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    tiie omatta daily bee: Wednesday, march 21, v.m.
Attorney General Brown Arpies Tax Ques
tion for Eighteen Counties.
Prrll( I, If ana Salinas Company
art nurd License rr4ln Kiam
laatloa of Affair of the
' (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March 20. (SiK-clal.) Attor
ney General Norrls Brown has prepared a
brief to be filed In the United States su
preme court In opposition to the. appeal of
the Burlington railroad from .the action of
ddfre Mungcr In dismissing the petition
for an Injunction to prevent the collection
of railroad taxes In those counties where
the amount In controversy waa less than
$3,000. In the counties where the amount
In controversy was t?,000 or over the case
waa passed upon by Judge Munger and is
now pending In ' the higher court,' but
where the amount was less than 12.000
Judge Munger dismissed the application,
and from this decision the Burlington ap
pealed. , ,. 7
The counties Involved In this case, to
gether with the amount of tax levied, the
amount tendered and the amount en
Joined Is ihown In the following table:
1!04 Taxes
1904 Taxes as tendered
as extended or paid dur-
on Tax month of Amount to
Blaine H.7R9&9
Buffalo 5.94AM
Chase 2.M1.IM
Colfax 9707
Dawson 2 B4
Pntiglas ..... t.613.1d
Garfield 1.1S2.W
Gosper 4.570 W
Grant 4.907
Hall .6o2.M
Hayes 1.7SS
Merrick S. 434. 24
Platte l,1M9fi
Polk S293
Sarpv 8 23.fiR
Rloui 2.7M.99
Vallev , 490.6a
Wheeler 794.84
Nov. beenloln'd
IXIOR.2 S1.W1.itl
7 34
IIS. 70
2.19 Rl
KM 73
2. H70.77
3. fi.3
3.4K2 !K
fi.SiW 75
4. B;tl.S9
564. si)
In hla brief the attorney general main
tains It la the established rule of the court
w?iere an action la brought to enjoin the
collection of taxes, and a number of tax
collectors are made the defendants, the
amount In controversy Is determined by
the amount aought to be enjoined against
each. The case comes up In October.
Iitsrwee Companies Paring; Tax.
All old line Insurance companies and all
casualty companies doing business In Ne
braska have paid up their 2 per cent tax
on their gross receipts together with th?
fees due the state. Under the terms of
the reciprocal insurance tax all but nine
of the companies have paid and these are
now in correspondence with the head of
the insurance department and will shortly
Since January 1 there has been paid into
the department the aum of V7.000 under
the provisions of the t per cent tax on
gross premiums, and a total of $91,000 for
all licensee and feea. Within the next
thirty days nearly all of the money to
be taken In during the year will have been
collected and It la expected the amount
awlll react the aum of $110,000.
Thls ' will be an Increase of over $20,000
over the total collections of last year, when
from all sources the Insurance department
collected the aum of $87,000. A good portion
of this increase la due to the payments
under the provisions of the reciprocal
tax law which the supreme court recently
held constitutional.
It waa freely talked that should the' su
preme court hold the law waa valid and
, capable of enforcement, many . of the old
companies would withdraw from the state
and cease to do business here, but such
results, however, were not realised. All
of the companies, with the exception of a
few, have paid up and these have notified
the department they expect to pay. Thj
decision kept no company out of the
Insarausc Company Barred.
The Providence Savings Life Insurance
company of New York has been refused
permission to do buslnesa in Nebraska.
Deputy Pierce said the company had not
been examined for about thirty years by a
atate department, and until thla is done he
will refuse to Issue a license. The com
pany maintains several agents in this atate.
Capital City Briefs.
Judge Boyd of Nellgh, who will compete
thla fall with Congressman McCarthy of the
Third district for the republican nomina
tion, waa In Lincoln thla afternoon taking
knowing tney are ftyliskly dressed wnctner in San Fran
cisco or New York. Made witk trie idea of comfort for
people wKo are forced 'to be on tneir feet a great deal.
reels rigrit; looVs rignt; wears riglit; costs but $3.00
Sola BT th test aslr cwry-wker.
Where to Have
The Best Good Times
Nowhere in all the world are no many places and
conditions Ideal for good times as in
The trip can be made profitable, too
Let ua tell you how.
It cannot but be pleasurable
Let us tell you why.
There's most to see along the shortest route
Let us tell you what.
Overland Limited U two meals the shortest
.way to San KrancUco. That means both time
and money saved. '
For full Information inquire at
City Ticket Office, t.iZt Farnafh St.
'Phone lHiiglah-3.'li.
a look at some of the Uw books In the
slate libra!-.
