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One of the Popular Amusements of the
Mexican Citiiens.
II llaa Ke Show from Mart,
and His I'irfM fion to Feed
tfcf Poor of the Great
Almost every citizen of the tTnltd States,
in spite of their high regard for the Insti
tution of their own and mother countries,
nd strong respect for the best -In human
nature everywhere, and honest distaste for
crtlelty and brutality, outside of our best
colleges, go to see the "bull fight" the
first Sunday after his arrival In Mexico,
nd most always offers some apology to his
friends for It afterward.
A few never go, quite a number attend
but once, While a larger crowd goes be
cause of having been told that "one should
see the bull fight while In Mexico, what
ever else he misled," and that the "Idea
Of being In the republic of Mexico without
Seslng a 'fight waa not to be thought of
In Other words, sort of "shamed Into going"
Instead of just going because they wanted
to and because of It being a personal affair
and from Its fascinating history, for It is
aid to be a fact that If the traveling
public whatever that may mean would
absolutely discountenance the fight, under
the rapid development of Mexico and the
Influx of English and American Immigrants,
the fight would wane; but I would hot
like to assume any responsibility when It
comes to urging a belief In that statement,
tot It seems to one who takes the trouble
to observe that, next to the "respect for
the president," the "love of the fight" Is
the first thing In the heart of the nation.
External Idea of Ball FUht.
The fight la difficult to describe, and one
can get but a vague Idea from the written
thoughts of another, but Imagine, 11 you
please, an arena upon ,the ground, about
which a fence, perhaps six feet ' high,
painted a brilliant red. There are several
gates leading Into the ring, one for the en
trance of the horses, another through which
the bulls arc driven, and the third for the
xlt of the mules bearing away the dead
animals. Surrounding the arena are seats,
one tier above the other, very substantially
built, for unlike those of the American
circus, they are a permanent thing, as the
bull fight bids fair to remain the "national
entertainment" for many decades to come.
If you can Imagine this arena of a bright,
sunshiny day, with the seats all taken at
IS and 12.50 each 20,000 of them you may
get An Idea.
Now a bull fight must be brutal there
Is no other way out of It a bull cannot be
tortured and worried, and finally killed
without brutality, and the more tantlllslng
' the torture the greater the applause and
the better the fight, for the sport Is a relic
of barbarism and a legacy from Spain,
so that the person who attends a session
expecting that the bull fight will be con
ducted upon the mild "drawing room"
style of one of our "Indian reviews" or
"exhibition battles," had best remain away
and read about It, but If they really wish
to know, as a matter of discipline to their
nerves, Just how much they can stand
and want to see a real exhibition of what
a bull can do when pitted against a "cua
derrtlla" of Spanish brutes, all skilled In
the arts Of the game, they should stimu
late themselves with the recollection that
the horses used In the ring are worn out
anyway and would not bring 2 each at
the market, and that death will be a re
lief to them; and then, there Is always
some, hope that the matador may get
i caught. . Then the dead bulls furnish food
for the poor of the city, and the taottca
used In bringing about these things are
wonderfully skillful. Then, It must never
be recorded against the taste of anyone
that they enjoyed the "grand entry," for
no other act In any of the dramas that
serve In their different ways to entertain
or amuse a pleasure loving publlo, Is iust
like this, and no other performance In the
world Is received by th,e sport loving pub
lic with such wild enthusiasm and ap
preciative applause as bull fighting.
Formalities of the Rlnx.
When the hour actually arrives, the
procession enters, headed by the arrogant
"Impressarrlo," In Spanish costume,
mounted upon a fine horse, that keeps step
to the music; this Is the "show horse"
and does not appear again.
Next eomes the "matadors," whose dig
nity and bearing are above criticism, for
they are the stars of the profession and
wear the most gorgeous uniforms. Follow
ing them are. the "banderrllleros" and
"capas," who are the aids to the prin
cipals, closely followed by the "ploadors,"
-mounted upon the horses that shall carry
them Into the fight, and more than likely
be killed under them by the bull. In the
rear comes the "masos," servants, and
nule teams, which constlttue all that will
take part In the fight. All carry banners
and are In brllllunt-hued uniform suited to
their raak.
The leader, on horseback, approaches the
platform and salutes the "chief Judge,"
who among an able corps of helpers, man
ages and umpires the fight, after which he
retires from the ring, accompanied by
Beautiful Eyes
Beautiful Women
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213 South IGtS Street.
Tactory on the) premises.
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J. , V I W V.,
' mi tsar
I cwnva -f.
low rmiolo. and the thre "white mtil-s"
nnd the fighters take their places, each
waving their banners, and the Infuriated
bull la let. Into the arena from the pen,
from which he has been coaxed by the
throwing of the red 'mantlllcttas" before
him. which he follows blindly, and the fight
Is on.
F.I Tnro a ail III Pnaltloaj.
The bull has already been maddened In
the pen, and as he enters the ring the
man at the entrance above him drives a
sharp Instrument of Iron, with a point like
a fishhook. Into him at the shoulder and
adds to his freniy. This Instrument has
a wooden handle, to which streamers of
ribbon of various colors are attached, mak
ing a striking effect. The sight of the red
capes, the applauding spectators and gen
eral surroundings Infuriates the beast and
he mnkes a mad dash for the nearest man,
whose skill In dodging is called at once Into
play, as he Jumps aside, while the bull
dashes by, only to rush at the next flag
with renewed speed and murderous Intent.
