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Chicago-Let Angeles Overland Limited in
Service ondty.
l.eadlaa; Joarnals at the Kas Seadlac
Renreseatatlve's to View Woaders
nf the West Aloes Jfir
Txlay the widely heralded Chioago-Los
Angeles Overland Limited train goes Into
service. It leaves Chicago tonight at 10
o'clock and will arrive In Omaha tomorrow
at 11:15. leaving at 11:30 lor Los Angeles,
which It reaches at 7 p. m. Wednesday.
The train runs over the. Northwestern to
nmaha unit the l.'nlon Pacific and new
Bait fcake ft Ban Pedro roods to the coast,
making the entire trip In sixty-seven hours,
about forty-four miles an hour counting
all stops, which means sixty miles n hour
much of the way.
On Its initial trip this train will carry a
larty of newspaper men from the east and
west, accompanied by E. 1- lxmax, gen
eral passenger agent, and Alfred Darlow,
advertising agent of the fnion Pacific.
Northwestern officials will accompany the
party to Omaha and probably George F.
West, for the Northwestern, will go part
of the way west. J. W. Olenn, secretary Of
the Illinois Manufacturers' association,
will be on the train.
George Ade, humorist, playwright and
slang virtuoso. Is expected to Join the train
somewhere In the west. A. C. Thomas, su
perintendent of the Associated Press at
Chicago, with his son, Melville Thomas,
and II. W. Brown, for the Bcrlpps-McRae
news service of Cincinnati, and these news
paper men are to compose the special
party: M. Bchiiyler. New York Times;
Victor Smith, New York Press; James F.
Dorrance, New York Tribune; H. F. Beard
sley, Leslies Weekly; John ODonnell.
Pittsburg Dispatch; J. M. Matlett, Pitts
burg Leader; Theodore Bolce, Pittsburg
Telegraph and Oasette; II. F, Guthrie, In
dianapolis Star: W. 8. Brons, Chicago
American and Examiner; A. E. McKee,
Cleveland Plain Dealer; J. L. Steele, Cin
cinnati Commercial-Tribune; I.I. Strauss,
Cincinnati Times-Star; J. A. Arnold, Min
neapolis Tribune; J. M. Hawks, St. Paul
Dispatch; Garden Cowles, Des Moines Reg
ister and Leader; W. Barnes, Kansas City
Journal; J. W. Steele, Kansas City Star;
T. R. Porter. Omaha World-Herald and
general news bureau; C. H. Poole. Denver
News; A. V. Mayfleld, Denver Times; O.
8. Walker, news bureau, Cheyenne; F. W.
Lane, Railway Age, Chicago; W. M. Camp.
Railway and Engineering Review. Chicago;
R. H. Little, special correspondent, Chi
cago. Kqnlpinent Is Snperb.
The eauioment of this tralnt will be
superb. Electric lighted throughout and
composed of cars of the latest design and
furnishing. It Is characterised In the
rather traditional term of a "palace on
The railroad officials have exerted them
selves In the preparation of the schedule
of entertainment of their guests on this
trip, who will occupy a special car or two.
Among some of the features provided for
their enjoyment will be a lunch at the
famous Glenwood inn at Riverside, Cel.
followed by an automobile drive down the
valley through the orange groves, a trip
to Mount Lowe and visits to the various
places of Interest near Los Angeles, a run
over Catallna islands, on the route to
which an opportunity will be afforded of In
specting the government breakwater. At
Catallna the party will be given a tide In
glass-bottom boats over the marine gar
dsns. Other numerous rare treats are In
reason for rejecting the proposition to al
low the people to rote on the question of
granting the franchise.
All ghlpplas la Ytrlalty Matnptea
Roads la Tied Id a ad Norfolk
Is Isolated.
NEWPORT NEWS. Va.. Dec. 1. Tide
Water, Va., Is In the grasp of the most
severe storm of the winter and shipping
around Hampton Roads is practically tied
up. This port, Norfolk Harbor and Hamp
ton Roads are crowded with storm-bound
craft of every description and but few
vessels braved the storm that rages out
side of the Virginia capes.