Crawfotd Kennedy, the (lnRni man of
the republican state committee In times
very recent, but 'who Is now a bailiff In
Judge Mungnr'i court at Omaha, was a
Lincoln visitor today and left tonleht for
Columbus to attend to some private busi
ness. Ieputy I.nnd Commissioner Shlvely Wt
this afternoon for Lincoln county, where
he gona to review appraisements of school
lands. Mr Shlvely said the local appraisers
were doing much better In arriving at the
true value of land .during the last few
months Heretofore the local appraisers
hnve been guided by local conditions and
have valued school lands at such a low
figure that the land commissioner In many
Instances has been compelled to set aside
the local appraisement end have the land
Governor Mickey today issued a requisi
tion for the return to Antelope county
of Frank Donncr, who Is under arrest In
Spokane, but who la wanted by the Ne
braska authorities for grand larceny. P011
ner was arrested on a charge of stealing
two steers and while In Jail managed to
escape. ' !
Nearly All of Business District la
Destroyed by Fire.
NORTH LOIT, Neb., March 20. (Special
Telegram.) A disastrous fire broke out this
morning at 7::30 on the second floor of
Babcock & Oowen's department store anil
entirely consumed the building and most
of the dry goods stock. The fire then
spread to the postofTlce and to H. K. Davis'
furniture store, burning both buildings to
the ground. The contents of both buildings
were removed and the damage to this
Is slight. The three buildings which were
burned were frame buildings and In two
hours were entirely destroyed.
The town Is without fire protection, and
it was only by the heroic work of a large
number of mhen that the balance of the
business portion was saved. "The stock of
F. Johnson sustained Slight damage and
practically all the plate glass windows
within a radius of a block were broken by
the heat. The cause of the fire Is not
known, but the supposition Is that it caught
from a stovepipe.
The total damage Is estimated at about
$;i6,000, partially covered by Insurance.
Woodmen at Beatrice.
BEATRICE, Neb., March 20. fSpeclal.)
The convention of district No. 4, Woodmen
of the World, waa held here yesterday
afternoon, but owing to the Inclement
weather there was a small attendance of
delegates. The meeting was called to order
at 3 o'clock by President Carre, the minutes
of the last convention read and the regular
order of business taken up. After some
discussion it was decided to hold a picnic
and log rolling in Beatrice on Labor day
These officers were elected for the ensuing
term: W. L. Leigh, Beatrice, president;
Joseph Cerveny. Swanton, vice president;
D. B. Penrod, Beatrice, secretary; William
Purdy, Beatrice, treasurer. The officers,
with President Carre, comprise the execu
tive committee. The matter of fixing the
date for the next district convention was
left to the secretary.
Sovereign Carre brought the afternoon
session to a close with an address in which
he urged all members of-4he order to feel
the necessity of working individually and
collectively for the welfare of the organiia
tlon. In the end that it may lead nil other
orders in the atate as regards membership.
At the evening meeting two candidates
were initiated, after which State Manager
Walsh of Omaha delivered an address on
fraternal insurance. Refreshments were
served at the close of the business session.
taa on old Fort Kearney.
KEAF WEr.JVeb,, March 30. (Special Tele
gram.) W. O. Dungan has placed a tenant
on hla farm south of the river, which em
braces the old Fort Kearney alte, and haa
removed to Mlnden. Mr. Dungan will here
after be engaged In organizing branches of
the American Society of Equity, he having
been appointed to take charge of thla work
for the counties of Kearney, Phelps and
Franklin. He gays that the project of mak
ing a national park out of the old Fort
Kearney site la by no meana dead, but that
General Culver 'is pushing it.
Chamberlln Case Postponed.
AUBURN, Neb., March 20. (Speelnl.)-
Dlstrict court convened here yesterday
afternoon with Judge Raper of Pawnee
City on the bench, for the purpose of try
ing the caae against Charles M. Chamber
lln of Tecumseh, brought to this county
on a change of venue. This morning on
motion of defendant the case was con-
J tlnued until May 7. The regular panel
Lady's ShoeO
in tne latest ati
apes and
Tkose wko wear tie
Tourist Have trie satisfaction of
f the Jury was excused until that time.
Judge Raper will sit as examining mugls-
rate In the case against J. P. Cohoe,
harged with stealing tl.SK) found on the
property of Joseph Albrlcht, who Is In the
nsnne asylum at Lincoln. Kerney Darke
will also be given his preliminary hearing
n the charge of obtaining from O. T.