This Is railed the "capa act" and most of
the "toreros" take part and they are giver
an opportunity to exhibit their expert skill
In dodging and to show how easily and
gracefully It can be done. After this comes
the placing of the "bnnderrlllns" and the
crowd, who while applauding to the echo
show signs of a waning Interest, and the
"picador," on horseback, attracts the no
tice of the bull. As the bull rushes madly
at the "picador" he Is repelled with a
pica, but makes repeated efforts to gore
the horse, until some one of the "capas"
comes to the rescue, when he abandons
the horse and pursuos this tormentor, who
Is one of the aids to the principals.
Part Played by Picadors.
If the picador falls In making a successful
defense the homo must take the worst of
It, which la nearly always a matter of re
gret. The bull sometimes attacks the pica
dor from the side, which decreases his
chances of safety, and he must rely upon
the Ingenuity of the capos for his protec
tion If he escapes with his horse. The vic
torious picador at this crisis Is received
with deafening applause, but if in a scrim
mage the picador Is thrown from his horse
he must lie perfectly still, while the capas
come to the rescue, and by directing the
attack of the bull to themselves they effect
the escape of the picador. When a horse Is
thrown down and gored, but not wholly
disabled, it Is lashed to Its feet and made
to undergo another turn about the ring,
and many times when disembowled Is
brought into the ring again, after being
rudely stitched together by the "doctors
on the outside, and urged to another bout,
and all this for the entertainment of men
and, alas, women.
Sometimes a picador fares badly, too, and
must be helped from the arena, but In spite
of many vows. to the contrary, It Is said
that they Invariably return to the ring. It
Is In their blood. Sometimes a copa does
a pretty turn by kneeling, back turned In
front of the bull, but should the beast make
for him he would clear the spot with light
ning speed. The loreros, often without
cape or banderrlllas, dance In front of the
bull, taking the risk of dancing almost be
tween the horns, where the slightest step
would be fatal. Just to please the crowd
and make an interesting spectacle, and so
the sport is continued for half an hour.
several horses having been tossed mean
while, when the bugle sound by order of
the lord high executioner Is given, and It
Is understood that one of the matadors
must now kill the bull.
Matador Cads the Scene.
This must be done by taking a position
In front of the bull and plunging a bn-
derrllla, on the top of the beast's shoulder
Into the vicinity of his heart. This Is one
Of the most daring feats of the bull fight.
and when the matador rushes to: the sen'
ter of the arena and throws his hat to the
audience and with banderrllla and flag
faces the bull, the applause Is at Its
height- He waves the flug Just In front of
the bull, the animal makes a plunge for
It, when the fighter Jumps to one side and,
If successful, buries the Instrument of tor
ture Into the bull, up to the hilt, and he
slowly, sinks down ae. Another stroke
with a knife. Just back of the horns, mnS
the bull Is dead, and the howls of delight
from the spectators bear witness to their
love of the amusement. The fighter bows
to the admiring audience, who throw htm
all sorts of gifts, in testimony of their ap
prestation of his skill and daring. Thin
the mules come In and drag out the dead
bull and all the horses that have batui
killed, and one round is declared ended.
The placing of the bandarrllla, which Is
an Instrument of torture twenty-four
Inches long, and must be stuck into the
shoulder from horseback, la considered I
very difficult performance, and Is ao
compllshed only by those high In the
profession, and the horses used in this
case are not blindfolded, but are trained
to the work and are rarely ever gored, as
they are high bred and spirited and know
what is expected of them and are ridden
barebacked. To succeed In placing a ban'
derrilla while still seated Is a daring and
skillful feat, and to do this and escape
from the position requires not only nerve
and agility, but confidence In their abll
lty, and It, of course, calls out loud and
prolonged applause.
Other Features of the Show.
One of the most fantastic acts of the fight
Is where the mules, usually "three white
ones," bedecked in ribbons and the national
banners, come Into the arena, after the
matador has dispatched the bull, and tri
umphantly drags him off. while the "band
plays on," and another bull Is brought In
for slaughter. Unless from three to six
bulls and from six to ten horses are killed.
and a man or two "touched," the tight is
thought tame.
There are rare occasions when a strong
and agile bull will leap out of the ring
and land in the seats occupied by the spec
tators. In this case the bull must be shot,
but Infrequently not before he has gored
and trampled upon many helpless people.
The Imagination will easily supply the
sensation caused by a catastrophe like
The carcasses of the dead bulls are given
to the city for the poor and many of them
go to the prison, and many people who go
to the fight get some consolation by re
membeiing this, together with the fact that
the poor horses ridden by the picadors are
blindfolded and do not know what hurts.
them, while the fact Is no honest Amer
IcAn should make any excuse to himself
nor apology to his friends for seeing
"bull fight" If his own natural delicacy does
not furnish the reason, and be should not
be branded as a brute If In quest of new
sensation or In search of Information be
gets Into a shady seat some Sunday after
The writer has never seen a "bull fight,
but has visited the arena In four different
countries, has itntrned attentively while
others have related their experiences and
thoughts, has talked It over with both
women and men who have been reared to
believe It a "grand exhibition of skill and
prowess," and has helped to resuscitate
women from the "slates' who would go,
has studied the names and terms used to
designate point a, as the lovers of base ball
do, and the rent la imagination.
Mexico. Feb. t. 19o8.
Cklaeao Esr Sees Uraat.
NEW YORK, March la-Prince Tsal Ise
or the liunese Imperial comintsMion today
visilea oeneiai r. u. urant at tiiivernur I
Island fur an Inspection of the lieaduuar-
tera of the Army of the East. With the
prince were lour members of his iarly
whoa purpose 1 to study the luaUlultuus
ul tula aud otaer countries.
