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    illE OMAHA DAILY REE: Fit I DAY. DKCEMBEH 22. li5.
porcklaix rninn,
Quite frequently a
front tooth becomes so
discolored or decayed
as to render it unsightly to
ones friends and embarass
1ns; to the owner.
In this fane a porcelain
crown, properly shaded and
fitted, is of advantage. I can
so Shade and fit these crowns
as to make It Impossible to
tell them from the natural
Neither do I hurt my pa
tients in putting them on.
A Reliable Dentist
f Hoaaoaable Fee.
S3S Bee Bide
Comraiiiionsrs McDona'd and Etyfsldt Will
Try to Hold Ob.
Reset-re Spring from Report f
preane Chart's Actios la Grant
Ins Rehearing; aa Coanty
OBI re Trnirc (aee.
County' Attorney Slabaugh brousht word
from Lincoln that the supreme court hea
in-anted a rehearing In the case from tinge
county in which It held that a register of
deeda had to b elected this yeur. Fol
lowing till decision of the supreme court,
Teeisters of deeds were elected In Douglas
and other counties at the general election
held November 7. Frank BanUe was
looted tn this cnimty and on Wednesday
announced the appointment of his orflce
Register Deuel said Thursday morning he
had not heard tf the action of the court
In granting a rehearing and did not car
to express sn opinion on the matter.
Rumors also have been flying about that
the two county commissioners in this county
whose terms as originally fixed expire
with the end of the year are contemplating
holding onto the office until unseated by
legal proceedings.
liter Will Stick.
These rumors were verified, in part at
least, when Commissioner Hofeldt said
Thursday afternoon:
'Sure, we are going to stick. There has
been no decision from the supreme court
en the county commissioner question, and
I think we should hold on until we are
declared out In legal form. Borne county
attorneys have advised the holdover com
missioners to hang on until a decision Is
secured through quo warranto proceed
ings." Commissioner McDonald aald in answer
te a direct question that there la no present
truth in the rumor, so far aa he la con
cerned. "I have heard." ssld Mr. McDonald, "that
Commissioner Newton of Lancaster county
Intends to test the question when the time
corres frr .the new commissioner to qualify.
In several other counties among them. If ,
Organist Does Hot Flinch Wken in Coirt
Littls Ois Accosts fiim.
Woman Telia How She Worked to
Help Rdarate Man She
Abandoned Her and
A dramatic Incident occurred In police
court Thursday morning during the hear
ing of tha ymona wife abandonment case.
As if by some strange intuition, John
Prower Wilfred Symons. 4-year-old son of
tha defendant, ceased his romping in the
court room and ran up to the man who la
his father, yet whom he had never seen
before, turned his little blue eyes full on
the parent's fare and Innocently Inquired,
"Who are you?"
The muela of the child's voice was heard
throughout the court room and the silence
that followed was almost oppressive. Tha
father'a face was watched by many, but
the expected did not happen. The organ
Isfa countenance did not change, whatever
may have been pulling at his heart strings.
With childish dismay the little boy ran
back to his mother and then resumed his
Tha evidence in the casa was all pre
sented and the arguments started. Tha
ease will be continued next Wednesday
morning .
Woman Telia Her Starr.
Mrs. Symons took the stand and told of
tha marital relations between herself and
husband leading up to the filing of the
complaint In Omaha last week. In part
her testimony waa:
"1 waa married to Mr. 8ymon In Eng
land June 12, 1R91. We moved to New Tork
Club women will continue therr active
Interest In the program of the Nebiaska
State T'-arners' association to be held at
Uncoln December IT, 3 and 3. and not a
few will go there for the session of the
child study department, whiih Is one of
tha auxiliaries to the association. Tha
program will be presented Wednesday aft
ernoon. December 27, "Delinquency and Its
rhases" being the subject. Vnder the head
of "Causes and Cures for Delinquency,"
Judge Wilbur F. Bryant will speak of
The Incorrigible and the Truant." and the
discussion will be lead by Newton Wycoff
Preston of the FYemont Normal and Prof.
