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Council Brqnirei Contractor to Git a
' Onarantae Bond to Protect City.
'" Order 4 to Draw Ordinance
I'rnildlna; for Special F.lrrtlnn
In tote on vier Road
Tlic illy t-iiufii-ll met last night iti the
oun-ll nt , o'clock, and among
other matter reviewed th contractu drawn
,up by the city attorney, to whom the bids
for thin years requisitions were referred.
All of the contractors will be obliged to
furnish a surety bond running to the city
I'm- the carrying out of their part ol thu
, cnntrarte.
The Omaha und Council Bluffs Strict
Hallway ronuany linn finally decided that
Irnnsfers shall be Issued from the Missouri
avenue tine to any point within the city
limit of Month Omaha and vie versa,. In a
coininiinli-atlnn to the South Omaha eliy
' 'council In ii t night John J... Webster, attor
ney for the company, stated that the com
pany had decided to do thin, although deny
ing the right of the city council to pom
an ordinance requiring such a thing to bo
k done. .
r Secretary W, H. Cheek or tho sewer com
mitter sent a communication to the council
and requested that action bo taken on the
majority reivnt of. the commltte relative
to a special election. The report was re-
, fVrred. lo. City Attorney Lambert, with in
structions to draft an ordinance embodying
the report an adopted hy the mass meeting,
h'-ld Inst Saturday night.
The finance committee reported that the
Htori Rrewing company was not willing to
mi mo a price for the ground occupied for
Hit IiiiII No. .1, but van milling to enter Into
ii h-asc tor thr ground to the city for one
year. This the committee recommended to
In don.
Thr council voted to ullow scvorul small
dumaae cluJms. Adjournment waa tukr.n
for ono week.
, dloik Kselianarr Flection.
The South Omaha Slock Iixchanjtn
laid Its annual election of officers yesterday
afternoon and polled tho largest vote that
hua been cast in the hlntory of the ex
change." The total vote was Mil. D. 8. Park
hurat waa rhoaeii president by a round ma
lorlty, receiving eighty-tlve votes; J. C.
. Jahlman, hli comic I or. r,.c Ived fifty-four.
Th whole contest was on the pi esidoncy.
For nil -other position there waa only a
single . nomination. Two years ago, w hen
. I here won a similar contest, the vote wus
' ,11. Last year there waa no contesting
-a militate and the vote was much less. The
lew officers will assume their positions next
Monday, January IS, and nt thnt meeting
VIM choose their secretary, treasurer mid
xei utlve committee of four members from
imong their number. The following Is the
letafleil result of the election for year t!V:
I'resiilent -
J. f. DAHUMAN 51
Vice President
. W. A. POWKI.l,
IHreetora (three-year term!
; P. L.. Dl'XJKN U!l
. (i - J. tNtiWERSKN l.'l'i
W. B. TACK) l:M
Iron nil t tr of Arbitration
r. K. DKNNI8
J. w. Mi Ri'iiv rn
.1. H. HOOT m
. .'onurtltiee of Appeiila
N. K. Af k'KR
W. P. HKN'NY l:w
J. Ft, OI.NF.Y y.H
(I. lv P'lWKLI 13P
I. U VAN SANT i l-s
Ktamlnlna llletory of tlonits.
'liiv city c.eru rcc-lci d a c onun inloal Ion
''fnnn fptirr-V t'o t-mtlng that they had
. received lrausniit of the bonds for
1 the city ball and had lefeirecl the matter to
their attorneys nt once. They tx Rued lime
. I'ifr the se:-uihiy of this history and will not
i le able to. reinut on the matter b:lre ten
I'rnaltj on Ttn.
The i lly treasurer niiiHiiineeil thai he was
from yesterday's date adding Interest at
the rate of 1 per cent a month to all d
llnquent taxes. The taxes are silil com
ing lu rapidly and so far there lias been
no time to balance up the hook. I'ntll
thl la don the treasurer cannot call In
' lha warrants. He was of the opinion that
liefore thu close of the week he would have
the affairs of the office In shape to take
up that business.
I'ollre Court la Bns.
Among the unlucky thiru-cn "sons of
rest'' who apMurel lu-forc Judge King
yesterday mornin und afternoon, four
were dismissed. The other nine received
sentencoa which vatictt from lour days
on the rock pile to thirty In the county
'Jail. William Riley, known locally us
' "One-ayed'' Riley, and Jack llrudy drew
complimentary tickets admitting them to
lha before mentioned rock pile, and long
'before, noon were heard to enter com
plaints of feeling sick. Vagrancy was the
charge against them. A. Stewart drew
four days on the same charge. George
Ingram and Frank Sherman were each
given thirty days at the county jail for
vagrancy, intoxication and disorderly con-
' duct. Ingram was charged with break
ing ii window in the low districts. Ike
Mot Only Do W Oat Inspiration Front
Natura, But Health aa Well.
I'or people who are run-down and nerv
ous who suffer from lndigetlon or dys
pepsia, headache, biliousness, or torpid
' liver, coated tongue with bitter taste In
the morning and poor appetite, it be
come nceary to turn to some tonic or
strep g thener which will aaikt Nature
tnd help them to get on their feet and
put the body Into iu proper condition. It
r becoming more and more apparent that
Nate re'g mint valuable health giving
aent are to be found in forest plant
an l roots.
Nearly forty years agn. Dr. R.V. Pierce,
now consulting physician to the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, at Huffalo,
N. V., discovered that by scientifically
extracting and combining certain medici
nal . principles from native roots, taken
from our American forests, he could pro
duce medicine which waa marvelously
efficient in curing rases of blood disorder
and liver and stomach trouble as well as
,' uiany other chronic, or lingering ail
ments, This concentrated extract of
. .Nature's vitality he named "Golden Med-
leal Discovery." It purities the blond by
rutting the stomach aud liver into
, healthy condition, thereby helping the
digestion and a&aimllatlou of food which
feuds the blood. Thereby it cures weak
stomach. Indigestion, torpid liver, or bil
iousness, and kindrejfl derangements.
