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Formir Gofsmar f Wisconsin Takw Hit
Stat in Unitl Sutej lnate.
tpprtraiirr of Political Katmlra To
Tether Attracts Attention of
l.arar (roitla In the
.WASHINGTON. Jan. 4-Afier waltin
for almost a year R. M. LaFollette ap
peared In the annate whm It rwmvuiwl
today after tho holiday recess to claim his
"at aa a senator from Wisconsin and the
ath of office was admlnlstere.l to him by
Vice President Fairbanks. The crfmony
was witnessed by a crowded gallery, which
manifested murh Interest In the proceed
ing. Thla Interest was greatly heightened
by the fart that Mr. LaFollette wan es
corted Into the senate chamber and to the
Me president's desk by Mr. Fpooner. be
tween whom and Mr. LaFollette there has
been In recent years a difference of opinion
aa to party and public policies amounting
lo personal antagonism. Neither senator
displayed any trace of such feeling today.
Mrs. I.aFallet(e was among the spec
tators of her husband's Initiation Into this
new sphere of public duty.
The senate discussed at some length a
preposition to print a magazine artic le by
Mr. Newlands and also a resolution for
the regulation of senate patronage. Both
were adopted. A resolution calling for In
formation concerning the stattls of affairs
In Hatilo LVinilngo was presented by Mr.
Tillman, who made an unsuccessf ul effort
to secure Immediate consideration of It.
Mr. (ialllnger had expected to open the de
bate on the merchant marine shipping bill
today, but when the bill was laid before
the senate he asked to be excused from
talking. until next Monday, when the bill
will be formally taken up aa the unfinished
Assignments of Mr. LaFnllette and Mr.
rearln to commit tees were made hs follows:
ltFollette Potomac river front, chair
man; census, civil service, claims, Immi
gration. Indian affairs and pensions.
, Of arin Claims, pensions, forest reserva
tions. Industrial expositions, national
banks and District of Columbia, Mr. 81m
moni resigning from the last named com
mittee to make room for the Oregon sena
tor At 1:14 the senate went into executive
session and at 2:23 adjourned until Monday.
the government and In the opinion of mili
tary authorities and the department ther"
Is no present or prospective need f"t It for
the use of the department.
(ialllnger o aerlooaly iajaretl.
VAPf IINUTON, Jan. 4 Senator and Mis
Jac.ib H. Galllnger of New Hampshire, who
were knocked down by a street cat Inst
night, are not suffering any serious effects
today. Hoth were bruised and th-lr faces
cut slightly, but they sustained no other In
juries. The senator was able to go to the
tapitol this morning.
Hepharn's Hallroad Bill In.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 4. Representative
Hepburn of Iowa, today Introduced his
railroad bill, which has been anxiously
awaited, as Mr. Hepburn Is chairman of
the Interstate and foreign commerce com
mittee of the house. The bill Is similar
to the Polliver bill and embraces In a modi
fied form many features of the measure
recently prepared by the Interstate Coin
merce cominlenslon.
Democratic Leader Absent.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 4. Representative
John Phaip Williams of Mississippi, the
democratic floor leader, who was called
to his home by the serious Illness of his
daughter, has not returned to Washington.
but Is expected Ip a few days, as his
daughter Is much Improved.
Senate Committee on Statehood Bill.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 4 The senate com
mittee on territories met today and began
consideration of the Joint statehood bill.
This was the first meeting of the commit
tee to consider the admission of states. .
Rapport of Klennlken Practically
sores Selection of the (Ip
Hot K
Mr. Payne Opens the Debate with
Fonr Honrs' Speech.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 4. The cause of the
Filipino was advocated on the floor of thd
house by the republican leader, Mr. Payne,
for nearly four hours today. He presented
the views of tho majority of the ways ami
means committee on the Philippine tariff
bill reducing the duties on sugar and to
bacco to 25 per cent of the Dlngley tariff
rates and admitting other products of the
.Islands to the United States free of duty.
