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Dtciiien ii Telepkone Cue of Great Intsr
. eit to Tuiiig Authorities.
pa4e Holcomb Will ft to Purine
roast (or Benefit of Ills Health
aa If It Improve Will Re.
tara and Practice Uw.
(Trcm a Staff Correspondent
LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 4 . (Special The
rule of taxation laid down by the supreme
court In the cane of the Nebraska Tele
phone company against Unit county, Just
derided, will prove of Intercut to taxing au
thority In the various counties, as It
nettle a much disputed question. The rule
Is "that the value of the tangible property
f any express, telephone or telrirraph
company, apart from Its gross receipts for
the year prior to the time of assessment,
nd Its franchise or right to carry on bust
tiesa does not furnish the value of Its
property for taxation. Such values should
be ascertained from consideration of all
tif the aforesafd Items taken together, and
oy treating- the corporation as a going
The telephone company. In listing Its
possessions In Hall county, put down the
Value of the material composing- the plant,
what It Is worth as material, second-hand
In character, and added that to Its gross
receipts, i The county assessor contended
that the tangible property had a greater
mine, as a going concern, and Increased
-he figure. From this an appeal was taken,
but no relief Is granted.
An Irrigation Point.
Tn a case from the Irrigated district the
Court lays down the rule that If an ap
proprlator of water does not beneficially
tise the amount he has diverted Into his
canal, but allows It to seep away or other
wise exercise economy he cannot come to
the courts for relief ss against others who
are entitled to use of the water also. That
Is. If there Is enough water In the stream.
If properly conserved, to satisfy all de
mands of those who wish It.
Omaha Case Reversed.
The supreme court this afternoon handed
down an opinion In the case of Margaret
H. Smullln et al against Ida M. Wharton,
Involving the estate of the late J. II.
Hoggs of Omaha. In which the court holds
In favor of the collateral heirs of the de
Ceased and against the Interests of the
idow. It Is an appeal from Douglas
county and the decision of the lower court
Is reversed snd remanded, with directions
as to further proceedings. In an opinion,
Judge Barnes dissenting. .
This suit Is said to Involve property
worth In the vicinity of a quarter of a mil
lion. Many years before his death Mr.
Hoggs made a will In which he gave his
wife certain portions of his property In fee
forever, with the understanding that the
remainder should go to his brothers and
sisters and their heirs as collateral heirs.
some parts of his Intentions being covered
by parol provisions to which the wife as
sented. '
Later, as she feared that the other heirs
night contest the will, he gave her abso
lute title to the property, with the parol
conditions that the greater half of the es
tate should be held In trust by Harry A.
Wcstcrrlcld, snd that she should be given
enough out of the proceeds to maintain her
ar.d that she might give away $10,000 for
charitable purposes, the remainder of that
nrtlon of the estate to go to the heirs of
the dead husband.
After the death of the testator the wife
refused to comply with the parol requests
and directions made at the time of the
execution of the will and disavowed tholr
binding and obligatory force upon her, as
serting that she had an uncontrolled dls
netlon as to whether any of the property
or Income should go to the collateral heirs,
cities IIInahiim-Rroadwrll Case.
Tho nnr-ir court this afternoon over
ruled th motion for a new trial In the
BlnshHin-Rrouilwell contest over the office
tf clerk of the district court In Douglas
county. It also overruled a similar nio
t'on In the case wherein J. H. Ilarley of
Lincoln recovered Judgment for something
like fS.roo n8 damages arlnlng from In
juries received in a runaway.
Searle Is Obilnrate.
The State Hoard of Education this after
noon formully made out the minutes of Its
meeting held recently at whirli It sought
to have turned over to Knutzcn & Israel
Kearney a portion of the t'i.'jQ withheld
y State Auditor Searle as the contracted
If not enough to digest your food and
reduce It to pulp and liquid Inside you.
but It must also be properly absorbed, car
ried to the proper organs, filtered, purliled
and carried by your blood to the various !
parts of your body which are worn out and j
land In need of repair. I
This is a system of complicated machln
cry. engineering, chemistry and physics, ! " y i eacn paia Dy ran
before which all man s most wonderful I "lat" f,,r ,hp "a'P" t that animal The
achievement since the world begun pale j auditor Is frank to admit that he Is doubt
into insignificance. fl If there Is a solitary gray wolf In all of
And. when you come to think of It, j York county, and It Is his opinion that the
next to the murvel of any complicated ! scalp are those of coyotes and not wolves,
piece of mechanism Itself Is the man who. Gray wolves, according to the auditor, are
when it has broken down, can repair it ' none too common even In western Ne-
nd make It go again. ' brriska, although the few that Infest that
Stuart's DysM-psia Tablets. ! region cause stockmen no end of loss and
Really tho most marvelous achievement
In the vast field of man's many-sided en
deavor. A perfect machine which never fulls to
cure or set in running order again the
: complicated mechanism of man's Internal
digestive arrangements.
i The secret of the great success of
Stuart Dyspepsia Tablets Is simply this,
that they have been prepared upon the
firm foundation of the most thorough re
search into the reul "origin and cause of ull
disorders, due to the Improper digcMlon
and absorption of food.
