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lire Members, Brtatoh, Btiten and
asnnderi, Want to Bt Ksjor.
Haard of OoTernnre Meets ".ntnrder
- fa Begin Kndnrslna Candidate
lor Mayor anil Merry
Time U Espected.
Every kingdom divided against Itself Is
brought to desolation: and every city or
house divided against Itself shall not stand.
Matt. xil. 25.
The Pontsnll club will start Saturday
night at the meeting of the Boiud of Gov
ernors to endorse candidates for the mu
nicipal ticket. The word "mart" is used
advisedly, for even the most ardont Indian
anticipates a long fight and a merry one
ever more than one office all. of course, to
bo trlrtly within the wigwam and behind
doors, locked, bolted and double-hnrrrd.
With three lending spirits of the organ
ization In the field for the mayoralty nom
ination Broatrh. Benson and Saunders
and only one endorsement available for the
.lob. the fear that the old ship may go to
pieces on this rock la more than feebly
It la presumed that with Ttroatcii'a
strength on the executive committer lit
name will be recommended by the select
few, but among the seventy-six governors
both of the other men have many sup
porters. It takes two-thirds of those pres
ent to endorse. If the mayoralty business Is
finished Saturday night and the organiza
tion Is not disrupted, the governors will
deem It much accomplished Indeed.
nuadera Seems In I,ead.
Saunders' friends and even one of his
bitterest political enemies declared Tues
day he would get the endorsement, because
they have counted up his sure votes and
know. Tom Plackburn has let out the
secret that the colors of tho club can't
possibly go to any one but " 'Uastua" Ben
son, but the Erontch machine. In which
John McDonald and R. B. Howell are two
of the big spokes In this contingency, say
the captain has things all tied up, ready
for delivery to himself and receipted
therefor, which saying Is scouted by such
men as N P. Dodge.
After the mayoralty come the city at
torneyship, clerkship, building inspector
and city comptroller. Just what date the
club will get down to these places, and
later to councilman, Is not predicted.
For the city attorneyship It Is given out
that John Paul Breen, present Incumbent,
by reason of Carl C. Wright's resignation
and an election by the council, will be tho
choice of tho Fontanclles. I'p to a few
days ago Mr. Brren looked scandalized
whenever the matter of running for the
office was mentioned, but he now admits
It Is so. He Is going to try for the Job.
No one else has come out for It. The names
of A. W. Jefferls and Ben 8. Baker, and
even that of Irving F. Baxter, have been
floating around In the atmosphere, how
ever. Greenleaf for City Clerk.
Sam K. Qrcenleaf Is practically certain
of the club's pat on the back for city
clerk. W. II. Klbourn, who has had the
Job for six years and who has managed
to make. It pay In salary increases, pota
toes, fire and casualty Insurance and surety
bonds; W. E. Stockham, Inspector of pub
lic works,- and Harry Cowduroy, street
foreman of the asphalt repair gang, have
not been on specially good terms with the
Indians. Indeed, Klbourn dropped Into the
club the ether day for tho first time.
Stockham is not of thRt variety and Cow
duroy hasn't mixed, cither.
Although John N. West berg has been
miking eyes at his old Job in the city
hall, John W. Foad will get the club's en
dorsement for city comptroller, It Is said.
Ho far as known he has no opposition worth
considering. Ho has born at the city hall
ho lung In expert capacities that the comp
troller's Job would seem as easy to him as
For Rnlldlna Inspector.
So far the fluid with respect to the build
ing Inspector's office has been ornamented
by only two figures, thoso of John II. But
ler and V. M. Wllley. Butlor Is thought
to have the inside track because of old
lime affiliations.
Within the last few days politicians of
all kinds have been at the city hall asking
questions about the Dodge primary law.
In this office they have ft figured out that
primary day will be April 3, which 'falls
on a Tuesday. Entries for the nominations
must be filed with the city clerk at least
thirty days before the date, and this should
make events lively and Interesting about
March 1 and for a few weeks prior. Of
course. In view of the supreme court de
cision, filing fees will be knocked off and
listing one's name will be cheap In fact.
