasure
in kissing, your wife or sweet
heart delicious after taste.
Just ask her about it.
Ia baudy auatal cans or botUoe, xge.
Jr Prftyatt' TelK PflWf Pi
W,,UlfiI5 I ClH rQlYu&T W3a
Every, woman eorefl ft
hapelv, pretty Rjrure, and
many of them deplore tha
loRsof their finish forma
after rnarriape. The baring
of children is often destructive
to the mother'a . shapeliness.
themselves, s strong minority being against
a complete concession ' to labor views, and
I lie compromise adopted apparently pleases
noliody. The Incident Is tho snhjoct of
unanimous and keen - regret on the part
of the liberal newspaper this morning,
because, they say. It bus already become,
known that the government will yield by
leaving the question to the decision of the
house and that the -result of this will he
a great loss of prestige to the government.
Hesides, the papers say. It is almost cer
tain to meet with opposition In Ihe House
of Lords, which will send the bill back te.
the House of Commons shorn of tho clause
granting immunity to trades unions ami
possibly of other Important features which
probably Would have been accepted had th
government boldly faced the problem.
The House of Lirdw, the newspapers de
clare, will now point to Ihe govemment'i .
own course as Justification for Its reject
ing the Immunity cluuse. The ' unionist
organs naturally are jubilant, pointing
out that this action is In fulfillment of theli
predictions of the danger of the govern
ment's unwieldy majority and heralding II
us the brglnning of the disintegration Ol
the-liberal battalions.
Sterling Silver Frencer. I&th and Dodge.
Dlvorre for B. L. Duke.
NKW YORK. March Brodle L. Duk
of Durham. N. ('., a relative of the presi
dent of the American Tobacco . company,
toduy was gianted a divorce from h'ii
wife, Alice Webb Duke, whom he mar
ried In this city December 19. 1WK. Wher
the case as called for trial yesterday
counsel for Mrs. Duke did not appear and
witnesses were examined for the plaintiff.
Justice Hlanchard ordered a sealed ver
dict, which was returned today. .
Tnro Stonemasons Killed.
DAYTOV. O.. March 28 -By the collapss
of a scaffolding around the tower of the
new St. Mary's church today Charles Han
dera and George Kllisnn, stone workers,
were precipitated a distance of 100 feel
to the ground and fearfully mangled. Han
dera was Instantly killed. Ellison live
about fifteen minutes.
Travail n
Ml Accidents
Trj the Want i.4
Col u tans of The Boa.
Cm B ! foraatsvl
oWbsi K.lafia.siuu.
irriiaooi, ar ulofik.a
of mucous a(ata.
fiHlM, se sot astria
to I to ft T.
4 sx M4rv
rraJSj1a ftaWtoaV
'Mill WIS Cht aUlCl
aut or uiM,aous.
t- 1 avoid br Uniftou,
- or sit ia eUta !
BanWsaW rMS' H
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