O. W. Lucky of the University of Ne
braska. "Boys' Clubs and Campa" will
be the subject of sn address by Superin
tendent Dennlson of the boys' department
of the Omaha Toung Men's Christian as
sociation, the discussion to be conducted
by 8. V. Hoagland, the Uncoln probation
officer, and F. J. Munday of Cambridge,
Neb. "Allen Dale Farm and Other Liegal
Remedies" will be presented by Captain
Fx! ward t Bradley, superintendent of Allen
Dale farm, the famous Chicago corrective
Institution, and Superintendents B. B. Hay
ward of the Kearney Industrial school and
Harriet H. Heller of the Douglas County
Detention home will lead the discussion.
One of the chief alms of this program Is
the education of public sentiment to the
end of securing a detention home for Lin
coln to operate in conjunction with the
juvenile court.
Owing to misunderstanding regarding the
date, the last meeting of the household
economics department of the Woman's
club waa not largely attended. Reports
of the milk and dairy Inspection were con
tinued, and Mri. C. H. Hayes, Mrs. Frank
Burnett and Mrs. C. H. Townsend were
Make Men Happy Christmas With Swell Haberdashery
UOUUil t u
City, where I secured employment In a , appointed a committee to devise means for
atore. and thmuah mv earnlnaa and Influ- continuing a systematic Investigation to
enca my husband was enabled to enter the end of formuliting a list of dulrlea
i Prntt Institute and secure his musical ed- j that the department can .recommend for
ucation. W e then moved to Greenville, j sanitary conditions ana rure mint. v e
ra.. where we lived seven years, my hus- j are by no mum through with this In
band teaching there for same time at a ' vestlgatlon and agitation," said Mrs. Har
riet MacMurphy, leader of the depart
ment, "and we propose to continue even
more thoroughly than before."
The Norfolk Woman's club has recently
finished a course of six lectures on domes
tic science, given by Mrs. Harriet S. Mac
Mumhy, sixty members of the club sub
scribing to the course. The club St pres-
learned be left soon after receiving my ! ent follows two lines of work, Hteraturo
wire. I then followed up a number of and domestic science, both branches being
clues as to my hushnnd's whereabouts and compulsory. The Interest In domestic eM-
flnally located him In Omaha, but did not ence is so much more general than In the
come here, aa I learned through a friend literature, however, that the club will soon
who saw him that my coming would Jeop- "vote upon a proposition to allow members
anil his posifon here. Learning a few to follow but one study where desirable.
weeks ago that he had been requested to
good salary. I then returned to England
alone, my baby being born while I was
acros the water. I expected Mr. Symons
to settle up our affairs In this country and
Join me In England, but after remaining
abroad three years I returned to New Tork
City, from where I sent my husband a
telegram to Lancaster, Pa., saying I was
coming, but when I reached Lancaster I
A new shipment of neckwear just in by
express. They are carefully chosen
styles that "he" would buy himself
light and dark four-in-hands and
tecks they are the dollar
kind of the swell haber
dasherhere for
An assortment conspicuous for its rich
neckties from New York's best makers
wide four-in-hands and tecks in rich
grades of fine silks put up in nico
Xmas boxes for the asking. The kind
of neckwear selling at $1.25 ,
Whether cold or not, he'll appreciate a
muffler for ils collar protection alone, Hun
flrrds of plain and fancy effects. . All marked
at the very special price? of one dollar and
you will find tficm exceedingly good values.
What more Chrlstniasy than these
rich Mark barathea, black
pean de sole and self figured
black silk evening dress pro
tectors, with white silk linings
or wide loose ends Special at
one dollar fifty.
Open ETtfiingi Till Christmas
s s; J tia,
v: i.
1 lfe
i r mn ft- ise-
SU4M: .jf, fif.V-V- i':?
-Xir lr.v V v" ' '- "
House Coa.ts
Men's Smoking Jackets An elegant as
sortment, made of double-faced cloth
and matelasses, in all the wanted sizes,
also odd sixes for stout men, every
taste suited in this line ! J
of regular $7.50 and $8 lAi A
jackets, only marked.. 4 i vr
Men's Fine Imported Smoking Jacket
Made of English double-faced cloth,
in new shades of gray and plaid, with
turn cuffs and collar, also some flna
imported silk jackets, which should
sell in the regular way at $3 Fri
day's price $5.75.
Lounging Robes
A splendid line of Eiderdown Austral-
' ian wool blanket robes and French terrey
eloth robes, aU made in the finest patterns.