Before he began and following Mr. Payne's
patch brier discussions indicated that
there Is to be a protracted debate on the
measure, and the opponents, representing
the cane and beet sugar interests of this
country, will speak and vote against the
The president's annual message, which
caused a seven-day discussion In the house
Tjreceding the holiday recess, wus disposed
of In twenty minutes at the beginning of tho
iloyv seeMom The particular question,
which whs the cause of contention, which
committee should got the Insurance ques
tion, was temporarily settled by the adop
liv of mi amendment offered by Mr. Hep
burn, providing for an expression of opin
ion iy the judiciary committee as to the
extent congress has power to .control cor
jxirations other than railways.
Acting on n, printed charge that mem
bers of the house were sending cows and
an manner or articles free through the
mails, the house instructed its postofflce
ommlttee to make an Investigation as to
whether members are abusing the franking
i From a Staff Correspondent.)
1F3 MOINES. Jn. 4. (Special -!- K
Knowlton of Osage today developed a
strong lead for the position of reading clerk
of the house, one of the few positions open
for a contest at this session, when It was
disclosed that Representative J. C. Flennl
ken of Strawberry Point would give him
his support. Corlett, the former reading
clerk, was from Flenniken's county, Clay
ton. Representative II. K. Teachout of this
county said today that Knowlton's appoint
ment was assured.
C. R. Honedict. chief clerk of Uie house,
was today circulating a petition to have
the caucus of republicans of the house at 2
o'clock Saturday afternoon In the large
committee room of the house.
Politicians from the Fjighth district are
saying that V. O. Sutherlund of Clarinda.
former attorney of Pace county, will soon
enter the race for congress against con
gressman W. P. Hepburn.
Senator Huyward of Scott county Is said
to huve drafted a bill to alxillsh the state
printer and binder and let the state print
ing by contract
Governor Cummins has appointed Dr. H.
L. lliker of 1-enii, in Decatur county, a
member of thts State Hoard of Health and
Stats Hoard of Medical Examiners, to suc
ceed Dr. It. Matthey of Davenport. Other
appointments by the governor are: Captain
A. E. Holland, to be oil Inspector, to suc
ceed John It. Cut-lie of Creston. Holland
was appointed under the soldiers' prefer
ence law. Peter Malcolm of New Hampton
was appointed to succeed himself on the
Hoard of Veterinarv Medical Examiners. A
member of the Board ot Control Is to be ap
pointed this, year lo succeed Judge Robin
son. It Is generally asHUined that Judge
Robinson will bo selected to succeed him
self. Commissioner X. II. Kctchuni of the rail
road commission will g to Coimcll Bluffs
to Investigate the shortage of freight cars.
Letter In large numbers are being received
at tho office of the commission complaining
of the shortage. U la claimed the cars are
being held at Council Bluffs.
Mail the Jubilee Edition of The Hee and
Hlrd's-Bye View of Omaha to your friends
price, postpaid In tubes, 15 cents each.
annfactnrers of 4'onatry Participate
tn Extent of Over Two Bll
" lion Dollars.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 -ManUfaclut ei s
participated to the extent of more than
tt.N,O0O,0O0 In-the tt.MO.OOO.000 worth of com
merce -of the Vnited States during the
eleven months ending with November, 1906.
Statistics anonunced by the Department
of Commerce and Labor show that the
valua of the manufacturers' material Im
ported was lal3.0ou.ouo during these eleven
months and of manufactures exported $020,
uho.wO against 4.0tt,0m the previous year.
The value of crude material for use in
manufacturing imported in this time was
KSf.U0O.0ul against 3o9,O0O.UCO In the same
month of the pervious year. iJurisg those
months there was a remarkableincrease
In the exports of agriculturajr products.
('Specially of corn, the value of which rose
from $-1,000,000 in the previous year to $50,
000,000 during the flrst eleven mouths of last
Allege Order Has Hecelved othlng
from Broken Bank.
SIOUX CITY. la.. Jan. 4-The vase of
Modern Woodmen of America against the
estate of K. H. McCutchen and his bonds
men, as assistant treasurer of the Modern
Woodmen, has been reopened in the federal
court. The, suit Is for $10o.1d, the amount
thut is alleged to have been deposited hi
McCutchen's bank at Holsteln at the time
of the failure of that Institution. The suit
haa been brought in the name of A. X.
