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Cr6me de Milk Chocolate
js made of the "cream of the milk" and the
correct blending of choicest cocoa hoans.
At r .
Always lresh. sweet, firm io thp. finircr.
only to melt like butter on the tongue.
v-reme ae miik inocoiate is inviting to
the purse to the digestion and most of
all to the nalate. The five cent ealce is
i .1 . .1 i .
twite as Dig as any oiner gooa cnocoiate
the ten cent Dackace is over-renerous
- ( o . - . - o
Value tOO. Sold everywhere by everybody
tUNUL IIOTBEtS. Caeca toi Culalr Maaslsctunrs
New Tom
Send 2c for simple
cl Chocolate and minia
tura can oi Cocoa
City Attorney Despairs of Convincing
Oouncil and May Eire New Assistant.
lluntinarton Rrfairi to Aaarnt to
Ordinance Inrreaelnai Stan of
I, ravel Department, Aaklnv
for Mora Time.
City Attorney Breen and Councilinun
Zlmman and Hove asaln pleadod with
Councilman Huntington at the R-pnernl
committee meeting of the council Monday
afternoon to make a report on the ordi
nance providing for the employment of a
second assistant city attorney at $150 a
month. Huntington declined to give his
reasons and said he wanted more time. A
motion by Zlmniah to Instruct him to
report on the' document was defeated,
Dyhall and Bchroeder. : who had voted for
a similar order two weeka ago, going over
to Huntington's side.
The city attorney said the council hud
trifled, with the legal department to a
point beyond his endurance and he proposed
to hire a lawyer under an old resolution
adopted nearly three years ago, which
'fieyer'has' been' repealed. He said he and
.his one assistant were unable to keep up
with their work, though they had been
trying to do so hy-working nights. Ztm
man said the arjtlnn of the majority mem
liers In withholding a report on the ordi
nance for two months waa a shame.
1'oal Contract Protested.
A representative of the Victor White
ompany. the low bidder for 2,000 tons
C twain coal, disputed the tight of the
eJncll to award the contract to the Central '
Coal & Coke Co. at a higher figure, which
tli council proporod to do on the recom
mendation of th superintendent of the
city hall. City Attorney Breen said the
council might make the award It desired,
as the Central company hud bid on Weir
City coal whereas the White proposal was
for Cherokee atenm coal. The matter was
put off a week by a resolution directing
the superintendent to try the Weir City
cpul supplied by the White firm fur a
week, despite the fact that concern did
not bid on that kind of fuel.
DraffKlste I)laatlnrd.
Charles R. Sherman of emerman ft
McConnell protested against the contract
for drug supplies being awarded to the
Myers-Dillon company. He said only
fifty-tour Items were enumerated in the
bidding blanks and thut hla nun was low
on a good proportion of these, being, tiow-
ever. ' about 12 high In the aggregate.
I ne point nemaav waa me vny .vuiin Mir
and uses many other kinds of drugs and
Ajppllea not enumerated. Knowing this he
l ad the city clerk Insert a clause in the
bidding blank calling . upon bidders to
furnish articles not enumerated according
to the prices quoted In a trade publication
isaued periodically. The Sherman Me
t'ontiell ilrm offered to do 'his and In ad
dition' to grant a discount of S per com.
No other bidder made this concussion.
Mr, Sherman said the claune hud been
fhsertrd expressly to prevent Jcbbery and
the charging of more than current market
prices for articles not specified. It being
pacticatly. .Impossible to Include many of
them in the list, as the demand changes
from month to month and yenr to year.
He had discovered the tabulation umde In
the city clerk's office had credited his bid
with 5 per cent plus Instead of 5 per cent
minus on the additional prices.
Referred to Ralph.
The committee wearily referred the mat
ter to the health commissioner for a report
and recommendation within a week.
Councilman Kvans left before the meet
ing adjourned und Hoye did not get an
opportunity to cull up for action hla tut
rate street car fare ordinance. He stu'S
he will have the ordinance's twin brother
ready to spring ut the council ineetin to.
night and that he proposes to keep ham
mering on this line as long as he stays
In the council. ,
Daaart. that 'threaten the Child's
(Kmm the Chicago Tribune.)
"Health Commissioner Reynolds of Chi
cago, in his latest bulletins of the depart
ment, says that the worst danger to which
the children ot Chicago are now exposed
Is tho neglected cold.
