Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 27, 1906, Page 4, Image 4

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These handsome pictures, neatly made in Passe- r
pa'rtout. 3ftxl0, rousing special, at IjC
Poster Pictures for Dens "College Boys" and the ever
popular "Bull Dog," beautiful three-color y n
work, sale price aCDC
See Harney Street Window for These Bargains.
20c Panels, 5x10 . ...l.V
25c Oval Frames 18c
35c Dutch Panels 23c
46c Nut Bowls .. .c
60c Glove Boxes 4.V
66c Gibson Necktie Racks not
$1.60 Pyrography Points f.l.lft -
$2.00 Pyrography Points ...$!.!
$2.60 Pyrography Points.... $1.8.1 ,
Outfits $5.00, $3.26 and -..fl.Ol) ,
Free Instructions on All Purchases.
PICTURE FRAMIM1 20 per cent discount only four
day more on this money saving sale.
School Supplies, Paints, Water Color Pads, Water Color
Gold, Brushes, etc. We're headquarters.
Optical! Optical!!
Solid Gold Spectacles or
. Eye Glasses, regu- f PA
lar $10 value, for.UeJU
And two hundred given trading
Very best gold filled specta
cles or eye glasses Z Cf
$5 value, for
And one hundred green trading
All of our regular $2 gold
! filled spectacles, f AA
go at leUU
And twenty green trading stamps
Another Sensational Crock
ery Sale Saturday 8 A. M.
$1.50 Books 49c
All Copyrights
Urowster's Millions by Me
Cuteheon. The Castaway by Hives.
Bishop's Carriage by Mich
el son.
Little Minister by Uarrie.
Checkers by Blossom.
The Westerners by White.
Graustark by McCutcheon.
Soldiers of Fortune by Davis
The Orchard by Grant. ,
Rallies by Horning.
Bight of Way by Parker.
And hundreds of other new copy
right titles.
Three thousand five hundred pieces of crock
ery, including oatmvnl bowls, plates, fruit
or side dishes dark blue decoration-
Only one dozen to a customer,
will go at, each
Green Trading Stamps Every Time
Johnson Bros. EnliK While Porcelain
Ort Salt Saturday
per cent off a good assortment of pieces,
such as cover dishes, platters, bowls, bak
ers, gravy boats, plates, cups and saucers,
etc. Saturday, to close out 20 PER
All of our regular
50c spectacles, at.
mm v
Last Coll on the Quick-Work
Stock Taking Sale
. Attend the ,nish-up sale of Ladies' Cloaks a snap
picked up at random for two-day's sale.
Remember that furniture is advancing that new stock
will be priced to us at an increase of 10 per cent. Buy your
furniture now.
; ' Interesting opportunities for millinery purchase, and
remember the raging snaps in crockery.
Wonderful Sale Ladies' Coats
Friday we sold about half of our big purchase of 250 la
dies' epats as every coat is sold at less than half price.
The half to he sold Saturday is just as good value as
those sold.
Every one of these coats is the very latest styles, tight
fitting, serai-fitting and loose backs all 46 to 54 inches long,
colors tan, castor, red, green, navy, brown and black.
$12.50 COATS FOR ..$4.95
$14.50 COATS FOR $8.95
$18.50 COATS FOR $9.90
$25.00 COATS FOR $12.50
I $30 and $35 COATS FOR $15.00
Boys Come and get a good winter waist, worth 35c
and 45c,' Saturday only, for
Hosiery! Hosiery!
300 Dozen of ' Ladies', and Children's Fast Black Hose to go
regardless of cost. Ladies' woolen, fleece lined and plain
cotton; children's- ribbed fleeced and plain cotton, f 11.
worth to 25c a pair, Saturday, a pair L2$
SPECIAL-Children's Underwear, 19c Big lot of odd
sizes, heavy fleece lined children's underwear, ICI
regular 35c value, Saturday only 1C
75c Ladies' Underwear, 45c Creain shirt and drawers,
heavy fleeced, silk taped, shaped garments, Llg
regular 75c value, Saturday, each ; TJC
Colored Dress Goods
Sft inpVi r1n in nnrJ tyiitv1 moHnn n1rt lia
sold for $1.00 yard ) Saturday
I Only,
46 inch fancy mixed cheviots, reversibles, f Per Yard
just the fabric for school dresses and
separate skirts always sold for $1 yard.