Bort of Belolt, Wis., head banker of the
Modern Woodmen.
The beginning of the litigation may be
laid to the failure of the McCutchen bank,
which paid out only about So cents on the
dollar. The allegation Is made by Mr.
Bort in tills action that the Modern Wood
men have never received any purt of Its
deposit there.
City Engineer Froiouncti Hit Itfiird
Ordiitnc Disgrace U Omaha.
examination of the ork Heteala
ome . taring Discrepancies and
the Inspection la .ot
let Finished.
Here Hie a few of the nice tilings City
Engineer Rosewater Is saying about B. F.
Thomas' revision and compilation of city
"Th" hook Is inaccurate. Incomplete and
incorrect In many ways. It Is a shame and
a disgrace to the city. It makes us look
ridiculous and Is so botched and prepared
as to be next to worthless as an authority."
In his ofTlce they have been going through
the book to list the discrepancies. Here is
a partial list and the scanning Is by no
mentis done: '
Demands permits for street excavations
to be obtained from the chairman of the
Board of Public Works, a functionary now
out of existence.
Makes 11 duty of assistant city attorney
to attend all meetings of the Board of Ed
ucation, give advice when required and
handle all Us suits In court, notwithstand
ing the fact that for years the board has
had an attorney of Its own.
Prescribes a $26 license for every sale of
bankrupt stock, a matter now of weekly
occurrence In the large department stores.
Cuts off the large assembly room of the
Board of Education, although this room
la the property for the board and paid for.
Uw Long; Ago Obsolete.
Requires every coal and coke dealer to
take out a $:5 annual license. The law has
been obsolete for years.
Requires the city engineer to place signs
along the routes designated for the driving
of cattle through the city, although it has
been years since there was any necessity
for such provisions.
Attempts to annul the voting machine
law and use of machines by providing that
elections shall be only by the old-fashioned
ballot boxes.
Creates the office of "sidewalk inspector'
and defines his duties, which consist prill
dpully of seeing that hitching posts have
Omits the Item of salary from the ordi
nance creating the office of license in
spector and leaves this officer serving with
out emolument.
Establishes a hay market on Jackson
street from Thirteenth to Fifteenth In close
J proximity to the Her Grand hotel.
Authorizes the tnarketmaster to. build
$15.oiki market house on Capitol avenue In
addition to the largo structure now stand
ing there used exclusively by the one chair.
one table and one telephone Instrument of
the Associated Charities.
Abattoir on West Karnnni.
Permits slaughter houses In the fashion
able West Fuinani district west of Thirty
sixth street.
Requires that all grocery stores und meat
markets close all day Sunday from Octolicr
1 to April 1 and after 10 o'clook in the
morning during the remainder of the year.
Seeks to change the method of numbering
houses und the names of streets.
Gives city engineer right to draw on the
treasurer at will for money to pay con
tractors, although this is strictly forbidden
by the charter.
Puts the sprinkling of streets In the
hands of the fire and police board, contrary
to the charter.
Requires the filing of claims against the
city with the clerk rather than the comp
troller, as directed by charter.
And the whole volume Is now the city
law, everything standing contrary or not
mentioned being repealed. Apparently one
of the first duties of the legal department
I will be to revise the revision, which was
intended to be authoritative and complete.
The book has been printed, but not distributed.
I'nlon Pacific tracks. It wt;l extend from
Tenth street to Klexcnth street, th Tenth
street front to be handhomely finished and
to afford office entrance aboie the viaduct.
It III be forty-eight feet ti Terth strrel
and 1"0 feet on Eleventh, feet In length
and six stories In height. I lies -i'e being
driven for the foundation.
Ma n
Cadets Itefnse In usner for
Fear of Incriminating
Thrmiifh e.
company, ws received at the company s
office in this city today. Mr. Guthrie was
oicrated upon for s pieiid!clt Is last Sun
day. Bernard tirlesedlerk.
ST. IaH'IS. Jan. 4 -Bernard Grlesedieik.
aaed SO J ears, a prominent brewer, died at
St. Anthony's hospital trMay following an
operation for appendicitis. His widow and
a daughter survive hint
Harrison W. Weir.