There's no use paying W.HO or f .l.OO for one
elsewhere when you can get the same one
for fS.75.
Men's Finest Astrakhan and Baby
iAtnbswool Blanket Robes
Made in the richest designs,
also n elegant line In college
colors. .Friday we're priced them
at 7.SO.
Ztuet'.s lall-Swenej inQuicrPrcd'cauient
si Result of Sean' Decision.
resign as orgHnlst at Trinity cathedral
Jinuary 1, I then came to Omaha and
started proceedings. From the time I
reached New Totk City, a year aeo last
August, I have been a charsre on friends,
Mrs. J. R. Hayes Is president of the c'ub
and Mrs. S. F. Ersklne chairman of the
household economics department.
Tha School Board of Geneva, Neb., re
cently dedicated the use of one of the rooms
and since coming to Omaha have been at ,n th PubIlc ,chof building to the Geneva
tha Dellone hotel throuah the kindness of
tha Associated Charities."
Always a Ooed Wife.
Tpon being questioned by Deputy County
Attorney Tltch, Mrs. Symons testified she
had always been true to her husband and
that she would have been happy to have
remained In America had her husband been
true. She said when she went to England
I am nnt mi.t.b.n h.ln. R..inH.r. .nfl th last tlmS it Waa With the hop her
PVankim-the old commissioners have been ; hustand w.ould Joln. h?r ""Christmas day,
allowed to hold over without a contest.'
Tacked to the outlined hold-over by Com
missioners Hofeldt and McDonald Is tha
allegation that it will be mainly for
tha purpose at holding on until after tha
yearly contract for, supplies is let und that
nfiBKtKlv Amtm I . r f ih. timnlnv t-MKAltit Ion
providing for cutting th. sheriff's feeding ' 8mn dld not tak tn 'tan1 ,n his own
4 . v. . !. .k. behalf.
whah the boy waa to hava been baptised.
It was shown that since last April Symons
sent his wife KO a month for thn support
! of tha child and it waa further brought out
1 that tha organist received about 150 per
, month 'for hla services aa 'organist at tha
I cathedral.
How w Board Organises.
Tha new commissioners take tha position
that tha old memhera will be out for good
when tha present board adjourns sine die
en January S. No county business will be
transacted by the commissioners and no
meeting will be held by them between that
data and January t, when under the stat
ute tha new board must meet for organisa
tion. At this first meeting the county clerk
calls the board to order and makes note of
the certificates of election presented, after
which he calls for nomtnatlona for chair
man. D. M. Haverly, the county clerk-elect, la
a republican and will receive the certifi
cates of nomination to be presented by
Krnmet G. Solomon and William G. Vre.
Attorney English, for tha defense, main
tained the local courts did not have juris
diction in tbe premises of the case, In that
Fuffrnge club, which will conduct a class
of domestic science. The club will equip !
and maintain the class as a branch of Its I
educational work. The Genera club la one
of the largest suffrage organizations of
the state and one of the strongest organ
izations of women.
""We must give up Christmas trees. Aa
d-ar as Is this part of the Chrlstmaa cele
bration to the children, we cannot afford
to sacrifice annually millions of young,
strong, thriving pine trees." Mrs. Warren
Hlgley, chairman of the New Tork forestry
committee, Here Is another thing for club
women to consider.
Court Sets Aside Decree of Divorce
from Former Hasbaad on
Ground of False Hep-rerentations.
Judge Sears Thursday morning set aside
the decree of divorce granted to Mrs.
Zenetta Ball July . The court, in his
finding, saya the evidence on which the
original decree wns granted was untrue and
false In substance. Intent and purpose.
Thus Mrs. Ball finds herself with two
husbands on her hands, one living In
Omaha, Robert A. Ball, and the other,
whom she married in Council Bluffs, Mark
A. Sweney. No contest was made before
Judge Sears on the petition to have the
divorce decree set aside.
Ball, In his petition, set up that bis wife
had lulled him into nenresistance of the
original suit by telling him she was going
to withdraw the petition. Afterward, when
the divorce had been allowed and an
nounced, he grew angry because the woman
waa receiving calls from- Sweney while she
had the custody of their two children.
