Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 24, 1905, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 8, Image 16

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! i
City Trmuref Withdraw! from Conteit ti
Candidate for Major.
brands llterly Falao Statemenle
Attributed to Him by StatO
Journal So Sort Spot
oa ILiau
I am not going to be ft candidate
for mayor or for the office of atata
Although I had madfl up my mind
not to make thin known until after
the holidays, 1 have decided, on ac
count of certain papers publishing;
fnk interviews, to make thla stale
inent nt once.
1 have come to the conclusion,
after carefully conslih-rlng the ltu
ation. that it will be to my Intercut
to retire from public life when my
term as treasurer expire.
tity Treasurer Ilennlngs (rave The Bee
this signed statement Saturday.
This derision was reached by Mr. Ilen
nlngs after several days spent (n can
vassing the situation and a short stay In
Lincoln, which he spent In quiet medita
tion away from the busy political whirl.
Whether Mr. Ilennlngs will retire from the
office of treasurer by resignation, a pre
viously indicated, when County Treasurer
Fink takes charge oil January 4, la now an
open question and until the time arrive
Mr. Ilennlngs is unable to say. Inasmuch
as the school board will refuse to release
the bond Hied by the city treasurer until
Ills term expires. In May, will have a
bearing on thla phase of tho situation.
Not a Bore Spot on II I m.
After giving out tho statement, Mr,
Ilennlngs said:
. "That explains everything. I have not
another word to say. I am quitting with
out a sluglo bo re spot and I am quitting in
time so that no other candidate can bo
embarrassed. I came to the conclusion
not to be a candidate, after careful study,
and thought over the matter and I know
that I have acted wisely.
"The fake Interview I referred to ap
peared in the State Journal and did nbt
contuln a word of truth. It was written
by a man who has had It in for me ever
alnce I became treasurer of tho state com
mittee. "I do not know at this time whom I
will Bupport for mayor, but of course I
hall take an active part In politics and
when the proper tlmo conies and when
I have decided whom to support I will,
' of course, get busy for that candidate.
However, I am not worried In the least
about anything and I am glad I have
gotten out of the running. I am not sure
what I will do about resigning when Mr.
Kink takes charge of this office. That will
have to be decided later."
Interview He Repudiated.
The Interview which npieared In the
State Journal which Mr. Ilennlngs branded
a a fake Is as forrows:
Seeking to gc away from the turmoil of
Omaha polltii-B while he could, tlirure out
a course of action. Air. A. Ilennlngs, the
city treasurer, has been In Lincoln for two
or three days, lie said to a reporter that
he was here simply for a reHt.
"I have not annnounced that I am a can
didate for slate treasurer," said Mr. Hen
Mngs. 'That story has been started by
Mr. Itosewatcf, who does not want me to
be a candidate for mayor. He is opposed
to ine because I will not agree to do
everything he wanta done.
"We are having a pretty lively time up
there, and everything is so mixed up I
wanted to get away where 1 could reHt
and think.
"Broalch la a candidate, too, and he la
lining up the saloons. lie thinks they will
. do as he says, but, of course, they really
have no use for him. Hosewater will have
solos candidate that lie can handle."
Mr. Ilennlngs was rather gleeful over
one phase of the situation. He said that
Kosewater was anxious to have an or-
All Day
All Day
We Wish All a
Merry Christmas
and a Happy.
Prosperous New Year
l'ermit us to thank you for the ,preatest holiday trade
in our entire business career. In spite of the great addition
to our floor space in our New Annex and Arcade the unpre
cedented crowds taxed our capacity to its utmost and at
times hampered our service. For any inconvenience that
shoppers may have experienced in the last few days we
wish to offer our apologies.
Wo have eVery confidence that next year we will be
settled in our magnificent new building fully equipped to
care for much greater crowds, which Omaha in its rapid
growing condition will certainly furnish.
Very respectfully,
Draw Stock from Western Wyoming
Ilecanse of AdTntgei
" Over Competitor.