Tt would be unwise for the health com
missioner of a city to recommend any rem
edy for a cold; but should he do so. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy would certainly
head the list as the most efficacious for
colds, croup and whooping cough In chil
dren, as a remedy that can always' be de
pended upon to effect a speedy cure and
that Is pleasant . and safe to take., This
remedy contain no opium or )uther harmful
drug and may be given as confidently to a
baby as to an adult. Its great worth and
merit In the treatment of these diseases has
been attested by many thousands ot moth
One Fare for the Round Trio.
Via Chicago Oreat Western railway to
points within ISO miles. Tickets on sale
every Saturday and Sunday to April I, 1908.
Good returning the following Monday. Low
rates to other points on sale every Friduy.
For full Information apply to H. IT.
Churchill, Q. A., 1512 Farnam St.
Majority of Board of Education Not Beady
to Act on Proposition.
Refaaea to Tarn It Over to I Ity Tree a-
rer Itennlna and Board Refers
Matter to the Judiciary
A proposal to take Immediate action In
rranglng to build a new school house on
the Vinton site was Introduced at the
Board ot Education meeting last night by
Member Rice, but his colleagues deferred
action for two weeks. Mr. Rice's resolu
tion stated that the extreme south part
of the city Is growing rapidly In popula
tion and the four small buildings that
now form the Vinton school are wholly In
adequate and Instructed the buildings and
property committee to procure tho services
of an architect at once to draw plans
to be approved by the board for. the Im
mediate construction oi a. slxteen-room
Member Detweller recalled the fact that
the hoard had the same matter up some
time ago and at that time could not agree
on the manner of securing architectural
service and how the plans should be
drawn. He said he thought the matter
should be left over fdr two weeks in or
der to permit time for consideration.
Tresident MeCague said the size of the
new building should be given careful at
tention, and Mr. Rice said he thought
sixteen rooms none too many.
In assigning the members to visit schools
President MeCague urged them to re
spond to the duty In order to get closer
In touch with the locat educational system.
He warned the members thut he would
call 'or a report from each one In two
Fink Has School loue.
The buard was informed that the lust
state school moneys apportionment of $17.-
S93.1S had been deoslted In the banks and
was at the service of the board for the
drawing of warrants against it by Robert
O. Fink, who signed himself "treasurer
ex-offkio for-the school district of Omaha.
Mr. Fink has refused to turn me money
over to City Treasurer Hennlngs or Secre
tary Burgess. The matter was referred to
the Judiciary committee and the attorney.
An order was authorized for WO rilles
and as many cartridges boxes and bayonet
scabbards for the use of the high school
cadet battalion.
Secretary Burgess submitted the follow
ing comparative statement of expenditures
for the first seven months of the fiscal
year tflol-6 and the first seven months of
the fiscal year 1905-6:
First 7 Mob. First 7 Mos.
Fiscal Year Fiscal Year
Advertising !
Architect's services..
Bond ' redenip. fund..
Census enumerators.
Const ruction
Drawing, music and
kindergarten supl's.
Election expenses ...
F.lectrlc power
Kxamlnlng com'tee..
Kxpress and freight..
Furniture and flxt'rs
Insurance fund
Insurance premiums.
Inter, and exchange.
Light and fuel gas...
Maps, charts and ref
erence books
Officer and clerks..
Printing ..'
Piano rent and tun'g
Special taxes
Stationery and supis
Totals $32O.0tB.'.'0
Receipts for first seven months of
fiscal veur l!l6-6
General fund warrnnts outstand.
Ing February 1. 190fi
Cash In trensurer'8 hands Feb
ruary 1. lft'lfi 37.077.115
Deficit February 1. I! $17,993.7
40.001). 00
$ 12.59
297. RS
,(. 85
1.321. K
. 7.4K4.W , ..
729.10 rM-81.00
11.9V, (K
5 932 92
914. S
137.325 43
1255.874. SI
Fifteenth Annnal Rail.
The champion drill team of camp No.
120, aioaern woodmen of America, will
give their fifteenth annual ball Wednesday,
Feb. 21. at Barlght's society halls, 19th and
Farnam Sts. (Rohrbough bldg.). Admis
sion, 60c per couple. Extra ladies, 25c each.
