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AbnsM Baid to Txiit ob Great
Beaerra Expoied.
Anemt Arrr4 f Illegally lo4r.
Trentr Ifrrmtati to Kitor
th Bis (ittlrnra.
On tho Choyenne rlviT reservation, a
portion of tho great Sioux reserve In Houth
Dakota, I ha Indian have Wen atitYcilug
!rom a. condition or land leasing that ha
attracted the attention of the Indian
Right association. 8. M. Rroslu. a apo
dal agent of the association. Iiaa made
an Investigation, and makes a report to
'he secretary, Matthew K. Biiiffen, aa
22,r.,Ch,'ynne river reservation contain
J.M7.40 acres which were aet apart for
their separate use by the terms of tlie
act ef congress of March 2, Js. It has
bee.i the avowed desire, of the govern
mrnt that the Indian should become self
supporting, and since the lands of the
theyenne river reset vatinn are primarily
adapted for grating purposes, tho agree
ment ratified hy congress above referred
to, provided for the purchase and Issue
l to the Indiana of 2i,000 atock cattle, which
were Issued to members of the tribe. Many
nf the Indiana profited by the advice of
the government and carefully preserved the
cows Issued to them, together with the
increase, so that they were upon a basis
of self-support. This was the condition
at the time of the advent of the present
agent, In 190ft. Previous agents over theso
Indians had been found to be unscrupulous,
oftentimes, and left their baneful effects
upon the tribe.
.Soon after the assumption of the duties
of agent tho present appointee seems to
have determined -4o lease the tribal lands
to outside rattlo men, by fair or foul
means, and tho accomplishment of such
purpose and the attendant evil of bis
administration haa caused demoralisation
to tho best interests of the Indians, espe
cially In the matter of oncoming self
supporting and Independent owncra of
cattle. The co-operation of officials of the
Chicago, Milwaukee & fit. Paul Railway
company was an Important factor, they
rendering personal assistance. The tracks
of the railroad company are favorably lo
cated for securing the shipment of stock
to snd from the reservation, of which
trsffio they (lave a practical monopoly.
I.eaalaa; of tho Cottle Troll.
The first effort of the combine to se
cure the lease of the tribal lands was In
100, when the Indians were called together
In general council and urged to lease what
Is known aa the "Cattle Trail," a section
of country on the northern side of the
reservation now six miles In width and
extending east and west a distance of about
eighty miles. The tribe in general council
flatly refused to lease. Not daunted, the
ugent called the six chiefs Into police
headquarters, created another chief upon
the spot to act aa councilman, so that
there might be n majority of so-called
cotiocllmen to agree on the lease, the full
number of counciltnen required being
twelve. These seven men without authority
to sieak for the tribe in any question
Involving the disposition of tribal lands,
were Importuned to agree to the lease,
promises of individual benefits being made
to them by tho railroad officials, etc.
"While these seven Indians claim they did
not all agree to the proposed lease In
form, the agent reported the ratified agree
ment of lease to the Indian bureau.
thai rcmicst of the agtllt. Who
cirri without authority from tho tribe, it
I ihut nrnnnMlfi were sent from
ih Indian office in Washington Inviting
via the Krlvlleae of Erasing the west
ern half of the reservation, which contains
in the mnrresate 1.426. 7(6 acres. A council
was called by the agent, the Interpreter
stating that the lands had already been
ina..H sn.i that the Indiana could not help
thuniaelvea. although no action had been
i.L.n hir the tribe in council. This repre
sentative council soon decided not to leaae
their lands, and realising me neeu tor eon
rutted action, annointed two of their mem
t..ra In nnnuvnt them in DrOtCSting tl
the government. White fculj and bellow
Owl were selected for thla task. They
(Irnva across country some ninety miles to
Ptsrre and secured aid In writing a letter
to tlie Indian department protesting against
tha agent's action and requesting that an
Investigation be made of the question.
Iao tab mrnt of Complainants.
Jt was several niontho before an Inspector
was detailed to Investigate the subject,
and. tf nnsslbla. seoura the legal consent
of the tribe to the lease, but in the mean
time the a rent who was Biinnosed to pro
tect these Indians was evidently planning
how best he could secure the accomplish
ment of his purposes, and he decided to
cuerce White Dull and Yellow Owl' by im
prisonment and other means.
White Bull's personal narration of what
he suffered savors of darkest Kusstau rule.
He slated:
"The agent refused to write our wishes
to the commissioner of Indian affaire, so
I wrote from Ilerre, where I had gone for
that purpose. When I came Irrmie and the
ugent heard of what I had dono be sent
the police tor me and I was arrested and
thrown In Jail without being told why I
was so treated. The chief of police came
and told me that the agent directed him
to cut my hair and he did so. I was kept
In Jail three months, compelled to work
at hard labor, digging ditches, cleaning
yards and grading roads, for which I never
received any pay. I represented the Indians
in a straightforward transaction, but the
agent used me as an example to cow the
rest of the tribe so they wJuld not object
any more to the leasing of the lauds. The
agent told nie after I was released from
prison that he put me in Juil for two
reasons; first, for leaving the reservation,
and. Second, lor kicking against what Com
missioner Jones decided to have done."
following the Imprisonment of White
Hull and Yellow Owl, an Investigation wo
made by an Inspector In July, l'3, and here
again the Indians are said to have been i
nver-reached. The members of tho tribe
residing In the western portion of the recr
vatton were more strenuously opposed to
leasing their section of the reservation
than those who were settled upon the east
ern portion, whose graalng grounds would
not be disturbed thereby. When a tlnie
Was se( tr voting upon the question nf
leasing the western half, the members of
the tribe were railed in and It Is alleged
that on account qf the hour for voting
having ben chanced from 1 Q'clock In the
afternoon pf the day to the forenoon pf the
same day, many of the members most In
terested In opposition to the lease had nut
yet reached the council, hence they did not
have the privilege of Voting. The vote
being taken showed 139 favorable to leas
ing, with 154 opposing it. Tho lease of
the "cattle trull lands being voted upon
the decision of the tribe was recorded by
fxrartlcally the same vote.
Leasing of the Eastern Half.
In March. 1!4, an effort was made by
the government to lease the eastern section
of the reservation, ciaitalning yjS.XHi acres.
The porilon of the tribe living In t lie west
eru section of the reservation were made to
fool that they had been opposed in leasing
the lands they occupied, so In retaliation
they were incited to vote for leasing the
eastern part by fostering prejudice among
them. Another scheme to insure success
on the part of the agent who was there to
see that the Indians had fair treatment
seems to have been Well planned and
worked out. The residents of the White
Morse district. In the eastern ortion, were
naturally opiaiaed to leasing their pasture
lands: so It announced the day before
the vote upon the question of leasing was
taken -lhat the White Horse members
would be given their rations at home, forty
mtles distant from the agency, where Iti-v
were gathered for the purpose of voting
imatnsi the lease. This order had the ef
feci "f induclnr many of these Indians to
go to their homes, ws they were in need of
I ho ration for dally food. The residents of
the western portion, however, who favored
baaing the vastcm lauds mere given ra
Hons at the agency. I heir vote In full ladng
retordrd In favor of leasing. The result of
liis vote was: In favor of leasinti. lot: op.,l to If-asina. lio: total vole polled, -it.
The secretary of the interior based all
the trllval in mix and I lie uuleiieed allotted
lauds Of the reservation, with no other uu
Hiorliv than Hint mentioned above, having
been secured from the hull ins. The treaty
tf IMM mid agreement of htAveen th
government und thetw Indluna laro.ldcs:
"Article I:' No treaty for thr cession of
any portion or wiil of the reservation
herein descrila-d. M hielt muv be held In
common, shall be of any validity or forc
it attains! Hie said Indiana, unless executed
.ind signed bv at least lliree-fuurlhs of ail
the adult mule Indians occupying or Inter,
tated ill the same.''
Siivi It requires the rxcciitien of an tn
stiionent of tonal dignity to grant a lease
as one providing for the cesdon of lands, it
tuusl be ".imerdeit lhat lu render the leaae
l.' end binding upon the I'hIiuu tribe at
least Ihree-lourlliS ot liie adult male In
diana must first agree lo the terms of the
The Indians claim that at the time of the
nunril proceedings concerning the leasing
f the lands there were T.'l male Indians
over lli eure of age entitled to vote. The
use limit of IS years is liiaT adopted by the
tiuvernmrnt In all regulations concerning
rations and allotments, and by the Indiana
themselves In their deliberations covering
ti; . -ttlon "f their business council. It
appeals, therefore, that not an acre of the
I i.e,inr rlv.-r reservation lands has been
legally l"aed, nor has there ta-en accepted
by the Indians any proposition by a ma
jority vote to leaae any of their lands.
