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    nn: omatia DAnr bee-, ttiuksday, December 21. mos.
The Grover Graham
Dyspepsia Remedy
PEPSIA ' REMEDY hna effected thou
sand of cures of the wont chronic form
of Stomach IHsnrdera whlrb has hafflKl
the Hklll of (he mont noted Specialists.
The "VERDICT." a copy of which can
be obtained, free of charge, upon re
quest, from Fherman & McConnell.
druggist, of Omaha, recite many bun
dred ImUdccs wherein the moat chronh
forma of 8tomach Disorder have heel
rured by tlila wonderful preparation
when the partiea irho were afflicted were
literally dying from tome terrible forn
of Stomach Trouble. If you are Buffer
ing from any form of Indigestion oi
Dyapepala. auk Sherman & McConneh
for some of the literature which telh
you all about the GROVER ORAHA.V
DYSPEPSIA REMEDY, including a fre.
copy of the "VERDICT." which, wt
believe, you will admit la one of tbt
moat wonderful erlodlcala ever issued
by any proprietary medicine house
Sherman & McConnell, Ageuu, Drug
gists, Omaha, .eb
December 23, 1935,
To Many Points In
RATE-Fare and one-third
for Round Trip
Return Limit 30 Days.
i For further Information Call erl
1323 Farotm SCOnnfia', NrJ.'
uria Federation Attorney Backi Up Hii
Liceme Protests.
Emptor of the Frderatloa Teetlr
to rarrhaalna; Mqnor Out of
Hoar and to Other Violation
of the aiornmb
The Hoard of Fire and folii Comtnls
slonrs sat Wpdrvsday afternoon aoid even
ing to hear the cusea of rlonnkepf rs
whom llrrnscs have- b-n protested by Kl
nior Thomas on brhalf of the Civic Federa
tion. Several charges were considered, but
that of violating; the 8unday closing law
was deferred until 1 o'clock this aternoon.
The cane of W. F.: Wendhausen, Six
teenth and Leavenworth streets, was colled
first. Detectives Baldwin and Qavlrn tes
tified that they had bought liquor at Wend
hatiften's saloon after midnight.
John Tuthlll. 1512 Douglas street, was
charged with allowing lewd women to fre
quent Ills place. The detectives testified
that they saw women In the wine room run
In connection with the saloon and made
"dates" with them. Tuthlll denied that
women visited his place without escorts.
The detectives said they met and made
engagements with women In the place of P.
J. Moran, Twelfth and Douglas streets.
Moran denied this.
Roys as Witnesses.
Rlnehart Fllehtmeyer, a 14-year-old boy,
living at 3568 Leavenworth street, said he
bought five or six Jugs of hem1 at the saloon
of Koenigsbrugge & Bwoldt. 2X11 Leaven
worth street. His father had sent him
there to buy beer and he had got It every
time lie tried. Mrs. Kane, the boy's slstor,
substantiated his testimony. Koenigsbrugge
took the stand and said the boy had tried
to buy beer at the saloon but had been
Joseph Wagman. 7C3 South Sixteenth
street, was charged with selling liquor to
minors. Attorney Thomas had Willie Mc
Dowell placed on the stand, hut failed to
rhow that he hod bought anything but gin
ger ale.
Charges of allowing gambling and of
permitting women to viFlt his place and
drink beer were mado against H. Krune,
623 North Sixteenth. Detectives Baldwin
and Gavlen testified that they had watched
pitch ganles In the saloon In which money
had changed hands. Kruse said he had
seen no gambling. His wife and a friend
of hers, who took their lunch and drank
In a room connected with the saloon, he
said, were the women the detectives had
Andrew Eurick whs charged with keep
ing rooms for Immoral purposes. Detec
tive Baldwin said he was taken upstairs
over Eurlck's saloon at Twelfth and Doug
las by the bartender and Introduced to a
woman named Rallle, who Introduced him
to another woman. The character of both
women were revealed to him by their con
veraatlo nwlth him. Eurick denied that
the rooms were used for Immoral purposes,
but admitted that Sadie Douglas, to whom
he rented the rooms, was the woman whom
he had put out a year ago on an agree
ment with Mr. Thomaa that If .the protest
of the Civic Federation was withdrawn
wne rooming? and hoarding st the houre,
hut did not occupy the sama room with
Mrs. Scheerens.