Then It waa Ball first Sled his petition foi
a setting aside of the decree. This was
The 20th Century Limited
The Route of the Government Fast Mail Trains
Leave Chicago at . 2:30 p- m.
Arrive New York at 9:30 a. m.
Leave New Yorc at
Arrive Chicago at
3:30 p. m
8:30 a. m.
W. J. LYNCH, Passenger Traffic Manager, Chicago, III.
found the defendant guilty, with a recom
piiuatl n r lenlenrv. EM1 Hynek wis
the defendant, charged with helping to
stfal a lot of copper wire from the Audl-
i 7, . u . j Ji ..I torlum. He had gone into court some days
late In October and one night Boon after ago and entered a plea of guilt v. A day
Mrs. Ball that Was, her brother and I or two after Attorney C. H.' Kuhat ap-
Ch lid's Life Saved by rhamberlala'e
Conah Remedy.
Mrs. John Englehardt of Gera, Mich.,
tells of the anxious momenta spent over her
little 2-year-old daughter who had taken . the wa "lde or th rlver " ws
a hard cold, resulting In croup. She says: I punished.
"I am satisiled that if it had not been for
Sweney hunted up Ball and she horse
whipped him, the others helping. Sweney
and the wife's brother were fined in the
police court, but Mrs. Ball stuck close to
tha alleged abandonment did not occur j Chamberlain s Cough Remedy she would
here, out in ureenvuie, ra., me rormer
home of the Symons family. He referred
to several former cares to support bis contention.
County Clerk Still Expects to Win
Test Case on the Salary
After hearing county attorney's mo
tion for a mandamus to compel County
Clerk Drexel to refund to the county the
' amount of money he Is alleaed to haie
They will take their seats and proceed to overdrawn since April last in the way of
organize the board. " j salary the supreme court has set the argu-
After that If the old commissioners want merit on tha motion for January 2. Mr.
to get In the game again they will hava Droxel waa represented In the proceeding
to go to law or await a possibly favorable by Attorney Harry Brome, who exprtsaea
decision on tha contest to be made In ban
csster county.
have choked to death. I gave this medicine
every ten minutes and she soon began to 1
throw up the phlegm. I can recommend It
Sweney and the woman were married In
Council Bluffs the day after the horse
whipping. Then Ball had Sweney arrested
for "marrying another man's wife." After
a hearing and a few days' consideration
in the highest terms, as I have another i tn Iowa Justice of the peace found they
child that was cured In the same way.
Upport aiaitira
en the line of the Chicago Great Westers
railway 1 1 Iowa, Missouri. Illinois and
Minnesota for business men, professional
men and manufacturers. Openings for
nearly all lines In live towns on a pro
gressiva railway, i-.ffurdlng a "square deal"
(or all. Maps, Maple Leaflets. Town Talk
and full Information given on request te
Industrial Department, C. Q. W. Railway,
St. I'aul. Minn., or E. B. Magi 11, manager
Townslte Department, Omaha. Net.
Brmkemam Iaea Foot.
A t'nlon Pacific brakeman named Mc
Carthy waa brought to Omaha yesterday
with a crushed foot, received while at
work at one of the outlying stations. He
was taken tn St. Joseph a hospital, whera
Dr. Vpdegraff found it necessary to am
putate half of the left foot.
- - i
sajgsggeassjBinsi s i.acsgyncm i a a
You Wish
Something Unique
tot a gift or for your own horns
something of lastiaf artistic value
that will always be prized and
cannot be duplicated, call and
ate eur display of
Ws bsa a large display of
beautiful new desigas at $3 OCX
5.00, tlO.00 and upwards, par
ticularly suitable for gifts.
M&whinney & Ryan,
16th avail Do a la.
the opinion that the Intent of the icglsla. i d rltM over lt
ture will govern aa to the clerks, treasur- ! c,mDer 3J 24 25, !
era ana snerms oi uuugius ana Lancaster
The contention of the county attorney is
that since April last Mr. Drexel should
have drawn salary only at the rate of
11.500 a year, whereas, he has been paying
himself at the old rate of tt.SOu a year.
Mr. Fink, county treasurer, waa cut to
$2,000 a year by the aame amendment, and
John Power, sheriff, to $1,500. Both'' have
been drawing at the old rate.
