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Bunion Leadi in Balloting for Vtjor, bat
it i'teli Bkort of Majority.
F.sTerts of the Bensonltee to Stampede
' flio Organisation Fall aad ladlca--tfoaa
Hear Oat Prediction of
a Split la the flab.
home, and the great harmony organization
found Itself unahlP to do business because
the leader could not agree as to what
kind of business to do. Another effort will
be made next Saturday night, and in the
meantime the contending factions will en
deavor to line up their forces so that a full
showing of strength may rw made.
Lsyi Can.'g of Troablt for Himself
Wiia Congressman EnlL
Analysis of the Railroad linn
eeatly Made Hbom Ita Won
derfnl Character.
Hours of balloting-, caucussing, connota
tion and conference last night left tho
fioard of governors of the Fontanelle club
till divided aa to who ihould have the en
dorsement of the club for the republican
nomination for mayor. When the last of
sixteen ballots wss taken It showed a result
(he same as the first Benson, 25; Saunders,
19; Broatch. 18.
In the executive committee of nine the
Vote had been: Benson, 4; Broatca, 3;
Saunders, 2.
Neither of then votes Is derisive, and the
iowers that be in the club will spend
Soother week in setting up the pins and
fixing things, and on next Saturday night
another effort will bo made to name a can
didate for the club.
Tha Bensonltea went Into the conference
last night well organised and determined.
They stuck by their candidate from start
to finish with no show of weakening, and
professed to feel confident at the time ad
journment was taken that victory would
ultimately be theirs. The flambuoyant an
nouncement In the Dally News on Friday
evening of the candidacy of Mr. Benson
had not the desired effect of stampeding
i he Fontanelle braves to his support, while
'the deadlock seemed to Indicate that his
carefully nurtured plans had not sufficiently
matured. Within a fortnight Mr. Benson
had refused to answer certain leading ques
Hons, saying he was not a candidate, and
did not know that he would be before the
people. When he did come out he would
announce his platform.
How They 1,1 ne I p.
, Tom Blackburn, Harry Brome and Harry
Burnett have been the chief engineers of
the Benson boom, but have met with much
opposition In the Fontanelle councils. In
deed, some of the membera of the Inner
circle have been heard to say that they
would be everlastingly jumped up and
down If they were going to let Blackburn,
Brome and Burnett run things as they bad
been trying. R. Beechcr Howell Is num
bered in this list, and has pinned his faith
to Captain Broatch. with whom he pur
poxes to sink or swim. The Broatch men
have been battling a hopeless fight for
some time past. They have realised the ap
parent Impossibility of Broatch being able
to land the endorsement, and have sought
to break the Benson strength In favor of
some other candidate.
Many of The members, realizing how dis
tasteful Benson is to a large number of
the republican voters of the city, on ac
count of his bolt of the city convention
three years ago, and his effort to secure
the office of mayor as an Independent can
didate, have demurred at the proposition to
endorse him. These have also felt that j
Broatch would be very objectionable to a
large number of republican voters, and so
have put their faith in Saunders. While
Saunders Is not popular In the Inner cir
cle of the club, he developed much strength
In the larger body that must finally pass
on the work of the nine wise men who
pretend to do the thinking for the Fon
tanelle. Indications of a Split
It wua predicted last week tha effort to
endorse a candidate for mayor would lead
to a split in the club, and the developments
seem to justify that prediction. No reason
exists to belhve that Benson "will abide by
the, decision of the club any more than he
did by the decision of the republican city
convention. Friends of Broatch assert that
he will bolt the Fontanelle decision If he
does not receive the endorsement. This
makes It pretty certain that the fight be
tween the three will be carried to tha pri
maries and that ttte factions into which
the organisation seems to be dividing will
have It out there.
Much friction was engendered at the
meeting last night. Telephone calls and
messengers were sent after absentees, and
every effort was made to muster up enough
vots to make one or the other of the can
didates, but without suoceee. Those who
Although E. H. Hurrlman had -;iven 11
out that no attempt was to be made in his
trip across the country to break a record
on land or sea, still the continuous trip
was the fastest that whs ever accomplished
over the route.