Millie the Sftretary of the interior h"
I'suully lacn do-aed lo protect thr right
of ti e Indians, In this instance a gross
Injustice to have' been done I he
t'l ev.nne Hlver Hloux We tail to find nny
warrant of law for bis action. While the
fed. ral "iiprerne ci.un decided In the Ioue
Wolf case that congress may abrogate sn
Indian ttealy or ngn-.-mettt. no authority
exists fur an executive officer to violat-'
an ngieement authorised by congress, as
waa done in the pr i tit instance.
Ilraalts of the I. racing.
As already shown, the Indians nccepleri
the proffer of the government In agree
ing 10 tux act or (onaress of lssn with Its
promise of fostering the cattle Industry,
and many niemla rs of the trUa were self
supporting through the revenue derived
from their herds. The illegal leasing and
the unjust restrictions now sufTi red by the
tribe have almot ruined this Industry. The
head of a family is permitted to have lcl
head of stock In tile leased pasture sur
rounding his home. For all excess stock
he Is compelled lo accede to anv sharp
lnrgaln the lessee may InBlst upon, the
alternative being to dispose of his surplus
stock the best way possible, and It usually
rtsilta In ruining the Indian herd. Thr
Indian agent has uniformly protected the
hses. and appeals to him tnmi the
Indians go unheeded. He haa posted writ
ten and printed notices over the reserva
tion, warning the Indians that they "are
prohibited from rounding up stock at anv
time" without his permission or that nf
the while lessee, on pain of arrest hy po
licemen and being brought perhaps l.V)
miles to the agency, and being "liable to
Kunishmcnt for the offense." This notlcfj
ai the desired effect. Indians, naturally
timid, feared to look after their cattle In
the pastures and they have been scattered
and lost, frequently being shipped to
market by the lessee without the Indian's
knowledge, and thr proceeds not accounted
for to li I nr. The Indian cows do not do
well, being run down by the lesser 'a steers,
resulting In a decreased nuniber of calves,
the latter being hugely lost known as
"mavericks" by reason of the Indians not
being permitted to look after Ihem, as
The Indian agent has discouraged many
persons from opening stores and prohibited
others, which has resulted in a practical
monopoly In trailing. During the time of
my visit to the agency potatoes were sold
by one store at the agency at 2 cents per
pound (perhaps $1 per bushel); Just across
the river, outside the reservation (tho
stores one mile apart), the price for the
Lower Pritei Em Throngi Whola Liit
of Cercala.
Kin Weather nod So Ursaand Makea
torn Kosy Lighter Hrrrlpts ot
Oata Are Kaprrtrtl Phrooas
rssl Floor Boslnrsa.
No. northern. TWtjc;
May. He
OATS To arrive and on
lrcember, TSc;
same grade of potatoes was ifi to 30 cant
per ousnci.
I have shown the demoralization result
ing from the Illegal len-dnn of the land.
The Indians are suffering from additional
evils of administration, concomitant, how
ever, with it. The giving away of prop
erty In the rianoe, which waa not prac
ticed for eleven years previous to the
present agent's incumbency, haa been re
vived, the result being most disastrous
In breaking down Individual Incentive to
Independence. A low moral tone is prev
alent, the Indians, nnturallv. not respect- I
Ing the authority or those who themselves
una intoxicants and seemingly approve
such habits In others.
The friends of the Cheyenne river Indians
feel that they have retrograded by reason
of tho present administration of that
agency and lost the advancement gained
In ten or twelve years of former effort i
for the betterment of the conditions among
these Indians. The future welfare of the
trlle depends largely upon the nature of
reforms instituted a a result of tho pend
ing Investigation. 8. II. HROSU'S.
Agent Indian RiRhts Association.
Cotton Market.
YORK. Nov. 25.-COTTON Snot
ll.Tov; mid-
closed dull; middling uplands,
tiling gulf. K'.OOc; no sales.
firm; prices 6 points lower; American mid
dling, fair, .&); good middling. B.L'.'d:
middling, 6.('il; low middling, u.sari; good
ordinary. 6.7:'d; ordinary S.lMd. Tho sales
of the day were 1.0"0 lmles. of which a
were for spuculation and export and In
cluded 4. Boa American. Receipts, 19.WO
bal' H. including 14, 3 American.
BT. LOflS. Nov. 25.-l'OTTON-8teady;
middling, llc; sales, none; receipts, i-n
hales; shipments, &J0 bales; stock. !,313
Kteady; sales. l. bales; ordinary. X7c;
good ordinary, lotrli) l-16c; low middling.
HI 1S-1-; middling. 11 9-lfc; good middling,
11 lG-lf-j; middling fair, I2'c; receipts,
11,773 bales; stock. SU.Wti bales.
OMAHA. Nov. 35. 1.
The market waa lather heavy, as there
was nothlrg In the new which particu
larly favored the buying side. Argentina
weather Is favorable for ir.-ur:ng the
wheat crop and cables today Imilcate there
has been no appreciable riamnge to wheat.
Tho movement the last week was S.IZI.OUU
bushels, which Is l.TOH.oO bushels more than
for the corresponding week last year. Liv
erpool was steady, varying from 'd lower
to i4d higher. Influence. by the moderate
clearances from this country-
Fine weather, an easier cash msrket and
no demand gave a lower range of values
to corn. Trade was light the bulk of the
day and the tone" wsa heavy. I tider exist
ing conditions the trade does not see any
thing but lower prices eventually. Liver
pool was c shade lower at the close.
Oats were off with wheat and corn.
Lighter recelpta are probable and the estl
niste for local arrivals Monday is IT7& cars,
which is small, considering that there will
be Sunday Inspection on four roads. De
mand Is good.
December wheat closed at aW'tjC, May ai
).,Ht,,c and July at Vii'i'-.
IVcember corn closed at iTe, old De
cember at talfcC, May at t3la43Hc R,ul Julsf
at 43c.
Oats closed with December at SSc, May
at 3IS)c and July at V9 3"1i'.
Clears ncea were f.tT.Ouo bushels of corn,
liiiOUi.i bushels of oats, KI.CMt bushels of
wheat and 17,000 barrels of flour. Primary
wheat, receipts were 1.4ti7,ouO bushels and
shipments a&l'.nnn bushels, against receipts
last vear of 1 .78,f bushels and shipments
of 4W.0tw bushels. Corn receipt were liHtt.OHO
nustiets aim sninmenis vtjA''! nusnei.
Hgalnst receipts last year of 8f.000 bushelf
ana shipments or nusnei.
Australian wheat shlDtnents this week
were 224.UOO bushels, against 2otv0i bushel
last weeK and srZ.uiiu busiieia last year.
Cash business It. Chicago yesterday wa
36.01)0 t.ushelH of wheat. itS.OnO bushels of
corn. Including tm.OOO bushels for export by
the southwest, and Wo.ll bushels ef oats
Kxport sales of corn at Chicago were
M.HOO bushels and of oats lTii.OOo bushels
A Toronto exporter wires: "We were
quite astonished today In sentlimnt with
reference to tho srrain markets. Quite
rarlv there was a change In our cable
which made us believe the bottom of the
market had been reactied. We received
twelve cables today, bid for Manitoba
wheat In all positions a little below the
nmrkot but If Ih.'V SlinlUrl IllinrOVe lo
morrow w should be absolutely convinced
that the market is on the bottom and that
something: better I going to be the out
come In general."
From the Inter Ocean: "Argentina new
can be counted on for the next thirty davs
or more a an individual factor In the
wheat market. Like all crop acares. there
m.ill tui v.tuntu of rnnnrta of both kinds.
".The flour business In th northwest and
BMithwAMi him reuohed nhenomenal pro'
tnna ) v. a iohi tnn rtava. Washbum-
t'mshv sold 118 Ooo barrels, almost a weelt'a
run illlubiirv made larare sales. The cs
ttmntes of the three states were eoual to
"Oa.ono barrels, or about S.tH'O.noO bushels of
wheat, some of the flour being for expori,
Omnlin Cash gale.
WHEAT No. 2 hard. 1 car, TDc; No.
hard. 1 car. 78c; No. 4 hard. 1 car, ,'3e.
CORN No. 4. i cars. ,,c.
RYE No. 3. 1 car, 61!4c.
Omaha Cash Prices.
WHEAT No. 2 hard. TTWaSdr; No.
hard. 74"t 7S': No. 4 hard, Hvfi'ilc; No.
spring. 78c: No. 8 spring, 74tnc.
