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Orchard &
4m416'4I8 South Sixteenth Street
. We made into rugs all the old borders and short lengths
of carpets from our recent purchase and sale of Alexander
Smith Sons' carpet. In the lot are hundreds of rugs of all
sizes and colored combinations these together with a lot
of short length remnants of Brussels and Velvet Carpets
suitable for rugs, in one yard, one yard and a fourth and
one yard and a half, are now on sale in the Basement.
Note a few of the sizes and prices:
9x12 Tarrr Brussels. $13.50 10-6x12 Axminster . . 23.50
10-6x12 Velvet 23.50
M. W
i0-6xl2 Velvet 18.00
10-6x12 Velvet 21.00
10-6x12 Velvet 22.50
10-6x12 ..... 19.00
8-7x10-6 Axminster.. 17.00
10-6x12 Velvet 18.00
10-6x11-9 Tapestry.. 17.00
10-6x12 Tap. Brussels 20.00
9x12 Velvet 21.00
9x12 Velvet 19.00
9x12 Tap. Brussels.. 17.00
. 10-6x10-6 Axminster. 22.50
10x18 Tap. Brussels.. 16.75
1, 1. li yard lengths Tapestry,
and Velvet, at. . . .
1, 1. ltt yard lengths Tapestry, Body Brussels Axminster
and Wilton, very choice for rugs, at SOe, 60c, 65c and 75c
People at Alexandria Insist on Lec
ture front Soli and Crop
STEELE CITY. Neb., Feb. 16. The Union
Pacific seed and soil special has been meet
ing with an enthusiastic reception from the
farmers of this part 'of the state.
There was delay In the running of the
train yesterday, so that It was nearly mid
night when It pulled Into Alexandria.
JS'evertheless ino men were at the station
eager to hear the promised lectures. They
fvore gratified. Between 2.000 and 3,000 per
sons attended the lectures during the day.
Crowded lecture cars have been the rule
BEATRICE. Neb., Feb. 15. (Special Tele
gram.) The Union Pacific soil and educa
tion special arrived In the city from Blue
Springs this afternoon at 3:40, being an
hour behind schedule time. About 600 farm
ers heard the lectures here and at Blue
(Springs. Prof Lyons, spoke on soil man
agement and Profs. Condra and Pugeley on
b cultivation. After a stop of forty min
utes the special left for Cortland.
Indication that Bnrllngton Bond
Con tern plates Bolldlnar.
IjOUP CITY. Neb.. Feb. 15. (Special Tele
gram.) There Is much talk of Burlington
extensions early this spring. The talk of
most Interest to Loup City and Sherman
county 1s that the Burlington contemplates
building from Sargent on this branch .to
Dunning and connecting with the main line
at that point. That. If done, would make
this branch the , main line from Aurora
to Billings. Mont. '
It is stilted this proposed route would
cut off at least fifty miles between Aurora
and the west line of the state and avoid
niany of the . heaviest grades now en
countered on the present line. It Is also
assured that whatever may come the future
main route of the Black Hills line of the
Burlington will within two years branch
off from the present line at Cairo, In Hall
county, and follow the Loup valley all the
way up to Dunning, which, of course, would
take in Loup City, and all evidences point
to 'the fact that Loup City In such event
would be the logical point for a Burling-
. . i 1 . 1 . . ..... .....
ion uivieiun Biaiiou. 11 is iiniru iubi mv
surveying corps of the Burlington has run
a line from Dunning down to Sargent, the
present end of this branch, and material
has been purchased for the extension of the
present branch from Sargent to Dunning
and work will commence on the extension
just as soon as spring opens enough to
insure continued work.
Conple Takes Bias Trip.
1 1 I'M BOLDT. Neb.. Feb. 15. (Speclal.)
Mrs. Joy Bullls-McKle sends word from
Mansantllo, Mexico, that she started from
that place with her husband, Robert Van
McKle, for a trip to Central America, and
tltenco to Valparaiso, Chile, South Amer
ica. Mr. McKie la In the employ of Colonel
Smoot. the contractor who is now complet
lug work on the new js.oiio.oot) harbor at
Mansanillo for the Mexican government,
and he goes to the country named for the
purpose of Investigating gigantic contracts
to be let by the South American country
for deepening and widening the harbor at
Valparaiso. Mrs. McKie is a former Hum
. all tbi tew sprint stiles,
Saturday, Feb. 17th
B. EDWARD ZEISS, Sole Agent.
1504 Farnam St.,
Omaha, Nab.
10-6x12 Axminster... 22.50
8-3x10-6 Velvet 17.00
8-3x12 Axminster.... 22.50
8-8x12 Axminster 23.50
8-3x12 Wilton 20.00
8-3x10 Wilton... .... 21.00
8-3x10-6 Axminster.. 17.50
8-3x10-9 Velvet 17.50
6x12 Tap. Brussels.. 13.50
8-3x10-9 Wilton 21.00
8-3x10-6 Velvet 15.00
8x9 Tap. Brussels 12.50
8-3x9 Velvet .' 17.50
Axminster, Body Brussels
.35c, 40c and 45c
boldt girl and her mother still lives here.