Fnneral Xotleev
The funeral of our late brother, Robert
F. Hodgin. will be held from the resi
dence, 4017 tafayelte avenue, Tuesday,
February 20, at 2 o'clock p. m. . Brethren
Burllnarton Chansra Time.
Elective Sunday, February 25, train No.
2, for Chicago and the east, . will leave
Omaha, at 3:45 p. m,, Instead of 4 p. m.. ar
riving at Chicago 7 o'clock next morning.
Tickets, 1502 Farnam street.
Lincoln' taae Appealed.
James Lincoln, a Winnebago Indian, re
cently found guilty ot introducing liquor
onto the reservation, was sentenced bv
Judge Munger Monday morning to pav a
fine of $100 and to sixty days' imprison
ment in tho Douglas county Jail and to
stand committed until the flim and costs
were paid. Lincoln's attorney, Thomas
L. Sloan, had tiled a motion for a new
trial, and another motion for arrest of
Judgment, both of which were overruled
by Judge Munger. Mr. Sloan will at once
appeal to the I'nlted States supreme court
for a writ of habeas corpus Jn behalf of
his client. ,
The Jar of
Hammer blows, steadily applied,
break the hardest N rock. Coughing,
day after day, jars and tears the
throat and lungs until the healthy
tissues give way. Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral stops the hard coughing. Con-
suit your doctor freely about this.
"We have no secrets! We publish
the formulas of all our medicines.
Maaa a tks . C. Ayr Co.. LowaU. Vaaa.
Ala Maaolaatarer ef
ATs-B'f laim T10O Tar tk halt. AYCK f PIILS Fo taaatiaatioa.
ATUt'S oAftSAPAKUXA Fat ta kloed. AlfcK'3 AO 1)1 CURB I at Bvaitna aa aft.
Announcement of the Theater.
The attention being given "The Clans
man" Is thoroughly merited, for the play
and the players are both well watching.
and lli Mory told Is one .that Is of keen In
terest, being supported by history In Us
main facts. A performance this evening
and a matinee and evening performance
Wednesday close the engagement.
Grace George is coming on Thursday for
wo performances or ner most successtul
drama. "The Marriage of William Ashe,
founded on the novel by Mrs. Humphrey
Ward. In the character of I-ady Kitty
Bristol Miss George has found a role that
gives her more opportunity than any she
has ever had, and the praise accorded her
by the critics is the best evidence possible
of her success In the part. Miss George Is
supported by the same company that
played with her In New York and Chicago.
The week at the Burwood Is especially
Interesting because of the presence of O.
D. Woodward in the cast of "Men and
Women." The play Is being delightfully
produced. Another feature of the week la
the matinees of "Little Lord Fauntleroy,"
being given on Monday. Wednesday snd
Friday by the Woodward & Burgess road
company. The regular professional matinee
of "M-n and Women" will be given this
An extra matinee will he given at the
Orpheum today. The Orpheum road show.
which has lieen attended by full houses at
every performance, is the cause of having
to give special performances.
When Madame Sarah Bernhardt, the
world's greatest tragedienne, appearaat tha
Auditorium on February 27 in "Camllle"
she will be seen In what haa been the most
popular piece of her large repertoire, with
the single exception of "La Sorclere."
From the beginning of her farewell tour
In Chicago "Camilla" has been In constant
demand, and there have been clamorous
demands for extra matinees, that those
who had been unable to see It before might
nave me pleasure or seeing the picture of
French life on the darker side as only a
Bernhardt could paint It.
The story of "Camllle" la one t unique
and morbid novelty, written in the strong
est vein of Dumas flls. Imbued with the
spirit, of deep repentance she attemps to
lead the life for which her better nature
calls, but when the father of Armand ap
peals to socletv and denies her the right to
her new-born happiness in a faithful and
honest love for the younger Duval she re
lapses and becomes again the figure of the
underworld, so beautiful In sorrow, so sad
In suffering, so appealing In tlnVsioss of a
tenderness which had returned to her,
only to be rebuked for its habitation.