A. W. Smith of Bis Pine, Wyo.. Is In the
city superintending the recent shipment of
a large bunch of cattle from his ranch In
the Green river country to the Omaha
markets. "It Is a pretty long haul from
our section to Omaha." he remarked, "but,
I then, we have a preference for the Omaha
market, a It Is tho most direct one fo
i us. we have to drive our cattle about
i sixty-five miles to reach the railroad. Wc
I are located on the Oregon Short IJne.
Tho railroad haul occupies about six days,
but this trip It took us seven days, which
means considerable to a shipper. Our
stock Is brought direct, from the range.
We aim to drive It from the range to the
hipping; stations In four or five days, or
an average of fifteen miles per day.
"The Green river country, you know,
lies west of tho mountains and Is In a
fairly prosperous condition. Settlers are
coming Into tho country. They are largely
Americans and make the best of citizens.
"A new market I developing for live
stock with us on the Pacific coast. Con
siderable shipping of cattlo is being car
ried on to that market now. But the ship
ping season to the coast will close along
early in February, as California has an
abundance of grass-fed cattle. Most of our
cattle are shipped there as feeder "
Unlldlna- of Vnloa Paclllo Branch
' M ill He Pushed to tha
I tinost.
R. J. KHpatrick and S. D. Kllpatrtck of
the railway contracting firm of Kllpatrlck
Brothers ft Collins are in the city looking
after their contracts In this Immediate lo
cality, particularly the Lane cut off of the
I'nlon Pacific from Omaha westward. The
Arm recently has established an office in
this city In tho McCague block at Fifteenth
and Dodge streets, to be nearer lta work.
t:. D. Kllpatrlck said in reference to the
"Our contract call for eleven miles of
the work, which will Include some pretty
heavy cuts. The purpose is for straight
ening the main lino of the Union Pacific
near here. The work calls for a big force
of men and we opened our office here In
Omaha for tho particular purpose of look
ing after thla work. We shall continue at
It as long tho weather will permit, but
It cannot be stated with a certainty Just
when It will bo completed."
I BW at.. 'Hta. m m. a a ""aw srsw ana- a w- . BP . aa i -ear
II Tiir nrinirrT nnunnui, I JSJCBSe
11 mil uuuiLii uumiiiui mmj MflMfaRTM
II a Mpnnv runicTM ac Bi XMm IllIM ll IU)lC
! I - I m$
I Store Closed Christmas Day 1 p
S Oil Deck Tuesday MortiiiiR-7:45
Watch Tu.sday Evening's Ad. Ij S2k
- ' Initial win i si -r shims nr'm ' ' mum iann I g yNX
- 1 ' - -ggst 1
Wishes you a a
Merry Christmas
Thanking you for your very
liberal patronage during tho
past ppuson.
IVe close
all day Monday
Two Great Bargain Events
Tuesday, watch Monday papers
for particulars.
Hayden Bros.
Kanlsatlnn In. the city something Ilka the
Fontanelle club, and now that it was
Secure Motion to llavo Clerk of Dis
trict Conrt Journalise
a Deere.
Judge Sutton has sustained the motion of
T. W. Blackburn that Clerk of Court
formed Rose water did not have control of Broad well be compelled to Journalize a de
ll, lie m quite sure the city would be cree ot me court in iavor or a ueiennani.
against u Itost-wutvr man for mayor, and I In BUBtalning the motion, after considerable
that either he himself or Charley 8aun- I arl,1In1n. hv Mr niarkhurn and Countv
ders would be ugreed upon by the Union , argument b Mn ,acKDUrn ana
Pacific, In which case the one selected
would be nominated. He said that Rose
water had lost his prip In Omaha because
if his action In the last campaign. The
Attorney Slabaiigh, Judge Sutton said:
Outpouring: at Omaha Postoftine K
reeds Anytblna; In It
r- . w .1
TORZ BEER ii iuitining
It takes tht place of food
becauie It containt all the rich
nutriment of malted barley,
$ diluted In sparklinf Artnian
sftj water. Ai a beverage STORZ
I r: .
