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Illvistrattns: their work. u Itlven. n1
Mrs. Wolfe, n sister of Mr A. H. Palmer,
who has travelog eatenslvely abroad, gave
an Informal talk on tlie twelve wot M pic
tures, aliic-h tu thoroughly enjoyed.
Ttorn. to Mr. ami Mrs. fklilutrr. a rlatiKli
Ur. Kusnel Walsh, hae returned from a vlalt
In Mlrinearolls.
Mrs. Hrmin WnlfT wrnt to fclair to vlait
a few rlays on Wednesday.
O. H. Wlli;ans has "rturned home from
business trip to Colorado.
Bervlres will he held today at oil the
Churrhes at th uauiU houra.
Mrs. O. 1 I.ellls and dauKhtrr, Jessie,
Visited in Benson the last meek.
Mr. Ptarson vislti-d at the no-ne of hla
. brother, v. A. I'earwin. during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. la h ate entertaining
a brother and wife from Hoi Springs, H. L.
The Udlc' Aid society will meet at the
homo fif Mrs. do on Wednesday after
boor.. Mix Mav f'llssnmn of Helena. Mont., la
a sniest at the liome of Mr. and Mra. l.ori
M;-. ami Mra. S'abrook and family of
Oi. rha nave taken one of the Wulft resi
dences. I Will O'Connor has mine to South Omaha,
where lie wnl act lire man on the Noi lh
Wea'etn. Mrs. C. Ii. Tot man waa operated on. In
. tier liome. mat weea, and 1a now aiowiy
tjeoralu Morton will discontinue her
acrx.cuiiK for Ui rest of the term, on ac
cuunt oi eyes.
Sales Lett!e rtr-:ith wl.l viett a few days
with fnenos in Benson, visiting Omana
acnooia cn Monday.
V Mr. and lrs. hrank rVnirler and family.
vforrr.eriy rt irmuna, nave taxm poawasluii
of ttieir new resilience In tu-Dvon.
Mra. Oeoisre Weter of Atcinson. Kan..
arriterl in uonson 'ititii-saay auu la me
ftuest if tier parents, Mr. an.i Mra. vedse.
Mr K. K. I'arker entertained liiat w-K,
Jir. u. J. "w iirimn and win m omani; Mra.
Andrews ot etnutn Omana, and Mra. li'jister
tif oenaon.
Mr. u. H. Ftirhuah waa pleafwntly sur
prised ly a iiuink r ot his menus iaat
juoniay evening, in honor ut his iintlumy
mi: and nlrs. Morton Orlndulf entertained
Jur. aim an, it. lat . wlme ear.
i-uV teas atienaltig the luinuei men a cou
.. vintion in Omaha.
I tie Aioui rn tv oi,ni( n lidfjr held Installa
tion Ot olititis laM 1 ueaduy evening. Alter
toe bUhitit'KH at-Hslon a Miriai tutur wua
l nt Dy tue niemoers and tneir luiniliea
J ne intant dauxnter ot Mr. and Mra. J.
M. i.eiuy ouiieii luat holiday morning,
Buort lunerai i rvicea ueing Held by Itev.
Air. I'rieat. inli rmr ni was mi mount Iiui
Arthur ('. 'J'hoinaa' betrothal to Miaa
Jaarie t,. Van .nujs oi New jenny has ovnn
aniiuunieo. .Mr. Tlionma la now In .New
crK. lily, having gone there tnree Jtais
j no women of the Methodiat chureh gave
anutner social attalr at the home of Airs.
li. 4. Grove Wednesday atteinoon and
ev mng. ncen a program waa rendered and
luncneon waa served.
'1 he menihera of the Women's gyiiyinlii;u
p-eaaaiitiy aurpnaed Mrs. C. A. n.
lueii- histruilor, iaat rnday ev.:.::: an
iio.iur ui ner uiriniuy anmveranry. a t-ui
gtama bowl waa presented to the noatcati.
J lie town bouru met r etiruai y 3 and dia
useu of Uie usual routine of bualnca. bun
iiny ciuaing 01 aaloona wait diacuaaed, tne
auujecl being raised by the auiuonaeepei ,
on about tne circulation oi a peti
tion luvoinig bunday closing.
The 5-year-old aon. Floyd, of Mr. and
Mn, Wuiiain Taylor died Thursday morn
ing after a short sickness of Bcarlet fever
witn complications of dyphtherla. The fu
neral, wnicn waa private, waa held Friday
luuimnK. with intetmenl at Mount Hope
cemetery. Mr. and Mra. Taylor are boili
lil, ana the many li lends of butli have done
wtkul they could In their bereavement.
In the achool report given out laat week
a number of honor pupils were mentioned.
Miss fvruma Chriatianaon has the lead In
tne tenth grade, and those of the ninth are
as foilowa: lame Meyer, Walter Kelson,
liaroid Horning and Walter Nelson. Others
in dntercnt araaes are: -Albert Wilson.
Hugh Armstrong, Fred liraen, Anna
Chtiatianson. nlle Arnt,
Waiuemar Knudaon, Helen Anderson, Mary
canton and Daisy meeie.
Mrs. F.plnetter of C'nnnri! Pluffs pnt
Friday her. the gut of Mrs. W. n. Wall.
Mr. Nutting ot Omaha occupied the pul
rlt In the iTeabyterlan church Sunday at
the regular aerrlees.
Martin Imm. a former reidnt of Flor
n. but now In western Nebraaka, visited
relatives here the past week.
Will Matt ox has been sick for two weeks.
Clause Anderson Is worklntr In bis place
In Anderson A 1 lolling worth's grocery
Mrs Fields of Oklahoma la visit Irg her
father. Harrison Barnes, for a few days.
Phe has been at Tekamah for two weeks
visiting relative.
M F. Powell, with the (Standard Oil com
pany, haa moved Into Mrs. Banks' property
on ftouth Main street. He formerly lived
on Knot State street.
