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Bearish Ctmiiderttiont OtTsat Ettr Cwh
Demand In Whett.
1m Weather far
o n rirw t
Slight AlTturf.
OMAHA, March 14. If.
FavnraMe weather nd weak cable offset
better riih demand in whMt today. He
porta of crop condition In the southwest
wer bearish and receipts wer nearly dou
ble those of the uinc day last year. Tha
market began weak on the foreign situa
tion. There good buying by ahorta at
the decline and prices reacted cent from
.yhe low point. Uoth tha northwest and
Mouthwest crowds wer heavy aellera at Ih
advanea and tha market turned weak attain.
1 he do waa but slightly better than yes
terday. Though corn waa weak early, buying pet
In on light rereipta and bad weather for
movement, and thin, with the upturn In
wheat, rausad considerable trencth. In
July there waa an advance of Ho, a pait
of which waa lout at the cloae. Tha cash
market waa higher.
Oat opened ateady. loat ft tittle early In
the session and closed firm at an advance
over veaterdav.
. learancee were 7,'w oarreis nour, m.rv
nusneis corn, 74,ono busnei oats, rrimsry
wheat receipt were 4S0.000 huahela and
shipments lSo.noo bushels, agalnat receipt
Inst year of 314.000 buahela and ahlpmenta
of 247,0no biiahela. Corn receipt were 329.
fltKI hn.hela and ahlnmenta 2N.1.0no buahela.
agalnat recelpta last year of 6'JS.OOO buahela
and ahlpmenta of 872,000 buahela.
Hroomhall cabled the Londan standard
reports, the Russians famine exceeds that
of mi In Intensity and area. .
Liverpool closed HQHA lower on wheat
and 44ft lower nn corn.
Eastern buyere-wer In tha wheat market
at C'hlcaaro yesterday. taking 1.500,000
buahela on ton of the 0.0n0 buahela
bought Monday. The best buying of wheat
lately has been In New York. in sea
board venter.luv sold 32 AnO bushels wheat.
144.000 bushels corn, and 160,000 bushels oata
for export.
Patten wlrd from Chicago: "Whlla
the market acta steady this morning. I
see nnthtna tn encourage one to buy wheat.
It looka like another Increase In the visible
supply this week. Receipts In the north
west contlnuit fair and prlcea are still too
high for export. Tha winter wheat belt
la still covered with snow. It aeema to
mo nothing but an actual foreign demand
can maintain or advance prices.
Tha local rang ot options; .
I Open. I Hlgh.l tow. ( Clos.
May July
May S7V.F
r, rV4Bl 874.A
I I.
A asked. B bid.
Omahav Cash Salea.
WHEAT No. 4 hard, 1 car. 2C.
Oaiska Cash Prlees.
W HEAT No. 1 hard, 70fi78c; No. t hard,
674j70'4c; No. 4 hard, 2iSWHo; No. 2 spring,
1l"7VU.e' Nn. 1 snrlna?. ivVuTOo. '
CORN No. I, SOftc; No. 4, SM?36ttc; no
grade, 31 'a 36c; No. I yellow, Sc; No. I
white, 37V36c. .
OATS No. t mixed, 27.3 2Rc; No. S white.
WbnSic; No. 4 white, 3KiT.c.
K V E No. 2. 64c; No. t, 63c.
Cnrlot Heeelpt.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Kansas City
Mlnneapolla .
Bt. Louis ....
.... 38
KtXatares at tha Tradlngr a4 Cloalasj
rrlcea on Board of Trad.
CHICAGO. March 14. Favorable weather
for (li.anwn wheat tn toe United States
offset today the effect of ft report of a.
famine in Kussia ana causea a sieaoy
close in tha wheat market. Final quota
tlona on the May delivery ahowed vary
little change from tha closing figure of
yesterday. Corn and oata were each up
HWWo. i Provisions were ft shade higher
to a shade lower, .
During tha arly part of tha
when- market raavey because o ar
nort of snow in the winit-r wheat section
lower rabies and a heavy movement In
the northweat. Later, however, the mar
ket became strong on active covering by
ahnrta Induced bir an improved demand
fur cash wheat at tha principal outaide
markets. The upturn brought out In
creased offerings and the market again
reacted. Local longs sold freely during
the last hour and nearly all the gain waa
lost. The market closed ateady. May
opened ioMo to V4V lower at 764o to
-.. . I j A r.r.'L (,.rj,n r.A tVtn pal.
lied to 77Wtt77Hc. The close was at 77c
July ranged between 7o and, 7JHc and
t'losed at 77c. Clearances of wheat and
flour were equal to 215,000 bu. Primary
recelpta were 4W.000 bu., agalnat 614.000 bu.
a war mo. Minneapolis. Ituluth and Chi
cago reported receipts of 381 oars, agalnat
n laet week and 171 cars on year ago.
Corn waa weak In sympathy with wheat
t the nnenlna-. but the market became
firm as a reault of buying Inspired by tha
small movement throughout tne country.
Values were also strengthened by the
small local recelots. Ttie market closed
ateHdv. Mav opened a ahade lower a
4".p. sold between 4250 and 4Ji4(0'tt4o and
closed at 43c. Ical recelpta were 163
cara. with ona car of contract grade.
The beara made another raid on tha
oata market today and brought about a
moderate decline early In tha aesslon, but
the loss was regained on ft good demand
by pit tradera and commlHslon housea.
May opened unchanged at 2Hc, aold be
tween 28tj'c and So and cloaed at
29WHc. Local recelpta were 16 care.
A be. advance In the price of live hogs
held the provisions market ateady despite
considerable pront-taKing in pora ana rme,
Th volume of trading was larae. At th
rinse Mav nork waa off 2M at 116 70. Lard
waa a shade hlrher st S7.60. Rlba were
unchanged at $X S0i KH- I
Estimated recelpta for tomorrow: Wheat,
I cars: errn, 126 cara; oata, 103 cars; hogs,
M me head.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles.! Open. Hlgh. Low. Closa.j Yes y
Wheat I
May- TUSflV
Hept. 7lSv77
May S
Juiy 4i
rx-pt. 44t!
Hluia I
May I !9l
tspt. sr,
May IS 76
July 16 76
May 7
July 7J
B. pt. I 06
May I 36
July t
77 V
77 v
43Hfii4 42S
16 Kl
li 76
7 86
7 ttt
16 47H 16 TO 16 7IH
13 60 16 S 16 6
t 0 7 ft) 7 80
7 to 7 M4 7 W.
i 00 I 0Z g 00
K. I 37V. I 3.
No. 2.
milil lr,rt wae mm C.. U
F'IjOI R Dull and easy; winter Datent
t3.ao4l3.u; winter strsigbta, t33uii3.70: sunn
patents, 33eW3S; spring alraiajliU, el.avu
3 no; bakers. U.raS uo.
WHKAT-Nn. 3 spring. 71 TeHwc : No. 3. 71
IfTSc: No. t red. 7t"
COHN-No, 3, 41c; No. 3 yellow. 41V-OATS-.No.
2. itli SSc; Ko. 2 white,
iU-: No. I white. il!fl31'o.
KVB-No, 2. 64"c.
BARLEY Good fewilng, rtvJTHoi fair to
choice malting. 4isib"e.
tKKD-No, 1 flux, tl.07V4: No. 1 noithmest
ei ii, 31 U'dj; prime timothy, 33 17, clover,
contract grade. t)3.&u.
PKinibltiNo-Meai nork. per bbl, 1S 110
ttlotU. Isrd. p-r l'" lba., 17.70. Snort ribs
at.l.a (loose). I li.nH.tSk. Short clear sides
luuxedl. s4.;
Recelpta and shipments of grain and flour
ware as follows: Receipts. Shipments.
Klour.i bbls 46.o,'aj 17,7io
Wheat, bu s tM K4f
Corn, bu Hl.ii'o lJi0
lulu, bu , lM.tsat , 137.Au
Rye, bu " 1
llil. bu I5U.MJ Sl.liJO
On the Troduce exchange today the but
ter market was ateady; creameries, leuJa;
dulrtes. I6a'-3f. Kgs, firmer; at mark, cases
included. UV: fli'sta. 13o; prima flreta,
14V; vxtraa, Cheese, steady, 1144613c.
Peoria Grain Market.
PtfORIA, Msrei, i4xpv- Firm: No. 3
yellow, 41'r; No. 3, 41c; No. 4. 40c; no
garde XsjJSr.
tlATB-Dull; No. t white, Zl-c; No. 4
white, c.
WilltiKV On the basis of tl 2.
Dalatk Grain warkel.
DI LVTH. Marrh 14 .WHEAT-To arrive;
No. 1 northern, 7&V; No. ; northern. 73V
On track: No. 1 northern, 77He; No. 2
northern. 73c; May. ?6Hc; July, "He.
OAT8 To arrive and nn track, and May,
tae4atlaa of the Day Varlaas
eelpts. bble j einorts, 1X.29 bbls : mar-
et, steady with fslr Inquiry; Minne-
ta pstenU, X lglMi; Minnesota bakers,
lW&ia; winter pstenta, tKrt4; win-
er straights. 63 70113 to; winter extras.
H7.V&'i wlntr low grsdes, J3.ftVfi3.tO.
