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Office), to Ttmri
Major Declam Uider lo CircumiUneei
, - Will Ha Accept Renomtaatios.
Party is Alt Tara fcr rulttit aad
Thr DmIiIm at th Mayor WHI
. Mix Matters l War
Tku Enr,
Th' democratic party In CouncU Bluffs
will hav to seek a sow candidate to bead
Ita, ticket at the city election on March
M. It had been generally understood that
Mayor Macrae would accept a renomi na
tion provided It came to him without oppo
sition. Mayor Macrae has, however. In the
last v week chanced hi mind and has ma
dared with all 4ae emphasis in his power
that ha will not a candidate tor re
nominatrori and what ii more will not ac
cept a renomi nation at the bands of his
party, even tf it Is tendered him upon a
golden . platter and with the unanimous
consent of every, member of the party in
Council Bluff. Hie refusal to accept a re
nomination. Mayor Macrae says, is Irre
vocable and that absolutely nothing can
Induce him to change his mind.
Mavor Macrae' decision, to refuse to
accept a renomtnatlon for the office of
thief executive of the city ts said to have
leen brought about by the criticism which
he and the members of the city council
have been subject to ia their efforts to
bring about what they considered was an
equitable adjustment of the water rates.
Tellln of his decision to refuse a renom
tnatlon Mayor Macrae Mid;
statemeat by Mayor.
"What I the mayor of Council Bluffs,
anyhow? He Is merely a figurehead with
thd title" of fiiayor attached to his name
About all a mayor ha the power to do la
to select the chief of police and the mem
bers of the police department, and even
these appointments, have to be confirmed
by the Mty council. There la nothing in
It except abuse and censure. The salary
of the office, which of course Is a minor
consideration, does not pay man's ex
venues whit he fills the office of mayor. 1
have had I wo years of it. and now let
someone else have the worry. I endeavored
to do the best I knew how for the Inter
est of the city and It' people and I think
the- latter will admit that at least I have
given them a cleaner city than they had
for many yefcra before. I am out of the
mayor business and, as far a that goes.
out of politic also. I Bhall, however, leave
the office with til feelings towards no one
and with the best of good wishes for the
future-to all." . .
Discs ta the Tart.
Not for many years has discord been so
rampant In the democratic party of Coun
cil Bluffs a It is today and Mayor Macrae's
announcement that he will not under any
circumstances accept a renomination will
not tend to Improve matters. Surface lndl
cations, if they ' count for anything, are
that not a single democratic member of the
present city eouncu win ue irnunuiui
this spring, except It may possibly be
Alderman McMillen of the Fifth ward.
In the First ward Alderman Younker-
man'a friends are Insisting that he Is en
titled to a renomination, but former Alder
man Charles Huber I being prominently
mentioned now for the democratic nomina
tion and thia will mean a bard fight for
Taunkerman and his friends. In the Second
ward Alderman Maloney was thought to be
safe until a few days ago. but It is said
that a certain element In his party ha the
knife out for him. In the Third ward Al
derman Tinley has announced that he will
not seek a renomination. It was, however,
a foregone conclusion that he would not be
accorded one, owing to the doubts of the
legality -of his quasi residence In that werd.
in the F6urth ward Aldmnan Weaver Is
elated for retirement, but In the Fifth ward
Alderman McMillen appears so far to have
a good show for a renomination. In the
Sixth ward the west ender have announced
that Alderman Crippen Is to be placed on
the shelf and It la hardly likely that he will
What if Man Gain the W hole World
" 'and Lose Ills Appetite?
The man with the well behaved stomach
never . thinks about it. ' He eats what he
likes and likea what be eata He knows
he'll enjoy it, because ha knows he has a
stomach that will easily digest It. AU
thing took good to him; he will sit dose
to the table, and with a merry twinkle In
hla eye and a world-peace expression, he
wM "start" on -the delicious meal before
But' the man with the bad. brashy, gurgly
stomach Is the man who is always think
ing about 11. He can seldom eat what he
most likes, and seldom likes what he eats.
His stomach worries him before meals,
after meals and between meals. It Is on
his. brain. It robs him of hla cheer and
Interferes' with lite dally work. Around
him r a dark spirit which presses Itself
forward In his thoughts, crying: ''I am
sgony. I am disgust, I am nausea. I am
sckne. languor, . worry. I am conceived
ln.'fliilck lunches and pappy food, and nour
ished by gulpy meals. I rob brains of their
force- and bodies of their life. I steal
away nerve and vim. I bring heart disease
and apoplexy. I make the world a pit
of weariness and darkness. I am woe, I
an, death. .1 am dyspepsia. But yet, I
bring also hope, light and future health,
because of my gloomy presence I give you
warning and .a chance to escape ma"
This ts a bad dream, but It is the dally
dream xit th dyspeptic. If U were not for
tli white we couldn't tell the black. If
It were not for dyspepsia we couldn't
know- the Joy. the happiness of a well or
dered digestion. All the world looks bright
to a man of good health, and good health
Is Impossible without a good hearty stoni
arh. And say sick- or weak : can ! h bV I" wh ch he cU i'ms
lT?SlZnlT.hy '"'I ,klnioue him because of def.matorr remark.
" .. - " '
you, weieaa i lamua your urea stomach 1
do it.' Stuart Dyspepsia Tablets are the 1
moat effective little tablet in the world for
(his very thing. If you feel bloated after
eating, or you have nausea, aversion to
fn4. brash. Irritation, sour stomach, heart
burn or dyspepsia. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab
lets will stop It I-cause one grain of an In
gredient of theee tablets will digest J.0u0
grates of food.