11 K. .A.O. S. i&C: Kit. 4. t'-Ukc: IIH
grade, ,"4!;Wc; No. S yellow, 3Uc; No. 3
white. .13c.
OATH No. 8 mixed. TH4c: No. 3 wnite,
2SV; No. 4 whlta. 274f!'i1c.
It t "so. 3, wu; io. i, tuc.
(a riot ptevclpta.
Wheat- Corn. Oat
tHicAtaU GRti- 4D rnovisiotia
Fratorra of the Traolag and Cloalog
. Trlera on r of Trne.
CHICAOO, Nov. Sf Increased receipt of
wheat ta tne nortnmest caused an easy
undertone In the market here. At tne close
wneat for May delivery was off ,' Corn
waa down -y-iO- Oats showed A lo,s of
n. provisions were a shade to 7Vr"
ine wheat market opened at a slight de
cline, the May option being off 't c to
So at Mtt to Uti'tic. I'll tradet and
commission houses were moderate yllers.
1-iesrlsh sentiment was due cnletly lo the
liberal movement of new wheat In tho
northwest, supplemented by the clear
weather In that section of the country. The
large deliveries at Minneapolis snd uuluth
caused a conslderat-'e decline In tne price
ot wheat' on tlio curb at Minneapolis, and
thl decline In turn had a tmlncy lo
depress prices here. News regarding tho
wheat crop or Argentina was cnnilictmg.
Advices received early In the day were to
the effect that estimates on the crop are
being greatly reduced. The report In ought
out a fair demand, reaultliiK In a silent
rally, sales of May being made at l. 'V-
I.ater a message from huenos Ayres re
ceived by a Minneapolis trade Journal
stated lhat the damage by frost was slight
and that It would nave til perceptible ef
fect on the wheat crop. This view of the
situation in the Pouth American republic
dispelled all bullish sentiment snd cstixed
a recurrence of the early weakness. large
irlmsry receipts were an additional bear
sh Inffnence affecting the market late in
the session. During the dav the nricn nf
May declined to (lc. The close was easy i Sheep
with May at t4rt,t-iiV. Clearames of wheat The following
ann nour were equal 10 j..M,'f misneis.
Primary receipts were 1.46i.Oiin hmhels
against 1.07.oon bushels a year ago. Minne
apolis, Duluth and Chicago reported re
ceipts of 1.U4 care against fM9 cars last
eefc and 740 cars a year ago.
The corn market was Weak tnroiurhout
the day and the volume of trading ws
small. Clear weather throughout the cen
tral west caused selling hy pit traders,
which resulted In a moderate decline. Ex-
Kirt demand was slack ami there were
nrilcattoris pointing to an Increased move
ment. May opened c to '(-(Vac lower at
4Mffi4.'i"o to Wc sold off to 4-l- and
closed at 43'VfWSV Loesl receipts were
247 cars with 7 car of contract grade.
1 he dullness in the wheat and corn pits
was also In evidence In the oats market.
The features of the trading was buying
of May hy commission houses and further
liquidation ill December. Cash and export
demand was slow. The market wa slow
from start o finish. May opened a shade
higher at 31"c, sold ofT to SlSc and closed
at aiVd'-lVv Local receipt were HI
Provision were firm on fair d niand
from Investor and short. The steady
tone nf the hog market was a bullish In
fluence. At the close Mav nurlr tvu im
la"ir "t llS'tdlSOeH- lurd was up "V4
at 17.074. Ribs were a shade higher at
tj So.
Kstlmated receipts for Monday: Wheat,
lis cars; corn, 519 car; oats, 3T& cars; hnga
47."tM head.
The leading future ranged as follows:
Mtdtfata Rob of Cattle for tha Waek and
Market in Good Condition.
Oils and Hoaln.
NEW YORK. Nov. Vi. Ol LB Cottonseed,
firm; primn crude, nominal; prime yelluw,
aKaJ'c. Petroleum, steady; refined, New
Yolk, t?.R0; Philadelphia and Baltimore,
87.6n; same In bulk, $1.66. Turpentine,, dull,
Wyfrfue, asked.
lOSIN Steady; strained, common to
good, 83.90.
OIL CITY, Nov. 2S.-OIL8-Credit bal
ances, $1 .58. Shipments, K5.493 bbls., average
81,338 bbls. runs, 8:M90 bbls., average bt.bMl
bbls. Hhlpments, l.lmx, iy.,i.a bbls., aver
age 6t,lte bbls. j runs, Lima, 64,3au bbls., av
erage 44,111 tuns
a.VA.-NAii, ssov. uti i urpentine,
ROSIN-Nothlng doing; A, B, C. D, t4.3u;
E. 84.4.1; F, 84.50; G. $4.75; U $l.5; K. $5.0u;
N, $5.;H); W. U., $5.55; W. W $i.5.
4. One:
; mold
Kansas City
Minneapolis .
Omaha ......
St. Louis ...
Fair Ran of her for thr WeekFat
Wethers. Kwti anil Yearling Are
Mrad, with Fnt Lamb Fifteen
to 1 treat) ll vr Cent a H la her.
SOCT1I OMAHA. Nov. 24. ;i"..
Cttle. Hogs. Sheep.
Receipt were:
Official Monday
Official Tuesday ...
Official Wednesday
Oltletal Thursdav...
Official Friday
Official Saturday ..
Total this meek...
Same last week
Paine week befoie
Pame three weeks ago. .."7.24M
Same four weeks ami ,14.S't!
Slime week last ear. . . .24 filH
The following table show the receipts e-f
cattle. hc.a:s ami sheep at 8ouUi llinaha
for the year to date, comparing with last
IW. inc.
(Ti.tsMt gi'a.7e"S 74.7Hi'i.i'a) :.o4-'.ri4 12.7
I,873.8h. 1.64.14 2Sil,7:-l
tahla ii,ni the average
price of hogs at South Omaha for the lust
seversl days, with companions;
Data. J805 .iiwt.ltxi3.iiufc.:i901.llti.ilt'.
.M 7.044 17,13
8.eSi 7.U 1.77
;'.4:it t.i!" i'.''i-
l.aSo O.JeJ HT
IJ4 l.S 3.01W
I. IsM S4."H) 42.41N
:Z Ml 81.71) 4K.IM
W7I1 JS.S.11 Kti.ofti
;i.!i::i w.77o
34.4"? Ki.t9
4..1S.4 .(t7
Hogs ,
1...I 4 M.' 4 Ml I t 561 i T3i
... 4 4 4 M t sV 12)
a... I t J7UI 4 Sl 4 171 f Ml
4 :
4.1'-4 !
4.5CJ4 S2'i
4 Ni'bl.Vi
4 Kff t.70
Artlclea.l Open. Hlgh.l low. Close. Tet'y.
Ribs Jan.
881 8SWiK3t'H-4
43S;4;l,).'l 43',
! 95
! !714
T ro
6 65
6 So
31 V
13 V7W
13 lr.V4j;
7 02V,i
S5 I
7 074!
6 87Vi:
13 24
,13 7i
H 714
li Wi
7 07
6 65
V "1 Vf',
I'M 3o;
12 97UI 12 90
13 0341 12 If
7 00
7 074
( 65
C 85
hlcngo ft sivjifi ro
Kansas Cltv I.751I. 'JO
St. Ixiuis 8.0fho W
Hloi.ii Cltv fciifi.fiii
Indicates Sunday, Indicates hollduy
The following table show the orices paid
at the river markets for cattle!
Good to choice corn-fed steei-a $5.2"W) M
Fair to gootj corn-fed ateers 5 OoftS 25
Common to fair corn-fed steers 4.IKV35.O0
Good to choice range beef ateer.. 4.JMS4.M
ralr to uood rann heer steera s.60ii'4.2b
Good to choice cows and heifer... J.iiV ) I '.(
r;air to good cows and helfera J.wysnil
Fair lo good western cow 1.6i)"i 7"
Canner and cutter I.75f3 W)
Good to choice stocker feeder. J.oV(i4 10
i-air lo goo(f stocko-u find fperfers. 3.00"j3.oi
The following list shows the number of
far of feeders shinned to the country
Friday and tholr point of destination:
7 06
H 95
6 WiV,
6 85
Mogar ana Molasses.
NEW YORK. Nov. tt.-SCOAR-Raw.
Ann; fair refining, 3 15-16t3c; ceiitriCiiKal, W
test, 3 8-lSc; molasses sugar, 2 ll-lt'iJ4c;
-..a i i . . . v , . j 1 . . . n i . . . .
millli'i, n.i:o , a, t.iv, .u. i,
No. 8. 4.00c; No. 9, 8.9nc; No. lo.
