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Bottled at,the Springs JJudapest,Hungary.
a wlneglassful a dose
Sparkling Apenta,
Natural Apenta Carbonated,
A Refreshing and Pleasant Aperient
f : for Morning Use.
SeU Exporttrt: THE APOLLINARIS CO. U.. Lndo.
La's Charge d' Affaires at Garaoai Telli
Wkj la Left Foit
Freaoh Diplomat Dor Not Talk Much,
hat Intimates that President of
Vcnmrl lard Duplicity
la Statements.
NEW ' YOHK, Kcb. 7. Oliver Talgny,
former French charge d'affaires at Cara
cas. Venezuela, who arrived here last
right, talked briefly upon landing today
of condition in Venexueta. He expressed
the opinion that the Industrial classes In
that country are not giving active support
to the government's position on French
affairs..,. . .
"The people of Venezuela," he continued,
"were quiet when I left there and their
interest seemed to me to center principally
in bettering their conditions, industrially."
lie said .that until he should confer with
French Ambassabor Jusserand at Wash
ington lie. had no opinion to express con
cerning the conditions under which he was
forced to leave Venesuela,
"I received no passports," he said, "and
no wrfLten orders from the Venexuelan
government authorities directing me to
leave. It was because the police prevented
me from1 re-landing at La Ouayria that I
left the country."
: -Whea Trouble Began.
The difficulties with Venezuela," he
aid, "began on September 18 last, when
on behalf of my government I protested
sigalnst .the seliure of the offices of the
French Cable company."
Mr. Talngy said, in answer to questions,
that relations later became so strained
that - he Was the only ' member of the
diplomatic corps at Caracas who did not
receive an Invitation to the official New
Tear's ball.
Asked to explain what President Castro's
objects at.o-p.ln ytha. political conUoversy,
Mr. Talgny Said: 'J
"I do not know. Perhaps President
Cactro does not know himself."
t'What did President Castro say to you?"
Many things;" replied Mr. Talgny.
Asked whether he meant that he believed
Castro Used duplicity in his statements, he
replied: . .
Yes, that is It."
Mr. Talgny said he would proceed to
'Washington Immediately.
'- strange Adventure
In auto led to painful accident, but Buck
leu's . Arnica Salve quickly healed all
mounds. 25c; guaranteed. For sale by
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
. ": Hoki Bring Good Prices.
' BLAIR. Neb.. Feb. 7. (Special Telegram.)
Sjjrhe. E. M. Russell stile of Dtiroc-Jersey
brood sows held here today drew a large
crowd, many of the buyers being from oit
I Little Girl's Obstinate Case of
Ecrema Instantaneous Relief
By Cuticura Little Boy's Hands
and Arms Also Were a Mass
of ' Torturing Sores Grateful
Mother Says J
"In reply to your letter I writ you
my experience, and you arc privileged
to use it as you see fit. Last year,
after having my little girl treated Dy a
, very prominent physician for an obsti
. nate rase of ecrema, 1 resorted to the
' Cuticura Remedies, and was so well
pleased with the almost instantaneous
relief afforded that we discarded the
physician's prescription and relied en
1 tirely on the Cuticura Soap, Cuticura
Ointment, and Cuticura I'uls. When
. , we commenced with the Cuticura Rem
edies her feet and limbs were covered
, withtunning sores. In about six weeks
we had her completely well, and there
haa been no recurrence of the trouble.
"In July of this year a little boy in
our family poisone tniis hands and arms
with poison oak, , and in twenty-four
hours nis hands and arms were a mass
of torturing sore. We used only the
Cuticura Remedies, washing his hands
and arms with the Cuticura Soap, and
anointed them with the Cuticura Oint
ment, and then gave him the Cuticura
Resolvent. In about three weeks his
hands and arms healed up; so we have
lots of cause for feeling grateful for the
Cuticura Remedies. VV find that the
Cuticura Remedies are a valuable
fiousehold standby, living as we do
twelve miles from a elector, and where
H costs from twenty to twenty-fiwa dol
lars to coma up oa th mountain.
Respectfully, lira. Liiii Vincent
Thomas, Fairmeunt, Waldan'g Ridge,
Tana.. Oct. 13, 105.M
H, Ma. (m turn CfcmhH Om4 Ml M. r tal
4H,BnkMill4nn1 iwl(M(iM
ktMtUiatti luatiaddakllk Fa ImM
Cha Cr-, Sab rrga. I turn.
wr Malta IW. - k Cn TiilltSPhlWlt
Ik mi Ska
of the state. Olendale Queen sold for J260,
the second highest for $235 and the third
for rx. - The thirty-eight head sold aver
aged t.$5.
