Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 28, 1905, Page 10, Image 10

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Ceuntj Treaiurer Notifie. Banki lot te
Reeogniis City Treasurer's Signature.
rrlire Intention tr Hold n I'nlll
Forced Ont br Writ of
Ooitrr from tbe
"Countr Treasurer Kink Thursday or
shortly thereafter will notify thoso banks
In which city funds are on d -posit not to
recnfcnire the sisnfiture of A. HermtnKS a
rlty treasurer atier January 4 This will
be the firft etep Mr. Kink will take In con
formity with the provlFlons of the rlty
rharter that lie. berome rlty treasurer "i
officio January 4. This nrtl.m Is to antici
pate a right on the part of the present
rlty treasurer to hold on to his ofllre.
It was learned Wednesday for sure that
Mr. Hennlnps would flKht for the ofTlre.
Contrary to his avowed Intentions quietly
to resign, Ftep down and out JunuAj-y 4
and turn over the rn.h to County Treas
urer Fink, as provided in the rharter, Mr.
Hennlna-s will harm on to his offlre until
tarred loose hy a niiindate from the state
supreme court.
This course Mr. Hennln(t decided upon be
fore withdrawing from the rare for the
republican nomination for mayor and the
energy he has been expending hustling
votes for the hlfthest office In the rlty he
will now concentrate In an effort to hold
what he has.
All this Mr. ITennlntrs has decided upon
not because he wants to remain city treas
urer of Omaha, he said, but because he
wants to be aura that ha la being legally
llnnch from School Hoard.
The action of the school board In decid
ing not to release Mr. IfenninK'a bondsmen
pave him a strong hunch to hold onto the
office, as he feared about the time the
mayoralty race w:is warming tip along
would come the school board to hold him to
his bond. This would have placed him, he
thinks, tn the attitude of fighting for the
office, while running for another one, so he
concluded to gt out of the running and let
the courta suy whether he will still be city
treasurer after January 4.
The Cathers cane will make no difference
In the treasurer matter, Mr. Hennlngs said,
but action will have to be brought against
him In the nature of a mandamus to com
pel him to turn over the office.
In tho matter of the school hoard re
fusing to release the bondsmen of Treas
urer IIennlng. Assistant City Attorney
Herdman Is of the opinion that it will play
a very little part in the proceedings at
tendant upon the transfer of the otflce to
the county treasurer.
l.ntT Releases Comiinny.
"The law releases the bond company,"
said Mr. llerdmun, "and when the city
tn3iirer turns over the money according
to law that la all he will have to do. So
far as tho school board Is concerned It
couldn't release the bond company If It
wanted to, unless the law required It to.
In this case the charter Itself will take
care of the relcane of the bond of the out
going city treasurer."
Tho notification of the banks by Treas
urer Finlt not to recognize Mr. Hennlngs
h city treasurer will, In all probability,
result in having all the city funds on de
posit tied up for an Indefinite period, as
the bajiks probably will not recognize Mr.
Kink aa city treasurer until the caBO has
been passed upon by the supreme court. It
will mean that no warrants can be paid
until It la settled hy the courts who la the
legal city treasurer.
County Treasurer Kink has filed his bond
for the new term of office beginning Janu
ary 4, in the sum of Siixvuo. When he com
pletes hla bond for Omaha city funds Mr.
Fink will be bonded fur close to $1,000,000.
Incident Transpire Which Convinces
Henry Illller thai 1--tt1 Have
Some Sena.
"'Don't tell me that ducks have no sense, "
said Henry Ilillcr, coming down on a street
car Wednesday morning. "Here's the proof
that a duck is as intelligent as a dog.
A few days before Christmas two live ducks
wero received ut our house, ostensibly for
the Christmas fea-n. They were In a box
and were placed on the porch at the back
of the house. No sooner had they arrived
until they began to talk, duck fashion, and
they seemed to bu very well aatlslled with
their surroundings. The birds were left
outside during the night and the next,
morning, when we went to look after them,
they had disappeared. Somehow or other
they had gotten out of the box. The
natural presumption was they were stolen.