Bhe and her husband, who Is a California
young man, are enjoying their trip im-
mensely, and expect to stop at Ecquador I
and other countries en route.
Prosecute for Exceeding- Speed Limit
When Woman la Killed.
SCHT'YF.TCT? NVh Poh If ittnl.l
Engineer Gllnn and Conductor Peterson' of
the train that killed Mrs. Wacha last fall
were found guilty of exceeding the speed
limit In district court. Th. court in ,H.r
to finish the case, held a night session
Wednesday evening. The case went to the
Jury early Wednesday evening, but the
verdlct was not brought In till Thursday
afternoon, the Jury having been out about
nineteen hours. The Judge will sentence
the defendants in the next few days. The
case will probably be appealed to the
supreme court.
Brakeman Severely Injured
LEIGH. Neb.. Feb. 12. fHnnelnl
Roadruck. a Northwestern brakeman. fell
under a freight car here this afternoon
and was badly Injured. The train was In
motion and he was coming down from the
top of a box car, when he fell. He was
dragged for about seventv-five feet hefnr.
the train came tn a stun mi. te .
and shoulder was badly lacerated and both
shoulders were dislocated, besides being
badly bruised about th. h.. m.
- aai-uwa SB VWUUVB
were dressed by local physicians. A upeclal
train took him to Fremont. Mr. Roadruck
is a single man and has been ln the employ
oi me company for several years.
Coal Foand Near Beatrice.
BEATRICE Neb.. Feh IS ( i
Local prosDectora todav fnnnH .i
the banks of Bear creek on the Whitt.mor.
farm, four miles northeast. It burns freely
and has every appearance of the genuine
article. A more thorough Investigation will
be made as soon ss the frost leaves the
Chamberlain's Conch Remedy Abso.
lately Harmless.
Every mother should know that Cham
berlaln's Cough Remedy Is perfectly safe
for children to take. It contains nothinv I
narmiui, ana ror coughs, colds and croup I
is unsurpassed. I
Pennsylvania Learlalatare Adjonrna I
H ARRISBURQ. Pa.. Feb. IS Th T.nn.
sylvanla legislature today completed the
se.XnMnSr; 2i fS",'?. 'fil
Islatlon was enacted,' with the exception
of civil service for the state officers. Among
Bolirlat n the , eitu. r( Z.k!I: .P? f?,""
gheny City Into one city. "
snow or Hal a la Nebraska Tnria.
Warmer In Eaat Portion Fair
aad Colder Tomorrow.
WASHINGTON, Feb. IS. Forecast of the
meather for Friday and Saturday:
' Nebraska Snow or rain Friday,
warmer in east portion; Saturday, fair and
For IowaPartly cloudy and warmer Frl-
day; Saturday, snow or rain, colder In west
For Kansas Cloudy and warmer Friday,
probably rain or snow; Saturday, fair and
somewhat colder.
or Missouri-Increasing cloudiness and
warmer Friday; rain or snow at night or
For Colorado-Cloudy Friday, snow In
eastern portion.' colder in north nortion'
Saturday, fair.
For Bouth Dakota-Snow Friday, colder
In western portion; Saturday, fair.
Local Reeord.
OMAHA, Feb. 15. Official record of Urn.
reraiure and precipitation, compared with
the corresponding day of the last thr-e
"r: WW- 1905. 1S04. 1903.
Maximum temperature... 22 18 n 15
Minuium temperature.... ofl 1
Mean temperature 11 8
Precipitation 00 .00 .00 .01
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March L
nu comparison witn ine last two years
Normal tcnipvrature s
IVnViency for the day 15
Total excess since March 1. 19Uo 1.01S
.-rmai precipitation 03 inch
Deficiency for the day A3 inch
Hih Inltation since March 1 2. 37 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 19u5... 4.02 Inches
Excess for cor. period. 1901 1. 60 Inches
Reports from Station at T P. M.
Station and State Temp. Maxl- Rain
of Weather. 7 p.m. mum. fall.
Bismarck, cloudy IS is
Cheyenne, cloudy 4! 48
Clilc.iijo. clear 18 ju
Davenport, clear 20
Ienver. cloudy 4s W ,
Havre, partly cloudy 3ft 32
Helena, partly cludy 40 42
Huron, clear il So
Kansas City, clear 24 Sri
North Platte, cloudy 24 30
Omaha, clear 38 44
Rapid City, cloudy 88 - 44
St. I.ouls. clear 22 ' 24
St. Paul, clear 1! 20
Salt I-ake City. pt. cloudy. 42 4
Valentine, cloudv 28 3i
Willialon. cloudy 20 2S
"T" Indicates trace of precipitation.
Indlcatv helnw sero.
L A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Henry Wade Eogers, Dean of Tale Law
oVt T1:. 133.... I
School, Deliver Address.
lasaruaee ' Depaty Pierce Will Give
lasaraare Compear Time to Pay
Reciprocal Tax Before
Taking Aetloa.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. 15. (Special.)