Experts Differ, bat J. E. Von Dorn
Ray Grata la Safe
Thoa Far.
Conflicting reports are going about the
various grain exchanges of the country as
to the condition of the wheat crop of Ne
braska and Kansas. Some are to the ef
fect that the recent cold snap Injured the
wheat, and others are directly to the con
trary. There Is also much talk of the dry
"There Is no change In the Nebraska
crop as yet." said J. E. Von Dorn, who
has an extensive correspondence with all
parts of the state. "It takes alternate
freezing and thawing to hurt the wheat,
and so far we have had no such weather.
There Is no snow covering on the ground,
however, and the crop is In dally danger
of thawing and freezing weather. The
ground is very dry, and although this has
not caused damage yet, we must have
moisture In a few weeks or we will have
no crop.
"In some section" of Kansas the wheat
has been hurt by thawing and freezing.
That state is In as dry a condition as Ne
Argues Against Reassessment
Sewer Tax Against Property
that Has Been Sold.
The time of the city Board of Equaliza
tion was taken up Wednesday morning by
the arguments of Attorney W. A. Saun
ders against reassessing a number of old
sewer districts In which taxes were
knocked out by the courts. Mr. Saunders'
chief plea was that some of the property
has changed hands since and the new pur
chasers obtained the sewers but had no
idea they would be called upon to foot
the bflls." In the absence of City Attorneys
Breen and Herdman who are attending the
supreme court at Lincoln no action was
taken and the board adjourned to meet
again Thursday morning at 1 o'clock.
The action Tuesday In overruling the
protest to the plan for the paving on
Twenty-flfth street from California to
Dodge, waa rescinded, and the plan re
jected. A new district will be made to
Include additional territory.
Marketing: of Hog Fairly Liberal anil
Considerable In Excess of 'Same
Week Last Year.
CINCINNATI. Feb. 7.-(Speciat Telegram.)
Price Current says: The current market
Ing of hogs continues of moderate pro
portions. Total western packing was 625.-
ono, compared with 640,000 for the preceding
week and 690.000 last year. From November
i ine total is s.ttto.uoo, against 1,760.000 a year
ago. Prominent places compare as follows:
1905-6. 1904-6.
Chicago . 2.3Vi0
Kansas City 875,000 l.iKjB.onn
Omaha 615.0m
St. Loula 6S8.O0O
St. Joseph S03.000
Indianapolis , 636,mi0
34O.01 0
191. OfO
Cincinnati ....
Cedar Rapids
Sioux City ...
St. Paul
Musicians' concert and ball. 200 musician
In orchestra, next Monday at Auditorium.
Admisalon 64 cent.
Bolldlng Permit. .
The city haa issued a permit to E. J. Lar
son for a $1,400 frame dwelling at Thirty
fifth and Davenport streets; to John F.
Mawiilnney, for a 14.000 frame dwelling at
118 South Thirty-seventh, and to A. C. Busk
for a I2.5T0 frame dwelling at Thirty-fourth
street ana lAiayeue avenue.
Fair Today- and Tomorrow in 9ie
braaka, Iowa, Sonth Dakota
and Montana.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 7. Forecast of the
weather for Thursday and Friday:
For Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming,
South Dakota, Montana, Kansas, Okla
homa, Indian Territory and Mlatouii Fair
Thursday and Friday.
Loral Reeord.
OMAHA, Feb. 7. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation, compared with
the corresponding day of the last thre
years: i'juk. isuo. iw. 1903.
Maximum temperature.... 37 1 12 27
Minimum temperature.... la 0 16
Mean temperature 3n 4 23
Precipitation 00 .16 T .
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March L
and comparison with the last two ysars:
Normal temperature at
Excess for the day 2
Normal precipitation .03 Inch
Deficiency for 00 r. period 1906..., 4 52 inch
Excess for cor. period 1904 1.80 Indies
Report from Station at T P. M.
Button and 8tat Temp. Mail- Rain-
of Weather. Ip. in. mum. fall.
Bismarck, snowing .a...... 4 I T
Cheyenne, clear $4 4C .00
Chicago, lear 18 22 T
Davenport, clear ............ 11 J .00
Itonver, clear ................ 42 - 60 ,00
Havre, cloudy 2 34 .00
Helena, clear SB 20 .10
Huron, cloudy 12 l ,00
Kansas City, clear... M M ,00
North Flatta. olear 14 44 j0
Omaha, clear ., 2 , 27 .00
Rapid City, clear 24 14 .00
bl ra-ui, wear 1 m T
Salt Lake City, aloudy B 3o T
Valentine, clear 20 S .00
wu list on. ciouay f g .00
T Indicate trace 'of precipitation.
