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Oyer Forty-Two Thousand Gallons Refined
Sold by Uncle Sam Refinery in One Day
Rofiueries in Kansas Are Becoming a Power and that the
Uncle Sam Refinery Has Reached the Top of the
Hill and Is on the High Road to Success.
; Price of Crude. Oil, and as This Company Owns or Controls
Sufficient Oil Rights to Operate This Refinery and
Their Big Missouri River Plant Now Building
at Atchison, This Scale of Profit Will
Be Maintained.
Meeting with Great S.ccess.
Few people realise the work being pushed
to completion by the Uncle Bam Oil com
pany. This (reat Independent enterprise has
met with, nplondid success from the start.
Oil Is being shipped -dully now to the ev
distributing stations hereafter men
tioned. Besides these dally shipments to
the different distributing stations, the com
puny is fast working up some big outside
deals. Independent oil men everywhere In
the Missouri .valley states are getting In
line wHIl th Vm-le Bum company. This
week one deal was closed with one Inde
pendent man for FORTT-TWO THOU
t Mole Sam , Company Has the Goods
aad Caa Handle Une Orders.
The man who Is lucky enough to securo
some of the TWENTY-CENT stock now
being sold by .the Uncle Earn company e
cures an Interest In a strong manufacturing
concern this Uncle Sam company Is able t;
handle large deals; it can deliver the goods
on short notice. The company now has n
storage refined oils to the amount of close
are manufacturing more every dny.
. Owns It Ovrm Tank Tars.
.The Uncle Sam Oil company Is an inde.
pendent company in fact as well as name.
THIRTY GALLONS EACH, the tenth ono
Is a large compartment car with a capacity
of a little over 'NINE THOUSAND GAL
LONS. With ihe Iron Wrrrls and wood bar
rels the company has to, supply, the barrel
trade.- and -with these ten' tank rare the
company can easily handle the present out
put of the .Uncle Sam Cherryvale Refinery
No. 1. It la very necessary to have clear
rars for refined oil a company' tp be Inde
pendent must own them, and' so 'the Uncle
8am company" does. Now doesn't that look
like business to you. and don't you think it
would be a mighty good plan for you to line'
up with this rapidly growing company
today by securing some of the stork before
the present allotment Is all sold and price
advanced? Five hundred dollars i500 will
HUNDRED DOLLARS, and this stock Is
almost certain to go to par In the next ton
or twelve months. , However, suppose .It In
creases In solid values to a half-dollar per
hare In the next six months,, where can
you find an Investment that will come
within gunshot of It even at that figure?
On of (ho Reasons Why the Uncle
Bam Oil Is' In Demand. '
Samuel Hunter,' a refiner of over thirty
years' experience, Is at the head of the
construction arid refining department of
the, company- . He. is from .the .Pure Oil
company of Pennsylvania and was secured
by the -Ubcl Sard cbmpany right Lt 'tho
fart. , There, is a great deal depending on
tho men at the head of this department,
and tho fact' that this company secures
Independent men from such companies as
the Pure Oil company, instead of employ
ing cheap men or hirelings of the oil trust
ent out to the Independent refineries In
disguise. Is one of the strong - points In
favor of the Uncle Bam company, and is
on of th reasons that the oil Is in de
mand. ' -
, 1 lHn Oil In Topeka. ;
It take Urn to secure large storage tanks
and tank' wagons and get the oil refined
and shipped o a dosen of the best cities
In th cut and adjoining states however,
this is what' the-Uncle Sam company now
has about completed. Outside of Cherry-vale-
th first station completed and tank
wagons t6' start was Topeka. At' this
city th Uncle Sam company has one
storage tank that cost the company, com
pleted oa. its foundation, over SIX HUN
DRED DOLLARS besides this It has two
smaller ' tanks that coat about $75 each and
also a large tank wagon that cost 1230, be
W Iron barrels ' and other necessary
qulpmnt, all owned and paid for by the
Prottcutian in tb Abbs Ocniell Trial
Setti lit Cue.
Womaa Wko Sac Sister
f Mercy that la m
-- ' Sarrl.
in til case of Anna Conned against the
Convent of Mercy for $30,000. which has been
on trial for eight day before a jury in th
United State circuit court, the plaintiff
restod Wednesday morning, the last witness
being Mother Superior Leo of the oonvenL
Immediately . upon . th conclusion of her
videnc. which was brief and related par
Uculary to property owned by the convent.