Teur stomach ia overworked. Let It take
.ret. .You're cot yourself when you have
a bad stomach. Tbeae tablets will do th
work that the stomach has to do and make
yon feel bright, thjnk clearly and give you
ambition and powe to concentrate your at
tention on your work. You'll feel good.
You should always have a box of Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets on your dining table.
1'bey will make you get all the good pos
uhte ut of .everything you eat. and you'll
tajoy It
St. TeL 48.
eek a renomlntlon
under these rlrcum-
Case Is Dismissed aad He la Held to
the Grail Jary.
When Charles, alias "Dutch." Stevenson
was placed on trial yesterday In the dis
trict court on the charge of stealing three
overcoat and a woman's cloak from the
pawnshop of Bam Friedman at K8 West
Broadway on December 11 last his attor
ney discovered a clerical error In the in
dictment. The date of the robbery was by
error given as December 11. un. in the In
dictment, which was returned by the grand
Jury last month. On the discover of the
error County Attorney Hess at once moved
to dismiss the charge and asked that Stev
enson be reheld to the grand Jury, which
Judge Thomell did. at the same time rais
ing Stevenson's bond from $300 to 00. As
Stevenson was Jointly indicted with Charles
Fosdick and Charles Lloyd, the Indictment
against these two was also quashed and
they were reheld to the grand Jury, their
bail likewlae being Increased from $M to
$500 each. The grand Jury will reconvene
March 6 and County Attorney Hess hopes
to be able to bring Stevenson to trial at
this term of court. There is a second In
dictment pending against Stevenson. Fos
dick and Lloyd on the charge of stealing
an overcoat and a cravenette from the
pawnshop of Bam Snyder at S3 West
Broadway on the same date. Their bonds
on this charge were placed at $0 each.
The three are In the county Jail, where
they have been since their arrest last De
cember. Stevenson has already served two
terms In the penitentiary at Fort Madison.
The district coiirt Jury in the case of A.
O. Meneray against Wlckham Brothers,
contractors, which went out Saturday aft
ernoon, brought In a verdict before B o'clock
last evening awarding the plaintiff $117.50.
Meneray sued for $000 damages for driving
Into a mortar box and other obstructions
which had been left on the street In front
of a house Wlckham Brothers were con
structing on Washington avenue and Sec
ond street. Originally the suit aaa brought
against the city and Wlckham Brothers,
but waa dismissed as to the city.
The plaintiffs In the Dom St McGinty
Cooper libel suit from Neola, not satisfied
with the four trials which the case has
bad, yesterday filed in the district court
a motion for a new trial. At the last trial
the plaintiffs were awarded tl damages,
but a the defendant had tendered in open
court $6 In settlement of the suit the costs
were thrown upon the plaintiffs. In sup
port of their motion for a new trial Darn
& McGlnty have filed an affidavit made by
Fhll Bets, one of the Jury before which
the suit .was last tried. In his affidavit
Bets states while seven of the Jurors were
for finding for the defendant he and four
others stood out for a verdict for the plain
tiffs, and finally consented to a compro
mise verdict of $1, believing that it would
throw the costs on the defendant. Bets
also makes "other statements Impugning
the motives of the Jurors who were for re
turning a verdict for the defendant.
Mrs. Llzsl Williams, who conducts a
hotel at Logan, la., filed suit for divorce
from 8. P. Williams, to whom she was
married September 16, 1881. She alleges that
her husband assaulted her on a number of
occasions, both In private and public, and
one time thrust a loaded revolver Into her
face and threatened to shoot her. At lier
request the court Issued an order restrain
ing the defendant from in any way inter
fering with his wife or her management of
the hotel.
Isnbrella Factory la Proeaeet.
C. H. Walker, representing the Sioux City
Umbrella company, was in the city yester
day conferring with Secretary Reed and
members of the executive committee of the
Commercial club. The company is anxious
to remove Its factory to Council Bluffs. It
does not ask any bonus, but expects that
about 111.000 to llo.OuO stock in the concern
be subscribed for locally. The local stock
holder will be empowered to name the
board of directors and have practical con
trol of the concern. The company at pres
ent employea five men and about fifty
young women. With Increased facilities
the company, If It removed to Council
Bluffs, would expect to give employment to
about 100 young women. Although nothing
definite was arrived at in the conference
yesterday several of the local business men
approached on the subject appeared to think
favorably of the proposition.
Now on sale, cut sunburst tumblers, full
cut pattern, $2.50 per dosen. W. A. Maurer,
Council Bluffs.
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel 250. Night, L63i
Oa Way to Watch Beside Dead Frlead
Whea Killed.
SIOUX CITY, la, Feb. 1 Three boys of
Meriden. Ia, sons of well-to-do families,
were killed by an Illinois Central passenger
train at a crossing half a mile east of Meri
den late this afternoon.
The dead are:
JOHN GILI aged 1.
The boys were on their way to the home
of Richard Cummins to guard the body of
Dennis Cummins, a companion of their own
age, who died In Omaha. The crossing
where the accident occurred ia in a deep
cut and the train waa running seventy miles
an hour.
lavlted lata Hoase aad Expiree on
Croaalag Threshold.