Rye flour, steady: fair to good, t3.6u4fl.yo;
hoice to fincy, 33 iiJ4.Zfi.
CORNMF.AI flteadv: fine white ftnd yel
low. 11.15; coarse. 310T.4il.06: kiln dried,
BARLEY Dull; reeding, 40c, c. U I. uui
falo. WHEAT-Receipts, lonoo bn.; spot mar
ket firm; No. I red, 4o elevator. 6c f.
0. b. afloat: No. 1 northern Duluth. W"c
f. o. b. afloat. Opening lower In reeponxe
tn weak cables and heavy snow through
the twextcrn belt, wheat turned atronger at
noon on reports of famine conditions In
Russia, toeether with light estimates for
Thursday's receipts. Shorts covered freely
up to tne last nour.-out wunnrew near ine
close, allowing prices to react slightly.
They closed Ho to 14c net higher. May,
U4tti4Ur. dosed at Mr: July. MVft4
closed at 33V; September, tdUSc, closed
CORN Receipts. 61.600 bu.; exports,
IR4,4!S bu. Bpot market steady; Nn. 2. 6MC
elevator and 47c f. o. b. afloat; No. 2 yel
low, 4M4c; No. 1 white. e. Option mar
ket had an easy opening on cables, but
recovered, and In the afternoon waa v.f
firm on prospects for light receipts, clos
ing He net higher. May. 44(l,e. closed
at 44c; July. 4i,iff'4lHo. closed st 49'o;
September, 4utniv, closed at 49Hc.
OATB Receipts, 28.500 bu.; exports,
bu. Spot market steady; mixed oats, 26
to 32 pounds, 34Vtfi34tc; natural white, so
to 33 pounds, Sr.iHc; clipped white, 38 to 40
pounds. S6H38ic.
HAY Hteady; sprin, 46&50c; good to
cb'r"" fth6c.
HOP8-Oulel: state, common to cnotce.
19i6. U4j1c; 1904, 7"9;; "Ida, 6e.c! Pa
cific coast, 1W. 14c; 1904, 9"tfUe; olds,
4Sc. ,
HIDES Steady ; Galveston, 10 a ins.,
20c; California. 21 to 26 lbs.. 21c; Texas
dry 24 to 31) lbs.. lc.
I.F.ATHER Steady ; acid. WWViC.
PROVI8ION8-Beef steady; family, til M
113.00; mesa, t9 0010.00; beef bams, t20.(XKi
21 (O: packet. HO 6i ll.nOO: city extra India
mess, lll.SChamou. Out meata, quiet; pickled
bellies, r0".fj0; pickled snouinera,
t VI- nlkl.H hums . 110 -S'10 fO. Lard
ateady; western prime, 37.80S1.M: refined.
pound, W 0iKu.374. Pork steady- family.
tl7Vtfl7.fiO; short clear, l6.6tsl7.60; mesa,
$16. 26-&14.76.
TALLOW-Bteaay; city, oc; country, o
RICE-Bteady: aomeatic, ratr to extra,
3Hip: Japan nominal.
POULTRY Dressed, itssdy; western
Chickens. 1Vtfl3c; fowls, 114il3SC.
POULTRY Lira, firm; western thickens,
llSio; fowls. 13VH; turkeys, WrfKV. Ires9ed
firm; western cntcKens, nxaisc; uiraeys,
140-?oc: fowls. ll18Ho.
EOQ8 Firm; state Pennsylvania and
nearby fancy selected white. Unfile; west
ern firsts, 15c: western seconds, 14Vkc;
southerns, 13H IV-
Kaaaaa City Grata aad Provlsloas.
Steady; May, 71"o; July, 70c; September,
W7c. Cash; No. 1 hard, 7Tti77Vc; No. I,
liWOTfic; fio. i red, snyjwc: ino. . e8sc.
C"0RN-8teadv: May. 3Sc: July. 3iH4e.
Cash: No. 2 mixed, UWc; No. 2 white, 41 4
CjllHc; No. 3, 41c.
ua i b f irm; no. x wnite, iitiutuc.
Bl'TTER Creamery, Wc; packing, 12c.
KOOS Steady: Missouri and Kaunas, new
No. 2 whltewood cases included. Lie; case
count, 11c; cases returned, o less.
HAY Steady to strong, choice timothy,
tll fVo 11.60; choice prairie, tv.60ttt8.76.
K x ai-ttteaay, bta b, o.
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu 20,0(0 44,000
Corn, bu ,000 S4,t)U0
Oats, bu.l ,0U0 31,000
Tha range of nrlces at Kansas City, as
reported by V. D. Day dc Co., 110-111 Board
of Trade building, waa:
Articles. Open.j Hlgh. Low. Close. Yes y.
16Q 771 ' 7hI 77 77
7t''S 77 7tW 77Vi 77
. 42 43i 42 43 2
43H 42H 4 "4 43
43H 43' 43S 43 434
V, - m 2S 2S4 29
' 2T.Z . 28 T27H "27 if
la 77 16 80 16 (7 ' 16 70 U 70
16 76 li 76 16 ft) 16 66 16 66
7(2 7 86 7 80 180
796 796 790 7 92
t 06 106 100 I 02
Oats ,
St. Loala Geaeral Market.
ST. LOUia. March 14. WHEAT Higher:
no. i rea, casn. elevator, ihxoc; track. Die;
May. 74-Xli74ic: July. 74Hc; No. 2 hard.
corjn Higner: no. 3 casn. 4oo: track.
42VC; May, 4oc; July, 41 "c.
OATS-iilgher; No. 2 cash, 29c; track,
tic; May. 2vVc; July. Wc; No. 2 white.
WHO. . .
FLOUR-Steady; red winter patents, 24.26
64.36; extra fancy and straight, t3.9u&4.16;
clear, ;.nj4.iv.
SEED Timothy, quiet, tl WUXlO.
CORNMEAL Steady. 2.30.
BRAN Firm; aacked. east track, H6u.
HAY Firm: timothy, tti.00fil4.60: prairie.
ta-Ool 10.60. . .
1KON COTTON 1 1 tl.UZ.
PROVI810NS Pork, ateady; lobbing,
116.36. Lard, steady; prime steam, t7.46. Dry
salt meats, steady; boxed extra shorts, 3S.&U;
clear ribs, tK.ttfV; short clear, 18.76. Bacon,
ateady; boxed extra ahorta, 19.26; clear rlba,
t.37'V short clear, 39.76.
POULTRY Firm; chickens, 10c; springs,
12Hc; turkeys, ltic; ducks, 13c; geese, tc.
- BL'TTER Steady; creamery. MtiZ&c;
dairy, lixu.'lc. .
ivaais Higher; Uc, case count.
Recelpta Shipments
Flour, bbls....
Wheat, bu
Corn, bu
Oata, bu
.... 27.WJ0
.... 33,iA
.... 7,0V0
Mlnaeapolle Qrala Market.
(Buperlor Board of Trade quotations for
Minneapolis and Chicago delivery). Thu
rnga of prices, as furnished by F. D. Day
4 Co., 110-111 Board of Trade building, was:
Articles. Open. Ulgh.j Low. Cloae. Yea r.
tN heat
May.. July..
Hept. .
1 If
I sV
77 W
1 1&4I 1 ltl 1
1 15Vt 1
1 I
July...r 1 17W1 1 14a)
Mlnneapolla Cash Close Wheat: No. 1
hard. 7tc; No. 1 northern, 76c; to arrive,
16c; No. 2 northern, 73H'0 74c; to arrive,
73-c; No. t northern, 7iVrtt7lVtc; No. 1
durum, 70c; No. 2 durum, osc. Corn: No. 8
vellow. UKc: No. 3. efiuti4c. Oata: No.
I white, r.Sc; No. 3. 2tMiuSc. Rye, b3W(
Mo. tiailey, ab'04oc. nax: casn,
Mllwaakee Grala Market.
MILWAl'KEB. March 14. VH KAT Mar
ket a'.eady; No. 1 northern. 7a71tc; No. 2
northern, 74fl7ic; May, 77c. bid.
RYE Steady; No. I. MjHS'c.
HAHLKV Dull; No. X . &4o5c; sample,
CORN Firmer; No. 3. cash, 4ftoH3o;
May, 43c, asked.
2.lveraoel Grala Market.
nominal; futurer steady: March, ta 6d
May, a 4T,d; January, ta 4;-d
CORN bpot. American mixed new firm
4a Id; American mixed old quiet) 4s 7d;
futures quiet; atarun. is d; May, 4 ISd-
Toled feed Market.
TOLEDO, O., March 14.-8EED8-Clover.
cash, March, ti t0; April, ;.3S; Otto,
ber. te-lS. Timothy, li ft), jyislke. ts.3.
NEW TORK. March 14.-SITOA R-Raw
firm; fair renning. i i-la0Jc; centrifugal M
teat, 2 14-3Ciltc; molasses sugar, tll-iera
2c. Refined, quiet; crushed, lc; pow
dered. 4.70c; granulated. 4 600.
NEW ORLEANS, Marcli 14. Sl'OAR
Firm: open kettle, centrifugal. 3iiS7-iik--centrifugul
whlteM, Su4c; yelloas, Jo
1 IJ-loc: ssconds. 24i3'4C w
M01.A8cK8 Nominal; open kettle 17ft
Joe; i einrtf liiful, 7io-Xx-.
