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laroduolioo of Tts.imonj Endi witk
Elimination of Cit Clerk.
Denies Implication of Zlmman that
Connell or Any trtner Hail
Tinkered with the f'outi
all Frorrtdlnn.
At the morning session ft tli- gas ordin
ance hearing before Judn Sutton Wednes
day Mr. Connell recalled Harry H. Zlmman
to the stand. He asked Mr. Zlmman where
he came from to the coun II mating on
October 11. The reply ai: "From my
office In the New Tork Life building."
"Mr. Zlmman, are you armd this morn
ing?" "Oh, no, Mr. Connell." said the president
it the council with a smile.
"Will you eaear positively Chat you have
i'o V'.'ipon on your person nt this ni"ineiit?"
"Yps. sir."
Mr Council relsixed lug stem look and
mulled aa if reassured. Ho then took a
new tarlc. with the question:
"Hadn't you been to the offto of the elec
tric light cofnpnny to fee Mr. Nash that
"No. sir."
"That'a all, Mr. Zlmman."
City Cleric Elbourn was railed. Mr.
Oilier had him Identify several gas ordi
nances, among them the one In question In
the suit at bar, also the proposed contract
and bond anil the bids submitted by the
Omaha fjas company and the Cleveland
Street Lighting company.
Plaintiff nmli (nr,
Plaintiff then rested his case and Mr.
'onnell took the witness. In reply to Rues
tlons Mr. Ellmuin denied that either Mr.
Clabauah of the company or Mr. Con
nell had made any miKKcMlnn or had any
thing at all to do with making up the record
'if the meeting of Ortober 11.
This was In denial of an intimation by
Mr. Zlmman when on the stand that It
wns common rumor ahout the city hall and
the clerk's offire that the two men named
hnd framed tip for Klhnurn the record of
the meeting.
Mr. Connell then rend to the court the
proceedings had on the evening of October
10 and the morning of Octoher 11, In the
city council, The record of the meeting
went In against plaintiff's objection.
Arguments were proceeding yesterday aft
ernoon. Most Find Some Way.
In his argument for plaintiff Mr. Oilier
contended, as the court had in the
previous rase found the proposed ordinance
was a modification of the gg franchise,
so In this case It must find the name thing.
"This ordinance Is almost word for word
the same, aa the one whose passage was
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If It si f aik Cat a aui Ca
iMiiaIi.l tHI i k Ori.(s.
V111. 2 f ')'.
4V VP". Tl bl .l.r.x., tm
asLam fa limhIm I SA t 11 i
enjoined by this court In the other pro
ceeding." said the attorney. He also main
tained that Attorney Connell and Mayor
Moore were guilty of constructive con
tempt of court, at least, because of their
endeavors to have the ordinance passed
without publication for two weeks, as pro
vided by the city charter. He argued at
length that the council waa acting under
duress, that the attempted passage of the
crdlnance was void, and that temporary
Injunction should Issue hs prayed fO'
Mr. Connell HFerted that the nttorney
for the plaintiff had not shown a single
reason or ground for the granting of a
temporary Injunction. "There Is no need
or necessity for nn Injunction at this time.
If the contract price is excessive that
can only be shown en the llnal hearing of
the caM. Menlly thtt only question In the
case is ns to whether or not the franchise
terms have been viola toil In any way. I
contend they have not."
Mr. Connell emphatically denied that any
conspiracy had been shown or that the
five councllmen had not acted In good faith
In every step taken toward the passage of
the ordinance. He gave it a his conclu
sion that no action of any kind was neces
sary on a committee report before proceed
ing to act on an ordinance or any muter
of regular business.
"The majority of any legislative body
must rule." said Mr. Connell, "and that
principle has been firmly established In
this cointry since the turbulent scenes
accompanying the famous ruling of Speaker
Tom need."
Deposed District Attorney Joins with
Van Onsen Rush Will
Hold On.
"You may say for me," said former
United States District Attorney Baxter
Wednesday morning, "that 1 am enjoying
the Inst of health and shall resume the
practice of law with the firm of Baxter
Van fMisen In the New York Life build
ing. I have not the remotest Idea who my
successor is to be here. I leave the office
with the consciousness of having per
formed my duty as best I knew how. I
have no criticism to express over my re
moval. The Incident Is closed and I am
now but a private ritimn and rather en
Joy it."