It will not cost anything. A deluge of
names is looked for and a ballot that would
make two or three of the old-fashioned
crazy quilts that grandma used to turn out
every fourteen days.
Pertinent to all these matters is the all
absorbing question US to whether council
men are nominated by the people of their
wards or by the whole city. The Dodge
law Is silent on the point. Bo is the char
ter and the election law and all the other
sources of authority that can be brought
Blood PoUo
Rapt ore,
K1DNKY and L'RINARi Diseases
and all lleas aud Weaknesses ut
iN dua to evil hablu ot yuutn.
abuses, excesses or the result of neg
lected, unskilled or improper treatment
wi spiMSlOd or private uix-i"
l Ukm m. W MM Ml - saf l iTWSia w- -
tiaaa la tmm aOllclcd, aeltaer n arvatiaa lo eera tarn la a law
offer cheap, wortaleaa treatment la ardar a aeeava thalr
aatroaasa. Ilaaeat doetara al racosalsed abllltr do aat reaart ta
each anataada. Wa sua raa tea a perfect, aala and laatlaa; cara la tUa
aalckest aoaalkla tlnse, erltboat leavlas lajarloaa after rffeets la
thm aystVB t, at taa lowest coat poaalbla for boneat, aklllfal
and anraaafnl freatatcat.
rorrCoasuitstlaa I If you cannot rail writs for symptom blank.
r it.tas tUamUatlaa I Ollica Hours a. m. to p.m. aundays. 10 to 1 only.
13;)8 Farnam btmt, llrtwern 13tl aud 14th Streets. Omaha, Neb.
to lear. in the quest of opinion City At
tuimy Breen was asked to express his.
Itreen t.les His Version.
"After examining the Dodge law and the
charter I am of the opinion that nomina
tions for the council' must be made at
large, or by all the members of parties
who are entitled to vote in the city, and
hot by wards. There is no direct authority
for such an opinion, but it Is the only one
that can be reuched by logical Inference.
The printury law takes the making of nom
inations out of the hands und pleasure of
the parties and makes the method a legal
election. The general election law provides
that councilman shall be elected at large.
If they are to be chosen by all the voters
for the office. It is reasonable to suppose
they should be nominated by parties in a
similar manner. Particularly Is this view
convincing when there Is no exception ut
tered, either directly or by implication.
Therefore, I say that the nominations for
the council must be at large."
Iteeords of Nebraska Asking
Admission In lllnnriots Are
Looked Oter.
Deputy State Auditor J. I... Pierce, state
Insurance commissioner for Nebraska, was
In the city Wednesday, and in . company
with J. A. Uartlgan, actuary of tho In
surance department of Minnesota, and In
surance Commissioner Zeno M. Host of
Wisconsin, examined tho books of the
National Mutual Fire Insurance company
of this city In reference to Its request for
admission into the states of Minnesota and
Wisconsin for the transaction of insurance
Commissioner Pierce said the meeting
was purely a business one pertaining to
the Nebraska mutual company .ind had
no reference what ever to proposed In
surance legislation. Commissioner Host
of Wisconsin, one of the foremost In
surance authorities, concurred Jn the state
ment that there was not contemplated any
conference on legislative matters at this
"Thut matter," he said, "will be left to a
national meeting of Insurance officials of
the several states, which has been called
to meet at Chicago February 1, at the
Instance of Insurance Commissioner Drake
of the District of Columbia, it Is ex
pected a large representation will bo
present at tho meeting. The purport of the
meeting as I understand It Is to confer
upon and endeavor to devise some uniform
plan of Insurance legislation throughout
the country, which would be the means
of saving no end of trouble and con
Lincoln laii Sworn In, Than Com
pleting; Staff of lr.