DYHL'l' Nominal. j3iii-.
Oils and Heals,
OIL CITY. Match 14 Oll.S-Credlt hl
linces, tl at; slif piininti, 7t.:i.Se bbls.; average
S3.7tr bbl : runs. SK.alJi bbls.; average 6s lbt)
bbls. Shipments Llinu. &1.177 bbls.; average,
57 mO bbls.; runs Lima, ii.bni bbls.: Ivrraae'
SAVANNAH March H-OILS-Turpen-line.
firm, tSfiifc.
ROSIN-Finn; A. R. C. n. E. F- 34 lo- a
Hii: H. f4. 1. 14 'J; K K M. t45:' N'
.ev; Wti. Kit; WW, l.sU
Market ii Dull and Volume of Business
Smallest Since Ltrt Fall
Mnaey la Raay Nearly All Itay aad
Forced Liquidation la Avoided
(Inalna Prlees Ustit of
NEW YORK. March U-The limitation
Uixtn the possible oscillation of prices was
demonstrated again In the stock market
todiiv. Yesterdsy's upward movement was
slightly extended, but reached Its limit
during the course of the morning, when
prices sagged back again. The lack of an
available medium for successful trading
operations had a discouraging effect upon
the professional traders, who have had the
market to themselves for several days, and
transactions even of this character sub
sided abruptly almost to nothing.
The dny"s business was the smallest since
the early part of last fall and most of the
day s meager agregate was completed dur
ing the first hour. In the course of the
afternoon the trading fell Into absolute
stagnation. The easing of the money situa
tion has put a stop to any forced liquida
tion, thus checking the downward tendency
f the market. The narrow nucmanons or
several days has been due to the efforts or
tirofrss'onal ODerntors to contest this state
of affairs. The market had the apprarance
for a time todav of a complete anunonn
ment of these efforts and an arrival at an
entirely stable condition of prices. Such
movements as occurred today were largely
due to IndlvlduaV causes, many of them
centering about the cotton Industry both
amongst the cotton carrying railroads and
the cotton fertilizers. K'any sirenain in
the coalers was associated with the sup
position that prospects were brighter for a
aettlegnent of the labor dispute.
The condition of the money msrket
showed some further relaxation early In
the day. but there was a later flurry In call
money and the rate advanced to 64 per
cent The subtrensury took only a nom
inal amount from the money market on the
day's operations, leaving the total absorp
tion Tor tbts weeK sun nnnrr ..-v.
waa currently reported also that the cur
rency movement with the Interior had
shifted somewhat on balance In favor or
x'-, vnrb TTrtrolffn exchange rates, how
ever, ontinuert to advance and foreign
money marKets were nrm, mr
rates both at London and Berlin hardening
a shade. , ,
Thi statement from the country s agricul
tural exports showed that the heavy ex
pansion for February over previous years
atlll was In force, the increase In value
over last yenr'sebruarv exports reaching
123 631.104. The sagging tendency was
sllrhtly accentuated by the late rise In the
call money rate, which was attributed to
the preparations for the nayment of the
t15.00O.oro Standard Oil dividend tomorrow.
The stock market Closed easy at me raw
Bonds were firm. Total satos, par yniue,
t2.ri79.l)00. I'ntted States bonds were all un
changed on call. , ,
Quotations on tho New York Stock exi
change today wera aa followa:
ales. Hlsh. Low. CIom.
Adams Express
Amalgamated Copper ......
American C. A F
Amer. C. A P. pfd t
American Cotton Oil
American Cotton Oil pfd...
American Kapreaa
American H. A L. pfd
American Ice. Securities..
American Llnaead Oil
American Llneeed Oil pfd.
American Loeomotlre
Amer. LocomotWe pM
American 8. A R
American 8. A R. pfd
American Sugar Refining..
Am. Tobacco pfd ctfa
7S.80O 104 lr74t 70""i
1.000 4!i 4J 41 T
100 101 101 101
4, boo II M 14 -a
: . . U
Kin S4 34 94
. 3,41X1 47 4fi 41
100 21 ' ' ll7 HI
. 3.410 70' 94
W 111 114 lid
. il.Wlfl 14144 If I""
4M 124 114 12.1
7WI 140 13114 H
. 1.000 104 104 1IS
. 42.200 174 170 270
. 11.100 4 .1 t
100 10244 102a 102
. J.000 Hil 11 ISO
00 110 110 11"H
Anaconda Mining Co..
Atchlaon pfd
Atlantic Coaat Una
Galtimors A Ohio
Unit I mora A Ohio pfd
Brooklyn Rapid Tranalt
Canadian Parlnc
Central of New Jersey
Cheaapeake A Ohio
Chicago A Alton
Chicago A Alton pfd
Chicago Oraat Weetern
Chicago A Nprthweatern....
Chicago, Mil. A Bt. Paul .
Chicago T. A T i.
Chicago T. A T. pfd
C, C. C. A 8t. Louis
Colorade Fuel A lrou.,
Colorado A Southern
Colorado A So. tat pfd.....
Colorado A So. Id pfd
Conaolldated Ga '. . .
Corn. Products
Corn Products pfd
Delaware A Hudron
Ixjlaware. L. A W
Litnver A Rio Grands.
Decree A Rid Orsnde p!4..
Distillers' Securities
Erie tat pfd
Erie Id pfd
General Klectiie
Hocking Valley
Illinois Central ...
International Paper
''leniatlonal Paper pfd....
:i,Lrnatlonal Pump
. SI. 100 K 44
. 1,210 170 170
400 111 III
. 1,200 17
..... 76
124 124
171 171
tl i
1,000 11
700 121
.3,100 177
loo 101 loo
11.400 is 4
1 too 33 13
1.100 72 .73
io'toe mi - 160 "
600 17 17
too tot to 301
300 43 43
42 V,
uO 170 ll 170
3.400 172 170 170
100 11 21 21
100 15 IS U
100 11 31 Jl
100 2 2 .
ls fl 61 l
II, mo nn 141 ill
(00 15 151 16
1.4IK) IIS 114 111
1.600 24 14 24
100 174 174 170
!,20 10" M
00 J.'-S 3S
too 71 71 71
S t0 U 82 a
1.000 41 40 J
1.100 141 147 14
500 61 10 504
1,300. U 17 7
1,100 100
too 44 44 14
14.MI 1311 117 lil
l.toO 17 a7 (,
4O0 34 M M
1U0 OS l 17
14,100 12 117 127
l.loo iv
liu 11 14 li
1W 17 2 2
30 M M 44
international Pump pfd
Iowa Central
Iowa Central pfd
Kauaaa City Southern
Kansas Cltr Southern pfd..
LoulaTllla A Nasbrlile
Manhattan L
Metropolitan Securities ....
Metropolitan Street Ry.....
Meilraa Central
Mlnneapolla A St. Ixraie...
Minn., St. P. A S. Sle. M.
M., St. P. A 8. Sts. M. pfd
Missouri Pacific
Missouri, Kansas A Ttui.
Missouri. Kan. A Texaa pfd
National Lead
Kat. R. R. of Mexico pM..
New York Central
New York. Ontario A West.
Norfolk A Weetern
Norfolk A Western pfd....
North American ,.
Pacini: Mall
People a Gaa
P.ttaburg. C. C. A St. L...
Pressed Steel Car
pressed Steel Car pfd
Pullman Palace Car
Reading let ptd
Reading 3d pi J
Rapubliu Steel
It. public Steel pfd
Rock Island Co
Rock Island Co pfd
bt. L. A San Kran Id pfd. ..
kl. Loula Southwestern
000 14 23 24
Bt. Loula eoutli wasters pfd
Buulhera Pacific
MHjthcra Pa.:i0c pfd
3outhem hallway
hnulhern Railway pfd
Tsun. Coal and Iron
Tuu A Pari Ho
Toledo, El Louis A West.
400 Hi 14 M
4.2O0 17 l 44
iM 111 114 117
31.40U 41 40 40
to 101 nn lui
200 141 161 11
rat se ne aa
r., st. ti. a w. pfd..
Inios Pactbc
I n 10a ParlUe pfd .
Ignited Stales Ksnreaa
Culled States Really .
1'W l M X
... ft. 100 UJm 112 152
t utted Slates Rubber
... l.ti4 13 U ;
lulled Stales Rubber pfd.. 400 113. 113 11.1
t lilted States 8leel 34 1 no 41 40 , 4i)
In lied Hales steel pfd 7.2W li b lo
Virginia-Carolina ri'emlcar 4,4io Ss t
Vlrgims-Carollna l fttro. pio niu iis y ns lie
V. abash
Wabaali pfd
Wclle-Cargo Eiofsea
Meetinghouse Electric
Weslern t uloti
Wueellug Sc Lake trie
Wievonalii t'onlral
Wia'oiialu Central pfd ....
Nortbem PactAc
Central Leather
Central leather pfd
41 i0
1 4
jc .0
24 -4
10 ton 221 in ill
1.4IS) 46 44 44
1 400 S4 13 .:
Total sale a tor th day. 420 2vo ehares.
Hnatnn Btorka anal Bonds.
RO8TON, March 14-Call loans. 6H rer
cent; time loana. tVIiaJ per cent. Official
onotatlotM on stocks and bonds were:
AKhlsoa sdj. 4s 41 Adventure
do 4s 101 Alioues
Met. Central 4a lo Amalgamated ..
