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..- Yale's
"To Haver Hold"
Thursday March 1, 2:30 P.M.
lls Date Cott.mes Will Be Worn.
A Grand Musical Programme.
Tha spirit nf Reanlr will Inrnt Boyd's
T-ir Marrh let. at 1 M p m . when Mm.
itr, the Worlds Urestret Ilea at y Scientist,
ill give the ladles of Omihi one ol her
Immlieblo Ueauljr Culture Lwtura. Her
marvelous port rami of all lhal la most
I. arming, a4 beautiful In women will ba
an seated with arat phaaaa to delight tho
;e and enwrap the eeneea.
In arillllon to tha wlee tearhlnsa and naval
entertaining featnre nf Mma. Yala'a Lecture
In. re ta her wonderful nerannallt that alona
fa atinVtent to Jiolit an aurilenra rompoerrl
Mrelv of her own sea completely spellbound
fir koura.- Tken too. there la a laeclnatlon
arai a Mma. Yala Beaut? Liture that
l.naea themtelrreaiatlble to thoaa who ha"e
e.r attendee! theoi: far thin reaaon man
ir tna aama raeea will ha aeen thara every
nma Mma. Yala appeara, maov of whom glvo
im. Yala rmilt lor their to appearance
and well preserved routs.
this particular lira, wbn bo murk mt4 thought ! bating lvn to Physical
t itinr aioTrttriU. tb opportunity to mum
.4 hear tfvo , piomt and prim mover in
m. to maitvrti lt rvnainlv an opportunity that
,ttrboly (.houM tako advantag of. On Ihia
t iun Mm. Talo will bv a grat dal
l m lo pi 144 U-aged womn and llmaa )u-t
nr.ina Irotn oarly you to into la
Mtur i-tj of womanhood.
Hitl ! tho tt for Mm. Talo'a nnwrki,
- appltfd to tho rapid thanao that takia
pu tin no 4 th phvairal uiutlon of h
i.umjn 14 j. Tho porta moot lntrrjotlng, ao
IM bo tho tmnarurmattan acent-a
. ughus-a ia luraIH Into beauty, and
wil a ina4o to atmulato youth. Tha
"U4 thUiRii litat or now bolng aH'oni
pl.h4 ton. u h Mm. Valo'a Inatrumentahiy
til ho fnri-.iily tfoitionatraird and t-onvm-ci
it UliMiraiod la Mtao. Yala'a word and
Aa o.ual. Km. Yala will dreote one whrila
a. lu Ikilwal (all are Uemonatratlona. In
ik . Mm Yala akowi to tha best au-
:tmt. Iler perfection of flgura. charm of
( Mf and wonderful trace nf movement
. iftrth tha iilfthcat rommandatlon uf Her
an. and prrarnt beautiful example for ail
vav. to follow. m
Ti krt foe Mm.. Vale' a lecture mr do
el-aMied Irea of rhnma by appljlnf for them
.s w at tka Ur( licpartmeat ol tha Boston
Ike eaotceet aeata, kowaeer. will bo liven
to Iboae the make a port haas of dny of Yala prepaj-atiooa ahlle appljlnf for
iwafews caws
Is especially valuable dunng the
ummer feeason, when outdoor occu
pations and sports are most in order.
yield to it, and it is particularly
agreeable when used in the bath
after violent exercise.
IT Ukra nearly tit monthi
Stom Bin to pt frorn
tbd kettle to ytxi. It it
thus tboroujhrr niatured and
afrmbW to the matt dclUate
tidnacli. It fnaantet alto that
dclkiou paiarabl fletor that
ft" tm$ !" can ;.
Stmli Bill it tS teve ror ta.
Drink it 4oiv4owa k
tarn kk oar hotnt
tr it
tverv Woman
.': K ' - .. I . S . . . .
. . Or ik a ' nam eftewld know
irVTtv S:lJS,t Ser-y
Maa Coaivoniofit,
a trnrn i
I b e-OMB H I
. a-ep a
. f.
IUwneMniM.i ' iV AT
- ey m . avf At
HEajLaX a Mnl1.NNI.lX DRUO CO,
as. A ajva LHedc .
Ore uniution Tollowi the Plan of the OTsr&a
iution in Ohio.
L. tt. Rrlsm af Albion la Caaltnl 1r
lAWklaiaT 0r Hli tkttrei for
wnulaaUara aa Stat
(From a Staff Correnpondfnt.)
