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Bolls . Bala &rlj Honrs
Wheat Pit.
in the
Dinrlna ot l.arge Mar lease
Deri I ne Many tteaetrta) of Dry
Wralkir la liiitknrtM'arii
Knsy and Oat Steady.
OHAIIA, Feb. 7. 19"J.
Report of drv weather In Nebraska,
KinM) and Oklahoma flooded th market
thl morn I UK. Aided by strong cahlno they
succeeded In establishing a bullish sentl-
mem on wheat for a time. At the advance.
however, large, lines were dumiied and a
decline ensued whl'h left wheat '4c lower
for My and o for July. Toward the lasl
there was considerable seiing of jmy ano
buying Of Mar. May closed at ", July
at Rd'tc. and September at WVr."V-
Corn opened firm, hirt later evinced a
slight Weakness In sympathy with wheat.
The close was 'o lower. Msv closed at
44V444c, July at 44S' and September at
atg wero steady and closed unchanged.
May finished at WfiiWtc, July at V
nd September at 2e.
Clearance wer yet.noe bu. of corn.
bit. of oats, ifil.O'O bu. of wheat and iS.nnfl
bbls. of flour. Primary wheat receipt were
, bu. and shipments bu., against
receipt Inst rear of SM.not) bu. and ship
ment of Sltt.ono bu. Torn receipt were 716
OV bit. and shipments 474.000 bu.. against
receipts last year of 7S,0f bu. and ship
ments of 4JV00O bu. "
Liverpool closed unchanged to id hlher
on wheat and unchanged to Hd lower on
There waa a food demand for cash wheat
at Minneapolis. Millers were bidding
under May for No. 1 northern.
Minneapolis has been placed on the same
basis a Omaha by the Northwestern,
which Is now quoting a freight rate of lc
per loo lbs. on grain to New Orleans from
both point. The grain Is delivered to th
Illinois Central at Dixon. III. The Inaug
uration of this rutn Monday explains the
sal of Jno.ofn) bushel cash outs at Minne
apolis for direct exiiort to Frnnce.
"May wheat In Chicago a year ago with
no export demand, was 32c higher than It
Is today." say o Chicago commission man.
Prlngl says: "I am friendly to wheat.
Condition have turned more bullish. There
will be demand enouah for all we have
and the crop prospect r too uncertain
to make the bca side, attractive for the
C. H. Davl of tha Davis Grain Company
of Kansas City, secretary to the Record-
Jierala. says: "I can see no cause ior
alarm over crops until the latter part of j
thla month or the first of next. If w i
do not get precipitation In some form he-
fora than, we will simply not have a wheat
crop out there. It Is dry all over Kansas;
the fields are bare and high winds are
llkolv to do consldorabla damage, par
ticularly along with cold weather."
Omaha Cash galea.
WHEAT No. 2 hard, 2 cars. 75c.
CORN No. 3 yellow, 1 car, 37fcc; No. 3.
OATS No. 1 white, 1 car. !SHc
jOmaha Cash Prices.
WHEAT No. 2 hard. 754G77c; No. 1 hard.
Tmibc; No. 4 hard. mtTMv, No. 2 spring,
7fr876e; No. 3 spring, 2ui4e.
CORN No. 3. 374jCTc; No. 4, KgdOc:
no grade. 33'53Sc; No. 2 yellow, 37UC; No. I
yellow. 371c; No. 3 white, 3SHc
OATS No. 3 mixed. 2Nc; No. I white,
28HKiWic: No. 4 white, 2XV,'S2!4c.
RYB No. 2. 0c; No. 3. 5ic.
Car lot Recelpte.
Wheat. Corn. Oat.
Kansas City
Minneapolis .
Omaha .,
BU Louis
.. 82
.. S
.. 43
.. 30
Feataras of tho Trading; aad Clolaw
' Price oa Board of Trade.
CH1CAOO, Feb. 7. A large lncreaaa In
the wheat crop of Australia, Indicated In a
private dispatch received here today, waa
responsible for a weak close In the. wheat
market. Final quotation on the May option
were off HHc. Corn wo down Ve. Oat
were unchanged. Provision were 2Vfc) to
17Ua higher.
During the early part of tho session tha
feeling In the wheat pit waa steady. Nu
tnerous report of damage to the crop In
Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri were re
ceived, but the dispatches apparently
were not able to offset the fact that price
In Liverpool did not reflect the Ine.reaa
ahown In yesterday market. A cablegram
from Argentina claiming a reduction of IS
per cent In tha aurplue for export In that
country encouraged the bears aomewhat.
Later In the day, however, a dispatch was
received from Australia placing the wheat
crop of that Island at 68,000.000 bushel,
against 66,000,000 last year. This caused ac
tive selling by commission house and
r rices declined steadily, closing at almost
he lowest point of the day. May opened
unchanged to a shade higher at W"mt4c
to fc&Sc, sold tietween 84W&C and 88Ho and
cloed at 84t(iMiSc. Clearance of wheat and
flour were equal to 286,000 bushels. Primary
receipts were 386,000 bushels, compared with
Stt.OOn one year ago. Minneapolis. Duluth
and Chicago reported receipt of 26 cars,
against 402 last week and 278 one year ago.
Liberal local receipts and a poor demand
for oaah grain weakened the corn market.
Pit traders were the chief sellers. bu.t of
fering were small. - The demand cam
mainly from cash Interest. May opened a
had lower to a shade higher at 44Sfr44t4c,
old Off to 444c and closed at 44V,ift44V.
Local receipt were 2tX car, with lti of con
tract grade.
The oat market waa steady throughout
tW 'day because of a lively export demand.
May opened unchanged to a shade lower at
30SC to artsiQOOHc, aold between SoV.Wc
and Ho and cloed at 80ic. Local receipts
were 80 cara.
Provision were strong because of a 6c ad
vance In the price of live hogs. A local
packer bought liberally of pork and lard
and commission houses were the principal
sellers. At the close May pork waa up 17Ho
at tl4.87H. Lard was up 2uflo at I7.72.
Hlb were 6-A7He higher at 17.90.
Estimated receipts for tomorrow: Wheat,
ircar; corn, (18 car; oat, 116 cara; hoga,
The leading futures ranged a follows:
Artlclea. Open.) lllgh. Low. Cloe. Yea'y.
I ,
MHfO-g'tl 83T, U
44V 44V, 44Vifi 44HTH
44H44V.fl,. 44 44W
4Hj 44S 4444'iftt5
SW.I hil 2SSl 2&J
II 90 j 14 78
14 8741 14 76
It 87V,:
14 70
14 72V,
7 TO
7 80
14 821
7 72 V,'
7 86
7 76 I
7 87Hl
7 90
8 02Vfc
7 ?W
7 77V,
7 86 '
7 Ho
7 n
7 86
8 024! 7 K
No. 1
Cash n lotatlons were as follows:
FLOVR-Steady: winter patents. $3.80)9
4 00 straight. l3.8oti3SA: spring patents
$3 7tn.6; trai(hts, $3.0'gl70; bakers, $.'.2u
H3 ).
W HEAT No. t spring. 8JfiS6c: No 3
liprllg, 7itii4Sc; No. 2 red, oti&ftoSc.
CORN-No. 2. 41ic; No. 2 yellow, 41
Os.TS No. !. 30'ic! No. white, nvi
$2V,c; No. $ white, 2ftVrt31C.
Rl E NO. 2. boc.
BARLEY Good feeding, S9fi3flijc; fair
to cliele malting. 42fiCoc.
SE ill-No. I flux, tl.ut; No. 1 northwest
ern, 11.16: prime timothy, ti.S1; clover, con
tract arsde. 1 So.
PROVISIONS Mess pork, per bbl . $14 6
14 70. Ird, per p) lbs.. $;.oin'7 671. Short
rib sides lioo.vh $ BJiort clear
hhles (lMxedi, V la3S. 26.
Fol owing were Ike receipt and ship
ment of flour and grain:
Receipts. Shipments.
Hipiii, bbls 54.1'i biS'O
Whaat. bu 2l.i 47 700
l orn, bu 42o.8o lkw
Oata bu &.1 a 4
Rye U t
Barler, bu l.8,2'w 24.fc)
on he i-'ruoii- kh..iij - tne
ter maiket waa firm: creameries, lSfl-JoV
dalilra, 17'o'lc Fggs. firm; nt mark
rase Included. ITulMt firsts, 18c: prims
Ursts. 19c; rxtra. ilc. Cheese, sleadv, 114
t IS',
Iblladelubla Produce Market.
Firm: extra western creamerv. Joe; extra
aearhy prints, 31c.
KGUS Weak and lVjc loirer; nearby
fresh, lMo at mark; western, fresh, 18W,
at nu rk.
CHiCKSE-Steady; Kew York ti cream
ery. itfl4o.
. llTvritool Grata Market.
I'onVnaJ: futures, dull: March. (alOSd;
Mav. 0.1 yi; July. V4d.