Man Fnrktddea from TUItlae" Hem,
reading: Divorce Proceed I ti,
ftoes to the Hoase.
Judge 8'ilton will Instruct County Attor
ney Slabaugh at once to Investigate an al
leged contempt of court on the part of
Frederick Urttsner. a grain commission
man. If the county attorney finds the facts
will warrant he Is to prepare an Informa
tion again Orltaner for contempt of court.
Last Saturday Mrs. Cora Oiitmer se
cured the Issuance of a temporary restrain
ing order to keep her husband away from'
the family horns. 2417 Charles street, pend
ing settlement of a suit for divorce. The
order of the court was served on Orltiner
while h was at home. He left the house,
but returned and again took possession.
Mrs Grltsner found him there and re
fused to remain In the house while he In
sisted on staying. Her attorney, John O.
Telser. went to Judge Sutton for a clta-
Eigk-Priced Site for Citj Ball May Not
Be Purchased.
Comirllnira Incline to Idea That They
Are .ot Hoand to Bay at
O'Neills frig are and
Look Klsenherr.
visited with hla father yesterday, lis aoes
today to I'hplps county, where he exnts
to purchase some land. O. H. Btter Is from
Cambridge. 111.
The bond of Judge King, the only demo
cratic officer In iNuiglas county, was Died
with the city clerk yesterday afternoon. It
was subscribed by the Tills Guaranty and
Trust company of Scranton, Fh.
Mlas Lucy Penny of Ashland was mnr
rled Tuenlay at that city to James H.
Brady, 2315 I street. The wedding was a
quiet one. Miss penny was formerly a
teacher In the p.nith Omaha schools. Mr.
Brady Is superintendent of railroads of the
t'nlon stock yards here.
The city committee of rharity Is getting
: . v. .... r"rt run c w , n . .a . t .tiki . ' .
was expended for thn temporary relief of I
cases of destitution In the city. Council
man William McCralth Is at the "Trad of I
Much nuirt discussion Is ,,in. .... K. 1 r-nmmiiier. imiv rew
. , ' " " have been made as yet.
tween the members of the South Omaha j Not)ce wa punBh,rt ln thP pouth Omaha
council as to the location of the new city dailies advertising bids for plumbing. ei-e- '
hall, and now conies a tip from a reliable , trie light and heating of the new nre house
aource that the site Voted In the last V TvZt?
tlon will positively be refused. The ground Notice of the form in which all bills should '
Is taken hv many members nf the rouncll i he framed was also given. I
that the vote merely expressed a nrefcr- ' An adjourned meeting of the Highland
ence as to location and In no sense is to
be considered binding as a public con
tract. Had a stipulated price been agreed
upon and voted then the result might have
tlon for contempt, and Wednesday morning bevn Ending as effectually as the vote of
Attorney Burbank put In sn appearance
for fJrltzner. He argued there was no con
tempt under the circumstances, explaining
that .Grltzner has no other home, that he
means Ms wife no harm and that, anyway,
he owns the house and all lta contents In
his own name. It was also explained that
Orltrnsr already waa divorced from one
woman and Is tne father of four children
by the flrstt wife, to whom he Is contribut
ing $40 a month under an order of the
district court of I.anraster county. These
facts were known to the present Mrs.
Grltrner. the attorney snld. when she mar
ried the defendant. He held that, the serv
ice having been made while the man was
at home, he did not violate the order when
h went downtown and returned.