Hut I didn't think bo. At all events the
box was set aside and the mutter was
forgotten until Christmas morning, when
we heard a quacking outside, and on going
out where th box had last been placed,
there those two ducks wero talking to
themselves and were glad to get back.
No, we didn't kill them. We are going to
keep them. You see, they sukpected they
wire going to get it In the neck and bo
they Just slid out. Being strangers in the
city they did not know where to go and
came back to our house. The funny part of
it Is. those ducks had never ben in Omaha
before and how they munagrd to get back
to our house after being gone a day or
two, I don't know, unless U was that they
just determined to see If we had the nerve
to kill them after placing so much conU
tlaace lit us."
Harrow Esoaita.
from poisoning, caused by constipation, had
Mrs. Young. Clay City, N. Y. Dr. King's
New Life Pills cured her. 36a. For sals by
tlherman & MeConnell Drug Co.
Mortality Statistic.
The following bit tits and deaths have
been reix.iud to tho Board of Health dur
ing the twenty-four hours ending at noon
t'.iriliB John W. Andersou, 322-4 South
Twenty-third. boy; Stuart Cutler, lii'j
Smith Seventh avenue, boy; K. M. Clark
.' lirand uvenue., boy; Osurga Gilbert'
South lghleentli. girl, Clyde lloti
i hoi ne. SS-J4 North Twenty-fourth, girl
Frank J. Murphy. ia23 Leavenworth, girl:
Jlm Prenosll, IS4 Houth Thlrieeeiuh. boy:
Fred Itoberts. 11440 Bouth Twentieth avenue
girl: F.lmo Htevens, 1124 Hamilton, girl; F.
C. Vad. 4i Pacific, glrL
Crunk 1 a..., 4.-. T... .
" " w , w, iiunii , v al
ter Johnson S. 2440 South Twei.tlvih ave
nue: W. F. Sellner, 41. i&ug Burdette; Mary
T. Atkins. 17. 40ul Isard; Mary Elisabeth
jauus Wit W, tv.4 a4 SV BVIUUVt
A Bkln of Beauty is a Joy Forevor.
FU Oourtud't OrUnt.
rm or Mglol But.flr,
SjftaVJk. aQ1 Hk .at fi
OH bUty. 4Uid
Cm ieiU)..Q. li
La ioo4 IL tt
at 7 earx and
U so hrin:M c
Usii it toUiu.f4
la prcrerljr m.:.
fvil of airjiUu
raa. Dr. L. A.
8m . ra 4v!4 U a,
Ulf of th a.ut
Wa a paiitLti:
you la,U!a
Will uaa U.rai.
"V 1 ffCBfflD4
' rrmm w tha taat Lwo.ful tf a;i
ion." 1 r a!a b aJi diTkiw aiid Faist.
IB tA CtUl4 stLsJaV Cka&A4 a4 KutUD.
tmT.KVLMS.rm, 17 Grai Jim SItmI Iwlii
I Men's irrzrrrss rin rtesrimn Saturn v 3
JQRJML i-y Sale.f 1
- - - ---- . , r bit n m. m u mm LawaraVaT w.
Chldr , s
Thursday ExtraL Special Bargains!
andkerchief Sale
Thrsf handkerrliiofs wero mussotl and some t ho least bit
soiled (luring the Christinas rush. AVe will sacrifice them
before inventory at unheard of prices. Every one a liigh
quality handkerchief.
THOVSANDS or THE ihghkht class iiaxp-
f WKATHEIi t ORFCAST ThnrKdsr, Fnlr an.1 Vi-r.
U lly recn Trading Stamp Booth on Main Floor vg.
In this lot are ladle'
find men's plain white
and colored border
handkerchiefs, also
men's fine initialed
JapaneUe h a n d k e r
chlefs, a big variety of
neat gtylea. slightly
Worth as high as 15c and 20c,
2c nd 5c
FINE HANDKERCHIEFS slightly mussed-at 8U
Ladies dainty Swiss embroidered, scalloped edge and lace
trimmed handkerchiefs man)' with linen
renters, also men's all linen handkerchiefs,
sold as high as 23c each, pretty designs, at. . . .