No. II, 3.95c; No. 13, 3.80c; No. 1:1,
No. 14. 8.75c; confectioner' A, 4.56c
A. S.Ooc; cut lour, 5.4v; crushed,
powdered, tOJc; granulated, 4.70c;
MOLASSES Firm: New Orleans
kettle, aood to choice. 3v,i38c.
NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 35 -St"GAR Mar
ket, steady; oisui kettle, 3 3-ltic; open kettle
centrifugal, a (ci3 7-ltc; centrltugai wiutes,
8H'ac: yellows. SVff-'H": seconds. iVis.
MOLASSES Open kettle., Kii3'J'ic; cen
trifugal, lnu-w:.
Coffee Market.
NEW YORK'. Nov. 25. COFFEE Tho.
market for coffee futures opened steady at
an advance of 6 points in response to n I K It
Kiemh cables and small Kraztllan receipts.
It was tho first notice day for December
contiact and It was estln ated that notice
representing 800.000 bags were In circula
tion, tills lei, 10 some lurmer a-wucning,
about lialf the business being exchanges,
but the market ruled generally hrm and
closed lirm at a net advance of 5fil5 points.
SOes sure reiairted of lo!,5t) bugs Includ
ing December at 6."tiMuc: January, H.sor:;
..). 7 ,v.'? )if.n Mav ).1iif7.M:". Julv.
7 ;S5'(7 4oc; September, 5.0aC. 8pot. steady;
o. 7 Rio. $ l-Via-
Wool Market.
U)SI)ON, Nov. 5 WOOI-Tru.ling In
Wool was steady, pending opening of the
sixth series of auction sales on Noveinlier
'.8. The Imports ot this weeg were: .-sew
Houlh Wales, 15,'JW bales; Queensland. 13.
i3; Victoria. 9.513; South Australia. 5.017;
New Zealaiui. !k,; . npe Of iim nope ana
Natul, 1 405: 'Sliigiipore. J,7i5: Uuenos Ayres.
1.5iiu: various plucea. 8.'3. The arrivals for
the tirst series or tne i:N sales amount to
15.8H8 Iwiles. including 3.HO0 forwarded direct
to spinners.
ST. LOl'IS, Nov. 25. WOOI Steady, me.
diuin grades, combing and clothing. 3tii3oe;
liKht line, 2i'o2ijc; neavy nne, iati;ic; tuu
washed, 33'(il,).c.
tit York Hank Statement.
NEW YORK. Nov. 35. The weekly bank
statement of clearing house banks Issued
todav follows:
lawns. $1 in; ISO.-); decrease. $4 795.SHO;
deposits. IWfli.177.6oii; increase, IHk.iOO; cii
culation. $'4,60-'.it; decrease. i.s7.3.l; legal
tender. $74.44.tiuu; increase. S1.4j.tws': specie,
$IM.4'i.i'; iie i-i-aac, i.S59.3i"i; reserve, Ji -!ul.5u;
Increase, ki.l'bii.l'io; reserve reqtiiied,
IJI.7!t4.4t': liicieis.'. $.'7,150; surplus $S.1."7,
l': Increase. tii 'Jtl.SfO; ex-l'niled Stales de
posits, ll.l5),'.'75; inerease, $6.11, tnjo.
Mrlal Market.
NEW YORK. Nov. 35. METALS While
business was uuiet. as usual for Saturday,
all metals were firmly held. 4'oiar was
steady; hike and electrolytic, SlT.fssirr 17.50:
castimr. $14 7541 17 25- Iead is linn, with
quotations ranging from $5.35 lo $5.75, and
nailer al $i'i.h"'8..t. iron remain In tirm
demand at unchanged prices.
ST. IslCIH. Nov. 2.i.-METAL8-Iaead.
firm. $5.50. SiM'ller, higher. $4 05.
of the liar on
NKW YORK, Nov. 25. FLOl'R-Receipts,
31.3D7 bbls.; .exports,. 12,887 bbls.; saleb,
3.100 bbls.; market, dull; winter patents.
$4.3014.55; winter strnighta, $3.954.10; win
ter extras. $3.85t3.3&; Mlntusota bakers,
$3.65'H (,0; winter low grades. $3,7643.1:0. Rye
hour, steadv; fair lo good, $3.90fr4.10; choice
to fancy, tt.l6"j l.'io. Tf uckwheat flour, $ll
(!- -.. snot and to arrive.
BL'ClvWH EAT Dull; 2'sf0c.
CORNMEAL Steady: line, white and
yellow, $1.35; coarse. $1.16'1.18; kiln dried,
RYE Nominal; No. 3 western, 6c, c. i.
f. New York.
BARLEY Easy; feeding. 4oc, c. I. f.
Buffalo: malting. 5i)t)lV:. c- t. Buffalo.
CORN Receipts, 45,15o bu.; exports, 36.573
bu.; sale. 10.000 bu. Snot market, easy;
No. J, wi'.iC elevator and b4'c f. o. b. afloat;
No. 2 yellow, 6i'c; No. 3 while, (4'4u. The
option market was quiet und weaker, re
flecting larger receipts, easy cables and
line weather and closed ,,tJLr lower! Jan
uary closed 63c; May, iM'.c, closed at
WHEAT ReceittM. 126.500 bu.; exports,
'J.uCJi bu.; sales, l.'AiO.Ooi) bu. Spot market,
steady; No, 2 red. 91Sc elevator and
93tc f. o. h. afloat; No. 1 northern, Duluth.
91:Su f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 hard, Manitoba,
!IV f- o. b. afloat. Option opened easy
on the big northwest receipts and prospect
lor heavy world s snipmcnts on Monuay.
Wheat recovered and wus firm most of tho
morning Influenced by bullish-. Argentina
crop news and covering, li nuatiy ewncti
olT Sllgntiy unoer reauainii nun niiMia
partly higher: May, 9l''f9l 11-16c. closed
914e; Deceiulier. ul'4t!llSo. closed 91V:.
OATS Receipts, 91.900 bu.: exports, ll.liuu
bu. Spot market, steady; mixed oat. 26 to
32 lbs., 86c; natural white. 30 to lbs.,
361ti37Vc; Cllppad while. 36 to 40 lb.,
STV'n 40c.
FEED Steady; shipping. 5oSboc; good
choice. StfitHHc. , ,
unPS-Ptim: slate, common to choice.
19n5 1422c; 1904. 13SM7e.; olds. 58c; Pa
cific coast. 19o5. loi 15c; 1904. lm&Hc; olds.
5'a c.
HIDES Firm: Galveston. 20 to 25 lb.,
Joe; California. 31 to 33 lb., 21c; Texa dry,
24 to 3 lb.. Ilk.
LEATHER Firm; acid. 26V,jtfi'-7'.c.
PROVISIONS Beef, quiet; family. $11.50
612.50; nies. $9 .Vi'd 10.50: beef hams, $2l.0out
22.50; packet. $10.5t'' 11.50; city, extra India
mess $l7.5ful8 Ou. .Cut meats, steady; pickled
bellies. $ii.7DUHI50; pickled shoulders. $6.5K'gS
7.00; pickled hams, l iVfij. Lard, steadv;
western steamed. $7.4im7.55; refined, stesdy;
continent. $7 86; South America, 8S.30;
compound. $6 76. Pork, quiet; family. 816 5o;
short clear. $13.5ti l.5o; mess. $16,0O"al5.i(0.
RICK Steady; domestic, fair to extra, 34
i6c: Jupan. nominal -
TALLOW-Steady; city ($2 per pkg),
4"ic; country ttikgs. free), 46c.
BUTTER Easy : street price, extra
creamery. 34e; onieiai prices uiicunugeu.
CHEKSE Irregular: state, full cream,
small and large, colored and white. Sep
tcinber, fancy. 1JV-; slate, fair to good, 13c,
EOtia Fl"ni: state. Pennsylvania and
nearby selected. 3S'n4oc. slits, choice. 35'iJ
HTe- state, lulled, e.lra. Sic; western, finesl,
j', - atate brsis. ie'nt'c: souinenis,
"POI'LTRY Alive, weak; western chick
ens. 13c 1 fowls. 12c: turkeys. 14c. Dressed,
steady; western ihlikrns. 4jl3'.ic; turkeys,
Ht3oc: fowls, i13c.
IMInneapalis Grain Market.
patents. $4.7rti4.tsi; seeond patents, $4.iutf
t; first clear. $3.oit3 75; secund clears,
$2.4'-i2 55.
BRAN III bulk. $11.50.