John Anderaon of Blair spent two days
here this week visiting his brothers, An
drejr and Henry. He returned home
Wednesday afternoon.
C. B. Clark of (Yalg, having business In
the Douglas county and federal courts at
Omaha, was the guest of Mrs. Sarah K.
Tracy Thursday evening.
M. B. Potter, who had the fingers of his
right hand crushed by one of the big en
gines at the water works some three weeks
ajro. Is able to be at work attain.
The Pleasant Hour club gave one of its
socials and dancing parties Wednesday
night, which waa well attended. Miss Mag'
gie Franklin and Miss Uetttle Brandt had
cliarge of affaire. The surplus money will
go to St. Philip's church, Florence. The
dunce waa held In Walla hall, with fifty
five couplea present.
P. V. Shipley returned Sunday afternoon
from a three months' trip on the western
coast, visiting point in Washington and
Oregon. While tliere he mt several former
residents or Florence who have settled
there. Among them are the Zieglera. Ship
leys, ForgyS, Tuttles, Timmons, Larsons
quite a- colony of them.
Fire damaged the residence of John C.
Renlnger on South Fifth street Wednesday
morning. Prompt work on the part of the
fire department snved most of the building
and the household goods, which were re
moved from the building. Tie fire was
confined to the lower portion, mostly under
the floor burning the Joint and sills. The
loss is covered by Insurance.
The city council held a regular meeting
Monday night. Ueorge sorenaon. one of
the councilmpn, was absent. The report
of the five householders who were appointed
as appraisers on account of the vacating
of certain streets in Florence Heights, was
placed before the council. No damages
were assessed, except the cost of appraise
ment. Thl Kettles a matter that has been
up for more than a year before the coun
The Kelrle Ice company has been cutting
ice from the reservoirs the past week. A
new Icehouse was built on the south end
of the reservoirs and this house is rilled.
The company Is now cutting and filling the
houses on the north end of the reservoirs.
The weather the past week haa been favor
able for ice cutting, although freezing but
little. The ice at present will run about
nine Inches. It may be possible that there
win oe anotner cutting, although the ice
men are not looking for It. The river ha
not been frozen over at this place so far
this winter. Heretofore several thousand
tons of Ice have been cut each aeason from
the river, but from appearances there will
oe none cut thl winter.
Xatlonal t sloa.
Omaha council No. 48 gave Its first 1K
social Thire?sy evening In Myrtle annex.
William Kennedy, president of the council,
acted as chairman. There was a good aud
ience, and the stunt were all O. K. Mon-
ologlxt MeKenna gave several of his In-
mltahle Irish sketches, Mrs. W. B. Jacobs
recited "The Relief of Lucknow" in a very
adept way. James C. Undsav and Jack
Hryson recited. A string orchestra led the
dance. Council meets in regular session next
Thursday evening, 8 o'clock.
Improved Order of Red Mea.
Vah-Nun-Dah-SIs tribe No. J met Monday
evening. A imokr. lunch and cards com
prised an Interesting feature of the even-
ng. Arrangements were made to form a
quartet In the tribe. Among the communi
cations received was one from President
Roose-elt thanking the trilie for its con
gratulations on hi becoming a member of
the order through a letter written him by
Mr. Huston.
Order f Scottlak tlaaa.
Clan Gordon No. 63 had a meeting Tues
day evening. One candidate was Initiated
nd even more applications were handed
in. r oiiowing tne business session a very
pleasant social hour waa enjoyed.
Rev. and Mra. Johns returned on Tuesday
from their trip to Atlanta, Ga.
Mrs. Winn of Osaka, Japan, waa the
gueat last week of her sister, Mrs. J. J.
,The Round Doien Social club will meet
on Wednesday of this week with Mr. D.
1. Johnson.
Mrs. Peul of Pine Plain. N. Y., la ex
pected thla weak to vlait her sister, Mr.
1. la. Johnson.
Mrs. Wolfe of Penver, enroute for a nine
months' tourn of Europe, is the gueat ot
her slMer. Mrs. A. H. Palmer.
Mr. Edwin C. Bennett and family have
moved into their new residence at the cor
ner of Forty-ninth street and I'nderwood
The Toung People- Christian Endeavor
society of the pundee Presbyterian church
will give a 10-cent social on Tuesday even
ing at the home of Mr. W. U. Selby, and
will have some valentine and candy on
The Pundee Woman' club met on
Wednesday at the home of Mra. T. R.
Hunter. A delightful program on some of
the early European an lata, with picture
What Sulphur Does
For tlie Human Body In Health and
The mention of sulphur will recall to
many of 3 the early days when our moth
er and grandmother gave u our dally
do of sulphur and niola every spring
and tall.
It was the universal spring and fall
"blood purifier," tonic and cure-all, and
mind you, thl old-fashioned remedy waa
not without merit.
The idea was good, but the remedy waa
crude and unpalatable, and a lartx quantity
bad to be taken to get any effect.
Nowaday wa get all the beneficial effect
of sulphur in a palatable, concentrated
form, so that a single grain b far more
effective than a tableapounf ul of the crude
In recent year, research and experiment
have proven that the beat sulphur for
medicinal aae U that obtained from Calcium
(Calcium Sulphide) and sold in drug stores
Mudar the name of Stuart's Calcium Wafen.
They are small chocolate-coated pellets and
contain the active medicinal principle of
sulphur in a highly concentrated, effective
Few people are aware of the value of this
form of sulphur In restoring and maintain
ing bodily vigor and heslth; sulphur acta
directly on the liver and excretory organ
end purines and enriches the blood by the
prompt elimination of waste material.
Our grandmothers knew- this wnen they
dc.cJ us with sulphur aud molasses every
spring and fall, but the crudity and im
purity of ordinary flowers of sulphur wie
uiten worse than the disease, aud cannot
compare with the modern concentrated
preparations of sulphur, of which Stuart's
. Calcium Wafers is undoubtedly the best
and most widely used.'
