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"Zat; an International Romance," by
nuprt Hushes, In th story of a pianist's
battle for recognition In Isw Tork. Ladl
ilar MonhiiFiko Id young, he la a genius
"thn one man In hi thousand pianists.". He
come s to New York.' unknown, to prove his
powers, which at first only the elect few
reeosnlse. One of these few Is Rose Mar
grave, herself a musician of no mean merit.
At tadlslav's first concert Rose, capitulates.
6he want lessons from Ladlslav, but
her father's ,vealtti will prore a barrier,
no she K"ra to him a a poor girl whose
all la striked upon her musical equipment.
And so the romance of the story begins.
Ldinlav la soon the rage In New York.
nn1 his fan-e grows with everj conceit
to the greedy delight of his gambling father
mid the tender pride of thn gentle mother
whose , devotion for her son la equalled
only by hla rfevotlon to her. Rose's parenta
neve destined her for an English duke; but
I,adtslar'a undlfigulsed Infatuation fires
Rose and ' sweeps away all her prudence.
Kven when Ladlslav saves Rose's life at
Mtter -coat, lier fiitlwr relaxes not at all
Ma determination to wed hla daughter to a
duke And carries her off across the sea,
whlla t,adlsim- finds his growing honors
empty unrt vnln. Rose's flight back to
.America, her m fringe while her father
rages at the door keep the Interest and ex
iltemeflt up to the last page. The book I
from the press of the Century company.
"The Wheat Princess," by Jean Webster,
author of "When J'ntty Went to College.'
shows gratifying growth' of the author In
skill and power. The; wheat princesa,
Marcla Copley, la aa pretty, attractive and
altogether lovable as an American girl can
be. IJfo n the Villa Vlvalantl, where the
family of Marcla'a uncle takes up summer
residence, "begina. very comfortably, grows
picturesque 'ami develops rather thrilling
Incidents, for Marcla's millionaire father In
America has cornered the wheat market
and the Italian peasants, their heavy bur
dens rendered almost unbearable by the
scarcity of bread, grow angry over the lux
urtoua life and careless generosity of inno
cent Marcla and her relatives.
Of course Marcla's lovers have their part
In the plot, and the most Interesting of all
the men we meet In the pages of "The
Wheet Princesa" is an American of strong
Italian sympathies, who. In addition to be
Ing a man well worth the knowing and
well worthy of Marcla'a loving, reveals an
Interesting side of Italy's life and prob
lems. There la no question that "The
Wheat. Princess". la romantic and fasclnat
log reading. Published by the Century
"The Art of Caricature," by Grant
Wright Is a manual designed for the use
of students, but of value to all who are
Interested In the history and development
of the art of caricature. The book con
tains many Illustrations of this work
groat number being reproductions of
famous cartoons, which furnish, a hauls
for the introductions and gives the volume
a historical value. The Baker & Taylor
Co. are the publishers.
"The Making of a Man" by Dr. Orison
Sweet Marden, one of the . few secular
books having accomplished . as much as
the remarkable "Self Help', by Samuel
Smiles, and If any man at the present time
is qualified to continue the subject, that
man la certainly Dr. Marden, who Is so
well Identified with the magazine . "Buc
cess," of which the title and record are
synonymous. The book is a succession of
talks to boys on such subjects as "Self
Honor," "The Price of Success," "Raskin's
Motto," "I Must, Therefore I Can," "Cour
age at the . Sticking Point," "Courtesy,
Tidiness, and Heart Sunshine," and many
others, twenty-one helpful sections of
book that it will please any youth to own
and prise. This will make a splendid gift
lor any boy or young man.
"The Joy of Friendship", is a collection
of quoted passages referring to this noble
theme, which have been compiled by Mary
Allette Ayer. Miss Ayer gained recogni
tion as a compiler of unusual taste and dis
crimination when she produced the "Dally
Cheer Tear Book." She has arranged the
book In sections, respectively, enti
tled "The Love." "The Companionship,
The Bympathy,". "The Influence," and
"The Immortality of Friendship," with a
'losing section entitled "The Divine
rlendshlp." The book has a dainty cover
with a design of forget-me-nots and makes
a very appropriate gift book. Lotbrop,
lvee at Bhepberd Co. are the publishers.
"Cameron of Lochlel," by Charles O. D.
Roberts, is an interesting and valuahi
romance -which deals with that period of
Canadian history when, the French and
ng!ish were struggling for the possession
or canaoa.