I-INCDLN. ffb. U.-'Sppcial.) The Na
tlonnl Guard nnaoclatlon wn reorcanlied
thin aftrrnoon, ofTlrera elected and a con
tltutlon adopted. The constitution ta a
rnpy of the Ohio aaaoclatlon constitution
with the exception that the adjutant gen
eral la nmde a member of all the commit
tees. n0 friction occurred when the mo
tion made to oriranlte at the conclu
sion of the school, but there was some
trouble about tilling the offices. These offl-t-era
were elected: Major Paul of St. Paul,
president; Major Mack of Albion, secre
tary; Colonel Btorch, vice preaident; Cap
tain Havhr of Omaha, second vice presi
dent; Captain Newman of Albion, treas
urer. Major Mack and others declined the
ofTlcea to which they were elected, but
the association finally decided a declina
tion was unconstitutional, so the offices
were Anally filled.
H has been reported jihe organisation of
the association is a slap at Adjutant Gen
eral Culver, but one of the officers last
nlitlil desired this report corrected. He
said : .
"General Culver has the co-operation of
the guard officers. He has done good work
In bringing the guard up to Its present
condition and he deserves great credit for
it and the guard realizes that he has done
more than any other man to help the
guard. The officers who are going into the
association all feel kindly toward the gen
eral." A resolution was adopted denouncing an
article In a Lincoln paper of yesterday that
the guard resented the appointment of
Captain Worklser and Lieutenant Richards
as members of the governor's staff. The
resolution endorsed the appointments.
Captain Cronin, Instructor of the Na
tional Guard officers' school talked on drill
regulation this morning and this afternoon
he talked on field engineering. The lesson
this afternoon was directly In line with
the Jecture by Captain Worklfor of the
State university, who discussed field en
gineering and map drawing.
Tomorrow Captain Cronin will talk In
the morning on administration and In the
afternoon he will give his observations
and experience In the maneuvers at West
Point, Fort Riley and Manassas. This
will be one of the most Interesting lectures
of the series. Tomorrow a special pa
triotic program will be carried out in
honor of Washington's birthday.
The school is progressing nicely and all
of the guard officers are taking a great
Interest In the work.
Sew Telephone Company.
The St. Bernard Telephone company of
St. Bernard, Platte county, has filed ar
ticles with the secretary of state. The
capital stock of the company Is $.Virt and
the Incorporators are Michael Kamrr and
others. "
Mortennen Makes o Xiivr.
State Treasurer Mortens rctu: r."tl last
night from Ord. where he went Saturday
on private business. Mr. Mortcnxcn ha
done nothing toward getting a case startot
In the supreme court to test his eliglblltt
Tor governor. Some of the friends of Mr.
Mortensen have advised him to do nothing
in the matter, but the treasurer desires a
decision on the proposition befor the state
convention meets.
Brian I.ooklnar Over Pence.
I.. G. Brian of Albion, candidate, for state
treasurer, and H. C. I.ehr, who was electeJ
rhairman of the republican state committee
at the beginning of the compalgn a year
ago, but who resigned bocause of the ill
ness of Mrs. Ielir, were in Lincoln last
nlKht and this morning looking up political
iiiutters. Mr. Brian is trying to And out
uliout what time the state convention will
meet so he can start his campaign for
"If we are to have a late convention,"
he said, "I do not want to start out hust
ling at this time, but if we are to have
an early convention then I want to get
busy. 1 don't care what the date of the
convention Is to be, but I would like to
And out about when it Is to be called.
"I have not yet started my active can
vass for the nomination, but when the
proper time comes I snail no ao ana 1
shall try to get results."
Mr. Lehr came along aa the sponsor
for Mr. Brian and he expects his towns
man to land the place. "If the people of
the state knew him as I do," said Mr.
Lehr, "he would get the nomination with
out opposition. Mr. Brian has twice been
elected county treasurer and once he served
aa a county commiasloner. No man has
made a better record as an official.
MrBrlen Enters Denial.
State Superintendent McBrien, who re
turned to Lincoln last night, staled this
morning he had never used his state mile
age book for private travel, and he wants
his conatltuenta and all others to know It.
Another state officer who takes excep
tion to the ruling of Secretary of State
Galusha on the mileage book proposition
asserts it Is perfectly legal for the auditor
to ixaue the warrant for the money spent
for the books, as every office except thit
of governor, secretary, of state and treas
urer, has a fund appropriated for traveling
expenses. Out of this fund, this officer
asserted, the coat of the mileage books
could be paid.