United States Marshal W. P. Warner
has appointed Crawford Kennedy of Un
coln deputy marshal, thus filling, for the
present at all events, the quota of deputy
marshals to serve under him. Mr. Ken
nedy filed his bond Wednesday afternoon
and was administered the oath of office
at the office of the United States district
The force at the marshal's office now con
sists of Deputy Marshals Earl Mathews,
chief deputy: James Allan of Omaha. John
O. .Moore of Palmyra, John F. Sides of
Dakota City and Crawford Kennedy of
Ia Praise of Chamberlain's Congh
Very few medicines have received so
much praise and so many expressions of
gratitude as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Grateful parents everywhere testify to Its
merits. It is a certain cure for croup and
will prevent the attack If given at the first
appearance of the disease. It is especially
adapted to children as It Is pleasant to take
and contains nothing injurious. Mr. K. A. I
Humphreys, a well known resident and
clerk In the store of Mr. E. Lock of Alice, j
Cape Colony, South Africa, says: "I have i
used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to ward
off croup and colds in my family. I found
It to be very satisfactory and It gives me
pleasure to recommend It."
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Kdltlon ond Birds-Eye View of Omaha?
Olllcera of f Concern.
The annual stockholders' meeting of the
Rtulls-Logsdon Bignul and Kiuipmi'nt com
miny was held nt its branch office, 1117
Farnaiu street. Omaha, on Tuesday. Jan
uary 2. at 1 p. 111. The following officers
wero rlroted for the ensuing year: Presi
dent, I. H. )'Oonner. Perry, la.; vice
president. L. C. VlnsonhaliT, Omaha; sec
retary and treasurer. 11. C Stotts. PeiTy.
Directors: K. F. Magaret, timaha; C J.
Andersen, Omaha; 1-1 S. Stotts. Perry;
H. 8. Stotts, Perry; H. CConner.
Perry; Ross Logsdon, Perry; B. 'P. Llnd
ley, IK'S Moines; Ward 8. Undley, Ues
Moines, la., and E. F. Btoufer, Omaha. A
hoard of directors' meeting followed the
stockholders' meeting and B. V. Magaivt
of Omaha was elected manager of the
corporation. In the very near future this
cm ptiratiini intends to clan manuf scturing
its (ievlceH in this city and to inxtall in
working file hlgnuls 011 one of the roads
leading out of the city. This adds an
other very lurga manufacturing plant to
l na man a raa spmausia u
for Men
Tha Man's Trwa SpaolallaU
If wa could but see and treat all mil
when the first symptoms show them
selves there would souu be little ueed
tor so-tailed specialists la chronic die
tusl sua luete wuia be lew men
sccaiutf a rcjucuauiui o( their piiy
icai, meultu Alia soiual powers, and
lucre uuia be uoiie tuiauU wiui in
lUUeilUo klull.p vl
Bl villus. uml the suncieis Iioia
niH'lLE, ULlil!T, biiUCTl'Kt.
Kidney and Bladder Ltlaeasea would be
iruuced lo a imuiiiium. ilut us long
as kltN vouunuu U duregard the
koldcu adage. "A stitch in tune saves
uine," ana continue lo neglect liitni
seivrs or to eserciso lndilXeruuce or
poor judgment in securing lb rignt
treatnieul at the outset, just so lung
will there be multitudes of ciirmuo
Hajti Hears that MeraUi' Troopi Retire
After Figs ting in North.
fienernt Kndrlanes, leader of Insnr
Kent Forres May Proclaim Him
self Candidate for Presi
dent of the Itennhllc.
CArE HATTIEN", Haytl. Jan. 3. -Advices
received here early this morning from
Puerto Plata, on the northern coast of
San Domingo, say that the troops cf the
fugitive president, Morales, under the com
mand of General Demetrlo Rodriguez, at
tacked Puerto Plata at 10 o'clock yesterday
morning. The fighting, which was severe,
lasted until o o'clock In the evening, when
the besieging force retired. A number of
men were killed or wounded on both sides
In the engagement, during which bayonets
and swords were principally used. The
forces of Oeneral Hodriguez, which are
massed outside Puerto Plata, were, when
these ndvlccs were forwarded, preparing
for another attack on the place.