If you have roid tongue, with bitter
or bad taste In the morning, frequent
headaches, feel weak, easily tired, stitches
or pain In side, back gives out easily and
aches, belching of gas. coustlpation, ot
Irregular bowels, feel flashes of heat al-
' ternating with chilly sensations or kin
' dred avmptoma, IheV point to dfrange
aent of your stomach, liver and kidneys,
which the 'Golden Medical Discovery
will correct more speedily and per in a-
. nently than any other known agent. Con
tains no alcohol or habit-forming drug.
Ail its Ingredients printed in plain Eng
lish on wrapper.
The sole motive for substitution is 'c
permit the dealer to make a little tnur
, prone He gaina: you loe. Accept no sui
ntute for "irolden Medical Discovery."
Constipation cause and aggravate
many serious disease. It Is thoroughly
enred by Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet.
One alSTatlve; two or three are cathartic.
Johnson was also fined Vi for stealing a
quantity f.f tools belonging to Sole &
Walker, who asserted that tJo worth hod
lieen stolen. He pleaded guilty, and being
unable to jmy his line, was sent to Jail
for thirty days. This is the third time
he ha been up for stealing tools. Sole A
Walker have paUl his fines before, but
this timn refuse to help the man out.
Judge King announced that so far Noonati
had been unable to secure bonds ami un
less they ate secured today he will he
sent to the count' Jail.
Tiud complaint arose from the prisoners
yesterday on account of the rising of
noxious gases fiom the sewer which passes
under the dt hall building. Along with
the complaints the foul gas-s themselves
rose also and filled the offices on the floor
above with anything but the most agrenlle
of odors.
tv f lab Hooms.
The Highland Park Improvement club
will meet Thursday night at the Lincoln
school. For he first time the dub will
occupy Its new club looms, which have
been fitted up at the expense of consid
erable tare and cash.
Working: on llaniuioud Plant.
The Omaha Packing company has taken
possession of the old Hammond plant and
Is busily clearing out the building ready
to receive the new and necessary equip
ment. Yesterdayudice was asked of the
city engineer as to the nature of the ground
beneath the site of the new hollers, with
a view to determining what kind of a
foundation would have to be put in to
properly support the new works. Every
onovat the exchange Is glad to sea some
signs of activity in rvhat might be termed
the front yard of the packing district.
eleetlna Successor to MrPheraon.
The directors of the Virion Stork Tards
National bank will meet today to elect a
successor to Mr. Mcpherson, who. is now
retiring from the service to enter business
of his own. He has secured offices on the
second Moor of the Kxchange building. No.
l.T)S, adjoining those of Hnsenbuuni. He ends
his service with the bunk today, and It Is
understood thnt as soon as he can Incor
porate his new company II will begin ac
tive business.
Well Knonn People Dead.
There were three deaths of well known
people reported In the city yesterday. One
was a uniipie character who was known
as Jruk Ix-onard. who died Sunday night
at the county hospital, where he had been
allien last winter, when he waa taken there
suffering from pneumonia. He came to
South Omaha more than twenty years ago
and long lived in n little shack south of
the Tnlon Pacific desjt. He had simply
squatted there and to get him off they
took advantage of one of the frequent
times when he was out enjoying himself,
and before his Joy had subsided his little
shark was moved off the place where he
bad squatted. After this he sold corn
salves and bunion cures. He will he burled
In the potter s field nt the expense of the
The second was Hit- death of .Mrs. Otto
Wurmbach, 16 H street. This occurred at
the South Omaha hospital early Monday
morning. She was 39 years old and had
been a resident hern for a number of years.
Her husband Is a cooper by trade." She
will be burled rrom the English Lutheran
church Wednesday at J p. m. Rev. R. W.
IJvers will deliver the funeral address!
The Interment wm ,e In laurel mil ceme
tery. The third death was that of DHn Tlow
l.v. a man of S3 years, one of the foremen
al Armour's packing house. He died Mon
day morning at Ht. Hernard s hospital in
Council Hltiffs. He is lying at the Barret
undertaking rooms, and It l. not deter
mined whether he will lie burled here or
his body sent to Iowa, his former home,
lie wn a well ki.own niciiiiercf the Eaglci
lodge al this place in, I , i likWy that his
brother of the J;- :;v wl'l give him
the hurlal honors . .vdrr.
Man ! ... ;nsi.
Joseph Roe. M!i Noun Sixteenth streel.
There is u cusc of scarlet f,,Ver ut
rwonty-nmth and K streets.
There will Is, u meeting of democraU
Neonesilay nUnt at r.vans hall.
J P. K Inner has the gut of a new
un'av'enue: "VyH ,,,",l""t" " "' Ml-
The bisly or far! Albert Carlson, who
was siMiined tiec. mber aw, was interred at
l-oiest i.awn January 3.
K. A. Agnew is moving his office today
rrom tne m.utn Cnil.ina iSalional bana buiiu
iii to tne ijiatitow IjIock.
ininlcl lianner is reported to 1m- critically
In -il nis Home. .;i, y t. He . ia a
wch sio.k uculor. it is feared he
may not lecover.
,.K".lJ' or "" Island. 111., one
ot tin- iMinem ownois of r-ai csiatr m
fcouin Omuiui. was in town IcsiKiug auer his
iniciests csieiua).
Tue animal c-.uu wl'l give one of its
reuiar oaus at u,e Ouii l-i-nows hail this
eeiuim. jt pionuats iu iH. tnll. ,,,
most ueligntfi.i iianuea of tue season.
