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    THE OMAHA DAILY BEE: tlf& DAY, MAIU'H f. 1000
Sow located in (l new
retail center, Howard
and Sixteenth
Street j.
This year wc begin the new sea. on earlier than ever, and with' more complete stock than
ever, which simply means that wo are endeavoring to make this season the greatest ever.
Whether you intend to purchase or not, we will be pleased to have you come to this grand exhibi
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We pride ourselves on the following displays of Thompson, Heldcn & Co. characteristic
A Sale of White Piques.
Tuesday morning we will place on sale all our 'Jju and IHU;
White Piques for ladies' shirtwaist suits, soft finish. Tues
day sale price, 10c yard.
Main Floor.
Infanta' and Children's Wear.
Infant' White Bllk-Ltnod punnets, the
light M inn for spring, rrnm c to ItoO
in h.
Children's Colored Silk Honnets, prettily
Illumed, Mv each, formerly $1.80 Hild SCOT.
Another lot of Colored Velvet Bonnets,
$!.::. formerly $2.00 and $-!.5o.
Infi.nts' .Hand-Embroldcrcd White Cash
nirre Jackets nnd Nightingales from 73c
i.i ti.ui emh.
Hooters In Wool, Silk tiiul Kid. also Boft
S il Shoes. 3fic, up.
Ready-made Pillow Cases for baby's pil
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I'm ti.
The IV w lilt-Hi Linen-IMdded Table Bib,
.iU!t the thing for the !!"le tot. 25c.
We carry a full line of Children's Colored
presses In Olngham, Percale, Chambray
ii ml Madras cloth. In also 1 to 8 years;
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Redfern Corsets
lii-HM-ak figure stylt-i that suit prevailing
fushlons. No matter what stylo you may
wish to affect, a Redfern corset builds the
necessary contour. The little things of
corset construction are most ' important;
chief of all la the exact matching of the
earns in order that there nuiy be no varia
Howard and Sixteenth Streets
McCarthy and Kennedy. They expect to
start for home tomorrow. ; ,
f all oa the President.
Early this morning Senator Burkett pre
sented Attorney Uancral Brown and Mr.
Stanley to the pres.'dnt. Just what too
place at the Interview between the presi
dent and the Xebraakons is not known, for
i-noh of the gentlemen refused to talk of
tho Interview. Mr. Brown, however, wore
a twenty-two-carat smile when he came
out of the cabinet room and seemed to be
greatly elated over the conference. He said
the president had remarked on several mat
ters In which he had felt a vital interest
and that he was more Impressed than ever I
with the bigness and intense Americanism
of Theodore Roosevelt.
Buffalo Pasture Bill Passes.
The senate today passed a bill authorizing
the secretary of the Interior to lease land In
Stanley county. South Dakota, for a buf
falo pasture. This bill has now passed both
houses and goes to the president for ap
proval. Towasltes on Irrlssllits Reserves.
Tho committee on Irrigation of the house
uidav recommended favorably a bill em-
powering the secretary of the Interior to I
establish townsltes on public lands under (
irrigation projects, these sites not to he ,
over lfiu acres In extent and the proceeds of I
the sales to go Into the reclamation fund
- I
The. bill further gives power to the secre
tary to contract with towns thus estab
lished or with towns within the immediate
lclnlly for delivery to said towns of water
for municipal purposes, and it also provides
that the secretary may lease water rights
ior operative purposes, said leases to run
not to exceed ten years.
Jehaaea Gets . Mure Real.
Mens Johnson is postmaster at Valley,
Neb. He also owns the building In which
the postoftlce Is located, and fur which the
department pays him $132 rental per an
num. Johnson insists that the rental is in
adequate for the facilities furnished. Con
gressman Kennedy took up with the Post
offlce department the request of Johnson
to have his rent Increased, but the con
gressman was Informed that under the ap
pi epilation a larger rentul could not be
paid. The postmaster has an application to
sublet the lobby of the poetofflce, and as I
this soems a way out to give Mr. Johnson
a larger rental, Mr. Kennedy was author- ,
laed to ask his constituent for a diagram
of the space to be rented so that the de- ;
partment might properly proceed in the '
.'. Representative McCarthy today recom
mended for reappointment aa postmaster
C. A. Sweet, Creighton. !
Pursuing to Be Brigadier.
It Is understood that the president lias
selected Captain John J. Pershing, Fif
teenth cavalry, son-in-law of Senator War
ren of Wyoming, and at one time military
Instructor at the University of Nebraska,
for appointment as brigadier general of the
line to Itll the vacancy caused by the re
tirement of Brigadier General C. C. C.