Norfolk is practically Isolated tonight
as all telegraph wire leading out of thai
city, except the government wire to Cape
Henry and the life saving line along the
Virginia-Carolina coast, are cut oft and It
Is Impossible to ascertain the fate of sev
eral vessels that were reported to be in
distress at Cape Henry today. The tldp
here tonight Is the highest In many year
and a number of docks are flooded. The
government wharf at Old Point and Chesa
peake bay ports Is suspended. It is re
ported that a part of the Old Point wharf
has been carried away.
The Swedish steamer Norman, Captain
Anderson, loaded almost to the water s
tdge with a cargo of toal, put to sea this
afternoon for Havana, Cuba, and shipping
men here fear Its safety when It attempts
to pass the treacherous Virginia-Carolina
coast. Nothing can be learned of the fats
of tha barkentlne White Wings, which was
today reported dragging nnchor off the
Cape Henry life saving station.
It is reported that the oyster vessels In
James river have suffered severely from the
storm and that a number of them have
foundered. Complete reports, however,
could not be ascertained tonight.
GREENSHORO, N. C, Dec. 16. Practic
ally isolated from the outside world.
Greensboro has been in the grip of one of
the worst sleet storms for the past forty
eight hours It has experienced for years.
Telegraph and telephonic connection was
cut off for the best part of the day, due to
broken wires and falling poles. This dam
age was temporarily repaired late this
afternoon and all wires were In fair work
ing order before midnight. Intestlmable
damage was done to trees and foliage was
crushed beneath the weight of Icicles.
Growth of
I o a
C'ltr Has Its
Omaha; . Instlta-tlona.
The material growth of Omaha is man
ifested in many ways, but the Omaha Com
mercial college Indicates that It has also
"Dick" OTeiffiNiBai Committee to eet
with tie onaciL
Prnapeeta lrn t.ood for an Akalcable
Settlement at Sewer Balldtag
Proposition la Favorable
Rlclmid O'Keeffe. as chairman of the
mass meeting which wss held Thursday
night In Workmen temple to discuss the
sewer bond proposition has returned to the
city and announced the committee he was
empowered to name, three from each ward.
The committee consists of these:
First Ward-W. B. Cheek, John McMillan,
P. J. Sherhy.
Second Ward John Franek, 'Or. W. J.
McCrann. L. J. Carpenter.
Third Ward John Kennedy, Frank Lee,
Pat Barrett.
Fourth Ward August Miller, Balthas Jet-
ter. Dr. W. J. Faulk.
Fifth Ward-P. C. Caldwell, J. J. Ryan.
Charles Cummlngs.
Sixth Ward R. B. Montgomery. Tom
Hoctor, David Anderson.
This committee will meet with the city
council next Tuesday night at its regular
meeting to informally discuss the matter.
At this meeting a date will be set for a
meeting between the members of the coun
cil, the committee and the representatives
of the stock yards company. Something
union will meet Tnesdsv afternoon. Decem
ber 1 at the home of K. D. Davis, K41
North Twenty-first.
Neckties, suspenders. Mufflers, one In a
box, are useful holiday presents. We bave
them at 5or. TV- and fl.O. Nebraska Shoe
and Clothing House.
A fur-trimmed overcoat or a black un
finished worsted suit make a handsome
Christmas present. Nebraska Shoe and
Clothing House, South Omaha.
Washington tent No. 7 K O. Y. M.. will
hold Its annual election of officers Tuesday,
December 19. ot which time all of the
members are requested to be present.
The regular examination for teachers in
the public schools will he held by the
examining committee at the High school
building on December 7, and . This Is
the regular annual examination which the
rules provide shall be held during the
Christmas holidays.
"Re Good aad Yoa'll Be Happy," said
Cksaserr Depew Five Tears
In the New Tork World of December 3L
1MB. Senator Depew contributed this ad
vice: "Honesty Is too much talked about as if
it were scarce in these days. The business
principles of today are letter, purer and
more universally honest than they Were in
the days of my boyhood. Then the motto
of life ran something like this: 'All is fair
In love, war and trade!' But this generation
has tabooed that maxim, and business
methods ware never better or more reputa
ble than they are at this minute.
"Many Immense fortunes have been made
by men of this generation who employed
strictly honest means to attain their ulti
mate success and great wealth.