"This la what comes from being willing
and good natured," said Mr. Drexel. "Since
childhood's happy hours' I have ?eeu the
'fall guy' whera anything had to ho tested.
In my official capacity I have been made
the target for Injunctions, mandamus,
temporary and permanent restraining or
ders, ticket sellers, and. even collectors.
Bo much hava the lawyers got Into the
habit of aiming at me that I have coma
to the conclusion they can aee no one else.
Here I am, laid up at home most of tha
daya with a swollen leg. but even now
they pick at me. Oh, why waa I bom to
look soft and easy?
"But If any good purpose can be served
I am not kicking on being made the
paschal lamb in thess cases. I told my
attorney, Mr. Brome. that If the caao was
not clear In my favor I did not care to
contest. Ha assures me there is no doubt
of the result, and I think myself tho legis
lature did not Intend deliberately to cut
tha salaries In the big counties, where the
heavy work Is, and raise them In the smaller
Holiday Rates.
The Erie Railroad, the Picturesque Trunk
Line of America, announces special holl-
s line from Chicago De-
30, 31st and January 1, to
ColumbuB, O.; Akron, O.; Youngstown, O. ;
Jamestown, K. T. ; Salamanca, N. T.; Buf
falo, N. T., and local stations. Apply to
your local ticket agent, or J. A. Dolan,
T. P. A., Railway Exchange Bldg., Chicago.
Ureatly Hednred Hates
Via Wabash Railroad
to points In Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky,
Ohio, Ontario, Michigan, Pennsylvania,
New Tork and Wert Virginia.
Tickets sold December 23, OXLT, good
returning thirty days from sale.
For all information call at Wabash City
Ticket Office, 1601 Farnam St., or address,
Q. A. P. D., Wab. R. R Omaha, Neb.
Holiday Rates
Christmas and Njw Yars. Greatly re
duced rates via the Missouri Pacific rail
way. Tickets en sale December 22. 23. 24.
26, 90 and 31, 1)06, and January 1, 1908.
Good to return to and Including January
4, o. Full Information at city o (flees,
F. B. Corner I5th and Farnam streets,
Omahs, Neb.
Appendix Kepi Basy.
Tour sppendis Is kept busy warding oft
the dangers of constipation. Help It with
Dr. King's New Life Pills. 25 cents. For
sale by Sherman McConnell Drug Co.
.tot lee, I. 1. s. K.
To Members of Local Union: No. Ss, I.
C. 8. E. will give the fourth annual rana
kaboo on Wednesday evening, December 27,
at Waahlngton hall. All englneera and
their families are invited. All members are
requested ta attend meeting December 23.
The Partiality of Travelers.
Experienced travelers are partial to the
New Tork Central lines, and their expert
ence accounts for their partiality. The time
is the fastest; the parlor, sleeping and d n
Ing car service unsurpassed; the motive
power and roadbed of the highest standurd
of excellence.
The raise of 10 and 10 per cent on dia
monds since I made my large purchases
last August la Amsterdam proves a great
benefit to my customers. As I did not pay
It, I will not have to charge It. Respect
fully. a.'b. HCBERMANN.
Comer Uib and Douglas.
WATCHES. Frenxer. l&th and Dodt.
Bracelets, Ed holm. Jeweler.
Marriage Ureases.
The following marriage licenses have
been issued:
Ntme and Residence. are
Smith Clark. Omaha , &
Aueusta Oorbv. Omaha u
Walter . Hill. Bloomneld, Neb 52
Helen Nitschelm, Ottawa, 111 a
t nomas H. Leaver. Ureenwood, Neb 4ft
j.ueuo lioraon. Lincoln a
Chris Ronde. Weeping Water 3
Johanna Morgansen. Weeping Water 7
v esiey w. Hurnes. Chicago, 111 23
Mary L. Chittenden. Tecumseh, Neb a
Allle Childs. Omaha u
Alice iionies, vtaKeneia, .N-t.., jg
Paul 8. Marker, St. Paul. Minn a
jeunie CTirason. Bt. i"aul, Minn to
22-K wedding rings. Edholm. Jeweler.
Mortality Statistics.
The following births and deaths have
been reported to the Hoard of HaaJth dur
ing the twenty-four hours ending at noon
Births Charles Carlson. 3S2I North Twen
ty-fourtii: Julius Knatkaud, Sat Vinton
by; B. Kincaid, 15i Cuming, boy.