Carr, recently In command of tho Depart
ment of the Dakotas. Immediately after
bis marriage to Miss Warren Captain Per
shing left for the far east, and is at pres.
ent military attache at the United States
embassy at Tokto. Capaln Pershing saw
distinguished service both In the Spanish
American war, China and the Philippines.
Usnaaa C ases la Supreme Court.
U rowing out of the purchase of the 1
American National lnk in W by the
Union National bank, a number of
ysults are now pending In the su
preme court, and which will come up for
argument tomorrow. These rases are
Henry F. Wyman. Peter Frenier. Edgar
You Employ
an Expert
I am IaJ .stlftl..
yon cat v - -..
Grape -Nuts
Itl "The Huud to Wellvllle.'
I'unq in peg. -
An Exquisite Display of
fashionable Spring Attire
tion from the slse Intended.. Miss McCau
ley, now In attendance In our Corset De
partment, is especially trained by this de
signers of Bedfern Corsets and will see
that you are properly fitted In the proper
style for your individual form.
Second floor.
Exclusive Novelties in Fine
Tailor Suits.
. We were the first store In Omaha to
show the pretty new Qray Suits which are
now so popular. While it Is true there la
no patent on ladles' suits, wc at least
never copy any other store. We have
styles and ideas of our own. Aa the lead
ing fashion center of tho city It Is to your
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Suits. Swell new Suits from $!!S.B0 to
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It Is always agreeable to the economical
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Cravenettes at $8.69.
Dainty Neck Dress.
Attention to the minor details of dress
la of viul luuyortanto to correct dressing.
M. Morsman, William S. Poppleton and
others against Sumner, Wallace. This case
conies before the United Stales supreme
court on appeal from the United States
circuit court for the eighth circuit. R. 8.
Horton Is in Washington In behalf of tht
appellant. Edgar M. Morsman. The appel
lees, so far as known, are not represented.
R. S. Hall, who, with James M. Woolworth,
is of counsel for appellees, Sumner Wal
lace and others. Is detained in Omaha by
reason of .Ills wife's Illness.
I Shan speaks to Dakolaas.
Representative Martin ' of South Dakota
this morning called upon Secretary Shaw
and presented the invitation from the Re- 1
publican State leagu'.- of Sioux Falls to ad
dress thm at a banquet en tit evening vf
June i, the evening of the meeting of Ut
state republican convention. . Secretary
Shaw, after considering the Invitation for
a few moments and comparing It with other
dates, decided to accept.
President Favors Martin Rill.
Congressman Martin today had a talk
with the president on his bill which pro
poses to regulate corporations engaging in
Interstate commerce dealing In food sup
plies. The president expressed himself aa
(n fvor Qf thp and t0
u make prf)fre!( ,ow-rd a ea,.,y p.
M(. MrUn w)n granted near.
, .... , . ... ... ,,
ii in" mil inc lllliri itiui vi nil" v f
; or early next week before the Interstate
commerce committee.
Minor Matters at Capital.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Oreene and Mr. Frank
Hamilton of Omaha, who have been In
Washington for the last few days, will
leave for the west tomorrow. Mr. Oreene
Is in Washington In relation to tag vases
in which the Burlington and Union Pacific
railroads are Interested.
M. H. Houshey of O'Neill. It. O. Frost
of Stromxhiirg. Neal Combs of Huntley,
Ira M. Miller of Lincoln. Neb.;, f- A. Osby
of Roscoe, P. J. Farrell of Waucoma, Ed
W. Krempe of Baxter, la., have boen ap
pointed railway mail clerks.
Tho application of F. A. Ayere, J. L.
Hamilton. C. H. Holaday, H. C. Fuller and
N. H. Tyson to organize the First National
bank of I.yti.-n, la., with $26.0iiO capital,
has been approved by the comptroller of
the currency
The Flrat National bank of Little Rock,
la., has leen authorized to begin business
with $25.i capital. M. D. Bilsljorough is
president and Charles C. Armour cashier.
Rural routes 1 and 2 have been ordered
established April 1 at Wesslngton. Beadle
counli-. 8. D., serving HUG .en le and 139
tCdmund abater.
TEKAMAH. Neb.,, March . 6. (Special.)
Edmund Shafer, an old resident of this
place, died at his home last night after
an illness of six weeks. Mr, Shafer came
to. Nebraska in wm, locating at ' Omaha,
where he lived oneyeat. He came to
Burt county in 17 and resided on a farm
In Arizona township unlit 1870. when he
moved to this place, where he has resided
continuously up to the time of his death.
Mr. Shafer was in the iiei-chundise busi
ness in Ibis city from 187U until JMp, and
In 1871 and 1R7S he was postmaster. In
US he was elected mayor of Tekauiuh
and has been a member of the city council
Several times since. The deceased leaves
a wife and three, brothers, who have beeu
with the deceased since be was taken sick,
r'oaeral of Ci.tioveroor Hosts.