54 inch Sicilians in brown, blue, red and
black worth $1.00 yard
Ladies' Neckwear Bargain Plain and fancy wash stocks and
fancy embroidered turnovers and collar sets, JJ
worth to 50c each, Saturday, each MjC
Neck Ruchings Beautiful line of white and colored chiffon
neck ruchings, many styles to select from JJ
special, a yard LDC
Linen Handkerchief Offer Hand embroidered initial pure
linen handkerchiefs, regular 35c value, sale 1 C
price, Saturday, each lt)C
Glove Special New shaped elbow English Kid Gloves, glace
finished, in black and white, $5.00 value
special, a pair
floor Oil Cloth. Linoleum and Rug Sale
Beginning Saturday Morning
Enormous Reduction in Prices
Floor Oil-Cloth, in all widths and colors a good variety of
patterns, worth 30c a yard, special price, a square f 1
yard r. . f 2C
English Linoleum, 12 ft. wide, regular 75c material, in three
different patterns, very special, a square yard, 50c
Persian Brussel Rugs, 27x54, a good value at $1.85 a big
variety of patterns to select from, special price, J
Double faced Smyrna Rug, 30x60, a splendid rug at $1.75,
all good colors and new patterns, this sale, . J
Palisade Velvet Rugs, 27x54, an excellent value at
$2.25, this rug is an exceptional bargain, at. ... .
Visit our Carpet Department 3rd Floor.
One lot of fine trimmed and
ready-to-wear hats, worth
up to $5.00, at ....
All the New York pattern hats,
trimmed in flowers, wings and
fancy feathers, worth up .50
to $10, at -
We have a number of Misses'
trimmed and ready-to-wear hats,
worth $1.50, to be sold
300 Pairs Ladies' Felt Slippers, with
soles and kid side patch, $1.00 value
380 pairs Infant's Soft Sole Shoes,
560 pairs Ladies' Sample Shoes, $3.00
values, at
And thirty Green Trading Stamps.
Boys' and Girl's Shoes, with rock oak soles that
:in.::::: 1.50
Hardware Specials Saturday
This Is a good time to buy a stove we must have
the room, and will sacrifice all Heaters regardless ot
A lot ot genuine Palmetto Scrub Brushes, C
sell regularly for 20c.and 22c, will go at IJV
And Ten Green Trading Stamps.
Sec our 10c Table Nickel Plated Bath Room Fix
lures, Scrub Brushes, White and Enameled A
Mixing Bowlg, your choice.
And Ten Green. Trading Stamps.
Forty Green Trading Stamps with any OA A
Wash Boiler up from Ul
Twenty Oreen Trading Stamps with Gal- lQ
vanized Water Pail, 24c 22c and M
Twenty Green Trading Stamps with Wilson C
style Bread Toaster fcJC
Twenty Green Trading Stamps with Egg r m
Poacher JrC
The Universal it's advertised In all magazines,
and is becoming a kitchen necessity.
Saturday we will give Fifty Green Trading Stamps
with either size. ' ' '.
Small size $2.00
Large size .. . 92.25
Thirty Green Trading Stamps with extra ?
heavy Foot Tub. . . .0 JC
Thirty Green Trading Stamps with nicely J E
painted Flour Can . . f J C
Ten Green Trading Stamps with Steak
POtinderi : i v; ."
Bennett's Big Grocery
Saturday's List of Money Makers for the Economical
Fifty Green Trading Stamps with three younds fi
finest Java and Mocha Coffee J I
Twenty Green Trading Stamps with pound fresh
roasted Golden Santos Coffee
Thirty Green Trading Stamps with pound very
choice Basket Fired Japan Tea
Fonty Green Trading Stamps with sack Pride of
Bennett's Flour
Bennett's Bursal". Soap, 10 bars 25c
Twenty Green Trading Stamps with can Diamond
S Fruits, assorted
Twenty Green Trading Stamps with quart bottle
Diamond S Catsup
. 25c
Corn, can Be Baked Beans, can.... 4c
Peas, can 7c Con'd-sed Cream, can, 4c
Tomatoes, can 8c Oil Sardines, can 8c
Ten Green Trading Stamps with three packages f
u" Bennett's Capitol Mincemeat.. wjC
Ten Green Trading Stamps with two packages "g
.y. Bennett's Capitol Oats .a&UC
f' Karatoga Chips Special Fresh Made Crisp and Fine. I
h M lb sack.. 8c 4-lb. sack. . lOc Pound sack. .20c
r '
Bennett's Great Neat Dept.'
