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The Omaha Daily Bee.
A Paper for tho Homo
Best A". West
Your Money's Worth
Best hn. West
Damane far Ready ' aih Wall Street
Sends Ra'.e Dp.
Complaint at W'aehlnartoa, that Mad
from Kenfncky I' Intercepted.
Opeeing Quotation it Thirty Par Cent aid
Price Steadily Adfaicts.
Market Eaaei Slightly at 11 0' Clack, but
feeon Baari Again.
He Deellnee n Dlseiiaa 4h nfmiml
lor Funds or to Take Any
Anion In the
tXVUTSVILLF.. Ky.. Dec. 27 A special
from Frankfort. Ky.. says that Edward C.
AT NINETY-FIVE j Leigh, secretary to Governor Berk ham.
when shown the Associated Press telegram
from Washington lpst night In relation to
the complaint from Frankfort that tna.ll
had been improperly opened, Mid:
"This probably refers to some Utters that
have bwn drtpped Inl " postofflce box
used by the executive rtment and the
secretary of state's off i- .Idressed to Sen
ator Blackburn. A pns ? e Inspector came,
to my office about u f .ya ago and ex
plained that Senator av kburn had made
complaint that his rr r had been opened
by Borne one In the e :lve ofllce.
"I told him that 8 hlng like a year
aro. In a batch of n
letter for J. C. S. I
opened, and when
letter wu not fi.r
wan forwarded to tl
Aairew Haailteo Befuiee to Take Young
IfoCall Icto His Confidence.
there had been a
;burn. which was
hi seen that the
rnor Beckham It
nator with an ex
planatory note. A few weeks ago a similar
mistake o curred.
"Still later a li tter was dropped In the
, executive nox wun a i ouner-journui au-
. h ' ,, icU ! dress on the outside. This was discovered
wnicn was ieni u u .... , . ,
exchange yesterday, continued strong. At
10:30 the rate wa 30 per cent. At 10:60 the
rate was 40 per cent.
After call loans were made at 40 per
cent the maiket eased and at 11:15 o'clock !
the quotation was at the rate of 30&3a per
At 11;90 a. m. call money waa lending
at 46 per cent.
Before noon the rate for call money had
dropped back to 35 per cent, but tt noon
It was lending at 50 per cent
At 2:30 p. ni. call money was lending
at 0 per cent.
Just before 3 o'clock the call money
rate reached W per cent.
Just before the close call money touched
95 per cent.
Secretary of the Treasury Shaw was In
New Tork today and was at the sub
treasury "h-n call money waa quoted at
i0 per cent In the market. When the fact
of the high money rate was called to his
attention he declined to discuss the finan
cial situation.
before It whs opened ami 1 forwarded It to
Washington. I told the Inspector that
these letters came by due course of mall
and that there was every reason to be
lieve that they were Intended for the
executive office. The inspector expressed
himself as satisfied with the explanation.
I suppose the similarity In the appearance
of the names J. C. S. Blackburn and J. W.
C. Beckham caused the local postal clerks
I to drop the senator's mull In our box."
Presents Physician's Certificate. Show.
Ion Condition of Health
of the Political
NBTV TORK, Dec. 27. John C. McCall.
secretary of the New York Llfo Insurance
company, who a few days ago returned
from Europe, where he went to get an ac
counting of money advanced to Andrew
Hamilton, was the first witness In the In
surance Investigation today, when the last
week of the committee s work was taken
Mr. McCall said he saw Hamilton In
France and that Mr. Hamilton was se
riously ill, though able to walk about. Mr.
Mct'all also presented a physician's cer
tificate describing Mr. Hamilton's Illness
and stating that the patient could not un
dertake a voyage or leave France within
two months.
Mr. McCall sold he asked Hamilton for
his check books, but Hamilton refused to
give them up, saying that the stubs re
lated to his own cersonal business. Mr.
Tot Banks and One Trust Company
uddraly On Ont of
MFTMPHIS. Pec., 27. Three financial in
stitutions failed to open their doors for
business today. The Merchants' Trust
company, with a capital stock of t.v,u,
the American Savings Bank and Trust
company and the Mechanics' Savings bank,
smaller Institutions allied with the first
named coneern, have gone Into liquidation.
The following notice was posted on the
doors of the Merchants' Trust company:
"This bank Is closed by order of the
board of director", and will go Into liquida
tion. FF l,nT. PorE, President."
Another notl, . da as follows:
"This bmk h. gone Into liquidation.
John P. Edmondson hns been appointed
The catise of the suspension of the Mer
chants' Trust company Is said to have bcn
over-loans on discounts. One of the di
rectors said to a representative of the
Associated Tress that the three Institutions
had ample assets and would pay dollar for
When the officers of the Merchants' Trust
Men Who Have the Say All Leaving !
Washington for a Vacation.
D. Mem Denier. Whose Office at
O'Neill Was Ybolished, to Enter
Bert Ice of the II. A 31.
Land Department.
tFrom a Staff Correspondent.) v.
WARhl.NG'lUN, Dec. Ui. tMpccial Tele
gram.) liie vacancy in the t niicU Mates
uiHtnct attorneyship cuuscu by tne removal
of tfaxter will not in ail probability be inled
lor several week.
President Kooscvelt left this morning for
his country home in Virginia and wi.l re
main tnere during the baiance of this
Senator Millard leaves Washington for
Ouiuua lumurrow and will not return to
Wusmugtun until January S.