AUSTIN, Texas. March 5.' The fun--.ral
of Ex-Oovenior Hogg took place this nfter
noon and was largely attended, thousands
coming from all rections of Tezas.
Meyaolas-gt. Joss.
KEARNEY. Neb.. March $. (Special Tel
egram.) Today at noon at the residence
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. 8.
8t. John, occurred the marriage of Mlsa
Almee St. John and Casaius W. Reynold
the eereinouy being performed by Rev.
Arthur Newell. The wedding was strictly
private, only the members of the family uf
the bride being present. Mr. and Mrs.
Reynolds left during the afternoon fur
Minneapolis, where the former la engaged
in business and where they will make
their home. , .
To tore a UM la One llav
Hake LAXA TIVK BROWO QultJne Tableta.
iMusgisis refund luotiey if il fails to curV.
E. W, Givte's signstuie is ou each box. He.
BEE, MARCH, t 14.
and nowhere Is taste better displayed than
in tie selection of neck adornment. Here
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stocks. Collars. Chemisettes. Coot Sets and
Collar and Cuff Sets that sre modest, yet
beautiful In construction and appropriate
for any function r gown.
Collar and Cuff Sets, Lace and Embroid
ery trimmed. Wc up.
French Hand-Embroidered Sets. $1.2.
Mexican Hand-Drawn-Wnrk Sets. $1.00
Coat Rets, Sue up to' $7.00 each.
Embroidery, Insertion and Lace Trimmed,
also French Hand Embroidered, very beau
tiful creations.
Chemisettes, made of fine quality Tuck
ing and Insertion. Wc. $1.00. $1.80.
Lace Chemisettes. 75c. $1.00. $1.25.
Ginghams for Wash Dresses.
In spite of the advanced market price of
ginghams we still maintain prices that are
as low or lower than they have been for
years. This fact, together with the cholce
ness of the styles and the almost unending
variety of colors, make our ginghams par
ticularly desirable.
A. V. C. ginghams. Jic per yerd.
Bates seersucker. 12o Jpcr yard.
Toll du Nord ginghams. 134c per yard.
Imperial Chambray gingham. IBe per yd.
52 In. tephyr ginghams, 18c per yard.
Embroidered broche ginghams, 15c and
lc per yard.
Scotch sephyr ginghams at 25c- per yard.
Fine yarn Chambray gingham, embroi
dered, at 20c per yard.
Fine Panama weave, 3oe per yard.
Silk checked gingham. JSc per yard.
Parisian novelty plaids. 26c per yard.
Harlequin novelties, 28c per yard.
Shimmer silk sephyrs, 25c per yard.
Sink ginghams. 10c, 4.V, 80c per yard.
Mercerized taffetas, 26c, Joe, 36c per yrd
See Howard street window display.
Testimony in Case of Missouri Against
Standard Oil Company Postponed.
Mew York Jurist to Aaaln A Trait De.
vision of the Mlssoarl Courts
on Point Int'olrlna;
Koarra' Testimony.
NEW YORK, 'Marco S.-Leciaiua uu Uie
question whether 11. H. Rogers shall be
compelled to answer the questions asked
of him in the Missouri oil hearing and
which he refused to answer, was post
poned today until March M. Justice
Gildersleeve, who has heard the argument,
directed the adjournment to await a final
decision in the Missouri courts relative to
a similar case.
During the argument for adjournment,
W. V. Rowe of counsel for Mr. Rogers,
"I wish to tell the court, aa the mouth
piece of Mr. Rogers, that If he final de
cision of the Missouri court is against Mr.
Rogers he will answer the question as to
the stock transfer without an order oi .lie
Henry Wollmann, who represented the
state of Missouri for Attorney General
Hadley, objected to the adjournment, say
ing that it was another effort uf the
Standard Oil company to delay the case.
Promises to Make o Appeal.
"If Mr. Rowe will state as a matter of
record for this court," said Mr. Wollmann,
"that Mr. Rogers will answer on March 13.
I am satisfied, but we do not want to agree
to having this hearing adjourned so as to
give them time to appeal to the Ulnted
States supreme court."
March 23 is the date eet for the resump
tion of the Standard Oil hearing before
Commissioner Sanborn.
Mr. Rowe then repeated his previous
statements on Mr. Rogers' behalf.
Justice Uilderslecve adjourned the hearing
before him until March 16. saying that In
the meantime the final decision of the Mis
souri court would have been handed down
and If this decision should come before
March 23, and be against Mr. Tlogers, the
latter would answer without any order of
the supreme court of this state.
St. Loola HearlaaT toatlneeel.