Alrhlaon iAmoruaa Zinc .
do sfd I Atlantic
... 4',
. . oS,
.. I j
.. J.V.
.. J
.. 21
.. ii
.. 14
.. Tl.,
.. I
.. li.
lloalon A Albany JM
tel. Heels...
Cnpper Kange ..
Pair Weei
Boston 4e Mslne......H4
boeioa Kievaied .r...lf4
Huhbuig pld 141 tsntrul 13
N. V.. N. H H..IU2
uomlnlus Cusl
I'nlon ParlUe lMirranklln
Aaier. Arge. Chess... IS Uraub
do pfd ilsle Koyale ..
Ainer. Pneu. Tube... laj'uaaa. Mining
Aieer. Sugar IsVt Michigan
do pfd 14 'Mekaaa
... '
... i3,
.. . aa
... a
... 15
. . .ltai
... 17
... 47
. . lei
... I
... 4.
... 12
... 41
.. -
... 4
Amer. T T OefclUoat ('. a c
Auear woeles
.. 4 in Uomlnios
..loa i.vuia
.. II iParrot
da pfd
Dominion IAS
Edison Klee. Ills 244
kWea. tClectnt: ...
do pld
Mass. lias
lulled Krull
1 1 lied Sbu Mack
do pfd
U. 8. eie.1
do pld
Weal lug tommos
24 re)naai.oa
a j'Taniaraeli ...
-1 rrtauji
. .IOIVx c. S Mlnlug.
.. M t' 8 Oil
.. II l lah
. . 4u K I' torta
. .I,1 VViaona
.. Is iWolierins
Forelaa Financial.
IaiNDOX, March 14 Money was in fair
demand today and discounts were firm
Gold cheapened with tha cessation of I lie
American demand. Silver advanced on the
Indian demand And bear covering. Trading
on Ihs til ix k exchange waa liflea owing to
the luck of puhlic support. The stringency
cf money a barrier to Investment pur-
chases. Consols ere a fraction easier.
Aniericniis oenetl rinu. Ixiuisvlllc eV Nuah-
vlll and Vnlon Pacific were the featutea.
The dealings were niesger. Other Ameri
can securities were fairly steady. Prlcea
rallied slightly during the Iwi hour, but
the market closed dull. Foreigners were
supported. Japsneee were dull. Jnpsnese
Imperial lis of VH were quoted at h1.
PARIS. March 14. Price on the Bourse
today were Irregular, owing to unfavorable
advtcee from Algerlra. Russian Imperial
4s were quoted at 84.40 and Rusaian bonds
of 194 at 6l.
New York Moaey Market.
NEW YORK. March 14. MONEY On
call, firm and higher at 4'qtiV). per cent; rul
ing rate, 4H per cent; closing bid, 6 per
cent; offered at ti pet cent; time loans,
steady: sixty and ninety days, 6'a' per
cent: six months, 6 per cent; prime mercan
tile paper, Mr.'.H per cent.
8TEHI.INO fcXCHANUE-Firm, with ac
tual business In bankers' bills at 34 .icia
4 is.,70 for demand and at t4.Hi4i.i4 8.45 for
sixty-day bills; posted rates. 34 Wi4.3Vt
and t4.W4jH4.n7; commercial bills, t4.SJ.
SILVER Bar, bS'ic; Mexican dollars,
BONDS Ooveniment, ateady; railroad,
cirslng quotations on bohas today wera
as follows:
V g. rf. in. ret
do roupon
V. 8. , ri
do coupon
r. 8. old 4a. reg..
C. 8. new 4a, rag.
do roupon
Am. Tobacro 4a
do a
Athlson gen. 4a...
do adj. ! ....
Allantlr C. L. 4a.
Hal. A Ohio 4a....
do 3W
Brh. R. T. r. 4a...
Central of Oa. aa. .
do lat Inc
do Zd Inc....:...
do Id inc
do 3d Inc ,
Chea A Ohio 4a.
rhlraio A A. mi
C, II A Q. B. 4a
C. R. I. A P. 4a.
.103VJp.n . M series ..hi"
.; du 4s rtts.
do iti ctri 2
.loi do ti Mrln t'
.ti.k, I.. A N. uul, 4s Vit t
l.ll Man. I
.1.11 Vi Mei. nlrl la
. 7 ; da lat Inc t4
lit Minn. st U. 4a.... SiMj
1M M , K. A T. 4a
. M I do la
. N. R. R. st M. e. 4a. M
AM iN. Y. r. g. Ia
. H M. 1. t . S. a 130
7 I No. Paelne 4a 1W4
...114 do 7
... at In. A W. c 4a 101
... kio. 8. L rfdg. 4a est
... su Penn. conr. ISa 11144
... loVKtadlnt den. 4a 100
. . . l'H ft. U A I. M. r. 5a. lilt
... Wl ft. U A 8. P. t(. 4a. MS
...louver, h. 8. W. r. 4a.. ml
... iBeaboard A. U 4a.... 0i
... SimiSo. Parldo 4a
do rot. fia.
n r. A 8t. L. g 4a HHI do 1st 4a rtfa KH
Colo. Ind. (a. aar. ft .71 nn. Kallway aa us
do aarlaa B Tl'.j Teiaa A P. la 12X
Colorado Mid. 4a 71 T , Ot. L A W. 4..
Colo. A Bo. 4a MV I'nlon Pacific 4a I'H
ruha (a M do onn. 4a 11,4
Denver A R. O. 4s.. M TV 8. Steal id (a
Mallllrra' Sec. la k jWabaoh la Ill
Krle p. I. 4a Ml do dab. R
in (an. 4a tj Weatam Md 4a 17
Hoiking Val. 4a....1u iW. ALE. 4a M'.a
Japan la ino Wiacnnaln Can. 4s M
London Ntnck Market.
LONDON, March 14. Closing quotations
on the Stock exchange were
Conaola. money ...
do account
do pfd
Pal. A Ohio
Canadian Parlfto ..
Chaa. A Ohio
til N. T. Central 16!
IH, Norte la A W
do pfd
. 04
. 41
. . :a
.. -tH
.. 114.
.. 4S
.. K
.. 4t'
.. St
.. 4fc
Ontario A Western.
. il
. 44
. 47
. .10
. 42
. 49
. 42
. 24
. (3
Hand Mtnea
do lat pfd
do d pfd
louthern Railway ,
do pfd .-.
juthem Pacific ...
ulon Pacific
do pfd
. 8. Steel
Jo pld
o pfd
Chicago Ot. W
C, M. A St. P....
Denrar A R. G....
do ptd
do lat pfd
do 2d ptd
Illlnnla Central ...
Louiavllla A,
M., K. A T l
..IllFh 4s
BIUVKH-Kar; steu
. 2!iHd per ounce.
MONEY 8H)4 per cent.
The rate of dNcount In the open market
for short billa Is & per cent; for threa
months' bills, S'SH per cent.
Condition of Trad aad Qnotattons on
staple and Kaacy Produce.
EOGS Keceipia liberal: freaii aioca, case
count, 13c.
LIVE iJOULTRY Hens, t'c; old roost
ers, be; turkeys, 15c; ducks, Uu; young
roosters,' Vitfeu; gvese, tc.
UKtticii.iJ fOULlKX Turkeys, isniisc,
old torus, 16't),lbc; chlckeua, miillc; old
roosters. 7c; ducks. 1mu13o; geese, 10c. -
RUT 1 EK i'ucKliig HiotiKi idu; cnuics to
tancy auiiy, i(uiao; creamury, iiiauo.
MAI frices quoted by unmua 1'enu com
pany: No. 1 upland, .(; medium, li.Mi
coarse, M.Mcd.Uu. Rye straws .. .
BKAH-i'cr ton, lli. 60.
DATES i-r boa ot 3a 1-lb. ukas.. 3100;
Huh'jwe en. In Jo-lb. boxes, Iyer lb., be; buy
ers, per lb.. 4c; walnul stuffed. 1-lb. Pksis..
IJ.tsj ber dog.: o-lb. boxes. ti.OU.
uivArut.B 1 anrornm, exua tanoy koo
land navels, all sites. 3.oU; fancy navels.
U. jo; cnoice, ail aiaes, H.Ja.
A.CMUXNS Limoniers. extra fancy. tt-
size, ti.ou: dWO to 3oi aizes.' SMiO.
f 3UB cauiornia, per UMtx carton, ia
SSc: linput'ttd Smyrna. . lliree-ciowu. Uu;
six-crown, 18c.
ilANANAeeFir rnedlumnstxed bunch, a. 71
U'i-a, jumbos, t.aliits.Uu. -
1 AIMitlit.M'.bl Calilornlfc per r Dox or
UKAl'U UKUIT rionda, per tjox. 37.WCJ
T.fru; California, per box, M.4u4.s4).
PEARS Winter Neills and Mount Vernon.
AffLES California Newton. PlDDins and
Baldwins, IOU per bu. box; ben Liavls, 31.76
per bu. box: vvinesaps. -'.ou per bu. box:
other varieties, i.iwi.oo per-bu. ; New York
apples, .Baldwins and KuueU, u.oo pur bbl.