Special District Attorney fl. R. Rush wwa
asked If he Intended to resign or If he had
been asked to hand In his resignation. His
reply was:
"I do not Intend to resign, nor have I
been asked to tender my resignation. I
am proceeding along in the even tenor of
my way In ferreting out the land frauds.
I have not. been asked to desist from the
work, but. on the other hand, have been
urged to continue the work against the
cattlemen, land fencers and fraudulent
homesteaders relentlessly, and am doing
Special District Attorney Rush received
Instructions from the Department of Justice
Wednesday afternoon to proceed at once
with the trial of the case against Rev.
Oeorge O. Ware, under Indictment for con
spiracy in the U. B. I. ranch land fencing
cases. The trial of the case will begin on
January" 8. Between seventy-five and 100
witnesses are to be summoned In the case.
Rev. Q. O. Ware waa Jointly indicted with Lambert and Harry Welsh for con
Official Hetnrns Increase the Plural
ity of the District Attorney
Searlr 0,000 Votes.
NEW YORK. Dec. r.-Dlstrict Attorney
Jerome plurality waa Increased by nearly
S.OnO over the police returns made on elec
tion night by the official returns made pub
lic today by the Board of Elections. His
plurality Is 16.064, instead of 11,450, aa orig
Inaly printed.
This gain was the result of corrections
made by the canvassers and the counting
of so-called void ballots before Justice
Fair Todar In Nebraska, Colder In
Kast Port ton Fair Tomorrow
Fnlr In Sorthwrat Iowa Todar.
WASHINGTON". Dec. 27.-Forecast of the
weather for Thursday and Friday:
For Nebraska Fair Thursday; colder In
east portion; Friday, fair.
For Iowa Fair In the northwest, rain or
snow In east or south portion Thursday;
Friday, fulr.
For Kansas Partly cloudy Thursday,
colder, rain or snow In the east portion
Friday, fair.
For Wyoming. Colorado, South Dakota
and Montana Fair Thursday and Friday.
Local Record.
OMAHA. Dec. T.. Official record of tern
perature and precipitation, compared with
the corresponding day of the lust three
yurs: 1906. 190,. 1903. 1902.
Muximum temperature. .. 4i a u J3
Minimum temperature 34 :io u
Menu temp, ra Hue : 37 14
I'reclpltatlon il .23 .00 W
Temperature mid precipitation departures
from the noiinul at Omaha since March 1
nnd comparison with the lust two years-
Noimal temprraltire 19
KxceHK for the day 19
Total excess since March 1 114
Normul precipitation 08 Inch
Deficiency for the day 03 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 27. SO Inches
Deficiency ulnce March 1 To Inch-s
Deficiency for cor. period. 14.... 6.. '13 Inches
Eaccbh for c or. period, 19WJ L',16 inches
Iteport from Stations at T I. M.
Station and State Tern. Max. Rain-
of Weather T p. m Tern. fall.
Bismarck, clear it;
'h.-yenne, cloudy ui 3j o
Chicago, clear 44 41. ',jo
Davenport, cloudy 4J 4k Ho
Denver, clear ;t . ,i
Havre, partly cloudy .
Helena, cloudy 'A X2
Huron, clear 3tt ttt ,u
Khiihsh City, cloudy 4.' 44 00
North riatte. clear -j ti ,it
Cinmha. cleur 41 4i 1)0
Rapid City, clear '.'4 4 .
HI. UiuIk, clear 4i ..10
8t. Iaul. clear 4 :ti
Halt I -ike City, cloudy ." :H !l
Valentine, clear so 4; .m
Willmton. cloudy a x .uo
T indicates trace of precipitation.
Indicates beluw iero.
U A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Pot-still Scotch
Jfasro's. lit only dUttl.
lmr lopplrint whUky to tb
The Scotch with the Pear-drop flavor.
ke k.a ef Riley Bras, a Ce.,
I tat at CIods. Osfss. Hotels aa4 M rwim.
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. EW0RK.
J 1PL ibvau rug 1. i. a.
Objeot to MeremtDt en Fart of Orientals
Educated in America.
India May Feel Kffrct of Anger of
Natives Over Action of British
Assessor In Punishing
. Women.