Dustin under fal!e pretenses.
farmer tonnri Head In Street, i
ARAPAHOK, Neb., March 30. (Special
elegram.) The lifeless body of AVtlllsm
Bchievelbeln. a prominent German farmer j
f Gosper county, living ten miles north-
west of this place, was discovered this
morning lying on the Main street and at
first It was supposed he had froien to
death. At the coroner's Inquest but little
was elicited other thnn that the deceased
had been drinking some, but not more than
usual for lilm, but In some manner, after
inlying his team to go home, was thrown
from his wagim and either so stunned or
Injured as to cause his death by freezing
or the injuries. The deceased was well
known both In Furnas and Gosper coun
ties. He was one of a large family which
removed to southwestern Nebraska In the
early '80s, all of whom have become
wealthy and prominent In the upbuilding of
this section.
&eir of Nebraska.
GKNF.VA Four Inches of snow fell Run-
dsy tilitht and yesterday afternoon, making
total of seventeen Inches on a level.
COOK J. K. Hall, who has been side
for the last two years. Is now reported
rerv low, with small hopes of recovery.
COOK The license party of Cook has
placed In nomination for vlllngo trustees
K. F. Kthrldge, W. O. Tomer and K. G.
CAMRRIIXtK An epidemic of measles
Is pervading the town and more than forty
absentees from the public schools are thus
COLl'MRl'S The adjourned term of the
district court convened Monday, taking up
he criminal docket, with Judge Itollcnbeck
CAMBRIDGE Rome colored evnngelista
arrived last evening to assist In the pro
tracted meetings oeing Held in the .Metho
dist church.
MINDKN The pastor and members of
the Christian church are raising money
with which to remodel and enlarge the
church this spring.
STKLliA A. L. Ogden of Bethany has
accepted a call to till the Christian pulpit
In this city every other week for the next
year. He preaches at Louisville alternate
PA PILLION Doctor J. C. Kllngeman
died this morning after thirty years prac
tice or medicine In Karoy county, aged
56 years. lie leaves a wife and one married
RKATRtCB Ben Schneider yesterday
severed his connection with the clothing
store of Voortman & Co.. and left for
Plckrell to go to work in the general store
of J. D. White.
PLATTSMOl'TII-Mr. and Mrs. G. M
Porter very pleasantly entertained the fif
teen members of the Symphony club, a
musical organization. In honor of Miss
Janet Buzzell.
ALBION The mercury reached the aero
point every night during last week. Sev
eral Inches of snow cover the ground and
tne weather Is more like winter than any
thing previously experienced this year.
JJKATR1CK G. K. Llston of Omaha ar
rived in the city ycFtcrday to succeed
J. If. Mlminltt as weight inspector for
the Western Weighing association, Mr.
Dimmltt having been transferred to Den
BEATRICR On account of the cold
weather work on the Young Men's Chris
tian association building has been sus
pended for the past week. Plasterers will
be put to work as soon as the weathur
is fit.
BEATRICE Samuel Latshaw. an unmar
ried man 40 years of ae, who has resided
about six miles southwest of Cortland for
a long time, was adjudged Insane yester
day ana taken to the asylum by Sheriff,
GENEVA The Enterprise Printing com
pany has purchased the Fillmore County
Press, edited by Fred 8. Davis. Mr. Davis
nas Deen in Arkansas, where he bought a
large tract of lund, and will move there
at once. .
COOK Miss Mvrtle Smith and Ra
Phillips, popular young people of this com
munity, were married Sunday nt the home
of the brlde'a parents, Mr. and Mr.- Vol
smitn. four and a half miles southeast
of here.
ALBION M. B. Thome-son. nrcsldent of
the Albion National bank, who wus stricken
with paralysis and whose life has been
despaired of by his friends. Is Improving
and hopea are now entertained for his
NEBRASKA CITY-S. W. Trail, a re
tired business man, died Monday morning
at his home in this city as a result of a
paralytic stroke, tie was in business in
this city for many years. He leaves a
wife and three grown children.
MINDEN The no license people nomi
nated the following ticket: For muvor,
I A. Dasher; for clerk, G. H. Weniier;
for treasurer, Elmer Ted wall; for council
men. North ward. James Cadwell and A
G. Bloomtlcld; South ward, W. B. Nlchol.
TABLE ROCK Two or three Table Rock
nlmrod8 who went down the road some
fifty miles to Lake Bigelow, Mo., to enjoy
an outing and shoot ducks are reported to
have run up against the game laws of
Missouri, for which they are held to answer.
MADISON The high school held its
annual declamatory contest this evening.
The contestants were Misses Martha Gilt
ner. Belle Gillespie and Clulre Fichter.
Miss Giltner was the victor and will repre
sent Madison at the district contest at
MADISON At the citizens' convention
tonight C. 8. Smith was nominated mayor
for the fourth term and Dirk Boe and
John Horst were nominated for the council.