"John Wanamaker Is a good man to take
for example. He started in a small way
definite should come from thia meeting, and ! with a small store, and he Is today one of
It Is probable that another mass meeting ' the wealthiest men in the country, and he
will be called In the near future to hear has been alwaya an uptight, honest man.
the report of the committee.
The consensus of opinion seems to be
that the matter will be adjusted satisfac
torily to all concerned, as the opponents
of the bonds are less active than they were
before the meeting. Good arguments are
said to have turned several members of
the opposition until they at present are
on the fence and will probably shortly be
In favor of the bonds.
It is not known whether the stock yards
company will make a proposition to assist
in the building of the sewer, biit there
are prospects that some sort of a proposi
tion will be made.
M. gprlnarer ia Dead.
M. Springer, whose home Is supposed to
be In Council Bluffs, was fatally Injured
Friday afternoon by falling from a scaffold
at thA naw fnriaViv 1 ft h m i a f flA.mAii
lake, and died at the South Omaha hospital ! f"'5! ,lv6, ,0n tno"s- eJ P00' ''
, ih. u ......... ! almost an Invariable rule, and It Is
Friday night from the injuries he received.
Springer was walking along a scaffold
about twenty-five feet from the ground
when he lost his balance and fell, striking
grown in Its appreciation of up-to-date ' on nis neaa. ne was a large man, weighing
business methods. Perhaps It may be more
correct to say that one of the reasons that
In what lay the secret of his success?
Slmpiy In this: He knew what the people
wanted, he knew where to buy It and he
knew how to advertise.
"Many a man, as we all know, has made
a fortune through Judicious advertising.
"Some persons might consider that old
Commodore Vanderbllt wag dishonest be
cause he did not refund the money which
the stockholders of the Hudson River and
Harlem railroads would have made if they
had continued to hold their atock after he
took hold of the roads. But he was not.
They cheated themselves out of the money
by not being farslghted enough to hold on
to their stock.
"I have seen many men become wealthy
through dishonest methods, and my experi
ence with them has taught me this: That
most men who gain wealth dishonestly. If
again. It
' sonable enough, if you stop to figure It out.
for It comes about in this way:
"A man employes dishonest methods and
yet he becomes very wealthy. All his con-
' stituents know that his career is Just a
...... . (IDA r. ...... .1 .. A ill . . I ! '
w? , , 1 2 . little bit shady as regards business methods,
sclousness after his fall.. An effort waa hllt h. ,, n
this institution has progressed so phenome- i made to locate his family at Council Bluffs. ! ,, ..iv .i, w....
nally Is that the city has alwaya demanded but to no avail. His body Is still at the last wrpkwhen foney' Ready money!
the best talent and training of its young rooms of Undertaker Brewer. South Omaha. Caah at any p,lce;. VAt tn cry of tne mAm
business men. A brother has been located at Seattle. dPne(j brokers.
This institution was founded some twenty j asn ana some friends who live near
years ago. From a small beginning it has
gradually developed into a large and Im
portant school. It has Just completed and
now occupies Its own building at the north-
Xew Hydrants Placed.
The Omaha Water company has notified
City Clerk Glllan thafH has completed the
east corner of Nineteenth and Farnam location of additional water hydrants at
streets. The building is ohe of the finest of i the following named places: Thirty-eighth
Its kind In .the west, and Is not only a and V, Thirty-ninth avenue and P, For-
monument to the merit and enterprise ot Its
owners, but also an ornament to the city.
Toilet Sets Frenzer. 13tn and Dodge.
Handy Pins Edholm, Jeweler.
Woman Loses Pocket hook..
' Miss Luellu, Johnson, 25.11 Charles, laid
down her pocket boo It last night In a store
and on returning after she missed it was
unable to get a trace of It. It contained
S! In cash and a number of papers and
receipts. Miss Johnson works for the Car
penter Paper company- A pocket book was
found last night by Officer Hudson, but It
waa not the one lost by Miss Johnson.
Aska Conncll to Bsnlata.