1'tKl.V, Lec. iT. The inusi iu I valive
and best Informed foreigners agree In ex
pressing apprehension at the constantly
(rowing irritation of the Chinese against
forelgneis, which for nine months has been
gradually spreading through the country.
"China for the Chinese," summarizes the
objecta of the movement, among the chief
promoters of which are mule students
educated abroad and newspapers conducted
by Chinese, who have been educated In
America and Europe. These papers are be
ginning to gain great Influence. The anti boycott has been followed by a
discussion of China's wrongs at the hands
of foreigners generally and a determination
to redress them. The hostility shown
against Americans has now extended to all
foreigners. The Chinese are pleaded at the
result of the boycott In producing concilia
tory orders from President Roosevelt, but
the boycott is nowise ended and It Is as
serted here, continues seriously to affect
American trade In the Canton and Yangtse
The Chinese are o satisfied with the
movement that they are talking of the boy
cott as a permanent weapon for the na
tional armory. The newspapers advocate
the boycott of Indian opium because of the
action of the British assessor of the mixed
court at Shanghai In ordering the impris
onment of Chinese women In the municipal
jail Instead of In the Chinese prison, which
caused the recent disturbances there. One
result of the present movement Is to dis
courage concession hunting. The govern
ment has adopted a policy of Chinese con
trol of railroads, mines and similar enter
prises, refusing to grant new concessions
and trying to regain or annul several con
cessions previously granted.
Some Foreigners rmpathetlr.
While many foreigners sympathize with
the objects of the agitation, they realize
the danger of inflammatory speeches and
articles In the newspapers leading to mob
uprisings like that at Shanghai and the
recent massacre of American missionaries
at I.ienchnu. Regarding the Shanghai In
cident the ministers of the powers have
practically decided that thA municipal offi
cers exceeded their rights under the treaties
and will direct the to recede from their
position. There Is no doubt that the aggres
sive spirit of the Chinese has been decidedly
! increased by the late war and the sucessful
maneuvers of the Chinese northern army In
October. Japan's victory has encouraged
the Chines to holltti'A that tlini Ka
equally successful. Foreigners living in
cities where the government is strong are
assured of protection, but the danger of the
present situation lies In possible friction
between foreigners and Chinese where the
officials are weak or indifferent, leading to
further outbreaks. The proposed with
drawal of the remaining International
troops in the spring has been meeting with
opposition since the Shanghai riots.
Labor Leader In Brlflah Cabinet
Makes Public Address at
LONDON. Dec. 27. John Bums, president
of the local g-overnment board, made his
first public address since his entry Into the
j cabinet when he opened the election cam
paign at Batt?rsea tonight. In a charac
teristically courageous speech he said his
accession to office was the elevation of his
constituents to power the honor was theirs,
but the work wao for him. He declared
that he would pander to no section of the
1 population, but would do his duty for the
benefit of the whole community.
Mr. Burns said he had such strong sym
pathy with all the interests of the working
classes that he had no sympathy to spare
for the loafer, "cadger" or drunkard. His
Ideal was fewer work houses, smaller chari
ties, larger wages, more pleasure and less
In the smaller cities and In the larger
villages he was already appointing com
mittees to enable the rate payers to have
their accounts preared in such a way
that he who ran might read.
He vigorously attacked what he called
"orientalized Imperialism," of which
Somallland was the fruit and South Africa
the "rotten-ripe product." H? denounced
Chinese labor as being politically dangerous,
"because It would lead to absolute chattel
Ills Holiness Orders that Celebration
lie of Strictly RellaJous Character.
ROME, Pec. 2. Piviiarationa ute going
on to celebrate in 19oS the Jubilee of the
pope's ordination as a priest. Being asked
If ho desired the festivities to be similar
in 1 hone witnessed on the occasion of the
priesthood Jubilee of the late pope, wheu
an international exposition was held In
tlia Vatican, tho pope answered. "Cer
tainly not. I wish the celebration to
maintain a strictly religious character."
Committees will bo organized all over
the world with the purpose of presenting
the pope with large offerings during the
Jubilee mass.
t liurcb Orgaalit, Wife and Boy Walk
Out of Court on Dismissal
of Case.
t'pon the motion of Peputy C..1. .1 Ator
ney Shotwell the case of wife uliu. .. anient
filed In the police court some time ugo
against John Prower Eymuiis. organist,
was dismissed by1 Police Judge Iierka Wed
nesday morning. The state's attorney ex
plained he felt satisfied the local courts
had no Jurisdiction in the case aa It now
stands. The deputy county attorney, how
ever, explained to that If he now
refuses to support his wife and child he
would pluce himself within the pule of the
Nebraska laws which provide a penitentiary
sentence and be subject to rearrest and
After the man was discharged he picked
up' his little l.oy and kirsed him lovingly.