Judge Button said he stands ready always
to modify an order on a proper showing,
hut In this case no modification was asked
for. He therefore was of opinion that
Grltzner had violated the spirit of the or
der. If not Its letter, and refused to allow
any further proceeding In the matter until
the question of rontemrt Is settled. Qrltz
ner may have a defense, the court said,
and If he has It will be heard and given
due weight, but he must make such de
fense before getting any further consider
ation from the court.
Architect Passes His entener on
fllrd's-Cye View of Omaha for
The Ileo's Readers.
The bird's-eye view of Omaha, which has
been painted by E. J. Austen for The Bee
and which The Bcc will present to lis
readers with Its New Year number. Is com
plete and In the hands of the llthographirs.
Many of the leading cltixens of Omaha
have watched the progress of this pan
orama with unusual Interest, as It Is a
great thing for Omaha and represents a
vast amount of work. Among those who
have seen the picture Is Thomas R. Kim
ball, the architect, who says:
"Because our eyes can only take In one
sixteenth of what nature spreads before
us, the making of a comprehensive bird's
eye or panorama is one of the hardest
thing's that can he done. The placing on
a plane, flat surface of all of Omaha, seen
from a point near enough to distina-ulsh
he would run a respectable place. The the Individual houses, means widening the
range of human vision from 52 degrees to
nearly 1M. Vet this is what E. J. Austen
has done, and If the unfinished picture,
as I saw It some days since, can be taken
prophetically, the result will be entirely
successful. Mr. Austen fs to be congratu
lated ipen Ula-iwrfcj-ana-Wfrpttftot
uues irni auirer, in rne proves of roprouue-
cluirge at that time was keeping a lewd
lu the Burnt District.
Detective Baldwin said he had seen a
woman buy a pitcher of beer at the sa
Innn nf T. A Ooldsmlth. Ninth and Canl-
I tol avenue. 1 He had seen- another woman
buy a package of cigarettes on the night
Treats All Forms of Diseases of
Thirty Years' Experience.
Twenty Years in Omaha.
The doctor's remarkable succoaa has
Hive r lieen equalled. His resources and
facilities for treating this clans of diseases
are unlimited, and every day brings many
flattering reports of the good he is doing in
the relief he has given.
.All Blood Poisons. No "BREAKING OUT"
un the ukln or face and all external signs
' of the dlscane disappears at once. A per
Miiunent cure for life guaranteed.
' ViDimrr I f cprkb guaranteed in
ntfgn "J A nflAcuel cured of Hydrocele.
U1LH JU.UUU Btrlcture. Gleet, Nervous
'Debility. Losa oi strength and Vitality
and all forms of chronic diseases.
Treatment by mall. Call or write. Box
" Ottlue U.'i South 1UU fct.. Oniuha. Neb.
of December C. Detective Gavlen said he i tlon. the readers of The Beo are to be con-
had bought liquor at 12:10 on the night
vernation with him. Eurick denied that
women visited his place and said he al
ways closed at midnight. Policeman
Shields said he had never found the sa
loon open after 12.
The applications for licenses of William
Sutherland, Meadlmber & Colwell and
Crutchflcld & BloonifMd were withdrawn.
That of William Garrity was withdrawn
two days ago. J. L. Boyle and Frank
Dlnuxzo have not filed applications.
The cases of twenty-nine soloonmen,
charged with keeping open on Sunday, will
be begun at 1 o'clock this afternoon.
Series of Meetings to Be Held
Brotherhood of at.
The nton nevere head
aches will yield in a few
inlnntes to Brnmo-Lax
(contains no Quinine).
Don't suffer say longer.
iet a box today sxk your druggiitt for
tee orange i otcrcd kox
.vi. r ,f-j-'
All Jruni.'!st. '-'' or by uiL
Tbosu anffering from weafc
neie4 which nap the pleasures
of life should Use J uvea Pilir.
One bet will lell a story of
inuvelous resuiu. This medicine has more
rejuvenating, vitalizing force than has ever
oclore been onerea. rt dov raid in main
package uuly on receipt or uiU adv. and II.