The Newport-Belvidere Improvement club
held a meeting last evening at which the
Principal business wss the discussion of
he refusal of the city council to permit
the people to vote on the Independent tele
phone franchise. A resolution was passed
instructing the secretary to send a com
kiunlcatlon to the city council asking the
John B. Coat aad His Clerk Relieved
' of Thirty-Five Dollar
'.. la Cash.
John B. Conte's drug store at Thirty
first and Farnam streets was held up last
night by two small, masked robbers.
Thirty-five dollars 'was taken. This hap
pened at 10 p. m. Just aa the proprietor
was closing for the night. The men came
in and forced Conte and his clerk to stand
with their backs to the wall and then one
tieth and 8, S street feet west of For
tieth, S street feet west of Fortieth, and
Forty-fourth and S streets.
Danlah Society Elects Officers.
The Danish society has elected officers for
the next six months as follows: Past presi
dent, R. Larsen; president, P. K. Petersen;
"Then he finds his Waterloo. The credit
which he might have obtained, the confi
dence of reliable, reputable flrma which he
might have commanded, are not forthcom
ing. His reputation for shady dealings, his
ability to slip out of tight places, his deft
ness at evading technicalities of ordinary
business methods, all cause the firms who
would otherwise have come to his assist
ance to steer clear of such a trickster as
he Is known to, have been and he goes to
the wall.
"The main temptation with which the or
dinary business man of today Is beset Is
the temptation to misrepresent his capital
vloe president, Nels Jensen; secretary, I. or business prospects, and thus obtain'
Malkhouser: cashier. Frank O. Olesi-n; trus
tee for three years, Christ Rassmussen;
conductor, P. Melby; Inner guard, M. Peter
sen; outer guard, Mr. Larsen; physician.
Dr. Aberly.
O'Kelll the Sole Owaer.
Tax Commissioner O'Neill wants it dis
tinctly understood that he Is the sole owner
of the property proposed as a site for the
new city hall. He Is not Interested In any-
of the men went through the pockets of wav w n a gyndlca'e, he says, and l.e wou'.d
the victims. From the proprietor they got not Kl the property for ,;0.ai0. Mr. O'Neill
M and from the clerk 115. The criminals alBO Hnys tho gentiment In favor of annexa-
each wore a white handkerchief over his llon to Omaha Is dead beyond anv hope of
face. After making the "holdup" they left reaurrofi ion
the place, going west on tTtwiam as far
aa they could be seen by Mr. Conte.
The detective force went to the scene as
soon as possible, but up to this time thero
has been no arrest In connection with the
William Andrews of Jersryvllle, III.,
Killed in Fight Over Division
f Estate.
JHRSEYVILI.E, 111., Dec. lti.-ln a duel
fought In their cornfield on a farm twenty
miles from here William Andrews was shot
and instantly killed by his brother, Joe
Andrews. There had been bad blood be
tween the brothers since the death of their
father, neither being satisfied with the
division of the estate, and for several
months, although living In the same house,
had not spoken to each other. They met
today In a cornfield and after exchanging
several heated remarks one drew a revolver.
the other produced a shotgun and a fusil
lade of shots followed.
Assisted by Cuticura Ointment,
the great Skin Cure, for preserving,
purifying, and beautifying the skin,
for cleansing tha scalp of crusts,
scales, and dandruff, and tht stop
ping of failing hair, for softening;
whitening, and soothing red, rough,
and sore hands, for baby rashes,
Itchings, and chafing s, in the form
of baths for annoying irritations
and inflammations, or undue per
epiration, in the form of washes for
ulcerative weaknesses, and for
many sanative, antiseptic, purposes
which readily suggest themselves,
as well as for. all the purposes of
the toilet, bath, and nursery.
Minmcia PwMprue
Presentation to E. J. Chlasell.
One of tha especially Dleasant fetur ui
the past week .as the gathering of ItK)
friends and subscribers to the Omaha
Monarch association in literary hall at the
Omaha Commercial college. In honor of its
former president. E. J. Chlssell. who with
his wife and daughter Frances have Just re
turned from a three months' visit In
Europe. A handsome coffee urn and tray,
also a beautiful bronse waste basket, with
monogram and the seal of the uirlaiiru
appropriately engraved thereon, were pre
sented to Mr. and Mrs. Chlssell as a token
of appreciation of their estimable friend
ship ana mr. (nisseirs untiring efforts In
uriiuii or i no assocaition. Mrs. Samuel
Rees made the presentation.