Husband, wife and child left the court
room together.
Mr. Symons would not talk of his plans
further than to say he intended to remain
In Omaha. Mrs. Symons appeared to be
hopeful that the breach between herself
and husband would seen be closed.
A Mlraeuioas Escape
from bleeding to death, hud A. Plmke.
Nashotah. Wis., who healed his wound
with Bucklen's Arnica Salve. 2Lc. For sal
by Sherman & MoConuell Drug Co.
DIAMONDS Krenrer. l&th and Podge.
Mrtlrllaa lakes Oath.
NEW VOP.K. Ic 27-Mayor George
McClellan today was sworn 111 a mayor
of New Turk for tbe best four ara
Fonr Favorites and Two l.una shots
Win at Ascot.
I .OS ANOEI.KS, !., Doc. 27. Favorites
had their Innings n four of the six races
at Aacot today, the other two events going
to outsiders, both as good as l' to 1. The
fourth resulted in an accident. As the
horses turned from the down stretch op
posite the paddock Jockey Kent, on Iuck
ett. made an attempt to get through, and
was badly Jammed. Kent was thrown vio
lently to the ground and was stepped on
by Harbor. He was picked up and carried
into the paddock, where It was discovered
that no twines were broken and thai he was
tinin lured except for a bad shaking up.
Weathur clear, track fast. Results:
Kirirt race, one mile ami a sixteenth;
Oilpin won. Needful second, King Stelle
third. Time: 1:4.
Second race, rive and a half furlongs:
Lyon won. Marpcso. second, Betsy third.
Time: l:0fc.
Third race, futurity course: Don Domo
Won. Incantation second. Hermitage third.
Time: 1:10'.
Fourth race, one mile: Michael Brynes
won. Flrmfoot second. Workman third.
Tltre: 1;I2.
Fifth race, six furlongs: Ix.yal Front
won. Alasterson second. W. H. C.irev third.
Time: 1;1.TV
Sixth race, Brooks course: Condona won.
Hoodwink second, Filled or third. Time;
BAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 27. Results at
First race, flva and a half furlongs: Yo
San won. Anglcta second, Klumenthal third.
Time: 1:10.
Second race, seven furlongs: Dr. Gardner
won, Ramus second, Tenordale third. Time:
Third race, six furlongs: Procrastinate
won. Mrs. Bob seoond. Jerry Hunt third.
Time: l:lfi.
Fourth race, one mile and a sixteenth:
Gateway won. Bannock Belle second.
Christine A. Uilrd. Time: 1:51.
Fifth race, one mile and twenty yards:
Cloche D'Or won. Warte Nlcht second,
Buchanan third. Time: 1:4ft.
Sixth rare, six nnd a haif furlongs: Al
bert Fir won, Ht. orge, Jr., second,
Magralne third, mine: 1:23.
NF.W ORLEANS, Dec. Results at fair
E rounds:
First race, six furlongs: Verness won,
Schnhnrie second, Arabo third. Time: l:ltln.
Second race, live and a half furlongs:
Stoner Hill won. Dr. Heard second, Devll
tree third. Time: 1:09.
Third race, one mile: Horse Radish won,
Torchello second, King Ellsworth third.
Time: 1:44. ,
Fourth race six furlongs: Calabash won.
Snow second, Rolla third. Time: 1:14,
Fifth race, six furlongs: Columbia Girl
won, Hyacinth second, Arsenal third. Time:
Sixth race, one mile: Colonel White won,
Weilgewood second. Henry O. third. Time:
1 :4r.-T
NTCW ORLEANS. Dec. 27.-Results at
City park:
First race, five furlongs: KIngsmere won.
Self-Rellant second. Red Ruby third. Time:
1 :(flfe.
Second race, five and a half furlongs:
Dutch Ollle won, Capltano second, J. Ed
(.irlllo third. Time: 1:10.