T. J. Maboney, attorney for the convent,
moved that the Jury b directed to return a
verdict for the defendant on the grounds
that no vldnce had been produced showing
th plaintiff had been damaged by th d
; vision's
C3Ti:i::a syrup
tar tr
1 Vmis.
by MtlUnM of MotWri far
TUkiu4 tw ur rtr
fc. If (
. w)mT-tft CIST imi
Uncle Sam company. These, large station
tanks hold about one car and a half of
oil. so that It Is an easy matter to keep
tlum supplied, as when about half sold
out the company can ship another tank of
oil so It will always be able to keep the
stations supplied. From Topeka oil will
be barreled out to nearby towns and hauled
to a dozen or more towns. Now, a com
pany starting Into business on this kind
of a scale Is a good one to hook up with,
and muf Is your time to do It before tho
stock goes to a half dollar per share. You
can buy 7,000 shares by sending draft or
check by return mall for $1,320, and this
amount of money will pay for one mil of
the main trunk pipe line now being built
by the Uncle Sam company to the navi
gable waters of the Missouri at Atchison.
Par value of 7,000 shares Is 7.ono. and this
stock Is going to par. Decide for yourself
whether you are going to secure the stock
or let others get what you will soon want
and will be unable to secure.
gelllna- Oil In Concordia.
The Uncle Sam company Is a home Kan
sas company fighting for a square deal
for a Kansas and Indian Territory product
there are stockholders In every county
In the state, ranging as high as a hundred
In some counties. An effort has been made
from the start to secure strong men In
every community who would work for the
sale of Uncle 8am Independent oils and
stand by the company In case it needed
help. The plan from the start was to put
a station In every county In Kansas, and
It will do It in time. At present It is se
lecting cities that It can reach the most
territory from hence at Concordia we have
another big station the same as in Topeka.
Go to Concordia and you will see Uncle
Sam pure Kansas anti-monopoly oil being
hauled down the streets and delivered to
nine-tenths of the merchants. The Uncle
Sam company is doing things It has done
them from the word go while others
talked, it has completed one refinery and
is out after the trade of a dozen big cities
lit the state, and 1 getting the support
of nine-tenths of tho people wherever the
oil Is on the market. Borne places have
secured it all Just a question of time until
Kansas, the state of . John Brown, can
say to the oil trust: "You can hike when
ever you wish; we have a home company.
backed by the citizens of the state, that
makes better oil than you do, and thli
can be proven by the oil Inspectors." Bet
ter Join this Uncle Sam company now
if you send In only $100, it will buy Ave
hundred shares and pay for TWENTY
JOINTS of the Kansas City anti-monopoly
pipe line.
Selllna; Oil In Anthony.
From the southern to the northern bor
der of Kansas the Uncle Sam company Is
building on Kansas soil. Protected by the
Just laws passed by the last Kansas legls
lature and supported by public sentiment
almost to a unit, this home Kansas com
pany Is pushing forward, and at Anthony,
Kan., already has Its storage tanks set and
tanK wagons on the streets delivering oil
to the merchants. From this station sev
eral good towns In Oklahoma will b
reached. Like Concordia and Topeka and
other points where storage stations are
completed. It has. good shipping facilities
Into the adjoining territory and the Uncle
Sam company will soon build to where It
can handle more trade and hence will
branch out to this territory. The company
is growing stronger every hour, day and
week. An Investment In th stock not only
will grow as the company grows, but you
will help to strike a blow for Justice to
Dotn me producer ana consumer when you
join mis company. .
Selllna- Oil In Wichita.
While th company has been delayed
some In securing lands It desired for big
storage warehouses in - Wichita, still the
Uncle Sam wagon Is selling oil In Wichita,
and the big storage tanks and equipment.
the .same as at Topeka, la paid for and
waiting completion In Wichita and will be
oniy a matter or a tew days until the Uncle
Bain company will have more trade there
man it win d ame to take care of
Sedgwick county, with Wichita the county
seat, has more stockholders in the I'nri..
Bam company and other producing compa
nies usnunB unuer me name flag lor a
square deal -in the oil fields than any
other county in Kansas. These men will
throw an Influence that will be mountain
fendant and was not entitled to recover
damage In ny um. - Mr. Mahoney main
tained that It waa a matter of law and
equity wholly, and not a subject for trial
. . . , ... ...
uciore a jury, nil runner contention wa
that Miss Connell had entered the convent I
of her own free will and accord and had left !
it on her own volition. Hence she, could not I
recover damage. In that she remained vol- I
untarily in the service of the organisation
during the entire period that ber Illness Is
said to have continued. He held that by
leaving It of her own accord she had sacri
ficed the right to sue for damages. Had
she been summarily discharged from th or
ganization she might have had some
grounds for action.
Mr. Mahoney held further that ecclesias
tical organisations have th right to estab
lish their own rules and that persons volun
tarily entering the religious order must
abide by those rule and laws, and that it la
not a matter for th secular court to con
sider. He cited numerous authorities show
ing this contention, that secular court had
no right to Interfere In cases of this charac
ter, particularly where no property right
were Involved. Mr. Mahoney occupied the
entire day with hi argument, ajid in th
meanwhile th Jury wa excused until JO
'clock Thursday morning.
Messrs. John W. Battin. Jufferis. Howell
Shotwell ar attorney for th plaintiff,
nd it now begin to look a if all of Thurs
day will b devoted to argument on th mo
tion of Mr. Maboney to instruct the Jury, to
find for the defendant.