Charter day was celebrated at the un-
V.r.llt. f nr. a mnA In nrnA that the StlirlentS
and Instructors of that institution might
he r.r..nt . th. .,.rci. held In the
chapel of Memorial hall, classes were dls-
missed. Memorial sen-Ices. In honor of the
late Prof. DeWItt Bristol Brace, were con-
ducted and tributes from well known pro-
feasors nt different rrvlletrea and universities
were read by Dean Ellery Williams Davis
t the conclusion of his discourse on the
life of the dead Instructor.
In a brief address. Chancellor Andrews
extended an Invitation to all students and
citizens of Lincoln to Inspect the new
building recently completed for the use of
the university. The chancellor also an-
nounced that It had been decided to name tnan a necessity. During the last fifteen
the new laboratory of physics after Prof, months he has not had a man in the hos
Braca. P"! 'or any length of time and at this
Henry Wade Rogers, dean of the Tale
law school, delivered the address at the
mid-year commencement tonight. The sub- penitentiary, though there are now 341 In
ject of his address was "Centralization In mates. Over a year ago Warden Beemer
Government." He advocated the principle
of home rule for cities and deprecated the I
tendency of state legislators to undue in-
terference with local government In the
management of their local affairs. lie
opposed the further centralisation of power
In the national government, ana expressed
disapproval of federal supervision of in-
surance companies, or a national lncorpora-
tion law, and of federal control over mar-
riage and divorce. The country had gone
already as rar as was sare ana pruaent in
the enhancement of federal power, and In
Ms opinion the time had arnvea wnen mere
should be a revival of the constitutional
doctrines, not of state sovereignty, but of
state rights.
The board of regents of the state unl-
versity held an executive session today and
elected C. J. Ernst president. Chairmen of
committees were appointed as follows:
w a Whltmore. building committee; E. C.
Calkins, industrial education; C. S. Allen.
finance; C. J. Ernst, executive committee.
The new members of the board, Abbott and
Lyford, were duly Installed In office and
Edsnn Rich and J. L. Teeters retired.
Pierce Walts on Companies.
Insurance Deputy Pierce does not know
officially that fire insurance companies are
do,n business In Nebraska without a
license, though he suspects It as an In
dividual, consequently he will not take any
"P" t the present time to have the com
Pan,e" proeecuien. i ne licensee isuea io
companies expired February 1 and those next meeting place, went on record aa op
companies which have not paid the reelp- posed to the parcels post and elected offi-
rooal tax ,n conformity with the decision of
the state supreme court have not Deen re-
licensed. As mere are only two or tnree
companies which have paid up. a great ma- Seward, first, second and ,thlrd vice presl
Jority of the companies are doing business dents; Dan Cavanaugh of 'Falrbury, Frank
without a license.
"I believe all the companies Intend to
pay." said Mr. Pierce, "and I do not Intend
to be very technical In construing the law.
11 wo,ll1 b bad thlnK for the 8ta,e tq
8hut out a" of thes' comPan,e- especially
the,re ,ltUe do,lbt they R" y tne
' ln ! l" "'"P",K" e
written to me for the decision and they
"ald they would comply with the law in the
"l don t know mcM that any f the
""i " "'
Of course If they are. they are technically
violating the law, but I don't want to be
too technical In this matter."
No Information has reached the depart-
ment whether the Insurance Company of
North America will carry the case to the
United States supreme court. If this should
be done and a bond given, then all of the
companies could take advantage of the ln-
Junction and it would be a year or two be-
iorc me eiHie woum nnauy gei us money,
even if the highest tribunal should hold
with the state court. There is no law by ing the Bleep of innocence in his room at
which the state can collect interest on this the hotel. They In some manner gained en
money, though It may collect Interest from trance to his room and the two ruthlessly
the one company against which It has se-
cured a Judgment. 1
Sheriff's Fee Held Is,
Alex Lowry. sheriff of Sioux county, has a
claim for 11.70 tied up in the auditor's office
waiting for the auditor to figure
wnetner ne is eniuiea io ine money. ixwry
went into Wyoming for a prisoner and whilo
en route to Sioux county the prisoner
leaped from the car window and made his
escape. Since that 'time Lowry has been
unable to locate him. He sent In a voucher
for the amount stated and said It was for
returning a prisoner. As the prisoner was
not returned. Mr. Searle does not know
whether It should be allowed in full or al-
low him enough money to pay expenses for
the nunlber of miles the prisoner was re-
turned- He ha" the matter advise-
Brown Invited to Assist.
Attorney General Brown has been Invited
to take a hand ln a case out ln Boone
county In which the state is Interested,
Some parties or county officials are trying
to lay out a road across some school lands
and the county attorney has brought suit
to stoo the work. The county attorney has
called upon the state's legal department for
it, assistance.
rtelav In Aiienment.