The party consisted of Mrs. llartinmn
and daughters snd Miss Alice ltoosevelt,
and Mr. Harrlman gave Imperative in
structions that the safety and comfort of
his guests were to be the first considera
tion throughout the Journey. A prominent
feature of the entire trip waa the careful
and uniform manner in which these in
structions were carried out on each of the
different lines over which the special train
sped. Many of the engine drivers felt a
keen disappointment that they were not
permitted to let out the Iron monsters
which were hitched to the train in its trip
across the country. It would have been
mere child's play for some of these rein
deers to have added many miles an hour
to the schedule which was maintained.
In spite of the way that the engines
were held back, the time from Yokohama
to New Tork, thirteen and three-quarters
days, Is considered a remarkable achieve
ment. The good ship Siberia beat all
records for en ocean voyage between Yoko-
lliiea Not Ask Reinstatement bnt De
sires to Disprove Charges
Xarir Igalnat lllm by
Brolher-ln-1 jiw.
'WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 This White
House outruge is a burning shame, and a
national disgrace."
So said Dr. Minor Morris, husband of
Mrs. Morris, who was forcibly removed
from the executive offices Thursday last
and taken to the house of detention. Dr.
Morris arrived here early today and found
his wife still confined to her bed, suffering
from nervous shock, hut much improved.
He was indignant, but was guarded In his
statements as to what he proposed to do.
Mrs. Morris' condition was such that she
waa permitted to receive newspaper men In
her room, where she and Dr. Morris dis
cussed with them the story of her father's
will, which had brought on an estrange
ment between Mrs. Morris and her brosaer,
Representative Hull, and wtilch has led to
much personal bitterness, crimination and
According to Dr. Morris, he was removed
from the surgeon general's office tm charges
filed by Representative Hull at a lime
when Mis. Morris was about to proceed to
Pueblo, Colo., to get at certain facts per
taining to the will which, she alleged, hud
not been made to appear In the case.
Wanted an In realisation.
It was these charges, Dr. Morris said,
that Mrs. Morris desired the president to
11W EHOTEMEKIT DraPer section I I
I Waists, were 110. splllnf? I.I)H U II U USI eaif 1A U U eeaUea U-liu U ama o1 e. Cl,rUln9 left B
Skirts. were $25, telling T-"H)
Skirts, were $1!, selling fi.fVO
Waists, were 910. selling $l.lM
Suits, all styles, at Halt Price.
Children's Coats at Half Price.
Women's 112 coats at...1.9S
$4 5 coats, at $5.00
Small lots o' Curtains left
over from the hst week's big
business will po U $I.OO a palp
Monday. Don't miss If you
can use them.
THE first week of our Great Linen and Reduction Sale brought us phenomenal busi
ness. For years the people of Omaha have been keenly interested and ech year
they have carried away the bargains with greater avidity.
MONDAY, JANUARY 8TH we commence the second week, and so that those who have not as yet at
tended the sale may get an idea of the radical reductions, we quote below a few specials in different de
partments, aud please remember-NOTHING IS MARKED' Up" IlT THIS STORE BEFORE THE
hama and Ran Francisco, maintaining for j have Investigated, inasmuch as both she
a distance of 4.663 miles an average of
18.12 knots per hour, arriving approxi
mately four days and twelve hours ahead
of the regular schedule.
The special train consisted of six cars,
a composite car, baggage and dynamo car
and four private compartment cars, includ
ing Mr. Harrlman's car Arden. The rail
Journey of S.239 miles was made In seventy
three hours and twelve minutes, the route
being the Southern Pacific to Ogden, the
Union Pacific from Ogden to Omaha, the
Northwestern from Omaha to Chicago, the
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern from
Chicago to Buffalo and the Erie from
Buffalo to Jersey City. An average speed
of over thirty miles per hour was main
tained across the mountains and through
the snowsheds.
An average speed of 23.7 miles an hour
was maintained for the entire trip of 7,776
miles. Including all stops. When the extent
of the ocean voyage Is considered the
trip across the bay, the crossing of both
the Bierra and Rocky mountains, a Journey
over five large system of railroads, re
quiring tha use of thirty different locomo
tives, such a performance, to be pulled
off without a hitch of any kind, Bpeaks
wonders for the organization of the systems.
was Thrown Into Despondent Mood
by Arrest of Wife for Fighting;
at a Dane.