ST. LOUIS. Mo., March 5. Owing to Hie
absence of H. Clay Pierce, former president
and Charles M. Adams, secretary of tho
Waters-Pierce Oil company, the hearing of
depositions in the duster case of the state
of Missouri against the Standard, Republlu
and Waters-Pierce Oil companies was con
tinued until March 19.
Counsel for Mr. Pierce and Mr. Adams
said the two witnesses would lie ready to
testify week after next
l.oaaworth la the Hour.
WASHINGTON, March S.-Representa-tlve
Longworth (O.) returned to his duty
In the houe today. Ho Is-ought with him
to the cspMol and presented to Speaker
Cannon in his room a huge cigar, at least
eighteen inches long, a product of Havana,
hip oad rrw Leal.
MACH1AS PORT Me.. March i.-Tlie loss
of the schooner Millie of Parrsboro, 8. V,
and four of Its men in Machlas bay is re
ported. Keep
Dr- Graves'
Tooth Powder
where you can use it twice-a-day.
It helps the poor teeth; preserves,
brightens and whitens the good
ones and leaves a pleasant after
taste. Abk your dentist.
la haadr weta! eaas or hotUos. SSe.
3r Graves' Teeth PowderCo.
. . ... .
Mrober of Board" of Ifine Examiners Now
an Owner ef Goal Lands.
Leg-1 slat airs- Heaasesnltles with a Large
Amooat of Isaportaat Baslaese
oa the Calendar RIs; Loss
I lr Fire.
tFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINES, March .-(Speclal.)-Jolm
Caldwell of Beyniour was In conference to
day with Governor Cummins nnd a com
mittee from the United Mine Workers- of
Iowa and at the- conclusion of the confer
ence It was announced that If Mr. Caldwell
Is still an owner of coal land on Anrll 1
he will resign his position on" the board of
examiners of mine : Inspectors. It was
agreed that when he was appointed to the
board by the governor he was a miner.
He admits that since hen he has purchased
soma coal land, but has agreed to either
sell the land so as to be eligible legally to
his place on the board or else to resign his
position April 1, and this agreement Is sat
isfactory to the. miners.
At the session of the convention this
morning the miners. Adopted as ah amend
ment to their artlolin of Incorporation a
provision by which 'every member Is In
sured to the extent of tltn and In case of
death this Is paid to his heirs or assignees.
A fund amounting to $in,ro is set aside
for the purpose, wlllch shall never be al
lowed to fall below that amount.
The Joint conference with the operators
of Iowa will convene at' 10 o'clock tomor
row morning for Uie purpose of fixing
w-ages. The Joint convention will organize
and then adjourn tir) some action is" agreed
upon by the nattdnal conference at In
dlanapolls. Coartrlght Has Hill.
During the recess of the legislature Sena
tor Court right has been working on a pri
mary election bill wh(ch will be introduced
soon In the senate or house. Senator Gillii
land from Mills county Is reported to have
remained in the city till Friday night to
assist him. Senator CJiurtrighl is ranked
as one of the foreniost constitutional law
yers or the state and Senator Glllilland,
from his long experience, is ranked as one
of the foremost attorneys. It Is proposed
that the bill shall escape all criticism of
being a bungle such aa was heaped upon
the Crossley bill. It is understood that
Senator Warren for 'a time contemplated
Introducing a primary Mil that would not
require a vote for United States senators
and would requtre a majority selection of
candidates. It Is expected that the Court
right bill will have these provisions and
will require votes only on the county of
ficials. Legislator Meets la Morning.
Both houses of the legislature will meet
In the morning at :. There Is nothing on
for special order. The regular calendar
will be taken Up unless the morning seslon
is devoted to m mortal exercises In honor
of former Speaker Henderson. It Js under
stood that there will be resolutions offered
setting a day for sSioh exercises If they are
not held tomorrow , There are a large num
ber of important measures on the calendar
In both houses, that are not down for spe
cial order and It may be that a number of
these will be taken up and passed. The
Klnnn school bill Jo1 simplify the school
year business, making the fiscal year and
offi'-at year end ln, July at the same time,
Is on special order, for, the afternoon In the
senate. ' !...'.
fTR.ono Fire Loss.
A fire that did cTnrniign to the amount of
ii bo lit $75,001) broke out in the Grand opera
house on Fourth street! at 4:30 this morn
ing. The Oi-and was totally destroyed, oiJy
the outside walls standing. The Observa
tory block, on the corner of Fourth and
Locust, adjoining the Grand and Just across
the street from the Pavery, was damaged
to the amount of tlfl.OOO. The damage to the
Grand amounts to atioiit STiO.OUO and damage
to the amount of $15,000 was done to the oc
oupanls of the two buildings. The Obser
vatory building is .one of the finest office
buildings In the city and is nine stories
high. The Homeseekers. a troupe that has
played In the Grand during the w.k, clos
ing an engagement Sunday night, lost about
S3.OU0 In scenery and clothing.