Women Catholic Foresters' Offlcrra.
St. Agnes' court No. 569. Women's Catho
lic Order of Foresters, elected the follow
ing officers for the ensuing term at their
meeting Wednesday evening:
Chief ranger. Mrs. Alice Byrne; vice chief
ranger, Mrs. Mary O'Hearn; financial sec
retary. Miss Josie Corcoran; recording sec
retary, Mrs. Farrell; treasurer, Mrs. Mary
Rafferty; trustees, Mrs. Julia Mangan, Mrs.
Mary McCrann, Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett;
delegate, Miss Josie Corcoran; alternate,
Mrs. Mary Rafferty.
Joha Flyaa A Co.
Holiday prices with the fat skimmed off,
John Flynn & Co., the lowest on Ane mer
chandise. A big line of House Coats; a real beauty
at 3.96; bath robes, S3.M; a beautiful line
of mufflers at from 39c to $2.98.
Men's handsome neckwear, all shapes,
75c and $100 qualities at 50c. Just In a,
new line of caps. -
Dry Goods Ladle's silk waists, to
13.00; flannel waists, elegant values, at
Sc to $198; All wool skirts, tl.98; holiday
handkerchiefs, 5c to 11.00; an elegant line
of fancy combs, le to 60c; hand bags, 25c to
tl.tS. A beautiful assortment of children's
head wear, 15c to 11 98 A handsome line of
ladles' collars. 26c to $1.00. A beautiful
line of silk and leather belts, 6c to 11.00.
Also a large assortment of fancy walstlngs
and dress patterns. .
Magic. Cttr Gossip.
Storage and hauling. Brewer. Tel. No. &x
Dr. Wheeler and wife have returned
from Maryville, Mo.
Desk room for rent In Bee office, city ball
building, South Omaha.
Tbe Lotus cluh will alve Its rerular dance
at Workmen temple Monday night.
Dr. Wheeler will preach morning and
evening aa usual at the First Presbyterian
Miss Blanche Sherwood gave a very de
lightful party to a number of her friends
Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Miller of S13 North
greater credit. But doesn't do It. It does
not pay. The old. old adage. Honesty Is
the best policy,' Is the safest motto for
every business man to follow, and I know
what I am talking about, too.
" 'Be good and you'll be happy, but you
won't have a good time,' may sound very
smart and elicit rounds of applause, but ft
Is a fallacy through and through. It is
easier, much easier, for an honest man to
become wealthy than for his dishonest
brother, who may seem to prosper for &
time, but, mark my words, it Is only a
temporary success."
The Omaha Philosophical society holds Its
annual meeting Sunday, December 17, to I
elect officers for the ensuing year. Mem- I
bers and all Interested are requested to be '
present. An address of much Interest will
be given by Mr. E. C. Page. The society
meets at 8 o'colck p. m. at Patterson hail, !
Seventeenth and Farnam. I
Holiday Rates.
The Erie Railroad, tha Picturesque Trunk
Line of America, announces special holi
day rates over its line from Chicago De
cember 23, 24, 25, 80, 31st and January 1, to
Columbus, O. ; Akron, O. ; Toungstown, O.;
Jamestown, N. T. ; Salamanca, N. T.; Buf
falo, N. T, and local stations. Apply to
your local ticket agent, or J. A. Dolan,
T. P. A., Railway Exchange Bldg., Chicago. ,
Foaa with stolon Coat.
Roy Green, a well known rhiniAjr n
the Third ward, was arrested last night.
ii oeing suspecteo mat he stole a coat '
belonging to H. W. Slater, New Tork Life 1
Dunning, yeeieraay morning, areen had Twenty-sixth street will spend the coming
, " . . iv i, wwmm ' n - wt?H in unnvir vniiins irMnm Anil r.i. -
nlsud by Mr. Bwenson aa th nn ha hi , .... .
vuiu w mr. oiaier. ureen sola ne bought
tne coat of a man by the name of Keys and
paid him $126. The coat is worth J6.