WEBSTER CITY. la.. Feb. . 8peciai
Telegram.) Peter Lundgren, a prominent
Stratford )oung man, after taking his
aweetheart, Misa Barquigt, home from
country party, upon being invited to enter
the house and get warm fell dead Just a
he crossed the threshold. The young man
had sever been sick or troubled with heart
disease prior to this. The night waa cold
and the couple had driven four miles.
Saee Preacher far Li he I.
EAGLE GROVE. Ia.. Feb. K. Kiser
of Kossuth county has started suit against
the preacher is
oreacher is alleaed to htv mail.
Kiser lived on the Hastings farm and avera
that the minister accused hiss of stealing
corn and oats.
Perklae Esasrttt at Leaaara.
I.EM ARS. la.. Feb. C (Special Telegram.)
Seventy-five people, including spectators,
attended a meeting called by seven repub
licans of this city to Indorse the candidacy
of George D. Perkins of Sioux City for
governor, and resolution were adopted to
that effect. The Cummin supporter took
no part in lb meeting.
Latter Day galat Heel.
LITTLE BIOUX. la . Feb. (Special.)
The quarterly convention of th religious
societies and Sunday schools of the Latter
Day fUlnta churches of Harrison county
will be held her on Thursday and Friday.
February I and , at th Little $ioux
Becare Reference. They Desire oi Eesolt
tion for Election of Senator.
Hewse Ceaaaalttee Makes a Favorable
Report an the Wasaaa' PaTr;e
Amcadcaeat Meat Pro
s' nr era Has.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DKS MOINES, Feb. . (Special.
The- I
Cummina people won by 3 to 17 In a close
factional lineup in the senate today In get
ting the Lewis resolution for a conference
on voting direct on United Slates senators
referred to the appropriations committee.
As soon as the resolution was Introduced
Senator Crawford, chairman of the federal
relations committee, was on the floor. Lewis
asked that It be referred to the appropria
tions committee. Crawford moved that It
be referred to the federal relations commit
tee. The Cummins people scented a move
to bury the resolution. The federal rela
tions committee consists of seven members,
only one of which Is said to be a Cummins
supporter. The appropriations committee
consist of sixteen and Is pro-Cummins, the
chairman being Garst, a strong Cummins
man. Debate followed. Only one democrat.
Wade of Butler, voted with the etand-pat-tera.
Eadorse Pare Food.
The senate today endorsed the pure food
move In congress after taking the name of
Hepburn out of the reeolutlon introduced
by Harper of Ottumwa. A stiff debate fol
lowed the introduction of the resolution.
Molsberry leading the opposition. The vote
waa on roll call and stood 36 to 9. Bruce.
Crawford. Gale, Dunham. Gilliland. Mols
berry. Spaulding. Stookey and Stuckalager
voting against the resolution.
Little Business la Seaate.
Only one bill was Introduced In the senate
today. That was by Ericson. to complete
the historical and state library building.
Senator Dunham reported out of committee
the bill prohibiting stdoons within 300 feet
of any railway passenger station, with the
recommendation that it pass, but the bill
was sent back to the committee for further
Hoaae Waa Bust.
The house today, aside from the Law son
speech, had a busy time. A resolution was
introduced by Temple making a time limit
on new reneral bills, fixing February 20
as the time, and nothing but appropriation
bills after that date.
The bill to appropriate $3,000 for a bronze
bust of Samuel J. Klrkwood for the na
tional statuary hall at Washington was
passed unanimously.
The Mott bill to require that blanks for
druggists' liquor permits must be procured
from the county auditor and be numbered
was passed; also the Robinson bill in re la
tion to expense of drainage district mat
ters, the Weeks bill In relation to the
descent of real property and a bill to ap
propriate for the expenses of the visiting
committees at state institutions.
A bill was Introduced to provide for the
election of township school treasurers, also
several insurance committee bills making
slight changes in the Insurance laws.
The house committee this afternoon de
cided to report favorably the woman's suf
frage resolution.
The agricultural committee changed the
pure food bill so as to give retailer a year
to get rid of old goods and to give Jobbers
the privilege to carry In stock a separate
line for sale In other states. This la for
cities on the border of the state. The bill
will be reported out In both houses to
Governor Cummins today signed the
Bealer bill for special registration in cities,
He held It several days to investigate legal
Meat Producers at Work
The convention of the Corn Belt Meat
Producers' association was opened today
by an address of welcome by Henry Wal
lace. Little time was spent in organising
and getting to work. Tonight the conven
tion was addressed by Governor Cummins
on the rate situation. The association ap
pointed the following committee on resolu
tions, which will report tomorrow: H. C.
Wallace, chairman; J. H. McGinn, Fred
Larrabee, William Kltch, H. L. Wilson,
James Edmonds, Ci. E. Dempster, James
Nichols, Charles Hunt, K. R. Knight. D.
Muir and W. J. Read.
Dee Molars Bars BaBTalo.
Th Park board today concluded the pur
chase of a herd of buffalo from Eaton
Bros, of Wyoming, which will be placed
In Greenwood park. W. B. Keffer, as
score tary, signed the contract and the
buffalo, one bull and three cows, will be
shipped next month. The price paid is
$400 each, delivered in this city, being very
reasonable when the rarity and quality
of the animals purchased are considered.
The herd Is the first in Des Moines.
Labor Leader Wlaa.
In the supreme court today the conviction
of D. F. Caine of Sioux City of conspiracy
to injure a peace officer was reversed. The
case grew out of the packers' strike there.
Prealdeat I.rach Here.
President Lynch of the International
Typographical union arrived in this city
today. He slated that be was not here
for a conference with the employers. "The
position of the striking printers in De
Moines is secure," said President Lynch.