CC'KNvixM, quiet; Anters-'iin mixed, new,
Wheat I I
May ;r.;o-v
July ISiitfj'Sl
Corn- J !
July 41 SiiS
Sept. 44l
Cs ut i
May 30HS!
July 2J)4j
V -
May II 76
July 14 80
Msy 7 70
July 7 82V
Rib i
May 7 874!
July 7 974i
aid: American mixed, old. 4 8d. Futures,
quiet; March, IslHd; May, 4s 2 'id.
(tarnation at lb liar o arlaaa
Toat mod III.
NEW YORK. Feb. 7.-FLOfR Receipt.
13.;w bbl.; exports, 14,.'S bbls. Market qult
and barely steady; MlnneBOia patents, U.ou-'t)
4X; Minnesota baaers, uthU; winter
patents, 14 I04i4.4; winter straights, $3 90U
too; winter extra, lilVii 3 26; winter low
trade. JitKVJil. JO. Rye flour, steady; lair to
rood. 13. i',n mi; choice t'i tanoy. 44.utVo4.3o
Buckwheat flour, dull, $2.1oti2.16.
CORNMKAly-Steady; hne white and yel
low, $; coarse, $l.u3'al.(; kiln dried. U iO
o.' mi.
RYE Nominal; No. 1 western, 63c, I. o. o.
New Tork. . .
MARLUY-Dull; mailing, 47-3S:r. c. I. f.
WHEAT-Recelnts. .OT0 bu ! export. 64,-
(ffi bu. Spot easy; No. 2 red, Wo, elevator
j 924c, f. o. b. afloat; No, 1 northern. Duluth,
9J4C, f. o. b. afloat. After a slight decline j
, at tne start due to poor came wn"i an- .
vanced and ruled firm on crop daman new
from Kansas and Michigan, small receipts
and better cah demand, letter price
broke again under liquidation and closed
jVfrc net lower; May, HO 7-llij!J 15-lGc, closed
st S0V,o: July. MVi-Hc, closed at M'o;
September. 7tpT7Hc. closed nt 87it.
CORN Receipts. bu.; exports, 2,442
bu. Spot market steady; No. 2, BlHc, ele
vator, and 4!'jc, f. o. l. afloat; No. S yel
low. 49c; No. 2 white, 61V,e. The option
market was without transactions, closing
net unchanged. May closed at tVy-, July
closed at boe. September closed at tOc.
OATS Receipts. 70,500 bu.i exports, 14.4.10
bu. The stmt market was etmv: mixed oats.
2H to ft'J lbs., 2.VrtMc; natural white, 3f) to 33
lbs. 3MVAc; clipped white, K to 40 lbs., Vi
ItAirDull; shipping, S00&5c; good to
choice. TrifciftWc.
HOI'S Steady; state, common to choice,
19C6. l."317c; 1904. Snl3c; old, t't-"c; IVclllc
coast, in. 1V6I4c; l!i4. 'ilic; olds. 68c.
HIDES Firm; Galveston, 20 to 25 lb.,
20c; Texas dry, 24 to 30 lbs., lc.
LEATHER Steady ; acid. a.ViUJTWo.
PROVISIONS Heof, steady, tamlly. 111. 50
613. 00; mess, lii 10.00: bef hams. IJO.0M)
21.: packet. tl0.5ijtfll.00;,cirv extra India
Mess, llft.BO&lS.OO. Cut meats, quiet;
pickled bellies. tS .26tJ .00; pickled shotiidi-rs,
7.ii0; pickled hams, it,(X,S.50. Lard, ataady;
western steamed. l7.864iH.00: refined, quiet;
continent. 18.10; South America, IH.66; com-i
pound. W lHfl 37H Fork, nrm; lamiiy.
l.(i; short clear, tlS.0OQlS.00; mesa, 14-oWJ
TALLOW Bteady; fclty, ic; country,
mCl"- Firm; domestic, fair to extra, 3H
fjo; Japan, nominal.
BITTER Firm; street price. extra
creamery, 26V4C. Official price: Creamery,
common to extra, ltWf.Wio; state dairy,
common to extra, lii-4o; renovated, mm
mon to extra, IMrfliAtc: western factory,
common to firsts, 1417Hc; western imita
tion creamery. 20c; firsts, 18c.
OH EES 13 Firm; state, full cream, small
and laige, colored and white. September,
fancy. 14Vc: slate Octobor. belt. 14W4114C:
j state, late made, small average, best. 12c;
ststr laran. IkVtc: state, fair. HM.til2c
EOGS Easier; state. Pennsylvania and
nearby tancy selected white, 26B26C; state
choice, 23624c; state mixed, extra, 22c;
western firsts, 2'ic; western seconds, 6W6
lSic; southerns. lBtfJOc.
POCLTRY Dressed: Western chickens,
1(1 13c; turkeys, 154120c; fowls,
St. Lout General Market.
ST. LOCIS. Feb. 7. WHEAT Lower; No.
2 red. cash, elevator, 8ii9So; track, 86'ac;
May, 83ftS3ic; July, 8lHc; No. 2 hard, 81Vy
CORN Lower; No. t cash, 41c: track, 42
tjI2c; May, 4Uf(41Hc; July, 42V.
OATS Steady ; No. 2 cash, Slc; track,
32c: Mav. 3i4c; No. 2 white, 32c.
FLOVR Steady; winter patents. 4.8(f
4oO; extra fancy and straight, 13. 90425;
clear, 32. 913.26.
SEE!) Timothy, steady. I2.90ig2.80.
CORNMEAL Steady, $2.20.
1 BRAN Steady; aackod, eaat track, M
HAY Steady; timothy, $8.00gl4.50; prairie.
IS.rtffl 10.00.
PROVISIONS Steady to strong: jobbing,
$14.60. Lard, higher; prim steamed, $7.40.
Dry aalt meats (boxed), steady; extra
shorta, $8.00; clear ribs, $8.26; short clears.
$8.87H. Bacon (boxed i, steady; extra shorta,
$8.75: clear ribs, $9.00; short clear, $9.25.
POULTRY Finn; chicken, loo; springs,
HV4o; turkeys. 144o; ducks, 13c; geese, 7Vc.
BUTTER Quiet; creamery, Eltf28c; dai
ries. 182lc.
BOGS Lower, lHc
neceipts. onipments.
Flour, bbls
Wheat, bu
Corn, bu'.
Oats, bu........
... 30,000
... !l,ti0
... 64,000
Mlnaeapolls Grata Market.
(Superior quotations for Minneapolis de
livery). The range ot price, a reported by
F. D. Day aV Co., 110-111 Board of Trade
building, waa;
Articles. Open. lllgh. Low. Close. Ye y.
Wheat 4
May...(83MSr4 8S 8.IH ' 83 3H
July...i8&4,( tit, 3 86 tbH
1 17H H7H 117V 117V, 117i
July... 1 18V, 1 1( X 18V 1 18V.
Sept... 117 . 117
Oct... 1 16V, 1 15V.I 1 liVi 1 164
Minneapolis Cash Close Wheat: No. 1
hard, 83Vac; No. 1 northern, Uc to ar
rive, 82Vjc; No. i northern, 8ivc; to ar
rive, 81c; No. S, 7ij4toV,c; No. i durum,
73c; No. I durum, 70c. Corn: No. 3 yel
low, 36V,c; No. 3, 36c. Oats: No. 3 white.
&V,c; No. 3. 26f27V4c. Barley, 3747c.
Rye, 68WOc. Flax: Cash, $1.14,; May,
Kaaaai City Grala sad Provlaloa.
Iiower; May, TTac; July, 7tic; September,
76V,c: cash. No. I hard, 78flhlc; No. 1, 7&4J
78c; No. 2 red. 2Vtf94c; Nu. 3, 86',-S2c. Re
ceipts, 44 cars.
CORN Firm; May. S9Tc; July. 4flc; cash.
No. 2 mixed, 39c; No. 2 white, 40c; No. 8,
OATS Steady; No. 2 white. S0V,i31V,c;
No. 2 mixed. 30c.
RYE Steady, 60s.
HAY Steady ; choice timothy, $10.60
11.00; choice prairie, $7.75418.(10.
Hl'TTER Hteady; creamery, 26c.
EGGS Steady; Missouri and Kansas, new
No. i whltewood cases included, 16c; case
count, 16c; case returned, Vc off.
Receipt. Shipments.
Wheat, bu 44.0110 44,000
Corn, bu 42,onu 61,001
Oat, bu 8,000 li.uuO
Mllwaakeo Grala Market.
Quiet; No. 1 northern. 8wU!bc; No. 2 north
ern, 8T6&4V,c; May, Sue.
RYE Dull; No. 1. t'oHc-
BARLEY Dull; No. 2, o6c; aample, 3Sji
CORN Quiet; May. 44c bid.
Duluth Grala Market.