Governor Cammlna Speeches.
Governor Cummins leaves the city tomor
row morning for Grundy Center, where he
will deliver an address that afternoon. He
speaks at Charles City Wednesday after
noon, at Asbury park In this city Thursday
evening, and at Hume ton Friday after
noon. Leon Loser Case Aaala.
The leon Loser case will be argued on a
motion for a rehearing in Uie supreme court
Wednesday. The court sits tomorrow morn
ing. ' The Loser case is one in which he Is
charged with swindling people out of their
money in foot races by conspiring, getting
them to bet money on him when he would
lose and take the stakes. The conspiracy
la alleged to have taken place In Council
Bluffs, though the races were run In Mis
sourl., The question of whether Iowa courts
have jurisdiction Is one of the main points.
Open Perklaa Headquarters.
A. F. Cull of Blou City, who Is reported
to be about to open headquarters at the
Savery for George L). Perkins In his candi
dacy for governor, srrived In tne city
today and Is at the Savery. Mr. Call denied
himself to reporters and would neither eon-
llmi nor deny that he was about to open
headquarters. It Is considered perfectly
reliable that Perkins' headquarters will he
opened here soon in. the Savery, but Just
who will lie in charge is not known. The
only noted person In conference with Mr.
Call today was E. H. Hunter.
Iowa Cits' Ulrle Leave. '
Chief of Police J. W. Jones has been noti
fied to be on the lookout for five Iowa City
girls, who are said to have loft that city
last night on a lark and are believed to
have come to Des Moines. Descriptions of
the girls were furnUhed the patrolmen.
Carter Mot t.ailtr.
The report of the Jury made to Judge
Howe of the district court esterday found
W. U Carter not guilty of the murder of
Kd Gresser. the Avon, la., farmer.
( hreklag mate Treasurer. '
J. M. Gllirest of Omaha, representing the
surety companies furnishing bonds for
State Treasurer Gilbert son and Deputy
Willis, will conclude In a day or two the
work of checking over the accounts of the
state treasurer's oflice.
Reaubllcaaa tarry Cedar Itaalda.
CEDAR RAPIDS. Ia., March S (Special
TeU-gram.l A. H. Connor, republican, was
today elected mayor by a majority of be
tween l.Ouu and ever C. D. Huston,
democrat, who has held the office for two
A Uauraateed fare fer Piles.
Itching, hiind, bleeding or protruding piles.
Vnur druggist will refund money If Past
Ointment f uis to cure you lu to 14 days. Joe
Saeelal Shiga Wsaliil.
WASHINGTON. March S. War depart
ment officials state that they are not en
deavoring to charter any private stegm
shir on the Pacific coast for the trans
portation of troops) .to the Philippines, as
has been reported. 'There Is no present In
tention of dispatching any troops in addi
tion U the twe regiments and two batteries
already oa the nay to Manila, w hich 'will
sffotd General Wond'a command of aliout
15.000 men. " ' '
(Continued from First l'agi-)
the- western Judicial district of Texas snd
creating a new district. The bill was
Mr. Knox submitted extiacH from the
laws of certain state regulated railroad"
setting forth the provisions for review of
orders of state commissions. The ex
tracts, he said, would he useful In con
sidering the pending rate bill. They neve
ordered printed as a public document.
Minority Announces Members of t am
palan Committee.
WASHINGTON. March 5.-The demo
cratic congressional campaign committee
Is now fully made up, and the foluwing
men will be entitled to vote at the meeting
called for tomorrow night to elect a chair
man and other officers:
Representatives Alabama. Hiirnett; Ar
kansas, I.lttW Florida. Clark: Georgia.
Griggs: Illinois. Raincv: Indiana. Zenor:
Kentucky. Hopkins; loulslana. lirotissard;
Maryland. Gill; Massachusetts, Keliher;
Mississippi, Mowers; Missouri, Lloyd: Ne
vada, Van Duser; New Jersey, MeDermolt;
New York. Ran; North Carolina. W. W.
Kltchln- Ohio. Garber; Pennsylvania,
Kline; Rhode Island, Granger; South Caro
lina. Flnley; Tennessee. Gaines; Texa.-i,
Smith; Virginia. Southall; West Virginia,
Davis; Wisconsin, Welsse.
Senators Arkansas, -Merry; Idaho. Iu
hols; Tennessee, Carmack; Montana, Clark;
Texas, Culberson: Virginia. Martin; Flor
ida, , Taliaferro) Missouri, Stone; Nevada.
Delegate Smith. Arizona.
Sosnlnatlona lr the President.