"There was no need for me to come here.
I merely stopped over on my way West"
Mr. Lynch was in conference with the
eight-hour committee of the union.
Read Gaea ta Aasea,
J. L Blake, superintendent of the New
ton It Northwestern, which is building aa
lnterurban from Kelley to Dea Moines,
today affirmed the report that the road
i will be built from Kelley to Ames and a
regular lnterurban established between
Ames and Des Moines, aa well as between
Boone and Des Moines.
Pleas for lalvereltr.
The Iowa Holiness association ia having
prepared by Des Moines architects plans
for a university, which it ia proposed to
erect at Oskaloosa. The main building ia
planned to be 70x120 feet. The city of
Oskaloosa has given a tract of 230 acres
of land to the movement. A woman's
dormitory costing between $12.00 snd $15,4(0
Is also under consideration.
owds aad Bsaaka Reader Tra s
aetlaat af Baalaaa Pi !!(
la Catcaga.
CHICAGO, Feb. C From early morning
until long after noon a dense cloud of
sinoka and clouda bung over thl city,
making It on of the darkest days ever
experienced her. All of the store were
lighted as though It waa night and th
street car raa with lamp lit and head
lights biasing as In th night time. At
times it waa not poaalbl to sea more than
on aguare In any direction. Much diffi
culty waa experienced in th street, th
darkness causing many collision.
On th Board of Trad for the first tint
in many years there was no announcement
ef the price of rash wheat at th closing
pies because of the darkness. The weather
bureau declared the darkness to be purely
local and said that It would continue In
all probability throughout the day.
It la Alleged, la the Charge
Preferred Aaalast Raaslaa
NEW YOKk. Feb. . Attorney Rosenthal
said last night that he would appeal to
Secretary Root for the release on bail of
his client. Felix Gaidsls. the Russian fugi
tive who Is held here on a charge of lar
ceny preferred through the federal authori
ties by the police of SU Petersburg.
Mr. Rosenthal says that the larceny
.KuWA la ,i i a t n nhtftin 1 1 1 niKlmtv nf
Mils client, who fled from Russia to escape
punishment for his political opinions. Mr.
Rosenthal said:
'My client was a privati- soldier In a St.
Petersburg regiment and was detailed as
an orderly to General Evegenl Lamanskl,
who lived In Molko street. The revolution
ists gathered, the general being In sym
pathy with them. General Lamanskl was
not suspected for a long time. His orderly
became thoroughly Imbued with the spirit
of the plotters.
It became known tu Lamanskl three
months ago that, he mas auspeoted. He
fled to Salt set land, where lie Is now. ilA
fore going he did not forget his faithful
orderly and advised him to go to the
United States. He gave him rubles.
Uxldsis, arter many adventures, crossed
the border, reached Hamburg and then
came here.
The charge is a dummy one to get back
this man Into the handa of Russian courts.
shall apply to Secretary Root, demand
ing that the man be admitted to bail. Of
course prisoners in-extradition cases can
not ordinarily be admitted to ball. There
Is a precedent however, under Secretary
Cereatoalea Will Be Coadacted
Wedaeaday Afteraaoa nan Radx
Will Be Taken East.
The Arthur Shlverick funeral service wiJl
be held at 5 p. m. Wednesday at the home
of Mrs. Charles Shlverick, 373 Jones street.
Rev. T.. J. Mackay, rector of Al! Saints'
church, officiating. At 8: o'clock the body
will be accompanied east by Asa Shlverick
of New York, a nephew of the deceased.
The burial will be at Wood s Hall, Mass.,
where Arthur Shlveriok's mother resides.
Frank Shlverick of Chicago, a brother, will
accompany the body an far as Chicago.
The pallbearers wili be Floyd M. Smith
and William H. Crary of Omaha and four
nephews Asa, Charles, Nathan and Robert
Miaaeaota Laaaher Case lavolvlag
Over 2tO,00 fettled Oat of
MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. . Edaln C. Shev
lin, who about two years ago brought suit
against his brother. Thomas Shevlln. the
millionaire lumberman, alleging fraudulent
transfer of stock In theJCrookston and St.
Hallaire Lumber company amounting to
between HA 000 and HUO.OOu, has "affected a
settlement with his brother, and today ati
order was made in the Hennepin court dis
missing the case. Edwio C. Shevlln's at
torney claims his client got all he sued
for In the case. The second trial of the
case was to begin lp..,,Uie : district court
today. " . "'
Ohio Hoaae Paaaea Bill AKolUhlaa
Coatrart System Im Pent
teatlary. COLUMBUS, O.. Feb. i.-The house this
afternoon passed the Werts bill abolishing
prison contract labor In Ohio and providing
that state prisoners shall be employed In
the manufacture of materials for construc
tion of roads-and articles for the use of
state institutions. It also provides that
persons sentenced to Imprisonment in
county Jails may be employed on the roads
In the county In which they are aentenoed.
Tht bill goes to the senate.
BUI for Money.
WASHINGTON. Feb. . Representative
Fowler (N. J.) has introduced a "clean
money" bill which provides that any person
or corporation haying mutilated or worn
currency may aend It by registered mail
to the treasury of the United States and
receive In exchange new currency without
postage or registration charge either way.
The bill also appropriates $100,000 for the
transportation of worn out currency from
subtreasurles and fiscal agents of the gov
ernment to the treasury of the United
States and for the return of new currency.