Nothing but the Best. We Guarantee Everything.
from cold storage nor country dresRed, but strict
ly fresh dreaed. HENS or SPRINGS lb HV40
Pork Shoulder Roast Pound 64c
Choice Selected Small Pig Pork Loins Pound. . 8 He
Fresh No. 1 Leaf Lard 12 pounds for 81.00
Pot Ronst from Our Choice Native Steers, from
the Round, at 7 He
No. 1 Rib Boiling Beef 8 pounds for 25c
Biggest Ham Sale of the Season Cut prices on all
brands of Hams and Bacon for Saturday Two
tons of Sugar Cured regular No. 1 Hams, average
weight 10 pounds, every Ham guaranteed
on sale, a pound, at 11 lie
And Thirty Green Trading Stamps with Each Ham.
Good Thing to Eat at Our Dclioatesaen Counter.
All best and high grade Sausages and Cooked
Meats, direct from Welsel & Co., Milwaukee. Also a
full line of best Kosher Sausage from David Berg &
Co., Chicago.
Headquarters for All Kinds of Salt Fish and Mackerel.
Ten Green Trading Stamps with three packages
Uneeda Biscuits
TestoSiftings, pound package ,. 12c
30c Bottle Gedney's Pickles 15c
10c package Gelatine 5c
Ten Green Trading Stamps with pound finest
. Full Cream Red Cloud Cheese UC
Ten Green Trading Stamps with Jar Bayles f M
' After Dinner Cheese , a&T'C
New laid Eggs, dozen
Bulk Pickles.
Ten green trading stamps with I Ten green trading stamps with
quart sour pickles 10c I quart Chow. Chow pickles loc
Ten Green Trading Stumps with pint large Imp. Queen Olives.... 23o
Ten green trading stamps with three packages Jell-O. assorted
flavors, the most delicious desert 260
Ten green trading stamps with package Bennett's Capitol" Buck
wheat xihia
Ten green trading stamps with six 6c Wiggle Sticks Bluing 26o
Ten green trading stamps with three 10; Wiggle Sticks 26c
Ten green trading stamps with Ten green trading stamps with
large can Red Crossi eight pound sack Corn Meal.
Cream 12Hc I white or yellow 15a
One thousand pounds vanilla flavored, delicious Chocolate Creams
pound i2c
a good 5c cigar, 7
Julius Ceaser, a good long filled
6e cigar. 25 for I1.U0
And 2U green trading stamps.
CigarClfpplngs, H pound.... JSc
And 6 green trying stamps.
Pittsburg regular stogies, 100
tor $1.50
And SO green trading stamps.
Mill Town, good J for 60 cigars,
60 for 11.15
And 26 green trading stamps.
OUR. REGULAR. $20.00
Men's ajid Young Men's sizes 33 to 50.
Fancy Mixtures, Oxfords, Plain Blacks.
All This Season's Made-up-to-date, Snappy Productions.
300 Boys' Reefers, sizes 4 to 8, sold for $1.50, $2 and Q
$2.50, Saturday only, at ZOC
200 Boys' Keefers, sizes 3 to 15, sold for $3.50 to $G.95, f r
Saturday only, at .!).
Odd Trousers, from suits, values to $5.50, Saturday,
a pair UU
25 per cent off Men's Wool and Mercerized
Union Suits, at $5, $4 and
' . 20 per cent off all Winter Caps.
20 per cent off on all Winter Gloves and Mitts, including
silk and wool lined Dress Gloves', all heavy working Cloves
and fitts, Scotch Gloves and Fur Gloves. '
25c Gloves and Mitts 20c
50c Gloves and Mitts 40c
75c Gloves and Mitts 60c
$1.00 Gloves and Mitts 80c
$1.50 Gloves and Mitts 1.20
$2.00 Gloves and Mitts 1.60
Men's Wool Sweaters Entire lino divided in two
ALL SWEATERS, worth to $2.00,
And thirty green trading Stamps.
ALL SWEATERS, worth to $4.00,
And fifty green trading stamps.
All fancy stiff bosom Shirts, worth $1, $1.50, collar attached
Shirts, worth 75c and $1.00, soft Shirts, worth75c PA
and $1.00, at DVL
And thirty green trading stamps.
Outing Flannel Pajamas entire line,
Saturday in Shoes
240 pairs Dorothy Dodd $3.50 and $300 shoes,
lo close out, a pair, 1 yfn
Prompt Work to Be Made of Murder Cue
by County.
All Far Yoatks Held lor Iastea's
Death Mill Be Tried for
Marder la First
8o far as tlie county attorney's oAVe Is
concerned there Is not likely to ba any
ifluy in Dringnig to trial jay OU learn ami
Ills three axis, who ars held for the murder
of Nels Laucten. County Attorney Sla
baugh and his staff of assistants are pre.
trtng themselves to take up the trial of
the four boys charged with the murder at
mn os the Crow case has been disposed
at M Md y Mlluoas of Uatkm for their J
It wl MS the bUJ.