Knowing the cause, further research led
to the knowledge of how to relieve and
Stuart Dyspepsia Tablets are the only
'medicine founded upon certain scientific
rules of treatment, which make success a
They penetrate Into all the channels of
your, being. Into the minutest arteries, the
tlfilest lymphatics, the faintest tracery of
' nerve tissue, and renew, build up, refresh
and restore to health every disorder which
Improper food, poor digestion or incom
plete absorption has caused In any portion
of your anatomy.
No need to consult a physician.
At the least sign ol distress after eating
take Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets.
On the least pain or discomfort in stom
ach, liver, back or bowels take Stuart'
Dyspepsia Tablets.
For any craving for Improper food, con
tlnual hunger, continual thirst or loss of
appetite In greater or less form, take
Stuart Dyspepsia Tablets.
Hy following these simple rules you will
aav yourself much pain, suffering and
discomfort and will add greatly to your
pan of life.
Stuart' Dyspepsia Tablet will make you
live long and happily.
Try them.
Book on Dvspersla fre Address F. A.
Stuart Co., UarsbsUt Mi-t
16 per cent of the contract price, of con
struction of the Btate Normal school at
Kearney. The board presented the formal
minutes to the auditor. In which It voted
that all of the money be paid to the con
tractor except ll.iVO. as that amount will
cover Ui work yet uncompleted and which
cannot be completed in cold weather.
Auditor Eearle announced that this action
of the board will not move him to pay over
the money, as the condition upon which the
tO'4 is withheld Is the entire completion
of the building. Bord Con nt r Case settled.
Decisions In favor of the state were
handed down this afternoon In the Irst two
of the several Boyd county land cases I
which have become historic. These two de
cisions took the same course as the former
cases, the demurrer of the state being
sustained, thus upholding the title of the
state to the disputed lands.
t.uardamen to Attend Convention.
Nebraska will send a full delegation to
the' Interstate National Guard association
convention In Washington, D. C, January
22. Four officers of tha state guards will
go, their Identity not yet having boon es
tablished. C. D. Kvans of Columbus Is
Secretary of this association and Adjutant
General Culver Is vice president, so that
thise two gentlemen will go as part of the
delegation. The convention Is a school of
Instruction In military affairs and will
discuss affairs of the National Guard and
recommend legislation. Lectures v ill be
given by the heads of the various depart
ments of the War department.
Ken- Corporations.
The Cole-McKenna company, organized
to conduct a real estate business and to
manufacture cigars, has Incorporated with,
the secretary of state. The capital stock
is to be loO.OOO. P. A. McKenna and A. W.
Burdick are the Incorporators.
The State Insurance company of Omaha,
of which James E. Boyd Is president and A.
J. Love is secretary, has filed witn the
secretary of state amended articles of in
corporation providing that the affairs of
the concern are to be under the supervision
of nine directors chosen from among the
The rowell-Bacon Automobile company
of Omaha has Increased its capital stock
to $10,'X according to amended .rtlcles
of Incorporation filel with the secretary
of state.
Picket I nmoleated.
County Commissioner Newton did not
present an appearance at the court houso
to oppose the newly elected commissioner,
Robert I'ickel. and the change in office
was effected without trouble. Newton's
attorney had advised him that it would be
a losing fight to take the matter into the
The first action of the commissioners
was directed to cutting down salaries In
the treasurer's office. The deputy, ' Mr.
Severln, v.-as cut from $1,400 to 11.200. while
three of the $1,000 clerks were cut to J900.
All of the county officers made requisition
for the old number of clerks, In spite of
the criticisms made publicly and in the
press that supernumeraries were employed
In almost every office. The commissioners
declined to make clerical allowances for
ll'l llJIT.l I II II la IV r- VI' I I ' . I 111 ,,J ...... .... .
the entire year, buflnformed the officers i
that while no Interference with the present
forces would be undertaken, they would be
expected to drop out unnecessary clerks
when business slackened up.
Arrested on Felony Charge.
Thomas Jess Rackley. a bartender at one
of the local hotels, was arrested today on
two charges filed by his wife. The Rack
leys live at Seventeenth and M streets,
but the wife charges that on December 17
last her husband deserted her and took up
with a grass widow, Mrs. Earl 81awson.
The police have for some time been en
deavoring to have Rackley renounce the
Slawson woman and go back home, but
they have been unsuccessful. Mrs. Slawson
is a dashing brunette, and says she had
simply employed Rackley to drive her
team and look nfter her horses. She drove
up to the station In style and offered to
put up tvm cash bond for his appearance,
tlolcomb to Come Back.