At this time there are several claims
on Ale In the auditor's office for payment
for mileage books and though Deputy
Auditor Cook refused to issue the war
rants, it is believed Auditor Searle will
do ao, even though the secretary of state
refuses to sign the vouchers.
Assessors Disease Tax Law.
County assessors from thirty counties
met at the Commercial dub rooms today
to discuss a plan for uniform assessment.
Governor Mickey, Auditor Searle, Secre
tary of State Galusha. Treasurer Mor
tensen, Attorney General Brown and Sec-
a mother should b a source of joy to all, but the suffering and
t'ffiEiPti9 0r.dC1 B!kei.U nticiP-tio one of mL":
1 ?f "d U,Xhe ODr Ttm'd.r whicf Heveg women of the great
r-... ,ger u maiermtv ; this
fc!,TB t!"01 T made painless but all the danger is avoided
tJ. . ' remeay are no longer despondent or
gloomy; nervousness, nausea and other distre.sine condition, ara
overcome, the system i. made ready for the coming event, and tho
w vvuiiuBu tu me critical
hoar are obviated by the use of Mother's
Friend. It it worth its weight in gold."
saya many who have ued it. ti.oo per
..... -s itnn, ooqx containing
valuable information of interest to all women, will
be sent to any addreaa free upon application to
They Stand Alone.
Standing out in bold relief. aU oVrma,
ml M rnnsplcnon ikmpl of open,
frank and honet dealing with tha slrk
and afflicted, are Dr. Fferoe s Firorit)
I'recriptloB for weak, over-worked, de
bilitated, nervous, " run-down," paln
raeked women, and Dr. Plerco'a Golden
Medical Discovery, the famous remedy
for weak stomach. Indigestion, or dys
pepsia, torpid liver, or blllonsnee, all
catarrhal affection whether of tha
stomach, bowels, kidneys, bladder, nasal
passage, throat, bronchia, or other mu
eous passages, also aa an e (tec tire remedy
for ail diseases arising from thin, watery
or Impure blood, a srmfuVnua and skin
Each bottle of the shore medicine
bean upon It wrapper a badge of hon
esty In the full list of Ingredients com
posing It ptin.ed in p7i!n A.ngth.
This frank and open publicity place
these medicine fn n clout nil by thrrn
elres, and I the best guaranty of their
merits. They canrfnt be classed aa patent
nor socret medicines for they are neither
hetno nf known com jjoiri lm.
Dr. Pierce feels that he can afford to
take the afflicted into his fnll confidence
and lav all the Ingredient nf hi medi
cines freely before them because these
Ingredient are uch as are endorsed and
most strongly praised by score of the
most eminent medical writers as cures
for the disease for which these medi
cine are recommended. Therefore, the
afflicted do not hove to rely alone upon
Dr. Pierce's recommendation as to the
curative value of hia medicine for cer
tain easily recognized diseases.
A glance at the printed formula on
each bottle will show that no alcohol and
no harmful or hnblt-forming drugs enter
Into Dr. Pierce's medicines, they being
wholly compounded of glyceric extracts
of the root of native, American forest
riant. These are best and safest for
he cure of most lingering, chronic dis
eases. Dr. R. V. Pierce can be consulted
runic, by addressing him at Buffalo,
N. V., and all communications are re
garded as sacredly confidential.
It Is as easy to be well at 111 and
much more comfortable. Constipation la
tho cause of many forms of illness. Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipa
tion. Thev are tiny, sugar-coated gran
ules. Onellttle "Pellet" Is a gentle laxa
tive, two a mild cathartic All dealers In
medicines sell them.
retary Bennett of the Slate Board spoke
on the revenue lane, and plans of assess
ment were discussed. The assessors were
the guests of the Commercial club.
Threatens to Leave Siehraaka City
Three .'Miles Inland.
NEBRASKA CITY. Feb. 21. (Special.)
Reports from up the Missouri river about
eight miles are causing tiruch alarm here.
They are to the effect the river is cutting
through Its banks and unless something Is
done this city will be an inland town, the
$700,000 Burlington bridge at this place will
be left high and dry and the company will
have to build another bridge east of the
present one about three miles.
Opposite what Is known as Jones' Point
the river has been cutting for some time.