Tne tin id times bail at the Vicietit Ol
der of i mle. i Hiiihiiu-ii l, us i ven
iiia la to oc sinciiy mi iihumIuhi p.i u
ll is lo ue MVeii uuuer the aui-i.-cs ol toe
ivnigiits a i,t l.auies of rtecuru.
Mrs. A. U. Daviils.m. who ims Ix-t-n hi ic
lor tile past ween or more visum Wii
tue luiiiuy ot rriuiK r.. Junes, cuy nee
siuca iui', in Muoe wile i.u ia.t fil
ter, uas leiuiiieu to tiai'vurd,
'limolliy lair, father of Jim la IT, Jr.,
who waa seiiiiuccu mir a year ago lor tne
muidcr ot a muu uy tun imme oi tii,
eaipy Anus, is .,ut circiiiHiuiK a peiuioii to
tne mov ci a, ,i lor I lie .arjoii ut son.
The bwouisli-.Norwefcian Ki publican club
wiu uo.u ua nisi nu-i mit ol me campaiijn
Ucun.o.., l-VHIlii,, h,, t
Norin i weni -lulu in Min i. Business oi
linpoi UMice wi.l i.m- iiansucicj. .lH mviu il.
"I lie An. nun y .Nignt nisi club met last
nigiit witu .. - i. Iiuiuer, loin Norlli
i wciiiy-scvciiui street. A number ot tne
emu iiiciiiiM'ia weie resent aim in- piaving
waa c.f a very spirited coaiacier. ills,
tinnier pioxeu a sniuiui entertain r. 1 lie
games Were uaeu pioaresaiveiy und Air.
and Mrs. J. al. ciuiiu won nisi minors.
The Woodmen of the World held their
annual insinuation iMsl nium in Uu-ir bail
oer tue boutn Omaua .aiioiiai UaiiK. Tiis
meeting was given a tuii attendunce. i ne
drill team assisted in the t niei lalnmeiii
una the ceremonies und lucre were c i nil
meiiiuera ot tne grand li.oho preeiii,. t -fl'asnmeiit
aim a social lime followed the
muu. a and a bull ut the close.
Th Falernui union Ileal Us installation
in tne Uoisliicn leinpie nisi uiul. mu1
ol tne oul oinccrs were r.-ciecied ami in
tne installation most ot tneni int. le suoit
aiuiresaea. teti caiimi-ula consisting ot
suiidwicnes ami cortee were n vnl An
orcueatia waa on burnt and dispensed musi
cal milliners and linaiiy wire Kiven full
way winie the door was oeureu lor tnv
Hnaaor that He Had lHrt addeal
la the tail la Wlthuat
A rdinur waa current in the city Ui
evening that Colonel W. F. Cody ("Buf
falo Hill" ) had died u. m nly somewhere
in the east. The rtory ci. ied considerable
excitement for a time around the hotels
and places where he Is well known.
Inquiries at New York, where the colonel
waa last heard from, brought the answer
that ColoneJ Cody was at the Hoffman
house in that city alive and well.
Bee Want Ads are Beat Business Boosters
Mate Woutaa Mobbed Hint. '
After following Jennie Mitchell. S13 North
Thirteenth street, from her housa to Six
teenth atreet and Anns avenue. In an at
tempt lo Induce her to return IlT.oO which
Whitehead rooming ut 41S North Twelfth
street, ueked a policeman to aneat the
woman. and both were taken to the station.
Whitehead said that the woman extracted
Be money Jrora his pocket while In the
house on Thirteenth street, and that to get
rid of him she went out. but that he fol-
Intercept him by imitating an onVer and
hT?,""""' hrto' got away
hut the woman was locked up.
With AdVnt of Real Winter Ctiti of
Dutitatisn Bcme Known.
Has Mure 'I ha a It In l)u sml
eeila Rapport la Xeetlua le.
manda of the llearrt
I'uwr. Since tin- coming of cold weather, calls
from the poor for aid from the Associated
Charities have been numerous, and Super
intendent Morris has been an exceedingly
busy man. Many requests have come In
for coal and led clothes and some cases
of extreme destitution have been discov
ered. Mr. Morris Is caring foi the wants of
the poor as well as the limited means i f
the Associated Charities will permit. He
lias been kpt so busy all rail and winter
In actual reller of sufferings that he has
had no time to solicit money and funds
are very low. t'ntil the treasury can be
replenished, he is depending on donations
of clothing, lied clothes, coal and food
from people who may hear of the poor
who come to Mm for aid. ' ' -
"The weather has beu so mild." said
Mr. Morris, "the public does not realise
that a great deal of w ork' lias been neces
sary. Since December 12 I have had about
ii calls. Of course not all cases were
found deserving of aid. but all riad to be
Investigated,' and this has taken up my
time completely. From now on the work
will lie much heavier. Vp to the present
there has been plenty of employment for
those able to work, but now the men arc
coming In from the beet fields and the
corn fields and many of them have not
esved a penny. I Judge that about 1.30O
Idle men will find their way here to live
through the winter, and not a few will
be dependent a part .of the time upon
ome ritlfnl Cases.
A few days ago Mr. Morris found a
woman and four children, one of them HI.
In the rear room of an old store building
at Thirty-second and California streets.
They had nothing in born, nothing to eat.
no furniture, and only one quilt on a bed
stead, which boasted tio mattress. The
woman's husband had written to her In
Kansiis aud persuaded her to come to him
In Omaha, but when she reached here
he had gone without leaving any word.
The county is furnishing food for this
poor family. Mr. Morris supplied some
coal and now he is hustling for bed
clothes. Another case Is thut of a young woman
and four children, left helpless by the
death of the head of the family a week
or two ago. They hare no relatives. The
husband always had provided a comforta
ble home, but left no life insurance and
no money. The wife knows how to do
nothing but housework, and on such wages
as would be afforded cannot support her
family. The Associated Charities Is try
ing to find homes for the children.