Fear Mldahlpmea Dismissed.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 1 Secretary Bona
parte today signed formal orders for dis
missal for basing of Midshipman Richard
De Sasaasure of the First South Carolina
district, and Midshipman George H. Mel
vln of the Fifteenth Illinois district.
"ebraaka Ma a Aamed.
WASHINGTON. Feb. a-Th president to
day sent to the senate the nomination of
Olof Olson, to be receiver of public moneys
at Valentine. Neb.'
D. A. Ft. Chapter. -
The February meeting or the Omaha
chapter, DauKhters of the American Revo
lution, was held at 2: p. m. Monday at
the home of Mrs. C H. Pickens. 112 North
Thirty-ninth street. After the usual busi
ness session the following program waa
given, Mrs. J. R. Webster presiding: Vocal
koIo. Miss Klla Clarke; vocal solo, Mrs.
William E. Johnson: paper, Mrs. Walter
D. Williams: vocal solo. Miss Ella Clarke:
recitation. Miss Gwendoline Patea; vocal
solo. Mrs. William E. Johnson. At the
conclusion of the program refreshments
were served in the dining room. The
hostess was assisted by the following: Mrs.
Muwhlnney, Mrs. Pennock, Mrs. Hovt, Mis.
Beea. Mrs. Pratt. Mrs. W. B. Millard, Mra.
Alfred Millard. Mrs. Montgomery. Mra.
Neely and Mra. Penny, Mrs. Blanche B.
Heller, historian Omaha chapter. Daughters
of the American Revolution.
Mortality etatlatle.
Th following birth and deaths have
been reported to the Bdard of Health dur.
Ing the twenty-four hours ending at noon
Births Evan R. Stroud. 4017 North Twenty-sixth,
girl; Frank Kangior. "411 South
Twenty-ninth, boy; John O'Grady, 311)
Burt, girl: J. H. Olaen. 30O) Maple, boy;
Martin Dineen. Sit North Twenty-fifth,
boy; P. M. Tobin. Twenty-second and Paul,
girl; Fred Blausnlch, CI North Twenty-
first, girl: Mwiril Roth. US North Twentv.
sixth, girl; B. Zlckefoose. 1011 South Elev
enth, girt. .
Deaths Marie Rossitter, ICS North
Twentieth. : Helen Sarah Romigh. 3uC3
North Nineteenth. 51; Dennia Curnmlngs,
Meriden. Ia.. 30; Mary M. Wakefield.
Harney. $7; Nels J. EdquuM, i&a Chicago, 43.
Grata Bayer
Baraed ta Death,
Kan., Feb. t A frame
hotel buildina at Rome, thia count mam
destroyed by fire early today. W. L Rich
ardson, a grain buyer, was suffocated in
his bed. Th landlord, W. F. Popplewell
and hi wife, badly burned, made their
escape in their nigtitclolhea. The financial
loss was small.
Isa-la-Law Mlaslag;.
George Webber of Groslnger, Nurtinger.
Germany, haa written Chh-f of Police
Donahue - concerning th whereabouts of
Frank Cuebeck. who married Webber'
daughter In Omaha during IsM aad later
la reported to have aent hla wife to Ger
many, but baa not been heard ef since.
of the session. Dealer pronounced ft Im
possible to determine the character of sem
country Club Fn rebate. Froster Trittsi
Its Ftrmintnt Berne.
Laad Lie Aleaa evr Trailer Line
I'art f'raak aad aa Ideal Traet
for the Paraoaee of -the
There was an informal meeting of the
board of directors of the South Omaha
Country club Monday afternoon, but no
election of officers. Tho object of the meet
ing was for the consideration of the pur
chase of a site for the club grounds. It
Was decided to purchase the Peter Frenxer
tract, which lies three-quarters of a mile
south of the Sarpy county line on the Thir
teenth street boulevard. Since the meeting
the deal has been closed and the first pay- j
ment has bceu mude. There Is a good hous!
infl nam nn the his. Rlrpadv. and It Is 1
likely these buildings will be used for the
accommodation of the club members until
better ones can be erected. The grounds
are Ideal and lie Just north of the well
known Child's property. There Is enough
native timber already on the ground for
the finest parking. The land lies In n ob
long form and It is believed a golf course
can be laid out without any crossing. In
that way there will be no confusion of tho
placers at any time. The property lies on
the proposed car line to Fort Crook, so
that It is within easy rench of all the mem
bers. Fire aad Police Board Meella.
There a-a a session of the Board of Fire
and Police Commissioners last night. The
principal business was. the report of Chief
Briggs for the month of January. F. O.
Hill and P. J. Harder were elected to perm
anent positions on the police force, both
haying passed satisfactory the thirty days
probation required.
During the year I!i5 the fire department
made 147 runs, of which four proved lo be
false alarms.
The board recommended that the city
council take steps necessary for the Imme
diate purchase of a patrol wagon for the
police department and also that a new one
horse rig be purchased for the fire chief.
A number of letters were presented for
the consideration of the board from dif
ferent ministers and the Young Men's
Christian association with regard to the
question of Sunday closing. Those letters
will be duly answervd by the secretary of
the board. All of them plead for the strict
observance of the Sunday closing law. No
definite orders were issued to the police
with regard to the matter, but It ia under
stood by the police they are to take note
of the conduct of all suloons In this re
spect. Hospital Aaaoelatloa Meetlna.
There was ft brief session of the South
Omaha Hospital association yesterday aft
ernoon. It being the regular monthly
meeting only current bills came up for
consideration. The nurses' salaries were
allowed and Adjournment taken until after
the charity ball.