Indicate below sere. -
U A. WELSH, Local Forecast sr.
Eon. John F. 8wager of k'iuonri On f
the Orttort to Show the Hebraikani;
Woodmen of the World Tax Case and
the fathers Treasury Injunction
Submitted to the Supreme
Coart on Briefs.
(From a Buff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 7. (Bpeclal.)-The Toung
Men's Republican club held it regular
monthly meeting tonight at the Capitol
hotel and made final arrangement for the
seventeenth annual banquet of the club.
which la to be given at the Llndell hotel
next Monday night, February 12, the anni
versary of Lincoln's birth. Indications are
that thla banquet will be on of the most
successful In the seventeen years of the
club's exlatence. President Walter L. An
derson of the club will preside a toast-
master and toasts will be responded to as
follows: "The Republican West," Hon.
John IS. Swanger, secretary of state of Mis
souri, and "Lincoln and His Party," Hon.
Norrls Brown, attorney general of Ne
braska. Both speakers are splendid orator
and the members of the club are looking
forward to the program with Joyful antici
pation. The price of tickets has been
placed at SI. BO each and they are being
taken at such a rate that the sale will
probably be limited. Mr. Bwanger will be
met by a reception committee at the state
line and escorted to Lincoln.
The general reception committee ap
pointed by President Anderson tonight I as
Don C. Dcspaln. chairman; Dr. F. A.
Graham. A. R. Talbot, M. W. Foisom, W.
C. Frampton, E. 8. Mickey, A. Hayden
Myer, H. T. Dobbins, W. O. Crandall. Ver
non Hodge. J. M. O'Neill, E. C. Strode. T.
F. A. Williams. P. James Cosgrave, Victor
Seymour, Frank C. Burke. Allen L. Gale,
Philip F. Greene, Dr. 11. W. Orr.
Legislator Talk Politic.
Representatives Davis of Buffalo county
and Doran of Garfield county were In Lin
coln last night, the former on his way to
Omaha on business and the latter on his
way to Iowa to visit his brother, who is
a member of the Iowa legislature,
Mr. Davis said he was not one of the two
members of the legislature who returned
railroad passes for the good and sufficient
reason he had not received such courtesies
for the present year. The Vnlon Pncltlo,
said Mr. . Davis, did not send him passes
last year, even though he was a member of
the legislature. When the legislature ad
journed Mr. Davis was one of the members
who paid his own way home, though he
had a pass in his pocket. After the repub
lican state convention Mr. Davis returned
his annuals. He did this though he had not
ridden on any of them after the legislature
Representative Deles Denier of Cass
county whs here last night. "We are for
George Sheldon for whatever lie wants."
said the Cass county man. "whether It bo
governor, railroad commissioner or what
not. But the fact Is I don't believe he wants
anything. He is down on his Mississippi
plantation living easily and attending to
his own affairs and he don't care anything
about political honors. Sheldon Is a Ann
young man and worthy of anything the
people can give him."
Argument on Woodmen Case.
The point raised by H. C. Brome. attorney
for County Clerk Drexel of Douglas county.
that the state had no right to ask for a
mandamus to compel him to Include lh the
assessment of the Woodmen of the World
the amount of the reserve fund of that
order, but the proper procedure would be
an appeal from the action of the county
board, was argued before the supreme court
this afternoon. Deputy Attorney General
Thompson argued ' the appeal from the
county board was not the exclusive pro
cedure. Tho board, as an assessing board,
he said, had ceased to exist when the writ
of mandanfus was asked for, and further
he said it was the right of the authorities
to proceed by mandamus to compel the
county clerk to rectify any mistake made
against the property of any person after
the county board had adjourned and ceased
to exist as an assessing board.
Briefs In Charter Case.
The Omaha charter case, wherein John T.
Cathers seeks to prevent by Injunction the
consolidation of the offices of county and
city treasurers, has been submitted to the
supreme court on briefs. City Attorney
Breen and Assistant Attorney Herdman,
for the charter, and Carl Herring, repre
senting the school board, and Frank Ran
som, appearing for Cathers, were all here
today to argue the case, but as none of J
them were here yesterday when the docket
was called the Judges merely took the case
on briefs. As the three briefs of the out
side attorneys together make a pile a
large as the one died bv the city attorney
and his assistant all agreed to let the case
go without argument.
Wayne Officials In Coart.