Another creditable accomplishment was
registered for the social science .depart
ment of the Woman's club Monday, when
the subject of lny saving was presented
by three authorities exceptionally well
qualified to suggest. B. D. Hajwsid. su
perintendent of the State Industrial School
for Buys al Kearney, told ot the state in
stitution and what It Is doing for de
linquent boys. and. Incidentally, what sort
of boys "delinquent" boys are, He said
these charges of the state were exactly
such boys as would, be found If one should
take one boy from every other house In
Omaha Indiscriminately, no better or no
worse. If they are different from other
boys It is that they are of bigger capacity.
He told of the energy, loyalty and all the
other commendable traits Of these . boys
and said they lacked chiefly In Judgment,
obedience, respect for law, appreciation of
the rights ot others and knowledge of the
preparation necessary before they are com
petent to do without authority. ' He com
pared these boys to the many high-spirited
horses that have been spoiled In the break
ing for want of master' who properly
understood how to train them.
E. M. Robinson. International boys' sec
retary of tha Young Men's Christian as
sociation, made a plea for the boy in the
adolescent stage. It Is at this period, he
said, that his life's course may be dlrei-tech"
He advoeat"d a positive, energy-expending
righteousness that will call for nerve and
self-sacrifice, saying: "When we merely
tell the boy In his teens to be good und
then expect him to heed, we are making a
childhood plea that does not appeal to his
Mr. Denntson, boys' secretary of the
local association, spoke briefly of the re
sponsibility of the men and women In the
making of the right sort of men ot the
"Mogy" asked the co-operation of the
women in securing an ordinance regulating
the public dunce halls of the city, which,
ha said, arc doing more than any other
agency to demoralize the boys and girls.
He wants an ordinance that will make
It an offense for any boy or girl under 18
years to attend such places unless accom
panied by parent or guardian; that, these
halls shall be closed at midnight and no
liquors sold In them during the dances;
also that they be closed Immediately if
any trouble or disorder Is reported.
A meeting of tho board and standing
committees of the . Iowa Federation of
Women's Clubs was held Tuesday and
Wednesday of last week at Des Moines
and was one of the most enthusiastic gath
erings of club women held In the state
this yesr. The gathering Included Mrs. J.
J. Seerley of Burlington, president-; Mrs.
Mary 11. S. Johnson of Humboldt, secre
tary; Mrs. John. A. Nash of Audubon cor
responding secretary; Mrs. H. B. Clark of
Red Oak. treasurer, and Harriet Lake of
Independence, state secretary to General
Federation. The district chairmen or ex
officio vice presidents w ho w re In attend
ance included Mrs Z...A. Church of Jeffer
son, Mr. L. F: Potter of Harlan, Mrs.
Marion F. Stookey of Leon, Mrs. A. E.
Shipley of Des Moinux. Mrs. Daisy V.
Cave of Greene,, Mia, J. C. Jackson of
Iowa Falls, Mrs. Jennie I. Berry of Cedur
Rapids. Mrs. A. Blunt of Clinton and Mrs.
S. H. Harper of Ottumwa.- The chairmen
and members of the standing committees
who were present . were: Mrs. Jennie B.
Weeks of Guthrie Center snd Mrs. Jemima
Myers, of reciprocity committee; Mrs.
Henry J. Howe ofL.Mrshalltown, library
committee; Mis. Bailey- pfi Des
Moines,' educational ( Ice'; Mrs. Mads
Hterrett cf Oskaloosa,uhlld study commit
tee; Mrs. Horace M. "Towner of Corning.
Miss Margaret Blown of Charlton, club
program commlltee; Mrs. Warren Oarst of
Coon Rapids and Mrs.. Giles C. Moorchead
of Ida Grove, household economics commit
tee; Mrs. T. J. Fletcher of Murshalltown,
child labor committee; Mrs. James G.
Berryhlll of Des Moines. Industrial com
mittee; Mrs. Mary H. 8. Johnson of Hum
boldt, printing committee.
The next meeting of the art department
of the Woman's club will occur at 10 a. m.
Thursday. .February 22. Mrs. W. H. Gur
ratt presiding. The subject will be Man-
tegna and other painters of North Italy,
with general discussion of the painters that
are thrown upon the screen. Mrs. Arthur
Brandeis will present Items In current art.
Country People enappliia I p Rest
Meats for Bernhardt, a
Manager lilllan.