Senators Aluiard and Burnett had an In-
I formal meeting today regarding various
Fair Thursday and 4 older In West
ern Pnrtlnnt Friday-. Fair.
Temperatnre nt Omaha Yesterday!
ft n . m .
41 a . m .
7 a . in .
M a. ni.
A a. m.
141 a. in.
It a . tn .
12 m . . .
. . .-in
. .14
, . :tft
. . a.-.
. . :T
. . .tit
. . 41
i . 41
i P.
.1 p.
4 p.
ft p.
O p.
T P.
H l.
V p.
I'nconafloua for Several llonra as
f lleanlt of Fall from
company decided to suspend business Chan- I ,.n,lulates tor district attorney. It Ik saad
cellor Helskel was asked to appoint a re
celver for the Institution and named John
P. Edmondson, a Memphis lawyer. The
Merchants' Trust company recently ab
sorbed the Memphis National bank and, It
Is stated, owns the controlling stock of
Man Teatltlea that He mv Her Talk
ing; with Iielrde J. Howard
Two Years Ajgo.
Plttahnra; Heara Th.'.'. Repnhlle Mteel
Company Wl" "everal
Other Corporations.
PITTSBrRQ. Iec. 27. The Chronicle
Telegraph thla afternoon says that a com
bination of Iron and steel Interests Is be
ing formed and likely will be perfeoted
in a short time that will have a capital
stock of about 1150.000. 000. The principal
concern In the movement Is the Republic
Iron and Steel company and the companies
said to be Included In the project are the
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad com
pany, the Sloss-Sheffleld Iron company anu
the La Belle Iron works. John W. Gates,
C. S. Guthrie and other leading men Ir.
the Republic company are said to be the
ninotera of the proposed Mg corpora
tion. 'U waa learned todyethat John Topping,
who ' has-reslgned "the' pfesldeny wf tm
American Sheet and Tin Plate com
pany and who will sever his connection
with the United States Steel company on
Tanuarv 1. will be jiindo president of the
enmnanv. Mr. Topping left Plttshurg last
idght and could not be seen regarding
the report that he would be rut In con
trol of the company. The details have
not been perfected and two plans are
tinder consideration. One Is to form a
holding company similar to the United
States Steel corporation with the Republic.
Tennessee, In. Belle and Sloss-Sheffleld as
subsidiary companies. Another plun Is to
merge all the companies and retain the
name of the Republic Iron and Steel com
pany. ci PVEI.AND. O.. Dec. '.T. L. C. Hanna,
who la a director In the Tennessee Coal
A Iron Railroad company, when asked na
to the reported merger tonight, stated
that that waa the first he had heard of It.
"It may be true." he said, "and Is quite
isisslble. hut 1 think that as a director
of the Tennessee company l should have
known of It. should any consolidation been
under way. '
He said lie had no knowledge of the
proposition to unite the various lnde
pendent steel operators in any way.
Chicago Board of Trade Stop Thla
Farm of (iprcnlntlon Within F.X
rhange Itolldlna.
McCall did, however, get a statement from
Hamilton regarding the expenditures of the American Savings Bank and Trust coni
funds entrusted to hlin by insurance com- pany. The latter Institution has practically
absorbed the Mechanics' Savings hank.
The suspension of the three institutions
caused little excitement In financial circles.
It was later learned that the American
Savings Bank and Trust company had
actually absorbed the Mechanics Savings
bank Severn 1 days ago.
It was stated today that the suspension
of this institution is only temporary nnd
that its affairs are In good shape, officers
say that the suspension) was decided upon
because they feared a Bun when the doors
were opened this morning, the public gen
erally being aware of the bank's relation
to the Merchants' Trust company.
At the latter Institution It was said that
a thorough investigation would be made
und hope is expressed titat the bank would
again open Its doors for business In a
short time.
A condensed statement of the condition
of the Merchants Trust company at the
close of business December IK was given
out as follows: Total assets, $3.rtfiii,()5; In
debtedness of every character to deposi
tors, I2,13:.319; all other obllKutloiis, exclu
sive of capital stock, f$89.0rR; cash actually
on hand. 130.000.
panics. The statement then was produced
and put In evidence.
Itenaona for Secrecy.
Mr. Hamilton in his statement tella why
he cannot produce vouchers or concelled
checks to show to whom and In what
amounts he had paid out money. The
statement Is to the effect that In conse
quence of the accepted understanding of
the companies Interested with the New
York Life in watching legislation, "no
demand waa made by me for vouchera from
other people, nor were there any books or
accounts kept by me covering same." It
Nor are there any of my checks to pro-
8T. IOT'IS, Mo., Dec. 27. In todny's pro
ceedings In the probate court In the case
of Mrs. Mary Ieaf green, who Is suing for
one-half of the $.Tue.ur estate left by La
clede J. Howard on the contention that duce. Pavment bv mv check would have nec
she was his wife, William D. Brandon took essarlly desclosed the fact that the person
the stand and testified that he saw Mrs. j receiving the check was under retainer by
leafgreen and Iaclede J. Howard con- ' mc, and would thus have necessarily ham
versing together In a prominent dry goods perrd that portion of my work that was
store in 1!03. He testified that both seemed most efficacious, namely, absolute secrecy,
excited and the woman had apparently Cash, draft and certificates were generally
been crying When shown a photograph ! preferred. I cannot produce my check
of Ijaclede J. Howard he Identified it as a j books or cancelled checks which relate to
picture of the man he saw talking to Mis. j affairs other than those of the New York
Leafgreen that day. Lite Insurance company. I cannot produce
Tho affidavit or Thomas Jefferson Miller, ! any hooks of these particular accounts
mayor of Tumwater, Wash., who avers ; because none were ever kept by me.