) au pais
lalas fa orar Fifty Tears. I
Touii-riii crm a stmt
a. our visa auU, .
r iw c
of. O'Heam, Nelson, Angus and Warren
will ba tried as principals for murder In
the first degree and will stand or fall to
gether, so far as the state la concerned.
It Is understood former County Attorney
English will be the principal counsel for
the defense. Ha Is also Crowe's counsel
and will be a pretty busy man after t!i
opening of the new term of court.
Judge Sutton Is drawing a rather 11s
couraging bunch of cases In his new assign
ment to the criminal branch of the district
court. Eight murder cases are on the
docket, counting the our bojg charged with
the Lausten crime. Frank Nsonan, a South
Omaha butcher, stands accused of cutting
the throat of another butcher named Carl
son m South Omaha. John Doyle Is to
stand trial for fatally knifing his partner,
John Kelly, but without premeditation.
Ialte Allen, a negro, is charged with shoot
ing and killing his brotHer-ln-law. Lee
Jerret, during a quarrel at ths tatter's
home. I.eo Osborne shot his father on a
Sunday morning las May. He is th only
one of the bunch out on bail, and owing to
the clrcunistar-o of his case there is no
disposition to tush It to trial.
In sharp contrast to trials such as these
Judge Sutton also will handle the juvenile
complaints Saturday mornings, when the
other court Is rarely at work. He will sit
with Judge Day Saturday morning in the
Juvenile court to get a view of Its workings.
At present no Judge on the district bench
has had to sentence a man to hang.
WATCHES Frenaer, 15th and Dodge Bta.
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haustlon. Wasting Weakness, with Early Decline lit
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rorc examination and consultation. Write o
tKLC Bvmninn Blank for home treatment.
j ".a. I CAUL. .EAIUC. fMW ""t
8outhern Paoifio Takes Over Mines at
Duranga for Two Millions.
Aaotker Hoad Hoath from Duraugo
lata Arlsoaa and Kast to
Paeblo Asuoaa- the
Harrlinuu Is still continuing to pour his
millions Into the west to develop new
fields and new business for his great rail
roads. The latest deal which has ben an
nounced is the purchase of the coal de posits
at Durango, Colo., by the Southern Pn
clflc, the purchase price being approxi
mately $2,W0,w. Besides the outright pur
chases options have been taken on thou
sands of additional acres of coal lands.
It Is said to mean the Southern Pacific
probably will at once build into the dis
trict and as a result will control the whole
coal situation of California and the Pa
cltlc coast. Besides transforming the Du
rango district into one of the great coal
districts of the world, the purchase by Mr.
Harriman is taken to mean the construc
tion of a railroad not only south from
Durango to a point in Arliona, but also a
line from Durango to Pueblo. It la said
Tor the last three years surveyors have
been at work running a line from Durango
to Clifton, Aria., to connect with the
Southern Pacific. The line to Pueblo is
mnnnuxl In lnrilrjlt the Rnilthfrn TmlflA
' Intends to bid for the business ot the east
ern traffic and for the Colorado fuel and
Iron bualuess.
Harriman also will build a new line, or
rather Ave branch linea. In Washington.
Oregon and Idaho, the Bnake River Valley
Railway company, auxiliary of the Oregon
Railway and Navigation company, doing
the work. One of these Huts will traverse
Idaho nearly east and wast in the middle
of the state, and by a connection with the
old Vtah A Northern also provides a north
and south route. The cross-state Una will
ba SUA salles la length.
Vast iuiorovsiusnu also til being tuu
all along the line of the' Union Pacific
li. S. Caas of St. Paul, vice president
of the Chicago Great Western, accom
panied by O. Cornellsen, superintendent
of Claron, la., are In the city looking
over railroad matters in Omaha. Mr. Cass
was in Chicago Thursday at a meeting
between President Stickney of the Great
Western and Darius Miller of the Burling
ton, J. M. Johnson of the Wabash, H.
R. McCullough of the Northwestern and
J. H. HUaml of the Milwaukee. The meet
ing was held pursuant of a telegram sent
out by President Stickney in response to
a telegram asking him if it was true the
Urtat Western was Intending to cut rates
on dry goods to Missouri river point.
The message from President Stickney
It 1h true the Gref.t Western Is being
solicited to make openly the sume rates
It Heals
A Scar.
Tbs great magnetized.
' sooltlDS sod healing Ual-
Oik sever ieaTs a scar.
Prof. Dean's
Kin? Cactus Oil
i SnMHItw rnm .fiHtBI. DHllM. Old
' sore. iweulBg-a, f mat bile. eapid bo.
bsroed wlra cuta on animaia. "
sad Hddl gall, mug, lick, sad all hurts
At arugfKU la lie, too ess .