Business of City Enjoys Eia of Great
Prices la Oeaeral Firmly Maintained
Great Hash of llaslnrss for Im
plement Men, nltk Cars
aad Gooita Scarce.
Nothing better Indicates the nmnwmui
condition of Umaha s trade, say the Job
bers, than the enormous hank clearings
of last week. For the week ending Thurs
day clearings were 2,ia,J(io more than
for the same week last year, making a
new record in the history of Omaha's
banking. Tucsdnv waa I lie larva rinv with
clearing of $2,6w,0OO. It waa the annual
clearing day for farm sales. Jobbers In
all lines report a rush of business Inat
Week: house trarie ami mail orHnra
both heavy. Prices are belna- flrmlv main
tained, except for a sliirht weakness In
some lines of cotton goods, and several
advances have been made.
rewer merchants were In the anrlno-
meeting last week, most of those who
were desirous of comlna- havina- already
visited the market. Those who were In
reported the spring trade opening up
well, and say the prospects for the season
are good.
1 he busiest men In the rltv fur tha taut
two weeks have been the lmolenient men.
They have been shipping out their spring
uraer ana it win oe a week vet before,
all the first orders have been filled. Two
great difficulties have confronted the Job-
uers, one 01 mem me scarcity or cars ana
that the other the scarcity ot goods. Cars
have been harder to Bet than last vear.
and the condition has caused considerable
delay. Factories are short on goods and
are slow in their shlDments to 1olibrs. an
that the latter are running exceedingly
snort in some lines. The dealers report
the spring business 40 to 60 per cent ahead
of last year, and they expect the later
trade to make a record also. Not manv
country dealers have been In the last week,
as they are busy with their trade.
Slight Strength In Shoes.
A normal market Is maintained in boots
nnd shoes, with prices at the general level
of last week. In certain lines however,
there have been slight advances. Trade In
leather goods has been good, but in rubber
goods it was liphter than ever. The Job
bers are getting ready to show their fall
samples. Heavy high cut calf shoes will
te popular this fall, but patent leather
shoes also will be In favor. Even If the
hide market should get lower, as some
people predict, the Jobbers say there Is
likely to be no decline In shoes, as the
stocks In the hands of the manufacturers
have been bought at fancy figures. Prices
are bound to be stiff all year, they say.
Lent Is bringing much pressure on the
fish departments of the grocery houses.
Men are working day and night packing
fish to ship. Prices are firm and stocks in
Some lines are sadly depleted. Kvery.week
mere is a sngnt advance on some kinds of
fish. Insignificant for one week, but soon
amounting to a considerable sum In the
Will Tomatoes Be Lower
' There has been no change In the situation
on spot tomatoes In the Missouri river ter
ritory, but in the eaat there is a slightly
easier feeling and some shading of prices
has been done. Yet, even on the basis of
the lowest price going In ihe eaat today
Missouri river prices are still cheaper. The
gap between the outside dealers and the
syndicate seems to be widening rather than
closing up. Evidently the syndicate has
been disappointed In finding so much stork
available outside of their holdings; still,
they seem to have every confidence In the
market and that eventually their goods win
be wanted at the prices they have estab
lished. Uulte a little business has been done In
the east on three-pound . future tomatoes.
There la no disposition on the part of the
packers to change their views, as they re
port that there is very little profit in to
matoes at the present price for futures,
when they are paying 18.60 to $9 per ton for
the raw material. The prices on futures
going today will not admit of a 10-cent
price on tomatoes to the consumer. There
Is one significant fact that should be born
In mind that Is, that the price for raw ma
terial Is pretty nearly 100 per cent higher
than the prices paid the growers In years-
previous to as a natural consequence
of this high basis of price there will be an
enormous aareage of tomatoes planted. The
Inevitable results, with an ordinary yield,
will be an unusual supply or the raw ma
terial, with con3eauent lower prices during
the season. Well posted buyers are nrmiy
of the opinion that lower prices will prevail
on the canned article before the goods are
ready for the market.
There Is no change to report In com.
much goods being still available at low
prices. There Is nothing In the situation
which justifies the Jobber in selling a case
of corn below 66 cents per dozen, for the
poorest quality, and 70 cents for high grade
The demand for gallon canned goods Is
something unusual. With the possible ex
ception of gallon pumpkin we have seldom
seen such a bare market at this season of
the year. During the last week gallon ap
ples have seen a further advance and gallon
apricots and peaches are more nrmiy neid.
Reports from the Pacific coast Indicate
that the coming crop of apricots will be ex
ceedingly light. After the bumper crop of
last season a light crop might naturally Be
expected this year. Reports Indicate that
the trees are not putting out anytmng line
their usual amount of blossoms; some re
ports say not over 76 per cent of the usual
quantity. There Is, therefore, an unusually
strong feeling both in canned ana uriea
1-runes are pern ape me strongeai. rau
on the list, with the exception of apricots.
Raisins are quiet, a little easier reeling
prevailing, but outside of this one article
the market shows unusual strength.
Though raw sugars have advanced i to 4
cents in the last week, the local Jobbers
have male no change in quotations. K
finers report a considerable Increase In
activity In the market.
Owing to the open weamer me volume or
the winter-made cheese product Is greater
than last year, and this fact has naturally
affected the market. The prices are Vtitfc
lower than the quotations of the last two
or three weeks. The October-made product,
however, la very much reduced, ana it is
hardly probable the lower prices will rule
on fancy cheese before the new make Is
on the market.