Because the matter of the legality of the
.j-w.d .8-ainst the reserve fund of
fr.i.m.i rnmmnlM I. .tin
nr. in the .nnreme court. Serretarv Ronnrtt
, ,h. R,,A tu-a of i.
i.v.h in .nriim nut his letter of
tlon and suggestions to the county ases-
-or, Thl. ma.ter ha- been before the
court for some months snd came ud from
nri9. munir The t-.t hour nrn.
clerk to include In his records
of the assessment of the Woodmen of the
World and the Woodmen Circle the amount
of the reserve fund of both orders. The
board asked for a mandamus to compel the
county clerk to do this.
Company to Prospect la Nebraska
A conipany of Lincoln capitalists and
ouiue men u"-n iu ururpeci
tor oil, gas and minerals in iseorasaa. ana
today anii'ies vi uiuuipuiuiiun were niea
I with the secretary of state. The capital
stock Is Sl.QOO.OTiO and the incorporators are
W. H. Ferguson. 8. W. Burnham, A. H.
Buckstaff. J. W. McDonald, B. Maret and
A. r. rurguson. in. rmme 01 me associa-
tlon is the Yankee Hill Development com
Aid for the Japanese
Governor Mickey Is considering whether
to issue a proclamation for the relief of
the starving Japanese, In line with the
proclamation Issued some time ago by
J President Roosevelt in which the execu-
.01 "B '" i"1'!"" i ne
.00 ratlcn. v hen mat proclamation was Is-
.w 1 sued i.overnor aiicsey sent the following
- - v
T I ---
00 I the emergency such that the governors
00 of the several states should Uue proc-
.00 1 tarnations relative to relief for Japanese
00 1 famine sufferers, or is the action already
00 1 taken by you sufficient? . Please wire reply.
This afternoon Governor Mickey received
the following telegram from President
Roosevelt in answer:
Telegram received. 8hall be glad to have
be well to have the contrtbutiens made
through ths Red Cross association or
through the mfmbr thereof In your state.
Deadlock Otr AMfiinn.
The county assessor of Scott's Bluff county
is in a quandary. Some time ago he ap-
i - wnTO m miiiiurr vi urpuufl ana wnen no
t , nami . '
Supervisors the board refused to accept
tnem - b"t rejected four of the deputies and
appointed rour In the places made vacant.
The assessor refused to stand for the ap
pointees of the board and so tlie case has
reached the state house. The county board
and the assessor are of-a different political
re.lth. The law requires the assessor to
appoint the deputies with the advice and
consent of the commissioners, so the mat
ter will be referred to the legal department
to settle.
Settler Held the Land.
The state Is getting- ready to look after
lo wnom " leased school land
-1",mea oy the Boyd county settlers. The
"euler hav acknowledged ths state owns
lne Und' ,,ut while the suit to get title
WM Pending the Board of Educational
Lard and Funds leased the land to other
P"CS. .NOW the settlers refuse to give
"v 1,10 ana. ine case win come up at the
l oi ine supreme court and Land
..i.i.Bioner Mton and Attorney General
frown win look after the Interests of the
Xo Sickness at rrsKe.X.r..
Warden Bcemer has found the hosnltal
at the state penitentiary more of a luxury
time there Is not a person In there, and
neither Is there a case of sickness In the
scraped the ground In the yard of the
prison to a depth of two to six Inches and
hauled the dirt away. He then brought
new, fresh dirt and sodded the yard. He
is or the belief the old dirt, which had
been around the prison for so many yean
was run of germs, and he believes the dirt
should be changed around all state asylums
or prisons.
Incidentally the warden is readv now
for the federal prisoners and when he gets
a dozen more of them Tie will start a new
Industry. These men will be put to work
making rag carpets. Some of the men
wn be used to cut carpet rags out of the
0a clothes of the inmates and others will
use the loom,
loans; Mill Xot Be Retried.
James Young, colored, who was once
convicted of the killing of Sam Winter
durln th fair two years ago and
whose case was reversed by the supreme
court, today walked out of Jail a free
man. County Attorney Caldwell dismissed
the case. Many of the witnesses are out
of the state and aa It would cost the county
at least $1,000 to try Young again, the
oounty attorney decided to dismiss the
complaint. Winters started a light in the
stall where Young was sleeping and was
Hardware Men Come to Omaha.
The Nebraska hardware dealers, in con-
inuwn nere toaay, selected umana aa me
cers aa follows: Nathan Roberts, Omaha,
president; Thomas Moore, Alma; C. L.
Krlley of North Bend, S. C. Oaks of
Hasker of Friend. J H". McGrsth of Hut.
ngs, were chosen members of the execu-
tiVe committee. The positions of secretary
and treasurer were left to the executive
committee to fill, rfls understood that
j. pyank Barr, the present secretary, is
considering accepting position which will
cause him to move from Lincoln
Two Meat aad swjaar Fall Down In
Effort to Ha-te Fan.
