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The Omaha Daily Bee
Sunday, January 14
ntirt tJ.Tr km a-rajar
Sunday, January 14
Entire Downtown Retail Diitrict in Dangar
for Eton Tims.
Warehouse! of Columbni Buggy Company
and Kiaball Piano "ompaay Qtit,
Bank and Offioai in the Three Lower Ileere
are Flooded.
Columbus Bnmur Company's Loss 1s
lOO.nnn and tha Vnuu 01 the (
Buildings la f 1BO.OOO-Other
Losses $100,000.
KANSAS CITT. Mo., Jan. 6.-The entire
downtown rota!! district of this city was
threatened tonight by a fire which started
In the rear of the three-story brlok bulld
lna; of the Columbua Buggy company, on
Walnut street, near Tenth, destroying this
hulldlng and the adjoining building occu
pied by the Klmhall Piano company and
the Hettinger Brothers' Manufacturing
company, and bndly damaging the National
Bank of Commerce building. The fire
started before 10 o'clock and burned fiercely
for two hours. The Columbus Buggy com
pany'e building and tho building Immedi
ately south, occupied by the Kimball Piano
company, were very inflammable and the
firemen were powerless to check the flames
in these buildings. The stock of the
Columbus Buggy company, too, fed the
flames, and all of the available firemen
and fire npparatus In the city were busied
in preventing the spread of the lire to the
large buildings on each side. It was Im
possible, however, to prevent the spread
of the flames to the Commerce building
tm the south, and the offices on the first,
aet-ond and third floors were badly damaged
by both fire und water. The Commerce
building Is one. of the finest office buildings
In the city and the lower floor Is occupied
by the National Bank of Commerce, the
largest flnunclal concern In Kansas City.
The bank's loss was confined principally
to an addition which It built to the Com
merce building about a year ago. The
Mock of llelllnger Brothers' Manufacturing
company, which occupied a portion of the
Kimball building, was entirely destroyed.
This firm dealt in dental supplies.
A representative of W. 8. Woods, owner
of the buildings damaged and destroyed,
and president of the National Bank of
Commerce, said tonight that the loss on
the buildings would be $160,000. The loss of
the Columbus Buggy company, according to
one of its managers. Is $100,00. The entire
loss Is estimated at $380,000.
Fire Octa Fresh Start.
At midnight the Are chief said that he
feared the Commerce building could not be
saved. The fire, which seemed to be under !
control at one time, got a freah start In the
ur.p.r stories- theXoromerce building and
the firemen were unable to cope with It.
The destruction of the Commerce building
would Increase the total loss by a quarter
of a million dollars.
iAter estimates nf the loss, even though
the Commerce building be saved, place
the total loss at tmnoo.
The vaults of the National Bank of Com
merce are uninjured.
At 3 o'clock this morning the chief of the
lire department said that the Are was prao
. .. j ,,,. i ,i,
leally under control and that only the
floors below tho fourth In the Bank of
Commerce building had been seriously dam
aged. At that hour tho firemen were pour
ing volumes of water Into the building.
Rank May Rot Open Today.
Cashier Rule of the Bank of Commerce
was unable to state where the bank would
open for business Saturday morning. He
said that while the main offices of the hank
had been deluged with water, they might
not be too badly damaged to permit of busi
ness being transacted there. The use of
several different buildings has been ten
dered lo the bank officials, but no decision
has been reached as to this point. It is
thought to be a certainty, however, that the
hank will bo open for business this morning
as usual.
Hi press Companies Withdraw All
Courtesies from Merchants and
Other Patrone.
NEW YORK, Jan. 5. The express com
ponies have decided to Join with the rail
roads in refusing to issue passes for the
carrying of business tree ai cnarge. An-
nouncement to mis encn was maas too ay
at the office of the Adams Express com
pany In tho following statement:
The action of the railroads In cutting off
free business has inde It practically neces
sary for the express companies to do like
wise. Accordingly, all the leading ex
presses have issued orders that on and
after January IS they will not carry any
business tree of charge a a personal
courtesy to merchants or other patrons or
for any reasons.
They will continue to exchange annual
passes with each other and with railroad
Colorado Officials rrefer Formal
t barges Against Alleged Dy
namiter Arrested la Idaho.
CRIPPLE CREEK. Colo.. Jan. 5.-Deputy
District Attorney C. A. Gillette today filad
Information In the district court charging
Harry Orchard with the murder of J. W.
Hartsock. one of the fourteen men killed
In the Independence station explosion on
June 6, 19ot. The Information is based on
an affidavit made by Sheriff Edward Bell. I
Orchard Is under arrest at Caldwell, Idaho, i
charged with the assassination of former !
dovernor Steunenberg. Mr. Gllletto stated j
that if Orchard was released in Idaho I
requisition papers would immediately be
asked for and he would be brought here
for trial for murder in the first degree.
l.ld Goes Oa at Midnight for the
First Time la Twenty
CINCINNATI. Jan. 6.-For the first time
In twenty years the saloons In this city
wors closed at midnight tonight and the
midnight closing law observed. This gen
eral closing of saloons Is the result of an
order Issued today by Mayor Dempaey, who
was elected mayor on the democratic ticket
at the recent elections.