State Superintendent McBrlen and County
Superintendent Hyland of Wayne county
have met and the world still moves and
no electric sparks have been generated
and no date has yet been set for that com
petitive examination. Superintendent Hy
land and Superintendent Coney of Wayne
In any number of stores
you'll see various prepara
tions of cod liver oil at as
many different prices. You'll
wonder, perhaps, why Scott's
Emulsion costs more than
some other kind in as large
a bottle. Hearing only one
side of the question you may
be led into buying the - just
as good as. Scott's" at the
lower price. That's false
economy. Scott's Emulsion
costs more because its more
expensive to make. Every
ingredient is tested and guar
anteed of the purest quality.
No adulteration, no shaving
of quality. There's no econ
omy in bargain medicine. If
you can afford to experiment
with your health, substitutes
may satisfy you. We take It,
however, that you want a
pure preparation, a reliable
remedy and something that's
going to hdp you. That's
what you get in Scott's
Emubion. Thirty jean tho
09 TT MVM4, m ewt4MrV
county, both of whom claim to be the only
original bonaflde superintendent, came to
Lincoln to try out their right In the
supreme court this afternoon. Coney, who
reoelved the majority of the Yote cast at
the last election,' is trying by mandamus
to oust Hyland. who I holding the office
because he allege Coney did not have a
first-grade certificate on the day of elec
tion. McBrlen recognized Coney as the
rightful heir to the office. When the case
was called the attorneys for the belllger
ents, Benator Voung for Coney and T. J.
Doyle for Hyland, were asked by the court
If they had agreed on the facts. They had
not. Th court, then announced It would
refuse to hear testimony, and unless the
attorney agreed on the facts a referee
would have to be appointed. Later In the
day the attorney agreed to submit affi
davits and allow the court to try the case
on these. When asked If he still Intended
to Insist on McBrlen competing with him
In an examination Mr. Hyland, who I good
natured and appreciate humor, replied
that he did not know the Stanton news
paper wa going to attack McBrlen and
challenge him to the examination until ho
read It. He thought th affair more humor
ous than serious.
Governor Talk to "Indents.
Governor Mickey thl morning went out
to University Place and made a talk to the
student at Wealeyan university. Governor
Mickey I a member of the board of trus
tee of this institution, and a WO student
are enrolled the governor 1 well pleased
with the management of the Institution.
New Maaufacturlug Concern.
The T. F. Meni'men company I a Lincoln
concern which filed Its articles of Incorpora- i
tlon this morning. The company will en- ,
rase In the manufacture and sale of mer- I
chandlse, with a capital stock of $100,000.
The other member of the firm I C. F. Mc
Cain. School Bond Held fp.
Auditor Searle has not yet decided
whether he will register the $60,000 bonds
Issued by the school district of Grand
Island, after a most exciting election held
In that city. The firm which bought the
bonds now claim the history of the Issu
ance is not correct and will refuse to take
them unless they are voted again at a
special election. The notice for the election
did not contain the location of the polling
places and the company holds this In
validates the bonds. Representative Ferrar,
with a committee from Grand Island, ap
peared before the auditor today to show
him the history of the bonds was correct
and legal, but the matter Is still under
advisement. The committee asserts inas
much a the bond election was held the
same day as the general election and the
county clerk had advertised the polling
places for that election it was not neces
sary for the school board to do this. Those
who favored the Issuance of the bonds fear
they would not carry at another election.
Two Hundred Sixty-Four Member
Taken In at One Time.
KEARNEY, Neb., Feb. 7.Speclal Tele
gram.) A larger class of candidates was
adopted into the Modern Woodmen of
America In this city Tuesday night than
was ever taken In at one meeting In the
state of Nebraska. The exercises took
place at the armory and the obligation wa
administered to 264 new member. The ex
ercises at the armory began early, but it
was nearly S o'clock before they were con
cluded. '
Two prizes had been offered to the camp
presenting the largest number of candidates
for adoption. The first prise went to the
Miller camp, which had forty-one candi
dates, while the second prixe was awarded
to Sumner, which had ! forty. The prlxes
consisted of valuable .Initiation parapher
nalia. The ceremony of. adoption was ex
ecuted under the ' supervision of Deputy
Head Counsul Burgess' of Blue Hill, and
the work wa8 exemplified by the forester
of Kearney camp, commanded by Captain
W. F. Sammons. ,
Farmer at Falrbnry.
FAIRBUR-Y, Neb.. Feb. 7.-(Speclal.)
The Jefferson County Farmer' institute
yesterday closed a two-days' session which
was the most successful In the annals of
the organization. The district court room
was not large enough to acommodate the
crowd in attendance. The following pro
gram was carried out: "Economic Pork
Production," by O. Hull of Alma; "Con
tagious Diseases of Stock," by Dr. E. K.
Paine of Falrbury; "Our Schools," by Mrs.