What Sulphur Does
Fur the Human Body In Health and
The mention of sulphur will recall te
many of ua the early days when our moth
ers and grandmothers gava us our dally
dosa of sulphur and molasses every spring
uud faU.
It was the universal spring and -fall
blood purifier," tonic and cure-ell, and
mind you, this old-fashioned remedy waa
not without merit.
The idea was good, but tha remedy waa
crude and unpalatable, and a large quantity
lied to be taken to get any effect.
Nowadaya we get all tha beneficial affects
of sulphur In a palatable, concentrated
form, so that a single grain Is far mora
effective than a tablespoonful of tha crude
In racant year, research and experiment
nave proven that the best sulphur for
medicinal use is that obtained from Calcium
(Calcium Sulphide) and sold In drug stores
under tha name of Stuart's Calcium Wafers,
Tfcay are smalt chocolate-coated pellets and
contain tha active medicinal principle of
sulphur In a highly concentrated, effective
w people are aware of tha value of thie
farm of sulphur In restoring and maintain
lng bodily vigor and health; sulphur acts
directly on tha liver and excretory organa
and purifies and enriches tha blood by tha
prompt elimination of waste material.
Our grandmothers knew this whan they
doed ua with aulphur and molaasea every
spring and fall, but tha crudity and Im
purity of ordinary flowers of aulphur were
often worse than tha dlseaae, and cannot
compare with tha modern concentrated
preparations of sulphur, of which Stuart
Calcium Wafera la undoubtedly tha best
and most widely used.
They are the natural antldotea for liver
and kidney troubles and cure constipation
and purify tha blood in a way that often
surprises patient and physician alike.
Pr. R. M. WUkina, while experimenting
with sulphur remedies, soon found that tha
aulphur from Calcium waa superior to any
other form. Ha says: 'Tor liver, kidney
aad blood troubles, especially when result
ing from constipation or malaria, I have
been surprised at tha resulta obtained from
Stuart's Calcium Wafers. In patients
suffering from boils and pimples and even
deep-seated carbuncles, I have repeatedly
area them dry up and disappear In four or
live daye. leaving the skin clear and smooth
Although Stuart's Calcium Wafera Is a pro.
lirtrUry article, and sold by drugglsta, and
for ib:t rviaon tabooed by many phyal
dans, yet I know of nothing sa safe and
reliable for constipation, liver and kidney
troubles; ar.d especially in all forms of skin
disease, as this remedy."
At any rata people who are tired of pi lis,
cathartics and so-called blood "purifiers'
will Bad is Stuart's Caleluin Wafera a far
afar, Basra palatable and effective pre para
Charles Norrls, up stairs of 1715'St. Mary's
avenue, attempted his life Saturday after
noon by drinking chloroform after brooding
several days over the humiliation of the
arrest of his wife, Sadie Norrls, at a dance
at Creighton hall last Thursday evening.
Norrls was attended by Dr. Hirschmnnn
and Police Surgeon Morsman, who arrived
In time "to apply effective antidotes. He
will recover.
Mrs. Norrls and her mother rent rooms
at the number mentioned. Norrls was
yardmaster at a South Omaha cooper shop
for two years, quitting his position a week
ago. Last Thursday Mrs. Norris attended
dance at Creighton hall, where she met
Miss Amy Canfleld, who lived at the Nor
ris apartments and who, according to the
Norris woman's story, told the roomers
Btorles about Mrs. Norrls. When the latter
met the Canfleld woman at the dance she
referred to the alleged slander, which waa
resented by Miss Canfleld with a slap.
Officer Wooldrldge, who waa on duty at
tha dance, put the women out of the hall.
and then the women renewed the trouble
on tha street, both being arrested by the
officer for disturbing the peace by fighting.
Mrs. Norrls furnished a cash bond of 19,
while Miss Canfleld gave 12 for her ap
pearance, tout both bonds were forfeited in
court Saturday morning as tho parties did
not appear for trial.