UKAfCB linporieu Malaaa, eD.aoyei.Uw,
rOTATOit,ty iloine growir, per bu., 63
Due; Douiii I'uiiuis, pel uu., lov.
ONIONS Home grown, yellow and red,
per bu., boo; bpaniah, pel' crate, UM, Colo
rado, red nd yellow, per bu., 31. U0.
NAVY llKAisb-ter bu.. 2.J0.
LIMA REAMS t-er lb.. 6Wc. '
CAiillAUrw California. 2c per lb.; Wis.
consul, 111 ciaies, per 10., 2u.
Pcr uu.. Doc.
CELEH3 California, tl 3er dor
BWKtT POTATOES Kansas, per 2-bu.
bbls., fi.VO.
TOMATOlvtt floiida, per mule of 30 lbs,
net. tU
WAX BEANS Per hamper of about 30
lbs. ne:, M.
STRING BEANS Per hamper of about
SO lbs. net, l3.tiuilrt.U0.
GREEN tii.fiu.rtri Florida, per humper
Of auuut l dor.., 41.00.
Louisiana, per aui. bunches, 7&c.
SliALLOTTS Louisiuna, per dog,
bunuaes, 7iic-
kiti.AU LETTCCE Ixiuislana. per bbl.,
3U.uuwio.0l); per dox. heaua, 1.7sa2.uO.
LEAK LtlT'-wE Hollluuae, per dos.
beuus. 60c.
CLCCMBER8 Hothouse, per dos., tl.75.
RADloi-iEg Htliioubo, per dos. buncnea,
coHROOiiS Hothouse, per lb, 664j7ac.
No. 1 ribs, lie; uu, i nog, 11c; No. 3 ribs,
8c; No. 1 loin, inc; No. 3 loin, Uo; No. 3
loin, loc; No. 1 cnuck, tHc; No. 3 cliutk. 6c:
No. i chuck, 4Vic; iso. 1 round, 7c; No. 4
round, ic; No. 3 lound. eVjc; No. I piaiu, 4c;
No. 3 plaie, Vci No. i putle, oc.
CIDER Per ken, W-i; per bbl., t.71
HoNtx" New, pel 34 lbs., 3.&u . '
CHfct.bE bwim, new, 4bc; Wisconsin
buck, Joe; Wisconsin iinihei'.ser, lie; twins,
luc, youiisi Aiuericas, l&VkC
NL'Td VVauiuia, No. 1 aort ahellg, new
crop, per lu., lo'c: hard- anelib, pr 10.,
loV- Pocaiia, luie, ptr lb., 14c; small,
per lb., lie. leaiiuit,, per lb., oVau; roaaied,
per lb., be. Cbiii walnuis. per tu., izc
Almonds, suit sued, per lu., 17c. utsid
Shells, per lb., lieu. Cucusuiulg. 4.&. pet
ut.A, ec,..l .... v..,.. .
tetxa-otx rion-imuh iiauoui, luc;
pickeiul. dressed, 7c; while bans, lie; suii
lisn, te4vc; puicu. kkinued and dressed, be;
pike, luc, idiiauupuer, lie; aainioii, lie;
Ciappieu, tj'ilin:, ., Uc; black buss,
wbitefiuil. Uc; Jrog legs, ,;:,- uul. uoc;
lobti?i, green. c. Willed lobaieiV, 1 3,c;
bluelish, lc; lie. rum, 4c: eu-iiilso inekuiei,
luc; UdOUuta, svv, ejeiniuj,, tl. W44 1 J pcr
gallon, so. ells, Uc. cod, Uc,
OYSTEllli freau biaudaiii, per gal ;
shell oysters, l.iAH,J.ia per luu; Utile Neck
tiains, 1 W P l"".
SI OAR-Oiauuiated cane. In bbls., U 0
grauuUied tsu, in ucas, 3a.ul; grauibaied
Ceel, in sacks. 14 .1.
blltul'-in uaiiels, J4o per ral.; cases., 4
lu-ib. cans. l.uu, cases, 11 5-lb. cans, $iot);
CKSis, 24 H-l"- cans, J1.8U. '
COFFEE Roasted: No. 35. iSljo per lb.;
No. :), iuo Pr iu.; No. io, lc per lb.;
No. :o, R-Vtc ptr '".; Nu. n. 124c per lb.
KieOL'K (Wholeale-Hesi lugft grade Ne
brauka, pel twi 4., best lilgt, .uae pateni
Alinneko.a, per cwL. li.S'j; straigm pateut
Nebiatika. per cut., t-: second patent Ne
01 aaka,
CLRED FISH Family wtiiti-Csh, per
bbl., lui) lbs.. Il.oo; Norway mackerel, pc?
ol ii lbs., bloaters. 4u-, .Vo. 1, No. 3,
No. 3, -; Insli No. Hi. litiTlng, In
bbls., MO lbs. eacu, Norway. 4k, i; Nor
way, 3k, 113, iiolianJ. niiitd, uI.m. Uul
land lien laat, lu .... liiiiaria, tale, ktgs,
mixed, '.uc.
BROOMS-No. 1 carpel. 'f3-26: No. 3 car
pet, U-"i Nu. 3 plain, ao.o.
CANNED GOoi6 Coi ii. standard West
ern, ouuc'; Maine. 1 ia. Toinaioes, -lt.
tan.; 3-ll.. UiViOU iVincappies,
graled, 3-ib., ti.uvHi-i 3u; siued, tl.ik.jJ.3;
aiauon upplea, (aacy, oM.Ou. I'ailloriua apri
cots, f 1.4ou3.tA); peurs. Ui?.t ..m, p, acu,
fancy, tl.'.04l3.i); li. .". a"Ues, aJ.uvitbu.
Alaska salmon, red, 31 Is, pink, buc; fancy
Cliiuook, F., 4ilU, tancy Buckeye, F.,;
saraines, Vx-oll. fcl-JU, -inuunlj, W ok,
4 lu. Sweet potulot s, tl.lubl.3b; saoerkraut.
i. pumpkins, b(Aijl: wax beans.
fcv; Lima beans, l-ia., itKultct, 11.3a; splnacti.
1 iouZ.W, clieap peita, i-lu.. sxi.tllia, iietf
mi-, (alley. tl..Ki 1.7a.
Freen hides, tc; No ... 4L,c; No. 1 sailed
le. No. I, l')'c; bull hides &&.:; dry
bldea, v20c. ilurs n.Qea. large. 31 bt
inall, J- 'iu. Sheep jielti., each, iocrill
lallow. No. 1. i fo. i'. JVi rouijh. Jl,a.
Dwrmble Tt Ckttla 8tfonr, with reedon
Just About Etsdy,
keep Receipts Large, wrltk Desaaasl
Light and Trade Very Blaw anal
(enerally Sans Lower
Than Yesterday.
HOl'TH OMAHA, March 14. 1.
Receipts were: t'attle.llogs. Sheep,
Official Monday 3.63 3,713 U.K.O
tJU.11,11 I UcMisy S.ISM lwl
otnciai Weanesoay o.ns) &,jao
Three davs this week II IS.I 13.141
Same days last WeeK . . . .Lt.stt 3.i.3t4
ratne oaya weelt lHtor..l,,.t. SJ.47
hanie ttitee weeks ato..l4.f 3.4, i3
Isame tour Weens a;o..K,4M 3u.3ii3
Bame days last yaur...l0,t&6 31,133
1 he foilumlng snows the receipts of cat
tle, hugs and sneep at South Omaha for
Hie year to date, compared with last year:
luiav laos. Inc. Dec.
Cattle 3w...) luv.oS7 4l.o3 ....
Hogs Mtt3 4:.4U 43,441
bliaep 33o,u6el 3rt l.iel 4,475
The foiiuauia snows tne numovr of cara
of siocaers sua feeders snipped to tne
country 'luesuny and tnelr points of desti
U. v. Hull. Dlinlun la . I. C!
, 1
J. Mutton, rjheiby, ia., R. I
A. foterson, DaiiDury, la., N.W....
J. M. tk-ott, Ida Grove, la., N. W.
H. M. bmtt-ring. Harlan, la.. U. W.
Ueorgb 11. cnuich, Hampton, la., U
U. R, Htunip. Waukee, la., K. I
Ueorge Mccold. Logan, ia., N. W...
1. aiullins. Waukee. la.. M
J. Mournead. Duniap, la., X. C
K. J. Johnson, Delolt, la., 1. C
a. W. Blatter, Vail, la., N. W
Tha foliowiug win allow ths price paid
for the d.fterunt kinds of cattis on in
feuu til Onuina niarki .,
Uood to cnoica corn-fed steers,
l'air to choice corn-fed ateara. ,
Common to lair corn-ted steers,
.. 4.7fc-io.tAi
., 4.144 1
Ootid to choice cows and hellers... t.tij4. 40
fair to good cows and Hellers t.Ouv3.60
Cannera and cuttera 3.vvu4ui
Ouod to choice stockers and feeders 4. 10:144. 50
ralr to good stockers and feeder. . 3 ir4.U)
Common to fair Blockers Y. 3.75j3.4ai
bulls, siagn. etc 3.6n44.(4)
Uood veal calves .utxut.Mt
Cattle. Hogs.