Hosiery on Bargain Square
Ladies', misses', children's, boys' and men' -'M-good
quality Ilosiery in plain blacks, rib. 'th
bed, flat weaves and fleece lined. Just the
right winter weights on great bargain
These skirts are in plain colors and new mixed
cloths very good serviceable winter skirts in
late styles correct weight will give splendid
wear throughout the winter, rt"h..rTJla!".If. ?!:?"
Adv&nce Notice of Saturday Sale
Men's Hijh Grade Overcoats and Suits
Choice of Any
Suit or Overcoat
in Pease Ilros.
Stock at $10.
Choice of $10
and $12.50 Over
coats and Suits
at $3.00.
Some Cozy Offices.
There is one office building In Omaha that is
always warm in winter and cool in summer. There are
not very many offices vacant at the present time' in
The Bee Building
Among them, however, are some very choice small
offices, which rent from $10 to $18. This price 'in
cludes electric light, heat, water and janitor service
and the advantage of being in an absolutely fire proof
building. If you want a comfortable office, se ns
before they are all gone.
R. C. PETERS l C0 ,Rental Agents,
Ground Floor, Bee Building.
Saloon Kwprr Kicks and Caffs Asrd
Man, Who Is Conllneil In
Ixttac Schlunk, proprietor of a rrsts.urs.nt
and saloon in thu Vienna hotel at 1015
Karnmn street, was arrested Wednesday
morning by Sergeant Kentfrow on a charge
of axsault and battery on Jacob Bchlank,
the aged father of the alleged assailant.
Schlank secured hiM release on a bond and
will have a hearing in pojlce court when
his father is able to leave St. Joseph's
hospital, where the old man is now con
fined with Injuries said to have bem in
flirted by his son last Saturday.
The matter was brought to the personal
attention of Chief of Police Donahue bj
friends of the elder Schlank, whereupon
the chief directed Sergeant Rentfrow to
make a thorough Investigation of the case.
According to Sergeant Rentfmw's report
tn the matter the younger Schlank at
tacked his father in the saloon last Satur
day when the latter refused to carry some
orders upstairs. Isaac Schlank is then re
ported to have literally kicked his father
out of the saloon and then to have fol
lowed hln to the Schlunk restaurant at
ill South Tenth street, where th son In
flicted further punishment. The father's
face and body bear numerous evidences of
rouKh treatment and Ir. Oilmore reported
the limn Is liable to lose the sight of on
eye as the result of the punishment.
the buildings and the growth of some of ' H
these concerns Is surprising. They are
just beginning to work the wonderful
territory which lies at their command."
Holiday nates.
The Brie Railroad, the Picturesque Trunk
Line of America, announces special holi
day rates over its line from Chicago De
cember 23. 24, 23, 30, 31st and January 1, to
Columbus, O. ; Akron, O.; Toungstown, O.;
Jamestown, N. Y. ; Salumanca, N. T.; Buf
falo. N. Y.. and local stations. Apply to
your local ticket agent, or J. A. Dolan,
T. P. A., Railway Exchange Bldg., Chicago.
Hoildar Hates
Christmas and Njw Years. Greatly re
duced rates via the Missouri Pacific rail
way. Tickets on sale December 22, 23, li, '
26, 30 and 31. 1906. and January 1,
Good to return to and Including January ,
, run minrmuuon at cuy omces,
S. B. Corner 15th and Farnaiu streets.
Omaha, Neb.
Terrible IJtsaatrr Averted.
The terrible disaster of nervous break
down, caused by dyspepsia. Is averted by
Electric Bitters. 50c, guaranteed. For sal
by Sherman & MeConnell Drug Co.
Takes Off Ills Hat to the t.reat,
Urottiit f.atenay of the
Jack M-Coll, farmer, politician and
former repuli;; - n i-mididate fxr governor.
of Ixxingtn. Is in tie city for a few
days, lie said:
"Omaha is jumping Into the limelight In
more ways than one, and on top of the
reports of Its wonderful progress. I see
the president has been taking a little no
tice of this thriving burg lately.