Judge Silas A. Holcomh said today that he
expected to make his future home in Lin
coln. The Judge has been a severe sufferer
for several years from rheumatism and he
Intends going to the coast within two weeks
to try end get relief. If he succeeds In re
storing his health he proposes to come back
and practice Inw In this state.
At the tnte Hons.
Adjutant General Culver has returned
from Omaha enthused over the bright pros
pects for the success of the armory project
recently launched In that city. The present
plan provides for a structure to cost in the
neighborhood of lOO.nnO, to he Jointly used by
the three companies of the Nebraska Na
tional Guard in that city and the Grand
Army of the Repuhllc. Legion of Honor and
other allied patriotic societies.
The Nebraska Incubator company has
filed articles of Incorporation with Secretary
of State Gnlusha. The capital stock Is fixed
at IW.neo. with Fairfield, Clay county, as
the principal place of business. The manu
facture of Inoubators is its business. The
incorporators are H. E. Spencer, C. J. Har
ti.i. W. A. Sumner, E. L. Lewis and J. E.
State Auditor Senrle has rejected a claim
of a York county citizen who declared that
he had killed thirteen gray wolves and that
worry. In fact, the stockmen are willing to
pay a round $100 for every gray wolf scalp
Irvine Iom, Injured at Fremont, a
Snrprlae to Doctor.
FRKMONT. Neb.. Jan. . (Special.) A
letter received here from Irving Moss, the
young man who had his back broken while
working on the grade of the Great North
ern near Yutan about four months ago,
states that he is Improving and ha a rea
sonable chance of recovering the use of
his lower limbs. Should this prove true
the physicians say It will be the first In
stance of ftie kind in the annals of surgery.
When he was brought to the hospital In
this city the surgeons said h!s death was
only a question of hours and that nothing
could be done. The spinal cord and column
were completely severed and mangled and
all that could be done was to make him as
comfortable as possible, but the young man
did not die and was later taken to his
home in La Crosse, Wis. He is recovering
sensution In his lower limbs, which appear
to be growing stronger, and hopes to be
able to walk again.
Farmers at Beatrice.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Jan. 4. t Special.) Tha
Farmers' Institute was well attended yes
terday and the lectures proved ety In
teresting and Instructing to those in at
tendance. I'rof. A. E. Haecker of the State uni
versity opened the program with lecture
upon seed corn, the selection of seed, plant
ing and culture. Later in the day he spoke
on dairying. He gave explicit direction
regarding the care of cream and It ripen
ing. At th opening of the afternoon program
Mesara. Btoll. Wlebe and McCleery. poultry elected register of deeds, was much disap
ratsera of this city, spoke at length on th pointed In the turn of affairs. For the last
poultry buslneka, TU gentlemen ahoaedtwo week he has been lamlllarixtng him-
the profits of poultry raising, and gave
their method of hatching and care. Cme.
of the point made waa the necessity of
hatching in February and March, a the
early broiler commands a better price than
the late chit k. and 6tO chickens ready for
the market In the early spring are bettar
than 2,00 late chickens.
Miss Rose Bouton, director of the school
of domestic science at the Stat university,
followed with an address showing the
chemical properties of food element and
the relation they bear In the combining
of the prepared food. In the evening she
spoke on the relation of domestic science
to the home. The lectures are interspersed
musical selections rendered by the
leading musicians of the city.
Travels Thronah Snowstorm to C "h d -ron.
Where Weather Is flood.
CHAD RON, Neb., Jan. 4. (Special Tele
gram. The crop and soil special &n the
Northwestern railroad left Ewing last night
In a blinding snowstorm, having been tn
a blizzard from BoneMeel. It arrived her
at 4 a. m. and found balmy spring weather.
Going west it took on passengers at Whit
ney. Crawford and Glenn; stopped at liar
llson at 8:30, where addresses were made
to a filled car; returned to Chadron at
10:45, where there was speaking by Profs.
Keyser and Ferguson to a crowded oar of
interested listeners, many of whom were
fanners, though greater numbers would
have attended had the coming been gen.
erally known.
On the train were Profs. Condra, Mont
gomery. Keyser and Pugsley. N. 8. I.
Hunt from Cornell university, Ithaca. N. Y.,
and C. P. Hartley, a corn expert, from
Washington, D. C. The train was met
here by Profs. Emerson and Fercuson.
CRAWFORD, Neb., Jan. 4. (Special Tele
gram.) The Northwestern soil culture spe
cial passed through here on schedule time
this morning. Farmers are much Inter
ested, a great number listening to the lec
ture on grasses, etc.