The market-in coffee Is steady and cash
quotations are not changed from last week.
The month of February saw stocks re
duced by 6O7,0iiO bags. March 1 the world's
supply was 2,000.000 bags less than on the
same date last year. The dealers says tho
steady depletion of stocks will be likely to
make higher prices.
With Ury Goods Houses.
Dry goods houses report a good trade,
orders from salesmen being satisfactory
and orders on the floor numerous, though
smaller than has been the rule for several
weeks. Retailers in the city lor ine mer
chants' meeting say their trade is very
good. Longdates and similar grades were
reduced last week, but other cottons con
tinue strong. The manufacturers reduced
Hope bleaches a and competing lines
uluut as much. There is still some com.
plaint by the Jobbers of poor deliveries
from ine lactones, many nnea ui nniun
goods yet being scarce In first hands.
Local wholesalers do not look for any re
Paints, Oil and Glasa.
An excellent demand has characterised
this trade the last week, and as a conse
quence the market la very firm. Turpen-
n o ta ud lc. selling at The, Oils, however.
are slightly off. the boiled product being
quoted at 41c; raw, 39e. It Is believed this
is merely a temporary recession and that
the reaction will be quick. Lead sells at
last week's quotations. The glass market
has shown no change for the week, the
demand being unusually god for both plate
and window, witn a nrmness reponeo.
The feature of hardware is an advance In
builders' hardware. The advance has
been M Der cent sl-e the first of lite year.
It is dua In a large part to the enormous
demand caused by building operations all
over the country. In other lines prices
are unchanged. Orders are being received
In large numbers for summer goods, such
as refrigerators, Ice cream freezers and
wire screens. Business Is of much larger
volume than for the same time last year
. Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. March 10. COTTON Spot
closed quiet; middling uplands, 11 loc; mid
dims- sulf. U.&c; sales, t.iuo bales.
ST. LuL'IS, Mo.. March- 10. COTTON
Pull and unchanged; middling. He; sales,
6 bales; receipts, none; shipmtnts, JW
bales: stook. tOJS bales.
LlVEHHoOU ilanh 10. COTTON Spot
In fair demand; prices s points lower
American middling fair, LSOd; good mid
dling iid; middling. 6 4d; low middling
t&vl: good ordinary. 6.&od: ordinary. 6,S41.
The sales of the day were lOoflu bales, of
wnicn i.uw were lor siecuiaiion ana ex
port, and Included (.loo American. Re
ceipts. . bales, no American.
Bpot closed steady; sales. l.uGa bales; or-
oinary, U-loc, low middling, lur; mid
dling, 10U-16c; good middling, Ut-l'io' mid-
ding rair. us-ltKi. Receipts, Alt bauts;
aioo, ih,wi iMUa
Aavertlaemeats for theae rnlamaa
vrlll he taken antll IS m. for tho
evealaaj edition and antll a n. m. tor
tho morning- aad Snnday edition.
Rates 1 l-2e a word nrat Insertion,
le a word thereafter. Nothing; token
for leas than itoe for tho It rat laser
tlon. These nd vertlaements mnat be
Vnn eonarrntlvely.
Advertisers, by recreating- a a in
hered cheek, can have anawers ad
dreaaed to a anmbered letter la care
of Tho Rfe. Aaswers so addreaaed
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deitarled friends through the medium-
ship, of these gifted women. Lecture,
"Inaplratlonal Music." Patterson Block, and rarnar.i. H i 11
Everything told, past present and future
BHllafactlon or nu pay. hjl N. INtn St.
Phone Ke 673. B 7 llx
Call at No. 113 South ltith St., upstairs.
Resultful prediction absolutely given.
REV. EDWARDS, spiritual medium, gives
wonderful lira readings. ruoro 1, Ktter
ton Blk., 17th and Farnam. aV-MtCl 10
TeL Doug. 2M.
211 8. LUi Bt.
uKiiiinvj . flir crlco lint
and rumple.
200 Douglas Block. Tel. Doug. 1M.
MA(lXKTI(ltr",ncnt Paths. Mme.
Amivi AMU A aAjs . kt 16u 2d fl.. r 2.
tR. JACKSON. R. 4 Frenser block.
Chronic diseases a specialty. Consulta
tion free. U 96
ANY POOR GIRL In need of a friend call
im io mi matron ot tne
Army home lor women at $&24 N. 24th
Bt., Omaha, Neb. U MIO0
OMAHA Stammerer Institute. Ranige Blk.
U 4S4
Pianos 'delivered at once, $1 weekly. All
rnuslo lessons free. JoIN NOW. Perfteld
Piano Co., 1611 Farnam Bt.
U 966
PRIVATE home during confinement; babies
uoHrueu ana adopted. Mrs. uaiaeu,
Charles. Tel. Doug. 6311. U 86
THE Salvation Army solicits cast-off cloth-
'a, in mui, anyining you ao noi neeu,
we collect, repair and sell, at 114 N. llih
St., for cost of collecting to the worthy
poor. Call 'Phone Doug. 4136 and wagon
will call U-a l
WE RENT sewing machines, 75o week. Ws
repair an makes ul machines; secona
hand machines, $3 to $10. Neb. Cycle Co.,
Tel. Doug. im. Cor. 16th and llarney.
FREI2 medical and surgical treatment at
ureignton Medical college, 14th and Dav
enport Sts.; special attention paid to con
finement cases; all treatment supervised
by college piofcssora. 'phone Doug. 1167.