During the night the police raided sev
eral gambling houses and broke up all the
'' ! ''
lr Edward Orrf Will Follow Poller
of Uaadonnr Relative to
TiONTJON. Jan. . The Standard this
tnornlng says that Sir Edward Orey. the
foreign secretary, has formally announced
through diplomatic channels his Intention
to carry out the policy of his predecessor, j
ira ianasaowne, wun rcgara to aiorueco.
Therefore, the paper adds the appre
t lions entertained abroad concerning the
tudo to be assumed by Great Britain
rr tho liberal government have been
z ,oved with satisfaction to the interests
I he announcement that the second squad
m of the North Atlantic fleet, In command
Rear Admiral Charles D. Slgsbee, will be
C Gibraltar, which Is near Alegelras. at
out the time when the Moroccan confer
:e will assemble, has aroused much in
vest here In diplomatic circles.
A'ASHINGTON, Jan. 6 Ambassador
rnry White and Minister Gummere have
received from the State department full and
final Instructions for their guidance as
representatives of America In the approach
ing Moroccan conference which It Is under
stood Is to be held at Algelras, Spain, near
Gibraltar. Custom forbids the disclosure
of these Instructions In advance of the
meeting of the conference. But It may bo
stated on authority that they were drawn
with special reference to the attainment
of two objects: First, the maintenance
of the open door In Morocco, and, second,
the exercises of good offices by this coun
try directly in the conference to smooth
away asperities and prevent the develop
ment of the friction between France and
In reference to the movements of Rear
Admiral Sigsbee's squudron, It I stated
at the Navy department that the plans for
this cruise in European waters were pro
jected long before there was the slightest
suspicion In official minds here that the
Moroccan affair would assume such shape
as to threaten the peace of Europe,
(Inn boat tarries the .Survivors of the
Hand of Rodrlgrnes to Monte
CAPB HAYT1EN. Ilayti, Jan. 6. Further
advices received here today from the scene
of the hostilities between the troops of the
temporary president of Santo Domingo
General Caceres, and the forces of the fugi
tive president. General Morales, say that
the defeat of the latter before Puerto
Plata January 3, when General De.melrlo
Rodriguez, the Morales commander, lost
his life, was complete. About 150 men were
killed or wounded. The remainder of Mor-
ales' followers embarked on the gunboat
Independence, off Puorto Plata, after
which the vessel sailed for Monte Christ!
General Guelllto, the former governor of
Monte Christ I, who, with his troops, had de
cttred himself in favor of Morales, on being
informed of the death of General Rodriguez
decided to fight In his own behalf and is
preparing to attack Santiago.
General Jimlncs, the former president of
Santo Domingo, has left Puerto Plata for
Monte Christ! and It Is understood will, with
the assistance of Morales, compete for the
presidency of the, republic against the other
candidates for that office. According to the
reports brought here by messengers a targe
part of the population of northern Banto
Domingo la in favor of 'General Jlmtnez
WASHINGTON, Jan. B.-The secretary of
war today received the following cable
gram from Colonel Colton, the comtroller
and general receiver of Dominican customs,
dated San Domingo, January 2
Carlos P. Morales legally Impeached to
day by congress. Raymond Cac eres acting
In accordance with the constitution pending
fma, ,, procPcdlnK collrt. This
eliminates Carlos F. Morales from the
situation and leaves without question the
legality of Raymond Caceres eoverninent
The government acting In conservatism and
adhering to the constitution. Peace con
dltions as reported yesterday. Carlos F
Morales not yet heard from.
Two Jfegroes Executed for Murdering
White lafant to Secure
Its Heart.
HAVANA. Jan. 6 Domingo Bocnurt, an
old negro, and Victor Molina, a mulatto
were garroted at the prison here today
Both men were regarded as "witches" by
their associates. Their crime was the hid
eous murder of a white baby, Zolla Dias.
for the purpose of securing the heart of a
white female child which the "witches'
prescribed as a poultice.- for a certain
woman as a cure for barrenness. The child'
body was found smoked and salted, weeks
after the crime.
The executions passed off promptly. There
waa no special Incident and no witnesses
excepting those officially designated to be
present. A dozen other men and women are
i t,nprisoned In connection with the crime.
Government Says More Than tlua
Thousaad Casual! les Took
Place lat Year.
SAIXDN1CA. European Turkey. Jan. 5. A
return Issued by the Turkish authorities
shows that l.OM casualties resulted from
the fighting in Macedonia between Turkish
troops and Bulgarian. Greek and Servian
revolutionary bands during ISioB. Altogether
119 encounters took place in the vilayets of
Salonlca. Monaster and I'skab, In which
tha insurgents lost o:d killed and 20
wounded. In addition the troops captured
K5 prisoners. The troops lost 122 killed and
i u wounded. A comparison of the num
" ot men killed with the number wounded
shows thut no quarter was given.
! Dr. I.oeb Aauounrrs Cause of Effect
Galvanic Carreat
Animal Matter.