Mrs. Norris said Saturday afternoon that
her arrest was followed with trouble be
tween herself and husband, who look to terests. there.
drinking Saturday morning.
About I p
and her husband had exhausted their et
forts to have the then secretary of war.
Root, and other officials of the War de
partment take action. In view of their re
fusal to act, Dr. Morris said, the presi
dent was the only person left to whom
such an appeal could be made. What he I
desired, he added, was a vindication of the
charges tiled by his brother-in-law rather
than a reinstatement.
Acting on the advice of friends, it Is
probable that Dr. Morris will address a
letter to the president urging him to In
vestigate not only the charges against him,
hut also certain officers of the War de
partment who are alleged to have per
mitted themselves to be improperly Influ
enced In his case.
"I do not desire a reinstatement to my
position," he said, "but I do want these
charges looked Into. They are unjust and
"According to my present determination
I feel that so far as the treatment of
Mrs. Morris is concerned I will take no
action, believing that the sympathetic let
ters and telegrams which have been re
ceived from friends an strangers from
all parts of the country, as well as the
attitude of many newspapers on the sub
ject, have accomplished more than could
be done If a protest were to be made to
the president."
Reply by Mr. Hall.
Representative J. A. T. Hull of Iowa,
whoso sister, Mrs. Minor Morris, was
ejected from the White House on Thursday,
made a statement today concerning his
troubles with Mrs. Morris. At the time
Mrs. Morris was removed from the White
House she was endeavoring to see President
Roosevelt that she might have her husband
reinstated as a clerk in the War depart
ment, and in Interviews she nnd her hus
band have charged that Mr. Hull was re
sponsible for Dr. Morris' removal. The
statement opens:
The deplorable events of the past two
days seem to render it necessary for me to
make a statement. In the beginning I de
sire to bespeak the kindly consideration of
the public lor the members of my family
prominently connected with the unfortunate
atTair. 1 cannot believe the public specially
Inteiwsled in the domestic difficulties of
anyone and greatly deplore the necessity
for making any statement whatever. 1 cer
tainly would not say or do anything which
would unnecessarily reflect on my sister and
ask those who may read what I have to say
to cast the mantle of charity over all of us.
The trouble began on the death of my
father and lias been continuous since. It is
charged that I violated the provisions of
his will. That I failed to file a codicil to
tho will. And I understand it. is further
charged that I forged part of the will.
These are very serious charges, and If true
1 would not be entitled to even associate
with decent people. This charge was made
at first in January, 11X12, and I will take
the matter up In the order In which It has
come Into my life.
My father left mo executor of the estste
without bonds. He gave me envelopes pur
porting to be, first. Ills will; second, a cod
icil thereto, executed more than a year after
the first paper was placed in my hands. On
the deatn or my father I forwarded the
same lo the probate Judge at Pueblo, Colo.
both the will and the codicil and sup
posed both were properly filed. My sister
employed an attorney to look after her In-
Kvtilently he wrote her that
the will waa filed, but not the rodlell
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: is
ThoSo ECilpafrick & o,
! Whan uh. . 1 n& ...!. Mil . 1 .
m. Saturday Norrls flaked to codicil I immediately wrote to the sttnrnev
kiss his wife geod bye, after which he
went Into the bath room and held the door
whan Mrs. Norrls and her mother tried to
enter. When they did enter the man had
swallowed an ounce of chloroform and
dashed the empty bottle against the bath
Flora A. Whitley; keeper of wampum,
Maud Klrkendnll; first scout, Ella P. Jack
man; second scout, Sarah Johnson; first
runner, Nellie Murray; second runner,
Mamie Flufflnger; guard of Wigwam, Mary
Oorsuch; guard of the forest, Bell'! Mole;
trustees. Ella Vorhees, Sarah Johnson and
i Nellie Tinker. As soon as the ceremony of
) Installation was over those present passed
a few hours merrily at dancing, and par-
took of refreshments. The march was led
by Ella Vorhees.
Boarder at Gentry Home Maid to Have
Ileen Guilty of tho
tne reel which Frank Farmelee used
when he caught the recora "yi" '
"ears ago. and was prized very highly be
sides being of good value in Itself.