DCLCTH, Minn.. Feb. 7. WHEAT To
arrive, No. 1 northern, te'e; No. 3 northern,
doc; on track. No. 1 northern, 82c; No, 2
northern, hoc; May, 83Vtc; July, 847,c.
OATS To arrive and on track, So.
Poorla Market.
PEORIA, Feb. 7.-CORN-Unthangd:
No. 8. 41c; No. 4, 35V,c.
OATS-Steady; No. 3 white, 30c; No. 4
white. 294c.
RYE Steady; No. 2, rvfcc.
WHISK KY-On tha basl of $1.29.
Cottoa Market.
closed quiet and 10 pointa higher; middling
upland. 11.26c; middling gull, 11.60c; sales,
XI liales.
ST. LOCI8, Mo., Feb. 7. COTTON
Steady; middling, 11c; sale, none; receipt,
none; shipment, none; etock, 42.705 bale.
good business done; prices unchanged;
American middling. 6.86d. The sales of tha
day were 12.000 bales, of wlileh 1,000 bales
were for speculation and export and In
cluded 10.700 bale American; receipt. tS.vuu
bales. Including 27,300 bale American.
NEW OK LEAN 8, La.. Feb. 7.-COTTON
Spot closed steady; sale. 9.4CO bale; or
dinary, 8Vac; good ordinary. 6-liic: low
i middling. 10 lS-ltic; middling, 10 U-liie; good
iiuuuiiiig, ii i-ic; mioanng rair. ii,c re
ceipts. i,82 bales; stock. 328.126 bale.
Suaar aad Molasses.
NEW YORK. Feb. 7.-8COAR Raw,
nominal: fair refining. 2VoH2 15-lc; centri
fugal. 98 tet. 3Sc; molasses sugar, 2St
1 11-lCo. Refined, steady; crushed, 6.40c;
powdered. 4.80c; granulated. 4.70c.
Firm: open kettle, eentrifugal. 34j3c; cen
trifugal whites, 3Vtcc; yellows, Vtftttc;
econd. 2tf l-16c.
MOLASSilS open kettle, )9030c; cntrl.
fugsl, T'y-ic.
CosToo Market.
NKW YORK. Feb. T. COFFEH The mar
Vet for coffee future ruled ateady at un
changed price to a decline of 6 points
under lower European cable and European
selling. Kales were reported of 110.2&0 bags
including: March, 4 aTnjti Kc: May, 7.197.1&c;
July. 7.80c; Peptemher, 7.6B7 5oc; December,
7.7&4i'7.8lc; January, 7.80c. About 69.0 a) bag
of the sale reported consisted of switches.
Spot Kio, quiet; No. 7 Intiuce, k-7-Uo,
Karket is Dull, wiih Farther Declins is
Speculator Aiiont a Waiting
Attltad la VUn of Develop
meat Eapeeted Seat
NEW YORK, Feb. 7.-Thr w further
failing otT of price at tne eiocg exenange
today and one of toe general liwt fed Into a
cona.tion of n'ieit. A nup of speculative
activity in a tew of the recent favorites re
a'emeu tne market from a Condition of
midsummer dullness. As It was tne ticker
was prac tically at a standstill at some
periods or tne day, when tne trading took
on a semblance of stagnation. An Incident
of the lapse into dunness waa tne inertia
of prices, the level clinging to the tieign
bornood of last night closing wltn grow
ing disinclination to move at all a the dis
tance, was increased from the level.
The narrow vibration of the market was
repeated several time during the day,
marking the hesitation of the speculative
sentiment and the withdrawal irom tho
market of tho operators with large re- J
RUUILtin, iiit'le was IIU 1 1 in I ,ru riiuniv, vt
depression, but there was equally an ab
sence or demand, uss apprenension was
felt over the outcome of the wage contro
versy In the coal fields and that factof
Ceased to Induce any- active selling of
stocks. But It Is realixed that the definite
decision of the question of a Strike rnust
remain suspended until tha outcome of the
consultations arranged for next week In
New York, fntil that definite outcome, the
uncertainty of the matter is expected to
exercise a repressive innuence on specula
tion. This probably bad as much to do aa
any one thing with the unwillingness to
make speculative commitments In the
market. The outlook is for another poor
bank statement on Saturday and with a
holiday falling on the Monday following
the Inclination to defer speculative opera
tions Is emphasized. The likelihood of re
quirements upon available capital for In
tended financial project comes In for con
sideration In the money and banking out
look. The few movementa of any note In to
day's market were due to special causes.
Those affecting the Hill railroads and the
Pacifies ara well understood. Amalgamated
Copper was subjected to some pressure,
presumably by reason of the yielding
tendency of the price of the metal. Some
of the obscure soft coal storks were
marked up aa an Intended demonstration of
confidence In a settlement of the wage dis
pute with the coal miners. The rise In Dis
tiller's Securities was associated with the
report of advantages to follow the hoped
for repeal of the tax on alcohol for use In
the arts. The closing debate on the rail
road rate regulation bill was regarded with
languid interest owing to the general con
viction of the passage of the bill. Interest
attached to the statement of the January
shipments of anthracite coal, which were
stated offlclallv to amount to B.458.084 tons,
an Increase of over 1,000,000 tons compared
with Januarv of last year. In spite of the
light demand owing to tho mild weather.
The figure were accepted a having a
bearing on the accumulation of stocks In
the event of a possible strike. The easy
tone at the closing owed something to the
effect of the weekly review of the Iron
trade, which reported the market generally
quiet and In spot easier.
Bonds were Irregular. Total sales par
value, $4.186.0rt). T'nlted States bonds were
all unchanged on call.
Quotations on the New York Stock ex
change were a follow:
BftlPS. niB. v
Adama Ripraaa
Amalsamatvd Co;inr ....
Amarlran C. A f
American C. A F. ptil ...
American Colin Oil
American Exprata
American H. A I ptd...
Amrrlcan lea aecnrltlea..
American Ltnaeed OH....
Amaiican Usasad Oil ptd
American Locomotive ...
Amar. Locomotive pfd....
Amarlcan H. A R
American 8. A R. pfd...
American ftutar Refmlnf.
Am. Tobacco pfd. ctfa....
Anaconda Minim Co
Atehlso pfd ...
Atlantle Coaat Line
Baltimore A Ohio.:
.104,100 II
. 4. 4S4
jnn l'US
14 4
u ano i44k l;t
1, 100 12 IMVi lif'H
MOO 14H 164 14F.H
40 10
17 171 Uj
,ne M
80 WSVi P1
4.4(10 114Vi
Baltimore A Ohio pfd
too it1.
8Vi 7
: Canadian
fluia Trasalt.... U.loOJ ! J4H t 84'
. nA "4,jl2 401
i - . .
Central OI New jersey
Chesapeake A Ohio
Chtcaao A Alton
Chicago Alton pfd
Chicago Oreat Weetern
Chicago A Northwestern....
Chicago Mil. A It- r
Chicago T. A T
Chicago T. A T. pfd
C, C. C. A 8t. Loula
Colorado Fuel A Iron
Colorado A southern
Colorado A 8o. let pfd
8.700 llk ll
00 KI4 ill lH4
10.100 1U4 144 1D4V.
lo 10 '
70 Uj
Colorado a so. m ptd
Consolidated Qaa
I Corn Produota
100 17tV, 174 'a
too 1'4
47 V,
72 Vi
Corn Produeta ptd
Delaware A Hudnon.. ......
Dalavare. L. A W
Denver A Rio Grande......
Denver A R. O. pfd
IMatlllera' Sacurltlea
do lat pfd.....
Brie id pfd
General Electric
Hocking Valley
Illlnota Central
International Paper
International Paper pfd ...
International Pump
International Pump pfd....
Iowa Central
Iowa Central pfd
Kanaaa City Southern
Kanaaa City go. pfd
IK Jill ill
47 V,
I, Ma
ioo nt
1,000 17IW, 174L,
10 t4
"ioi '" 'ii"
3 Hi
Loulavllla A Naahvllle
I Manhattan L
tot till
no 1MV,
700 7114
Metropolitan securmea ....
Metropolitan street Ky..'...
Mrilcen Central
Mlnneapolla A St. Loula..v
M.. St. P. A 8. 8. M
m , tit. p. a a. a. m. pfd..
Mlaaourl PaelAu ...
Mlaaourl, K. A Teiaa
M . K. A T. pfd...
im in, liov
I.KK) lVj 2 . 14V,
100 7SV4 7SV, 77V,
luO 151 US W
171 lojv, ioi v, lmvi
37 V
14 V,
. llv,
National Lad
National R. R. of M
New York Central...
1,10 14V, 14HV,
New York. o. at W....
Norfolk A Weatern....
Norfolk A VV. ptd
North Anterluaii
FarlAe Mall
1, 11") BKVt H
too ioi
1.100 M
41 V,
' Penney Ivan la
1 Peopl a Oaa
10,000 142H 1414 H'S
eo mv,
rittabura. c, c. a st
Praeeed Steel Car
Preaaed 8. C. pfd
Pullman Palao Car
Reading .'