Jack Horsham and O. H. Gillespie wero
nominated for members of the Board of
MADISON Mrs. J. H. Rlnlclus was
burled here today. Deceased was the wife
of one of Madison's early settlers and was
nearly 70 years old at the time of her
death, which was caused by a paralytic
stroke that deprived her of the power to
speak or swallow.
COLL'MBl'S Dr. W. H. Slater, who had
been in Kansas City taking a post-graduate
course In veterinary, came .home quite
sick and has been confined to his home
under the doctor's care ever since. His
class graduated and the doctor received
his degree in abstentla.
STELLA Mrs. R. J. McMullen of Tarklo.
Mo., who Is visiting her son. A. R. Mc
Mullen, a few miles east of here, while
going down stairs tripped and fell to the
bottom. It was not though she was seri
ously hurt at the time, but later a physi
cian found two ribs fractured.
6IIELTON The heaviest snow which has
ever laid on the ground at this season of
the year is now evenly distributed over
this section. Twelve Incnes fell in six days
of the last eight and sleighing Is first -clan.
Should this melt soon fanning will not
be able to commence before April 1,
COOK John E. Hall, one of the oldest
settlers In this county, passed away on
March 19 at his home four miles southeast
of here, aged 81 years. He came to Ne
braska and settled on his homestead near
here Just after the close of the civil war.
He leaves a wife and eight children.
TABLE ROCK H. C. Stutheli, a German
farmer, who has lived for forty years on
his farm ten miles northeast of here. In
the edge of Nemaha county, and who was
sent to the hospital for the insane several
months ago, where he died Sunday, was
lirought home yesterday and the funeral
will be held at tho German church neai
his old home tomorrow.
FI'LLERTON The anti-liccne people
held a caucus last evening and placed in
the field the following candidates: For
mayor. W. H. Davis; for clerk. H. M.
Kellogg; for treasurer, David Stephenson;
for councllmen. First waul. W. J. McCay;
Second ward. Robert A. Mtiwhiney; Third
ward, for two years. G. F. Robinson; for
one year, Arthur Ileaman.
STELLA The anti-license people nomi
nated the following ticket: W. H. Hogrefe
H. C. Fankell, 8. II. Bailey an,t j. w.
Vaught. The IiIkIi license party nonunated
tne following: n. a. Liiirn. j. M
le, Clyde HaskiiiM and 8ld Tlmerman. but
Mr. Goodloe and Mr Haskins refused 10
allow their names to 1 placed on the ticket
and the vacancies will have to be tilled by
f'V1' 81.?,-I'ocal,y ,he. '"'PresKion pre-
vailed that Platte county hud leen setiled
o long ago thut the proving no on home-
steads waa a thing of the past, bit lo1ay
before the clerk of the district .-ourt Abr.i-
V . Ijirilft unri tVunLi I4,i.r.ri
ineir nnai priois on lioinetiteadM in range
1. and us each of them HxwlBted the other
they must have settled their homes alKiiit
the same time.
BEATRK'K Judge Hailett of this cltv,
who recently made a trip to Washington.
D. C, in the interest of the paid-out set
tlers on the Otoe and Miiutourl Indian
lands In thl county, received word yester-
Iriay from Washington that the commit
tee of congress having the consideration
of the bill for the relief of the settler
J had recommended it pasaag. Th bill
Is one which Interests every purchaser
of Indian lands In the. south psrt. of the
county who paid out on his purchase, ami
It Is hoped by those Interested that It will
pass tlie house and le approved by the
senate. (
P.KATRICK Word has Wn received here
that Marry (launder, a son of Mr. ami
Mrs. A. V. H Saunders, former residents
of Beatrice who are now living at Fort
Morgan, Colo, was recently killed In a
I wreck near Brush, Colo. He was a flre-
man on the Burlington, with a run between
nd Alliance, and was to have been
married next June. He was born in liea:-
"p ami was j years 01 age.
"HELTON Charles H 8mlth, an old
Monjy morning after a week s IM-
ness. One week ago he was stricken with
appoplexy and gradually weakened until
lilt; vim team-. 11- imp ivi ninny ,rniR ut-ru
it contractor and builder here and was
prominent In lodge work and Grand Army
affairs. He was T1 years old and leaves
a widow and married children.
NEBRASKA CITY-Pnst D, Travelers
Protective association, has elected these
officers: President L. P. I'tterhack; vice
president, A. P. Stafford; secretary and
treasurer. K. M. Chase; directors, John
W . Stelnhart. William Blschorf, jr., L. P.
I'tterhack. A. N. Oerecke, H. O. Rice;
delcirates to state convention. A. J. Ilsle,
W. A. Hughey, John (Jolden. W. H. Penn.
A. P. Stafford: delegate to national conven
tion, John Golden.