Omaha t3.oj".& tt.osaVtt.Ai
Cnicugo 1 Bomtj.4 e.7tMu4i.40
Kanbiui rjlty 3-si,j.:i0 . 3.atV37it
bt. Louis 3.ixjiU4 tuitl.4a
bloux City 2.ibv is Wuv1i.3U
The following table snows tha average
price of bogs at boulh Omana tor tu last
suveral days, with comparisons :
Date. I lSot. 19u6. 11904. li(t)3.loi.lJl.lwtX.
Feb. Ja...
Feb. 3...
Fsu. 3i...
Feb. 33..,
lUllll. 1...
Men. 3...
Mck. 3...
Mch. 4.
Men. t...
4 741 & 331
I t 4U
1 77 t 33
4 3U 0 U
4 .4, US
4 7b I 13
4 U.1 a 04 1
6 07
4 !
4 bui 6 l;i
4 ftbi 6 30
4 boi B 1V
4 M, 6 11
4 (Hi 6 11
t t 161
4 80, - i
ill I 16
1 031
i vA
1 n
1 04,
7 1i
1 io,
1 i'S
7 311
7 34
7 3
t 3
k 4 4 4J
t 37 4 ti
I 301 4 i
4 vol 4 bl
4 Soi 4 uu
4 14, 4 74
6 18 I
Ud j
6 l.4k
0 M
ti liWl
t USVil
0 U
4 71
0 OU
b lu
o lot
6 u
s 14,
6 3n
4 a
4 73
4 71
I "1
I 11
4 i3
4 !
4 74
Mch 11
li 04.
ti o 4!
Mch. 12..
Men. 13..
Mch. 14..
I t 13
6 001
t 131 t 16
. The official number of cars of stock
brought in today by each road waa:
Cattle. Hogs. Blie p. H r s,
C. M. & St. P 2
M abash 1
25 33. 1
4 1
33 6 1
13 ...
4 2
17 a " ..
4 ... ...
. .. ..
s .. ..
116 , ST ,
sMo. Pac S
L'nlon Paclrtc 113
C. & N. W., east..... i S
C. dc N. W., west.... 86
C. Bt. P., M. ft O.... K
C, B. at Q.. east 6
C. B. U.. west 23
C. R. I. da P., east...
C. R. L 4 P.. west.
Illinois Central
Chicago O. W
Total receipts ......225
"Tha disposition of the day's receipts Was
as follows, each buyer purchasing tb num
ber of head indicated: -
Cattle. Hogs. Hhejb.
Omaha Packing Co..'..,.. 721 1.387 407
Bwlft and Company 1,041 . 3.14o l,3iM
t:udahv Packing CO 747 S.241 l.lki
Armour & Co 1.443 1.247 730
Vanaant dc Co 48
Lobman & Co to
Hill & Sou 133
Hamilton & Rothschild.. S3
L. F. Huss 61
Wolf & Murnan 110
Mike Haggerty 72
Boi Degan 5 ....
J. B. Root Sl Co loii
I 'nli.n lirensed lleef Co. 34
Other buyers 2i 91i
Totals 5.U3 7,020 5,263
CATTLE Today s cattle receipts num
bered 'Hi cars, as against 196 one week
mi and IM two week ago.
The market opened a liltle slow on beif
steers owing to tne fact tnat sellers were
asking pretty stiff prices as advices from
eiiHtein points were favorable. On tha
other hand buyers claimed that ths market
at tuts point waa already right close - up
to Chicago and lionce were not disposed
to put on very mueh. However, when
onca the trade was under way It was a
good strong and active market, the deslra
ble cattle among tne offerings selling 'n
verv Rood season.
Cows and Jieliers were In very, fair de
mand and tne market generally strong
and active at least on an aeauuuio kinds,
Ins offerings tor the most piirt chunged
hands in good season, ths traue as a wuule
being lavoianio to tne selling interests.
The best feeders, sold at prices not ar
from steady, but speculators and yurd
traders remembering tnelr losses ot laat
week snowed some uisposition to mova
cautiously and there wus very little
strength in the trade. CalUe that did nut
happen to be rigut up to tne standard
wuie ratner aiow seiiers.
Mepresentam e sales:
No. A. fr. do. At. Pr.
1 1141 3 4J 21 HIT 4 lie
l; 110 I 46 17 U.l so
1 1130 3 41 1 Uiu 4 K
1 7s0 I 11 ...Ui4 4 1
10 1111 I 4U 10 nwi 4 70
1 losO I su II K71 4 43
1 S4J 4 00 1 11 III I II
1 SUO 4 Ml 1 lusl 4 74
I 4ul 4 Ou 1 111 4 Tl
1 11 iu 4 00 I iU 4 7o
1 440 4 Oil 14 1214) 4 Ti
1 Ku 4 00 . IS nil 4 .0
17 i: I 04 U ln2 4 74
7 4;1 4 10 12 1 14 4 78
I fit 4 lu 10 IA! M
I a-il 4 13 20 Ilio 4 w
1 IM 4 II II 1211 4 s
I 77 4 II ' 1 1141 lu
It 11MI0 4 13 Uou 4 0o
II 114 4 20 I! lvM 4 l
!2 447 4 ilk 12 1111 4 16
I Sil 4 Ito 12. 1140 4 4u
1C....'. i Ill 2C Kin 4 ?l
1 ti 4 11 12 HOT 4 as
t M 4 44 ! 1131 4 s
II rl IK 1 lfcU 4 4
t Va 4 4u n 1041 4 IT,
7 tlu I 40 21 1141 4 14
16 10S4 4 40 14 1292 4 wl
4 llba 4 10 XI 1244 4 DO
0 1UI7 4 40 47 124 4 s
11 t5 4 so I l7u 4 4-J
1 H0 u II . uu 4 IC
1 12V) I to II 12,4 I aw
r.l 114 4 40 12 110 I 00
37 444 4 M J 1114 I 00
1 4i 4 'i 14 li'al lu
1 1U24 4 M 47 Ilea I vt
24 IH'1 4 so 32 Uit I 04
14 1142 4 40 12 1211 I 11
17 1111 4 11 27 1U7 I
I K4I 4 40 24 lis I 89
12 1IW4 4 to lu lie! I 21
a-...., i:4 4 41 II 1277 I la
1 730 I 74 1 lilu 3 7S
1 140 t II 1 1120 I 7i
1 ISO t 44 24 7I I ti
I............ no I 4'i r; mil 1 74
4 7s I 40 a... 1:.; t li
14 777 t 4i t 111 I 71
) l"l'l IH 1 1140 I 74
I IM I to 10. ..." 10SJ I bO
I IH 1' I 7 I SO
1 770 2 r, j 1 its 1 u
2 l4'i I 74 li KM 1 li
1 li" t is II loot I IS
t 101,1 1 7i IJ I u
1 W I Is . I HM2 14
t s."i 1 -,i 2 1121 I K
4 J4 2 av 22 I'K I
1 11-J OS 1 li m I .
1 S.'i I Kl 14 lit 4 ti
1 luau I to 1 i2iu 4 ou
I . .'. aeu 2 24 I 0 4 u
1 l I i 1 Ivju (si
1 k I :i I toe 4
I Mi I 2i 13o 4 Ml
3 aj 111 l: 1 4 On
1 IM I 14 1 114 4 0
1 1V I ti 1 1 ISO 4 1st
2 I It 4 Il"7 4 OU
1 Its I 4 Hi'jO 4 1
110 1 to II U2t 4
1"7I 2 40 1 1"1 4 ki
1 Ill I b 4 II! 4 le
1 111 I 1 11-1 I I
I I 4" 47 las! 4 1
I ....HW. 1 V I I.M 4 li
J j i'-.t I sS 7 J44 I li
1 11s 3 s I teat 4 1
I if 3 os t 4 m
I 1' I 4 I lien 4 r
I ln I at 1 use 1 m
1 10-0 i 14 1 IMI 4 4
tae 1 is I i4 4 74 ,
1 110 I TO uro 4 as '
it m 1 t u 4 s
I is la W 1 1
I 4IS 1 m n 70 t 44
1 M IN 3 174 4 eg
470 I Tl I ISO I W
in I 44 II. IStI I SO
It 414 I 10 7.,.,. lei I 1
Or 3 4 .14 Ill I 10
I4 I 4 I 7O0 4 I
IM I 41 ).: "4 4 M
tn 3 to I..; i 4 k
1 os. 3 T I Is is
II lei I an I T7 4 A
T sot I to 1 ton 4 03
I Mi I s t 140 I oa
I IK 0 I 1140 I
I I no 1 .. .ITS I t
1 70 I Of, ' 1 HS0 I 71
1 Itvo 3 I 1 I4S0 3 Tl
1 1310 I eg I IIS I TO
110 3 t 1 1" I lo
i;?o I 21 1 1110 1
1 11M I 14 1 111 I N
1 144 I ir. t 1x4 1 at
I m I 3 1 14M I en
1 440 I 40 I I It
1 100 I 10 1 1 i
1 irio 1 to i :mo i so
I lot I 10 11 ' I
I 110 I 40 31 140 I M
I ,....! I 10 1 1140 4 00
1 1240 I 10
1 mo 3 m 1 lit" 4
1 lion 1 to ii 1111 o
1 414 - M 1 1.1 I 2
1 10 I nn 1 14 I IA
1 40 3 0 t 14
1 100 to 1 100 I ft
4 Ill 00 I IM I W
I 110 I on I II I 4
I III I 00 T it IH
1 IM) 4 HI
1 1
1 1
i tl
I tr
I n
I to
I 71
1 71
. 44
. 440
. M
. 434
. 714
. Ill
. SH
. 4
. 4e
I so
I to
I 40
I 40
I 4
4 4
4 10
4 M
. HO
. 441
. 40
. 4"0
. 47
. Of
I n
1 steer 1019
1 steer MO
1 steer 70
1 steer 1060
1 steer 10A0
1 steer 1130
steers.. ..1173
4 00
4 on
1 steer 1050
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 no
4 00
4 00
4 40
1 steer 1030
10 steers. ...!'
