Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 06, 1906, Page 4, Image 4

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sasasassBaBBassBBssasasBasBaBi aaBBBBaBBBBBBBSBSBBaBBBBBSBBsa mmmmmmmmmmrm
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Pattern Mods
6? &iLtti3
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s 1
I I V I A fJ t I I I I W J La
1 LIUJiTWrau
v ' 1 - ' , A
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VALENTINE. Neb., Dec. 30-To the Ed
Itor of The Bee; Altvr the presentation of
a proposed bill for leasing the government
lands, which I drew and whK-h appeared In
The Bee of November !M last. I received
several letters, offering suggestions and
modifications. I also received a copy of
bulletin No. 6! of the forest service of the
Agricultural department, entitled, "Graxine
on Public Lands." and from the two sources
liave revised my proposed measure, a copy
of which la herewith.
I would not ask for so much space in
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your paper did I not believe this a very
pertinent question, particularly for the ttet
tlers In Nebraska, who reside In the terri
tory now being adversely affected by the
present state of affairs. Therefore, If you
feel disposed to extend the use of your col
umns for this modified measure of mine, I
shall, of course, feel grateful. In this con
nection, I desire to say that lion. J. E.
licey of Iowa, chairman of the house com
mittee on public lands, has Introduced a
leasing measure entitled house roll No. 8118,
which can be secured on application to
proper authorities at Washington, and 1
believe those Interested would do well to
secure a copy of said measure and compare
tt with what I here present. Yours truly,
A bill to lease the public lands, commonly
known as grazing lands, subject to home
stead and other existing laws.
Section 1. That any lands belonging to
the government commonly known aa graz
ing lands, not otherwise disposed of, shall
' be leased to the hisheHt bidder, subject to
conditions and restrictions Hereinafter
Sec. 2. That upon the adoption of a joint
resolution by the legiHlatin e of any state or
territory, asking that certain lands within
said state or territory be brought within
the provisions of this act, the president
shall Issue hla proclamation declaring auid
... h. aiiKlant ( r I.,., nnl nil....
date when the lands within any land dlsrict
In said state or territory shall be offered.
Sec. 3. That on said date the reglHier and
receiver of said land office shall offer said
lands for lease to the highest bidder per
acre, same to be offered according to the
bent Juilument of said officers, but no tract
of more than one section shall be offered In
one body; that said offering shall continue
from day to day until all land subject to
lease shall have been offered; thut no iMnds
shall be leased under any of the provisions
of this act at less than one-half cent
ler acre; that no lease shall be final until
approved by the gent ral land office. (!)
1. Minimum price is quoted from Bulle
tin No. 6J of forest service, Department of
Agriculture, In which appears report of
"I'ublle Itnds Commission." the commis
sion consisting of Hons. W A Rii',
commissioner of the general land office; P.
H. Newell, chief engineer reclamation serv
ice, and Clifford IMnchot. forester of the
Department of Agriculture. 1 do not see
the necessity of fixing a maximum price
however, stnee this contemplates leasing the
lund to highest bidder under stated restric
tions. B-c. 4. That thereafter the second Tues
day of February and August of each year
shall le declared "lease day," upon which
day all lands that tnty nut have been pre
viously leased and all lands that may have
reverted to the government by forfeiture
of lease or cancellation of homestead en
tries or lands that may for anv the - reason
have reverted to the government ahull he
leased to the highest bidder. That no lands
shall be lean-Hi upon any other days, nor
shall any leases be made excepting In the
most public manner, after public notice.
In such form aa the secretary of the Interior
hall require, and of bona fide cash bidders.
Sec. &. Only bona tide homestead entry-
men, whose entry Bhall be of record, prior
to date of any leasing, or persons or cor
porations holding lands by freehold or by
lease of slate school lands, within the
vicinity of the tracts offered for lease,
shall be eligible to bid at any offering.
Bidders must furnish the local land office
rancher fcnd actuals settlers to stay upon
the lands, at least one-fourth of the lease
money talten from the lands within school
districts should be returned to them.