that he married Mrs. Mary Ieafgreen In
Decatur, 111., In 1S83, under the name of
Henry Howard was read In court. In the
affidavit, Miller statea that under the name
of Henry 'Howard he met Mary Moore,
now Mm. Iafgrecn, and they were married
at Decatur, 111., In VMS. Later they separ
ated, largely because lie was afraid of Mr.
Lockwood, his wife's stepfather. The af
fidavit further set forth that in 1890 he
Demand ot Fair and Honest.
Even if I did possess them. It does not
they number twelve, but no conclusion
was readied as to whom they will unite
upon to recommend. As stated, the matter
of the selection of Baxter's successor will
not be announced until some time at lei
the reassembling of congress. Probably
during Senator Millard's visit to Omaha
he may secure some new light upon whom
It would be advisable to recommend.
Canal May He lluilt by Contract.
Senator Millard of Nebraska, chairman ot
tho senate committee on Inttroceanic ca-
I nals. today Bald that In his opinion the
j Pa i ama canal eventually will bo built by
"My committee now Is divided on this
point, but I teel certain it will. In the end,
adopt this plan of construction."
As a further indication that congress is
preparing to take hold of the canal work
over the heads of the Isthmian Canal com
mission, tho older statesmen of the senate
hiivo decreed that tho lnteroreanio canal
committee work shall be divided. Such
legislative measures or reports as refer
to foreign relations shall go to the foreign
relations committee; to appropriations, to
the appropriations committee, and to
finance, to the finance committee. It is ex
pected that the president will leave It to
congress to decide the type of canal to bo
If Senator Millard's suggestion that the
canil be built by contract is adopted, tho
Isthmian Canal commission will be little
NEBRASKA 4'ITY. Neb.. 1 ee. IT.-fFpe-clal
Telegram.)-Joy M.irton of Chicago
received what was thought for a time
were fatal Injuries today. At a late hour
tonight, however, the attending physi
cians Announce he will recover.
Mr Morton and his family have been
spending the Christmas holidays at the
old Morton home In this city, nnd yester
day Mr. Morton was out riding one of
his Jumpers, of which he keeps severnl
In the stable here. Jn attempting to tak-
a fence the horse stumbled and Mr. Mor
ton was thrown violently to the frozen
ground, landing on his head. He wns
carried to the house In an unconscious
condition, remaining so for a number of
In addition to local surgeons. Dr. J. F.
Summers of Omaha was summoned and
In company with local physicians is spend
ing the night at the bedside. At a lat.
hour they reported that, while the Injury
wns nost serious, the chances were the
patient would recover. He Is suffering
from concussion of the brain, and at best
It will be considerable time before he
entirely recovers.
Mr. Morton is fond of riding and keeps
In the stable here a number of hunters
which are trained by a professional cross
country rider and It was one of these
horses which he wns riding when the ac
cident happened.
No Newi frcm Old E tissue Capita! fat
Stveral Henrs.
Diipatcb of Crack Regiment it Considered
Ra'.her Omiaoua.
Socialists Will Vake Another Attempt to
Throw Off Yoke of dir.,
' i.nt-A t tin a lu-turil of ont 1 lliH t fJI With &
Major O. W. MarCrae, president of the .,, ,,...,r , BM. that the work
Memphis Savings bank, said:
done on the canal 's up to contract. There
takin. on o' " "1? . ""i ! alao a disposition on the part of some, in
i ,B lt.... .w ""''!.!,..", t,. ,mn.nv. ...V,i. the evont this la done, to abolish the corn-
appear to me that the demand for them .ng out and to adv ' ." 7"" ,vi ntirf.u. aru, ,r .he work over
clmslng other properties engineers.
C. W. Schulte, president of the Memphis
was distinct and thorough. If it had not Clearing House association, man.; the fol- Weaver ooea tv iianroao.
been so I would have declined the task. lowing statement In behalf of the associa- Information was received at the general
Mr. Hamilton In openlntf his statement tlon: . "'"oc today that D. Clem Deaver. re-
expresses regret that he cannot return to' Fifteen days ago the Merchants Trust ee'ver 01 P"D" moneys at u .-sciu. tn
Chief Fxecntlve Will Spend Vacation
of Five Days nt Pine
K nob.
would be a fair and honest one. Tho under
standing that I had undertaken this work.
the United States at present because of his
married Mattle K. Stewart, believing that neaith,
his first marriage waa not binding as he , A. tlm. ot nlB employment In charge
hud not been married under his right name. I of ,1,- bureau of taxation and legislation Tl, committee wont ovtr tl ussts of the land office, it will be recalled, waa recently
- . - ... . . .. . . . "M "Merc han tn 1'niat rnmru..iv.- tar-rullit - . . . . . . . - . . . ...... .
company applied for help to the Memphis land office, has accepted a lucrative po
Clearlng House association. in,.n in the bind denurtment of the Bur-
Ihe clearing house association appointed ,. ,, . ,. ...
a committee to investigate ..he maue,? "nRton Railroad company. Hie O Ncill
Learning from Attorney Johnson that l,l.juf lbe M :Xct ut the-ilt. .tt
first wTTft was living and his second mar
riage illegal, he separated from his second
wife und Instituted a suit for divorce from
the first, intending to marry" the second
as soon us tho divorce waa secured.
companies feared that unless concerted
action was taken they might bo practically
legislated and taxed out of existence.