They are the natural antidotes for liver
and kidney troubles and cure constipation
and purify the blood In a way that often
suipriaes patieut and physician alike.
Dr. It. M. Wllklns, wniie experimenting
with sulphur remedies, soon found that the
sulphur from Calcium was fcupeiior to any
other form. He says: "For liver, kidney
and blood troubles, especially when result
ing from constipation or malaria. I have
been surprised at the reaults obtained from
Stuart 8 Calcium Wafers. In patients
' suffering from boils and pimples and even
deep-seuted carbuncles, 1 have repeatedly
seen them dry up and disappear in four or
five days, leaving the skin clear and smooth.
Although Stuart s Calcium Wafers Is a pro
prietary article, and s Jd by druggists, snd
fur that reason tabooed by many physi
cians, yet I know of nothing so safe and
reliable for constipation, liver and kidney
troubles, and especially In all forms of skin
disease, as this remedy."
At any rat people who a' tired of pill,
cathartic and Bi-c-.'ed olood "putifteia"
will find In Stuart's Calcium Wafers a far
safer, mora palatable and effective pi pais
West Ambler,
Little Martha Fa vert y Is suffering from
a severe com.
Miss Edith Darling was the guest of
South Omaha friend on Thursday.
lnley Eenewlts Is ill at his home on
orty-slxth avenue and Pacific street.
Mra. Bnoerri's niece, who spent the last
week here, returned to her home at RU
Oak. Ia., Saturday.
Mr. L. Boyer of Eckerman attended the
funeral of her uncle, Hiram L. Pickard, In
Omaha the first of the week.
Miss Martha Crumpacker has recovered
from her recent severe illness and re
turned to her duties at the Beals school.
Mrs. Nelson Pratt and daughter. Miss
Minnie, spent Saturday with the narenta
Mary Krause, the rormer. Key. and Mrs. K, M. 1 lender
Mr. Sullivsn of South Omaha and hi
friend. Miss Ada Gents, were guests
oi Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Aug he Wednesday
Mr. Jensen and family have moved lnt
the home of Grandma Hickman, on South
Forty-second street, to keep her company
mis w;nter.
Kev. and Mrs. K. M. Henderson- were
entertained at dinner Wednesday evening
by George Blakely and wife at their home
in c.ast Ambler.
Mr. John Blake of Eckerman returned to
his position at Orchard & Wilhelm's this
week after an enforced vacation of three
weeks with a crushed hand.
Miss Jessie Faverty re-entered the sixth
grade st school here this week. She and
her mother recently removed from out
the stale to Forty-eighth and Poppleton
J. E. Aughe and wife entertained their
youngest brother. W. L Aughe. of Ash
land on Saturday. He also visited a
nephew, Clonle Ennis, who recently arrived
from Wyoming to attend a commercial
college here.
Rev. W. P. Btambaugh delivered his able
lecture. "Cyclones." at Southwest Meth
odist Episcopal church Friday night. He
gave a graphic description of his terrible
experience at Herman, Neb., June 13, 1S99,
when that town waa wrecked by a cyclone
in four minutes of time. He llluatrated
his lecture throughout by scenes which
were highly Interesting and showed the
cave where he and fifteen other took
refuge near the only building left standing
in the town of inhabitants.
The Ladles Aid society was delightfully
entertained at the hospitable home of Rev.
and Mrs. W. P. Stamhaugh, South Omaha,
on Thursday. An excellent dinner was
served by the hostess, assisted by Miss
M. Hare of California and Mrs. Alton of
Chapman. A fine large quilt was com
pleted. Miss Herman, principal of the Al
bright school, and her corps of six teachers
were guest at dinner, as were Mrs. Hon
ner and slater, Mrs. Andrews, Mra Ridge
way. Mrs. PHI, Mrs. Crawford and Mrs.
Stowell. There were twenty-eight In at
tendance. Proceeds of the dsy. 17. The
next meeting will be held next Thursday
at the home of Mrs. Josephine Benewlts,
Forty-eighth and Parlnc. to quilt all day.
Mrs. Flnley Benewits and Mrs. John Gants
are on the commute to assist with the
Woodaaea of the World.
Alpha camp's hall hss been given for
Tuesday night to the Cnlform Rank for
tne purpose or a masked ratu. l he drill
team haa made extensive preparations for
the affair. A feature of the entertainment
of Tuesday evening will be the presence of
the Hoys of w oodcraft. which organization
Is making extensive preparations for Its
trip to Jacksonville. Fla.. where It will
compete for the grand prise to be given the
best drilled organisation of the order.
The meeting of I'nlted States ranro. Feb
ruary I. was a pleasant one. Smoke, story
nd song contributed to the enioyment of
all. New logs are being rolled Into the
camp. Preparations are now being made
ror an entertainment to be given In the
near future.
At the meeting of Omaha-Sevmour cftmn
No. 18 last Wednesday evening It was de
rided to give a minstrel show In connec
tion with the monthly dance of April IS.
Next Wednesday evening. Lincoln and
Washington's birthday will be celebrated
by reading the emancipation proclamation
and the farewell address. The glee club
will furnish music and speeches will be
made by noted orators. The enterrlnmnt
committee promises a pleasant evening to
tne memrjers, and a large attendance is desired.
Fraternal I'aloa of Asserlea.
Omaha lodge No. Sll rave a largely at
tended social dance at Fraternity hall.
Refreshments added materially to the en
joyment of the evening.
The degree of Mondamln lodge No. Ill
will give a mask ball at Its hall. Seven
teenth and Famam streets Monday even
ing, February 15. The team will alsn
give an exhibition drill during the even
ing, lasting about fifteen minutes.
State Organiser George A. Ostrom ha
appointed A. J. Whldden supervising
deputy for Banner lodge.
Order of Eastera Star.
Vesta chapter No. , Order of the East
ern Star, will give a valentine card party
at Masonic temple on Tuesday evening.