A portion of the population of Puerto
riata has declared In favor of Morales
and street fighting -lias occurred, the sup
porters of Morales shooting from the win
dows of their houses at the troops of Gen
eral Caceres, the temporary president of
Santo Domingo. These troops were ex
periencing difficulty In defending them
selves, as they were unable to locato the
persons firing on them.
A messenger who arrived here from Monte
Cristl today brought the news that Gen
eral Demetrlo Rodriguez has announced
that If his attack on Puerto Plata is suc
cesful he will proclaim himself a candidate
for the presidency of Kan to Domingo.
F.ffort Made by Wore. I .amber I and
Welsh to Qnnsli Kill
Against Tl em.
A motion has been filed In the United
States district court by the attorneys of
Rev. George G. Ware, Frank W. Lambert
and Harry Welsh, to quash the Indictment
returned against them for conspiracy with
the Intent to defraud the United States of
titles to certain land within the U. B. I.
ranch enclosure in Sheridan, Thomas and
Hooker counties.
The motion to quash alleges there was
no Intent to. derraud. that the nine counts
of the Indictment are Indefinite, no value
Is charged, the descriptions of the lands
are inadequate and the Indictment de
fective In practically all of Its counts.
There are two indictments, each of which
alleges practically the same offenses, with
some technical differences. One of the
indictments has nine counts, and the other
but eight counts. It is the nine-count In
dictment It Is sought to quash, as it goes
Into more specific detail.
In the trial of the case, which la set for
Monday, It Is expected Frank Lambert
will be the chief witness for the govern
ment, although he Is Jointly Indicted with
the two other defendants In the conspiracy
charge. Lambert, who is held In custody
under $10,000 bonds, was In- conference with
Special District Attorney Rush Wednesday
afternoon for the purpose of outlining the
testimony ho may be cubed upon to sup
ply. Lambert was a witness before the
grand Jury that brought the Indictments
against Ware. Welsh and himself.
Raa Company Charges Ostensibly Hr
dneed, lint Consumers' Ac-
counts Are Going; Co.
Many complaints have barn received by
Gas Inspector Lynch within the last sev
eral months to the effect that gas bills
are from SI to 12 more monthly than they
were at the same time the year before,
despite the fact that the price of the com-
modify has been reduced from $1.35 to $1.25
per 1,000 cubic feet. The Inspector esti
mates the number of these complaints at
2t. It has been Intimated openly by at
least one of the complainants, who puts
himself on record In writing, that an undue
amount of air Is mixed with the gas, thus
causing the Increase In the bills. Con
sumers say they are obtaining no more
light or fuel than they did 11 year ago, and
still the charges have Increased instead of
going down, as they supposed would be the
case with cheaper rates.
Tho Inspector is preparing to muke a
careful Investigation of the matter.
To Finish Floors and W onu work
Use only "FLOOR-SHINF." Enamels. Oak,
Mahogany. Cherry, etc. Sold by Orchard &
WUhelm Co.
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Illustrated Kdltlon of The Bee. Order them
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Iloll -for Knicc I.
Plumhelng Inspector A. C Kugei and his
wife found a banket on their door step the
other nlsllt liriir rh en-.i- I lit- f. ,... 1
a baby s milking buttle and other pant- I
liemunu ajioocmieu Willi imams. Mrs.
Kugel Wiis preparing to say tender things
n' iuiu.ui vtiit-ii ii wu (iiacuvt? reu
lh,i I
the Infant was a doll. Several of Kuael's
..... , . - - -
If mm i iviiub I'l'i.'iu juni .