Ainu by lis uritfui&uir C 1. Hood 4'o.. oro-
Drlelors Und' MrkKuariila. Lowell, alias.
Every Woman
uuKenmta ana tnoald know
. about the wondwful
MARVEL Whirling Spray
m nrw Sa.i, inlrr.
turn amU lmt dl
Mtist ( orTolant,
B. V in TV ill . iX'M 1 1 a A
a. fl TZ
f to nnnuL midiIt Jm
- eiUrr. but mi Ml Memo tor
llliiAUmlcd bo.L-Mla. tt
t lull prtlGjlart end lire.'tion io-
iiuiu u, u.ii. sisisii, t -m
B. waa t.. atvir iorsu
or Bale us
Cor, lttb and Doaaa aLs- OmtlA
Cm Bt tt for etarml
irriiaUeM er elrretWM
ef siem h.abtuM.
.i-i . j ....
lEVMaCstMOlOa. itiiwpa.HU.
aoi kg an osa.
ee hi la wraiear,
er umw. mini, toe
SI SS. at :) SI T.
UreaUs saot a naeeai
4V4ia)4 J
M W Tit twmtt fWeaaaAaal
Following a custom which Inut been very
successfully carried out In such large cities
as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago
and St. Louis, and such western cities as
San Francisco and Denver, a Joint com
mittee of men from tho local assembly of
the Brotherhood of St. Andrew and the
Nebraska Church club met at Trinity cathe
dral parish house Tuesday night and dis
cussed plans for holding noonday services
during the coming Lent at some central,
downtown point. These two organizations
tn the Episcopal church are to unite their
forces and carry on these dally noonday
services during the forty days of Lent, with
the assistance of certain noted men of the
church, both of the clergy and the laity,
whoso names will appear later.
It Is as yet undecided where such services
will be held, but It will b at a place easy
of access by the business man. The services
will be short, to tho point, will consist of
short devotions, as good music as can be
provided, and a ten to fifteen minute ad
dress. Committees on finance, advertising,
speakers, location for services and music
have been appointed. It is believed these
services will be well attended and that they
will be heartily welcomed in Omaha, which
has of late made such evldenoos of growth
In every way.
gratulated on the. prospective possession of
the forthcoming picture of our city. In
making tl'i Mrture months have done whnt
It usually takes years to accomplish, and
the credit .that should come to Mr. Rose
water Is thai whli-h belongs to those who
strive for things worth wIiIIb."
Man Unvotes Spare Time at Work
Mnd;!ng and Secures Physi
cian's Diploma.
A. 8. Monzlngo. for eight years a mail
clerk running between Omaha and Chicago,
has demonstrated what a man can acconv
plish In his leisure moments if he will
apply himself. Although the run kept him
busy a great deal of the time, nevertheless
he has found time to perfect himself suffi
ciently In the science of medicine that he
has received a diploma from an accredited
college. He passed through Omaha
Wednesday en route to Tacoma, where hs
will put out his shingle. During the eight
years Mr. Monzlngo was running as a mall
clerk he employed every moment jiosslble I tor tn
bond Issue. Statements made yester
day afternoon at the city hall would indi
cate that the council would refuse to pur
chase the lots owned by Tax Commis
sioner O'Nolll, and the reason Indicated
was that tho valuation on tho site had
appreciated since the ele.-tlon to nearly
120.000. The site at the southeast corner
of Twenty-fifth and O atreets Is named
as a possible second choice. This site was
purchased by tha administrators of the
Amos Gates estate and was formerly part
of the estate of Martin Tlghe. When ques
tioned as to his opinion, City Clerk John
J. Glllln said: "Of course that site was
voted In the election, hut that doesn't
mean that the people of South Omaha will
let any one raise tho value of property
so chosen at will. I hardily think that
any one thought that ho was doing more
than voting his preference when those bal
lots were cast. If a similar advance fol
lows a known preference In favor of the
site at Twenty-fifth and O, still other lo
cations .will, no doubt, be looked for by
the council." A decision is expected at
the council meeting, which conies tho flist
Monday In January,
Morrlsey and Ford Arrolurneil.