Reading 1st ptd
Reading Id pfd
Repuhlle Wee I
Republic Steel pfd
Rock Island Co
Rork laland Co. pfd
8t. Louie A a. r. td pfd.
St. Louts Southweatern. ..
St. Loula a. w. pfd
Southern Pacific
aouthern Pacific pfd
Southern Kallwav
Southern Hallway pfd....
Tenneeeea t:oel A Iroa. ..
Texae A Pacific
Toledo, at. L. A W
Toledo. Ht. U A W. pfd.
t'nloo Pacific
I'nlon Pacific, pfd
I nlted Ktatea Kxpreas....
t'nlted Stataa Realty
t'nlted Htatea Rubber
V. 8. Rubber let pfd
United ktatea Steel
t'nlted Stataa Steel pfd..
Va. -Carolina Chemical ...
Va -Car. Chemical pfd ...
Wabaah pfd
Wella-Kargo Express ....
VVeatlnghouoe GleclrlQ ...
Weatern Vnlon
Wheeling A Lake Erie...
Wloroneln Central
Wlaconala Central p'd
Northern Pacific
Central Leather
Central Led nor pfd
Total aaka for tho day,
i.tii iii, 'ii'
0 luli IU'4
ii.ioo ias i3i.
luo ax Wi
tIO K'V4 100VL 10044,
1.M0 ), 34V, 14
4CO 1IV4
17 V,
107 V,
1.4 V.
li "4
10.100 41
1IO 101
e0 11.7 V,
1,500 I
.113,300 134, lf4T, U4'4
1,000 17
1.( 46 V, 4144
4 H
ll. 110V, 1044, JO
l.aim (0
41 4
1.300 14
l. 474
100 843
1,4 V,
IS.:u 1154 1134 11114
a. o e- 404 4&V,
4o 107 Vt
loo aav,
17. too aharaa.
Loadoa Clostagr Stock.
LONDON, Feb. T.-Clolng quotation on
stock were:
Consols, saoaay 04 M. T. Central 13314
do account 3H Norfolk A W (14,
Anaconda . 144, do pfd 44
Alchleon 34 Ontario at W 44V
do pfd 1HV, penaaylva'nla 73
Baltimore Ohl....U7V4 ft an 4 Mines tvi
Canadian paelfie ....lllv, Keadlng tis,
Che. A Oblo 1 1 do let pfd 471,
Chicago Gt. W ' do 3d pfd....- (1
C . M. A at. P 1J southern Hallway ... 43V4
DeBeera lt. do pfd 104
Denver A R. 0 434, Southern Pacific To.
o pfd cv, Inloa Pad 140
Erie 41 V do pfd 100V4
da 1st pfd SIV4 I a. BtaeJ 44
do Id pfd 76 do ptd 114.4
llllnola Central 13 Wabaah u
Loulevllle 4V Naak....lM to pfd 47V4
M.. K. A T t4 Spaalah 4a e,J
8ILVKR Bar. firm, 80 3-lnd per ounce.
MONK Y 3 '9 4 per cent.
The) rate of dlacnunt In the open market
for short bills is 8 15-16j4 per cent; for
thre mouth' bill. S7, per cent
Treaaary Italemeat.
WASHINGTON. Feb. T.-Today aUta.
ment of the treasury balance In the gen
eral fund, exclusive of the 31&u.Oud,0j0 re
erva luud, show. Available cuu balance,
tl48,44.3rO; gold coin and bullion, $74A3,W.2;
gold certificates, $3?, 163, 370.
Scot lork Moaer Market.
NKW YORK, Feb. 7. Money on call
easy; highest, 4 per cent; lowest. Sy; rul
ing rate, 3c; last loan, and closing bid
Jc; ofered freely at 3c Time loans
steady; sixty and ninety day and six
months. 4l per cent.
per cent.
actual business In bankers bills at 4 .8730t
4.87.16 for demand and at 4W9.v4 84 for
sixty day bills; poted rates, 4.84V and
4.M; commercial bills, 4 83H-
SILVER Bar. 5Hc; Mexican dollar.
BONDS Government steady; railroad,
The following were the closing quota
lions on bonds:
IT. 8. ret. f. re....!" IJupis la. M ri..1e"
4 coupon 1 I do 4 rtf HT
V. a. . Pi iKi dn 4m elti M"
do coupon I'l1 do Id fttrt 1S
V. B. old 4a. ra I"' 1- N. unl. l'H
do eoupon oi Mtn. c. . 4 1,a
V. a. n. . n-a IJt'i !. Central 4a "
do coupon do 11 li ZH
Am. Tobsrco 4 ! Minn. at. L 4.... M
do 11H M.. K. T. 4 H'ti
An-hiton in. 4a PHS do M
do '!). 4a MH N. R. R. of M e. 4a. '
Atlantic r. L. 4 102 N. Y C. (. Its
Hal. at Oblo 4a I'M N J c. . to Hi
do 14 l No. Pacific 4a 1
Brk. H. T. c. 4a.... M do t 'H
Central nf (la. in. ...114 N. W. r. 4a lul-
do lt Inr as o. S. L. r(d. 4a
do ad Inc W4 I'ann. com. !'. 1"4
do id Inc "I1 kdillna sen. 4a Utt
Chra. Ohio 4'' 8t. L. at 1. M. r. ta .117
Chicago A. Itta.... Ml Ht. L. 8. f. I 4s M
I.'., b Q. a. .... 101 V4 81. I.. 8. W. c. 4a... i4
C . K. 1. s P. 4a.... l ' Hraboard A. U. 4a.... 1
do col. ts 28o. Fnclflo 4
Hue. & 8. L. (. 4s. .lis) do lat 4a ctfa ?H
Colo. Ind. it. r. A. 814 an. Railway ta 11V
do aarles U Tmi P. la
rolorado Mid. 4s.... V14j T.. St. L. A W. 4a.. M
Colo. A So. 4a i t'nioa Parlfln 4s KttSt
Cuba ta lW't do conr. 4 154
P. at R. O. 4a l''S V. 8. Steal Id ta Mia
niallllara' Rao. (a.... MI4 Wabaah la 1144
Krlo p. I, a Mi ' do dak. 8 list
do (an. 4 n4 Waatarn Md. 4a M4
Hockin Val. 4a. .. . l'W W. t L C 4s l
Japan 4a 1W Wla. Central 4a H
Xew York Mining Stock.
NEW YORK. Feb. 7 Closing quotatlona
on mining nocks were:
Adama Con ......
Brunawlck Con ..
Cometock Tunnel
Con. t el. A ..
Horn Silver
Iron Silver
Leadvlll Con ...
.. 10 Little Chief ..
..MO Ontario
.. I
.. I
.. 1
.. 40
.. it
sierra Nevada
uall tlopea ..
Baak Clearlaa-.
OMAHA, Feb. 7. Bank clearings for to
day were 31.463.9X1.08, and for the cor
iespundlng dale lust year, tl,ls8,rU0.41.
Condition of Trade and daotatloas oa
Staple and Fancy Produce.
EGOS - Receipt liberal; candlod atock
unsettled at loli.
LIVE FU L L 1 it Y Hen, 84o; old rocU
ers. 6c; turkeys, 16c; due as, loo; young
roosters, S'nsc: geeee, 8e.
DKKS8KD FOULTRY-Tiirkaya, i;ilc;
old loins, ltljc; chickens. 10'ullc; old roost
ers, 'c; ducks, Ujl2c; geese, 8fl0o.
BOTTBK - Facklng stock, lie; choice
to fancy dairy, ltt&lik:; creamery, ajjJJtje;
It AY Prices quoted bV Omaha Feed com
pany; No. 1 upland, $t.o0; medium, 36.00;
coarse. 36.50Q6.oO. Rye straw, $8.50.
BRAN Per ton, $15.00.
green hides, c; No. 2. (,; No. 1 salted.
12c; No. 2. I:c, green buii hides. 8a 9c;
cured, &10c; dry hides, 1620C. Horse bides:
I.diKc. t'i.23; smail, l.oO. Sheep pells, each
6ucj41.25. Tallow: No. 1, 4,c; No. 2, Slid
rough, lVto.
DATES Per box of 30 e-lu. ps 32; Hal
lowe'en. In 70-lb. bjtes. pr to., ac; Bayers,
per lb., 4c; wa!nut-tuiTed, )-,b. pkga., $2
per doi. ; 8-Ib. tuxes. $1.
ORANOES - California fancy Redland
navel, all sixes. $2.73.00; choice navels,
LEMONS Llmonlere. extra fancy, ? alaa,
S 25 : 200 to 300 sizes. 3.6U
FIOS Csllfornlei, per 10-lt. carton. 764J85C;
imported Smyrna, Uirea-trown, Jlo; six
crown, 13a
BANANAS Per medlum4lxed bunch. 11.76
f Jumbos, t2.60ff3.ea.