February 13, to which all members of the
order and their friends are invited.
Ancient Order of fatted Workmea.
For North Omaha lodge No. ICS the
drill team Is preparing to initiate a large
class of candidates. The committee In
charge of the annual mask hall to be
given Wednesday evening. February II.
at the temple, reported all arrangements
have been completed.
Ladles of the Graod Army.
The meeting of the Aid soeletv of Gar
field circle No. 11. was held Friday after
noon at the home of Miss Rose Martin.
fi3S South Twenty-second street and was
largely attended, as well as being a mot
enjoyable affair. The circle will meet In
regular aeaislon Monday evening in Its new
hall in the Rohrbough block. Nineteenth
and Farnam streets. Arrengements will be
made at this meeting for the reception to
be tendered Nat to mil President Mrs. L. R.
Foote of penver, who will visit the city
In a week or ten days. Members are re
minded that the meeting nights of the
circle will hereafter be the second and
fourth Mondays of each month.
Royal Arcanam.
Grand Regent T. J. Mackay of the Ne
braska Grand Council has sent out a no
tice announcing the visit of Supreme Re
gent Howard C. Wlgglna to this city on
Friday evening. February lfi. A reception
will be tendered the distinguished Arcanlan
at Edward Crelrhton Institute. 210 South
Eighteenth street, between Douglas and
Famam streets. The reception will berln
promptly at S o'clock. Members of the
Omaha and South Omaha and Council
muffs councils are cordially Invited to be
Modem Brotherhood of Aaaerlea.
The degree team will give a rrlxe box
social and dance the evening of February
22, at Ancient Order of United Workmen
Thursday evening the team will hold a
business session at the home of E. P.
Hicks, 2122 North Twenty-eighth street.
Knights of Maccabees.
On the night of February 22. the enter
tainment committee will furnish something
new. John J. Holden, champion wrestler
of Nebraska and his trainer will give an
exhibition match. Two amateur boxers
will also do a stunt. State Commander
J. R. Carrothers was present at the last
meeting and gave an interesting talk upon
the order.
Card of Thaaka.
I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to
tho officers and members of Wasa lodge
No. 1S3 I. O. O. F.; also Omaha lodge
No. SI, International Association of Ma
chinists,, and the many friends for the
kindness and sympathy shown m during
my late bereavement and for the many
beautiful floral offerings.
Modern Woodmea of America.
Benson camp No. Sft Installed Its offi
cers last Tuesday. Peputv Head Consul
C. H. T. Riepen. assisted by the drill team,
commanded by Captain H. G. Armstrong,
was the installing officer. After the in
stallation ceremony a very entertaining
program waa rendered, which consisted of
music both vocal and Instrumental. This
waa followed with refreshments.
On the invitation of Fort Crook camn.
No. the drill team of ramp No. 12U
will attend a celebration of that camp and
give-an exhibition drill. The team will be
In command of Captain H. C. Martens,
Saturday. February 17, at the post hall.
Camp No. 1J0 had an enjoyable smoker
last Wednesday evening, the program in
cluded muKic both vocal and instrumental.
The champion drill learn of Camp No.
120 is making preparation for their fif
teenth annual hop on the 21st ef tins
Like Wild animals
that tear and rend you are the pains of
Biliousness, Kidney Trouble. ;Cure guar
anteed by Electric Bitters; 5oc. For sale
by Sherman '& McConnell Drug Co.
leave of absence for two months has been
granted Major Robert D. Read. Tenth cav
alry. Fort Robinson.
Private Jacob J. Browning. Troop G,
Eleventh cavalry, has been detailed as a
clerk at department headguarters.
Private John D. Junes, Troop G, Eleventh
cavalry, has been relieved from duty as a
clerk at de;rlnitnt headquarters and la
ordered to report to Fort pes Moines fur
Private- Malcom J. lloagland. Troop M.
Eleventh cavalry. Fort Les Moines, has
been ordered transferred to the hospital
coti upon the recommendation of the
chief surgeon of the department.
Bids will 1 opened at the office of Cap
tain T. H. Hacker purchasing commissary
at the army building February 20, for lait,
I'V pounds of bacon and hams for use of the
I'nlted States army in the Philippines.
Honorable diachargea from the army have
been granted the following named enlisted
men of this department: fori oral Charles
A. Bond. Co F. Eleventh Infantry, Fort P.
A. Rjseell; Artificer. Lawrence C. Faliley,
Co. M. Lie ven I h infantry. Fort Mackensie;
Corrtoral Alexander Graham. Troon R.
Thirteenth cavalry. Fort Kiley and Cor- !
poral Edgar Hall. Co. li. Eleventh infantry.
Fort P. A. RusaelL
A general court-martial has been ordere.t
to convent at Fort Niobrara. Nebraska.
February 11 The detail for the court is:
Captain John P. O Nell. Joseph P. LelU'h
Edgar A Macklln: First lJeutenant Louis
li. Chandler: Second lieutenants Do.iai.m
t . i i , irMj ih,,., 1 . . . . i. .
Ueorge C. Lwrnn. Puul H. Clark, end ' lesh-builder
First Lieutenant Frank A. Ball. Judge ad
vocate. All f the officers are ot tne
Twenty-fifth infantry.
The following general court-martial wn
tence Uave been promulgat, -0 through
headquarter. Department of the Missouri:
Private Thomas Robinst n. Troop 1.. Tenth
cavalry. Fort Robinson, for conduct preju
diical to good order and military discipline,
distionnruble discharge and eixht months'
imprisonment : Recruit George Morgan.
ahite. Infantry. Foit Pes lloines. fir'
fiaudulaat f nllminirst. ; dUhuaorabi d- j
chaig and our ye.ii iwii-riaoiuui-ui..
la Federal Coort.