VALENTINE. Neb.. Jan. 4.-(Speclal
Telegram.) The special soil and crop train
sent out hy the Northwestern road arrived
here on schedule time, and the lecturer
report large attendance and good Interest
at points between here and Chadron. The
program here was somewhat varied and
more elaborate than at other points. In
stead of speaking from the train, the hall
In the court house was thrown open for the
benefit of the speakers and all who wished
to hear them on subjects of vital interest
to development of this section. This was
appreciated by the speakers especially and
they were well pleased to be greeted so
enthusiastically and the people regretted
the love feast could not have been pro
longed. Many an Idea was thrown out
by each speaker that will grow and in
later years yield abundantly In the progress
of northwestern Nebraska, particularly in
Cherry county.
George Merrlinan of Bralnard Missing
at nnt Kt.
SANTA FE N. M., Jan. 4. (Special Tele-
ffram.) Georrre Atcrrtm:tn. plMi'trl,ijn rf
' , - . . . .... .
Bralnard, Neb., reached here Christmas day
with a friend. A. R. Johnson. Johnson se
cured a position, but Merrlman stayed
around until Saturday last. Then he disap
peared and no trace of him has been found
since. All his clothes and tools are In his
room at the hotel. He had over $.00 In his
pocket when last seen and had been drink
ing. His friend became alarmed and re
ported to the police officials, and despite
every effort no trace of him has been found.
Johnson Insists Merrlman would not have
left willingly without telling him.
Foul play Is suspected and officers are
working on these lines. The state probably
will make arrests of suspicious character
Liquor Dealer In Trouble.
DAKOTA CITY, Neb., Jan. 4. (Special.)
Charged witli not having complied with
the laws of Nebraska relutive to the sole
of intoxicating liquors, Abner Gillstrap
and Philip VanCleve, today waived their
preliminary examination before County
Judge J. J. Elmers, and were bound over
to the district court in the sum of fcjUO
eacn, wnicn uond neither could procure
and In default of which they are now con
fined In, the county Jail awaiting the con
vening of district court on the Mh Inst.
Gillstrap has been in the United Mate
federal courts at Omaha, charged with
selling liquors to Indians, while VanCleve
recently came to this county from Onawa,
la. The two had shacks about ten rods
apart in what is known as Blyburg, about
tit teen miles southeast of this place, and
adjoining the Winnebago Indian reserva
tion. The complaint was tiled by John
Ashford of the firm of Ashford Brothers,
general merchants at Homer. Six cases
of bottled beer, about seventy-lve quart
bottles of whisky and four five gallon kegs
of liquors were confiscated at the Gillstrap
shack by Sheriff H. C. Hansen, and several
gallons at the VanCleve home. The liquors
were ordered destroyed by Judge Elmers.
Farmer Commits Suicide.
WEST POINT, Neb., Jan. 4 (Special.)
Adolph Posplsll, a well known farmer liv
ing on the outskirts of West Point, com
mitted suicide this morning by shooting
himself through the heart with a shot gun.
The deceased arose at 3 o'clock this morn
ing and taking his gun left home osten
sibly on a hunt for rabbits. Ills dead body
was found at 6 o'clock in the roadway
about eighty rods north of his residence.
The deceased was 45 years old, married
and had one child. He had been acting
In a peculiar manner for some months
prior to the suicide, but as he was a man
of secretive and uncommunicative dispo
sition, no importance was attached to hi
actions. Coroner Morgan ha been sent for
from Bancroft and will hold the customary
Inquest over the body.
Foraer (Jet Three Year.
KEARNEY, Neb., Jan. 4. (Special Tele
gram.) W. B. Warner, the accomplice of
Fred M. Gillette, waa arraigned before
Judge Hostetter ukh the charge of ut
tering a forged check. He pleaded guilty
and was given the same sentence that had
been Imposed upon his partner, three year
at hard labor In the penitentiary, and a
fine of snd costs. The Now York
authorities state that they will have the
couple arrested when they are discharged
from the Nebraska penitentiary. These
are the two men who escaped a short time
ago from the county Jail but were recap
tured Christmas day.
Two Claim One OIRce.
KEARNEY, Neb.. Jan. 4 (Special Tele
grum.WBuffalo county la at present
I blessed with two registers of deeds. Victor
B- Whe-lnck, the newly elected register,
I nua Qualified and he and his deputy,
' Sidney Smith, aro on hand and attending
to business. T. G. Spencer is also on deck
and propose to stay until th supreme
court passes on the motion for a new trial
In the register of deeds rase, which Is now
pen41ng. In the meantime an arrangement
has been perfected whereby both Mr. Whee
lock and Mr. Spencer will sign all paper
o that they are sura to be signed by the
proper person.
Old Official Hans Oa.
YORK. Neb.. Jan. 4.-(6peclal.) Captain
N. Lundeen. register of deed, doe not
propose to give up hi office and today filed
hi bond and 1 In possession of th office.
Mr. riarry ueecner oi nriamaw, wno was
My Life a Sermon of Thankfulness
Says Rev. J. Stoddard, D. D., Great Pulpit Orator and Former Rector
of the Church of tiie Holy Apostles, in gratefully acknowledging the
f ; '
t 4 y ir ? sKLf v
.,?Tl-'l4'- . ' :-S
i' " J, a . . taMl 4-
9 j .... .
j ;-
1 'rt4w'4,
4 tmni
E ..- . W (, VAIiWSM .