Ulster? ( Case.
The case la a peculiar on and wa be
gun in li3 and th petition hav been amended iq various forms. Th
high; every stockholder will be watching
to see that his company is treated falrlv:
they will not be oackward about standing
up for Uncle Sam anti-monopoly oil. The
fact that the Uncle Sam company has sur
rounded the territory where It will market
thousands of dollars.' worth of refined oils
with hundreds of stockholders Is an asset
back of this stock that Is worth everything
and spells protection and success. The
company. In other words, is in the land
of Its friends. Now, this is the kind of a
company to Invest with, for- these condi
tions mean protection for your property.
You cannot remit too quick If you expect
to be able to secure stock at 30 cents per
share, for stock that Is offered today may
be sold tomorrow. Draft, by return mall
for 2.tmo will secure 15,000 shares, par value
Selllna; Oil In Atchison.
If there Is a city that Is loyal to home
enterprise it Is Atchison, and as it will
be only a matter of a few days until work
will be commenced on the big river refinery
at that place, you can readily see that It
means that the otl trade of Atchison Is
going to line up to a man. Already, how
ever, the Uncle Bam wagon Is selling oil
there, . but It . will take more than on
wagon to handle this trade in a month.
From Atchison to rich towns along the
Central Branch railroad will be easily
reached, and as several wholesale houses
from Atchison send men Into this territory
dally. It will be tut a question of time
until the big end of the Central Branch
trade will be with the Uncle Sam company,
for In every courty there are stockholders
In this company ready to go clear around
Kobln Hood s barn to give l nele Sam
oil a boost. Men to the Undo Sam com
pany will be worth more than money they
will keep public sentiment stirring In Kan
sas, now, it you nave some luie money
and want to get into the band wagon and
ride to success with this Kansas home
company, tho time for you to do It Is now.
This advertisement will be rend by thou
sands of Investors, who will readily see the
giant strength of this company and soon
buy all the stock now offered at prtfient
Will Be Selllns Oil In St. Joseph In
Less Than Ten Days. -
From the big river refinery now con
tracted for at Atchison for the Uncle Sam
company It will be but a five hours' run
by barge to carry oil on tho river
St. Joseph. However, the Uncle Sam com
pany already has the same , big storage
equipment at this place as it has at Topeka
and Wichita and Concordia also tank
wagon already there, and It will be but 'a
matter of a few days until Uncle Sam wag
ons will ba selling oil In Bt. Joe. From
this great railroad and trading center the
Undo Sam company will push out for trade
In northern and central Missouri. The
Uncle Sam company has over THRE13
Missouri, and more are Joining every day
also anyone who has been watching At
torney General Hadley In his fight against
the OH trust and their unlawful methods
knows that the great state of Missouri Is
fast getting to where it will make life un
comfortable for rebate criminals and oil
trust perjurers, and the day Is not far dis
tant until the same maximum freight rule
law that today Is protecting both pn
passed In Missouri. The Uncle 8am com
pany Is getting Into line for the trade of
the Missouri valley states and will gro
very fast In the future, and the man who
has the foresight to secure part of the pres
ent allotment of stock will not have ti
wait long to be proud of his Investment.
If you have $5,000 to Invest, now Is your
time to secure THIRTY THOUSAND
SHARES with par value of (30.000; on the
other hand. If you can handle only Htl
shares at $30 you are Just -as welcome to
Join our band, now nearly 6,000 strong., for
this Is a common man's company the In
terests of the smallest stockholder will b
Will Be Selllna; OH In Leaven wort l
la Less Than a Week.
Large storage tanks and tank wagon are
now delivered at Leavenworth, and in lex
than a week Uncle Sam oil will be on thf
market there. Leavenworth is on of th'
richest cities in Kansas, and at the coil
mines and nearby town the Uncle Sam
company will reach a great trade. Like
Atchison and Bt. Joseph. It is on the Mis
souri river, and as th company grows
stronger !t will be supplied from the rlvor
refinery that will soon be built at Atchison.
Already Selllagr OH la Pittsburg- with
Storage Tank and Wagons
Any one familiar with Kansas can see
from the stations thus far selected by the
Uncle Bam company that they are going
After the oil trade. Pittsburg and surround
ing territory Is rich In mining, and there Is
a great mnrket for oil, while the miners
and miners' union are against trusts and
ult is brought by Mis Connell on the
ground of Injury to her health occasioned
while In the employ of the convent as a
Ister of mercy. 8he became a Bister of
mercy January 3. 1891. and entered upon
her novltlai under the name In religloi.
of Mary Lulgi Qonxaga. and abandoned
the service of fhe convent April 17, 190i
Early In 1838, she says, she wa sent to tht
sanitarium at Hot Springs, Ark., by the con
vent for treatment on condition that she
would remain In the defendant sen-ice.