Third race, seven furlongs: Oddeletta
won. Bis Bow second, Yatchlng Girl third.
J ime: 1 :;wi.
Fourth race, short course, steeplechase,
handicap: Chanlcy won. lord Radnor sec
ond, Lionel third. Time: 3:16.
I Fifth race, one mile and a sixteenth:
Envoy won, Oravlna second. Malediction
third. Time: 1 :MS.
Sixth race, seven furlongs: Happy Jack
II won, Grosgraln second, Del Carina third.
Time: L33S.
West Point Delegate Inatrneted to
Broaden Scope of Agreement.
WEST POINT. N. Y.. Pec. 27. -General
Albert L. Mills, stiiwrlntendent of the mili
tary academy, today sent a letter to It.
M. McCraeken. chancellor of the New
York university, in which he name Cp
tnln Pa liner K. Pierce as the delegate of
the military academy to the national foot
ball conference nf universities and col
leges to be held In New York tomorrow
nnd encloses a copy of the instructions
for the guidance of the West Point dele
gate. The Instructions, Oeneral Mills says,
were adopted by the council of the army
athletic association at a recent meeting
They are in the form of resolutions, aa fol
lows: -
"The representative for West Point should
endeavor to secure the passage of the fol
lowing resolutions:
"First th' first action taken at this
conference shall be submitted to all col
leges prominent in foot ball, including
those here represented, with a request that
the same he ratified and shall be binding
on any institution only upon ratification
by that Institution.
"Second That a foot hall rules commit
tee of five members shall be elected by the
members of this conference and that this
committee be directed t" -tct as follows:
"To communicate wifn the representatives
of Yae, Princeton. Harvard, Pennsylvania,
Cornell. Annapolis and Chicago universities,
who constitute the committee that has
formerly governed foot ball, and propose
that the committees be amalgamated into
one which shall formulate rules under
which foot ball shall be played.
"If this amalgamation shall be refused I
then the above named committee of five ,
snail proceed to tormuiate rules under
which foot ball hIiu.11 be played by the
Institutions ratifying the actions of this
"That the five members elected by this
conference shall be guided In their actions
so as to secure the following:
"An open game; elimination of rough and
brutal playing; efficient enforcement of
rules; making the rules definite and pre
cise In all respects, such aa the definition
of brutal playing, holding, tripping and
in general all Infringement of the rules
for which penalties are given; organization
of a permanent body of officials.
Davidson Holds the Title.
Harley Pavldson defended his title of
roller skating champion at the Auditorium
Wednesday night, when he defeated J. 8.
Pitt of Chicago, challenger for the honor.
In the third race of the series which has
been run this week. Pitt won the first race
for a mile Monday niirht. when Uavldwin
fell. Davidson won the second race Tuch-
liny iiiHui u 11 iiiut.'B, ttjui tium iubl
night he won the third and last race, which
was for one mile. The race was scheduled
for three miles, but Pitt had demonstrated
that he was not In condition to race for
three miles, so Pavlilxon consented thin
it should be for ono mile. Pitt took the j
lead a usual, and made the running for j
tour laps, when he fell Just after Davidson
had parsed him. pavidson then gave a
splendid exhibition of sportsmanship, when
he slowed down until Pitt had caught him,
and then, letting out h few kinks, he
speeded up until nt the finish he was hulf
a lap to the good, winning in the time of
Tonight the rink will be used for a masked
All that is best in whiskey
you will find in
It is thoroughly matured,
soft and rich.
When you travel have you
it rubbed into you about
old census scandal -about
Omaha went backwards?
We want to wipe this out don't we? The Bee wants
it forgotten you want it forgotten so does everybody
in Omaha, who is proud of Omaha and its enterprises.
This is one of the times when all Omaha
must pull together. Will you take hold
of the rope and help pull?
Please deliver
Order them
ball on skates, and many costumes have
been planned to try for the cash prizes
which Manager Olllan has offered for the
best costumes. On Friday night Psivldson
will try to beat the world's record for five
miles, which he now holds. His record is
fifteen minutes for the distance, and he
says that he thinks he can lower it.
The Stnri Blue Ribbons won two games
from the Onlmods Inst night. After the
first game It looked as though the shoe men
would have an easy thing, for the Storz
team had to put 130 pins In the last frame
of the second game to win by twelve pins.
The third was In doubt to the very finish.