Calls answered day or night. U 123
rACaHiit; price moderate. Tel. Red TAii.
U M220 MciWu
PHONE Doug. 701 and a man will call and
tune your piano, $2. Peifiuld Piano Co.,
1611 Farnam. U-w
U 959
Doug. 8630.
RUPTURE CURED No knife, no Injec
tions, t an or write loi iooklt. uuick
Cure Rupture Co., 611 W. O. W. Biilg.,
Omaha. U 9U
DR. ROY, Chiropody, R. I 1, 1506 Farnam.
WE TAKE CARE of clothing by the
montii. i BUUKur CO., expert clean
ers and dyers, 618 S. 13th St. Tel. Doug.
1729. U-M66B 20
'SYMPATHY" and 40 other songs. So.
Feenan, 606 S. 13th. U AU.b U
PRIVATE hospital during confinement. Ba-
uies aaopiea. tfest and cheapest in the
city. 2319 S. 13th St.. omana. Neb.
U M60S 19
MANICURING, shampooing, scalp treat
ment, iaciai massage; tnoroualily first
class work. Lutie Bryant, 316 Bee Bldg.
Li MuM id
MME. PARES of N. T.. Shaving, Facial
iuaoaase, iuanicuring. Douglas Blk.
U M622 14
YOUR saving 40 per cent. Investigate.
jrciiiicu juuunery v,o., in Bourn i&th St.
U 700
SYRINGES, ruhber goods by mall; cut
t)T If- Mv,ra.hlllnn !).,,. . tn , I. ..
4 w . . vvm lllI.
U 744, MeUZJ
wir.Ainrv a uicivirv
Carriages for funerals, weddings' and par
nea, etecinc ugniea. let. Mia.
U-MJ30 Jl
uouse, us c. mm, room s, second floor.
U-eii Mauls
MANICURING, handdresslng and mas-
suae, name nui, zoo iNevuie BlK. Tel.
Doug. 6146. U 662
GREENBERGER BROS., suits $16 and up;
I'aiua . fo rt. mm. U 60 12
RAMSERPraci,caL H?"er. Hats reno-
vated. 220 8. 14th. Tel. Doug.
U M817 A6
BUTTERMILK at creamarv. law r-a.
tr UAJ? AH
FOR Easter millinery at reasonable prices.
w iiCKi;itwuuii Ol, u A1682 Att
RADMAN, ladles' tailor. Riding habits
anu evening- coais; special prloes till
April 1st. 21294 Farnam. Tel. Douglas 3611.
U M702 16
FR1VATE confinement home: babies
adopted. Mrs. Dr. King, 2018 N. 21st St.
TeL Siu. U M703
MASQUE COSTUMES. Lleben. Tel. 4115.
U M744
OMAHA Steam Paste Co. manufactures
, pure Hour paste. 2210 Cuming. Tel. Doug.
4621. u
GENTLEMAN traveling In Nebraska de-
airea peraunm acquaintance OI renned
and cultured ladles. Address T 46, care
of Omatia Bee. U M404 13x
LET us furnish your home. We sell on easy
payments. We don't ask Installment
prices. $100 worth. 12 ner week
Between lzin ana utn on Farnam Street.
U 958 U
HANDSOME young lady worth $15,000
wants acquaintance of honorable gentle
man; early marriage; no objections to
poor man If honest. Address Mrs. W..
697 Fulton St., Chicago. TJ '
SUPERFLUOUS HAIR, wafts and moles
permanently removed by electricity; con
sultation free and conndenttal; all work
Luaranteed. Mrs. Allender. 422 N. Y
lfe. u
MORPHINE, opium, laudanum, cocoalne
habit myself cured; will Inform you of
harmless permanent home cure. Mary
ii.iunui, DUX 1416, WfllcagO. C
209 8. 20th. Tel. Doug. 4SS6.
'FLOWER of the South" smoking mixture.
Superb quality. Absolute purity. Direct
io consumer only. Half pounds. $1.U0
pounds, $2.00. Express paid. Plantation
Tobacco Co., 639 F St., Washington, D. C.
U !MW 11X
ATTRACTIVE widow, very wealthy, but
lonesome, wishes to correspond with some
nice gentleman. Object, matrimony. Ad-
uress iw w, narvey, ill. u 887 llx
VERY wealthy middle-age gentleman,
alone, lonesome, wishes lady correspond
ent. Object, early marriage. Address
box las, iiarvey, m. U (4 llx
NURSES' College, Pueblo. Colo.; six week's
course; opens April L diplomas, massage
laugni. U Mi llx
FREE Your fortune told, future and past
revealed, surprising by America's Eminent
i'liilosnpner, Astrologist Clairvoyant, St.
John, 12 Bheldon Bt., Chicago. Bend birth
date ana stamp. KNOW THYSELF.
U-864 llx
AN elderly doctor, wealthy, kind and lib
eral, wants a good, companionable wife.
Address box 10?. oak Park, HI.