Jr1 ;.-
BEER abetter than tra.coSe
or water better for the stom
ach, the nerves, and tht
muicular tinue of the bodyi
Prominent phyiiciana have to
stated. Alw order STORZ
The rush of outgoing Christmas mall
from the Omajia postotilce during; the last
week Is far in excess of anything ever
known in Omaha; It haa required the as
sistance of every Clerk who could be spared
from other departments to help out In the
emergency. The registry business ha been
phenomenally large, but every package has
been sent out the day of ita deposit in the
office, the force working all night to meet
the rush. '
The postofneo will open Sunday morning
as usual at 11:30 a. m. and will remain
open long enough to serve the crowds that
gather at the noon hour. Packages may
Ka nktnlnnJ aft 1 1 fr a M . . n . 1 1 1 . . i
The onlv aurstlon to be passed on here " ""IV " " '" ,alH ,n
is as to the rlRht of the clerk to Insist on tho afternoon. Th registry windows will
a fee for Journalizing the decree of tha
little editor had advocated the direct pri- court. The rule as to payment for tiling
mary, and after the nominations under petitions and answers Is not up for action at
this time, ine court nas no douot 01 ine
clerk's right and duty to charge fes In ad-
that system had bolted part of tho ticket.
wnicn was, nowever, an elected.
"I am puzzled how to net In the city
treasurer matter, said Air. ilennlngs,
vunrA in rlrallnB: with hut he Is.
lib. mUarttr onH nlmilfif . . rt.i t a nwMi ,t t
The new charter legislate the office out I the arms of the court and may not insist
of existence, the county treasurer to be- on fees for doing anything ordered directly
come also treasurer on the 4th of Jan- by the court. -Otherwise we would have to
uary. But the fan.e charter provides in I have a little cash box at the bench and the
another chapter for the city treasurer hold- I clerk would be given a piece of money
lng on until May in describing his rela- i every few minutes for the swearing of a
tlon with the school board. It is hard to ! Jury or a witness. That Is not provided for.
tell whether I ought to step out or try to . it is olear to me that the clerk must record
hold on. and I don't know how It will
affect my candidacy for mayor. So I am
down here trying to think It out."
in speaking for a possible candidacy for
state treasurer, in case the mayoralty con
tei should go against him. Mr. Ilennlngs
lwhevcd that the senatorial fight In Omaha
would overshadow other Issues, and a can
didate for a place on the state ticket would
have little show if the delegation con
cluded to do some trading. He said there
was no question that Wattles would have
the Omaha delegation.
Increase la Builnru Demand More
Capital Half Million Increase
Make Two and Half Million.
the decree of the court in order to preserve
the right of parties to litigation.
Circumstance Prove Hulplde of Cob
birr Body of Alabama Maa ,
Bent Home.
be open until 3 p.
On Christmas day the carriers will make
two deliveries In tho morning In the busi
ness section and ono In the residence dis
tricts. Tho oillce will be opened as usual
at 8 a. m. and will close at 10:30 a. m.
for the day.
The capital stock of the Roberts, John
son & Rand Shoe Co. of St. Lout ha
Just been Increased from Two Million to Brotherhood.
Two and a Half Million. No shoe com- Th body of W. P. Crenshnw, the drug
pany In the world haa a larger capital clerk found dead In hi room at the Murray
and the necessity for this Increase I tha hotel Friday morning, will be sent to the
strongest possible evidence of th growth , former home at Birmingham, Ala., for
Resident at Old People's Home Par
take of Good Thins for
Chrlataiaa "Inner,
The venerable members of the Old Peo
ple' Home celebrated Chrlstma Saturday.