TANGERINES Florida, per box of about
I26, 6).
3RAPB FRUIT Fldrld . par box, 67.00;
Callloinla. per box. 34 0of 5.00.
,PEAR8-Winter Nells at d Mount Vernon,
APP1.V.R Tnlfrnrnls ,tUt :.M f I i ee
bu. box; lien Davis. $1 7ter bu. box; Wine,
aaps, 320O per bu. box; qtier varieties, 31 i
per du.j new xorg apMea 84.78 per bbl.
CRANBERRIES Jetae)'. 316.60 'r bbl
GRAPES imported Malaga. t6.5o.4u
POTATOL6-Homs-gron. per bu.. aog
66c; South Dakota, per bu., 7s.
ONIONS Home-grown, vllow 'and red,
per bu., 8&c; Spani-b per crate, tl.&o; Colo
1 ado, red and ; eitoer, per tu 81.00.
NAVY BEANS Per bu., 81fk
LIMA BIAN8 Per lb.. 6Vic
CABBAUK Home-grown and Wlsconslo,
In crate, par lb.. 2-
Per bu.. 6676c.
CELE.HY Kalamazoo, per dot., tHHoc.
SWEET POTATOES Kanaaa, per 3-bu.
bbl 12.00.
TOMATOES California, per crate of 38
lbs , H.hO; Florida. 8-basket crates, 36.0O.
WAX BEANS Per hamper oi about M
lb, net, 36.00.
eJTRiNO BEANS Per hamper or about M
lb, net, 3.0ora4.0a
KOO PLANT Florid 4, pr do.. fl.Uei 60.
OREEN PEPPERS-Florlda, per hamper
Of about 10 do., 33.60.
TCP NIPS Louisiana, do, bunohea, 76c.
8 HALLOTTS Louisiana, per dos. bunch.
4IHAD . LETTUCE Louisiana, par bbl..
$8 0010.00; per do, heads, 31.60iSl.76.
LEAF LEl-ri'CE-Hpthoua. per bog of
13 to 16 heads, 65c.
CUCUMBERS Hothouse, per doi,. 82.00.
RADISHES-Hothcu. per do, bunchej.
MUSHROOMS Hothouse, per lb.. 0o.
CAULIFLOWER California, about 84
heads to crat. 34.00.
No. 1 rib, 13c; No. 3 no. iQc; No. 3 rib,
7Vc; No. 1 round, Vc: iiu. i- round. 6V4c:
No. 8 round, 6c: No. 1 loin, 16Vtc; No 3
loin, 12c; No. 8 loin, 8c; No. 1 plat. 4v4o
No. 3 plate. 4c; No. 8 plate. 3c; No. 1
chuck. 6vc; No. 3 chuck, I 'Ac; No. a
chuck. 3V4C.
CIDER Per Ueg.-W.7e, per bbl.. 84.;s,
honey New. pet 24
CHEESE-Swlbl nee Luc- Wlaoonata
brick, 161;; WUconaln limberger, 13V,c: twins
luc; ouug America. leVac
Ntils-Walnuts, No 1 soft shells, now
crop, per ib '.oV,c; hard -hells, per iD.,
UVjc. Pecan, .aige, per H;.. 14c; small, per
lb., 12c veanutr, per 16 , U: roasted, per
ib., ac. Chili walnut, per lb.. Lifaiavwc. Al
monda. soft shells, poi lb., l",c; hard shells,
per lb., 16c. Uhellbark lilckor' nuts, per
bu., 32.6; large hickory nuta, per bu., 11.60,
Chestnuts, per lb., 16c. Cocoauut. 34.50 per
sack ' Its).
FRESH FiSH-TrouV 11c; halibut, 10c:
pickerel, dressed, 7c; white bass, He; sun
fish, tnuc: perch akinned and dressed, 8c;
pike. 10c; red snapper, 11c; aalmon. llo;
trappies. 4 Ik:; eels, 18c; black baa, 22c I
whiteflsli. 13c; frog legs, per U01., 66c: lob
sters, green. 33c; bulled lobsters -f'.ci blue
fish, li'i; herring. 4c; Spanish mackeral, lc;
haddock, 10c; "hrln.p, ll.Ooyi.U) per gal!
mills, 12c, cod, IM. fiesh standard oy.
ter. 31 40 per gal.: shelJ tters. l ova
J.OO per 100; little neck clams. 61.60 per 100
SUGARS Granulated, cane, in bbls., So. 08;
Granulated cane, in sack, laoi; granulated
eel. In acka. 34.81.
SYRUP ir tMiiels, S. per gal.; case
10-lb. can. 1 to; cases. 1 B.b. cars.
11 8c; cases. 24 24-; can. II. -A
COFFEE Roaated: No. , ioVW per lb.i
No. 3o, 2oVkC per lb.; No. 25. lkvpo p.r )0. 1
No. 30, IbVio per lb.; No. 316. 12Vo per lb.
FLOUR (wholeaaiei twal high grade No
braska. Ir cwL, 82 10; bes i(.h grade
tiatLnt Minnesota, pur CWt.. K 4o: atii.h.
I patent Nebraska, per cwt., 12.0O; cond
patont Nebraska. if.'JO n
Cl'HKE. rin-n'lry whiteflsh, per Vfc
bbl., ICO lba. 34.50; Norway mackerel, per
bbl., 300 lbs.; yioatera, ftu.uO. ru. . 12a im
No. 2, i.0: No. I. 32u.0O; Ingj;, m0. '
317.00. Herrlni. In bbls., :im lbs. eucb: Nor
way. 4k, 313.00; Norway. k. U.t; HoU
land, mixed, 311 60. Hcllund heri.og. la
keas: Vltlkera, 0c; kegs, udxed. 7oo.
. BROOMI4 - No. 1 carpet 442i; No.
carpet. ,-'.40; No 8 plain. Ilia.
CANNED OOODS-Corn, standard west
ern, 663000; Maine, tl.te. aom.tUUi j-jk
cd. ILSittl-S-J; . 2-If,. 7V4ciJ(;
apple, grated, I-ib., 32.0btia.el; sliced, 1 ii
(ui-M; gallon apples, fancy, 33.U1; Cali
fornia uprlcots, 81 4u452.0o; Hjara, 31.7ia
4.60; peachea, fancy. (L76Q3 40; BL C.
feacheav $ Alaaka salmon, red!; pink, 80c; fancy Chi noon, jr., O-IO:
fancy sockeyu. F.. 81 9t: saraines. t-oll
82 .60; 4-nustards, IS Iwl 9,Mt ou:
toes.; saueraraut, 11.00; pump,
kin. atK.fi3.luV: wax beana. 3-1 b.. 76(iaic'
iJn.a beana. 1-lb., 71woctil.S6; tpinach.'
Ii 8Hi2.0o: cheep peas, t-lo., 80c; extra,
lof.'-oc; fancy, il SSu 1.7a.
peaches. 12Vc; choice Mulr peaches, l4c;
fancy yellow, 12V,c; au-uv prune, 74; -j; 80-70,
70: fancy New York ring apple. HV,o;
choice. luVge; fancy 4-crown loos muaca
lel lulsino. 7'to: 3-cron. 7c; 2-crown. 6ve;
fancv seeded raisin in 1-lb. cartons, 7c;
choice seeded. In 12-oa. carton, 7Vc; east
ern pitted cherries. 17c; New York evap
orated lilnek raspberries. 36c; fancy pear,
live: choice, 16c; ' fapcy nectarine. 8c;
fancy apricot. 11 '4c; choice royal. 10A,c;
itallowaen dates. 6Vsc: glace citron. 17c:
candlad, 16c; 1'ioion. llc, orauge. 14VA
Killing Cattls Active and Ganarallja
Liula Blgber.
Both Sheep and Lambs Commanded
iteady Prlrea, rvltn lino Trad
More Artlre Moat ETery.
thing gelling Rarly.
SOUTH OMAHA. Feb. 7. 19"J.
Receipts ,rvi Caoia tine Plhen.
On.cial Monday 4. (J 4.t 10.14
Official Tuesday 6.6W W.oM 6.272
Otflclsl Wednesdnv 3,A $.VV 6.200
Three dnys this week. .13,810 28.443 30.(19
Three dais last week. .. .14.(.1 M.xsi 13. SW
Three day week before. .Ili4 24,!0 3.4!6
ame throe weeks ago..l2.aiH 8.1.000 M.4M
Hume four weeks ago....l3.94 26.321 M.7o
name last year 11,016 2!t,748 1H.6.14
The following table shows tha recelpta
nf cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omana
or the year to d.te, comparing with last
'ar: lOotl. 1!K6. Inc.
t'attlr? 98.844 M,6o1 14.2J
Hogs t 2MS.8H7 I4j.60 40.S77
Sheep lD,4al 160,669 6,813
KANUui OF l'KK Ed.