James Ford, txeoutor of the estate of
Elizabeth Ford, deceased, and Jamea and
Patrick Ford have transferred their suit
from the district to the I'nlted States cir
cuit court to enjoin the Burlington from
building its railway tracks along Daven
port street between Tenth and Eleventh
and other streets.
Jacob Loodrock sells Salooa.
Ja -ob Landroek. who formerly owned the
saloon at Twentieth and Popplnton avenue,
informs The Bee he is not now the owner
of that place and mi not Wednesday
night when a fight occurred between two
patrons. In which one broae s billiard
cue over the other fellow's bead. Mr.
Iandrork eaya when he ran the place bil
liard rue were not used lor that purpose
Roses all the Year Round !
Bloom in cheek once white and
sunken, now plump and firm, owing to
the use of
Uiiiliilj sigoajiin pnanigniii inrfi i .
Tkt Cd Lfcwr Oil B mtrns "Far EMalUnci."
and Blood-maker. A
true l'OOD, not a nerve deadener, nor
a mocking stimulant. For consump
tive and dyspeptics; for all who art
thin, pallid, weak and bloodless.
Strengthen your grip on life by taking
OZOMULSION at once. Every tis
sue in your body will fee! the benefit.
At all druggi&ts.
There are t inn--ot. and M-es. Bettlesi
th fruraiiils it pnaicd ta 7 languages oa sack.
M P'ne Su Nw York.
I lETTEMflM-fflyilf I
In fairness to yourself, and those who depend
upon you, read the following THEN ACT.
Caution to Investors ITTY STESS! ' "
rnse and mat nni te ronfiwd with the mni oiMlwt mining ihism in which In
in are irn4 slort. 11 Hooanr Tumi sad attain Ccoiima rrfwi bj sperul
Sh. UKO. ARMSTRONG, Cashier. Capital Natlomal Dask, Dewver,
Colo. .
1 HK FIRT RATIO'S 4L BAK. Idabo Horloa-a, Colo.
N. C. . BIHKIA. Pree't Merrhaate and Miners Natleaal Bank,
Mnho prlng, Colo.
MR. JOH1 T. NtLLAMRl, Kefr Chaasber of C ommeree, Idaho
MR? "uEORMK W. Dl'TTOK, Mining Editor ilf tsnga-ewa, Idaho
9PutwVSw whe'er mom" fw thetr nwwier tr wl e prmtm ft snfl to ke It
in-wrtnn-d the tMsaes. rernllr wv.f and a!. JjfJ " ?J?T1
an nsn tw mmm in dMrrwuum in m)j and ri"t nrno Mimes th T'ertywj
T. w.M --t te art a. th, nnn-.aj aenl r U,; Ynpanj PI F H( H
IHIIKRWOOD, Bperlallat la ProBtahle laveetnaents, 14 Uenr
kera street. Chicoa.
The earnings of this company should not
only pay YOU enormous dividends all the nat
ural days ol your Hie, but your children and
grandchildren can reap the same benefits.
No persons are so poor they can not buy
this stock on the Instalments and see better
No persons are so wealthy that they can
profitably alford to Ignore this oiler.
H wbo doubts the truth of every stmtemeat mad sneers mt every proof, never becomes wealthy or fmmous for shrewd Judgement.
Devoted to Mining as a Businen.
'fla Hroau Tunnel and Minin Cflmpan?, a no JJ""I"
t churned ,", i.r-j . stor tuii paid rj T?n fa
A M pJMi H ia- tjd B awn of toe nitao renuuuon
reveniMa win nnaa w
ta nruduo. t
uoitt-Dt iac Ufa.
Idaho Sprins", Colo.
tdalw Ppringa. Colorado ene tt ' tha l"" 2J? 3
th olueia wwmuf ramie In the Btta It i
lwtv on tl (Wade 4 SwiUumi lUilreaa. Uolrt I"""":
.u.. l-ut ailer. Itd uid line f mind in quantlti-. acrt .m,
ewSw. Tb. vahi. of lt "re pmdoo-d hm rum. "V
bua ir.liuUt. and (tmi'.-Mt njiiJnj meMaa tat
mM Ka. but juat Driu a te owner oieir onunnoua tonn.g. et
3i3;"ltKM,UrNDaE.DI'KODt OlNa M1SW I" tk
diaJi aud twi as many new aon to b "J'ji
Vhi t raqoirn trannyo. uuon naut la t lb oras w
nulraul k nulla and Uim aiaaus uausinirtaUon uinnait.
Vktt is a Trttnt.porlation Tunnel?
... c . ui rk.M nMrtiia nraruoanj
iwar IHNJ
-m . . - - - , . . u I t.. tnrid mi inr.r v(
aa aaaoj uia. Bit not oiieraud. mm of wian NUJ- " "
ITv-ITmTi.. an UTald. nj 1 uwn, in ai-nuBBMore-nhl.
ptaeaa spon tb wanunaiu Us sad
SV U- v r YXJEZrl. TdJin
miow rvwr or emnpanv nrunf baa followed t n '-
"to iraild ."VuffiUt aaaac. huil liuJ -
irtra. p tb or.. Hue J'
stoain and rniaim ensi. llie eoal naa to b. .
uT7a-d, aiir-ti-a 1 nan ball a mil. tos
mownuia tow otfaumm HHM t2Tl?
ihrft. and to tb, tailtoad n-na that anlr Jd. or. ran
.IJTljZ oSTrSTTwiSd. Uto hundred, ot
5TrrSad" bTi. tf k-T'r BU of too,
iTa .wnW fart, t; "Ji
that tl.. on- lna I"- thl-lwr 1 OOO
JlK ttaai thlJia. iS thToirfa.0 and lrn two to ton Urae,
H1 12, i. ,!S !( imwu tann run thnaajh . surh
irl.. t".n into th. totinol and Wtn .tb. or. ftoaa or
inad and d.m.p rt Into our raj. aijd Tatuaina " " V"'
tLronsh our Vtimcl dirwet to th. railroad at a root to t nun.