"The usual practice of depending alone
upon counsel to attend and present argu
mentw was determined to be Insufficient,"
says Mr. Hamilton. "The very fact tha
the great life Insurance interests of New
York favored or opposed pending legisla
ting city, which for the last mouUi hud
Uve propositions, would Itself often con- ' anticipated Home such movement, it was
centrste the opposition against their views; . deemed wisest to allow the concern to
so likewise did the knowledge that we presVnUUvea of the large banks of
were represented at the capitals of various New York, Chicago and St. Lyniis are
states lead to demands that political fa- In the city Willi great qtiantiti-s of mom y
ill iurineianee 01 tne leuimaic uusincss
vorites should be employed In the role of
Charles II. Smith of New York Shut
Five Times by F. C. Cooper In
Hotel at Imnvllle, 111.
DANVILLE. III.. Dec. :7.-Churles H.
Smith of New York City, a member of
Urn "Two Johns" theatrical comiiany. was .
shot and fatally wounded this aftejnoj.i 1
by r . C. Cooper of New York, a member I , ,..,,i.i.... .ri, -.,.1 ,.,1, perienced bankers and members ot the
v. lni..:u 1.1iti- ....mnun.. a I'"" ... m Xfnmnhis I ' I ph H n ir House iLHMoeijt t ion li.iv-.
v t.i,n.,.i a . ... ........ ....HUtii(.7 1,. lm. puliation weii in naiiu. .mj muiikci is
but one conclusion. We fell that if a apprehend, d und the commercial nr.crcsta
secret service was a permissible govern-'0' city are competent to meet any
, , , , , , situation that is liable to arise,
mental agency, a confidential service would I
be the only effective and at the same time j NEW YORK. Dec. 1'7.-The American
nrr.ner nlan to ruard the welfare of the savings "no jri.Mi.onii.aii 01 .Mem-
most extensive commercial Interests in
tlon advanced throng!, the Merchants or fteulMa na" Deen sciuea up aimosi
Trust company the sum of JltW.Oun. completely and tnerefore the necessity for
Subsequent Investigation revealed the lho maintenance of the land office no longer
fact that while it was the opinion of the . ,, . . , ,
memliers of the clearing house nssocia- exists. Receiver Deuver and Register John
tlon that the depositors of tho concern Weeks leave the service with high records
are safe, yet It would take an f r efflc,ncy and the officials of the gen-
liaiily largo sum to iiy all Inmied atu de- , , , . ,. . ,, ,.
mands. ral land office express regret thut their
In the interests of the city and the de- 1 services are to be lost to the sovcnimciit.
posiiots and or the various institutions ot
WASHINGTON. Dec. 27. The president
will pass his vacation at Pine Knob, the
pretty residence in Virginia acquired about
a year ago by Mr. Roosevelt.
Accompanied by Mrs. Roosevelt, their
children. Miss Ethel. Archie and Kermit.
the president left Washington at 11:30 to
day for a five days' outing. The president
was uccompanied on the trip by M. C.
Ijittn, his private stenographer, and James
Sloane, the president's secret service guard.
President Roosevelt said he was going
to Pine Knob to enjoy a genuine lest. He
added that, while he and Mrs. Roosevelt
would ride horaehark, he did not expect to
do any hunting. Archie took with him the
small bear dog. "Skip." which the presi
dent brought to lilm from Colorado last
spring, and he will be used, in huntityj
-NORTH '5ARDlJN, Va.. Dee. iffPrasN
dent Roosevelt and party arrived here
shortly before 3 o'clock this afternoon on
time. The party took carriages Immediately
for Pine Knob. Mrs. Roosevelt's country
place. I
Inanrarnts Srrm to Itmf F.ntlr Coa
trol nnd It Will lie ereaearr
lo Reconquer the Ter
ritory. ST PETERSBURG. Dec. ?7.-ll:.1p. m.
There is no further news from Moscow to
night. The Associated Press correspondent
there succeeded in getting the St. Peters
burg bureau by telephone this evening, but
he had only uttered the words "I nm going
to tell you a horrible story" when he waa
rut off.
Since then nothing has been heard from
the correspondent.
The Semlnovsky regiment of guards waa
dispatched to .Moscow by train tonight.
This Is considered rather ominous.
Revolt 1'lnnned In Poland.
According to Information received by the
revolutionary leaders here, an armed re
bellion on a large scale has been planned
In Poland. The socialist revolutionaries,
encouraged by the success of the Insurg
ents In the Baltic provinces and of the
situation at Moscow and In Russia gen
erally, have decided that tho moment has
come to try tu cast off tho yoko of the
The tactics to be followed are the same
na those adopted at Moscow, the rising to
be preceded by a general strike, which al
ready has practically come into operation,
bringing about half the railroads In Poland
to a standstill.