Deaths Karen Anderson, i41 South
irnin; 1 amenne v . uiooon. Z776 Webvter,
: irovw ti. Murray, is. west Uivin
had not violated the laws of Iowa by get
ting married, although under the decree of
the sister state Mrs. Ball could not marry
until aix months had elapsed. Since then
the couple have been living in Council
Bluffs and have the custody of the two
children, a boy and a girl.
Ball has a second suit pending against
Sweney for the alienation of his wife's
affections, in which he asks $10,000 damages.
Judge Sears' latest decision In the di
vorce case has the effect of reopening it
and allowing Ball to put In an answer to
the original petition of hla wife. Later the
case will go to trial on Its merits.
Bynek Found Unltty.
Judge Day had a rather dlsarreeable case
before him Thursday, in which the jury
peered before Judge Day and eaid Pynek :
oeslrea to wunaraw nis piea, enter rat i
not gulltv and stand trial. This was al
lowed, although Judge Day expressed his
surprise and plainly did not like the pro
ceeding. The same course was adopted In
the case of Joe Havranek, Informed against
Jointly with Synek.
The evidence against Snyek by the state s
w- . , v nirpct end DOPitlve. and the
defense offered no testimony whatever. In J
his charge to the Jury Judge Day directed
Its attention to the making ana wnnarawai
of the plea of guilty, but still the Jury
men found it difficult to reach a verdict.
Holiday rrtcew.
Via "The Northwatern Ltns."
ltt fare round trip, Dec. 23d, good $0 days,
to points in minors, Indiana. Ohio, Ken
tucky, New York, Canada, Pennsylvania,
West Virginia.
IH fare Dec. 22d to 25th and Dec. 80th to
January 1st, good until January 4th, to all
system points and to points In Illinois.
Minnesota and the Dakotaa.
$14.75, Chicago and return. Dee. 16th to
18th, good until Dec. 24th.
Offices 1401 Farnam St., Union Station,
Webster Street station.
Harry B. Davis, undertaker. Tel. 1224.
Chests of sliver. Frenser, Jeweler.
Full dress studs, Edholm, Jeweler.
I1 MJa.5s
g lll lsl
A present that cements more firmly the home ties that
encourages good reaamg ana greater Knowicugc, mav ia
useful, ornamental and convenient, and that is acceptable
alike to father, mother, brother, sister, relative or friend,
is found in the " Elastic" Bookcase. It's a system of
units a few books few units, more books more units,
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be adapted to the size of your purse. The "Elastic" is
the original and only perfect sectional bookcase made and
sells at the lowest price. Call and examine them now
while our assortment is complete or send for catalogue 1051.
Orchard WilKcIm
50LB AOENTS- 4I4-16-I8 So. 16 St
''The Ileal Tblng1" Those who have sen them say ours are the fluest
and cheapest Kimonos (shown in Omaha.
FINE FURS. A "before Chrietma-" cut iu prices
To clone out flue pit-res in Zazn, Scarfs, Ascots, Stoles, Pelerines, etc.,
in popular kinds of fur.
CLOAKS OF ALL KINDS at pr'cet tosell quickly
FLEECED KIMONOS at (1.05 worth $3.00. Print wrappers, "oe up
wor.h more.
EIDERDOWN SACQUES and Jackets, 11.00 aud 11.75. marked down
from double-
LOUNCINQ ROBES f 5.00 buys choice of oar stock. Mercerized
I'e tiousU, prices cut.
WAISTS, ALL KINDS -New, floe ereninj waists, none as good for the
SILK PETTICOATS, $5.00. Any silk petticoat in uur house for 15.00.
You'll not rogrot looking horo boforo making suctions.
as J4mp,
I IXrMi&suiTco.
I IVcuw&suiTca.
Holiday Excursion
To accommodate holiday travelers a rate of one
fare and one-third for the round trip to many
point In Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming
has been placed in efTeot by the
Hat- of Hale, December 22, 23, 24, 23, 30, 31,
IttOS, and January I, lttoj with final return limit
January 4, 1006.
Additional datea of sale tiul longer Until for stua-nls
and teacher holding (truncates.
Inquire at