U-880 llx
WONDERFUL French clairvoyant and as.
trologixt; what he tells cornea true; send
dime and birth date. Prof. Gamut, Bog
21,9. Boston, Mass. U 872 llx
MARRY BACHELOR girl, age $1, worth
$J3.0UO. Widow. 87, worth $l!.ix. Catholic
lady 23, worth $1,000. HOMtS & COM
FoRT, Toledo. O. U 820 llx
WANTED Information of Sarah C. Phil
Hps, a sister of Rosannah E. Fish, dec.,
late of Newark, N. J., or of Mrs. John
Walters, late Newman Grove, Neb., Ad
dress, August Wagner, Att'y., Colum
bus. Neb. U 819 II
ATTRACTIVE and handsome young
w hi1 , w , OTuriu iiv.wv i .ail, uwn, fiume,
desires the acauaintanre of srentleinan
object matrimony, no objection to poor
man; will assist financially after mar-
riuKe. Miss Hart, Dept. 22a, 64 Wabash,
Chicago. U 4S lit
WEALTHY ladles and gentlemen of re
finement, anxious to marry; photograpiis
snd descnpUuns free. $ B, Box 7. Canon
City, Colo. u alv jlx
JOHNSON Institute, 41$ N. T. la Tel. Doug.
Ib04 a
DR. WELLS, D. O. and IL D. Neville Blk.
DRUG stores bought and sold. Drug clerks
wanted, t. v. Knlest, -4 N. x. i .
B 907
WANTED For IT. S. army, able-bodied
man between ages of 21 and 85; citlsens ii
United States, of good character and tem
perate habits, who can speak, read and
write English. For Information arpljr to
Recruiting Office, IStli and Doualas sts.,
Omaha; Lincoln and Grand Island. Neb.,
or Sioux City. la. B 18
WANTED Active men for circus work,
California tour; big wnges; uneuuaiea
opportunity to see the country. For fur
ther particulars address Circus Dept., la
8. 12 tn St., Omaha, Neb. Bend stamp.
B M7,9 10
WANTED Men everywhere, good payi to
aietrlbute circulars, auv. mauer, i
signs, tc. no oauvas-iii.g. Address Na
tional Distributing Bureau, loO Oakland
Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. B-MT.6 12x
MEN and boys wanted to learn plumbing.
uricaiaying, plastering iraues; f
day. Coyne Bros. Co., New 'Vork, Chi
cago, Cincinnati, Bt. Louis. Freo cata
logue. B-9oa
AMERICAN Barber Colege, 12th Doug.
li AUii 1U1U
CIVIL SERVICE work. See Underbill. 3320
IS. 84th. B 48 Mcni
STOP"1 the Neb. House. 1307 Douglas;
yJX rooms 2Lo and ud; beds (Iron) lie;
Just opened; everything new and clean.
u msio si
WANTED Four trustworthy boys, with
bicycles; permanent positions. A. D. 1.
Co., 212 S. 13th St. B-M670 A3
WANTED Experienced car repairers. Ap
ply F. Im Doherty, agent C. G. w. y.,
Ninth Ave. and Sixth Sts., Council Bluffs.
WANTED Window trimmer and
writer. Apply People s Store.
B M877
WANTED noy for office. Fisher &
i.awrie, lanon uiock. u jviiii iux
WANTED Window trimmer; must be able
to write showcards; only live ana up-to-date
man need apply. J. E. Lloyd Sr. Co.,
614 Bee Bldg. B M74S 11
WANTFIM eost, 1 vet snd 1 pants maker;
steady work. Lad the Tailor, sioux rans,
8. D. B-M739 13x
WANTED Flrst-e lass henchmen for hard
wood Interior Mulsh; apply at once. Ad
dress T 67, Bee. B M770 12
WANTED S boys. Omaha Box Co., East
omana. u ,ty u
WANTED Violinist at Blair for orchestra
engagements. Address S. E. Kemp, Hlalr,
Neb. B M775 13
WANTED First-class cabinet room fore
man. Address W 1, Bee. B MT71 12
WANTED Experienced salesman for ex-
tenxlve line line or advertising calendars,
leather goods, etc.; largest and best as
sortment. Address, "with references, stat
ing experience, Aug. Gast Bank Note &
Li tho. Co., St. Louis, Mo. B
ONE reliable person In each town to sell
the finest Tea, corren, turning rowacr,
etc., direct to consumers. Premiums
given; also written guarantee, "money
back In full if goods are not satisfactory.
Over 5,000 salesmen now making tine
wages with us. No capital required; par
ticulars free. Address Grand Union Tea
Co.. Omaha, Neb. B 799 U
WANTED Men with families of two or
more boys over 12 to run farms in lowa.
A paradlBe to the man without means;
clears $1,200 to $2.10 yearly. Further par
ticulars call or send stamp to Farm Dept.,
209 S. 12th St., Omaha. B M79$ 12
BECOME a chauffeur at home; positions
- i . . i.i.. r.i,. r . , u ......
fuaranieeu i weea.i. ivihq i,
loulars. Automobile, Dept. 787, 742 Sev
enth Ave., New York. B M893 1BX
WANTED Four men to travel In each
state, distribute samples and advertise
our goods. Salary, $21 per week and ex
penses, guaranteed. Expenses advanced.
Experience unnecessary. Address, with
stamp, stating age and occupation,
RKEVB CO., E8, Dearborn St., Chicago.
B 862 llx
WANTED Anybody willing to earn a liv
ing at home. Plan starts you in a practi
cal business. Good for $15 weekly. Send
60 cents today. Address G. D. Plttlnos,
198 Broadway, New York City.
R -ooC llx
WANTED Detectives for profitable secret
service work to act unaer oraers; no ex
perience necessary. Write Webster's De
tective Agency, Des Moines, la.