ALBION As a result of the Indictments
recently found by the grand Jury lines to
the amount of 12.500 have leen assessed
and either paid or secured. These are all
for violations of the state liquor law, ami
four parties Indicted, with an aggregate
of about thirty counts have not yet been
tried. This does not Include several parties
against whom Indictments have been found
who have disappeared since the convening
of (he grahd Jury. Not less than WW will
be recovered by way of penalties. The
city has also begun action against fho
various defendants for violations of the
city ordinances, setting out the same sales
upon which the parties were fined in the
district court.
GENEVA Two caucuses were held Mon
day night to nominate municipal officers
and two members for the Board of Educa
tion. The citizens' party, for high license,
nominated the following: For mayor. A.
H. Steven: for councllmen. First waid.
V. I Arenschild; Second ward, M. Propst;
Third ward. Fred Camp; for clerk, H. P.
vnson; lor treasurer, w. B. Huston; for
members of board, J. H. Pager and J. II.
Heath. The people's party, opposed to
saloons, nominated as follows: For mavor.
1'eter loungers; for councllmen. First
ward, William Benson; Second ward, W.
M. Dlnneen; Third ward, Willis Davis; for
clerk. A. D. Curtlss; for treasurer, J. R.
Mc Peck; for board, J. H. Heath and J. 11.
BEATRICE The official program for the
Southwestern Nebraska Educational asso
ciation, which holds Its annual meeting
In Beatrice April 4-6. has Just been Is
sued. The meeting will open Wednesday
evening at the Paddock opera house with
a debate between the schools of Pawnee
City, Falrbury, Falls City. Humboldt, Wit
her, Wymore, Beatrice and Nebraska City,
and close with an impersonation, "A
Christmas Carol," by Montavtlle Flowers.
Addresses will be delivered during the ses
sion by prominent educators of the state.
The officers of the association are Sup
erintendent C. A. Fulmer, Beatrice, presi
dent; W. H. Plllsbury. Falls City, vie
president: Rose B. Clark, Friend, secretary;
R. I Hoff, Humboldt, treasurer.
PLATTSMOUTH The republican city
convention In this city last evening, was
the most harmonious and enthusiastic of
any held here for years. H. N. Dovey,
cashier of the First National bank, was
made chairman, and W. L. Picket, secre
tary. The first ballot showed that each
of the five wards had cast their full vote
for Judge W. H. Newell for mayor. The
other nominations were unanimously made.
Police Judge, William Weber; clerk, Em
mons Rlchey; members of the school boatd.
Dr. C. A. Marshall and H. N. Dovey; coun
cllmen. Henry Schunts, Cyril Janda, F.
H. Stelmker and R. H. Putton. City
Treasurer R. W. Clement, a democrat,
having given entire satisfaction, no one
was named to make the race against hi in.
Fair and Warmer Today In Ne
braska, Iowa, "oath Dakota
and Kaaaaa.
WASHINGTON. March M.-Forecat of
the weather for Wednesday and Thursday;
For Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kan
saa ana Missouri fair and warmer
Wednesday. Thursday, 'ialr.
Local Heord
OMAHA, March 20. Official record of tem
perature ana precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
years: 190&. 1904. 1903
Maximum temperature .. 32 39 42 84
Minimum temperature ... 4 32 28 16
Mean temperature 18 3t 35
Precipitation 00 .01 .08 .00
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1
ana comparison witn tne lost two years:
Normal temperature 31
Deficiency for the day 1
Total excess since March 1 164
Normal precipitation 06 Inch
Deficiency for the day 05 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 1.27 Inches
Excess since March 1 44 Inch
Deficiency cor. period, 1906 18 Inch
Deficiency cor. period, 1904 28 Inch
Reports from Statlona at T P. M.
Station and State Temp. Max. Raln-
ot weatner. 7 p. m. Temp. fall.
Bismarck, cloudy
Cheyenne, partly cloudy..
Chicago, clear
Davenport, clear
Denver, partly cloudy....
Havre, clear
Helena, clear
Huron, clear
Kansas City, clear
North Platte, clear
Omaha, clear
Rapid City, clear
St. Louis, clear
St. Paul, partly cloudy...
Salt Lake City, cloudy...
Valentine, clear
Wllllston. cloudy
32 32 .00
32 36 .IJ0
24 26 .00
26 28 .00
40 44 .00
32 3 .00
40 42 . 00
32 34 .00
36 38 .00
30 34 .00
29 32 .00
30 40 .00
30 32 .00
32 36 .00
48 52 .00
32 36 .00
28 28 .00
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster
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Strange, It Is, that in such little tablet
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Burkett Em -Bill Which Would Give
Lincoln Men More Fay.