GORDON, Neb., Feb. : 15. (Special.) The
Hotel de Wllhlte of this' city was the scene
of a three-act farce-tragedy, in which a
traveling man, a United States government
secret service man, a smart young man,
whose good breeding ought to lead to nobler
acts, and John Barleycorn all played lead
Ing parts. The United States secret service
man and the smart young man had both
been Imbibing pretty freely and in the after-
noon planned a Droaa uayitgnt ' holdup of
the aforesaid traveling man, who was sleep
aroused him from his peaceful slumber and
at the point of a revolver demanded his
peaceable surrender and that he quietly
submit to being handcuffed, the secret serv-
ice man displaying his official badge and ln-
forming his victim that he was wanted to
" i nvie oam b coun on ine cnarge
of fraudulently filing on government land.
But the nervy knight of the grip, who was
a stranger in a strange land and who had
never so much as evn trod upon govern
mnt land, and who waa never guilty of an
immoral act In his life, was not to be
bluffed in this manner by one of Uncle
Sam's detectives, and waa preparing to put
"P fierce resistance when Dad Wllhlte, at
traded by the noise of the disturbance, ap-
Peered on tne scene and quelled the riot by
threats of calling an officer. This ended
i ,,"T
The second act waa played In a saloon ln
Rushvllle later In the evening, where the
1 secret servtee man and his pal had gone in
search of more boose. After filling up on
Rushvllle raxzle-dazzle and shooting holes
through a 3f plate mirror in the barroom
1,10 ioiiy PT returned to Gordon about 1
a- " next morning and again Bought refuge
,n Daa Wilhlte's hostelry. They evidently
brought back a bottle from Rushvllle. for
I hostilities were again renewed In the upper
chamber. and the third act closed by Bert
Wllhlte. tne night clerk, violently ejecting
th smart young man from his room and
assisting him to the lower landing by the
to o( nl No- Blucher, and then admlnls-
wring a mucn aeserveo pummeling.
Tha trave,ln" Dian who "as the victim of
the holdup is considerably wrought up over
lne treatment ne seceived, and there
some taia mat ne will Drlng the secret serv
,ce nian to ac"nt for the part he played
ln lna nole' nolauP
Matter Is Left In Shape Case May Ba
Reopened la the Faturr.
".RAND ISLAND. : Neb.. Feb. IK rtw
Cial.-The habeas corous case c.r Mr. w
H. Thompson, for the recovery of her
grandson. Eugene, from the of i.
father, came to a temporary termination
last evening when District Judges Paul and
Hanna, sitting Jointly in the case, decided
that the child shall remain In th. rn.initv
of Mr. and M w, H. Thompson until the
furth(.r order of tne cotlrt. The attorney
for the respondents to the writ gave test!
inony that while no fault In any particular
was found with the care, attention and de
votion given to the child ln the Thompson
home. Mr. Porter, the father, had at times
not been welcome there. Mr. Porter re-
uted that upon one occasion he found hi
picture turned toward the wall and that
at another time be was not called to din
ner. Mr. Porter, upon taking the stand, re-
1 i.ii A .,Ca . .L
1 u iio " - ...-.,... iiui per inuiiin
1 as a salesman ror a parsing company, and
maintained the home In which his parents
I ... . , , . ..
reside at Omaha. He himself was much
I upon the road.
Upon rebuttal the statement of the pie.
ture being turned toward the wall was un
qualifledly denied and It was stated that
Mr. Porter was always welcome at the
home. The order of tha court t. h.M tn
ur r- " "mpson. out mat
Hale and Hearty at 104
l w .-i jr. .
Gentlemen: It gives me pleasure In my
ta the benefits I am deriving from the Judicious use of your
Puffy's Pure Malt Whiskey. I am now 104 years old. hale
nd hesrty, have a good appetite and
have trld a number of wines and whiskies
lating effects, but my stomach would not
grees with my stomach perfectly, it is
to the aged, who need a stimulant to tone
Increase their digestive powers and strengthen their weak
ened nerves.
There are 4.000 men and women In the
country alone who have passed the hun
dred year mark, and nearly every one of
them has publicly acknowledged that he
or she owes health, strength, continued
se of all the faculties, and extreme old
age of Duffy's Pure Majt Whiskey, the
great cure nd preventive or disease, tne
rue elixir or lire. ve will send you free
booklet containing portraits and letters
f many of these old people, and valuable
medical Information.
If you would be strong, husky and vig-
reus. and able to enjoy the work ana
pleasures of life to the fullest: if you
would live to ripe old age without aches
and pams, tnKe Duffy's pure Malt wma-
ey as directed and avoid all drugs. Doc
tors say It's tile most powerful aid they
have ln fighting and curing diseases of
throat, hines and stomach, low feveis
and all weakening, wasting, nervous, run
down, diseased conditions from whatever
cause. It acts quickly and builds up the
whole system. Duffy's Pure Malt Whis
key is used exclusively in leading hospl-
when he shall' haye established his home
more permanently In Omaha Mr. Porter
may make rcappllcatlnn In the case, and
until such time the case is continued.