- i'V-rtt'! f.v
, - t - -f t s '
For more than fifty years Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey has been prescribed by doctors and
used in over two thousand leading hospitals as the greatest tonic-stimulant and health builder
known to medical science. It is endorsed by the clergy and professional nurses and recom
mended by all schools of medicine as the best cure for coughs, colds, consumption, grip, bron
chitis and pneumonia. It vstimlates and enriches the blood, aids digestion, builds up the nerve
tissues, tones up the heart and fortifies the system against disease germs. It prolongs life, keeps
the old young and the young strong. Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey contains no fusel oil and is the
only whiskey recognized by the government as a medicine. This is a guarantee. For sale by all
reliable druggists and grocers.or direct, in sealed bottles only; never in bulk; $1 a bottle. Make
sure the seal over the cork is unbroken. Doctor's advice and medical booklet free. Duffy Malt
Whiskey Co., Rochester, N. Y.
self with the office work, expecting to as
sume the duties of the office. Captain Lun
deen expected to turttjover the office and
his change of mind is due to legal advice.
Mr. Lundeen says the legislature could not
legislate him out of ofllce.
Harlan Return to Alnska.
TORK. Neb , Jan. 4. (Special.) Hon. 11.
V. Harlan, district attorney for Alaska,
left yesterday for Fairbanks, Alanka, at
which place he resides. Mr. Harlan Fays
that discoveries of gold around and near
Fairbanks are wonderful, and not more
than half developed. Copper Is found In
abundance, larc nuggets of pure copper,
and he believes petroleum enough to supply
the United States. Good coal is found in
the hills.
Internrban Meetina- Tnatponed.
DAKOTA CITY, Neb.. Jan. 4.-(SpeciaI.)-The
annual meeting of the stockholders and
officers of the Sioux City, Homer & South
ern Railway company, called to meet nt
South Sioux City on the d Inst., has been
postponed until the 9th Inst., when It Is ex
iocted the future of the proposed Internr
ban line from South Sioux City to Homer
Will be definitely settled.
Mar Try to Oast Treasurer.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Jan. 4.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) A report was current here today
that a suit Is to be instituted against J.
A. Barnard, the new county treasurer, to
test his right to the office on the ground
of his alleged promise to give Dr. C. S.
Boggs of Filley $100 and a deputyshlp. As
Mr. Barnard assumed his duties today his
friendsplace Unit; credence In the report.
Drnc Store Chance Owner.
AL.BION. Neb., Jan. 4 (Special.) Within
the past week two important changes have
been made here In mercantile circles. The
drug firm of O'Neill & Baldwin has been
dissolved, the latter retiring from the firm.
Mrs. S. Lewis has retired from the Lewis
Thompsen Drug company, leaving Thomas
Thompson the sole proprietor.
Swi of Nebraska.
PAPILLION Fully four Inches of snow
fell here yesterday.
GENEVA Rev. Mr. Tarker Is conducting
revival meetings al the Methodist church.
PI.ATTSMOl TH-For the first time In
many years the Cass county Jail has no oc
cupant. TEX'l'MSEH District court will convene
In adjourned session in this city next Mon
day. The petit jury will be In service.
I'LATTSMOl'TH County Judge Travis
Issued ltiu marriage licenses lam year and
united in marriage twenty-eight couple.
DAKOTA CITY An adjourned term of
district court will be convened In (his place
oa me em insi. oy juage uiiy I. (..raves.
YORK York college will open its winter
term on Monday, Januaiy v with Hie
largest enrollment in the history of the col
YORK In the death of Edward Chattin.
a farmer living siutli of York, one of the
best known and guccessiul farmer passed
PAPILLION Married by Judge Vinson
haler in Omaha January J. lia I'.eaiile uf
Pupilllon. aged 22. to Miss Inez Mumord of
Bpi ingtleld. aged 21.
lORK-(. H. Durham, one of York's
highly respected citizens ana one of the
oluesl residents, alter a long illness died
yesterday afieinoou.
BL'RWELL A series of revival meetings
are in progress at the Methodist Episcopal
church, under the direction ot F. A. Camp
bell of I uiversity Piace.
BEATRICE The Davis house, which has
beeo ill cnaige of E. M. Pratt lor tne post
few months, changed lianas yesterday, E.
F. Davis taking Charge.
PLATTSMOL i H Jucige Paul Jessen.
after disposing ot two uivorce and auout a
dozen oiuer cases, adjourned disiiirt court
and returned to Nebraska City lody.
BEATRICE Rev. 8. E. Dark and family
were tendered a reception lucsuay nignt
at the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. 11. Feicu.