City Hall Happealaas. '
The city treasurer paid the teachers'
warrants yesterday to the amount of
$7,U00. The total cost of running the schools
last month will reach nearly Is.OOO.
The city clerk is getting out warrants
for the general bills for January. Notices
have been sent to nil registrars to be on
hand Saturday, January W. for the first
revision of registration. So far no vacancies
have appeared on the list and If any occur
they will be filed by the mayor, according
to a resolution passed by the council last
Monday night.
Tax Commissioner Rldgeway haa gotten
up a device for handling the voting ma
chines, consisting of a tripod and a set of
chain blocks, with the proper attachmenta;
also a handy wooden base for the machines
to rest upon when taken out of the boxes.
With this device the machines can be
handled without heavy lifting.
Good Stolea from tar.
Monday night a freight car containing
a consignment of shoes and dry goods to
South Omaha merchants was broken open
; In the Union Pacific yards and twenty-four
' palra of ahoes stolen, together with a lot
of silk and thread and laces, the value
of which cannot be told until the consign
ment is Invoiced. The police have found
no trace of the missing goods. Besides
the goods taken the. thieves tore and
scattered considerable about the car. The
dry goods belonged to Flynn it Co.
Magle ntr Oeasla.
Mrs. David Condron left for Chicago this
morning for a visit with her daughter. Mrs.
William Brooks.
Friday of last week about twelve Swedes
went through the process of naturalisation
In the same way.
The Ladiea' Aid society of the Christian
church will meet all day Friday with Mrs.
J. G. Orange, i&d H street.
The Christian Endeavor society of the
Presbyterian church held a business meet
ing at the home of Dr. and Mrs. C. M.
The body of J. A. Bent, formerly of thia
city, who died in Los Angeles two weeks
ago, passed through the city yesterday eu
route to tne old nome, Wheaton. 111.
Harry McCandless, who haa recent". i,ad
forced him to return to the hospital. Is now
irpiirim w iw s'UUA"Jr iiiifi v ma.
The evening whist party to be given by
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Elliott will be on Feb
ruary 3u Instead of February 12, as form
erly announced. It will be at the residence,
ZM J street.
Mrs. Waddell left for California this
morning. Intending to make an extended
tour of that atate and alao to visit Honolulu
and other parts of the Hawaiian Islands
before her return.
Mr. and Mrs. Fisher. Mr. and Mra. Guild,
Mr. and Mrs. Jasner and Mr. and Mrs. Kel
ley wili give a dancing party at the Wood
men temple February is to a number of
their circle of friends.
The "Greens" entertained the "Reds" at
a matinee party at the Hurwood theater
yesteraay aiternoon. There were twenty
eight women in the parly. They all en
Joed the humorous production to th limit.
The death of Mrs. Harriet Bauman
North Thirty-third street. The funeral)
vtrrvnB mil, i- iiriu iiui j t muu uir
body will be sent to Prairie City, la., for
Mra. G. G. Fisher and son LeRoy of
Chicago are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wldlam
J. Mctiurney. ali K street. After a few
day Mrs. Usher will go to Casper, W yo.
Bhe and Mrs. McBurney were old friends
In Chicago.
The Lithuanian societies of South Omaha
will meet next Sunday afternoon at tne
New Bettlera' hall. Twentieth and U streets.
I It
Is stated that a new republican nun
will be formed among the Polish people
which compose the membership.
Health t'oaaaalaalaaer Create Refers
la gysteaa far Reavrtlag
Caatagloa Disease.
sa aasrylng out his program for a more
thorough supervision of th health and sani
tary conditions of tbe city. Health Com
missioner Ralph haa prepared a new form
of cards for reporting contagious dlaeaaea.
It calls for much more specific Information
than the old blanks. The list of diseases
which must be reported by attending phy
sician Is now as follows: Cerebro-splnal
fever, chickenpos, diphtheria, measles,
membraneous croup, puerperal fever, small
pox, typhoid fever, tuberculosis and whoop
ing cough.
Th new question propounded begin by
asking wbo supplies th milk used In th
affected family and whether hydrant or wall
water 1 used. It la Incumbent upon th
doctor ta say if th cas la in any way
connected with a xitlk shop or depot, lun-
dry, shop or other busirs place. In rase
of tuberculosis the qix-rtion is asked If
Inspection Is desired and Information
be given regarding the patient's past !'
dence If he arrived In Omaha within thl-y
days from the time of repot L
M. A.
tadereoa Loses l ife la Arcldeat
Ulasearl ParlMe at
Falls City,
M. A. Aiidoitoii. ,a former resident of
Omaha and a member of Waea lodge, 1
" pendent Order of Odd Fellow s, of this
rll , was killed In a wreck on th" Missouri
Pacific railroad near Falls City Tjedaj
Anderson, who was a brother of Carl A.
And-rson of Omaha, was coming from Pt.
louls to make preparations to go to th
Panama canal inn. where he expected to
oik as a machinist for the government.
The wreck was caused by a head-on col
lision of a passenger train from Kansas
City and a southbound freight train. Ni
other person
though the
was seriously Irjuid, al
conductor ef the passenger
train was slightly cut about the head.
The Injjred:
John Hall. Ksnsaa City, passenger con
ductor, cut and bruised.
Owen K. Trueblood. Kansas City, express
messenger, badlv cut and bruised.
E. L. Nickel, train auditor, shoulder dis
located. , .