A feeble man. an years of age, H being
supported by the Associated Charities
while an effort Is lieing made to (rt his
relatives to take care of him. He. has a
son In Kansas and a rich relative In Ne
braska. A crippled colored alii has been i...
serted by her father and Mr. Morris has !
to find a place for her.
Such cases are reported eiery day. Un
doubtedly their number will increase stead
ily us the win -r advances.
Tratnor and Rrnnlna to Choose fir.
,tweeii for Chairman for
The Horvd of County Supervisors will
meet at la o'clock this morning for the
purpose of organization. Nothing definite
has been given out as to who will be
named for chulrman to succeed M. J. K'li
nard, but from the host Information ob
tainable one of the two other old mem
bers, Trnlnor or Brunlng, will be rhoiien,
with the chances favoring the latter. The
office of cha nan has been passed urnund
In other ears. so that every memner of
the board would have the honor of presid
ing for one year. It Is expected the same
course will be followed this year. Tile
chairman has the naming or tin- commit
tees, which are ulso appointed at the first
meeting, and while he Is ex-offleio u mem
ber of all committees he serves actively
only on the committee of the whole. Kach
of the other Tour members as a rule has
the chairmanship of two committees.
Reyond organizing this morning tile board
will np'ti printing bids. A dozen or so
bids are In. hut they will only be icad and
referred for tabulation. A material re
duction In price Is looked for.
A large bundle of bids lor county supplies
has been tabulated and la ready to bo
acted on by the laiard, but the awarding
of contracts will very likely he deferred
until later In the week.
The live lists of Jurymen which will con
stitute the panel ror I he year lHefi will be
presented by the commissioner. und form
ally adopted. They contuln something
over I.7i nam- ltnd among these will be
the eighteen that will be drawn -o serve
on the grand Jury that is to report on
Slay T.
Annual Meeting: of shareholder
Hears Heports anil F.leets
The animal meelng of tue llusis ct Hill
Cemetery association wus held Monday
evening with Vice President H. v. YuK-s
presiding and a full membership present.
The report of the secretary, which was
quite gratifying, was received and adopted,
as waa the report of the treasurer. A. ll
Reed. The report of the treasurer showed
receipts from all source, during the year
of t.,ViO and expenses about Hie aame.
leaving in the general fund about i)."Ml.
A. U Rred was re-elected a member of
the Board of Trustees for the ensuing
seven years.
Resolutions of ccuidoleuce wi re adopted
regarding the absence of President C. A.
Baldwin, who was detained from attending
the meeting because of illness, being his
first absence from the meetings or the
board for fifteen years.
Following the meeting of the association
the Board of Trustees met und re-elected
all of the old officers, who are: Charles
Baldwin, president; H. W. Yate, vj '
Toolh Powder
where you can use it twice-a-day.
It helps the poor teeth; preserves,
brightens and whitens the good
ones and leaves a pleasant after
taste. Ask your dentist. ,
la aaady aaetal eaas ar battles. SSa.
Dr. Graves' Tooth Powder Co.
president; John R. Rlngwnlt, secretary!
A. I Heed, treasurer: Alfred C Kennedy.
Kamuel Rurns and Howard B. Smith, the
latter succeeding W. P. Pnppieton.
Kseepes Trial of alnon aaes. M hlel.
Hill rail to the . of hi.
I olleaaue.
Hlih Judge la It Is i,, luugli
The judge is not cat hitmntlng In an obtru
sive wnv, but he Is not losing and flesh fc
want of laughing exercise.
The cause for the rriminal lo.lse's sun.
pressed Joy lies in lids: The pspwis ttiui
i'ay slated. n arpaienHy good authority,
that the appealed saloon cases were to omir
before Judge Day Mduday morning. This
evidently was on the assumption that the
changes or dockets by t, judges already
had 1een rnsile. but Judges Day and Sutton
do not exchange rooms until February S.
When the equity Judges saw that Judg
Day was In for the salo-ui cases they won
dered, but they took to themselves a rw
chuckles. Now Judge Milium has settled
his face to meet with ordinary judicial
grace the proposition of hearing and pass
ing on the request of the Civic Federation
attorney for a mandamus against the fire
and police board. The order desired is one
to compel the lioavd to furnish a separate
transcript In each of the cases appealed
from the board to the court, wherein li
censes were granted against the protest of
the federation. As there are something like
Kit cases which It Is understood will bejn
volved In the appeal proceedings the task
of . preparing tho transcripts will not be a
light one.
When City Attorney Preen was asked
Monday If he knew when and where the
argument would be heard he said:
"No. That's what I am tring to find out.
We will be ready lo meet them at any time
or place."
"With battle axes or cannons, Mr.
"Well, as regards that matter I am in
the position of Mark Twain when he was
challenged by a Frenchman to fight a duel,
lie waa given the choke of weapons, as a
real Frenchman doesn't care much how be
Is killed, anyway. Mr. Twain thought the
matter over in ii cloud of smoke, then said
gravely to the waiting second of the hostile
Parisian: 'Tell monsieur if It Is all the
same to him I will choose brick bats at a
distance of half a inlle.' "
And with this enigmatic reply the city
attorney went away to arrange for a long
leave of absence rrom his regular duty aa
adviser of the obedient council.
Judge Sutton will hear argument on the
Civic Federation demand Wednesday morn
tiaya If tillered Mate Chairman
ship Hr Woalil .t Ac
cept II.