O. W. True, county superintendent; "Do
mestic Science and Home," by Miss Bouton
of state university; "The Tillage of Soli,"
by C. W. Pugsley; "Raising and Caring for
Incubator Chicken," by Mr. W. F. John
son of Harvard; "Windbreaks and Shelter
Belts," by Val Keyser of experiment sta
tion; "Breeding and Selecting Seed Corn,"
by C. W. Pugsley; "Good Roads," by P. S.
Easterday; "Road Tax," by F. A. Houston.
The display of farm products waa an ex
cellent one a were the exhibit In the do
mestic science department. Premiums for
farm products were awarded a follows:
Best white corn, W. Oberhelmer; best yel
low corn, O. R. Jones; best sweet corn, W.
Oberhelmer; bet pop com, Robert Church:
best hard wheat, H. Steggerman; best
white oats, S. E. Gay lor: best mixed oats,
E. D. Brown; best alfalfa seed. W. H.
Brown; best millet seed, J. R. Lansener;
best Kaffir corn, F. Richands; best early
potatoes, W. H. Clark; best late potatoes,
A. W. Danke; best sorghum seed. Falrchlld
Man with Many Offleea.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. Feb. 7. Spe-
clal.) A friendly auit at law la not Improb
able to ascertain whether W. R. King, the
recently elected county treasurer, can con-
tine the office ofetty treasurer and ex
officio school district treasurer. He Is now
occupying all three office's and according to
an opinion by J. H. Woolley, attorney for
the Board of Education, the offices are In-
compatible and under the common law the
city treasurer qualified for and accepted
the office of county treasurer. He was
elected to the latter In November on the re
publican county ticket. He waa elected to
the former last spring without opposition.
running by petition. He has held the office
of city treasurer for year and hi accounts
have always checked up to the greatest of
satisfaction, nor I there the least doubt as
to hi Integrity or ability even by hi most
bitter opponents. Since he would hold the
city treasurer's office for more than a year
and a regular election is coming on In
April It Is not Improbable that a friendly
suit will be brought to ascertain If the de
cision of th board's attorney Is correct.
The latter ha made a thorough Investlga
tlon of the case and seems to be very em.
phatlc In the opinion.
Arrested for Hors Stealing.
BARNESTON. Neb., Feb. 7. (Special
Telagram.) Marshal Sam Jamea of thla
city arrested Fred Knowles, a man ao
euaed of stealing a horse from the livery
man at Adams, Neb., yesterday. The ao.
cused was taken In charge by Sheriff Trud
of Beatrice, who arrived her thl after
noon. Th horse and saddle Is held her.
Th prisoner does not deny th oharge and
th only excuse be make 1 th etatement
that he was drunk and this Is his first
offense. Knowles doe not say much, but
Intimates that Ue will plead guilty.
Beatrtso Drtvllaar Association O
BEATRICE, Dab.. Feb. T. (Special.) Ttj
annual maetlng af th Baa trie Driving as
soeiatlon waa h14 last night Th work of
th past rear was reviewed ad found vary
satisfactory. The ftOers vsr elect;
William Pennery president; Henry Wlebe.
first vice president: J. E. I-ang. second vice
president; F. E. Kimball, secretary; J. H.
Dunts, treasurer. C. W. Murray, W. W.
Scott, William Randall. F. EI Cook. J. P.
Beck, board of director.
Talk of Oa Prospects. '
BEATRICE, Neb., Feb. 7. tSpecial. An
other meeting of the Commercial club wa
held yesterday to discuss the question of
prospecting for oil and gas. It Is the Inten
tion of the business men of this city to
raise $10,000 for the purpose of sinking one
or more wells and to ascertain what there
la under this section of the country that Is
worth digging for provided the necessary
amount is secured. The names of the
trustees for the management of the enter
prise are a follows: C. C. Knapp. W. P.
Norcross, John Warren. T. A. Woodward,
F. E. Morrison, Ed 8. Miller, C. B. Demp
ster, CI. H. Johnson and W. N. Farlow.
The chairman was authorized to appoint
the necessary committees to carry out the
plan a set forth and he will announce
such committees later.
Boy Freesea to Death.
EDGAR, Neb., Feb. 7. (Special.) The
body of Guy Carson, son of Mr. and Mr.
W. J. Carson of this place, wa found last
evening about 6 o'clock In a field belonging
to J. C. Nlsely. Ave and a half miles north
of here. The boy was 16 year old. He
had been suffering for nearly a year with
a nervous affliction resembling epilepsy.
He had been visiting a sister, Mrs. A.
Patton of Fairmont, and left her home
some time in the forenoon last Saturday.
Hu "" knpw tht h wa homesick, but
tr,wl ,0 Persuade him to stay, as his father
mother were both away from home.