Rnslness Men of that Tlare and
Omaha tree It oa Department
Throaah Congressmen Ken
nedy and lllnsharr.
(From a Rtaff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. March . (Special TM-
egram.) Senator Burkett today Introduced
a bill In the senate to amend the Vnlted
States statutes relating to the classification
and compensation of letter-carriers In
cities. Mr. Burkett's amendment reads
an follows:
There may be in sll cities which contsln
a population of 4o,i or more three clases
of letter carriers, as follows: Carriers of
Mist class, whose salaries shall be
per annum: of second class, whose salar'-s
shall be h0O per annum, and third class,
whose salaries shall be $600 per annum.
In places containing a population of less
than 40.000 there may be two classes of
letter carriers, as follows: Carriers of
second class, whose salaries shall be tM
per annum, and of third class, whose sal
aries shall be $600 per annum.
The law as It stands now, provides that
In cities of 76.000 or more population three
classes of letter carriers may be employed,
as follows: Carriers of first class at
of second class at $S0O and of the third
class, $600 per annum. The present law
also provides that In cities of less than
75.000 population only two classes of letter
carriers shall be employed; carriers of the
second class, at $850, and carriers of thirl
class at $600 per annum.
The effect of this legislation will be to
change the classification and thereby ralso
the salaries of carriers In cities of more
than 40,000 and less than ?u,000 Inhabitant.
Better Mall Service Wanted.
Representatives Kennedy and Hinshaw
had a conference today with the second as
sistant postmaster general and Captain
White, chief of the railway mall service,
looking to better mail service between
Omaha and Falrbury, which Is on the Rock
Island railroad. The business men of both
Omaha and Falrbury complain of Inade
quate service on the afternoon trains out of
Omaha and on corresponding other morning
service from Falrbury to Omaha. The
Commercial club of Omaha and the bankers
of that city have wired Mr. Kennedy as
well as Mr. ITinshaw particulars In rela
tion to the trains which now carry closed
mall pouches from Omaha through Falr
bury, and they are asking that space be
set apart In these mall car for local mes
senger service. Assistant Postmaster Gen
eral Shallenberger and Captain White were
not acquainted with the conditions existing
between Omaha and Falrbury on the Rock
Island, but Informed the congressmen the
matter would be taken up with the proper
officials with a view of meeting the desires
of the business Interests.
Minor Matter nt Capital.
Congressman Pollard called at the Post
office department today for the purpose of
ascertaining the reason for the delay In
the Issuance of the commission of George
Relcher as assistant postmaster at Falls
City. He wa Informed the delay was due
to the postmaster in making out Mr. Reich-
er's bond; that Just a soon aa 'the bond
waa properly executed the commission
would Issue.
Ralph Connell of New Mexico, son of W.
J. Connell of Omaha, Is In Washington In
connection with matter pertaining to the
ndlan ervlce with which he Is connected.
Rural carriers appointed: Iowa Belle
vue, route 4, Albert Bohrer, carrier; Henry
Gerlach, substitute. Miles, route 2, Charles
Carter, carrier: Frank Carter, substitute.
South Dakota Fairfax, route 1, Mark Mur
phy, carrier; John Murphy, substitute.
Rural route No. 6 has been ordered estab
lished May 1 at Hamburg, Fremont county,
la., serving 500 people and 100 houses.
Nebraska postmasters appointed: Fort
Niobrara, Cherry county, William H. Boyer,
Jj O. Vincent, resigned; Louisville, Cass
county, Wilfred C. Dorsey, vice G. W. May
field, resigned.
evr Flan of Handling Measure to
Prevent ft from Going
to Committee.
.WASHINGTON, March 20.-The state
hood bill will be taken up In the house
tomorrow under the protection of a spe
cial rule, the adoption of which will lie
tho necessary step on the part of the houso
to get the bill Into the hands of the con
ference committee of the senate and house.
Forty minutes' debate will be divided be
tween the friends and opponents of the
rule, when a vote will be taken.
The special rule Is declared to be the only
way the bill can be taken from the speak
er's table, as otherwise It would have to go
to tho commltee on territories, because of
the senate amendment making a different
disposition of certain government property
than was contemplated by the house bill.
If this amendment hod not been mado a
motion to concur In the senate amendment
would have been In order, a taking prece
dence over a motion to disagree.
However, the advocate of the house bill
see a tactical advantage In the special rule,
a some members who were Inclined to sup
port a motion to concur with the senate
will not be Inclined to oppose a rule direct
from the speaker' room. A meeting of
the republican "insurgent" I contem
plated. Their leaders say the rule prob
ably will be adopted, but that while they
have no real objection to (ending the bill
to conference, they will vote against the
rule, aa they consider It constructive in In
struction to the house conferees that they
are not to report unless they can reach an
agreement in accordance with the house
bill. They predict that the vote tomorrow
will be the last one In which the "regu
lars'' can hold their strength and that If
a report comes In Arlsona and New Mexico
will be eliminated from the bill.