In 18S she returned to the convent. Dur
ing her absence at Hot Spring she says
th defendant refused and neglected to
supply her with means to pay for the ac
tual necessaries of Ufa and medical treat
ment. Before leaving the convent he ob
tained from the pope, through Bishop
Scannell, ,she alleges further, a special dis
pensation relieving her from her vows of
poverty and obedience, this dispensation
being granted on April IT. 1903.
Miss Connell values her service while In
the employ of the convent t $73 per month,
and in that, she alleges, she was made an
Invalid for life, she seeks damages in the
sum of .ou.
Much stress was laid upon the production
of a letter written by Miss Connell lu lswoi
prior to her becoming a Sister of Mercy, In
which she stated she would never go back
to her people becaua of certain domestic
difference. This waa in direct contradic
tion of her statements made . during her
crosa-examlnatlou. The letter was pro
duced Tuesday afternoon by Attorney Ma
boney and caused n little consternation to
th attorney for the plaintiff, who did not
know of it ex Is true. Mis Connell ad
mitted Ui authenticity and authorship.
criminal monopoly almost to a man. The
Uncle Bam company Is already delivering o'l
to several merchants In that locality, nnd
will soon have several wagons operating
from the distributing stations now going on.
I. a no Bought In Wlnlleld Storage
Taaka Sow Set Be Selllna; . Oil
There In l,ss Than Five !).
Another good city selected for the Uncle
Ham company that i full of stockholders In
the company Is Wlnfleld. Just a matter f
a few days unj.ll another revenue getter for
the company will be doing Its part to help
complete the rest of the work of the com
pany. Whi n you buy stock In this com
pany you are' Joining n company that xl
ready has an Income from, its manufac
tured product. The public has confidence
In this kind of an enterprise:, and the stock
remaining for sale Is going to 1m picked up
very fast, for there is Dig money in produc
ing and refining oil. and the Uncle Sam
company Is doing both. Consequently. st'ctt
must increase in value and pay dividends.
Tank Shipped to' Saltan nnd Junc
tion City.
Th Uncle Sam company I going into th
home of It friends when It goe to central
Kansas. Ballna lias a number of wholesale
houses, and from this busy city the Uncle
Sum company will reach good oil selling
territory on every sale. Also at Junction
City tanks have been shipped and from
Junction City the company can reach Abi
lene and a number of big cities in the rich
wheat and corn belt, where Uncle Sam
stockholders are thicker than democrats In
Arkansas. There is going to be a big out
let for fuel oil In this central Kansas terri
tory, and from StiliuH. Junction City and
Concordia the Uncle Sam company will be
able to reach the people at but little cost
from the pipe lino, as it passes near Topeka.
There Is lota of money laying Idle In Kansas
and a whole lot of it is going Into Uncle
Sam stock now that Kansans see the oil
coming to their doors. The time to get
vour stock Is right now: if you delay long
you will find that It will be soid and gone
Into hands who will not sell even at par.
There Is not a single reason why a company
with tho start and the backing the Uncle
Bam company has cannot pay big dividends
in time at par. If you wish to share in the
good fortune of this company, sure to
come, now is the day for action. Better
wire the secretary to hold the stock If you
don't see this ad. when It first arpears.
Will Soon Be Selling Oil In Welling
ton and Hutchinson.
Two more good cities wher Uncle Sam
tanks are ' now unloaded are Wellington
and Hutchinson. Both of these cities are
surrounded by rich farming districts and
smaller towns In a half day's to a day'
drive. Don't wait until all these stations
are completed and until Uncle Sam oil is
being used in thousands of Kansas homes
and then expeot to buy stock tor double
these prices. The revenue from the salo
of refined oils alone in the cities mentioned
will help push the pipe line and liver
refinery to completion. The Uncle Sam
company will continue to grow until it
patrols the state from border to border
and will have large stations also along the
Missouri and Mississippi rivers, where It
can reach little cost by river
barges. .
About !iOO Town Can Ba Benched In
Kansas by ' Uncle Sam Wagon
from the Distributing Stations.
Another fact fdr investors, to bear In
mnd is that the,'. fTnde Sam. company has
so selected Its njaltv, distributing stations
that it can reacnitover ruo other towns in
Kansas by wagosffom the before named
central distributing1 stations. Th man or
men who think tn - Uncle Bam company
Is not going Into' the refining and veiling
of refined oil. in fead earnest is away off
his base. Toe company Is building solid.
In addition to the aoove named distributing
stations, the company supplies Cnerryvaie
direct from the res aery, also Independence
and Coffey vllle and .several other1 towns,
and is just putting li a station at Par
sons. Company Owns-" and Controls Over
Thirty-One Thousand Acre of
OH and Una Rights.