BERKELEY. Cat., Jan. 5.-That tha
: phenomena underlying the electrotonlc ef-
' feels of the galvanic current upon the
I nerve and muscle tissues of animal matter
are due to physical causes Is the latest
discovery of Dr. Jacques Loeb. In pre'
vlous researches Dr. lxeb found that
sodium and potassium ions in solution stim
ulated muscle and nerve tilwrs and that
calcium and magnesium ions acted an
tagonistically to the sodium and potassium
Ions. In his last set of experiments Dr.
Ieb has found that this phenomenon is
due to the migration and concentration In
the region of the electrodes of chemical
u balances contained In the tissues.
He has found that oleates, palmitates and
stearates, all of which are found In the
tissues concerned, precipitate calcium and
that it Is In this way got out of the solu
tion, preventing its Inhibitory effect upon
the sodium and potassium ions, which are
left free to act.
fur's Government Ii Apparently Carrjing
Ita Advantage Tco Far.
Drastic Policy of Repression Mar
Drive Liberals to Rapport of So.
rlnltsts Hundreds of Ar
rests Arc Made.
ST. PETERSBCRO, Jan. 5.-The govern
ment's victory over the revolutionists has
been quite decisive, although open revolt
continues In many places In the Interior.
The military is employed mercilessly, and
gradually the movement is bring stifled.
These fires of revolt, however, are smoth
ered, but are not extinguished, and the
main fear Is that the government, en
couraged by success, will fall Into the
very error of which the revolutionists
were guilty and attempt to press Its ad
vantage too far. Already there are signs
hat the policy of repression may be car
ried to a point which Is sure to again
arouse the resentment and discontent of
he classes which shrank from the violent
program of the "Reds."
In St. Petersburg, for Instance. the
wholesale requisitions of the police have
been succeeded by a particularly offensive
measure of the prefect of police, which
practically gives the dvornlka, or house
porters, a free hand to search private
lodgings for arms, for suspicious persons
and for documents, offering them a
premium of fiO cents for the discovery of
every revolver or bomb and S cents for a
Many Arrests Are Made.
Such a measure naturally will arouse the
cupidity of the house porters and restore
the Intolerable system of personal espion
age which was in vogue during the time
of the late Minister Von Phleve. Thirty
arrests were made last night. Among those
takln in custody were four Moscow revo
lutionists who came here to consult their
comrades In this city. They were cap
tured on their arrival at the rallrond sta
tion after a desperate struggle with the
The program for the demonstrations of
January 22. the anniversary of red Sun
day, Includes services for the "martyrs"
at the Narva gate. Palace square and
other places where the troops-fired on the
workmen, and also at the cemetery of the
Transfiguration, where the majority ,of the ;
victims were burled. '
Two wings of the social democratic party
have now joined the workmen's organiza
tion In declaring that they will boycott the
elections to the national assembly. The
social democrats have adopted a wrles of arlr Hearing lesumony una aneinooi.
resolutions Instructing the members of nd tonight relative to the death of Charles
socialist organizations not to participate Kdwurds of New York, who was found
in the "police elections" but to take every bull,t nd In his. head at tho
advantage of such freedom of meeting as home of Charles A. Hlller Wednesday
may be allowed them to discuss tho elec- morning, declined to make a statement. A.
tions and preach the extension of the Maxcy Hlller is held t the coroner as a
doctrine of armed revolt for the purpose witness, but Is at his njome guarded by a
of completely overthrowing the present Policeman. The.ooronerlsald tonight, how
government. Only then, the resolutions ever, that uo charge of Imy' kind had been
say. will It be possible to ascertain the. real
will of the people through direct, secret
and universal suffrage, . . . -
fUaesar Chrtsravaa Is- Hiweia.
The Russians love nothing so much as
their holidays, but depressed In spirits and
purse In these revolutionary days, the cele
bration of Russian Christmas next Sunday
will be a sad one. The streets of the capi
tal have put on a pitiful semblance of holi
day attire, but none of the heavy buying
characteristic of the prodigal Russians In
fftfmnr Hai'i t- In Hi'Mnnpii v.'hjl. In t )a
, ....,., . . . .
Industrial sections the workmen, exhausted
by a long series of strikes, are without i
mnn v fnf rhrlilmni trees Th vraAn t ran.
. . i.. .,,. i. .i .
and gewgaws were brought into the city
by the country people, but the trees remain
unbnught In the streets.
The holidays, however, promise at least
superficially a period of comparative quiet,
the proletariat organizations having de
rided to refrain from activity until they are
Wltte'a Probable Action.
The Kovoe Vremya is printing a series of
articles In defense of Premier Witte which
are attracting much attention and are as
sumed to be inspired by the premier him
self. The most Important statement made
Is that Witto has taken a definite resolu
tion to retlr as soon as the national as
sembly meets.
With the turning over of the reins of
power to the people's representatives, he
will regard his task as finished. The whole
course of events since tho reform manifesto
was Issued is attributed by the paper to
the refusal of the conservatives to support
the government. It Is expected that many
""'" ""- " "' eniMnei
have continually been berated for not re
alizing were not promulgated, because
every hit of leeway given was seized on by
the "reds" to advance an armed revolution,
until finally the government, being without
the active support of the conservative
classes, was forced In self protection to
adopt repressive measures. The policy It Is
now following Is for the purpose of making
possible the holding of elections and ac
celerating the convocation of the assembly.