Forscutt had high total with 68 and Mc
Cague the high single game with 221. Score:
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Fritseher 16 1T 171 612
Forscutt 192 194 2 5SS
Weber Ki 1M 12 fCS
Marble 1S" 13 1!' E3
Tonneman lt3 164 625
Totals S52
McCague , 15
Tracv 11
Kncell 197
Miiglll 17
Francisco 2' 6
IHt 917 2,Ct3
3d. Total.
lf2 f5X
.949 902 87s 2,729
Sporting Brevities.
Connie Mack will carry thirty players to
Montgomery. Ala., for spring training, and
announces that few of his regulars of past
seasons have a cinch on their Jobs.
Borne Chicago fans are cussing President
Murphy for letting four good players go
for Jim Bheckard. whom no one seems to
rate as a valuable player any longer.
The Chicago Nationals say the National
league championship stares them in the
face with the acquisition of Third Baseman
Stelnleldt, Outfielder Sheckard and Catcher j
Hal Chaae of the New York Americans I
and Frank Chance of the ChUugo Nation- :
a Is, both Callfoi nlans, played In the Pacific !
Coast league after finishing the season with
their teuins in the east. I
As the time for the coming of the tiuntli- j
ers approaches the three local teams arc
fast rounding to form to try to wrest the ;
bowling honors from the cracks of the
whole country. Omaha has some bowlers
who stood well at the top at some of wie
recent natonal bowling affairs and these 1
may be able to give the Ounthers a run for
their money.
1 - 1 in 14.
Oninlin is goin forward wo know it bv leaps aS
lounls wo know it but tlvo old iinprossion Ftill stick
The Boo has started a plan to wijto the slate elenn tJ
show the world Omaha--in a panorama, which will
surprise people who do not know what Omaha is. The
bird's-eye view of Omaha, which will be sent out witU
sixteen pages, showing Omaha in detail, will be th
biggest advertisement ever 6eut out of any city.
Advertise Omaha by sending copies
to your friends. Mail us the Coupon.
copies of
EDITION and BirdVEye View
For which I agree to pay ten cents a copy on delivery.
now, as the edition will be limited.
Blood Polsoa
and all Diseases and Weaknesses of
MEN due to evil habits of youth,
abuses, excesses or the result of neg
lected, unskilled or improper treatment
Of specific or private nisi-w.
it.- ..... u.- no inialeuutns l
tions to tne atnlcted, neither do we promise to cure them In a fen
days, nor oBer cheap, worthless treatment in order to secure their
patronage. Honest doctor of recognised ability do not resort to
aueli methods. We guarantee a perfect, snfe and lasting rare In the
aalckest uopsslhle time, wlthoat leaving Injurious aftrr effects In
the system, and at the lowest coat possible for honest, skillful
nnd inrrriafnl treatment.
rrrr Consultstlon I If you cannot call write for symptom blank.
rltLC snlj Examination I Office Hours 8 a. n. to p. m. Sundays, 10 to I only.
1308 Fnruum Street, lift ween 13 til and 14th Streets, Omuha, Neb.
Tourist tickets now on wilo to resorts in
the south and southeast at greatly reduced
rates. Liberal stop-overs allowed.
With its handsomely equipped trains oilers
exceptional facilities for reaching the
Sunny South.
For particulars and a copy of hook lets
giving detailed information ahout Cuha,
Florida and New Orleans write.
1402 Farnam Street, Omaha, Neb.
E'try mbacribtr f
Th TSte grta one ropy
Jrrr on January 1st
Extra c fipiV-i J0 cent
of Omaha
Th Mati's Trti Specialists
for Men
If we could but ace and treat all men
when the first symptoms show them
selves there would soon be Utile need
for so-called specialists In chronlo dis
eases, ami tuure would be low men
seeking a rejuvenating 01 llielr phy
aicai, mental and kejtuul powers, and
there would be none marked with the
indelible stamp of constitutional
bNpliius, and the sullereis lrom
Kidney and Bladder Diseases would be
leauced to a minimum, but us long
us MEN continue to disregard the
golden adage. "A stitch in tune save
nine,'' and continue to neglect them
selves or to exercise Indifference or
poor Judgment in securing the right
treatment at the outset. Just so long
will there be multitudes of chroma
atenieuts or unbusinesslike proposi
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