Instead of waiting until Monday, when i
many of them will leave the home to spend ,
the day with friends. For dinner they had !
turkey and all it accessories, sent them by
Coroner Bralley ha decided not to hold 1 E. L. Dodder. Several club and church
an Inquest Into the deatn of Nelaoni C. I women greatly interested in the home were 1
Hansen of 1703 North Twenty-fourth street, present at the dinner. I
the cobbler who drowned himself in an old In the afternoon there was a Christmas
well, a the attending circumstances plainly 1 tree entertainment given by the women of
Indicated suicide. The funeral will be hold i the Westminster Presbyterian churcn. tin
Sunday afternoon from the ihupcl of Uer the direction of Mrs. Clabaugh. Euch
Rralley & Dorrance's undertaking place, person received a little gift from the tree.
Twentieth and Cuming streets. The burial The church women gave a varied musical
will b under the auspice ot the. Danish , program, which was greatly appreciated by
the old people.
Xmas Greetings
to You
Then we want to direct your atten
tion to our number
AnaLomicaJ L&st
Designed from the anatomy of the
feet, making the most comfortable
foot-form shoe In the shoe world. Fin
calfskin, double soles.
Walk-Over Shoe Store
Agency for A. E. Nettleton' Shoe.
W hope everybody will have a
MERRY CHRISTMAS tomorrow, but
on Tuesday we must get down to the
necessities again.
And, if the children need a pair ot
hoes, now Is the time to bring them
In and have them fitted, while they
are out of school.
MntlflAV 8
our store will be open till noon, Christmas Day.
t6th and Douglas Sts.
Holiday Excursion
To accommodate holiday travelers a rate of one
fare and one-third for the round trip to many
points In Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming
has been placed In effect by the
Date of Sale, December 24, 25, 80, 81, 1005,
and January 1, 1600; with final return limit
January 4, 1006.
Additional date o sale and longer limit for studonts
and teachers holding certificates.
Inquire at
of St. louis a a shoe manufacturing cen
ter and the great Increase In th demand
for "Star Brand" shoe.
When you speak ot St. Louts and she
you must talk about million, and the al
ot "Star Brand" shoe increasing by th
million annually tins made Robert, John
son & Rand Shoe Co. the fastest growing
shoe house In the world. They report a
gain In shipment for six month, from
May 10 to November 10, of $743,000.00, and a
gain In orders booked for spring a com
pared with last season of tl.116.0ti0.00i. This
indicate that when their business year
closes on May 10, W. they will show a gain
of nearly Two Million Dollar and their
shipment will reach Eight Million for
their eighth year.
The wonderful and rapid growth of thla
company is always cited in th business
world as an evidence of what can be ac
oompllshed by persistent effort and a de
termination to produce serviceable shoes,
sell them on close margins and use tha
newspapers to tell the people what they
are doing and how they do it.
Through the pre the forceful slogan,
"Star Brand Shoes Are Better," has been
made familiar to almost every sho buyer
in the United State and majiy foreign
countries as well.
burial. Coroner Brafley has received
telegram from the dead man's relatives.
Zeiss Ray Out Frederick Co.
B. Edward Zeis of Boston haa pur
chased the stock, fixtures and good will
of the C. H. Frederick Co. and will con
tinue the business In the same old location,
VA Fa mam street. Mr. Zeis ha been
In the hat and furnishing goods business
for a number of years, is well posted, a
man of good business ability, and there 1
little question but what ho will make a
grand eucces In Omaha. He will leave
for the east In a few day to purchase a
new stock of men's furnishing and states
he will carry only high grade good.
DIAMONDS. Frenzer, lith and Dodge.
Attention, Member of Camp No. 124),
H. W. A.
Yourself and family are invited to attend
the Christmas entsrtalnment Wednesday
evening, December 27, at our new hall in
the Omaha Commercial college building.
Nineteenth and Farnam atreets. None but
members ot Camp No. 120 and their fam
ilies will be admitted. COMMITTEE.