(Superior quotations for Minneapolis da
livery). The range of prices, as reported
by F. D. Day as Co.. LUKll Board of Trad
building, wa'
No. 2. tOld. $New.
Cush quotations were aa follows:
FLOCK Steady; winter patents. $H.K5i.
4 10; straights. $J.70fj R5; spring patents.
$3.754.10; stralglys. $3.60-88.80; bakers', $2.)
WHEAT-No. 2 spring. 83ifi7c; No. 3
spring. HUHBnc; No. 2 red, 83"(f85c.
CORN No. 2, 454c; No. 2 yellow. 50c.
OATS-No. 2. ci No. 2 white, S-2iJr324e
No. 3 white, 29330.
RYE No. 2. 67c. 1
HAHLKY-Oood feeding, 3t:4ig37e; fair to
choice matting, t.'iyt .
SEKD8-N0. l, fla. 93c; No. 1 northweat
ern. $1.00. Timothy, rlme, $3.S0. Clover,
coiuraei graue, tin.vru is.a.
PROVISION'S Msss pork, per hbl., $13 45
&13.50. Iird. per Jon lbs.. $6.97V4S7.0n. Short
libs aide (loose). $7.0twn7.124; short clear
siuea (boxed), .fttg (.00.
Following were I lie receipt and shlp-
iiieuis 01 pour ana grain:
Receipts. Shipments.
F our, bbls .T. ... M 7im nm
Xl -1. . .. . .... .,a ,
1. iitra,!, uu.. 9.UIJ .' llS.tilMf
delivered ' Corn, hu 7. ;:.)
1 Oats, bu 26610 324.HOO
Rye. bu 10.000 5,300
Barley, bu 158.6C0 6 3ou
On the Produce exchange today the but
ter market vaa steady; creameries, 17i823o
dairies. 17v20c. Kgus. steady: at mark
case included. 24c; firsts, 24c; prime firsts,
i eaiias, out. 1. iieeae, steaay. l''rildt .
Ht. Luals Ueaeral Market.
LOUIS. Nov. 25,-WHKAT-Future
red. cash, elevator. 854iMiu
Decern oer. si',,j2c; May
hard, MflKikj.
Ni. 2 cash, nominal
42'442')4c; Decembei', 41'c; May
track. SOiiififHVte
85,i.uoi No. 2
. CORN Lower:
41 .c.
OA IB Weaker; No. 2 cash, 304o: track
jic; ,0. s white, 32c; Oeccmlier. 804c; May
iL4 K Steady; red winter patents.
lt"U, sexira rancy ana straight, $3,901
i.a; clear, $2.90feU.10.
SEED Timothy, steady nt $2.5oiJ2.8o.
CORNMKAL-Steady; $2..
HUAN-Steady; sacked, east track. 7MJ
HAY-Steady; tlniotliy. $8.("fj 13.50; pialile,
PROVISIONS-Pork, steady; Jubbing,
$1$.7S. Lard, lower: prime steam, $6.35.
Dry aalt meats, steady; hoxed. extra
short, $7.75; clear ribs. $8.00; short clears,
$26. Bacon, steady; boxed, extra shorts.; ciear rios. s. in; snort clear, $9.00.
POULTRY Ohickons. 7lkc; springs. SHI?'
jic; iiiiKeys, j.c; uutaa, sc; geese, llt-fV'.
15.. I
4 9e
4 83
79: 491 521
4 74 bl 1 0 1;
4 01
4 04
4 "I
4 641 4 01
4 7 4 03
4 71 4 M
4 l 4 0,1
4 741 4 03
I 4 0:
4 84
4 7H I 4 78)1 63 til
4 834 4 V 4 78 151 6 38
if! 4 60, i 44) I 47
4 7 I 4 .71 4 80' I $ 74
4 7!tm 4 7 4 671 351
4 SI 4 Hi 4 t.r a 2S'i 72
1 J Sl.t A fi 1A1 ft ftil
4 74 4 541 8 I1 I 4 74 I J
4 73 ! 4 Wl 4 NT! I 4 V J 01
4 "o'l 4 2i 4W 5 63 J !
4 67 I I 711 1 4fi! 41 I 4 82 S 7
4 6741 4 ! 4 3t" 6 81 1 3 621
I 4 3i 4 44' l I 63i
4 68 I 4 46! ( 2S t 73
4 b t BT; 4 44 24' 811
4 64 41 4 CI ; I 26 $ 75
4 W I 4 49! 4 31!
For the Information of patties who may
be Interested In pecultlv eurllle we
ha,ve made anangementa alth Mr. F.
Dnildlng of l hi. ago. an expeit writer on
flnanrlal topics and delineator of stock ex
change prtitbiliile. lo fuinlsli a weekly
review of the salient features of current
flnsni lal topics gleaned from tl e various
We desire, however, on the part cf The
Bee to disclaim all responsibility for tho ac
curatenrs of any forecast Mr. Druidlng
niy make concerning future prospe't of
ny Investment or enterprise.
All special Inquiries about the present or
prospective value of any particular se
curity should las addressed direct to Mr. F.
O. Druidlng. No. 624 First National bunk
building. Chicago, 111.
CHICAGO, Nov. 25. (Special.) Optimis
tic traders, who have constantly predicted
hielier prices, now admit that It Is almost
Impossible that the present pi to a can be
maintained through the pr vailing period of
light monev, which must remain until such
a tlnin when the export of this country's
list oral products gives us a big balance In
When money touched 5 ier cent a short
while iigo. slocks took a sudden drop; and
sln e this time Secretary Shaw has paid a
number of vlslls lo Wnll street, which to
some degree have had a reassuring and
beneficial effect.
Bull reiMirts lhat the treasury would do
posit $V5.i..fl0 of surplus fund In New
York City banks. In order lo n lease the
strain, appear rather ludicrous In the Unlit
of existing cotidi'.lons. With the treasury
funds In a condition that csnnot lie re
garded excessively prosperous. I fall to
see how th government Can rnnto to the
re lease of th Wall street gamblers at such
a time as this. '
The old-time stamen of the market ap
pears to be falling. Important ptails seen)
Inclined to liquidate much more rapidly
than la-fore. Trmnorarllv the British po
litical situation is having some effect, while
the attitude ;.f Turkey toward tho poweis
also has hnd It Influence. Noticeable Im
provement 111 the copper tiade and steel In
dustries have added a mite to tlio bull op
timism. 8. H. Clin pin & Co. said of Thin '-day's
market: "The movement in the market
were very erratic, with a volume in trade
the In rg-ot in runny moiilh An early til v
bv the bear Intensts caused fonir lose
I rum the previous close, but Ihl attack
waa so spp'iitnl that hen the pressure
nun 1,-nioM-d prli es quickly responded nil
buying of the I" st eiiara-Mrl' Union Paclfio
as bv far the leading ft autre of the day.
The annual statement Is expected tomor
row, mid from source well Intornied an
excellent report is looked for. United
Staiea Steel common and preferred received
a preat d'l of attention, and wa very ac
tive the latter part of the session. While
the market closed reverlsh, Hie undertone
was KtHd. "I'd u stronger opening Friday
morning is looked for. United States fleel.
common and preferred; North American.
Amalgamated Copper nnd St. Paul will
probably sell high."
Demand lor Iron nil steel is Increasing.
It Is generally expected nf the business for
this month to sonatas both as regards pro
duction and consumption, the high record
for October. The estimated earnings of
the United States Steel corporation for this
quarter are expected to be the largest of
the year. It Is claimed that tho order mi
hand have never leen so large. The cop
prr trade Is equally large and prosperous.
with many S lallsts claiming that the
market will sliortlv advance as high as 1
cents, and that the dividend rate on Amal
gamated Copper will bo advanced next year.
The Republic Steel and Iron company de
clared a dividend of J' 1er cent for tho
quarter, and also a dividend of per
cent on the back dividend due on thl
Issue; ami Ibis is generally regarded aa
retlectins: go,al limes ahead.
The United States ltublsr pool grid Rub
ber Hoods shares Imd an unlucky day In
bringing out their specialties. Little- atten
tion was paid by the street and coninar
allvely few shares were bought cutside or
those thev bought themselves. The com
parative weakness of Rock Isluml has been
n thorn In the fide of an otherwise favor
able market. The fact that Rock Island
preferred declined I point to tho lowest ir
the year brought up a discussion with re
lstlpn to the future dividend payment.
The last dividend waa declared oh Novem
ber S.
Mv opinion of the Market lias not rad
ically changed.. I etlll believe that a bull
market developing from present prices H
next to the lniMiHslhlr In materlallaation. I
lailleve that comparatively tight money will
pravutl until tho agricultural resources of
tliis country can be rxporled, and a large
balance of trade secured, after which lime
the treasury will be in position to lake
rare of the pecossltlas of Wall alreet.