Fair la Nebraska Today, Kseept snow
la F.aet Portloa Fair
WASHINGTON. Jan. 3 Forecast of the
weallier for Thursday and Friday:
For Nebraska and South lakota Fair
Thursday, except suow In east portion;
Friday fair.
For Iowa Snow and colder Thursday;
Friday fair.
For Missouri Fair Thursday, colder In
southeast portion; Friday fair.
Loral Record.
OMAHA, Jan. 3.-Ofticinl reeord ot tem
perature and precipitation, compared with
the curresiMinding day of th- lat three :
years: 191. I'Jt".".. lit4. 19u3. I
Maximum temperature... 25 31 14 31
Minimum temperature.... 21 15 4 s
Mean temperature 23 23 6 2o
Prei ipitation T ,t0 .01 T
Tcini-rature and precipitution departures i
from the normal at Omaha since March 1, I
ami comparison wnn the lasi two years:
Normal temperature is
Bxress for the day 1 5
Total excess since March 1. 745
Normal precipitation OS Inch
leftclency for the day a c3 Inch
Precipitation since March 1. 19ni.27.! tuehes
Deficiency since March 1. 19no... 2 Ho Inches
Ienclency for cor. perird. li0 5.54 liulies
Excess for cor. period, I 97 Inches
Reports from Matioua at T P. M.
Station and ettate Tern,
of Weather. 7 P- m.
Bismarck, clear 2o
Che. enne, cloudy :
Chicago, cloudy US
Iaveiiport, snowing 30
I enver, cloudy Mi
Havre, partly cloudy 4"
Ma. Rain-
Tern. fall.
22 .on
: .ml
4 in
: t
4" .
3ft .01
' .14
3" .I
42 .Oil
32 .:.
K4 T
Helena, rartly cloudy.
Huron, clear.
Kansas City, artlv cloudy 24
Norm Platte, cloudy
Omaha, snowing 23
Rapid City, clear 40
St. IiOUis, cloudy 34
St. Paul, snowing
Salt Ijake City, cloudy 24
Valentine, cloudy 24
WUlision, partly cloudy....
Below sera.
T" indicates trace of precipitation.
U A. WXU, UxM i'ws(.Ur.
s 4 I
i la mm;
at i f I1- v-t. n-xYv'
A-lmn.iMJ laia linJ Sasn.slfr ? t f
I lilllilre m
To be health inspiring, appetizing, nourishing the
beer must be good. Blatz Wiener beer possesses every ele
ment of beer quality. Its very fragrance and "body" suggests at
once the honesty of its ingredients. The Vitality of the
malt and the aromatic properties of the hops arc mani
fest in every glass. The Blatz method of preparing the malt and
original style of brewing accomplish certain results peculiar to
Blatz Beers this is the secret ofBlatz character.
. Vifioner as a Tablo Beverage
The hop bitters act as an appetizer and dlgestant and the malt is nourishing and "foody."
The result is eminently satisfying. Nature knows the value of Blatz Wiener as a dietetic.
Intelligence fosters Nature's demands. As a culinary adjunct Blatz Wiener is the beverage '
par excellence. It gives you that well fed feeling. Order a case sent home.
Omaha Branch
141a Douglas St. Tel. 1081
I'tt Classed aa Kipnnrnt of Corporal
Hugh 8. Fullerton, whoever he is, writing
In the sporting department of thf Chicago
, iiioune on the autiject. Borne Alanagera
I Have Met," asserts: "The best manuor
of a club In the world today is Bill
O' Rourke."
Now, Mr. Fullerton meant Bill Rourke,
1 our own Pa Bill of Omaha, and In the
lonowing part of lus statement liu will
'.rtncl many, many fans who probably know
Bill much better than he does., to say
"here.'' "here." But Mr. Fullerton. who
evidently takes himself seriously In the
further discussion of Bill Rourke, shows
himself to be a Scotch humorist, thoroughly
oblivious of his own witticism. He says:
"Bill has a system of handling ball play
ers that is efheacious to the greatest de
gree of any ever Invented. He knows that
there are but two ways to convince ball
players: to take their money from them In
fines, or to whip them. BUI doesn't be
lieve that managers should take money
from their players.