WASHINGTON, March 5.-The president
today sent the following nominations to
the senate:
Postmasters: California A. W. Wllev,
Areata. Iowa 1,. 1J. Hulse, Kiota: A. K.
Curry. Shelby; K. G. Swift. State Center;
A. K. Klncald. Walnut; C. Van Z.indt. Wil
ton Junction. Missouri- G. L. Mtiker, Lan
caster. New Mxli- K. W. Hopkins, Albuquerque.-
Texas l.ola Woand. Fort Sain
Houston: C. McCormack, l'lalnview; F.
Leahy, Hodgers. Washington J. N. Scott,
To be placed on the retired list with the
rank of brigadier general: Colonel Abner
H. Morrill, artillery corps.
More t ents and, Mekels.
WASHINGTON. March 5. -The house to
day lmssed a bill Increasing from tfto.ouu to
ILW.OOO the amount for the purchase of
metals for 1-cenl pieces and nickels, and
providing that these coins sliull be made In
Denver, Run Francisco, New Orleans and
Philadelphia, instead of exclusively In the
Philadelphia mint.
Hoaae Wants Alaskan Drlrsatr.
WASHINGTON. March p.-The house to
day passed a senate bill providing for a
delegate in congress from Alaska.
Session at Fremont In Which ludcr
Wants Douglas t'oont) to
County Superintendent Yoder Is seeking
to interest teachers and members of school
boards In the meeting of the Fast Central
Nebraska Teachers' association, which
will be held at Fremont April & and 7. This
Is one of the divisions ui the state associ
ation and has Just recently been organised.
Teachers who attend are promised both
Instruction and entertainment. - Among
those who are to lecture are William Hnw
ley Smith, N. C. Abbott in an illustrated
lecture on the Philippines; Dr. Davidson,
State Superintendent McIJrien and Prof.
J. W. Sear si in. Sectional meetings ' of
county ' : superintendents.1 high''- ' sc'heol,
primary, music and rural teachers are. some
of the features of the session. A mode
rural school house from the state depart
ment will be on exhibition. A railroad, rate
of one and a third fares has been secured
and a large attendance from this part of
the state Is expected. Superintendent Yoder
Is urging school boards to allow their
teachers a holiday on Friday, April 6, in
order that they may attend the meetings.
E. E. Mages uf Ashland is president of the
Settlement lu Orenvon by t'hrlstlan
Federation for Which Million
Acres Are Keeureil.
Rev. H. F. Wallace of Portland, ore.,
president of the To-operative Christian Fed
eration of that slate. Is in the city on busi
ness connected with that organisation. In
reference to the enterprise he said:
"We now have secured 1.100.WO acres of
land for our colonisation scheme, which is
not unlike the p,ellamy project, but of a
more practical character. The enterprise
consists of a colonization scheme with u
capitalization of JSii.i.iO.iidii. of which 1 1 ;.'. -000
Is already secured. We have arranged
for the i-tmstruction of 5;'.i miles of rail
road from Portland to Ontario. Ore., and
expect to establish l'i,K homes there In
the near future. Our plan contemplates ex
tensive Irrigation projects and the establish
ment of producing homes for the memlx-re
of the colony. It Is a co-operative enter
Cadet Taylor has gone to ( 'tiled go.
Dr. Dan F. Ie has gone to Malvern, la.,
on business.
Chief Clerk A. A. Hastings of the Muirnv
hotel has gone to Griswold, la., on a brief
Chief Clerk Scott of the Merchants hotel,
who has Ix-en con lined to his room with Ill
ness for u week or more. Is muieilallv on
the mend and expects to Is- utile to preside
at the Merchants' desk in a day or two.
Hallway otes end Personals.
A. L. Mohler, general manager of the
Vniou Pacific, has returned from Clilcugo.
E. L. I-oniax. general passenger agent
of the l.'nlon Pacific, has returned from
J. F. Falrlam has been appointed gen
eral passenger agent of the New York
Central, vice George H. I'anlels. who v.lll
take rharge of the advertising biiic-iu of
the New York Central.
Samuel 't oucej , who made his last trip
wltn Mr. Mohler last week, left Monday
to assume his new duties as train-raster
of the eastern district of the Colorado di
vision of the Cnion Pacific.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Murray and Mr,
and Mrs. Jay !. Foster have returned
from an extended trip through southern
California, going ,1a the San Pedro route
and returning over the Southern Pacific.
pure. The critical ordeal through which, the expectant mother must
pass, however, is so fraught with dread, pain, surTeVing snd danger,
that the very thought of it fills her with spprehension and horror.