Mr. J. I.evtne and son left Omaha for
the east Saturday, December 23, where
they will be engaged for the next, week
In selecting a large line ot new good for
next year' trade.
A Merry tkrlilmai
To our many friend and patrons. We wish
to thank you for your liberal patronage and
to assure you that we value and will do
our utmost to merit It continuance. Our
store will be oen until noon on Christmas
Atteatloa, A. O. 1. W.
The funeral of our late brother, August
Kempf, will be held from the family resi
dence. 13th and Dorcaa St., Sunday, Dee.
34. at i o'clock p. in. All drill teams In
vited. O. O. OLESON. M. W.
J. U. M LEAN. Recorder.
WATCllfci. rvf: "'A and 1'udj.
Funeral ot(ee.
The funeral of Mr. L. 11 Romln will be
held at the residence of her daughter, Mrs.
James C. Redman, 1502 Spencei street, at
I o'clock Sunday afternoon.
Holiday Hale
Christmas and Now Years. Greatly re
duced rates via the Missouri I'aclrtc rail
way. Tickets on ale December 22, 23. 2A,
25, 30 and 31. 1906, and January 1, ltug.
Good to return to and Including January
4, 19u6. Full Information at city otnees,
5. K. Corner lith and Farnam streets,
Omaha, Neb.
Some Avarlclan Miscreant Steal
Whole Porker Dressed, Nicely
for Christina.
Tom, Tom, the piper's son, stole a pig
and away he run from Em 11 Hornsteln s
meat market, 1818 St. Mary's avenue, Fri
day evening. The police are looking for
Tom and the purloined pig.
A forty-pound dressed pig, with "Merry
Christmas" carved In the ttesh, was stolen
from a hook In front of the Hornsteln hop
Friday evening, so the police have bten
advised. Next to burning the whiskers of
Santa Claus the most daring crime Is that
of stealing a pig, Mr. Hornstein believes.
With sincere thanks
to our friends who have
been so liberal in their
patronage with ns, we
wish all
and a
To accommodate tho
late ones we will be
open Monday, Christ
mas day.
Harry B. Davis, undertaker. Tel. 1224.
Holiday PnMk,
Via "Th Northwestern Una."
Itt fare round trip, Dec. 23d. good 30 day,
to point in Illinois, Indiana Ohio, Ken
tucky, New York, Canada, Pennsylvania.
Weal Virginia.
Ua far Dec. 224 to 25th and Dec. SOth to
January 1st. good until January 4tu. to all
system points and to points in Illinois,
Minnesota and the Dakota.
Ui-H, Chicago and return, Dec. 16th to
19th, good until Dec 24th.
Offices 1401 Farnam St., Union Station,
Webster Street station.
Malldlna Ferntii.
Gunter Weise. 4324 Grant street, has
taken out a permit to erect a frame dwell
ing le cost $1 6"0. The Ump brewing com
paav ha taken out a permit to erect an
addition to It storage pUui a'-'isnth
and Nlchola to cost t4.0Ju.
Men's, boys', children's clothing, hats,
ladies' fuits. skirts, millnery, etc., cash of
credit. 1'eoplo s Store. 16th and Farnam.
Mortality Statistic.
The following births and deaths have been
reported to the Hoard of Health during the
mriuyiuur uour euuing at noon Satur
day: Birth M. Fiddler, 117 North Twelfth
girl; James Hershey, 8S23 Sherman avenue
girl; Victor Modlne, 27i3 Caldwell, boy.
Death W. P. Crenshaw. Murray hotel
Mrs. Cnrollne Monroth, 79. St. Joseph's hos
pital; Ule.anor Porter, 6 months, lol! South
Twenty-ninth; Angle Priest, Hi, Uu4 Cali
fornia. Marrlaa Licenses.
The following marriage license have been
Name and Residence.
Holiday Hates.