1 steer lnnp
1 steer low
T steers.. ..HOT
44 steers.. ..1146
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 35
4 43
72 steers.. ..1147
1 steer l
2 26 12 steer
SI steers.. ..11175
3 80
t on
7 steers. ...1135
20 steers.. .1201
HOOS There were two distinct hog mar
kets today, a speculators' market and a
packers' market. It was one of those un
satisfactory days when no one is plessed.
The speculators Started out buying such
hogs as pleased them at prices that wets
gxnerally 3tMi6o hlaher than vesterdav. Jn
other words they paid M.lsQ.S0 for a num.
oer 01 loans, wnen tnelr orders were niied
they dropped out and the trade came to a
sudden standstill. The best that any of
the packers would do waa to offer prices
about steady with yesterday, but even that
aia not noiu very long, tne marset weaa
ening and closing lower than yesterday.
It Is hardly necessary to add that ths
market was a drsar from start to finish
and that It was late before any business of
consequence was transacted.
Representative sales:
1 1
I l
I l
I itv
i 11
14. ..
... .121
I 00
I 04
I w
I 04
I 07H
I 07',
4 Oil,
I 01
I 07S
I 07 '4
I 0?
I 07 Uj
01 Vi
I 01 W
I ItSa
I lli
I 13V4
t II1
1 114
I 12S
1 114
4 12Ve
I Il4j
I 121
I 1
I 14
f II
t 1
I 174
I 17VS
I 11V!
I 111
t 17 .
u -
I to
41 ...
M ..
74. Ill
40 07t
I 07 V,
4 10
I 10
I 10
1 1 .
I 10
I 10
1 1
I 10
1 1
17: ,
I 10
1 1
1 1
4 10
SHEEP There was vary little
In ths
Sheep market In the way ot encouragement
to country shippers that could be reported
today, when the market opened about
half of the estimated receipts were In sight,
that Is, some twenty loads, mostly sheep
and ewes. Out of this number thero were
perhaps ten loads of good killers, th re
mainder consisting of common to medium
kinds. There were also sixteen oars carried
over from yesterday, four or five loads of
them being good. In other words, when the
market opened there were about thlrty-sU
rars In sight all told, (ourteen or fifteen
ui mem gooa aiiisrs.
Tha sheep market waa very slow from
start to finish at prices that wera any
where from weak to 10c lower. Aa was th
case yesterday packers did not appear to
want - vary many loads and their ordors
were quickly filled, so that It became ex
tremely difficult for receivers to find any
on to bid on their holdings. Some good
wethers sold early at t&.so and some good
ewes sold to arrive were weighed up at
o.a. a ouncti of clipped ewes, the first
to arrive at (Ma point this year, hrouaht 34.
Lambs were in very light receipt, but the
nemana am noi appear to oe especially
pronounced, so that their absence was not
especially leirr
Buyers report the eastern mutton market
ss Clogged up and in very poor condition,
to wnicn iney ascrin) tne iignt demand pre.
vailing at all market points for live shep
wim imiioB. iiieiu pvcins iu oe a lenuency
111 all the big sheep markets toward an
accumulation of both sheep and lambs, and
It would seem to be th proper thing for
snippers at ins present time to bold back
consignments until tha surplus now on sal
Is materially reduced. It must be borne
In mind that conditions here are no wore
than at other pclnts. In fact, the market
if anything Is better liar than farther
Quotations: flood to choice natlvs lamb.
t.4u'it.75; good to choice western lambs
lo.; ratr tn gooa lamna, H.uoys tO; cull
lainoei, ei.wuo.Bu; gooa to cnoice iiaht year
lings, 3u.uwb.uu: guod to choice heavy yeur
lings, !6.taVit) ou; fair to good heavy year
lings. 10. 4043. 441 good in unoic wethers
t6.i0'; lair to good wethers, A
good to choice ewes, 14 7M;.30; fair to good
ewes, 14. 2674. 76; cull sheep und backs, ii.00
4 yearlings ....
4 western ewes
Wt Pr.
..TU 1
,107 4 uu
, lot 6 It
,104 t le
.113 tii
.111 5 35
.100 i 40
. lui I 40
. lit i 7t
.103 6 86
.73 30
44 western
317 western
ti western
liaj western
8(0 western
ftrt western
ly western
J western
Hi western
wethers, .
Cattle) Tea to fifteen t ent lllgker
Hoi aad Sheen steady.
CHICAGO, March ll.-CATTLKReoeipta,
16.000 head: market l'tnlac higher; common
to choice steers. .4"in).co; cow. U.r4;-4 i,
heifers ft.TMitX: bulls, t3.tjrsril.S5: calves,
3. noli 7 "5; stockers anil fueilers. t'.7b1t.7S
HtMlS Receipts. iK) brad: nnrket
steady; choice to nrltre hea.vv. tf. wilt 4V';
nud uni to good heavy, to 214 30; butcher
. fights. t'.Viiti.l7W; good to choice heavy
mixed, l.i5fi; 3u; packing, B.gCftHSO,
SHEEP AND LAM UB Receipt. 15.1)00
heai): rtiea-i-t steady: sheep. 4';(j1.;j;
jesrllngs. li Ik iiC.'; lam lis. $6116.83.
1 -
St. toil 1.1 v atuek Market.
BT. IX)i:7S. Mo. March 14.-CATTI.K-Rccelpts.
2.f0r head. Including 6a) head
Texana: market l'Mld hlTher: nullve shln
plnv and export steers, ti s Vt l L5 : dressed
i bef and butcher steers tl.3 "trj.To; steers
' under I.1 oft pound?, t3 Htyt 25: stockers nnd
I f- edets, 12 'tit : cm and heifers. 31 :.t
ft".0o: ennners. tl ''7!.4t; bulls, t3.ttai4.'ii;
cslve. 43. 75 od 40; letss and lndl"n steers,
t3irii; cows and heifers. i:.4 4,45.
HOOS-Recelfts. UA head: market to
higher: pig and lights, Uii4..V.; pack
er M.ix-JiHa; butclieis and best heavy,
t2T 46.
UHlvKP AND I.AMn Recelnts, 5il
heitrl; enKre-et native muttons. 2)1.(0
(lo.ia); lamlw, S3 5o4i4.3.
Kanees tltr l-lve Meek Market.
KANSAS CITY. Mreh If-CATTLB--Receipts,
M'Co head. Ini ludtng &) head
southerns: niark-t nt-ailf to li'o hlgliei ;
choloe export and dreaeinf bewf slh. r. f, 41
(it.Vl; fair to good. 4 Hq'Tj ill; western fid
steer. 3-1 7r45.5o; stoi kers and fneders, tP.Ki
titfo; southern steers. W ii'ijt pi; southern
cows, ti dtiM; native rows. 2.iS'4.M: r
tlve heifer". l..yuZ.:l; bulls, ti.IO-nt.U,
calves. V) .14410.75.
IKK;S Reeelnts. ' 3 7'l head: market
opened strong. Tloeed I'c lower; top. tei.U;
buik of sales to l'ji 26; heavy. In :od)d 27lJ;
im. kel. lo.lMo.j;, pigs and I gilts, Id.teOO
i .0).
IHfTP AND LA MflH-Receipt, J ,50
haj, market stead); iiallv lamb.
1 75: western lambs. sV7Tff 7t: ewes and
iosrlmgs. t4fiKjoti. western fed veorllngv.,
'i.Mig.ik; western fed sheep, 4 2M2V;
stockers and feeders. t3.rJfj4.7V
. Joaenh Lite stack Market.
BT. JOSEPH. Mo. March 14.-CATT1.K--Recelpts,
head; market strong to lr
hlgtier; natives, t4.1'Miui; cows snd helf...
crs, tliMi4; stockers and fecrtVts. iV.l"
liOOS-RecclptS. S. 4P7 head; market
Steady to weak: llalit, t.lri.:; medium
and r.esvy, HlifV'.
PHKKP AMI LA MRS Receipts, ,l;j
head, ninket weak; In m lis. til. 70.
Ions t'ltr live Stork Market.
SIOI'X CITT. la . March 14 -(Special
Telegram. CATTlJ;-Re.-elpt l.fW head;
market If higher; stockers liVhlSc lower;
beeves. 4 itft. 6); cows, hulls and mix.).; atockers and feeders, t30iSf4oO;
cnlves and yearlings, tl.liretf 4.23.
HCKift Receipts, 3 omi head; market 5c
higher; selling at Hfetj 3"; bulk or sales,
K liU.lo.
Stork let Sight.