Edward Ukr, Supposed to Be a
Kebraskaa, Hilled In a Mine,
Left Money.
Ed McDonough, employed in the North
ern Pacific round house at Tacoma, Wash.,
wants to learn the address of any rela
tive of Edward Lake, a native of Ne
braska, who was killed in a mine In Cali
fornia In June last. Mr. McDonough says
Lake had quite a substantial sum of money
at tho time of his death. The dead man
Is described as having light hair and blue
eyes and was 5 feet in inches in height.
If the firms from which you buy your , Constantine, a boarder in tho Gentry home,
goods, Mr. Business Man, know how Omaha j Mrs. Gentry died before she could make a
u a-rowing. wouldn't It help your stand- statement and Constantine fled from tho
dying man's convulsions the defendant and
her alleged lover laughed In the death
chamber and held each others' hands.
CHICAGO, Jan. B.-Mrs. A. W. Gentry,
aged iW years, wife of the president of tha
United Trading and Supply company, was
murdered today for some unknown reason
by a man whom the police declare is F. J.
ing? Send each a copy or tne new ir
Jubilee Edition of The Bee. It will help
you It will help Omaha.
Several Residences In the orth Por
tion of the City Are
Burglara secured booty of greater value
during their Saturday night depredations
than any other night netted them slncu
they became active a wetk ago. The house
breakings have all been In neighborhoods
which are not, as a rule, thoroughly po
liced, and tha houses choseu in each ease
have been temporarily vacant, the occu
pants being out for the evening or a longer
period. The greatest loser Saturday nUht
was Henry W. Clark, who lives at Wirt
street. While the family was absent, burs-
lars broke In and thoroughly ransacked the
house, taking several articles of jewelry, the
total value of which probably amounts to
$50. Officer Uinn went to the house as soon
as the robbery was reported and secured a
list of the goods stolen, but could not find
any trace of the men.
Another victim was C. D. Van Court, 1'2
Wirt street, whose home was broken Into
while no one was at home. Evidences of the
intrusion were discovered as soon as the
family returned. and It was found that a
sealskin coat was missing. C. N. Wherry.
2419 Bpencer street, found that thieves had
been In tha houae, when he returned with
his family, and Investigation disclosed the
absence of 6 In cash and a woman's gold
watch. In none of these Instances could
anyone be found who had seen any suspic
ious characters lurking about, but it is be
lieved from tha methods employed that the
same parties that have been in such evi
dence during the week had a hand In Sat
urday night's work. All of these burglaries
were committed between the hours of T and
U o'clock.
Maay Uroa pead
from so-called heart trouble, whvn the real
cause Is acuta Indigestion, easily curable by
Elactrto Blttera. 60c. For sale by Sherman
4V McConnell Drug Co.
former toaaeUma. Aal I. Meld.
Charles L Bruner haa announced that
he will file for tha republican nomination as
councilman from the Eighth ward. Mr.
Bruner haa been a resident of Omaha
thirty-nine years and has lived In I lie
Eighth ward twenty-three years. He is In
Iiiiflt i oai vmaie pusineas ana servea t0
terms in the city council from l'l to lRw.
looking after the estate, and not hearing
from him wrote to the probate Judge direct.
The statement then reproduces letters
from Horton Pope, the judge, saying the
codicil was found in a separate envelope
and had been overlooked. It also includes
a sworn statement from the deputy clerk
of Pueblo county, Colorado, which shows
that Mr. Hull properly discharged his duty
as executor. The statement then continues:
Even this did not stop the controversy.
My brother, M. A. Hull, and his wife,
cared for my father for more than two
years. It was understood by all of the
children that whatever father left should
go to my brother for this care. Knowing
how small would be his compensation, I
contributed an equal amount for my
father's support. I am not eniitled to any
credit for this, and only mention it as an
explanation of the rhurge filed. He pre
sented his claim, charging only 15 a week
for support during the time lie cared for
father. Afterwards ho reduced the amount
to $10 per week. The court allowed the
full amount, after It was contested for
two years by Mrs. Morris. I did not go to
Pueblo and used no effort whatever to
influence the court, except the bare state
ment of the facts under oath, and the
court did not sustain Mrs. Morris.