A report from there today says it has cut
In three-quarters of a mile and a large
amount of land has been. Washed away.
If It continues it will soon cut into what
is known at White's lake atjd the channel
will be somewhere near the Iowa bluffs,
instead of the Nebraska bluffs, as now.
Sheriff Stops a Wedding.
WAYNE. Neb., Feb. 11. (Special.) Cupid
was foiled here Just as the wedding license
was about to be issued to the prospective
young bridegroom, because a passenger who
came into town on the train with the would
be couple from Norfolk, informed the shcr
IT that the prospective bride was but 11
years of age. This was Miss Florence Gay
iord of Norfolk, and the man whom she
was to wed was Eiuil Matthes of Stanton,
Neb. As a matter of fact the bride-to-be is
18 years of age and had the consent of her
mother. But the report of the passenger
served to stpp the, .ceremony. Just, the same.
Later the sheriff and Judge telephoned to
Mr. Gaylord at Norfolk but before they had
finished talking the young pair announced
their determination not to wed and they
returned to Norfolk on the next train.
Farmers at Osceola.
OSCEOLA, Neb., Feb. 21. (Speclal.)-Polk
county has Just closed the most successful
farmers' institute and corn show that hay
ever been held In the county and the farm
ers feel that they know more now how to
farm for proAt than ever before and under
the management of O. E. Mickey as secre
tary and C. B. Knerr as president, the best
speakers of the state were provided, among
whom were W. D. McKee of Lincoln. Val
Keyeer of the experiment station of the
atate, T. G. Fergusen of Beaver Crossing
and Mrs. C. E. Welton of Fairbury, A. F.
Johnson, R. G. Douglass, F. Rassmusscn
and J. N. Norton.
Edaar Y. M. '. A. to Build.
EDGAR. Neb., Feb. a. (8pecial.)-The
citizens of Edgar held a meeting yesterday
afternoon in Stayner's hall to discuss a
proposition for building and equipping a
Young Men's Christian association building.
It was decided to erect a to, 000 building,
with library and reading room, gymnasium,
bath rooms, toilet room, kitchen and dining
room and a hall for lectures and social
gatherings. A board of trustees wa's elected
as follows: C. A. Voorhees, A. A. Gait,
E. E. Howard. II. C. Hart, William Darby,
F. M. Ferree, J. L. Sugden, W. L. Cass,
James McNally, Charles Hanson and 8. B.
Farmer Commits Suicide.
AURORA. Neb.. Feb. .-(SpeclaI Tele
gr;un.) William Dart, a farmer living Ave
miles south of here, committed suicide to
day by shooting himself with a IBS-calibre
revolver. Death was instantaneous. Mr.
Dart had been in Grand Island for several
days, having returned home yesterday In
a despondent condition. His widow and
children are highly regarded.
Board Appoints Coroner.
SCHUYLER, Neb., Feb. 21.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Dr. Allen of Clarkson was to
day appointed coroner of Colfax county
to All the vacancy caused by the death
of Dr. Jungbluth. Dr. Allen waa the re
and was defeated by Dr. Jungbluth.
publican candidate for coroner last fall
Paaaenayer Engine Jnmpa Track.
TKCl'MSEH. Neb., Feb. 2. (Special Tele
gram.) The front trucks on the engine on
Burlington passenger train No. 98, east
bound to Nebraska City from Holdrege, left
the track Just east of this city today, but
Every mother feels a
great dread of the pain
and danger attendant upon
the most Critical period
csf k.. i:r- r ;
hour which is dreaded as woman's
a the train was proceeding slowly no dam
age to amount to anything resulted. A
broken flange on one of the wheels caused
the accident. The train backed Into town
ind after a delay of about two hours an
engine was secured from Table Rock and
the train proceeded.
ewa of Sebraaka.
WF.BT POINT Rchlnstock
shipped eleven car loads of .at
cattle to
i nlcngo on Saturday night.
SEWARD Six hundred men participated
In the wolf hunt at Germantown this
week. Three hit wolves were captured.
TEKAM A H Diphtheria scare Is prac
tically over; no new cases ir reported,
and all patients are getting aong nicely.
PLATT8 MOUTH The contract for build
ing the bridge in Cass count v for the
coming year was awarded to Sheeley A Co.
at IC.62 per level foot.