City Treasurer Hcnnlngs disclaims uny
aspirations toward the chairmanship of
the republican slate committee for
which he has been mentioned In case
t'nlted States Marshal Warner resigns. He
states positively that If offered to him he
would decline tho post, us he could not
ncerpt It without making material sacrifices
to his Interests in Omaha, which he does
not think there Is occasion for doing.
"I sin anxious to do my full duty toward
the party, but there are mmy other men
In the state much better fitted than I am
for the chairmanship.'- said Mr. Hcnnlngs.
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many request., a n.f invoke for it jour
careful consideration.
I.ara,e Field of Investment.
I i ma mtiii- uas, wicn rreai wisdom, pur
1 sued the policy of narrowly restricting tho
1 manner in which the legal reserve of n
company may In- Inverted, u Is to bt hopej
that un eniiKtuened conservation iu l
wa.vs control this essential feature of
supervision. I he!lwi, however, inai in
time has come to enlarge the field of In
vestment. Life insurance companies should
be p rmitted to Invosl in dralr.UKc- bonds
and in such securities as paving, curbing
sewering or other public Improv emeni oeri
tlflcates. These securities are as snf us
municipal honds, and. Inasmuch as the
opportunities to loan money on r-al es
tate will gradually become less, you ought
to ois-n such other remunerative fields us
are without danger.
There Is more fraud and deception, some
times liif ntlo-ial and sometimes uninten
tional, practiced upon policy holders bv
reason of the variety in the forma of Hie
Insurance contracts than In anv other Way.
The effect Is to create an atmosphere or
mystery about the entire life Insurant--business.
I believe that there should be
standard forms of policies. Thev should
be uniform with all companies plain, nim
ble and dlieci. The obligations could easilv
lie understood. If We had such unifoimiiv
the people would soon come to know wh it
Insurance Is. and what the Insurance Com
panies agree to do in each of the several
forms of conlncl issued.
I am for the primary system of nomina
tions by plurality rather than of nomina
tions by conventions. It Is a part of the
universal demand that the voters tiiall do
nothing by prcxy. save things whlcii. In
the very nature of our government, must
be done by proxy. N'oiiiinations for office
can bo made by tho voter and his choice.
j Hallways Agnlust frlmarles.
The railways and their allied forces want
to preserve the caucus und the conventions
simply because ley know that they will
have a tietter chance through this system
of dominating the afairs of the stale than
they would have '.orough a primary elec
tion system. They cannot so easily spread
their nets about tlic vmers as they can
about the delegates. Their leaders cannot
b so intimate Willi thu body of the people
i as they are with the managers of caucuses
; and conventions.
A primary election law will minimise,
if It will not destroy, the power of rail
ways In politics, and if mere were no
other reason for enacting such a statute
tlila would be suflicieiv.. ,,ok upon the
abolition of passes and the adoption of a
iiriinu i-v uy ,,u,.m .. ii. ' . .. .
Ii,: ... H.iiut, remedial
legislation. They aro both needed to secure
i the de.dred end and neither will bo entln ly
effectlvo without the other. The law should
provide lor the nomination bv direct vote
of all candidates for ull offices filled bv the
voters and the othVe of sellutor iu the' con
gress of the I'nltcd Slates; also provide for
a primary election for all political parties,
to be held ut the same place and time, and
that the person re. eiviug the highest iium-
: m, miimr onice snouhl
be nominee ol Ihe party for such office.
Opposes Passes.
'I'll. isMllll lle. .,f Fful t ................. : .
, " .iisiwi wtllllll Iv
rui!was is a vicious ptactice and should be
prohloite.i. It is utterly Indefensible from
any poinl of view. I ainccrelv hop.- mat
your patriotic Judgment will "lead voti to
I "'i'1"' B end once lor nil r t,,t t.:u,,0.n
noi a part of it. hut of all of n, condemned
! as ii is by the universal opinion of man
, kino. Railways should be reouired to sell
mileage books, good for l.wnj miles and un
1 ward, hi u Hut rt .-.r v - . r. " 1
good until used, and If purchased bv n,
nead of a famuy there la no reason why It
should not be used by snv memne. of the
family. What Is commonly known as tne
long and short haul ' clause In our stato
statute Is unquestionable, but ! believe
there are circumstances under which the
r .iW.ay" ,")"IJ b permitted to meet rom
pe tl.m without affecting intermediate
points, and railway commissioners should
iiiUi no.rlsed under such circumstances to
reliee the railways from the effect of the
long and short haul' clause, as It Is not
only Just to the railway., but will be
great beiient to the traveling public.
.nn MUn!vel7,'ty' Cu"' e t Agriculture
and Mechanic Art. and the Normal school
XX JZVt Z.v!SS?rullm and 'ttk""t "
The failure to er.act restrictive legislation
regulating pure food has made ,, '
avorlte held for those who deceive 2nd In"
Jure the people through Impure an" ad d
eiated foods. It la the munlfea" duty of
unl Assembly t investigate this
subject a, early date nd adopt such
measures us will protect the public fro,
the impositions and frauds that ire Z
practiced upon them. ,r "ou
The statute for the sale of intoxicating
Ph,L 1,bor: Ju "' "our " Uw
needs amending to remedy dfcis.
JAN UAH Y !, !;;.
eeklna line m n -.l iti.
FRKJUiNT Neb.. Jan. .-To the Kd
itor of the Bee: Their have already h-en
neciuinie published in The Res concerning
ih laidy o; a man f-.cind murdeied five
miles southwest of Fremont in Saunders
County on Peceinber 111. Pp to the present
lime Hie Identity of this man Is a mysterj,
and we request The Per ,i assist lis.
There Is no doubt that the shoes tc de
ceased wore were purchased In Omuhu.