I.ONDON. Jan. 4. Harrison W. Weir, the
artist, author and journalist, died today.
He was born In lwes. Sussex. May ii. i.'4.
Ileal Reason Why Certain Lobbyists,
In and Ont of tlrttce At
tack It.
Dry Dork Xovr Over Five Ilaadred
Miles at lira. Making; Good
W ASHINGTON. Jan. I.-The Navy de
paiiment has received the following wire
less message, dated January 4, from the
Glacier, one of the vessels towing the dry
dock Dewey to the Philippines:
Five hundred and twenty miles southeast
Cape Henry. Weather glorious. Light
southeast winds. Son with sea. Hpeed four
'.nols. Potomac goes Bermuda.
The message la unsigned.
Census Publication Enjoined.
DE8 MOINES. la.. Jan. 4. (Special Tele
gram.) ljite this afternoon ' Judge Bishop
of the fupreme bench signed an injunction
restrain,! ng the executive council from Is
suing the census volume pending the de
cision of the supreme court In the case ap
pealed from Atlantic. The Injunction Is
given on the application of the enumerator,
Charles Noodle.
Whitmer Would Hold On.
DES MOINES. In., Jan. 4. iSpecial Tele
gram.) Representative Whitmer of O'Brien
county tonight formally filed with Sieakr
Clarke notice that he would contest to hold
his seat against Youde, ihe republican
elected to his place.
. Louts.
A. Til-
osalaatloas by ta President.
A8I1INGTON. Jan. 4.-The president
I.ty sent the following nominations to
e senate:
Ukiiard W. Austin. Tennessee, consul at
. Glasgow. Scotland
Surveyor of customs, port of St
In.. Charles E. Calleukamp.
Secretary, of Oklahoma. Charles
ot son.
Secretary for the Indians of the Osage
'igency in Oklahoma. Ret Millard.
Registers of land offices: Frank C. Slck
els. at El Reno. Ok I., Alpa E. Hoyt, at
Sundance. Wyo.
Receivers of public moneys: Thomas R
ltoid. at EI Ronn. Okl.; Robert R. Her-
... T - .. H' ... . . T . . .1 D IA- . . .
It'll. It Mnnci, . jv. . L'mt ia, ai
1 Sundance, Wyo.
Also a number of appointments and pro
motions In the army, navy, revenue cut
r and marine hospital service.
Men Mho Pnld a.i.iMK Each for aa
Introduction Want Money
NEW YORK. Jan. 4. -J C. Partington,
of the alleged fraudulent matrimonial
agency In K.-w Orleans, was arrested here
I today preparatory to being returnfd to
New Orleans. He was Indicted tnere for
advertising the matrimonial offer of an
alleged Creole widow who owned a $100,000
sugar plantation and wanted a husband.
These advertisements were inserted during
l:H. In newspapers In St. Ixmls Kansas
I City and other southern and western cities.
Tho widow was described as very 'jeautiful
and hundred of men answered the offer,
writing to the agency at New Orleans,
which Farrtngton is said to have con
ducted. The agency askd these cor
respondents to contribute a $5.0uo ( each
to secure an introduction to the widow.
On complaint of a mini from Vclasco, Tex.,
and another from Sinopc. I..i . :!it no
introduction resulted from the fee. Fat ring
ton was arrested, lie forfeited $1. cash
Iiail and escaped from Louisiana.
OMAHA, Jan. 4. Editor of The Hee:
You do not seem to understand the powers
that are guiding and directing the con
spiracy to overthrow our present excellent
city charter. Let hie give you a few facts.
The attorney of the school board was the
attorney and lobbyist at Lincoln ull last
winter for the contractors who controlled
the majority of tho old Hoard of Public
Works, that was an obstruction to all pub
lic Improvements that the said contractors
could not control. This attorney, with the
assistance of several other lobbyists fought
the charter up to the last moment of its
passage, and the said school board attor
ney brought additional amendments on the
day of Its passage for tho pretended pro
tection of the school board In the consolida
tion provision, but really to defeat the
charter. The conspirators thought we could
not get It through, but we did, und than
they vowed they would lieat it In the
One of the new provisions of the charter
provides that all contracts must he made
by ordinance, which will give the people
two weeks to see what they look like.