PLATTSMOUTH The flrst cai.e tried be
fore a Jury this term of court was that of
Waldron against McBrlde and was decided
In favor of the defendant.
COOK Several cases of smallpox have
been reported north of town, but as every
precaution Is bejng taken there la not
much danger of fits spreading.
PLATTSMOUTH Joe Lloyd, who has
been engaged In the service of the Bur
lington for twenty-five years, has ten
dered his resignation as engineer.
BEATRICE Mrs. T. P. Ossrnan. living
four miles west of the city, died yesterday
morning of heart failure, aged 56 years.
She leaves a husband and four children.
WEST POINT In the game of basket
ball between Lyons and West Point, last
Friday evening, the local team was suc
cessful in defeating the visitors by a score
of 33 to .
PLATTSMOUTH Fred O. Ohlenhausen
and Miss Lottie May Goth were united
In marriage In tho parsonage of the pastor
of the German Evangelical church by Rev.
F. J. Langhorst.
TEKAMAH The funeral of Captain 8.
T. Learning will be held at Decatur, the
services being conducted by the Masonic
fraternity of this city, of which Mr. Learn
ing was a member.
8EWARD The marriage of Mr. Thomas
Anderson ana Miss Margaret Ashton oc
curred et S p. m. at the home of the
hrldo'e parents in Seward today. Rev.
Father Murphy officiated.
SEWARD Dean Marshall had his collar
bone broken while hanging on a bobsled
during the recent snow. The process was
torn loose and the surgeons were required
to rentier the necessary aid.
BEATRICE A. F. Swart, for the past
year proprietor of the City hotel, yester
day vacated the building and stored his
personal effects. C. J. Hall of Lincoln
will reopen the hotel March 1.
HARVARD Revival meetings are being
held at the Methodist church by the pas
tor, Charles Burns, assisted by Evangelist
Campbell of University Place, that prem
isses no small results for good.
WEST POINT Carl Johnson of Garfleld
township yesterday purchased the half
section of land comprising the farm of
Hans Jurgenson, In Cuming township, pay
ing therefor the sum of $24,000.
BEATRICE Frederick Rurkmeyer, a pio
neer resident of Gage county, died yester
day at his home near Clatonia, aged eighty
fnur years. He is survived by four child
ren, three sons and one daughter.
WEST POINT Schlnstock Brothers
shipped two car loads of horses to St.
Louis Monday night. These animals are
extremely choice stock and were pur
chased from the farmers in this vicinity.
BEATRICE Word was received here yes
terdav of the marriage of Miss Alice Cal
kins of this city, to Mr. Thomas Bos worth,
which occurred at Chicago Tuesday. The
young courle will make their home at
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada.
WILSONVILLE The farmers of this
neighborhood met here yesterday and de
cided to build an elevator-at this place.
Stock was floated and nearly seventy-live
per cent of the necessary funds sub
scribed for during the day.
WEST POINT Herman A. Wlllgohs of
Snyd"r, and Miss Mary Cery of Howell,
were married in the latter place on Friday
morning last. The groom is the second
son of the late Rudolph Wlllgohs. a for
mer business man of West Point.
WERT POINT The petition presented
the Board of Supervisors by cltliens of
the village of Bancroft to have that Incor
porated village set apart from the road
district In accordance with the statute
regulating the matter, was granted.
BEATRICE Franklyn Hunt, a baritone
soloist of Kansas City, gave a recital in
the Presbyterian church lust night. The
recital was given under the auspices of the
Matinee Music club of Beatrice, and proved
to lie the musical event of the season.
SEWARD Prof. H. W. Caldwell of the
Vrlv-vslty of Nebranka will give an II
)'.. t d lecture on "The Social Life of the
js .:m People"' on the evening of Ms -h
..e.hlgh school auditorium under - ie
iu: i' of tha of the high
SEWARD A delegation of cltlsens at
tended the meeting of the council last
evening and asked that the question of
license or no license be submitted to the
voters at the spring municipal election.
The council deferred its decision until
next Friday night.
BEATRICE Rev. ,M. M. Merki of St.
Joseph's Catholic church received a telo
giam last evening announcing the death
of his mother, Mrs. Anna Merki, which oc
curred at Kelso, lnd. She was eighty-six
years of age. Mr. Merki left today for
Kelso to attend the funeral.