The affair waa largely attended. Mr. Dark
Is the new pastor of the baptist thuicn.
ADAMS Theodore Ka-hler. a young man
lUing -4j,i of loan, wiiile trying to stop
his teajii caught his lett leg in the wheel
of the wagon and broke loih boues just
above tha ankie. Dr. McKebbeu ret th
GENEVA As Father Becker, rector of St.
Joseph Roman Catholic church of this
city, with Ui sister, Mus Mary, ere duv-
debt he owes to Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey.
Impressive truths from the lips of this dis
tinguished divine, who bids his ailingbrother
be of good cheer and prophecies that health,
strength and the joy of living will return to
S- 4.4 t -
i 7 -vtrnri s : 'V. -..V . .
nior Rector Church of the lloly Apostles,
Ins Into town the other evening, his horse
ran awav, throwing them both out, break
ing Miss Becker collarbone. Shorwas taken
Into the Reform school and cared for. and
Is ft III there. Her brother escaped with a
few bruise.
Bl'RWELL Very few changes take place
at the courthouse today. W. Z. Todd suc
ceeds W. C. Johius as county treasurer and
J. L. Jenkins succeeds Grace McCltmans as
county superintendent. All the other offi
cers succeed themselves.
YORK The first gas manufactured In
York was turned Into the gas mains today,
and many patrons of the company com
menced using gas for cooking, heating and
Illuminating. At noon a bad leuk was dis
covered, In which was a loss of 000 feet per
BEATRICE The funeral of the late John
Ellis was held yesterday afternoon at 2
o'clock from the family home on North
Fourth street. The services were conducted
by Rev. J. L. Rhodes, and interment wu
In Evergreen Home cemetery. The funeral
waa private.
CHADRON The part of the Depot hotel
occupied by the employes of the house
caught tire yesterday. .The main part of the
building was saved by the vigorous effort-
of the tire company. The bui.uing is ow ned
by the Northwestern Railroad company.
Loss about i0.
Bl'RWELL Two business changes took
place here yesterday. F. J. GrunKeineyer
sold his butcher business to Nunemaker &
Zicgler, who took possession at once, and
Frank Noble sold his restaurant and con
fectionary business to V. J. Miller, who has
taken possession.
NEBRASKA CITY Joy Morton, who was
injured lavt week by falling off his horse.
Is steadily inipioving and progress toward
complete recovery la very satisfactory. The
progress made toward recovery warrant
the tit Her that nr. Morton will De a Die to
be out In a few day.
TECCMSEH Muvor P. H. Hopkins has
appointed Edward II. Seaver a councilman
from the Third ward and Frank Dutoe a
member of the City Library board to fill
vacancies caused by the removal of Dr. E.
M. Cra ml) fruin this city. The council has
ounlirmed the appointments.
BEATRICE W. N. Farlow has received
a letter trow the capitalist behind the
movement to prospect tor oil and gas near
j tills city, stating that they were ready to
4iry leases on the land can be secured
or at least not later than early spring.
FALLS CITY J. C. Tanner, the retiring
county clerK, has purchased the hardware
business of A. F. Meyer and will tune pos
session February 1. Mr. Meyer will move
las lanuiy tram Falls City to the Pacilic
coast and he will enter the employ of a
Wholesale hardware firm as traveling sales
man. BEATRICE The annual report of Sheriff
Lou i rude siiowg that Uie office of sneritt
of Gage county is not a big snap, tlnan
cially speaking. During the past year he
has earned $-.4.7.S7 in fees. Of this amount
he has collected $1,11)4.13, and paid his
deputy tWti, leaving him &v).13 as his
I BEATRICE Hose company No. i met
last night and elected officers: Rufus
Thompson, president; Charles Avey, vice
, president; George Smitn, secretary; A. D.
White, treasurer; Ira. Lock, steward; J.
C. fc'.iith. foreman; Charles tihank. lirst
! assistant foreman; Charles Lock, second
asM.-iant foreman.
DAKOTA ( IT) The;il roster of Da
i kola county's officials suffered only one
' change on Thursday the time at which the
recently elected officers should assume their
: offices, that of Ed Morgan, who succeeded
' L. Blanchaid as a member of the Board of
I County Commissioners. The balance of tin
I officer were all re-elected.
BEATRICE Word was received here
yesterday announcing the death of Miss
Winona Haipster, a former resident of
Blue spniigs. Which occurred at Lincoln.
Miss lurilT was 2ti years of age and
lived in (Ins county for years before going
to the capital city. Interment will be in
blue Springs cemetery.
DAKOTA CiTY-Miss May McCay of
Kh'UX City, assistant principal ot our
schools, tendered her resignation during the
holiday vacation owing to pour health,
which Was accepted by the school board,
and Miss B'-rtna F. Marshall of Central
Cay, Neb., has been hired, reporting tor
duty Monday of next werk.