The government is as yet uncertain as to
what the results of the elections will he,
but it Is rontldent that the party of la - e -
and order will have a majority. The rumors
that Witte s position Is shaky are charge-
terlzcd as pure Inventions The writer of
the article says: Witte Is as firm In the
i . . - Til. 1 ML I J j
sannin tut "n . ,i. .-,, , (
is proceeoing on me conviction mat at least
' three-quarters of the Russian people ap
prove of his struggle against the revolu
tion." fiernians "till I. rating Riga.
RIGA, l.tvonla, Jan. 6. The energetic
manner in which General Bnlloguh has in
augurated his governor generalship is reas
suring the German residents somewhat and
there Is less talk of abandoning their prop
erty interests In the Baltic provinces.
Nevertheless another German steamer will
have Riga tomorrow with too refugees of
foreign nationalities.
A gradual resumption of railroad traffic
la in progress. Two trains re sent from
! jtiga daily. Governor General Sollogub has
j announced that he Is willing to accede to
; the economic demands of the railroad men,
i but he absolutely refuses to consider any
political demands. The railroad men who
have been obstructing traffic are being ar
rested aa fast as found. Among them is
tn assistant statlonmaster.
The revolutionists today killed two mora
policemen here in broad daylight, making
the number tor the last three months twenty-eight.
The devastation of estates by the peasants
j In Esthonla proceeds furiously. In the
Dorpat and Pemau districts twenty bulld-
inga were burned last week. The author!
ties are dispatching military expeditions
with artillery In all directions.
In CourLand no mercy Is shown a hers
revolutionary bands refuse to surrender.
The troops shell the towns and villages.
Several of the latter have bean set on firs
uud completely destroyed.
Emptoer and Printers Announce
that They Are Making Gains
and vre Satisfied.
NEW YORK. Jan. S.-'-The Typographical
union announced tonight that three firms
of employing printers, members of the
Typothetae. had acceded today to the
union's demands of an eight-hour day and
"closed shop." and by tomorrow morning
about Inn nf the striking compositors will
be at work. Early In the day it was an
nounced that Pusey Co. and A. O. Sher
wood had signed the union agreement, and
tonight the Wynkoop. llallcnbeck. Craw
ford company settled with the printers.
On behalf of the Typothetae it was an
nounced today that the right for the "open
shop'' and the nine-hour day was going
forward steadily. The American Bank Note
company, it was stated, although not a
member of the Typothetae, had come out
for the "open shop" principle. The Ty
pothetae announced that Mn nun-union men
were now working In flflj "open shops" In
the city and that the mimber constantly Is
being added to. To assure the non-union
men of permanent employment, the Ty
pothetae declared that personal contracts
for one, two and three years would be en
tered Into.
PHILADELPHIA. Jan. t. A further gain
of sixteen men was reported today by mem
bers of the Typothetae In the strike of the
union printers for an eight-hour day. Ac
cording to George McDado. the representa
tive of the master printers, more than 0
per cent of the places or the strikers who
quit work have already ileen filled.
The union printers express themselves as
satisfied with the situation. Officers of
Typographical union No.ll said that twenty-
seven firms have signed the eight-hour
ST. LorlS. Jan. 5. Both the printers and
the employers concerned In the printers
strike say there Is no Immediate prospect
of settlement. Some of those printing firms
have yielded to the new eight-hour sched
ule, but the majority of the employers
firmly maintain their stand against udop
tion of the eight-hour demand. President
Jackson of the local Typographical union
said today that no compromise proposition
will be made by the strikers. E. B. Tier
nan of the Woodward ft Tlernan Printing
company said: "We feel thut the union
has violated Its agreement with us concern
ing the eight-hour rule and there Is nothing
left to do but to light It out."
Coroner Continues Search far Weapon
i.k u-klrh MmnliAvu
Mi havkis. Lonn.. Jan. a.-vomner
, "'ade against any pe
A. Maxcy Hlller said late today thut he
would establish an allli when the proper
time earna hut refused sV discuss the mys
terious case further. "''' i-" .. . J.
The witnesses at the inquest today were
Charles Hiller and Margaret Reynolds, the
latter a servant In the house where Mr. Ed
wards was killed. No statement was given
out as to the purport of their evidence.
One of the Interesting developments dur
ing the day, and which at first looked to be
Important, was that Charles A. Hiller had
furred over two pistols to the coroner for
his Inspection, the coroner later giving them
to a gunsmith. It has since developed that
the weapons were old firearms which had
I 1
been a part of a collection In the Hlller
homestead for years. The theory that the
fatal shot was fired with one of these pis
tols Is not seriously entertained by the
police. i
Although the police have not given up the
hope of finding the weapon which caused
the death of Mr. Edwards they are con
vinced that It Is nowhere about tho Hlller
homestead. Today the coroner ordered the
search there discontinued. The body of Mr.