Contracts cannot be rushed through the
council by resolution In one night any
more. This provision has saved thousands
ANNAPOLIS. Md.. Jan. I. -Today's pro
ceedings before the court martial which Is
trying Midshipman Worth W. Foster of I
New Albany, Jnd.. for the Hllraed haling
of Midshipman Chester S. Roberts were of
Interest, us not only were some new forms
of haling explained, but the number of
witnesses who sought to be excused from
answering questions on the ground that
they would Incrimlnnte themselves Indi
cates how thoroughly the practice' of bas
ing has permeated the Institution. The
court ruled that a midshipman did not in
criminate himself by stating that he was
present during haxlng If he did not actu
ally lake part In It himself, but even after
this explanation several midshipmen asked
to be excused from answering questions.
saying they would Incriminate themselves
If they answered.
The record of yesterday's proceedings In
Decatur's case was verified and some small
changes made In the record of Midship
man "Prenmor Coffin's trlsl. The court
then took up the case of Midshipman
Worth W. Foster of New Albany. Ind..
who In charged with hazing Midshipman
Chester 8. Roberts It is aTleged that be
tween the middle of October and December
Fortrr .hased Roberts by compelling him
to stand on his head, to hang from the
clothes locker and eat under the table.
Mr. Theall. Foster's counsel, objected to
the Indefinite lint a re of the time alleged
for the commission of the acts. He said
that he was not able to properly prepare
a defense when the time was so uncertain
and asked that the judge advocate be com
pelled to specify more exactly. The court
was clfared to consider his request.
Foster pleaded not guilty to the charge
and all the specifications.
Midshipman Chester S. Roberts was the
first witness. He identified the accused by
nime. He appeared most reluctant to
testify against the Accused and parried
the question of the Judge advocate until
Captain Rees, president of the court, cau
tioned him that he was under oath to tell
the whole truth In the matter. He then
said that about two weeks after the school
lind opened Foster had ordered htm to
report to Foster's room and he had done
so. Foster ordered him to go In the small
room, and that some one had then held
his thumb In four positions, these in
dicating, he said, that he was In succes
sion to tell his name, where he was from.
who he succeeded in the academy, and to
get on his head. He was compelled, then,
to do "No. 11" and then to hang on the
locker, both of which he did. He then
was asked If he could hear any better at
the table.
The witness answered that he had done
his best before, and was then"ordered to
hang on the locker again. Roberts said
that Foster then sent him fir Midshipman
Clevenger. Foster and Decatur were In
the room, he said, and he lie'.ieved thnt
roster had made the motions with his
Midshipman William R. Mannter of the
second class was the next witness. Counsel
usked thnt the witness be cautioned that
he need not give testimony which would
Incriminate himself, lie was then asked
if he had seen Roberts sent tinder the table
at any time, and iu reply asked If In an
swering this question -fcf the affirmative he
would be incriminating Idniself ' by admit
ting being present when hazing was going
on and not reporting It. The court ruled
that his mere presence would not incrimi
nate the witness. He then said that Mr.
Roberts had been put under the table by
Mr. Foster, he thought.
In response to a question of the court
Maiinier said that Foster was responsible
for the conduct at the table and that It was
not likely thnt a midshipman would be
placed under the table and the midshipman
in charge not know It.
Midshipmen C. R. Hyatt. William L. Beck
and Paul H. Rice, who followed on the
stand, gave testimony corrolorating Slan
r.ler. Midshipman John C. Campbell said that
he had heard Roberts ordered under the
table by Foster. This was the first wit
ness besides Roberts who said directly
that Foster bad given the order to get
under the table.
0n W. H. Clark Receitft tad (ashes
Draft for Another ef Same Hmt.
Draft Cornea Thrnnah Postoltlce nnd
la Delivered to Wrona I'urty.
Who tdmlli Ml the
lllrtf' lilt'
1"1 of I
tint as it
"111 I
ii,,t unite n vrv clear e
hl -Icht to receive that
anil pl-iili'd the excuse
tn his address and ass dV-
Arrested on ( hnrae trlnally of Whip
ping an Intent Four Months
of Ave.