TEK AMAH At the regular meeting of
the Tekainah Fire association the following
efflcers were elected: A. M. -Vnderson,
chief; C. A. Raver, assistant chief, E. I
Baker, secretary and treasurer. The offi
cers elected will have complete control of
the three companies which hi retofore have
be.n under separate organization.
OSCEOLA For the first tune in twenty
years republicans have placed officers in in
polk county court house. The ,iew ohl
ciiils are: Henry H Campbell, county
Judge trep .; J- N. Norton, county cleric
ipop-i; Joel Hansen, ciei k iiso'. c .c
H. Anderson, treasurer (rep i. with Otto
Johnson as deputy; William Ehllers. sheriff
tpop.)i L. M. Shaw. M. I)., toronei U'eji ;
Terry, N. Y., September 21, 1003.
My Dear Brother:
"Yes, dear brother, it would give me lasting joy to
be at your bedside during tlies long, trying days, to
be able to minister to your physical wants and to lead
your thoughts along paths profitable alike to both of
us. Alas, 1 cannot come to you, but I am comforted in
knowing that the lung trouble is leaving you and that
you are in good hands and have every care. Above all,
that your doctors have found Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey the one medicine that is curing you. I am
certain that this preparation will continue to build
you up, that it will put you on your feet again, as
well and strong as you used to be.
"You will remember the condition in which the
closing months of last year found me. My voice was
gone, 1 suffered from chronic bronchitis, I was weak
in body and slow of mind. "When hope had all but van
ished a dear old friend brought me Duffy's Pure Malt
"Whiskey. I took it according to directions a dessert
spoonful three times a day. You know full well what
a cure was wrought in my case.
"Today I am strong, robust, healthy. My throat is
completely cured, my voice restored. I am imbued
with strength, energy and hope. My limbs have tho
elasticity of youth and I possess the exalted powers of
mind and body. This and more I owe to Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey, the purest and most effective medici
nal preparation nature has produced. I bid you, then,
to take courage.
"Yours with warmest good wishes,
. V.1
Terry, X. Y.
Miss Wilhelmina Rydberg (Ind. dem ), sup
erintendent of schools, and John A. Mc-1
Beth as county commissioner (rep.). Judge
T. II- Naunrters was tne last remumican
county Judge and also the first clerk of .
the district court in tne county, anu mo
last clerk was a republican.
CHADRON Juliet Amanda Richards,
aged OS years, died at the residence of her
son-in-law, Hon. Frank Currie. Deceased
leaves a husband ind seven children, all of
whom except William Richards of Fort
Collins, Colo., and Claude Richards of Emi
grant Gap, Cal., reside In this vicinity.
Funeral services were held In the First
Methodist church, conducted by the pastor.
Rev. Emerson E. Hunt.
Hoover, an old soldier, passed away at his
home west of Plattsmouih. In 151 he served
as captain of Company D, Fifty-eighth Ohio
volunteers, in the civil war. After the war
ho removed his family to this county, being
among the tirst settlers. He was the first
postmaster in Louisville and in lSii he was
territorial representative from this county.
He was tO years of age and leaves a large
NEBRASKA CITY Otoe county has two
claimants to the ofllce of register of deeds.
County Recorder Charles C. Brant ha
filed with the commissioners a bond for .
ilu.OoO and has taken the oath of office.
G' orgs M. Lathrup, elected recorder on
the republican ticket last fall, has also
tiled a flo.OtO bond and taken the oath of
office. Mr. Brant holds that he is en
titled to the office until the supreme court I
ha passed on the law in question.
TEKAilAH The newly elected county
officials took charge of their respective
offices this morning as follows: Emmett
I. Ellis (2nd term), treasurer; John U. Lar
Basier (2iid term), judge; i
son, clerk; 11. 11
L. D. 1'hlpps (2nd term), sherllT; W. E. I
Piatt (Sth term), surveyor; Miss Eda C. '
Nelson, superintendent of public ilistruc-
tlon. Owing to the change from township
organization to the commissioner system,
the clerk, treasurer and Judge will ap-
point three commissioner Saturday for the
triiBuiuB y rai .
BEATRICE Mr. Rudolph Woelke and
Mrs. Clara Mickey, both of this city, were
married in Marysvlll. Kan., yesterday. .
They have returned to Beatrice to make
their home. In county court the marriage
of Mr. Walter B. fluttertleld and Miss
Lottie E. Hazelton Was solemnized. The
gloom is a druggist at Filley, where the
young coupl will reside. Last evening at
the Methodist Episcopal parsonai-'e, Rev.
N. A. Martin officiating, occurred the mar
Ttage of Mr. Hiram (I. Baker and Miss
Stella Irvine, both of this city. I
TECVMSEII The Burlington Railroad i
company s tender of a part payment of I' i
taxes for 14 and 1")05 has been accepted by i
I tne county treasurer. 1 tie assessor found
I the company' taxes for the two vears to
be 131.022.13 and the tender waa S19.1H3.04. a
difference of HI.?. 49. This action was not
taken by the county treasurer until It was
demonstrated to him by Judge Munger of
the 1'nlted States circuit court and the at
torney general that the acceptance of the
tender would in no wise stand In the way of
i the county securing the whole amount found
against tne company.