B 878 llx
HONEST young man to travel, advertising
and collecting; staple line; $18 weekly
and expenses. Kel-Bro., Manhattan
Bldg., Chicago. B-879 llx
IN SIX weeks ws will educate you In sales
manship, secure you a position as travel
ing salesman with responsible firm. Ad
dress the Bradstreet System, Rochester,
N. Y. B 869 llx
WANTED Reliable person to represent us,
. . , ...... .1 .. t v. . . . m t 1 . .f mndl
$60 to $126 per month and expenses; con
trol of territory and Interest In business;
will net $2,000 a year; give age and occu
pation. Address Dept. 56. Bilverton Com
pany, Manufacturer, Chicago. B 836 llx
WE will make you a present of $100,000, give
you a spienaia buii ul ennurn c 7
Saya, enlarge your picture free and pay
you a salary of $S6 per month and all trav
eling expenses to take orders for the
greatest and most reliable portrait house
In the world; all this will be guaranteed.
Address R. D. Martel, Dept. 661. Chicago,
in B-836 llx
GOOD PAY To men everywhere, to tack
signs, aisinnute circuimra, aaiuii-, d.. .
no canvassing. Universal Adv. Co., Chl
cag0. B-860 llx
MEN EVERYWHERE $4 dally, pass cir
culars, tack signs, no canvassing, steady.
Continental Distributing Co., Chicago.
B 849 llx
WANTED Mnlmed, crippled, disabled men
to have artificial limbs and appliances
free by getting subscriptions to the Iron
Trail. Address, Circulation Manager Iron
Trail. Minneapolis, Minn. B 824 llx
TRAVEIJNO salesmen. Several for west
ern trade; ny large wnon a.iiu nuuae, iu
sell staple, well advertised line to general
stores; year contract and llteral drawing
account to right men. Box 766, Chicago.
WANTED Blgn painters for advertising
and commercial work. Omaha Gunning
Bystcm. 1408 Harney St. B-987 llx
Highest wages, steady em
ployment; competent men
non-union; best possible
' Working conditions.
B-912 llx
MANAGER wanted; every section, to se
lect agents for "Gameoaulente, ' World s
greatest new, lawful game tor drinks or
cigars; takes place forbidden slot ma
chines; played witn nickels or quarters;
one to seven persons etui play at once:
finish beautiful, like casit register. Rented
or sold on easy payments; sample sent
free. Proposition lll please you If we
still have opening in your section. United
Sporting Goods Mfg. Co., Dept. 69, Chi
cago, lit.
B-t4 llx
TAILOR wanted; one who understands cut
ting and the management of a shop. Must
be a person of goud character and habits
and willing to work. A good, steady po
sition for the right person. Single peraon
preferred. Address, with references,
Stale Industrial School, Kearney. Neb.
B 9oJ 11
WANTED Good salaries to good men; we
want at once several good men In dif
ferent localities to repicsent us, to show
and sell properties to buyers whom we
furnish; you must be well acquainted
with your territory and be ablo to s.iuw
lands to our customers; good salary und
romrnUalon and steady position. Address
North American Land Co., 661 Andrus
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. B ul llx
BOYS for factory
Bag Co.
Bemls Omaha
B M9,6 12
IN SIX weeks you rtin become a suoi-eai-ful
commercial traveling salesman. Wo
teach you free and get you a position.
Bradstreet fcVhool of Commercial bales
CuaMtdp, Buffalo, N. T. L lu7 Llx
TIRE WKHT competent men and women
In responsible positions.
Below are for Immediate consideration
Hienogrspher. $'5.
Otltce Miin, packing house, $.
ItnuKkeerw rs. to
PtenoKTspliers, $. to $. .
Traveling Sulesman, house furnishings, $75
and rxienses.
Traveling Salesman, packing house, $7$ and
Orocerv Clerk, $12 per week.
Clothing Salesman, retail, $16 rr week.
WESTERN Rr.r . HONl A!s N tinc.j.
Dept. tt . HO-1-8 N. Y. Life BMg
Omaha. Neb. ''r-'Jl
WANTED Experienced lady assorter.
Bluff City laundry, louncu uiuns,
C 132
APPRENTICE girls, Burgess Shirt Co.
COOK and second girt 2228 Farnam.
v. eiw
GIRL for housework: small family, good.
wages. ws i ierce ot, v u iv
WANTED A competent second girl. Mre,
S. B. Kennard, 18-4 Dodge. C P 10
GIRL for general housework; no washing.
1310 a. sum Ave. v-- mi 11 i
WANTEI Young ladles to work In dty
good pay. Inquire Dodge Hotel.
" C-757 10X...
WANTED A girl to work for board and
room at 627 N. 24th St., South Omaha. ,,
C-764 11
WANTED Girl for general housework
Mrs. J. U Baker, 621 Park Av. ,
COMPETENT girl for general houae-wortr.
small laniuy. isi winney. v; io 11a
WANTED A good girl for general house,
work; family of three; good wages. 2130
Blnney. 0782 12
WILL Agnes Brown of Council Bluffg
please call at nouse in umaiia, wnere ana
met with accident. Wrote letter, but had
lost address. C 811 U .
WANTED Good cook with references, SOU
Cass St. C 983 U .1
WANTED Makers and Preparers, apply to
Mr, Conway, Millinery Dept. Haydern
Bros. O 84 U r
We have room for more salesladies for
suits, hosiery, corsets and etc. ,
We wnnt bright young women living t
home; with character and Intelligence, will
have more weight than experience.
SHELLEY, 1511 Douglas.
C-K3J11 "
BRIGHT young woman for general office
work; must be a stenographer. Address
W 2. Bee. C-618 llx
WANTED Lady as district manager for
spring business; good health and willing
to work. Salary, $1100 weekly and ex
penses. Advancement. Answer at once.