Edwards was taken to New York today.
Although the report of the medical ex
aminer. Dr. C. J. Uartlett, who conducted
the autopsy yesterday, has not been given
out, it is understood that the examination
of the body did not in itself throw light
upon the question whether the case was of
murder or suicide. The course of the bullet,
which entered the head through the tipper
part of the left ear and stopped just be
neath the top of he skull, showed that It
was fired at an angle, and from a point
near the shoulder, nrrihfildv. It was nnul.
, Jt waR galdi fnr maI) t(J nttye jnnctej
such a wound upon himself.
Mall Makes Round Trip from e
lork to an Francisco in
fteven Days.
NEW YORK, Jan. . Mail from San
Francisco arrived here at U:52 a. m. by a
train that brought it twelve hours faster
than mall has ever made the Journey bn-
, fore. The completion of even a faster
: record Is anticipated Monday, when the
. olghteen-hour train from Chicago arrives.
cf)mpiPting a trip of mall from New York
to Rln Francisco and return in seven days
j ,,m formerly was nine days. Mail
now leaves New York at 2:45 Monday
morning, l eaenea nan r raneiHCO ax noon
In time for answers on the train leaving the
Mime day at 0 p. in., arriving in New
York at 0:30 Monday morning. Formerly
11 woum nave arrneu nere at the same
nour on veonesoay or later,
ay or later. Previous
.. . . r-revious
.11 leaving New York
'L W"',f.U'
November last ma
2:15 a. ni. Monday,
, . ,, .
. , ... .... DeeniTne inspections of cattle were H.0&.267 and
IU1 uowii at umi ,ii,i ii., i ria to 0UI1-
Franclsco one day earlier. A new i o'clock
train from Ran Francisco to the east saved
twelve hours for the mall which arrived
today and beginning on Monday more time
will be saved east of Chicago, so that the
round trip can be made at a saving of
two days.
Daughter of Former Governor
Wlsroasla Graated Legal flepa
ration from Husband.
OSHKOSH, Wis., Jan. 6. Judge Rurnell
today granted a divorce to Mrs. Carolina
Cpham Sawyer, from her husband. Phil
H. H. Sawyer. The ground given In the
action was failure to supjiort her prop- j eral staff; Captain Carl Reichman. Seven
erly. J teenth Infantry, and Captain Sydney A.
The court awarded IoO.uiO to be paid Cloinan. general staff,
to the plaintiff as a linal division of the j The secretary has asked congress to
property of tha couple. authorize Brigadier, General Fell, Captain
Mrs. Sawyer Is a daughter of former Grote Hutcheson, of the general staff, and
Governor L'phum of Marshfield. She has Captain T. B. Mott. general staff, to accept
been very prominent socially in Oshkosh.
Mr. Sawyer is a grandson ef the United
State. Senator Sa w sr.
Viuonri N'embar Delights and Entertain
Home for Three Houra.
Fight Aaalnat the Rill Is Opened by
Mr. Fordnry of Michigan, -who
falls tttcntlnn to Repub
lican Pledges.
WASHINGTON. Jan 5. "Champ Clark
democracy" was expounded to the delight
and entertainment of the house for three
hours today by Mr. Clark of Missouri, and
constituted the feature of the debate on
the Philippine tariff hill. Mr. Clark's
speech took a wide range and lie labelled
his political beliefs ns above In answer to
a question as to what kind of a democrat
he really l. He talked of the Philippines
and favored the pending bill: he discussed , In Campbell county, Kentucky, where she
the general tarlT situation: he reviewed j t.;in remnin as long as she wishes, no
William J. Bryan's record on silver and j cotdiug to a statement made In Newport
paid his respects In characteristic oratory
to republican leaders.
II. ..nrlhl f ,ln .r..ll... In whit hr !
termed the great "stand put" disciples and I tempt, to verify the report until today WASIIINUTON. Jan. ... . Sjs-clal lele
declated that one of these, Secretary Shaw, j ,,el, ju,lg A,w, Herrv of ,,e Campbell ...- It Is extremely doubtful If any of
whose record as secretary of the treasury contv circuit court, in Newport, whose,""1 present . deputies of Hie Ctilted Stales
Included, he says, clas-irj Ing frog's legs ,iUUKUer Is one of Mrs. Tnggarfs close marshals oflice In Nebraska will recclv
as poultry and ponies us 'household j fronds, said: ! reapi-olntmcnt. A lettr from the Dpurl-
articles" for the collection of revenue, was j .. mivr positively refused to give the I ', "f Justice, It Is understood, has been
:i loei. i.l reniihlicun i.iesi.lentla I nossihllitv. i r m..- t.. I,., . h.l.lieii. : written Marshal Warner advising htm tint
unless the niuntle should fall on "the gray
and grizzled speaker, t'nele Joe Cannon."