R-elpl of live stock at the six principal
western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Unas. Bhee
si 1 11 in iimnna s.vsi n.'i
Ploux City l.iasy
Kansas City . t.KHi
Pt. Joseph 1 k
Bt. Ixiuls S.&ot'
2. ton
Chicago 15.IM)
....S4.4W 5J,7 S3,
Wool Market.
HOSTON. March 14. WOOL A feature
of the wool market Was tha unsuccessful
efforts to contract for wools in the west.
Montana and Wyoming growers sr re-
tw.'ted ss placing prices at prohibitive
flju.-ea. The market shows a firm outlook.
Ther Is a small supply of territories on
hand. For fine medium (Wflejlc Is being
ald. There Is a moderately steady call
n PiiHvd wools for tine As and A aunera.
foreign grades are steady. Leading quo
iations follow: Ohio and Pennsylvania.
XX and above. 35fi3Mo: X. SStJ.'Ho: No. 1.
3tMc; Kv 2, SHtioc; fine unwashed. !
iyao; quarter blood unwashed. 33ffjazi4e:
three-eighths blood, S3&34C; half Mood, iOtf
SSHio: unwashed llelalne, 4?3c; tin
washed Delaine, 3Kltr1ii37c. Michigan. Tine
unwashed. 34ioc: Quarter blood unwashed.
11 ti 32c; three-eighths blood, 371 fi S3 He; un-
TCemiivij teiMinn, i-yc. fwilllicny , llini-
sna, etc., threo-elghtha and quarter blood,
3iiti33c, Territory, Idaho, fine. ltjlWo; fine
medium, 22ii23ci medium. 2fii27c; low me-
Slum, J"VffZ7c. Wyoming, fine. 2lt22t; heavy
tie, lMiiiV; fine medium, ;2&'Si': medium.
Mffo; low medium, 2r:'Ti27o. 4'tah and
Nevada, fine, 22fj23c: heavy fine. 19620c:
fine medium, 2243 23u; medium, 3CrtC7c; low
medium, 2S4S7c. Dakota, tine. 3Sr033c: fine
medium, !:J3o: medium, 27T3"c; low me
dium, 3iad27c. Montana, fine choice, 24t)3tc:
fine average. 23ti24c; fine medium choloe.
24fHfic; average, 2H!ti2lc; staple, 272mc; me
dium choice, 27b ic; average, 20iQ27o,
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. March 14. MHTALII There
was a further advance in the Ixmdnn tin
market, with spot closing at 166 16 and
future at h3 7s6d. Locally the market
waa firm and higher In sympathy, with spot
quoted, at t3t.4o'(f 36.50. Copper waa 2s td
higher at H0 for spot and 73 6a for fu
tures In the London market. Locally the
tone Was firm and large sales are tn
have been mule. Lake Is quoted at f IH toifi
IS 75: olectrolytlc, tlo.2n4ilM.DO; casting. 118.00
&1S PS. Lead Was unchanged at tS.ti6 40
In the local market, but advanced 4-s ta
l26d In Indon. Hoelter was also higher
In the English market, closing at 34 17s 471.
Locally no change was reported, with the
market dull at Sh.2ftrn.S0. Imn waa higher
abroad, with standard foundry and Cleve
land warrant both closing at 4Ks Id. locally
no manga waa reported, no. 1 foundry
northern Is quoted at lit 2Mi 1 36: No. 2
foundry northern, 117. 7541 13.85: No. 1 foun
dry southern, tl 18.70; No, 2 foundry
southern. $17 75?r IH.iS.
BT. I All IS, Mftrcb 14. MKT A LB Lead,
steady, S6.7Vt. Spelter, steady, M.16.
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. March 14. COTTON Snot
closed very steady, 15 points rower; mid
dling uplands. 10.96c; middling gulf, 11.20c;
sales, 4.800 hales.
MOW ORLEANS. March 14 4-OTTrtN
Bpot closed easy; shIcs. l.fka) hales; ordi
nary. "So; good ordinary, 1 15-lflci low mid
dling, 13-lfio; middling. ItlHc; good mid
dling, 11c; middling fair. 11 V; receipts. 8,114
I ... I .... I, vrr 1 1 1... .... . .. .
Msrch, 10.37c; April, 10.4Bc: May, 10.61c;
June. 10.67c: July. 10.06c: August. 10.4Sc:
October, 9.44c; July. J.tfic.
LlVKRfUuu, March 1. COTTON Bpot
in inir acmana: prices
fair demand: prices 4 points higher;
nerlnan middling fair, ..12d; good mid
ng. t.tSd: middling. 6.80d: low middling.
t 64d; good ordlnfiry, t.46d; ordinary, 6.300.
The sales of the day wr 10,000 bales, of
which 1,000 wer for-arculatlmraad export
and Included t.200 American. Recplbts. 12.-
000 bales. Including ,400 American.
BT. LOUIS, March 14.-COTTON Quiet,
1-16C lower; middling, lilac; sales, none: re
ceipts. 1 bale; shlbtnents, S bales; stock,
14.017 bales. - . ,
CotTee Market.
NEW YORK, March 14.-COFFEE Mar
ket for future opened steady at unchanged
F. rices to a decline of 5 points In response
o lower French cables. Near the clime
li.oa I Inn a . 1 1 A mnrji fraalv snil 4he n,ur.
ket was finally easy at S net declln of loiv
It points. Bales for the day were reported
of 3S,7GO hags, Including: May, .7Mil.fl6c;
July, 7(7.0.V-; Brptember( Decern-,
her, 7.8o4i7.4Sc: February. 7.t0c. Bpot Rio,
steady; No. 7 Invoice, 8"ie.
Hew York Mlnla gtookav! ...
NEW YORK, March 14. CloalnB quota
tions on mining stocks were:
Adam Coa
Breece ..1...1
Brunswick Coo ..
Comatock Tssnal
Cos.. tal. Vs..
Hors Sllror
Iron Silver
Leadirllls Cos ....
X ILIllle Chief
..i7.v Ontario ....
.. li ophir
. . U liuoenla ...
II 7-1 T
.. U iPnloal
..116 garase
. Uierrs Nead .
..j41V4:Ssali llopea
.. 4 Jfiaodard , .,
Philadelphia Prod no Market, -
Steady; western creamery, 2c; nqarby
prints. 82c. , " '
EOG8 Firm: nenrby, 4a higher; nearby
fresh and western f 1 eeh, itc at mark. , .
CHEESE Quiet; New York full creams,
i3vai4c. .
Bank f'learlaga.
OMAHA, March 14 Bank clearings for
today were 11,702.318.84 and for the corre
sponding date last year tl. 234,736. 77. .m ,
Deeds tiled for record March 14. . 1IW, as
furnished for The He by the J. Fred
Kerr company, bonded abstracters, li
New York Llto Dldg:
Jasper C.'ault to J. H. Huntxlnger, ldt
s, Wcsterfleld's add. ,..ll.5fe
Jonn J. Peterson and wife to F. K.
Nachtlgitll, wV lot 26, bloeK 1, Camp
bell s add
L. E. Peyton and wife to Minnie W.
Whttehouae, north 66 fact lot 1, block
S, Reed's First add 1
Iva E. Norton to Luulla C, Norton, lot
8. block 40. Omaha ., .i
Ix C. East and wlf tu same; same.. ,. i
National Life lnauranc oompauy to
John F. Kerns, east X) fel lot le.
bliM'k 7, Hanseom Place 7.5J
W. Farnam Bmith, trustee, to Charles
Hansen, part tax lot 1, n nw'A
,5-15-13 Kl
I'ora Harney to Clara R. Mannlirg, lot .
7. block 8, Rriags Place List
'William R. Pitt to Inga O. Mlnner,
lot 24, block !S. Dundee Place
James H. Thompson et al. to Jennie H.
Thomimon, lot 4, block is, Bouth
David Olson and wife to John J. Peter
son, lot 5, block "B." Baunders 4k
Hlmebaugh's add
City Of timuha to John L. Bpltshart,
lota t, 9, 10 and 11, block 2, Pope
klre Piclial to John Trecek, part lot
21. Maluney's add
William O. Chambers and wife to W.
W. ChambsTs, west 13 feet lot 3,
block 3. Capital add 1.300
T V. .. u, ,.U 1 IullnnMl Ku r, I
Christen Christensrn. lot 4. Marlon
! Frank D. Robbln and wlfu to Karen
Ulfcen, lota a. 7 and s. llurdette Court
Myrtle Norton to Luella C. Norton,
lot t, block ', Omaha
Philip M. Oroff to Carroll F. Oroff.
lot 1 to 45. snd other lots In- block
I. and other lots In 01 net- blocks,
Harrison & Patterson's Annex......'
Bird C. Connid to H. Lincoln, east
44 feet lot 5, block 16, Isaac et Shel
den's add.
Same to sam; same
F. D- Day Cl Co.
Stuck. Grain. Hruvltioni
Shlw Yonr 4. rata lu la.
Chleauo and Mlnnnanolla Delivery.
i'e-elgiith coni'iiUslon nn Grain, ona.
tiuaiter on Blo Ka. Prompt and careful
attention given to outside accounts. Write
for 1 ur daily Market Letter, moiled free.
Main Office,
IIO-lll Hoard f Trad Blstg.
I ting Ulslan Tkt, DnagU mi 4.
, 1
i t t