Cattle. II Aa.
Omaha r.0uv.t l.4.64)
Chicago 1.60u.86 6.1646.86
Kanaaa City a.iu4.M 6 .vio.2V4
St. Louis 2 Uu two Ho
BIOUX City X.60UC.2A Wyn.M)
The following will show tha ptica paid
for the different kind of cattle on tn
South omana market:
Oood to choice corn-fed ateer 34 7D5.60
Fair to choice corn-fed ateera 4.4t4r'4.76
Common to fair corn-teed ateera... 3.DW4.4U
Good to choice cow and heifers... 3 4o,4 00
Fair to good cow and heifer 3 4oa.40
Canner and cutters 1.7o2.40
Oood to choice stockers and feeder 8.auu4.2
Fair to good stocaera and feedar.. 3.2r.lK
Common to fair stockers Ibvu3.26
Bulls, stag, etc
Oood veal calvea .0o416 W
The following tub) shows the averag
price of hoga at Mouth Omaha for tho last
several days, with comparisons:
Date. I 1808. 1906. 11904. !190i.19o2.H01.U00.
Jan. 23..,
Jan. 24...
Jan. 24..,
Jan. 26...
Jan. M...
Jan. 27..
Jan. H...
Jan ao...
Jan. 31...
e'eb. 1...
Feb. 2...
Feb, 8...
Feb. I, ,
Feb. 6...
Feb. 6...
Feb. 7...
36 I
6 37Hl
I 48.1
4 63 4 8
4 M I
4 7l 4 S
4 78 4 87
4 3 4 811
6 68
a wi
8 ill
6 69
6 83
8 76
6 74
6 06
6 1 4 84
t 16 4 6
a sj at
6 13
4 40
4 66
4 4
4 4
8 18
fc 88
a is
7 . 1
i it
I 6 80 1
I 6 43 I
.1 6 414I
6 86
4 641
4 TO
4 601
I tu
4 Nl
8 uu
6 t7
4 66
4 i) 4 74
4 Tol 4 73
6 b
6 93
6 iT. 4 S7
6 48 I
6 63'il
6 26 1 4 68
4 72! 4 S5
4 741 4 811
I 4 77
4 S3: 4 81 1
4 741 '
4 63
4 66
4 71
4 69
6 63
6 53',
6 31
6 23
6 21
6 28
8 18
9 01
The official number of car of atock
brought in today by each road wa:
C. M. & St. P. Ry... 1 6
Missouri Piiclfle 6 I
U. P. 6ytem 33 28 6 ..
C. A N. W., east 4 2
C. 61 N. W.. west 35 4ti 6 2
C, Bt. P., M. & 0 20 7 2 1
C, B. At Q.. eHst 6 8
C, B. A y., west 29 13 8 1
C, H. I. A P., east 3
C. R. I. A P.. west.. 1 .7
Illinois Central 2
Chicago Ot. West 3 2 ,. ..
Total receipts ....137 116 21 4
The disposition of the day's receipts was
aa follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head Indicated;
Buyers. Cattle. Hog. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co 322 1.363 16
Swift and Company 816 l.ot4 816
Cudahy Packing Co l.OfrJ 2.io6 1,467
Armour & Co 62a 2,841 2,403
Van Sant & Co 48
Carey 19
Lobman Co 82
McCrcary 88
W. I. Stephen 47
Hill A Son hi
Huston & Co.... 63
Hamilton & Rothschild... 21o
L. F. Huas 44
Mike Haggerty 68 .... ....,
Sol Degan .15 ..... ...
J. B., Hoot A Co II)
Bulla A Kline 4
Other buyer 177 t
8,618 8.608 4.72
CATTLE Receipts of cattle thla morn
ing were lighter tnan yesterday by 100 cara
and lighter than a week ago by thirty
cars. It was In fact the lightest run for a
Wednesday In several weeka.
With the total arrival of cattle o amall
It naturally followed that there waa no
great number of beef ateer In Bight, good
kind especially being scarce. At tha Same
time there seemed to be a very fair de
mand on the part of local packers and the
market opened In good season In the morn
ing and was reasonably active until prac
tically everything in the way of desirable
killers was disposed of. The prices paid
were on an average a little stronger than
yesterday. In some Instance seller
thought that they sold out at price that
were around frloc higher than their yes
terday sales:
Cows and heifer were also In moderate
supply and a fair demand, so that the of
ferings were disposed of generally In good
season in the morning. The trade waa de
layed somewhat by tha late arrival of a
portion of the receipts. The market could
safely be called a little stronger than yes
terday, with the feeling decidedly better
and the movement more lively.
Buyer of stockers and feeders seemed to
he looking for more cattle thl morning,
but they did not And very many of their
kind In the yard. Salesmen who had
cattle of that description that were de
sirable found no difficulty In unloading at
fully steady prices. The feede4- trade ha
been tn very good condition all the week
and cattle of that kind have sold Invariably
at prices entirely satisfactory to owners.
Representative sales:
No. A. Pr. Jo v. fr.
t tit 8 00 to 1071 4 80
I mo I N 13 1110 4 33
J 100 I 16 4 Ml I 44
1 1010 I CO t IK 4 4
1 170 8 W 1 UU 4 40
1 143 I 10 11 Iltii 4 41
It Ill 1 TO 1 170 4 43
t 1160 I 74 1 1040 4 (0
4 1041 1 34 37 1170 4 15
t t' I 43 II 114 4 44
7 1047 4 0 11 134 4 70
K4 4 11 1147 4 70
II tlT 4 10 1 1100 4 70
It tM 4 10 83 1171 4 10
1 10M 4 13 . it KUt 4 30
II lutt I 13 1 1340 4 10
t 1033 4 IK 1400 4 tt
11 10S4 4 It 1 1113 4 Ki
4 US! 4 14 133S i 13
1 (30 S 04 1 tOO I 0
1 430 I 00 T 4l I 00
i 410 I DO I (13 I 00
1 70 I 00 1 tlO I do
1 730 8 13 1 110 I ot
4 717 I 11 1 1034 I t
1 tit I 14 1 1014 I It
1 lOBt 1 tt 1 4 I III
1 mot 1 1 1 mo I 10
1 170 I t 1 1041 1 II
I t0 I IS 1 114) I 11
4 471 I IS II loll I II
6 lit I tt 11 M IK
I too I 30 I M IN
1 360 I It I til I St
1 70 I 10 II 1041 I 10
1 lull I I 14 1047 I 10
1 1010 I 40 I 1300 8 II
1 371 I 40 1010 1 13
4 143 I 43 1 1040 I IS
1 140 I 4 1 1114 t 33
1 tot I 30 14 371 I 10
1 1030 1 It 1 113 I 3
1 130 I 10 .,.; 1111 I tt
1 1071 t 30 8 1084 I 30
1 704 8 St 1 1043 8 10
1 1020 I IS 1 1010 I It
1 334 I bo 1 1104 I It
1 1040 I (0 II 171 I tt
I US0 I 40 I 171 I 10
1 340 I 40 1 mo I x
1 1044 I 41 1 1134 I IS
t Ut I 40 4 1171 I 33
1 340 1 41 1 1130 I 411
1 444 t K II till 3 St
t Ill III 4 1044 I SO
1 1070 I 71 II. 1114 8 4t
1 lOVt 8 It 1 1010 I 3
3 373 8 73 1 474 I 34
4 UT 8 7 I Hit 1 tt
1 34 t S 1 117 I 44
4 15 I 1 114 1 44
1 743 1 33 tv 1100 I 43
a 10a a tt it 1121 a to
II 10M I 44 II IU7I . 8 II
3 1041 I 40 I Itu4 1 71
I llut I 00 1 1170 8 71
I UOt I 0 4 1241 I 71
1 1240 8 00 4 HOT 8 Tl
1 1S1 8 1 IKO t Tl
1 404 I 00 1 144 I TS
t 1110 I at 1 net 4 43
tl lit I 11 34 8 tt
I..... im 1 w t nt 1 ta
1 40 I 1 1 434 I it
1 SO I tt 1 360 3 S3
1 340 I 14 I tot I 44
I.... V 1 " 1 174 I 44
1 Tit I 4t 8 SUt I St
a i. - 1 t4i 1 s
1 too I Tl 1 Tit as
IT 771 1 73 4 KT llt
I SS4 I 33 1 4:4 I 44
1 4 I U II 103 t 74
I M IN 1 123 1 Tt
8 tev I v II 173 M
1 wi a pa 1 1 tj
2 If i 1. n 74
3 J7 I 1 4 70 I
I TM ( 10 I IIS' 14
1 317 8 IS
I i4 t n 1 tf ta
1 1174 I TO 1 as I It
1..... ....... w.r Its I I no 13
I ,,.14: I n 1 IP 1 II
1 7 1 .. 1 lino I
i iiiw I m 1 uo t n
1 14-S 1 l I I14" I H
1 V9 8 ot I tea I r
1 1724 1 e 1 la to