. "iaV k wbat on. S.IM ran prodnc .h such a i".
It, under the etreum.-ane. fim-wlM. In " , r
wil nrrue. . tau a.era. ol 6.0t)0 .. a da 20 would , pro-
the mtitaa. fx
mi our iwmer
also eiortne
7r . di. et.. wi'rh at an arera. rate of S! oft
tb enat oi operatiu l romnarauvrii ai.Tv
ftorti a tui.nel atoo dralna lh walor ret
which a nwrfonabte rlsartf i mmrm u in.
Irr th. rarlona mines
.i fnr th. minora, all of which mean, a nro6t to aa
Rich Properties and Perfect Title,
ew. ii .nd nrrHlrse of fh llnnane Tonnel and Minir
rpanf .- title to the
Sr-.Sr.vite.r. rala of United fut. rttjat. it
Safety of the Company'" Munasrement.
The neoa Ttmnet and ht.n'n Ompanj ' JT'TS
Went and Artrrr Manwr. apd "n tlie nnnrlpal -wwwie.
Mr. a. Ii. Qmalej. who tm M TJI.V TTT
Qniller is a mar ofciejonal aHUtf. "Ch of rtrw
and awnsln. wonb. H. u bhlT inrtemwd bj all tb. f"'"
of Idaho Sneil-oi and ae.-ral of tu rfiar.1 hanta of toiir,
b the liewwr"rr ni'bl"-r. rw th. iwnW ot Omuewir. ana
t all who rvwua and inurorlate fl won snd real Bvan
horirl. Mr. Qutf.ey If nlillrd to th. OmiranT to earrr
lerp-iM wilhoui dirTeoln or hnorrupiie.. to th. fiwaiasx
mfile aiirni and in in. aleJi nrwaihl. '" "
mrant to aaf-tT. eTncnj and aeniraj hutna nmnwirj. sr.
Ouicler s lint i Wall nm ir.m". orboelM la th On. a
of atrx k Jnbblns aniT manipulation of the pr' YL., Jl
ia a Jrarucal rvl etinipevent man oi B"nrw. i" -'i "
rnrtion. xrienr and .urewBi to b. th. orfan'air in.
Itudor. and the nwr-etod etiW of Uila entarprtae. M. well ee-atn-Ton
ilia rouilliiKKt a iwi.tlr eprie4 in aa editorial ia
the Irlaho Snirinfa SlftlnsvNrtwa, as foilowa:
"Mr (J'liiil.T. to whom th. omllt ia due for saving mar
r.mfu.:r Anaaied this nrnona 'ion. 1 en. of our oldwu ana
nvTt impfi latire mtn- -pe-atora. Hi
Trin of th. mwia -w (ll'i ard flr
Bliona thofein romliis a penod of
.MripmH and rj nnoiiMtfrwifd inlrenrT.
onromlttMl to lii. ear. will o emiwKTated to tb onwa'
de'vant of th. prorrrtoa nndor bis rhu'r.
"Iliia takam In eonnfrtlos with the wterh. of the BronanltMns
named. W a giiaranto. of s sun aaaf ul iwai.."
. .u. on ... i m. . v. u, vi i
' h". a. tnormnn awrwi- , 400 no.
t-rwrw taronuwi. nm j-r-y . m.ff, tBrt (m naraol. 1
i r.ara. n w T.'r' mm ni. mi)
and etrj ooiiar ; , i.
8. B. QUIOUT, Frost. X. T. k kt Co.
the titii
rortnf the Mimnf
to th. nansporxa
AVhy Yon Are Asked to .loin.
TV. NrxMr Tnnmtl and Minins Oa. ran borrow snoneh awff.
to BOMmlllsh Ita purpnae. bnt tn. diroetnra and at o-fcholr
win n pormlt the rowmny to nm tn dew lo audi n j
,t TVm r hta ramLlitt who would rait up tn. moeT.
bnt th..- would want to own th buanxi Uaraarl.e. and th
th. mml ewrverm and rou. il wu wt a northoMor. would
not hatr th proms Uiat th nustnem will sum? earn, r son
ar. akl to tome in wtth niit.drls of oth.-a aa a partner and
buy at the praaont frwiuaU ttour prir aa murk stork ion T
to.Tosl ar yon feel pui ran afford to bur.
Th. raanaam.nt of thia Vsnpanr is stvh that tout tnnwt
jnt of Si ( or 150 (Vi or S'nnno. or whatrttw anar h.
will b. an eniiwientio-.nlT arrountfO for and w-otabrr mors a
than if too no th owner of the Company and baa the aetiac
nianaaemoat la rout own ebarae.
THIS Tl NKXT. (whir is already Bored
i . si. l. iarlaVa aeta. sntli saa Wlkl'-fl Ila.Alt tlak B'Taararr TaTa i nnrarprBi a 1 a
rn.-e cwwi wiii nj r "-.f" ----!. i"""
dred Per Cent. Annually.
Tnia Is troasrrrr atnrk that ia offered and th. prin at wklrh
on ran pur it e-dav k far below th iM at wbirh ii will h
keld whoa th- Tl NNEL M1T.L and MISa wf tb. ConipanT si.
in aetiTe operation. If th. atlttat of our are rawllaMl
bj on-tbina th fin" thay atot.. this atork will be wort
divxtord. ht i, rnwicaht. to auppos.. would b. anmiallj pel
t Bin vm paj sot n iw,
j . ..,. ,.ti. niAinani. rcr
iion frnViwi lUvm -d usder tb. law. of tn. Stu of
How the Company Will Make Money.
First op ALL THE -rt si. "'77'
iT.J. T dat. mwiiired aljcut S:on.0.,(i6 00 bj .ipwialre aur-
fie and ahart wwkimra. B.rrl will D rut una rar. i
m "no. n oi ..o.h or. throuan our tunnel to arn tor
S. Mnnailr proru of brtwwn on. satwo rni 11 lew o, rtiMlans.
ilf.rr "aduAjrii all oirruliis wwl Thai tunnel wtll be b
nrodurn fT than a sacural lifeum.
pB.u.ilT.MOOSAi:)al.NE.B ar. th FIRST lo b. ew.