It is important . that an independent re
fining company should own or control it
own production the Uncle Sam Oil com
pany does. . Part of this 31,000 acres of 'oil
Hid gas right consist of the cream of the
very richest oil producing properties in
jvansas or Indian Territory. lot 43, Osage,
.ii which the company has lately compioted
.wo very large prouueers of the higuesl
,ada oil wells, represents one of tne
.icnest tracts known to the oil fields,
ohouid the rest of this tract prove as ncn
a what has already been developed, the
ruue production from tnis property alone
..ould make th entire capital tock of
tne Uncle Bam company worth considerable
more tnan 2U centa per share. There are
i.loo acres In lot 43, with seven well com
pleted, and are drilling No. 8.
.'our Drill Running Night and Dwy.
The company has been operating four
drilling rigs for the past ten weeks; will
continue to operate them, and possibly start
more. We expect to furnish at least 2,000
barrels of the crude oil from our own wells
for the pipe line now being built there
are thousands of barrels all along the pip
line In Kansas that the company can uuy
and handle at a good margin over that
amount that goes through the pipe line of
our own oil. '
Over tt3oA,OOQ Cash Has Been Pnld In
for Stock In This Company.
You ar not buying hot air or blue sky
when you ' purchase stock in the Uncle
Sam OH company. There has been cash
paid In and Installments coming due on
stock alloted from the treasury to run the
sum Ih dollars and cents to nearly $425,000
you take this for what It's worth the com
pany is on a solid busts will do but little
advertising In the future. The 6,000 stock
holders and nearly 8,000 more Investors
who are on our mailing lists will buy all
of this stock In' time. This advertisement
.fe..Vt OX THK HlK.MtO TKACKf.
.'oar Favorite W at Creseeat City
NEW ORLEANS, Dec. (.-On a fast
track four favorites finished first at th
fair grounds Moday. Henry Bert, who, dis
couraged by early Interference, quit at the
end, and Water Wing, with whom O Null
waited too lung befoje making his rfYorls,
were beaten choices.. While at the post In
the third race Bitter Brown was kicked
by Amorous and his chances were ruined.
Ooldboro was cut down In the first race
and so badly hurt that he will probably
have to be destroyed. Summary:
First race, five fuikiugs: Dr. Heard won.
Desha second, HoKgenhetmer thud. Time:
Second race, six furlongs: Ben Lear won,
Aralto second, Kohinoor third. Time:
Third race, five and a half furlongs: High
Chance won. Miss Leeds second. Amorous
third. Time: 1:0.
Fourth race, four and a half furlongs:
L So re I e I'M won. Cousin Kate second,
Water Wing third. Time: 0:MV
Fifth race, mile and a sixteenth: Log
in! ill won, Bulltlncli second, Consueio II
third. Time: 1 :!.
Sixth race, mile and a sixteenth: Chub
won, Bourke Cockran second. Wedgwood
third. Time: YM.
itv Park summaries:
Kwxt race, one mile: Lvll l-alii won,
Yaehilng Ulrl second. Jacob third. Time:
b-rind rare, short course steeplechase
handicap: Jim Crow won. Oliver Mc second,
Charawind third. Time: 3:ulV
Third race, seven furlongs: Orbicular
won. Chief Hayes second. Daring third.
Time: 1:2V
Fvw th race, mil aad yard; Th
will (CO before nearly TEN MILLION peo
plethe -Jo-rent stock will le sold. Tin
wires will be ticking the order lor stock
from hundreds of Investors Immediately on
seeing this announcement.
The Only Formidable Foe to Oil Trust
, Oppression In the Kansas and
- Indian Territory Oil Fields.
There bus been lots of talk about build
ing pipe lines to Kaunas City, to the gulf,
to Bt. Louis und oilier places. However,
the only company or enterprise of men
who huve ever In hi a Joint of pipe line has
been the Uncle Sum Oil- company. Now. It
the company can build one refinery and put
Its oils on the market In a dozen of the
leading cities of the itute, and at the same
time put nearly seventy' miles of- main
trunk pipe line on the grounds and do all
of this while others talked, and do It In
approximately seven months' time, what
can It accomplish In the next six months?
This Is a fact well worth any Investor
notice This Uncle Sara company Is doing
things. It Is a winner. Its stoca win tj
to par. '
Supported by Influential Men In Both
State and Nation Our Band Nearly
Five Thousand Strong Two
Thousand of Them In
There Is a feeling in the central west
that no one man or corporation has a right
to corner the oil business by criminal
freeze outs and other well known corrupt
methods of the Oil trust. The Uncle Sam
company Is an enterprise of necessity the
men who are responsible for Us existence
did so to protect their oil-producing prop
erties, from confiscation by the oppressor
Oil trust, which had placed Cherryvale In
dependent oil production on the well-remembered
black list, together with other
Kansas producers, last spring. From the
start this company has tried to secure
shareholders who were In sympathy with
a square deal In th oil fields, and that Is
its mission.