He attempted to walk home across the
country and when within six miles of home
was overcome by the severe cold and froxe
to death.
Concrete Worker Organise.
GRAND INLAND. Neb., Feb. 7. (Special
Telngram.) At a meeting of concrete and
cement manufacturers and users today in
what Is called a district convention It was
decided to call a state convention of con
crete stone men at Lincoln February 14,
15 and 16 for the purpose of organizing a
state association.
Graders Finish Work.
OAKIAND, Neb., Feb. 7. (Speclal.)-The
Grant Smith company, railroad contractors,
have finished their work here and hrokn
camp Tuesday. This practically finishes
the grading In this vicinity and everything
Is In readiness for the tracklayers, who are
reported as being seven miles south of
ewa of Nebraska.
PLATTSMOt'TH Mrs. Henry Wolfe died
Sunday at her home in l.lhertv nrerlnrt.
where she had resided since 1867, aged 75
YORK York Ice men are cutting and
r tuning up ice as rast as they can. employ
ng all the men and teams nnRsllile. Th
Ice houses are being rnpldly filled with
good, clear Ice.
OAKLAND The cold weather of the last
few days has made the Ice crop a sure
thing. Two large forces began cutting Ice
Tuesday morning. Good Ice a foot thick
is being harvested.
AINSWOUTH-F. S. Heck, while work
ing on an Ice pond slipped and fell and a
wsgon load of Ice passed over his right
root nreiiaxing tnreo bones. Dr. Murph
arcBBcn me : racture.
ARNOLD T. B. Hord of Central City
wno mint two inrge corn crlhs here a
short time ago now has them almost full
and will erect two more the same size
which he expects to nil.
HCMBOLDT Prospects for loe having
grown less favorable with each succeeding
week. Frank llym-k yesterday began put
ting tip Ice from the Nemaha river, a short
distance west or this city.
NORFOLK Paul Renner. asred B0. a nlo.
neer settler In Madison county, is enjoying
won wrrii n vimi irmii nm nmilier, noDel'l
Renner. of Germuny. aged 30, whom the
Nebraska man Hud never seen before.
LEIGH A pretty wedding occurred yes
terday afternoon nt 8 o'clock at the country
home of Mr. and Mrs. Mnlter Theel, near
Uelgn, When their daughter Anna was
united in marriage to Robert Piller of
Fl'LLERTON John Hlnshllwood. one of
Nance county's most respected citizens.
died this morning at the home of his
daughters In this city, lie came to this
county in ls8 and has been a resident of
Fullerton for fifteen years.
ARNOLD There are numerous land
buyers coming and going all the time, to
such an extent that It is very hard for
them to llnd hotel accommodations, there
have been many pieces of real estate sold
here In the past two weeks at very good
AINSWORTH This morning five of
Ainsworth's business men took this morn
ing's train for Utah and different point
In the west to look up locations 1'or suita
ble homes. They are as follows: R. M.
Eldred. John Cheney, John Day, H. Hal-
stead and John Frits.
PAWNEE CITY The grocery store of
Raper & Miller was entered and robbed
this morning at an early hour. Nothing
has been learned as yet wno tne intruders
are, but home talent Is suspected. About
22 in sliver was taken but nothing else
in the store was molested.
ARNOLD The Union Pacific surveyor
are attain In town, this time they are put
ting In the location stakes. 1 hey moved
their camp today from the Ramsey farm
near Mllldale to a point about four miles
northwest of town and they have been
working near town ail day.
PLATTSMOl'TH The Plattsmouth school
directors have re-elected Superintendent
E. L. Rouse for the third time and agreed
to pay all of his expenses while attending
the national meeting of school superintend
ents in Louisville, Ky., on the last two days
of this month ana tne nrst ot next.
BEATRICE Today County Attorney Kil-
len hied an appeal from the allowance by
the county board of the claim of J. H.
Sparks for S2.1uu for building the new bridge
at Barneston. This makes a total of about
(14.0ii in warrants allowed Sparks which
have been appealed oy tne county attorney.
BEBMEIt Mrs. Minnie Zlpp died at her
home in Beemer Monday at 8:30, after
an Illness of nearly two years. The de
ceased was 4Z years or age anu leaves a
family of elgnt rniuiren, rour Doys ana
four girls. The funeral services will be
held in the German Lutheran church at
1 o'clock today.
GRAND ISLAND It is learned that Mrs.
Max Mobley, formerly of this city, now
of North Yakima, Wash., has been ac-
Uses Pe-ru-na In Ills Own
family as a Catarrh
EO. W. HON BY, Ex-Treasurer of th
State of Wisconsin, Is a man of wide
cqualntance and extensive experience.