"When one of O'Rourke's players tries to
loaf, or gets drunk, or tries to disorganize
the club, Bill simply takes him around
back of the club house and. in fair battle,
whips hint into tractahilily. The player
who whin Kill urohahlv will be made
manager but that has not happened yet."
it tnere is one conspicuous trait in Bin
Rourke's character it Is kindness. Proba
bly no manager of a base bull team ever
dealt more gently with his men than this
same "pugnacious" 1.111 "O'Rourke." True,
on two occasions within the last four years
Bill has found It necessary to defend him
self, physically, against nieu on his team.
Out in Denver, sonic- three or four years
ago, Podge Alloway made some saucy
passes at Bill on the players' bench and
Bill had to put up his dukes. Then, more
recently. Ben Krhufstal thrust his boss into
a wiuabble. Both tights wen- put up to
Bill and he probably did what any other
man would have done to defend himself.
it Is amusing lo local tans, the linlmate
1 iir-nil'iint'ine,. Mr
J O'Kourke.'
r uiierion evidently nas
u-hnlll lltf. HPIIIH V e:ill
.. , . . . . .
i V". M " " .., . .... ..i" ia i..
i ii"in nir i ri r iiui'iii fti-vnuft ovijk
WITH Till: BDHl.tHS,
The Krug Parks won two games from the
Cudahys on the Association alleys last
evening Cochran high game with 23K and
French high series with 5i2. The games
this week have bet n marked by listless
playing and a lot of errors. After the
iioliiluy effects have worn off the bowlers
will doubtless buckle down again to good,
earnest work. Here's hoping.
1st. 2d. 3d. Tutal
Hodges ..
Conrad ..
Coeh ran
Totals .
1st. 2d.
lxl 1iT.
. ...192 2' 9
187 157
.'Id. Totsl
J'?,1 V
'M4 56$
Pot-still Scotch
-Monro's. ,h omly dimlil
ier lupplyiag wbtmky to la a
The Scotch with the Pear-drop flavor.
T ea satl et Rller Brae. Jk Co.,
sad at Clubs. Cafes. Hotels aa af Dealan.
The Cook Q'Bemheimer Co.,
-J9i- Auuaii rtm v. -
ivNV'rV-t-i . ,S,";:k'.
Hull 177
Johnson lt
Totals 897 !' XtW 2.H73
Last night on Lents & Williams' alleys the
brewers took three games from the hatters,
O. Hlnricks taking the honors by making
598. Bcores: '
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Carman 115 157 150 I'll
Klaurk 1X4 1M IS- f9)
. Hlnricks 211 Ml 2W &.
Straw 157 157 15H 472
Beselin 163 201 155 519
Totals SS0 K9 870 2.B19
1st. 2d. 3d. Totnl.
I.ethols 138 135 1H
Hanhlet 1 133 1
W. Hinricks 141 Ml 147
Drinkwater 157 lit) 153
Caughlan 147 1S1 2o3
Totals 747
792 t2i
Wabnah Defeats Yale.
bash college basket ball team flefeated the
Yale university team at the Young Men's
t. nrtstiun association auditorium tonigni
by a score of 24 to 8. The game was rough
from the start and wai marked by many
fouls which benefited the local team.
NportliiK llrerltles.
Wicker has sinned his name lo one of
President Murphy's contracts for the com
inn year.
Many Omaha motorists adhere to tho
Idea that It is better to keep thelr ma
chines in action than to let them rust. A
machine can work In the winter with less
hardship than can a horse. i
Comlskey has signed Hemphill of last
year's Milwaukee team anil will give the
outfielder a chance to show his worth.
When Hemphill llrst Joined the Bt. Louts
Browns he was a good hitter, but Just like,
our own Slugger Bill, during the first part
of the season, he was unable to hit Hale.