Slid the soles showed that they had been
worn but a few days. One of the shoes
is now iu th Hissesslou of Captain Punn
of Omaha. In his vest pocket was found a
reserved scat coupon "Please keep fills"
showitiB that he Was at the Orpheum on
the ni.-ht of December -.n. We are taking a
long chance that probably the persons who
were at the orpheum on that night and
had balcony scat 4-c-H or 4-c-ll might ie
member snine and possibly had some con
versation with .this party. Relow Is a fu'l
and exact description ot deceased: Is be
tween in and years old: llaht hair, in
clined to be sandy: ruddy complexion,
what some would call sandy: a hasel or
gray eye: Is 3 feet T Inches in height;
weighs 15 pounds; dsrk suit of clothes:
bus small but pi-omtnent ears; full lips
thst slightly protrude; small mouth: large
and sound teeth: a small scar over right
eye; a scar from cut across the back of
left hand; a scar from burn on the right
wrist; Is smooth faced. His clothing bears
the mark of the Nebraska Clothing com
pany, Kansas City, Mo., and was all
nearly new. His underwear was sanitary
fli-ece lined, the drawers much too large
for him and had been gathered up and
pinned at waist. These drawers bore the
laundry mark "Mower." , Should you wish
to see samples or his clothing, pants, coat,
vest nnd shirt, which was a reddish brown.
Captain Dunn has them, also lock of his
If you will kindly give publicity to the
above facts through the columns of The
Bee you may usslst us In at least getting
at 'the Identity of ihe man. It Is then
possible we may fliid u motive for the
crime. A. BATMAN, jr..
Sheriff, Fremont. Neb.
(iomiimrnt ftura tn Itreovrr on Tim.
Iter Cut from Ijtnil
lirnnU. '
By direction of the Department of Justice
a civil suit has been Wgun iu the United
States-district court by Ading District At
torney Ijme against the IV L. Turner Lum
ber company of Broken Bow for buying a
cirload of fence posts or the value of I.Ki
from one Malt Johnson of Mullen, Idaho,
who cut the posts and removed them from
certain unsm veyed, nontnlnerul public lauds
within the primary limits of the grant to
Ihe Northern Pacific Hallway company.
The petitioner alleges that about
cedar trees were thus cut nnd converted
Into posts nnd so disposed of. contrary lo
the laws of the I'rlted States.
The iost in question were cut during
the period between November, 1SS, and
July. 19o. without the consent and knowl
eihje of the 1'nlted Rt.ites. and consequently
Involved a trespass upon government land.
The petition further holds thnt the defend
ants having bought the timber with the
knowledge thut It had been unlawfully ob
tained, are liable for the vnlue of the tim
ber. The government therefore nsks' Judg
ment in the sum of 5", together with In
terest thereon nt the rate of T per cent per
nullum from July I'.S, nnd for costs of
A similar suit is brought against the
Dierks Lumber nnd Coal compuny of
Broken Bow., The amount sued for, how
ever, in this latter case Is lor l.'21'.'.i, with
Interest at the rale of " per cent ;er milium
on ST,:. 44 trotn October M. 1303: on $.V) from
December 2. l!o3; on I5K.51 from December
IS, 1!A and on fun.!; from January It,
end costs nt suit.
In the first suit the carload of posts was
delivered ut Ravenna. Neb., and in Ihe sec
ond s-.ilt one carload was delivered at
Broken Row, one at Mason and two car
loods at Alliance, .b., on the respectice
dates named.
1'nln in Snine Cortrs of Officer anil
Honl-d of Kirn-tors for tn
olher Vrar.
Reports of the officers at the annua!
j meeting of Ihe City Savings bank Moudny
' showed the deposits of the oank Inrreased
' $.iW,Cmii for IWjri. The number of depositors
I ia now T.otjo.
"The people are getting more aud more
confidence in the ravings bunks since the
Nebraska banking laws of 18S9 were en
acted,'' said President John F. Flack,
speaking of the prosperous condition of the
institution. "It is shown by the big In
crease euch jear In deposits. L'nder the
old laws the Institutions termed savings
banks were allowed to do a commercial
business, something no savings hank can
J do today. People ar- beginning to realize
j the difference In the. bunking laws and the
difference between the savings banks of
tonay and tnose which lalled in the '!sis.
They were not ravings hanks at all In the
sense of the term under the present laws."
The old officers and directors of the bunk
were re-elected. John F. Flack is presi
dent, J. A. Bund Miami vice president and
V. 8.' Hillls treasurer, jriie board of di
rectors is romposed of the officers and four
others, as follows: Robert Dempster. R. .
Drake. C. C. Oeorge and George F. Gihnuib
A tenant which is quickly dispossessed
by Dr. King's New Discovery is a Couth
or Cold. 50c and $1.00. I'or sale by Slier
man & McConm-II Drug Co.
Hald on nuillrra.
I The police made a raid on gamblers at !1
o'clock last night In u cigar store at li.'ir,
Howard ftreet, where a party of men were
. found engaged in poker. Sergeants Rent
; frow und Cook and Patrolman Murphy en-
tered the place and announced to the play
ers that liny were under arrest. The
s patrol w ii son waa called and Carl Carlson
! L. I. tira. George Ford. C. Kemp, Wllllaui
I Jennings and K. A. !ung were taken to
the station. Jennings was charged with lie.
I fng an inmate of u Kainbiing resort, and
, Lang was charged with keeping a gambling
I bouse. The others were hooked as gamh
i Ibis. Two tables, two slot machines, cards
ana oiner parapnernulltt were also secur-d
by the police.. The men by hard rustling
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Cleanses and beautifies the
teeth and purifies the breath.
Used by people of refinement
for erer a quarter of a century.
Convenient for tourist..