Wallace Porter,1 the father of the child.
and Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, the grand
parents, left the court room together and
Mr. Porter ttib last evening the guest of
the Thompson home. It is believed by the
friends of both parties that there will be
no further litigation or controversy over
the care and custody of little Eugene.
State Board and Architect in Session
at Kearney.
KEARNEY, Neb., Feb. 15. (Special Tele
gram.) All of the members of the State
Board of Education arrived In the city
this afternoon and at once proceeded to the
Normal school, where a meeting was In
progress during the afternoon. Architect
Bcrllnghof Is also present and it Is stated
that one of the Important matters to come
before the board Is the acceptance of the
building In this city. At the meeting held
the building was not accepted at this time,
only the boiler house, which was fully
Marshal Admits Assault.
KEARNEY.'Neb. Feb. 15. (Special Tele
gram.) County- Judge Marston today fined
Carl Carlson for assault and battery upon
Joseph Franks. Carlson Is the town
marshal of Shelton and Franks Is a resi
dent of that place. The latter swore out
the complaint against Carlson and tha
officer came Into court and pleaded guilty.
The story told by them was to the effect
that while quelling a disturbance raised
by some unruly youths a few days ago
the marshal slapped one of them. This
was objected to by Mr. Franks, whi
heaped abuse upon the officer. They
started to the edge of town to fight It out
but changed their minds and came back.
Mr. Franks then called the marshal
numerous names and tha latter landed on
Mr. Franks' countenance. Then Frank
had a warrant for the marshals arrest
Shipments on Xew Road.
FREMONT, Neb., Feb. 16. (Special.) -
While no regular trains are being run on
the Great Northern the company is doing
something In the way of soliciting business
and yesterday a horse-dealer made the
first shipment over the new line outside
of property belonging to the contractors.
It was a thorougnorea rmn""" """"
which was consigned to Washington, D.
i- h nt other horses were
C. Thirty-six head of other norsas were
isn sent out. A great deal of grain nas
been shipped from oortcnn:, ana mucn
of the time the new elevator at mat point
has been full. Most of the ballasting be
tween here and Ashland is finished.
Court at Seward. I
SEWARD. Neb. Feb. 15.-(SpeciaI.)-Tho
- . t . T Tt ( oq tnr sellln'T
case or jonn v-"
liquor, waa heard today before Judge
Leanens In the county couri, .nu
bound over to tne aistnci court.
Judge Good has called a grand Jury for
Seward county, which win ue .umi.huii
to appear at the court house on Monday.
April 30. at 11 a. m. The petition for call
ing this grand Jury was signed by 300
Citizens of Beaver CTossing.
jlrwi of Sebraaka.
SEWARD E. Connett has sold his saloon
business to Max Bcmveuer 01
bought Cock Robin, has gone to Lincoln to
. ... date university.
. w 1 V T f V3 llunrirp rltf B. LUC irti v mi"
r'-' - . 41 i....,..
SEWARD Jonn MiiuinBcr ui uw
x r.t Mnlfiniter & Harrison has aold his
.v,..- nt he business to George Harrison
cunon Thft snow is ariiieu u uwy
. . ,v.o Ih. rural route
over tne coumry n-ou- C i. !. ,,;
inail carriers couia nm nm. m.r..
TTjir-p The Kllnatrlck Hose com
a mectini; lant nlaht and en
dorsed William Hall as its candidate for
fire chief.
CAMBRIDGE James Kelly, cashier In the
First National hank of Cambridge, has pur
chased plans and will build a fine modern
residence tills spring and summer,
mo A TRICE James Lwrence of this city
has been chosen to represent Beatrice in
the Nebraska inter-scholastic high school
debate, to be beta at uncoin soon.
CAMBRIDGE Ice harvest was com
menced here yesterday by Ranken Bros..
and they have a gang of men at work
filling cars with ten-inch ice tor shipment.
YORK William Swartlng of Waco. Neb.,
baa purchaaed the Roach barber shop and
taken possession. Mr. Roach will probably
locate tiere, engaging In some other bus!
NEBRASKA CITY The Missouri river
closed with li e at this point last night. This
is the longest time the river has remained
open Into the winter months in more than
thirty years.
HUMBOLDT A farmhouse belonging to
Fred tihaffer, a bachelor living about six
miles north of the city, burned to (lie
ground this morning at an early hour, to
gether with most of the contents.
SEWARD H. H. Culver, son of Adjutant
General Culver, Is preparing to bottle Itthia
Water from the spring on the Culver farm,
near Mllford. ine water from these springs
la lilk'l'ly riiargea wun meaicinai qualities.
YORK The York Commercial club is con
teniDlatins holding a "Home . Product'
meeting al some future time. Members are
interesting manufacturers at York ln ths
meeting and win have on exhibition all art I
rles manufactured at York. The object o
the meeting is to better acquaint tiie citl
sens of lurk with York goods, and will be
Received on
Johatiti Arnold of Rend
ing, Pa. and Mrs.
Phcbe Pratt of Chelsea,
Mas., say their sturdy
old age is due to the
regular use of Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey.