The poli.e matron is holding Mrs. Ilsiel
Hess and an adopted baby, precisely 4
months old. Mrs. lless was arrested Wed
nesday evening at Tod North Sixteenth
street by Officer Wooldtidge. who charged
the woman with cruelty to a child. The
officer stated the woman lived In the room
at the above number with the baby, which
was kept in a cold place, without comfort
and had been whipped. The woman will
be tried In police court Saturday morning.
Mrs. Hess stoutly denied the allegation
of the officer when questioned regarding
the treatment of the child. Sim said the
baby had been well tared for. Mrs. Hess
said she adopted the child four months
ago at a lylng-ln hospital at Twenty-second
and Charles street.
Adjoining: tlonsen Are Entered same
Muht by Burglars Who
Get Little.
Burglars entered adjoining homes at hXiH
nnd 1 South Twentieth street Wednesday
evening and secured a small amount of
plunder. The home of Charles Brown at
the first mentioned number wus entered
through a window during the absence of
the family. A gold locket und gold set ring
were stolen. The residence of N. U
Levelle, next door, was entered through a
rear door, which was broken open. A
trunk was opened and a quantity of silver
ware stolen. As the levelle family Is In
New York City, the amount of their loss
has not been determined by the police.
Night prowlers entered the saloon of W.
K. Parrott, 612 South Thirteenth street, and
stole $10 from a drawer.
About ihe middle of December a ilmft
for Ii im from Giilnesv ille. Mo., payable to
I v ii I'larif km received in Omaha.
The ilraft was sent In care of the F! t
Nationsl hank. No person of that address
being ronnecleil with the First National
hank, the letter was returned to the mst
nffl c. and. there appearing two men of
the same Initials and nanii one at M4
Kinney and the other at :Tat Rees stt t
the letter was delivered to the latter
The W. H. Clark living on Kinney street
was the parly for whom the letter was
Intended. th money nemg in settlement
of a loan made by him to Gainesville (Mo.)
parties. The draft, however, was received
by the other W. II. Chirk snd he had the
same ca.ihed at Havden Hros." establish
ment December 17 and appropriatrd the
proceeds to his own use. This Mr. Clark i
Is alleged to be a carpenter and Is said j
to have used the money In building pur
potfes. I
The money not being forthcoming 'o tho
party for whom It whs rightly Intended.
Inquiries were set on foot and the draft
was finally traced to the W. H. Chirk, car
penter, the afftr developing Wednesday
evening through an Inquiry set on foot by
the postofflce Inspectors,
Money for ItelntMe.
W. H. Clark of Kinney street is engaged
In the real state and loan business,
though he has no downtown oftliw. con
ducting his business from his home at 'Jill
Kinney street. Th money wss to be sent
to a relative in Montana, who Is Inter
ested In the real estate business there.
The Clark who secured and had the draft
cashed has admitted to the postofflce In
spectors that he secured the money on the
liMi.ii iii him Ian uilly, he had a right to
use the proceeds, as It had been rent to him
bj ' some one."'
Tin l'M"f was delivered at his address.
Hers street, but In the Interim Mr.
CI. irk his reti, ox ed from Rees street and
his prt "cut residence could not be ascer
tained. The matter Is still In the hsnds of
the postofflce inspectors and it Is thought
sniiK- of ihe tiroceeds of the draft may yet
i be recovered, from the Inveetmenta made
' with the money by the Rees street Clark.
W. 11 . Chirk of Kinney street was in
conference with the postofflce, bank and
llaileii Ktus. Wednesday afternoon rela
tive to the mutter.
W. II. Clark or Rees street has not t
been placed under arrest.
Kletatnr at F.Ik Point.
SltU'X CITY. 4 The Platter eleva
tor nt Elk Point. S. D.. near here, and
l.'.iui bushels of grain were destroyed by
fire at noon today. The loss la estimated
nt, partially covered by Insurance.
If disfigured by pimples, ulcers, suies,
Kucklen Arnica Salve will heal you up
without a scar. & cents: guaranteed For
sale by Sherman McConnell Drug Co.