Work Commenced on Two-Thousand
Barrel' Bellnery on Missouri River
at Atchison Next Monday.
rvinti-ant has heen slaned for the big river
refinery for more than a month and first
payment made. Work of clearing tne
grounds will commence next Monday. Con
tract calls for all the material to be deliv
ered within sixty day from date, so you
can see things will move right along. Stock
may be advanced any day after the work
on this refinery commences. With the show
ing this company can make the stock would
sell now for more money, but the company
can afford to sacrifice some on the stock to
secure Immediate funds to crowd the work
to completion.
Can Bench All Kansa on an Average
Price of 1 Cent Per Gallon.
For the Cherryvale Uncle Sam refinery
the company has a home market protected
by the maximum freight law. o it can ship
to any point In the state on about an aver
age price 1 cent per gallon. The consump
tion in Kansas alone will run over 2.000 bar
rels per day, so the Uncle Sam company is
absolutely safe on market for the Cherry
vale plant, and the big plant on the river
can take care of Itself, lor. If necessary, the
oil can be barged down to the ocean steam
boat down the Mississippi river. .
Keeking It Promise nnd Completing
It Work.
Has, kept it promise thus far and ha
gone past the doubtful stage. If there ever
was one. In its darcer. Hundreds of thou
sands of dollar have passed through th
hands of the manager of the company and
faithful accounting can be made of every
cent. With great success already achieved
and greater success In the future assured
the ame old guard are In the trades work
ing harder than ever. There are no swelled
up guys connected with our company, no
millionaire frenzied financiers; Just the
plain, every-duy, hard-working people,
working for principle as well as financial
grdn and contending that any citizen hes
COMBINE. If you are willing to help us In
this great work we will be glad to enroll
you among our band. If you are not In
sympathy with our efforts you will oblige
every stockholder In the company if you
will Keep out. ;
Will In Time Grow to Be the Greatest
Independent Enterprise of It
Kind the West Ha Ever
It Is not every day that the public In
general have the opportunity to invest with
an enterprise like the Unci Sam company.
It Is the greatest Independent oil organiza
tion ever launched west of the Appalachian
mountains, it is backed by public ap
proval everywhere, it ha stockholders
enough today to protect Its Interests. It
does not depend as much on the doll al
as It does upon tne lare number of its
stockholders. Public sentiment In the west
today is against the inetliuus of oil trusts
and the l ncie bain company, depending
upon the assistance of the common people
in general, is marching step by step to
where It can place Its product unhindered
and free on tne markets of the world at
prices that will pur every shareholder, if
you have not Joined our band, now over
6,000 strong, don't delay any longer, but
secure your slock now before an advance
that Is certain to come soon.
Better Start Today Than the Oil Trust
Had at the Beginning.
Stock In th Oil trust one time sold at
$00 per share. It Is now selling for over
SbOO per share. It is a well known fact
that the Uncle Sam company today has
ten times a better start for the first seven
months of it existence than the present
Trlfler won. The Don second, Monochord
third. Time: 1:47-V
Fifth race, six furlongs: Envoy won Ros
coe second. Wild irishman third. Time:
I Uth race, Ave furlong: Robin Hood won.
To in Crabb second, immortelle third. Time:
1 .02.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. .-Oakland um-
First race, Futurity course: The Rousta
bout won, Titus II second, Mocorito third.
Time: l:liH.
Second race. Futurity course: Sir Edward
won, Tom McOrath second, Equorum Hex
third. Time: ,
Third race, mile and an eighth: Flaunt
won. Bannock Belle second, Iras third.
Time: 1:S3V
Fourth race, mile and a sixteenth, handi
cap: Kallaghan won. Tern's Rod second;
Nlgretle third. Time: 1:J6'4.
Fifth race, one mile: Firm Foot won,
Phalanx second. Chalk Uedrlck third.
Time: J:3i..
Sixth race, seven and a half furlongs:
Oraxlallo won, tiorgaletle second, Otto Stl
fel third. Time: l:3iVi.
LOS ANGELES. C'ai., Dec (.Ascot sum
ma ris:
First race, five and a half furlongs: Cres
ton Lov won, Astra second. Elevation
third. Time: 1:09.
Second ruix. mile and a sixteenth: Home
stead won. Couiant second, Huapala third.
Tle: :sm:.
Third race, six furlongs: Revolt won. Our
Lillle second. Hilonia third. Time: 1:15.
Fourth race, one mile: Hubs Wagner won,
Borghesia second. Lillie B. third. Time:
Fifth race, five furlongs: Mastersou won,
I)U Oladston second, Neatness third.
Time: 1:01 .
Sixth race, mile and seventy yards: Hot
won. the Huguenot second. Freeaias third.
Time: 1 :47.