Pr. B. F. Bailey. IJncoln, neck wrenched.
ltTnil,r U-l',ii,hrlHii, KiUISHS CUV.
bream crushed I
William P. Sullivan. Ueavenworui. man
clerk, cut and bruised.
Both engines were badly demolished and
the tender of the passenger engine was
Jammed into the baggage car, which In turn
was Jammed Into the mall car. until there
waa but six feet of space In one end. lu
which the mail clerk found refuge, with
slight Injury. One car of cattle was put In
the ditch.
The train from Omaha was reversed and
brought hack the passengers from the
wrecked train, while the cars of the train
which were not demolished were t-ent on to
Kansas City with the passenger going
south. i
The w re. k'occurred at MS a. ra. and the
train arrived In Omaha Ave iiours late.
The wreck was due to the carelessness
of the freight conductor. After taking on
cara at Strausville he pulled out about a
half mile, when he reniemliered he w;U
running on passenger time. He stopped ,
the train and begun to back when the pas-
senger ran Into Itwrecking both engines,
baggage car and two cattle cars filled with
! cattle, killing nine of them. Neither train
left the track.
Xaaaer la District aad Carlaad la
Clrealt Taart Heassemhle
November Term.
The adjourned November tiui of the
United States district and circuit courts
rearsembled Tuesday morning at the fed
eral building, with the Jry panel present
and Judge Munger occupying the district
bench In the north court room and Judge
Carland the circuit bench In the south
court room. No cases being ready for trial
In the circuit court the morning session was
devoted to hearing motions and demurrers
by Judge Carland and the assignment of
trial cases. The first case to come up for
trial In the circuit court will be that of
Dr. Charles Roar water against the Illinois
Central Railroad company for $20.ono dam
ages for personal injuries. This case la ret
for trial Wednesday morning.
The case of the United States against
Frank Bailey Is on trial in the United
, States district court before Judge Munger,
with Assistant District Attorney A. W. representing the government and. At
torney MacFarland for the defense. Bailey
Is Indicted for stealing a bugle, govern
ment property, from one of the armories of
the Omaha National Guard companies In
May of ISflt. , The case la being tried be
fore a Jury.
Aetlea Filed ta Recover Two Tho as
sad. Fire Hwadred Dollars
frosa City Atteraey.
An amended petition was filed Tuesday
in the suit of Susan E. 8 perry against City
Attorney John P. Breen. In which she Is
seeking to recover $2,500 alleged to have
been collected by Mr. Breen for A. D.
i Smith before the death of the latter Sep
tember . 1XX. The suit Is brought by
her aa administratrix of the estate of Mr.
The petition alleges thst Mr. Smith and
Mr. Breen entered into a contract by the
terms of which the latter was to atttempt
the collecting of a claim held by the
former against the Blue Valley Plaster
company, amounting, to $4.K5. Smith, It Is
asserted, paid Breen $1515 to cover the cost
of the litigation which followed and subse
quently sent him $73 as his fees. As th
result of the litigation he is said to have
collected $2,500 on the claim, which he re
fused to turn over to Mr. Smith and still
refuses to pay to the estate. The suit is
for thia amount. The petition waa filed
j by W. 8. Stillman, attorney for the estate.
Adaaaa Caaaty Capital Boasted by
Mayor Mtlea a ftecead
Beat la Stat.
Mayer C. J. MUes of Hastings was
caller at The Bee office Tuesday morning.
Mayor Mile Is spending the day here at
tending to business matters.
"Too busy down our way to talk politic
Just now." replied the Hastings mayor In
answer to one query.
"Hastings Is the best town in the state,
except Omaha. Jot that down. Four fine
hanks, one having $1,600,000 on deposit. New
luMH hospital being erected under auspices
of the ITlka ft - 1 1 k. k .. 4
Jut organised the Central Ne-
ursa vxiriri r air association, with a
capital of $20,000. Tea, saloon closed on
Sundays; been closed on Sunday for three
years. Fin town I Hastings. 'Rah for
Omaha and Hasting!"
Maaey ta Take r Dr. Jeaaa' Baa as
Coallaae ta aaa ta th
The Methodlat hospital fund still con
tinue to grow snd t (he present rate
will com within th requirement of th
bequest of Dr. Jona. who gave Sao,0M on
ronditlon that $fie,000 additional waa raised
by the remainder of th stale. There are
fourteen general districts In th state and
all are working hard to raise the required
amount. All tbe presiding elder, including
Dr. William Oarst of th Omaha district,
are making special efforts to have th aura
raised by th required time.
Hooper sent In :ie Mooday, which waa
It full apportionment. Many others hav
don th aam. Over $2b,0u0 ha been
raised besides Dr. Jonas' subscription of
Manila! avvideaa
ia dally advanced ef th curative power
of Dr. King Nw Discovery for Con.
sumption. Coughs and Cold, loc and $L
For aal by barman A MoConnall Drug
DIAMOND rraf. 1KS aad Dodge,
thrlstlaa eleaee Aa Joke.
OMAHA. Feb. -To the litor of .The
I'.ee: In Vhe Pee 8unly there appear a
story entitled, "tfr.e toe,J Uiiiit," oopied
from Harper's Vevkiy. w hich gives a wrong
and unjust Impi-esstin of Christian Science.
A Christian SceT.tIsf'njors a Joke as well
as any one. but v,n It tak's the form of
misrepresentation It cses to be a Joke.. To
those who are urinfonned as to tine true
scientitic process by which the Slk ate
hev( and the sinner reformed this etory
gives the iniprensiiin that Christian Science
is nien-ly a "tedious mischief-maker."
coldly arsertlng to eary Invalid. "Nothing
alls you."