Sec. . The land so leased shall be sub
ject to existing homestead laws; and upon
anv Dart thereof being entered under said
certified record evldenco of the number of I homestead laws tl)e register and receiver
acres and description of each kind of land shall immediately notify the lessee of the
owned or controlled by each, and where I said homestead entry, giving the dale of
It is complained of or when the register same with a description of the land. The
and receiver shall have reason to believe lessee thereupon relinquishes all hla lights
that any one person or interest Is endeavor- to said enter.d land; Provided, that upon
Ing to secure more than a fair proportion I any lands being so entered the entrynian
of the leasable land they shall reject said ! shall be required to protect the same
bid. subject to appeal. It being the object i against the encroachments of the live
of this enactment to determine as nearly ! stock or sam lessee or ot nets ny a legal
1 (III., wuicil IB (ill lOl ' u i vj ur an iviiunn.
"Post or other uprights of reasonable
strength or firmness in position, not more
than thirty-two feel distant from each
other, with two suitahie stays between
posts, nearly equally dividing such space
Into three parts, wun inree siranos or
burned fence wire wen stretcnea
fastened to such posts, up-
I i ) . . .. .. .1 .... , mltl. iVin iinn..i ,(ran,l
succeeding December 31. Subsequent pay- J no more than forty-two Inches above the
... .... general surface, or me grounu taereunaer,
December b of each year ror the uceeed- J ;nd (he lower gtran(1 hau not be more
ing year. Default In payment by said De- thHn eighteen nor less than twelve Inches
cember 15 of each year shall render the i above the general surface of the ground
lease subject to a penalty of five (ni per thereunder, and the middle strand shall
cent of amount of same, which shall be . nearly eoually divide the space between
added to amount to he collected upon pay- . ,n upper and lower strands. Any other
as may be the proportion of leasable gov
ernment lands to that of freehold, alate
school lands and homestead filings, and
taking Into account accessibility, apportion
the leasable lands accordingly.
Sec. 6. That leases shall be made for the I
term of twenty years from date of previous i ,,..,. ,
January 1 2. That payment on leasing , 2n,l flmlv
shall be made from date of leasing to the j rights and
kind of fence or barrier, as effective for
the purposes of a fence as that provided
In the above section of this code, Is hereby
declared sufficient and lawful; Provided,
that all corral fences used exclusively for
the purpose of enclosing stacks which are
situated outside any lawful enclosure shall
noi be less than sixteen feet from such
rack ho enclosed; shall be substantially
lillt with posts not more than eight feel
nient. Default In payment ror ninety days
after said December 15 shall forfeit the
lease and the register and receiver shall
at once cancel the same.
el. A long-term lease Is proposed herein,
with the view of trying to place the live
stock business In the territory affected on
a more permanent basis than heretofore.
That la, a lease that will cause him to feel
Instilled in hulldine: aood suhtttuntlul fnnc
putting aown wens, wun wiiuimuis ana like aisiani irum eucn outer uou vwm uui
Improvements, with the feeling that he 1 than five strands of barbed fence wire,
ran have the use of or In case of losing J anil shall not be less than lice feet high;
the same, be reimbursed for suld loss. and. Provided further. That any other
Sec. 7. Tiiat upon lite paj incut of any 'kind of a fence equally as effectual for
money into the land office under the pro- the purpose of a corral fence may be made
visions of t;s act the receiver shall keep ! in lieu thereof." t5 )
a separate account of the wmie and deposit ' This paragraph defining legal fence
the same under such regulations as the 1 copied from laws of South lakota and
secretary of the Interior may direct. In a ' ,h'' fence requirement Is Incorporated for
special fund Willi an approved fnitcd Slates reason that it Is not probable that
depository, to the credit of the said receiver , congress would enact any law that will In
as such. Immediately after the 31st day I ?-"' manner repeal the existing homestead
of December of each year the said land I !aW1'- However In order to insure the
office, in addition to the reports which shall ! e?'? against blackmail, which might me
be submitted to the general land office. I ndulged in by the homesteader In enter
un ,1o.,m0j ..... - I Iiik the land within Ins Cased holdings by
Vlldll illiinr u urtuiiii, ainii'lliriii ... i n . - . . . , . . .
I secretary of state and to the i.iuntv rlrk reason or said lessee being requirea iq
I or liKe representative or tne
rate until said entryman shall have re
ceived as much as twenty (20) or five (5),
as the case may be, leased to one entered
as a homestead. Provided, further, that
in determining the equities the land office
is hereby granted the utmost latitude.
Provided, further, that the land leased by
said entryman shall then be subject to
conditions of section nine (9) of this act
regarding trespass.
M. Under altheer law the entrynian will
be permitted to lease 3,JU acres. If It Is to
be had.