"I want to advise the people of Omaha."
uld Manager GilluiV yesterday -at It
Auditorium, "that the mail order sale c.
seats for Bernhardt Is not confined to out
of-town people. Omaha people may ordei
bv mall and get their tickets back tht
next day. and I wish to warn our home
people right now not to. wait lor the box
office sale next Friday, for the stream
of mail orders coming from the country
is something enormous and if Omaha peo
ple want the best seats they will .have
to get In quick. This is no advertising
hoax. I mean exac tly, what I say. I shall
be sorry to see Omaha people disupiointed
In not being able to' get ' the best loca
tions. If they will send In their orders
at once aeeompunled by check or money
order or cash we will mall back the
tickets the next day, placing each one
as near as ' possible In the lucutlon desired."
Appointed as Acting Western Andltor
for the H. R. Rldgeley Credit
Clothing Co. In Thl Territory.
Elmer Beddeo. who has been local man
ager for the Rlilgeley Credit Clothing com
pany for the laft four years In Oniaha,
has received Instruction to tuke charge
of the auditing and invoicing of the com
pany's chuln of stores west of the river.
He. will, continue as the manager of the
Omaha store, aa in the past, and give it
his personal attention, but wilt be com
pelled to devote more or less time to his
new duties.
Mecc and Nepiiew
of Uncle Sam
should be deeply interested in what he has said about soda
crackers, because they are the one food with which all of
them are familiar.
Uncle Sam has given out figures showing that soda
crackers are richer in nutriment and body-building elements,
properly proportioned, than any food made from flour.
This is saying much for common soda crackers, and
much more for Uneeda DlSCUlt, because they are
soda cr ;kcrs of the best quality. They are baked better
more scientirically. They are packed bettet more cleanly.
The damp, dust and odor proof package retains all the good
ness and nutriment of the wheat, all the freshness of the bef
baking, all the purity of the cleanest bakeries.
Your Uncle Sam has shown what fmxl he thinks bet
for his people. His people have shown that they think
Uneoda Biscuit th best of that food, nearly
400,000,000 packages haring already been consumed.
Biscuit M
Condemn Crowe Verdict.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Keb. 19.-TO the
Editor of The Bee: We notice In your
Monday's issue of The Bee tho women of
Omaha and especially women's clubs have
felt It their duty to give expression ot
their disapproval of the verdict lately ren
dered in the Pat Crowe affaii. This is
proper and right, . but why not make it
The great stale of Nebraska has been
affected by this procedure and it behooves
every mother, child and woman to place
the stamp of disapproval on such methods.
We heartly commend Governor Mickey
is well as Judge Sutton for the stand they
iiave taken. They simply .did h11 they
could. Why not show an appreciation of
their efforts by taking such a stand?
Yours 'or Justice.
International Becretnrr of Roy' le
- parthterit of the Y. 11. C. A.
Outline" Work.
E. M. Ruliinsun, International secretary
of the boys' department of the Young
Men's Christian association, met inform
ally lust evening ut the association rooms
with Secretary Wade of the local associa
tion, H. V. Dennison, in charge of the boys'
department of the Omaha association, and
Probation Otlicer Bernstein, Superintend
ent Haywurtl of the Kearney Industrial
school and several members ot the Woman's
club. Tho conference was to talk over
ways and means of helping the boys of
Omaha. Secretary Robinson gave those
present the benefit of his varied experi
ences und offered helpful suggestions. He
stated that the Young Men's Christian as
sociation Is now branching out in its work
for boys, helping them In every way possi
ble by both direct operation and co-operation.
In some cities, he said, the associa
tion had taktn the initiative in starting
physical , culture in the public schools,
establishing public playgrounds and carry
ing on other forward movements for the
boys. Mr. Roblnstin suggested that the
Omaha association might follow the work
irrlcd on by the other associations of the
uuutry in lis boys' department.
One Way
Settlers9 Rates
Far West g Northwest
to puget Sound California, Butte- Spokane
Countri, Portland San Francisco, Helena
From X District Los Angeles, etc. Olstrlct I District.
Omahtu.. $25.00 $25.00 I $20.00 $22.50
Lincoln... $25.00 $25.03 $20.00 $22.50
Denver, with daylight ride via the Rio Grande Route through Scenic
Colorado aud Salt Lake City, thence the Salt Lake Route; TUES
DAYS and SATURDAY8 peraonally conducted.