After reproducing the court's findings
tho statement concludes:
On family matters I cannot enter Into
any controversy with others. There are
thinrs which come into the lives of families
which cause profound sorrow and regret,
and the mantle of charily and silence can
only make them endurable. I again be
speak the considerate and charitable Judg
ment of the great public in considering
the acts of my tister lu ihis most regret
table affair. J. A. T. Hl'tJU
Harm Hull Avoids Facts.
lr. Morris today gave out the following:
The statement of Mr. Hull to the nublio
do. s not deal with the real facts. It
definitely avoids them. The present issue
is the ouuafcu tierpcti ated on Alia. Morris
ut the While tiouse. uhe other matters
call fo taken up at the proper time.
In Praise of t hauiberla'a's Coagb
Very few medicines have received ae
much praise and so many expressions of
gratitude as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Grateful parents everywhere testify to Its
merits. It Is a certain cure for croup and
will prevent the attack If given at the first
appearance of the disease. It is especially
adapted to children as It Is pleasant to take
and contains nothing Injurious. Mr. E. A.
Humphreys, a wall known resident and
clerk In the atore of Mr. E. Lock of Alice,
Cape Colony, South Africa, aays: "I have
used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to ward
off croup and colds in my family. I found
It to be very satisfactory and It gives me
pleasure to recommend it."
ncgree of Pocahontas Installation.
The Installation of new officers for Min
nehaha Council No. 2. Degree of Poca
hontas, Improved Order of Hedmen, which
took place last night at Myrtle hall, was
made a gala occasion by Omaha members
of the order. The installing officers who
. . - A i,A in,.nmfiir officials
liri. Mrs Sarah Smith, deputy great I Constantine & Son, whose place of busl-
sachem: Mrs. W. P. Gannon, great Poca
hontas: Mrs. Peter Powers, great propn
building without either his hat or his coat
and Is now being sought by the police.
At the time of the murder Mrs. Gentry
and Constantine were alone In the apart
ments at 132 La Salle avenue, where tha
Gnetry family lived.
It was learned later In the day that Con
stantine is the son of a wealthy man liv
ing In New York City. It Is reported also
that he is a member of the firm of John
etess; Mrs. Samuel aidiu, grcai i u ui",
Mrs P. W. Paronet, great Winona, and
Ella' Vorhees, keeper of records. The new
officers who thus assumed the responsi
bilities thrust upon them were: Prophetess.
Josephine Bldwell; Pocahontas, Laura Van-
. .,r- tv T Gannon: l-
ii , j iioi.ii.. ... . - - -- - .
nona, Dora r. Iiassett; Keeper ui i
Valuable Reel Stolen.
A report has been made to the police
th.t someone has stolen a $40 Von Hofe tar
pon reel from a rod which was on exhibition
at Charles Iwis' place of business. This
Piles Cured
buffering for Years, and t'l Hidden
from riles, a tontractor o
Marion, Indiana, Is Cured
by Pyramid Pile Cure.
Trial Package (tent Free to All Who
Send Name and Address.
I was troubled with piles for several
years before 1 wouin lei u o hu.m.
But at last they became so severe that I
could not walk and I had to take my bed.
I tried everything and anything the doc
tors prescribed, and took their treatments
for a long time. But nothing ever did me
any good. I had seen your aa in on-
ferent newspapers, so I got a f0-cent box
and begin using them. From the very
first I got quick relief and by the time I
ness is situated In Harlem. The man was
young and from the clothing and letters
found In his room by the police It Is evi
dent that he had ample money. There waa
evidence that hfr had been stopping at the
most expensive hotels in Pittsburg, Boston
and other eastern cities. Bo far as known
he had no employment, but was living on
money sent to him from New York.
The police have sent out the following
description of Frank Constantine, who Is
wanted for the murder of Mrs. Gentry:
"Twenty years old; height, five feet seven
Inches; weight, VI5 pounds; of stocky build,
dark complexion, full face, prominent nose;
wore diamond stickpin In necktie."
evr York Pobllshlus House Concedes
i:iKht-llonr Oay nnd Closed
Khnn to Printers.