t Ilex ( to t 140 I w
I 14 1 eo 1 14n 8 3S
I Iito en 1 u:n I 14
I tu I 1 uro 3 M
I It I I 1 i:to I 3
1 1370 I in t IT70 I l
1 imo t is 1 17a 1 I
1 tea 1 10 1 n I
1 410 I M 1 to I
1 ii'O I 1 K 8 a
1 no 1 en I ) l
1 41 I M I ! 6
1 lie I t 1 It
1 410 1 Is 1 II HI
I I I la i. 130 t a
1 444 I 71 I ) S
1 144 I 73 1 14 n
I I 4 I 71 1 14
4 IK I tl 1 140 4 et
t sat 4 on t ire to
1 tt m 1 133 1 n
i ;n 4 m I lso in
s m itti 1 io ( w
1 1410 I U 1 lltft 8 16
1 14tn (o
I Ml I 0 4 371 8 41
1 400 9 30 II Tt "
41 341 I OA 7 714 I tt
1 la I OS I Itn 8 to
1 1t 8 4 II 3 71
i 700 I 00 1 W) III
I too I 10 1 ft 8 78
t M Ik I..... IM 3 71
8 It I U 1 M0 I 73
1 144 3 3 14 M I
4 33 I 13 10 tit I J
1 30 It 3 70S I M
I tit 8 M 8 (13 8 M
1 770 (4 41 il 8 tt
8 718 3 tl 1 344 4 0
1 710 8 30 1 1070 4 ts
1 M I to 1 431 4 to
1 I0 I 30 17 131 4
1 tit I 10 17 1111 I 70
HOGS Receipt Of hogs looked small thla
morning a compared with yeaterday, and
till smaller a compared with A week ago,
there being only 118 cara reported In today
as against 182 on last Wednesday. Tha
market opened a little slow, sellers as A
rule pricing their hogs considerably higher
than yesterday, while packers did not seem
to be in a mood to put on much, the hog
selling largely at l6.o606.67V,, as against
3S.62V,f6.56 yesterday. When once tinder
way the trade was reasonably active, so
that the bulk of the hogs changed hands
In good season at the prlcea Indicated
shove. Some of the late sale were, aa
usual, 6c higher. 1
Representative sales:
No. At. h. Pr Nov At. h. fr
40 143 10 I SUV, 44 lul ... I I74
11 ifa 40 1 ii4 t i:a ... 11714
71 101 ... I S1V (3 141 ... 1 I7'4
74 II W I 10 ISO ... 1171,
t 114 ... I 68 4 Ml 10 I 7'4
3 171 SO I SO 71 170 ... 4 7V4
0 llt ... I 41 11 1l 40 1 11V,
101 171 ... ill . S3 Ml 10 6 874
4 Ill ... I 31 17 Ml ... 6 S?H
74 121 tt I 44 71 117 10 I S1V
l 131 ... I S3 Tt Ill 40 S 67V, I
30 194 ... IS II 1(4 30 I ITV4
71 214 40 8 is 41 2h0 ... I 81 14
It 134 40 I 66 17 140 ... I 67V,
! 140 110 I S3 71 0t ... I 87 H
71 Ill ... Ill Tt 167 1 67 V,
n Ill ... 8 83 71.; 364 ... I I7V
10 m 10 I 86 71 171 4 I 61V,
11 IM 80 I 46 t 114 ... I 31V,
141 11 ... I (4 34 Ill 4 I llv,
II 114 ... 181 14 Ill ... I 874
4.1... IIU ... 164 tt 14 4 I 87V4 '
4 IM w JO 6 69 II 14! KM 4 S7V,
71 Ill ... 8 86" ' 7 2i 120 I 67 4
0 11 ... a 46 , Tt 143 100 1 67V,
14 110 ... 4 63 14 ?r( tO I tt
73 I I ... I IS TO 134 ... I 0
i Ill 40 I 68 (T Ml it 14)
Tt 100 ... I 63 let ... I 10
71 141 ... I II 4 S 40 I 40
40 110 ... I 14 TS 34 ... I to
Tl t:l ... 1 63 41 til ... It
It .J' ... 4 5 II 144 10 6 tt
(4 KI 0 I 34 II 160 4t I M
41 111 40 I 88 44 161 ... I 10
71 210 ... I 44 ' 48 144 ... I 10
3 104 ... I S3 T7 .IM ... I l
11 24t ... I 33 41 11 4 6 ItVi
I 104 4 I ITH ' TO IV1 ... I 41V,
70. ...... H! ...tl7V 4 130 ... IK
77 tlT ... 1474
HHtitH-The market opened active and
fully steady with yeaterday, the early ar
rival changing hand In vary short time.
The buyer evidently were In need of a
few loads of killers, and It did not tak
them vary long to cler tha yard of all
the early arrivals. They paid 86.60 for
good ewe. 36.90 for good Mexican lamba
and 8t.i6 for fair weatern, the cleanup of
a feeder' yarda. These prices were all
very satisfactory to owners and the feeling
on tha market waa better than It ha bean
on a good many -days of late.
According to advice from eastern pointa,
the mutton .-market I vat not abown any
decided Improvement as yet, In spit of tho
few days of colder weather and aellera
operatlpg on the market are I of tha
opinion that heavy ahlpments of sheep or
lamba to any market point would be In
judicious. Sheepmen are atlll advised to
follow a vary conservative policy In mak
ing consignment to tha different markets.
Quotatlona for fed aheep and lambs are
aa follows: Oood to choice lambs, Colo
radoa, 36.76Q6.90; good westerns, 8.76tf.tX
good light weight yearlings, 5.tl65.00:
good heavy yearlings, 86.5tr96.66; good
wether. 35.3CG6.60; ewe, I4.6&S6.00.
No. Av. Pr.
8 Wyoming cull ewe 101 100
11 cull ewe 101 ' 4 00
96 weatern ewe 116 6 00
3u4 weatern awe 114 S 00
618 western ewe 108 5 00
123 western ewe 106 ( 00
163 weatern ewe 106 6 00
cull lamb 66 t 00
83 Wyoming ewee 102 6 10
1 Wyoming ewea 104 t 10
179 Wyoming ewe 106 6 10
63 cull lamb 63 t 23
181 western lambs 63 6 26
639 western lamba 6i 6 25
516 Mexican lamba ., 80 6 80
Cattle Stead y Strong Hog Flv
Cent Loner,
CHICAGO. Feb. 7. CATTLE Receipts,
17,000 head; steady to atrong; common to
prime ateera, 3.40tu.36; cows, 83.iiJ1l4.4o;
' heifers, 2.25fc5.oo; hulls. $2.0(y&4.00; calvea,
33.COtrti.00; stockers and feeders. 12.4064.90.
' HOGS Receipts, 40.000 head; market e
lower; cnoica to prime neavy,;
medium to good heavy, t5-713S.77V; butcher
weights. 35. 5t6. 824; good to choice heavy
mixed, I6 7WIJ.H0; packing, tf.40frj4.80.
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Receipt. 17.000
head; aheep strong: lamb dull; aheep,
83 60&6.6M; yearlings, tS.MjU.tO; lamba,
.St. I.oala Llv Block Market.
BT. IXIUIS, Feb. 7. -CATTLE Receipt.
2.&U0 head. Including 200 Texan. Market
for native ataady, Texan strong; nativ
shipping and export steer. $4 60(1 6 86;
dressed beef and butcher steers, 8 26Do.lU
steers under 1,000 lbs., 33.iJ0ti4.6S; atockara
and feedeia, tl .6064.25: cows and half era,
2.60u4 26: canners, 31.7S43.36; bulls, tl75ji
4.00; calve. t3.00j'1.26; Texas and Indian
steers, I3.0i8-4.l; rows and heifers, f2.10j)
3 86.
HOGS Receipts, 10.600 head. Market waa
steady: pigs and lights, 36.0085.60; packers,
$6 25Uo.S0; butchers and best heavy, $6.703
BHBEP AND LAMBS Receipt. 1 000
head. Market alow; native mutton, f 26r
4.26; lambs. 85.9H6 .86 : culls and bucks. $3 00
4J4 00; stot keri, $3 6068.90; Texan, W OoW
Kanaaa City Live Stock Market.
KANSAS CITT. Feb. 7-CATTT.Ev-Ro-celpts,
9.8U0 head. Including loo aoutherna.
Market ateady to 10c higher: enole export
and dressed beef steers, 6.364pa.0; fair to
good. 34.006.16; western fed ateera, $3.50$
5.60; Blockers and feeder. 33.0O4pt.76; south
ern ateera, 3.2&Q'4.66; southern cow. $3,164
3.00: nativ cow, 32.2&; natlv heifer.
33 n0tff890; bull, $2.5ii60; calve, 83.00vtj7.00.