Thirty "Insurgent" republicans met In
Representative Babcock's committee room
today and agreed to stand together In op
position to Speaker Cannon' plan to send
the statehood bill to conference. The "ln
urgenta" say they favor sending the bill,
as amended by the senate, to a conference,
but will not support any rule to hut off
debate and prevent the house from In
structing its member of the conference aa
to how to vote. Representatives liabcock,
Mondell and other leaders In the Insur
gent faction Insist that the speaker plan
will railroad the bill to the conference In
such a way that the house members of
the conference must Insist on the bill prac
tically aa it was framed and passed by the
;rabaiu-anke .
KEARNEY, Neb.. March 20 (Special Tel
egram.) A pleasant wedding occurred at
the purscinsge of the Methodist church of
this city last night. The contracting parties
were Miss Birdie I). Sunkey and William E.
Graham, both of Shelton. Mr. and Mrs.
Graham are Buffalo county people, having
lived here from childhood. They will make
their future home in the Alberta country,
northweat Canada. They will Join a com
pany of farmer from near Shelton who
have settled there and taken up homestead.
Jim Key is coming.
After Years of Experience. Advises Women la
Regard to Their Health.
Mrs. Martha Tohlman
of 65 Chester Avenue,
Newark, N. J., who in a
praduate Nurse from the
Rlockley Training School,
at riiiladelphlv and for
f.x years Chief Clinio
Nurse at the Philadelphia
Hospital, vrite8 the letter
printed below. the has
the advantage of poraonal
experience, beRides her
professional i education,
and what she has to say
may be absolutely relied
Many other women are
afflicted as she was. They
ran regain health in the
same way. It is prudent
to heed such advice from
such a source.
Mrs. Pohlman writes:
" I am firmly persuaded,
after eight years of experience
with Lvdia E. Pinkbams
Vegetable Compound, that it
is the safest and best medicine
for any suffering woman to
" Immediately after my
marriage I found that my
health began to fail me. I be
raine weak and pale, with
severe bearing-down pains,
fearful backache and fre
quent dizzy spells. The doctors
prescribed for me, yet I did
not improve. I would bloat
after eating, and frequently
become nauseate I. 1 bail
pains down through my limb go I could
hardly walk. It wa a bad a case of female
trouble a I hav ever known. Lydla E.
Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound, however,
cured me within four months. Since that
time I have had occasion to recommend it to
a numlier of patients suffering from all
form of female difficulties, and I find that
while it is considered unprofessional to rec
ommend a patent medicine, I can honestly
recommend Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound,- for I have found that it cures
female ills, where all ot her medicine fails, It
Is a grand medicine for sick women."
Money cannot buy such testimony as
this merit alo le ran produce such re
sults, and the ablest specialists now
agree that Lydia K. Pinkham'a Vege
table Compound is the most univer
sally successful remedy for all female
diseases known to medicine.
When women are troubled with Ir
regular, suppressed or painful periods,
weakness, displacement or ulceration
of the female organs, that bearing
down feeling, inflammation, backache,
bloating (or flatulence), general debili
ty, indigestion, and nervous prostra
tion, or are beset with such symptoms
as dizziness, fain tness, lassitude, excita-
Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Succeeds Where Others Fall.
Resists aa Secretary and Will Ee Believed
April First.
Action No Surprise, a It Wa
Anticipated Director Will
Re Deliberate in Mam
Ins; New Man.
Secretary Merchant of the Omaha Grain
exchange has resigned his position and will
be relieved April 1. The board of directors
of the exchange accepted his resignation
at a meeting Monday, tho minutes of which
read thus:
The resignation of A. H. Merchant as
secretary of the exchange was presented
by the president, and after due and care
ful consideration tho following resolution
was offered by Mr. Kirkeudall, seconded b
Mr. timith, and, on motion, was adopted
by unanimous vote:
"Resolved. That the board of directors
reluctantly accept the reslKnatioit)f A. 11.
Merchant as secretary, with the under
standing that he will remain In the service
of the exchange for a reasonable time, until
his place can be -filled.
Resolved That in accepting this resigna
tion wo express our appreciation of the
valuable and efficient services of Mr. Mer
chant as secretaiy; that through Ills ex
perience and efficient services much of the
success of this exchange lias been accom
plished: that we express the hope that his
future employment may be congenial and
profitable, and exceedingly regret the neces
Longest KMatiliwIiod, Must (Successful and Reliable Specialists, as Medi
cal Diplomas, Licenses and Newspaper Iteeords (Show.