NKW YORK, Jan. (!. The demands of the
striking printers for an eight-hour day and
a closed shop were conceded today by Funk
A Wagnalls, an Important printing firm.
Twenty-five printers were taken back by
this firm.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 6. Conflicting
statements are made by the
was starting on m.v third box I saw I was j and the leaders of the Typographical union
cured. I have not been troubled with tnem
since. Now you can use this as you
please, because it is genuine. Yours, T.
A. Button, stone and cement contractor.
Marion, Ind "
Instant relief can be gotten by using the
marvelous Pyramid Pile Cure. It Im
mediately reduces sll congestion and swell
ing, heals all sores, ulcers and irritated
Tha moment you start to use it your
suffering ends, and the eure of your dread
disease Is In sight.
The Pyramid Pile Cure renders an opera
tion unnecessary. Don't submit to the
erutl, excruciating pain caused by the aur
geon'a knife. Besides, it is expensive and
humiliating and rarely a permanent sue
cess. Ths Pyramid Pile Cure Is put up in the
form of "easy-to-use." specially made,
suppositories. They are soothing, painless,
Instant and certain.
A trial treatment will be sent you at
once by mall, In plain, sealed wrspper,
without a cent of expense to you. If you
sand your name and address to Pyramid
Drug Co., M6C Pyramid Building. Marshall,
After you receive the sample, you ran
get a regular slxe package of Pyramid Pile
Cure at your druggist for 50 cents, or If
he hasn't It, send us the money and we
I will send It te you.
concerning the printers' strike. George Me
Dade, representing the employers, said
"Every Typothetae firm has reaffirmed its
statement not to concede the eight-hour
"The Typothetae bus failed to keep its
promise to supply Typothetae firms with a
man for every man striking for an eight
hour day," said President Calvert of the
printers' union. "They are not getting the
promised men and complaint about having
been misled by the Typothetae Is general.
The eight-hour day will be established."
Advance Sheets of Directory Show
Growth of Chnrch In the
' t'ulted States.
MILWAUKEE, Jan. 6. From advance
sheets of the official Catholic directory,
published In Milwaukee, It Is found that tho
total Catholic population of the United
States is 12,651,944, an Increase of 189.161
over the previous year. The total number
of Catholic priests. Including seculars nnd
regulars, Is 14.481, an increase of 827.
The total number of Catholic churches
In the United States Is 11. RH, an Increase
of 47 over the previous year, '.''here are
eighty-six seminaries for ecclesiastical
students. The number of children attend
ing parochial schools has increased to 166,
207, an Increase of almost 36,010, there being
4,2S1 parochial schools listed.
and fell, to the Intense amusement of the
spectators, putting him out of the running.
Indiana Secretary of State Charged
with Embezzlement and Mis
conduct In Office.
INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 6.-Suit to remove
Daniel E. Storms from his office as secre
tary of state of the state of Indiana was
instituted in tho circuit court of Marlon
county this afternoon, immediately follow
ing the filing of a complaint sworn to by
Governor J. Frank Hanly, alleging miscon
duct In his office, embezzlement, conversion
of funds and wrongful use of funds. Sat
urday, January IS, was fixed as tbe day
upon which the secretary of state must ap
pear and answer.
Divorce Action Will He Withdrawn
and Couple Will Start for Kew
York Today.
SIOUX FALLS. 8. D., Jan. .-I.ate this
afternoon It was announced that a concilia
tion had been effected between "Bob"
Fitzslmmons and his wife and that Mrs.
Fitzslminons would abandon her action for
divorce. It Is expected that the two will
leave tomorrow evening for New York.
While making aouvenlr horseshoes In a
blacksmith shop this afternoon, Robert
Fitzslmmons was slightly Injured by the
collapse of the shop floor, throwing a large
crowd of spectators and Fitzslmmons Into
the ba'-cment. Several persons suffered
broken arms or legs, but none were killed.
FltxslmmonB was slightly cut about the
Have you friends? In the east? In the
west? In the old country? Send them
each a copy of the Jubilee Edition of The
Bee. Advertise Omaha.