Eruption of Volcano Maid to Have
Destroyed One Central Amrr.
lean Town.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 4. Vice Consul
Wallace, at Managua, has cabled the State
department under yesterday's date that a
terrible earthquake has occurred In Nica
ragua and it was reported to him that
Masaya had been ruined by the eruption
of the volcano San Diego.
NEW YORK. Jan. 4. The following bus
been received from General Zelaya, presi
dent of Nicaragua :
MANAGl'A, Nicaragua, Thursday, Jan. 1
7:45 p. m. To the Associated Press: Earth
quake Ht Masaya of slight importance. No
body killed. A few buildings ruined.
. lottery Men Pined.
SAN ANTONIO. Trx . Jan. 4. In tne fed
eral court today the lottery ruses gtnwlng
mil of many at rests made Inst summer in
set err. I slstes, welts disposed of by the de
fendants pleading guilty to the charges of
shipping lottery tickets fi-om one state to
another. They were lined and inch de
fendant gave a In.ooO bond not tn engage
In the lottery business again. The cases
grew out of arn sts made In vat Ions parts
of the country.
tiotT Meets Lions.
Si. PAI L. Jan. 4 A specla I tn the Dis
patch from Hcncim says that Jack (lorl. who
was President Roosevelt s guide during the
lain: s Colorado hunting trip last spring,
Iims h..t n serious encounter will) two moun
tain lions In Yellowstone park. He Says
he was not seriously Injured but thinks he
was lucky to escape with his life.
Have yon friends? In the cast? In the
west? In the old country? Bend them
each a copy of the Jubilee Edition of The
Bee. Advertise Omaha.
Mrs. Elisabeth De Z ke.
MISSOURI VALLEY. Ia., Jan. 4 (Spe-clal.)-Mrs.
Elizabeth McClelland De Zyke
died at the home of ' Mrs. Fred Warner,
aged about 75 years. She waa a native of
Washington, D. C. Her first husband was
one Otto Whittlesey, to whom she bora
three children before his death, after which
she met Alvard Da Zyke, an Austrian, to
whom she was married also in Washington,
D. C. He was a member of the dlplomatlo
corps, and the family spent several years
officially In Italy. But the marriage was
not recognized by the laws of her hus
band's native country, so she returned
with her four children to America and he
there In Europe remarried again. Mrs. De
Zyke came west with her children and for
many years was cared for by her sou, O.
W. Whittlesey, once general baggage agent
of the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Val-
Mayor of Chicago Orders the Arrest
of Men Doing Curbstone
CHICAGO, Jan. 4. Mayor. Dunne in
nounced toduy that he would at once Issue
orders to Chief of Po(lee Collins to rrest
all scalpers of theater and amusement tick
ets who operate on the sidewalks or streets.
The mayor will direct that a special detail
of detectives be mado for the work.
The sale of tickets In the hotels at prices
above those charged at the box offices will
not be stopped at present, but the mayor
declared today that he would secure the
passage of a city ordinance which would
provide for a license fee of $500 for every
dealer In theater tickets. This, he believes,
will greatly lessen the practice.
ii i
Colds. Coughs. Grip, Bronchitis. Catarrh,
Sore Throat, Pneumonia and Consumption.
A nourishing Fond Medicine for the Tired
Mother and the Pale. Thin Child.
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80,000 Ji'al Circulation.
of dollars to the people lust year, it Is ( ley railway, with headquarters tn Missouri
not popular with those who do not want
a "square deal.
Taartel" Lot ot Needed.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 4.The secretary of
".ir has addressed a letter to the speaker
f the house recommending that congress
t' luase the title of the I'nlted States to
the "fugi-tei lot" In the city of Monterey,
(i'al., which was used for public purposes
prior to the acquisition of California from
Ms&lco.' ' TKa secretary says the property
has long sine
o Evidence ot I'olsoa Boras.
ST. LOl'IS. Jan. 4 Examination of the
I sidy at the morgue today of James A.
Murphy, brother of Jeremiah Murphy,
wealthy pork packer, found under a tree
in Forest park yesterday, did not disclose
any caiUilic acid burns, although a bottle
of the poison was found In his pocket. It
was stated today by Jeremiah Murphy, jr..
that slnou Iking injured in a street cur
several years ago that his uncle had found
It necessary to take strychnine lo relieve
pain and presumably took an overdose.