There is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either paintul
or dangerous. The use of Mother' Friend so prepares the system for
the coming event that it is safely passed without any danger. This
great and wonderful .
of women through
the trying crisis without suffering. mm" " r, SI
m Seal lerlrw bosk eeslatsln. l.fenasUoa )M 11 1 fUl ITU llf I
fprtealeesvslse to all espeetaol Mothers. Z.. U LfU U U LLU
Tin lrtl Rtf s-latsr Cs., Atlaata, U.
Bottled only at .the Apollinaris Spring, Neuenahr, ?
Germany, and Only with its Own Natural Gas.
Russian Prieit Present at Time When Labor
, Leader Committed Suicido.
ccnsed Man fays He rirr Secured
Money from Father liapon
and F.nda Life In
Prove It.
ST. PKTEHSRfRO. Mulch S.-Tlie ac
cused member" of the Father Gaptm luboe
organization, who- committed suicide yes
terday while the scandal Involving the
charges of accepting money from the gov
ernment Was being Investigated. was
named Bechofr. lie enjoyed a hlRh stand
ing among his follow ' workmen, who are
depressed because of the scandal.
It now develops that Father Gupnti was
himself present at yesterday's session
when SechofT killed himself. Father Ore
gon Pet ruff had charged Bechoff with ob
taining L'.'io from Father Gapon and with
having accompanied a mcmlicr of the se
cret police lu the search for M. Malus
hensky. press agi-nt and counsellor of tin
Father Gapon movement, who tied with the
organization's fund. During the meeting
Bechoff made an Impassioned speech, de
claring he could not support the Infamy
Involved In the charge that the organiza
tion bad lieen In league with the govern
ment nor the obliquy heaped on himself,
as both he and the organization were.
Innocent. SechofT then called on Father
Gapon to declare in the presence of his
fellows whether he (Scchoffl had received
a cent from the government- Father
Gapon arose and exonerated SechofT.
whereupon the latter said: "1 will now
give you the supreme proof of my hon
esty." and. drawing a revolver, hi- blew
out his brnlns.
Pate for Russian Elections.
An Imperial ukase, which appears toduj,
orders the elections to the national as
sembly to begin April S in twenty-eight
provinces of central Russia, on April 27
in seventeen other provinces of central
Russia and the Don regions and In two
other provinces on May 3.
The primary elections of the aaiit
class, of which there arc four degrees,
are in progress. The returns thus far are
significant. Yesterday Jn the rural dis
tricts of St. Petersburg province the peas
ants, almost without exception, chose the
present village elders and volost chief,
or members of the volost courts to select
the delegates to the provincial congress,
whl.'li will be composed of representatives
of the four degrees, and which later will
choose representatives to the national as
sembly. The selection of the sume leaders
who, under the old regime, were named,
more ox- lesjj, through the , influence of the
government district agonts. Indicates that
the. voice of the t .Hants In the provincial
congresses will be conservative. No charge,
however, litis been raised thus far that
the government has-exercised undue Influ
ence, and until the result of the peasant
Selections in the districts in which ex
tensive agrarian disorders occurred Is
known, the deduction that f communal
machinery has la-en empleu In the pens
ant elections cannot be drawn.
M. Matushensky, who was arrested at
Saratoff February 24, utter having been
located by a committee of St. Petersburg
workmen and compelled to give up the $12.
0ii of the workmen's fund which he took
with him. reached St. Petersburg today
He says he will demand an Investigation
into his conduct.
(Continued from First Pnge. )
such a force would guarantee the sov
eretgnty of the sultan. Germany firmly be
llevt.s the above plan furnishes the fairest
solution of the iiuckiIdii.
Germany's proisisals with regard to the
organization of the lumk follow the lines
suggested for the polite tone In that they
liuv. for tlu-lr object the preservation of the
lnti iiHlioiinl ch iiacter of the bank by pla
cing it under control of iv:resentatlves of
the iHiwers. The adoption of the French
plan regarding litis guestion would. In Ger
many's opinion, turn the bank Into a
French Institution, in brief, the accept
ance of the Flench proMimil with regard to
tin. Hank of Moiocco ami the police sys
tem, it Is Germany's llrm lielief. would give
to France the control of Morocco In all
economic, tiiiHiv ial and military matters,
tlierel y closing thu duor to the rest of the
world and destroying rlghM acipilred by
Kosrtrra Measures Drawa oa f
lark Plau Introduced lu
, Huekrye Legislature.
COLl'MHl'H. O.. Match 5. Fourteen bills
regulating insurance companies doing busi
ness in Ohio were inliodiiced In the house
j thla evening by Representative Stewart of
Clark comity. The hills cover the most
Important recommendation of the Arm
strong committee and are drawn in close
conformity to the bills recommended by
that committee to the New York legisla
ture The bills Include one designed to
secure it greatly enlarged publicity In the
management of life insurance companies
by requiring fur more definite and de
tailed reports than have heretofore been
exacted by the Ohio statutes. Aceordlng
fik Mr Hiewurl. the bills have the a o-
proval ami endorsement of the Ohio Life
PollcynoKiers association.