Section 11. No leased lands on which im
provements shall have been made In shape
of wells, cultivation, seeding to native or
leguminous grasses or any Improvement
calculated to add to the value of the land
which cannot be readily removed shall be
subject to homestead entry, or cancella
tion and re-lease, until the lessee sur
rendering shall have been reimbursed for
the value of said improvements. Where
the parties in Interest cannot agree as to
value, appraisers shall be chosen under
such regulations as shall oe made by the
secretary of the interior (").
7. Section eleven (11 Is Inserted as
an Inducement to lessees to cultivate
their leased holdings, with the feeling
that they will not be deprived of their
use without compensation, or at least re-
turn f,, thAlr riutlnv.
Sec. 12. On application for assignment of
lease, the land office shall give legal public
notice, stating the time and place all part1'';
In Interest shall appear, and the ' Rules of
Practice" governing contests shall appiy.
subject to such modifications as may be
found necessary by the proper authorities;
provided, that upon the death of a lessee his
lease shall Inure to the benefit of the es
tate or lejral representative of said lessee.
Sec. 13. Lessees In fencing lands acquired
hereunder are required to at all times main
tain gates at all places necessary for home
stead entrymen, or others controlling lnnrts
kminded In whole or nart bv said leased
land, to gain ready access to and from sa d
lands, and right-of-way is hereby grant d
i across said leased lands for said purposes
Also, like gates must be maintained ai
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DR. iKARLE g tHaBI.ES, 1 1th aa 4 Doualaa streets, Omaha, .Nebraska,
I county. In which the land Is situated, shnw-
I Ing the number and date of each lease, the
. number of acres contained therein, the
lease price per acre and amount received,
which statement shall be certified to by
both register and receiver.
Sec. 8. Of the money received during
each calendar year, which amount shall
be due and pavable. by the receiver. Immcdi
ately afler the termination of said year,
the receiver shall pay from said tunda Into
the reclamation fund of the general land
office one-hulf of all receipts. Of the re
malnlng one-half. on-fourth shall be palil
to the state or territorial treasurer, to be
apportioned the same as other state funds;
three-fourths shall be paid into the county
treasury, to be apportioned as is deemed
best by the county commissioners or like
body ('3). Provided, that where any land
leased Is shown to be within the boundary
of any school district, which district is at
the time receiving the pro rata of slate
school money, two-thirds of the money paid
into the county lor one-fourth of the entire
amount for the lease of said land, shall
be credited to said school district (Ml.
3. All propositions which I have seen
looking to the disposal of these lands have
provided that the entire proceeds be paid
Into the I'nited States treasury. It cer
tainly would seem equitable that a part
at least should go to the state and county
treasuries to help defray the expense (,f
maintaining those governments. They
would certainly lie taxable were the lands
sold outright.
1. This proposed measure seeks to ill
only a alight degree interfere with the
present homestead laws. It Is safe o
assert that more poor homesteaders have
been obliged to abandon their homesteads,
or having made proof, sell out and get out
In order to get their children in schools,
than for any other one cause, the Inability
to collect revenue for schools being due
to so small a proportion of the lands hein
i freehold, thereby taxable. It would, there
I fore, accin tnal a aa luduwcineut tg sumli
ntv rlerir i reason of said lessee being
tate ami ,.l"",trk U"..lh' V,"""."1"
see of the said
homesteader, particularly In tates having
no fence requirements, this provision Is
added which requires the homesteader to
protect his premises by a fence of Ills
own. Further, under the Klnkaid home
stead law. each entrvnian Is required to
Improve same to the" extent of I1.2S per
acre, fences being accepted as "Improve
ments." Therefore, this provision cannot
work any great hardship to the home
steader. Section 10. A homestead entryman hav
ing filed subject to provisions of section
nine (Si. upon satisfying the local land
office tint he has established an actual
bona fld residence upon his said home
stead, shall be entitled to lease as much
as twenty acres of land for each acre
embraced in his homestead, contiguous to
said homestead, although the same may
at the time be held under previous lease
or leases. Provided, that the homestead
entryman filing under act of congress of
April 28. 1!m), 33 V. S statutes, page 547
(commonly known as the "Klnkald" lw,
shall be allowed five 6 acres for each
acre contained In his homestead (6i. I'pon
application being made by said entryman.
giving numlar of acres and description of
same to the register und receiver of th
local land office, they shall at once serve
said lessee or lessees by legal notice un
der the customary rules, and after hav
ing had thirty days' notice, should said
let-see or loot, is faii tl, make protest, then
so much of suld lease or leases may be
ca u-ePed as may be necessary to trans
fer ut.der lease, at said price per acre,
the land applied for lo said entryman.