THERE are thousands of men whose minds are weak and Impaired, and
whose bodies are unsound and diseased. They suffer from the follies
aid excesses of youth, which weaken their physical, mental and sexual
powers. They are weak, nervous, tired, dixsy, languid, despondent, absent
minded; have weak, aching back, palpitation of the heart, capricious appetite
-frightful dreams, a constant fear of Intending danger, night losses and day
drains, which unfits them for work, study, business or marriage. Other are
suffering from private diseases, such as Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stricture, Varico
cele, Enlarged Prostate or Blood Poison (Syphlll).
Are you one of these men? Are you staggering under the burden of a secret
weakness, which Is a slow but sure drain on your strength and vitality? In
your present condition are you tit to hold a responsible position? Can anybody
rely on you or can you rely on yourself? Is your body almost wrecked and your
brain In a whirl? It Is terrible to le In this condition, but it is still worse to
allow It to progress and U come more aggravated, fur It will then fill your,
whole tife with falluie, mlaery and woe. There are thousands of ruined and ;
chec lesH hollies, filled witu dlhcontent and unhappinesa. lacking In love and
companionHhip through the sexual vu-akness and phyxlcal Impairment of men
whoxe years do not Justify such a condition. We have gladdened the heart of
thousands of young and middle-aged men who were plunging toward the grave,
restoring them to perfect specimens of physical manhood, full of vim. vigor and
vitality. 1 1
We Cure riafely and Thoroughly '
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions, Nervo-Sexual Debility,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases, -
and all diseases and wraknesKes of men due to Inheritance, evil habit, ex- .
cesses, self-abuse or the result of .mclne or private diseases.
We make 110 misleading statement, deceptive or unbusinesslike '
propositions to the afflicted, neither do we promise to cure them In
few days nor offer rhi'MP, worthless treatment In order to secure their
patronage.. Honest doctors of recognized ability do not resort to such
methods. cYe guarantee a perfect, safe and lasting cure. In the quickest
possible lime, without leaving Injurious after effects In the system, and
at the lowest cost possible for honest, skillful ami successful treatment,
enCC Consultation If you cannot call write for symptom blank.
r - sua fcaamlnatloa Office Hours, m. to 8 p. m. Sundays, lu to 1 only.
1308 Famam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
AVartba -i v O
bility, irritability, nervousness, sleep,
lessness, melancholy, "all-gone " and
" want-to-be-left-alone"' feeling, bluea
and hopelessness, they should remem
ber there is one tried and true remedy.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound at once removes such troubles.
No other female medicine in the
world has received such widespread
and unqualified endorsement. '
The needless suffering of women frora
diseases peculiar to their Sex la terrible
to see. The money which, they pay to
duetcwi who do not help them, ia an
enormous waste. The pain is cured
and the money is saved by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
It is well for women who are ill to
write Mrs. Pinkhain. at Lynn, Mass.
The present Mrs. Pinkham is the
daughter-in-law of Lydia E. Pinkham,
her assistant for many years before her '
decease, and for twenty - five years
since her advice has been freely given
to sick women. In her great experi
ence, which covers many years, she
has probably had to deal with dozens
of cases just like yours. Her advica
1. . 1 : .1 1 .. 11 ) .1 1
is strictly confidential.
sity, for business reasons, of severing his
connection with the exchange."
(Signed! . W. WATTLES, President.
.ot Much of a Surprise.
The action of Mr. Merchant was not a
surprise to a majority of the member of
the exchange, nor men In touch Willi K. It
had been anticipated and was even known
positively by some before !t was officially
announced. He came to the exchange in
December of 19tB and the exchange began
active operations In February of the next
year. ' ' '
Mr. Merchant stated that he and W. Jj
Morphy, formerly assistant' secretary of
the exchange, now secretary of tha Taylor
Mountain Mining company, would organise
the Omaha Venture company, a concern
whose object will .be to buy and develop
mining properties." The company, will have '
offices In the Bee building.
In this connection, Mr, Merchant said a
mining exchange waa a possibility and a
probability for Omaha.
No successor to Mr. Merchant has been
chosen. Vice President S. A. McWhortor
suld several men had been mentioned for
the position, but the board had taken no
action looking toward a selection of a new
secretary.J In order to avoid friction and
come us near a possible satisfying till
elements time will be taken for the selection
of the man.
A Miraculous Kscape
from bleeding - to death, had A. Plnska,
Nashotah, Wis., who healed hlj wound
with Bucklen's Arnica Salve. ' 2So. For
salo by Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
WATCHES Frenxer, 15th and Dodge.
for .EU.EE1