He has used Peruna In his own family
with the most gratifying results.
He gives It unqualified endorsement as
an efficient catarrh remedy.
It Is Just such testimony as this which
ha given Peruna a rlgh standard In th
estimation of the American public.
There is no possible way to gainsay
such frank and genuine testimony.
The only way to account for such testi
mony Is the fact that Peruna really doe
what Is claimed for It.
Because It relieves catarrh. It clears the
way for Nature to
re-assert her sway
over the . physiologi
cal force ot the
body and thus rid
the system of a'
The Reliable
Catarrh Remedy
great many different chronlo disease.
Catarrh Is the stronghold of lingering
diseases. One rid the system of catarrh
and It Is very difficult Indeed for disease
to linger very long.
Followed by Hartman'a Advice.
Mr. John C. Nelson. Dayton, Tenn., '
geologist and mining engineer, while a
Captain in the Federal Army during the
Civil War, contracted a case of rheu
This malady was constant and persist
ent, including the development of other
ailments, which also became chronic. After
taking a course of Peruna, Capt. Nelson
"Having been painfully afflicted with
chronic rheumatism and the adjunctive
complications for many years, and after
having received many general and special
treatments with only temporary relief, I
read your scientific treatise on catarrhal
'At my request, you prescribed for me
a special course of the Peruna remedies.
which I closely followed, and am happy
to report that my rheumatism and com
plicated ailments are subdued, and I feel
young again at the age of sixty-nine
'Koason will accept yottr clarifica
tion of catarrhal diseases as scientific
and true, and the Pernua remedies as
a standard treatment for them. .
"I thank yon heartily for your skill
ed and logical advice."
Mr. James D. King, Alamo Hotel, Col
orado Springs, Col., member Youman of
America, writes:
I had to come-, here on account of lung
trouble and found that my recovery wa
very stow. t
"A friend suggested that I try Peruna
and I did so. I began to improve very
rapidly and I kept right on using It In
four months my lungs were all healed and
quitted by a Jury from the charge of being
an accomplice of the alleged criminal as
sault of her husband upon another man
and that Mobley will have a re-hearlng
In the supreme court of the state.
HCMBOLDT The local brick company
has received word from the factory which
was to furnish the machinery to the effect
that the last samples of clay sent In were
not entirely satisfactory and request a
second shipment In order to more fully test
the requirements in the way of equipment.
This will cause some delay In getting th
plant In pluce.
GRAND ISLAND The Board of Educa
tion has taken steps either to remodel
considerably the rules of the foot ball
and basket ball games as Indulged In by
the high school students, or eliminate the
game altogether. A committee of three,
consisting of McAllister, Ferrar and Paine,
has been appointed to investigate the mat
ter and report.
BEATRICE Fred McBrlde. the type
writer repairer wanted here on the charges
of Jumping a board bill at the Butler
hotel amounting to 140, and for selling a
machine belonging to Al Thoman, to Dis
trict Clerk John R. Queln. waa brought
here last night by Sheriff Trude from
Oarlnda, la., and lodged In Jail to await
his preliminary 1 tearing.
YORK On Monday. February 16, York
will entertain the district convention of
the Wofidmen of the World In Fraternal
hall. The forenoon and afternoon will be
taken up by business of the order and in
the evening a public meeting will be held.
1" re will be delegates from all over the
d. rlct and many of the head officer of
the order will be in attendance.
PLATTSMOUTH The friends of Joslah
Tlmhlln assisted in celebrating hi seventy-,
fourth birthday Monday. He homenteaded
an eighty-acre tract of land In this county
in 18i7, having only a $5 bill after paying
for the filings, but by Industry and fru
gality he lias prospered and now owns
one of the best (arms In Cass county and
a comfortable residence and several lots
In Weeping Water.
BEATRICE H. H. Brown, day clerk at
the Paddock hotel and a former resident
of Omaha, was severely injured In a fight
yesterday with Walter Pllkey, chef at the
hotel. Brown's nose was broken In two
places and his Injuries were such that
the services of a physician were required.
The trouble occurred In the kitchen of
the hotel, and Mr. Brown will be confined
to his room for several days on account
of his Injuries.
GRAND ISLAND During these day
when the farmers are not very busy drives
for wolves are becoming very popular in
this section. In a drive participated In
by many farmers and some sports from
the city yesterday eight wolves were
scared up, but the gentlemen behind th
guns had vicious attacks of buck fever
and only one wolf scalp Is drying on the
wigwam of the successful htddr. Another
hunt will be had next Thursday and a
third next Monday. a
OSCEOI.A One of the most hotly con
tested criminal cases that has been tried
before the county Judge Is ended. It was
entitled the State of Nebraska against
Oscar Stromberg. the complainant being
Peter Bundling, who charged assault and
battery. There were two score In witnesses
The Land of
The Land of l
0 meedla I
The Modern Soda Cracker
Bounded on the North by the Purity of the
Snows; on the South by the Nutritious Wealth
of the Tropics; on the Hast by the Health
fulness of Scientific Baking; on the West by
the Energizing Power of the Mountains.