J. E. McBrady & Co., Chicago.
C894 11X
LADIES wanted; do sewing at home, mak
ing sanitary belts; good wages, steadjt
work. Particulars stamped envelope!
Lenox Co.. Dept. 43S, Chicago.
C 898 llx
BTEADY position year round knitting
hosiery for us at home: $10 a week; ma
chines furnished on easy payments; wrlt
for particulars. U. B. Woolen Co.. 64
State, Detroit, Mich. C S8 llx
LADIES to work our rapid hosiery ma
chines at home, making hosiery for u
to sell the trade; previous experience vnn
necessary; no canvassing; steady workf
Eood money earned; write today. Stet4
ng Co., 615 River St., Port Huron, Mich.
C 878 llx
LADIES to do piece work at home: we
furnish all materials and bay from $7 to
$12 weekly. Send stamped envelope ta
Royal Co., 84 E. Monroe, Chicago.
C42 llx
MEN and women, quick to learn til to
$18 weekly, (no canvassing) particulars,
stamped envelope. Globe Institute, Min
neapolis, Minn. O-Sllllx.a
WANTED Girl for general housework,'
small family. 1309 N. 26th Sty Soutii,
Omaha. C 670 11
WANTED Experienced suit salesladles
good salaries. L. Frederick Berger Co.,
1517 Farnam. C-M989 12 I
WANTED God girl for housework: good'
wages; small family; at once. 8. W. cor.
2ith and California. C M991 13 '
A FIRST-CLASS old line western life com
pany, with as clean a record as ever was
made, with the best of talking points,!
wants a man for agency work who has.
had successful experience in old line Hie'
Insurance. Address Old Line Bankers
Life Insurance Company, Lincoln, Neb.
J M772 13
WANTED Canvassers everywhere to soli
Tom Worrell's book, "Grain Trust Ex
posed;" 60 per cent commission. Worrali,
Grain Co., Omaha. Neb. J M667 10
OUR big $1.50 combination box containing
perfume, talcum powder, dentifrice, aoapa;
. costs agent 16c; sells at sight; deal with
manufacturer. Davis Boap Works, $3
Union Park Place, Chicago. 3 i
WE PAY $36 A WEEK and expenses to men'
with rigs to Introduce our poultry com-,.,
pound. Year's contract. Imperial Mfg..
Co., Dept. 64, ParsonB, Kan. J
WE will start any worthy person In the
advertising business: capital or experi
ence unnecessary. Commercial Service,.
7172 Browning Bldg., New York. J
AGENTS WANTED Sell our $1 bottle of
sarsaparllla for 36c; best seller; 360 pel"
cent profit. Write today for terms audi
territory. F. R. Greene, lit Lake St.,
Chicago. J
AGENTS Learn to fit glasses by sending
for our free book on the eye. It will to 3
you all about It; get a profession that
pays you from $75 to $150 per month; the
optical profession will do It for you; no
field so pleasant, profitable or so little
worked; no longer necessary to work for
someone else at a meager salary. We are
sending our booklet free; It will tell horr
you may become an optician; a postal
card will bring It by return mall. Jack
sonlan Optical College, Dept. B 83, Jack-1
son, Mich. J .
$25 WEEKLY easily earned by each lady
agent taking orders for us; outfit prepaid;
we start you In business and make yott
Independent; write for clroular and terms.
Woman's Apparel Supply Co., Chicajo.
WANTET-Agents. A worthy woman or
man in every community of less than
lo.OuO population to sell our groceries to.
the family trade. Only such as want1
permanent employment need apply. Llb-i
ersl cash commission paid. Bodenbetmer
Coffee and Tea Co, St. Louis, Ma J
$76 per month and traveling expenses paid
salesmen to sell goods to dealers; ex
perience unnecessary. Defiance Co., D 25,
parsons, Kan. J
CIOAR agents. We furnish sample case .
and samples free to honest men with good
habits. Permanent with good Income,
experience unnecessary. Address, Dept.
2, Favorite Seal Cigar Co., Toledo, O.
J 80S llx .
SELL our reservoir dustlese floor and car
pet brushes In stores, schools, residences,
fniblle buildings, hotels, halls, field un
Imlted, reduce dust 97 per cent actual !
test; gold medal at St Louis World
fair; strictly guaranteed; big margin and '
great seller, with opportunity to build u r
permanent trade; exclusive territory; n
competition; state experience. Milwaukee
Dustless Brush Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
J 71 llx
WR START you selling diamonds. Don't
fall get Una- our liberal offer; $5 dally
sure Carbon Diamond Co., Syracuse,
N. Y. Mention paper. J 870 Ux
AGENTS to sell a practical $6 typewriter;
4o per cent commission. MoCarthy-Coff-mn
Mfg. Co., 24 8. 10th St.. St. Louts. 1
Mo. J 87$ llx ,
WANTEr-I1strict agents for largest sl-lt
snd sorldent Insurance company in mid
dle weat; big commission or commission
and salary to producers. American Bene
volent Association, Bt. Louis. Mo.
J-877 llx '
AGENTS make P a week on frostproof
window letters; samples, prlue Hat, 10.
centa. Flexible Gold Letter Co., leaver
Falls. Pa. J-s llx ' )
AOEN1B "Hlt hquhk" anywhere; pat-'
ented; big sailer. Horse owners dellglUeU. j
Pocket liltclilugpoal Co., iauuole, lad
e 11