Speaking from the forum In front of the
speaker s desk Air. Clark addressed many
of his positive assertions directly to the WOrse than would be meted out to a dan- , sanctlot ed by the attorney general, and it
republican members. Me was Interrupted KorouH rtlminal Instead of a mother who, would rot be at all surprising If such a
many times and these Interruptions gener- j through love for her children, seeks to letter went to the new I'nited States nl
ally resulted In responses that delighted ; k,.rp pon.Dinn of them." ! torney when hit Is appointed regarding tliu
both sides. ' force in his office. If Is manifest here that
The rlslit against tho bill was opened in I
me imere"u U! wic wei nilgai iiiuuiij
Mr. Pordney of Michigan. He recalled the
republican membership to its pledges on
die stnndpat tariff planks of the party.
The house at 5 o'clock adjourned until to
morrow. Senators Talk of Itallriiad nates.
The ecnut'j committee on Interstate com
merce met for two hours today and dis
cussed rate regulation In a general way.
Senator Dolllver'i bill Is regarded us likely
to draw administration support and the
author is trying to shape It so us to draw
some democratic support. The Iowa senii
tor conferred with Senator Tillman for an
hour after the coinrrlttee had adjourned.
At today's session of the committee Sena
tor Dolliver moved to take up his bill and
consider It section bv section. He urgued
that If the bill could be taken up and all
pot tions on which the committee could not
ugree be voted out, It would furnish a basis
for an early report to the senate. He failed
to obtain the adoption of his motion or any
decision In regard to it, but It was agreed
that an early consideration of the various
pending measures should be had. This
agreement, however, did not take the form
of a definite program.
The Indications are that the house will
puss a bill and the measure will come to the
senate before a report Is had from the
senate committee on Interstate commerce.
If the house would pass the Hepburn bill
that .wauld.tir.inghtfp:e tha aenata a.inas-ure-almost
Identical with the Dolliver bill.
Senator Dolliver stated today that If his
bill is rejected by the senate committee, he
will make a minority report, which will
bring It before the senate, and that he
would move to substitute it for any measure
reported by the committee if such measure
were not satisfactory to the administration.
As far as could be learned today the
senate democrats will not unite on any bill.
Senators Tillman and Newlands. both mem
bers of the Interstate commerce committee,
have bills pending. The former said today
that Senator Dolliver's bill was an elabo
ration of the Ideas that he had advanced In
his brief measure and that he could sup
port it "If no attempt Is made to make the
democrats the tall to the president's kite."
House nate for Ilnte Reirulatlon.
Friday, January 12. was agreed upon today
by the house committee on interstate and
foreign commerce as the date for the con
sideration of the general subject of rate
legislation. Nearly twenty bills are In the
hands of the committee, but It Is now re
garded as likely that Chairman Hepburn's
measure will form the basis for any action
by the committee.
House Will Insist on Economy.
,. ... '
The house committee on Interstate and
foreign commerce decided today to defy
the senate In connection with all lighthouse
I measures and similar bills which must be I
' pa88t(l on by tn0 ,mmlttee. It has been
; tho rrttcllcc of xh house to frame these
; measures in such a way that a sum of
money noi specuiea oui noi to exceed a cer-
tain amount la to be used for the nnhlic I
Improvement. The senate invariably has
changed these bills so they appropriate a and Is not even affected by a contract of
fixed amount. This system Is regarded by surrender between the two. It Is her sep
the members of the house interstate and ' arate property and the husband cannot 1m
forelgn commerce committee as being con- j pair its value.
duclve to reckless expenditures and the I Th findings cover the case of Monroe
members of the committee will refuse to ' Wallace, appellant, against the Mutual
accept such a bill hereafter and propose Benefit Life Insurance company et al, re
forcing the senate to endorse measures spondents, and they affirm the verdict as
which will encourage the completion of rendered against the husband, in the Hen
work at the lowest possible cost and the , nepin district court.
saving of balances which may remain. j
This action of the house committee is In
line with the general measure for which the '
! house Is offered for which Is declared to
be the encroachment of the senate upon
ita rlahts
Treatment of Animal Diseases.
I Th Bnmlal r,,port of ,ha chlPf of tn.
hnraii rif Bnlmnl indtmtrv rtt I lie Twnnrf- !
. i....i..., -i ' ....
Hieiii in b'1 miuia miUM. rt u i ,01,11 1 lUl
progT(.M ,n ,. treatment of the various
an,ma, dll(oasP..
Muoh ,nrr,aaed work h
been done dur-
tn . , . , , , , ,
to )n th paHt year in Inspecting and dipping
at anlmaIll for oaD. 0ver m,m lwJ
""iwere Inspected and nearly l7.onM dipped":
I were mspeciea ana nearly j(,i'",'-) oil
The Inspections of ci
the dippings 563,391.
The bureau's Inspectors at the different 1
abbatolrs and other places throughout the
country. It is stated, inspect practically all
the meat that enters Into tho Interstate and
foreign commerce of the country, as the
result of which, the report stated, the peo
ple are assured wholesome meat products
in our markets.
Decorations for Army Officers.
The secretary of stale has asked congress
to authorise the following named officers
of the army to accept certain decorations
conferred by the emperor of Russia:
Brigadier General T. H. Barry, Colonel
John Van R. Holt, of the medical depart
ment; Lieutenant Colonel W. 8. Schuyler,
j general staff; Major M. M. Macomb, gen-
decorations of the order of the Legion of
Honor conferred oa them by tha French'
( government.