V . ., whirt, la now bored to within HWI feet of tn
'.h- 3', If or.. arTVBOWNHL.Kl.IB. nbleb
ro.iUUn .r.o.i.h ore. e-twrd by enneer, to run ',1
Si cost of minmc or- 4. -o .UtrU that
Vrir. KiJOrVaC MILL will b tb third -wnt of lroat.
1Kb wwarsaitk rV lImi TT NNKL thip OoDip-niy will erart at mrt
l6! toT ronoSTtratin, rnill whieh will t,ot only trrat th.
orwi of th fVmpai.y a rnm-w, but win also do enatom work tor
nT MhiTain. " the nexbborhood. H. mii of sock a
Liii wSi I. hrtaNi S30(o and IM.OhO a yr
of them of .normoua proporriona eonstituto the bnatnaaa ef tb
U-vimr, Tunnel and Mlnin Ot.n Pany
Thi baiaa a ur.lik n powiuons effansd tne nobuc.
IT SOT a apooulauoB ar a uoriBot.
(X InreWnl ia Jars rm" ta 1W4 ia now worth SI Ml on,
and H arffhtlOB eou wvnU ha. reretd $;ino wi dTtdM-ta.
S100 isfasied ia tne ' EJbiou" aunes n stioal 60 daya Bsaj
laeit M M
"Oeanrt MmrartaJn ahaa wer tartdleri on th strwts of
?t. txaua at lOr, wits but rw berrra. in wi monlna it aoid for
It.OO. and In loo ihan two years It was q.naed for 176.00
per Sham, and kas parfd or l.UO0.OOu in diTidrnda.
M hat Your Money Should Karn.
f 6 SO rash, or 00 patiM. 1.00 down snd 1 00 a month for
fl months, will buy 10 shuts of atoi k par ralim I0 no es
tlmalwd alu. within ow raar. S2h 00. within two years
SI 1.00 rash, or 111 0 parsbi. 10 nrr rnt and 10 prr
cent a Dvnlh for rns nmilha. will bay 30 aharea of Mork. pal
fahw S30.0O ostiatod val'M wlthia on year SW.On, .-tuna
two years, IICIO.OO , raah, or 24 00 narabl. 10 par rent w and 10 per
rent a month for nm. nvwtha, will bu 40 .Ham- of atorB. par
ralu. SlC.OO, M'maled rain within on year S100.0O. wilhis
too Tmra. S Jraj
Sao OA .mL or S4S oft isnH. 10 ner rent down and 10 per
ewtt a rnith tor n nr ai aitna, will buy Ho share, of atork pa'
. wiuiiu
o per rent down ana le n
srlll bur ISO atiaiw of stork.
In. wiinla on rear S4O0.O0.
IthlM M H. r. tSISl Of,
17 00 raah. or S1P2 ' psyahlr lo per rrt down and 10 pn
sent a nv-nth for nine saotitha. w-.Il ha) 330 shares of stork par
ttIub S33O 00. ntanatod .sine wlthia on ytwr SftnoOO. within
two .... I Sufi
SST2.0O eaah. or fllM On parabl 10 per rmt down and 10 p'
rwrt a month for nine montha. will Nit 40 atiarea of "
par rains feed 00 sttmstru salo within ose fra SVM
within twr, S3 ?lO. ,
I70 00 mail, or Sisaioo pawahle 10 t eeet down snd 10 ir
rant par month for run. maclha. will buy t.20 aharraof stork,
rau- ralw 1,10. rrtlsialr 1 ralu within on ysar SS.IOO. wllhio
bwo ywara. S6.400. ...
tl X-& 00 raah or II, WW OS narabl. 10 prr rent down and 10
par n-ot anonth for Bine mobtba. will hwr IMS ahsrtw of
stork, par ralu. 2 mo swUSBstol ralu. wtUis one year .0u.
wilhln two years. 1 1 2 , "00. . .
I X r, nil raidi. or $S.T2 00 parable 10 per rent down and 10
per rant s month 1 w nin. moelba. will bey a.ll aharrw of
ato-k par ra! $5 12n satiniaud ralua within so year$ ll.soti.
wllhau twe nan. Slib.000.
Be One of TJ on Eay Term.
Ton ran Uke adranlae of a real OPPOP.TTMTT and to
a iiartner tn tho ntrpr1e on terms thst ran not he a sunr.w
of rrK-onrenasnrav Yon ptooahlT nftm snmd nw. wirmry is a
atnei. itai an aatttsnMot r thinaa that sr. uwneraasary than
would be rasiiked to hay a Uod bloi-k of Una stork.
Subscribe at Once to Inwurc (iettiiifr
Any of Thin Stock.
If row wast further particulars bfnr suharrininf . wri'e at
mm t th. inMaiaTiod. The dlrortor rrf the Hooaar Tunn.1
and altntns Oosnpsny hay. das-ided to oflrr thla atoi k st bo
rents a ahare on iTiatsHm-nta, er 66 rout, a aharr If paid for
ossh Titli aubarrlptjoti. for a abort period only. Tny liaiil
iha pnrflr. of advanrinr V'-r pnr wi-iimii ncsins
pric WILJ. Bbj i' hcsci' i.fti ii'i.i aa
trsltfv rrrtJl It raarnoa or earreda tb par salne ef II. On par
ahasw. The Crnmimrj rearrvaa th. rtyht to tak. th. atork off tha
m'k.t at any l-m- th derrlofmrnt of the biia1nea would asris
to hviir.1. that th. ftimrr Mi. of atork in eatir-ly unna-mary.