Should the 1 older or holders of said lands
under lease or leases protest ugalnst said
Iransfer, the r-ulMter and receiver shall
cite all parties Interested to appear for
hearing under rules of practice. Provided,
further, that these officers shall ascertain
the amount of land held under the home
stead laws, base of Ftat school lands or
freehold h ythe respe. live parties. and
fr.- i" ' r.v (),,. i , , ti.. r- parties. an. I
tided ki,ue b sutlkienl ut the same pid
crossings of all highways, public or private,
and right-of-way is hereby declared across
said leased lands ror tne purpose oi orai
nary highways, with the right of use of all
natural water courses or laaes; pruviaeu,
that no part of this act shall In any way
conflict with any state statute on the sub
ject of highways.
Sec. 11. mat noining in inis aci snail oo
construed to prevent any person or persons
from entering upon any leased lands for all
lawful purposes, Including that of prospect
ing, locating and developing the mineral re
sources thereof; provided, said person or
persons may take only sufficient live stock.
Implements, etc., thereon necessary to pros
ecute said prospecting; provided, further,
that no building of a permanent character
shall be erected by said prospector or pros
pectors, until the land desired by him or
them shall have been filed upon under the
mineral or other laws and thua segregated
from said leased land.
Sec. 15. That the government, upon Its
own Initiation, at any time, for the purpose
of Irrigation and entry, or other special
uses or improvement of said lands, may de
clare any lease void and take possession of
said lands; provided, the lessee under these
froisions shall have at least six months
egal notice of such intention; provided,
further, that the lessee shall be reimbursed
for actual loss sustained In Improvements
named In section eleven (11) In addition to
windmills and fences placed there under
said lease, thereby cancelled. Damage to
be awarded as In ordinary condemnation
Sec. 16. Where lessee has been deprived
of any land by the provisions of any of the
foregoing sections, the land office shall
compute the amount due him for the un
expired time foi which payment has been
made and the receiver shall draw from
this fund sufficient to reimburse said lessee
for the amount paid and not earned, the
same being computed pro rata.
Sec. 17. Any lease shall be liable to
cancellation, wherever In the Judgment
if the land office authorities the s-nie has
been obtained by fraud, collusion or mis
representation, or used to defeat the ob
ject of the lam-, the lessee to forfeit all
claims for reimbursement under section
sixteen (16) of this act.
Sec. 18. Any person who attempt to
trespass, or through carelessness or neg
lect permits his live stock of any character
to range or graze upon the leased land of
another, upon conviction thereof shall be
subject to a fine of not less than fifty
(!f2doJlar" nor more tn,n ne thousand
(11,000) dollars, and also liable for damages
to said lessee. Provided, The lessee shall
Inclose his leased lands with a legal fence
defined In section nine (9) of this act'
Provided further. That nothing In this sec
tion shall be construed to prevent lessees
of Joining tracts from uniting to fence
their several tracts in one or more enclos
ure a.
Sec. 19. Forest reserves and lands of like
character may be made subject to the pro
visions of this act, under such modifica
tions and regulations as may be ordered
by the proper department.
Sec. 4). The register and receiver shall
charge one (tl) dollar fee, In addition a
commission of 2 per cent of amount of
said lease for each lease Issued, leaae to
contain all lands leased one person or
Interest at a single dlsiosal. Also two (2)
per i-ent of all moneys received from an
nual payments. Also the usual fee for
publications of notices, taking testimony
etc.. now In force for services of like
character. All of which shall be accounted
for and returned aa a part of the earnlng-i
of the office.
Sec. 21. The secretary of the Interior
man nn aumorizea lo promulgate
rules and regulations necessary to
out tho purposes of this act.
Many Drop Dead
from so-called heart trouble, when the real
cause Is acute Indigestion, easily curable by
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Consider the
Soda Cracker
Science has proved and established the fact that the
soda cracker is the most nutritious and healthful article
of food made from flour.
When it is considered that Uneeda BfsCUlt
are the perfect soda crackers it is no wonder that
nearly 400,000,000 packages have been sold the only
wonder being that any one can go a day without
Uneeda Biscuit.