Mrbaicra to Meet krliux. t
BOSTON, Dec. tl Joe Humphreys, man
ager for Terry McOovern, announced today
that he had accepted the conditions for a
match between McOovern and Battling Nel
lui at Ui Light tiuard armory iu Philadel
Oil trust lind In the first two years of Its
existence. Refineries and pipe lines are
not going to run away; they me valuable
property. They will earn money while you
sleep Money Invested In them Is safer
than In lots of trust companies or saving
Can Complete lao Well Per Veer.
With the drills now owned by the Uncle
Bam company we can drill over luO wells
every twelve months. The Income from
the two refineries and pipe line when com
pleted will pay substantial dividends and
run at least three more drills. Don't you
see by st-t-urluK stock In this company
row that you will soon have self-sustaining
property that Will develop Itself?
Stockholder In Every State and Ter
ritory In the I lion, Alan Old
Mexico. Cnnnda and
Philippine Island.
When you Join this company, you Join a
band of over 5.U00 strong-, representing in
fluential men from all sections of the coun
try. From Maine to California, and from
Canada to Old Mexico, unlimited financial
aid is hourly pouring In for mock in till
great company. The time to Invest In an
enterprise of any kind is while the work
of developing and construction Is in prog
ress. In Conclusion.
The charter name of this conipanv Is
"The Uncle Sam Oil company." Authorized
capitalization Is $10 OOO.OuO. Par value of the
stock Is $1.00 per share. Company is char
Can You Afford to Turn Down an
Investment in This Growing
The company 1 bending every energy to
raise sufficient funds to py for eighty miles
more of the main trunk pipe line. The
company now has delivered and PAID FOR
Sam company Is not only strong when it
comes to the refining and selling of refined
oils, but Is going to build a pipe line from
the oil fields to the big river refinery now
constructed at Atchison. We expect to be
from six to eight months in completing
this pipe line but It la going to be built.
Everyone must certainly admit that the
company has proven Its good faith along
the pipe line deal and Is making good every
promise. We oan pump oil from Cherry
vale to Atchison for SIX CENTS PER
BARREL. It costs five times that to ship
It there, besides the trouble for tank cars.
PER DAY. There is at present close to
$2.60 per barrel profit in .refining oil. Sup-,
11,320.00 will pay for one mile of the main trunk pipe line and buys 7,000
shares, par value 17.000
$700 will pay for over one-half mile, and buys 3.500 shares, -par value. . f 3.500
$500 will pay for nearly one-half mile, and buys 2,600 shares, par value $2,300
$800 will pay for nearly one-fourth mile, and . buys , 1,500 shares, par
value, . . . . . . . 7. ........... ......... . . . . . V. . . '."..' . '", $ 1,50 &'
$200 will pay for nearly one-sixth mile, and buys 1.000 shares, par
value ........$1,000
$100 will pay for over one-twelfth mile, and buys 500 shares, par value. $500
$50 will ray for ten Joints, and buys 250 shares, par value. .... ... . $250
$20 will pay for four Joints, and buys 100 shares, par value $100
In addition to The Uncle Sara Company selling Its treasury stock at the
above cash prices, the company also makes the following monthly payment
offer, so that investors of limited means can secure part of the present allot
ment before a big advance occurs, which Is certain to come. Offer is as follows:
7,000 shares, $200.00 cash, and six monthly payments of $200.00 eac,h
5 000 shares, 150.00 cash and six monthly payments of 160.00 each
3,000 shares, 90.00 cash ana six montniy payments or. . .
2,000 shares, 60.00 cash and six monthly payments of. .
1,000 shares, 30.00 cash and six monthly payments of . . .
500 shares, 15.00 cash and Bix monthly payments of. . .
250 shares, 7.50 cash and six monthly payments of . . ,
100 shares, 3.00 cash and six monthly payments of.
For a few days the Company will sell stock in Fiften Thousand
(15,000) lots par value $15,000 for 2,800 cash.
This amount of money will pay for considerably over two miles of main
trunk pipe line. Where a club of men go together the company will issue stock
as directed In amounts of 100, 600 and 1,000 share certificates Just as
directed. , '
Fifteen thousand (15,000) shares for $600 cash and six monthly payments
of $400.00 each. The chances are ten to one that long before you have tha
six payments made that the value of your stock will have increased double, and
be selling at close to 60 cents per share, If not higher.
II. II. TUCKER, Jr., Secretary, Cherryvale, Kan.
phia January 16. They are a division of tha
M) per cent of the gate receipts offered by
the promoters on the basis of 45 per cent
to Nelson and 35 per cent to McOovern.
"win, lose or draw," and the weight to bu
133 pounds at the ringside.
Trottlaa Board Finds J. W. Brother
and O. E. Wbltaey Gallty.