John Morrlsey and Michael Ford wcro
arraigned before the police court at 2 p.
m. yesterday to answer to the charge of
robbery and felonious assault tn Rybln's
saloon. Albright, last Saturday night. Both
plead not guilty. The cae will be tried
this morning at 10 a, m. At ,that time also
all the Indictments against Ford, Maher
and Morriaey will have a heiiring. These
canes were not tried yesterday, because
the council for the slate and the defend- '
ants neither uere ready. All the witnesses
are expected to be ready this morning.
Junk Dealer Fined.
Leon Kern was fined $15 and costs by
Judge King for having taken twenty-five
pounds of brass belonging to the Ham
mond Packing company. Kern Is a dealer
in junk In a small way and knows gond
Junk when ho sees it- This brass was
taken last Sunday, December 17.
TCrldence of Wife Taken.
The evidence of the plaintiff, Mrs. Adie
Lawer, Thirty-first and V streets, who
charges her former husband, Frank Lawer,
with assault and battery, committed Inst
Sunday evening, was taken yesterday after
noon, but the evidence of the defendant wat
put over until today since one of the wit
nesses did not appear. It appears, accord
ing to Mrs. Lawer. her husband struck her
in the back of tlie uuck with his fist and
knocked her through a door. This was the
culmination of 'a quSf ret"; between the dl
Trcci"J5ii'' p Wi.MHjae2f - 'sgatwrw
where' they ' met. .rSSSL'l' T i
- City Printing; Supplies.
A number of local printers visited ..he
city clerk's office yesterday afternoon to
look over the requisitions for the coining"
year to get data on which o base an esti
mate for their bids. 'T,heseiiilds together
with bids for each and every' department of
the city government will be all In beforo
the adjourned meeting of the city council
convenes. This will be next Tuesday even
ing. The bids will then be closed and they
will be distributed to their proper commit
tees. Tills will be the order of business for
the evening's session.
Refunding; Bonds Forwarded.
The new refunding bonds have born signed
by the mayor and sent by ' express to
Kouutze Brothers, N v ViTk. the tisesi
agents for the city, to be delivered to
Moore, linker A Co., the purchasers Of
tills issue of ITO.OCiX They were In denomin
ations of tl.COu each. They were all sealed
and Insured to obviate a possible loss. The
details were looked after by the Packers'
National bank.
Pnblle Work shots Ilovrii.
During the past week all contractors for
permanent Improvements In the city closed
e season. Nothing further will be
Park Improvement club will be held at the j
Lincoln school Thursday at 7:30 p. m. Im- ;
portant steps will be taken In regard to the :
opening of Twenty-fifth street. The aim Is ,
to muKe It a thoroughfare into omatia. ine
club urges a large attendance.
Miss Ella Murk, state commander of the
Maccatiees' Women's auxiliary In Iowa and
Nebraska, arrived In the city yesterday to
arrange for a public Installation of the
seven lodges of the organization in Omaha
and South Omaha. This will be at an early
date In January. Miss Mark attended the
afternoon and eventng sessions last night.
The Knights of Kadnsh services over the
bodv of Harrv N. White were attended by a
lara-e crowd at Masonic hall. The hall was
appropriately draped and the service was
solemn and Impressive. The only light In ,
the room was over the bier, where small ,
electrodes lighted up the symbolic letter O.
A great many flowers were banked about
the casket and the rostrum. i no nnuic
was graceful and sad.