Archie Cameron "of Lochlel." in viu
from his. native land, while at school in
Canada.' forms a strong friendship for a
young French fellow student, ana a deep
aitecnpient ror his friend's sister. Later,
nowever, as a capuan or a company of
Scottish Highlanders, he finds himself an
enemy 10 - nis scnool-day comrade, and
bound te duty, compelled to wage bitter
Jsalsajjk SJfSlfs
Saturday jjU)
UT-TQN-fWC Cards
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Ladies' Tailored Suits
warfare against him and his people.
5 jf
And a long pull describe the pthw
of a woman afflicted, with female weak
ness unlets she It under the care of a
doctor who hat had successful eiperienoe
In the treatment of tuch cases or else hat
found the right remedy which can be
safely used tnuependently of the doctor.
Forty years ago. Dr. R. V. Pierce found
that women were being grossly mal
treated mainly through Ignorance and
earttlnssneeg, and he determined to devote
himself to study and research till he
found the real cause of their suffering
and a proper remedy for It.
He found it, and dug from Nature's
Laboratory, the earth. Aoture'i remedies
fur woman weaknesses and ailments,
lie found In Lady's Slipper root. Black
Cohosh root. Unicorn root, Blue Cohosh
root and Golden beal root the required
The remedial virtues of these he
trscted, combined and preserved by bit
own peculiar non-alcoholic, glyeerio pro
teases, and the compound Is now known
the world over, as Dr. Pierce's Favorite
"The wearing of cereals too tlrat seemed
So have bruugut on an ebdumlntl pressure,
weakwing the ligament and resulting fa
dUplaoement, which truubled me uotlTTwst
not It to walk, and at time could herdlf
stand." writes Mrs. BeTerty Sltgreavea. of 14
tUuo Iw. Ban Francisco. Cel. "A. neighbor
adviMd ase to try Dr. fterce'a Favorite fre-
n pi loo, Before tbe fret buttle wa naed
lt much better. Improveaeut weal
steadily on. ead within tour months I was
like a new and well woman on re sore. 1
am bow perfectly well and (Iron, end -uwniely
grateful to you for your blessed
remedy a sou to slok women.
A Qreat Doctor Book Free. Send tl one
cent stamps to Dr. R. V. Plflrce, Buffalo.
N. Y., to rover mailing and he will send
tou a free copy of his lOus-page Common
Sense Medical Adviser, pa per -covered.
Cloth-corered 31 t la id pa.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are th
best and safest laxative for the use o
sVeJlcate wais
Worth up
to $25, at
T7A TV T7 T 77 1 M lETTO.
H ' II '
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Spoon, set
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Ladles' plain hemstitched, fine sheer quality
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The Moy er Stationery Co,
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hardship of this position can readily be
understood, and the trying circumstances
in which the young man finds himself can
not fail to win the sympathies of all; but
the author's denoument is most logical
and reasonable and puts to shame those
historical novels which sacrifice reason to
The story has great merits of sincerity.
simplicity and originality. It ' abounds in
the riches of Canadian tradition, folk-lore,
and perished customs, and depicts a beau
tiful and gracious life, a life of family de
votion, and chivalry and courage. ' Pub
lished by I C. Page oV Co.
There will be one of Myra Kelly's stories
of East Side child life in the Christmas
Century. "Star of Bethlehem." the tale of
a little Jew's last Christmas; with illus
trationsone in tint by Jay llambiidge.
A book of travel which has recently been
published 'by Dodd. Mead tc Co., la "The
Silken East, a Record of Life and Travel
in Burma," by V. C. Boott O'Connor,
comptroller of Aasam. ' The volume sums
up the results of the author's observations
during a great many years of active
service there.. The book is at the same
time scientific and popular. It is both an
exhaustive and authoritative work on the
natural features of the country and the con
dition of the people, and also, by reason of
its excellent description and lively nar
ratlve a book of Interest' to the general
reader! The book Is fully Illustrated.
A new kind of tribute to a book has
recently been paid by a New . Torker to
Booth Tarklngton's "The Beautiful Lady."
McClure-PhlUlps were called upon for a
apare cover of that , volume In order that
the red and gold title might be attached
to the applicant's motor car. Here Is a
new consideration for authora In naming
their stories: Will the title fit an auto
mobile? ;
"Where the Sporttnan Loves to Linger."
is one of the late publications of the J. S.
Ogllvle Publishing company. The book
describee the three moat popular canoe
trips In Maine, the Allagash.. the East and
west Branches of the Penobscot. It will
be illustrated with seventy-six pictures
taken along the route. The author is O.