TEKAMAH Jeep Brothers, formerly of
Thurston, Neb., purchaaed the general mer
chandise stock of Smith Brothers of thla
city. Mesurs. Jeep took possession ye
terday. Smith Brothers have been In the
niercantile business, in this city almost
continuously for the past thirty years.
WEST POINT The responses to roll call
at the last meeting of the Woman's club
were relative to beautifying the town and
some very apt ideas on the subject were
elicited, one being the planting of trees
along the sidewalks of unoctupled lots
and another for the removal of unused
buildings. t
H V M BOLDT W. O. Babcock and Mrs.
Flora Beard of this city drove to Sen
eca, Kas., and were united In marriage by
the county Judge, returning at once to this
city where they are at home tempor
arily. They expect to depart soon for
South Dakota, where the groom recently
took a claim.
HUMBOLDT The fire bell has been
hoisted into place at the top of the new
seventy-foot lower and can be heard much
more plainly in the remote parts of the
city. An automatic ringing attachment
will be provided whereby alarms may be
sounded from the central telephone office
by simply touching a button, or from the
front of the city hall.
TEKAMAH Dr. Haver waa out again
yesterday and bugged three more largu
Canada geese. This makes seventeen iu
the past two weeks. A bunch of about
owl came over the doctor in easy range,
and ho proceeded to land them, but his
"Automatic" went wrong; however, hu
succeeded in fixing it and getting two
birds before they could get away.
WEST POINT The Chicago Record-Herald
uf yesterday announce- the appoint
ment of Edward J. Padden tu be chief
clerk lu the office of the city clerk of
I'hicagu. Mr. Padden is well known in
Nebraska, and has been a critic teacher
In the Chicago Normal schools, lie was
in West Point a few months ago, the
guest uf his rclailve-a, the family of John
GENEVA Thursday the new high school
building will be formally opened and dedi
cated. An unubually Ane exhibition uf
school work will be on view and a program
for the entire day Is arranged to wnich
the publlo ia Invited. The Grand Army
of the Republic will take part in the ex
ercises and State Superintendent McBrien
will be here.
FREMONT The Omaha passenger train
on the Northwestern Jumped the track ow
ing to the spreading of me rails near Ar
lington station yesterday afternoon. The
engine and three cars left the track. The
train was moving slowly at the time and
no one was injured. It was nearly mid
night before the train was buck In place
again. Other trains passed on side tracks
and were not delayed.
WILSONVILLE-New contracts for bids
Just issued by the postoftice department
for carrying the mall from Wllsouville
to Cambridge proposes to do away with
the week day star route service and asks
for bids for Sunday only. Tills new de
parture has been brought about by the
daily train service recently Inaugurated by
the Burlington through the untiring efforts
of Congressman Norrls.
WEST POINT A Valentine party was
given by the members of the Woman's
club for themselves and husbands at the
home of Mrs. William Stuefer. Hearts
were to be seen everywhere and many
other decorations appropriate to the oc
casion. Miss Schalrer received the prise
for the bear verse of original poetry. The
decorations and refreshments were In the
club colors, crimson and white.
BEEMER Monday evening at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Smith a reception
was given to welcome thus who united
with the Methodist church during the re
cent revival, and to bid Miss Wands, the
evangelistic alnger who haa assisted Rev.
Uoodell In the meetings for the past seven
wtxtka, farewell. A short program was
rendered, after which Mr. Smith, In a few
well -chosen words, bade Miss Wands God
speed on her mission to other fields.
FREMONT The Knights of fyibiw eel-
Rear-Admiral Hichborn
Praises Pe-ru-na. I
jyrgggr$, ; , ' . ml ve.
J3$5? tPb z cr 'ei ' V i 1 :
a. ocyxZ'Xx. . a. , e -"-v -ewei.. r ..s Ji : . - .. -T"v.-j. a
REAR-ADMIRAL HICHBORN is one of the best known
admirals In our navy.
His statement concerning: Peruna will have much
weight as It goes out Into the world.
What he says Is echoed by many other naval officers
of high standing.
Philip Hichborn, Rear-Admiral United States Navy,
writes from Washington, D. C, as follows:
"Aftr the use of Peruna for a short period. I can
now cheerfully recommend your valuable remedy to
any one who is in need of an invigorating tonic."
riiillp Hichborn.
The soldier and the sailor are especially subject to
catarrh In some form or phase.
Exposed as they are to constant changes, subject as
they are to various vlclsxltudes, and all kinds of climate,
wet and dry, night aDd day, they find catarrh to be their
most insidious and everiiresent foe.