On pag " of the textbook of Christian
Science. "SMrnce and Health. With Key tn
the Scriptures." by Vary Baker O. Eddy,
she says. "Pleknees Is neither Imaginary
nor unreal that Is. to the frtahtened. false
eetme of th patient. It is more than fancy,
for It Is solid conviction. It Is, therefore, t
bo icalt with through right apprehension of
the truth of being."
Those who have studied the textbook of
Christian Science, who have been healed of
diseases, many of them, previous to coming
to Christian Soltnce pronou'iced Incurabie,
have a convtctkm that God Is 'n ever
present help." that the scriptural promises
are being fulfilled; that when Jesus said.
"And these slgna shall follow them that be
lieve; In My name shall they cast out
devils: they shall speak with new tongues;
they shall take up serpents; and If thy
drink any deadly thing It shall not hurt
them: they shall lay hands on the sick, and
they shall recover" (Mark xVl.l7-li. the
promise whs Intended, as He said, for all
"that believe" and that it was perpetual.
Christian Scientists, umong whom may b
found prominent business men, educators,
teachers and lawyers, as well aa the meek
and lowly, only desire "fair play" end Jus
tlco from the press, and they are striving tn
fulfill the command of Jesus. "Do unta
others as ye would that they should d
, Assistant Publication Committee.
Matloa Prepared by Mahaaey aad
Will Be nahmltted ta Jade
T. J. Mahotiey. attorney for Rev. George
O. Ware, recently convicted In the United
States district court for conspiracy In pro
curing fraudulent land filings within the
U. B. I. enclosure, has prepared bis brief
for a new trial in the case, which will be
submitted to Judge Munger upon Mr. Ma
honey's return from Lincoln. The allega
tions In the brief plead error in the trial
of the case, the statute of limitations re
garding the date of the alleged formation
of the conspiracy as bearing upon the date
of the Indictment and miscellaneous objec
tions presented by Messrs. . Mahoney and
Frawley during the fourteen days of the
Live (Mock Will Be Held to gatlsfy
Mortgage of Tweaty-Sevea
Thoaaaad Hollars.
The Cattle Feeders' Loan company of
Omaha haa brought suit in replevin in the
United States circuit court against Mary
S. Brown. Robert Brown and others of
Keith county to recover on a chattel mort
gage for a balance due of $27,268.10.
Deputy United Statea Marahal Moore wus
dispatched to Keith county Monday after-,
noon to levy upon several hundred head
of cattle ou the ranch of the defendants
In satisfaction ef'the ' 'mortgage? rThe writ
of replevin also calls for the seisure of a
number of head of horses and a quantity
of hay on the ranch.
Ii yon take a cold, r it take ycra,
and you eneeze and choke and almost
cough your head off, GEX
7 as Ci Lirrr Otl Emmlntn "Pur Exctllrwu."
the New Cod' Lfver Oil Emulsion
Guaiacol. Glycerine and the Hypo
phosphites of Lime and Soda. '
Then the cold will end in cute, not
in consumption. Under-nflurished
folk, with thin blood and sluggish di
gestion, canned get rid of a cold.
Consumption' shadow is always
over them.
Come out of the shadow, and ttay
out. -
Fortify yourself with the great food,
At all druggists.
There arc tw sues t-ot. aad Ilea Bettlesi
the Formula is printed ia T languages an -sea.
Ozomulsion Laboratories
I Pine St., New Tork. '
Shermncs La Grippe
Cough Syrup
It was first corn pour! ded whea tbe
scours waa At Ita worst O- SO. It
has proved Its efBManey thousands of
time. There iruty M other remedte
for a timcA cough. LA OR1PPB
uiets at one nd aup. that tickling
ta th threat.
tAMPLF: FREE. Bottlea Kc and Ha,
Far hranlq cases, pint. $1.ML
Mad and suld by
Sberaii I KcCoBiell Org. Ci.
Car. lth aad Daaa Bta, Osaakaw
A- Bampaon. Oen'l Sale Agsnt. Omaaa,
Ties rtnrkbl rem! sr as sat
ky tk tost p"i ta ) tit j.
B-LI S IHO irtrrnw H'Mkaaa sat Sea.
prssslaa w 1l bo til slcobsile r tmcLsiM siunsis
boe. at 1 1 -! acts kj elaaalo tks ismhn
waste fwaeia treat tk hta, 4 taa rsatws
U etrralftiioe.
ua i imrm rhi-ewts ra1a.
tea without lbs eoetiase um t krslc. Tks
r s deilrbt is sil tnua tflietec.
St.LIM I- A.Tt aiepe Pata ts Is weeal
toruof Btheaaaailsaa. Jearalla as etat.
iea without lbs of Opium. Morifcis. larsiaa,
rNsrMiicslassTMrai. Bt slaa-l-aa-Smaa acta fc
slMolvtas ih scums Ikal sr aeilllas ta Iks isiaia
a tlaaacs aa cava to p4a. AK yor irr,.ii.
a rHICUaTlLK-k Kr4.U2
la ttaa few mm,m, taaav
"SU""" t,Vinak 1aaa
mna al iIiHim aa lau.
Smi j at r iwa ar mm a, a
"" " f- - Tl " i 'it
SaawKaai, it-SHI a. n n kaa;
aaaae raiu, r