The police think '.be man may .be telling
the story straight for they know Kevs also.
It Is possible that Keys is the one who will
next bave to explain the possession of tha
Ton Enllatsaeate for Xavy.
Following are the men enlisted during
the week ending December 16 at the United
Statos navy recruiting station In Omaha:
Philip Van Norman. Grand Rapids, Mich.;
Henry Blaine Eaton, Nelson, Neb.; Charles
Francis Ixnf. Arlington. Neb.; Oscar Lind
quint. Wahoo. Neb.; Edgar Addison (Shep
herd, Ploux City; la.; George Washington
Filer. Titus. Ot., apprentice seamen; Hiram
Manny Shaw, Chicago. III.; Frank Hanson,
Dei-th, Nav.; Csrl Hansen. Fremont. Neb.,
coal passers: Hans O. Williamson. Hurley,
B. D., gunner's mate, second clas.
St. Pnal'a Choir to Floreaae.
On Sunday evening. December 9t. the
vested choir of 61. i'nul'a church will ac
company the congregation, or at least a
large delegation of It, to Florence, The pur-
rae of the trip la to join with BL Mark s at
lorence In a pre-Chrlstnias celebration,
for which special musio la being prepared
by the St. Paul s choir. This visit to the
Florence mission is an annual event and is
looked forward to lin much pleasure each
year by the two congregationa.
MAUL VndartakiiMi Co., Hit Capitol A-
The "Women's ChrisUan Temperance
"I fat Caiearats aa eaae tha 1 vaals sat ha
wlthon titan. 1 was traablal a H eal Uh
torpid IUr ana ktadack. Vaw Hiu taking
CairaraM Can Catkartlc 1 f Ml rtrj mnth knur
1 akail nalair maKKinl ka ta mf trtae4a
aa tka k,t Bdtin I ka evar ."
Aaaa BailaM. Oibara aUU Xa. . Fall River, Km.
j J Th Bowel
Camdv cathartic f
Waaaa. PaUtakla. Fount Thh Stn4 Be 9na4.
,yf i,k,fa "aa ar Grip. tt. sve. sic. kr,,
nla la knk. Tk nalna tb(t aib4 CCC.
AtaaMa4 ta sate er omr axBT lack.
terliag Reaady Co., Ckicage er N.V. tat
Yon Get the Beaeflt. I
Now is the tlme-nd Molony, McEIvaln
& Beck's Is the place to have a new suit
of clothes made at a reduction of from
$5.00 to $10.00. These tailors are making i
$46.04 suits for $35.00, $40.00 suits for $30.00, ,
$30.00 suits for $26.00, $28.00 suits for $20.00. ,
Tou see, it's this way: they've got too
much stock and want to reduce It and you
get the benefit of it. Every suit will be
made In the Molony style, long and roomy.
Better see them 330 South Fifteenth street
Is where they are located.
Harry B. Davis, undertake TaL UM,
Greatly Reaaeed Rates
Via Wabash Railroaa
to points in Illinois. Indiana, Kentucky,
Ohio, Ontario, Michigan, Pennsylvania,
New Tork and West Virginia.
Tickets sold December 23, ONLY, good re
turning thirty days from sale.
For all Information call at Wabash City
Ticks! Office, 1601 Farnam St., or address,
G. A. P. D.. Wab. R. R . Omaha. Nab.
Men's, boys', children's clothing, hats,
ladles' sultr. skirts, millinery, etc.. cash or
credit. People's Store. 16th and Farnam.
Have Root print tt.
Stick Pins Frnsr. loth and Dodge.
The ladles of the Walnut Hill Methodist
church will serve a chicken pie dinner
Wednesday, December HO. from 11:30 to 2
o'clock, In the dining room of the Toung
Man's Christian association. A bazar writ
be held at the snme time.
M. D. Welch, manager of the Omaha
Cooperage company, has brought suit In
the district court agalnat Armour A. Co.,
In which he seeks to collect the sum of
$4,135.44. Mr. Welch claims the Armour
company owes the amount named for bar
rels contracted for but not taken or paid
Sullle Tyler, who lives at the Midway,
was arrested yesterday evening for taking
$10 from the person of Frank Deitrlck. a
whits man from Iowa. The Tyler woman
la a negreaa and the robbery has all the
usual features of that class of crime In
the tenderloin. Dletrlck was locked up as
complaining witness.