4 7V
4 75' 3 8"
4 781 8 89
4 69 I
4 2 B 15
4 471 4 IS! Ml
5 761
1 5 6!
$ 86
3 1-5
3 8
3 77
week about 34c higher than at the close
of last week.
Representative sales:
t .
fa). .
is. .
SI. .
1,4. .
fit. .
. .180
. . .,
. . .-
.. .US)
. ..IM
. . . vt
.. ."4
M. .
71 .
(II. .
S4. ..
;o. .
n .
. .
40. .
4(1. .
, ..ttn
. .!
. .:w
. .liw
. ..;vi
. ..8U
. . .1
. . . S.10
. . . XbO
4 1S--
4 721
4 7,
4 T-t
4 fin
4 7V
4 7S-,
4 ;t,
4 74
4 JJ'.,
4 52'
4 72'
4 i:vj
4 5."
4 7! '4
4 7i:v
4 it'
4 75',
4 76
4 7(1
4 15
I 75
4 71
4 7B
4 75
William Carst, Oakland. la. R. I
A. I,. Jurmon. Meadow tlrove. Neb. Ft
A. .1. Taylor, Anita, Iu. H. I
Huey & Jensen. Dysart. la. It. I
Huev & Jensen. Dakota Cltv. Iu V
T. K. Alderson. Creston F. K
Arthur Palmeter, Cretoti F. K
A. K. Tunlerg. Hooper F. K
Patterson & F.. Stork ham F. E...
W. O. Dregory. Talsir. la. O
p. N. . Derrick, Newport, la.-Q
Klund. Medlanolia. la O
Walklns A Feaglns. Hyanuta B
m Hiirge. ueiioa 1-. p....,
Joseph Franks. Shelton L". F
Kent B., Genoa U, P
K. Kern. North Rend IT. P
Joe Darling. Malvern. Ia, Wab.
W. H. Congdon. Blunt. S. D.-M. a- O.
Hans Paulsen, Pender M. A O
W. 8. Smith. Oalg M. A O
H. C. Oxlcy-Mnrlnn. Ia.-Mil
Johnson & CI.. A me V. P
C. A. Mile, Oer.eva-B. & M
Janie llnitnn A S.. Clinton. Mleh V
a. i. t-utnian. carson, la. R. 1 2
The official nuniber of car of stock
brought In today by each road was:
cm. & St. p .c".,u.e Hok4s"'i:h'hp::
Wabash 2
Missouri Pacific
Union Pacific system.
c A N. v. (east)
C B. A Q.
C, B. A Q.
A N. W. (west).
St. P., M. A O
(east) ....
(west) ...
C R. I. A P. (eastV..
C. R. I. A P. (West) .
Illinois Central
Chi. (It. Western
Totals V
The disposition of the day's receipts was
aa follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head indicated:
Buyers. Cattle.
Omaha Packing Co l.fbj
Hwllt and Company 16 1.6(6 ;
Cudahy Packing Co l.nai
Armour A Co j t;S
Cufiahy pack. Co., K. C.-Sa
Kingun A Co.. -jr,i .
Other buyer -,jj(j
.0 4 T' o! C7S 10
4(1 i 7
40 4 70
40 4 70
... 4 tO
40 4 70
... 4 70
... 4 70
4 TO
4 70
4 70
4 70
4 7U
4 10
4 10
4 10
4 10
4 70
4 70
4 70
4 TO
4 70
4 TO
4 70
4 Tii
4 .31,
4 I7i
4 7'
4 TJi
4 TV'ii
4 7j'
SHEW There wa only ll niall run of
sheep this morning ix cars, or about 2,'K0
head hut there wa no quotable chatiKe
In todav's trade from that of yesterday.
There has been ti moderate run ot sheen
this week, the total receipt for the week
footing up about 42.nO head, which I
about 6.IHI0 hea sin-iller than the run for
tha previous week, and Is also the smallest
run since the laid week In August. The re
ceipt for the corresponding week last year
were 35,027 head, which Is about 7.000 head
less than the run for this week. The run
of aheep during the week has not. generally
speaking, been nf the boat gunllty,
The receipt o fa' sheep all during the
week have been rather light, while there
has been a fair demand for the more de
sirable killing eiufl. There lia been ix
small aupply of fat iambs on the market
from day to day. while the packers have
been wanting a small cjuanllty of this
kind of stock almost every day with which
to supply their local trade. A a result
price on fat lambs have advanced a little
every dav until ut the close of the week
trading good fat lamb arc ira-K nigm-i
than at the close of lust week's business,
while the market on fat sheep close the
week steady to strong. , .
The larger portion of tho sheep rco pi
for this week consisted of the feeding kind,
but taken as n whole the qualify of the
sheep has been rather on the inferior or
der. The demand for feeder sheep during
tho week has not been much and the trado
for the week wi slow, as the weather wa
Ideal for cornnusking and so country buy -
I hi were rather scarce, ine m-i" "
" I good choice feeding siieep close practically
i i teady with last week, while the market on
feeding lamb closed lufijloc higher foi the
... . , -. ,-i..a
Quotation on fat aheep ana iamu-. y"V"
to choio- fed lambs. 7bitl.-v; ga-
cbolre ranee lambs. $6."V"7 no: aood to
choice yearling wether, 5.2586.6&-. good to
choice old wethers. SS 0u45.50; good to choice
old ewea. I i.5t&.. . .mV,..
Quotation on feeder sheep and Jam
I Good feeding. U.25'35.7.: good feeding yr
ling. 4. 75 26: gi.od feeding w elhei
! i5.00: good feeding we. T1.40&3.76; breed
i ing ewes, It. 25G4.S0.
Representative saie
i No.
Hogs. Sliccp. ! M Nebraska ewe feeders
H.li54it.(i: cows and heifer, l.ty6.(Tl;
lockers and feeder, $2 754)8.00.
Hotia-Receipts, 1 7.5:)( heod; market
steadv to strong: light. $;' medlurli
and heavy, ft T"(4 KT; bulk. 4 7'J1 4 t.
HHKKI' AND I. AMIid Receipts, IS head;
market steady.
Nluck In Night.
Receipts of livu stea k at the six principal
western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hofl". Sheep.
Booth Oniahn 124 .:) 2,W
Sloiix Cltv l')
Kum-as City I, I'll
ft. Inils
p(. Joseph
Chicago ...
Totals ,
. .2.2(78 41.237 4.01
w. 1
: 1,596 Montana feeder lambs
. 6M
. 50
6.221 2.243
creamery, 3i&:5c;
BUTTr.R - iSleadv:
dairy, lttfi'ilc.
j;OGB-44teady, 34c, case count.
Receipt. Shipments
Flour, bid 11. (Ml - 20,im)
Wheat, bu X.H 45(kio
Corn, bu lut.Ono 57.(kX)
Outs, bu -SI, dull 61,0(10
Prttrla Market.
PKtiRIA. Nov. 25 -CORN-Kasy;
yellow. l-4o; No. 3. 4.',,c; No. 4.
grade. S!V.
OATS-St-idy; No. 3 while, 3ulc
while. :-i-n ::('..
W HISK V-tlii the basis of $1.30 for
ished goods.
No. a
41c; no
; No. 4
Vllnaabr Urain Market.
MII.WAl'KKK. Nov. S.-WHKIT-ket
slead; No. I northern, a'.'adSSi.c
2 northern, l-'miMy: May. uuii
KV F 8teadv ; -No. I. toS,lK'.
BARI-KY-glrady; No. 2, S4,r'u:W;
pie. :t7wio4c.
CORN Dull; May. !, bid
Article.! Opan. Hich. Ixw. CIoe I Ye .
. 77i.iiiS(i!
Uuv . if4:i.iz'
Flax- I I
Dec....! 7S'
May...l I B;Hi
1 wv
1 02'
Kansas City Cram and Protlaloas.
Hleady; Ijeeember. T7',.ci May, 7S'4c; cash.
No. li hard. 80fn83c; No. it, TTiJjSic; No. 2
red, IWM'SOe; No. H. kAiijsNHc.
CORN Steady; December, Sf)c; May, ao;
cash, No. 2 mixed, 401i'; No. 2 while, JV'I
No. 3, 4oc.
OAT3-8ieady; No. 2 white, 81432c; No. 2
mled Soc.