Fe.EPAS.CD '.'
were able to gather a total of $..0 to assure
their appearance In court this morning.
tamtam OH Interests Absarb torn
'rod nets anil Kindred
M;V l uiihi, Jan s. I'ndcr ihe Id ins an
nounced by Ihe Title liuaiantre and Trust
company today the plan for meralng the
leading glucose co:iiMnes of tin o untiy
provides for the exchange f stock or the
Corn Products company on the basis of
three of Its shares for two shares of the
same class of stm k of the new company,
which will be known as the Corn Products
Refining i-ompany. The Coin Products Re
fining company will be organised under ihe
laws of New Jeis. with a capital or !.
iXl.rtm preferred and $.Vi.(i.imi common, the
same as the Corn Products company. Tins
means a scaling down of the capital of th'
Coin Produi ts company, of which there is
I outstanding I4o.kl5.iio common and :7.;tSn.7na
cumulative preferred. When the plan be
comes effective the Corn Pind'.u'.e Helming
company will own a majority of the stock
of the Coi n Products company, the entire
capital stock of thr New York tlhuose
company not already acquired by the c i n
Products company, the entire capital stock
of the Warner Sugar Refining Company
and the entire capital stock f 'the Hi. Units
Syrup and Preserving conipatix.
The new company will have a net working
capital of 5.i,ow. K. T. Bedford, a direc
tor or the Standard OH company, will b.
president of the consolidated company.
PEORIA, 111.. Jan. It was announced
here today by the representatives of the
glucose Interests, that the plant, the largest
in the world, employing J.IVO men, will he
opened la-fore spring as the result of the
transfer of the stock of the Corn lYoducts
and kindred companies to the Standard Oil
Interests, notice i6 w hich was made public
yesterday.. Plans for the remodelling of
the Peoria plant and the Installing of new
machinery have lieen prepared and work
will commence within thirty das. The
plant has been shut down for a year.
City ontflnla and Builders Acruanl of
Swindling; It) tint of Five
Million Hollars.
CHICAGO, Jan. 8. -In n search for
t-'i.OuO.iUKl graft, said to have been disbursed
among builders of water tunnels and sewers
In Chicago, un Investigation by a commit
tee appointed by the city council will In
vestigate the books Iu the offices of the
comptroller and the commissioner of pub
lic works. The Inquiry, which will extend
over tho last dermic, was prompted today
when Assistant Corporation Counsel T. J.
Sutherland declared that grafting on an
enormous scale has been possible through
a combination of corrupt contractors,
broken agreements, bills for "fake" work
and connivance on the part of unprincipled
officials. He said that al least 5.imn,0in could
lie recovered If suits were brought In the
Animal ot Classified la Fonnit In
srtealan Water I'nnds.
AUKRDKF.N. S. D., Jan. x.-iSpriiul.)
A freak of nature Is reported from Faulk
i-ounty In the shape of two curious crea
tures which were taken out of the pond
from an artesian well on the farm of
William Lively. At rlrst the creatures
might be mistaken for bullheads, being
about the same color, with heads similar
In shape to those llsh and with flsh-llke
eyes and mouth. But a closer Inspection
reveals the presence of four legs with
feet like those of a frog.
Projecting upward and outward at Ihe
point whe--e tho gills of the fish would
appear are three , lobed, triangular sec
tions of skin, thickly covered on the under
sld" with Innumerable hair-like tubes, from
each side of which finer tubes project, mak
ing the under part of the lobes of skin
look as though covered with soft black
moss or feathers. Apparently the creature
breathes through MHse lobe's, for when one
of them was taken from the water the
lobes dried up ami Ir' died.
The tall, which Is fully as long as the body
if the freak, Is thin and 'tapering, being
only about a third of an Inch wide at the
end. The skin Is dotted with round black
spots about a sixteenth of an Inch In di
ameter and the skeleton Is clearly seen
through the sklu. The under part of the
body Is yellowish white, it Is stated that
the iiueer fish or animals, or whatever they
may be, are found In nearly ull the arte
sian ponds In the vicinity of Faulkton, ap
pearing soon after the ponds are made. No
e:v yelopedlas of works on natural history
ilesctibe any specimen similar to the mi
nis Is mentioned.
Branson Oat of Race.
MITCHKLL, 8. IX. Jan. (.-(Special Tel
egram.) Hon. O. L. Branson, who recently
uiiiiouiiced himself as a candidate for con
gress before the republican convention,
miikea a statement in the Dally Republican
today withdrawing from the race. Mr.
Branson says;
Since announcing my candidacy for con
gressman i have become convinced that
the cumpalgn will require more of my time
tem i can Mfford to give and I have de
cided lo withdraw from the race. I take
this method of thuuKlug my friends who
have thus far supported my candidacy, also
the press of the state for so kindly re
ceiving nv announcement. While I ' may
not hereafter be ai live In politics. I expect
to suppoit tile nominees of the next re
publican slate convention.
ratalry Keeps Oat Innnrra,
LANDKR Wyo.. Jim. s. The military
authorities at Fort Washakie in the Blio
shone reservation, which will be opened
to settlement next June, have been In
structed by the War department to estab
lish a cavalry iwctrol around the reserva
tion to prevent the trespassing of wouldbc
"sooner" uimn the lauds to be opened.
A little son arrived to brlvhlen the h ome
j of Mr. und Mrs. Richard Wren yesterdavl
iii iiiilng The youngster is a grandson of i
William If. Huston. j
! Krle N. Carlson, as administrator of the
estate of Andrew Carlson, is suing Ihe 1
I'nlon Pacific Railway companv for
for the death of Andrew by la-Ins kil ed
by u freight train on Jones street lust I
I IH inner.
The stereoptli-on lecture on Japan, which
was to have been given at the Second
; Presbyterian church by the Men's club
Tuesday evening, haa Iteen postponed. The
regular meeting of the Men's club will lr
held as usual.