In the barracks and on the field, Peruna Is equally
Taken at once after exposure, It should prevent catch
ing cold.
After a cold has-become established, Peruna will break
it up as quickly as any other remedy known.
Even after a cold has become settled in some organ of
the body, Peruna can be relied upon to promptly dispel it.
Peruna will relieve catarrh, whether acute or chronic,
but a few doses taken in the flrst stages of the disease
will be more effective than when the disease has become
chronic. , ,
If you suffer from catarrh in any form, do not neglect
it. Take Peruna at once. Delays in such matters are
ebrated the forty-third anniversary of the
organization of the order last evening by
a banquet at Pythian hall previous to
which the work in the flrst and third de
grees was put on. A large delegation from
Cedar Hinds was In attendance and there
were many visiting knights who happened
to be in the city. Chancellor Commander
Brooks presided as toast master and re
sponses were offered to a doxen appropri
ate toasts.
PLATTSMOUTH The Mothers' meeting
was held with Mrs. C. E. Wescott. The
subject was "Purity," and the meeting
was in the nature of a memorial for the
lato Francis Willard, who for years was
the leader in America of the "Social Pur
ity", reform and the advocate of the
"White Life for Two." Miss Anna Gor
der's class uf small girls sang very sweetly
In German. Mrs. C. S. Johnson sang a
duet, "Fountain of Purity." The wife of
Rev. J. H. Snlsbury read a very able paper
entitled " Purity."
FREMONT Talk of a viaduct over the
Northwestern, Union Pacific and Great
Northern tracks on Main street has been
revived recently and there are indications
that the three companies are considering
tho plans and cost of its construction.
Main street is the principal thoroughfare
between the city and Saunders county
and travel over it is Increasing and be
coming dangerous, owing to the additional
tracks of tha Great Northern. It would
have to be about six blocks long and would
give the companies a quarter of a mile
of tracks within the city unobstructed by
grade crossings The project was flrst
agitated two years ago.
BEATRICE Today at high noon, at the
home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mr,
James Grimes, was solemnised the mar
riage of Miss Myrtle Grimes and Mr. Ja
cob A. Klein, two prominent young peo
ple of this city. Rev. W. H. Kearns was
the officiating clergyman, and the ceremony
was witnessed by a few of the Intimate
friends of the young couple, hesides the
members of the family. A. wedding break
fast was wed, after which the young
couple left for the east on a wedding
trip of a week or ten days. The groom
is manager of Klein's Mercantile com
pany and among the leading young bus
iness men of the city, while the bride is
an accomplished musician and a young
woman of many attainments. Among the
out-of-town guests at the wedding were
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Fans of Omaha.
Fenrfol Carnage
occurs every day from cuts. Injuries, etc
Stop bleeding and heal the wounds with
Bucklen's Arnica Salve. 25c. For sale by
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
Borllnarton Changes Time.
Effective Sunday, February 26, train No.
2, for Chicago and the east, will leave
Omaha at 3:46 p. m. instead of 4 p. m., ar
riving at Chicago T o'clock next morning.
Tickets, 1602 Farnam street.
Dlea at Husband's Hand.
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 21. Dellrloua and rav
ing. Mrs. Peart Stelzriede, 18 years of age,
who waa shot four times by her husband,
Elmer Stelxriede, last Friday night, died
today at the city hospital. Stelxriede and
hia wife quarreled and she was shot. He
Is under arrest and, the police state, has
admitted shooting her while in a rage of
whitens the
skin at once
or your money back.
Is used in place of
powder; has same ef
fect but does not
show. Eruptions, Freckle or Liver Spots
cured In 10 days. Derma Viva does not
peel the skin. Red. Brown or Dark
iace, neca or nanaa made
once. Sent prepaid for 60c.
lioaion Store, Drug Dept., Omaha.
YJ5mea,t extract the world
Q Extract of Beef ?gg L
Ifo tbe most ancentratcd form PCnsV f j
VIVA n 0,
a ft
W n ouiis,
alUVLjl II Ao JLulltlADLLf
Dr. Minor Morris Makes Fnblio Letters
Eeeardine Arrest of Wife.