NKW YORK, March S. Trustees of the
New York IJle Insurance company toduy
No womsn's happi-
nett can he complete
without children ; it
is her nature to love
and want them
as much so as
it is to love the
beautiful and
authorised the president to employ counsel
If he shall- see tit to oppose mssiigc In
the legislature of certain recommendations
of the legislative. Investigating committee.
The trustees did not state specifically
which fcfiinmenatlons were objectionable,
and declared that they Ixllrvcil some pro
visions of the Insurance commit lee's hill to
be salutatory.
The trustees' report says that In their
nplnion some of the provisions of the pro
posed laws will he highly Injurious to the
interests of the policyholders of the com
pany and will tend to lessen instead of to
Increase Ihe' safety of their invcstmeiiM
represented by theli premiums alread.
Lot at. Tn eiily-Mutli and Jackson
llona-ht for Temple Israel
nnd liinl Closed.
i , ,
The money clumped hands and the detd
was made out and transferred Monday after
noon for the sale tf the southwest corner
of Twenty-ninth uisl Jackson streets, which
is to be the site of the new Temple Israel
synagogue. The lot Is Taxltu feet and cost
f.l.t""'. The church will cost nliout
and woi k on it will le begun in the sprinc
The building will be modelled alter the
style of Dr. Parkhurst's church In New
York. C. S. Klgutter, one of the commit
tee, which made the' deal for the church,
denies that the material in tho old Youuk
Men's Christian association building Is lo
be used in the construction of the syna
I'nniphrll Homestead Proposed aa site
for f n Headquarters for
Overland Houte.
Along with several 'uther pieces of prop
erty the 'Campbell ' homes'toad" at the
southwest corner of Hvonter-hth ami Dodge
streets will lie offered' by Harrison AV Mm--too
to the t'niott Partlf.e for its hcadquAi
t"ts building. Tho question of the new
headquarters is an interesting one to res I
estate men. and thrte are very few of
them but have property to offer the com
pany. They say the lucky man who makes
the tale will have unbounded opportunities
for making money by buying real estate
lu tho Immediate vicinity of the headquar
ters location.
Des Vlolnes Opera House Block.
DES MOINES. March. 5. Fire of unknown
origin destroyed the Grand Opera house
and did IlE.tmO damage to the Obseff-afdt'y '
building early today. The total loss Will
aggregate $mo.i. partially covered by In
surance. The effects of an opera troupe,
set for a three nights' stand." were totally
destroyed. .
Wagon Workeri Ho Out.
BOSTON, March 6. Five ,biuidred, ,cix .
rlage and wagon workers struck today for" '
t nine-hour schedule, a closed shop and a
Saturday half holiday during the summer.
About sixty llrnis are afructed.
Spcyer Leaves Mutual Life.
SKW YORK. March 5. James Speyer of
Speyer & Co.. bankers, announced today
lie has resigned from the hoard of trustees
of the Mutual Life Insurance company.
$1 Advertisng Book
To those Interested In the subject of adver
tising, we will send free upon receipt of liV
in stumps or coin to cover postage, the lid
page bound book entitled Current Rides of
Live Publications. This book contains list."
of all publications in the fnited States
with their circulation and their rates for
advertising space. It also contains a com
plete list of street cars showing costs of
street car card advertising. A most valu
able hook for the old us well aa the new
advertiser. . . ...
Pilnter-Tobey-Jones Co., Al.estislng Agents
3SS Dearborn St.! Chicago, III.
Charles IMIIIngham Presents
In Ihe Musical t.'omfdy '
TH I' R8DA V-Fill DA V
LEW FIELDS In ' .'',
Burwood !
Nights-Bun. Mat. 10cv,o '
n-. . frit... lj . .
Mat. ivc, sue. . .i :
fliluT- MISS HOtfBS
Net Week '
'Phone Douglas S4.
Every Night. Matinees Thur.. Hat., dun.
V Si so ii. Hutchings Edwards; Ferry
forwey; Kruno & Russell; Marv Dupom
H Co: Mitchell r Cain; Mildred Flora;
O'Kourke, llurnett Trio uild the Klnodroms.
Price lOc, U.V. SOc.
Meat lokr aad
Margaret Daly okes
A Pair" of Pinks
Prices lie ac. SOe. 76c.
'The Way of the Transgressor."
Neck-Tie Party Tuesday Kight
Thursday Afternoon Iadiee tywe,
Indies' Kate Thursday' Night.
Admission, W Cents. '
Always Something New That Will .
Tempt the Appetite,
Out .ii ice is lb ituiiktsi aud