Three Handren Students of Three De
partments F.njoy a, Pleasant
Stuflcuts of the law, dental and pharmacy
departments of the Crrlghton university
and their friends gathered In the hall of tho
new school building for a social Christmas '
party last night, speeches, music, dancing
and refreshments forming a part of the
program. Addresses were made by Dean T. i
J. Mahoney of the school, who greeted the ,
students with timely remarks; Rev. Father j
Dowling. president: Father O'Connor and I
Father Copus, members of the faculty. Tho .
singing by the FJks quartet and a reclta- J
tlon by Miss Graco Conklln were well re
ceived and encored.
The event was thoroughly enjoyed by the j
W) young men and women present. It was 1
In the nature of a celebration of the ap- !
proaching holiday time and was the last '
pvthering to be held before the students
Bcatter for their vacations.
Distinguished Rducators and States
men Join the Burlington Seed
Corn Train.
Prof. Hunt, head of the Department
of Agriculture of Cornell university, and
Trof. Hartley, head of the department of
agronomy In the I'nlted States Department
of Agriculture will Join the Burlington
seed com special next week. They will
give lectures at the stations where the
train will stop next week. t
Secretary Wilson of the Department of
Agriculture has said he would spend a day
on the seed corn special if it Is possible
for him to do so.
Large crowds greet tha special at every
stop, the farmers all soemlng anxious to
hear the gospel of good seed and up-to-date
faii)iK aJt lV'KlvenriMit ktlie learned
heads fij- tta agricultural department of the
University of Nebraska and tha special
lecturers provided by Prof. Lyons.
In tl.A -.11.1.' lit tii.H ln 1 K 1. i .L ''
"" I, , " " u"u"r 'no done untn the weather moderates, except
direction of the college so that at the end 1 ... .
... .. . v., . i possibly the contractors for brick and cin-
oi tnat time he was able to pass a satis
factory examination.
Erie Kallroad.
No change of cars Chicago to New Tork.
Boston. Mass.; Buffalo, N. T... and Colum
bus, Ohio. These trains carry splendid
Pullman and dining cars and coaches. Ap
ply to Ticket Agents or J. A. Dolan. T. P.
a.. Railway Exchange. Chicago.
Bracelets, Edholm, Jeweler,
Klrkntaa Found Sot tiullty.
William Kirkman was pronounced not
guilty of the chares against him In Judge
Day's court. Kl'kman was Informed
against on the chary- of having lived In
adultery with Mrs. William hVheerens dur
ing the absence of her husband. Mrs.
Scheerens has since lieen divorced and the
former husband was the prtnclrwl witness
for the state. The other testimony was
given by two little girls and the Jury evi
dently did not give it much welitht. Kirk
man, on his own behalf, testified that he
Judge Berka Dischargee Insaranra
St Accused of Getting; Money
. by False Pretenses.
The case of Claudio Stanley de Pass, an
insurance agent, who was arrested at Kear
ney on the charge of obtaining $50 under
false pretenses, was heard In the police
court Wednesday morning. After a full and
complete hearing the case was dismissed on
the gTounds that De Pass has made no falsa
pretenses, but had simply secured an ad
vance on his salary and Judge Berka held
that no crime had been committed. The
money had been returned before the action
waa brought.
Mr. De Pass says that tha proseout'on waa
simply spite work on the part of Van B.
jtAy because lie had changed employers
and waa soliciting Insurance for another
Baby Pins Krenzer. lith and Dod?e.
Coral beads, Edholm Jeweler.
Is the season
lor a cup of
Extract of Beef
leave Colds at bay.
F.nd of Man's oae Cut On.
Joseph P. Markey, T09 North Sixteenth
street, was taken to the police station last
night bleeding from cuts on his face, re
ceived at the hands of a companion dur
ing a quarrel on Sixteenth street, between
Davenport and Chicago streets, In which.
Markey avers, his companion called him
names and then drew a knife with which
he attempted to do him harm. Markey had
a cut on one cneea ana tne end of his nose
was shaved off. Drs. Laugdou and Cox
dressed the wounds and Markey was a tile
to go to his home.
!; Beats Police le Robber.