I Ss I
i '
my cough all gone. 1 feci that, much ot
the credit Is due to Peruna, and I ara
pleased to endorse It."
"Other Remedies Filled
Pt-ra-m Efficacious."
Hon. Geo. W. Honey, National Chap
lain V. V. TJ., Ex-Chaplain 4th Wisconsin
Cavalry. Ex-Treasurer State of Wiscon
sin and Ex-Quartermaster General State
of Texas G. A. R., writes from 1700 First
St., N. W., Washington, D. C, as follows:
"I cannot too highly recommend
your preparation for the relief of
catarrhal troubles in their various
"Some memliers of my own fam
ily hare used it with most gratify
ing results.
'When other remedies failed,
Peruna proved most efficacious and
I cheerfully certify to its curative
A. L. Hewitt, J. P., West Berlin, VU
"I am happy to be able to write yn
this letter In relation to what your Peruna
has done for my family.
"When I brought the first bottle homo,
I found my wife and daughter both sick
my wife with Indigestion and my daugh
ter with a severe cold. They were both
"I am willing to state that Peruna, taken
In th beginning, will cure the worst cold
In M to 88 hours."
on the ease and It lasted two days. Th
defense satisfied the court that there was
no assault and battery, but that Mr. Peter
Bundling got full, fell out or his wagon
and that waa where he was Injured.
NORFOLK "Hollo, Jack," said a voung
boy In the postoffico today to County At
torney Jack Koenlgsteln. The lad's face
Impressed the attorney as one he needed
and the boy waa later arrested at school,
charged with arson. His name I Ernest
Stutsk and he Is ssld to have been mixed
up In a stable fire here last summer. H
turned state's evidence against two other
and then disappeared, so that the -other
boys were released with $25 fines Instead
of penitentiary sentences. Young Stutck
spent the day In Jail and was fined- X.
BEATRICE Irving Wetherald, who has
been head clerk In the commercial office
of the Burlington at this point for nufnv
yeara, has been promoted to the position
of traveling freight and passenger agent
to succeed Theodore Thomas, who wa
recently transferred to Denver. Mr. Weth
erald will be succeeded by WlllJam F.
Gingrich, who has been cashier at th
Burlington station here for some tlmo.
An extra agent will succeed Mr. Glngricli
for the present, until his successor is ap
pointed. YORK William Whlttele, a niaoliinlst
employed In the York foundry, had a wild
ride In Dr. O. M. Moore's automobile yes
terdAy that came nearly resulting dis
astrously. While making some repairs and
thinking the machine woulir run without
further work he started It to tuke a spin
down South IJncoln avenue, when the
machine refused to aton anil the
I device became uncontrollable. Ho took a
nying ride down the street with full right-of-way
and the machine swerved to the
right, struck a ditch and stopped, throw
ing Whittle out over the dashboard.
GRAND ISLAND The Board of Educa
tion at Its recent meeting received a com
munication from N. W. Ifarris & Co., en
closing tho opinion of Its attorney to the
effect that he could not approve the recent
Issue of school bonds In the amount of
IS0.000 owing to alleged defective notice.
The board received the communication, as
also a proposition from N. W. Harris Ik
Co. relative to their willingness to carrv
out their contract If another election were
held and the bonds so tarried, that their
attorney could approve them. It nuk no
action as to this since other bidder are
standing In readiness to take the bond
as they are. in the event the auditor of
the state registers the bonds. Thero 1 nr
disposition here to contest tle bonds.
PLATTSMOUTH At the seventh annual
meeting of the stockholders of the liatts
mouth Telephone company the following
officers were elected: President, T. h.
I'armele: vice president. C. C. Parmelf;
treasurer and general manager, T. H. Pol.
lock; secretary, J. N. Wise. The report
of the secretary showed that the business
of the company for the last year waa 50
per cent more than the previous year and
that the company now owns and operate
eleven exchanges with 1.H0O telephones and
more than WW miles of first-class toll line.
Including the exchange In Bouth Omaha.
Lincoln and Nebraska City. The company
has connections with nearly every town la
Nebraska except Omaha and will soon
connect the South Omaha exchange wlta
Council Bluffs. The usual 10 per cent
dividend wa declared.