HOGS Receipt. ll.OuO had. Market wa
steady to 6c higher; top, 36.73V.: bulk ot
ales. 36 004J6.70; heavy, $5 7Va.7JVi: pack
ers.; pigs ana ngnis. 4t.&ouv.oU.
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Reoelpts, 7,200
head. Market higher; nativ lamba, 16 Ifrtf
7.10; western lamb, 36 7643700; ewea and
earllnga, $4.366.74; western fed yearlings. western rea sheen. 84.6Ufit.76:
stockers and feeder a, $3 60$ 4. 71.
Stock In light.
Recelpta or llv atock at tha aig principal
weatern marketa yesterday;
Cattle. Hog. 8hr.
South Omaha 3.300 8.200 5,300
Bloua City i0 4.400
Kansas City 8.80U 11. 001) 7.200
St. Joseph I.Oel 7.44s 1.189
St. Lou I 2.&-0 10.609 1 00)
Chicago 17.0U0 40.000 17.000
.85.664 431.609 8t,6J
4. Joseph l.l Stock Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Feb. 7 CATTIJ0 Receipts,
2,084 head. Market waa ataady to strong;
native, $3 7ua6.7&; cow and heifer, tl.gig
4.76; Blockers and feeder. t2.7Cr64.10.
HOGS Receipt. 7.444 head. Market wag
steady: light, KMltok; medium and heavy,
SHEEP AND LAMB8-eoelpt. 1,139
head. Market steady.
Mian a City Llvo Stock Mark.
SIOUX CITT, Feb. '.-(Special Telegram.)
CATTLE Receipts, 91) head: market
steady; leaves. $3.766.26; cow, bull and
mixed, $lotvo4u0; stockers and feeders.
117644 00; calve and yearling, . t2.6Vtjr3 8a.
..llOGo-Recelpts, 4.4CU bead, market 2v,c
lower: selling. .V4fa .At; bulk ot Bale;
$6.v.tir. , '
Wool Market. ' ' "
BOSTON. Feb. i. The strong closing .f
Hi londim wntd antes and the auspiolou
opening of good In New Tork hsv hsd nj
beneftetsl Influence on the local wol msr
ket. A stronger tone I evidenced snd them
I a rehewsl of speculative buying among
the dealer themselves. Pulled wools In
choice lots are firm. Foreign grade are
ateady. Price runted about ' a follow:
Ohlft snd Pennsylvania XX snd above, 84,
tr'e: X. evti4c: No. 2. f40r: fine un
washed, tMrnc: rrusrtev blood. un
washed. jr8ic; three-eights blood. WW
.4o; half blood. ttfa-WHc! miwaahe.i
delaine, Jftitc; Hne wsshed delaine. S7$p
37He: Michigan fine, unwashed. asHWc;
three-eUhth blood, 8?JS.7HC! half Mood. 3Jj
fiOTc: unwashed delslne. 27TOc: Kenturhy.
mtlma. etc., three-eighths and quarter
bloods, 2211130; Territory and Idaho fine. 21
ffi23c; heavy fine tiKTeV: tin medium. 82W
tScj medium, Viitic; low medium, t74T.
Wyoming fin. 2JiJC3c; heavy fine, lienor;
Utah and Nevada fine. 3S4yJ4c; heavy fine.
1h'3f)r: fine medium, 23(rJ4c; medium. Iw
tie; low medium, rJci Dakota tin. ait
?8r; medium. aa4Cc; Montana fine, choice,
21ty2c; fin average, af&tw: line medium,
choice, 3f4i2c; average. 24B-: "tP" !
(fle; medium choice, 377c. '
ST. LOUIS, Feh. 7.-WOOL Steadri me
dium grade combing and clothing. tf4j3f
light fine. S"Wi24c; heavy Hne, l2oo; tub
washed, rtfrtlc.
Metal Market. '
wa a further decline In the London tin
market, with spot quoted at 184 log and
futures at 13. Locally the market was
weak and lower, with spot quoted at :t6.9nr
36.16. Copper wka unchanged to 10c lower
In Iindon. apot closing at S77 and future
at 75. locallv conditions are unchanged.
lke Is nuoted at $17. 7S 18.60; electrolytic,
817.82VVnli M; casting. H7.Nt7.2Vi. th out
tide prices on Iske and electrolytic repre
senting th asking prlcea of large producera
and more or less nominal for the time being.
Lead waa unchanged al .8ntr.7f 'h
local market, but declined is d to lln
!ondnn. Spelter advance" 6 to 2l7ad
In London. Iocally the market w un
changed at 8r.0WW.IS. Iron waa lower a a
60s 9d for atandard foundry and Sis Id foi4
Cleveland warrants In th F-nglth market.
Locally there waa no quotable change. No.
1 foundry northern Is quoted at tl8.7il.JA:
No. I foundry northern. 318 0trtil6.8f: No. 1
foundry aouthern, $ia 6oTa.76: No. 8 foundry
out hern, $17.76718..
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 7. METALS Led, dull,
36.62V,. Spelter, lower, $6.92V4
BOSTON, Feb. 7-Call loane, 4fli per
cent; time loans. 44rti6Va per cent, official
quotations on stocks and bond:
Atrhleoa adj. 4a M Atfenttura '
no 4a 1024 Alloue, 40,
Max. rent rat 4 71, Amaleamate 1:4
Atrhlaon 11 Amorlraa Cine .... 14
do ate lot iAllantlr t"
float nn A Alreny....l34 l"Hlnhem 4'.
B'letoa A Maine 174V Cel. Haela 710 ,
Bnetn ICleeatea 183 Centennial 1
rttrhhurf pfd 14.14 Topper kanf It
Mexican Central tt (alr Weat 1'
14. T. N. M. A H...10 , Dominion real .... li
I'nlon PaoIRo ,.1644 Franklin r
Amer. Arte. fhem... !, Oranbr , 1"
do sfd tl lela hnral 144
Amar. Pneu. Tub.... It iMaaa. Mining IAV4
Amer. 8uar 1434 Mtrhlsan 14 a
dn pro in Monawa a
Amer. T. A T Ut Mnnt. C. A C. ,
Amer. Woelen 44 Old Dominion J7V,
do pfd 1"t4 Oerenla 11
Dominion I. A 8 It Parrot 4.14
Kdleon Klee. lllu. ...14H Quince 104
Maae. Klectrte la pnannon
do ptd tf Tamernra 107
Man. Oaa 40H Trinity 10V,
lulled rnilt 1074 t'nlted Copper Tl
tinned Shoe Marh.... IJ V. . Mining "
do pfd 114 c. a. Oil 114a
North Hutte IT I'tah 4S
V. B. Steel 444 VMorl i,
do pfd 1034, Winona ',
Weetlng. common ... II ,Wolverltv4 Ill .
4.IU. AsKed.
Foreign Financial,
liONDON. Feb. 7. Money was In strong
demand In the market today and the supply
was small and controlled tiy the Bank of
England. Discounts were tolerably firm.
Trading on the Stock exchange wa qtlletly
cheerful. Consols hardened. American
opened Irregular and grew firmer to over
parity on fair support. Illinois Central was
the feature. Union Pacific and Atchison,
Topeka A Santa Fe were wanted. After
some Irregularity price closed jpnrlly
easier. Japanese Imperial 6a of 1904 wer
quoted at 1MH. ....
PARIS, Feb. ".Price on the bourse
today tended downward at the opening
owing to the German pre comment rela
tive to Morooco, but were firmer toward
the close. Russian imperial 4a were quoted
at 83.60 and liusslsn bond of 1904 at 494. The
private rate of discount was 2 per cent.
BERLIN, F. tPrIr-fi -th bourae
today had a tendency to be rfrearular. Busi
ness was light.
Oils mm Rosin. "
OIL CITT, Pa., Feb. 7.-OII-Oedlt bal
ances, $1.68; shipments, 40,163 bbls; average.
68.843 bbls; run. 66.649 bbls.; average, 46.231;
bbla.; shipments. Lima,- W8.076 bbls.; a vet'
age. m.ibt bbl.; run, Lima. 39,o bbl.','
average, 81.700 bbla.
SAVANNAH. Oa.. Feb. T.-OIL Turpen-'
tine, dull, a&Vto; sales. 140 bbls.; receipts,
170 bbls.; ahipmenta, loO bbls.
ROSIN Firm; sales, 1.440 bbls.; recelpta
1,797 bbl.; ahipmenta, 100 bbla.; atock.
70,033 bbls.: A B C D and E, 33.3693.4214;
F. $$.40J3.47V,; G. $346tf9.62H; H. $3.): 1,
$4.40: K, $6 10; M. 86 36; N. $0.8.1; WG. $,06;
WW. W.1S. t
Toledo Bee Market.
TOLEDO, Feb. 7. SEED Clover, cash
and February, $8.28; March. 38.30; April.'
$8.16; timothy. $1.2H; alslke, $7.8f..
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