Forgery la ltad Fraad Case.
SALEM. Ore.. Jan. 4 A. T. Kelliher, a
Chicago capitalist on (rial for forgery In
procuring Ihe Irainlulent signing of certifi
cates for the purdiaM of siaie lands, mas
rral to b of any use to j ,u lm ,pr,.m. u,u
Usdi Job of Furnishing Iron and
teel for ew V. M. C. A.
The contract for the furnishing of
structural iron and steel for the Young
Men's Christian association building has
been let to the A. E. Shorthlll company of
Marshalltown, Ia.. for $16,350. The iron is
to be delivered f. o. b. Omaha. The
Shorthlll company not only made the lowest
bid, but was able to make satisfactory
arrangements for delivery of the material.
Parsons & Kier.e, who secured the gen
eral contract, were awarded the erection
of structural Iron and steel for $2,150.
These figures. In both rases, include steel
beams necessary to make fireproof Moors
under the lobby, game room and reading
room. '
The Wlnslow Bros, company of Chicago
will furnish the ornamental iron for $115.
This Includes the substitution of marble
treads In lieu of slate on all staircases.
Job of Erecttas; Pari in. OreadorsT A
Martla Balldlaar Goes to E.
O. Hamilton.
contract for the erection ot t .
Parlin, Orendorff A Martin implement
warehouse haa been awarded to E. O. Ham
ilton. The structure will cost upwards of
$160,000, the lumber bill alone being $31,0.0,
which is a large one, considering the fact
that the building 1 to be brick.
Tlia building will be south of the alley
svutb wf Jonea street and from there to lh
Valley. He died some yea is ago, and the
mother was then left alone with only a
meager fortune and her faithful colored
servant Caroline, who has been her con
stant attendant since girlhood. Two other
children. Ilka De Zyke, a noble young
woman of many virtues, and her brother
Carlos died here also and are buried In
Rose Hill.
Major J. W. W Illinois.
BEATRICE. Neb., Jan. 4 iSpecial Tele
gram.) Word reached here today announc
ing the death of Major J. W. Williams, a
former resident of Gage county, which oc
curred at Okmulgee. I. T. Major Williams
served in the civil war aa a member of
Company C. Twentieth Indiana infantry.
He was at one time a member of the Ne
braska legislature and Introduced and se
curtd the passage of the bill creating and
locating the Feeble Minded institute at
Beatrice. He was U years of age and a
widow and five children survive him. The
remains will be brought here for Interment
W. W. King.
W. W. King, formerly a prominent resi
dent of Fremont and for three years a
citizen of Omaha, died Thursday morning
at his home, 2601 Franklin street. Paraly
sis was the cause of death. Mr. King was
well known among the Odd Fellows. He is
survived by a wife and two sons. The elder
son is Ernest King, traveling auditor fur
the American Express company. It Is
thought the funeral will be held Sunday
aft nioiiii.
Joseph Klft, Ur.
I ".STt i ESTER, Pa., Jan. 4,-Joseph
.. i. sr., one of the most widely known
,;rins in this country, died at his home
here today, aged 79 years. Kift. It is said,
introduced the Bermuda lily nto the
United States.
O. . Gatbrle.
NEW YORK, Jan. 4. -News of the death
of C. 8. Outhrle, chairman of the board
of directors of the Republic Iron and Bteel
The 20th Century Limited
The Route of the Government Fast Mail Trains
Leave Chicago at . 2:30 p m.
Arrive New York at 9:30 a. m.
Leave New York at 3:30 p.
Arrive Chicago at . 8:30 a.
W. J. LYNCH, Passenger Traffic Manager, Chicago, 111.
Leaving Omaha at 11 P. M. daily, arriving at Cedar Rapids C:10 A. M.; Clinton 8:15 A. M.,
and Chicago 11:55 next morning. ' ,
I Other Chi
Chicago trains at 8 A. M., 11:30 A. M., 5:50 P. M. and 8:38 P. M.
City Offices. 1401-03 Farnam Street.