An open rebellion in Poland would Im
mensely complicate the situation for the
government, for if it should gain sufficient
headway to warrant reasonable hope of
success it wottid probably draw in tho
eiill.e population und the government would
have to reconquer the country.
Meyer Makes Representations.
The Associated Press learns that Mr.
Meyer, the American amlxissador, made
representations lo the Russian government
regarding the danger to and the necessity
of the protection of the property and em
ployes of the New York Air Brake com
pany at I.ubertzl, an industrial town near
Moscow, and that he was promised mat. t
the protection desired would bu given Im
mediately In case of emergency, lids per- . ,
hays accounts fur Uic prompt .action, 4
Dewst-ar- - TXobe.4tftSv .garttrjrtnv entrl af 7J
interests of the city
Krsg Family Reunion.
George Krug of Omaha has been spending
Christmas in Washington. There lias been
u reunion of the Krug family here at the
residence of Mr. Krug s daughter. Mrs. O.
P. M. Brown. Oscar Krug of Omaha and
ldmu!id Krug of St. Louis were ut the
counsel, which, If acceded to, placed our u is deemed advisable that no undue ' family gathering. Mr. George Krug and
affairs tit the mercy of those who did not ' excitement be indulged In. Old and ex-
possess our oonfldenoe.
shooting occurred in Smith's room in the I
Saratoga hotel and resulted from a quar- j
rel between the two men over Mrs,
Cooper. 1
Cooper was accompanied to the hotel I
by Harry B. Walters of Minneapolis an I I
James Young of Cldcugo. He entered
Smlth'3 room, locked the door and fired
five shots. Three bullets took effect iu
Smith's head and buck. The three men
then ui'.empted to escape from the hotel,
his sons, Oscar arid Edmund, leave tomor
row night for home.
Postal Matters.
Trial of Nevada Midshipman 4 barged
with llaslnw Will Begin at
Ten O'clock.
Moscow, . In dlsputi'ding .a squadron of, .
dragoons to Luhcrtxl yesterday. .
It also Is learned that there waa fear
that the insurgents would attempt to seize
the works of the company, which contain
a large stock of explosives, the company
having been engaged In tho manufacture of
shrapnel for the Russian government dur
ing tho war.
Interior Minister Durnovo hns issued
an order directing the removal of all of
llcials of tho Ministry of tho Interior who
are actively participating in the Bodallst
I campaign. Among others are four editors
ANNAPOLIS. Md., Dec. 21. Lieutenant j 0f the official Russian agency. Tho Hoursa
Commander William K. Harrison, judge i (;:,z,u announces that Prince Peter A.
advocate of the court-martial that will i Kronotkln. the famous revolutionist leader.
convene at tho Naval academy tomorrow
morning for the trial of Midshipman Cof
lln of Carson City, Nev., on the charge
the file the life Insurance companies of
1 the state of New York. This confidential
I secret service was decided upon as the
, only feasible plan of protection. I ex-
' t.i tk nresldent rtf tliA Vu.r V. I.
but were prevented by Rl.i.ard Roberts, j lnPuranee company, as did the other
the clerk, who covered them with his . ...... ...
,eiiiiciiii-ii i.v " . 1 aanuMiuru Willi Ie
revolver and held tlicni until the police j
were called. j
In this work, to the officers of their re
! spe?tive compunies, that Itemized accounts
1 . v iiumAu eir nmminu t.v w..nur-i .. ...... 1.
burg and found his wife In the company ,,,;,' . BP.lh.;.M ,,, . k..
I'1 .lomumlail if n.o ttora tit t .a tiaM .1
which Smith assaulted Cooper with his K. -, ,, ... , '
- :. .... i "" ''"'P"'' went out and. It is said, .. .,1.,.. was amnle '
............. v- Tii.. ns,u ..r tki .1 . ...... ...... 1. . ...
tmi .iru, ... . ... ... ........ mid miei uim i onus iiiai ne wanted
Cooper arrived unexpectedly from Pltts-
o: Smith. An exciting scene followed.
master at ArborvlJIe. York county
vice K. J. Tew ell, resigned.
Rural carriers appointed for Iowa routes:
phis, Tenn., according to a recent state- Amelia, rouie i, nana iciiy camci,
metit. owed depositors $25,Ot. Mra. Marie i'l iiy substitute; route 1, X. A.
Miirnic carrier. Walter Pomeroy subsli
ri!!.rtAnn Pure I in nW RrWINR tute. Center Junction, route 1, (ieorge D.
John S. Fleming has been appointed post- j of hazing Midshipman Jerdon P. Klm-
brougli of Germantown. Tenn.. today
served the charge upon the accused mid
shipman. TIim court will convene ut W o'clock in
the morning and it is thought thut the
trial of Coffin will take about two days. It
bus become known thut Midahiptuun Kim
brough has testified before the board of
Chief of Police Announces thai
More Bouts Will he Permitted.
I .McDonald carrier, Wulter McDonald sub
So stitule. Lisbon, route 3, Rodney Reid car- I officers which Is Investigating existing con
rier. John Mohn substitute. Murcus, route dltions as to hazing nt tno academy sine
t oilay frowned upon the nadlng In " bids them to help him out of some, trouble,
und "offers ' which have been adopted as police JudRe Phillips held the men under
sulistiii.tes for "puts" and "ealK" since , Vi.tfH' bonds,
those plivtleges were abolished.