"Tea. the boys are pretty prosperous
out our way this fall., W had a splendid
crop, and that without the aid of the
Irrigation ditches, which were not need, d
or the crop this year. Things are surely
booming In Nebraska, and. of course, when
we have a good crop Omaha is sure to get
the bent-nt. 1 am just taking a stroll
around the wholesale district bere) nd
Sllrer Thimbles Frenser. 15th and Dodge.
Marriage Licenses.
Name and Residence. Ajr.
Ram Mandel, Omaha 26
Bessie Holm. Oinahu. 24 1 M. Smith, Omaha 1
lxirelta iTiamliers, Omaha 27
Thomas Ktherton, Omaha
Mussle hulth, Omaha m j
Arthur R Rleser. Blarkwell, Okl ?S i
Minnie W. Crane, Omaha 27 I
Henry Kuettr. Jefferson Co.. Neh m
Augusta IVhl. Jefferson Co., Neb
Joseph Altmau, Omaha 26
Julia Ft chata. Clurks, Neb H3
Jerry FUlott. Omaha 22
Maud 1 nomas. Omaha 17
22-K. wedding rings. Kdhotm, jeweler.
Water Par by Sheriff.
New bath tubs are being Installed at
the county Jail. Sheriff Power and Jailer
Roach Hstert that the old tubs ei not
water proof and that the new ones will
nuble tliem properly to punish ttomo of
the tough water-hating -characters whu
are continually being coiftmllted to tlioir
Raging Pre-Invcntory SaJcs
All broken lines, all Christmas left-overs, all super
fluous mid-winter stocks must be closed out by Ne'er-Day.
Merciless trice cutting aid extra Green Trading Stamps
make the present week THE GREATEST BARGAIN CAR.
Thursday's Bargains in the
Dry Goods Departments
Fleece Lined Wrappers, good heavy material, fast colors,
sizes only 32, 34 and 3(i, regular $1 Wrappers,
Thursday from 9 to 11 a. ni. at TC
Ladies' Dressing Sacques, our 50e, b'Dc, 75c and PA
95c sacques, at lvIC
Ladies' Night Gowns, heavy outing flannel, neat rf r
braid trimming, $1 quality, for C
Girls' Tam Hats, the best 75c quality, 45 C
Babies' Bonnets' white China silk, ruffles and fur Cfl
trimming, regular 75c aud $1 qualities, at J"C
Girls' and Misses' Dresses, warm, comfortable winter
dresses, plain colors and small plaids, ages 6 to 14 years,
prices were $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.25, all 1 1 Q
now at I .I!
Sale of Ladies' Underwear The perfect fitting Jersey rib
bed fleece lined Union Suits in grey and cream, part
wool, regular $1.50 value, special Thursday, AA
a suit l.Vlll
Odds and Ends in Children's Underwear Cheap Twenty
dozen grey and white, fleece lined boys' and girls' Draw
ers and Vests, worth to 50c a garment, special
Thursday, a garment
Ladies' and Children's Hose at Half Price 200 dozen fast
black Maco and fleece lined hose, heavy ribbed and
fleeced ribbed, children's hose, worth 25c a pair, C
sale price Thursday, pair
A nand Bug Special Thnrsday 25 dozen Walrus and patent leather
Hand Bags in black and browns, worth to $1 each, Bale
price Thursday, each MJ
Great Sale of Ladies' and Children' Wool-n Mittens.. .100 dozen
hand knit woolen mittens, in black and a few colors, must be sold at
cost, divided into four lota:
Lot 1 15c value, special, pair 10c
Lot 2 25c value, special, pair 15c
Lot 3 35c value, special, pair 20c
Lot 4 50c value, special, pair 25c
Golf Gloves 20 dozen fine imported hand Unit mercerized and woolen
Golf Gloves, in full range of colors, regular 75c value, ifl
special, a pair. vUt
Stylish Furs
Worth Up to
$10, Choice
inn n i
Stylish Furs
Worth Up to
$10, Choice
Bennett's Big Grocery
Prepare for New Year's pritortain
ing. Money naved on all purohasus
KeenVd Raisins, packiisi' 1'K-
Currants, pound 1""
Andersun-B Tomato Soup, can Me
Kuncy Salmon, inn 1 21 '
Atkinson s Breakfast Cocoa loc
L't Grpcn TradinK Stamps with larKu
can Liiani'ind t Cove oyster :.':
10 Clrcen Trading Stamps with cm
Gay's Island Clams UhnQ
10 (Sreen Trading Stamps with 3 pkF:;.