Ellen Doyle has brought suit against John
Frunek for llo.Ona. alleged to be ihe measure
of dumsges sustained by her while a tenant
ot ine aerennani. while living In a house
owned by Franek he raised and moved the
same, reuniting the from stens diirim ih.
moving. It is allcard that when the steps
I were placed again in position they were not
I properly fastened and she waa seriously in-
ju' evj uy irason OI IIISI IUCI.
L?sVl-3' IZ?i'?x rprr
tf I lUt
net. SBAHLSS SCAB lbs, 14th
ftrtT British Pnrllnment Must tssem
Mr tVlthla Tnlrl-I le 11a; a
from hula).
I.OXOO.V .Inn. -K;iim K.lwni.1.' Who
has been nbsciit in the country since Sir
Henry Cunipbell-lt innermiin a cabinet was
formed, returned to l.on,lon this afternoon
and held a meeting of the privy council, at
which the proclamation dissolving Psrlla
u ar.t was signed. imnietllatMy afterw-ards
wilts wehe -em io the returning officers
tor the election of the members of the
new Parliament, which by law will assem
ble w ilhlu t tilt t -five days.
The llrst polling will lake place January
I" at Greenwich, where Lord Hugh Cecil,
leader of ihe conservative free traders, la
enpiiueii in a triangular fight for the union
ist seat against a liberal and a Chamber
lalnlte. The lst Hill must close January
:'T. Therefore, within a fori night, the ver
dict of the majority of the electors will be
known and tie- probable life of the liberal
goernmuii will be measurable. The lead
ers of the opposing rorces mounted the
hustings tonight, and cries of the i)ialn
forces and factions engaged In the com
bat were heard everywhere. No less than
fifteen members of the jwst and present
cabinets spoke In different jmrt of the
country. Including former Premier Bal
four. Herbert Henry Asoulth, Joseph
Chamberlain. Juhn M or ley, ord Ians
downe. John Burns. David I.loyd-Georae
and Austen Chambet lain. The Issues weie
cienr and Ihe speakers continued to ring
the changes against home rule or tariff reform.
I'aator Whose hnrch la ear Fort
Mhrrldan ne Post l:c-hanar
la l.oml Thin a.
CHICAUO, Jan. S. - Rev. tleorge 1.
Rogers, pastor ol the First lisntlst ehe.i.
! of Highland park, near Fort Sheridan, in.
, day declared himself without reserve In
luvor or the re-establlshmrnt of the army
canteen. In a letter published today be
says he has made a study of conditions
surrounding the army post at Fort Sheri
dan nnd has come to the conclusion that
tho existence of the .canteen Is the best
solution of a difficult problem.
Hoard of Trade Flrrtlon.
CHICAGO. Jan .Walter Fitch was to-
llav elected Tt-fsfi1tnt of tin. t. i
I of Trade by a majority of forty-four votes
over ine rival camimate. John B. Adams.
- Mr. Isaac Harris of Dallas. Texas, Is visit
ing his father and family at 1501 North
Twentieth street.
Ml- ln,'lji,,. u i ...... .l .. .1 n
I ir,rpriuiil IV
I Kronbeig. was in Omaha yesterday eom
. nletlnir urrainrptm-nta inr a ...w. n .....
of Walter Damrosch and his orchestra nt
the Auditorium on January 25.
tralKlit aa the Trow Files"
Kansas City Southern
Railway low hates oh
Tiie tide of Immigration has turned
to Uic South, where land is cheap and
crops abundant. ,
No other s ctiou of the country
promises such great return from pro
ducts of the soil end Increased values.
Write for free illustrated literature.
Tri'l Phi. Ail. Iismif 'a f tsl
S. G. WARNER, G. P. & T.A.
ICS Thsyer Cldg. Kansas City. Me
asuiMi'nJfrlcii litii'nr, n'TiSiioiMiei n'liisi sssnai
If you've never been southwest to Okla
homa. Indian Territory or Texas there is
a treat in atore for you. Besides escaping
the wintery weather here, a trip now mav
prove of far greater benefit to you. There
are more and better opportunities for mak
ing money for home building In ths south
west today than anywhere else. You have
only to get on the ground to prove tlika
Rates Cheaper Than Ever
via Missouri, Kansas
a Texas Ry.
Ou January Sd and lAth, Pfhnarf
tlth and ia)th, most lines will sell both one.
way and round trip tickets at exceptionally
low rates. If your nearest railroad agent
cannot give you the rates, write me for
If you're In any way Interested In
the southwest, I'd like to send you
my paper, "Ths Coming Country."
U. A. MtUTTi
Blossom House. Kansas City, Ms.
Th'kets are on ssls everywhere, Tls,
from excesses or victims to Nervous Debility or ex
haustion. Wasting Wvukness. with Early Decline in
young and midd.s-aged lack of vim. vigor and
strength, with organs impaired and weak. Our
treatment will correct all of these evils snd restore
yuu to what nature Intended, a hale, healthy, happy
man. with all powers vlsnrous and perfect.
VlPirnrFI r cured rteutly and permanently for
IJtnibUtotLt hfa by one treatment. No cutting, n
pain, ne danger, no detention from work. No other
treatment will CI PK as quick.
Rl ft fin Pni ?fHI 'ured uutrker than at Hot Springs.
CLUUU rUIOUM Al once ery trace of the dis
ease disappears, no sores come on body (seres In
mcuth. ihiost, tor.gue. hair failing cut stop at eneei.
We also cure all contagious er acquired diseases-
Hydrocele. Prostatic, Ca'arrh of Bladder. Kldaay.
ail rhronic diseases of men and women.
examination asfl i-onsuitatlon. wme rer
gwnrtom Plank for heme treatment. .
and Dona las streets, aaaaa, Wktks)a