It r b)i-d that Ui Tunnel, whlrh is alrrsdy run ft
and whlrh will aonn stnk. tb. arost Hooaar Tain, will pmdwee
ramarh rwsoBisr fnm our own MINE to pay sll furtbrr opera I in
npmav rat of MII.I. rrnrt-nrttm snd less, an atnni prunt
boridsa. It j not .an idle and ateraDtypad phrus to aaj to you.
' Thar, ia a tide In tii aesrrs of ataa wbirh. taken at ita
flood, hwida on to fort on." et
Biihr-t rofrrmoa in behalf of hoth fb. rvwipanT and Its
ereM, thr nsderaicnod will he forward. to th'a who rsntnT
tram. Tb rooat romnlrte infonratKai, Uicioriin rirerrrment
niana. nr.. will ha supt I 'd. To swt ir sny inyotirtloo tst
I c- BTyrtlfATK wishes to undertake, ia Ti i makui aa
..... ., rtrrr farltltT will b aucnlied for sorb aa t-o-
ti as lion hot any delas do in eoh witl not power you arainot
the inrrsBa. tti th piliw M this stork It la are eflj-ed at maar
tlrom lo than lis rwsl saliw in th. ostimatlon of the Irire.-tora
and nrsMnt torkholdw. snd will o. sdranrerl 7n rwr owrt r
roor.'rebniarT 28th. fltUCK APTION 11 MMKSKAMT IF
and the
ahar maby tanas more than ran aa te par
Pant Opportunities; That Have Produced
Vast Fortunes Thought to be Dupli
cated by the lloonac Tunnel ana
Mining: Co. Enterprise
TV. man or woaan wbo baa a notion that tn
msunenta ia a Vtiiunf enarpns. na tot la nroniakU to th
f-all mseator had lit in.mUiStr th fans before bvnmtns
IM firmly wrdded to I tlorr A 'sw of the rum op.
uvttiu'llas tl-at wore orlrred the amall ln'.ator lib. srnwal
pi.lkKI, piorawir to. sasae as tha nronuaiuan is noln uaaraa.
si a loaloas.
"Talon Ooaaolida
ed" was enotse at Me
a ahar. and In a rear
was l ling for 10 00
B sham. Tha asaa
wbo buu(h 60 aharaa
at 14.60 ad. tnov on
thr transaction, in
addition te lua diyt
dnds. Tb. asaa who
bourbt a fmatrr
B.mbor of aharsa
aaad la pronortton.
Tha "Oonaolidatod
Virginia'' raws froaa
llr par ahar ta loft
within a ainsl rear.
126 la "Isabella" In
ISfcS O nuw worth
SI iMO.OO. and. in ad
anion, rnu
nar rrfr4
in dlridenda.
1100 lnrwM
"old Ooin"
lSf4 la not
52 000 00. aa
itioa yon
has iwnalro
is aUndraoa.
ra ad-
F1EBCK CMsEAWOUD. Haitlanl Bid.. Cbleate.
lloar Wr. I hsrsrr mharrlb. for aharaa of
th. i-anlial stock ef th. Houaw Thbb1 A Btining CO.,
Idaho Ruiiis Oolorado. and a? to iwy you
prr ahar. inoc rrr ahar if your rrmittano pay your
suhaniptlun in fiill or rr if you pay on installment,
ef 10 par oant now snd 10 par oral par aunt,)
I n class henwith my remittsntw for
rieas aekBowMa. rereipt. Vours trily,
NOTKt Ks wbarrintloB for las than ten okaraa will -Kb
a verted. If you has 6 60 or ran aas i.00 a
Bsontk lor sax avail bs yon ran own ton shares in th
Company, mora if ytiu caa any for them. Ifeoa't delay.
BHitomba for all you rau uai for, eltlier at im or las
a--r '! inatallmoau. TOC WOri'T BsUJKBT IT.
Fill Ont, Cut Off" and mail the Conpon
fSend r "T SubaTiptlon and ItenrManr dirert te
Rank of Oatomaroa. Maatiasa. Nek.
aerial at la ProntaMo InT.atanenU.
Financ'l Apt., 140 Dearhom-at., Chiearro
Make the Profit by Buying Now
ii,rt not dope or drug, but
fc:dt the body and soothes tiie
t-rrve in the mott plraunt, nat-u-il
any. It is boon to th
I -iln-uorLa, the convalescent,
:he nurslr.g mother, or any one
err ding a nutritious, pabuUe
kccce to coax back itrensth
I t'x body or the f. uih of health
te .he cJiecs.t. proirjnent phj a
cits recommend k. Order a
caa ( sus. borUta). At
I a -IvVt li
ra wtaj is
l asi'iAiaaonftMuiW i
Our store Is the larsest aepot for
Homoeopathic Medicines In be found
ta th wrest. We are in a posi'lon to
Dl.l'O HOLfeKH. a well as r'rTYPl
KOTE When ordering- alwavs stat
what form. (pill, liquid or posrler). of
Inodloire I desired, sJso what trastb.
Cor. lota and Dodato ttav. Osaaka.
Wnen You Write to
remember it only taaWaa. extra stroke or
two of tb pen to mention, tb faot that raa
saw lii ad. la Tt
Daily, February 15 to April 7, via the Koek
Use Free Keclininjt; Chair Cars or ay a very
moderate cum for berth in Pullman Tourist
Sleeping Car.
Take your ehoiee of two good routes, via KI
Paso Short Line or through Scenic Colorado.
Through cars both ways.
Our Tourist Folder will be of interest. Gladly
furnished on request.
Five Fast Trains
nd the East via the
over the only double track
ri'lway between the Mis
souri River and Chicago.
This complete service
includes Pullman drawing
room and private compart
ment sleeping cars, parlor
cars, composite observa
tion cars with library and
buffet-smoking apartment,
free reclining chair cars,
standard day coaches and
dining cars (a la carte ser
vice.) Ticket an 'tl! lot of Ballon oa H4
cariu is tu ket v&u
1401 and 1403 Fimam St,