Smith Stanton of . New York, a son of
Elisabeth Cady Bunton. The narrative.
which is an Intereatlng and amusing- one,
begins In New Tork and brings the trav
eler back to New Tork again. ,
The Menace of Prlvileae: X Sturtv rt
the Dangers of the Republic from the Ex
istence 01 a ravored uiaas." la the full
title of Henry George, ir.'u, new book.
puouanea OV the alacmlllan Co. The
volume ia a brief, nlaln. direct'
tlon of the great problems, aimple and
i-ompiex, mat are lining In' the United
States and omnloualy Dreaelna- for solution
In particular Mr. George takea up such
suojecis aa the cause of the .rtr.,...
dlnary Inequality In the distribution of
weaun. me rise of class feelina. the
growth of the aristocratic Idea, the rise
ui a militant trade unionism and the
deepening corruption' of politics.
Above booka at lowest retail nria
Matthews. 123 South Fifteenth street.
M'atcUes-Krenxer. laiti and IXxJg.
l SXSSMg-jJ.fc ". mi '""jii niM 111 'J'i'nlfl'ii
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U 1L
Only 15 Shopping Days 'till Christmas .
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Dry Goods Section Thursday
I 1 " H
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i1,08 do"bl hemstlch all around regular f A A
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China. Section
Good, Sensible Christum Pres
ents from Onr Larse Assortment.
Prices Rla-hti 7'
DINNER ShiT-Whether Havlland
, China. .English or American Por-
relain-snrlr-wi lowest ever quoted.
MO-piece SKIS AS Jc ra
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And up to ao,v Fine line ttn
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Hon Dishes, Bowls, Comports, etc.
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gas A marvel . in the science
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Crockery, 2d floor.
Toy B&.zaar,
in full twin
ort 2d Hoof.
Bring the
Little Folks.
. Stock of
in the West
VeT sm.. AA. H 4sM lA SBaMT.
AS. fV SW BH -
aa-i ifTssresnt iMirtlsssi It mLsrht
and then pay ua a small weekly or
mommy payment uum jw
out of debt. We loan en furni
ture. Pianos and other Chattels,
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upon their own agreement to
J t r,,l..r
JMJ. uur crviua w .
and we always iry o pimmm.
aos a. itn st.
'Pbene OS.
iin iu uiiiuriuu
and Return via
Dec. 16th to 19th Inclusive
Pv t a pt'Q DENTAL
L. lAri Brooms,
My 1517 Douglas St
LcavcG; Omaha 6:00 P.
Arrives Chicago 7:30 A.
Dining Car Cervlc ,
(P) ' r A Mirror, Brush and Comb -'(f?)
'i In sterling silver would make a handsome gift for ' J t
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- i8l Douglas St ' VJX
Great December Reduction
Sale 'n 0ur gty. Ctoak Department
Never before have we shown such an array of
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duction Ssle. Never before have we shown sueh
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Handsome Suits, In, long Chesterfield, short jacket
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fects, come In plum, greens, cardinals, navy blue,
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gains at Reduction Sale price 10. J U
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$35 Astrakhan Coats $24 0O
Women's 72-tnch Coney Scarfs, worth $5, at! .f2.98
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Manufacturer's Stock of Silk Underskirts
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I5.W Bilk Wtlstn, all colors.
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n Omr JAlkAla rtstrles unl aaila tfblwvr ..... ........
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Sap Apples 1.73
Fancy new Imp. Figs, per lb..... 13c
There is one office building in Omaha; that is
always warm in winter and cool in summer. There are
not very many offices vacant at the present time in
The Bee Biiilditiff
Among them, however, are some very choice small
offices,; which rent from $10 to '$18.; This price in
cludes electric light, heat, water and janitor service
and the advantage of being in an absolutely fire proof
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Re G. PETERS CO- , Rental Afeats.
' Ground Floor, Bee Building. . .
' . During the Holiday Season Tickets at one-",
and one-third fare for the round trip will' be 9
sold between points on the '
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Dates of sale are December 22, 23, 24, 25,
. ,. - 30and 31, 1905, and January 1, 1906. Return
1 limit January 4.
", These low. rates apply to all stations on the
4 'St. Paul Road" regardless of distance limit.
- ' Ask the ticket agent about rates and train serv-
ice, or write to
F. A. HASH, General Western Agent, :
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Trunks, Traveling Bags, and Suit Cases
We have Jnst received a large shipment fer the noli
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Alfred Cornish & Co.
Fhone314 ' ; ' ItiO rotmom mtrt
No Headache, Nervousness or Insomnia
Cy3eira nWe Sgars
eeause Veu Are SmoklnjA Fine Selected Havana Tobee
and Which Haa Bcn Carefully an Profsrly Treated.