A telephone message to the nolle station
stating that burglars had entered the home
of B. H. Barrows. 5:5 South Twenty-sixth
street, sent the patrol wajron with thtv
o Hirers in not naste to the scene at 11
o'clock last night, only to find that in.
family watch dog had taken matters Into
his own hands and scared the Intruder
away. The man had secured entrance to
ine nouse iy picking the lock on a back
door and was making his way Into ths cel
lar when the dog located him and com
pelled mm to make a hasty exit.
liters His Roll and His Bearings.
Frank Ruboch of Bolln. 8. D.. reported to
the police last night that ha had been
iuuutu ui i.u in a negro resort during tha
evening. An officer was sent with him to
recover the money, but Ruboch was un
able to find the place In which hs had been.
One resort waa visited but none of Its in
mates was identified as ths one taking tha
money. I'nleaa Ruboch la able to reinem.
ber where he was it Is not Likely that ha
will recover bis roll, w
- a- .-- .
der walks. Soon the only thing working
will ba the tough looking rock pile back of
the city hall. Operations In that direction
will be delegated to tho meandering "hobo."
Magic City Goaalp.
The city hall will close Saturday noon for
Christmas and will reopen Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McGuire, 8V2 North
Twenty-third street, have a new laby girl.
The First Methodist Sunday school will
render a Christmas cantata at its church
Saturday. December 23, at 8 p. m.
H. V. Percells of Denver, formerly a resi
dent of South Omaha, is visiting several of
his mends nere wnue on nis holiday vaca
tion. Mrs. Alfred Green of tlxlra. la., will
spend the holidays with her daughters. Mrs.
Grace Plnnell, city librarian, and Mrs. A. J.
Caughey, VJil js'orlli Twe.nty-tliird street.
O. M. Etter, son of Postmaster Etter,
Glaantle Consprraey.
'Tls a gigantje conspiracy, of coughs,
colds, etc.. against you. Foil , It with Dr.
King's New Discovery. 60 cents and 11.00.
For tale by Sherman & McConnell Drug
Socialist Christmas F.n tertalnment.
' A Christmas entertainment was given at
Washington hall by the Omaha Children's
Socialist club last night, which was at
tended by the members of the club, ns well
ss a large number of their parents. The
numbers on the program consisted chiefly
of declamations on labor sublects bv the
children, many of them being very' well
rendered. The assemblage waa also ad
dressed by two young women socialist stu
dents, recently arrived from Russia, who
spoke In the Yiddish language on the prob
lems facing the Jewish people In the land
of the czar. Cpon the conclusion of this
part of the program the children were each
presented with a bag of csndy, nuts and
fruit from tho Christmas tree. A supper
was then served by the membTrs of the
Women's Socialist union.
The Damond-Kolb wholesale notion store,
1113 Harney, was enterd by robbers Sunday
night and goods valued at V) stolen. No
trace of the thief has yet been discovered.
D. Rndotil of Rue Ambrotse ' Thomas,
Paris, the European buyer for J. L, Bran
dels A Sons, is In Omaha completing ar
rangements for next season's Importations.
Emmet G. Solomon, one of the newly
elected county commissioners, has taken
the oath of office before Judge Vinson
haler snd filed his official bond in the auin
Of $16,000.
Sam Hoff on Wednesday brought Into
court and surrendered to the authorities
Bam Piper of South Omaha, out on bond
while resting under a charge of robbery.
Piper Is now In the county Jail. Mr. Hoff
did not like the way Piper was acting and
thought It best not to take any chanVes.
Several Omaha people went to Elkhorn on
Wednesday to attend the celebration of the
Goth birthday anniversary of Mrs. Peter
O. Hofeldt. There was a large gathering
of relatives and friends and Mrs.
was the recipient of a handsome lot of
This is one reason why Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral is so valuable in consumption:
it stops the wear and tear of useless
coughing. But it does more it con
trols the inflammation, quiets the fever,
soothes, heals. Ask your doctor about
it, then do just as he says.