John Sheridan of Kenosha. Wis., slipped
on a banana skin at about 10:4a laat night
and broke the email bone of hia left leg
between the ankle and the knee. Thia
happened In tho bar room of Oden'a hall
at Eleventh and Farnam' streets. This
only been in the city a few days. He was
taken to the police station where his In
juries were attended by the police sur-gson
,HE demand for sensible things for Christmas gifts is on the
increase. That is one reason why we are selling so many "Dorothy
Dodd" shoes for that purpose. Another reason is found In the beauty
of the shoes themselves, and in their obvious appropriateness for Christmas
gifts. (J What more delicate compliment can be paid to woman than an
appreciation of her pretty foot, daintily shod? The "Dorothy Dodd" shoe
ia itself such a compliment. It gives a woman's foot a different look from
those of the crowd. Q And the line affords shoes for every type of feet
and for every kind of service. Grant us the favor of showing them.
Yea run no risk.
Should your pur
chase not fit the
favored one, we will
cheerfully make the
exchange at any
time, giving her the
exact style aad size
I 5 3,50
Then as an after
thought, remember
the moderate and
economical price
asked for this really
beautiful high class
footwear. Three
fifty and three
dollars the pair.
The Bennett Company
I The Colimibia
I Phonograph Co.
I Wholesale anl Retail. 1621 Farnam St.
One of our New
Model Aluminum
Tone Arm Grapho
phones. A written
g u a r a ntee with
every one we sell.
Dollar Package
Man Medicine Free
You can now obtain a large dollar ala
fife package of Man Medicine fn;o on ra
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UHto. the Joyful saiitifuctlon. the pulse and
the throb of physical pleasure, the keen
sense of ir n sensation, the luxury. of Ufa,"
body power and body comfort free. Maa
Medicine does It.
Man Medicine cures man weakness,' nerv
ous debility, early decay, discouraged man
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bruin fan. backache, prostatitis, kidney '
trouble and nervousness.
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the man sex. Interstate Kemedy Co., 811
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7-inch Disc Records, each 35c
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Shermnc's La Grippo
Cough Syrup
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In the throat. -
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Cor. 14th aad Dodge Sts., Omaha.
rif tm nn Furniture. Pli.nos. and
other chattels, or on your salary
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manently employed. e can
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shortcHt posHiDie iiom-e nu iti
you return it to us 111 weekly
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will find us consistent In
all our demlngt.
auti So. ItHh Street.
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In order to avoid a rush, will he opea evenings for one week before Chrtstm
A scientific home treatment ut small cost
for all
Slid Urinary Diseases. No pstent medicine.
HhcTi i-.ise receives the careful considera
tion of an eminent and successful special
ly. Medicine Is prepared specially for each
rase, after a careful and thorough dlas
rionls by a competent physician. Write for
Dr. Hright's valuable book and symptom
blank, and a FHKK SAMPLE of medicine.
Address Dr. Bright, 61i Main Street, Cin
cinnati, Ohio.
SAFE. 4iiti r.i ft., .ltii,UUfWr
at i Hiiiir.iiEKK
kllltHl tiIS Miulta aul
h MwrtUN i L llr. SfWM
HiitM KaWtllatlra
ti-m. ., ( ,.ar lir.M,, 4 4. la
ua. ' Partlralar. Twllaiaaiala
U " KIUf for I. mi !" W ra
4ara MmU. IOJW
rfls" 1 alckMlar araiWai I a.
iaaa. rwft r-mm
Tt' suffering from weak
DPtin whii-n tap the ilesiires
of life shoulil lakeJuven Pilli
One hot will tell s ttory of
marvelous results. Tliii medicine has mors
rejuvenating-, vitalltlnc fore than lias erer
befurn beea offered, hent poRt-paid in plain
packags oulr on rerelpl of this siv. and II.
Ma4e by its urlgiuaiom ('. I. Hood to., pro.
nelurt Hood s raprll'a. Iell. UaxO
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