HAY Mteady; choice timothy, tll.o';
thoic prairie, ti (t;iS 60,
RYF-oteady. 4c.
t.v- t i'cit niuauy ; creamery, 2Cc; dairy,
KOI 1 3 8teady: Missouri and Kansas,
new No. i whitvwood cases Included, 24Hc;
case count. 2-V'; '-' returned. Hu less.
The receipts and shipineuta of grain
were: Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bushels ,. 42. (u so.uoo
Corn, bushel It. Out) ini,(
Oat, bushel 12.UI0 17.()
The following range of price at Kansas
City a a retained by V. D. Day A Co.. HO
IU Board of Trade buildlngi
Totals 54
LA 1 ll.ii, i'liorc were no cattle of
consequence on the market today
mere were no quotable changes 111 price
from those of yesterday. Tlio receinis nf
cattle for Ihc wek were IImmi head !
which is the snialkst run for guy
week since the last week of August. And '
the run for the week is also smaller than j
that lor tho sains week one year ago by I
about S.OOO head. The general run of the 1
offering this week have not been of a verv ,
good quality, a great deal of the aluck
(King or ine interior order. The run of
lias been
Article ! Close. Hlgh.l Dow. Close. Yes y.
; No.
Bsak nf Uerntnny Nlatenieut.
BERLIN. Nov. 23. The weeklv atate
ment of the Imperial Bank of Germany
ah the following change: lash in
hand. Increased 37.tuO,OuOm ; treasury note,
increased 1 hm.Oi-mi; other securitl-. de
creased 4.6i.funi; note In circulation de-crea-J
44, luo.uvuni.
I'Uiladrlplila Prodoce Ilarkrt.
Weak.extra western creamery. 24c; extra
nearby prints. !A
K(JiS Firui: nearby Ireah. loss off. .ac:
nearby fresh and western fresh, ale at
CHEF.BK Unchanged; New York full
cream, lancy, U-vdHc; New York full
cream, choice, ll'-c: New York full cream,
fair to good, li Vti U'.o.
Unlnth Grain Market.
DUI.UTH. Minn., Nov. 25.-WHa.AT-To
arrive. No. I northern, .l'v: No. ! north
ern, 717c; on track. Na 1 nurUiui IA")c;
T)eo. .
Jan. May.
74V,! Tl',:
la: r,jZ oi. ai.
.... 24i 't
1301 ju
Il2 te-r 12 7
I 12 ST I 12 2
1 I
T ( T I
M4y...;TUal T at
T7'l 7T4,r T71i
7',,l TW,! Tffi
74S T4-j,i 74".
SH1, XV, I
39 v j ..'
2!H 2fH!
-V 3u 1 3u't
12 m 12 85 12 aS
itr, 12 SO I 12 2
6 17 6 S5
7 00 J 7 02 17 OuiaUiJ
I.Uerpawl Uraln Market.
firmi No. I red weotem winter, tai TVd Fu
lure, steady: rceii)brr, aluds March,
6a lid: Mav. as IK,d.
CuRNa-Soot. quiet: American mixed, la.
Futuies, quiet; January. 4s 4d; March, 4s Id.
Telega Market.
ToI.LvIK). Nov. ai.-8EtIBV-Clover. cash,
ri.U; Lwrrmber, 15. January. 15 .2.Wj
Frbruarv. Marcii. e. .'. Prliue a,l
like, it Si. Iriu. U4iiothy. fX.:n
rattle tills week
tne season for range
over and there Is not
ame lor 111a purposes 01 ine packers yet.
And It Is mosi piobuhlo thai there will
not be much increase in the size of the
receipts until the season for fat Celtic,
opens, which will be about the holidays.
Thwre has not lieen much cor a fed stuck
on the market this week, and what was i;i
was not generally of a very choice grade,
tlie most of the cvnifed stuff being on the.
short fed and warmed up order. How
ever, the receipts all during the we.-K
have been only moderate in siae, while
there has been u.11 active demand on the
part of the packers for anything suitable
lor Ihelr purposes, with the result that
each day has seen a market steady to a
liill stronger than the previous day mar
ket. Hence at the close of the week's
trade the market on good choice cornrcdi
is generally 1 cVy 1m higher than at the close
uf last wock's trade, while the warmed
up tattle closed suady tu a little slioiiger.
The market on cows and heifers has
been running along about the same lines
as the bucf steers. There have been light
runs with ft rather interior grade ut stock.
There haa been a good demand for choice
stuff, with the result that the market 011
good choice cow a closed the week ltfaOu
higher, with common stuff steady tu 5c
h The' Irade on stocker and feeders all
during the week has been reasonably
active. There has been a good demand
fur till kiu.1 of cattle, with good choice
light weight cattle given Ihe prefeiencr.
Good light weight Blocker and feeders
closed the week 15C(ji5c higher, mostly,
while common and heavy weight did not
fare quit so well, lhat kind of slucg
cloning the week atajut Wo 15c higher.
HOGS There wa a moderate run of
hogs thl morning and most of Ihe stuff
waa In in fairly good aeaaon. Buyers were
out early and ware evidently wauling hogs
suitable for their purposes. The trading
opened fairly brisk and active and re
mained so all during tlie trading houia.
The market wgs favorable to the sellers all
during the day. The market 0a-ued steady
tu 2lc. higher than yeslerda's opening and
considerable business Hading was dune
wliile the iuarkev was tu Hint condition.
But later oil the, market lirined up still
more and closed the day with the average
in the nelghlMjrliood of higher than
the average of yesterday's market, lop
of today were In the same notches as yes
teiday. the loppy loads selling al 14 77'.
The bulk of the sales loday were around
14 7''ii4 7-H- while the bulk of the stock yes
terday was sold right around 14 To, show
ing an advance of about 2'- over yester
day. Thre wa 1101 very much attention
paid 'o quality or weights and there waa
considerable bunching of sales.
There ha ben a good, strong market
hare this week. The first four days of the
week saw a small decline in lh price on
hog from those at the ciose of last week.
But the market firmed up Friday and
Saturday and regained ail thai bad b. n
loot the first of tu week; and closed ihe
Cattle and Hogs gtad-e.glirrp
( l.anibs strong.
I CHICAGO, Nov. 25-CATTI.K-Receipts,
4(D) i.arl .im a al stead v : beeves. ''
cows. 1.3ti!f.4.5c; heifers, $2.2o&4.Svi ; calves,
J5.tKKii7.Oo; good to prime slers, a.364j.5";
poor to medium, u.2fi(a).25; stocker and
toeders. $2.214.20.
HOGS Receipts. l.,0O0 head; estimated
Monday. 4.0X1 heud; market steady; pigs
l4.loftj4.76; built of sules, f4.iOi4.Ba.
siiVs-p avii I.AMttrf-Hccclnls.
head: market strong; sheep, $t.K4j6.tii
yearlings, 5.25!B6.(); lambs. a.7ai&T,.0.
Kansas i'lty l.lte fciork Market.
lather small, as I .......... 1 l. .. a l,.n.llnv Hti anathema:
stock la Just about : .1.,:. L,.J, ,'l,..l,-.. ,.vi,rl and dreased
much fat stuff suit- ' v,r aieers. foji4i().u0: fair lo good, 't.i(.H
5.U0; western fed steers. 12. i54.otl; stockera
and feeders, f2.KKai.25: soul hern steer.
2 4('i&4.00; southern cow. Vl.T5Si3.4si; native
cows, $t.rita.M; native heiiers. $.' 5ci5.(';
bulla. 2.(Hji-.5(i; calves, 2.254j .25. Receipts
for the week. 61(i head.
HOG8 Receipts. ..5(10 heud; market
strong to tic higher; top. 14. W; bulk of
ale. 14 754.8214; heavy. 14.7514 SS: packers.
l.75(n4.;'; plg and lights. ll.5(Kt)4.liO. Re
ceipt for the week, 5s. .ut).
SHEEP AND LAM HS Receipt none;
market nominally steady; native lunibs.
15.35(97.10; western lambs. 15.2547.00; ewea
and yearlings, $4.21446 "! westei n 1 pped
sheep, $4; western clipped :J1''LH;
$5.otK!j6.tfii; alockera and feeder, $3 4 00.
Xiw Vttrk Mr 1oek Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 25.-BEKVES-Rc-celpt.
5:12 head. No trading but inurliet
feeling stvauy; ureaaeu o. 1
sUc r lb.; a Utile fancy Iteef al Sc. Ex
ports today 744 beeves and $.027 quarters of
CAEVES-Recelpts, K52 head- No sales
and market feeling nominally steady: city
dressed veals in moderate deinand at
i:tc pr lb.; country dressed, steady at u)
l(Klf-Recelpts. 4 tmt lit ad. None on
sale hut inaikel feeling nominally steady.