The trading in "bids" nnd "offers" has' PRESIDENT ON A DONATION
Lou cnml'icteil 111 the smoking mom of
the Board of Trade building nrter tne j tutr Not llealre a Popular Wedding;
Clarence Benedict carrier, Henry Wolf
substitute. Mcehunlcsville, route 3. Douglas
. McKibben carrier, Peter O'Malley subsli-
CH1CAGO, Dec. 7. All amateur boxing : tute. Mcriden, route 2, James Christy car
mutches, spurring contests, pugilistic tour-f rier, Andrew Nelson substitute. Montlcello.
naments and every variety of listic art id ' mote 4. Charles Cramer currier. Michuol
to be prohibited in Chicago after tonight, j Hogan substitute. Olin. route 3. Ward j Klisha S. Thrull of Washington as civilian
This will apply to the Chicago Athletic as- ! Kent carrier, George Wolf substitute, counsel,
sociatlon. where weekly Wixing enteitain- ' onslow, routo 2, Charles llutton carrier.
ments have been given; the New Illinois ' Henry Taul substitute. Tipton, route 5. ' GIRL TAKEN FROM ESCORT
the hazing became known, but his testi
mony baa not been disclosed. It Is under
stood that no midshipmen other thun Coffin
were Implicated in the hazing of Klni-brough.
Midshipman Coffin bus engaged Attorney
Is on his way to St. Petersburg, being free
under the amnesty decree to Iclurn to
F.tpect lo Crush Revolt.
All inspired .siutemciit In the Slovo today
says the government expects the revolt at
Moscow 10 be completely crushed within
four days. The duration of the rising Is
explained by the small number of troops
available Many or the soldiers nccebsurily
were employed In guarding the government
buildings, leaving a comparatively small
number nvuilahle to cope with the Insur
gents over the wide area of the disturb
ances. Fresh troops have now arrived and
the end Is said to be near. The Slovo says;
"The grenadiers have wiped out the stain
on their honor with blood, fighting in tho
front ranks nt their own request."
From an Independent source the Slovo de
clares It bus learned that the bloodshed at
Moscow tnis been frightful and that the
casualties will reach l."1o't and that about
lmi Rid Cross workers have been dls-
Soroe Hostile Measures.
.vir. nainmun gies a long summary of athletic, club, where monthly amateur tour- 1 John Tuttle collier, Samuel Tuttle substl-j 'patched from St. Petersburg to Moscow to
the various styles of bills hostile to in- j nametits have been held, and all other or- j tute; route 6, Ernest Gay carrier, Forrtst 1 Mtaa Resale Velaler of Fvatua, Mo.. I Bj, j caring for the wounded. The paper
Collected for
Hung liter.
A press dis
close of the regular market. Today when
a crowd of regular brokers nilempted to
1 titer the room they found their way
lwii'rrd by a number of ushers, who in
formed them that the real estate com
mittee of the hoard had decided today ' patch from Baker City, Ore, published yes
that there would be no more trailing In tcrduy, announced that a lo-cent sibscrip
"hlda" and "offers" In the Board if Trade tion was to be started in Oregon and fx-
iamlv adioumed to the rear of the raising a sum which probably would aggre
building, where the trade was commenced H't ") to be presented to Miss Alice
in and around tho rear door on the first Roosevelt on the occasion of lier marriage
floor The ushers again compelled them to Representative Nicholas Ixmgworth.
tn move and finally the dealers n "bids" The president disapproves of the pronosi-
and "offers" hastened across the stre-t tion. ns is indicated by the following
and renf d a vacant r. 1 on UiSille statement issued from the White House to-
strert, within a few minutes walk of the day:
n.,..t of Trade building, where they re- TJ'". president aiieuiion n:i ng neen
surancr. companies, many of them taxa
tion measures. "Bills to compel the com
panies' reports to be repeatedly and un
necessarily published In newspapers are ad
vocated." says Mr. Hamilton, "to gain
favor with the press by Increasing their
revenues. Outrageous propositions, such a
ganizutions in the city, whether laige or Gay substitute. Wilton Junction, route a, I
small. Albert Kellcy carrier, Arthur Feltman sub-
The conditions surrounding the amateur mltute.
tournament of the Illinois club for the put j Shoshone National bank of Cody,
two nights have caused the ne"- order, 1 W'yo.. ha beeu authorized lo begin busl
whlch Chief of Police Collins declared to- ' r.ess with a capital of J-j.imti.
night wuf final, and meant tho end of ull
It) per cent tax proposed In Arkansas, or ! boxing exhibitions in Chicago, and thexoiT LINCOLN MAS F4)lt ATTOHNF.Y
absurd propositions like the Michigan bill.
where a doctor's certificate of 111 health
would excuse the payment of the insur
ance premium and keep a policy in force
A large crowd of brokers lin- tend over the country for the purpose of j or the Virginia bill, making it actionable
for a lite insurance agent to enter the
ofllce of a man where the sign iio agents
ullnwed' is displayed, find legislative fuvor.
However ridiculous these bills may seem
they demand attention. In Indiana the at
tempt was made to pass a law placing the
final contests in the present tournament of I
the Illinois club scheduled to be decided to- j Belief In
morrow night cannot take place.
Inability to regulate the contests without
discrimination and Impartiality and the fact
that various organizations attempted to
That City Place Will Ue
Tendered Thomas C. Monger.