Bennett's Capitol Mince Moat iic
3( Green Trailing Stamps with pound
Golden Santos eiff.'e Ill'
10 Grren Trading Stamps with pint
Diamond S Clilll Sauce 2.'c
10 lireen Trading Htamps Willi thifi
pkgs. Shredded Codfish Sr.
10 Green Trading Stamps with lb. New
York Full Cream Cheese
10 Green Trading Stamps with lb.
Finest Domestic Swiss Cheese 2J-
10 Green Trading Stamps with quart
Knur Pickles 1"'
10 Green Trading. Stamps with pint
bottle Columbia catsup -"c
M Fresh Koal
tliimond C Soap, 10 bars :e
Tea Slftlngs. pound pkpr lo
ed c
JolTee, lb
Hot Snaps
in Crockery
Annual Half Price Sale
rf Ldle' Garment Now in Full HlaM. Thousands of fonts. Suits, Fur.
Skirts, Wnlsts. etc.. will Ko at just hnlf their regular price. This sale wltl
continue for two weeks and means wonderful saving to our customers. Com"
nt once before the lines are broken.
All our I. 00 Coats in this sale A Aft
nt f.UU
$12.00 Co.its, In tine kerseys and handsomn fancy
mixed fn lilies 4R Inches lonR ftft
sale price O.UU
$2Ui0 Coats, in all the best fabrics and newest
styles. Including the new Alice f f t(
Hoosevelt (.'oat during this sale 1U.UU
AH Our Illgli tirade Coats in kerseys, cheviots, co
verts, etc., Rome fur lined, regular ir Aa
$:;0.00 values, at Ij.UU
live Miter in 11 Squirrel Coats of tho very finest
quality. $125 values while they
Inst at
$ IS.nO Astrakhan Capes, 30 Inches long
satin lined, In this sale at
Krltnmer Coats of the verv best
qualify, sold at $75.00, now
Watch dally papers fur treat sales on Cravs
nette Coats, Skirts. Waists, etc. Greatest bargain
ever known in Omaha.
From H Till 10 A. M. $2. no Sateen and Molr ,
I'nderskirts at choice rio
Women's $,".00 Rath Hohes $2.03
From 0 Till 11 A. M. Lansdown Dressing Sacquea,
velvet trimmed, with large collars, $ 1.F.0 values,
at OOo
From H:30 Till 10 A. M $1.60 Flannelette Wrap.
PP'a (ma
7,"ie Dressing Sacques
From 0:30 Till 10:30 A. M. Women's Long Kimonos, regular $2 values.. 80o
Great Calendar Sale
Closing out all Fancy Calendars at Just half regular prices.
10c Calendars for 5c 1 30c Calendars for Ma
20c Calendars for 10c 50c Calendars for 2-"Vo
All 75c Art Calendars, choice 25o
Everything in the Calendar line must go.
St.l.OO Sofn Fil lows OMc.
Do not miss this snap a complete
Sofa Pillow filled with silk floss, satlo
top special, OHc.