CHICAGO, Dec. . Th board of appeals
of the American Trotting association
handed down a large number of decisions
today, the majority of them, however, re
lating to protested collections and the dis
tribution of purses. J. W. Brothers of De
Moines, la., and George E. Whitney of th
same place were expelled, and the horse
Muyloens, alias Cuprum, alias Selash, waa
also ruled off the trotting turf. It being
shown that the two men campaigned the
horse under a false name. L. T. Colkett of
Grand Forks, N. D., was expelled for driv
ing a nurse under another than the proper
At a meeting of the bowling committee
last night the following teams were selected
to bowl afralimt the Guntiier team of Chi
cago, wbtch will be at the association alleys
Decern her 31 and January 1:
No. 1. at 2:30 p. in. Sunday, Decemiwr 31:
Fritscher, Potter, GJerde. Huntington,
No. 1, at w p. in. Sunday, December SI:
Conrad. Griffiths. Anderson, Frush, Deo
mun. No. 3. at 2:30 p iu. Monday. January 1:
G. O. Francisco. Clay, To line man, Johnson,
Since the Omaha team won eighth place
In iM trams at the last iiullonal tourna
ment it has been looked upon as a strung
factor In th bowimg world. The ll:(erel
shown In the event in Chicago was proved
yesterday when tli Chicago papers tele
graphed for list of th. men ho were
to oppose their championship team. Th
team lcld r tb strongest Xruia lb
tered under the laws of Arizona on account
of the non-llabllliy clause to the stock
holders. Every share of the stock draw
the same amount of dividends as any other
share. Approximately three-fourths of th
stock has Iwen siilecrited. nil of which ha
been sold for cnh or Its equivalent from
t lie start. There lx between liiii.WO and on gllt-edKe Installment coming In
about dully on slock already alloted
from the treasury. The rest of the treas
ury stock, if sold at 20 cents per share,
will net the company right at one-half mil
lion dollars. The stock during the next few
months will all bo sold. plie line completed,
barges built on the river, the big river re
finery completed, close to 100 more oil well
completed. I dirge distributing stations will
be established at Omaha, Council Bluffs.
Jefferson City. 'Bt. Louis and other river
Points that are not already takon care of.
t may take eight months or a little longer
to complete this work, but It will b com
pleted, and the man who secure this stock
now and who will bold it and give th
company time to complete Its great work.
Is bound to realise a five-fold advance on
his Investment, for We honestly believe th
stock will sell In the open market by that
time at $1.00 per share.
How to Send Money.
Make all drafts or check payable to th
Uncle Sam Oil company. Stocks will be sent
by return registered mail and report sent
to you at least once every two weeks. For
further particular send for Fifty Photo
graphic Views of the Oil Fields and th
Refinery. Also remember that It I Just a
question of a few days until the first
machinery for the river i-eflnerv will arrlva
at Atchison, when this stock may be ad
vanced to & or 30 cents per shar.
pose, however, that this company should t
able to only make $1.60 per barrel, with all
the advantages of the pipe line and cheap
river transportation, how long do you think
It will be until the company will be hand
there Is a great future to this company?
Can you afford to let this stock get out of
your reach? Now, the company desire
every Investor In Its stock to make money,
and we solicit your investment In the stock
of this company in good faith, believing It
ha a splendid future. Sympathizers with
the Independent men against the present
Oil trust oppression are the kind of men
this company desires. It being very Impor
tant to complete the main trunk pipe line,
the company has made some special prices
on the stock. As you will notice by th
figures below, certain amounts will pay for
so many Joints and rods and mile of pip.
We would be glad to have you with us, and
we know we offer you value received. You
can Invest In this company on the following
basis by making immediate remittance:
90.00 each
60.00 each
30.00 each
16.00 each
7.60 each
3.00 each
league player and are certain to gtv th
Gunthera some exciting contests.
The Stephens & Smith took two out of
three from th Armour No. 2 on tb
Metropolitan bowling alley last night.
1st. 3d. 3d. Total.
Hamblet 107 1:5 ' lti2 464
Stlne 169 VA Vol 47
Hinrlcks 160 174 1X9 6J3
Drlnkwater 1W Ibl ' IKS 518
Cauk-nlln 144 Yii loo 444
Totals 799 747 867 i40i
1st. 2d. ' 3d. Total.
Furay 159 los 186 612
Welmer Its 1M 148 bi
Manning 118 139 151 - 4J
Griffin 140 18 lo7 4J4
Collins 2li 1C 157 Hi
Totals KM 733 Sus 2,354
Prlaeet.a to Coafer.
NEW YORK, Dec. (.-Princeton univer
sity ha declined to attend tha conference
on foot ball which the New York university
authorities have Invited twenty colleges aud
universities to attend. Nine of tha twenty
colleges Invited have already accepted and
five Have refused the invitations. Answci
from th other ar. still awaited.
n.asala .( Four Mora Victims of
Esplosloa Still la Dtaanoad.
vlll Mlac.
. CHEYENNE. Wyo., Dec. . - Kl,v
bodies were recovered from the Diamond
villa mine lust night, making fourteea
bodies so far recovered. The four that re.
main have been located and will be recov.
ered without difficulty. There Is found t
hav been no damag to th niln elhaa
Uiaa th blowing of braille