If he ever gets lucky with his hitting he
wtll make good.
The I'nlverslty of Nebraska Athletic as
sociation will now huve to decide whether
it wants an old exieri need conch or olio
of the products of Kxi. The laal year de
veloped several stars who might make a
similar record as coaches, but It is always
a problem. Michigan coaches ure more It
demand than those Ironi any oilier college
and the hurry up tactics ot Yost seem to
be easily transmuted through llie coaches
he senas out.
Ice skaters tilled all the lakes und ponds
surrounding Omah.i Monday and tho
skaters were not conlined to the young
sters with new skates, but many uf tn
fathers took the excuse of teaching tho
younger generation how to skate or being
taught by it. ilanscom park was over
flowing Willi people and Mercer's luko hud
several hundred during the day, aa also
did Bcmls park und Cut Off lake.
D. II.
Cramer Not Heard of Mure He
Left Office Xoveinber
I Fourteen.
U. H. Cramer, a well known elevator
i builder, wllh offices In the First National
bunk building, has dlsapjieared.
i November 12 Mr. Cramer left the office.
; i .. . . , ... .. . , .
' ins lie was going vo uie nonie oi ins ; -
i son. E. H. Cianicr. at Hampton. Neb., and.1''111 ' KM fou,ll' lu,d brought about
i gave orders that his mail was to be sent 1 '' rrol. He was lodged in jail ut Koar-
to him there. He said he expected, after
staying a few davs with his son. to go
to Hot Springs, Ark., and stay a few weeks
for his health, which hud not lieen good - "am waM rraigneu oeiore t ...e Dutlo
for several months ' Commissioner Anderson Wednesday morn-
Alter numerous 'letters had come to i ,'1' re released, lis was
Hampton, forwarded from Omaha, the son j '-'""Kiied to the custody of I nit-d State,
anxiously made lnmilry and learnl that I Marshal Warner, und Ha later lodged !.
hi father, when last eern, was on bis ! I "'" county jail.
I D .ilia w is -I t-i-n irnaH hs-fni- .1 I ltfCTA
i may to Hampton. OjiTcspui..ltnrc wjui
Hot Springs and with the man's friends -
and business connections, fulled to bring
any information o his whereabouts.
Evidently he hail not notified any uf his
correspondents of a cliang of resldniicrt,
as his mall keeps coming to the office in
usual volume.
The son is al a loss to account for the
disappearance. He says hia father never
has been known to leave In such a man
nee. He fears Mr. (Yamer Is not alive.
Mr. Cramer haa a wife at St. Paul. Neb.,
but the two have not been living together
for a number of y arn.
Let the world know how Omaha Is grow
ing and it will keep on growing. To your
share by sending your friends copies of the passed by the cliy coun -n ana ine c-n-New
Year'. Kdltlon of The Be, and Birds- Jf;
Vj'm View ot Omaha, Ja U bow, mcia acre Uiai.y er Ironortani nuinu lo
WSth Meals
It is reliably computed
W n practically one-half of all the
consumea in ine woria toaav is
taken with meals. Whether
with the laborer's cold lunch,
bon-vivant's repast or the home
spread," observing ones must con
cede to good beer, the place it has
won as the nation's health beverage.
Winds I'p Eleven Years' Service aa
Police Jndsic Amid Clood
of Cigar sntnkr.
TyOUi.s Berk a closed his term of office as
police judge Wednesday morning In a
cloud of cigar smake. His last official act
was to discharge Charles K. Brink, who
was tried on a charge of obtaining money
by false pretenses from Heieklah Jones
of Kansas. After discharging Brink Judge
Berka stepped down from the judicial dias.
threw off his magisterial toga, opened up
a box of cigars, told those present to
smoke up on him. then lighted a cigar for
himself, thrust his hands in his pockets
and hummed a merry tune.