Makes the old young, '
and the young strong
old age to testify
Mrs. Pratt
perfect digestion. I
for their stimu
retain them. Duffy's
certainly a Godsend
up their stomachs.
Pure Malt Whiskey
the means of better advertising Tork prod
ucts, and thereby Increasing the home de
mand. CAMBRIDGE1 A meeting of cltliens will
be held ln the opera house this evening to
organize a local building and loan associa
tion, 600 shares of stock having already
been subscribed.
NEBRASKA CITY Chlel or Police
Joseph Bridges has filed a suit in the dis
trict court asking for a divorce from his
wife. Mary E. Bridges. He alleges cruelty
as his cause for action.
BEATRICE-William Ehman, for thirty
five years a resident of Gage county, died
yesterday at his home ln Hanover township
of pneumonia, aged 62 years. A widow and
five children survive him.
BEATRICE Three csrloads of animals
and circus equipment purchased of M. W.
Hall, a showman who resides ln Missouri,
bv Campbell Broa. of Falrbury. passed
through the city en route to Falrbury yes
terday. BEATRICE Yesterday afternoon the
marriage of Mr. James Mc.Murphy and Mlas
Anna Itatersohl was solemnized at the
bride's home In this city. Rev. J. A. Low
officiating. The young couple will make
their home on a farm near Plckrell.
Fl'LLERTON At a recent congrega
tional meeting of the Presbyterian church
of this city it was voted to extend to Rev.
Mr. Cooper of Wspello. Ia., a call to be
oome pastor of the church here. On Mon
day the reverend gentleman wired his ac
ceptance. SHELDON The educational train was
not scheduled to stop at this place for a
lecture and as a consequence a targe num
ber of farmers and cltliens, also scholars
from the high school, went to Gibbon and
heard the talks In the opera house of that
town, returning on the special train.
FAIRBfRY The first Ice packing of the
season commenced yesterday, with ice only
seven Inches thick. The St. Joseph & Grand
Island railway Is shipping Ice from Grand
Island for Its own use. Unless the weather
turns colder than at present there will be
hardly enough Ice form to supply the local
BEATRICE A check for $3,259.52, which
had been lost by Henry Flshback, the
poultry dealer, waa found yesterday by
Lester Lewis, driver of the Adams Express
company's wagon, who promptly turned It
over to Mr. Flshback. The check was ne
gotiable, having been endorsed by Mr. Flsh
back. FREMONT Coroner Overgaard held an
Inquest yesterday afternoon on the body of
P. W. Rlankenburg, who was killed by a
derrick tipping over on the Great Northern
bridge across the Platte. No new facts
were developed and the Jury brought In a
verdict of death by accident. His remains
were sent this afternoon to Superior, Wis.,
for burial.
SEWARD Adolph, the 6-year-old son of
Mr. snd Mrs. Jacob Koch, living near Sew
ard, was fatally kicked by a mule just
above the eye on Monday. The mule was
rolling on the ground snd the boy picked
up a puppy which he threw on It, when the
mule Jumped up and delivered the kick.
A doctor rendered all, assistance possible,
but the child died yesterday.
SHELDON The women of the Twentieth
Century club of Sheldon gave a pleasant
reception to the century clubs of wood
; River and Gibbon this afternoon at the
""me 01 Mrs. ueorge jueisner. A large
mber of women from the thre tow5,
were present and the afternoon was most
pleasantlv spent ln a social way,
spersea witn music ana luncneon.
BEATRICE Deputy Labor Commissioner
Bert Bush, ln company with several mem-
K.r. nt th. nn.rA nt tMiiHnn
the Central school building in accordance
with the state law requiring all three-story
' . - . '
buildlngs to be equipped with Are escaoes.
After examining the building Mr. Bush con
cluded that the present number of exits was
sufficient and that fire escapes were really
BEATRICE At the regular monthly
meeting of the Beatrice volunteer fire de
partment last night the state convention
made a report as follows: Total amount
of money received. S1.9U2.&!: amount paid
out, Jl.Wi5.82; balance on hand. 13; outstand
ing Indebtedness, 137.44. February 23 waa
the date fixed for holding the exemption
exercises, it was reported tnat tne city was
receiving from $1S0 to .'00 more per year
and Colds
There is a remedy over sixty years
old Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Of
course you have heard of it, probably
have used it. Once in the family, it
stays; the one household remedy5 for
coughs andcolds. Ask your own
doctor about it. Do as he says.
We have no secrets! We publish
the formulas of all our medicines.
lUtto hp . O. Arm O., XwU, Kmc.
ViM MssfsaTSr sf
AYKS't Kan TIOOK-Vsr tss aalr. ATIa'd PILLS Ver coastlpatlea.
. AYMt'fJ aJutaTaJUIXA fax tas Msec. ATZft' AQVt CURB -et alarm tasafae.
90th Birthday
1. -sN if
yei-Sfywox.. .
Gentlemen: I am now almost fit years of see and am In
excellent health, owing to the use of Duffy's Malt Whiskey.