LINCOLN. Neb.. Dec. 27. (Special Tele
gram.) It Is believed in IJncoln that the of
fice of United States district attorney will
Captured by armed Men and m
aaoltrd Poor Arreala In Caae.
FKSTl'S. Mo., Dec. 27. The
also sns it ha lenrned that the arms or
the revolutionists mostly came from rjer-
I many and Hclgmm. wneive iney were
i shipped to England, tranrhlpiied nnd sinug
coinmuhliy . . ,,., t,:. ilivnimh Finland and tha
Is greatly excited here over the fact that j ,,. ,,rilviriPf..
i Consuls Ilrfnae lo tel.
Com inning, the Slovo remuik.v "When
our plcnlpoteiiiiiM y sought to prevent the
sailing of those vessels through the ronauls
Miss Bessie Nelsler, 18 years of age, was
taken from her escort, Mervin George, nt 1
lbe point of a revolver by four men last
Saturday night as tho couple was return
ing from u Christinas eve entertainment,
forced to go Into the woods, where she was
assaulted and then allowed to go home,
urrllug ultrost unconscious. Churls
take undue advantage of the prvih s given be offered to Thomas C. Munger. Mr. Mun- I Kellcy, Harry Bozarth. Paul Bladder and
them Is responsible for the ban being placed ger has gone east, and It is reported that
on the pugilists. Professional pugilists ; he may soon arrive In Washington. It Is
have lieen called "amateur boxing 111 list ." ' understood that he prefers to be a candidate
to evade interference, and "wardrobe ' for the federal Judgeship for this district of
upon tne list or personal property which
was taxable to the owner. Comouniea
nulled to the dlanHttli from Baker Cltv. . ..1.1.1. 1 .,,,,1. ..1. ...... .
M.ined trading Ore., to the effect that a subscription was I ' ,0 policy.
president Jackson of the Board 01 Trade about to l- started for a wedding present i holders supportea It as an attack upon
.aid: "We simply deemed it advisable to uiJT.lL-ATit KV.Jt ",l ! lheir riVal" Wh """ advantage.
.iLomtinue the trading In this building a ,.f 000.1 u .11 he ho s d noi bin. t the J ,ie However, waa defeated.
...oil ....tlon bus been taken by the courts kml would be undertaken. In fact, lie
surrender value of a life Insurance policy ' charges" and a dozen other subterfuges , Nebraska when the division ehall be made.
have been used by many of the athletic j a friends do not consider his acceptance
clubs to get around the order prohibiting an of the district attorneyship, should it bo
admission fee. I offered, us unlikely, but they believe he
i would accept only on the theory that the
HARMON MAKES APPOINTMENTS I appointment would not stand in the way of
mediately the state assessors proceeded to
.lefinlna 'bids' and offers' The action "' ,,;:Z:. ' r ruiic,-..oiue,. yrovuunuug that the
.... , riiuiiiii ..... ...
taken this afternoon does not nean that
the board has definitely decided to abandon I
the- trailing "
Hundred I'arliaa in of Nlehnla ami
lirrea r I ntler Irmi in I
rlnlty uf Hertha.
BRISTOU Va.. Dec. 27. New reached
Bristol today of a double tragedy en
acted Christmas evening at Bertha. Tenn..
near the Virginia -Tennessee line, resulting
In the instant iVath of Roseoe Nichols
and the fatal wounding of Silas Green,
which has given rise to, a condition In that
section bordering on a - state of war A
dispatch tonight says ihat there are V
arm.-d men In the niountains near the
scene of the tragedy, following leaders from
among the friends of the dead and wounded
man and that a Moody confilot seems cer
Wa laihartnc arnia tmi aminmiJUoa.
HAZF.I.TON. Pi., Dec. '7. Tlv members'
of local union No. S. United Mine Work
era of America, have decided to present
to Miss Alice Roosevelt as a wedding
glti m carload of the beat coal that can
be found In the anthracite rrglon in ap
preciation of her father's services in end
ing the great strike of IstoJ.
Two loma Men F.leeted to Member
ship In American Society. Now
In leeatoa la Ottawa.
OTTAWA, Ontario. Dee 27. At the meet
ing of the American Society oi Geologists
the following fellows were elected:
Sydney Unhurt Bail of Washington, John
Mason Bout well of Washington. Amos
peaslee Brown of Philadelphia, Frederick
O. liapp of Washington, Edwin Clarence
Eckel 01 Washington. Edward Martin
Kindle of Washington. John Irving
of South Bethlehem, Pa , Ellas Howard
. . .1 ... . , . . 1 . . ...... . . n i .1
During tha day both factions haa . w,Ider of Io,a 0ly, 1. . 1,- Abraham
1 wmiania oX Aaisa 1S
existing law was broad enough In its terms
to cover this: If mis was true of Indiana
it was probably true of many other states
in the union.
The New York Ijfe Insurance company
through my department retained eminent
and influential counsel and succeeded by
a divided court In defeating the project.
Following this idea developed in Indiana,
several states, notably Arkansu, intro
duced similar measures, all of which were
ReprcaeatatlTes In Every Stat.
"At the capital of every state we have
either retainea representatives for tie
companies, or are in co-operation with
some one who bus retained representatives
duly Influential. It has been found ad
visable as the result of experience, to
avoid as far as possible any exact publio
Information as to who represents us. The
known presence of a corporation repi
sented at legislative hails Is the signal for
renewed vigor in the attacks ot black-
Co&Uau4 ob gcooad Fejte.