"Well, boys, it hardly seems I have been
police Judge here eleven years, although
the terms have not been continuous, ' re
marked the judge, as he started to place
the cigar back in his mouth with the
lighted end first, iiut noticed the mistake
In time to avert a calamity.
Thursday morning Police Jude-elecl
Bryce Crawford will begin his term.
Former Judge Berka will go down to court
mid turn the keys, rubber stamp and in
d hble pencil over to his successor and
then hike back to his office in the New
York Life building and take up the practice
of law.
Berka was tho first police judge In Omaha
to serve under the metropolitan police
system. He began In 1S&7 and served
nearly three years, the late Lee Helsley
coming in for two years. Berka then was
re-elected for four years. S. I. (lordon was
in kIx years und Berka followed with
four years more.
Mr. Berka has estimated that in his
eleven years of service us police jydge be
has disposed of over pio.oao cases. He
says lie is glad to return to private life
.Men on lluud of Alleged Bootleggers
Let Snsnlclous and I ur:i
Over Accused.
Jason it.uns, Indicted al the last term of
the federal grund Jury for introducing
llguor onto the Omaha reservation In April,
1 and who has been out on $500 bonds
since his indictment, has been surrendered
by his sureties anil lodged In the Douglas
county jail to await the action of the
I'tittcd States district court.
Rains' sureties became a little skeptical
as to his showing up ut the proper time,
and from the additional fact that he had
overlooked the formality of appearing at
, f hn KovKioher term nt' court, liuallv located
"' was " i uesu.y
1 '"K"1 1 ' routr Jun" -
j tu'""'1 ovcr to th" fd-ral authorities.
: Mut.ger v.incsoay aiornoon m p.e.u .o
lh indictment against him of Introducing
1 lini'r iMilo Mir (Minna inuian i rwi in.
Ho rriltMi't) a plfa of ifdllty und Wii
fenced to pay a fina of I! rut and thirty days'
Imprisonment in the Douglas county JuM.
If the firms from which you nuy your
-oods. Mr. Business Man. know l ow Omaha
It growing, wouldn't it help your stand
ing? Send a cony of the New Year
Jubilee Edition of "The Pe. It will help i
you It will h'-lp Omaha.
Takea ore Time.
Judge Hiitlon haa poUponed until next
Pridav Ihe giving of his derision In the
or., ceding to dt clare Illegal te nrdiuani n
a in ml ill i mil li In in lia a--; .
it be
aA; .
- flirr iii I ntfrntisi --
e looked Into before a decision could ba
irrlved at, hence the postponement.
Indian Tries In Make These Letters
Stand for that Classical
Ma me.
Station Agent Hancy and Ivpot Office
Chamberlain had an Interesting time with
one of Uncle Rain's wards at the Union
station Wednesday morning. The Indian
Insisted upon taking a nap on the benches
in the general walling room, contrary to
the rules of the company, and both offi
cials tried to keep him from snoring. Ha
was wrapped In one of the large gray gov
ernment army blankets and when Cham
berlain accused him of having a blanket
which did not belong to him' he was highly
Indignant and Said:
"Can't you see my name?" pointing to
the large "t. 8." in the corner of the
"That Is not your name," said Chamber
lain. "Oh, yes," said the Indian; 'U stands for
Mike and 'S' stands for McCarthy."
Haaband Goes to 'Praia to Meet He
and trta rwi of AVorann'a
Death. j
A sad Incident . occurred at thei Union
station Wednesduy morning, when a man
named Whalen went to the station to meet
his wife, who was. to come from Shenan
doah, la., on the Wabash. When the train
arrived Whalen was Informed his wife died
ut Shenandoah ut 3 o'clock Wednesday
morning. He had no advice that she was
even sick and wus completely broken up.
Ho disappeared and could not be found,
although li was thought he took the train
for Shenandoah.
I :iDniinaui
Family Trade Supplied by
H. MAY & CO.. Wholesale Liquor Dealers
1303 Douglas St., Omaha, Neb.
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livery IVcrnan
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