Major Sylvester Examined Witnesses
and Derided that Bio More
Foreo Was Used Than
Was TVecessary.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 21.-Dr. Minor Mor
ris, whose wife some weeks ago was
ejected from the White House, where she
had gone to present alleged grievances to
the president, today gave out for publica
tion the correspondence which recently
passed between himself and the president
regarding the case. Dr. Morris demanded
a public apology of the president "for this
outrage on womanhood and common de
cency." Secretary Loeb replied to the let
ter, stating that an Investigation by the
chief of police showed that the arrest waa
Justified and that the kindest act to Mrs.
Morris and her kinsfolk was to refrain
from giving the case additional publicity.
The letters follow;
To the President of the United 8tates:
Sir Having waited patiently a number of
weeks that yon might have ample time to
ascertain all the circumstances connected
with the Insult recently offered my wife
at the White House and that you might
make some expression of deprecation,
which would naturally be expected, it Is
now incumbent upon me as husband and
citlsen to demand a public apology for thla
outrage on womanhood and common de
cency. It Is unthinkable that such brutality
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II '
I 8 i
"I was troubled with catarrh of the throat particularly,
and suffered considerably as a result thereof for a period
of about five years, and my general health was affected.
I "soTg ; h tc i iTNTiiTi WTTa mate
"Three years ago I was forced to give up business,
and took my residence In the Western country, looking
for relief in change In climate as well as a change In tha
method of treatment for my ailment.
"After much expense, both here and in the West, I was
induced by a friend to try Peruna. I continued the use
of it for about five weeks, at the end of which time I .
returned to New York both well and happy." Wm. II.
Swltser, 325 E. T.3rd street, New York City.
"I have used Peruna in my family with very satisfac
tory results for the last two years. Hesides 1 have recom
mended It to all whom I think are in need of it.
"I urge all who are afflicted to buy a bottle and begin
its use at once. I have never heard of any who have
used it to be dissatisfied with the results." Frank W.
Harris, box 23, Basic City. Va.", member A. F. & A. M.
Mr. J. H. Qalbraith, 390 West Second Ave., Columbus,
Ohio, writes:
"I have been a sufferer of catarrh of the stomach and
kidneys for seven years. Doctors did me no good, and
after taking Peruna for six months, at intervals, I believe
I am cured. My appetite returned, I sleep well and work
every day. I always have it in the house."
No remedy ever yet devised has received such un
stinted eulogy from so many renowned statesmen and
militarysmen as Peruna.
We have on file thousandsof testimonials like those
given above. We can give our readers only a glimpse of
the vast array of endorsements Dr. Hartman Is receiving.
' W0U'I to,'r,tP anywhere In this conn-
I trThat' my-.wfv'nas"been conflned to "her
bed six weeks from the shock and Injuries
of this damnable treatment is had enough,
hut I can say to you, In ull calmness, that
had the original orders from the White
House been carried out as to her longer
incarceration, her Hfo would have been
It is therefore incumbent upon me to
repeat my urgent request that you take
action at nnce suitable to the circum
stances which have shocked the entire na
tion. Respectfully, MINOR NORRIS.
Feb. 16, 11108
Answer from the White Honse.
Feb. 19, ilKW. Sir: In reply to your letter .
of the 16th Inst., the president directs me
to state to you that lie iiad the superin
tendent of police of tho District of Co-,
lumhla. Major Sylvester, make a careftil
Investigation of the circumstances con
nected wUh the arrest of Mrs. Morris for
disorderly conduct at the executive office
and the superintendent submitted to the
president all the affidavits -of the persona
whom he had examined. The president
carefullv went over Major Sylvester's re
port Hnd the affidavits, and also personally
saw Major Sylvester and some nf the per
sons making the affidavits. He came to
the conclusion that the arrest was Justified
and the force used in making the arrest
was caused by the resistance offered by
Mrs. Morris to the officers in the discharge
of their duty, and was no greater than waa
necessary to make the arrest effective.
Under these circumstances the president
does not consider that the officers are
properly subject to blame, He was also
satisfied that the kindest thing that could
be done to Mrs. Morris and her kinsfolk
was to refrain from giving any additional
publicity to the circumstances surrounding
the case. Yours truly,
Secretary of the President.
Dr. Minor Morris, Washington, D. C.
Goverpor Carter at 'Sain Franrlnrn.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cel., Feb. 21. Gov
ernor George B. Carter of Hawaii, accom
panied by his wile, arrived here today on
the steamer Manchuria. fie will
San Diego for the benefit ejf his healt
for Thursday n
1 c