William Muson have been arresiid on
warrants. BozHrth is a nephew of Miss 1
Nelsler's uncle, with whom she has been
visiting for three months.
Receiver for C. II. Jt D. and Pere Mar.
quette Roads Announeea .New
Administrative Staff.
CINCINNATI. O.. Dec. 27 -Receiver Jud
son Harmon of the Cmrinnati, Hamilton
& Dayton Railway company and the Pere
Marquette Railway company gave out nil
order today In which he notifies officers
of the Erie comtiany that their connec
tion with the Cincinnati, Hamilton Ik Day
ton company and the Pere Marquette com
pany is discontinued. He also announced
the following appointment, effective, on and
after January 1. Hm. for the Cincinnati,
Hamilton A Dayton company:
C. L. Thomas, general traffic, manager,
In charge of the freight and passenger
traffic; J. L. Cramer, comptroller In charge
of the accounting and treasury depart
ments. For the Pere Marquette company:
A. Patrtarche. general traffic manager in
rharge of freight and passenger traffic;
J. L. Cramer, comptroller In charge of
the accounting und treasury departments.
All other officers and agents of both
fozspaoisa nill continue aa saretotora,
future federal preferment.
New York Supreme Court t.ranla Man
damus tirdrrluar Met all to Pro
duce List of Pollryholdera.
Traction Magnate .Can Live but Few
Honra I uleaa There la a De.
elded 4 hanse for Better.
NEW YORK. Dec. 27. Charles T. Yerkes
of Chicago l. critical' 111 nt the Waldorf
Astoria hotel, being kept constantly under
the Influence of opiates. Dr. Ixiomis, who
has attended Mr. York.'-s since Ids illness
legan nearly six weeks ikii, stated this
afternoon that unless there should come
u siifliit.n chancre for the belter Mr Y..i-U.-
JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.. Dec. 27.-Super- ! . n. .. ,,. .-.,....,. ,,,..
intendent of State Insurance W. D. Van ,
longer. Tonight ut 11 o'clock It was said
Diver tonight received a telegram from . ., th ha(, , ..h.,a..
New Tork Informing him that the supreme Mr Yerkes' wife, son and daughter are 1 prfl1 ""n!'
the latter refused to act, as all the vessels
Tew foreign flags "
The Information of other papers Is that
while admitting that the revolutionists are
showing signs of exhaustion they do not
regard the Issue as decided. The Molva
(Rush), which reapts-ared today, fans tho
flames by holding out encouragement of
the success of the revolt. Tho paper de
clares that the urea of milting is increas
ing instead of dlniinli hlng. and asserts that
the insurgents ale holding six miles of
barricades. "Even If the rcvoli falls now,"
the Molva says. "II will l n commenced
In Januarv or February."
This also Is the view of the revolutionary
lenders here who. however, have not yet
given up hope of suecfss. In anv case they
assert they can iu the nuantlme k""p the
governinetit engaged 111 suppressing con
tinual uprislnu's from place to place, be
lieving that each city and town Humid
have its baptism of blond ns H preparation
for thf final upheaval.
In spite of I he bad prospects here tha
leaders of the revolutionists arc continuing
their desperate efforts to brlns on a gen-
court had granted the mandamus asked for
to compel President John A. McCall of the
New York Life Insurance company to fur
nish a list of the policyholders.
The telegram reads:
New York supreme court grants manda
mus againat New York Life for list of
policyholders. C. H. VENNER
Mr. Van Diver received a day or two ago
the company's answer to his demand upon
President McCall to furnish a list of Mis- J
ut hla bedside.
FlahlluK at Kharkov.
At KhurkohlT yesteiday the Hag of armed
Motrmenta of IVrean Vessels Dec. UT. 'revolt was lulsed. hut acorillug to reports
At New York 'dulled: Oceanic for Liv- the troops which had In n largely reinforced
erpool: Cevle for Liverpool , awu ,tlP outbreak mercilessly. The
At Glasgow Arrived:
At Li verpool Arrived:
Mongolian from
memliers of the so-called provisional gov-
sourl policyholders for the Insurance de. . ii .vr.. Arrived
Portland: Michigan, from Boston; Montfurt.
from St. John N. B. Sailed: Cedrlc, f ,r
New York.
At Ant wrrp Arrived' Naderland. from.
Cornlshman. from eminent, composed of twenty-two delegate.
partment and the tn. lsiuis committee or wanfax.
policyholders, it which It was stated that At Roulcg'ie.-
there was no law which authorised them , ' ;," .
-Sallf d:
Samaritan, fnm,
I'eiiiis Ivautu, for
which bad been sitting there, were cap
tured early in the d.i and Liter when the
red tl 'g was raised and harrb ades wero
ereetfd .Hound Hi Ibitri.ii ethnic nii,
wl.l-a ..lined r v obit i.n.b :.- v 1 r holding,
1 anion weie bloliir' oi and the icvulution
ists were glvtn ten minutes in which tu
there was no law which authorised them 'V' ,,,, ia. , , I w,"r) " "'" minutes m wnicq iu
It-- furoiaU eucn a Uur bJjn to demand it. j vtBialxt VcVa. , ifurrander. Tiiey tbn atul out a eialaaarj.