I sod S3 decorated cm. or mi prroald bf lb
m al a MdDIID, i
I Clintan, lovia. If jour dxugglM eauaot
r euyiMy.
f or tai bj
Sherman Q McConrtell
Drui C. p""1" sh.
on dry goods from Chicago to the Mis
souri river as has been made secretly by
the Burlington for two or three years.
After the issuance of the federal Injunc
tions, and by means ot a routing agency
In New York, returns In the form of com
missions to the agency were secretly made
to certain big Jobbers on the Missouri
river. The Great Western Is now solicited
to make the same rates the open pub
lished tariff, and the matter is under con
sideration. You gentlemen must have
known that the secret rates were made,
and It seems strange that you should be
come so frightened at the prospect of my
nir. king those rates the open published
rutes. I shall be at the Auditorium Annex
Thursday morning.
"Mr. Stickney and I met with these men
In Chicago Thursday," said Mr. Cass, "but
no action wus taken and the Great Western
row stands In a position to see that some
ether roads get a chance at this dry goods
business. The assertion that our road was
'In' on Hie routing agency scheme Is pre
posterous, for we did not haul a piece ot
that culico for several years. We have
been asked to put In a reduced rate and
are considering the matter. We are in a
position so we can put the rate in if we
wish, get a chance at this dry goods bus
iness and reap a good reward.
"Every shipper on the t Western has
been paying Just what i... .urlff called for
for a long time now and we are operating
no basement or sub-basement, but want
our share of the business. The Great West
ern has considerable interest In the welfare
of Omaha and nothing will be done that
will not be for the welfare ot this city."
Harrlmaa to Bay Co art Hoasa.
A movement is on foot to have the Union
Pacific buy the county court house lot,
tear down the present building and erect
the headquarters on that site. This scheme
has been presented to General Manager
Mohler for his consideration and the advo
cates think It will be the most feasible
solution ct the location problem. This piece
of ground is said to be worth about fiuu.OUO.
bought for building purposes, but that the
order might control property adjacent to
Its headquarters.
I.. T. Kllgore of t'nloa Paclne oe
r a tubs to Iojarles gastalaed
oa Trala.
I.. T. Kllgore. the Union Pacific freight
conductor who was Injured last Monday at
Papllllon, died Thursdsy night at St. Jo
seph's hospital. Kllgores skull was frac
tured and ho never regained sufficient con
sciousness to tell Just how the accident oc
curred, although the belief was he stood on
top of a caboose and did not notice a bridge.
Kllgore was single. i years of age, and
lived with his mother and father at Has
tings. The body will lie taken to Hastings
Snturday morning by Conductors C. J.
Hetiler and Thomas Ryan and the mother
and father. Burial will be Sunday under
Masonic auspices.
If you have anything to trade advertise
It In ths For Exchange column on The Bee
Want Ad page.
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Varicocele. Stile
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Luck Uldg . Detroit. Mich
m '"usu
' ' 'Si
Waodmrs Bar lew Lot.
The Woodmen of the World have bought
from Archibald C. Guuter the :'-foot lot
I ni land lately east of their building at Fif
teenth and Howard streets, paying 6.0rt(.
Hjviigu Ueik, late said U Im4 not been
M M AurHMl H
aa. i MrMaM.
hefw EvaMCataliCtl Ot
Da B.f fM sttwt
lrrilallae aleataiisM
t mull aiaknoM,
PatulM. and sot satiia
gast r b1mio.
! by srasts
a al is riia rat
It mt. rid. lad
Si aa i fctii2 Tt.
UrcsiM etM a ms
ftr"sVo5VsV raarrrrnprJ
LI in
J vuUb,aj tuaj givwiu v a,Mr si MM4
sirea It toe lustre and kllklnejs of youth.
When the balr is .nay or faded it
It Dreventg Dandruff and balr falllug
and keeps the scalp clean and healiliy. J
a'wa, .''. .aa 4 .
. Oris'! ' Vmlr UaaaUa.
Mr gan a sr. gt. n ar- .1 uaalal
-V" P
la Hit 4 C-U Miftiita
wit to, rtfc 1 sjk it. lUfMa '
I ltatfeUaM aBl Itl4. '
" Mel 4. ifj
uail rstrtU-ii'avrw, TaMlaMsl! .
4 R 4IW far IJlMHa MM. r.
lum tasail. I U.muit I llawexkta.g aWwl ad)
Ml DMka t lilrbMtaW 4 k.a-Uakl few
y us t