Fair Vatarday and tnndav.
Temperntnres at Omnhn Yesterdn I
. . :
. . ar
. . m
. . at
. . at
, . n
. . 4)1
.. .11
I P.
lie it.
1 n . m . ,
on. m . ,
T a. in . ,
h a. in. .
1 a. m. ,
1 a. in . ,
I a. ni . ,
i m. . . .
a i
il p.
.1 a.
4 p.
a p.
l p.
m .
u .
7 p. in .
M p. ni.
n p. m .
Divorced Wife of Officer Has Chil
dren In Jurisdiction of
Friendly Court.
CINCINNATI. Jan. S. Mrs. Taggart,
whose sudden departure from Wooster. O.,
recently with her two sons, who had been
awarded to the father. Captain E. F. Tag
gart. after he secured a dlvorc aroused
general Interest, has been positively located
today. Mrs. Taggart and her sons were
r ported as being Willi friends ai Alcx-
I.".. K M...H. l,rplltl at. ,
They are
within the jurisdiction of uij
court and I propose to protect -hem. i
"The manner in ahich Mrs. TaBart has
.Pll treat, d
and being hounded was
Root, Intl. Moody and Bonaparte
Spend Tnn Hour With the
WASHINGTON. J:m. 3.-A" important
conference which covered a wide range of
in. in.em.nm.-nt of the War and
Navy departments was held at the White
House tonight. It was participated In by
Secretaries Root. Taft and Honaparm and .
Attorney General Moody, and lasted from
S:M to 11:3" o'clock. None of the cabinet
officials present was willing to Kay specif
ieally Just what matters were under discus- j
soin, but Secretary' Tut t. in response to
questions, adiuitt-d thai any conclusions
which may have been reached were not I
mutters for legislative action, but were
such as would require only executive ap
proval. The proposed changes in the navy
personnel bill, affecting the promotion of
officers, which is now before congress was
mentioned during the evening's discussion.
From the length of the conference It Is be
lieved that mutters affecting tho Philip
pines, Panama, Santo Domingo, tho gen
eral board of the navy and the general
staff of the army also may have been
brought up.
Rnalueer Pinioned I'nder Wreck
- Mates Ills Life- by Adoptlna
Desperate Measures.
ST. LOI'IS. Jan. 5.-Plnlnned under wreck
age resulting from the head-end collision of
two Burlington freight trains near Woods
Station. 111., today, which was made the
more complete by the explosion of an en
gine boiler und a carload of powder. Enpl
neer drover Hinderer of Peardstown, 111.,
with his, leg crushed and held fast, sawed
desperately for forty-five minutes und
finally freed himself and was pulled out. He
wait taken to the hospital at Alton and it Is
believed will recover. Fireman W. A. An
derson was also seriously Injured, but will
probably live. Brakemen Mason, Franks
end George Anderson were Imprisoned In
the debris and at first were believed to be
dead, hut finally were rescued, stunned, hut !
not seriously Injured. Rescuers were un
able to release Engineer Illnderer and
finally passed to him a saw, cheering him
until ho released himself. Confusion re
garding orders is said to have caused the
1 ...
Minnesota Supreme Court Decides
,hmi ,',f Insurance Contract
I Is a Yrsled Interest.
ST. PACL. Jan. S.-Although obtaining
! a divorce a woman does not surrender any
interest she moy have In any Insurance
, policy covering her husband s life,
It Is a vested Interest, the Minnesota su-
preme court holds in an opinion filed today.
In Hpeech at Banquet He trsies Na
tives to Have C'onfldenee In
MiVTT A Ion C W T m-au
thusiustlcally received yesterday by the
provincial officers and people of Bacolud,
Occidental Negros. At a banquet tendered
him a leading native expressed the hope
of ultimate independence, and presented
or ultimate inuei
'"' '
" 'TL nf
nomle and administrative
province. Mr. Bryan's
response was of the same tenor as his
speeches st Manila. He enjoined the na
tives to have confidence In the American
Deonle. addina thut the work of the ednea.
,lona bureau was a proof of the good
( intention of the federal government,
: .
Three Regiments of I nlted States
Troops at Manila t nder
Field Orders.
MANILA, Jan. t Great activity prevails
among the troops In the garrisons at
Manila. Three regiments are under Hold
orders in view of possible eventualities in
Movrmeats of Oceaa easels Jaa. B.
At New York Sailed: La Touralne, for
At C rlsilansand Arrived: I'nited States,
from New York
At Que- istoan Sailed: Noordland, for
At Movllle Sailed: Numldlan, for St.
John, X. B.
At Cherbourg Bailed; Amerlka, for New
At IJverpool-SaUed : Cornlshman. for
I "for X X N 1 ""
Pepar mfnt of Justice Does Not Like
Asiiftanti or Former MarabaL
Subordinates in Attornej'i Office Likely to
be Treated in fame Munner.
Dr. Everett of Live S'.oek Inspection
Bureau fails of Vindication.