Fat Men Hace on Rollers.
A crowd of cheering, enthusiastic roller
skaters, that tilled all the floor space snd
boxes and packed the sides of the ring, wit
nessed an exciting 'race at the Auditorium
Saturday evening. The participants in the
event were William H. Huston, Harvey
Hobsrt and H B. Bawver. It was called
a "fat man's race," those entering weigh
ing 15 pounds or more. Hobart won a
comparatively easy victory, with Huston
second and Sawyer third. Sawyer stumbled
Iiiiboilen and Hill of Denver Given
from mine to Ten
DENVER, Jan. 6,-Leonard B. Imboden
and James A. Hill, convicted of conspiracy
to wreck the Denver Savings bank and
divert its funds to their use, were sen
tenced by Judge Palmer In the district
court today to be confined In the state
prison from nine to ten years at hard labor.
Judge Palmer denied the motion for it
new trial, but granted a stsy of thirty
dsys to enable the attorneys of the con
victed men to appeal to the state supreme
court for a supersedeas.
Mail the Jubilee Edition of The Bee and
Bird s-Eye View of Omaha to your friends
price, postpaid In tubes. 15 cents each.
Scout Powell Enroute to Omaha.
A telegram received In Omaha Baturdav
from Dr. Powell (White Beaver), who is
being brought to Omaha from Cod v. Wyo
for medical treatment, indicated that 'the
famous scout is holding his own, though
finding tho trip very tiring. Dr. Powell
will reach Omaha Sunday afternoon.
The Hh rlners sent $50 as a Ngw Year sift
to the Chllds Saving Institute
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt of Boise City
Idaho, are at the Her Grand. Mr. Hunt Is
clothing buyer for the Golden Rule syndi
cate deartmenl stores.
Leo D. Parmenter has secured a divorce
from his wife, Freda, on the ground of
cruelty. The wife made no defense when
the case came to trial before Judge Troup.
Parmenter Is the man who some time ago
threw acid in his wife's face because lie
thought she waa going too fast a gait as
an attendant of puhlie dances.
Druggist Testlfles Against Mrs. Joslah
Pratt! Charged with Kllllag
Her Husband.
DES MOINES, la., Jan. .-B. L. Mickle,
a druggist, testifying in the case of Mrs.
Jotlah Pratt at Hock v. ell City, accused of
murdering her husband last June, said that
the defendant purchased an ounce of ar
senic from him prior to her husband's
The stale alleges ss a motive for the al
leged crime that Mrs. Pratt wss In love
with a farm hand, Will Pershing, and that
the two conspired to murder the woman's
husband. Witnesses tald that during ths
Old Sores that refuse to heal are a constant III- UlsMJl II
menace to health. They sap the vitality and undermine the constitution by
draining the system of its very life fluids, and those afflicted with one of
these ulcers grow despondent and almost desperate as one treatment after '
asother fails. They patiently apply salves, washes, plasters, etc., but in
f pite of all these the sore refuses to heal and eats deeper into the surround
ing flesh, destroying the tissues and prowing to be a festering, inflamed and
angry mass. The source of the trouble is in the blood. This vital fluid ii
filled with impurities and poisons which are constantly being discharged
into the sore or ulcer, making it impossible for the place to heal. It will not
do to depend on external applications for a cure, because they do not reach
the real cause, and valuable time is lost experimenting with such treatment;
the most they can do is keep the ulcer clean. Any sore that will not heal is
dangerous, for the reason that it may have the deadly germs of Cancer behind
it. A cure can be brought about only through a remedy that can change the
quality of the blood, and this is what S. S. S. does. It goes to the very
bottom of the trouble, drives out the poisons and germs with which it is
tilled, ana purines and builds up the entire cir
culation. By the use of S. S. S. the sore is
supplied with new, rich blood which corrects
tbe trouble, soon stops the discharge, and allows
the place to heal naturally and permanently.
PURELY VEGETABLE. S- S S- als0 "invigorates the entire system, and
where the constitution has been depleted or
broken down it quickly builds it up and restores perfect health. Write for
our special book on sores and ulcers, and any medical advice you are in need
of; nocharge for either. .JtlE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, CA,