5c Handkerchiefs at 3 for ."n-
10c Handkerchiefs at 5c
15c Handkerchiefs at 7 He
Great Pre-lnventory Grocery Sale
We invoice January 1st, and to reduce our stock on the following goods
we will sacrifice them at the following low prices:
22 Pounds Pure Cane Granulated for $1.00
4 8-lb. sacks Fancy High Patent Min
nesota Flour, nothing finer for fam
ily use $1.23
10 bars best brands Laundry Soap.25c
10-lb. sacks Best Granulated
Cornmeal 15c
2-lb. cans Fancy Sweet Sugar Corn. 5c
4-lb. pkg. Gold Dust 18c
011 Sardines, per can 2gC
2-lb. cans Fancy Wax or String
Beans OHc
3-lb. cans Boston Baked Beans.. 7 He
Real Bargains
in Art
Thousands of
l-lb. can Condensed Cream 7Ho
Large Italian Prunes, lb 5j
Fancy Cleaned Currants, lb Da
Fancy Large Muscatel Raisins, lb.. Bo
Fruit. Fruit. Fruit.
Fancy Cooking Figs, lb 7M
Sweet. Juicy Navel Oranges, doz,.12c
Shelled Popcorn, lb 3o
Fancy Mixed Nuts, lb 12Ko
New Honey, por rack 15o
Large, Juicy Lemons, doz 15a
Prices Slashed on
Every Hand
I j
Extract of Beef
Ready In
a minute
for hours
1 tnnt of deiiciom boiitlloa la t ft
"FOOT COMFORT" Is what we -ull
our Men'i Cushion Snln Shoes, nnd
they are the. only OENL'INIS CVhlt
Hand sewed, whlrh makes them flex
ible ancl easy on the (not niadi; over
a broul foot-form lust, which alluw.i
the foot to rest squarely on the Hole,
and not on the upper?, as most of the
t'UHhion eole shoes are made.
If your feet trouble you, emne in
and try a plr of these foot comfort
VON Highot Aw.rd it
Lincoln, 1(9. Highett
Award vti Gold Medal at
Trant-MiMHiippi Eapoiition.
Omaha,l!f8.Hlphnt Award
and Gold Mdal at L i and
Clark Cintonnial Zaposition,
Portland, Ore., 190;. This,
whi in compaction with th
rruvned bn of tht world,
and when judged by tin aioit
critical aaparM. Order a cm
ibr roue hocoa. At 1
''?als in Tourist
Tourist oar passenrfers on the Union Paoiflo
njoy excellent dining car service at tnod
rU expense. All meals in dining
cars are served
s complete meal
or light lunch being obtained at reason
able prices, passengers paying only for
what they order Meals can alno be pro
cured at first-class dining stations or at
lunch counters en route. Or, it passengers
choose, they can provide themselves with lunch
baskets, which can be replenished as occasion
requires at the different eating houses on the line.
It you crota the continent In one ot the tourist sleepers of tbe
Ton will enjoy your trip and sara cooslileruliln money .
Inquire at
'Phone 834.
MlQFarnara Si.
The most severe head.
aches will yield in a few
to Bromo-Lai
no Quinine).
ufTer any longer.
I'daboi today ask your druggibt (or
the urnH;e 1 omra i-ioz-
LnBeT"! 'T eenes win
ft Xl n l m 1 o u t e a
Don't au
Ail druKists. 2-c. or by mail.
In k11
Drexel Shoe Co. I'M TAFTS ROOMS.
1517 Douglas St.
mmim, li""1"."""'1!' ', ' " .' -" "1-rJ
How to write a Furnished
RPQAIIQE Tom will have a cia-ar eyuai ut Imported
You can't rent a bare, poorly
furnish pel room s pasily as a
oozy, attractive furnisliptl oup.
People wont answer an adver
tisempnt as readily if you do not
make it inviting if you do not
make them feel that yours is
just the room they want.
Here it the kiwi nnt to rritt:
FOR BENT flood furnlKhed mom
for two gentlemen, Karnaln
Thit umihl tie more apt to rent the room:
FOB RENT I'lea.iant smith tront
room. f'r two gentlemen -wll
lurnlslied hKth on aame floor -fl
riiinuttH walk from down .on,
Kaniani utreet.
The first ad wont cost as much, but
If the longer ad will rent the room,
because it is attractive, It's a good
Tclephoue 288.
80,000 Real Circulation.