Provides For Flc enr' l.casc on
Mm eminent Land, l.cavlnv Price
and Iteatilnttnns to the In
terior Departmeat.
I oni a man l.lirrrspnu.iem.;
w personn.iy sai.socc,
landing or each of his deputies ami
In a position to vouch for their character.
"""'"'' "' "' "
Altorn'J' Gv,u lal Moody means to brina
alioiit a complete reorganization of the
marshal's and district attorney's offlens.
Everett Must Ntn Out.
lr A. T. Everett of South Omnhu will
not be lelnstated In the good graces of thn
Department of Agriculture, uccordlng to In
formation received today. Homo three
niontns ago t-eien
as removed from the
position of live stock inspector on account
of having given private Inspection to live
"lock and receiving a fee therefor. Everett
set up a plea that private Inspection of Uvo
stock was common prnctlce, but In this
particular Instance the Importer of a for-
eign government took up the Inspection and
fee charged and Everett met the headsman,
Senator Millard asked for an Investigation
of the charges against Dr. Everett, ahich
was granted, and as a result of the inves
tigation the senior Nebraska senator was
informed that Ir. Evrrett could not be re
instated. Charges were brought against Dr. Everett
growing out of the private inspection of
horses destined to Canada. The Inspection
papers went forward, but not being regular
the Canndlan Importer called the attention
of the Agricultural department to the mat
ter and as a result Dr. Everett was separ
ated from the service.
Test of Omaha Product.
Today Quartermaster General Humphrey
advised Senator Millard's office that a prac
tical test would be made at Fort ( Crook
and Fort Robl:ison of the products manu
factured by the Lucerne Products companf
of South Omaha.
Protests on lint mil.
letters and telegram are being received
at Senator Millard's office from rallrond
employes throughout Nebraska protesting
against the passage of the Each-Townsend
railroad rote bill.
Nrbraiks Congressional Modal.
The Nebraska delegation In tho house
will hold a conference with social trim
mings tomorrow night tit the residence of
Representative McCarthy. This will be the
second meeting the delegation has held since
the, assembling of congress. These meet
ings are e. combination of social and busi
ness matters, the object being chiefly to
keep In touch with one another, to dis
cuss pending legislation and more partlcu- t
larly to work harmoniously on matters af
feeling the state of Nebraska and its In
terests. John N. Dryden and wife of Kearney.
Neb., are In Washington and today were
guests of Judge Klnkatd at luncheon at the
capitol. Mr Dryden and wife expect to re
main in Washington several daye.
Curtis Has Leasing- Rill.
Representative Curtis oX Kanaas today
introduced a hill regarding the leasing of
unoccupied landa to cattlemen, which If
enacted, will give the raisers of cattle In
the various stutes of the union the privilege
of securing a five year lease on such un
occupied land under such conditions and
restrictions aa the secretary of the In
terior may see fit to Impose. The bill is
brief and very much to the point and will
be of particular interest to the rattle
raisers of Nebraska, In view of recent
events growing out of the illegal fencing
nf the public domain by cattlemen In west
ern Nebraska.
Representative Curtis' bill authorizes the
secretary of the Interior to lease for graz
ing purposes any unoccupied government
land In any state or territory wherein he
deems It for ihe public Interest so to do.
These leases shall be executed tinder such
rules and regulations as the serretary
shsll prescribe. No lease shall be executed
for a period longer than five years and
each lease shall contain a provision for
forfeiture at any time, In case said leased
lands are desired for settlement.
Ralnbrldge nets a Place.
W. E. Balnbrldge of Council Bluffs,
former secretary of legation at Peking
during the Boxer troubles, has been ap
pointed special agent of the Treasury de
partment at Purls, Franre. succeeding
Major William 11. Williams, who has held
the position for the past seven years.
Mr. Balnbrldge's territory Includes Franre,
Spain and Italy. Mr. Balnbrldge has been
in Washington for some time In the hope
that he might secure a consulate, but
somehow has been unable to land such a
position. However, Secretary Shaw, It Is
believed, came to his rescue and brought
about the appointment above noted.
Postal Matters.
Rural route No. J has been ordered estab
lished February 15. at Reaver City, Furnas
county, Nebraska, serving 316 people and
seventy-nine houses. Iowa Bernard, Rout
I 3 Michael J. Ward, carrier; Frank Melloy,
aubstltute. Brooklyn, Route , Asa I..
, ruilun. carrier: Martha E. Galluo. substi-
tute; Route 1, William McCluskey, carrier;
Margaret McCluakey, substitute. Bussey,
Route L James F. Bradley, carrier; Wil
liam C. Bradley, substitute. Fort Dodge,
Route 4, Peter J. lxihr, rurrler; Henry J.
lAJlir. substitute. Grtruiell. Route 3, James
H. Fowler,; Rosa Fowler, substitute.
Ixickrldge, Route 1, George . Fagan,
carrier; Alex Smith, substitute. Orient,
Route 2. Charles E. I-klns. carrier; William
F., substitute. Belina, Route 1.
Thomas I- Morris, carrier; Henry W. Ritz,
substitute. Yall, Routs t, WUilam J. Mc.