Catarrh of the throit troubled me for four years, and I tried
many remedies, without any benefit, until a friend induced
me to try Duffy's Pure Malt Whlskev.
My genersl condition was very poor also until I used
Duffy's, but 1 am very glad to state that since using this
grand medicine the catarrh has left me. my general health
is better than It has been for years, and I know that It fcas
prolonged my life. I most certainly would not be without It.
tsls. The old reliable family remedy of
hundreds of thousands for over SO years.
Its puilty la vouched for by chemists,
and by the fact that It's the only whiskey
recognised by the government aa a med
icine. '
Every testimonial Is published in' good
faith and guaranteed.
Be snre yoa a-et tha genuine Daffy's
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bottlea only never In bnlk by all re.
liable druggists and grocers, or di
rect, prlee, fl.W. It la the only ab
solutely pare medicinal whiskey and
eentalna no fusel oil. This Is a guar
antee. Look for the trade-mark, the
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eertaln the aeal over the pork Is un
broken. Duffy's Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester,
N. Y.
from Insurance companies than it was turn
ing over to the firemen, and Charlea Mudge
waa appointed a committee ' of one to in
vestigate the matter.
NORTH PLATTE Dr.' McCabe'of this
city was called upon last Saturday to fumi
gate a car and the passengers In it on train
No. . A case of smallpox developed on the
tourist car and the patient was taken off
at Ogden, and here the precaution waa
taken to prevent others from taking the
BEATRICE The ruction In the camp of
the Barneston Mutual Telephone company
was settled yesterday when the directors
decided to engage the services of a tele
phone lineman rrom Beatrioe tor tne pur
pose of connecting up Its lines, which were
cut when the e-secretarv carried the
switchboard from the central station and
placed It on the town water tank. The
company expecta to have everything In
working order by tomorrow.
SEWARD A union temperance meeting
with the members of four churches co-operating
and the public invited was held at
the Presbyterian church on Wednesday
night. The good nature of a Seward audi
ence was shown when the lecturer, Edward
Amherst Ott, failed lo arrive at 7 p. m on
account of having missed the train in Lin
coln, and did not arrive until 9:30, when he
came ln an automobile from Lincoln. It
w-aa 11 p. m. before the audience was re
leased. NORTH PLATTE Deputy Sheriff Lowell
last Saturday returned from Omaha with
Helen Watson, who has been tried In the
county court here since on the charge of
the theft of 25 and some Jewelry which
she stole from employes at the Pacific hotel
In thla city, where ahe was employed. She
pleaded guilty to the charge and stated
that she became homesick and not having
enough money to pay her fare to Chicago
stole the money, with the Intention of re
turning it as soon ss she reached her home.
AURORA The farmers' Institute for
Hamilton county closed an extremely Inter
esting session last evening. Owing to the
storm the session for Tuesday was not held,
but the complete program for Wednesday
was carried out In the courthouse with a
large audience in attendance. The Institute
elected the following officers: President,
Hon. F. C. Putman; vice president, B. F.
Anderson; secretary and treasurer, John
Woodard; directors, Hon. E. von Forrell,
Hon. F. M. Howard. J. D. Keer, M. D.
Wright and J. W. Stokesbury.
NORTH PLATTE The members of the
high school of this city have had consider
able excitement and pleasure out of the de
bating teams which they have had. Dif
ferent teams from North Platte have gofie
to Ord and Central City and have been vic
torious In each instance. The coming Fri
day evening the team will again meet the
Ord team in this city ln the high school
auditorium. The question to be debated Is
whether trusts are Inimical to public wel
fare, the local debators affirming and the
visitors denying. In the future a North
Platte team will meet a like debating team
from the Sidney schools. .
YORK There hss been considerable oppo
sition to giving the County Fair association
an appropriation owing to the heretofore
poor management of the affair and loss
of money. Recently the association reor-'
ganized and elected new officers, who give
promise of promoting a successful county
fair. At a meeting of the association It
waa decided to hold a fair and speed meet
ing September 18 to 21, inclusive. At each
Institute meeting held by the farmers In
this county parties have been selected to
address the meetings and solicit farmers to
Interest themselves In maklna- the York
county fair and speed meeting a great suc-
1 NORTH pi.attk Harry E. Judd was
Riven his preliminary hearing Monday on
l.'-,0Ttr TT 'M..u. to-. w
mrj rilBlgra ui luiguig m, cuecK ana or ut-
tering a forged check In the county court.
On the evidence produced by the state he
was bound over to the district court, which
meets here March 6. 19"tJ. The evidence of
the state waa to the effect that Judd en
tered the clothing store of Welngand A
McDonald in thla city on the morning of
January 30 and purchased an overcoat nii
I gave for it a check for the same signed by
1 J. C. Gordln and drawn upon the Citizen's
bana 01 Mccook, and received the balance,
t-9.24, in change. Later Claude Weingand
of the firm became auspicious and caused
the arrest of Judd, who meantime had son
north in a rig to look at homestead lands.