I'LATTSMOL'TH At noon today the fol
lowing chuiifres occurred In the courthouse:
John D. McTtride. who ha held the office
of aheriff for four years, was succeeded by
Carl D. (Jiiinton of Elmwood; W. E. Rosen
crans succeeded L. A. T son as county
! clerk, and Clell D. Morgan relloved J. L.
Burton as deputy; Piol. J. W. Gamble be-
I came county superintendent, succeeding C.
S. Wort muni W. B. Banning as succeeded
ii county commissioner of the Hecond dls-
tiict by L. 1). Switser: Henry Boeek, cor-
county commissioner of the Hecond dls-
oner, was succeeded by Mr. Clement of
l.lmwood. w. D. Wheeler, county treas
urer; !f. D. Tra.'is, county judpe; H. A.
Schneider, county recorder, ar.d E. E. Hil
ton, county surveyor, were re-elected.
FALLS CITY The newly elected officers
took possession of their rl.ices In the court
house in Falls City today. The outgoing
officers are all republicans and the new
ones are all democrats. The new officers
arc: J. S. Lord, treasurer; John Huteh
ings, county cleik; L. C. Edwards, register
of deeds: V. T. Fenton, sheriff; John Gag- I
non. county judke. Dr. George Kt-neker, I
coroner; T. J. Oliver, supenntendf nt of
public Instruction. There was no disturb
ance or trouble in the transfers in any
ortice except the office of register of tleels.
William Relger has been register of d-eds
for the last four years and was a candidate
for re-election last fall, but was beaten by
L. C. Edwards by ealght vote. When Mr.
Edwards went Into the office this morning
and asked Mr. Reiger to turn the office
over to him Mr. Reiger refused to do so
on the ground that the supreme court might
grant a rehearing of the question as to
whether the renister held over another
year and might reverse themselves and that
Mr. Edwards wm not competent to fill the
office. He then wanted to make a contract
with Mr. Edwards that If the supreme court
reversed themselves Edwards would give
him jacea hie possession of the office, and
this Edward refused to do. After a little
time Mr. Reiger i- M.'i be would tura Ui
office over and did so.
!.i ii
Attack OD iietalltT 01 BUUie mad 07
A. 0. Ellick.
Plaintiff Denies Authority ef City
Officer to Call Special Elec
tion to Vote oa Prop
osition. Former Assistant City Attorney A. O.
Ellick, acting for Isabel Linn, ha made
the first attack In court on the legality of
the voting machine as register of the
people' will. The attack of plaintiff I di
rected against the vote on the $HO,000 of
bond voted for fire engine purpose at the
election held November 7.
A soon almost as the suit waa filed
Thursday morning City Attorney Breen
was at the office of the clerk of court to
get the petition.
Mr. Ellick set up that the special elec
tion to vote on the bond Issue was called
for the same day a the general election.
He contends there waa no power or author-
X in the city officers to call euch special
election for such a purpose and that th
ordinance authorising the special election
. therefore null and vol.1 likewise the nr.
,s therefore null ana void, likewise tne or-
dlnance passed after the election authnrix-
ng the sale of the bonds: also th sal of
th bona ,ggue , j u Brandeis & Son.
There Is a plea that the court should so
It is set up that the mayor's proclama
tion provided for the appearance of the
bond proposition on ballots which should
Inform the voter as to their purpose and
amount, but that In fact "there wer no
ballot provided on which was et forth
said proposition, either In whole or In
part." The petition goes on to say that
th voting wan done by machine and that
therefore the proclamation of the mayor
was Insufficient and the special election a
to the bonds void and of no effect and
that the Issue should be enjoined.
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w Governor of Massachusetts.
BOSTON. Mass., Jan. 4 Curtis Guild. Jr.
of Poston. was Inaugurated governor of
Massachusetts today. In his Inaugural
address he defined the attitude of Momi
rhusetts In demanding a reduction In tariff
end more friendly trade treaties.
Queer frnsatlon
I m siomacn. nam or uu.o., in in ni
I certain dangers, which Electric Bitter are
In stomach, back or bowels, are sign of
guaranteed to cure. (0 cent. For sal by
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
Kork Island Passes Dividend.
NEW YORK. Jan. 4 The directors of the
Rock island company- of New Jersey, whlcti
operates the Rock Island railroad system,
at a meeting today voted to pass thet
eiuarterly dividend on the common ind pre
f erred stock.
I here le no stoehelie Salt. Alti'w,
lent or Ammonia in food made wltlf
i THl 8l H)W0t TtV$f
snake ewr teeaa