The Erie Railroad, the Picturesque Trunk
Line of America, announces special holi
day, rates over it llu from Chicago De
cember 23, 24, 26, 30, 31st and January 1, to
Columbus, O.; Akron, O.; Youngstown, O.;
Jamestown, N. Y.: Salamanca, N. Y.; Buf
falo, N. Y., and local stations. Apply to
your local ticket agent, or J. A. Dolan,
T. P. A.. Railway Exchange Bldg., Chicago.
William Songster. Omaha
Birdie Hughey. Omaha
Raymond Jones, Houth Omaha ,
Clara HuetscM. Omaha ,
Chester M. Rltc.hey. Omaha ,
Minnie A. Fitch, Omaha
Peur Thompson, South Omaha ,
Jennie Bartl. South Omaha
.... 31
.... 21
.... 2J
.... 21
.... 21
.... 21
.... 3
.... 2
Frlgatfal Los ot Lit.
result from throat snd lung aii. Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption 1
a sur cur. 60o & 11.00. For sal b
Sherman McConnall Drug Co.
Krtv Kail road.
No change of car Chicago to New York,
Boston, Mai.; Buffalo, N. Y., and Colum
bus, O. These trains carry splendid Pull
man and dining cars snd ceache. Apply
ta Ticket Agents or J. A. Dolan, T. P. A.,
Railway Exchange, Chicago.
Of us on Furniture. Pianos, and
other chattels, or on vour salary
without mortgage if you are per
manently employed. We can
give you th money on the
shortest possible notice snd let
you return it to us In weekly
or monthly painenU to
suit your convenience. You
win nnd us consistent In
an our deilmrs.
1X3 N CO.,
M6 So. 16th Street
' Hhona 2296
Safely, Speed aad Comfort '
Are the watchwords of the New York Cen
tral line and that they are made good
Is sufficient reason for the popularity of
that Great Railway System of Lines. j
Greatly Redeed Rale
Via Wabash Railroad
to point In Illinois. Indiana. Kentucky, ,
Ohio, Ontario. Michigan, Pennsylvania,
New York and West Virginia.
Ticket old December 33. ONLY, good '
returning thirty day from al.
For all information call at Wabaah City '
Ticket Office, 10X1 Farnam St.. or addresa.
G. A. T. D, Wab. JC K. Ooiaba. Nth. j
Shermnc's La Orlppo
Cough byrup
It was tint compounded when tha
oourg wa at It worst 19-Mi It
baa pravaa Its meiensy thousand of
tint. There may be other rernadlc
for a shupl cough. UA OK1PPS
auleia at r.: and stops that tickling
In the throat
SAMPLE FREE. Bottl Kc and Mo.
For eaxoaie ease, pints, fl sa.
Mad and sold by
Shirsio I McDonnell Cm. Co.
Cor. lOth aad Dodg It., Onsaka.
We can save you nearly one-half on the cost of youi
magazines and newspapers for 1906. Ilere are two of our
clubbing offers. Make your selection and send your order now
before you forget it .We may ot be able to duplicate them afU
this month. ' v
ctuu C"
THE TWENTIETH CENTURY FARMER, weekly, 1 year. .$1.00
Omaha Daily Bee, daily, 6 months 2.00
Madame, monthly, 1 year. . .- . . . . 1.00
Gleanings In Bej Culture semi-monthly, 1 year 1.00
Total value $5.00
Our special oiler for the four, good until December 31st,
nly $2.50.
THE TWENTIETH CENTURY FARMER, weekly, 1 year. .$1.00
Omaha Daily Bee, tkily, 6 months 2.00
Harper's Bazar, monthly, 1 year LOG
Gleanings in Bee Culture, semi-monthly, 1 year l.OO
Green's Fruit Grower, monthly, 1 year 60
Commercial Poultry, monthly, 1 year 50
Total value .. $6.1C
Our clubbing pric for the 6ix, good until December 31st,
only $3.00. x
Yoa will bav a cigar equal to Imported
aad at a lea prte.