Denver, ttence the Rio Grande Route through 8canlc Colorado nd
Snlt Lake City; Southern Pacific beyond Ogdon. THURSDAYS and
FRIDAYS personally conducted.
at 4:10 p. m. and at 11:10 p. m. :halr Cara. Dining Cara. Standard
and Tourist Sleepers via BUlinga, Montana, to Butte, Helena, Spok
ane), Seattle, Tacoma, Portland
Folders and descriptive matter, rate, bertha all Information of
I D DCVUninC fl Barra ar HflO Caraam CI Amah Dak
j. l, o. ntiniLua, vuj rtaasiigci ngem, uut i si nam ui., vmsns,-ncs
mmmw i)' m ! " W'3 Wllf '. 111 111 If ' 111 '
mtll yMf 'i' Hii-'-i'-i-1- fill. K' IrnaMiaaaaaMasvaMai 1 11 1 n , tm
Break' All Record.
All records in curing Coughs, Colds, etc.,
are broken, by Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption. 60u and Sl.uo. For sale
oy Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
3larrlage License.
The following marriage licenses have been
Henry Klelhauser Detroit. Mich
Madge lvescli, Kansas City
I.inton Elliott, Oniaha
Pearl Summers, Minneapolis
Krans K. Khelberg, Omaha
tielma Johnson, Omaha ..
Curl O. Ashton. Talmage. Neb
Elizabeth Ulckey, Elkliorn, Neb..
Leopold Kolovratek, Omaha
Anna Marie Kruse, Omaha
Alfred X. Pierson, Creston. la SS
Dorothy Hope, Kent, la 'M
Milton Hoeh. Omaha 22
Beatrice Derby. Oniaha 2J
Fred White-more. Omaha :'l
tirace Russell, Florence 19
Carl Anderson. Omaha 3?.
Hannah Johnson, Omaha 1:2
Charles Huki.f, Omaha 2.1
Ella J Indi a, Omaha 2u
Carl Bock, South Omaha 44
Katie Hotter. Omaha
.... -n
.... 35
.... Ico
.... il
.... -K
.... 23
DIAMONDS Edtiomi. tctli and Harney.
II AY WARD M is. K. R.
. Funeral 1:3U Wednemluy af tei noun at 8t.
Martin's church, South Omaha. Burial at
Forest Lawi).
People who Investigate give their unqualified endorsement to Dr. E. C. Scott's rescrlp
tions because he rejects all elements that produce drug habits or leave bad after effects.
E-LIM-I -NO overcomes Weakness and Depression without alcohol, whisky, w ine or
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E-LIM-I-NETS Cur Chronlo Constipation and make unnecessary the continued
use of phvsic They are a delight to all thus sttlicted.
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drlnka, all of which ailmnlala bnt rains an at'rumulailon of polaonnua traatn ii Ilia ayat.ui
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brlof on tba calamity of drug balilta.
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li" "L, I MiN tip M lation and stUDefaction. The Book and the remedies rleaerva
NATUMH to be in every home. Write todav. Do it now. Address
;lYfrWVl ELIR1INO MEDICINE CO.. D Mnlnas. lawa
Carat f Thaak.
We wish to thank the Ancient Order of
Hibernians, the Woodmen of tha World
and our kind friends and neighbors for the
klnrtneaa. shown us during the sickness and
death of our beloved father, Patrick Daly.
tUignedj MRS. P. DALY,
aw r"w ' sa
And many other painful and serious
ailments from which most mothers
suffer, can be avoided by the use of
T MOttiri rneifl. This great remedy
is a God-send to women, carrying
them through their most critical
ordeal with safetv nnrl tin nam.
No woman who uses ''Mother's FrUnl" need fear the suffering
and danger incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal of its horror
and insures safety to life of mother and child, and leaves her in
a condition more favorable to speedy recovery. The child is
also healthy, strong and
good natured. Our book
"Motherhood," is worth
its weight in gold to every
woman, and will be sent free in plain
envelope by addressing application to
CffldfieJd Regulator C. Atlanta, Ga.
i Every Saturday and Sunday
up to April 1st, 1906
$1.00 II Eagle Grove
- 1.60 Clarion - -
2.25 Hampton - -
- 2.80 Belmond
4.25 11 Mason City -
Ceod returning following Monday.
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H. tl. Chueaff. Csaerof A$t. tSil ftrmtm Strut.
Mlnden -Harlan
Dodge -
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