We have no secrets! We publish
the formulas of all our medicines.
isaal.J, Area Oe., teoeU, Bkaae.
mjju TOQB-yar tha Wt. ATavl rat- oatre)ea.
tin sMwanuj.-ret toe saws. 1 TT l?rg vvWm Wit
Ladies' New l,intorl Waists Fine Trench Mull, with rofce and front
trimmed with tucks and fin Val lace and hand embroidery, CA
vrry nobby .Jf
SEVFX l.ADU:' ALASKA SICAL COATS, sloe SI. Sfl, S8 and 40-
worth $2?.r.. $250 and 30ft EACH. AV1I.1, UK OFFERED Q
LAD1KS' SILK FKTT1 COATS Hundred of tho choicrat coloring to
select from, deep rufflea and ploats, soft finish taffeta silk, T Q C
value 9.1.50, at JJJ
LOT 1. Fancy square Pin Cushions for desk or work tables,
special, each '.
LOT 2. Satin Covered Pin Cushions, V. S. Flan. Dutch Figures,
pold and laco trimmed patterns, special, each aWaJi
LOT 3. Fancy heart shae, square, oblong; and Poppy designs,
dainty floral paintings, special, each
LOT 4. Larjre assortment of brocaded Silk, hand painted aatln Pin
Cushions: Handkerchief, Collar and Glove. Cases, many QOp
styles and patterns; prices, each from $2.25 down to. ...... v"
00c Silk Thursday at 8o a yard 50 pieces of plain and fancy Silks
for waists and suits, In all plain shades of poplin, all plain shades
of China Silk. Including white; also a large assortment of fajvey ef
fects in shirtwaist suitings for street wear, worth up to C
Kale of Christmas Gloves Tha celebrated Reynier Gloves,
a pair, at
Fanchon Suede mnde by Reynier,
a pair, at .
Leila lace dress Glove, made by Reynier,
a pair, at
Virginia fine French Kid.
n pair, at . . ,
Extra for Thursday Just received 16 button length Glace Kid
Gloves in blacks and whites, very fine, a pair, at..
Ladies' and Children's Golf Gloves 100 dozen Imported Golf Gloves
and Mittens, some all wool and some mercerized, worth 35c
to 50c, Thursday, a pair, 35c and
Linen Handkerchief Kale 100 dozen Ladies' Irish Linen Handker
chiefs, soft finish, hand embroidered initials, worth 20c.
Thursday, each ,
Christmas Neckwear 500 ploces of pretty Neckwear In lace, chiffon
and silk Stocks; embroidered and lace Collar Seta they aro put up
one In a pretty box, and will be sold Thursday Neckwear Cfl"
counter each, $1.00, 75c and UC
Christmas Linen 25 dozen Armagh Linen Shams and Scarfs, hem
stitched and with one row of drawn work all arouud.
Thursday, each
Hand embroidered Doylies, made of pur Irish Llnnn, Thurs
day, each, only
25 c
Hemstitched and Fringed Linen Towel With fancy borders,
extra large Bize, worth 39c, Thursday, each. . ,
Sale of Fine Bed Comforts Extra large sized Comforts, filled with
a fine quality of fluffy white cotton, and covered with floral 1
Silkoline, both sides alike, worth $2.96, Thursday, each....
I Ger
General Bargain Ad on Outside Pane
Jap Ko
Smm NMUii
A delicate,
luxury for
toilet or
the skin
thoroughly and leaves it smooth, soft
and healthful. Odor of natural flowers.
James S. Ki
& Company
I Christmas . Rates I
Tickets on sale December 23rd. with 30 day
, limit returning, to all points west of and includ
ing Toronto, Baffalo, Salamanca, . Pittsburg,
Wheeling, including Chicago.
Leaves Omaha , 0:qo p. m.
Arrivsa Chicago 7:30 . m.
Tieketa and information at 1402 Farnara
Bt, Omaha, or write,
SAMUEL NORTH, District Passenger Agt.