SHEEP AND I.AMBS-Recelpts head
Bheep low, prime bandy weight lambs full
sleuily, heavy lamba not wanted. Hheep
sold at $3.75r!5.0() per 100. lambs al $T-25'o7.ii);
tln-ssed muttons steady at 7(Jc la-r lb.;
dressed lambs at VwVlW-
St. I.ouls l.l-e Stock Market.
ST. I.OUIS. Nov. 25. 'ATTEE Receipt.
5no heud. Including lnu head Texan: mar
ket fur natives aluaiiy. ror lexans strong;
.,,.,lv. ahiniiina and ex Do It steel, tl.hi'u
& So; dressed beef und biitcher steei s. l.Ua
tai; steer unuer i.(-i" ins., iji.hp, minn'
ers and feeder. $2.15AiXmi; cows and belter.
12 OH4j4-4": caiiiiers, l.75'2 .00 ; bulls, $2 ItVa
3.(i; talves $2 50(47.25: Texas and Indian
steers. $2.0ii3. Ta; cows und heifer, U.'JWrt
I K gjS Receipts. 2.00U htad: lusrket 6c
lower: pigs and lights.' $4.5ofu470; packers.
$1 fttavi 4 70; butchers and la-sl heavy, $4.T(C(J
UHEHaP AND I.AMt'B-None on sale.
(ondltlon of Trade nntl ttnotatlona on
MHple aud Knnry I'rndnce. '
EUO8 Fresh receipts, candled atock. 230.
1,1) K I'lH I TRY- Hens. s'c; io..sfers.
tc; turkeys, lStiUc; ducks, ii; spring chick
en. V: geese. Wita
DRESSED POU LTRY Turkey . lTiRllc;
Old toms, Miiflfic; chickens, 9-glOc: old roos
ters. 7c; ducKS, 11(f) l.u; geese, i(igiic.
BUTTER Packing stock, 15c; choice to
fancy dairy, lbnilac; cnajnory, 21(b2114u;
prints, 21'jii
SUGAR Standard granulated. In bbls..
$5.11 per cwt ; cubes, $5.85 per cwt.; cut
loaf. $6.40 per cwt.; No. 6 extra C, bagi
or bbls.. $l.i5 per cat.; No. . lo extra ?'.
bags only, $4 KO per cwt ; No. 16 yellow,
bags only, $1 75 per cwt.; XXXX powdered,
$5.Ko la-r cwt.
FRESH FISH Trout, lmjllc; halibut, lSe;
buffalo, dressed. !)c; ilckettl, dressed, 6'ac;
while bass, dressed, 12u; sdnnsh. 'Jo; perch,
sealed and dressed 8c; pike, loc: cgttlsh,
:ic; red snapper, loc: salmon, lie; crop
pies, 12c; eels, 18c: bulllieads, He; black
buss, 35c: Whitehall, 12c; frog leg. Per
do., 35c; lcbster. green, 27p; boiled
lobsters, SOc; sliad roe, 45c; blucflsh, )5c;
herring, 4o.
HAY Prices quoted by Omaha Feed
company: No. 1 upland, $7; medium, $d.uif:
coarse, $6.
BRAN Per ton. $14.50.
TKUfH Ah r Kl.1T.
ORANOFS California Navel, all alxe.
$3.26; Florida, all size. $3.00.
LEMONS I.emonlera, extra fancy 240
Blae, $4.25; 2(10 and 360 size. $5.tj0.
DATES Per box of 30 l-b. pkg., ft;
IIullowcll. in 70-lb. boxe, per lb.. Btr,
walnuts, stuffed, 1-lb. pkg., 12 per doa.
FIQS California, per 10-lb.. oarcoti, 75t
85c; Imported Smyrna, 4-crown, J2c)i - 6
crown, 14c. ... '.
BANANAS Per medium alaed bunch,
$1.76ii2.25; Jumbos, $2. 509)3.00.
I'KABS Lawrence and Mouat Vernori,
APPEES-Ben Davl and Wlnrap, In
8-bu. hbl., $4.00; California IfcdlAower.
$l.u(); Colorado Jonathan and uriipca
Golden, $2.25; New York arfples, $4.60 per
O R A PES Imported Malagas, $..S(am.0l.
CRANBERRIES Jerseys, $1J.W tier bbl.;
Bell and Bugle. $12.0ti 13.00.
POTATOF.S Home-grown, per . bu., 64
ft6"c; South Dakota, per bu.. 75c.
ONIONS Home-grown yellow, red and
white, per bu., 85c; Spanish, par crate,
"vAX BEANS Per hamper, $3.50.
NAVY BEANS Per bu., $2 00. ,
CUCUMBERS Per doa . $l.U(fft 50.
CABBAGE Home grown and Wisconsin,
in enites. per lb., 1C. ,
.-Per bu.. 65i75c.
CF! KHY Kslamnxoo, per dott., 21o.
SWEET P(TATOE8-rKana, por l-bn.
bbl., $l.T5i.0O.
CAUI.IFI.OWER-rer crate, $3.
'KIM A TOES California, per cigta of K
lbs., $2.50.
No. 1 rib. 124c: No. 2 rib. 8Sc; No.
o- No 1 loin. 16c: No. X loin, luttc: No.
1..1,, riif N'o 1 chucks. 6c. No. 2 chucka.
2,K) ! 4(,. W cliucks, ;tc: No. 1 round. 7c; No.
i round. SHc; No. 3 round, 6'c; No. 1 plats,
4c; No. 2 plate. Sc; No. 3 plate, Jifcr,,
CIDER Per keg, $3.75; per bbl.. $6.73,
HONEY New. per 21 lbs., $3.50.
CHEESE Swiss, nrw. ic; Wiaeonsln
brick, 14c; Wisconsin limbnrger, 13c; twin.
14'a( ; voung Americas, 14'jiO.
v't'TH Walnut, No. I soft shell, new
rrop. per lb., 15Vc; hard shells, per It.. 3i,
pucuns, large, air lb., 14c; small, per lb.,
I 'c peanuts, per lb.. 7c: roasted, . itrr lb.,
!.. Chill walnut, per lb., 12-SI3V4c. Almonds,
soft ahells, per lb., 17c; hard shells, per
lb.. 15c. Shellbark hickory out, pur hu..
$2 25; large hickory puts, per bu., $l.u.
Chestnuts. 15c per lb. Oocoanuts, fi.M per
sack of 100. .
HIDES No. 1 green, 0c; No. 3 green. c:
No. 1 salted. 10V: No- Z salted, 9Hc; No. 1
veal calf. 11c; No. 8 veal calf, 9c; dry
salted, TtJHc: sheep pelts, 254;$laX); horse
hides, $1.k3.00.
4 70
5 60
8 rib.
klong I II)' Lite Stork Market.
BIOUX CITY, la.. Nov. 25. (Special Tele-
grtin.) CATTLIC Ruceipls. pra bead; luarT
ket steady; la-evis. $4 uoi5.tio; cows, ball
and mlxad, t2.ooiri3.23; stockers ami te-der,
I.'.7i i3 ; calve and yearlings. $2.5t-tr3.4'i.
HOGS Receipt, V" bead; market
steady, idling l $4 W'n 4..0; bulk of salts,
M 65.
kl. Joseaik) Live atick Market.
ceipt, 244 head; market aUadv; mUlve,
Merchandise nnd Specie.
NEW YORK. Nov. 25 Total Import t.f
merchandise and dry good at the port of
New York for the week ending today were
valued ut 116 TiD TbT. Total Import of spcle
nt tlie port of New York for the week end
ing todav were $16,112 silver and $:I2,216 gold.
Total exports of specie from the port of
New York for the week ending today were
$iCT,T')3 silver and $2,50U gold.
Treasury Htmeanent.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 26. Today ' state
ment of tlie treasury balances In the gen
eral fund, exclusive of tlie $I50.0ov.Oi0 gold
leserve. shows: Available eaau balance.
$135 655.4TO: gold Coin and bullion, $87.316,"1 ;
gold ccrtitlc.ites, )4.147,4W).
Von Dorn Grain Co.
Chicago Board of Trad
Omaha Grain Exchanta.
Grain and Provisions
Bought and aold for cash or future delivery
Receiver and Shipper.
Tel. 1004. OMAHA.
F. D. Day & Co.
Oealere lai
Stocks. Grain, Provitloni
ktilp foil Urals 4 la.
$rc OfMt. $l-l$ Baa) mt Ta
Hlda Omaha. Kia. Teleobaaae M14V
312-214 kacbang ... South Omaha.
Bali 'Phoaa Si. aMeistadaat. 'Paoa It